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Stuck babysitting. Need company

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I am 20 from UK, London and birmingham. Looking for similar guys who are similar in age and are equally as filthy. No holding back to have some cheeky fun with. Be prepared to have some naughty fun with me. My kik is relaxandchill101 >> hit me up asap lads say you got my add from here.

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    • By Londonbear
      Today I got fucked by a guy who I think was a thalidomide baby, hes a handsome guy and really hung, but his arms are very short and seem like the arms of a child on a mans body. Any how he came over, we made out, I sucked his cock until it was a full thick 9" and he fucked me and came in my ass. We had a great chat afterwards, and I reminded him that he had actually fucked me once before in his apartment a year or so ago.At no point did I mention his disability. This has happened to me once before when a really hot young guy came around to fuck me, and told me on arrival that he had seriously progressive Parkinsons. He was adorable and after he relaxed and realised I wasnt going to make a big thing out if it, he fucked me really quite well and went on his way.
    • Guest Taboowatford
      By Guest Taboowatford
      Hi all any one near london/Watford into taboo/perv. 
      I'm 33 bi 
      Wickr malewatford
    • By Proudlypoz
      Back in my late 20s, I’d been barebacking for over a decade, started young like many Including with my now ex through most of my 20s. We’d go clubbing, I’d split my time between the dance floor and the darkroom, giving n taking loads. Working night shift as security was great, no-one wonders why you are bleary eyes or even groggy at 9pm Monday evening.  
      Around when I was 24 we moved and ended up living near a hot Spanish guy I worked with. We worked for different companies but in the same building and sometimes had to work on stuff together. Then I spotted him online. Hot and gay!
      He was around 6ft2, hairy as hell, Spanish lisp, great beard and salt and pepper hair despite barely pushing 30. He always wore baggy clothes which was a shame as he had an amazing ass, tiny love handles. Just my type. One day he came over for a threesome, after my bf wore him down and enticed him with my dick pics. We soon relaxed and got into it and after eating his hairy ass I rode his fat dick like my life depended on it as my ex licked and teased his nipples. Though eventually he said he wouldn’t cum in me... back then I was neg and much shier about being a bug chasing cum slut. He was neg though we somehow managed to ‘forget’ the condoms. My bf paid lip service to safe sex but he loved breeding almost as much as me, just wasn’t open with others or himself. A thoroughly unsatisfying fuck.
      Though with 4/5 fucks a weekend, and eventually getting some hot poz fisting buddies that would soon be fixed for me. It started out as “I’ll be poz probably?” To “I should get it over with” to the complete adoration, fetishisation of the virus, poz cum and poz men, nothing got me hotter than a biohazard tatt. I was on a mission 
      About 9-10 months later, after my diagnosis as a proudly poz pig, we were both on a night shift and bumped into each other in the basement where his offices were. We moaned about how dead night shifts were, nothing to do. When he started getting flirty. Maybe it was my snug security guard uniform that really cupped my balls, maybe the big black boots. Maybe the fact he had not long broken up with his boyfriend who had put a stop to us playing apart from that one annoyingly load free time.
      We went into his office, a small dark windowless room. We started to kiss, I could smell his aftershave mixed with the funk you get after being at work from 9pm to 6am. He locked the door, then dropped to his knees. Rubbing his face in my crotch. I sat back on an office chair and let him unbuckle my belt, before he breathed in deep the smell from my underwear, rubbing my ever harder dick with his nose. I grabbed his thick hair and pulled back his head till his big brown eyes locked with mine. Now I don’t wanna brag (lie) but my dick is nice n thick, even longer then when I was clubbing every weekend and was skinnier than my beefy dad bod I now have. I hooked down the waistband of my Aussibum underwear till my cock sprang out. I slapped it over his face, I noticed it made him arch his back. He was clearly in greedy sub mode. I let him worship my dick for a bit, occasionally forcing him down, my hands on the back of his head. I love feeling that extra thick throat juice you get when a man chokes on your dick. Love to feel it flow down the shaft of my dick onto my balls. 
      Eventually I push him back, stand up and get him in front on me, kissing him deeply, my hands massaging his ass through his tight suit trousers, relationship fat, I like ‘em chunky and love a snog suit on a big ass. He moans n asks if I have condoms / lube. I lie, I have lube in my wallet, as I have other plans. “No” I say “but I need to fuck you baby”. This makes him moan as I kiss his neck, and drop his trousers. I yank back his hair and flick my tongue over his nipples, His weak spot I remember, and begin to gently rub my finger around his hole, nestled among his super round pert hairy ass. 
      I flip him round, use my work boots to spread his legs and bend him over his desk. I move my hands down his back before dropping to my knees and burying my tongue in his warm tight ass. He is moaning so loud I think someone may hear even though there are only a handful of people in the place. Eventually I stand up and tap my dick against his hole, my thumbs keeping his dark hairy cheeks out of my way. 
      I ask him if he wants it. Now he may think I just mean my dick, but I’m thinking about the thick poz unmedicated load brewing in my balls. “Yes” he gasps... “but don’t cum in me”... “Sure” I say, though it’s totally unconvincing, he is too horny to notice the smirk on my face.
      I tell him to choke on my dick to lube me up as I slip a finger in to his ass. He’s a pro and his hole relaxes till I’m knuckle deep. “Slut” I say and his knees almost buckle. Though the spit soon dries. All I have to do is keep pounding and it’ll dry up nicely, just what I want. 
      I grab his kneck, hold his head down on my dick, his chin against my balls till I feel his stomach heave. Then I spin him round ready to plow him. I place my hands on his shoulders as I line my dick up with that hot hairy hole. I tell him to spread his cheeks. I slip my head in. He moans and it vibrates through his body. I start slow but soon end up halfway and he’s moaning up a storm. I then thrust balls deep to his surprise. I have to hold those shoulders tight to stop him moving off. “Shhh” I say “take it all like a good boy”. 
      I get a rhythm going, he starts jerking off.  I feel his hole relax but as I get deeper I feel the resistance as my dick forces it’s way along his guts, the friction making his insides hot as the spit dries. I work the angles till I start hitting that spot. He actually screams out. “FUUUUCK” I don’t let up..
      “You want it” I pant
      “Fuck yes”
      “Want me deep inside you” I grin
      “Gonna take it” I can almost see biohazard signs in front of my eyes
      He starts to twitch, I hear his load splattering over the paperwork on his desk, his ass tightens and my balls rise up and empty out. I make sure my knees are behind his, his hips against the desk my hands on his shoulders. He has nowhere to go. I grunt n growl and I feel my dick twitch. He says “oh fuck I feel it”. I hold us both still till my knees give out. My face falls to the back of his neck. I slowly move back n forward. Never pulling out. I give a deep thrust pounding past his second spinchter.
      “Bad boy” he says clearly blissed out but not wriggling off my toxic dick. 
      “I had to! You begged for it” 
      He then realised his shirt is between the cum soaking into the paperwork on his desk. His hole cinches shut in panic, keeping my toxic cum inside him as my cock slips out. “Fuuuuck” he says realising the state of himself. Sadly I doubt he would want to clean my dick in his panic. As he realises his shirt is soaked through with cum and the paperwork ruined. 
      I tell him to blame it on spilt coffee and get dressed. “We should do this again” he looks sheepish. As I unlock the door. I feel electric, is this my first neg hole I have bred? 
      So reader, you wanna know if it took? Well we fucked on and off for a few months. We did the charade of, “condom” - oh no I forgot! A few times,  and the odd don’t cum in me. 
      Then he got some clean cut, and certainly neg bf - online he was a safe sex crusader.  They split up after a few months, and I move jobs. A few weeks later I bump into him at the sexual health clinic. Not the floor for general check ups, the one where the poz pigs go to get their bloods and meds. He blames his dull boyfriend, I say “He didn’t seem the type, I guess you never know”. I knew it had to be me. 
      Then I just smiled, and say, “We should fuck some more” and left.... he obviously didn’t click I was on the same floor as him. He must have at some point as he then blocked me everywhere. How rude after giving him that gift! Nowadays he is being a cumdump on BBRTS and says hi to me! Hopefully I can recharge him sometime.
      this is my first proper story, would love your feedback, as well as your holes on my dick.
    • By BosBBDom
      In my 20s nasty verbal perv looking to host this weekend, 8uc poppers 420 G cool. Can accommodate if you travel here.
      wickr; DudeTab00

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