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Really craving a total pig session .never have a group of pigs using my holes but truly need to serve and get used. Open to anyone and anything. U can call all the shots flood my ass please 

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    • By DanishAss
      I always put on a blindfold the second I'm inside his apartment. And then I get naked. And then I get fucked, standing there in his hallway.
      Today he was kind; he rimmed me nice and wet before he rammed his 8" cock deep inside me. (Other times he has just spat on my hole, rubbed his cock in it and then pushed inside me...)
      He dragged me into the bedroom, and then the fucking continued with me on my knees on his bed. He rammed my hole from every possible angle, slowly opening me up. I knew what was coming, of course; the last time he fucked me I ended up gaping so much that he could shoot his load into my hole from outside - and he had said he wanted to do that again. I knew that would take more than just his cock...
      The last time he double-fucked me with his cock and the smaller of his to dildos - a double-dong - and tried the same with the thicker of his dildos but I couldn't take it... Well... THIS time I did! Damn... I was stretched! And then he returned to the slimmer double-dong, but he bent it at the middle so I had to take both cock heads of the toy - and then he forced his cock up next to them! FUCK! Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-FUCK!!! Soooo stretched... And he fucked me hard! 

      This is what my hole looked like after the triple-fuck... I think that qualifies as "gaping"! That was when he started loading me up; two condoms with stored loads were emptied in my hole and then he slid his fat, hard cock inside my hole. Damn... There was PLENTY of space for him! 
      He fucked the two loads deep in me, and then he made me gape for him again... I could hear him jerking his cock and knew what was coming - or cumming! And then I felt the first jets of cum land in my open hole... My body instinctively spasmed as if I had had a cock rammed hard inside me - I was so turned on by feeling his cum run into my gaping hole... It was SO BLOODY HOT!!!
      If you want to see what it looked like, here's a little video. Remember to turn on the sound if you want to hear whether I enjoyed the load or not...
    • By hotrice
      Old/young couple visiting Berlin 04-09 Aug, staying in a hotel in Schoneberg, we will go out Friday/Saturday night and hopefully host a small party in hotel Sunday morning on, or some fuck and cum in between.
      Looking for ideally old/young couple or lean fit btm up to 33 for daddy or older hairy top 50+ and taller than 5'7 for me.
      Chem friendly only no blood, Scat and pain.
      Bbrt profile is potatoandrice
    • By DanishAss
      There's this couple that I visit every now and then. Two versatile guys who are happy together, but every now and then they just want to use a bottom - and I gladly volunteer...
      Their cocks are just around the 8" mark, and when they want a third guy in their bed it's normally because they both feel in a dominant top mood... I've learned what​ to expect when they ask me over; a bit of civil conversation over a glass of wine, and then suddenly one of them will interrupt the conversation and tell me to get naked NOW!
      I always obey, of course, and once naked I've learned to kneel immediately, because either one or both of them will be unzipping his trousers while I undress and will expect me to start sucking immediately. Some times they take turns in my mouth and at other times the other guy will move instantly to my ass and start fingering me with only spit for lube.

      When they are​ ready I'm pulled into the bedroom and thrown on the bed while they get naked, and then I'll be on hands and knees with a hard cock fucking my mouth as the other cock enters me - again with no lube other than spit, so I do my best to give them wet and sloppy blowjobs so they slide in as easily as possible.
      I'm just a sex toy in t​heir relationship so they never kiss me or act gently with me, but it's so hot to lie there with their cocks fucking me roughly and raw in both holes while they caress each other and kiss over my back.
      They'll switch back and forth between my holes until that point when one of them lies down on his back. That's the clue for me to sit down on his hard cock and lean forward with my head off to the side so they have free space to kiss each other while the second guy pushes up into my arse, stretching me and making me moan and reach for the poppers bottle as I and double-fucked.

      It hurts. ​Every time they do that, and every time it hurts - at first! But then comes the joy of being completely filled up with cock, and the pain turns to ecstasy and I begin fucking myself on their two hard cocks. They seem to like it when I squirm between them, trying to work both their cocks with my arse...
      Normally the guy behind me comes first, and then he stays inside me while the guy beneath me starts pumping in my hole until I finally have both their loads inside me and they slowly lose their hardons while still inside my wet hole.

      Then I'm told to leave, so I pick up my clothes from the sitting room floor and go down to their hallway to get dressed before leaving and going home with a wet, stretched hole. ​When I get home I normally end up fingering myself as I jerk off and finally cum myself, thinking about the hard fuck I took...
    • By KindaBasic
      Does anyone else get off on being used by a committed couple? I was out in the Hamptons with a gay married couple whom I have played with in the past. Both tops, as well as nicely hung and thick. One is in his 40's and likes older and the other is about 60 and likes young. I guess at 52 I'm a good compromise. Before they were meticulous about condoms but lately they have been into bare with me. The younger one started by eating my ass while I sucked off his spouse before he fucked me and filled my hole with the first load. Changing places, the older gent slipped his thick cock into my freshly used hole. Though his cock is thicker, tapping me second he just shoved it in and pounded it. Along with a tendency to really abuse a hole, the older one takes a long time to come, which is at the same time hot while being almost too much. All the time the other one's dick is getting hard again as I blow him. After the older one filled my hole with a massive load the first one was ready to fuck me again until he shot his second load in me. Afterwards his partner ate my hole, cleaning me up with an experienced tongue. Being tagged team is a lot of fun, but I noticed in my handful of experiences with couples that it is usually super hot. I am not sure if it is just the idea that they have chosen to share their love with my ass or because they work better as a team then two random guys, but it feels extra special. I look forward to my next trip to the east end.
    • By subbytch
      One of my fuckbuddies self-identifies as straight. From what I can tell from his Facebook and comments, he has plenty of girls that he hangs out with and bangs. Yet every few weeks, he's over at my place, fucking me senseless. I have no idea why I find that so incredibly hot.
      He hasn't been the only self-identified straight guy I've slept with. There have been others, others with greater or lesser skills in the bedroom. And plenty of gay guys, too. Yet, if I was to score them, to rank them on hotness, on the session, and on their skills, straight guys always start with bonus points because they mainly bang girls -- and me.
      Anyone else find this to be the case? Sure, these self-professed straight guys could be in denial, but as far as I can tell, they really are into making love to girls and fucking the shit out of boys. That right there just makes my dick hard. 
      Or maybe you don't like straight guys at all. Do you find straight guys a turn off? What works for you? And what doesn't?
      (I'm gay. I love gay guys, too. There's just some added bit of pleasure when the cock plowing me usually plows pussy.)

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