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Sub bottom 4 breeding 24/7... anon+... fisting virgin eager for an experienced trainer with a firm and disciplining hand... a pro who takes the time to do it right...not interested in wannabe fisting tops with no patience or true skill

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    • By Bb4allloads
      Face down ass up what more can u ask for ooo am sloppy hole to use and have me ur way rough raw and loaded slutted location u ask come some of y’all should know n others will figure it out 
    • By Wetnraw
      The following story is a branch from my story "Married Couple looking for a third" So read that first, then this one.
    • By Cutedelicategay
      As introduced in my profile I have been a submissive bottom since I was introduced to men sexually. I have managed to stay NEG despite taking every load offered to me. I enjoy taking unknown loads and achieve the strongest orgasms in doing so. Seroconversion in my case is probably matter of time. Have read a lot on this site I understand the pros and cons of converting. But the bigger question is does a bottom has to convert? Does that endorses a role of being a bottom? Should I consider risk reduction  techniques like PREP? 
      please give me some advice but please be respectful of others decisions. I am looking for suggestions and not judgements.
    • By Bb4allloads
      3 loads shy of my last night record help me help U and beat my walls in coat them with ur seed knights inn 5116 ga Highway 85 forest park it’s still early cum get it and breed it 153 
    • By Hairybttmcub43
      Was horny as fuck Saturday AM, this trucker hit me up on GROWLr said he was coming through kcmo and wanted to fuck. Was into hairy bear (that’s me). We chatted. I sent him ass Picts and then agreeed I would meet him and fuck in his sleeper truck. Got cleaned up and went to meet. My heart was racing. I had never done anything like this. Parked in front of his truck and climbed in the passenger side.  He was sexy as fuck. Nice 9.5 thick cock. I stripped, sucked him for a bit while he fingered my hole and then I got on all fours and he proceeded to use my hole for his pleasure.  Thank god I had poppers.  He fucked me for a good 20 min and then I could hear his breathing pick up and I knew I was I’m for a huge load. He grabbed my hips and had one last thrust and bred my ass good.  

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