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  1. "Fucking shit" I mumbled, while holding the now empty bottle of Fentanyl. I had started using the drug almost a year ago, after I broke a few bones in a bad car wreck. My bones had healed months ago, but I hadn't stopped the use. After all the crap I went through, I enjoyed the high and didn't really see a reason to live without it. My doctor eventually saw it otherwise though. A month ago he gave me my last scrip, and now that ran out. I could already feel my stomach start to flip a little. If I didn't find something else soon I knew I was going to go batshit. I started thinking back to high school and who might have had connections back in the day. I technically should still be there, but I had to drop out, partly due to the accident. I still knew of at least one dude who might be able to hook me up though; Andre. Just to make sure I got this shit as quickly as possible, while I could still function, I drove over to Andre's pronto. After banging on his door for a bit, he opens up. The dude spends maybe 10 seconds just looking me up and down. "Damn, Lauren, you still a fine thing, ain't you?" I'm about 5 foot 1, blonde, and at the time I was wearing a short skirt and black top that clearly highlighted my thin waist but massive boobs. I figured it would be helpful to lean on my looks a bit to get the job done here. "Yeah Andre, you know me. Mind if I come in for a bit?" Andre stepped aside and let me in. After sitting down I cut straight to the point and asked if he had any painkillers, while trying to convey the urgency of this request. "Nah, painkillers are expensive as fuck if it ain't your prescription. But I can hook you up with something better. You ever tried smack?" I replied that I hadn't, but that I was up for anything that would stop the shakes. He went to his closet and pulled out a box, out of which he pulled a syringe and some powder. I would normally be really freaked out by a random syringe, but obviously I was in no mood to care right now. I let him take my arm and inject it in. Within moments I could feel all my pain washing away. More than that, I felt amazing. Like I was in heaven. I could just lie there and forget everything. It was euphoric. Way better than the Fentanyl. "Now, to discuss the payment." Andre said. I gestured to my purse "I have like $20 in there" things were getting pretty cloudy at this point. "$20 isn't really worth what I just gave you, plus you probably want a small supply of your own right? I think I have a better way you can pay." I couldn't think clearly at all at this point, but I didn't care. I said whatever he thought was best would be okay, then I just closed my eyes and lounged back to enjoy the experience. Within a little bit, I realized Andre had crawled over next to me. I felt his hand start groping the outside of my shirt, appreciating the firmness of my tits. His other hand went down and entered under my miniskirt. He quickly pushed a couple fingers into my underwear and started probing my vagina. Normally I would either be horrified, or if I liked the guy I would be moaning, but at this point the euphoria from the dope was just overpowering all my other sense so I barely reacted at all. After that, I felt something touch my hand. With my eyes closed I hadn't noticed before, but there was no mistaking it now; Andre was naked and that was his penis. I felt Andre pull down my panties and climb on top of me. He hiked my shirt and bra up so my breasts were out too. I opened my eyes and mentioned a condom, but he just shushed me, pushed my legs further open, and shoved in his penis. I'm not sure how long he lasted, but after humping me for a time he finally came inside me. I wasn't on birth control at the time, since I hadn't really been social or had a chance to meet guys since the accident, but I was way too fucking high to care. It was great. After he came inside me, I mostly stayed on his couch for hours, just letting the dope take away my troubles. I was too high to even worry about cleaning the cum out. Andre left me there for a little bit, but eventually he came back. He said "Oooh leaving the cum in for all too see, my kind of gal!" He then started kissing me again, before climbing on top and humping me more. This pattern repeated a few more times throughout the day, resulting in maybe 5 loads from Andre, before I finally started coming down from the high. At first, when I came down, it was okay. Like I wasn't great like I was during the high, but I wasn't terrible. I almost went home too, but after a little bit I started shaking again. I realized I needed more of the shit, and Andre obliged. What began after this resulted in me staying at Andres for 3 more weeks. Each day he'd load me up with dope and I'd flip over and let him have his way. I didn't even bother getting dressed anymore and stayed butt naked constantly. I didn't mind the frequent sex, since it was only Andre and he kept me constantly high at this point, so I didn't even need to worry about coming down. After that, it started getting a little weirder. I guess I built up a tolerance, cause it started taking much more dope to get me high, and it stopped feeling as good as it used too. Plus, Andre stopped caring as much about the sex, I guess I lost my appeal around the 200th time he fucked me. I started to worry what I'd do if he kicked me out, since I was getting more expensive by the day. I brought this up with him, and he said "don't worry baby, I've got a plan". The next day, he kept me high like usual, but he didn't fuck me at all. The same thing happened for two days afterwards as well. I was starting to get worried, but at least I was high so I didn't care. On the fourth day, he said he was giving me a 'special dose' of something called 'dynamite'. It was apparently dope, laced with cocaine, and he said it would bring me the biggest high ever. After he injected it, I realized his claims were not unfounded. I felt amazing again. In absolute bliss, but with more energy than I had the first time with just dope. I moved around a bit and actually tried to talk a bit with Andre this time, which I never really tried to do while high. He kind of ignored me though, which was a little bothersome. Andre instead brought out some new clothes for me and got me to try them on. They were very shiny and revealing, but whatever Andre wanted at this point. After a little bit, a couple dudes knock on the door and Andre brings them in. They both seemed really old and kind of crusty. The look in their eyes though... it showed only lust. I looked at Andre, worried, cause I definitely did not want this two to fuck me. But I was still high as fuck, and in no position to resist. Especially with my supply to dope on the line. One of them gets naked and spreads my legs. Pretty quickly I feel his penis penetrate. The old dude then laid on me and actually started to kiss me while he humped. With his hands, he tore open my bodice and grabbed my breasts. I mostly tried to pretend this wasn't happening by focusing on the drug. The extra cocaine kept me a little more awake that I would have liked though. After a little bit, the first old dude came inside me. The second one then climbed on. A similar sequence of events happened, and he too came inside me. I realized that I was actually probably going to get pregnant, if not from Andre then from these guys. After the second guy came, it got worse though. One of the old guys said "Okay Andre, she's pretty good. we'll take her." I wasn't sure what they meant, but I knew it wasn't good. The old guys tried to move me, but I wouldn't budge. I pretended like I was too high to move, mostly so I wouldn't have to go to wherever they intended. Andre told them to just wait a bit though, I'd come around. After an hour or so, I realized what he meant. The drugs he gave me were wearing off quickly now. I could feel the onset of the shakes start. I asked Andre for another hit, but he just said they'd be giving me the hits now. I realized I had no choice. I asked them instead and they said I could have whatever I wanted when I got home. The shakes started getting worse, so I just went with them and hoped for the best. They gave me some cheap clothes, then drove me around for a while til we came to a part of town I was totally unfamiliar with. They brought me into a decent sized house. At this point, the shakes were getting bad and I could tell I was going to puke soon and it was only getting worse. I started begging for a hit. One of the old guys told me I could have one, or I could leave. As in, they were letting me leave if I wanted, but they wouldn't give me a hit if I did. I knew I couldn't live without this, so I decided to stay. They got another guy there to lead me up to a bedroom with only one mattress. The guy gave me a hit and I instantly felt the shakes start to fade. Whatever he gave me this time was nice, but it also made things a lot more cloudy than I was used too. It wasn't bad though, I didn't mind not being all there. Within a few minutes, some guy entered the room. He was tall, but extremely thin. After getting naked, he stripped my clothes and climbed on top of me. "Fucking junkie" he said. I was too out of the loop to really do anything, so I let him spread my legs easily. As he was entering me, I noticed a small biohazard tattoo on his chest. I guess he was into cartoons or something? After a few minutes, the dude came inside me. "Do you have it already? I'd fucking love to be your daddy if you don't." I didn't know what he meant, so I didn't reply. The dude gave up quickly and left. What followed, was quite unexpected though. Within the next few hours there was a string of numerous guys who came in to fuck me. I was too gone to care. All I did was keep my legs spread, and frequently wonder why so many of them had biohazard tattoos on them. By the end of the day, I was a mess. My vagina was thoroughly destroyed, with semen covering everything. Finally, there was a brief lull between patrons. It was only a few minutes or so, but that was still much longer than any break before that. Eventually, a man who called himself 'the owner of this establishment' comes in. He starts examining my pussy, looking to see how beat up it was. Eventually he said "Listen, I don't know if you somehow got through the day without getting it, but just in case I guess I'll finish the job." I wasn't sure what he meant, but then he produced another syringe so I didn't care. He gave me the juice and I let the world fade a bit. The manager then got naked, and I noticed several biohazard tattoos on him. He crawled down next to me and I realized how sharp his fingernails seemed to be. He inserted a few fingers into my vagina and started jackhammering my pussy. It hurt a bit, but the dope mostly kept the pain at bay. After he stopped, I looked down and realized I was bleeding quite a bit. I didn't have time to stare though, as the manager quickly crawled between my legs and shoved his penis in. This dude had a HUGE member too. Like maybe 10 inches and wider than I'd ever seen. I could feel him bottoming out and pushing against the back of my pussy. He didn't waste any time either. Immediately he was going full speed, humping like there was no tomorrow. His huge prick plus my bleeding and thoroughly abused vagina meant that it was quite painful, even with the dope. While he was fucking the shit out of me he yelled"you like that you fucking slut? You like getting POZZED?" I now realized what kind of situation I was in. This wasn't just a pregnancy, this was fucking AIDS. I tried to push him off, but I was way too high and he was way to strong. I gave in and let him have his way. After a bit, I felt his dick start to expand. He put one hand around my neck, practically strangling me, while his other hand was still groping my boob. I started crying. "YOU READY FOR AIDS???" he roared, as I felt his cock explode inside me. Jet after jet of venomous semen coated my insides. He slowed down briefly as the spurts of semen subsided, but within a few seconds he started picking up pace again. He leaned down close to me. Grabbing my chin, he forced my lips upwards and started kissing me. His other hand still tight around my neck so I could hardly breath. After maybe 15 minutes or so, by far the longest anyone had lasted that day, the manager finally came again. By that point the pain had gotten worse, but I had stopped caring. The manager gave me another hit on his way out, which greatly helped with my now obliterated pussy. Since then, I've taken hundreds of other guys. I realize now it wasn't just a brothel, the manager actually had a huge fetish for pozzing people. Not just directly, like he did with me, but everyone he possible can. He's moved me to several different brothels since then, but none have had any patrons with a biohazard tattoo. I think this is because they don't have the bug, and he wants me to change that for him. Usually, we don't offer condoms and they don't ask. If they do ask, we were told to poke holes in them first. It isn't hard to figure out why. I did end up getting pregnant too. It's only been a few months though, and I bet they won't let me keep it. I'm starting to show my baby bump and it's hurting my figure. Since it's hard to get someone at my level, I can't imagine they'd let me keep it for long. Not that I mind, I don't care about anything anymore. Well, besides dope and trying to ignore the world of course.
  2. I've decided, fuck all men. By that I mean both "I hate men" and "I will have sex with as many as I can." Why? Because a man screwed me, both literally and figuratively. It started on my after my high school graduation. I decided to do some 'voluntourism' over the summer, and I picked South Africa as a good place to go help out. My church funded it so a few of them accompanied me. We got along okay, but I was never that pious and I liked the pleasures in life. It made it a little weird between myself and my overly-religious companions. I think I hid my true nature pretty well while they were around, but I knew I had to get away and enjoy myself a little or I'd go mad over there. After a few days of bricklaying and other menial tasks, I finally got a chance. It was a Friday night and they were planning to go to some nearby church to speak. I told them I was too tired (and who preaches on a Friday night anyway?!?) and they left me in the hotel. As soon as it was clear, I left for a nearby club. Once inside, I headed to the bar and waited for guys to come hit on me. I'm obviously attractive, and clearly an American which means I have money too. Every guy there wanted to dance with me and if they didn't try, it was because they knew they had no chance. Within a couple minutes a tall black guy orders me the most expensive drink in the club. I'd already received several drinks, but this sucker was $200. I figured if anything I owed him a dance. I downed the drink and he brought me to the dance floor. I was already getting a bit toasted, since I'd already drank a couple from random guys, so our dancing quickly devolved into raw grinding. At first I was hunched over with him grinding his crotch against my ass. I figured I shouldn't get too into it, since this is South Africa after all, but when I stood up he started kissing my neck. I now realized how turned on I was. I was warned about the reputation of the country though. Something like 33% of people have HIV, and that's the country overall. The poorer parts have much higher rates. Since I was supposed to be volunteering, we had come to one of those poorer parts. I knew it would be suicidal to go home with anyone. I tried to push away from him a little, but he grabbed me by my stomach and pulled me back. I said "I can't, I've gotta go." But he said "Just a little longer baby, til the end of this song." I suddenly realized how tired I was, and decided I didn't have the energy to say no anyway. The next part is a little fuzzy as my memory isn't that great past this point. I remember the guy kept grinding his not-well-hidden boner into my butt, but this time moving his hands upwards to my breasts. I moved my hands to push his away, but my coordination was off. I assumed I had drunk more than I realized at that point. He pulled down my top just enough to let a breast out and started fondling it. It actually felt really good, but I still knew I couldn't let myself do anything rash. I tried to stop him, but couldn't figure out how to move my hands to get his own out of my shirt. I tried to walk forward to get away, but I almost fell down instead. The guy caught me and led me away. After that, I vaguely recall a car ride before he carried me into his house. Once inside he started kissing my neck again and reaching his hand into my panties. I tried to get onto my knees, but he spun me around and shoved me onto my back. He started humping me from the missionary position. The last thing I remember is him calling in several other guys to the room. I never thought that would be how I lost my virginity. The next day I woke up at his place. There were like 13 guys sleeping nearby, most of them naked. I looked towards the door and saw the dude who had originally drugged me. His eyes were open. I asked "Did you use a condom?" He just grinned. I tried to turn over and felt something stick between my legs. Looking down, I realized I was covered in semen... and some blood. I lethargically got on my feet, and got out of the house. My clothes were gone so I was butt naked, but I managed to steal some from a nearby house that had left them out to dry. When I got back to the hotel I cleaned up before my bible group woke. My excuse was that I went to an orphanage to help, and ended up sleeping there. I thought I could hide the truth and put it all behind me. I thought wrong. A few weeks later I came down with the worst flu I've ever had. I knew what it meant. I knew I could go to the doctors, but then my parents would find out and they would probably be more upset that I had sex at all. My bigger concern though; I was angry. If I went to the doctors and got an official diagnosis, I couldn't plead ignorance when I slept around with folks. And boy did I want to sleep around with folks. Why should other people get to be clean when I had dirtiness thrust upon me? Besides which, the more poz people there are, the more people just like me. When college started, I decided 'fuck it'. I lived in a co-ed dorm, so there were a ton of guys around and a ton of opportunities to slut myself out. I made sure to always wear my best make-up, but also to dress a little slutty so guys knew I was available. Within the first day, I had managed to fuck 8 guys raw. I made all of them promise not to tell anyone else though. I knew some of them wouldn't keep that promise, but I was hoping to keep this up as long as I could. In the first week, all the freshmen were out in the common areas, trying to make new friends and things. I would just find one, let him chat me up, laugh at his jokes, then ask where his room was. Once he brought me there it was game over. I knew it couldn't last forever though. As soon as a couple guys tested poz, the school would surely catch on. I didn't know how long that'd take though, since it took a few weeks to come down with the fuck-flu, and a lot of them wouldn't go to the nurses to get it checked, and when someone did go it would still be a bit before they diagnosed it correctly. My campus is fairly big, with about 20k undergrads and almost half of those living in dorms. With such a large sample size, I tried my best to visit other dorms as much as I could so they may not even know who I was and wouldn't have a way to contact me afterwards. The first guy I know I infected was named Tommy. He was a bit of an ass. When I came to his dorm he tried to impress me by calling some other kid names and shit. I pretended to be impressed and asked him to lead me back to his room. Once inside, before I even had a chance to make moves on him, the fucker had the audacity to say "Wow it's hot in here" and take off his shirt. As if that wouldn't seduced me. Luckily for him, I didn't need seducing. I started rubbing his chest, he reciprocated by massaging my own. I pushed my hips into his, and he started kissing me. While we were still standing up, he grabbed my arm and spun me around, pinning me against the wall. While kissing my neck, he lifted up my short dress and pulled down my panties. He whipped out his cock and shoved it in. He fucked the shit out of me for maybe 15 minutes before cumming in my pussy. A few weeks later he came back as poz and dropped out. Only he knew what I looked like, and he didn't know where I lived or what my name was, so I never got implicated from that. Immediately after I fucked Tommy, I went up a few floors in the same building. I saw some guy enter the showers in only a towel. He was muscled and well-toned, and when passing he had a clear 'fuck she's hot' expression on his face.. I knew I needed another fun ride. After he started the shower, I noted there was no one else in the bathroom and slipped in. I got in the shower next to his. They were individual showers, but with an open top so you can put stuff on the barrier you share with your neighbor. I took off my clothes and put my bra and panties where he could see them. I heard him audibly stop showering as he realized there were now girls panties next to his head. I left my shower and entered his. He had a very brief moment where he freaked out and asked me to leave, but then he realized there was an extremely attractive naked lady in the shower next to him. He paused his freaking out, and I took the opportunity to push him into the wall and start kissing him, then I guided him to the floor. I knew there was probably semen from the last couple guys in there, so I wanted to control things to ensure he didn't notice. When he was sitting down, with his back leaning against the wall, I lifted up his cock and let it slide in. I rode his cock for a good 15 minutes. He was moaning the whole time, but I started getting tired and was wondering if he'd ever cum. I told him he'd better cum soon or I'd quit, and he took that as the signal to take control. He pushed me back so I was on the floor on my belly. Then he got on top of me and started power-humping me into the ground. Within maybe 30 seconds he had the best orgasm of his life. Apparently people heard though, and before I could get dressed the RA on the floor came. He said I was in trouble and if I could wait there while he called someone. I said I'd prefer if I could wait in his room... and I think you know what happened from there. It's been a couple months now and I'm still going strong. I have a reputation with some people and they know I'm the slut, but that never stops guys from fucking me. No one the big secret though. It's even more surprising since we've actually gotten emails about an HIV outbreak on campus. As several guys have apparently got it recently. None of the guys knew who I was though, so I guess they assume it's being spread through needles or something. Another small factoid; I never used birth control. A few weeks ago I finally got pregnant. I don't really want a kid, but I'm holding off on an abortion to see if anyone implicates me later on. I figure they can't get that mad at a pregnant lady... right?
  3. Okay guys, I made a mistake. A few days ago I went to the rocky horror picture show, that midnight movie thing where people don't actually watch the movie but prefer to talk and screw around. I rarely picked up guys from this place, but I do love sex so I wasn't opposed to the idea. I have been a little careful with who I screwed around with. I'm only 19 years old now, and I'm still a college girl, but eventually I want a family and it'd be much harder to find someone to start one with if I had STD's. The problem is, I've somehow developed a weird fetish for the biggest one of all; HIV. You guys have only nurtured this fetish, with all your stories, so I often end up getting off to my the idea of bugchasing. I thought I'd never do it though, until I met Tony. When I went to Rocky that night, I was with a few friends at first but they quickly went separate ways to hit on whichever guy showed them the most attention. Since I was the skinny blonde in the ground, I had quite a few guys hanging around me. I had worn a black minidress that only barely covered what needed to be covered, so they must have guess my intentions. I mostly just wanted attention, but I wasn't opposed if someone was promising enough. There were maybe 3 guys sitting next to me trying to chat me up, another few were sitting nearby in case these guys struck out. I don't remember much about two of them, but the third was Tony. He was funny, and confident, oh and he was only wearing golden underwear the clearly highlighted his man-parts. After a while though I still wasn't biting. The first two left quickly, but Tony stuck around for a bit. I laughed at his jokes, but when he asked if I wanted to head towards the back I declined, as I was pretty sure I knew what he intended. Eventually he said he was going on his own and left. After a few minutes, another guy came to sit down. He said "You're lucky you didn't go back there with that guy. I heard he has an STD." This peaked my interest. I politely told the new guy I had to go and walked towards the back of the theater. I found Tony and started with"Hey, someone told me something interesting just now... Is it true you have an STD?" Tony smirked. "People say the darndest things" he said, "a lot of them are just jealous of me." I noticed he hadn't actually answered the question. I pointed out to him "So is that a yes or a no?" He leaned in and whispered "Would it change your mind if I said yes?" "I haven't made up my mind yet, and people don't do things back here anyway. Now just tell me what you have." He leaned in further and pushed his body against mine. I backed up but was now against a wall. He followed so his body was lightly pinning me to the wall. He started kissing my lips, then moved to my neck. When I let out a slight moan he leaned up to my ear and whispered "Okay, I have AIDS. But people don't normally fuck in the back of the theater anyway, it's mostly just for foreplay before they take it home. So you're safe, right?" He went back to kissing my ear, and then my neck. I figured he was correct, I couldn't get it from just kissing him. Honestly I'd never been so turned on from just someone kissing my neck, I had to experiment with this a little. Tony was my forbidden fruit. While sucking on my neck, Tony reached his hand around to lift up my skirt and grab my ass. While pulling me into him by my butt, Tony started grinding his bulge against my front. He guided me to the floor where we started making out. Within a few minutes, he had crept his hand into my underwear and was fingering me. I started moaning much loader now. A crowd was starting to form, as people usually didn't go this far in the back of the theater where everyone could see. He whispered into my ear "You've got some interesting fetishes girl... Don't you want to take them all the way?" I knew this was too far. I couldn't actually risk getting something, especially since most people knew he had something and it would quickly get around that I had it too. I told him "No... I can't..." "I'll use a condom." he said. "Still, I can't risk that kind of thing". He accepted my rejection, and not wanting to get blue balls he stopped fingering me, got up, and walked away. I chose to leave the theater, cause I needed to get away from him before I gave into my urges. When I got to my car, some guy stopped me from getting in and told me he saw what happened and it was a good decision cause most people know Tony has HIV. I wanted to get home soon, but I was so fucking horny. I stopped and let this guy chat me up for literally 15 seconds before I said 'fuck it' and grabbed his bulge. He understood and whipped me around so I was leaning over the hood. I said "Use a condom" but he pretended not to hear. Within seconds my panties were down and he was inside me. The guy lasted maybe 30 seconds before cumming. I realized I'd basically just exposed myself to god knows what STD's, and I didn't even get halfway decent sex. It ended before I could get anywhere. The guy walked away quickly, leaving me with my panties on the ground next to my car. I pulled my panties up, as another dude walked towards me. This guy said he wanted to show me something in the theater. I wasn't sure what to expect, as he could clearly just fuck me out here, so why go inside? I was intrigued, so I let him lead me back. When I got inside, I saw Tony again. "I heard you screwed some guy just now? But you wouldn't screw me?" I turned to the guy who had led me here. "I wanted to see a show" he replied. I was about to turn around and leave, but he grabbed my neck, I guess he figured out how much I like guys doing things to my neck. He pulled me back to him and let his bulge rest against my crotch. He started kissing me passionately and I couldn't convince myself to make him stop. I told him "I can't fuck you... I need a husband someday." He didn't reply and instead just guided me to the ground. Again he started fingering the shit out of me. He said "I know you want this." as he pulled my dress off. He started pulling my panties off while I used my last bit of self control to say "I've got to go..." even though I was only wearing a bra at this point. I felt someone come behind me and unclasp that as well. I looked and saw the guy who had led me here. He said "I also have that fetish, I've never seen it in real life though." I realized there was a large crowd around now. I knew I had to go but Tony had crawled on top of me. "Tell me to fuck you" he said. "Use a condom..." I pleaded. He was resistant to using a condom, but several people in the crowd yelled at him to use one. Apparently they weren't all bugchasers. Tony obliged and finally put on a condom. I was still hesitant about this, but I couldn't stop myself anymore. He pushed my legs open, slipped in between them, and slid in his cock. It was a fuck like I couldn't believe. He was pounding me relentlessly, within five minutes I had cum three times. I had my legs wrapped around him as he kept jackhammering my pussy. After the third orgasm, the guy from the parking lot came over and said "I didn't lead her back here for you to use a condom though..." Tony smirked. He used one hand to hold me down by the neck, then pulled his dick out and used his other hand to pull off the condom. A few people in the crowd shouted their disdain, I half-heartily tried to push him off but he just kept humping me. The crowd was still shouting at him to use a condom, so he shouted back "If she wants me to stop, all she needs to say is stop". I almost said stop, but I had waited too long for this. Just one more orgasm I thought. Between moans I said "Please don't cum in me..." but he just grinned. His pace starting picking up, I could feel his breathing getting heavy. The crowd was yelling again, telling him not to do it. I almost told him to stop, but I was so close to my fourth orgasm. As I approached my peak, he yelled "I'M CUMMING!!!" That sent me over the edge as I felt his cock start pulsing, launching poisonous cum into my womb. I felt him pump at least 12 shots in before finally settling down. The crowd was silent now. I laid there for a while, not really sure what to think. I drank a lot of Gatorade and things since then. I'm still not sure if I have it. It's not very contagious via vaginal, but he pumped so much in... I'm still afraid to go to the doctors. In a few weeks we'll see if I got sick. Until then, who knows? Maybe I got away with my mistake?
  4. I love to get drunk, but I've never been a huge 'party girl'. If I do go party and I go home with someone, I'll at least play safe. I'm not even on birth control and I'd prefer to not have any STD's. I thought I should disclaim that so you all know what happened last weekend was quite out of my character. As I'm in college, there are loads of frat parties all over the place. A friend of mine, Laura, had just been dumped so I figured I'd find someone to cheer her up. We were both dressed to try and send out 'fuck me' vibes. I wore a black miniskirt with a tight green top that didn't leave much to the imagination. When we got to the party, I lined up 6 shots for us, 3 each. I called Laura over so we could get the party started quickly, but she already found some guy to hang out, and she wasn't even drinking yet! I took a couple while waiting for her, but within a few minutes she left with the guy. Not wanting to waste good alcohol, I downed the rest. A few guys had tried to make passes on me at this point, but I'd waved them off. After Laura left I started feeling jealous though. I'm normally the one that gets the guys, like if I wanted I could fuck pretty much anyone at any time. She shouldn't have found someone that fast when I was standing right there. I was still in the kitchen with a strong resting bitch face when Larry, one of the frat boys that lived there, came over. "What's wrong sugar?" he asked, "Don't you know this is a party?" I didn't know Larry, and I wasn't sure what kind of pick up line that was, but I wasn't in a mood to wait and I figured it might be nice to only have to go upstairs for a fuck rather than to some strangers house. I smiled and talked to him for a bit. As I was getting progressively more flirty, Larry started getting more handsy. I laughed at his jokes and he'd casually lean in a little, putting a hand on my thigh. I returned the lean and he slid his hand up my skirt and grabbed my bare ass. He handed me another drink which I graviously accepted. "So I take it you want to fuck?" he said. I just giggled and moved my hand to his crotch. "Listen, I know you probably expect to go upstairs, and we can, but wanna do something a little more exciting instead?" "What." I slurred out. "Lets make it an exhibition. I want to fuck you in front of everyone here." I was a little far gone, but I knew this was a bad idea. It wasn't a huge college and pretty much everyone would know. I tried to decline. "What if I pay you? $200?" he said. I knew it was a bad idea, but I was also broke. Still, I knew sober me enough to know that I would regret it. Though it would be fun... I told him I couldn't because I wasn't sober enough and I didn't want to risk anything, especially since I wasn't on birth control. "No birth control huh? Well how about $100 for a blowjob right here." I love a good cock as much as the next girl, and there wasn't anyone else in the kitchen right now, so I acquiesced. He kissed me some more while unbuttoning his jeans. He pushed me down to my knees and slid out his long john. I was already fairly horny, so I went to work on his prick. While I was working, he reached down my shirt and unhooked my bra, then slid his hands around me shirt to play with my breasts. He started sliding up my shirt until it was around my neck. Eventually, he pushed me off my knees backwards so I was sitting on my ass with my back against a counter. He handed me another shot which I gladly downed. "Hey so I'm a gentleman, so I can't just make this about me. Let me eat you out so it'll be fair?" I was sopping wet at this point, but I didn't want to be naked in the middle of a frats kitchen. Anyone could walk in at any time. Before I could say no though, he was already kissing me. He reached down to my skirt and started sliding it down. I tried to protest but he was kissing me and I was too drunk to make any sensible words. Within a moment the skirt was gone and I was in my panties, with my shirt still hiked up to my neck. He started to yank at my panties, but I spread my legs so he couldn't get them off. This may not have been a great idea, as he used the new angle to quickly short his head between my legs. With a finger he pulled my panties to the side and started tonguing me. This tipped me over the edge as my pussy turned into fucking Niagara falls. I tried to hold in a moan as I spread my legs further, this time willingly. I was about to orgasm when I lost my balance on the counter and fell over. "You've had a bit to much eh?" Larry said. "Let me help you." Larry leaned over as if he helping my up, but then just grabbed my shirt and yanked it all the way off. Larry started kissing me and fingering my pussy. I tried to close my legs at first, but he used the opportunity to get my panties off. I was so fucking horny though. Larry leaned in and started kissing me again, while using one hand to finger me. I told him "I can't fuck like this, I can't get pregnant" but he ignored me and kept fingering. My legs involuntarily started to slide open. He was still pantsless from the blow job and put his body between my legs. "upstairs... condom..." was all I could get out between the alcohol and how horny I was. He ignored me again. Positioning his dick at the right angle, he pushed in. I was so wet it slid in easily. He started humping and I realized it was game over, I wanted this. I wanted this so fucking badly. I spread my legs as far as I could and let him hump me. As soon as he started, he shouted "free pussy in here!" loudly. I realized I made a mistake. Within a few moments the room was filled with frat dudes. I knew sober me wouldn't want everyone on campus to know I'm a slut, but I didn't care. This was hot as fuck. Everyone watching. I almost lost control completely, but I managed to remember one last thing. "Please pull out! I can't get pregnant." The frat boys around us laughed and cheered at that. the cheers worried me but I was gone now. I had lost all inhibition and started moaning like there was no tomorrow. I wrapped my legs around Larry as he picked up the pace. I felt him starting to expand. I was thinking 'no not yet, I haven't orgasm'd!' but it was too late. Larry grunted as I felt hot liquid fly into my pussy. 'Fuck' I thought, now I had some strangers cum inside me, and lady blue balls, and there were at least 30 frat guys standing around me cheering. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend it wasn't happening. I wasn't even sure if I could walk yet so I really didn't want to try and walk out. Unfortunately, I wasn't even given the opportunity. Within a few moment I felt another guy climb between my legs. I tried to close them when I saw that he was also not wearing a condom, but he was already there. I was so close and I had already had guy cum inside... what's one more? I spread my legs again as he inserted his prick. This guy wasted no time as he started jackhammering my pussy. I didn't mind as I was already revved up to max. The guys around me were cheering and some of them came to grope my breasts as the guy fucked me. Their intrusion and total lack of respect only made me wetter. I was being fucked by a second stranger, without a condom, while more strangers groped everywhere. As this guy got faster I was getting close too. I felt him expand and I was almost there, but no luck. This dude also exploded too early and I wasn't quite there. I closed my eyes in disappointment once again. This time I was SOOOO close. I reached my hand down to see if I could do the rest myself, but my hand instead met another penis. This huge guy was climbing on top of me. I realized I was about to have 3 dicks in me in one night. The pregnancy might be unavoidable, but all the STD's these frat guys must have... I asked "are you clean?" and the guy just smiled. I tried to stand up, but he shoved my back down. "Okay one more guy" I said, determined to orgasm. This guy was bigger than the last two and wasn't as fast, but his cock was fucking massive. I could feel it bottoming out my vagina. The big dude put his hands around my throat and said "You like that? You being a cum dumpster?" Fuck, I didn't want to be a cum dumpster, and I didn't want a random guys kid in me. At the same time... it was the fucking hot. This guy was in total control and I was powerless. I was moaning again. He asked "want this cum? You want this cum bitch?" I replied "just don't end soon..." desperately seeking this orgasm. The big guy started to get faster, slamming me into the ground with every hump. I felt his prick expand, I knew another guys semen was about to enter me. The thought sent me over the edge as I started screaming in total ecstasy. The guy howled as he came, shooting jets of his cum inside. After he got off I knew I had to get up fast if I didn't want another guy to climb on. I sat up and looked at my pussy. It was covered with semen. I didn't have time to look though as I needed to get out soon. I spun around to my knees and tried to stand, but another guy pushed me back down. 'Fuck' I thought, I forgot how much I loved to be taken from behind. The guy nuzzled his dick up to my hole. Without entering, he leaned down and whispered "this isn't a rape... want me to fuck you?" I wasn't sure I wanted it, but as his prick pushed further I realized I was still horny as fuck. I moaned, he understood the reply. I realized it was too late now, if I was going to get something I was going to get it. I'd at least fuck to my hearts content until then. Over the next hour or so I must've taken every load in the house. After a point I couldn't even orgasm anymore, I was just satisfied to take another load. After the house had there fill, I just stayed there. I was too tired to move and they just left me on the kitchen floor. The next morning I woke up in the same spot. I put my clothes back on and started to move to the door. Before I got out though. Larry found me. I started walking faster to get out, but he grabbed me and started kissing my neck. I bent over against the wall for him and he lifted up my skirt to pull down my panties. I had taken so many loads, another from the same guy wouldn't matter, and I was somehow horny again. He lasted a few minutes this time before cumming. "Thanks for the hole, cum dumpster." I guess that's all I am now. Since then, it's proven true. Everyone I know heard what happened and treats me differently. Guys invite me back to their room, or just take me wherever they find me. I can't say no anymore. It's not that I want to say no, because I don't, I LOVE sex. I know it's a bad idea, but I've fucked so many guys now that I can't control myself. I'm just a hole to be used.
  5. I couldn't take it anymore. After dating my ex boyfriend for 3 years, he broke up with me to go to college. I had literally saved myself for him. There were plenty of guys I could have had, being a young, small girl with anything but small breasts has it's advantages. But now that he's pulling that shit, fuck it. I was responsible long enough, now is my time to have fun. I headed over to a local movie theater. Since it's Friday night there's a midnight showing of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. I don't care about the movie too much, but it always seems to attract the horniest of dudes. Upon entering the place, I realize I had underestimated the amount of erotica that could be held in a building. Within a few feet of the entrance alone, there was at least 20 guys wearing anything from jockstraps to full leather BDSM gear. Since the ratio of girls to men was heavily skewed towards guys, I was approached pretty quickly by a guy wearing a tight leather g-string. It didn't leave much to the imagination. "You come here lookin' for some lovin'?" Since my answer was strictly yes, I didn't see any reason to dance around the issue. "Yes, I need to get fucked." The man grins. "You sound pretty eager. Do you want to go now or should I gather up some more guys?" This intrigued me, I hadn't thought about having sex with multiple men in the same night. Now that it's come up though, I figure I might as well go hard or go home. I reply "Dear jesus, yes. Can you get a few guys?" "Heck yeah," says the dude. "Before I do, do you want to set some ground rules first? Like safety rules or anything?" Safety obviously isn't too high a priority for me right now. I never took sex ed, but I figure the chance of actually catching something is fairly low. At the same time, I don't want to seem like a slut or anything. Like maybe not as many guys would want to fuck me if they thought I had something? I decide I should at least pretend to care, just so I can get as many guys as possible. "Uh, I don't need a condom or anything, but if someone is about to stick it in they need to tell me if they think they have an STD. Like it may not be a deal breaker, I still might let them do it, I just need to know." "Sure thing, I'll go get some guys. To make it extra special though, how about lets blind fold you until we get there?" I was definitely up for some extra kinks. My first time having sex had to be memorable ya know? So I agreed. The dude put the blind folds on first, then led me down the street to his apartment. "I'll be right back, I'm going to go get my crew." I heard him close the door as he left. A while later, I'm not sure how long, I hear a large amount of guys enter the place. "Oh shit that's a fine hotty you've caught." One of them said. "How old is she? She's legal right?" Another guy chimed in; "She looks just old enough." As the men shuffled around, I heard the first man come up behind me. He whispered in my ear 'are you ready beautiful?' as he grabbed my shirt at the breast and pulled it down. Another guy came up and started unbuckling my pants. "Would you like to see who's about to fuck you?" I nod in agreement. The man takes off my blindfold and in front of me is this well built hunk, with a massive uncut penis. "oh fuck..." I whisper. He pulls down my pants and underwear as the first dude takes off my shirt and bra. Now, totally naked, I realize there's not turning back. This is the moment I lose my virginity. The man climbed on top of me. I spread my legs to let him in. He jabs at my pussy, but I only yelp in pain. My lack of experience is showing... The man realizes the issue and sticks a few fingers in me first. He starts fingering my insides hard "you want this cock don't you? Tell me you want this cock." "I want that cock!" I say, "I don't believe you, why isn't your hole opening you stupid slut?" He reaches up and grabs my throat. "I'm going to shove it in again and you're going to open, okay?" I try to mumble an affirmative but only moans come out. He takes his fingers out and in one stroke powers his penis inside me. It felt like a fucking cement truck hit me. He didn't wait for me to catch up. He started humping me faster and faster, while still shouting 'you want this fucking cock you fucking slut? you want my cum? Your pussy is mine you whore." After only a minute or two he roars up and sinks his cock into me for the last time, I feel it shudder as he pumps his seed into me. Since I wasn't on birth control, I realized he might have just gotten me pregnant. I don't have time to wonder for long though, as another man quickly climbs on top of me. After a painful first minute, my vagina started getting used to the pain. Plus the cum from the first dude made great lube for this one. Within the next hour, about 12 men took turns pumping their seeds into me. By the end, I was exhausted, but holy shit was it fun. After the last dude cums I realize that the first dude, the one that had originally invited me to this, hadn't taken his turn. Maybe he'd forgotten? I sit up to look around for him, and he clearly didn't forget. He comes up from behind me and started kissing my neck. I moan again. He reaches around and starts fingering my clit. "Ooooh, you're bleeding down their... I hope you still have time for one more..." He pushes me forward so I'm laying on my stomach. "Fuck yes, I need your cum." "Good... One thing though... you said we should tell you if we had an STD right?" He remembers my original and only rule, but he still pokes his penis into my vagina. I moan loudly. "Well..." He starts humping me. I feel his penis going in and out. I feel his skin on my skin. Out of the 13 fucks I had that night, this was on a whole other level. "I have AIDS." he says. My stomach dropped. Did he just say AIDS? Like HIV? Is that why he went last? Cause none of the other guys wanted it? I started to try to flop over, but he picks up his pace, and it just feels so good... I let him keep going. He keeps going though "You said you wanted to get fucked... well this fuck will be the best fuck of your life. You won't ever forget it..." He keeps pounding my pussy, his hands were on the back of my head now, holding me down. "You'll get what you wanted, Cum. You are a cum slut. That's all your good for. Worth less than trash." He keeps jawing at me, I could feel my pussy convulsing as another organism approached. "Who cares if you catch the bug? I could throw you in the dumpster and no one would care. You're good for a fuck and that's it. I hope you remember two things after this; that you have HIV, and that you're fucking worthless." His shit talking was throwing me over the edge. I didn't care about catching the bug. I didn't care about ever having sex again. The only thing that existed at that moment is working this mans cock til it explodes. I feel him start going even faster, til he's outright jack hammering my pussy. I hear the 'spat, spat, spat' of each hump as the sounds morph together. I feel his penis start to expand. "Worthless bitch... Dumb slut..." I feel him grab my shoulders, push me further into the bed, as he roars up and yells "FUCKING CUM DUMPSTER!" my body explodes in complete orgasm as his cock explodes within me. Jets of poisonous semen coating my insides. I feel pump after pump of his throbbing penis as his seed reaches the deepest part of my hole. "Fuck, FUCK!" I moan as he keeps pumping the last of his venom into my uterus. He gets off me. "Okay slut, you had your fun. If you don't catch the bug in a couple weeks, come back and see me, otherwise you've gotta go. " While I could barely walk at this point, I manage to make it back to the theater where a few friends find me and take me home. Only a week later, I come down with the worst flu of my life. I realize I've made a horrible mistake. But it's too late. This is a part of me now. It'll be with me forever. At least I don't have to worry about slutting around anymore, right?
  6. I drove downtown to a few bars. I honestly still felt like shit, since I got the fuck flu only a few days before. But my viral load was off the charts, I knew it tends to shoot up right after you get the bug than decline for a while so I had to use this opportunity. I knew a good club nearby, and it was lady’s nights. Few things are more enjoyable than getting free drinks, sex, and giving the gift to some horny idiots. I dressed in a very short, tight, green dress. When I got in you could see at least half the guys turn their heads to watch me go by. I found an empty spot by the bar, a space big enough for at least two. The bait was set. Within 30 seconds of me getting to the bar, a bro approached me. He was super buff, clean shaved and appeared to have recently been shat out of a nearby frat house. That was fine though, I could like a cocky frat boy, and I bet he’d act significantly less cocky if he started carrying around my little friend. The Frat boy approached and said “Did you get that dress on sale?” He was apparently trying to neg me. Like when you insult a girl on purpose, so she feels shitty, then wants to sleep with you to help her self-esteem. In this case I guess he was trying to wreck my self-esteem. I don’t say anything, I let the silence take hold until he tries again. Eventually he says “It makes sense. Cause your face isn’t that great, so you need to wear shorter dresses to make up for it. You don’t seem to have a good personality either. I can see why you need the help.” This dude actually has the audacity to say I need help to get guys? There’s a figurative line of guys waiting for him to strike out so they could come try their luck. If it were any other day I’d have let them try, but in this case this was exactly who I was looking for. An idiot, a douchebag, this creep deserved what he was getting. I decided to throw him a bone. “You… You think I’m ugly?” Now he thinks he hurt my self-esteem, he thinks he’s in. He tries to go for the score. “Oh I didn’t mean it that harshly, I think you have a lot of natural gifts, it’s just you don’t know how to use them. If ya want to like get out of here, I can help you kind of… ya know… learn a little bit about yourself.” “Uh… Okay…” I said, very coyly. Trying to play the part of hurt girl. “Where do you want to go?” “Here I’ll show you, let’s head outside.” Once outside the club, he tells me to wait by the corner while he gets his car. Right after he leaves, another guy comes up to me. I had seen this guy with Dave before he came up to me. The new guy says “Hey listen, Dave said he wouldn’t try to pick up girls anyway, he knew it was a bad idea but he did anyway. I’m his friend but I can’t let him do this. There’s something you should know… Dave has Herpes. He’s actually got an outbreak right now, so there’s a huge chance if you let him touch you, you’ll get it too.” I was ecstatic. Even with a high viral load like my own, it can be hard for girls to poz guys. Like guys can do it easily, cause they can just cut you with nails or something. But for girls, it’s harder to find a way to let the virus get into their blood stream, and that’s the only sure way to poz someone. This new information cut that pathway down significantly, cause those sores are an easy pathway for HIV into his body. I tried not to giggle as the new guy was waiting for me to process this information. I could see Dave’s car approaching. I turned from the new guy and entered Dave’s car, without giving him so much as a good bye. After tonight, I knew I would probably also have the herp, but I can’t see how that’s an issue honestly. It’ll just improve my viral repertoire, adding to the size of the gift I’m giving guys. A few minutes later we got to a cheap, dingy motel. This was getting too good now. Other than being a douchebaggy idiot, he also has a girlfriend or wife or something. That’s the only reason he’d bring me here. He led me into one of the rooms and immediately started trying to lift up my dress. “Hold on a second, you’ll get what you want.” I said. He refused, grabbing me he threw me onto the bed. “Wait, stop” I said, rather reflexively. “I want to leave.” He didn’t answer, he jumped on me, started kissing me. He tore my dress at the shoulders, pulling it off me. I tried to shove him off me, but slapped my hands to the side. Grabbing my throat with one hand, he reached around and unclasped my bra, letting my large D sized boobs flop out. He pushed his own pants down, then his underwear. I saw his penis for the first time, and it looked like a clear sore on his tip. I pretended not to notice though, at this point I needed to give this guy what he deserved. “You want this dick now?” “Please no…” I mumbled, He slapped me. “Bitch wrong answer. Tell me you want this fuckin dick.” I started to say no, and he slapped me again, harder. Dave tore off the rest of my dress, so I only had my panties. I tried to grab my panties, so he wouldn’t pull them down, but he grabbed my hands and held them above my head with one hand. With his other hand, he reached down and pulled down my panties. I started squirming, trying feebly to get away. Slapping me again, he said “Shut up bitch”. Dave moved his legs between my own, I tried to keep them closed but he forced them open with his legs. Finally, staring at my pussy, Dave realize what I’d been trying to keep hidden; I was fucking horny. My pussy was dripping wet. “Well well… Looks like someone’s been enjoying this eh?” I was enjoying it. But not for reasons Dave realized. It was because this was about to be my first conversion. With one of his hands holding my own above my head, Dave on top of me, and his dick positions directly in front of my penis, I knew it was about to happen. Dave put his free hand on my throat and started squeezing so I couldn’t breathe. He plunged his penis into me. I could feel something pop as his penis reached the bottom of my Vagina. He started thrusting rapidly, moaning. I could hear the sloshing as his penis went in and out of my HIV filled vagina. His grip on my throat got harder, I could feel my face getting red from lack of oxygen, but god it felt so good. I felt his knob expand, his head tilted back, a few last thrusts and he explodes, launching his semen into my vagina. He releases my throat rolls off me. I move to get off the bed, but he stops me. “Whoa, where are you going? Don’t think you’re getting off that easily.” Dave grabs me, throws me back onto the bed. Then he reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out some handcuffs. I lunge at the door, trying to escape, but he catches me. Grabbing my hands, he handcuffs them to the bed frame. “Just so you know…” he says, “I have herpes, and you almost certainly do too now.” I laughed a little in my head, he didn’t have any idea what was about to hit him. After handcuffing me to the bed, he rapes me five more times that night. Taking turns between my Vagina and my ass. By the morning my pussy juices had been thoroughly mixed with blood. I watched as he came in me, and then pulled out for the last time, at maybe 8 AM. His dick clearly a little bloody, I didn’t know if that was my blood or his own, but regardless I was pleased with my work. He finally uncuffs me and leaves. As I was leaving, I realized that he had totally ripped my dress apart, and my car was back at the club. I’d have to make it across town in only my underwear and bra. Even still… I have no regrets. Honestly the sex was great most of the time. I’d be happy to put myself into the position to be raped again, especially because of the gift. Give it to a rapist and you’re also giving it to everyone he rapes… This really is the best of every world.

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