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43 yo wants to get whored out this weekend (Nov 24/25)

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Looking for an experienced, kinky dominant top who knows how to offer a neg hole for anon (ab)use including proper preparation to avoid resistance by the pimp or his "guests". Own supplies available, too.

Interested? Then drop me a note.

By the way, I had to update the e-mail address. Your messages went into nirvana... sorry!


Interested? Then drop me a note... Marc

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    • By DonBello
      Decided to play hooky from work on a Friday. Put on my out of office and slept in. Woke up to have breakfast and shower ...made sure to clean out just in case! I was browsing on Grindr and was messaged by a short hung top looking. He was in my area and looking to breed some ass. We exchanged pics and within minutes he was on his way. He requested for me to answer the door in a jock with the lights dim. I was game. He knocks and I opened the door quickly to avoid nosey ass neighbors. (Nyc lol) He got right to it and started carassing my ass cheeks inside my hallway. He pushes me against my wall and spreads my ass taking a whiff of my freshly clean ass. He licks his lips and begins to devour my smooth hole. It felt so good. After a few min he removes my jock and we make our way over to my couch. By now his rock hard 8” dick is sticking outta his fly dripping with precum. I couldn’t resist and took my thumb to taste it. Mmm sweet and salty! His eyes lit up. My poppers were close by and he takes a hit and gives me two. Before I know it I’m on my knees naked in my apt while a fully clothed stranger is getting his big dick serviced. After a few min of me working his knob he positioned me on all fours with my ass facing him. He re-wet my ass and drizzled some lube on his dick. I reach for my poppers to take two deep hits and he leans over my shoulder for a hit as well. I feel his slick cockhead at my hole. I push back and he moans “fucccck”. As I tighten my hole with my ass muscles. He fucks me for a few min and then I noticed he stops. I look over in my floor length mirror to see him with his head thrown back shaking his head. Didn’t realize he was being watched he tells me to suck his dick again to get him hard.. ( he came without telling me ) I proceed to suck him hard again and he’s ready to fuck again (round 2 lol) we hit the poppers again nice and deep. He starts slamming into me. I notice my as feels extra slick but pay no mind to it. He’s going to town and tells me to keep hitting the poppers bc he’s close. I flip onto my back and he reenters me balls deep. At some point he undid his jeans and slid them down to his ankles. I’m impressed this short skinny fucker is really working my hole. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like to kiss but there was something about him and he leans in and tells me to stick my tongue out. He starts sucking on my tongue and really begins deep fucking me, pushing his first load in me. We each take 2 more deep hits of poppers and that must have awoken something in him. He moaning and groaning which is super hot but he decides to spit in my mouth which sends me over the edge. I start to blast my load all over my chest and my ass clamps down on his big dick which causss him to cum instantaneously! This time I felt it and his balls contraceted. I tighten my hole and he slides out with his dick semi. He sits down next to me and confessed he came in me and that was his second nut. I take his semi dick into my mouth to clean him off and he puts a finger in my cum lubed hole. He begins to lick his fingers and I notice he’s getting hard AGAIN! Did not realize he was a multi cummer! Without even asking he spits on his dick and begins rubbing it on my hole. Of course I can’t resisit and begin hitting the poppers again. (They’re the good kind that doesn’t give you a headache lol) He slips in easily and is rock hard again. He pulls his white T-shirt over his head exposing his nipples and abs. I lick my fingers and begin twisting the shit outta his nips. Surprisingly his dick got even more hard! We make our way onto the floor and things start to get really wild. I’m riding the shit outta his dick and my ass is super wet. Full of cum, spit and lube. We fucked like that for another 10/15 min. Taking hits of poppers flying high now. He spins me around while his dick is still in me and I’m rocking back & forth on his big dick. Bringing me to my knees he begins withdrawing and slamming into me. Literally one of my favorite things! He asks if I’m ready for another load to which I reply “fill me up!” With that being said he grabs my waist and unloads in me deep. I can feel his cum coating my insides. Felt so fucking good. He pulls out and cleans off his dick in my kitchen sink and he’s out the door lol. Definitely a super hot fuck. Needless to say I’ll have him over again REALLY soon! 
    • By LthrCubCumPig
      So getting fucked is pretty great. For those of us who love a hard dick pounding a load into our holes, it's obvious that more dicks pounding in more loads is even better, right? I may not always be chasing that dream but when it happens it's a damn good time. 
      I, in particular, really like when the guys fucking me are not of my choosing. Anonymous scenes like glory holes or dark rooms really make my hole twitch but for me, the ideal scenario is s top just as slutty as me enjoying those settings with me. I'm not picky either. My accomplice could take control and select the men to use me in a seedy hotel room or skip all the work and simply offer me up for a crowd. I'm not picky about how it goes down. In fact, the parameters are his choice and I enjoy seeing how he's decided I'll be used as much as seeing who he decides to let have me.
      The real bitch, however, is for me to enjoy it, he has to want it like I do. It's not hard to tell when a guy is just playing along and when I'm just being appeased it feels less like slut heaven and more like needing a babysitter. 
      So this is where I need all you tops out there to weigh in... I know first hand there are men who fit the bill because I've known one, but only one. How many of you out there would actually get off on living out these types of scenarios and how many are willing to assist but would really rather just fuck that ass yourself and be done with it? Creativity and your own spin is encouraged. Get the bottom fucked up and whore him out... blindfold him and tag in a buddy without the bottom knowing... the possibilities are endless but it's all extra effort. 
      Do you guys really like those extra effort scenarios, or are we bottoms just chasing hung unicorns? 
    • By HardOneLA
      Hi guys.  So yesterday I finally downloaded Scruff onto my phone, after a buddy was showing me how it worked.  It’s my first phone app – all my other sites are online.  I really didn’t have any expectations, put up usual profile and pix.  Then in the afternoon I started getting messages from two guys.  At first I didn’t even know how to reply!  But I’m a quick learner, so we went on.  One was 25 and the other 29, which immediately aroused my suspicions.  Why would they be interested in a 60+ year old someone who doesn’t really consider himself a “Daddy”.  The 29 year old and messaged back and forth and either this was gonna happen, or I was just being set up as a joke.  Finally we agreed to meet at my place, he ran home to shower, and then came over.  I buzzed him in and told him the apartment door was open.  I was lying on the bed in just open shorts, pumped tits, popper bottles around (he’d told me he’d only done poppers twice), porn on TV.  When he walked in the bedroom door he was cute, t-shirt, baseball cap.  He quickly stripped and got onto the bed, started sucking my tit – they’re my Achilles heel. He kept saying things like, “How am I doing Daddy?  Am I doing it right?”  I’m always so suspicious that I’m thinking, “Is this a joke?  What is going on?”  Well what was going on I found out is that he learned exactly what my tits are meant for and spent a lot of time working them.  Then he asked if he could try poppers – of course you can!  And from thereon the magic began.  He was so horned and kept jacking his cock, but holding off. His entire focus was on pleasing me.  While still working my tits he went down and started sucking my cock.  Damn, his mouth was surely made in heaven and delivered by angels – or devils.  I haven’t felt like this in ages, and kept wondering “Is he really here?”  Being tit-worked, poppered, and sucked to the edge, the pig in me was so totally in heat, lust, need for cock.  I got up on all fours and told him to stand by the side of the bed.  He wanted to know how many fingers I could take, which I wasn’t sure how to answer since I prefer cocks.  Well let me tell you, once he started working my hole with his fingers he took me to places that I have never been to before.  It was extraordinary, unbelievable how I could be in hog heaven and hadn’t even been fucked yet.  I was afraid he wasn’t going to.  We’d take a couple of breaks, roll over, tightly embrace, kiss, and just hold each other tight.  Then back to my hole – he was relentless pounding it with 3-4 fingers, hitting my prostate like it’s never been hit before.  I swore I was gonna cum just from that, but held back.  Then I felt that big velvety head on that hard thick cock of his at my hole.  Oh hell yeah!  He took all the time in the world mounting me, as I’m always tight at first, and then finally was in to the hilt.  He fucked me so royally, so endlessly as we kept poppering that I was just in places I had never been before.  It was ecstasy!  We took some breaks and after sucking his cock for a while I told him that I wanted to look in his eyes when he bred me.  So onto my back, legs up on his shoulders, and in again he went.  We poppered again and he went back to work, pounding me mercilessly (not that I wanted any mercy), until I finally heard those telltale grunts, that unmistakable tensing, and said to him, “Breed me baby, breed me”, and he started to shoot.  He seeded my hole so fucking good and deep and stayed in me.
      Once we separated it was like we both transformed from pigs in heat to Clark Kents.  He told me he has a husband of 4 years, they’re exploring an “open relationship”, etc.  I have no idea if we’ll ever meet again but damn, he sure got on the top of my 5 Star ***** list immediately!  I guess I need to embrace more this daddy concept instead of fighting it.  He opened my eyes to a whole new world and my hole to completely new magic.  Oink!!
    • By Cumslutbottomm
      I just turned 20, but having a crazy work and school schedule, I didn’t get to celebrate my birthday, but I made up for it last night.
      I have class Monday-Thursday, and as I had the day off I decided I'd try to set something up.  Now, I commute to school and still live at home, but I recently started working at a hotel which has the fringe benefit of affording the employees a discount on rooms as long as the reservation is within the same hotel group, meaning the hotel is owned by the same parent company.  I also decided to take advantage of the discount and to make the reservation in the city where I attend college, which is an hour away from my home.  Telephoning ahead I made a reservation and got the discount, which was great as I was afraid they wouldn't honor the discount given I'm less than 21, a threshold at some hotels, but everything worked-out.  I had the reservation.  In thinking about my plans, I can't honestly say I specifically planned an anonymous session as I didn't see myself as all that much of a cumslut.  I couldn't have been more wrong. 
      Anyway I checked-in, pulled on my jockstrap, and scrolled through Grindr.  While I was hit-up by a few fuck buds who bred me here and there, none were readily available.  Then I received a message from a profile which was blank, conveying absolutely no information.  No age, no height, weight, status.  Nothing.  Just a dick pic of a cock which was easily nine inches.  And it was as thick as a beer can.  My hole twitched and my cock swelled hard at the sight of the cock.  I needed it inside my ass.
      I replied providing with my hotel and the room number.  The guy responded letting me know he was enroute, and would arrive shortly.  He also instructed me to be ready, so that when he walked through the door I was on all fours and blindfolded.  My initial reaction was trepidation, but my cock was so hard that I agreed to his terms.  I unlocked the door, left it slightly ajar, placed a blindfold over my eyes and, stripped and ready, knelt on all fours on my bed.  Upon hearing the door creak on its hinges my heart sank a bit.  A stranger was in my room, and I was vulnerable as all hell.
      Fortunatelty before I could dwell on what might happen, a tongue licked my hole.  My worries melted away as I pushed back on his tongue.  My cunt was soon dripping from his spit.  I heard him spit on his rod.  His cock head slid into my hole with remarkable ease.  My ass was pleased with the circumference of his cock.  My slutty little heart was happy.  His full cock is inside my hole and my cunt lips are gripping him for dear life. He’s a quiet fucker too. I feel his pace pick up and his cock is shooting his seed in my pussy. He rests on my back for a bit with his cock growing soft. I feel his shirt and his zipper against my naked body and realize this horny fucker didn’t even bother to strip down. Just unzipped and planted his seed. I hear the door close and get a message from him. He thanks me for letting him use my “sweet boy pussy.” And I thank him for his cum. I’m totally turned on by the anon scene at this point. I throw on a hoody and pull it up over my face. Just in my jock and a hoodie and waiting for my tops to come over. I get some messages from tops with profile pictures. And don’t get me wrong i won’t ever so no to cum in my ass. But the blank profiles sparked my interest more. It’s probably stupid and dangerous. But I just sent every blank profile “need more loads in my ass” followed by my room number. I ended up getting 8 more loads within an hour. I guess people love anon cumsloppy bottoms I have a total of 9 loads in my hole. (Some leaking out of course despite my efforts.) I’m still on Grindr with my ass in the air and I hear the door being pushed open. I put my phone face down and arch my back even more than it already was.  I hear a belt unbuckle and pants drop to the floor. Soon after there’s a cock inside my well used hole churning a mess of loads in my asshole he’s the most verbal of the night. Calling me a pig 🐽 and smacking my ass. He tells me repeatedly that I’m a good whore and he loves my cunt. He’s fucking me so hard and fast you can hear the cum sloshing around in my hole. He gives me a 10th load. Zips up. Says “thanks fucking slut.” And is out the door. I start playing with my cunt and fingering all the loads in my ass. I’m on my back and I hear the door open again. I quickly cover my face with a pillow and prop my legs up so this man can use my pussy. I recognize the thickness. It’s the guy who started this. He confirms this by saying “I needed more of your pussy man. Especially now that it’s used. He’s making an absolute mess and a lot of noise. (Actually it’s the cum in my hole making the noise.)  and he gives me another load. This time he tells me he seeded my pussy he’s almost out the door when he turns around says “I was only quiet when I came the first time cause I wasn’t sure you wanted to be bred. But I know what I wanted. By the smile on your face I can tell you’re happy with yourself, whore. “  boy was he right. 
    • By insatiablebot
      Well, there have been instances where I've been at a bathhouse or sex party and been fucked by nine to ten guys in one visit, but the most memorable gang bang I've experienced was some six years ago, the first time I agreed to be an anon cum dump for a voyeur.
      The voyeur in question was a cute Russian guy in Brooklyn, New York, in whose apartment I was staying at via Airbnb.  He realised that I was predominantly a shy guy and took time to open up, so he suggested that I let him arrange a gang bang with the choicest of his horny top friends who he would invite over on a Saturday evening, letting me know I wouldn't have to be a part of any awkward introductory conversations or chit chat.  All I had to do was to clean up, take a shower, blindfold myself and be on all fours inside the bedroom.  As I don't drink nor smoke he suggested I sniff on poppers, suggesting they would help me relax.  I took a whiff one night before the gangbang and felt a warm rush taking me over for a few minutes which I quite enjoyed. 
      So ... the evening was planned.  He didn't tell me who was coming, how many guys, let alone what the guys looked like.  Nothing.  He simply asked that I trust him, and I did.
      At 6:30 P.M. on the designated Saturday evening, I took a shower, and afterwards moved into the bedroom where I lay on the bed.  I purposely left the bedroom door slightly ajar.  Around 6:40 I heard the doorbell ring and the voyeur buzzed someone into the building, stepping into the bedroom to tell me to be ready.  I put on the blindfold and got on all fours.  My heart was beating fast as I was super excited and extremely nervous.  I heard a couple of voices including that of the voyeur.  The wooden floor boards creaked as an unknown number of guys entered the bedroom. 
      A couple of hands started feeling up my body, one exploring my ass and teasing my rosebud hole. One of the men exclaimed "Ooooooh. so tight."
      Another voice advised "Don't be afraid, boy.  You'll have a good time."
      As I heard the quiet rustle of clothing being removed and the muffled clang of belt buckles, the voyeur whispered into my ear "Don't worry, but unclench when the guys enter your ass."  He even assisted me in taking a huff of poppers by shutting one nostril of mine and offered my a whiff of poppers.  Again I felt that (now familiar) warm rush.  "Good boy, open up and take in these meaty monsters. I'll keep making you sniff on poppers and sip on water every now and then," he recommended.
      I nodded in agreement as several fingers lubed my hole, and for better or worse, before I could totally take in the sensation of my hole being caressed by those thick fingers, I felt a salty thick sausage-like cock rubbing on my lips.  I took it in.
      The cock was, I think, a nice seven incher.  In any event I could easily deep-throat it, although when he began ramming his cock into my mouth I braced myself against the guy's beefy thighs.  Meanwhile, as all of this was happening, I felt a big cock enter my ass  - slowly and patiently.  While the poppers were wearing off, still I fully enjoyed the sensation of being stuffed simultaneously from both ends.  About that same time, while I am not sure I heard the doorbell ring again, but I was definitely aware when I heard a couple of new voices.  The guy who was fucking me took this opportunity to announce "I don't wanna come so soon," withdrawing his cock from my ass.  However the cock in my mouth blew a nice warm load into my throat.  As I swallowed the load, enjoying the taste, the guy I had just blown patted my head saying "You are so good boy."  Undoubtedly as intended, I felt confident and appreciated.  I was also excited at the prospects of what was to come.
      The voyeur/host came around to provide me with poppers and just as I inhaled a HUGE cock plunged into my hole.  I screamed and in the upset the bottle of poppers was accidentally dumped on the bed, so we were surrounded in a cloud of popper vapors. 
      "Don't worry, man, just relax and enjoy the new cock inside your hole," my host advised, with several other voices offering similar suggestions.  A hand on my head slowly positioned my face so I was immersed in the popper-soaked mattress.  I took a huge sniff.  Fuck, I didn't realise how strong and hard that big sniff would hit me.
      After that the whole evening was somewhat of a blur.  Cock after cock entered and pounded my ass and / or my mouth.  One after the next.  An hour into the session the voyeur asked me if I wanted a break.  I replyed saying I needed to piss.  One of the guys in the room remarked "You don't actually need to piss, it's just a phantom sensation because so many of our cocks have been hitting onto your bladder."
      Still I asked for a break and one of the guys held my hand, walking me (blindfolded) to the bathroom, telling me to knock on the door when I was ready to rejoin them, and one of the guys would guide me back.  He also recommended I drink more water.  As soon as he shut the door, I took off the blindfold.  The light made my head spin a bit.  I sat down on the toilet, feeling cum dripping down my leg.  I cleaned up a bit, took in a few deep breaths and looked at myself in the mirror.  I had hickies all over my neck and chest and arms although I honestly didn't recall any of the guys sucking and chewing on my nipples.  Speaking of my tits, they looked like a sexy sea of red marks.  A broad smile born of being very pleased with myself crossed my face.
      Getting to the task at hand, I quickly washed my face, re-doned the blindfold, and gave the signal I was ready.  In the few seconds that passed before the door opened the doorbell sounded.  A new group of guys had presumably arrived, ready to stretch my hole.  When the door opened the voyeur asked "You ready?" as he took my hand and led me back into the bedroom.  A new voice spoke-up, apparently that of the new arrival, who also apparently needed to use the loo.
      "Whoa!  This boy is cute.  I  need to fuck him up."
      He pinched my nipples which caused me to squeal.  He laughed in his sexy deep base voice and kissed me.  In that quick kiss I could taste the cigarettes and alcohol on his breath.  The voyeur host snickered as he pulled me away towards the bed.  The new guy smacked my ass as I stepped away from him, apparently his mark of approval.
      Once back to the bed I got on all fours.  Someone's cock promptly entered my mouth, but after a few strokes withdrew, as if it had been asked to take a pause.  I realised the host wanted me to sniff a new bottle of poppers one of the guys had provided.  A few sniffs, and I was back to sucking the latest cock.  The deep voiced new guy came to the bedroom and greeted the other fellows.  I am not sure how many guys were in the room at this point but I heard at least five voices, one of which was the host.  The new guy was an Alpha Male who openly declared he wanted me all to himself for a few minutes, although he graciously invited the other guys to watch.
      The guy I was sucking withdrew from my mouth, whereupon the Alpha Male turned me around, instructing me to lay on my back. To my surprise the Alpha Male opened by sucking on my nipples like he was milking them.  This drove me insane.  He followed-up by passionately kissing me.  Again I tasted more of the cigerette / alcohol combination.  Now the Alpha Male was on top of me, his big, hairy, bulky body holding me in position.  I loved being submissive to him.  Placing my legs on his shoulders his cock violently and without any foreplay entered me violently.  Now, I'd cleaned up the lube and loads from earlier, so my ass might have been a bit dry, and to be sure, my ass was sore, so although the Alpha Male had a cock was probably a seven incher, it stung like a nine incher.  
      As I screamed and instinctively tried to push him out, but the Alpha Male snapped an instruction to another guy to control my arms.  Now my arms were being held immobile above my head.  Mercifully the Alpha Male considerately paused in pounding my ass, instead licking my nipples, his cock still lodged in my hole, effectively calming me down as my ass adjusted to his cock.  Within a minute or two my ass muscles had relaxed, and, his cock still deep in my hole, the Alpha Male invited the other guys to join in.  My arms were released and we got back to business.  Once again, I sniffed on the poppers like my life depended on it.  I felt both a major rush and an incipient headache.  My mouth was also quite worn-out as I had been deep-throating almost non-stop since the first guy. 
      At some point I found myself back in doggie position, having taken load after load from at least four guys. 
      Approaching complete exhaustion I announced "Hey, guys, I'm really out steam.  Can we stop?"
      The deep-voiced Alpha Male, however, wasn't having it, and enticed me by caressing my whole body and suggesting "Let's do one last thing.  How about a DP?"
      I was too tired and honestly intimidated by the prospects of trying to take two cocks in my ass simultaneously, so I took a deep breath and answered "Would you mind if we tried that another time?"  The guys were super sweet about it, and recommended I rest while they all cleaned up.  The voyeur offered to escort me to the bathroom, but I declined, and lay back, promptly falling asleep.  Sometime later I awoke and, removing the blindfold, saw I was alone.  I could, however, hear voices in the hallway.  A glance at my phone told me it was 11:00 P.M.  Texting the voyeur I asked if I could come out.
      "No, I'm coming in," he replied, adding "please put on the blindfold if you're not wearing it."  I complied, and seconds later he entered the room explaining they had checked on me a couple of times, and as I was sleeping peacefully they thought they would let me rest a bit.
      "How long was I out?"
      "About half an hour," he answered.
      That meant the gang bang had been going on for four hours.
      "Hey, look, all but three of the guys have left, but we've ordered pizzas.  Why not get a shower and afterwards join us for a bit?"
      Pizza sounded really good.  I showered, dried-off and stepped out to the hallway.  Three burly black Brooklyn guys were seated with the rather puny-looking Russian voyeur host.  All four guys gave me a comfortable smile, and welcomed me.  One of the guys asked "How's that ass feeling, boy?"
      I recognised the deep voice of the Alpha Male.  I smiled, and may well have actually blushed.  We enjoyed the pizza and, as I washed my face and hands one of the two Brooklyn guys left, leaving the Alpha Male, another black guy, and the Russian, all of whom were sipping on a beer.
      The Russian then asked the question for which, I think, everyone was waiting:  "Would you like to go for another round with these two?"
      My only question was "Do we have more poppers?"
      All three guys smiled. 
      "Give me two minutes and I'll see you in the bedroom.  No, I'll feel you in the bedroom.
      P. S. - According to my host, the total number of guys who opened my hole that evening:  11 .

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