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  1. What's the name of the sauna?
  2. It's interesting to see my evolution over the years from level 2 to level 6. When I started having sex I would use condom with everyone but when I got my first bf we started barebacking just a week after we met. We were so in love and not using condom seemed the right thing to do. So I started at level 2. After we broke up, I started using condom again. But I realized how much I missed fucking bareback and cumming inside. I knew I hated condom. I started slowing transitioning to level 3 and then level 4. At first, I had a lot of regret after breeding a hookup. After each "incident", I would say to myself that was the last time and then would go back to using condoms for a couple of months, and then another inccident would happen. And the cycle would repeat again. I started researching about HIV a lot because I was very worried about it. I read how low my odds were given I am a total top. Over the course of a year, I became a firm level 4. I would bareback random hookups as long as they looked safe to me. Especially, I avoided people who used drugs and said they only fuck raw. That's so curious, now I'm one of those who only fuck raw. Then, I went into prep and it has changed my life. I threw away all my condoms, I don't want to feel a condom over my cock ever again; seeing a condom is a big turnoff for me. I love pressuring submissive guys into going raw even if they are not in prep. I love feeling that I have complete control over them. Now I'm level 6, I fuck raw or don't fuck; and love visiting saunas to be inside as many raw asses as possible. I have been on prep for 2 years and this time I have fucked more guys than in my whole life before taking prep.
  3. Hi, I am visiting Sydney for the first time for Mardi Gras, and I would like to get some recommendations about how to get the most of my visit. I don't want to see a single condom while I'm there.
  4. I'm back from a trip to Taipei, and I agree with @BB4fking: guys in Taipei are keen (I mean VERY keen) to bareback. I'll need to go to Singapore as well.
  5. I am back from my trip to Taiwan, and I loved it. I liked the country both as a normal travel destination and a sex one. Taiwanese people are probably the most welcoming people on Earth; so different to Europeans and their attitude. I made great friends there. If you are considering traveling to Asia, don't miss Taiwan. Now, to the important subject on this forum. I think bareback is the rule in Taiwan. I fucked 7 Taiwanese which I met on Planet Romeo and Grindr; I fucked all of them bareback. Only one brought condoms and I told him that I didn't want to use them and he was happy with it. I didn't have time to visit any sex venue ( I wanted to go to Aniki). But given their willingness to go bareback, I am pretty sure condoms are rarely use in any sex in Taiwan.
  6. Thanks for the good info,Kaiyunyun. I have a question about how upfront Taiwanese are about barebacking because I was browsing profiles in Taipei in Gay Romeo, and almost everyone have in their profile always safe. Thus, I am guessing that they will say they always play safe but when they meet many will be keen on going bare. Is that an accurate assumption?
  7. But Tokyo is a little cold for going in winter hehe. I want to go to Japan, but not in winter. I've heard the same about Taipei, that's why I'm going this year for its pride. I´ll let you guys now if it's true Any other cities in Asia? They are a lot of countries there and the majority of human population live in Asia, there must be something haha.
  8. Hi, I am planning a trip for Christmas and New Year, I was wondering what are the best places in east and southeast Asia to get bare raw asses. At first, I was thinking on Thailand and Cambodia, but after researching I realized they are more for older people looking for rent boys. I want consensual adult sex with other hot young guys like me.
  9. I will be in Taipei for the Gay Pride, and my objective is to breed as many guys as I can. Any suggestions of saunas and cruising places to find guys willing to bareback? Any suggestions for a hotel where I can bring guests?
  10. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/three-bottoms-and-a-big-black-cock-36596161 I met these guys on Grindr. Three hungry bottoms looking for a big to top to fuck them all. This was my first raw group. Now, I know how handy groups to boost your numbers.
  11. 100% top, I am your classic big black top, very masculine and dominant.
  12. I use BBRT and Grindr. In 6 months, I have only met one guy from BBRT, so I don't recommend it (at least in New Zealand). Grindr is the app to go to find bareback here. I was surprised when I came here to see that around 90% of guys bareback here and NZ has one of the lowest HIV rates in the world. Free healthcare makes a big difference.
  13. I am curious to hear stories from other total tops about how many bottoms they can fuck during a weekend. The largest number of guys I have fucked on a weekend was 7 guys (you can read the story here). But I wonder if that number is low or high compared to the veteran tops on this forum.

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