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    Elma, Washington
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    Sexually, I like anything that comes out of a smooth short guy. I also like putting those things into a smooth short guy. I don't care about cock size, masc/fem or costumes. I like skin on skin, lubed by anything from lube to piss or shit. Blood is cool too, but pretty scary for most people. All this stuff is optional. Just be naked and uninhibited.
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    I'm bi, and love to eat and fuck pussy as much as I like cock and ass. My mouth always leads the way. I'm vers as well, and love getting and giving.
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    Got fucked by a porn star once. Didn't work out well. Had nothing to do with him or me, just not the right environment. His cock was huge tho. Always a plus :) I like twink and scat porn.
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    In a perfect world, a neg guy that like to flip flop, and is into all kinds of sloppy messy, fun. In the real world tho, probably just hookups. Not wanting to be poz, but the thought of taking poz loads is super hot. Poz roleplay might be interesting. Small smooth guys are my fave.

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  1. Absolutely mandatory for me. If he isnt kissable, he isn't fuckable. I'm very oral. There is no place my lips won't go.
  2. Ah, there we go. My favorite chapter so far. Exquisite detail in Charlie and Carrington's first night of passion. I know it will only get better from here.
  3. Ok, ok, a little warm up before the next chapter. Cant wait! So cute see Charlie adjusting to gay life.
  4. Oh, hell yes! Charlie's world is going to get turned upside down...well at least on it's back 😜 Excellent!
  5. Loved the way Moham, effortlessly took out the garbage...
  6. This new menu bar is annoying as hell. I generally am using my android phone when accessing this site. Now i only have a slit to view content through, and it's extremely easy to hit those menu items when scrolling up and down.
  7. My money is on josh, thinking he had conrad...
  8. Fantastic as usual. Con found a new side of himself. Awesome. Finally had to look up "Oik". Lol Your stories are one of the few things that keep me coming back to this site. Thank you.
  9. Jezus. Maybe we should just shut the fuck up. Not talk at all. If the cock is hard, or you get a smile, just fuck already. All the political correctness, or not, doesnt decide if my dick gets hard. That is completely involuntary, just like if you like carrots or not. You cant make yourself like something you dont.
  10. Vers all the way for me. Last guy i was with, was an all day non stop fuck a thon, doing everything we could think of. That wouldnt be possible without the vers component.
  11. Shaping up to be another great ride. Thanks losolent 😉
  12. If you two watch porn, find some WS porn and watch it with him to see how he reacts. That will get the conversation going. Also, if you didnt know, piss is sterile, so you can do anything you want with it.
  13. That must he the PC version of the chart....no brown
  14. Exactly. Only stupid and lazy people that cant manage to get facts support the kind of self serving insanity coming from DC. Im not voting for Biden either. The "vote blue no matter who" rhetoric is complete bullshit. Like yeah, ill vote for whatever dipshit you foist off on us. If that is the case we might as well not even have elections.
  15. I saw one of your piss vids, among others. They are still my favorites of all time!
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