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  1. Italynocondom

    Visiting in March 2018

    Any other guys interested in a hook-up ? I will have my own single room in hotel
  2. Italynocondom

    Visiting in March 2018

    Mail sent.... let me know if you got it. Thanks !
  3. Italynocondom

    Visiting in March 2018

    any tips on what do do ? Someone interested in a hook-up ?
  4. Italynocondom

    Visiting in March 2018

    Hello, I will be 3-4 days in New York in March. From 15 to 18 surely, and I will stay around Times Square. I am looking for bareback sex with many guys as possible. Hit me up !
  5. Italynocondom

    Prague - August 2017

    some guys interested in having fun together ?
  6. Italynocondom

    Prague - August 2017

    Any ssuggestions for me ?
  7. Italynocondom

    Italiani Porchi e Perversi

    Ciao a tutti, io a circa 40 km da Milano... zona Como Via Google Translate: Hi everyone, I'm about 40 km from Milan ... Como area
  8. Italynocondom

    Prague - August 2017

    Topic up
  9. Italynocondom

    Prague - August 2017

    Hi everybody, I will stay for 8 days in Prague, this August. From 18 to 27, in a apartment in the gay area. Any tips on where to go ? And also any other guy looking to hook up for having hot bareback sex ?
  10. I'm visiting Rome and Bari in March. I love to bottom--get fucked and suck and swallow cum.  I'm masculine discreet, my Italian is not great but sex is universal. 

    1. Italynocondom


      Unfortunately I live in the Milan area

    2. Cumjunky215


      Mi dispiace, hope to return and head north next time.  

  11. Italynocondom

    Kevin Is Hiv+

    A very intriguing intro, from one of my preferred writers in this section.... can't wait to see the rest
  12. Italynocondom

    Cody's Raw Sex Adventures

    same wish I have, versbbguy
  13. Italynocondom

    Stay Away from Diego!

    I love this story, so hot when the ex boyfriend hears his former companion asking for the breeding
  14. Italynocondom

    Cody's Raw Sex Adventures

    Canot wait to read about Cody exploding his 7 day load built, inside Tyler willing cunt!

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