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Okay guys, I made a mistake.

A few days ago I went to the rocky horror picture show, that midnight movie thing where people don't actually watch the movie but prefer to talk and screw around. I rarely picked up guys from this place, but I do love sex so I wasn't opposed to the idea. I have been a little careful with who I screwed around with. I'm only 19 years old now, and I'm still a college girl, but eventually I want a family and it'd be much harder to find someone to start one with if I had STD's. The problem is, I've somehow developed a weird fetish for the biggest one of all; HIV. You guys have only nurtured this fetish, with all your stories, so I often end up getting off to my the idea of bugchasing. I thought I'd never do it though, until I met Tony.

When I went to Rocky that night, I was with a few friends at first but they quickly went separate ways to hit on whichever guy showed them the most attention. Since I was the skinny blonde in the ground, I had quite a few guys hanging around me. I had worn a black minidress that only barely covered what needed to be covered, so they must have guess my intentions. I mostly just wanted attention, but I wasn't opposed if someone was promising enough.

There were maybe 3 guys sitting next to me trying to chat me up, another few were sitting nearby in case these guys struck out. I don't remember much about two of them, but the third was Tony. He was funny, and confident, oh and he was only wearing golden underwear the clearly highlighted his man-parts. After a while though I still wasn't biting. The first two left quickly, but Tony stuck around for a bit. I laughed at his jokes, but when he asked if I wanted to head towards the back I declined, as I was pretty sure I knew what he intended. Eventually he said he was going on his own and left.

After a few minutes, another guy came to sit down. He said "You're lucky you didn't go back there with that guy. I heard he has an STD."

This peaked my interest. I politely told the new guy I had to go and walked towards the back of the theater. I found Tony and started with"Hey, someone told me something interesting just now... Is it true you have an STD?"

Tony smirked. "People say the darndest things" he said, "a lot of them are just jealous of me." I noticed he hadn't actually answered the question. I pointed out to him "So is that a yes or a no?" He leaned in and whispered "Would it change your mind if I said yes?"

"I haven't made up my mind yet, and people don't do things back here anyway. Now just tell me what you have."

He leaned in further and pushed his body against mine. I backed up but was now against a wall. He followed so his body was lightly pinning me to the wall. He started kissing my lips, then moved to my neck. When I let out a slight moan he leaned up to my ear and whispered "Okay, I have AIDS. But people don't normally fuck in the back of the theater anyway, it's mostly just for foreplay before they take it home. So you're safe, right?" He went back to kissing my ear, and then my neck. I figured he was correct, I couldn't get it from just kissing him. Honestly I'd never been so turned on from just someone kissing my neck, I had to experiment with this a little. Tony was my forbidden fruit.

While sucking on my neck, Tony reached his hand around to lift up my skirt and grab my ass. While pulling me into him by my butt, Tony started grinding his bulge against my front. He guided me to the floor where we started making out. Within a few minutes, he had crept his hand into my underwear and was fingering me. I started moaning much loader now. A crowd was starting to form, as people usually didn't go this far in the back of the theater where everyone could see. He whispered into my ear "You've got some interesting fetishes girl... Don't you want to take them all the way?"

I knew this was too far. I couldn't actually risk getting something, especially since most people knew he had something and it would quickly get around that I had it too. I told him "No... I can't..."

"I'll use a condom." he said. "Still, I can't risk that kind of thing". He accepted my rejection, and not wanting to get blue balls he stopped fingering me, got up, and walked away. I chose to leave the theater, cause I needed to get away from him before I gave into my urges. When I got to my car, some guy stopped me from getting in and told me he saw what happened and it was a good decision cause most people know Tony has HIV. I wanted to get home soon, but I was so fucking horny. I stopped and let this guy chat me up for literally 15 seconds before I said 'fuck it' and grabbed his bulge. He understood and whipped me around so I was leaning over the hood. I said "Use a condom" but he pretended not to hear. Within seconds my panties were down and he was inside me. The guy lasted maybe 30 seconds before cumming. I realized I'd basically just exposed myself to god knows what STD's, and I didn't even get halfway decent sex. It ended before I could get anywhere. The guy walked away quickly, leaving me with my panties on the ground next to my car. I pulled my panties up, as another dude walked towards me. This guy said he wanted to show me something in the theater. I wasn't sure what to expect, as he could clearly just fuck me out here, so why go inside? I was intrigued, so I let him lead me back.

When I got inside, I saw Tony again. "I heard you screwed some guy just now? But you wouldn't screw me?" I turned to the guy who had led me here. "I wanted to see a show" he replied. I was about to turn around and leave, but he grabbed my neck, I guess he figured out how much I like guys doing things to my neck. He pulled me back to him and let his bulge rest against my crotch. He started kissing me passionately and I couldn't convince myself to make him stop. I told him "I can't fuck you... I need a husband someday." He didn't reply and instead just guided me to the ground. Again he started fingering the shit out of me. He said "I know you want this." as he pulled my dress off. He started pulling my panties off while I used my last bit of self control to say "I've got to go..." even though I was only wearing a bra at this point. I felt someone come behind me and unclasp that as well. I looked and saw the guy who had led me here. He said "I also have that fetish, I've never seen it in real life though." I realized there was a large crowd around now. I knew I had to go but Tony had crawled on top of me. "Tell me to fuck you" he said. "Use a condom..." I pleaded. He was resistant to using a condom, but several people in the crowd yelled at him to use one. Apparently they weren't all bugchasers. Tony obliged and finally put on a condom. I was still hesitant about this, but I couldn't stop myself anymore. He pushed my legs open, slipped in between them, and slid in his cock. It was a fuck like I couldn't believe. He was pounding me relentlessly, within five minutes I had cum three times. I had my legs wrapped around him as he kept jackhammering my pussy.

After the third orgasm, the guy from the parking lot came over and said "I didn't lead her back here for you to use a condom though..." Tony smirked. He used one hand to hold me down by the neck, then pulled his dick out and used his other hand to pull off the condom. A few people in the crowd shouted their disdain, I half-heartily tried to push him off but he just kept humping me. The crowd was still shouting at him to use a condom, so he shouted back "If she wants me to stop, all she needs to say is stop". I almost said stop, but I had waited too long for this. Just one more orgasm I thought. Between moans I said "Please don't cum in me..." but he just grinned. His pace starting picking up, I could feel his breathing getting heavy. The crowd was yelling again, telling him not to do it. I almost told him to stop, but I was so close to my fourth orgasm. As I approached my peak, he yelled "I'M CUMMING!!!" That sent me over the edge as I felt his cock start pulsing, launching poisonous cum into my womb. I felt him pump at least 12 shots in before finally settling down. The crowd was silent now. I laid there for a while, not really sure what to think.

I drank a lot of Gatorade and things since then. I'm still not sure if I have it. It's not very contagious via vaginal, but he pumped so much in... I'm still afraid to go to the doctors. In a few weeks we'll see if I got sick. Until then, who knows? Maybe I got away with my mistake?

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    • By Eunuchnz
      Hey Guys.
      Heading to Sydney in August and hoping to get some nice strong AIDS Viral strains bred into and take back home.
      dont mind how you want to gift them to me.  Blood slamming ensures your Dna fucks me over good and quick.
      i will ensure I want harm the virus once inside me and will just let it do its thing.
      let me know if anyone can help out. Cheers.
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      It was a long day at the office, patient after patient, with very little time to eat let alone time to go to the bathroom. Before heading home, I sat at my computer and posted on Craigslist, I need the release tonight.
                     Masc top – 45
                                    Masculine top here HWP in search of a bubble butt bottom into kissing, getting rimmed and fucked. DDF tested at the beginning of the month.
                     Prefer 20-30yrs hwp as well. I take care of myself you should too.
      Then I submitted a picture of my 7.5 inch uncut thick Latin cock.
      I could really use the release, business has been booming and that’s great but I want to travel, and meet guys. I drove home, and forgot about the post so I wouldn’t be disappointed by a lack of interest in the post. My roommate was gone for a couple weeks on business I could go home and spend my night naked, watch porn on the big screen and cook myself a good meal without any interference. No matter what it will be a good night.
                     A few hours later I hear my phone go off with the email sound, my cock twitched in excitement. When I opened the email, there was a picture of an athletic, tone, young bubble butt bottom. He wrote his stats, 6’2 185lb with a 6.5 inch cut cock. He knew he was clean and double checked my stats because he has a girlfriend that doesn’t know and it need to stay that way. I couldn’t believe it, I would get to fuck a “straight” sexy bottom tonight. My cock was instantly rock hard, “the code is 002 I’m on the second floor of the building, door will be unlocked. I can’t wait to have some fun! I can show you my last results, we can play safe though if you want. See you at 8pm!” I wrote in reply. I took a nice hot shower and laid in bed, still rock hard with anticipation of fucking this hopefully great ass.
                     It felt like forever, but I heard my apartment door open and shut, and the shadow of my hookup entering my room. Dressed in a plain white undershirt and sweat pants, the picture he sent didn’t do him justice. He didn’t waste any time either, while walking over to the bed he took off his shirt and slid down his sweatpants, the dim lights showed off every line, and curve of his athletic body. He got in bed crawling up to meet me, I grabbed him and pulled him in for a kiss. He was an amazing kisser for being “straight” I didn’t think he’d be as into it as he was. My hands roamed his body, his ass was firm, strong and big for a white boy. My fingers played with his puckered hole, “I want to eat your ass”, I said pulling his hips up towards my face, “suck my cock.” He did as he was told, this is where his straightness showed, his mouth was warm and soft but he wasn’t the greatest cocksucker. His ass though, his ass was smooth, tasted so delicious. He cleaned up well, not even a lingering taste of soap. His ass began to open up for my tongue, I pushed my spit deeper with my finger as he deep throated my cock as best he could. I turned him around and sat him down on my wet cock, sliding it between his beautiful ass cheeks.
                     We continued to make out, tongues darting back and forth, when he surprised me by grabbing my cock and lining it up to his tight hole, pushing down onto it slowly. With spit as lube the entry was slow, he pulled up and I licked my hand to put more lube on my cock. He sat down and this time, I slid most of the way in and it felt incredible. He sat up, slowly lifting and dropping down onto my cock eyes closed head up towards the ceiling, he was enjoying it a lot. I ran my hands up his sexy abs to his shoulders and pulled him back down for his delicious mouth. I couldn’t take it much longer, I fucked his ass while kissing him for probably a minute or two longer before pushing him down all the way on my cock and cumming deep into his amazing ass.
      “Oh my God, you have the perfect ass” I said to him as he slowly rocked his hips back and forth drunk on the cum deep in his ass. “Thank you” he said shyly as he got up, my still rock hard cock leaving his ass with a *pop*. He was clearly nervous as he crept back towards his clothes and left. I wanted his ass again, I want his mouth again. Why do the hot ones have to be straight? I thought to myself as I jacked off to the thought of him.
      I sent him an email the next mornin, “Thank you for last night, but you left me still hard and wanting your ass, let me know when you can come back for more!”
      Surprisingly I got a reply within the hour, “Sorry I left in such a hurry, I’m still pretty new to all of this, it felt great though, I think your cum is still inside my ass. Kind of makes me horny all over again.”
      “that’s hot, keep it in there as long as you can or come back for more. How’s tonight?” My cock now rock hard at the office.
      I day dreamed all day of what I wanted to do with him. Bringing him to the office and fucking him over one of the dental cleaning chairs, meeting him at his house and fucking him in his bed, and taking him on a vacation away from his girlfriend. I couldn’t get him out of my mind. By the end of the day I had not heard back, I hope I didn’t scare him off.
      I got home, and while in the shower heard my phone go off. I left the shower running, and went to my phone I hope it says “on my way over”. It didn’t but I enjoyed this email even more.
      “I cant come over tonight, and weekends are tough, that’s when I see my girlfriend. Next week I’m watching a family friends house, and she can’t stay over if you want to come by a couple times. Maybe play some fantasies I’ve had but never tried.”
      I replied, “Yes, tell me them.”
      Hours later he sent me the most exciting email I’ve ever received. “Ok I’m super nervous about a lot of this but…
      One fantasy is to have my drink drugged and be used all night, with or without video. But to wake up knowing someone used me as their cumrag, sore and full of cum. Btw I’m game to try anything at least once.
      I want my hole opened up, I love the idea of someone pissing into it, either as an enema or just to fill me up.
      I have never cum from someone fucking me but I know its possible, I’ve told myself when I’ve been really horny that if I were to accomplish that, that I would consider it a sign I’m truly meant to be gay, to take cocks.
      Lastly, I like the idea of there being some secret thing I wear, have on my body that claims me as theirs. Other than these I love the idea of gangbangs, 3somes, exhibition, chastity, CBT, golden showers from groups, being abused and dominated, sometimes at my horniest even outed, and scat.
      I emailed him back “We will have some fun next week, I will come over every night that you can have me. One of those nights you will be drugged and I will use you all night, I will try to fist you, you will drink my piss when I ask, and who knows maybe I’ll call a friend or two. You have the most perfect ass, and I think its meant to take cocks, I will make you gay”
      “Yes Sir”
      “Address, phone number, and your work schedule please. I will text you before I come over each night.”
      I immediately started preparing for the next week, I went to a sex shop and bought restraints, cock rings, poppers and toys in different sizes. I want him to wear a jock strap, I picked up a Diesel, Andrew Christian and Addicted brand straps. I called in and got myself some Xanax from the pharmacy, and some other things for a good cocktail in case. I really do think I could make him gay, and I hope that he becomes mine when he realizes it.
      Monday took forever to come but I text him at 7pm, “can I come over?”
      “Yes, I need to clean up though”
      “See you within the hour”, I said, my cock already pressing into my jeans.
      I walked up to the house and knocked on the door, I didn’t want to walk into the wrong one. The boy opened the door, he was wearing shorts, and a t-shirt.
      “Here, go put this on and come to the door to let me in the proper way.” I said handing him one of the jockstraps. I shut the door, and he went off to change. I knocked again, he answered the door in just the jockstrap, but didn’t open the door all the way. He looked so hot, this boy will be mine. I pushed the door wide open, “Aren’t you going to kiss your gay lover hello?”
      He sheepishly stepped forward, and I grabbed him by the waist and pulled him in for a deep kiss which he gratefully returned. I spun us around so his ass faced the street, it wasn’t a busy neighborhood but I knew it would scare him and drive him wild. I broke the kiss, “my bag is in my car in the driveway, go get it.” And I shut the door, making sure to lock the deadbolt loudly so he knows there’s only one way back in.
      I went to the kitchen and started to make us a drink, and he was back at the door knocking. I walked slowly back to the door, and asked who it was as I looked through the hole in the door.
      “Its Trevor!” he said nervously.
      “Not remembering, how do I know you?” egging him on.
      “Sir can you let me in?” he said desperately.
      I opened the door a crack, “You got the wrong bag, and you will answer, ‘I’m your gay bottom’ if you want to be let back in when you get back.
      I went back to make him a special drink, piss, gin and tonic with a little treat for him.
      *Knock, Knock, Knock* But I had to finish making the drinks.
      It was hard to stop the flow of piss, but I wanted him to have the rest from the tap.
      *Knock, Knock, Knock*
      “Who is it?” I yelled from the kitchen this time.
      He hesitated, and I heard something softly said through the door, “who is it?” I repeated.
      “It’s your gay bottom!” he rushed and said just loud enough.
      I walked back to the door, he had the correct bag this time. “Good boy, thanks for grabbing my bag. I made us a drink, lets go chat. Yours is a piss gin and tonic. I’m drinking beer.” He seemed to like that, and I followed his perfect ass into the kitchen.
      We talked for 45 minutes, and I learned a lot about my future boy. “you need another drink, follow me” I said.
      I grabbed his hand and we walked to the bathroom, “On your knees, urinal.”
      He quickly got onto his knees, his hard cock stretching the jock strap.
      I whipped out my cock and put it in his face, “put your lips around my cock, but no tongue, you will swallow everything I give you tonight”
      His soft lips surrounded the head of my cock, and I let my stream go, I could hear him gulping. It took every ounce of focus I had to not get hard and stop my flow of piss. He swallowed the last of my piss, I grabbed his face, kissed him deep, and spit into his mouth. “Good boy, lets head to the bedroom.” He got up and stumbled, the Xanax must be kicking in finally I thought.
      We go into the room and I pushed him onto the bed, “on your elbows and knees, I’m going to eat your ass” I said.
      He was quiet but by his squirming I knew he was enjoying my tongue, I would stop every once in a while and suck his cock a little to keep him on edge.
      “What do you want?” I asked.
      “Your cock”
      “where do you want my cock?”
      “I want you to fuck my ass”
      “I will fuck you good tonight, slut”
      “Thank you Sir”, he answered as I sprayed a towel with Maximum Impact and pushed it to his face. “Deep breaths slut, these are called poppers, you’re going to like these.” I commanded.
      Sure enough his hole started to visibly loosen up, and this scared “straight” boy was now ready for the fucking of his life. He moaned as my cock entered his ass, I fucked him deep and slow, he took every inch of it. His ass was meant for cock, I’d make him realize it.
      He was moaning up a storm as I flipped him back and forth from his stomach to his back fucking him fast and rough, I would slow down and whisper things in his ear, knowing he wouldn’t respond much but hopefully it sticks in his mind.
      “You will be my boyfriend, we will travel and I’ll fuck you every day while we are gone, you take cock so well, you probably take cock better than you give it, your cock is mine, your hole is mine, I wish I could make your pregnant”. I repeated over and over.
      He answered at last, “fuck me until I’m pregnant.”
      That’s when it struck me, I knew how to make him mine forever.
    • By travelingbi
      I was in Honolulu a few days ago on business.  I posted an ad on Craigslist saying I was hosting in my Waikiki area hotel room, and that I wanted to suck, rim and get fucked.  I only had a few hours available to play, and while I received a number of replies, most gave the impression of being game players and pic collectors.  One reply, however, which I received from an Asian man, in his mid-40s, and who was only five minutes from my hotel caught my eye.  He was clear he was straight, and simply needed a quick blow job during his lunch hour.  I gave him my room number.  True to his word within five minutes he knocked at my door.
      He came in and we both quickly shucked our clothes and he sat on the edge of the bed as I got on my knees, between his legs, and took his small, soft, uncut Asian dick into my mouth.  He quickly became hard.  Lucky for me, he was a "grower, not a shower."  His cock soon grew to about six inches, and had a big, mushroom, swollen head.  I swallowed his cock to the back of my throat, after which I licked his smooth balls, then lifted his legs and licked his asshole.  He groaned, grunted and moaned with enthusiasm, culminating in his comment "Oh, Fuck!  That feels awesome!  I've never had my ass licked." 

      I ate his virgin ass for about five minutes, and resumed sucking on his cock and balls.  He unquestionably really got off on my services.  Finally I looked-up from his crotch and bluntly asked him if he wanted to fuck my ass.

      "No, I'm straight.  I don't fuck guys.  Every once and a while I just like to get a blow job." 

      I resumed sucking him, and a few minutes later I heard him quietly aske "You clean?"

      I hate that question, whoever asks it.  I may be undetectable, but, I'm always freshly douched and showered.  Ever the master of ambiguity, I looked up at him and moaned "Mmm humm," and then went back to his cock, thinking to myself 'He can interpret my reply however he wants'.

      "Show me your ass," he demanded. 

      Climbing up on the bed, I knelt on the edge, reached back, spreading ass cheeks.  Getting to his feet, he stood behind me, feeling up my ass and fingering my hole. 

      "Got and lube?" he asked.

      "On the bedside table," I replied, gesturing to my right. 
      He located the lube and felt him apply a generous amount of the cold lube into my crack and hole.  The tension grew as I heard him lube himself.  Then in one, quick thrust, he slid his rock hard six inch cock up inside my hole, ramming all the way in, full depth. 

      Like many straight guys, he was a quick cummer, I imagine because they've undertaken an act which they consider to be taboo, that is, something that's outside their normal experience, leaving them both excited and nervous.  As a result they cum very quickly.  He was no exception:  he rammed my ass several times, hard and deep, then I heard him let out a loud groan.  I squeezed my ass on his cock as he filled my ass with his warm cum. 

      Also as is true for the majority of straight guys, no sooner had he stopped shaking from the orgasm, than he withdrew from my ass, disappeared into the bathroom where he almost certainly washed off his cock. 

      Returning from the bathroom, he avoided eye contact as he wordlessly dressed, throwing a casual 'thanks' in my direction as he headed out the door.  With that he was gone.
    • By rawbottomchub32
      So I might be moving to Canada soon and one worry I have is my meds.
      I am poz and I can probably get some meds locally for at least 6 months to help cover me for a bit when I finally move to Canada. But I'm worried about after that. I don't know how the health care system works and reading around online made me worry about the costs. Right now, I am paying as little as 2 USD per bottle which lasts 30 days. 
      Thing is, when I move to Canada, I will be starting from scratch with no place to live, no job, no one I know around. I will firstly work on getting my own place to rent then focus on job hunting. I heard healthcare is free but I am not sure how that works. 
      Anyone here who can help me out? Maybe explain how things are for new permanent residents? Where would be a good place to get checked with an ID specialist to get my meds covered as soon as I can? How health care system works and how I could get free meds or at least pay less?
      Anyone wanna show me the ropes and be friends while I'm at it too? Would be great to find someone to talk to when I get to Canada. I'm targeting Toronto but I'm still open on that front. 
      Hope to hear from you guys and I appreciate the help.
    • By chunkychains
      As I stand here in my giant bathroom, inspecting my naked body in the massive mirror, I find myself thinking about the road that led me here.  I trace my fingers over the outlines of the amazing designs on my arms, and then reach up and touch the forbidding symbol on my left pec.  I then turn, first left and then right, craning my neck back to see the words imprinted on my buttocks.  If my former teammates could see me now.  If my ex-girlfriend could see me now.  That always makes me smile.
      My name’s Jake, and I’ve just turned 30.  I live on my own in this huge house, bought two years ago when my numbers came up.  But while I’m single, rarely a day goes by when there isn’t someone else here.  Whether it’s a guy or two I have in the house as a guest, or a whole group of them in the playroom I had built in the garage after I moved in, there’s nearly always someone on hand to keep me entertained.
      But it wasn’t always this way.
      Over the next few chapters I will tell you how I became what I became, the things I did that I never thought I would, and how I ultimately emerged as a thirty year-old bearing the words that would forever mark me as what I am now: CUM DUMP.
      My story starts when I was 26.  I had recently changed jobs, finally getting my break as a proper consultant after being stuck in a seemingly never-ending graduate cycle at my previous firm.  The rounds of interviews and assessments had been rigorous and taxing, but in the end it all paid off and I found myself finally getting somewhere with my career.  The extra money meant Rachel and I could move out of her parents’ place in Hertfordshire and rent a decent flat in Camden, gaining our independence as well as about two hours extra a day with the shorter commute.
      The new job was hard going, but I loved being thrown in at the deep end and getting to show what I was capable of.  Over time I earned praise from my managers and the colleagues around me, and was eventually assigned to a new project that I had been hoping to get on since I found out about it.  I was going to be working as part of a team with some great guys, getting to travel to various European offices of the client who had commissioned the introduction of the new system we had developed.  Lisbon, Barcelona, Milan, Munich, Stockholm, and many more, all paid for by the firm.  I was so excited, although my mood was dampened by Rachel somewhat when she got in a huff about me travelling to all these places without her.  She could be hard work sometimes.
      The first trip was to Lyon in France, and I excelled by being able to surprise the others with my competent grasp of French, a gift from the long hours I had spent being taught French by my maternal grandmother, a native to France.  The trip went really well, and by the end of it my more senior colleagues in the team were no longer treating me like the new boy.  Then came Barcelona, and that’s when everything changed.
      The job in Barca was a bit smaller as the client only had a small outpost there.  As such, only four of us went this time, comprising me, Ben, Mitchell and Rob.  Ben was the senior on the trip, whilst Mitch and Rob had been at the company for only a year or so longer than had I, so we were pretty much equals.  To save a bit of money, (and as it was only for three nights), we were sharing two twin rooms in the hotel.  Whereas normally at least the senior would get his own room and then the rest of us either sharing or also getting singles.  As Mitch and Rob were good friends, it was only natural they took one of the two rooms, whilst Ben and I took the other.
      On the first night two guys and one of the women from the client’s office took us out for dinner, before leaving us to explore some of the bars in the old town.  However, we were all a bit tired from the journey so didn’t stay out late.  The next day was a busy one, but by late afternoon we were done with what we could do, pending some overnight process work the client’s IT people needed to do.  As such, we headed back to the hotel to change, and then went out for the early evening.
      The drink and tapas flowed, and dinner never really happened.  Mitch and Rob were then up for going to a club, but I could see Ben was enthused as the prospect of a late night, so I suggested that the two of us just call it a night and maybe have a nightcap in the hotel bar.  I was actually quite keen to go clubbing, but I didn’t want to be crashing into the room and waking my senior colleague at whatever time in the night, especially as I was making such a good impression with everyone at the firm.
      So, sure enough, Ben and I found ourselves back at the hotel.  We both got a drink, G&T for Ben, a rum and coke for me, and then sat in the comfy surroundings to chat.  Ben was 34 and single, which I found surprising as he was a very handsome man.  Tall, well-built, well-dressed, charming and funny, he seemed like the sort of guy who would have his choice of women.  Or men.  I didn’t actually know which team he played for, but didn’t want to pry too much and it really didn’t matter anyway.
      We finished our drinks and headed upstairs, both of us declaring that we wanted a shower before bed as it had been a clammy night in the city.  Ben went first, and then when he came out of the bathroom wearing a towel I headed in to get myself clean.  When I’d finished showering the bathroom was so full of steam that I concluded I’d never get dry in there, so did as Ben had done and went out into the room with just a towel on.  To my surprise, Ben was still just wearing his towel, and he looked up at me and smiled as I padded past his bed to my own.
      “Wow, you’re built” he said to me as I passed.  I blushed.
      “Er, yeah, I work out” I said.  I was actually pretty proud of my body, all 6’1” of it.  I worked out several times a week, jogged regularly, ate healthily, and kept my chest shaved and smooth the way Rachel liked it.
      “You should show it off more” Ben said, his eyes on me.  “Your shirts are way too loose.”
      Oh man, he had been noticing what I wore.  Well, that answered that question I guessed:  Ben must be gay.  Strangely enough, I felt a stirring in my own loins as his gaze rested on me.
      “Oh, 'er, you think?” I mumbled.
      “Hell yeah” he said, “don’t put in all that work just to waste it on your girlfriend!”  He laughed, and after a moment I laughed too, although I think it was more nervous laughter than anything.
      “Thanks” I said, blushing harder.  “I didn’t realise, 'er, you were, 'er, noticing.”
      Ben gave me a warm smile.  “I’m not the only one who’s noticed” he said.  “You’re pretty popular in the office.”
      I blushed again, and awkwardly shifted position on the bed.  As I did so, my towel loosened and slipped, basically leaving me sitting there naked.  I hurriedly tried to sort it out, but only got it into more of a tangle.
      “Don’t” Ben said softly.  I stopped wrestling with the towel and looked up at him.  “Let me see.”
      I don’t know why, perhaps it was the buzz from the rum, but I slowly released my grip on the towel and let it fall beside me.  I then swung my legs off the mattress and slowly stood up in the gap between our beds, locking my stare on Ben as he gazed back at me.  His eyes were making their way up and down my body in the most lustful way anyone had ever looked at me, and I saw him give his lips a small lick.  He wanted me so badly, and something about this situation had my heart racing.  My dick started to swell and rise, until I was standing before him with a massive boner, almost starting to pant.  What the fuck was happening to me?  Wasn’t I straight?
      Ben looked for a bit longer, and then started to scoot across his own bed towards me.  He deliberately removed his own towel on the way so that he too was naked, and then he was sitting there in front of me, staring straight ahead at my dick.  Instinctively I shuffled forward a bit, and he leaned in, opened his mouth and swallowed me whole.
      “Fuuuuuuck” I groaned, having never felt a blowjob like this.
      He then reached both his hands behind and roughly gripped my arse, pulling me in towards him even more.  His head started going back and forth on my cock like a jackhammer, the suction on my dick like an industrial hoover.  I put my hands on his shoulders to steady myself, and gradually gripped him tighter as he brought me towards orgasm.
      Then, rather abruptly, he let go of my arse and pulled his mouth off my dick, causing me to stagger back slightly.  I snapped out of my reverie and looked down at him.
      “Turn around” he said, turning his head up to face mine.
      “What?” I asked, a little all over the place.
      “Just do it” he said, suddenly sounding rather stern.
      I just did as instructed and turned around, not sure what was coming next.  Then he grabbed my hips and pulled me backwards towards him, reaching up to push the small of my back so that I would bend forwards.  I put my hands on my thighs to steady myself, and then the next thing I knew his face was in my arse.  His tongue was lapping at my hole, and the room seemed to be exploding with fireworks.  I had never felt anything like this in my life.  It was fucking amazing!  I’m not sure, but I think I must have been moaning and groaning for England as he gave me my first ever rimjob.
      He kept this up for a while, actually getting his tongue into my hole, and then he pulled his face out.  Before I could turn or straighten up I felt his fingers in there instead, gently prodding and poking at me.  I then understood that I was going to be fucked.
      Ben must have planned something like this, or maybe he was just in the Scouts once and was thus always prepared, but he had stashed a tube of lube in the drawer of the bedside table.  He briefly paused the fingering to open the drawer, grab his supply and lube up his fingers.  He then started to apply much more pressure with them, pushing one, then two, and then I think three fingers into me.  All the while I just continued to stand there, bent over in front of him seemingly inviting him to carry on doing what he was doing.  I could say I was paralysed with fear or something, but in truth I was loving it and was suddenly really excited to see what this was going to be like.  I’d never really thought about it before, but that didn’t seem to matter.  The drink must have been a factor, or at least that’s what I tell myself these days.
      His fingers started to hit something inside of me, and my silence turned to moans.  This only spurred him on, until he was really going to town on me with his fingers.  Then, as before, it all stopped abruptly.
      “Get on the bed” he commanded, “on your hands and knees.”
      I didn’t even pause.  I just moved forward, crawled on to the bed and waited.  He grabbed my ankles and pulled me back a bit, and then I heard the splooging sound of some more lube being squeezed out of the tube.  The pressure returned on my hole, but it was spongier and fatter than any of the fingers had been.
      “Let me in” he said gruffly.  I didn’t know what that meant, but I instinctively pushed back and must have done whatever it was that was needed as he popped inside.  It startled me and gave me a brief flash of pain, but that soon subsided.  He then pushed steadily in to me, making me feel fuller than I ever had before.  As he got deeper it started to hurt a little more, particularly as he was going into territory his fingers had not reached, but I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes and forced myself not to pull off him.  Then the pushing stopped, I felt the roughness of his pubes on my buttocks, and I knew I had his whole cock inside.
      He didn’t give me any time to adjust, instead starting a steady rhythm on my whole, thrusting his cock in and out in substantial strokes.  A dull pain was radiating from my arse, but something else was there as well and it felt amazing.  As the pain started to subside, my whole body started to tingle as he fucked me.  The feelings were incredible, and I couldn’t stop myself from pushing back against him, trying to get more of his cock in me, trying to make him fuck me harder.
      And fuck me harder he did.  If I thought he was like a jackhammer when sucking me earlier, it was as nothing compared to what he could do with his cock.  Pneumatic drills are gentler on tarmac than the treatment I was getting, but it was pure ecstasy.  He fucked me for 20 minutes, and then started groaning.
      “I’m cumming” he grunted, suddenly accelerating his pace even more.  Then he stopped, yelled out and held in position as a curious warm feeling filled my rear end.
      “Fucking take it” he grunted as he unloaded in me, breeding me like the bitch he was turning me into.  I just knelt there on my hands and knees as I was filled with cum for the first time, loving the sensation as his cock pulsed inside me.
      Then, and again rather abruptly, he pulled out and collapsed backwards on to his bed.  I felt some cum running down my leg, and began to crawl backwards off the bed with the intention of going to the bathroom to clean up.  But as I turned round I saw Ben lying on his back panting, I noticed his cock was still erect and covered in juice.  Perhaps it was a case of being in for the penny, in for the pound, but I just couldn’t help myself from dropping to my knees, leaning forward and taking it into my mouth.
      The taste of his juices, the lube and, I guess, my own arse was intoxicating.  As I sucked and licked him clean I started furiously wanking my own cock, getting off on the feeling of more of him leaking from my rear end as I did so.  In no time I blew on to my torso, the bedspread and the carpet.  I then collapsed back on to the floor, panting and exhausted.
      Neither of us said anything for a while, but then I got up and started making my way to the bathroom.  I got in there, and turned to face the mirror so I could look at myself.  I was glistening with sweat, but otherwise looked like me.  I felt different, but the man staring back at me was still me, at least outwardly.
      Then Ben came into the bathroom as well, and turned to face the mirror too.  We looked into each other’s eyes via the reflection, until I noticed his cock starting to rise again.  I stared at it coming back up to full mast, and then looked back up to his face.  He was smirking at me, and then moved to step behind me.  I leaned forward a little, and he just planted his cock between my cheeks and pushed into me again.
      This time he fucked me more tenderly, with none of the jackhammering of before.  Throughout, I kept my eyes either focused on my own face, or looking back at his has he slightly grimaced from the exertion of reaming me.  My own cock also came back to life so I started stroking myself, adding that to the things I watched in the reflection.  After about 15 minutes Ben accelerated, and I focused on watching the reflection of my own face as I felt him shooting a second load into my sloppy hole.  Again, it was still me, but this was a me with a cock shooting cum into his arse.
      When he was done spurting his load into me, Ben caught my gaze in the reflection.  Smiling, he gave me a wink, withdrew his cock and swiftly left the bathroom.  I just stood there, once again with cum dripping out of me, gazing at myself in the mirror.  I felt awesome.
      I got myself cleaned up a bit, and then went back out in the bedroom.  Ben was in bed properly, and was clearly asleep.  I headed for my own bed, but then turned to look back at him.  The temptation was too great, and I just climbed in.  He stirred as I did so, wrapping his arm around me.  I briefly lay there facing him, but then turned so he was spooning me.  He pulled me in a bit tighter, and then we were both still.  I reached out and switched off the lights, plunging the room into darkness.
      Inside, I knew that I would wake up with a right clusterfuck going on in my mind, but for now I was exhausted, a little sore and in the comforting arms of a man who had just shown me a whole new side of myself.  Sleep came quickly.

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