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  1. check out my cumdump parties, bbrt: bkscruff
  2. i’m interested, will hit you up on bbrt
  3. looking to split a hotel room, hmu if you’re interested!
  4. I’m a hairy cumdump looking to be bred full of cum, hosting at a hotel face down ass up, only after pump and dumps! bkscruff on bbrt
  5. Love swallowing loads and have a Gokkun fantasy where multiple guys feed me... but I'm submissive and will accept it wherever the top wants to deposit it and have left hook-ups with a crusty cum covered face more times I can count.
  6. I've only ever been to CumUnion parties in New York (at Paddles) and they can get wild depending on the day and what else is happening in town (pride, black weekends bring new uninhibited visitors). My last visit was during pride and I left with eight loads. I was admittedly fairly inhibited at first but some young military/jock types came in together and took turns smashing my hole in the dark area, they left my hole raw and sloppy and I ended up staying head down and took a bunch of anonymous loads too.

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