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    Looking for guys to film my ass being bred. Who wants to meet up at the baths. Pretty low limits. ♠️🐽🅱️🅱️🔽💦
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    Looking for raw tops. Don’t care if you’re micro or hung like a horse as long as it’s raw and you breed me. Like aggressive tops. Looking for guys to film me taking loads, I cheat on my bf of 19 years, he doesn’t know I take all loads

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  1. Sadly the last load I got was in March at the baths.
  2. Easily over 1000 different cocks. Most only once I assume but since a good amount has been through glory holes at baths, and porn arcades who knows
  3. My first time raw WAS my first time. My track coach. I just went with what he wanted. He always was a good teacher
  4. I’ve had ok luck, but Grindr, NKP and scruff still tend to best, or I just go to the baths and porn arcades
  5. 1 bttm, 9 Tops. I’m ok with that
  6. Got home from being used at a friends house. My husband found out I’ve been cheating and letting strangers fuck me and always bareback. He said were not having sex anymore but if I’m gonna be a BB cumdump then he’s locking up my cock.
  7. You welcome everything a top wants to share. My Dr is so used to me now he laughs and just asks me what patient zero is up to now
  8. WS of any kind, bareback, being blind folded in a sling at the baths, glory holes, used roughly or a top who likes to give a massage.
  9. Wish my bf would be into me taking toxic loads. He’d freak out if he knew how often I lied about being at work, when I’m really at the porn arcade or bath house sucking off strangers or taking bare cock in my cumdump ass
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