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Best Place for Cholo Top Breeders

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I have this thing for anonymous cholo/ Mexican breeders looking for a quick and sloppy hole to k nock up.

Parks? Bookstores? Any information would be appreciated 


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    • By TimSon
      Neg, bi (married to woman), bottom looking to be knocked up/converted. 
      Wickr: timsonbb
      Tumblr: timsonbb
      BBRT: timson
    • By hole4use222
      Anyone looking to load up a sub bttm pup while my Daddy watches in Austin? We are going to be there Saturday and Sunday 6/30-7/1. No load refused love a good dump and go.
    • By UncutCumHole
      2 undetectable men, 61 and 65, coming to London  SOHO area December 27 to 29. Short trip but looking for the latest info on gloryholes, adult movie theaters where we both can get our holes bred anonymously. 
      Both holes are squeaky clean, open up and will gape open.
    • By cumdumpSD
      I'm a 6foot 175lb fit toned body cumdump who wants to be used, fucked and filled by any and all anon tops. If you like to find a hot faggot who's eager to give his body to you and let you use him however you want, message me. If I'm not working I will stop whatever I'm doing to be ready to be used. Will beg you for your load. 
      I love to be waiting ass up with my hooded blindfold on for any top with a hard dick that will fuck me and fill me with his seed. Love being verbally abused while being used. Violently spit in my face, call me pathetic, tell me I'm a useless faggot that's purpose is to be used by men, any men.  love meeting guys in the park with my assless jeans and bending over to expose my hole and get off when they pump and dump me. 
      Love to take other cumdump's loads because I think of it that they have a concentrated load to infject my hole with all the cum thats been dumped in them.  I get off when a top is about to cum in my wrecked hole and as they cum, they tell me they are charging me up and giving me __________! 
      Hope to hear from men who get off on this. ALSO am still looking for someone who will pick men from online, the street anywhere he wants, to fuck me and I have no say in the matter. I will have to take every cock he gets no questions asked. I hope this someone is slightly twisted and would get off watching some ugly homely men to fuck and fill me with their nasty cum. Make me wear my hood and right as the ugly fucker is going to cum in me, he takes off the hood so i have to see the nasty fucker who is just starting to cum in me. Thats a fantasy i want fullFILLED!

    • By UncutCumHole
      2 men new to Las Vegas.  62 and 65, pos but undetectable. 
      Looking for gloryholes,  Mexican men needing to simply FUCK and go with no questions asked, .

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