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  1. doitraw

    They were all three hot!

    What is that berry drink they keep giving her? It's obviously some sort of drug, but I can't figure out what.
  2. doitraw

    Secret Slut so I thought

    Yeah, obviously you can write what you want, your choice, but more of some of those stories would be great, especially the one with the girl having sex with the three hiv+ badboys. Also "gloryhole" is great.
  3. doitraw

    Secret Slut so I thought

    Great to see you writing more stories.
  4. doitraw

    Glory hole

    Great to see you continuing these stories, I thought maybe you'd stopped writing. A lot of us semi-lurkers love these stories even if we don't always post.
  5. doitraw

    Mistake at the movies

    What's so hot about this story is how realistic it is, as opposed to pure fantasy. Also, it's pretty damn well-written, too.

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