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Aiden takes over the baton.

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Posted 19 November 2010 - 12:26 PM



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Jack 's family: Aiden takes over the baton

Dean = 56 who is the brother of
Dad = 59 who is the Dad of
Jack = 42 who is the Dad of
Aiden = 20 and also
Connor = 18

I got off the phone to Dad. His uncle had called and said that he wasn't well and needed to see both Dad and I. Uncle Dean lived in America until recently, enjoying the guys over there, but moved back a week or so ago. I spoke to my housekeeper – Simon – and he agreed to look after things while I went to get Dad and then off to see Dean, who I hadn't seen for a year or more. I put on a wife beater and my baggy shorts plus flip flops and ran out of the door.

It wasn't long and I was at Dad's. He opened the gates and I drove up to the front door just as he came out. Stood behind him was Ben his new PA, naked and waving him goodbye. Dad got into the car and we headed to Deans hotel. On the way Dad warned me that Dean wasn't looking too hot, I couldn't understand why though. We got to the hotel and the porter escorted us to Deans suite. I made a note of the wink the porter gave me too, cute lad he was – someday....

Dean opened the door and let us in. I looked at him, he really did look ill but I hugged him all the same. It was good to see him. Dad coughed and took my place, they kissed deeply too. We all sat down and Dean offered us a drink from his minibar. Dad had a whisky, I had an OJ as I was driving.

“There's no easy way of saying this to you both. I've been kicked out of America, I got caught with a kid but managed to buy my freedom as long as I left quickly” Dean explained “but there's something else you need to know – a few months ago I was diagnosed with AIDS” I was taken aback, I guessed he wasn't right just looking at him but AIDS, man I was shocked for him. Dad obviously already knew cos he showed no great reaction. But even while Dean was telling me the details and all about his health, my cock was hard as nails. I'd read stories on the net about guys with AIDS and HIV but i'd managed to avoid meeting anyone until now. I'd also jerked off to stories of guys with AIDS fucking guys who didnt have it, gift giving they called it. I wasnt sure about that term – seemed a bit odd to me really. I mean, what sort of a gift is it?

Dad clicked his fingers and snapped me out of my thoughts. Dean laughed. “So i'm back here for good now – well until i die anyway”. “Dont talk like that Dean, i'm sure they've got treatments and stuff these days” I replied. “But i'm not sure I want to bother Jack – they arent without risks and i'm enjoying the freedom that condomless sex offers”. I had to agree with him that I preferred bare sex to a rubbered up fuck. “But doesnt that mean anyone you fuck will get AIDS too?” I asked, still full of dumb questions.

“YEAH! And there's plenty who want it too” Dean said, but I didn't believe him. Why would anyone want a killer disease? Dad was very quiet at this point, but he looked over to me and said “Jack, we've asked you along tonight for a reason. Dean wants to breed Aiden” “Pardon?” I replied, shocked. “I want to give your kid AIDS Jack, I want him to take over my baton. Over the past few years i've known i've had HIV and have taken great pleasure in giving it to everyone I could. I mean, some nasty fucker gave it to me didnt they?” I was dumbfounded, not believing what I was hearing. “I want to pass my poisonous DNA to Aiden and let him continue my nasty work. I want to fuck his tight little hole and fill him with my AIDS seed. I then wanna see him fuck other boys and men – his seed passing on my AIDS.”

My head was about to explode. I needed some fresh air and went to Deans balcony. I closed the door behind me and looked out over the city. I wasnt sure how I felt, I wanted to cry, to protect my boys from this evil man who obviously had been possessed by Sarah Palin or something. No way was I going to let him fuck my boys. I took out my phone and rang Simon to ask how they are, he answered and said Connor was in bed asleep and Aiden sat on Simons lap with his cock buried in my sons hole. I said i'd be back later, and Simon said “drive safely” and hung up. I took a deep breath then went back inside. I really didn't expect to see what confronted me.

Dean and Dad were both naked, Dean really looking thin and ill but still with a great cock. It'd been a long time since I last had his cock in me but no way would I take it now. What I really didnt expect to see was Deans bare cock sliding into Dads hole. “What the fuck are you doing Dad?” I shouted. “take a chill pill Jack, you'll love it if only you weren't so fucking uptight” Me, uptight? I've been fucking my sons and sharing them with my mates, Dads mates and our families for years and he calls me uptight. I had to get out of there, I couldnt watch what was happening in front of me. I grabbed my car keys and said I had to go. I stormed out and waited for the lift. I was half expecting Dad or Dean to chase after me but they didn't they were too busy, Dean raw fucking my Dad. How stupid is that.

I hopped in the lift and the porter was in there too. He asked what floor and I told him I wanted to go to the carpark. He pressed the button and then licked his lips. We got to the basement and he offered to walk me to my car. I took him up on the offer. He put his hand on my back and walked me a particular way. He stopped and turned round and then sank to his knees. Man, he had lousy timing. Still I needed to get off and let him get on with it. He fished my hard cock out and rang his pierced tongue over the fleshy head. I knew I wanted to fuck him and said “you like that cock up your boyhole?” He grunted from within his throat, all the time still working my cock. “Get up and bend over” I shouted and he complied. I spat on my cock and ripped his uniform slacks down, exposing his hairless boyhole. I put the tip of my cock against the hole and as I was about to slide in he said “use a condom”. Grr, of course I should but something came over me. “no way boy, i'm gonna breed your hole tonight” As I slid into him I imagined I was Dean, that I had AIDS and that when I jizzed in the porterboy I was infecting him. Man that made my cock twitch. Maybe Dean was onto something, this sure was some of the hottest sex i'd had recently. The boy really clamped hard down onto my dick, I was in heaven. I really was imagining that I was breeding this boypussy. It didnt take long and I was shooting my load in him. “mmm thats it boy, take Daddys diseased seed” I muttered under my breath. The kid loved it, he removed himself from my cock and we could both see blood on it. “Lovely, I like it when i get fucked so hard that I bleed”. He then took my cock in his mouth and cleaned it while my head was still all over the shop. I forced his head off my cock and hid my cock away. “Thanks for the seed Daddy” he said. Tease. I got into my car and zoomed out of the basement.

I got home and everyone was asleep. I logged on to the net and searched for gift givers. Google came up with lots of present sites plus one called “barebackbug” which seemed to hit the spot. It said it was a site all about homosexual fantasies, about promoting safesex by exploring the consequences of raw sex. I joined up and started to look through. I left my screen and went to get a drink, then came back to see a choice of hundreds of stories. Titles like “cocky twink gets pozzed”, “breeding young ass” and one that really took my interest “my 3 uncles and me”. I opened that and started to read it, cock in hand. I cant have gotten much past the first page and i'd shot a load. I hated to admit it but this thing about giving and getting AIDS really turned me on. I fell asleep in my chair, naked with cum all over my belly and chest. I was woken at 6am by the sound of Aiden coming down the stairs like a herd of elephants. He came over to me and asked if i was ok. I said yes I was, and asked him how he was. He said he was thirsty and made himself a drink. I told him i was off to bed and he said he wanted to join me. He climbed into bed and snuggled into me. My cock was hard again, yet all i wanted to do was hug and protect my son.

We both fell asleep again, I was woken at 11 by Simon who wanted to make sure we were ok. I said yes. He asked what i'd been looking at on the net, shit i was caught out. He said he'd had a look through and had to wank when he read some of the stories. Man, there are more into this sick depraved gift giving thing than i'd ever imagined. Simon told me Dad had called to make sure I was ok. Simon asked what was wrong, so I fessed up. I told him about my AIDS ridden uncle Dean going about spreading AIDS to everyone he can, and the fact that he wanted to infect my eldest son with AIDS too, so that he can pass on Deans DNA to others. While I was explaining this, Simon had thrown back the covers and literally jumped onto my cock. “Breed me Jack. Give me AIDS. I want your diseased load deep in me, I want you to be my bugdaddy and me your honourary bugson” WOW, at hearing that I shot a load deep into him, maybe the biggest load i've ever cum in my life.

As I was led there with Simon and Aiden next to me, when Dad walked in. He'd let himself in unannounced and had heard Simons exclamations. “See son, there's fun to be had here” I was surprised to see him and pissed with myself that i'd been caught out enjoying this deviant practise. “Get the kettle on Dad, we need to talk”. “Dean's already doing it, he's down looking after Connor too”. I sat bolt upright, “he's not.... is he?” “Calm down son, he's just talking to him, catching up and stuff”. Phew. If he was gonna breed my kid I wanted to watch and video every moment of it.

I looked at Dean in a different way when I got downstairs. He looked ill but in a hot way, all thin and not muscly. I didnt notice before but he had a biohazard tattoo on his arm, i'd read about guys with AIDS getting those. He was playing games with Connor, flirting like mad. The sight of my ill uncle and my 18yr old son made my cock twitch. Dad went over to the pair of them and gave them both a hug, grabbing a feel while he was at it.

“How are you Jack? You disappeared quickly last night” Dean pointed out. “My mind was all over the place Dean, but i'm ok thanks.” “I've got some video's i'd like you to see” Dean said as he slid the DVD into the player. Both Aiden and Connor sat down in front of the tv as we walked over and sat down. Simon went and poured us some coffee. The DVD started up and there was a clip of Simon and a lad of about 20. The boy was HOT and was begging Dean for his AIDS cum. My boys were both wide eyed at the sight of their great uncle on the screen. Dean was powerfucking the hot lad on the screen, with every pull out of his cock the blood was plain to see. I knew if Dean shot his diseased load into him then that kid would end up with AIDS and that really made my cock hard. On screen Dean was just shooting a big load into the lad, while telling the boy that he's got AIDS now. The boy was saying thank you Daddy for breeding me. My sons were playing with their dicks by now, Dad was hard but left his cock in his jeans. Dean had his cock out and it was leaking precum. Then it occurred to me, it was poisonous precum, probably with AIDS in it. The screen changed and another shot of Dean, this time at the tattoo parlour getting his biohazard tattoo. But with a twist, cos as the camera panned down there was a goth kid sat hard on his cock. The tattooists apprentice apparently, I couldnt work out his age but i'd guess he was something between Aidens age and Connors age. Nice. So that was 2 barely legal lads my great uncle, a guy i grew up loving and respecting, had given a toxic load to.

“How many more?” “More than you'd imagine” came his reply. He went on to explain that while in America he'd travelled around spreading his seed far and wide. He then told me that one day he met a guy who looked ill. This guy went on to explain that he was nearing death, and needed someone to take over the baton – to do his deeds and spread his seed. His DNA living on in someone else, travelling round the world and donating AIDS to everyone in his wake, just as he had done in the past. Dean took a day or two to decide that he was willing to take up this responsibility. By that time he guy was really ill and had little energy to breed Dean by fucking, so converted him by taking a syringe and sliding it into his almost collapsed vein, to take some of his blood and inject into Deans bloodstream. He did this and then slid the needle into Deans vein, asking Dean to do the deed and push the plunger down. Dean did this and then kissed the guy whose DNA was now coursing through his veins. Dean heard the guy died a few weeks later.

“So Jack, what do you think? Can I turn Aiden into my 'little' bugnephew?”
“On one stipulation Dean. Breed me first” Dad said “too late son, i've probably already done that.” I looked at him in shock, just as he was undressing Connor. “yes son, when I was in the states Dean got one of his AIDS twinks to fuck and breed me – your Dad got infected by a boy of just 18!” “so thats why you havent been fucking your grandsons lately?” “Yep son, I wanted this to be special.” Simon came over with a tray. He was naked and hard as always. On the tray was 6 little strips, 6 needles and assorted stuff. Dean pricked each of our fingers and we dropped blood onto the strips. Each strip had been marked so we knew whose was whose. While the strips changed colour, Simon opened the door and let his brother Ben in with his video camera. These bastards had the whole thing set up. Simon had even spiked my drink with viagra just to help out. We checked the results, they came back as expected bar one. Simon was hiv-, as was I and my boys. Dad and Dean were both hiv poz, and we also found out Ben was too. Dean asked how I wanted to do this. “Slam your diseased blood into me Dean and Dad, then each of us can breed my sons boypussys” Simon prepared the needles and did the deed, taking up the AIDS blood from Dad and Dean and slamming it into my bloodstream. Simon chose not to get it that way, he wanted it naturally from Aiden or Connor.

While the diseased DNA was coursing through my veins, we moved into the play room where I had slings installed – Simon and I led Aiden and Connor each into a sling and Simon lubed them both up. The time had come for me to infect my sons. Ben was ready with the camera as I touched my cock against the tight hole in Connor's ass. I grabbed his legs and slammed my pozcock deep into his tight hole. He was used to being treated roughly but not that roughly and he started to moan. Simon got a ball gag and shoved it in his mouth to shut him up. Aiden was wide eyed, he knew it was his turn next. He was watching me slamming hard into his brothers hole, he could see the blood on my cock and my balls tense up. Then I did it, the cum boiled and I was breeding him. I was breeding my eighteen year old sons boypussy. Changing his life forever. And god it felt good. Aiden started to cry but I reassured him that he'd be ok. Simon lubed his ass and held my still hard cock against Aidens hole, then grabbed the chains of the sling and forced it towards my cock. Aiden screamed but then passed out. Good, I could really rape him hard then. Dean had slid his AIDS cock into Connor now and was about to load him with even more diseased incestuous DNA while Dad was grabbing my ass and forcing my cock into Aidens tight boyhole, all the while being filmed by Ben. This time it took ages for me to cum as i'd just shot my first ever diseased load into my 18yr old son. Aidens boypussy was also bleeding heavily but i didnt care, all i wanted to do was breed him like i'd bred his brother. I heard Dean climaxing, spewing his poisoned jizz into Connor's ass, mixing with my biohazard seed to make a bloodied mess dripping out and onto the floor. Dean pulled out and Dad slid into Connor while Dean offered his slimy cock for Simon to clean. I was getting ready to shoot my second diseased load into my eldest sons boycunt, and Dean was egging me on to rape him hard.

Then followed THE most intense orgasm i've ever had in my life, thank god Aiden had passed out or else his struggling would have done him even more damage. I had to rest after that, i was worn out by then but sat and watched as my Dad helped a limp Aiden out of the sling and onto Dean who was led on the floor. I had an idea what he had planned but never thought i'd see two AIDS cocks fit into my 20 year old sons manhole. Here they were, both in their 50s – 20yrs older than me – repeatedly raping Aidens holes til they'd spent all their diseased seed into him.

Ben was still filming while Simon helped Connor from the sling. The poor boys ass was sore and bloodied and dripping with cum but he was smiling and happy. Aiden woke up during his double penetration rape and he tried to climb off them both but they held him down, which made Dad and Dean just use him harder. Nasty fuckers.

And there we were. Dad, Dean, Me, Aiden and Connor. All hiv+, all bred courtesy of uncle Dean. All ready to spread his toxic DNA when given the chance. Taking over his baton.


Posted 19 November 2010 - 12:27 PM



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I wrote this a few years back, and it was well received on Bugshare.net - so I thought i'd dig it out and post it here too.


Posted 20 November 2010 - 05:31 PM


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Thanks, Poztony. It's a well written story. I think this was one of the stories that was lost when bugshare.net imploded. If memory serves correctly, I think there was a sequel. If so, do you have it, and could you post it?


Posted 20 November 2010 - 05:38 PM



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Thanks, Poztony. It's a well written story. I think this was one of the stories that was lost when bugshare.net imploded. If memory serves correctly, I think there was a sequel. If so, do you have it, and could you post it?

It was on Bugshare. No sequel though, only a different (original) version with changed (much lower) ages.

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