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Stuck babysitting. Need company

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Girlfriend and sister going away for a week in July and left me on babysitting duty. Need some company for filthy fun. My wickr is bristonapi 

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I am 20 from UK, London and birmingham. Looking for similar guys who are similar in age and are equally as filthy. No holding back to have some cheeky fun with. Be prepared to have some naughty fun with me. My kik is relaxandchill101 >> hit me up asap lads say you got my add from here.

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    • By Londonbear
      Since I got back to London on Jan 3rd I decided I would try for a few loads to get a good head start on the year. During the course of the 3-10 of Jan I managed to get 11 loads and was happy that I had taken more loads than there had been days in the year. I got a load from: a local arse obsessed punk who has fucked me before more than 20 times. A train driver who fucked me over the sink in my office, an architect who shot a five day load down my throat, a young Kiwi guy with a thick 7" who liked going second, an exchange student, a local DJ who has fucked me a few times before which a nice chunky 9", and my boyfriend who was happy to go second or third in a session. Sadly now I am working in a conference center so ive had to slow down as the work days are crazy but ill be back in the saddle soon enough!
    • By Youngbottombb
      Any bottoms or other surprised at the amount of safe tops who BB or end up going BB?  
      I’ve met several tops, maybe five in the last few months, who said they play safe only but ended up going BB when we fucked.  I’ve recently been with two separate tops who let me pull the condom off mid fuck and after i kept asking them to give me their cum.  In one instance, i only had lube out no condoms when my top arrived.  I guess he was so horned up he didn’t care about wrapping up.   My preference is raw, i hadn’t seen this except in the last few months and just wondered if other noticed the same 
    • By JC3275
      I'd been on PrEP over a year.  At first genuinely looking to prevent, but lately it became out of wanting to control if/when "it" happened.  My mind had raced for months, pondering what it would be like taking that first positive load.  Not the run of the mill undetectable load, but the real potent deal.  Many jerk off fantasies reading stories, watching videos where some boy was verbally filled with a poz load and imagining myself at that moment of no return.  
      Without much thought, I forgot the PrEP for a day.  The second day, I thought "Oh shit, I missed a dose, that's not like me."  A voice in my head debated what harm was missing a second?  Well, the doctor did say two was acceptable, but certainly not three.
      Day Three comes.  Why am I wasting it?  I'm not even having sex, beyond sucking someone off occasionally?  I can always take it for a week and get back on track.  A week with out sex is nothing for me.
      I don't classify myself as a real catch, early 40's decent looks, a bit boyish for my age in mannerism and depending on my style of dress.  Very orally inclined, mentally a bottom though not really been used enough to really get accustomed to it, though that itch does need scratched.
      Day ten, post PrEP, arrives.
      Searching websites and apps for anything that catches my eye; however, pretty shy to initiate the contact.  Time wasted, staring blankly, getting no responses.  Maybe I'm too standoffish?  But wait... what was that?
      A message!  I was in shock, having not gotten one previously, I'd never heard the notification.
      MasterDaddy4u:  "Hey boy.  Just lurking or willing to go through with it?"
      Me:  "Hello.  I do want to go through with it, just hesitant and depends on what I find I guess."
      MasterDaddy4u:  "Very dom 62 yr old Master, if you come over, you belong to me.  And when you speak to me, you should say Sir or Daddy, boy!"
      Me:  "Wow, that is pretty blunt."
      MasterDaddy4u:  "What boy? I did not hear you."
      Me:  "Wow,that is pretty blunt, Sir." *what made me obey so quickly?*
      MasterDaddy4u:  "I am sending you my address.  When you arrive, enter at door to the garage.  Instructions will be there.  If you object to anything in that list, go home to your Mama.  We wont talk again until you comply."
      Me:  "I need a moment to think on this, Sir."
      MasterDaddy4u:  "That time is past.  Bye, Boy.  See you in compliance, or this is the last  I have to say."
      >>MasterDaddy4u is offline.

      My mind raced like crazy.  I had a private shared file waiting to be opened.  Staring at my screen, my mouse making circles around the icon....
      "Boy, be at this address in one hour and follow all instructions on site.  If you do not, you will be sent away.  No second chances."  It ended with the exact address.
      I recall I've stopped PrEP.  What if?  I don't even know his status.  Or what he intends.
      As my mind raced, I realize I've undressed without realizing it.  I get a shower to ensure I was presentable...just in case. 
      *mind still races*
      In a flash, I find myself in my car, heading toward the unknown.  Am I foolish for just showing up without much conversation, no exchanged pix, nothing at all?  Time seemed to fly and yet creep at the same time.
      Looking at my watch, after the relatively short drive over, I had 15 minutes left of the hour allotted.  Looking at the darkened house from the street, butterflies churned in my stomach.
      Halfway up the drive...when did I get out of the car?
      Hand on the knob.  Still time to turn back.  My cock and hole both twitch as my stomach does back-flips.
      Inside the dimly lit garage, a solitary lamp shines on a piece of paper.  Leaning down, I begin to read what is expected of me.
      Boy, welcome to your possible future.  You can still turn back, but once you start on this list, you are bound by your choice.  I know you are here.  I've seen you on camera.  You have 30 minutes to comply or leave.
      1.  The boy acknowledges that he freely and willingly accepts being the property of his Master, with the understanding he will, upon showing his submission by beginning this list, be taking his Master's HIV poz load and piss to be properly marked, and will accept any and all demands/orders made by his Master without question, subject to punishment for failure to comply.
      2.  The boy is to strip and place all belongings into the lock-box provided.  Once the lock is in place, it will not be opened.
      3.  Once naked, the boy will find the collar next to the lockbox.  Affix the collar, as well as its lock.  Again, once locked, only the Master may choose to remove it.
      4.  The boy shall kneel, eyes down, palms down on knees, and wait quietly for his Master to retrieve him.
      Final chance to leave, boy.  Once any step has started, your consent is no longer required for those after it.  Punishment will be delivered once any lock is in place and you try to withdraw.
      Oh my God!  He's positive!  FUCK!  What about my PrEP?  My mind flies through the options of fleeing or giving in.  My cock soaks my underwear with precum.
      Subconsciously, my shoes are kicked off as my shirt goes over my head.  My undies getting more uncomfortable by the moment, I rip at my shorts praying for some relief.
      I'm naked!  In a strange place, about to surrender myself to someone, sight unseen.  I have to think this through a bit more!  I look at my watch. SHIT!  I've only got 10 minutes to dress and leave, or accept my fate.
      Accept my fate?  What an odd choice of words!  My brain seems to be working on two levels.  One fighting it, one having already given in.  I need more time!
      What do I really want to do?
      What was that?  A sound snaps me out of my mental debate with logic.
      FUCK!  The lock-box!  I locked it!
      Panic sets in.  I can still flee, granted I'd naked and with nothing I came with.
      DAMN IT! On foot too, as my keys are in the box!
      How much time do I have?  SHIT!  No watch!  I have to decide.  It's now or never!
      ((I am very new to attempting to write stories.  I welcome any feedback.  I've been pondering this one a long time, but after reading so many great stories on here, I find it hard to put into words what in my mind plays out like a flawless movie.  Thanks for reading this first part.  I'll try to continue it as time permits, hopefully sooner rather than later.))
    • By Dickthirsty1
      if you are interested in having your way with me and to fill me with your loads (ass or throat), let me know. also would loved to be tied and fucked. i will show photos if you were interested. 
    • By hotdarwinguy
      horny btm looking to take loads. No load refused. i will be in Sydney November 13 - 16.  Will try anything once.

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