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Best Place for Cholo Top Breeders

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I have this thing for anonymous cholo/ Mexican breeders looking for a quick and sloppy hole to k nock up.

Parks? Bookstores? Any information would be appreciated 


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    • By hihi07
      Looking for men to use me! Let me know!
    • By NoMoreBareback4Me
      What's the most number of loads you took in the ass during a single stay at a bathhouse not to exceed 24 hours?
    • By hardix
      Jan 28th...
      Power bottom with greedy holes staying in a hotel on Hallam St. looking to get them filled.
      Cum on guys, it's Monday night in London, what else is there to do. I love sucking cock and getting fucked, bigger the better, if your into fisting and ws we can really crank iT up, I'm versatile when it comes to fisting and rimming a clean hole. Tall & friendly with shaved cock, balls and arse and I've been told many times I got a good cunt. Message here or email me hardixuk@yahoo.com we can swap WhatsApp numbers and take from there. Also hardix is my profile on NKP, BBRT.
    • By Ozpig
      An incident in a backroom last night took me aback a bit and made me wonder - how many bottoms clean their tops cock after they have finished breeding them? Last night I hot the backroom hoping to have four or five loads pumped into me. After load No 2 the top pulled out an I instinctively turned around and knelt down to clean his cock and balls for him. He pushed my face rather aggressively that it send me back onto my haunches and he said "get out of that you filthy fucking slut." and walked out of the darkroom. I always clean my tops cocks after they have bred me - it was how my ex taught me to treat tps who were good enough to give me their stick and seed. I usually find it turns tops on and shows the bottoms appreciation and cumdump qualities?
    • By aeroboi69
      Id been checking out BBRT, craigslist and haunting the dogs saunas of sydney for quite a while. I loved the edginess or raw sex but always freaked out after getting drunk and making a small mistake. Nothing major just letting a random guy pop his knob in and out my hole a few times before slipping on a condom. It always still freaked me out. 
      One night while visiting sydney i got pretty drunk and hopped on BBRT, started chatting with the hot olde guy ( I was 24, generally plays safe, in shape from the gym, tall but slim and 7.5 cut). He was was so hot. Muscular, hung few nice tatts and poz. Normally i would have stopped at the fantasising stage but i guess id had a few too many vodkas. 
      I always fantasised about being used hard and raped just like the stories i read on breeding zone and nifty. I agreed to meet him at one of the seedier places (Sydney Sauna(. It had a reputation for older guys who liked it rough. Getting there i stripped out of my clothes and started to walk the corridors. It was a busy friday night, with a loth of guys i normally wouldn't consider. I like older guys but some of these were too old not to mention out of shape. I decided to have sauna and wait for my guy to arrive. I was still bussing from the alcohol, id one through half a bottle of vodka before coming and had a fresh bottle of amyl tucked into my jock strap. 
      The sauna was empty but the heat was nice, i enjoyed just relaxing back while the room gently spun. My cock was hard, it had a tendency to stay perpetually aroused in these paces and i couldn't help but start playing with it. An old guy appeared out of the steam, out of shape and not my type but he got down and started sucking. He was good and started fingering me. Not what i was after but at that age who knocks back a blowie. Before too long the heat started getting to me, and i didn't what to blow that way. I tended to lose my horniness once I came and wanted to see how far I could go tonight. 
      While i was neg and really always played safe the idea of finally getting with a known pop guy had me dripping. It was like the next stage of adventure, of risk, of kinkiness. I just wanted to experience what it was like for someone to take control of my body and use me, hurt me, leave me bred, bleeding and converted. Actually i didn't want to convert. I figured I can always get PEP the next day that just really wasn;t in my mind at the time. I still figured I could blow him maybe let him tease my hole a bit, beside most of the guys round are undetectable and unlikely to pass it on.
      As i walked back past the front desk I saw him come in and followed him to the locker room.
      Tall and muscled, not bodybuilder like and definitely not in his prime. His cheeks were a bit sunken but he looked fit and sexy as hell. He stripped down an stowed his clothes in his locker. I caught a brief glimpse of his cock, it looked bigger than the pics online suggested, and just above his pubic hair a biohazard tattoo. My cock gave an involuntary pulse. He looked up and stared straight at me. He smiled and I shivered.
      Was I ready for this?

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