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  1. Part 16 - January 2019 New Year Darren eventually surfaced at 10am on January 1st, feeling more optimistic about his future he just needed to hold this job down. He had a text come in and opening it he smiled, Sam had wished him a happy new year and was looking forward to seeing him. Instantly his cock reacted thinking about him, he still couldn't believe how nice the guy was towards him even after finding out about his past. It had crossed his mind if Sam was attracted to him, he hoped so since he found him nice and very sexually alluring. His mother never asked how he contracted hiv, but then she never really showed much interest in him and wanted him out having done her bit raising him. In many ways he felt alone and that was what was driving him now to change his life and move away. His little group of friends were nearly all dating or shagging a bird when they weren't drinking or getting stoned. Seeing less and less of them really allowed him to take a look at himself, looking in the mirror he wanted to change in so many ways and decided he would start with a new haircut and tidy himself up. He quite fancied a spikey haircut instead of the mess he currently saw in the mirror and decided that tomorrow he would go in to town and see what the hairdresser could do. Byron insisted on taking Stefan's parents car to the station to meet Sam, Stefan's Porsche was not really designed for 3 people and even Byron felt uncomfortable sat in it. The train pulled in and Sam appeared at the exit where they hugged uncontrollably excited to see each other. The three of them spent most of the day walking along the Malvern Hills enjoying the winter sunshine and catching up. Byron and Stefan broke the news that they had brought a house in Oxford which was close enough to London for Byron and also where Stefan's family business was located, they would be moving there in late February. The move was planned to allow Byron time before he was starring in Top Hat in the west end from May. He had been finally cast in the leading role after his success with Louise and Patti and really getting noticed by many producers. Sam was also going to be in the cast for a few months as he wanted to improve his tap dance ability, they would both be starting rehearsals in February. "So you two are really doing this then?" Sam asked as they reached the top of a hill. Byron laughed "Yeah, I know it is strange but I can't see myself living without him" he replied looking at Stefan. "Sexless marriage" Sam giggled "Let me know how that works out" he said looking at Byron and Stefan. Stefan smiled "Not entirely sexless" he replied catching the surprised look on Sam's face. Sam stopped "Don't tell me you have flipped over" he asked Stefan chuckling. "Not entirely" Stefan replied putting his arm around Sam's shoulder "But I can see why you enjoy it the oral sex, he is good a blowing me". Sam shook his head in bewilderment "I give you a year before you totally switch sides" he laughed. The following day they headed in Malvern town and Stefan was taking Sam around whilst Byron sorted out some personal business for his parents, he agreed to meet the guys in an hour in the coffee shop, Sam laughed joking that his shopping usually took longer than hour. Byron walked out of the bank having completed everything in record time, he made his way over to the coffee shop. There were a few people in front of him so he texted Stefan to say he was done and getting a coffee. Stefan replied telling him he had no idea how long they would be as Sam was a crazy window shopper. Byron chuckled looking up from his phone and found himself face to face with Darren holding his coffee looking at him "Byron" he said. "Darren" Byron said taking a step back and trying not to show any emotion or fear of him. They nearly didn't recognise each other "You look different" Darren said. Byron fumbled putting his phone away "So do you" he replied quietly thinking how sexy Darren now looked. "What do you want Darren?" Byron asked his mouth going dry. Darren looked around quickly "What the fuck did you do to me?" he said looking him in the eyes angrily. Byron gulped unsure what he was going to do "I'm sorry but you were going to..." he started saying. His words cut off by the barista "Can I help you?" she called over to Byron. Darren looked back at her "I will sit over there you better join me" Darren said warning Byron and walking off. Byron ordered his coffee and nervously kept looking back over his shoulder where Darren sat. He was in in two minds to send a message to Stefan since he had no idea what Darren was about to do, it was the first time he had seen Darren since the incident on the Malvern hills. He stopped himself and looked back at Darren quickly, he was not even looking just staring out of the window watching the world go past. He knew he could get just walk right on out and not face Darren. No, he was done running from him and he couldn't face having to look over his shoulder with the guilt of what happened. Byron collected his coffee and approached the table taking the seat opposite Darren he sat down fixing his gaze on him. Darren turned to face Byron "You not scared of me or what I will do?" he asked. Byron just stared at him "No" he finally replied sipping his coffee still staring at him. Darren stared at Byron "I wanted to destroy you and make you suffer after what you did" he said. "What I did?" Byron asked in a surprised voice and shook his head "I protected myself from getting raped". Byron looked down "I was angry with you and... I just don't know where it came from Darren" he said. "So you gave me what you have?" Darren said becoming emotional. "Do you think the years of misery you put me through were great?" Byron asked putting his cup down. Darren looked out of the window "You think giving me this for life is fun?" he asked looking back at Byron in anger. "Someone told me you can only push people so far before they break" Darren said eyeing him carefully. Byron sat back in his chair "So what then?" he asked "You want to go outside and put an end to it?". Darren shook his head smirking "Oh this is never going to end Byron" he said "not after what you did". "I hoped you would have got the message last time you tried taking me down" Byron said standing up to leave. "Sit down" Darren said sharply then smirked "please". "Fuck, what is it with you Darren?" Byron asked confused by the way Darren was acting. Darren shook his head "Do you really hate me that much?" he asked watching Byron. Byron looked at his cup "I don't know" he said "I just don't understand you, or why we are here". "Did you know you had it when you raped me?" Darren asked gazing out the window. Byron was not about to start lying to him "Yes, but I..." He started before he was cut off. "So you knew what you were doing then" Darren stated "did you get off on it?" he asked Byron. Byron pushed his cup away "No, I sat on the doorstep after and cried" he said truthfully looking down. "I so wanted to get back at you" Darren stated smirking "but you would probably enjoy me raping you" he said. Byron was at a complete loss now "Are you after revenge?" he asked turning his cup around on the table. Darren looked at him for a moment then gazed out the window "I could go to the police" he replied. "I don't really care what you do Darren" Byron replied "nothing compares to what you have put me through". Darren smirked again "I could ruin your life going public with what you did" he said turning to face Byron. "Don't you mean continue to ruin it?" Byron asked questioning him. "Your dancing and singing" Darren said seeing Byron's surprised look "I see you in the papers". "You do?" Byron said "What out of morbid curiosity?" he asked in a surprised voice. Darren gazed out of the window again "How the famous can fall so easily" he finally said after a moments silence. Byron felt sick inside knowing Darren had him "Blackmail?" he asked too frightened to look at Darren. Darren shrugged and wiped his eyes "That is one way" he replied still staring out of the window. "I'm sorry Darren" Byron said lowering his voice "I was beyond angry with you that day". "I gathered by you overpowering me so easily" Darren replied "I thought I could still take you down". Darren faced Byron "Is it because of me, you know your body?" he asked thinking he sounded like a pervert. Byron shook his head "No, I needed to build strength for my work, but I got so in to it" he replied. Darren looked out of the window "At least your parents supported you that much I saw" he said sadly. "At least you had real parents" Byron said looking at him. Darren scoffed "You had it so easy growing up, my parents didn't give a shit" he replied upset. Byron looked at Darren "They are my foster parents Darren, they adopted me properly at 14" he said. Now Darren was stumped "Sorry" he said "I never knew that and thought you were from the posh end of Malvern". They sat in silence for a moment "Now you have made me feel really bad about what I did" Darren said apologising. Byron finished his coffee and Darren stood up "Coffee?" he asked picking Byron's cup up off the table. Byron nodded and thanked him watching as he walked over to the counter. He sounded and looked like Darren apart from this new funky haircut that really suited him. He was still conflicted and confused seeing a completely different person from the last time they had encountered each other. Gone was the aggressive and abusive nature, what struck him most was that for once he didn't smell of weed and actually seemed to have cleaned himself up in many ways. Irrelevant of how he looked now, Byron knew that it was still Daz, Dazza or Darren depending on who you spoke to. Darren returned placing a fresh coffee in front of Byron "Thanks" he said watching Darren sit down. "Honestly I thought you would have bolted when we met" Darren said pausing "I'm glad you didn't". Byron looked at him "How so?" he asked trying to find the words needed. Darren looked down at his coffee "You have me I can see that" he said. "I don't hate you Darren" Byron replied "I just don't know you and you never allowed anyone to get to know you". "Apart from you there is only one person I told who knows what happened" Darren said looking at Byron. Byron leaned forward "I thought you was going to get your gang and come after me" he said concerned. Darren shook his head "Use to hang out on the estate with them" he said "but they are all pot heads". Byron looked at him "And you?" he asked "are you still smoking weed or whatever it was?". Darren shook his head "Not any more" he replied shyly "I kept getting sick" he said facing to Byron. "Fuck" Byron said putting his head in his hands "I'm so sorry Darren, really I am" he apologised profusely. Darren shrugged his shoulders "It's done Byron nothing can ever take it away" he said wiping his eyes. Darren could see Byron was almost in tears "I pushed you on the wrong day" he said almost laughing. Byron now looked even more confused "So the other person do they know as much as me?" he asked. "Yes" Darren replied nodding "they don't know who it was though I keep your identity secret". "Darren" Byron sat up "Will we ever put this whole thing between us to rest?" he asked. Darren stared out the window "Maybe" he replied casually "eventually we could". "I wish we could have got to know each other properly" Byron said watching Darren. Darren gave Byron a wicked grin "I want to rape you" he said "to get even first of all". Byron sat there speechless trying to figure out if Darren was in fact gay "Retaliation?" he asked. Darren stared at him then nodded "Yes" he replied and laughed "You changed the balance of power that day". "Let me guess, you don't like it that way?" Byron suggested watching Darren nod and hearing is phone ping. Darren studied him reading his message then shaking his head "Something wrong?" he asked. "No Stefan and my friend are running behind, I am meeting them in here" Byron replied putting his phone down. "Your still friends with Stefan then?" Darren asked "Is he still protecting you?" he smiled. Byron looked up "We are getting married" he replied seeing the surprised look appear on Darren's face. "I didn't think he was gay, thought you were just friends" Darren said in a shocked tone. Byron laughed "He isn't gay" he paused "hard to explain really" he said. "That is bizarre, not gay but your getting married?" Darren asked unable to comprehend this. Byron nodded "I don't know how to explain it, we love each other in a different way" he said. Darren looked at the time "Sorry I should go before they arrive" he said standing up. "I am really sorry Darren" Byron said "I hope we can patch things up if you want that" he pleaded. Darren looked down at him "Sure" he said "I am going to fuck you though" he turned to leave. He felt horrid about what he had done, strangely though he did wonder if what he did had completely changed Darren. He wished they could take back all those years and been friends with him. Outside Stefan and Sam approached the coffee shop talking, Darren slipped through the door and walked in the opposite direction from them. They found Byron sat at the table looking deep in thought. Sam went to fetch the coffees whilst Stefan walked over and sat down with Byron. "Penny for them" Stefan said startling Byron. "What?" he replied returning back to the room "sorry just had the strangest half an hour with Daz". Stefan looked at him "Did he touch you?" he asked almost angrily. "No, he was quite the opposite" Byron replied "completely different Stefan". Sam sat down and handed Byron another coffee "God I am going to be pissing for England later" he laughed. Byron began to recount his conversation to them. Sam knew about this bully from brief chats whilst they were at Mountview. Byron told Sam the rest including the day on the Malvern hills where he finally snapped. Sam sat there looking shocked pondering if this was the same guy he met in London. "What did you say his name was?" Sam asked interrupting Bryon. Byron looked at him "Darren or Daz as his gang called him at school" he said. Sam shook his head "You only ever referred to him as Daz" he said "does he have tattoos?" he asked. Byron nodded "Yes, quite muscular and about my height" he replied "but I don't think he is gay". Sam looked at them both "I met a Darren in London you remember the guy I told you about in Costa?". Byron nodded "Fuck, do you think it is the same Darren?" he asked "where does he live?". "I don't know" Sam replied "can't possibly be the same one he has a job in London" he said. Byron nodded "Yeah this Darren doesn't have a job" he said. "Where is he from?" Stefan asked putting his cup down. Sam looked at both of them then giggled "Not again Sam" Stefan said "you really need to talk to guys your picking up". All of them reached the conclusion that this was not the same person as they appeared to be worlds apart from the one they knew individually. Sam got down to spending a few days out of the city and enjoying the almost country life of Malvern, hiking every day with Byron with Stefan in the crisp winter days was exhilarating and refreshing. Sam sat there the last night chatting with Stefan's mother trying to persuade her to talk to his class at the academy, eventually she agreed and also promised to given them some acting lessons. Sam was sleeping in his own bedroom that was previously Byron's when he stayed at Stefan's, lying in bed he caught up on his emails. Flicking over to the message app he sent one to Darren 'Hey, come down next weekend and stay, we can go house hunting', his other hand playing with this cock thinking about Darren as he sent the message. Darren responded saying he would come down Saturday morning but Sam suggested Friday early evening and he was surprised to see he agreed with a smiling face emoji. Darren smiled as he walked across the Flowers estate that late evening towards home. Hearing his name suddenly called out he looked across the playground and saw Leo walking towards him. The scrawny 28 year old estate dealer was the last person he wanted to see having avoided him for months now. Leo was marginally taller than Darren, skinny and gobby he was one of the most feared people on the estate and Darren never knew why that was. "Dazza where you been mate?" Leo asked approaching him "shit you gone all queer?" he said looking at Darren. Darren nodded "Leo" he continued to walk not wanting to engage Leo in conversation. "You haven't brought anything from me for a while" Leo said "where you getting your stuff from?". Darren stopped and looked at him "I'm clean Leo" he said. Leo laughed in his face "Come on, I got some good shit here, give you a discount" he said pulling a bag out. "No thanks" Darren replied about to walk off until Leo grabbed his arm. "Rumour has it you go the sexual health clinic" Leo said smirking at him "what did you get?" he asked. Darren shook his hand away and ignored the comment "Don't come near me again" he said calmy and walked off. Leo laughed "You will be back" he said shaking the bag loudly "ass fucker" he mumbled. Darren heard him and turned around "What did you say?" he said walking back towards Leo angrily. He only managed 5 meters before Leo turned and bolted off across the playground. Darren stood there watching Leo wondering if he knew of Darren's sexuality, he couldn't possibly he said to himself. One thing he did know was Leo would not drop the subject quickly and use it to taunt Darren at any opportunity.
  2. Part 15 - December 2018 The second week of December was cold and the crisp morning frost glistened across the fields of Malvern. Inside he had never felt better although the freezing temperatures were biting through his coat as he made his way to the clinic. Stepping inside he was hoping for good news for once and Darren took a seat Dr. Edwards consulting room. After the pleasantries were out of the way he breathed a sigh of relief hearing the news that his hiv was under control. Besides this he was feeling healthier, he had given up drugs and was going to a free gym and getting fit. It had been a long struggle since his return from that June day out in London. His illnesses had gotten more frequent and couldn't bring himself to visit London again or text Sam. But he was now on the mend and so far he had gone three weeks without contracting anything. The headaches and nausea had also gone from taking the medication. He had found a job vacancy in a London theatre as a stage hand and applied for the job. He was invited to interview for the position although it didn't pay much it was a job and it had prospects. The worrying thing was if he could afford to live there if he got the job, he had already started looking for flat or house shares and working out how much he would have spare for food and other things. He walked out of the surgery and headed in to town. Having a bit of money from his benefits he was going to buy a shirt for his interview next week. He looked at his phone and found Sam's number and sent a text to him apologising for not being in touch and that he would like to meet him. Unsure weather Sam would reply or even want to meet him, he finished by texting that he owed Sam a coffee. Sam finished unpacking the last box and sat down, relieved he had finally got his new flat sorted out. It was the first time he had managed to buy a property outright thanks to his appearances in some shows during the year whilst teaching. His new flat overlooking Chelsea Harbour was miles away from the one he shared with Byron near Mountview in south London. His phone pinged somewhere and he began lifting cushions trying to find it. The smile on his face said it all when he saw a message from Darren, he had almost forgotten about him having not heard from him since June. Several texts later and Darren explained he was coming for an interview at one of the theatres. Sam knew the production crew but hesitated contacting them since he didn't know how Darren would take it if he found out. Byron rolled over in his sleep and started to wake, he sat up looking at Stefan with happiness at being back sleeping with him in familiar surroundings. Stefan still sleepy raised his hand and pulled Byron back down in to his arms and circling them firmly around Byron's body. The love between them only got stronger as the months went by, he didn't care if Stefan slept with women as long as he was the one who got in to bed with him at the end of the day. It had crossed Byron's mind that Stefan may have forgotten about their conversation a year earlier where he promised himself to Stefan in one years time if he still felt the same way. Stefan on the other hand had not forgotten and was biding his time until Byron was back in bed with him in Malvern. Stefan turned on his side facing Byron "You owe me an answer" he quietly said reminding Byron. Byson ran his fingers down Stefan's back "I thought you had forgotten" he said. "Don't be silly Byron" Stefan chuckled "But you do owe me an answer" he said leaning up. Byron rolled on to his back "No I don't" he said yawning. Stefan leaned up "Oh, do you not love me anymore?" he asked in a mocking voice. Byron turned his head looking up Stefan "Nah" he replied jokingly and leaning up kissing him passionately. Stefan laid back down smiling "So are you finally mine?" he asked. Byron chuckled "I have always been yours Stefan and you knew it" he leaned over and kissed Stefan's chest. Stefan ran his hand through Byron's hair and slowly pushed his head down further, he half expected Byron to resist initially. Byron just looked up at Stefan and kissed his abdomen, Stefan's hand guiding him lower until he began kissing the hardening shaft of Stefan's cock. Byron tenderly progressed not being to eager but allowing Stefan to guide him purposefully and dictate what he wanted, 'I won't last' Stefan muttered in between short gasps 'take it' he whispered. Byron's tongue circled around the tip of his foreskin just covering the head of Stefan's cock, his lips moved around the head pushing the foreskin back he got his first real taste of Stefan. Instantly his cock hardened fully, it was hefty and thick taking Byron by surprise. Slowly he worked Stefan's cock with very little pressure, just enough to tease and cause Stefan to push his hips up several times whispering Byron's name. Byron sunk his mouth lower taking more cock in his mouth until the sheer hardness met the back of his throat causing him to splutter and cough. Stefan gasped and pushed his hips up 'fuck' he cried releasing his load in quick jerks filling Byron's mouth. Instantly Byron thought about kissing Stefan but swallowed instead thinking that might not be a good idea. His moans continued as Byron gently sucked his cock which showed no signs of softening. He kissed Stefan's cock raising his head he looked at Stefan's cheeky grin, Byron had never loved him more than he did right now. Stefan pulled Byron up until he was laying on to of him, his arms holding Byron close. In one quick five minutes a lot of questions were answered since Stefan had wondered if it was any different being with a man and the answer was in his arms. Byron studied him carefully concerned by the look on his face "Are you okay Stefan?" he asked. Stefan smiled "I have never cum that quickly" he replied stroking Byron's back. Stefan went silent for what seemed an age "So why did you?" Byron eventually asked curiously. "Because it was you" Stefan replied "somehow it felt strange knowing it was you, weirdly nice". Byron looked down at him "You really were serious last year then?" he asked. Stefan nodded and grinned "I want to spend my life with you Byron, so yes totally serious". "Fuck" Byron said and sighed "I got to marry you then" he leaned down and kissed Stefan. Stefan leaned over and pulled some papers from under the bed and showed Byron, it was a house in Oxford that he had waited off signing on until Byron was with him. He sat reading through the details of the four bedroom detached property on an exclusive gated estate on the outskirts of Oxford. Stefan looked at Byron and asked if he wanted to drive down and look at it. Byron had one last look around at the house whilst Stefan waited for him downstairs in the kitchen. "Well?" Stefan asked "Do you like it?" he asked "Will you move in with me?" he kept throwing questions at Byron. "Slow down" Byron replied laughing "Yes to all" he said seeing a relieved look on Stefan's face. The third week of December leading up to Christmas brought a few snow showers, Darren stood waiting at the tube station nearly fifteen minutes earl. He was nervous waiting for Sam and apprehensively picked up one of the free magazines to read. He managed to turn one page before Sam appeared from the ticket barrier and smiled at Darren holding his hand out. "Your early" Darren said almost gushing with relief seeing Sam who looked just as sexy as he remembered. Sam smiled "So are you!" he said as they walked off towards the coffee shop. "What time is the interview you have?" Sam asked sitting down at a table. "11.45, really nervous though it is a big change for me" Darren replied holding his cup to warm his hands. Sam looked at him "Why this, I mean why in London?" he asked. Darren shrugged his shoulders "I have no life back at home, I need a clean start" he admitted to Sam. Sam nodded "I'm sure you will have what it takes, just be confident but not cocky in the interview" he said. "Thanks" Darren said "Finding somewhere to live if I get the job is a challenge, it is so expensive". "Concentrate on the job first" Same advised him. Sam had a spare bedroom in his new flat, several times it had crossed his mind to offer it to Darren but he needed to know more about him before he took that step. Sam walked with Darren to the theatre and insisted on waiting for him. The production manager noticed Sam waiting with Darren when she called him in dead on 11.45. The interview was quick, to Darren it looked like she was just assessing his nature rather than if he had any experience. He tried to be confident and for the most part succeeded, he found himself casually chatting with the production manager rather than interviewing. Darren explained he would need to find a place to lie if he was given the opportunity but could start as soon as they needed him. She stood up and shook hands with him as the interview came to an end. Darren was told he would hear later today. Escorting Darren out she nodded to Sam and went back to her office. Sam took Darren to lunch who protested saying he was in even more debt to him but he just couldn't say no to him, outwardly he showed no signs of being gay. But then Darren didn't either it was only when Sam caught that glimpse of the hook up app he knew. Darren was finding it hard not to look and stare at Sam whenever he spoke. He loved the way his mouth moved and his lips he thought, he was interrupted receiving a text message. He looked at the message for several minutes then looked up Sam 'I got the job' he said. Sam moved in and hugged Darren, it felt weird having a another guy hugging him like that, he couldn't deny that it felt nice and incredibly sexy at the same time. "What else did they say?" Sam asked smiling at Darren. Darren fumbled with this phone "They want me to start at the end of January". "Gives you time to find somewhere to live" Sam said and saw the look on Darren's face. "Shit yes" Darren said and looked up "Sorry I didn't mean to swear" he apologised. Sam laughed "Why are you apologising to me?" he asked. Darren looked at him "Felt right to" he replied "you know you being brought up better than me". This made Sam feel a little awkward "I like you for you Darren don't put on any pretence for me" he said. "You hardly know me though" Darren said thinking how strange he was behaving. Sam smiled "I would like to get to know you, the real Darren" he said in anticipation. "Why?" Darren replied looking confused "I have nothing to offer anyone, just my problems" he replied. Sam touched Darren's arm "You only have problems if you hang on to them Darren" he said using kind words. Darren smiled "Good thing I like you other wise I would punch your lights out for being so smart" he said grinning. Sam knew he was joking and laughed "I could take you down any day" he said staring at Darren. Darren tried to look mean but burst out laughing "You really know how to cheer me up" he said smiling. "How about we go watch a show?" Sam suggested "I can get free tickets" he said before Darren could speak. Darren looked at the time "I should get the train home but thank you" he replied. "Do you have to be somewhere then?" Sam asked feeling let down. Darren looked at his glass of water contemplating "No but it is getting late" he said. "Stay" Sam blurted out "I mean you can stay with me" he looked up "I have a spare bedroom" he said. Darren laughed "Your all fucked up what are you trying to say?" he asked. Sam smiled from panic wanting him to stay "I have a spare room if you want to stay the night" he finally said. Darren looked down twiddling his thumbs "I don't know" he replied shyly. One thing Sam hated was awkward situations around people, normally he would go straight for the sex part with no chit chat or getting to know them. Awkward as this was he also found it quite intriguing, not a challenge by any standard but he liked Darren the raw edginess that he exuded made him perfect in his eyes. Sam was no fool and guessed that Darren may not be as comfortable or out with his sexuality, there was definitely something hidden underneath that exterior. Darren sipped his water trying to avert Sam's gaze as much as possible, his head conflicted but he couldn't deny the attraction he had to Sam. He just wished he knew if Sam felt the same towards him which would make it easier. Darren made eye contact "If I do stay your not going to try anything are you?" he nervously asked. Sam studied him for a moment "Do you want me to?" he replied. Darren looked shocked at Sam for a moment unexpecting him to say that "Fuck!" he found himself blurting out. "Sorry" Sam quickly said back tracking "I didn't mean to imply anything" he stated anxiously. Darren could see the dread in Sam's face "Maybe I liked the implication" he said staring at Sam. Sam looked carefully at him "Have you done this before? Sam asked him. "No, well once but it..." Darren stopped and stood up panicking "I'm sorry" he grabbed his coat. Sam stopped Darren "Wait" he said holding his arm "if you just want to talk that is fine". Darren hesitated a moment and never expecting anyone to want to stop him leaving "Okay" he agreed. "It is the weekend, stay as long as you like" Sam said "I can show you London if you like" he offered. Sam made it clear that he could stay in his spare bedroom, Darren couldn't and didn't want to fight it off and agreed. Sam smiled seeing the look on Darren's face as they waited to exit the theatre. It had been the first time he watched a proper full on musical stage production, he was humming Defying Gravity all the way out of the theatre. What he loved most was how close the seats were to the stage and the recognition Sam got from four of the cast members when they saw him sat there. One of them even winked at Darren. He quickly ran through the programme in his hand and saw the ensemble member as Kurt, an American Broadway dancer who had a massive list of credits to his name. During the interval Darren kept reeling off that Kurt had worked with some of the biggest pop stars. It was gone midnight by the time they arrived in Chelsea and walked the off the Kings Road to Sam's flat. Darren had never felt so nervous or unsure of himself let alone of Sam. "Make yourself at home" Sam said closing the door and showing Darren the spare bedroom. He took his coat off and put it on the chair then walked in to the kitchen diner "Thank you" he said. Sam looked and smiled "I like lemon and ginger herbal tea to relax, can I tempt you?" he asked. Darren nodded "Never had it but I will try it" he replied watching Sam switching the kettle on. Sam took Darren to the lounge "Sit down. I'm just going to change out of these clothes". Sam disappeared in to his bedroom and stripped naked putting on his gym shorts and laving his white ankle socks on, he didn't even think twice as this was how he dressed in his home. Darren was taken by surprise when Sam walked through the lounge mostly naked except for the shorts and socks. His eyes instantly taken to the smooth and muscular firmness of Sam's body, and those legs looked amazing he thought before realising how overdressed he was in comparison. He could hear Sam in the kitchen getting the mugs ready before he reappeared in the lounge. "Won't be long" Sam said casually noticing Darren's look "sorry should I put more clothes on?" he asked. Darren shook his head "No" he said quietly "but I feel overdressed" he replied nervously. Sam disappeared and retuned with a pair of shorts "These okay?" he asked handing them to Darren. Sam went to finish making the tea whilst Darren stripped off naked and put the shorts on, caught by his own surprise of getting an erection putting Sam's shorts on he sat on the bed for a few minutes catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror. By comparison his body was getting fitter but nothing like Sam's, his tattoos randomly spread across his chest and arms gave him a some self doubt. Wearing his socks and Sam's shorts he walked back in to the lounge just when Sam put the mugs on the coffee table. Part of him was yearning for Sam's approval, he shook himself out of it wondering what the hell he was thinking before realising Sam was standing in front of him. "I didn't realise you had so many tattoos" Sam said looking at Darren's chest. Darren stood there feeling Sam's hand going over each tattoos "Are they horrible?" he asked tingling at Sam's touch. Sam smiled and removed his hand "No not at all" he said sitting down on the sofa. He felt left out in the cold wanting Sam to touch him again "Smells weird" Darren said smelling his herbal tea. Sam chuckled seeing the programme open on Kurt's picture "He took a shine to you" Sam said. Darren looked at the picture "That's silly" he said. "Kurt is gay and I saw him wink at you" Sam replied looking to gauge the reaction. Darren didn't say anything but looked at the picture "Dangerous person though" Sam said breaking the silence. "How do you mean?" Darren asked inquisitively. "He has hiv and likes knocking guys up" Sam replied looking at Darren. Darren looked shocked "How do you know that?" he asked trying to control his emotion. Sam put his mug down on the table "He fucked me at a rehearsal once" he confessed "I didn't stop him and couldn't stop him. I enjoyed it to much". Darren saw a tinge of sadness in Sam's eyes "I'm sorry" he said not really knowing what to say "You are gay?". Sam smiled "Yes, promise me you won't let him get at you" he said patting Darren's leg. Darren wiped his watering eyes "To late for that" he said timidly. Sam looked at the Darren who seemed so far away lost in thought, cautiously he put his arm around Darren and cuddled him. For the first time Darren felt safe and opened up explaining everything to Sam, he left a few bits out including the identity of the person. Sam listened intently, not quite sure what to make of it knowing there was a bully and aggressive person sat in front of him. But he was captivated and wanted him, Darren was no ordinary closet case, he had an allure of a diamond in the rough that was fast stealing Sam's heart. "Darren, I'm sorry" Sam said "I can understand why it happened, you can only push people so far". Darren nodded "I never knew they held so much anger against me" he said "it was a real anger though". "Do you feel the need to get back at them?" Sam asked him. Darren shrugged his shoulders "I was stoned at the time then conflicted after..." he trailed off. He looked at Sam with a tear running down his face "I found out last month I had it" he said looking frightened. Sam hugged him tighter "It is scary Darren, trust me I know" he said comforting Darren. "I had been getting ill frequently" Darren said "I went to the doctors and found out why". Sam nodded "That's why I didn't hear from you?" he asked and Darren nodded again. Darren looked at him "I would never have known you had it" he said "you look so normal". Sam burst out laughing "Fucking cheek, normal?" he asked. They laughed grappling with their hands until Darren got the better of Sam "Okay you win" Sam said laughing. Sam took the mugs to the kitchen and returned looking at Darren "Bed time" he said. Darren stood up nervously wanting Sam to ask him but it never happened "I had a great night" he said. Sam smiled and ran his hand along Darren's arm over the tattoos he could feel Darren trembling. He had to know if Darren felt what he was feeling. Sam raised his head and found Darren staring at him, his eyes seem to tell him but also they showed someone who was scared. He held Darren and kissed him lightly on the mouth then hugged him for a moment waiting and hoping, there was no angry response more like one of relief. Sam moved away and offered his hand to Darren, without muttering a word Darren took it and Sam lead him to his bedroom. Darren visibly shook knowing that he was about to do what he had desperately wanted to but always afraid. Sam moved closer to Darren and gently held him allowing the nerves to subside a little. Darren was really struck by how fit the body was in front of him compared to his. The skin was soft and tight across the muscles, he spent ages touching Sam's arms and chest in silence and awe. Sam took Darren's hand and led him to the bed, he laid down on his back, both still wearing their shorts. He allowed Darren to continue exploring his body at his own pace, occasionally his hand would tenderly touch Darren's body, he loved the almost silent moans Darren would make as he knelt over him. Sam sat up and slowly caressed Darren's face looking in to each others eyes. Darren moved forward and kissed Sam on the lips, he felt Sam's facial hair touching his skin, his body alive with feelings and his cock already hard. The masturbation fantasies had become very real and very right. Darren felt himself falling forward as Sam laid back down, his body laying on Sam's. He didn't know how and when but his tongue was inside Sam's mouth and their lips were locked together, he was kissing Sam with mad passion drawn in by Sam's responsiveness. Darren pulled away and kneeled looking at Sam touching his body "Your body is so fit" he said with shyness. Sam kissed Darren's nipple making him giggle "You have a fine body too" he replied. Sam sat up and held Darren kissing him lightly on the lips "Do you want me to guide you?" he asked. Darren looked up starring again in Sam's eyes, their lips meeting again soft and tender. Sam slowly ran his hand around Darren's back and to his ass, taking his time allowing Darren to follow his lead. He kissed Darren on the neck and brought his hands around to the front brushing over the hardness of a substantial cock hidden away. Slowly he ran his hand over it, Darren moaned his body overtaken with the sensation of the kissing on his neck and someone touching his cock. He looked down to find Sam's fingers slipping the shorts down exposing his ass. Concerned if he should do them same to Sam his thoughts got interrupted by Sam slipping his hands around the back holding his ass cheeks firmly. Sam pulled Darren forward by his ass and rubbed his cock up against Darren's, he sought Sam's mouth and kissed him with more intensity, finding his feet he was beginning to respond to Sam with natural instinct. The bodies so close that Darren's began to push Sam on to his back, still kissing him he ground his cock harder against Sam's and lowered himself until he laid on top. A new sensation ran up his body feeling Sam's legs caressing his thighs almost hypnotically enticing Darren. He felt desires rising in his body, he kneeled back in between Sam's legs, his hands run up Sam's body and he watched him drifting in pleasure until he stopped. Sam smiled and took Darren's hand and placed it at his shorts. Darren looked for a moment, his fingers fumbled then pulling them off completely. Darren marvelled at the beautifully crafted muscular legs. Sam kneeled up and kissed Darren gently lowering him until he was on his back. He ran his hand along Darren's torso and arms 'beautiful' he said admiring the art work. Despite the sporadic nature of the tattoos they just worked on his body and looked perfectly in place. Sam inspected Darren's legs one by one and light hair covering them. Darren was almost ashamed of how he could become so helpless in the presence of Sam. He laid there naked with Sam kneeling over him taking in the beautiful form of the male body above him. He didn't know if now was the time to fuck him or if there was some foreplay ritual to be done. Darren looked up at him "Do I fuck you now?" he asked. Sam smiled at Darren "Just oral sex this time" he replied "when you are more comfortable we can". Darren held Sam's arm "Will there be another time?" he asked slightly taken back. Smiled and leaned forward to kiss him "If you want there to be, I do.". Darren pulled Sam down and instantly thrust his tongue in to Sam's mouth kissing him hard. Sam kissed his neck and moved lower placing gentle kisses across and down his body. Darren sensed he was moving towards his cock and seemed to clench his fists in anticipation. His hips twisted as Sam licked along the shaft 'oh shit' Darren blurted out, his cock bouncing as it throbbed. Sam moved to the head and expertly using his tongue he licked around the foreskin teasing it back over the head 'mother fucking...' Darren blurted out again then groaned deep in his chest, Sam took the head and began lightly applying pressure. He stared up at the ceiling in bewilderment not knowing what to do with his body, he had never endured such sensation and tried to flow the stem of swear words he wanted to shout out. He body slowly relaxing to what was happening to it. He raised his head and looked at Sam who was looking up at him, his mouth full of his cock 'fuck that is hot' he said throwing his head back on to the pillow. His hand roaming over Sam's head began to gently push him further down to take more of his cock. Sam saw his legs shake and felt the pulses beginning as Darren cried out 'fuck i'm gonna nut' he panted 'fuuuck, fuuuck' his seed jettisoned rapidly with some force behind it filling Sam's mouth. His hips bucked up hard ramming his cock further down Sam's throat. Sam choked and raised his head off Darren's cock wiping his eyes. He kneeled up and looked at Darren 'Fuck' he said coughing. "I'm sorry did I do it wrong" Darren asked still breathing heavily. Sam laughed "Hell no" he replied leaning forward and kissing him "that was hot". Sam laid down next to him, his hand resting on Darren's thigh. He was not going to push Darren to do anything, it would have to be on his own terms and when he was ready. Sam smiled as Darren's hand found his holding on to it lightly, they both quickly fell asleep. Sam woke at 10am and slipped out of bed dressing in his shorts he strode in to the kitchen to make coffee. Darren appeared in the kitchen rubbing his eyes and wearing Sam's shorts, seeing him standing there he looked vulnerable and almost scared. "Morning how are you feeling?" Sam asked walking towards him. Darren stood there and briefly smiled "Tired but good" he replied allowing Sam to kiss him tenderly. "Do you want coffee?" Sam asked. "Please" Darren replied and sitting down "Thanks, you know for being patient with me" he said. Sam smiled placing the coffee down in front of him "I guessed a lot of this was new to you?". Darren looked at his cup "Will you teach me" he asked "I mean if you want to see me again" he almost pleaded. Sam sized him up for a moment "Yes, I would love to" he replied seeing Darren smile. Sam was falling hard for Darren, he was the opposite in every way to him and that is what made the man sitting there appeal to him. As Darren left to head back to Malvern he turned and asked Sam if he would help him find somewhere to live when he came back to London in January. Sam nodded and said for him text a few days before he was coming and that he would keep any eye out for and let him know if anything came up. Sam closed the door to set about his day, he had a few presents still to buy before he went to his parents for Christmas. After new year he was heading up to Malvern to spend a couple of days with Sam and Stefan.
  3. Part 14 - June 2018 Byron was mid way through the new show on Broadway which had been a slow burn at first but as soon as word got out ticket sales went through the roof securing a run until June 2019. Byron was offered a generous salary to stay on in the show after December. He was torn, it would mean spending another six months in New York as he wasn't sure if that is what he wanted. He loved doing the show since, with only one number to sing it was mostly playing to his dance strength. The one thing he did love about being back here was Tyler and Marcus, he enjoyed many nights with them both, as friends and fuck buddies. Marcus and Tyler had gone in to a closed relationship, Byron was the only exception to this rule. Stefan flew out to New York for a weekend every month, his string of girls was getting shorter and he was finding it less interesting. He was doing well working in the family business, thankfully he could get cheap flights to New York. He reminded Byron of this fact and that he would support and visit him if he did extend in to 2019. Sam was busy at the London School of Dance teaching the new generation of dancers and totally loving it. He was looking forward to the next couple of weeks as his ticket was booked to New York and finally would get to see Byron in action on Broadway. His weekends were spent in Surrey with his parents or in London under Kurt. Kurt had settled in to British life for the time being and had a few profiles on hook up sites. He found his phoned constantly alerting him to guys within his radius, when he looked he found most of them to be fairly camp twinks or overly skinny dancers. None of them compared to Sam or Byron, but it wasn't a big deal for him since most evenings he was on stage. Kurt was not a lover and just wanted a hole to poke and breed, relationship was the last thing he wanted being to self involved getting his own enjoyment. Darren was getting over another cold and was feeling a little down, he wandered out across to the park avoiding his mates taunting kids on the estate. Walking through the town he found himself at the train station and brought a cheap day return to London, he thought it might cheer himself up a bit. Sitting in carriage it was pretty empty apart from two guys sat behind him, they hadn't noticed Darren there and were chatting about a hook up site and some of the guys. Had him, boring one of them said and they giggled. He looked out the window as the train sped along, taking out his phone he opened the app store and searched coming across a dubious looking one with a black and yellow logo. The name seemed to match what the two guys were talking about and it was free, he hit the download button and waited. Unsure what he was doing he stared at it watching the blue circle slowly appearing until he saw the word 'open' appear. He held his finger above but quickly closed his phone realising it showed distance. The train pulled in to the station and Darren got off heading down to the tube station to get in to central London. He had only been here a few times in his life and this was the first time on his own. He choose Leicester Square and headed up the escalator coming out in to the bustling street. He spent hours just wandering around enjoying the sights and sounds, turning left he walked up a side street and came out on to a road lined with theatres. On one building he saw a sign Shaftesbury Avenue. Immediately he thought of Byron knowing this was where he had performed. As he passed each theatre he read the billboards carefully wondering if Byron was still in one of the shows here. Sam finished his meeting with the dance captain arranging for them to come to the school and perform a little piece for his students. He could have approached Kurt but he was astute enough to know not to mix things up with his private life. Sam put his ruck sack over his shoulder and headed out of the theatre's foyer past the crowd buying tickets. He stood on the pavement answering a text message under the canopy when his eye was caught by the solitary young guy reading the billboard. Sam smiled and went back to finishing his text to Byron glancing up at the guy, he had tattoos on both arms and pretty well built and certainly not bad attractive wise, the sporadic nature of his tattoos indicated he was rough trade and probably from one of the dodgy estates in London. Darren finished reading and turned watching the guy standing outside the theatre texting. Something looked familiar about him, Darren racked his brains but couldn't place him. He looked to be the same age as him. Darren picked a leaflet up from the rack outside the theatre and walked along the pavement passing him. Darren stopped to look at the billboard further along and saw the reflection of the guy clearly looking in his direction before returning his attention to his phone. Sam was in two minds to try and take a photo of the guy he found so sexually intriguing. He chuckled to himself putting his phone away and crossing the road, he had one more appointment to hit then he would grab a coffee. Darren continued walking along the road a few hundred meters before crossing over and walking back, by now he was thirsty and waked in to Costa standing back from the line he checked how much change he had on him. He couldn't believe how much dearer a coffee cost in London compared to Malvern. The server asked if she could help Darren just as Sam walked in an stood behind him, he didn't recognise him a first until he saw the tattoos on his arm. "It's okay you go ahead" Darren said turning to face Sam. There eyes met briefly "Are you sure?" Sam asked his mouth going dry all of a sudden. "Yeah" Darren replied fixated on Sam's muscles "Don't think I can afford coffees in London" he said moving aside. Sam felt a little sorry but also sexually turned on "What do you want?" he asked nodding to the board. Darren stood looking at him "I don't need charity" he replied putting his guard up. Sam shrugged his shoulders "Suit yourself, I was only being nice, you just look a little lost" he said. "Does it show I am from out of town then?" Darren replied relaxing a little at how nice this guy was to him. Sam chuckled "A little" he said ordering a skinny latte to go "Well can I buy you a coffee?" he asked. Darren nodded shyly "Latte please" he said watching the movement of the sexy body in front of him at the counter. Sam was lost for words and stood at the counter with Darren waiting "You here for the day?" he asked. "Yeah, just decided to come in and see the city" he replied "No idea where I am going though" he admitted. Sam smiled "Well this is the west end or theatre district. You interested in shows?" he asked. Darren shrugged his shoulders "Kind of, but can't afford those prices, fucking expensive" he said. Sam laughed "Yup, it's not cheap" he agreed "The bigger the show and stars the more you pay" he informed Darren. "Ah okay, sort of figures" Darren replied taking his coffee from Sam "thank you for this" he said feeling embarrassed. Sam looked at him "No problem, I'm Sam by the way" he said holding his hand out. Darren freely smiled for the first time warming to this person "Darren" he replied shaking his hand loving the touch. "Sorry wish I could chat more but I have a class to teach this afternoon" Sam said picking his ruck sack up. Darren walked out of the coffee shop with Sam "Thanks again Sam" Darren said. Sam walked a few steps before turning around "Here, my number text me if you come in to town again". Darren took the number hesitantly "I... thanks, I mean for being nice" he said unable to look at Sam as his desire to want to kiss a man was bearing on him. Sam noticed the hook up app on Darren's phone 'Keep in touch Darren, I would happy to show you around". Darren nodded and promised he would. They shook hands again only this time Sam lingered a little longer cautiously and Darren held on to his hand until they finished talking. Darren headed back to the tube station and took the train home. It was late afternoon when he got back home and his parents were out. Getting undressed he laid on his bed, his hand wondering to his cock and thinking about Sam he began to wank. The sexiness of his body and they way he shook hands with him and his adorable facial hair, Darren could see him clearly and closed his eyes as his hips bucked shooting his load across his chest and unable to stop himself rubbing his cock and beating a second load out as quickly as the first. Not matter how many times he masturbated over Sam he never realised he had a picture of him in his bedside table standing next to Byron.
  4. Part 13 - December 2017 Byron got out of bed and finished packing his clothes, he was checking out today and had a couple of weeks off. The show in the west end had been extended by a couple of months until February 2018, after that he would be heading off to New York to begin rehearsals to star along side Patti Lu Pone. With Kurt now on the doorstep and available they had enjoyed some incredibly hot sex. Sam would fly home whenever he had the chance and join them. Thankfully his tour was coming to an end in January and he had been asked to teach ballet and modern dance at a London dance school. The biggest shock in early December was Marcus quitting the dance group to settle down in NY with Tyler. Thanks to Byron Tyler had found love with Marcus, he also asked the producers of the show in Broadway to hire Tyler as dance captain and in turn Marcus was hired as a dancer. Kurt came out of the shower and kissed Byron "Going to miss having my bitch around" he said. Byron chuckled "Going to be quiet in Malvern without you sticking your cock in me constantly" he replied. Kurt smiled "You know I fancied you the first day I saw you at that audition" he confessed to Byron. "I know, why do you think I avoided you?" Byron said with his arms wrapped around him. Kurt laughed "Yeah you did but I knew I would get you". Byron no longer felt any anger towards Kurt, in fact he had sort of freed both Sam and he to enjoy some very uncomplicated sex. Mind you he really did love it when Sam and he would be in bed with Kurt and enjoy sex all night long. Byron was developing more muscle since he worked out with Kurt every day. Stefan's visits would halt sexual proceedings for a couple of days, although Byron knew when they met up again he would always be in for a rough going over. Stefan was in awe of Kurt's presence and body. Kurt laughed his socks off finding out about their relationship at first but seeing them together he got it and saw how much of a bond they had without sex being involved. Stefan was having sex with a couple of girls from Malvern but keeping things very distant, the moment they got clingy he dropped them. He was beginning to find more and more that sex was getting boring with the same girls, they just wanted to lay there and well, get laid. Darren sat in the park across from the Flowers estate reading one of the national papers and the article they had done about the gay west end star Byron Hillier. Inside the paper he opened the magazine he brought that had Byron as number 12 in the hottest men of 2017. The picture showed Byron's body, to Darren he looked perfect and had grown into a very sexy strong man. He looked up hearing voices making sure it was none of his friends, he didn't want to get caught reading a gay magazine [banned word] over a picture of a half naked man. Looking back at the picture he knew what it felt like having this man fuck you, well rape you. He wiped his eyes and continued reading, there was no mention of a boyfriend just a guy seen dancing with him years back known as Sam now a renowned ballet and modern dancer. He wondered if they were involved being the same age, similar builds and they went to dance school together. The more he looked at Sam's picture the harder he got. He rolled the magazine up and put it in his jacket before heading home with the paper for his parents. His home life was still hard, his parents showed less interest in him the older he got, no matter what he did he could never impress them. He spent many hours in his room working with his weights, he was desperate to build muscle definition like Byron and it was slowly paying off. Darren had worked on a building site during the summer carrying bricks around but quit when the weather turned since he kept coming down with colds. Kurt and Byron said good bye in the suite letting him leave first. Byron sat on the bed waiting for 15 minutes before he checked out so not to arouse to much suspicion. The worst part of staying in a hotel in the west end was it being full of theatre lovers who sat around star spotting in the coffee lounge. Byron called down for his car which was provided by contract that Louise had helped negotiate for him. He was now with one of the best talent agencies thanks to Louise and Mountview Academy. Several agencies were bidding to get Byron since he had a string of stars wanting to work with him now. This was only the second time he was using the car, the driver allocated to him was called Tom who came from Hounslow. Tom was nearly six foot and six pack, he was a 32 year old self confessed fitness freak who had no time for relationships and loved his life of working out and driving his BMW. Byron didn't know a lot about Tom to start with, he had a close cropped strawberry blond designer beard and hair. He was obviously someone who cared about his appearance. When Byron walked down to reception Tom was standing outside by the car cutting a fine figure of a man he thought. Byron was still horned up even after spending most of the night riding Kurt, that was the only down side with Kurt, a total top that never ever bottomed. "Good Morning Byron" Tom walked over smiling. "Tom, good morning" Byron replied trying to keep himself in check, undeniably Tom did it for Byron in a big way. Tom put his case in the boot of the car "Malvern isn't it?" he asked opening the door for Byron. Byron nodded "Yes, home at last" he said getting in relieved he hadn't been spotted. Tom leaned in "Mind if I take my jacket off as it is a long ride?" he asked. Byron shook his had "Of course you can, and don't stand on ceremony with me" he laughed. It paid off as Tom gave him a cheeky grin then took his jacket off. Byron watched he could see the light covering of hairs on his arms that looked thick and solid. He could make out through the white shirt the muscle and tattoos that ran down both of his arms. Fuck Byron thought to himself what I could do to him. He settled back for the journey and began to strike up a friendship with Tom. They stopped halfway to grab coffee and take a 10 minute breather. Sitting in the motorway service station Tom looked at Byron "Your show is going really well I see" he said sipping his coffee. Byron smiled "Yes, I wouldn't have minded if they extended it but I have to be in New York late March" he replied. "Wish I had got a ticket to come and see you strut your stuff" Tom said chuckling and putting his cup down. Byron laughed "I can always get you a ticket if you want really do want to see me strutting on stage" he said smiling. Tom sat back in the chair and looked at Byron cheekily "Well I need to see what your all about so yes please" he replied. Byron said he would sort something out and let him know the date. He sat there for a moment trying to work out if Tom was bordering on flirting, coming back to his senses he stood up when Tom finished his coffee and they set off again. By the time they neared Malvern Byron knew a lot more about each other, Tom obliviously knew Byron was gay. What he didn't know was he had the hots for Byron but he never asked about Byron's private life. Byron never once asked him about relationships and thought it was up to Tom to talk about it and not for him to pry. They parked on the driveway of his parents home, whishing each other a merry Christmas and confirming the date to go back. Within the hour Stefan turned up and joined them for dinner. Byron's parents still found their relationship a little strange but they loved Stefan and much as Stefan's parents loved Byron. Byron stayed at this parents for Christmas then Boxing day Stefan arrived and took Byron back to his family home. The afternoon they ran along the Malvern hills and stopped at the bench overlooking the town for a few minutes before slowly making their way back. During their run Stefan spoke about his sexual encounters, Byron could make out in his voice that he showed no emotion about them and almost talking as if he was just passing the time of day. Stefan sat on the toilet drying himself chatting to Byron and watching him shower, they had a an hour or so before dinner and were taking their time. "You have to stop" Stefan said nodding to Byron. Byron rubbed the soap in his hands "Stop what?" he asked looking confusingly at him. "Going to the gym with Kurt, your getting bigger than me" Stefan said smiling and standing up. Byron could see the temptation in his eyes and held the soap out "Want to wash me?" he quietly asked. Stefan looked and took the soap stepping back in to the shower. Delicately and with tenderness he slowly washed every inch of Byron, spending more time washing his ass and down towards his balls. He was strangely even more turned on than he had ever been with Byron. He loved touching every part of Byron's body, well almost every part. Turning Byron round slowly to face him he lathered up his hands and rubbed them over Byron's chest and under his arms. Byron giggled and Stefan smiled at him and leaning forward they tenderly kissed on the lips lightly. Gradually increasing the pressure his body raised up a little feeling Byron touching and holding him around the waist. Louise stood at the bathroom door and smiled and called out that dinner would be ready in 10 minutes. Quickly Stefan turned but thankfully his mother was not visible. They had no idea what happened to that hour as they stood lost in each other. Both dried and dressed quickly they headed downstairs to the dining room. Stefan was feeling a little cautious, he didn't know if his mother had seen them in the shower. Louise nodded for them to sit down and she placed boiled potatoes to go with the cold meat selection on the table. All through dinner Byron couldn't help thinking that somehow something was very different in the way Stefan touched his body in the shower, slowly he was beginning to explore more of Byron. The evening Stefan was getting bored and told Byron and his mother off as they were on the laptop reading all the reviews and internet searching each other. Louise closed the laptop and they re-joined Matthew and Stefan before heading up to bed. Byron undressed quickly then went to the bathroom to clean his teeth, Stefan stood by his side naked cleaning his teeth. Byron disappeared back to the bedroom first and climbed in to bed, the room only dimly lit from one bedside lamp. Outside he could hear a dog barking down the street before it went quiet. Stefan turned off the bathroom light and climbed in to bed. He leaned over Byron to turn the bedside light off. Byron stroked Stefan's back who looked down at him and quickly kissed him. Stefan reached over further his body almost laying on top of Byron's, the room went dark. Byron suddenly felt the weight of Stefan's body shifting, this time he wasn't moving away, he was moving further on to top of Byron. As strange as it felt Stefan worked his legs pushing Byron's open, Stefan could feel Byron's arousal against his own cock, he was finding it strangely exciting. His body laying on top of Byron, his mouth easily seeking Byron's as they kissed slowly, tenderly and with much love. Their arms around each other it was by far the closest and most intimate Byron had ever got with Stefan. Stefan rested his head on the pillow, facing Byron his body tingling at Byron's touch as he gently stroked his back. Neither of them spoke and just laid in each others arms enjoying the feeling of their bodies being close. Stefan had never felt such feelings with a woman, he had no idea why he felt the need to be close to Byron. It was a love born out of friendship, a love Stefan could not fight no matter how straight he thought he was. Byron got him, he understood Stefan in so many ways, on the surface and deep inside. They kept no secrets. Stefan kissed Byron on the cheek and sighed, he knew he was never going to find this kind of love with anyone else. He slowly ran his hand along Byron's arm and caressed his neck, he knew that was Byron's weak spot and loved it when he moaned and rolled his head. "Stop it" Byron giggled tightening his hold on Stefan and kissing him. Stefan smiled to himself "I know you way to well Byron" he whispered quietly his eyes welling up. Byron turned his head to face him "Weirdos the both of us" he said stroking Stefan's face. Byron rubbed his fingers together "Are you crying" he asked running his finger over Stefan's face again. "Tears of weird happiness" Stefan croaked then cleared his throat "Don't know what's come over me". Byron kissed him gently "I love you so much Stefan" he said he could see Stefan's eyes looking at him. "Marry me then" Stefan asked quietly. Byron seemed to know that this time Stefan was being serious "In a year" he replied. Stefan leaned up "What do you mean?" he asked. "If you still feel the same this time next year when I return from New York" Bryon said "Ask me then". Stefan leaned over and kissed him "I will expect you to say yes" he said looking at him. Byron nodded "Then you have my word" he replied. Stefan slipped off of Byron and cuddled up next to him. Byron looked in to the darkness realising he had committed himself to Stefan, he turned and kissed Stefan on the head who was already nearly asleep.
  5. Part 12 - October 2017 Darren woke at 3pm, his body still ached and he felt sick again. This was the fifth day he was feeling unwell failing to shift the bug he caught from sharing a joint. He felt mildly better and got out of bed and picked up the Malvern Echo a local newspaper. He got a glass of water trying to recount how many times he had been ill this year. He took a sip of water and went back to his bedroom with the paper, splashed on the front page was a picture of their local celebrity Louise Hythe-Anderson who was returning to the west end with a new co-star Byron Hillier. He sat up and read on 'After their tremendous success on Broadway rising star Byron Hillier also from Malvern will star with Louise Hythe-Anderson for four months in London's west end. Mr Hillier received crucial acclaim for his dancing and singing and was highlighted as one to watch. Rumours are already spreading around on Broadway that he is set to star along side Broadway legend Patti Lu Pone next year', Darren ran his finger over the picture of Byron holding hands with Louise during a curtain call. He had to look closely at the picture, he would never have recognised him otherwise. My god he thought, he has changed so much. He tore the page out of the newspaper and put it in the draw of his bedside table. Byron sat in his dressing room looking at the picture of Stefan and him on the beach in Spain, they had spent two weeks with Stefan's parents on holiday. He smiled loving the man in the picture standing by his side and who was sat on the sofa behind him. Marcus and Tyler had texted to wish him luck, Tyler had taken a break from Broadway for a month and flown over to LA to be with Marcus. The intercom buzzed announcing 10 minutes to curtain up. Stefan stood up "Good luck" he said leaning over and kissing Byron. Byron smiled "No heckling" he said standing and hugging Stefan and getting aroused by their closeness. Stefan left and met his father to take their seats, Byron's foster parents were in the audience with seats next to Stefan and Matthew. Opening night was nerve racking for Byron, the show had sold out within 2 weeks of being put on sale in August. Ticket prices were not cheap for this short run and everybody wanted in to see Louise on stage again, the worst part of it was that so many celebrities from all walks of entertainment were in the house tonight. Stefan took his seat and looked around at the empty seat next to him worried that the person may not make it in time. He checked his phone again, the flight from Vienna landed over an hour ago. The orchestra began their warm up as the safety curtain lifted. He turned and saw an usher who was hurrying down the aisle with Sam in tow. Stefan stood and hugged him "He is going to be so happy to see you Sam" he said letting him sit down. Sam smiled "Annoyed more like if I know Byron" he said as the band struck up the overture and the lights dimmed. Stefan liked Sam from the moment he saw him years back and they had remained friends connected through Byron. He could never figure out why Sam and Byron had never slept together despite his constant pestering and pushing Byron to make a move. Byron and Louise were on stage part way through the first half singing and dancing, Sam was transfixed watching Byron. Tears rolling down his face watching him on stage, so proud of what he was achieving. Stefan saw him wipe the tears from his face and put his arm around him until the interval. "You okay?" Stefan asked looking at him. Sam nodded "Yes, I don't know what come over me. He is brilliant" he replied "Thank you". The audience erupted at the finale immediately on their feet, the standing ovation lasted 10 minutes with repeated curtain calls for Louise and Byron chanting their names until they bowed out for the final time and the lights came on. They waited for most of the crowd to disperse and went backstage. Stefan took Sam to Byron's dressing room and said he had to go and see his mother, he wanted Sam to and Byron to have a few minutes alone. Sam watched Stefan go to the dressing room next door and knock on the door. The assistant had been told to disappear when Sam turned up. He walked in and saw Byron shirtless towelling down. "Sorry with you in a minute" Byron said without looking. "That's okay I can wait" Sam replied closing the door. Byron turned and nearly burst in to tears running towards him, Sam lifted him off his feet hugging him hard eventually putting him down. "Some friend you turned out to be" Byron said jokingly "surprising me like that". Sam laughed "You can blame Stefan" he replied as they hugged again. They both were emotional wrecks and began wiping each others face "Fuck I missed you Sam" Byron said. "You were amazing out there Byron I am so proud of you" Sam said looking in to Byron's eyes. Byron smiled "When did you get bigger muscles than me" he joked looking how much Sam's body had changed. "Lifting all those ballet dancers" Sam replied giggling "fuck those girls are heavy" he said continuing to laugh. Byron wiped another tear from Sam's face tenderly lingering longer. Sam moved closer and kissed Byron on the lips, they both knew it was coming. Hungrily they sought each other's mouths and kissed, arms wrapped around each other. Finally after all the years training together they tasted each other, unable to stop kissing they stumbled around the dressing room trying to keep their balance and sexual desire under control but failing miserably. Stefan walked in to the dressing room and smiled "Wow that is so hot and I'm not even gay" he said laughing. Byron and Sam stopped kissing and straightened themselves up "Sorry Stefan" Byron said apologetically. "What for?" Stefan said looking at him "is it weird I find it hot watching you two" he said walking over. "You know he can give you what I can't sexually" Stefan said hugging Byron. Sam looked at them both "Hang on, so what is going on with you two then?" he asked looking confused. Stefan laughed "Long story. Come on after show party is starting" he told them handing Byron his shirt. Sam was surprised entering the party, Louise went straight over to him wanting to hear all about his touring with the ballet company before she was dragged off with Byron for photos with the media. Stefan took the moment to take Sam aside and explained as best he could how Byron and he felt about each other. Sam had to admit it was unconventional, he understood though as Byron had a way of pulling you in without knowing it. Stefan explained that he would not be offended with him and Byron sleeping together, he handed Sam another drink who joked about Stefan trying to get him drunk and flirting outrageously with each other. Byron re-joined them and explained to Sam about going back to New Yok for a different show running the following year from May to December. Sam promised come hell or high water he would make it out there to see him and clinked glasses. Stefan had to leave the party to get back to Malvern, he had an early start for work in the morning with his father. Sam and Byron sat down chatting alone and Byron pulled his phone out and showed the text he had received from Kurt. Sam looked at him "So he is back in London" he asked. Byron nodded "Auditioning for a show and wants to meet up" he said looking at Sam. Sam looked at Byron "So many times I have wanted to get back at him for what he done to us" he said. "It's not worth it Sam, anyway I was literally begging for him to fuck me" Byron responded. Sam smiled "He was a good fuck I will give him that" he said looking at Sam then giggling. Byron looked around at the departing guests "Where are you staying tonight?" he asked. "Well..." Sam grinned "I was kind of hoping with you but seeing Stefan, you know" he replied. Byron leaned over "No, you can stay with me but you may not get much sleep" he said looking him in the eye. Sam smiled "I don't intend on letting you sleep either". They both hurriedly say goodbye and by the time they reached Byron's suite at the hotel they both looked nervously at each other for a few moments. Throwing out any apprehension they kissed quickly and stripped, hands all over each others bodies they bounded off the walls and door frame until they collapsed on the bed rolling back and forwards trying to get on top first. Byron laughed and looked at Sam 'fuck me' he said, quick as a flash Sam flipped Byron on to his stomach and spat in his hand rubbing it along Byron's ass. He lifted his hips up and pushed full force opening Byron's ass. Byron bucked and squealed at the sheer brunt of the penetration. Sam was oblivious and held Byron down as his hips pushed up and down driving his cock hard in to Byron. His feet pounding against the mattress and biting the pillow, he was in a bit of agony but so wanted Sam and he let him continue almost raping him. He cold feel Sam's hot breath on his neck and the breathing getting heavier as he neared his orgasm. Sam loving every minute and so horny and turned on leaned closer to Byron 'you were always going to be my bitch' he said grunting then pushing his hips down with a slap against Byron's ass 'fucking breeding you' he said louder, grinding his ass and grunting harder like he really waned Byron to know he was cumming in his ass. Byron was pinned under him unable to push him off 'come on my turn to break you' he said. Sam slowly pulled his cock out and Byron pulled Sam back down and scampered over him to get in between his legs. Byron aimed his cock and pushed it home 'fuck Byron' Sam cried out starring blankly at the headboard of the bed. The sound of Byron's balls slapping hard against Sam's ass echoed around the room mixed in the pleasured cries coming from Sam 'you gotta take what you give' Byron said and slapped Sam's ass hard and began pounding him even harder and faster. His hands resting on Sam's shoulders keeping him pinned down. He knew Sam was loving it as he ass kept pushing up meeting his downward thrusts. Byron steadied himself raising up on his arms, clenching his buttocks together he felt the pulses and waves of his orgasm running through his cock releasing his seed in to Sam 'oh fuck yes' Sam cried pushing his ass upwards until Byron collapsed on top of him and began laughing. They were disturbed by Byron's phone pinging with a message. He leaned over still with his cock inside Sam and looked at the message from Stefan 'Well, did you two get it on?' he laughed and showed it to Sam who took the phone and snapped a picture of Byron laying on top of him and sent it to Stefan. He replied instantly 'Awesome! at last!'. Byron rolled on to his back "I have wanted you for years Sam" he said caressing Sam's leg. Sam leaned up and kissed him "It was only a matter of time" he replied "So nearly happened that day you were ill, I wanted you then" he said. "It's not going to change us is it?" Byron asked with a little apprehension. Sam smiled "No" he said patting Byron's leg "Your my bitch now" he chuckled. Byron kissed Sam "No, your my bitch" he said adamantly. Sam overpowered Byron and penetrated him again 'My bitch' he laughed giving a few hard thrusts before settling in to a more gentle fucking. Kurt read the article about Byron's west end debut as a co-star as the tube pulled in the Leicester Square station. Out of the blue he had contacted Byron to telling him he was in London, mostly to see if he had indeed cooled down after the heated text. He had been invited to Byron's suite to catch up, Kurt only had one thing on his mind, he wanted inside of Byron's sweet body. He knocked on the door and waited as Byron appeared opening the door, instantly he knew why he had tumbled down this path in the first place, the man just ooozed sex appeal and Byron was finding it hard not to touch. Kurt was as confident as ever his ever present cocky grin on his face. Byron lead Kurt in to the lounge of his suite. "Hello Kurt" Sam said appearing from the bedroom wearing shorts and t-shirt. Kurt smirked "Well, two of my bitches in one room" he said looking at them both arrogantly. Byron walked next to Sam "You know what you gave us both. You never gave us a choice" he said. Kurt was not scared he could take both of them down "Told you when I was fucking I was going to breed you". Kurt looked at Sam "This one was so tricky" he then looked at Byron "And you were gagging for me". Sam walked over "You fucking owe us Kurt" he said dropping his shorts and taking his t-shirt off. Kurt looked at him as Byron began undressing "Payback time Kurt" Byron said. Kurt laughed and rubbed his cock "I will take you both on, breed you both and recharge your asses". Kurt stripped his shirt and jeans off kicking his trainers from his feet and exposing his fine physique. His cock already semi hard hanging between his legs. Byron and Sam walked up to Kurt who stood there grinning sexily. They both ran their hands up along his arm, caressing his biceps then across his chest. Kurt grabbed Sam and yanked him forward kissing him hard. His other arm grabbed Byron yanking him forward and kissing him hard. His hands worked down their backs and over their ass cheeks finding the pleasure holes on each lad. They kissed Kurt's neck as he slowly prised their asses open with his fingers. He never thought he would end up having both of the lads at the same time, his body was on fire and his cock strained at it's own hardness. He shoved a second finger up Byron and Sam's hols causing them both to wince and moan simultaneously, he had enough leverage to push them both and began moving them towards the bedroom. He forced them both on the bed and withdrew his fingers, Byron and Sam kissed each other madly as Kurt stood watching rubbing his cock. Kurt had never been more turned on 'Which of my bitches wants it first?' he asked slapping their asses hard and kneeling on the bed in between them. His cock fully erect and leaning forward it poked the lips of Byron and Sam's kissing pushing it's way in on the action. Kurt looked up at the ceiling and growled loudly, two tongues worked over the head and shaft, assaulting his cock from all angels driving him crazy. His hands grabbed an ass cheek each and squeezed them tightly, he began slapping each one hard until he saw their eyes watering from the burning and the red marks glowed brightly. Neither of his bitches whimpered, instead they both took his cock in their mouths forcing their lips together they kissed again, the force of them trying to get their tongues to each other over and around the cock head was so intense for Kurt. He growled feeling his balls tighten, he couldn't hold on even if he wanted to 'fuck' he cried out grabbing their asses again. They both felt the pulse and jump before it erupted in to their mouths catching them both by surprise. It seemed to never end, releasing toxic seed in to their mouths, hitting their tongues they continued kissing their assault on his cock despite the pain from Kurt digging his fingers in to their ass cheeks almost pulling them up and down on the bed with his strength. Kurt looked down, his orgasm finally subsiding. Pulling his cock away he could see their mouths full of one of the biggest loads he had ever busted. Quickly he pushed their heads together making them kiss with toxic seed until they had swallowed it all down. Kurt got off the bed and pulled Sam's legs down the bed until his ass hung just over edge and his legs were on the floor. Pushing Sam's legs apart he dropped down aiming his cock with deadly accuracy. Sam cried loud and Byron held his arms down on the bed. Kurt began pounding furiously, looking up at Byron he smiled 'Your next' he growled before getting back to work breeding Sam. Byron leaned down and found Sam's mouth, kissing him he could feel the pleasure emitting from his kiss. Kurt moaned and held still, Sam's eyes snapped open like a startled rabbit 'oh fuck' he hoarsely whispered to Byron. He knew Kurt was delivering a load deep in to his body, the pounding had made his ass more sensitive and he could feel the pulses clearly and the warmth hitting deep in his ass. Kurt whipped his cock, still fully erect. Byron was so busy watching Sam he never realised Kurt was behind him until the pain shot up through his body as he was impaled on Kurt's cock swiftly. Kurt wrapped his arm around Byron's waist pulling him painfully hard and deep on to his cock. He showed no mercy and began destroying Byron's ass. Byron almost howled as he was given no time to adjust, he felt like he was being stabbed on the inside with the force of Kurt's thrusting. Sam rolled on to his back wiping his watery eyes and looking up in to Byron's eyes. He raised his hand and pushed his fingers in to Byron's mouth stopping him from crying out. This time Kurt took longer to bust his load but it didn't mean Byron got an easier ride. The sweat dripping from Kurt and running down Byron's back, his body was held so tightly by Kurt's muscular arm around his waist he knew he was going no where. His mouth aching and nearly gagging as Sam held firm with his hand in his mouth. Sam's other hand now began playing with Byron's cock that could only reach a semi hard state. His arse was burning, it was constant, no slowing or stopping, Kurt's cock just kept coming for his ass, each thrust felt deeper every time. He felt the change in Kurt's cock and knew it was time. A kind of relief going through his body he relaxed. Kurt's moaned and threw his other arm around Byron's chest pulling him down deeper on to his cock as he began unleashing and recharging Byron. Sam removed his hand out of Byron's mouth, his head fell forward grunting noises every time Kurt jolted his hips up relapsing more seed and plating it deep in to Byron. Kurt's head rested on the shoulder of Byron as he steadied himself catching his breath. Even for him this was a record of busting three loads within an hour. His arms released Byron who collapsed on he bed panting heavily. Kurt looked down at his still erect cock, blood streaks adorning it he was about to go and clean up when Sam moved forward and took it in his mouth gently he began to deep throat Kurt working deeper each time and cleaning him up. Kurt leaned round and fingered Sam's hole and saw traces of blood and smiled. He had broken both of them and he was loving it he thought smiling to himself, moving slowly he eased on to his back and let Sam finish off cleaning him. He pulled Byron towards him and kissed him sensually. Bryon played with his cock that was fully erect as he kissed Kurt. He felt Sam moving over and taking it in his mouth washing his tongue over it lapping up the precum that had accumulated. Byron moaned in to Kurt's mouth who knew what was going on, he held Byron tighter up to his mouth kissing him deeper allowing Sam to work Byron's cock. He gripped hold of Kurt's arm hard, his cock began flooding Sam's mouth. His moans and cries lost in Kurt's mouth. Sam moved up the bed his mouth full of Byron's seed, Kurt twisted Byron's head towards Sam who kissed him deep passing the cum to him. Kurt then kissed Byron again taking the cum and then finally back to Sam. Kurt laid there on his back, the two boys laying in his arms. Despite all the sexual encounters these two together were by far the hottest and most interesting to be with. Kurt ended up staying the night, the sex sometimes rough and edgy but also incredibly sensual. He loved his two British bitches, more than just fucks that laid there wanting it, they liked it rough and could handle it. Perfectly ideal since he landed a role as a cast dancer in the west end on a 2 year contract. He hadn't even got around to telling his boys before they fell sound asleep exhausted from the hours of sex. What he found incredibly arousing was watching Byron and Sam fuck each other like crazy dogs, it looked like years missed love and sexual frustration being taken out on each other. Watching Sam pump his load in to Bryon and vice versa made him cum every time.
  6. Part 11 - July 2017 Byron took the final curtain call for the evening with Louise to a standing ovation from the audience, this becoming a regular thing with every performance. The Broadway critics loved the show and gave rave reviews seeing Louise performing again and giving Byron amazing write up's as standing out next to the star of the show, able to hold his own and command the audience. His few solo singing and dancing parts drew thunderous applause just like Louise's had. They were running in to the last 3 weeks of the production. He sat in his dressing room looking at the text from Sam and put his phone down. He was upset that Sam couldn't make it out as he was touring through Europe with a German ballet company. Sam had been keeping up with the reviews and would constantly send Byron messages heaping praise and promising they would see each other in December. Byron had kept in touch with Jack and told him about Marcus and the time they spent together, even confessing how upset he was when it turned out to be nothing but sex. Still he had brought happiness to Marcus and Tyler, despite his own sadness around Sam being unable to fly out. Tyler and he would still spend together in bed. Tyler knocked on the dressing room door and walked in seeing the sad look on Byron's face, he went over and put his arms around Byron's neck hugging him. They had been a rock to each other after Marcus left for LA, Tyler was supporting Byron now that Sam was not coming over. "How do you do that, keep turning up when I am sad" Byron joked looking at Tyler in the mirror. Tyler smiled and sat down "Don't know, maybe I can sense your sadness" he laughed. Byron wiped the make up off his face "Thank you Tyler, and I really mean it" he said smiling at him. Tyler picked up a wipe and helped "You only have to ask me and I will sleep with you" he said. Byron leaned in and kissed him "I know" he replied kissing him. They were interrupted by another knock at the door "Come in" Byron called, he finished wiping his face. "Is this where the new star of Broadway dresses" Stefan called out opening the door. Byron stood and ran over in to his arms bursting in to tears "Hell Byron what is the matter?" Stefan asked. He sniffled "Nothing, god I am so happy to see you" he said kissing Stefan on the mouth. Tyler stood up and knew immediately this was Byron's man "I should go Byron" he said. Stefan looked over "And who are you?" he asked "Are you fucking my man?" he looked seriously at Tyler. Tyler unsure what to make of it looked at Byron "Boyfriend?" he asked. Byron wiped his face "Stefan come and meet Tyler" he said. Stefan shook hands with Tyler "Well have you?" he asked looking at Tyler seriously. Byron laughed "Very much so" he replied winking at Tyler. Tyler looked at them both "So you are his boyfriend?" he asked Stefan. Byron laughed "Stefan here is straight" he said seeing Tyler looking relieved "Well sort of" he chuckled. Stefan punched Byron lightly on the arm "I am going to be his husband one day" he said smiling. Tyler scratched his head unsure what to make of this "Are you joking or for real?" he asked. "He says he will marry me but won't have sex with me" Byron replied holding Stefan's hand. Tyler laughed "You English are so fucked up" he said "I will leave you two alone to do whatever". Stefan stopped him "No, come to dinner with us, I mean my mother and father are coming as well" he said. Tyler looked at him "You brought your mother and father?" he asked looking shocked. Stefan laughed "My mother is Louise" he replied seeing Tyler smile and nod. Stefan looked at Byron after Tyler left to get changed "So your fucking with him?" he asked again. "Yes" Byron nodded "But I fixed him up with Marcus you know the dancer" he quickly added. Stefan nodded "As long as your not falling for him" he replied kissing Byron's head "Your mine" he said. Byron smiled "So you keep telling me" he said standing there as Stefan buttoned up Byron's shirt. Stefan held Bryon's face "You know I am in love with you". They spent a great deal of time chatting over dinner, Tyler was thrilled as being dance captain he very rarely got invited out with the star of the show for dinner. Stefan made no secret about where he was sleeping for the next 3 nights, Tyler still trying to get his head around their relationship. Through dinner he could see that what Stefan and Byron had went way beyond sexual love for each other. Tyler loved chatting with Louise and her husband, he even got along so well with Stefan that they flirted quite openly knowing it was just words and banter but all the time it was fun. Stefan finished undressing and walked naked from the bathroom and climbed in to bed. Byron settled by cuddling up against Stefan stroking his chest 'I missed you' Stefan said kissing his head, they both quickly fell asleep. Stefan woke early from his jetlag and kissed Byron on cheek telling him he was going down to breakfast, Byron turned over falling back asleep. He walked in to the hotel restaurant to see his father just sitting down and went over to join him. "Morning, can't sleep either" Stefan said sitting down. Matthew looked up "Surprised you are up this early" he replied "Byron is still tired so I left him sleeping" Stefan said after ordering coffee. Matthew laughed at how Stefan acted like they were a couple "You still love him don't you" he said. Caught by surprise he took a sip of coffee "Yes, sometimes I really wish I was gay" he replied looking down. Matthew smiled "You know love is not always about sex and you have both shown that" he said lovingly. Stefan looked at his father "You don't mind this, I mean it screws any chance of finding a girl". He shook his head "Well no I don't mind, does Byron feel the same way towards you?" he asked. "I think so" Stefan said thinking "he has never said he loved me though" he admitted. Matthew smiled "He is gay Stefan, maybe he wants more but can you give that to him?" he quizzed his son. Stefan looked at him "What if I can't, I don't want to loose him from my life" he said with slight panic. "Only you and Byron can determine the future and what happens son" Matthew said making it clear. Stefan chuckled "I never thought you and I would ever be having this conversation" he said. Matthew laughed "Makes a change from talking business" he replied "have you ever... you know?" he asked. "Done anything?" Stefan finished the question "No, I kissed him once with a chocolate" he replied. Matthew looked at his son "And?". Stefan shrugged his shoulders "It was nice I guess but it wasn't a proper kiss" he replied remembering it fondly. Stefan finished breakfast and headed back up to the suite. Realising that had been the weirdest conversation his father and he had ever talked about. Opening the door he walked through in to the bedroom looking at Byron, he was laying on his back the sheet halfway down his body. Standing there looking at him he just loved how he looked, so peaceful in his sleep, so sexy he thought. He stopped himself, wait, did he think he looked sexy he begun questioning his own thoughts. He stood there for a while lost in his own world undressing himself, he moved over to the bed and climbed in besides Byron. He mumbled and stirred in his sleep, this time Stefan cuddled up to Byron placing his hand over his chest and kissing him on cheek. Byron moved his arm around Stefan's neck and pulled him closer, his hand ran up along the Stefan's arm resting over his bicep. Stefan relaxed his whole body, he missed this, he really loved being in bed with Byron. Being close to him was everything he needed, he smiled remembering how he told Byron growing up that nothing and no one will ever come between them. He lifted his head and looked at the smile on Byron's face 'you belong to me Byron' he whispered softly almost to himself. Byron rubbed Stefan's arm 'I know' he replied catching Stefan by surprise. Stefan laid his head back down, Byron turned on his side and kissed Stefan on the lips tenderly wrapping both his arms around him cuddling him more intimately than they had ever done before. Stefan stroked Byron's back and his breathing steadied as he fell back to sleep, their faces almost touching. His alarm went off at 11.30am and Byron reached over to turn it off, his erection rubbed against Stefan's leg by accident. He was surprised that Stefan did not react and just smiled at him 'dirty tart' he said jokingly. Byron sat up and laughed and slipped out of bed to shower. Stefan walked in to the bathroom naked and sat on the floor watching him shower. Byron looked at him "Pervert" he said causing Stefan to laugh and smile. "What can't I watch you shower now?" Stefan asked standing up "or should I join you?" he stood by the shower. Byron turned looking at Stefan's physique "Better not" he replied grinning. Stefan chuckled "Yeah better not, after what you did to Darren" he said and burst out laughing. Byron shook his head "Don't remind me" he said holding his hand out for a towel "You coming to the theatre?". "No, father wants to check out some hotels he is considering using" Stefan replied still watching him. Byron dried his hair "I thought you were here to relax?" he asked stepping out of the shower. "You know him, mixing work with pleasure" Stefan replied "Can we dine alone together after the show?" he asked. Byron stood in front of him "Are you asking me out on a date" he laughed. Stefan smiled "Yeah suppose I am" he replied laughing, Byron stopped and look at him. "Your ex is right we are a pair of weirdos" Byron replied smiling "Oh and yes I will". Stefan walked in to the shower and looked at Byron watching him "Stop looking you tart" he laughed. Byron and Louise took the final curtain call as the standing audience disappeared from view as the curtain touched the stage floor and everyone relaxed. Louise kissed and hugged him which had become normal after every curtain drop. "We need to meet with the producers tomorrow at 2pm" Louise told Byron. He nodded "Another packed out show" Byron commented as they walked to the wings. Louise smiled "Your getting quite a name for yourself Byron" she enthused. "It's all down to you Louise, I owe you a lot for what you have taught me" Byron said hugging her again. "You better get ready for your date" Louise casually said "Stefan is waiting for you in the foyer". Byron tutted "Is nothing secretive around here" he laughed running off stage to get changed. He didn't really know what to expect on a date with Stefan, to him it just seemed as though they were having dinner alone as they walked in to the restaurant. Byron recognised several Broadway stars from different shows that were also arriving and dining. He didn't know them personally but knew of them from the billboards outside the theatres he passed every day. Byron pointing out some of the stars to Stefan who sat there watching him full of happiness and listening intently. "What?" Byron suddenly asked looking at Stefan. Stefan smiled "Nothing, you look incredibly happy" he said "I have never seen you like this". Byron sat back in his chair "I love what I am doing and you are here" he responded in truthfulness. "Are you in love with me then?" Stefan asked causing Byron "only you have never really told me?". Byron looked at Stefan "You know I love with you, you don't need me to tell you" he replied. Stefan smiled "Good" he said pausing "You know I can't find a girlfriend, no one compares to you". Byron laughed "Don't be daft, look at you, you could have any girl in here easily" he replied. "Oh I can get sex when I want it" Stefan said "But it's you I want. No. Need". "Sorry to interrupt you both" Patti Lu Pone stood in front of them "I saw your show this evening". Byron stood up "Oh, you did?" he fumbled going all stage struck. Patti smiled "Well mostly due to Louise but I heard great things about you. You stole the show to me". "Thank you Ms Lu Pone, that is very nice of you to say so" Byron replied trying to string words together. "Patti please" she replied "Would you star next to me in my next show in 2018?" she asked immediately. Byron stood looking at her "Me?" he asked "Oh god yes that would be amazing". Patti leaned in a kissed him on the cheek "Fantastic darling, I will set the wheels in motion". "Do you have your agents details?" she asked Byron, Stefan knew he hadn't signed up to one yet. Stefan stood "You can go through my mother" he said "sorry I mean Louise Hythe-Anderson" he corrected himself. Patti turned and looked at him for a moment "Oh yes I can see the resemblance now" she smiled shaking his hand. Stefan waited for her to leave "I hope you didn't mind me doing that" he said to Byron. Byron smiled "What? Oh no, that's Patti Lu Pone" he said again making Stefan laugh. "Don't be surprised Byron, my mother told me you are the talk of Broadway at the moment" Stefan said chuckling. Their evening took longer than anticipated as a few cast members from different shows all wanted to congratulate him on his performance with Louise. Eventually arriving back at the hotel suite just after midnight, Byron walked in to the bathroom and stripped and turned on the shower. As the warm water started coming through the shower head he slipped under the cascading water rolling his head back and allowing the water to flow over his face. Could the night get any more stranger he thought relating back to his conversation with Stefan. It still worried him weather Stefan was really being open with him and completely serious. Stefan stood there and watched for a minute and took down his underwear, slipping in to the shower he stood behind Byron and gently touched him. Byron jumped in surprise and looked down seeing Stefan's arms circling around his waist holding him. He felt Stefan kissing his neck then resting his head against his "I love you so much Byron". Byron held Stefan's arms "I wish you could give me more" he replied. "I'm sorry I can't give you everything you need" Stefan replied turning Byron to face him. Byron kissed him on the cheek "Make good on your promise and never leave me then" he looked Stefan in the eyes. He nodded "Never Byron" Stefan moved his face closer he wanted to kiss Byron. Byron sensed what Stefan was going to do "You don't have chocolate hidden do you?" he said smiling. Stefan grinned at him "Not this time " he replied remembering how they first kissed at Christmas. Stefan moved forward pushing Byron against the shower wall, he looked deep in to his eyes then his lips touched Byron's. Slowly with closed lips he kissed Byron, he repeated this several time and could feel Byron's cock getting hard against his leg. Byron wasn't sure but thought Stefan had a tear roll down his face mixing with the water from the shower. Stefan kissed him again 'Oh Byron' he quietly said then his lips planted hard against Byron's. His lips parted, he felt Stefan's tongue passing over his lips seeking his own. Stefan held Byron tighter, their mouths locked together standing in the shower. They kissed softly and sensually, the years of love between them surfacing. Stefan pulled back and hugged Byron tightly not wanting to let go. By the time they got in to bed and laid in each others arms Byron really knew how deep their love for each other was. They kissed and Stefan stroked Byron's face before tiredness took over them. Byron met Louise in the reception for their 2pm meeting with the producers, they were both unsure what it was about although Louise suggested to Byron that they may want to extend the show. The producers arrived and they sat in the hotel lounge, they wasted no time in telling them they had secured a theatre in the west end of London for 4 months starting in October. They were moving the show to the UK and wanted Louise and Byron to reprise their roles, Byron thought it would be a simple yes but Louise looked over the details and told them she was not happy with the package being offered for Byron. She made it clear that he was to get equal billing and pay due to his success on Broadway, to his surprise the producers agreed immediately if they would sign now. Louise excused herself and Byron to discuss in private. "Well Byron, what do you reckon?" she asked him "you want to work with me for another 4 months?". Byron nodded "Of course" he replied "One condition though" he said looking at her. "Go on" Louise replied. Byron smiled "Will you manage me, you know all this sort of stuff" he asked her. Louise smiled "Deal, but if you get to busy we may need a proper agent to manage you" she said. "I'm sure you can manage it" Bryon said "there is one other thing I was approached last night.." he started. Louise stopped him "I know, Patti wants you staring in her show next year" he laughed. Byron smiled "Did she call you already?" he asked looking surprised. "No, it is the worst kept secret on Broadway, spies are everywhere remember that" Louise said knowingly to him. The deal was done and they would be set to start stage rehearsals in September giving them both a month off when the run finished in August on Broadway. Stefan and Matthew waited for their taxi to the airport saying good bye to Louise to Byron in reception. Stefan kissed Byron on the cheek and hugged him "Stay out of trouble and be safe" he said to him. Byron giggled "And don't get anyone pregnant" he replied feeling the laughter from Stefan's body. "Gonna miss you, have fun with Tyler" Stefan said quietly. Louise put her arm around Byron comforting him, she clearly saw how upset he was at Stefan leaving.
  7. Part 10 - June 2017 The show had sold out and the opening night went better than everyone expected and ran without a hitch. Louise naturally received rave reviews from the critics for her polished performance like she had never been away from the stage. Byron didn't fair to bad either and the top Broadway critic cited Byron as 'Giving a stunning dance performance and one to watch'. The standing ovations received every night and Byron was receiving cheers and loud applause when taking the curtain call on his own before Louise. Byron received a text from Marcus telling him he would be back in town at the end of June for a week. As the month passed Tyler knew that Byron was meeting this Marcus. He joked saying he wanted to meet Marcus as it was obvious Byron had a hell of a crush on him by the way he spoke about him. Thankfully Byron was only doing the matinee show on Saturday and had the evening off. To say he was excited was an understatement when the curtain finally dropped. Marcus stood outside the cast door at the rear of the theatre. Byron squinted coming out in to the sunlight with Tyler and he immediately made out who the person was leaning against the wall. He ran over in to the arms of Marcus standing there hugging each other so tightly not wanting to let go. Tyler looked at them and saw that Byron was very fond of the guy standing there, maybe this was the guy he was in love with he thought to himself. Tyler couldn't quite see Marcus fully until Byron brought him over. For the first time Marcus seemed to go all shy when introduced to him, something that was so out of characteristic with him. Byron wasn't stupid and could see the way Tyler was looking at Marcus and vice versa. Tyler left them and took a fleeting glance back over his shoulder at Marcus. Byron and Marcus headed off to have a late lunch and caught up on all their news until early evening, they slowly walked back to Byron's hotel. Byron looking at him spoke "This is the first time we have been alone" he said. "I know, we always seem to have people around" Marcus replied a little nervously. Byron smiled "Tyler seemed quite taken with you" he said sitting back in his seat "and you with him". Marcus gave Byron a cheeky look "Was I that obvious". Byron laughed "I think you two should go on a date, you know, see if there is any magic". Marcus grinned "Maybe" he said "and us?" he asked. Byron took a deep breath "Do you want to get it out of your system" he asked "I know I do". Marcus looked at him "I really want to, but I don't want it to ruin our friendship" he replied quietly. They stared at each other "You know I want to" Marcus finally said. Marcus had the biggest crush on Byron ever since they first met, something they didn't know each other shared in secret. He brushed Byron's hand then grabbed it holding it firmly and giving a squeeze. Byron held the door open and Marcus walked with him to the elevator, the door closed behind them heading up to the 31st floor. Marcus stood in front of Byron placing an arm around Byron neck he rested his head against Byron's neck. Byron placed his arms around Marcus and held him close. The cute sexy Marcus, American Italian of descent smelt and looked wonderful he thought standing there until the elevator slowed and pinged. They walked the short distance and Byron unlocked the door with his phone letting Marcus enter before him. He stood nervously watching Byron's every move. Byron took Marcus's hand, he was burning inside. This was the closest he had been to Marcus and he was beginning to loose faith if anything was ever going to happen. Marcus laid back on the bed and pulled Byron down until he was half on top of him. Byron took the cue and leaned forward his lips touching Marcus's lightly then increasing the pressure of each kiss, Marcus pulled Byron down their lips parting. Bryon tenderly kissed him using his tongue to lick Marcus's bottom lip until he was sure. They kissed deeply locked together and began undressing each other. Their clothes entangled on the floor, laying on the bed naked kissing and feeling each other, both feeling this was so right. In tune with each others desire each vying for top position, Marcus who had more experience seductively slipped Byron's leg over his then rolled Byron on to his back nestling between his legs. Marcus raised his head and kissed the top of Byron's nose 'Do you have a condom?' he asked fixated on Byron's eyes, he shook his head. Marcus kissed Byron again 'I am poz' he quietly confessed. Byron stroked the side of Marcus's face starring in to his eyes 'you don't need one' he replied nodding his head indicating he too was poz. Marcus smiled and moved towards Byron's lips as they embraced and kissed again. Sexually Marcus could feel the time was right, he began kissing Byron's body passing over his nipples. His hand took hold of Byron's cock gently caressing it he look up and smiled. Turning Byron's body over he ran his hands up along the legs and lightly bit on the ass cheeks of Byron causing him to giggle and wriggle. Marcus licked up along the hole slowly emphasising his stroke, 'oh fuck' Byron cried out raising his head before collapsing back down. His senses overloaded from every touch and lick his body endured. He heard Marcus spit and felt the saliva land directly on his hole. The kissing progressed along his spine working up to his neck, gasping he felt the head of Marcus's cock working up between his cheeks. One fluid slow motion Marcus slipped the head of his cock straight in to Byron's ass. He bit down hard on the pillow, his eyes opened wider feeling his hole give way allowing Marcus to push slowly and purposefully in to his ass. His left foot jiggled on the bed gasping in to the pillow as he felt more and more of Marcus being inside him. The weight of Marcus's body rested on his back. Marcus kissed the side of Byron's face, he lifted his head and turned to face him their lips meeting urgently, tongues fighting against each other, mouths locked together drowning out their sexual moans. Marcus held on to Byron's hands, his hips began to slowly push down and up, he could feel Byron's hands tightening their hold against his. His body never lifted off Byron, he continued the slow pace of grinding and fucking for over thirty minutes. Marcus stopped kissing Byron and looked him in the eyes for a moment before Byron pushed his ass up and forced his mouth back on to Marcus's to kiss him harder. Marcus began to pick up the pace, his cock deep inside Byron became slicker with the precum being liberally applied. Byron's breathing became rapid and the moans getting louder in his head were lost in the mouth of Marcus. Their bodies were so connected it looked perfectly natural. Marcus sensed his orgasm building and upped the pace of his fucking. Byron completely understood the changes in Marcus's body, he stopped and kissed him 'oh god yes' he said pleadingly looking in to his eyes. His body began to slowly tense up as the orgasm began taking over him. He raised his head and pushed his hips down hard locking his cock deep in to Byron. The pressure release like a catapult 'Byron' he called 'oh Byron' he called again slamming his hips harder grinding Byron's ass in to the bed. Byron cried and gripped Marcus's hands tighter feeling the cock inside pulsing. Marcus collapsed on top of Byron breathing hard emitting little cries of pleasure and kissing his neck. Byron turned his head and began kissing Marcus tenderly stroking his neck. Marcus pulled back and looked at Byron who smiled back 'my turn' Byron said. Marcus pulled his cock slowly out of Byron and rolled on to his back allowing Byron to slip on top of him and resume their kissing. He slipped between Marcus's legs, feeling a little cautious since this would only be the second time he had fucked someone. The first time didn't really count as it was an angry fuck on Darren to put him in his place. His whole body felt different and ready to do this, taking a cue from how Marcus did it he lifted his legs and looked at the smooth ass and hole. Gently he lowered his head and ran his tongue along Marcus's hole. He heard Marcus gasp and moan, gradually applying more pressure he was kissing and probing the hole trying to rustle up enough saliva to coat it ready. Marcus rested his legs over Byron's shoulders as he moved upwards leaning over him. Byron spat in to his hand and rubbed it over his cock and positioned the head against hole slowly nudging it. Byron moaned feeling his cock opening Marcus and slipping in. Marcus moaned and held on to Byron's arms looking in to his eyes. Their gaze fixed on each other, Byron pushed more and loved watching Marcus's reaction in his face that was mixed with pure pleasure and feeling. Byron repositioned his legs, his cock fully immersed he began to slowly pleasure Marcus. The eyes pleadingly looked up at him, his hands roamed over Byron's arms and chest coming to rest on his thighs and holding on to them. Byron was already close, he had edged several times from Marcus fucking him. He slowed down and began long slow strokes controlling himself and allowing Marcus to feel as much pleasure as he was getting. Looking down at Marcus and his stunning looks, beautiful body was driving him wild. He wanted to stay like this forever with him, make love every day and be able to look at that face full of enjoyment. Byron leaned forward and kissed him and brushed his lips against Marcus's mouth. Without knowing his hips picked up speed and intensity, Marcus arched his head back moaning. Byron steadied himself feeling the tingling in his balls from slapping up against the ass of Marcus. He looked down knowing he was about to ejaculate and their eyes fixed on each other again. Marcus gripped Byron's thighs harder almost pulling him in further 'fuck' he called out to Marcus slamming in hard 'urrrhhh' he cried several times his body jolted pushing deeper in to Marcus who moaned loudly. The orgasm shuddering through his body in to Marcus as he released a torrent of poz seed in to him. He felt unable to move as if his body was stuck in this position riding the orgasm through to completion. Byron fell forward exhausted, Marcus's legs fell to around his waist, laying on top his cock still half inside Marcus, Byron tried to catch his breath. Marcus held him kissing his neck and stroking his back. They laid together for over an hour in each others arms kissing then repeating their love making several more times over the night and following day. "How is your man?" Marcus asked stroking Byron's head. Byron rolled on to his stomach "Which one?" he chuckled. Marcus laughed "The straight one, does he really love you?" he asked. Byron looked at him "Yes" he replied "So he tells me". "So what are you going to do about it?" Marcus turned on to his side facing Byron. Byron felt disheartened "I have no idea, I do like you though" he said laying his cards out. Marcus smiled "I like you Byron, but I want to be your friend not lover" he replied kissing him. Byron smiled "Can we have sex though?" he asked "I like fucking you". Marcus slipped on top of Byron "You try and stop me" he said kissing Byron and sliding his cock inside. They spent and hour trading rough flip flop fucking until both of them had cum in each other again. Byron wasn't generally a top but he found a crazy liking for fucking Marcus. Marcus rolled off Byron wiping from sweat from his face "Hell you are such a good fuck partner" he said. Byron laid with his head against the pillow and giggled "That is Tyler's doing" he replied. "No way!" Marcus laughed "I did wonder if you two had done it" he smiled "and?". Byron leaned up "Amazing" he made a gesturing with his hand indicating how big he was. Marcus laughed and slapped Byron's ass "He is handsome and sexy" he said looking up at the ceiling. Byron chuckled "He was tongue tied when he saw you" he said looking at Marcus. Marcus smiled "Hook us up, let's do a threesome with him" he suggested "That way I can get to know him". "Fuck yes" Byron grinned "definitely if you are serious?" he replied. The following week Marcus was laying on Byron's bed when there was a knock at the door. Byron had kept quiet about Marcus being there, when Tyler walked in the room seeing Marcus naked on the bed he smiled at Byron 'For me?" he asked laughing. The three of them enjoyed a night a steamy sex and Byron felt there was chemistry going on between Marcus and Tyler when they had both stopped fondling and playing with him. It was the first time Byron had ever done such a thing, he need not have worried though as Tyler made sure Byron was getting it both ends at the same time and never left out. Byron made them both laugh accusing Americans of turning him in to a little slut. Over the times they spent together Byron encouraged and pushed Tyler and Marcus together. There wasn't much help needed as they both seemed to find an mutual attraction and liking for each other. By the end of June Marcus had to fly back to LA, his parting words to Byron and Tyler was they had to keep each other sexually happy. Tyler kept a brave face but Marcus was more visibly upset leaving both of them behind.
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  9. Part 9 - May 2017 Byron was back home in Malvern for a week before he was flying out with Louise to New York. She had the scripts sent over and Byron spent most of the days getting in as much practice with her. Stefan was out at work in the family business during the day and couldn't wait to get home to see Byron. Sam was on tour with a ballet company in Europe and Byron felt a little alone during the last few months in London. Sam would be free in July for a couple of weeks and was coming over to see him perform. What made things a little easier for Byron was the message he received from Jack who was excited to have Byron in his home city for once, even more so when he said that Marcus was looking forward to his visit. Byron had only flown within Europe before to Spain and Italy for holidays, flying for eight hours was a novelty and he was looking forward to it. Stefan hugged him tightly, almost on the verge of tears and wouldn't let Byron go until his mother told them it was time to go. "I am going to miss you" Byron said letting go of Stefan. Stefan smiled and the way he looked at Byron said it all "Promise you will come back" he said quietly. Now Byron was almost in tears "Stefan stop being silly of course I will" he replied hugging one last time. Stefan sniffed letting him go. Byron walked with Louise through security and in to the airlines lounge. The producers were sparing no expense getting Louise back on stage, she had made it a condition that Byron was to be her co-star and to be treated the same. So here he was sat in the business class lounge waiting for their flight. Byron was still nervous about the singing aspect despite Louise telling him he had nailed the songs every time. During the flight Louise and Byron stretched their legs and sat at the small bar. Chatting away and unsuspecting the direction Louise would take their conversation. "Byron, can I ask you something, just between us?" Louise asked taking a sip of wine. Byron turned on his stool "Of course you can" he replied looking somewhat curious. "Is Stefan being overbearing on you?" she asked putting her glass down. Byron shifted in his seat "No, at least I don't think so" he replied Louise smiled "He finds it hard making friends, I know there is more to you both than friends" she said. "Oh" Byron said and looked down at his glass. "We know you sleep together, I mean in his bed" she said looking at him. "Nothing has ever happened between us though" Byron said blushing "he has an unexplainable hold on me". Louise smiled "Oh he loves you Byron, I would go as far to say incredibly in love with you". Byron nodded "I know, he stupidly said he would marry me" he replied smiling at his glass. Louise laughed "Matt and I wouldn't protest if he did, we like you and know everything about you" she replied. Byron felt the colour drain from his face "Everything?" he asked wondering if she knew. She nodded and quietly told him "Just look after your health Byron" Louise looked him in the eye. Returning to their seats Byron felt a lot closer to Louise, it was like she had consented him and the weird relationship with her son. Undoubtedly it handed opened his mind hearing her say that Stefan was incredibly in love with him. Was it a relationship he thought as the flight attendant began serving him lunch. They settled in to their hotel suites that would be home for the next three months and slept off the jetlag. Feeling refreshed they walked together to the theatre on Broadway a few blocks away from their hotel. The producer, director and choreographer wanted to sound test Byron and put him through his paces with the 4 numbers he had to sing. Louise stood on stage beaming at him then loudly cried 'emote Byron, expression use your arms and face feel the music understand the lyrics'. She screeched overcome when he finished and hugged him, Byron could see the producer and director on their feet clapping and smiling. They sat having a light lunch where the producer praised him over and over about his singing talent. The choreographer chipped in saying she hoped Byron could move as well as he sung, Louise winked at Byron and told him that she doesn't know your a dancer as well. Byron smirked and nodded at Louise and giggled a little. Marlene was one of the top choreographers on Broadway and Hollywood an very much in demand. Byron knew about her and how tough and strict she was on the dancers. The theatre door opened, a man headed towards their table, Byron saw he stood a few inches taller than him. He was shirtless since it was hot outside and guessed he was late 20's when he stood in the light where they all sat. He had a football players build, a solidly built frame with tight bulging biceps, the almost Hollywood actor looks and he caught Byron gawping at him. Marlene looked at him and turned away, he apologised emphatically to Marlene for being late and promised to make it up by staying late. "Next time you won't be staying at all. Byron this is Tyler dance captain for the moment" she said looking at him. Tyler smiled and completely dazzled Byron "Hey great to meet you, can you dance?" Tyler asked. Byron just looked at him "What?, oh yeah I can move my feet" he said playing along. Tyler seemed unconvinced "Marlene what the hell have you given me?" he asked looking shocked. Marlene smiled "You will just have to work with him he comes as part of the deal darling" she replied. Deal Byron thought, remembering he never actually discussed with Louise if he was getting paid, it had been the last thing on his mind. He just wanted to be on stage with her, the legend that she was in musical theatre. The only thing now on Byron's mind was licking Tyler all over, he had a wonderful light covering of hair on his chest, his cropped brown hair and brown eyes just dazzled, and his body was like Kurt's only tanned or roasted to perfection as Tyler called it. He snapped back in to the room taming his slutty instinct, being in the this world and could see why dancers fucked around a lot with each other. Tyler called for Byron to get on stage as Marlene stood up and climbed the stairs up to the stage. Byron felt the nerves kick in and Louise told him to knock them for six. Byron stood next to Tyler "Right this is a simple set of moves I want you to do" he said and began moving. "Sorry Tyler, can you do it again" Byron said watching him "sorry again" he said "sorry again". "Fuck Marlene I haven't got time to teach him to dance" Tyler said exasperated. Marlene shook her head "Byron you do know 42nd Street is a singing and dance musical?" she asked looking cross. Byron went to his bag and picked his tap shoes out and put them on "Play Audition opening number" he asked. Marlene nodded over to the sound technician as the music started playing Tyler smirked and folded his arms looking at Byron who stood there for a moment tapping his foot. He played around a bit getting the feel of the music, Marlene turned to look at the producer almost throwing the towel in. Suddenly the chorus of the soundtrack hit and Byron hit the beat on the nose without thinking. Marlene turned opened mouth, Tyler smiled shaking his head, Byron danced the rest of the number never missing the beat, he could see Marlene's finger moving every time the end of the beat hit. Tyler moved next to Byron and caught the beat finishing off the last few bars with him. "You little shit" Tyler said smiling "sexy one at that" he said quietly not to be overheard. Marlene walked up "Amazing you hit the end of the beat, Tyler you were lagging hitting the middle". Byron was left with Tyler and Marlene working over choreography for the rest of the day whilst Louise went with her agent to negotiate Byron's fee. Tyler laid on the stage as Marlene finished for the day, Byron sat next to him watching his chest moving as he breathed relaxing from the extensive training they did all afternoon. "I hate you for winding me up like that" Tyler finally said eating an apple. Byron laid on his stomach next to him "No you don't" he chuckled looking Tyler in the eye. He smiled "Dam your so sexy" Tyler said to him. Byron giggled "You want to have sex then?" Byron asked cheekily and chuckling. Tyler looked at him "Hmm maybe, just for winding me up" he replied. "Come on lets get at it again" Byron said standing up and rather turned on by Tyler. Tyler put his apple down and stood to face Byron "We have to see if you can cut it on stage" he said winking. "You need to keep up with me, I will try not to dance you off the stage" Byron replied grinning at him. Tyler put the music on "Cocky little English man" he said grinning "I am going to nail you good". Byron smiled then realised Tyler was very close brushing his lips against Byron's catching him off guard. Byron allowed him to linger for a split second before turning his head away smiling. Over the days of rehearsals Tyler and Byron flirted outrageously with each other and got on well. The other cast members were also falling in love with Byron and his accent. Having a British dancer was a novelty and everyone wanted to be his friend. He socialised but was focused on the job at hand and doing well for Louise. It hadn't gone unnoticed that Tyler would usually become a complete mess when Byron was near, something they had never seem happen before when he was around another person. It quickly became known as the Byron effect amongst the cast. Mid way through the four week rehearsals Byron was looking forward to having a day off to relax at the weekend. He was completing the last number rehearsal with Tyler. Byron laid on the stage and Tyler held out his hand to pull him up "Let me take you to dinner" Tyler said. Byron smiled and stood up "Are you dining me before you fuck me" he asked laughing. "Of course" Tyler looked at Byron testing the water. Byron slipped on his trainers "Two courses or I am walking" he said smiling. Tyler pulled Byron up close wrapping his arms around him "Deal" Tyler replied edging his mouth closer. Their lips touched and parted seamlessly entering in to an incredibly sensual kiss the like of which Byron had never encountered. His hands roamed over the solidly built body of Tyler savouring and enjoying every moment. Failing to make it to dinner Byron found himself in Tyler's apartment, he was looking out at the view across to the UN building down the street. He rested his head back against Tyler's neck feeling the arms wrapping around him again, he turned and fell in to another sensual kiss. Tyler lifted Byron up with ease and carried him in to the bedroom, his clothes seem to fall off by themselves as he was laid on the bed. The thought of his hiv ran through his mind knowing he should tell Tyler. He had no time gasping and arching his back at the sheer pleasure feeling Tyler's cock pushing in to his ass. He tried to stop Tyler to tell him but his mouth was full of tongue eagerly kissing him. The thrusts came steady and with solid force, each one delivered with accuracy and perfection pushing deeper, his ass distending around the sheer thickness of Tyler's cock struggled at first to cope. The pleasure running through every fibre of his body seemed to urge Tyler on, his steady slow thrusts appeared to push Byron up the bed before being pulled back. His arms holding Tyler around the back, his head being pushed in to the duvet from the continuous kissing that he didn't want to end. Strangely he felt a wonderful comfort as Tyler made love to him, his changing rhythm's catching Byron off guard almost keeping him guessing as to what was coming next. His ass ached, his tongue and lips tingling from the prolonged fucking and kissing. There was no end in sight. Both enjoying the sensuality of their love making. Byron sensed another change in the rhythm that was quicker and deeper, he could feel Tyler's orgasm approaching. He waited for Tyler to raise his head and fuck harder but it never happened. Instead the pressure of the kissing grew, mouths locked together he felt Tyler push his hips down harder pinning Byron to the bed. He moaned deep in to Byron's mouth and pushed his hips rapidly several times breeding Byron. His arms clasped around Tyler's back feeling the girth of Tyler's cock pulsing against his ass, Tyler broke the kiss and moaned louder as he forced his cock deeper in to Byron. His eyes almost rolling back in to his head from the pleasure and intensity of the sexual pleasure Tyler was giving him. No sooner had Tyler came down from his orgasm their mouths locked together again, the gently caressing inside Byron's ass continued, his cock showing no sign of retreat or that it was finished with him. The sun began to set outside, Byron moaned reaching his climax some fifteen minutes after Tyler's orgasm, his ass muscles twitching around the cock still buried deep. Tyler could feel the gentle contractions around his shaft and began to pick up the momentum again. The light faded outside and darkness prevailed in the bedroom, Byron moaned happily in to Tyler's mouth clasping on to him for life receiving a second load that seemed to be just a big. Tyler rolled on to his back turning the light on and grabbing a bottle of water, taking a long swig he passed it to Byron. His ass was burning and aching as the muscles began to realign themselves back to their natural state. Cum dribbled out freely from his ass after receiving a fifth load. It was gone midnight, they were both exhausted but incredibly still very sexually turned on. Byron dived down and tried to blow Tyler but his mouth also ached from so much kissing that he could only get the head in his mouth and lazily suck on it. Tyler fingered Byron's cum soaked hole and immediately shot another load that Byron eagerly swallowed. Byron woke and slipped in to the bathroom sitting down on the toilet, he hardly seemed to need to push before a wet fart was released followed by a stream of Tyler's cum. Byron giggled at the sound of the wet farts, his insides felt raw and he knew that Tyler had bred him incredibly deep. Tyler chuckled to himself on the bed hearing Byron giggling in the bathroom. He liked the guy a hell of a lot and my god for a Brit he could take a good breeding he mused. As they approached opening night Byron had been sexing Tyler for a several days. Tyler had made it clear he was after no relationship with Byron. He was surprised when Byron just accepted it without question, he figured that Byron must have someone in his life already. Byron and Tyler developed a very close friends with benefits relationship, they physically enjoyed sex with each other, Tyler loved teaching Byron about sex and stimulation. He had given up trolling the hook up app as he was smitten just to bed Byron at every opportunity without any hidden agenda. Unlucky in love he enjoyed the freedom Byron afforded him, plus getting a young sexually virulent guy like this was a bonus. Tyler kept Byron very grounded during their time together, the one thing he did confide in him was around Kurt, the stupidity of what he did in that crazed moment. Byron's anger towards Kurt had somewhat diminished accepting how his life had evolved. Tyler had come clean admitting he was undetectable, and warned Byron not to delay taking medication to long as it might not be as effective. The night before opening Byron laid in bed with Tyler, he had been more gentle making love to Byron this time, after all he didn't want the guilt of Byron performing badly due a sore ass. Tyler had opened a whole new sexual experience for Byron making love to him, a shared experience they both enjoyed.
  10. Part 8 - December 2016 Sam and Byron parted company both of them now 20 years old a milestone they celebrated to themselves in London, both earning respectable money now from their dancing. Byron had been persuaded to sing in a couple of musicals and was beginning to get noticed on the west end stage. Sam was taking classes at the London Ballet school and was himself becoming a renowned dancer both in ballet and modern contemporary. December this year would turn to be one of the months Byron wished he could forget about and brush over. Stefan stood on the platform as the train pulled up at the beginning of December, Byron had a month off and needed the rest. Stefan wrapped his arms around Byron hugging him tightly. Stefan was home alone as his parents were in New York, Louise had been asked to guest appear in the musical for a month that made her a star, the money being offered was to good to turn down. They would be returning on the 20th December in time for Christmas. Byron spent the first few days with his parents, Stefan had asked Byron to come and stay with him. He was cautious and said he would come over on the Friday and stay the weekend. Stefan was working part time with his grandfather who owned a travel company run as a family business where Stefan's father worked. It was the families way of getting Stefan interested to take over the reigns eventually. They spent the day catching up but Stefan was no fool and could read everything about Byron, well he had know him 12 years nearly. Stefan made Byron a cup of tea "Your a lot more confident Byron" Stefan said assessing Byron. "In what way?" he asked looking at him "have I changed that much?" he asked. "You seem to have let the curtain drop, are you having sex with Sam?" Stefan asked straight to the point. Byron looked down at his cup "I have something to tell you. I will understand if you want me to leave" he said. Stefan sat on the stool next to him "You have a boyfriend, is it Sam?" he asked. Byron shook his head "I had sex with an American dancer" he said in a sombre voice. Stefan looked at him "What's happened Byron?" he asked knowing him to well. "I got HIV from him" Byron said without looking at Stefan waiting for the reaction. Stefan looked ahead "Oh" was all he could say trying to take in the enormity of Byron's admission. "I'm sorry Stefan I will go if you want me to" Byron said breaking inside he stood up to leave. Stefan looked at him "Is that it, your just going to walk out?" he asked. Byron wanted Stefan to hug him and tell him it was alright "I'm sorry" he lowered his head and turned. "So you mean you won't sleep with me tonight?" Stefan asked standing up. Byron stopped and turned "I'm broken Stefan, not the same person anymore" a tear trickled down his face. Stefan shook his head "Oh no, your not getting out of this relationship so easily" he said. "Don't be silly Stefan" Byron said "this is serious". Stefan walked towards him "No Byron, your the one person I can trust and love". He continued "You don't and will never walk away from me" Stefan put his arms around Byron and hugged him. They stood in the kitchen embracing, Stefan allowed Byron to release all his emotions and cry on his shoulder. Eventually Byron stopped crying still held tightly and safely in Stefan's arms. "Your never going to let me go are you?" Byron eventually said calming down. Stefan rubbed Byron's back "Never, I can't give you what you need sexually but I can still love you". Byron shook his head "I don't know why you do" he said feeling Stefan's arms. Byron lifted his head "You have been working out, your muscles are bigger" he said smiling at Stefan. "I keep telling you I can't have you being sexier than me" Stefan laughed and kissed him on the head. It had started out a nice enough day but by the time he was heading home from his run it was overcast and drizzling very fine rain, the sort that doesn't look bad but gets you soaked through. The light was beginning to fade as he ran along the Malvern hills overlooking the town. Byron had refrained from sex being busy with work, he was though unquestionably sexy and frustrated. He sported a very fine dancers physique with strong muscles, they weren't bulging muscles but fitted him perfectly for his five foot ten physique. He was blessed on the looks side and was contemplating getting a tattoo or two as it seemed to be the in thing at that time and most of the male dancers were sporting them. His seven inch cock was thick and the foreskin rolled back neatly revealing a most enticing head that begged to be sucked. On the downside whenever he got aroused he would leak precum like it was going out of fashion. The old adage of young hung and full of cum really did apply to him. Listening to his favourite music on his phone as he ran gently he was getting close to the patch of trees where Stefan and he would normally stop for a few minutes. He got a faint waft of what smelt like weed being smoked somewhere, he couldn't get the direction where it was coming from. Instantly he knew it must be guys from the Flowers estate hiding out discreetly smoking drugs. The patch of trees grew larger and he could make out the figure of a person sat on the bench smoking as another waft of the smell hit his nostrils. The person hearing Byron approaching looked and continued looking, he tried not to make eye contact as he ran closer. He almost stopped dead in his tracks realising who it was, older but still the same face it was Darren although he had somewhere along the line got very handsome. He watched the runner and thought he recognised the face looming nearer. Fuck me he said and stood up cutting the runners path and making him stop. Byron took his headphones out of his ears "Excuse me" he said politely hoping Darren hadn't recognised him. "Well well well if it ain't the dancing poof" he said walking towards Byron. Byron was about to turn and run the other way but stopped "Leave it Darren" he said. Darren gave his menacing smirk "Nice phone, why don't you give to me like a good little girl" he laughed. "This ain't school Darren, so do yourself a favour and get a fucking life" Byron said standing up to him. Something in Byron flipped and the anger boiled beneath his skin, he couldn't go on living with Darren over his shoulder whenever they met. Suddenly all the years of teasing and abuse broke to the surface. Darren threw a punch catching Byron on the cheek, and stunning him. Byron rubbed his cheek and put his phone down on the bench as Darren laughed hard before realising that Byron was going to stand up to him. "What ya gonna do bitch, I'm going to fucking take you for getting my arm broken" Darren said scared and lunging forward. Byron pushed Darren away using his strength nearly knocking him over "No more Darren I warned you. This ends now!". Darren persisted and came forward again stoned off his head "Nah how about I show you what a real man does to queer boys". Darren rubbed his cock and no sooner had the words escaped his lips he jumped at Byron dragging him down and grabbing his arms holding them forcing his way on top of Byron 'Yeah, fuck you like the bitch you are' he said angrily. His arm appeared from nowhere securing it around Byron's neck hard, he coughed and gasped feeling the arm constricting tightly around his neck reducing his air intake. Byron's rage and years of hatred coursed through his body, he could feel Darren fumbling with his trousers, he really was going to try and fuck him he thought. The arm around his neck closed tighter and he could feel Darren's bicep extending out quickly and hard cutting his air flow off completely. Byron grabbed Darren's arm and pulled it away with ease away from his neck, twisting the arm Darren let out a cry, it was enough to allow Byron to push him off his body. The adrenaline in his body took over as he over powered Darren forcing him face down in the mud and landing on top of him with such force knocking the wind out of Darren. He yanked Darren's unzipped trousers and underwear down over his ass 'Your the one that's going to get fucked' he said pushing Darren's head down and rubbing it in the mud. Byron pulled his cock out hoping that Darren might relent but the verbal abuse continued. It was like an alien had taken over his body that was hell bent on getting revenge and putting an end to it once and for all. Byron looked down at the pathetic person, he didn't think twice and rammed his cock hard in to Darren's ass. The scream gurgling from his mouth being held down in the mud was drowned out. Holding Darren's head down and grabbing one arm to stop him trying to escape he began fucking him without mercy. The body under him tensed every time he thrusted down, he could hear the whimpering but he was going to finish the job. His balls tingling knowing he was about to cum and he pushed in hard and called him a cunt as he released his toxic seed into Darren, his body moving back and forward in the mud every time Byron pushed his hips harder against the ass to breed and hurt him. The anger still coursing through his body finding release through the end of his cock. He pulled his cock out fast and saw it streaked in Darren's blood. He pulled his leggings up and picked up his phone looking at the sorry state laying on the floor. Byron leant over him "Pathetic prat, you will remember this for the rest of your life' he said. His anger venting at the sorry state laying on the ground "Don't fucking mess with me any more" Byron shouted. He stood up straight looking down "It ends today Darren, your atonement for my years of misery" he said "now you can suffer". He put his headphones back in and jogged on for a mile as if nothing had happened, he began to run hard trying to get the anger out of his body, by the time he reached Stefan's house he was crying in a relieved way but also ashamed at the realisation of what he had done. Darren kneeled up and pulled his jeans and underwear up, he was caked in mud and stunned in his half stoned state. He was unsure what had just happened and he looked around. It was silent, not a person in sight, he felt cold and damp wiping the mud from his face with a clean part of his sleeve. His ass was burning. He stayed kneeling in the mud for a several minutes unable to move. Byron couldn't bring himself to go in, he crashed on the porch step sobbing hard. Stefan looked out of the window wondering where Byron had got to, it only took him an hour to do this run and it was well past that. Picking his phone up he dialled Byron's phone and heard it ringing outside the front door, he ran over and opened it seeing the bruise on Byron's face and covered in mud. Byron looked up 'I did something really bad' he cried, Stefan unwavering in his love for Byron picked him up and took him upstairs into the bathroom to get him cleaned up. "What happened Byron, can I not leave you alone for 5 minutes" Stefan said joking. Byron shook his head "Darren, he caught me on the hills, he was stoned" he said. "Tell me what happened?" Stefan said feeling hatred to Darren as he sponged Byron's body laying in the bath. Byron rested his head back "He was going to rape me Stefan" he said looking at him. Stefan nodded "I am guessing it might have been the other way round?" he replied with knowing look. "I don't know what came over me. I was like a monster and didn't care" Byron looked frightened as he spoke. He sniffed "I raped him hard and didn't care" Byron said wiping his eyes. Stefan ran his finger over the bruise on Byron's face "My battered and bruised baby" he said. Byron looked at Stefan "I came in his ass, I may have infected him" he said looking concerned. Stefan shrugged his shoulders "His fault" he said "maybe he will think twice now". "You don't think he will come after me again" Byron asked watching Stefan run the sponge over his body. "No" Stefan replied looking at Byron "Anyway I will break his legs if he touches you again". Byron knew that was not just words, he looked at Stefan "I am in so much debt with you" he smiled. Stefan laughed "Guess you have to sleep with me tonight then" he said grinning and leaning on the bath. "I don't get you sometimes, even after all these years" Byron said looking at Stefan intently. Stefan briefly smiled "How many times do I have to tell you how much I love you". Byron giggled "But how can you love me I am a mess" he said washing his face. Stefan smiled and ran his hand up Byron's body "I told you I would marry you even without sex" he said lifting his hand off. "Only when you propose properly" Byron laughed and Stefan kissed him on the forehead smiling. Byron stepped out of the bath cleaned and refreshed he looked in the mirror at the bruise on his face. He still couldn't believe what he had done to Darren. One thing he did feel was the dark shadow cast from all those years had been lifted, he no longer feared him and for once he felt in control. They had a bite to eat and chatted until late evening. Byron stood up and held out his hand to Stefan who smiled and stood as they walked hand in hand upstairs in to Stefan's bedroom. Stefan cuddled up to Byron resting his arm over Byron's chest. "This is still so weird you and me in bed together" Byron said "you know you being straight". Byron looked at Stefan who was smiling "Not to me it isn't" he replied turning the light off. The Flowers estate was quiet at this time of night as Darren crossed to his families flat. Still covered in mud he had sat there on the bench and smoked two joints. He ran the rant of his mother coming home stoned and covered in mud and slammed the door to the bathroom behind him. He stripped off and ran a bath, his ass was still sore but he couldn't bring himself to sit on the toilet. Getting in the bath the hot water aggravated the pain around his ass, grimacing he lowered himself fully. Bathed and sitting in his room staring at the wall he knew that was his second worse judgement trying to take Byron down, if he hadn't tried to rape him he wouldn't have ended up getting raped instead. The worst part that he now felt disgusted about was the thought he actually enjoyed it. His friends had been questioning Darren behind his back as he never seemed to get on with girls after hitting puberty. He never expected Byron to turn like that or even be able to overpower him, he thought he was quite muscular himself and could take anyone down. My god Byron had some muscle now he thought absent minded he was stroking his cock that was rock hard. Things had gone quiet on the Darren front, Byron couldn't help wondering if he would have gone to the police. Stefan would laugh trying to hear him explain that to the police, it still didn't stop the niggling that would bring him down when he thought about it. Stefan's parents returned early morning on the 20th, Matthew very proud of his wife telling the boys she got standing ovations after every number and at the end, night after night. Byron and Stefan went out in to town to shop for Christmas presents allowing his parents to catch up on some sleep. They walked out of the department store and saw Darren across the street. He looked over at Byron strangely and dived out of sight quickly. They both looked at each other and laughed. Back home Louise had finished cooking dinner, Stefan had persuaded Byron to stay despite him protesting that it was his parents first night back at home. What happened was the last thing Byron would expect, some things happen for a reason Stefan's father Matthew would tell him this a few months later. Byron sat down at the table "So how was Broadway Louise, was it good being back on the boards?" he asked Louise smiled "Yes, I had the most incredible time" she replied. Matthew laughed "She was amazing, they loved seeing her back on stage so much" he said. "Byron" Louise looked at him "Come with me and do two months on Broadway as my co-star" she said. "What?" Byron said looking surprised "me, on stage with you?" he now began to get excited. Louise laughed "One thing though Byron, there are 4 numbers you need to sing" she finished off. "Oh, you know I am not good enough" Byron started saying before Louise cut him off. "Byron you are a dam good singer" She said "and I would be honoured if you performed with me". Stefan looked at his mother "Your taking him away for two months?" he asked. "3 including rehearsal time" Louise replied looking at Stefan then Byron "What is going on here?" she asked. Byron wasn't quite sure what to say as Stefan looked at him "You know how much I love Byron" he said. "Oh right" Louise replied looking at Byron "So will you?" she asked and Byron looked confused. "Well yes of course I will" Byron replied smiling. Byron was unsure of how the sleeping arrangements until Stefan took his hand and guided him in to his bedroom and closed the door. Byron was nervous to say the least knowing Stefan's parents were in the house, there was no disapproval of them sleeping together. Keeping his underwear on he got under the duvet next to Stefan, he waited until Byron was settled before turning the light off and slipping his arms around him cuddling next to each other. Stefan chuckled 'What is with the underwear tonight?' he asked. Without waiting for a response Stefan grabbed them and started pulling them off. Byron giggled and rested his head against Stefan's neck.
  11. Part 7 - March 2016 To Byron it appeared Sam was pretty normal since he returned to London in January. Marcus had called to ask them to help out again. Their dance tutor realising it was an opportunity allowed them to skip a couple of lessons for rehearsals. The same dance crew turned up and Jack spotting Byron ran over lifting him in to the air hugging him. Over his shoulder Byron noticed the odd glances between Sam and Kurt, the coolness of how they said hello had him wondering if they had a falling out. Marcus saw the glint in Byron's eye as he went over to say hello and kissed him on the cheek. It was Kurt's voice interrupting them that stopped Marcus from wanting to kiss Byron properly, he had no idea what had come over him. Kurt hugged Byron and was biding his time not rushing in on him like he did with Sam, he was patient and knew in the end he would come running for him. It was almost as if you could smell the sexual desperation given off by Byron. The show was an afternoon gig filmed for TV. Sam was meeting up with his parents who had come in to the city to take him to dinner and catch up. Sam was angry inside and wanted to leash it on Kurt but couldn't do it in front of everyone. Kurt watched as Sam said good bye to Byron who insisted he was fine and could get home easily on the tube network. His opportunity came so easily, there was no way he was going to let this slip by. "Are you going home already?" Kurt asked appearing behind Byron. Byron turned going all shy being so close to Kurt "Yeah, I have classes tomorrow" he said trying to not look Kurt in the eye. "Don't be silly come and hang out, my hotel it is only round the corner" Kurt said quietly "please Byron". He was suckered in so quickly wanting to sex this man "Sure, just for a couple of hours" Byron replied. Byron said good bye to the crew and hugged Marcus then left the building waiting around the corner for Kurt. He appeared 10 minutes later smiling. Kurt was charming and so complimentary to Byron, he need not have bothered as Byron was already in the frame of mind to have wild sex with him. The reception of the hotel paid no attention to Kurt and Byron as they walked through and in to the elevator heading up to the 9th floor. The doors closed leaving the world behind, before the elevator even moved Kurt was on Byron feeling the sexual tension 'fuck Byron I want you' he said in between kissing Byron, spearing his tongue in to his mouth loving the joyful sound Byron made. The elevator pinged and Kurt released a ruffled up Byron. He fumbled with the key card delaying Byron who got inpatient with him. Pushed through the door in to the bedroom the arms of Kurt circled around his body and lifted him effortlessly into the air. Byron's face shot forward to Kurt's mouth kissing him passionately whilst the door was still closing, eventually the lock clicked in to place as Byron was dropped on the bed and Kurt began stripping his clothes and throwing them all over the room. Byron had his trousers and underwear around his ankles and Kurt removed them completely letting Byron remove his top. He ran his hands along Byron's body, up and down round and round, feeling every inch of the perfectly young muscled body. Kurt didn't need any words or even expect any talk, the lad laying on his bed was desperate for sex already leaking precum from his beautiful seven inch cock that bounced around. Kurt leaned over and took Byron's cock in his mouth hearing him groan in delight, he licked and sucked all the precum then moved up to Byron's mouth kissing him deeply. Byron's legs already hitched themselves around Kurt's thighs rubbing against his skin hoping to entice him to get on with the fucking. He took the hint and pushed Byron's legs over his head and spat on his hole several times watching his saliva run across Byron's perfectly quaint hole before diving in with this tongue. Byron squealed at the sensation, unexpecting this move his body didn't know what to make of it but it felt so good. He could feel Kurt's tongue circling his hole and probing depositing saliva and moistening him up. Kurt leaned forward and kissed Byron positioning his legs on the bed and holding Byron's legs over his body he moved his cock to within striking range. He eased the head up against the tight hole and teased it open pushing the head of his cock inside aided by his spit. Byron gasped 'fuck' he muttered and cried, a look of agony across his face as his ass was unnaturally forced open, he managed to mutter the word 'oh fuck' before Kurt's hand covered his mouth as he slowly jabbed and tore his way in to Byron's ass. He gripped Kurt's biceps, his fingers digging in pushing and trying to stop him, he pulled back slightly then pushed forward again forcing more of his eight inches in to Byron, Kurt released a massive moan feeling the ass surrounding his cock, stretching it wider as he went deeper. The fingers burned in to his biceps sensing his pubic hair had touched Byron's ass he pushed the last inch quickly and deep. Byron's body twisted and his back arched, the fingers stopped digging in to his flesh to be replaced by Byron now holding his biceps, his eyes watering from the sheer pain. Byron was hungry for it and he never expected it to hurt this much, but the power and desire to have sex won over and allowed him to endure the pain. Kurt released his hand over Byron's mouth and placed it on his shoulder holding him in place. Kurt moaned as he ground his hips up against Byron's ass 'You want me baby don't you' he asked looking Byron in the eye who nodded 'say it, tell me you want me to breed you' he said teasing Byron with jolts of his cock 'arrggghh' Byron said gripping the biceps again 'tell me Byron' he said again, 'fuck yes, I need it'. It was not good enough for Kurt he wanted to hear Byron say it 'tell me you want breeding Byron' this time he rolled his head back arching his back feeling Kurt's cock moving around inside him 'urrhhh god yes breed me' he replied. Kurt instantly leaned forward and kissed Byron 'I have wanted to breed you for so long' he said looking Byron in the eye and letting his hips begin their work. Byron relaxed his body feeling the a more pleasurable state of sex taking over, the strokes caressing inside his ass gently. Their lips meeting his mouth filled with Kurt's tongue as he sensually kissed him slowly he pulled out and in. His ass nicely adjusting to Kurt's cock his moans of pleasure barely audible, his hand moved around behind Kurt's neck. He felt the change in rhythm as Kurt began to pick up speed and fuck Byron even harder, Byron's hands grabbed hold of Kurt's hips almost pulling him in deeper. Kurt stretched his body up allowing his hips to slam hard in to Byron who cried and begged for more. He went back to kissing Byron again, never once missing a beat with his cock that was deep inside. Kurt repeatedly stretched his body up slamming hard two or three times then back to kissing and teasing Byron driving him wild in pleasure. Kurt's balls ached wanting to explode, this was no ordinary fuck, he felt connected with Byron. He strained trying to control releasing to early but his 5 day pent up load wanted to breed. Grabbing Byron's hands he pinned them above his head and leaned forward, Byron gasped and moaned as Kurt began rapidly pounding, precum tinged pink trickled out as Kurt held him unrelentingly pumping harder. Suddenly Byron rolled his head back again his body twisting, Kurt felt the twitching in his ass and knew Byron was going to orgasm. He cried and grabbed Kurt hard around his neck, he cock spewing copious amounts of seed across his chest and bed, his ass muscle twitching intensified and brought Kurt over the edge and he slammed in deep and hard catching Byron off guard. Kurt looked down at Byron staring deep in to his eyes 'fuck yes baby, gonna breed ya good' he said, his cock began rapid firing his five day load, the toxic load shot out splattering against Byron's anal wall hitting the fissures and tears coating them in his toxic semen. His orgasm lasting nearly 30 seconds, his body tensing every time he released forcing his cock deeper before his balls stopped contracting and relaxed. Kurt slowly massaged Byron's ass allowing him to feel the cock inside of his body. Byron wiped his watering eye, panting heavily he held on to Kurt whilst he nursed the seed deeper in to his body. Kurt collapsed on top on Byron and slipped his arms around him, he smiled looking at Byron where they laid enveloped around each others bodies. He stroked Byron's face 'perfect gift for a perfect guy' he said kissing Byron hard. His two hours turned in to an overnight where he ended up taking 4 more loads before he had to call time from a painfully sore ass. Byron walked along the street approaching the flat a different person, he couldn't believe he behaved so slutty last night and begged to be fucked time after time with Kurt. The man was an animal he laughed to himself putting the key in the door. He showered and went to his first class, Sam had already left and he wondered how he was going to explain his absence last night. Sam never questioned or asked about that night but he did wonder if his friendship was cooling off with Byron. As the summer come around Byron was doing a 2 week run in a singing and dancing show incorporating tap. As much as he tied to persuade Sam to audition he flat refused reminding Byron that his tap was no where as good. Sam's first love of dance was ballet and he was doing two performances a week in a production of Swan Lake in Hammersmith that was to run for 5 months. Byron sat at the audition that May afternoon, fanning himself with a brochure feeling uncomfortably hot. For the first time he failed an audition as his voice gave out after the first verse of the song. He apologised and said he appeared to be coming down with a cold and left for home. Sam walked in to find Byron vomiting in the toilet. "That's an extreme way to maintain your figure" Sam joked before he realised that Byron looked sick. Byron walked back to bed "Reckon this is flu I have got?" before remembering Jack's warning about Kurt. Sam sat on his bed "I've seen those symptoms' before" he said in a quiet voice. Byron looked over at him "What is it?" he asked. Sam shuffled on the bed "Have you had sex with anyone?" he asked feeling embarrassed. Byron looked at Sam and nodded "Yes, it was a mad moment, we didn't even discuss condoms". That was enough indication to Sam that Byron was gay "Oh Byron" Sam broke down crying and hugging him. "What's that for?" Byron asked looking at Sam. Sam wiped his eyes "I didn't know for sure if you were" he said "gay I mean". Byron held Sam's hand "Are you then, as I could never really tell?" he asked Sam nodded and looked up at Byron "I think you need to visit a clinic" he suggested. Byron looked Sam in the eye and nodded "I think I have contracted HIV" he said. "Do you know who it was?" Sam asked Byron getting off the bed and fetching some clothes for Byron. Byron nodded "Yes, I spent a night with Kurt" he confessed. Sam looked at Byron "A night, well at least yours wasn't a 15 minute fuck in a toilet cubicle" he said. Byron stood "Oh" he replied then looked at him "Oh my god did you and he as well?" he asked Sam nodded "Yes when you and Jack went out for dinner that night and left us in the studio". Byron put all the pieces together and hugged Sam hard. Two weeks later Sam hugged Byron who was having a breakdown receiving confirmation that he had indeed contracted HIV. Byron had decided to hold off medication until he needed to go on it, in his anger he fired off a text to Kurt releasing his anger and warning him not to come near Sam or him again. Sam was enjoying sex on the odd occasion at weekends, importantly his friendship with Byron was stronger than ever. Both wanted each other but neither would broach the subject, instead they both landed work up until December. Sam walked in to the flat after finishing to find Byron sat on his bed miles away "What's wrong?" he said Byron looked up "Nothing" he replied "well sort of. It's Stefan, I have to tell him but I am worried". Sam sat down next to him "I thought he loved you unconditionally, isn't that what you said?" he replied. "Yeah, but this might put a wall between us" Byron said wiping his eyes. Sam looked at him "Did... I mean well, you and him?" he asked trying to find the words. "No, god no" Byron chuckled "he is straight I told you that" he said trying to keep a straight face. Sam laughed "Yeah but he dumped his girlfriend for you. So you never did anything?" he asked again Byron shrugged "Maybe, but not sex, we sleep together and he sort of kissed me once with a chocolate" he smiled. Sam slapped Byron's leg laughing "Come on lets go out and eat I am starving".
  12. Part 6 - December 2015 Boxing day was cold and frosty, the temperature outside didn't get above zero but the sky was clear and the sun hung low in the sky. Byron and Stefan stopped at the top of the Malvern hills overlooking the town for a breather at their favourite rest spot amongst the trees and muddy puddles, lots of people were out walking in the late afternoon sunshine working off the excessive of the festive season. Byron took a sip of water "So how serious is this with Julie?" he asked Stefan. Stefan sat on the bench "Quite serious she is coming tomorrow for a few days" he said looking up at Byron. "Oh" Byron replied trying not to look disappointed "Do I get to meet her?" he asked sitting next to Stefan. "Yes of course you will" Stefan said adamantly "Anyway I only have you a short time" he reminded Byron. Byron chuckled "Is that so" he punched Stefan lightly on the arm and stood up. Stefan watched Byron standing up, everything about him was perfect he thought to himself. He had such affection and love for him on all levels except sexually. Looking at him now at 19 he couldn't imagine his life without Byron being involved somehow. They set off to finish their run, Byron was staying over with Stefan tonight so the route was longer than usual. By the time the had returned Stefan's parents had left as they were away for a couple nights with friends taking in a few shows in London. Byron went to the guest bedroom and showered, he stood under the water he knew that part of their relationship would change now with his girlfriend on the scene. He did feel happy for Stefan having found someone, although he never actually said he was in love with her, so how serious was quite serious. All he did know was that she was 21 and stole his 19 year old best friend. Byron shook his head, stop thinking like that he told himself turning the shower off. He turned almost jumping out of his skin seeing Stefan standing there holding a towel for him. Byron quickly grabbed the towel a little embarrassed as this was a new low even for Stefan. "What are you so ashamed of?" Stefan asked looking at Byron curiously. "Nothing" Byron said "I mean you freaked me out finding you standing there". Stefan smiled "Don't you ever wank in the shower or bath?" he asked picking Byron's clothes up. Byron looked shocked "No, are we really having this conversation?" he asked almost to afraid to look. "How is it going with Sam?" Stefan asked changing the subject. Byron dried his hair "It's not. He has been a... don't know sort of distant the last few months" he said. Stefan sat on the toilet "Maybe he has found someone" he casually said. "You seem to think he definitely is gay" Byron said hanging the towel on the radiator. Stefan laughed "I see the way he looks at you every now and then, tiny noticeable things" he said. Byron turn his head "Are you jealous?" he asked laughing. Stefan stood up "Of course I am" he said walking out of the bathroom "Jealous and in love with you". Byron stood there shocked for a moment contemplating Stefan's response, he could make no sense, did he really mean his was in love with him. Byron had doted on Stefan from the beginning but always to afraid to show any emotion, after all it was a friendship but it did seem to stem quite deep. Stefan made a dinner of cold meats and pickles and produced a bottle of wine, they sat on the floor in the lounge talking and eating with the TV playing a Bond movie. Their similarities didn't end with friendship and what they like or dislisked, neither of them were big drinkers, just wine when at family dinners. Dinner finished they both sat back leaning against the sofa close to each other watching the movie and sipping their wine. So engrossed with chatting and enjoying each others company without family around, Stefan brought another bottle of wine. By 11pm Byron was feeling tipsy, his head flopped back on the sofa giggling, Stefan just laughed at himself when trying to stand up falling back to his knees. "Your a mess" Byron said giggling at Stefan's feeble attempt to stand up finally managing to sit on the sofa. Stefan turned the TV off "Your no better" he replied managing to stand up. "Help me up" Byron called to Stefan waving his hand around in the air. Finally managing to get upstairs Byron helped Stefan to his bedroom. Byron wavered and asked Stefan to help him to his room. Stefan stood and helped Byron. He looked at Byron who fell flat on the bed and asked him to escort him to his bedroom. Byron sat up on the bed and Stefan helped him up and they walked back to Stefan's room. Both boys crashed on the bed. Stefan laughed "This is no good we are not getting anywhere, you better sleep here tonight" he slurred at Byron. Byron crawled up on the bed and undressed "Okay I can't walk anymore" he said without thinking as Stefan lifted the duvet. Byron crawled in to bed next to Stefan laying on his back unable to keep his eyes open. Stefan rolled on to his side moving closer and laid his arm across Byron's chest and fell asleep. Stefan was beginning to wake up and already he knew he was going to have a headache from the wine. He felt so warm and comfortable he didn't want to move. Byron mumbled and stroked the arm laying across his chest. Byron snapped his eyes open 'Oh god no' he said panicking and trying to sit up, Stefan held him down. "Don't worry we didn't do anything" Stefan said with his eyes closed "we were both drunk". "I'm sorry" Byron said feeling anxious "I shouldn't drink I can't handle it". Stefan smiled "Carry on stroking my arm, I like it" he said nudging in closer. They laid in bed together a further hour, as weird as this was Byron felt so turned on but also safe having Stefan naked and close to him in this way. Stefan leaned over and kissed Byron on the head and slipped out of bed to shower realising the time as Julie would be arriving in an hour. Byron laid there looking at the ceiling unable to believe they had shared a bed, he climbed out and walked to his room and showered, when he came out Stefan stood there with a coffee and shaking some headache tablets at him. Byron laughed and told him he didn't have a headache just felt a little rough. Stefan disappeared downstairs leaving Byron to get changed, he picked up the cup and headed down to the kitchen. His biggest worry was if last night would change anything between them and Stefan would become more distant, especially now he had a girl on the go. Julie arrived at 2pm and she wasn't what Byron expected, in fact she was pretty ordinary and appeared nice to Byron when meeting him. She was all over Stefan and telling him to do this and do that and rolling her eyes when he did something she disapproved of, she was fast getting under Byron's skin treating his best friend like this. They had lunch and Byron could tell that Stefan was still a little hungover, he thought it best to keep quiet about last night and where they ended up. It turned out to be a fairly sociable afternoon, Byron though felt a jealous streak rising in him, he really didn't like the way Julie ordered Stefan around, it wasn't done in a harsh way more a carefully controlled manner. When Byron looked at her it was as if she knew his family were well off and she had found her meal ticket in life. Stefan disappeared to use the bathroom leaving Byron alone with Julie. "You seem to hang around a lot" Julie said watching Byron and suddenly changing for attitude towards him. Byron looked up at her "Does it bother you me being here?" he asked. "Maybe you should go and spend the holiday with your family" she replied. Byron felt her change in attitude "What and leave you alone with him?" he replied wanting to wind her up. Julie stared with no emotion "Yes with my Stef" she said making herself clear. "Stefan" Byron corrected her "his name is Stefan not Stef" he said standing up and really disliking her. Julie smiled "Good at least we understand each other and where you fit in now" she said quite abruptly. Byron took another swipe at her "He can't see through, but I can" he replied firing a warning shot at her before walking towards the door. "Where are you going?" Stefan asked walking back in to the lounge. Byron smiled "I should go home let you have some time together" he said hugging Stefan and heading upstairs. "Byron" Stefan called following him in to the hallway. "Stef come and sit with me" Julie called from the lounge. "Let me drive you home at least" Stefan called up to Byron without any response. Julie stood at the door impatiently "Leave him Stef he wants to go home" she said softly to him. Stefan looked up the stairs "What did you say to him?" he asked her without turning around. Julie touched his arm "Nothing, he said he needed to go home and spend it with his family". The anger rose in Stefan he knew dam well that Byron would never say that, anyway he had spent the last 3 days with his family. They had dropped him off at Stefan's to spend a few days. She pawed at his arm coercing him back into the lounge and it began to annoy Stefan. "You don't like him do you?" Stefan asked turning to face her. Julie pulled his arm motioning for him to follow her "He is nice but I came here to be with you not him" she said. "Don't ever come between Byron and me" Stefan said turning to look back up the stairs. Julie pulled on his arm again "I am your girlfriend" she said. Stefan turned to face her "No one comes between Byron and me, he is big part of my life" he said. Julie saw Byron as the top of the stairs "He wants to give you some space" she said calmly "there is nothing wrong with that". Byron walked down the stairs "I'm sorry, I will call you Stefan" he said walking towards the door. Stefan walked over and grabbed his arm "Byron you are not leaving like this" he said. Byron smiled "I am not going to get in the way of your happiness" he replied looking at Julie. "You walking out will get in the way of any happiness I have in life" Stefan said grabbing Byron's bag. Byron looked at him "Seriously" he said holding his hand out for his bag looking Stefan in the eyes. Stefan grinned at him "Don't you dare walk out of this house" he said staring back at Byron. "Or what you will hunt me down like a hound" Byron said and barked causing Stefan to laugh. Stefan shook his head "You know I will, hunt you until I find you." he said smiling taking his back bag upstairs, he turned "Your mine". Julie looked at Byron "You disgusting pervert" she said with daggers in her eyes. Byron looked at her "Are you threatened by my friendship with Stefan?" he asked curiously. Julie looked up stairs then back at Byron "I will have you out of his life before long" she said in a very bitchy tone. Byron had never felt such hatred for one person "You think so? You can't compete against me" Byron said folding his arms. "He is in love with you Stefan, it is disgusting" Julie said looking at Stefan coming down the stairs. Stefan casually smiled "Of course he is, he has been since school" he replied taking her by surprise. "I'm your girlfriend Stef, I should mean more to you" Julie said tugging Stefan's arm. "The last few minutes you have upset me more than Byron he has ever done in the years we have known each other" Stefan said to her. "Don't tell me you would choose him over me?" Julie said looking astounded. Stefan's response was fast and definite "Yes I would" he emphasised making sure she understood. Julie stood there mouth open "But I thought we were in love?" she said all lovingly. Julie looked at Byron "There is nothing sexual we just have a very close bond" Byron said. "Don't you speak to me" Julie spat out looking at Byron "Nothing sexual, your a freak". Stefan stood in front of Bryon looking at Julie "Byron no, you don't need to explain yourself to anyone" Stefan said looking angry. Julie looked between Stefan and Byron "I won't ever be able to compete with this will I?" she finally said. Julie picked up her bag and coat "No one will love you Stefan with this baggage" she said sarcastically. "Well at least you got his name right" Byron said sitting on he stairs shocked at how Stefan was behaving protecting him. "Well?" she said waiting for Stefan to stop her leaving. Stefan walked over to the door and opened it "Fucking weirdos" she screamed storming out of the house. Byron looked at the door "Shit, I am so sorry Stefan maybe this is all wrong" he said. "I told you Byron no one will come between us and I meant it, I love you too much" Stefan said watching him. Byron turned to look at him "Sometimes you scare me a little" he said. Stefan walked up to him "Anyone will have to accept you as part of my life" he said hugging Byron. They day had turned out to be very strange as far as Byron was concerned. He truly never expected Stefan to choose him over his girlfriend, maybe was there was more behind the words with Stefan. Byron helped Stefan making coffee and then went in to the lounge and resumed their positions sitting on the floor leaning against the sofa rather than sitting on it. "When did you dislike her?" Stefan asked putting his cup down on the table. Byron handed Stefan his cup "When she called you Stef, it wound me up" he said. Stefan laughed "Fucking hated her calling me that" he replied, he sat in silence a moment "You know I would marry you" he said out of the blue. Byron laughed "Fuck off" he said laughing and punching Stefan "what kind of marriage would it be without sex?" he said thinking how ridiculous it sounded. Stefan chuckled "One where you would be mine, we could laugh every day and be together" he said. Byron held his hands up "No way, and let you sit there making me eat chocolate fattening me up so you could look better than me" he laughed. Stefan moved swiftly and sat across Byron's legs "Speaking of which" he grabbed a chocolate and tried forcing it in Byron's mouth. "No, no" Byron cried with laughter trying to keep his lips closed. He thought Stefan had given up until he put the chocolate in his mouth and grabbed Byron's arms pinning them down. Byron began to panic a little as Stefan lunged forward pushing his lips up against Byron's trying to prise them apart. Realising he was stuck Byron parted his lips and allowed Stefan to push the chocolate in with his tongue lingering for a moment then pulling away laughing. "I know chocolate is the way to your heart" Stefan said smiling down looking him in the eyes in a very different way now. Byron looked up at him and noticed the incredibly intent look "That was devious" he said feeling a little uneasy but turned on. Stefan sat back down "Sorry I didn't mean anything by it" he said looking a little embarrassed. "You know how you can make it up to me?" Byron said straddling Stefan's lap making him laugh. Byron picked up a chocolate "No nuts" Stefan said smiling as Byron put the chocolate in his mouth. Stefan looked at him "Come one then what you waiting for?" he asked. Byron dived in but didn't linger quite as long as Stefan did, still it was enough to sense Stefan's lips and touch his tongue briefly. They rolled around on the floor wrestling with each other laughing. Both flat on their backs laughing hard slapping each others arms trying to calm down. Byron sat up, come on we need to run work off that chocolate he said laughing and helping Stefan to his feet. The rest of the day they sat in the lounge chatting until 10pm when Stefan said he was still a little hungover and needed to go to bed. Stefan watch Byron head off to the guest room "Where are you going?" he asked. Byron was surprised when Stefan grabbed his hand and guided him in to his bedroom "Is this wise, I mean we were drunk last night" he said. "Don't you want to sleep with me again?" Stefan asked turning to look at him. Byron almost hesitated at the door but Stefan held his hand tightly "Yes" he quietly said. It seemed to put Byron in an awkward position at first until he climbed under the duvet settling down next to Stefan, he looked at Byron 'you want to cuddle?' he asked but didn't wait for Byron's response. Turning the light off he put his arm under Byron's neck and pulled him on his side so he rested up against Stefan's body. They chatted for a while and Byron placed his arm tentatively across Stefan's chest. Stefan yawned and kissed Byron on the head 'night' he said and within minutes Stefan was asleep and Byron laid there watching him until his eyes closed. Byron slept so peacefully that night with the person he really did absolutely adore and loved as a friend for many years. Strangely any awkwardness seemed to float away. Sam walked out of the clinic devastated but at the same time relieved by the news he had received, one time he thought, the one time he had sex and Kurt had given him hiv. The whole of Christmas had been a wash out for him ever since the doctor hinted that it could be the underlying cause of his recent bout of sickness the week before the holiday season. He was put straight on to medication to keep things under control, his main concern was when Byron moved back to London, he would no doubt see the drugs and know something was wrong. He had to be careful and keep them out of sight. Something niggled at him the weeks after Kurt fucked him the toilet cubicle the words 'I'm going to breed you' kept ringing back, understanding now what those words meant. Inside at least he was happy that he knew what the cause of his sickness was down to. The one thing he never counted on was finding a gay hook up site where so many people practiced bareback sex who were poz but mostly undetectable. At least his sex life wouldn't die before it started, he shivered in the cold air and walked back to the flat having come back to London early.
  13. Part 5 - September 2015 Sam sat in the audition room with Byron, they had both been called to a dance audition for a pop singer on her London gig as two dancers had to pull out. At 19 years old they were still young and managed to get parts mostly in the west end and began to get a name for themselves. This would be the first time they would be dancing together for a year. Byron had kept his sexuality from Sam, it was something they never really discussed but sort of knew each other well enough to guess what was really hidden underneath. They had become closer as friends and were often mistaken as a couple. Sam had helped Byron through his ballet exam and Byron helped Sam through tap and modern dance. They still had 1 year of training to complete and remained in the same flat a few doors away from Mountview. They were to meet the rest of the male dancers and audition with them. Jack was the first to appear who was 21 years old and almost the spitting image of Sam with the same hair but marginally taller. His body was fit beyond words and Byron was in love, the tattoos up both arms along with his looks made him sexually menacing he thought. He was the kind of man you dreamt about and letting him have his wicked way with you. Kurt opened the door and walked in with no t-shirt on, his chest hair cropped covering an amazingly ripped body, shaved head and biceps that Byron could only imagine how they felt around his body. He was average looking but then with a body like his you didn't worry about looks. A few tattoos adorned over his shoulder and that was it, at 24 he was the oldest dancer there. It was the way he looked at both Byron and Sam when he walked in, almost giving approval of how sexy they both looked sat there. Marcus walked in after Kurt, at 21 years old he was stunningly hot causing both Byron and Sam to stare at him as he made his way towards them. Byron stood to meet him, standing the same height his jet black hair and blue eyes suited him perfectly. With pale skin smoothly accentuating the muscles on his arms, everything about him melted Byron's heart. He almost wanted to bang his head on the wall thinking how much of a slut he was becoming in his head seeing all these men that he wanted to bed one after the other and end up scoring them out of 10. "Sam, Byron, I'm Marcus, this is Kurt and Jack" he said without waiting "Let's see what you got". Sam was directed to Kurt "Hi Sam, I'm going to take you through the first routine" he said sizing Sam up. Byron a little disappointed got Jack "Hi Byron" he said hugging him "We will be doing the same". They were warmly welcomed in to the dance group and within half an hour Marcus was delighted to tell them they were in for the show in a weeks time. Every evening was spent rehearsing and Byron had all 6 numbers down by the third night. Sam was picking them up but the middle number was still causing him some frustration. "Want to grab a bite to eat" Jack asked Byron sitting down watching Kurt and Sam. "Yes that would be nice" Byron replied having grown to like Jack a lot "What about Sam?" he asked. Jack looked over "I think he has a few more hours. I think Kurt has a fancy for him" he said sniggering. Byron looked at Jack "I don't think Sam is gay" he said quietly. Jack chuckled "Kurt will find out" he replied "I like him to work with but outside he can be devious". Byron called over to Sam "Were going to get some food are you coming?" he asked. Sam shook his head "No not until I got this last routine down" he replied glancing at Kurt. Jack stood and got his jacket as they left the room "What did you mean about Kurt?" Byron asked. "Just that Kurt is a barebacker when it comes to sex" Jack replied closing the door to the studio. "Barebacker?" Byron asked "Oh right you mean no condom" he caught on "Isn't that risky" he replied. Jack laughed "Definitely with Kurt" he said and Byron glazed over the point being made. Byron nodded "So tell me about the rest of you" he asked as they walked outside the building. Over dinner Jack and Byron just seemed to gel together and ending up striking a friendship that would go on for years to come. He was shocked when Jack explained he and Marcus were also HIV positive but not due to Kurt. He was amazed how prolific sex was with male dancers, bi, straight, gay they all fucked around and sexuality was never questioned. Jack went on to explain that most dancers got extremely horny after shows and needed a way to release the energy, so sex was just sex no matter what gender. Byron paid closer interest when Jack would talk about Marcus and how he had come from a wealthy family in Boston, dropping out from going to Harvard business school to pursue his love of dancing, his family upset wanted nothing more to do with him. He finished by saying that Marcus went off the rails and was easy prey for the more experienced dancers until Kurt stepped in. Kurt took Marcus under his wing and trained him both mentally, bodily and dance wise. Byron was no longer worried about leaving Sam with Kurt having heard this. How wrong he was, on the American dance scene Kurt was notorious for bedding dancers and they kept out of his reach. He was poz and toxic, he didn't care about medication and was out for a good time breeding guys. His eight inch thick cut prime meat was perfect for young dancers who couldn't get enough of him and often came back for seconds and thirds. "Come on concentrate Sam I know you can do this" Kurt said again as Sam lost the routine halfway through. Sam stopped "I need a breather for a minute" he replied annoying Kurt. "You won't get a breather on stage Sam" Kurt replied sharply frustrating Sam even more. "Fuck" Sam said walking over and taking a swig of water "I need the toilet" he said walking out. Kurt grabbed his towel and wiped the sweat from his head and chest and walked out of the studio across the hall, he opened the toilet door watching Sam splashing cold water on his face. "I'm sorry Kurt, just give me a minute" Sam said wiping his face with a paper towel. Kurt walked over "Your to stressed out Sam" he said standing behind putting his hands on Sam's shoulder. Sam rolled his head back immediately turned on from his touch "I will get it tonight" he said. Kurt kissed his neck "You certainly will" he replied moving closer and feeling Sam's body tense up. Kurt turned Sam around to face him, he found himself looking in to Kurt's eyes. His face very close, his body tingling like electricity flowing between them, he could feel the warmth from Kurt's body. Kurt grabbed Sam's hand and moved it over his cock 'Would this help, you feel how turned on I am?, I want you Sam' he quietly said looking him in the eye. Sam felt the hardness against the palm of his hand, they gay in him surfaced nodding to Kurt. His face moved closer until their lips almost touched. Sam was terrified but it was what he wanted since first laying eyes on Kurt. He had no time to question feeling his lips being forced apart by Kurt's mouth, he melted and wanted him, his mouth parting accepting Kurt. His eyes fluttering closed, his mouth filling with Kurt's tongue, deeper and deeper, he could taste him, smell him and sense him. Kurt pulled back teasingly knowing exactly what he was doing, Sam was by far the easiest to fall for him which excited Kurt even more. Hungrily their mouths attached to each other again, harder and more forceful with his kissing that took Sam off guard for a split second. His body enclosed in the arms of Kurt who began pushing him towards the toilet cubicle. Gladly Sam moved almost hurrying to make it happen. Pushing past the door they stumbled as Kurt closed and bolted it shut, he could not run and had no where to go now, his fate was already sealed. The hands appeared from no where all over his body, feeling and touching, arousing him even further, Sam was a melting pot of desire, every fibre of his being alive and yearning. He felt his shorts roughly tugged down exposing his cock and ass for Kurt, his hands roamed over his cock and gently caressed it. Sam moaned loudly feeling he was about to burst, the hand made it's way to his balls gently squeezing them and passing over them. His eyes snapped open and he gave a moaning yelp feeling Kurt's finger push in to his hole, he tried to grab hold of Kurt's hand to stop it. By the time he grabbed hold of his arm he had relaxed and was moaning in to Kurt's mouth as his finger gently massaged the inside of his ass, his back arched out pushing up against Kurt's chest kissing him deeper. His hand roaming over Kurt's covered cock but he could feel the manliness of it, hard and thick ready to devour him. He winced as Kurt withdrew his finger and spun Sam around facing the cubicle wall, his body being pressed up against it by Kurt. Sam moaned as Kurt kissed his neck almost biting him 'oh fuck me' Sam said out of nowhere. Kurt pulled his shorts down and rubbed his cock against Sam's ass letting him feel what was coming, edging closer and closer 'You want me to breed you?' Kurt whispered in to his ear 'oh yes' his body wanted sex badly, it didn't care how. It just needed it. Sam opened his eyes wide 'Arrgggghhh' he cried out feeling the head sharply pushing in to his ass. Kurt held Sam's arms up against the cubicle wall pinning his legs against his, he gasped for breath feeling his ass stretching open as Kurt pushed again. The pain seemed to hit every part of his body, moaning and whimpering louder as Kurt fed him more of his cock. It seemed to go on forever as he fought through the pain, he wanted it to stop but his ass pushed back for more. His neck almost wet from the kissing and biting Kurt was deploying to detract him from pain and knowledge that he was not wearing a condom. Finally Sam let out a loud moan and gasp feeling Kurt's balls pushing against his ass, the pain receding from the rest of his body concentrating it to the source. The squeals he emitted every time Kurt clenched his ass pushing in then out just sounded like cries of happiness in his ears. Slowly he picked up speed holding Sam's arms tighter, Sam turned his head wanting to kiss Kurt who obliged easing off the fucking for a moment. Kurt repositioned his legs and began fucking Sam harder and faster 'that's it, is that what you want?' he whispered to him breathing heavily in his ear, 'Oh yes, uhmmm, fuck me Kurt' he replied in between his moans and gasps. Kurt was never one for holding back, his sexual state was taking over to breed this young guy. He could feel his orgasm building, the whimpering from Sam eased and replaced by the occasional grunt when Kurt bottomed out. Sam fixated on the cubicle wall was powerless to resist even though he didn't want to. He felt the change in fucking as Kurt now began bottoming out constantly and rapidly, his breathing becoming deeper and rapid. Sam's eyes began watering from the deep fucking he was now experiencing, his body seemed to be loving every moment of it. Suddenly he gasped feeling the full weight of Kurt pushing up like he was trying to split Sam in half. Kurt moaned loudly holding his cock deep as he felt the pulses raging up the shaft of his cock reaching the head as he pushed up harder feeling the first release of his toxic seed firing in to the young body, the second pulse just a big releasing more seed and breeding Sam deep, deeper and deeper he went with every contraction jettisoning more seed 'You gettin bred baby' he moaned his head collapsing up against Sam's. Sam felt the pulses in his ass moaning in delight feeling a man orgasming inside his body 'oh fuck' he quietly said with sharp gasps every time Kurt pushed his cock up deeper 'breeding you real deep baby' he whispered 'that's just what you needed'. Kurt kissed Sam's neck and pulled his cock out 'Arrggghh' Sam cried out as the head plopped out from his ass. He breathed resting his forehead against the cubicle wall as Kurt let go of him and wiped his cock on some toilet paper smiling as he flushed it away seeing the blood against the whiteness of the paper. Sam turned to see Kurt leaning against the other side of the cubicle "Dam your hot" Kurt said. Sam looked at him "Thank you" he stammered, he went to kiss Kurt but he unlocked and opened the door. "Back to the studio" Kurt said without looking back leaving Sam there dumbstruck. He walked back in to the studio a few minutes later, when he touched his hole it felt a little sore but there was nothing to clean up. Kurt acted as if nothing had happened and stood there waiting for Sam to pick up where they left off. Sam felt embarrassed about the whole sex thing, this was something he definitely didn't want to tell Byron so he kept quiet. Sam was not fortunate enough to have known exactly what Kurt meant during their 15 minutes of passion. But Kurt got Sam through the routine that night and they enjoyed a great evening performing at the gig and meeting the pop star. Marcus was so impressed by them that he said he would call on them next time he was in town and needing dancers. Byron and Sam got on well with the dance group and they all swapped mobile numbers. Kurt though was now on a mission to nail Byron, he saw him as a challenge but also strangely he actually fancied him. Byron though was more taken by Marcus and Jack and had successfully evaded him over the last few weeks.
  14. Thanks, you have a good holiday season to. I just got back from Jukkasjarvi yesterday playing in the snow :))

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