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    Elma, Washington
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    Sexually, I like anything that comes out of a smooth short guy. I also like putting those things into a smooth short guy. I don't care about cock size, masc/fem or costumes. I like skin on skin, lubed by anything from lube to piss or shit. Blood is cool too, but pretty scary for most people. All this stuff is optional. Just be naked and uninhibited.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I'm bi, and love to eat and fuck pussy as much as I like cock and ass. My mouth always leads the way. I'm vers as well, and love getting and giving.
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    Got fucked by a porn star once. Didn't work out well. Had nothing to do with him or me, just not the right environment. His cock was huge tho. Always a plus :) I like twink and scat porn.
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    In a perfect world, a neg guy that like to flip flop, and is into all kinds of sloppy messy, fun. In the real world tho, probably just hookups. Not wanting to be poz, but the thought of taking poz loads is super hot. Poz roleplay might be interesting. Small smooth guys are my fave.

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  1. You aren't the only one. I get absolutely nothing from nipple play. My butt (not my hole) is another story.
  2. Haha, i never have been able to upload a pic of any kind or size on here.
  3. I seem to remember, when looking at my genome, that there were several genes that had to do with HIV. The one you quoted above, as well as several more that had to do with probable rate of progression, providing you weren't immune.
  4. I have to say, I hate punctuation errors/omissions more than spelling. Most of the comments I post are from my phone, so autocorrect often fucks things up. Have not found a way to turn it off yet. I type deliberately and slowly enough to get my stuff right most of the time, but if I add in the auto "correct", my precision goes way down. Thanks technology...
  5. A top guy picked me out of a crowd at a campground party, and said to meet him at his camp after things died down. He was hot as fuck, and turned out to be a porn star. We met up later and got down to business. Definetly the biggest cock i had ever had. Since it was a campground situation, there was no place or good water to clean out, so, yeah, shit happened. He was done, but told me to hang around while he cleaned up. I was so mad at not being able to clean out. He was a really nice guy too, but the shit ruined everything. I left before he got done cleaning up and never saw him again. I didnt mind the shit, but felt bad for not giving him the fun he wanted. A friend told me later that the top guy might have thought i was mad at him. That made me feel even worse. One of the few regrets in my life is not being able to let him know how frustrated i was to not being able to give him what he wanted. From then on, i never got into a sexual situation without knowing i was thoroughly clean and as a result, passed up a lot of spontanious sex.
  6. Yes, youth is a mask, but they are making new ones all the time
  7. I helped a young guy learn how to clean out the right way. I was glad to do it. There just aren't many ways to earn this stuff. I know of one YouTube video on it. Doubt if it's still up tho, even tho it had millions of hits.
  8. Ah, yes. The hookup app paradox. Where the number of viable hookups is inversely proportional to the number of apps used. Proof: If you use 1 app or more, people will only want the opposite of what you have to offer. If you use zero apps, ie the baths, you will hook up. There is also, schrodinger's bath house, where you don't know if you will hook up or not till you open the box...
  9. For android it's called ANTOX. A derivative of the TOXIC messaging system, a peer to peer system with no central server or admin.
  10. In my humble experience, large capable cocks are great, but how about the rest of the man? Black guys, especially the younger leaner guys, have so much more to offer. Their skin is so smooth. I also love looking into those big bottomless eyes. I love big soft lips on anyone, but black guys really make me crazy. Their shoulders are wide and strong, making that sexy V down to a small sexy waist. Their muscular bubble butts, I could spend all day just licking and squeezing my way to that delicious hole. Of course, there are the big loads of tasty cum that I will take anywhere on my body, shot out of a magnificent, regardless of size, black cock. Unfortunately, I live in an area that is virtually devoid of these sex gods. I still have my memories, that are hot enough to last a lifetime...
  11. Epic. Will we be treated to more? Can't wait for the movie!
  12. Gun oil red label (silicone)
  13. Great work! Kept me engaged all the way through. I didn't mind the way it ended. Left some to the imagination. I love youre creativity and attention to detail.
  14. Perhaps a gym bag or something with a bath house or AVS name or logo on it, stratiegically placed on a bench in the locker room? A rainbow bath towel? Lol

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