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43 yo wants to get whored out this weekend (Nov 24/25)


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Looking for an experienced, kinky dominant top who knows how to offer a neg hole for anon (ab)use including proper preparation to avoid resistance by the pimp or his "guests". Own supplies available, too.

Interested? Then drop me a note.

By the way, I had to update the e-mail address. Your messages went into nirvana... sorry!


Interested? Then drop me a note... Marc

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    • By BritishCumdump
      So I got home from a weekend camping with friends, sadly no signal, no Grindr, and no curious mates to fuck me out there, so when I got home I was really fucking horny and needed to be used and bred. It'd been over a week since I last had a guy's seed in me. I like blindfolded, anonymous hookups but they take a bit of work to organise as, you're blindfolded and they're messaging you asking if I'm really sure they can come in haha. 
      So I started posting on fabguys, and grindr etc, asking who wanted to breed my holes, eventually got a few guys interested, so I told them the address, left the door unlocked, and waited on the bed, in jockstrap, black football socks, sniffing poppers and hooded with only my mouth uncovered. 
      First guy was great, felt like a rugby player build, big cock (maybe 8" and thick) which was a bit of a struggle for the first one of the night, but I think my squirming and yelps just turned him on more. It didn't take him long to cum but he did prolong it by taking breaks between pounding me. When he did cum it was so deep I didn't even feel it but he collapsed on me afterwards which feels so hot, a strong body lying on top of me while their cock is still twitching inside my hole. He kissed me and said he'd definitely be back again. 
      Next guy was about an hour later (lots of timewasters sadly) but he was one of my regulars and my absolute favourite fucker. He's Italian, thin, athletic build (from what I can feel) and has thoroughly used my ass like 15 times now. I've never seen his face as I'm always blindfolded or hooded for him. His cock is kinda average, like 4/5" but he knows how to fuck and always bends me into crazy positions so he can powerfuck me at insane angles, he loves to hold poppers under my nose and tell me how long to sniff for, and he likes to double fuck me with toys. He's fucking amazing and every time I'm tempted to ask him to marry me haha. This time he had a surprise for me, mid-fuck he pulled out and whispered in my ear in that sexy as fuck accent to hold still, then I heard something and then felt a cold sensation inside my guts, I squirmed a bit at the feeling but he just slid his cock back in me and started fucking me in earnest. It wasn't until after he'd shot his load, kissed me, got dressed and left that he messaged me to tell me he'd shot two frozen loads up my ass. So I got three for the price of one I guess! 
      The next two were great but they'd had to wait in their car for a bit as they had been messaging me while the other guy was fucking me and didn't want to come in and join in. But I checked my phone after he'd gone and told them to go for it. They were a couple but they fucked me separately while the other waited in the car as the first felt embarrassed. He had a nice thin cock and hot body, must have been early 20s maybe, and he was playing at being a dom, slapping me on the ass and cheeks, telling me what a slut I was, and even dragged me to the floor to worship his feet. Obviously I complied with everything as being dominated is hot and it obviously turned this guy on. It took him a long while to cum and he ended up jacking off over my hole and then shoving it in as he started to spurt, he then slapped my ass again, pulled his pants up and told me not to move cos he sending his boyfriend in next. 
      The boyfriend I've fucked before and he's really turned on by the blindfold cumslut situation. It's kinda weird as we've never seen each other but we kinda have the vibe that we know each other, like we might be friends of friends or such. He really fucked me hard and came at least twice in me, he just didn't want to get off haha. When he was done he asked me how many loads I'd taken and I guestimated like 6 so he got out a marker pen and marked it on my ass. 
      Once he was gone I had more timewasters not showing up, then I had a total random, some faceless profile on fabguys who was nearby and wanted a hole to seed. He was really small dick wise, felt like only like 2 inches? But his balls felt fucking huge. Really large guy too with this firm balloon feeling belly. He seemed really nervous and had to take breaks while fucking me so eventually I had to just lie him down and ride his cock by grinding on it while playing with his nipples. When he came it was insane, genuinely felt like my guts were getting flooded and was so good. 
      Finally the first guy came back again, he'd got horny again and wanted to fuck me again. This was insanely hot as my ass was so full that, in particular positions, you could hear the squelching of the warm cumloads inside me as he fucked me, this turned him on so much and he eventually shot the 8th (??) and last load of the night in me. 
      By this point it was getting late and people were not replying anymore on the apps so I decided to end the night by fucking myself with the biggest toy I have cos I was so horned up and wanted my cunt totally destroyed. It's fucking thick as fuck (it's called the Three Amigos from Mr Hankey). 
      It took a lot of lube, a lot of poppers, and a lot of patience, but when I finally felt the full width of that toy slide into my ass it was slut heaven. The toy obviously opened my asslips too much as when it got in deeper, all the cum in my hole slipped out and dripped onto the carpet. At this feeling I just shot my load everywhere, adding it to the pool on the floor. I took a pic that I'll attach to this post. Forgive the bit of blood but yeah I may have injured myself a bit with such a huge toy sliding in so deep so quickly. 
      Anyway that's the story of my last load/s. Hope it turned you on and I can't wait to do it all again and get my guts refilled. If you're ever in the Newcastle/Sunderland area of the UK then hit me up. 

      In shape athletic cumdump for tops.
      Prefer anon. Hmu. 92103 zipcode
    • By Hungtop4barehole
      Sam the short muscle bottom.
      I like to whore out bottoms, get guys to come over and fuck them bare and dump their load in a hot bottom and leave.  I had been courting Sam this hot white muscle bottom for months and he said he rarely ever fucked bare and although it sounded hot it was not for him.  The third time I asked I shared with him that I had regulars and they were all neg on PreP and that it was a safe experience.  The exchange below is what came from my third request and statement.
      Me: So, it is totally safe.
      Sam: Really, they are all on PreP?
      Me: Yes, all my buds are on PreP as am I.
      Sam: I am not on PreP right now.
      Me: Not a problem sense we all are.
      Sam: Yea, so how would this work.
      Me: You come over and get naked except for a jock and suck my dick and every time the doorbell rings you slip your blindfold in and a bud on PreP comes in and feels your light little body and either eats your hole or lubes you up and fucks you.  Breeds you and then leaves.
      Sam: You sure they are on PreP?
      Me: Yep, I have known these guys.
      Sam: Okay, I am up for it. When?
      Me: how is Thursday Night?
      Sam: Good, I have Friday and the entire weekend off.  What time?
      Me: How is 7 PM?
      Sam: That works, do I need to bring anything?
      Me: No, I have everything so no need to bring anything but clean out good.
      Sam: I will, you have buds with big dicks? 
      Me: Yes, buds and I have big dicks.
      Sam: Hot, send your address and I will be there at 7 PM. 
      Me: Great, oh yea, wear a jock. Then I sent same my address.
      I had emailed and texted buds about Sam, four were available but many of them were busy or had bottoms already coming over.  I resorted to looking for guy online despite telling Sam I knew them all. I located eight other guys all young and hung who were great prospects.  All said they were on PreP and loved fucking bare hole.  Three emailed me back by Wednesday and two more on Thursday morning and I lined up my regular buds first and got info to hit up the other guys one at a time for Sam, so he had a great experience and because I love watching a bottom get loaded more than anything.
      Thursday came and I got things around, lube, towels, G and T (had not discussed with Sam and his profile said no drugs) blindfold, restraints (had not discussed them either) and some toys to use on him.  I hid the restraints, T and G and when Sam arrived, he was so fucking cute.  Blonde hair, blue eyes and an adorable face with a hot ass body.  I poured Sam a drink and he looked nervous, and I spiked it with a little G and watched as he drank it and I offered him another and spiked that one too.  Told him my first bud would be there soon so he should get undressed and up on the bed in his jock. Sam jumped up and almost lost his balance and I had to hold him so he could undress that hot little smooth muscled body and then to when he slipped off his shorts the hottest ass farmed with that dark blue jock was a site to see.  He crawled up on the bed and I placed a couple pillows for his chest and once he was in place, I feed him my cock.
      Sam was a great cock sucked and I knew he would make a great cum dump for the night.  I told him to stay in place and I went around and spread his checks and ate that little hole.  Sam moaned and arched his back, he tasted amazing, and I tongue fucked him till I heard the doorbell and helped Sam slip on the blindfold and fed him my cock as my Friend Dean walked in and said, "Fuck yea.  You outdid yourself this time." He got on the bed and bent down and ate Sam and made him moan on my dick.  Dean loved ass and after five minutes of eating Sam’s hole Dean got off the bed and undressed and let his uncut 8’ dick spring from his underwear and he lubed it up and slowly slide it into Sam.  Fucking him for almost ten minutes before shooting his load deep inside Sam. 
      Sam caught his breath and then looked at me and said, fucking great cum dump, Thanks and he pulled out and cleaned up.  He then dressed and left and passed Mike who just walked in, and I whispered to Sam to leave the blindfold on.  Mike is a think good looking college kid with a fat 7.5-inch dick, and he loves to breed.  He does not eat ass; he just loves to fuck and nut in a hot hole.  Mike hopped up and pulled out his dick and slide in Sam as Sam yelped a little and I rubbed his chest and pinched his nipple and Mike started to fuck Sam hard and Sam moaned even loader then when Dean was and Mike slapped his ass and said fucking whore, you need my load don’t you.  Anonymous cum dump for my big dick, fuck that makes me cum even more.  He slammed Sam ten more times and then growled as he shot his load in Sam. 
      I got a text from David, and he was delayed, and Ryan could not come for over an hour, so I hit up a couple guys online I had talked earlier.  Dylan and Diego, Diego responded first and text he was ten minutes away.  I took that time to give Sam a shard of T and since that went so well, I slipped him another before Diego arrives with his big 9” dick.  Diego came in and nodded to me and undressed and got up on the bed and did not say a word.  He fingered Same and Same moaned and then Diego asked how may loads, I said two and then he pulled his fingers out and slide his big dick slowly into Sam and he helped a little as that big dick stretched his hole.  Diego loved to fuck, and he drilled Sam for fifteen minutes and shot his load inside Sam.  Dylan arrives and he seemed to know Diego and they greeted each other while Diego was getting dressed to leave and Dylan was undressing.   Diego watched while Dylan unleashed a nice thick 8” dick and slapped it on Sam’s cummy hole and then pulled back and spread Sam’s hole and began eating that cummy little slit.  Diego watched while Dylan tongue fucked Sam and Diego said, fuck yea eat me cum bro (in a heavy accent) and then he laughed and walked out.
      Dylan ate away and after he was satisfied and lined up his dick and piston fucked Sam until he shot his load deep in that cunt and then slow fucked him and five minutes later piston fucked him till, he shot in his hole.  Fuck that is some good pussy he says and then he pulls out and said the boy had to suck my dick clean.  I moved over and he fed Sam his dick and let him suck him clean.  I text everyone and no one was free, even though they said they would be.  I started looking for other guys and I could only find one that said neg on PreP.  He was 50 years old tall with a big dick and I hit him up.  He was not exactly what I wanted to watch but he would due until the rest of the guys were free. 
      I gave my address and asked the guy when he could be there.  The guy said 5 minutes, fuck he must have been close, and I told him to come over and the door would be open, and Sam would be blindfolded.  Seven minutes later the guy walks in and he really did not look like his pic, he looked better.  He was tall and more built, and he felt up same and looked at me and said the kid is neg right?  I told he was, and I said your file says neg on PreP and he said yes is all and he began to slip his pants off but left his shirt one and he had the thickest 9” dick with a PA.  He got on the bed and fingered Sam with one, two and then three fingers inside him making same moan and then he led his PA a lined it up at Sam’s slit and pressed t and then pushed his fat head in and Same yelped and he pressed slowly and soon he was lodged deep in Sam’s hole.
      The guy knew how to fuck, and he slowly pumped Sam’s hole making the boy moan and whimper and after thirty minutes of slowly but forceful fucking the man shoves hid dick in and grunted and said fuck, I needed that.  He worked his dick out slowly and then guided the PA out and it had pink cum on it.  He went to the bathroom and asked for soap, and I walked over, and he had slipped off his shirt and the guy was muscled and had well-defined chest and abs and a scorpion tat on his left pec.  I swallowed hard and asked him if he was a Scorpio and he said an, I am an Aquarius. I swallowed even harder, and I said you know Sam the kid you fucked is neg and not on PreP. The guy’s dick had gone soft but as I said that I could see it coming to life and it was soon rock hard again and I looked down at my dick and I was rock hard too. 
      He leaned in and said, no reason to put my shirt back on.  I nodded and he smiled at me and said, think I should fuck the kid again.  All I could do is nod again.  He walked right back over to Sam and felt him up again and then worked his dick in him again and fucked him harder this time but still nice and steady and twenty minutes later he shot another load inside him.  He cleaned up again and then got dress and I walked him to the door.  He leaned in and said, your bottom and I have a lot in common.  I said yea? He smiled and said neither of us are on Meds and he winked and said he would be back in a few hours if the boy needed more cum.  
      I closed the door and thought I should rush the kid to the ER and get him some pills but a text cam in from a buddy and he said he was ready for that fine ass, and I went back to Sam and let him suck my rock-hard dick. Could I possibly think this is hot? What the fuck. My dick seems to be telling me something is all I thought while Sam sucked my cock and I waited for Brian.
    • By DutchBBfucker
      It was a normal Friday night out in Berlin and I had met up with some friends to grab a drink in a newly opened gay bar in centre of town. The crowd was young & cute like me (FYI i’m a 19 y/o twink). People mostly stayed in their respective groups, distinctly cornered in, throwing a look now and then over the room at other boys. Yet they didn’t take the initiative to move over taking the initial contact.
      Like most young people the self-confidence clearly had no correspondence to the appearance so a lot of alcohol is consumed to ease the tensions and inhibitions. And like every weekend we drank quite a lot.
      We had a good time, drinking and laughing, but around 4:30 in the morning it was time to head on for something else. A part of the group wanted to go to a bar where mainstream pop music. This very small bar was always fully packed and it was hard for anyone to really move around, the toilet queue was awfully long and getting a drink in the bar took so long that you got sober by waiting. This was at least my opinion, but my friends didn’t agree.
      We therefore split and I left them to their miserable choice. My mind was up for some trance music at a nice bar filled with straight acting, well-tuned cute guys.
      The bar i went to had an open atmosphere, 3 floors: one for trance music downstairs, one for mellow dance music upstairs and a dark room on the top floor. I never visited a dark room before and could understand why people want be fucked by unknown guys in the dark..
      I arrived club around five-o-clock in the morning. The dance floor was packed. I drank, chatted to people and danced to a great DJ for three hours which felt shorter than that. Around eight only 15 people were left. I headed for the bar and ordered a last vodka-tonic, although I was quite drunk already.
      After a while two very hot Arab guys came up and sat next to me. They were wearing tight t-shirts so i could see every detail of their muscular bodies. I think that they were a few years older than me, but max 21-22. We started to chat loosely: they asked me if I was alone and if I lived in Berlin. One of them put his hand on my thigh and caressed me slowly; the other moved his hand inside my shirt and over my back. It felt they were going forward a little bit too quickly so I escaped the situation by saying that I needed to go to the toilet.
      I went upstairs to the toilets on the second floor, where there was no one. I could feel I was turned on by the touching and wondered what to do next. I had never been with two guys before. If it was only one than things would be a bit easier.
      When I got out of the toilet one of the guys stood outside waiting for me. He smiled and asked me if I was intimidated by both of them touching me. “Somewhat” I replied. “Whom of us do you like the most?” he asked. “I think you’re both cute” I said and added “and very sexy”. “You’re very sexy too and I could see when you went away that you have a nice little bubble butt ass” he replied. “Thanks!” I flushed a little bit embarrassed.
      “So if it was just me, would you like to have some fun?” he asked. I looked at his hot muscular body and could hear myself saying: “Yes, why not”. “We can go to my place. I don’t live far from here” I suggested. “No, my friend is waiting downstairs and I’d prefer that we just go up to the dark room” he said and smiled. “Well… I don’t really like dark rooms, because you don’t know which guys are in there” I replied. “It’s ok” he assured, “the club is almost empty by now and there would be no one there except for us. So come on, I can tell for sure that both of us want a little fun” he insisted. “Just a quick one… you suck my big dick and afterwards i suck you.. Okay?” He put his hand over his package and I could see a distinct, large bulb on his jeans. “OMG! I need that big Arab cock in my mouth” I thought to myself.
      He approached me, pressed his body against mine and started to kiss me with deep tongue movements. Wow, this guy knew how to kiss! It felt like heaven! Impossible to resist. At this time I was quite drunk and his gentle treatment of kissing and caressing my cock with his hand inside my jeans. “You’re hard and horny! so let’s go…” he said, and took my hand and led me up the stairs to the dark room.
      Up there he opened my jeans, pulled them down completely to the ground and sat in front of me. My cock swelled hard as he took it in his mouth and worked it good. One of his hands went off to my ass and started to play with my hole. One finger went in, then two. Slowly he started to finger fuck my my ass. I felt a burning sensation in my ass, but his lips around my cock was so hot that it overpowered that sensation.
      Was he preparing me so he could fuck me? That wasn’t the deal! But the fingers in my ass felt so good that I couldn’t protest. After a while, he stood up, we kissed with deep tongues.
      Then he pushed my head down to his big dick. I followed his every move and the orders he gave me, and it was clear who was in charge. My ass started to feel empty so i tried to put some of my own fingers in side my open hole
      He slapped my face with his XL-sized dick before he pressed it down my throat. His cock went down all the way and he fucked me rather roughly until gasped for air. He noticed I was choking and gave me a fraction of a second to breathe in before he continued pressing it down as deep as he could. The taste of salty sperm mixed up with saliva filled my palate; I had to swallow some to keep up with his intense and deep mouth fucking.
      He ordered me to lift my ass up so I did was I was told. Suddenly I could hear him whisper something in Arabic. A second later I felt someone coming up from behind putting his hands on my buttocks. I had thought that we were alone in the dark room. Who was this third person who now wanted to join in? Was it his friend who had gone up earlier to wait for us? It’s clear that they planned this from the start.
      The other guy immediately took over my ass. I felt a small plastic tube enter my ass. A few seconds later i felt a liquid filling my ass. Then he pulled the tube out. Thinking it was lube i didn’t react. Two fingers began to slide in my ass. As my ass became more open he added more. There was a feeling that was spreading to my body. I began to sweat and i felt more horny that i could ever feel. I thought that this was due to considerable amount of alcohol in my body so I stopped sucking and was about to stand up to take a break. The Arab guy in front of me noticed my hesitation and quickly locked both of my hands and put his arm around my neck. He was much stronger than me, and although I tried to resist I couldn’t get away.
      Suddenly I felt the guy behind me trying to push his big cock in my ass. The pain of this thick cock ploughing its way into my tight ass was sobering me up. Desperately my hands fought to get released but all in vain. “Please wait!” I squeaked, “I need to…” “What is it? Don’t you want to play anymore?” one of the guys interrupted. “Well, just let me get some lube and a condom from my pocket” I begged. “No way! I only fuck without condom or lube. Open up slut! ” he grunted. I wanted to reply but he silenced me quickly by pulling my head back by a steady grip around my hair with one hand and putting the other over my mouth.
      An extremely intense and very rough fucking followed. I could feel every inch of his big cock as it forced its way in and out in what felt like an eternity. It was almost like my ass would turn inside out of the deep ploughing and I felt my anus swelling. Inside me every show of the top of his cock sent electric shocks through my entire body. After a while my whining changed into groaning and moaning. His friends slapped my face and rammed his cock into my mouth to shut me up.
      Something started to take over my mind and i began to have thoughts about wanting bigger cocks in my ass and begin a total bottom slut. My ass was now completely open to serve his raw huge cock.
      The Arab guy behind me started to moan louder and louder. With a deep grunt he filled my insides deep with a huge amount of cum.
      He withdrew and got up in front of me ordering me to suck and lick his cock clean. I did as I was told and swallowed every drop. “Good boy! Our sperm will change you for good!” he said. “Now, lie down on the floor!” his friend commanded. He forced me to lie down with my chest facing the floor.
      He got on top and guided his huge cock towards my hole. He pushed into me; I felt the head enter me. A moan escaped my lips. He almost pulled out fully and then he just rammed it in full force. “Now, we’re going to see if I can fuck this slut even harder.” They both put up a laugh of joy and excitement. He fucked me harder and faster. “I saw how you looked at my cock down in the bar, craving it. We are covering you into a load taking slut. You think that you can return to your normal life, but within a few weeks you will give into your true calling; big raw dicks and cum”. Her kissed me on the check and licked my ear. Then he intensified the fucking; I felt the entire weight of his muscular body as he pumped my ass with his massive cock like a machine spinning out of control.
      By now the penetration went more smoothly because of the generous loud that his friends had previously delivered in my butthole, which functioned as a perfect natural lubricant. My ass had also got more used to the rough fucking and had opened up considerably by the penetrations of his friend’s large cock fucking me so violently. Something in my mind took over and i started to enjoy having this good-looking, young sexy Arab stallion plowing my ass hard. I was their little white toy!And when he started hitting my G-Spot i was in pure ecstasy. “Yes, do me as hard as you can” i blurted out. “We own you now that our DNA is deep inside you” he whispered in my ear.
      Then he came with a roaring and we were both to explode as he shot several streams of hot cum deep inside of me. Then he and his friend dressed quickly, gave me a kiss and left.
      I sat for a while in the dark to get myself together. What was it I had experience? My ass was warm and swollen with cum of the two guys dripping out. A smile spread over my face. I started to jerk myself and came quickly. I left the dark room and the club.
      On my way home I stopped by a gay sauna that had opened its door in the morning hour. I went in, changed, sat at the bar and ordered a juice.
      As I sat down at one of the tables a bit away from the bar a young black guy came up to me and asked if he could sit down. “Sure” I said. We were there just with our small towels around our waists. He had a perfect body and he noticed my eyes screening over him. He let his towel open so I could see his enormous dick hanging in the open. My eyes couldn’t help staring at it.
      “I saw you in the dark room. I was hiding in a corner with a friend when you came in. The two guys fuck you up good” he said. His words took me by surprise and I didn’t know what to say. “They knew exactly what to do to change you into a wiling bottom” he added. “The knew what to do?” I replied. “Yes! The fact that you’ve come to this sauna and didn’t go straight home or to the police or anything must mean that you want more” he said smiling. He started to stroked his hand over his big cock that had started to rise.
      “Let’s go to my cabin and i will tell you what they did to change you into a willing slut. I’m not like them!” he said comforting. He took my hand and caressed it gently. I looked at his cock and felt how mine grew to create a visible bulb under the towel. He noticed and said smilingly “That’s clearly a YES!”.
      We stood up and walked up two floors to his cabin were we dropped the towels and started to kiss. Then suddenly i was grab from behind by two other black guys. I was pinned down with my face pressed into the mattress. “Hold his arm still” one of them said. I felt how my bicep was tied of with a band. Then i felt a needle stabbing my arm. “Like i promised i will tell you what they did: When they fingered you they loaded your ass with a drug called Meth!” the black guy said. “You had no clue what was happing. This is not how we do it. I like to tell my sluts that i injected them with T.” after saying that the band snapped loose. They released me and told me to raise my arm. As i sat up i began to cough. A wave of sluttyness came over me. “This will boost your carving for big dicks and cum. So don’t fight it!” said one of the other black guys. I looked over to them and saw 3 hot black guys stroking their enormous black cocks. And like he said i couldn’t resist it and crawled over to them. “Does he know that we and the two Arabs are POZ? ” whispered one guy to the other. “We will tell the slut after we bred him several times!” answered the other one laughing.
      —THE END —
    • By SpongeBase
      Here is another story from my past.
      Part 1
      I was on the western coast and visiting some old friends. I used to bartend with this crew and we frequently got up to no good. I was only in town for a few days, but I really crammed in as much fun as I could. We all met up in the evening, went out, relived some old memories, and stayed up way too late. We used to get into the harder stuff, but we had all mostly calmed down, but tonight we decided to partake in a few familiar extra curricular that had us all soaring for the night. I was nearing my 30s but I hadn't quite settled down. I was able to work a really interesting job that kept me busy and allowed me to travel, but I was almost too busy to get into any trouble anymore. However, on this trip I had a full 72 hours of hedonism ahead of me. I was fit, horny, and incredibly hungry for the party. 
      My friends and I were out late and in the end we all ingested some MDMA and powder. We were being foolish and loud, and I was too distracted to look for sex. However, when everyone else started crashing and calling it quits for the night as they had jobs and families to get back to, I was alone. I was staying at a friends place and she was out of town but her roommates were not. I went back for a while, but I couldn't sleep and it wasn't long before I started to crave sex and debauchery. When I lived here before I dabbled in bareback sex, but I had never had a man cum inside me, and I certainly had never set myself up as a cumdump. Since moving away I had gotten into bareback sex, but only while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 
      I was so horny to get fucked, but I was in a fairly small city and I didnt have a place to hook up. Still, I logged into Grindr and hookup apps and sites on my phone hoping I would be able to figure something out. Heck, Id book a hotel if I had to. While the night was fun, I didn't over-consume any drugs and I had a few baggies left over from the night. I also was flying home the next day so I knew I had to use it or lose it. I also felt myself starting to get a bit sleepy. I crawled into the bed in my friends place and considered my options. I started at one of the baggies on the bedside table and said, "Fuck it", and swallowed a pill and took a couple rips of powder. 
      Just as I opened up Grindr I got a message from a guy who used to hit on me when I lived here. I was using an anonymous profile, so I know he didnt know it was me. He simply wrote, "You looking for fun?". I wrote back, "Yes. Really horny, can't host though. Bottom here." I sent a pic of my ass in undies. 
      Him: "Hot. Here is my dick. I can host. Come over". He sent his address.
      We never hooked up in the past. He always seemed too eager and over the top. I didnt want a long experience with one guy, I wanted short experiences with many guys. But the drugs were hitting and I was getting horny. I decided I should be somewhat honest.
      Me: "You might not remember me, but we used to chat. I have not slept yet, was out with friends, and def still feeling it a bit. Is that okay?" I sent him a face pic. He didnt respond for a few minutes. So I decided to get up and take a shower and clean up, just in case. When I got out there was a message.
      Him: "Come on over. We can relax in the hottub for a bit and then I can fuck you. ;)" 
      I called a taxi. 
      When I arrived he was at the door waiting in a bathrobe with a giant smile on his face. I felt a bit uncomfortable, but I figured this was the best I was going to get. I was definitely high, probably visibly so, but I didnt care. I wouldnt be back to this town for a while. I felt desperate and alone, a bad combo for a horny submissive wannabe cumdump who has lost his inhibitions. 
      He had me strip at the door, while he just stood there and smiled. He put a rubber cock ring on my cock and started sucking it right there at the entryway of his house. I really didnt want to get sucked, so I pushed him off and tried to find an excuse. "Sorry, I dont want to cum." No worries he replied. I was naked except for my socks when he handed me a bathrobe and took my hand, leading me away. 
      We headed to his back deck as I finished disrobing, throwing my socks around his place. As we walked I admired his body, and thought, "well, at least I am with someone". As we passed the kitchen he grabbed a tumbler with a drink in it and handed it to me. "Let's keep the party going?" I took it and swallowed the whole drink in one gulp. He poured me another and took me outside. 
      It was winter and cold, so the deck was slippery and I was out of it so I stumbled and slipped a few times. He caught me but my bathrobe was falling off. Thankfully his back deck was hidden from view of neighbours and I was fine to be naked. We jumped in the tub. He is an middle-aged man, average fitness, and his cock was rock hard and dripping. He clearly was excited. I could see his cock bouncing as he sat across from me in the tub. The hot water and jets were soothing, but the drugs and alcohol were working me and my dick was rock hard. He started at it for a bit, while we sat there silently. He had the same smile the entire time, like he was appreciating a long sought after prize. He waded over across the tub and grabbed my dick and whispered in my ear. "What do you want?"
      I moaned, but I grabbed his hand from my dick and moved it to my asshole as I moved my legs up. He moved in closer and started to finger my hole. He used his other hand to grab my dick. Again, I really didnt want to cum or be pleasured in this way so I grabbed his hand and said "No, Sorry, I really dont want to cum". While doing this I pulled him a bit closer, so his dick was inches away from ass. He continued to lightly finger me. 
      Him: "Oh, so you want to get fucked eh?" Big smile on his face. He reached behind me to where his housecoat was hanging bringing his body up and out of the water and his dick right in front of my face. I was spinning and so horny, I instantly put it in my mouth. He groaned. He stayed for a bit, but then hopped back in the water and handed me something. A bottle of poppers. 
      I opened the poppers and took a few really deep hits. As soon as it started hitting me the combo of drugs, booze, and poppers made me insatiable. I was losing control. I pulled his body closer to mind and the head of his dick hit my hole. He was about 7inches and average thickness, uncut. I had zero intentions of fucking in the water, but I wanted to feel his dick. He pushed slightly. We kept this up silently for a few minutes, him with his eyes mostly shut, and me taking hits of poppers and downing the second drink. 
      Him: "Fuck. Oh man. You want it bad. We should go upstairs." I didnt wait for any discussion, I just pulled myself out of the water so he could get a good view of my ass. I left the house coat there and walked inside and headed towards the stairs. I knew he would follow. I grabbed my clothes and brought them upstairs with me and took a quick detour to the bathroom, yelling downstairs, "Just gonna run to the bathroom. Meet you in the bedroom"
      In the bathroom I looked at myself, with my pupils heavily dilated, my body shaking a bit from the cold outside and the exhaustion, and rock hard cock I looked like. a hungry cockslut cliché. I opened my phone and looked at Grindr, seeing that he was online just meters away, while also seeing lots of other new guys online. At this point it was 10am on a Sunday. Lots of closeted men around I bet, looking to release their loads. 
      I broke up some powder and took a few lines and decided to swallow another pill before heading back out the hallway to the bedroom. His bedroom and the bathroom were connected, and on the other side of the bedroom seemed to be a den that was also connected to the bathroom. When I got to the bedroom he was laying back on the bed on his phone and set out on the nightstand were a few sex toys, another bottle of poppers, condoms, and lube. I jumped on the bed as well. 
      I started sucking his cock while he was on his phone. He was enjoying himself and put the phone down and closed his eyes. I was really hungry and horny, and I was thinking, I need to finish this and head out to a hotel. I was so horny and I knew one dick wasn't going to be enough. I needed to fill this day with sex. 
      HIs cock was rock hard and I decided it was time to roll over. I went facedown into the pillows, not saying a word, and put my ass up. He seemed to get the hint and got up behind me. He started rimming my hole and reached out under neath me to grab my dick. I didnt mind as it seemed he was going to fuck me soon after a good rimming, but shortly after he started sucking my cock again. I let him continue for a minute, but I couldnt handle it for long. I moaned, "Please fuck me. I really want it"
      I pulled his body forward so his dick was against my ass. It was a bit abrupt and violent, but I wanted it so bad. He fell hard on top of me. I reached back and grabbed his dick and positioned it at my hole. He slipped in slightly. 
      He groaned, pumped in a little then pulled out completely. "Sorry man. We should really use a condom. Can I suck you some more". He pulled me over onto my side. He had a really frustrated look on his face, and I am sure I did to. I decided this wasn't going to work.
      Me: "Sorry man. This isn't what I need. I need to get fucked. I should go." He looked really disappointed. 
      Him: "I just want to suck you for a bit. It really turns me on. Please?" I was really feeling the mix of everything and I couldn't even bother to pretend. 
      Me: "No, I just really want to get fucked. Im gonna get a hotel and invite some guys over." His face looked so surprised. I could tell he wasn't expecting that, nor was he ready to let me go. He was slowly rubbing my dick and it felt good, but I could tell I was getting too close. "You have to stop, I really dont want to cum, I just want to get fucked". He had a really pervy grin on his face. 
      Him: "Okay. Why don't you just invite guys here?"
      I was surprised. I really didnt expect that. 
      Him: "I really like to watch. I have a cam set up here already, so I can just hang out in the other room while you get fucked. That really turns me on and that way we both get what we want. You seem partied up, dont you want to get fucked?" 
      He suddenly was so persuasive and demanding. Sexy even. My cock jumped. He was staring me right in the eyes.
      Him: "I was already chatting with a few guys. You don't need a hotel, you can just do it here. What do you think?"
      I didnt hesitate. "Yeh. Okay. But you have to stay there and we pretend I am alone. I am going to be blindfolded, ass up, and taking dick. You can send guys over too, but Ill use my phone as well. No recording though. We will message each other on Grindr." 
      He smiled. "Deal"
      He jumped off the bed and started setting things up. Camera was positioned near the side of the bed, but it was discreet, on a desk. No one would see it. The curtains were drawn. I went back to the bathroom took a few more lines and looked in the mirror again. I looked awful, but horny.
      I came out of the bathroom twitching and nervously shaking with excitement and he was gone. The sex toys, condoms, and lube were still on the nightstand, but the poppers were gone. I still had the other bottle he had given me. Next to these items was something new. A jockstrap with a hard jock in the front, and a blindfold. I put both on and climbed into bed. My rock hard and leaking cock strained against the hard jock. The blindfold rested on top of my head. He was gone and I am guessing in the other room. Apparently we were both going to get what we wanted.
      I positioned myself ass up, half on the blankets, but I could tell he turned the heat up, so I just did it to protect some level of modesty. I opened grindr and right away I saw I had three messages. The first was from him.
      He sent a picture and some text. The picture was of me laying in bed through a computer screen. An image of the video footage he was watching. In front of the screen was his rock hard and leaking cock. The message read, "this is hot. Let me know if you want me to send guys. I know a few who could be into this. Condoms and lube are there for you." I replied back, "Thanks". I didnt intend on using condoms and I dont need to tell him that. He will figure it out on his own.
      I didnt know what the day was going to bring, but I checked the other messages. Two anonymous and nameless profiles, both under 2 miles away, and both had sent dick pics with messages. I didnt look at the messages very hard, in fact, it was getting hard to read, the lines were swirly. I just sent both a pic of me in a jock strap from my photo gallery, and I sent the location pin with a message that read, "Looking to get fucked here anonymously. I am ass up and face down in bed upstairs. Door is unlocked. You into this? Just want you to come in and fuck me and leave. Cool?" Plus the address and description of the house. I copied this message into my notes so I could use it again. No immediate response from either. I refreshed a couple of times, but still nothing. Decided to go back to the main page and check the other apps and sites to see what was happening. 
      I saw another message come in from the guy who was in the other room. Let's call him Host. 
      Host: "Let me know who is coming over. Im so turned on. Send me their profiles and any pics they send. You ready? I have all day so take as long as you want."
      Clearly, this was a fantasy of his and I was going to let him have it. I was getting what I wanted, so it didnt matter to me. I sent him screen grabs of who I was chatting with and the messages I sent. He just replied, "Fucking hot". 
      My phone vibrated. One of the guys messaged back. "Cool. Be there in 10 minutes". 
      I decided I wanted to up the game and really get things twisted. I got off the bed and went into the bathroom, bringing one of the medium sized buttplugs and lube. I messaged Host to tell him someone was coming over and I just wanted to prepare a bit. In the bathroom I dumped one of the baggies I had into the bottle of lube and swirled it around. The bottle was half empty so this was going to be a strong booty bump experience. I stuck a finger in my hole with a bit wad of spiced up lube and followed it up with the butt plug. I inserted it all the way in and left it there, hopping back onto the bed. I sent Host a message.
      Me: "he will be here shortly." Host responded, "Have fun. Ill be watching". There were some other messages, a response from one of the original two. The other guy said no thanks, then his profile disappeared. Rather know now than waste time. I saw the other profile getting closer and closer. I put the blindfold over my eyes, took a huge hit of poppers, and got into position. The buttplug felt amazing, I was rolling really heavily, and feeling like I was about to get exactly what I wanted. 

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