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I’m a hairy cumdump looking to be bred full of cum, hosting at a hotel face down ass up, only after pump and dumps! bkscruff on bbrt

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    • By Prepdcumdump
      Starting my prep next week and really wanna do some anonymous hotel scene.....taking as many loads as i can. Question is how long should i wait too do it once i startd prep?
    • By Leakycumdump
      Looking to get bred between 7am-2pm
      hit me up
      i host behind the round rock outlet mall
    • By Redfucktoy
      Taking a trip in a high end RV from LA to Orlando this January. Will be taking the boy with me and want to fill him with as many loads as possible along the route. 
      Will be traveling about 4 weeks so lots of room for detours. 
      RV doubles as a dungeon. Boy is kept confidened and completely under my control for the entire trip. Collared. Chastised. Hooded when I say. In the sling when I say. Taking every dick I say until I say stop. 
      If you have interest please reach out. Would love to connect with you and make sure he can meet your needs. 
    • By jimmsmatt222
      I've been on a dry spell as of late.  It's been frustrating, but each time I've had free time I've also found it virtually impossible to find someone to fuck me, so I was excited when  I finally got a top to come over.  I've played with him a few times and found he always gives a good fuck.  This time, however, he said he would fuck me with a condom.  I agreed as I really, really needed a cock.
      Ass-up, I awaited his arrival on my enclosed porch.  Arriving, he stood behind me, rubbed his cock head against my hole, slipping it in a few times, deliberately teasing me as he knew I wanted it raw.  I heard the cellophane of the condom wrapper rip as he prepared to slip it on his cock, but really needing to get fucked, but also really wanting it raw, I took that golden opportunity - while his dick was still on my hole - to my ass onto his dick and started fucking myself on his cock before he could ruin the experience with a condom. 
      He must've liked it good enough because he forgot about the condom and kept fucking me nice and deep for about 20 minutes before he finally bred me. 
    • By BottomSlut40
      Bottom looking for tops to seed my tight hole. Very open minded, so no fetish will be turned away. Like kissing, sucking, rimming (prefer ripe holes), licking armpits, and being bred and pissed in / on. Can host or travel.

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