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    love taking multiple loads, enjoy parTying, only done it a few times but love the smoke...
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  1. Boy do we need more of this story. I am so boned up reading it.
  2. Fuck, I loved this story. So damn hot, every part of it. Damn wish there was more
  3. Love the way you write. So fucking hot. Man you push all my buttons.
  4. Have never found that wasted, big belly, hollow cheeks big veined aids guy. I have always wanted to take those loads. They really do not exist any longer, which I guess is a good thing, but I so would love to hop on their cocks. Prefer an audience as well...
  5. fuck, this is a hot story. Would love to offer my hole up for that
  6. Those Cocks are Epic together.  Would like to service those cocks until they can cum no more. 

  7. You know wen you think about it, it is a funny question to answer. I was sexual and kind of pervy since I was young. As soon as I got my drivers license in the later 70's I found out that you can suck dick and get fucked in the mall bathroom. Now this was way before AIDS. Met a guy in the mid 80's someplace. We went back to my place and fucked. About a year later I figured out where he lived. Knocked on his door hoping something would happen. Looking back it was probably the first person I saw who was "sick" Even then I had an idea of what was happening and I still wanted to get fucked by him as I remembered his cock being huge. Sadly he did not invite me in. When I moved to CA in 91 I was kind of a condom nazi. I was in a few relationships but could not keep my ass in my pants and screwed around. In the mid 2000's I traveled a lot for work. Every place I went I started to take bare cock and loved it. Anyplace from bath houses, theaters and my hotel room. I think i was finally pozzed in Richmond Va in around 2005? I became very ill in 2006 and was in a relationship That was a bit hard to explain. I did not go on meds yet and did not for about 5 years as I was a long term slow progressor. That relationship did not last. Even though I became poz, it did not bother me. It actually turned me on as I am a bit of a perv which is one of the reasons I love this site. Now I find myself craving it and loving the poz stories and would love to be in most of them. Ya, somethings I regret and some I do not. But I have to admit poz so turns me on in so many perv ways. Sorry for the rambling as I am no writer which is plain to see...
  8. never been to a poz breeding party but would so love to attend. I am poz but do not fuck much. would love to be another willing bottom... pretty pervy bottom especially when smoking a bit.. live in east bay
  9. Fuck'n outstanding!  You remind me of my BEST fuck buddy's that comes here from BRAZIL and stay for 2 months fuck'n, suck'n, rim'n. Pushing their union further with Me and other's like ourselves.  Servicing couples who are comfortable with their relation and like to experiment brings out some really...outstanding combinations of scenes together.

    Practice...practice...deeper...harder and more hardcore together.

    1. richmondass


      Thanks... love just being a pig especially when another pig brings more out in me...

    2. AZRawPig


      Always, like bring pigs together for long sessions to see just how good the action can get between ourselves.  It's all about the journey and experimenting with other's with like minded desires.  ANYTIME!  

      The BEST buddy's can share either being a CUMDUMP or helping another becoming a CUMDUMP.  It's all about timing.

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