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I have a question for older tops (35+) who cruise for bottoms in places such as adult theaters, arcade booths, hotel swimming pool, sauna, slightly empty rest areas, etc. How do you know that a guy you're eyeballing and wanting to fuck is a willing bottom? And, how do you sense feminine qualities in these guys even if they're wearing normal clothes? 

When I cruise for cock its like the men instinctively know I'm there to suck cock. In a crowded theater, men would either approach me in a dominant manner, pinch my ass when walking past me, or sit next to me and fondle my legs. When I approach a guy there has never been that awkward moment where both of us get on our knees. Its like he was expecting me to put his cock in my mouth. When I cruise for cock at the small arcade booths, the top guys bunched along the ramp next to the arcade would give me room to walk into a booth knowing what I was there for. 

Sometimes when I cruise, I do make it obvious what I'm there for by wearing a tight t-shirt that shows my natural gyno breasts, and black tights that outlines my ass and legs. Plus I completely shave my whole body. But there are other times when I just wear track pants and a regular t-shirt and still men can sense a potential hole to fuck. While I do consider myself to be 'fem' based on how I am sexually with men, I'm not a Bailey Jay and I don't regularly CD unless I'm hooking up with a top who wants that, or teasing on cam. Even when I was real young, my friend (who later came out gay) and we would get fondled, groped, and dry humped convincingly by other boys in the hallway at school.

I'm just curious if (masc) top men just subconsciously know what qualities in other guys makes them a bottom, or is it just based on instant sexual attraction with hopes of the guy they're seducing is a bottom (whether looking or not). 

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The look, demeanor, gesturing, the way you carry yourself, eye movements when you're scanning the terrain with side vision, - there is so much 'gaydar metadata' in an encounter between a top and a bottom to pick from. If you've got skills and attention focused - you don't need to ask. Because the top does the same thing in reverse. The only remaining item would be 'now or later'. But since you're at a designated venue, that becomes 'now'. Simple.

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Well yeah if I'm wearing tight clothing to an adult theater, tops know they have a strong possibility of dumping their load in me. If I want to have quickie sex with the guy slowly stroking his cock a couple of benches away from me, I'll make my way next to him and sit at the very edge of the seat with my knees pointed towards him which means my next move is on my knees. I do tend to fag it up a slight bit more than I would if I wore regular clothes, yet tops still sense that I'm a bottom even if I don't express myself that way and just act like a lurker. Even if I'm at a gas station with no intentions of hooking up with men, I still catch a few looking at me like they're wanting to fuck me. Its always the older ones too which is okay since I bottom for older bears. 

I know I shouldn't question it this much, especially for something like NSA, but I get horny thinking about how (masc) men can get a hint of "fem" qualities in me when I'm not cruising. Unless I've just got that natural sexual attraction thing that certain tops instinctively know that I would most-likely at least give them a blowjob. I'm at that point where I'm being turned on by (masc) top mens' raw sexual nature that consists of groping, poking, prodding, and penetrating their cocks into anything that accurately appears "feminine" to them; rather than just liking the sex. 

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I often have the opposite problem. I’m a masculine bearish sort, so everyone assumes that I’m there to top. Sometimes I do... but often I want to slut out and get bred, so the matches I get are often with a fellow bottom. 

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On ‎1‎/‎28‎/‎2018 at 8:53 AM, MascAssUpPDX said:

I often have the opposite problem. I’m a masculine bearish sort, so everyone assumes that I’m there to top

That's because bears have a stereotype that even those who are just experimenting as a bottom will always think that a heavier set guy will only top lol. 

When I'm cruising, I can usually tell the difference by how they look. The ones that have a 'soft', sheepish face, or sometimes babyfaced are most-likely versatile or straight-bottoms. The ones with a more assertive "manly" look are the mascs who will top. I will bottom for a less-masc bear who eyes me in an adult theater though since even if they do want to 'switch' they know I won't do it lol. 

Its not 100% accurate, but it has worked for me so far. 

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    • By Treehugger
      This was several years ago. I was in a mood, very crabby but also horny and dead set on doing something about it. I found an old faded white wife beater and wrote CUM DUMP on it in black sharpie on the front and back.  I put it on and then covered it up with a green plaid button up. A pair of shorts, slip on shoes and a brass cock ring completed my ensemble. I grabbed my to go sex kit (lube and poppers) and headed for my favorite cruising park.
           The parking lot was mostly full so my mood brightened considerably. Lubing up in the truck, in the lot, was not easy but I managed without attracting any unwanted attention. I headed out on a mission to get as much seed as I could manage. When I got deeper into the park, past the kiddees with frisbees and the moms with picnic baskets (I'm looking for horny dads) I ditched the plaid shirt under a bush (remember that bush I love that shirt). I was deep in no mans land and not seeing a soul. Where the hell are all the cruising tops?
           From behind me I hear, "Well cum dump lets see that ass." Instinctively I drop my shorts and bend over. He was a lot closer than I would have imagined. Where the hell did he come from? Instantly he was feeling up my ass and then his cock was knocking at my back door. I took a deep breath and back up on his meat. We both groaned and all my crabbiness drained away. He was banging away when we heard footsteps and cracking twigs.
           I started to turn my head to look in the direction the noise was coming from but the guy in my ass grabbed my hair and kept me from looking. "Oh no cum dump, eyes down. Your job is to work my cock with your faggot hole." Or something like that. This was a long time ago but I still remember the gist of the things he said.
           The new guy asked about my cocksucking skills and Topman (I'll call the aggressive guy in my ass Topman) says he has no idea so take him for a test drive. Two seconds later I have my mouth full of black cock. Both men are take no prisoners kind of fuckers. At least the cock in my mouth wasn't so big I could not handle it, maybe 5 1/2, no more than 6 inches. A nice chunk of meat to work on without making me gag. He liked to face fuck but I can hold my breath like a pearl diver so no problem there.
           The black  guy was talking a lot of shit, encouraging Topman to breed my hole but that was not going to work for him. "No man I want to see this cunt knocked up with a bunch of loads before I get off in there. I want his pussy hot and wet." I hate it when guys refer to my asshole as a pussy. I am a man. There ain't no pussy to knock up on this dude, but whatever. He's the top. I guess I prefer the vocal guys to the silent type. "Here," he says stepping back and offering up my ass, "take over for me and I'll go round up dome more donors."
           Topman heads out into the bush on his cock safari and the black guy rams his cock into my greedy hole. I am all warmed up by now and take him easily. He is a hard fucker, doesn't slow one bit which only means he's not going to last long. Sure enough by the time Topman gets back, which is surprisingly fast, he is about to blow. Again I try to look in the direction the men are coming from but black guy takes a cue from Topman and orders eyes down. Jeez, what is this Nazi eyes down bullshit?
           "This bitch is awful curious," not sure who said that but the answer came from one of the new guys. "I can fix that." And someone tied a handkerchief over my eyes. My day just got more interesting as well as cummier since the black loose with his nut as deep in my hole as he could get. Topman loved that and complimented him on a job well done. Black guy moved back to my mouth for clean-up and someone else moved into my ass to have a go.
           Topman pointed out that my mouth was unoccupied so that sad situation was soon remedied. Again I was being spit roasted and loving it. I think at this point Topman went off again to procure some more eager breeders. He succeeded and how. At this point I had trouble making out individual voices, plus I was being distracted by someone tying my hands behind my back with what I was later to discover was a sock.
           It sounded like there was a helluva lot of guys waiting to take a turn on the cum dump merry-go-round. Now I am no gang bang virgin, I mean I do ascribe to be the town bicycle but even an experienced cum dump such as myself has limits. I was getting worried that I had bitten off more than I could chew and how was I going to get out of it. They had me tied and blind folded. Whoever tied that knot must have been a boyscout and a sailor because it was not budging. I tried working at it but got cuffed by Topman every time. "Leave it alone pussy boy, you have a lot cock to take care of and we are not leaving until you have drained every drop of cum out of our hairy sacks." He was fucking me again at this point. He yanked my head back by my hair pulling my ear next to his mouth. "Just do what your told and you'll get through this fine, you'll get exactly what you came for." With that he pushed my head down into someone's crotch and I obediently opened up for more cock.
           I have to admit I was totally turned on and whether I could handle it or not I was going to see this through. From here things got to be a bit of a blur as it was cock after cock and I was getting a little shaky on my legs. Then donkey daddy shows up and tries to climb into my hole or at least that was what it felt like since his endowment was enormous. I tried hard to stand still and take it but he was not gentle. "Jesus Christ!, can't you hold this whiny cunt still," he complained. Whiny cunt? My mouth was full of cock. I never said a word. My ass however was hopping around all over the place trying to evade his penis invasion.
            I heard, "Here give Mary some of this," and a bottle of poppers was put under my nose. Someone must have rifled through my shorts. Thank god I left my wallet in the truck and the keys on a tire. I inhaled from that little bottle of paradise like it was full of salvation, which it was. Jungle Juice was going to save me from Donkey Daddy and leave me in nirvana. Actually I snorted so much I blacked out for a moment but there were plenty of guys around me to keep my from falling. When I came to the big guys was balls deep. I felt no pain only the joy of being completely filled and surrounded by horny, sweaty men.
           From this point on I really can't say what happened exactly. I mean I know I got royally fucked but by whom and how many whose to say. They kept that bottle of poppers close and ordered me to inhale often. Topman stayed close and I think was the one doling out the amyl. I assume he eventually bred my ass. How could he not after running the whole show. Things started to slow down but I was still getting fucked. I was ordered to inhale and keep inhaling until told to stop. I took two huge hits and stopped and was promptly rewarded with several smacks on my ass and head. "Keep going bitch." I kept inhaling and inhaling and then I passed out.
           I was out long enough for everybody to get lost. I was alone when I came to, buck naked and covered in cum. I wiggled around only to discover my hands were still tied behind my back. Lucky for me someone or several someone's had pissed on me. My hair was drenched and so was the sock tied around my wrists making it easier to eventually wriggle out of. It took me a while but to my relief I found my shorts wadded up under a bunch of dead weeds not too far away. My cum dump shirt however had been taken for a souvenir. 
           I proudly walked out of those woods with a huge smile on my face. When I got to my truck I noticed two guys at a car several spaces a way. They were looking my way laughing and buddy punching each other on the shoulders. I gave them a wave and thumbs up which made them laugh even harder. Pretty sure they either fucked me or pissed on me. By the way I did find my favorite plaid shirt before I left. 
    • By Wolviejz
      28yo professional bttm in town for the next two weeks. Would love to find some great cruising spots or gh’s to play at. Clean and negative on prep. Swallow friendly :).
    • By bottomcub4loads2
      Hello Gentlemen,
      I am coming to London next Sunday (May 13) until the following Saturday (May 19). I'm staying in a hotel near Hyde Park, and will be looking for tops to come by my hotel room and dump their hot loads. I'm also looking for recommendations on which clubs I should hit.
      I'm a good looking, stocky, hairy cub/bear type. I've got short hair and a beard; nice tight ass, and a nice cock. I'd love to get into a multiple top scene, where they all use me like a slutty whore, and fill me with cum.
      Please feel free to reach me on here, or use my profile name, followed with "@gmail.com"

    • By jayfox
      (not my story, taken from Squirt.org and written by a former member named Megawogtop)
      I'm a hot lebanese guy with a very big dick. Im a total top: never tasted cock, never had it up my arse and never will. But one thing I do like is the feel of my huge cock as it slides hard down a throat or snaps tight into a manpussy.

      I have three leb mates who feel the same. We regularly roam the beats in Sydney looking for those real sluts that are just asking for rough sex, and let me tell you they aint hard to find. For those yankee fuckers reading this a 'beat' is ozzie for a cruising ground.

      Last night me and a bud hit a very cruisy beat, musta been 'bout 20-25 cars parked so looked like there'd be plenty of action. It was a dark open area of low bushland, plenty of trails to wander looking for cocksuckers. My bud and I seperated as I've found the manpussy tends to scatter if they see two or more guys walking together. I wandered through the bushes checking out the trade. Lotsa young guys, few rough types, few older gents. It was a warm night and as I wandered into a clearing I saw a sight that stirred by meat into action. Lying on a towel just ahead of me was a real goer. Stark naked, face down, legs spread and butt humped into the air, the invite was clear: cum fuck my mancunt, I'm easy. The mancunt was prob early 20's, hairless and the guys back reflected his muscles in the moonlight. He was asking for it!

      I backtracked to find my mate which took a few minutes and told him of the package that awaited. We headed to the spot. Seems the few minutes were enough for the manpussy to be occupied. As we approached we could see the white butt of some guy as it banged into the naked slut's hole. The guy turned and saw us but didnt stop the pumping, he beckoned us over. As if we needed an invite!

      We stood for a minute watching the guys dick going in and out of the naked bitch's arse. He was being done doggy style which gave a great view of his spread mancunt. It was hairless and his cheeks wobbed as they were pounded. I pulled out my monster and got to my knees in front of the plaything. He didnt even stop to think but opened his mouth to take my meat. He started slurping on my head and foreskin. Nice warm mouth, I thought, but I want throat. I grabbed the guy by the back of the head and pushed hard. His head devoured my meat. I just love the feel of tight throat around my cock, and the slick feeling of warm muccus as I coats my meat. I held the fucker's head and pushed hard feeling the tight throat wrap round my shaft. The bitch started to gag so I pulled out, just for a second. Then rammed it back. The little naked muscle slut was a real pro and he took my cock well.His throat felt tight and hot.

      Watching the throat fucking musta been too much for the guy doing the pounding, as the pace quickened, he slapped the bitch's arse twice, moaned and blew his load deep. He pulled out, chucked the 'dom, upped his dacks and was off. He had gotten what he wanted. The arse slapping musta been heard as a few guys were now standing around obviously wanting a free sex show.

      It blows me away how some guys can strip naked and let total strangers do em over in semi public places! But where would we be without 'em eh?
      The bitch was still doggy, and throat massaging my shaft, so he didnt know who was watching, time for my bud to take position at the mancunt end and have some fun.
      The guy moaned as my mate rammed him hard from behind. He probably would have yelped but for the fact that his throat was full.

      My bud and I have tag teamed arse and throat on many occassions so we know the score. Get a good rhythm going. My mate placed his hand on the back of the bitch's head and pushed as I grabbed his hips and pushed them back onto my mate's meat. The sound of muffled gags and crotch slamming into arse is a hot sound that gets me hard. We pounded away at both ends, hard fast and furious. This musta been too much for one of the watching wankers as I heard him moan and dump his load, zip and wander off.

      We pounded throat and mancunt for about five minutes, then decided it was time for a flip flop.

      We swapped places and I when to town on the hairless crack that wiggled in front of me. One thing I like about sphincter is that despite a relentless pounding, it can still stay tight, hot and firm, especially when you find an expert bottom who knows how to massage a cock with his arse. And this bitch was one of those experts.
      I rammed that arse as hard as I could right to the balls and the groans and moans of the naked guys got me hotter and hotter. No starting slowly for me. I love the feeling of ramming in hard first go then pounding relentlessly.

      By now we had about 7 bystanders each wanking and watching. They were standing close now getting a good view of my meat as it rapepounded that hole. One guy blew and splattered the back of the the bitch as we spitroasted him. With a mouthful of my mate's cock I still could hear the moan of pleasure from him.
      My bud said to me in lebansese that he was close. I pushed the back of the bitch's head to make him throat deeper and my mate threw his head back and moaned in pure pleasure. I increased the pounding of the sphincter.

      The thought of my mate blowing deep in this guy's throat brought me close to the edge, as as he blew I had to let my load go too. Six hard sharp rough jabs with my dick was enought to force the load from my balls and I unloaded hard and deep into the warm mancunt, as my mate unloaded down the bitch's throat. The feeling of relieving ourselves at the same time was hot.
      We pulled our meat from both ends, cleaned up, slapped the bitch's butt, laughed and wandered off satisfied. The naked slut stayed doggy eying off the crowd that still stood around. Im sure the hot little muscle nude performed more party favours that night!

      Back in the van we decided to check out another beat about 20 minutes away. Just time to stew another hot load and find another target.
    • By CigarBear68
      Well, with Craigslist posts of casual encounters gone for good, I find myself at a loss. I hate the gay apps for phones, least the ones I know of. Anyone have any suggestions. Anything else like Craigslist around ??  If not I should buy a season pass to a few bookstores. 

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