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Another story for those who enjoyed the Cuban Cigar Intoxification, hope you enjoy this one.


Part 1 - Leafy Surrey Suburbs

Daniel laid in bed wiping his tear streaked face, a new steely determination coursing through his body telling him enough was enough. At 26 he felt as though life was throwing challenge after challenge at him despite his young age. His swimmers build perfectly fitted his stature and five foot eight height, with his short mousey blond hair with olive skin and a fine seven and half inches of love machine he was a good catch. His partner of 4 years was very similar in build and height but found fucking elsewhere behind his back was more fun and adventurous. Daniel was adept at turning a blind eye as he loved him dearly, or so he thought.

His mother was one very shrewd business woman, she had a knack of weeding out the bad ones with ease. Several times she had warned him about her concerns with Greg, but Daniel could only see the good in him. His mother and father were both in their late forties, they had Daniel and his sister at a young age whilst they were building their business empire. They ran a very successful chain of 20 hotels at the top end of the market, this decision had paid off and they were now very wealthy and respected hoteliers in their field. The Salinger Hotel Group had several city, country and beach hotels, it all started with the Salinger Barbados Retreat and to this day remained the flagship hotel and Daniel's favourite place in the world. His sister was two years older, married with 2 kids and his brother-in-law worked as sales and marketing director for the group. Daniel worked mostly overseeing the operation of the resort hotels in Barbados, St Lucia and Spain, this naturally had him travelling a few times a year making sure standards were kept up. The Barbados hotel never really needed checking as the staff were meticulous and loyal to the family in every way.

The previous evening he dined with his parents, during dinner the conversation turned to the general manager of the Barbados Retreat who wanted to take a month off as it was low season. They had asked if he would consider taking on the role, he told them he would talk to Greg and let them know the following morning. Daniel arrived home earlier than expected and wandered in to the bedroom to find Greg hurriedly cleaning himself up, his excuse was laughable about nipping down the pub for a quick drink. Daniel knew he had been out fucking another guy, he said nothing and got in to bed pretending to be tired. He knew Greg screwed around without using condoms and was surprised he hadn't caught anything so far.

As morning came around he found himself awake and pondering, was the opportunity to be away for a month the clean break he needed, he was fed up with Greg's deceit and this was when the steely determination ran over him. Greg was still fast asleep so he got up and showered and dressed. When he came back in to the bedroom Greg was awake.

"Morning Danny, come back to bed" he patted the empty side of the bed next to him.
"I have to meet my parents, we have some unfinished business" Daniel was pulling his clothes on.

He walked over to Greg and gave him kiss then told him he would be gone 3 or 4 hours, during which time he wanted Greg packed and out of the house and his life forever. Greg sat there looking at Daniel shocked and pleading with him not do this.

"As much as I love you I can't put up with your fucking around as soon as my back is turned" he picked up his wallet and keys.

Daniel saw the sorry look on his face, he showed no emotion and repeated for him to be gone by the time he gets back, he turned and left the bedroom. Tears streamed down his face as he got in to the car and drove to his parents house, fortunately they didn't live and the drive took him past the many big houses making up this wealthy leafy suburb of Surrey.

His mother gave him a hug but said nothing, she had warned him about how shifty Greg looked but didn't want to press the matter further. She was glad this rotten egg was out and was determined he would stay out of his life for good. Daniel never knew that his mother had got Greg to sign a type of pre-nup making sure he couldn't get at any of the money, but more so to protect her son. He had cheered up a bit after an hour and told his parents he will go to Barbados tomorrow morning. At least he wouldn't have to do to much as the hotel ran with slick efficiency which was down to the head of each department, and Sofie the GM was not due to go on leave for another week so would have time to relax.

He returned home later that afternoon and the housekeeper Maria told him Greg had gone, she made sure he took only his clothes. Daniel went up to the bedroom which was quiet and felt empty, he sat on the side of the bed, relief washing over him which caused him to break down for several minutes until be pulled himself together. He had a quiet dinner and went to bed early after packing his clothes. The car arrived at 8am to take him to the airport, as soon as he was checked in he went up to the clubhouse to grab a bite to eat and catch up on some emails. A waiter dressed in the familiar purple and red uniform took his order and gave him a big smile as he left, the one thing with Daniel is that unless you knew him you would never have guessed he was gay. It dawned on him that his 4 years with Greg meant he had missed out on how the world's attitude to gay people had changed in such a short space of time. It certainly felt like the waiter was flirting with him in a casual manner to make him feel good. As Greg had always travelled with him he never got second glances or even took time to notice these things, but the waiter couldn't hide his delight at being able to serve him and made sure he was looked after. He even took the time to chat finding out where he was off to, sometimes it did border on outright flirting but Daniel was loving every minute of the attention. He still treaded carefully so not to give the wrong signal to him, the waiter came back over to tell him his flight was boarding, Daniel thanked him for his exceptional service, completely out of character he winked at the waiter as he left.

He boarded the plane and turned left, escorted to his seat by a very attractive cabin steward. He wasted no time in introducing himself as Steve and that he would be looking after him during the flight. Steve made sure that Daniel didn't want for anything during the flight. Eventually he had to get up and go to the toilet, the 10 other passengers were dozing or watching films. Steve was standing behind bar just in front of the galley and toilet area as Daniel approached.

"Hello Sir, can I get you anything?" Steve asked as he was wiping some bottles.
"Diet coke please. Question for you, why am I getting all this attentive service" asking as he sat on the bar stool.
"My partner Callum in the clubhouse served you this morning, told me how nice you were and to look after you. Ice?" he said holding the tongues.
"Thank you yes, how long is your layover in Barbados?" he asked as Steve popped the can open.
"I have a week, in fact Callum is in premium economy he finished work 10 minutes before the flight." grinning from ear to ear.
"Where are you staying when you get there?" Daniel asked looking at Steve.
"Well it is low season we will find somewhere cheap" Steve shrugged his shoulders.

Thank fully the airline had recently installed internet capability, Daniel sent a quick text to Sofie asking if there was a room for a week.

"Well as you both looked after me, let me return the favour" Daniel smiled at Steve at the surprised look on his face.
"Please you really don't need to" Steve responded "there is plenty of places to stay".

Daniel's phone buzzed and Sofie confirmed they had a room, he asked Steve for his surname and sent the message back to Sofie. He got up from the bar stool and went to the bathroom. When he came out he found Steve and Callum chatting in the galley as other cabin crew bustled around preparing the afternoon tea service, they were only a couple of hours now from Bridgetown airport.

"Hello Callum, you on holiday as well?" he held out his hand which Callum gladly took.
"Yes, have to grab leave when we can" he told Daniel.
"When we land meet me at baggage reclaim, I have sorted out your hotel for you as a thank you for looking after me."

Callum asked how much they needed to budget nightly but Daniel waved his hand telling them it is all taken care of and just enjoy yourselves, he knew how hard they worked and that the pay was not that magnificent in the airline world.

The flight landed ahead of schedule and Daniel found Steve and Callum at baggage reclaim, being airline employees they got through immigration much quicker. Baggage in hand he escorted them outside to the curb where two black limos waited emblazoned with the Salinger Barbados Retreat logo. Jackson one of the drivers came over swiftly to Daniel where he welcomed him back by name. Steve's mind suddenly clicked and remembered the name on the passenger manifest, he turned to Callum and told him that is Daniel Salinger and pointed to the hotel name of the limo. The other driver Marlon came over to addressed Steve and Callum by name and took their cases. Anyone who knew Barbados knew of the Salinger hotel being one of the islands most private and exclusive all inclusive resorts and that it came with a price tag to match. Callum bounced up and down on the curb side in excitement then went over and gave Daniel an hug.

"Thank you so so much Daniel" he released the hug and looked at Daniel "No one has ever done anything like this for us" he said.
"Absolute pleasure. See you in a few nights for dinner I hope?" as he stepped in to the limo and pulled away from the terminal building.

The security gates raised as soon as the limo turned off the main road and continued up the sweeping driveway to the hotel. Sofie was there to greet Daniel as the limo pulled up, they had known each other for 10 years and hadn't seen each other for 3 months, they had a lot to catch up on. Situated on a private beach and well hidden from prying eyes the hotel attracted a few celebrities throughout the year, some returning time after time. It boasted the main hotel wing of 100 rooms and a private Orchid wing of 12 suites and private pool areas, dining, bar and front desk. The best thing was you could hide here and no one on the outside would know. The 2 owners suites where mostly used by the family as they had a private pool terrace. Daniel stood on the veranda and told Sofie it was good to be back home.

Sofie stood by his side "Where is Greg, I thought he would be coming with you?"
Daniel gazed in to the pool water "I ended it with him yesterday. I think it was a dead cause."
"Sometimes we get so blindsided by what you think is love, when in fact you loose sense of reality." Sofie patted his arm.
Daniel knew that was Sofie's way of telling him it was a very bad choice he made "Why didn't you tell me?" he looked at her.
"You wouldn't have listened Danny." she walked off the veranda and bent down pick a fallen leaf out of the pool.
Daniel watched Sofie, he loved her like a sister "Next time you got to slap me back to reality Sofie." he demanded.
She smiled and told him they would have dinner together and talk about it then left Daniel to grab a nap before the jetlag got a grip.

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Part 2 - The Glitz and Glamour of Hollywood

Jordan made the mistake of picking a fight with his partner after he caught him with his trousers down in their own apartment. Sage had been drinking and floored Jordan in one hit. Sage was a 34 year old muscled guy, six foot, and loved playing and pozzing unsuspecting guys. Jordan was no push over at five feet ten incredible muscle definition in his arms and body, his left arm blazoned with a tribal tattoo sleeve, the right also covered in a sleeve of tattoos. He was 30 with neatly trimmed dark beard and an immaculate styled hair cut, to say he was stunning to look at was very much an understatement. Sage and Jordan had been together for 2 years since he persuaded Jordan to do gay porn, he was in big demand by many of the studios, on the downside he was very tired of it but it paid the bills. After their first sexual encounter Sage had forced Jordan in to having bareback sex, he wanted to put his mark on Jordan so that he knew who he belonged to. That first fuck was where he held Jordan down on the bed and tore his arse up before pumping him full of his own highly toxic seed.

Unlike Sage who only took medication if and when his viral load went way to high, Jordan tried prep to start with but the toxic seed had already taken hold, he was on treatment which was proving to be very effective. The sadness about it all was that Jordan thought all along that Sage was in love with him, when in reality he was a trophy of Sage's success. Had Jordan stayed in Boston near his family and worked in his father's DIY stores he would have had a different life. And here he was mostly held back by Sage who wanted to control him in everyway, many times he felt that Sage just wanted a fuck toy when he was bored. Jordan raised himself off the floor and went to the bathroom, he couldn't take much more of this and started thinking about an exit strategy and heading back east, but that involved turning over a new page in life. The one thing he had on his side was his father, after being married for 10 years his parents had divorced and his father moved in with another man. At the time Jordan didn't really know what to make of this until realising he himself was gay, and asked to live with his father. As a family unit his parents were still very close and they often socialised and had dinner together, albeit Jordan wasn't a fan of his mother's new husband he tolerated him as best he could.

He waited for Sage to collapse through his drink and drug use then logged on an airline website and booked his ticket back home, he would leave once Sage had gone to work. The following morning Sage left the apartment and he started packing what clothes he had with him, scribbling a quick message to Sage he hoped he would be on the plane before he got to see it. The message was simple 'It is not working out between us, goodbye.'. He threw his bag over his shoulder, leaving the flat key by the note he took the bus to the airport. He hadn't even told the porn studio who he was under contract with as he had to make a clean start of it. At the airport he brought a new sim card with a new number, writing down the contacts he had to keep. He sent two text messages one to his mother and the other his father, explaining he was on his way home and would text them from a different number when he arrived. He called the mobile carrier and had the number wiped from the network and placed the new sim card in just as boarding was called. The plane lifted off the runway, he looked out of the window down at Santa Monica pier as the plane banked left over Huntington beach before LA disappeared under the clouds.

Sage threw his phone against the wall in rage as the recorded message played back 'Sorry this number is not in use.', angry at how Jordan thought he could just walk away from him. No one does that to me he told himself, I own him and there will be consequences.

It was mid evening when the plane finally landed at Logan airport, he was surprised to see his father and his partner waiting for him. He came over to Jordan and hugged him as his partner said that they figured he might need a ride and somewhere to stay. In the car Jordan spilled everything and how it had come to a head the previous evening. His father told him he needed a proper break away from everyone and everything, get his head together then he could come and work for him if he didn't have anything lined up. Jordan said he would take up his offer for a job, he sighed and agreed that a holiday would be just the thing as they pulled up to the house.  His father's partner Andrew asked Jordan how he was really feeling, Jordan replied that he had to end it as much as he loved Sage he couldn't see the relationship going anywhere, he was becoming increasingly violent and difficult to live with. He wanted someone to actually be in love with him, he likened a relationship to Andrew and his father how were steady as rock and comfortable with each other.

His father returned and handed Jordan a boarding pass for a flight to Barbados in the morning, telling him they would fly out in a weeks time to join him for a little break. Jordan hugged his father as he continued telling him he had booked him in to a room at the Salinger Beach Retreat. Jordan looked surprised and protested that the hotel was not cheap, his father laughed agreeing but he knew Jordan loved the hotel when they use to go there for family holidays. Jordan gave them both a hug and went off to bed, he slept uneasy but managed to grab a few hours before he had to get up. His father dropped him off back at the airport, checked-in he went to sit by the gate. Several hours later and one change of plane in Miami he stepped out of the aircraft door in to the steamy Bajan sunshine, immediately his heart lifted remembering all the times as a child he had felt the same way getting out of the aircraft. How little things change he thought collecting his bag from his carousel and heading out, there was the familiar hotel logo on the side of 3 black limos. Straight away he saw the driver holding a sign with his name on. Smiling he got in the limo and grabbed the cold water and took a swig, settling back he knew this would be a couple of weeks not having to worry about anything.

At the reception desk of the hotel the clerk came round from behind the desk and escorted him to room in the Beach wing, pointing out some of the facilities and dining arrangements, they reached room 121 as the clerk opened the door to a beautifully appointed room. Jordan stood there for a moment before telling the clerk that they had refurbished the rooms since he was last here, the clerk smiled saying the owners like to keep things up to date and regularly refurbish the rooms, he left Jordan to get settled in his room overlooking the beach. He unpacked putting everything in the closet and draws before grabbing a t-shirt and shorts then headed out down towards the beach for a swim and snooze under the palm trees.

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Love where this story is going! Looks like another great love story full of twists and turns! ❤️Your writing skills!💋

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Guest SissyFagelp

A great story!!! Thank you

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Part 3 - Blue Sea & White Sand

Jordan walked out the refreshing air conditioning in to the tropical warmth of the Bajan sunshine and along the short winding pathway to the pool terrace. Just as he remembered it, calm and tranquil with the undertone of calypso music adding to the atmosphere. The azure blue water of the pool shimmered in the sunlight, the sunbeds adorned with luxurious padding and large beach towels. Strange that he felt at home, he was rediscovering his love for the hotel and it's perfect private beachside location, why he had waited so long to come back was lost on him. He wondered over to the attendant cabana and took a beach towel and walked through the garden that framed the few steps down to the brilliance of the white sand beach and the Caribbean sea that washed gently against the shore line, he found a sunbed under a palm tree but before he could lay his towel out an attendant came over set his towel out.

"May I get you anything Sir, water, sunscreen?" Jordan looked at his name tag.
"Thanks Cael, some water would be good for the moment" Cael nodded and fetched the water.

Jordan took his sunglasses and top off then dipped his toes in to the sea, he smiled to himself and dived in. He spent a good twenty minutes enjoying the fresh feel of the sea water as he swam up and down. From the shore a group of 5 young ladies watched his every movement, one proclaimed she was having him for dinner tonight, another that he was her husband to be. There was no doubt that his tattoos, muscles and good looks attracted a lot of attention, men wanted to be him (or do him) and ladies wanted to be with him. Jordan swam up to the shallow of the waters edge and stood up wiping the salt water from his face, he chuckled to himself as he saw the group of ladies heads all move in his direction as he walked back to his sunbed. Cael appeared with some chilled water and fruit and handed Jordan a cold facial towel which he gladly took. He placed the towel back on the tray Cael was holding thanking him for being so attentive, Cael smiled and replied that it was his pleasure and if he needed anything to catch his eye. Jordan smiled and knew that if he wasn't working at the hotel he would have totally flirted with him and maybe more. There was something about the Bajan twang in his accent that made him so appealing. Feeling totally relaxed he settled on his sunbed surveying the vistas and people watching. The group of ladies were still taking glances, but overall there was a very mixed bag of guests. He noticed a woman standing in the water with her long hair tied in a pony tail, he assumed it was her husband standing next to her who drew his attention. He was sporting some tattoos over a pretty well built body, they were watching their two kids swimming, as they spoke he was almost sure they had an Aussie twang to their accents.

As he looked along the beach he noticed quite a few of the guests sneaking glances at the family in the water, it was when she turned around he saw one of his favourite movie stars. As tempted as he was to rush over and try to talk to her he settled back and ignored them, anyway when you lived in Hollywood celebs were two and penny. Jordan needed some sunscreen as the sun was still pretty strong, he looked over towards the small beach bar and Cael immediately saw him and was by his side within seconds.
"Sir can I assist you in some way?" he asked Jordan.
"Cael my name is Jordan, prefer it if you addressed me that way if it is permitted." he replied.
"Of course Jordan" as Cael nodded and smiled.

He asked for sunscreen and Cael went and grabbed a couple of bottles and came back over offering to help but Jordan though this was to much. As he finished applying the sunscreen Cael picked up Jordan's sunglasses and pulled a cloth and small spray from his pocket and cleaned them before handing them back, Jordan shook his head in disbelief and figured he was to young to appreciate the service on his previous visits. Hi attention was caught by two young obviously gay men in their early twenties appearing on the beach, they looked over in Jordan's direction. Thankfully the nearest two sunbeds available were a good 10 meters away, and no sooner they sat down he could hear them oohing at everything and chatting away excited about being on holiday. Jordan listened to them for a while and was thankful they weren't like some gay couples who would sit and have a bitch about everyone who walked past, this was one thing he hated in people. He picked up his headphone and blocked them and the world out listening to his music.

Daniel got up off the bed and walked outside standing by the private pool. It was only 4pm, the sun was still shining so he decided to head down to the beach for a swim and sunbathe. Sofie had already notified the staff of his presence at the hotel, they were to treat him as a guest when he was relaxing and no work talk unless Daniel asked first. Putting on his shorts, t-shirt and sunglasses he was ready to head off. Taking the long route through the main hotel and pool terrace to check everything looked perfect, immaculate he smiled to himself. He stepped down on to the beach and walked to the shoreline and walked along to the right, he passed by Steve and Callum who had their eyes closed soaking up the sunshine. To the right of Jordan was a single sunbed about 5 meters away shaded by another palm. Cael was already laying out a towel as soon as he spotted Daniel appear on the beach. Daniel was watching the family in the sea as he walked along the shore, his eye was caught where Jordan laid, wow he said to himself admiring the looks and tattoo sleeves framing those beautifully crafted and incredible biceps, he didn't stop to stare but carried on. He spotted Cael who waved at him and wore his big smile, Daniel waved back and headed up to the sunbed Cael laid out for him. Cael brought some chilled bottled water over and telling him how great it was to see him again, Daniel hugged Cael telling him it was great to see him again. Cael looked along the beach as if to expect someone else, Daniel knew he was looking for Greg so he told Cael he was on his own this time to get far away from Greg as they have broken up for good and he needed time to heal his wounds. Cael looked at him and what he said next caught Daniel by surprise.

"Never mind you will find someone much better he was no good for..." Cael stopped himself and tried to change the subject.
"Cael spit it out" he held Cael's arm "we have never had any secrets between us, I won't be upset."
"Myself and other staff didn't like him, he had a wondering eye" Cael shuffled sand with his foot but Daniel laughed loudly.
"Maybe I need to let you veto my next choice if I ever find someone" he said poking Cael in the ribs.
"Danny most of the staff here probably know you better than you do" Cael replied giggling.

Daniel knew his last comment was completely true, he had known Cael since he was 5, Cael's parents worked in the hotel as well. One thing Daniel's parents liked to do was offer work to employees children when they left school. The laughter caused a few people to turn in their direction and Jordan looked over seeing Daniel standing with his back to him, now where did he just come from he thought to himself as he propped his sunbed up. He settled back and watched him out the corner of his eye. The actress and her family were still in the water and he watched as she turned to see where the laughter was coming from, she walked out of the water and stood on the shoreline before calling over to him.

"Danny boy!" she exclaimed, he turned to look and smiled as she continued "Little Danny boy what are you doing here?"
"Hello second mother, always cropping up when least expected" as he walked down to the shoreline towards her.

They kissed and hugged then held hands as they chatted. Jordan watching now knew his name was Danny, and by the accent he was British. Her husband came out of the water and gave Daniel a big hug. Jordan was interrupted by Cael placing a fresh cold bottle of water and chilled fruit next to him.

"Cael who is the guy over there?" as he nodded in Daniel's direction.
"Oh that is Daniel, been coming here long before I started" he replied "still comes with his parents every now and then."
Jordan took a sip of water from the bottle "Thanks Cael".
Cael looked over "He is a great person and almost like a brother, always chatting and not a bad streak in him" he said.
Jordan eyed Cael carefully "Hard to find someone like that nowadays" he said settling back on his sunbed.

The more Jordan looked at him the more he liked his looks and body, he couldn't work out if he was gay as he acted perfectly ordinary. Granted he was so far away from the normal type of guy he would go for, he always found men sexy in their own little way even if they are straight or gay, and here was no exception. Daniel turned to head back up to his sunbed and took a quick glance over in Jordan's direction taking in the fullness of his body and looks, Jordan was smiling his eyes fixed on Daniel from behind his sunglasses. Daniel giggled to himself before realising that he must have seen him looking at him, he stumbled the rest of the way back to his sunbed trying to hide his embarrassment. The sun made it's usual passage and began to sink lower in to the sky, Jordan decided on one last swim for today and headed down to the waters edge. Daniel was sat on the shoreline looking out to sea, water running down his body from his swim, he felt at ease and peacefulness inside him for the first time in a few days.

"Beautiful isn't it and such a perfect little corner in the world?" Jordan stood a few meters away from Daniel as he spoke.
Daniel squinted as he looked at him "My favourite place to be."
"Have to admit I had forgotten how amazing it is here" Jordan walked further in to the water and dived in.

As he swam he kept Daniel in his field of vision, he sat there with the setting sun framing his outline. So what if he isn't gay he thought, seems like a nice person and probably good to hang out with if he didn't mind the company. With his sunglasses on it appeared that Daniel was looking straight ahead out to sea, behind them gave a different on view as his eyes were moving and watching Jordan swimming. He stood up and walked back to his sunbed, collecting his things disappeared back up through the hotel grounds. Dam Jordan said to himself as he swam back to shore and saw Daniel vanish from view.

That evening Jordan had a quick dinner and headed out to a quiet area of the pool terrace that backed on to the Orchid wing, over by the bar a local calypso band strummed their beat filling the night air with soul. A few meters away behind the gated and screened area of the Orchid wing, Daniel was sat with Sofie on the veranda of his suite finishing dinner and chatting about the hotel. Sofie was telling him about how two other hotels were trying to compete on the beach service front. They decided that they would think on it and come up with something new and get together in a few nights to discuss again. Sofie departed leaving Daniel alone as the suite butler cleared away discreetly, when he finished tidying up he left the suite and Daniel headed to the bedroom. He had a quick shower to cool down then climbed in to the bed which had been turned down ready. An empty bed was strange at first as he settled down, the tattoo muscled guy on the beach came in to his thoughts, he had forgotten to ask Sofie who he was but hoped he would be down by the beach tomorrow as it provided a little enjoyable distraction.

Jordan looked at his phone and saw it was already 11pm, time for bed he thought. Glad that it was only him he stretched out snuggling down against the pillows and fell asleep. He woke several times during the night, he was having the same recurring dream of Daniel laying at the waters edge with a waiting look on his face.

Daniel laid in bed looking up at the fan whirring around, he couldn't get him out of his mind as his eye lids became heavy and he drifted off.

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Part 4 - Fleeting Glances

Daniel woke at 6am and felt adequately refreshed, he had managed to sleep through and fight the jetlag. He threw on some shorts and walked through the hotel down to the beach for an early morning dip. The beach was nearly deserted apart from two grounds men raking over the sand and generally cleaning up preparing for the new day. The water felt cool and invigorating so he wasted no time and dived in, the sun was beginning to climb higher in to the sky as he swam and enjoyed the solitude.

Jordan stepped out on to his balcony overlooking the beach area, he noticed one person already swimming in the sea. The body causing ripples in the perfectly calm sea as it sped through the water. He was half tempted to go down for a swim until his train of thought was interrupted, there was a knock at his room door, casually he put on the bathrobe and opened the door to a smiling room steward holding a tray of coffee. Jordan smiled and asked her to put on the balcony table, placing the tray she caught sight of Daniel who was now walking back up to the hotel, Daniel saw Milly and gave her a wave and she waved back.

"Do you know the young man?" asked Jordan as he took one of the seats at the table.
"Yes Sir, that is Daniel" she paused and smiled "lovely young man and such good manners".
Jordan thought he would play a different tactic "Yes, we have chatted briefly on the beach, really nice person".
"Brought up well by his parents and has a very kind soul." she replied as she poured Jordan a cup of coffee.

Jordan wanted to push Milly to find out more but she made her apologies and left him to his coffee. He silently sat on the balcony enjoying the morning sun and drinking his coffee before he headed down for breakfast. It was mid morning by the time he wandered down to the beach looking for the same spot he had yesterday. To his surprise Cael walked towards Jordan and told him he had reserved the sunbed in the same spot, Jordan was chuffed at how the hotel liked to exceed expectation in this fashion. He laid back people watching for a while and then fell asleep. He must have dozed off for an hour or so, he was woken up at the sound of Cael a few meters away chatting, he turned his head to have a peek and saw the young man Daniel assuming the same spot as yesterday. He couldn't fathom out what he found so fascinating about him that and why he had to keep taking glances, there was something he found sexy, or was it loveable, or... oh he didn't know, he went back to staring up at the palm trees overhead. Daniel put on his sunglasses and looked discreetly over at Jordan imagining himself wrapped in those tattooed muscled arms in a loving embrace. For the first time in ages a natural erection began stirring in his shorts, slightly embarrassed he turned over and laid on his stomach giving him ample opportunity to keep looking at Jordan from behind his sunglasses.

Jordan sprung off his sunbed and headed down to the water almost shocking Daniel who was away in a dreamy state admiring him, he watched Jordan stroll along the shore before he dived in. Daniel stood and went over to the beach bar to get some fruit juice, as he sipped the refreshing juice he looked out to the ocean and immediately saw Jordan was looking right in his direction before he dived under the water. As he finished his drink he wandered down to the waters edge to cool down sitting just above the water line, his legs being caressed by the gentle waves brushing past and on to the white sand. Jordan swam up towards where he sat only few meters away.

Jordan floated in the shallow water "Hello back again for more beach time?" he said trying to dazzle with his best smile.
Daniel looked and smiled "Morning, best place to be for chilling out and forgetting everything".
"Can't agree with you more" he said as he positioned himself a meter away from Daniel "all your worries just float away".
Daniel nervously held out his hand towards Jordan "I'm Daniel".
"Hey Daniel, I'm Jordan and American if you couldn't tell. Love your British accent" Jordan took his hand and shook it.
Daniel laughed "I guessed you were American by your accent. Holidaying alone?" breathing a sigh of relief.
"Yeah for the moment, my father will join me at the end of the week. How about you?" Jordan asked.
Daniel rolled his head back stretching towards the sun "Yes, just a quick week's rest and relaxation".
Jordan stood up "Maybe we can catch a drink later around lunchtime if I am not intruding?".
"Absolutely, talking to the fish in the sea is boring". Daniel chuckled and Jordan went back to his sunbed laughing.

Daniel had a good look at the tattoos whilst they chatted but there were no signs on the artwork indicating if he was gay, nor did he give anything away in his mannerisms. All Daniel could think of was that his mother would like him and what a lovely couple he and Jordan would make. Jordan laid back on the sunbed none the wiser if Daniel was gay or not, he figured this was going to be more a friendship for the week and some company, but oh how he desired and needed to be waking up next to him every morning. Jordan surprised himself with such a random thought going through his mind, he looked to where Daniel was who was now laying down at the waters edge. The beach was quiet apart from the few guests relaxing in the sun or under the palms, occasionally guests appeared from the pool terrace to take a swim or enjoy a drink at the beach bar. Laughter rang out from the water causing Jordan to wake from his slumber, he looked over to see what was going on. He saw Daniel talking with the actress and her family as they swam around, his gaze permanently fixed on Daniel as he played around in the sea. Deciding it was time to cool off he headed down to the water and dived in, he swam carefully avoiding Daniel as best he could, he dived under the water and surfaced a few meters away, he was caught unaware as Daniel had swam over in his direction. Daniel wiped the salty water from his face and asked if Jordan wanted to grab that drink. They both swam towards shore then headed up to the beach bar. Cael stood there with a mischievous grin on his face as they took a seat at one of the tables, he approached to take their order patting Daniel on the shoulder.

"Danny, Jordan, what can I get you both?" he asked smiling in Daniel's direction.
Daniel ordered first "Hmm, Mango and pineapple fruit crush please Cael".
Jordan looked at Cael "The same please Cael" not really knowing what it was but it sounded palatable anyway.
"Two crushes coming up" as Cael turned he was giggling quietly at the irony of what he just said.
"How was your morning, relaxing?" Jordan asked Daniel as he wiped himself off with the cold towel Cael had placed before them.
Daniel wiped his face "Completely, finally getting rid of my demons".
"I know how that feels, hope you are putting them to rest finally." Jordan replied.

They spent an hour or so just chatting about Barbados and general things, Jordan didn't want to broach the subject about Daniel's demons but was a little more than interested to find out. They spoke about what they did for a living but somehow Jordan felt Daniel was being guarded about certain things that he did, all he would say is that we worked for his parents in leisure. On the other hand Jordan didn't mention about his porn career as he was going to put that behind him and didn't see any reason to tell him just yet, plus how would he react to that sort of news. One thing was very evident that they were getting on well and Jordan was smitten and enjoying his company, he was a breath of fresh air compared to how controlling Sage had become.

Jordan finished his drink "Time to get back to some sunbathing" he announced as he stood up.
"Yes, need to get some colour on my pasty white legs" Daniel replied looking down at them.
Jordan took his chance and looked as well "Well I wouldn't say they were pasty" he looked up at Daniel.
"You think?" As he said that their eyes met.
Jordan paused before asking "If your free tonight would you join me for dinner?" he almost held his breath waiting.
Daniel stood up "I would love to, shall we say 8pm at the pool bar?".
"Perfect will see you then." Jordan smiled at Daniel as the both headed back to their sunbeds.

Jordan spent the rest of the afternoon sunning himself and swimming, Daniel said good bye when he left the beach. There were only a few people left and Cael was tidying up the used towels and sunbeds before he wandered over close to Jordan, he caught his eye and Cael came over.

"Hello Jordan, can I get you anything?" he said throwing another towel across his arm.
"Yes please Cael, can I have another of those fruit crushes please." he asked.
Cael nodded and smiled "Of course Jordan" he replied before heading back to the beach bar.

It wasn't long before he returned and handed Jordan his drink, he asked if Jordan had an exciting evening planned as he continued tidying up. Jordan told him he was having a quiet dinner for two, he questioned Cael where in the resort would be most ideal, Cael immediately said the Windward Palm just along the beach on the rocky outcrop, it was the resorts most exclusive dining venue. He stopped before remembering it was booked up for this evening and told him that it was full tonight. Jordan resigned himself that it looked like dinner in the main restaurant which was good but not ideal for a quiet evening. Cael inquired if he was dining with Daniel which caused Jordan to splutter in to his drink.

"Is it that obvious." he asked wiping his chin with the towel.
Cael laughed "Depends what you mean by obvious, Cael sees everything" chortling heartily as we left Jordan.

He shook his head as just when he thought he might get someone to open up a bit about Daniel they wandered off. Jordan gathered his belongings and returned to his room to get ready for dinner, he felt like a teenager going on a first date, but wait this was not a date so why did he feel like it was. Satisfied he looked presentable albeit the red nose where he forgot to apply sun cream, he headed down to the pool bar, slightly nervous but excited to get to know Daniel more.

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Part 5 - Perfect Company

The steel drum band was playing heavenly calypso music by the pool bar, the terrace was busy as guests were laying fully clothed on the sunbeds soaking up the atmosphere. As he arrived at the pool bar he saw the group of ladies who were eyeing him up the previous day, it was only 7.45pm so he looked for an empty table away from the group but his luck had run out, he had to take a seat on a table next to them and ordered a soft drink. It didn't take long for the flirting to start as each one of the ladies tried to get Jordan's attention, just to play along he would occasionally look over and smile to satisfy them. Smiling to himself as he heard them giggling and whispering between themselves. Jordan's attention went elsewhere as he spotted Daniel walking from the hotel towards the pool bar, he ignored the ladies and watched as butterflies churned in his stomach. He vaguely heard one of the ladies talking to her friends and hearing the words 'I think that answers the question girls'.

Daniel arrived at the pool bar and instantly spotted Jordan, he was definitely not hard to miss in all fairness. As he walked over he had a strange feeling that he was being watched, after all he was about to dine with probably the sexiest man in the resort, or ever met. He had seen Jordan engaging with the group of ladies from the hotel, this did unnerve him slightly thinking at best he might be bisexual. Jordan stood up as Daniel arrived by his side and gave him a big smile, he ordered a soft drink as he sat down. They chatted about the rest of their day and Daniel pointed out that Jordan had a hareem of ladies to choose from, this caused Jordan to laugh and shake his head. It was a very comfortable and easy flow between them as they shut the rest of the world out. The ladies clattered about noisily as they stood to head off dinner, as one past by she looked at them both said 'lovely' and quickly tottered off. They both looked and pointed to each other laughing, every time Jordan laughed and sat back his shirt tightened over his torso, Daniel still could not believe he was about to dine with Jordan. Everything about him Daniel seemed to love and was driving him wild, from the tattoos showing on the lower part of arms, the Bermuda shorts fitted perfectly and his short neatly trimmed beard defined his sexiness. Jordan completely charmed and almost swooning in his company, there was no badness inside him just a beautifully natured soul. They continued their bantering for a good half an hour mostly about which one of the ladies was interested in who. Daniel had tears running down his face from the laughter whilst Jordan was doubled over in pain from so much laughing, a few other guests would look over occasionally and the continuous laughter, eventually Jordan managed to compose himself.

"Daniel, it has been way to long since someone made me laugh in this way" he said catching his breath.
Daniel finished his sparkling water "I had almost forgotten how to. Ready to eat Jordan?" he asked.
"Yes, main dining room afraid as I couldn't get booked in one of the speciality restaurants" he explained.
"That's okay, I had a table booked already at the Windward Palm, let's go" Daniel and Jordan stood up and they smiled at each other.

Jordan followed on and they walked together through the resort grounds and the short distance to the restaurant. There was a lot of hustle and bustle as Daniel arrived with Jordan, some staff checking their dress was in order which Jordan thought very strange but brushed it away. They were escorted to a quiet table on the balcony overlooking the ocean, a candle flickered as the silvery moonlight flooded across the table as they took their seats. Jordan grinned thinking this was such a perfect setting.

"What's the big grin all about?" Daniel looked over at him.
Jordan shrugged his shoulders "I don't know, it is just so perfect the ocean and moonlight, sort of thing you see in movies".
Daniel laughed "You old romantic" he chided.
"Hey not so old but romantic totally" an awkward silence fell between them as a waiter approached with the wine list.
"Hope you don't mind Jordan but I asked them to go Bajan on us." Daniel said and paused waiting for Jordan's response.
Jordan thanked the waiter before replying "Nothing ventured nothing gained" his eyes fixed on Daniel "I will be guided by you".
"Great, how about red wine?" Daniel asked putting the wine list down on the table.
"Yes that works for me. Do you always take control like this?" He asked smiling at Daniel.
"No not usually, but I am celebrating taking control of my life again and to our friendship" he replied.
As the waiter poured the wine Jordan raised his glass "To controlling our own destiny and friends" Daniel clinked Jordan's glass.
"And what is your destiny Jordan?" Daniel tried to look nonchalant as he asked the question.
Jordan smiled "I don't know yet, but my heart is telling me it may be closer than I think" he deliberately tried to not make eye contact.
"Destiny can be very random" Daniel remarked looking out to sea "sometimes completely unsuspecting, but never to be brushed off".

Jordan tried everything the waiters brought over, it was the first time he truly ate Bajan food and enjoying every minute of Daniel's company. Daniel finished off that last of his wine as the waiters cleared desert and poured coffee. He felt a little light headed from the wine and humidity but for once he was in a very happy place and completely content. Jordan looked intently at Daniel he loved the relaxed and happy look on his face. They were interrupted by a female voice behind them saying hello to Daniel as the Hollywood actress and her husband were leaving the restaurant. Daniel turned and said hello and asked if they were having a quiet romantic dinner noticing the lack of children. She laughed before replying that it was nice to have a romantic meal her eyes darting between him and Jordan. Daniel almost forgot his manners and stood up to introduce Jordan who also stood up a little lost for words, he held out his hand which the husband shook, but she kissed him on the cheek, now he was really all tongue tied. They chatted and Jordan couldn't resist telling her how much he loved her in Stepford Wives and Moulin Rouge. She pushed him gently laughing as she regaled some of the unusual things that happened on set, that was until the husband intervened after 5 minutes telling Jordan that she will keep you up until dawn if you let her. As they left the husband turned to Daniel and Jordan inviting them for dinner in a couple of nights.

Jordan was gushing "Wow, wow, wow, she kissed me on the cheek" he garbled unable to really get his words out.
Daniel was laughing "Don't be so star struck Jordan" mocking Jordan in the process.

As the actress left she spoke to her husband and look back "I think Danny has finally got rid of loose eye?".
He looked at her "Hmm he doesn't seem to be here" whispering to her "But one thing for sure, Jordan is all goo goo for Danny".
She laughed "I remember you going goo goo on me" she leant in and kissed him "He is almost as sexy as you" patting his arm.

They both sat and Jordan was eventually calming down, Daniel suggested a walk along the beach the long way back to the main hotel as it was such a nice evening. Jordan asked for the bill as the restaurant was not included in the inclusive plan, the waiter looked and smiled and said it was all taken care of. He looked over to Daniel and began to protest and said he should at least split the bill in half but Daniel would have none of it. They left by the stairs down to the beach, Daniel took his reefs off and stood in the water. Jordan followed his lead and they walked along the shoreline towards to the beach bar. They were the only two on the beach and apart from the water gently lapping on to the beach it was very tranquil with just a hint of calypso music wafting down from the pool terrace. As they neared the beach bar Daniel sat down on the sand with his feet in the water, Jordan sat beside him.

"Have you finally got rid of your demons Daniel?" He tentatively asked.
Daniel looked down at his feet in the water "You know I think I have and it was the right decision."
Jordan smiled "Today has helped me a lot as well, I am way better off with them out of my life."
Daniel turned to look at Jordan "You as well, thought it was just me" they both laughed looking at each other and no longer hiding sadness behind their eyes.
"Daniel" Jordan began "do you mind if I ask you a question, but please don't be offended?".
He looked at Jordan "Go on, and I promise not to be offended" he replied.

He was about to ask but Jordan lost his bottle at the last minute and steered the question around if he minded him joining him for dinner with the actress and her husband. Not quite the question he thought Jordan was going to ask but said the invite was for both of them so he was expected. They both laid back looking up at the stars in a  strange awkward silence for a few minutes, Daniel sat up and said it was time for him to go bed as the jetlag was still nagging at him a little. They both stood up and Jordan made a move to give Daniel a hug who was aiming more for a handshake, eventually he said 'oh okay', he breathed in as Jordan's arms closed around him in a friendly hug. Was it possible the hug lingered longer than necessary, Daniel felt Jordan's strong arms holding him close, he was melting as he smelled the cologne and felt the muscles up against his body. Quickly Daniel moved away as he was starting to tent in his shorts and thought it would be a pretty embarrassing situation if Jordan noticed that he was getting turned on. The both walked up to the pool terrace and the main hotel wing, Daniel said good night and that he would see him tomorrow on the beach.

Jordan sat on the edge of his bed half naked and completely annoyed at himself, how the hell did he chicken out of asking the question. He had to know where he really stood and if he was gay, the pieces appeared to fit and he was really sure that Daniel sneaked glances at him on the beach during the day.

Daniel was sat on the veranda when a piece of music sprung in to his head and he started singing the lyrics 'Love, love changes everything, says are longer, words mean more, love, love changes everything, pain is deeper than before, love will turn your world around, and that world will last forever' he stopped reciting the lyrics. He couldn't even fathom out how he remembered the words to the song, he was oblivious to how the words would interpret in the coming times ahead. He shook his head striped off naked and dived in the pool for a quick swim before bed.

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Part 6 - Falling Victim

He sat in the corner watching the crowd as he sipped on his bourbon and coke, carefully choosing the bar as he new it was Mario's favourite haunt. Sage put his drink down on the table spotting Mario standing by the bar, at 22 he was slender with short cropped dirty blond hair and tattoos adorned most of his upper torso. Mario had done three porn scenes with Jordan and Sage knew they had become kind of friends on a professional basis. This was his best hope for the moment of tracking Jordan down, plus he might get to knock the bitch up as he showed interest in him when they met once before. He was out to show Jordan he could destroy anything he touched or got close to. Mario spotted him sitting in the corner nursing his drink and made a beeline over to him.

"Hi, Sage isn't it?" he smiled "I'm Mario one of Jordan's co-actors."
Sage smirked "Yes I remember you, how could I forget you" he indicated for him to sit down.
"Glad I caught up with you, have you seen Jordan only the studio are trying to get hold of him?" his eyes fixed on Sage's muscles.
"I was just heading home hoping he is back, we had a little fight and he stormed off" he told Mario trying to look upset.
Mario touched his arm "I am sure he will be back, do you mind if I ride with you I need to speak to him".
Sage grabbed his hand "Not at all, come on it's a bit warm in here anyway".

They left the bar and Sage drove home with Mario by his side, he asked why the studio wanted to get in touch. Mario replied that they want him for a couple of scenes with some new porn actors and were getting annoyed they couldn't contact him. They pulled up to the condo building basement and got in the lift up to the seventh floor. Sage opened the door to the apartment and let Mario enter first, locking the door as he closed it, his cock was already getting hard. He did a quick scan around calling out Jordan's name before telling Mario he didn't appear to be back yet. Sage took off his t-shirt revealing the bulging muscles as Mario stood there looking on enjoying the view, he new from Jordan telling him that sex with Sage was rough and intense. Mario liked a bit of wrestling but even he could see that Sage would destroy him. Sage was starring back at him and asked if he liked his muscles, he nodded and muttered the word wow as Sage moved towards him. He moved close enough telling Mario to touch them if he liked, Mario couldn't resist and complied immediately, squeezing the biceps and running his hands over them, he couldn't believe how rock hard they felt. Sage removed Mario's shirt as he continued roaming over the muscles, Sage grabbed him behind his neck and started to kiss him hard.

Mario pushed away slightly "Sorry it's not going to happen I have a client in an hour" he said.
"You like to get paid for having sex?" he responded, mocking Mario who was now being held tight in Sage's arms.
Mario paused for a moment "Yes, I only do casual sex for money" he couldn't and somehow didn't want to escape those arms holding him.
"That's okay I am going to pay you with one of the most memorable fucks you could ever wish for" he whispered in Mario's ear.

Mario just couldn't help himself or  deny the opportunity that presented itself on a platter, he kissed Sage and with a purpose and felt one hand cup low under his buttocks whilst the other clasped around his back. His body rose off the ground in a natural instinct Mario's legs wrapped themselves around his waist, he could feel Sage walking  and opened his eyes whilst their lips still locked together his saw the lounge disappearing as they turned in to the hallway. Mario panicked knowing he was being taken to the bedroom, albeit he found Sage sexy this was not really suppose to happen. The hallway disappeared as they entered the bedroom, he saw the door closing behind them as Sage kicked it shut with his leg. The kissing intensified whilst he was still suspended in the air, he wanted to stop it desperately and get out but his arms wrapped themselves tighter around Sage's neck, his mouth full of his invading tongue as he slowly melted and succumbed.

Mario felt his body lowering and unclasped his legs allowing him to stand up, one muscled arm kept Mario tight up to his body, he felt Sage's hand pulling his shorts and underwear down in a swift movement, Mario's instinct took over and went in to porn actor grabbing hold of Sage's now hard cock through his clothing, slowly he began pulling them down until they both stood naked. An evil grin appeared on Sage's face before he told Mario that he was going to get fucked like the whore he is. He grabbed Mario under the arms lifting him off the ground again and threw him with such force that he flew on to the bed, arms and legs flaying in the air as his back hit the bed. He had no time to recover as Sage had hold of his legs and twisted them around so quickly that his body followed until he was laying on his stomach. His legs were yanked back hard pulling him to the edge of the bed exposing his arse in the perfect position for breeding.

Part of Mario was terrified at the brute force and dominance of Sage, the other part of him wanted to be fucked and abused by this wholesome stud. No time to think, no time to speak, no time to react as he felt the weight of Sage's body pinning him down on the bed. His body completely covered Mario, apart from the legs and arms sticking out from under Sage you would not have known someone was underneath. He tried to push his head up as far as it would go and muttered the word condom, Sage licked the side of Mario's face as he gasped feeling the cock positioning at the entrance to his hole with no protection. Sage licked the side of his face again and whispered he was his bitch and was about to be owned, Mario struggled underneath the weight of his body. He let out a loud gasp and cry as Sage pushed his cock hard and fast deep in to Mario's arse, he cried louder as the pain burnt through his arse as the cock tore it's way through with each rapid and hard deep thrust. Each one followed quickly leaving no time for his victim to adjust to the size or invasion, Mario buried his head against the sheet's and clawed at Sage's arms in protest. Every time he tried to let out a scream Sage would thrust in deeper then pound the arse weakening Mario's anal lining causing tears to open, he was gasping underneath Sage the groaning and moaning did nothing to calm the pain. Tears ran from the corner of his eyes as they stared ahead wide open from the pain that came in a relentless fashion.

The clawing of the arms morphed in to a hold as his panic subsided, his eyes glazed over with a look of and completely forgetting that Sage wore no condom, his arse was now pushing up meeting the downward thrusts that were wrecking havoc inside him. Sage could feel his victim was now fucked into submission and moved to a more rhythmic fast motion, he felt his balls beginning to tingle as they slapped hard against Mario's arse. Sage moved his arm around the neck of Mario pulling his head closer to his as he was now ready to knock him up, Mario felt the cock inside him even more causing him to moan louder as it became even harder. The speed ramped up and Mario let out a loud gasped his arse felt like he was being stabbed from the inside, Sage reared up and thrusted down hard holding his hips up tight against Mario's arse. His cock jettisoning stream after stream of highly toxic venom inside his victim, his arm tightened around Mario's neck holding him as he roared loudly with each spasm shuddering through his body from the orgasm. His hips began piston fucking deeper in to Mario who was now moaning and gasping loudly mixed with cries of pain, he couldn't decide if it was pain or pleasure but he was intoxicated by his fucking. Sage's body began to relax and he licked the side of Mario's face again, this time he whispered the words 'You belong to me whore'.

Mario turned his head and their mouths melted together in a deep kiss, Sage wriggled his arse grinding and mixing his seed deeper into Mario's arse, meticulously ensuring that it got in to every fissure that had opened up in his anal wall. Mario's head fell forward as he panted heavily, he could hear the squelching from deep in his arse he new what had just happened. Finally he felt the weight lift of his body as Sage got up and roughly extracted his cock,  Mario let out a yelp and cry from the pain, he chuckled malevolently looking down at his blood covered cock. He strode over to Mario's pile of clothes and threw them at him indicating it was time for him to leave. His arse still burnt as he pulled his underwear and shorts on, then walked to the lounge to retrieve his shirt and trainers, before leaving the apartment he took a look towards the bedroom but Sage was already in the shower.

He closed the door behind him as he left, it was a very uncomfortable walk to the bus stop, he felt like his arse has been turned inside out. He stood waiting for the bus back to downtown LA, cancelling his client as he knew he couldn't take any more cock tonight, the bus pulled up and he got on. As it pulled away he looked at the condo building, little did he realise then that this would become an all to familiar scene repeated time after time.

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Part 7 - A Day Like No Other

Jordan opened his eyes after an amazing nights sleep, he was still cuddling the pillow that he fell asleep with. His thoughts were on Daniel as he had drifted off, it was the first thing running through his mind again this morning. He had never quite felt like this around anyone before, he had unwittingly fallen hard and deeply in love with a guy who he didn't know. More to the point he wasn't even sure if he was gay unless his gaydar was off kilter and needed retuning. The familiar tap at the door signalled Milly's arrival calling 'room service', she tapped again and the door opened.

"Good Morning Sir, where would you like your morning coffee" she asked standing with the tray.
Jordan took a moment "On the balcony please Milly" he grabbed his bathrobe and slipped it on.
"Another beautiful Bajan day sir" as she poured a cup of coffee for him.
"Exquisite Milly and for a lot of other reasons" Jordan sat in one of the lounger seats and took at gulp of coffee.
She smiled over "Someone is looking like they found the fallen coconut" she giggled.
He looked strangely at her "Fallen coconut" he asked.
"Oh yes sir, it's what we Bajan's say when you have the twinkling look of love in your eye" Milly topped up his coffee cup.
"Had a wonderful night, dinner then a lovely walk along the beach and really nice company" he sighed.
Milly placed the coffee pot back on the tray "Definitely fallen coconut but has it cracked open to reveal itself?".
Jordan couldn't help but laugh "Still firmly closed, it was Daniel the guy you waved to yesterday".
Milly smiled to herself as she prepared to leave "Don't be disappointed if the coconut fails to open".

Jordan tried to figure out if it was a hint he was straight, before he could ask her she said she would be back at 10am to clean the room and promptly wished him a good day before leaving. Jordan gazed admiring the view and looked out over the beach but there was no sign of Daniel this morning.

The butler laid breakfast on the veranda as Daniel finished his swim and calling out good morning to Anderson, he had known him since he was 15 when Anderson became senior butler in the Orchid Wing. He dried himself on the fluffy pool towel suddenly thinking about Jordan's hug last night, how wonderful he smelt and how firm that body was. He smiled and sat down eating his fruit platter and toast, he heard his phone ringing from the lounge and Anderson appeared with it and handed it over to Daniel. He had a missed call from his mother and just as he was about to call her a text message came through brief but to the point 'Off to LA just sat on plane signing deal to buy a small hotel. Will pop and see you tomorrow for a couple of days, Mum'. Excited that they were finally going to open a hotel in LA he sent a quick text back 'Brilliant news, u checking up on me? can't wait to see you'. He had a quick chat with Anderson before he picked up his sunglasses and threw a t-shirt on then headed down to the beach, he had to admit that seeing Jordan on the beach lifted his spirits and he was hoping to find him there. As he stepped down on to the warm sand he had a quick glance around but there was no sign of him, one thing he did notice was that Cael had moved the sunbeds to within a couple of meters of each other. Cael looked up and smiled at Daniel as he laid the towels on the sunbeds.

"Cael what are you doing?" he asked smirking at him.
He looked up at Daniel "Thought you two might want to sit a little closer as you seem to be getting on".
"What on earth do you mean by that Cael?" he laughed placing his sunglasses down on the table next to one of the beds.
"I see the two of you sneaky glances when you think the other is not looking" Cael giggled as Daniel poked his tongue out at him.

Daniel headed down to the sea and dived in as he came up for air he heard splashing behind him, he turned and saw Steve and Callum heading towards him.

"Hey" Daniel called out to them as they got closer.
Callum still excited splashed his way over "Oh my god this place is amazing, thank you so much for what you did".
Steve swam up behind Callum "Daniel thank you, we totally love it here, just what we needed".
"Calm down guys I only repaid your kindness to me" Daniel answered as they swam around in the water chatting.
Callum suddenly stopped "Oooh dreamy man has arrived on the beach" he announced.
"Oh yes, now the sightseeing starts" Steve said giggling then stopped suddenly "he is coming in for a swim".
Daniel glanced over and saw Jordan smile "He is sexy I will give you that boys" as Jordan dived under the water.
Steve noticed the smile in Daniel's direction "I think we should swim off" he said.
"Don't be silly, oh guys seriously if he comes over please do not mention anything about me and the hotel" Daniel responded.
Steve grabbed Callum "Did you hear Daniel?".
"Yes, don't worry I won't mention anything." Callum replied with a serious look on his face.

Jordan swam over and said good morning to them all and Daniel introduced the boys that were on his flight. Callum was taking mouthfuls of sea water starring at Jordan and choking at the same time, Steve apologised to Jordan saying his boyfriend had the hots for him. Jordan smiled and said he was totally flattered. Daniel quickly tuned in hoping that Jordan was going to reveal something but it was a very non descript response. They swam fooling around in the sea for nearly half an hour, Steve and Callum headed back ashore first. Steve giving Daniel a wink and nod in Jordan's direction as they swam away. Daniel was shaking his head mildly amused that everyone seemed to be pushing him and Jordan together in some way. Reaching shore Jordan and Daniel walked up to the sunbeds.

"Sunbeds appeared to have moved closer" Jordan remarked.
Daniel wiped his face on the cold towel "Cael decided to rearrange the beach furniture this morning".
Jordan cocked his head to one side "You don't mind do you?".
"No think I can cope as long as you don't snore loudly" he smirked back at Jordan.
Jordan shook he head smiling "You are such a charmer".

They spent a leisurely morning chatting, dozing and listening to music. Daniel did love the fact that Jordan was not hooked on his smartphone like most people were nowadays, even people on the beach had their heads buried in their phone. This was one thing Daniel didn't care to much for and found it rude if people did this when he was with them. He felt a tapping at his arm and looked over to Jordan who was laying on his stomach looking at Daniel, he made a drink motion with his hand and Daniel nodded. They walked over to the beach bar and took a seat at the bar stools, Cael went over to the immediately with his biggest cheeky grin and asked if they wanted a fruit crush. They both nodded and said yes please in unison causing them both to snigger. Jordan thought had about his chat with Milly earlier on whilst looking intently at Daniel.

"Penny for them." Daniel asked bringing Jordan back to earth.
"Sorry just lost in my own thoughts Daniel" he replied
Daniel sipped his drink then placed it back on the bar "Danny".
Jordan looked lost for a moment "Danny?".
"Yes, friends and family call me Danny, I guess your becoming a friend so you can call me Danny" he raised his glass to Jordan.
The word friend tugged at Jordan as they clinked glasses "Danny it is then, you can call me Jordan" he laughed.
"What about Jordy?" Daniel asked giggling like a child.
Jordan laughed and pondered for a moment "If you really must then okay" as they clinked glasses again looking at each other.
"Thank you for you company last night Jordy, I had a great evening." Daniel remarked.
Jordan turned on his stool "Same here, if your free tonight would you like to dine with me again?" he sat looking hopeful.
"Dinner with you again Jordy?" Daniel chuckled and continued "People might get the wrong impression".
"Oh and what impression is that Danny?" Jordan avoided his gaze "That we are friends?" he asked.
Daniel ran his finger up the glass wiping the condensation before replying "Lovers having a fling" he laughed.
Jordan sat silent for a moment "No, I don't do flings Danny" he paused and looked at Daniel "Lovers definitely".
Daniel looked at him and swallowed his mouth a little dry "Are asking me out on a date" he smirked.
Jordan was caught slightly off guard "Now why would I be asking you on a date and would you be offended if I did?".
"Your fishing Jordy, what are you trying to ask me?" Daniel had a dead pan look on his face.
Jordan tried to make light of the moment "Danny will you marry me?" he chuckled.
Daniel saw the funny side and laughed "Not with that sort of proposal I won't." he answered back.

Jordan and Daniel's eyes met as they laughed at each other, but behind the laughter Jordan could sense there was a glint of something else. He was now certain that Daniel was gay, but how did he approach the question without really offending him. Jordan took a swig of his drink and faced Daniel with a serious look on his face, Daniel stopped laughing well if he doesn't I will he thought to himself.

"Danny will you go on a date with me this evening?" Jordan held his breath as he waited.
Daniel looked Jordan straight in the eye "Yes I will Jordy" as a big smile grew across his face.
Jordan breathed a sigh of relief "Thank god, coconuts" he suddenly said without really understanding why he said it.
"Coconuts?" Daniel asked with a very bemused look on his face.
"Oh something my room attendant said this morning, she said I looked liked I found the fallen coconut" he chuckled.
Daniel chuckled "That is a very Bajan way of saying you found love" he said.
"Oh right, I think she nailed that on the head" he simply starred in to Daniel's eyes.
Daniel's heart pounded as he looked at Jordan "More than one coconut was found last night. I never realised you were gay".
Cael laughed a little too loudly hearing them "You two are so infatuated that you couldn't tell or see it".

They both looked at Cael and each other before laughing, Jordan reached over and held Daniel's hand as they looked at each other. Cael placed two fresh drinks down on the bar interrupting them, Cael winked at Jordan as he left to attend another guest. Jordan and Daniel just sat there relieved that it hadn't ended in a complete disaster, the rest of the day they spent looking at each other and swimming. Every time they went for a swim Cael discreetly moved the sunbeds closer and closer, much to Jordan and Daniel's laughter as they now were almost touching. As the last rays of sun began fading they both walked back up to the main hotel building and went their separate ways agreeing to meet a 8pm at the pool bar. To say Jordan was in heaven was an understatement, he never expected to find someone he was so attracted to on many levels, yet he was the opposite of his type of man and quite quite different, that is what drew him to Daniel.

Daniel had arranged a for the same quiet table at the Windward Palm, during dinner both of them opened up more about their disastrous relationships. It was uncanny how  their circumstances were so similar and how they found themselves together sat at the Windward Palm table overlooking the sea. Jordan was sure this would be a holiday romance or at best once or twice a year in a long distance relationship that would be short lived. Daniel was still a little guarded over his real life for the moment, when the time is right he will tell him everything if it get's to that stage. Jordan had revealed his hiv status and porn career, Daniel asked about his treatment and to tell all about his porn films. Jordan had earned so much admiration and respect from Daniel for being so open and honest. Dinner finished Daniel reached down and took his reefs off indicating they should go for another walk along the beach. This time they walked hand in hand until they reached the same spot and Daniel sat down, Jordan sat behind Daniel wrapping his arms around Daniel's body and holding him close. Daniel laid back his head against Jordan's shoulder as they sat there quietly watching the night sky. Daniel had a sense that Jordan was lost in thought as he didn't respond when Daniel kissed his arm.

He tapped Jordan's arm "What are you thinking Jordy?".
"How you have turned my world upside down in so many ways" as he ran his hand down Daniels chest.
Daniel nuzzled closer "You have done the same to me, I can't even begin to untangle this".
"But would this even work if it became serious and not just a holiday romance" he sighed and sounded a little down.
Daniel entwinned his fingers with Jordan's "Serious becomes complicated".
Jordan looked at Daniel "How so?".
"Doesn't matter right now" Daniel said quietly to him.
"Right now I just want to drop everything be with you." he said holding Daniel tighter.
Daniel turned to face him "Would you, in all seriousness?".
"Completely, it is just a shame we can't stay here forever, just us on this beach" he said stroking Daniel's head.
Daniel leaned his head back on to Jordan's shoulder "Be careful what you ask for" he replied.
Jordan chuckled "Not bad for a first date I guess".

Daniel felt that life could not get any better right now as everything was perfect, it had been such a strange turn of events, truly a day like not other. They walked back towards the pool terrace but Jordan stopped Daniel and pulled him face to face with him and gently kissed him for the first time, his body whole body melted in to Jordan's arms, their eyes starring deep in to each others souls. Daniel smiled and kissed Jordan back before they continued to the hotel.

Sofie smiled to herself discreetly from where she was hiding so not to attract attention, she had been keeping an eye on Daniel for his mother and reporting back on how he was doing. The bigger question was how Lucy would react to this. More importantly would she approve of this one, from what she had seen and how he treated Daniel there was every chance that Lucy would like him.

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Part 8 - The 3rd Dinner

Daniel had been up early his head full of thoughts about Jordan, was he really serious about making a go of it or was it just the heady mix of sunshine and rebound?. They seemed to have a connection and maybe it was fate or destiny, two people meeting under very similar situations. Only time would tell but now he had his mother to think about, she would be arriving mid afternoon and no doubt will want to have with him in the suite this evening. For now he headed down to the beach for an early swim. To his surprise Jordan was in the sea swimming, his heart lifted at the sight of him and wasted no time to join him.

"Morning Jordy, your up early." he said coming to a stop by Jordan who swept him up in his arms and gave him a kiss.
"Couldn't sleep Danny, you kept me up most of the night, I don't know what you have done to me but I like it" he kissed him again.
Daniel splashed water at Jordan "destiny or fate Jordy?".
"Both I think." as Jordan swam off forcing Daniel to try and keep up.

They both grabbed a towel from the beach bar, Daniel ran his hands along Jordan's arm and chest. Jordan placed a finger under Daniel's chin lifting his head up and moved his mouth towards Daniel's, their lips parted and Daniel felt Jordan's tongue slipping in to his mouth as they had their first romantic kiss, the sun appeared over the distant horizon bathing them in an orange glow. Cael stood watching as he arrived on to the beach 'That is so hot', the two of them jumped in surprise looking at Cael, Jordan placed his arm around Daniel's shoulder.

"Cael how long have you been there watching?" Daniel asked with a look of shock on his face.
Cael laughed "Not long, you two look perfect together, wondered how long it would take".

Cael quickly made them a fruit crush then went off preparing for the day ahead. One thing Daniel knew for sure already, he loved Jordan touching him and holding him, even the smallest gesture of touch caused electricity to flow through his body. Drinks in hand and Jordan's arm around his shoulder, Daniel placed his arm around Jordan's waist asthey went for a short stroll along the beach.

"I can't believe you have come in to my life like this Jordy" he squeezed Jordan tighter round the waist.
Jordan kissed him on the head "Dine with me tonight Danny" he asked.
"Oh, it may be difficult tonight my mother is arriving this afternoon and staying over tonight" Daniel stopped walking.
Jordan rubbed his head "I think I might be able to survive one night" he chuckled.
Daniel turned to face Jordan "Let me see what is happening and I will come find you at the beach around 5pm".
"Okay, I am not going anywhere" Jordan smiled and kissed him on the head again.

They met up again after breakfast and spent the morning swimming and sunning themselves. At 2pm Daniel got a text from his mother that she was in reception and heading to the suite. He gave Jordan a peck on the cheek and hastily disappeared. Jordan looked at him scampering up the beach, he felt that Daniel was holding back on something but wasn't quite sure. His mother was already in the suite when he walked in to the lounge, she told him the LA hotel was signed and sealed and they would start work on the renovations of the newly named Salinger Los Angeles, they both sat on the veranda with a cold drink, his mother eyeing him suspiciously.

"So Danny, what is going on with you?" she raised an eyebrow.
Daniel eased back in the chair "What do you mean mother?".
"You have the same look your father had when he fell in love with me" she said eyeing him carefully.
Daniel shook his head "Am I that easy to read, I don't know how to explain it".
"Does he feel the same way?" she asked.
"It would appear so, something clicked between us almost immediately" he answered looking at his mother.
A worried looked crossed her face "Do you want it to go further Danny, I am just concerned after that last car crash wreck of a boyfriend?".
Daniel sank a little "I think I do mother but it is figuring out how, he lives in Boston".
"Oh I see what you mean, but if you both feel the same way you both have to figure it out" she said encouragingly.
"I need to go and put him off for tonight so we can have dinner" he said standing up.
"No don't do that bring him along to dinner" she kissed him on the cheek as he was about to leave.
Daniel turned to his mother "Ah, he doesn't know who I am yet, and are you going to assess his suitability mother?" he laughed.
She laughed "Assess?, quite so and I will tell you if I approve of your choice".

As Daniel left he knew that his mother was not joking, if she didn't like him he wold not be welcomed in to the family. It had taken months before his mother and father would eventually relent and allow Greg in their home and family life, that was the one thing he really didn't want to happen this time. He had told his mother everything he knew about Jordan, what he didn't know was that Sofie had had already briefed Lucy.

Jordan was sat at the water's edge looking as though he was a million miles away, it was already coming up to 6pm and the last few rays of sun were diminishing rapidly as the sun set. Daniel sat down besides Jordan whose arm went straight around Daniel's shoulder.

"Everything okay?" he asked.
Daniel hesitated a moment "We have dinner at 8pm but it is with my mother as well, hope you don't mind Jordy".
"That's quick but suppose I will have to eventually meet her. That is if you want me to?" he replied looking at Daniel.
Daniel turned to him "Yes I think it is best, she will be hard on you especially after my ex Greg".
Jordan laughed "Well I hope she approves of me, but importantly she understands what is happening between us".
"So be truthful is this what you really want?" Daniel asked looking intently at Jordan.
Jordan held him tighter "I can't predict the future Danny but yes I am sure, and I will never cheat on you".
Daniel sighed and smiled "I'm sure we will have ups and downs. We just have to figure out where we go from here".

Daniel walked with Jordan back to the hotel wing, as they parted company Daniel told him he would meet Jordan in reception at 7.45pm and that it was casual wear, shorts and t-shirt. By 7.30 Jordan was showered, changed and immaculately groomed he felt a little nervous as there was a knock at the door and the familiar voice of Milly announcing turndown service. He opened the door to let her in.

"Sorry sir, I was thought you might have gone down for dinner, have you finished in the bathroom?" she asked.
Jordan sat on the chair "That's okay Milly just biding my time at the moment before dinner".
Milly was cleaning in the bathroom "Where are you eating tonight?" she asked making general conversation.
"I don't know, I have dinner with Daniel and his mother." He looked up as she came out of the bathroom.
She gave him a very unusual look "Has Danny told you about his mother?" she was trying to asses how much he new.
"Only to expect a hard time" he said looking back at her.
She left the room and returned with fresh towels "Don't want to speak out to term sir, is you and Danny a serious thing then?".
Jordan thought for a moment before replying "Fallen coconuts Milly, I think the mother must be the hard one to crack".
Coming back out of the bathroom she told him "Leave your mobile phone here be true and be yourself, that's my only advice".
Jordan chuckled thinking does everyone here know my business "Thank you Milly I will take your advice".
Daniel appeared at the door "Hello Jordy are you decent?".
Jordan sprung up from the chair realising it was now 7.45pm "Sorry Danny, Milly was chatting to me".
Daniel laughed "Milly what have you been saying?".
She looked up from turning down the bed "Evening Danny, big dinner then?" she smiled at Daniel.
Daniel shook his head "Jordy let me introduce you to Milly properly, this is Cael's mum".
Jordan shook his head laughing "Okay now I understand how you know so much".
Milly gave a Bajan laugh as she left the room "My son tells me all about the beach".
Daniel looked at Jordan "Ready?" Jordan nodded as they left the room.

As they wandered through to reception one of the concierge staff walked towards the Orchid Wing door and opened it with his pass key before greeting Daniel and Jordan. This was the first time Jordan had ever seen past the door, he looked around in amazement, it was an entirely different hotel in the hotel, more sumptuous and luxurious but still with a Bajan vibe. He told Daniel he had never been in this part of the hotel as they walked through the lounge and bar area, he spotted the actress who waved at them, they were sat with a couple of other celebrities enjoying pre-dinner drinks. It really was the most private and exclusive enclave in the hotel, he saw through the window to a beautiful pool terrace with private cabanas as they headed through some double doors leading to the rooms that circled around the pool, the walk took them to the end of the terrace to a room marked 'Salinger Orchid 1'. They stood hand in hand outside as Daniel looked at Jordan and said for him to 'Brace himself' as he rang the doorbell. The door was opened by Anderson the butler who greeted Daniel then Jordan and guided them to the veranda where his mother was waiting, she stood up as they approached.

"Thought we would dine outside Danny" she went over and kissed him on the cheek.
Daniel pulled Jordan forward "Mother this is Jordy, oh, Jordan. Jordan this is my mother".
Jordan shook hands with her, she was indeed formidable "Thank you for inviting me to dinner".
She looked carefully at him before replying "Your welcome, please sit".

Pre-dinner drinks were spent casually chatting or so Jordan thought, carefully she picked through every word he said. She sat taking in all of him and already liked the way he looked and presented himself, he listened diligently to every question she asked making sure his responses were crafted with accuracy, care and relevance. As they sat down to dinner Daniel watched his mother, he was hoping to see some sign that she was warming to him. She ruthlessly dragged him over the hot coals as dinner progressed. The one question which Daniel knew was looking on the horizon which he hoped Jordan wouldn't shy away or evade answering honestly. By now Jordan had revealed everything about his father and his husband, his own mother and stepdad. He held nothing back he told her about his health and hiv, she never once flinched at any of his revelations. Then she asked the question 'So what skeletons are you not telling me?', Daniel dropped his head as he didn't know how she would react. Jordan told her about his gay porn career for the last couple of years, she put her fork down on the desert plate and stopped eating, leaning back in her chair she smiled.

"It takes a brave person to sit and admit they did porn movies Jordan" her eyes fixed on him as she spoke.
She folded her arms and looked over at Daniel "You know your father did porn before we met Danny".
Daniel choked on his wine "Oh my god mother, you choose now to tell me that, is that for real?"
She laughed and nodded then looked at Jordan "You have a great body Jordan and very well groomed, I can see why you did porn".

Jordan couldn't fathom out Daniel's mother if she liked him or not, but she told Daniel to leave them for half an hour so she could talk with Jordan alone. She escorted Daniel and told him Sofie was waiting for him in the office to have a quick catch up. She returned to the veranda carrying a brown folder and placed it on the table.

She sat down at the table "Are you in love with Danny?"
Jordan leaned forward "Everything has happened so fast and he has turned my world upside down, but yes I do believe I am".
"His last partner we didn't like at all, but for Danny's sake we tolerated him to a point" she said to him.
Jordan went for broke "If you don't like me say so and I will leave Danny alone. But I will protect and love him".
She leaned forward in her chair "I don't like seeing him broken, his is my baby boy and I will always protect him".
"I completely understand, my father has always been the same about me" he replied with a serious look on his face.
She put a pen on the folder "In there is a legal document protecting my son, what do you do?" she pushed it towards him.

Jordan looked at the folder and pulled it in front of him, he opened it and went to the last page where he signed and dated it without reading any of the contents. He closed the folder placed the pen back on top and pushed it back towards her. The butler came and picked up the folder.

"That's very dangerous signing a document without reading it or knowing what it is about" she said looking at him in the eye.
Jordan shrugged his shoulders "If it means I have to leave your son I will do so".
"No it doesn't mean that. The document protects Danny completely." her gaze fixed on him.
Jordan smiled "As long as I can date your son with your approval that is all I need" he said watching her carefully.
"Lets just see what happens, you seem to be very honest and open personally" her expression giving nothing away.
Jordan topped up her wine glass "I have to admit you are one amazing lady, you must be good in business".
She laughed and saluted him with her glass "Jordan, you should know something but don't judge Danny from keeping it from you".
Jordan returned the glass salute "Can't be worse than getting through the last two hours" he laughed.
She returned to a serious look "Jordan, my name is Lucy Salinger, my husband and I own Salinger Hotels".
Jordan looked on stunned "I figured you had to be in business" it then clicked "Oh, you mean you own this hotel?".
"Yes we do and Danny is here to get over that awful ex and will also be running the hotel for a month" she told him.
Jordan took a sip of wine "Was it that bad, the break up I mean?".
"Let's just say I made sure he is out of his life forever, nasty person who played behind his back" she looked angry.
Jordan nodded "As long as we are together I promise you that will never happen".
"Your surprise me Jordan" he eyes narrowed "most of his partners knew who he was and were in it for other reasons".
He smiled at her "It doesn't matter who he is, to be with me that's all that counts".
She relaxed in the chair "I see the way Danny looks at you Jordan and I've not seen that with anyone before you".
"I have come to realise how special he is. I hope you will grow to like and be honest with me" Jordan finished his wine.
Lucy stood "You should ask Danny to fill you in on the rest. Let's go sit by the pool for coffee" she nodded to the butler.
Jordan sat next to Lucy on the swing chair "This is an amazing hideaway, I never knew what was behind those doors".
Lucy poured coffee for them both "This was our first hotel and to this day remains our flagship and most popular".
Jordan sighed "My parents brought me here every year as a kid I forgot about how happy it made me feel being here".
"Do you think you could adjust to hotel life?" she asked putting her coffee cup down.
Jordan shrugged his shoulders "What do you mean by hotel life?" he replied.
"Well most of Danny's work and life is all based around hotels, it is the fabric of who he is" she said.
"It would be a strange adjustment, but we haven't talked about what the future holds" Jordan replied.
She gave him a curious look "But would you?" she asked.
"I would still need to work, I will not be a kept man" he expressed his words with an adamant tone.
"That is very admirable of you" Lucy smiled a genuine smile at Jordan.

She was beginning to warm to Jordan and deep down had a feeling that finally here was someone with integrity at least. Lucy stood up and invited Jordan to take coffee with her on the sofa. Daniel and Sofie had been chatting about improvements to the beach service and trying to come up with an identity, they were walking back to the suite. Daniel had asked her to come along as he wasn't sure weather Jordan would still be there and pass the mother test. The butler opened the door and guided them towards the veranda. His heart jumped when he saw his mother and Jordan drinking coffee on the sofa and chatting, he looked at Sofie who patted him and said 'I thought it would go well'. Lucy watched her son and Sofie arrive asking if they had an interesting chat, Daniel sat opposite to Jordan who smiled as him. Both Sofie and Daniel began reeling off ideas for the beach to take it to the next level, they explained the concept but couldn't come up with a suitable identity for the new service. Jordan listened on drinking his coffee, he loved watching how animated Daniel was talking about what he loved. Even Lucy was stuck for an idea as they reeled off several concept names, there was a silence before Jordan suggested why not extend the butler service something like 'Butler On The Beach', they all looked at Jordan. Lucy turned to the Daniel and Sofie smiling and said brilliant, it is to the point.

Jordan made his apologies that he needed to get to bed and get some sleep, Daniel walked him out through to the main hotel wing and kissed him on the head before telling him they need to have a good talk tomorrow about what his mother had told him. Daniel pleaded to find out more but Jordan just smiled and said tomorrow. Daniel walked back to the suite as Sofie was leaving.

"Well mother, what did you think?" he asked nervously.
She took his hand and walked him to the veranda "He is very nice Danny, but be absolutely sure it is what you want".
He sat down "I can't think of anything but him mother".
She laughed "I think your father will like him and he does on the surface appear to be genuine."

Daniel had hoped his mother would be a little more on side with Jordan, but he knew it would take some time before she trusted him. He kissed his mother goodnight and went off to bed somewhat happy with the knowledge that so far his mother hadn't thrown him out, but he would have to wait until morning to find out what Jordan wanted to talk to him about.


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