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  1. Part 36 - The City of Angels With all the celebrations over and everyone else departed Ben and Mark enjoyed some quiet time for the last week of their stay in Barbados, they would swim in the morning with the Salinger guys building new friendships. Nicky and Kit had departed and they promised to meet up when they got back to LA for lunch and she even invited them to the set of her Big Little Lies to watch the second series being filmed. Ben would often make Mark laugh and love him more with his stubbornness over their wealth by his constant grounding of Mark whenever he wanted to buy him gifts. They were both looking forward to getting back to LA and creating their new life together and especially so as Angelo and Ethan would soon be moving there, but Ben couldn't deny he loved everything about the Salinger Barbados Retreat, to him it was truly paradise and he could stay there forever with Mark by his side. Josh turned waking up from his sleep being careful not to wake Bobby only to find he was already awake and looking at him, the unusual feeling of waking up in bed next to a man was still slightly strange but he couldn't help but smile. They laid there looking at each other as Bobby stroked Josh's arm, he had never felt so at peace as he looked Bobby in the eye and began wondering if this was to be his true love and would he know if it was really love. All he did know was this his body tingled with every stroke and single caress causing, this caused him to lean forward gently kissing Bobby's nipple with gentle sucks and swirling his tongue around, hearing Bobby softly moan in pleasure he placed gentle kisses upwards moving across his neck and chin through the closely cropped beard until his tongue slipped in to Bobby's mouth. Arms instantly wrapping around each other they kissed long and softly until Josh cuddled up closer feeling secure in Bobby's arms, the small age gap between them was so insignificant to Josh, after all it appeared to make Bobby a more reliable person and definitely without question a better and exciting person to be in bed with. "Have you really fallen in love with me?" Josh spoke quietly. Bobby caressed his back "Yes" he replied kissing his head "something in me just told me you were the one". Josh looked up at him "I don't really know what love is Bobby, but I like how you make me feel". Bobby hugged him "You will know in your heart" he leaned his head back to look at Josh "stay here with me". Josh chuckled "Your not going to give in are you?" he asked nuzzling Bobby's neck. "Absolutely not Josh" Bobby replied stroking his back. Josh sighed "Okay" he casually replied as if just answering a simple question. Bobby kissed his head "Really you will?" he asked again seeking confirmation. "Yes" Josh bit down Bobby's neck giggling. Bobby smiled "It does mean living here at Liongate" he reminded him. Josh looked up at him "I don't mind, would we buy somewhere if it works out?" he asked Bobby. "I think so unless you get to attached here" he replied "anyway one thing is for sure Maddy loves having you around". Josh nodded and smiled "They have both been so good to us". Bobby looked at his phone for the time "Speaking of which we should join them for breakfast". Bobby and Josh were first in the breakfast room followed shortly by Maddy and David, Bobby nudged Josh to tell them he had decided to stay and see how things worked out. To say they were pleased was an understatement and Maddy more so and was already planning lunches before David stopped her excitement reminding her that he was also going to be working and not just living in LA. Maddy was not about to be beaten and negotiated with David and Bobby for at least 3 lunches a week, Josh sat there laughing in amusement as Maddy drove a hard bargain. It was only when she brought up Italy and Milan that he stopped laughing and looked at her, Bobby looked at Josh but before he could say anything Maddy told them the flights were booked and they would be leaving in two days time to spend 4 days in Milan. She went on to explain it was her way of saying thank you to Josh for being here for Bobby and helping him settle in, but also she loved that Josh would go out with her allowing her to get out of Liongate more. Josh knew from Ben how stubborn Mark was when he decided on something and that he got it from his mother so he laid down in submission accepting her generous offer happily. Ethan was eating breakfast and Angelo appeared with the mail for and handed a letter to Ethan, he opened the envelope which looked all official he saw it was from the county prosecutors suddenly all the memories of that night Matt came at him with the knife came flooding back, he looked up eyes watering as he pushed the letter over to Angelo who read it over and over as a tear fell from his eyes taking in the words from the page. Matt had got in to an altercation in the county jail whilst waiting assessment leading to his untimely death as a result of injuries he sustained, the paragraph was brief not going in to much detail. "You okay" Ethan asked looking at Angelo. Angelo pushed the letter away "I think so, it's very sad news" he paused "well it is finally finished". Ethan looked oddly at him "What has finished?" he asked. "He has finished trying to ruin my life" Angelo wiped his eyes "and now it's just us Ethan". "Absolutely, I want us to build our own life together Angelo" Ethan walked round to his side and kissed him. Angelo put his arm around Ethan "Are you going to keep the business law study going?" he asked. "You sound like my father... I suppose and I will need to find work" Ethan said suddenly hitting home on the realisation. Angelo laughed "We are rich Ethan you don't need to work". Ethan chuckled "Yeah forgot about that but I need something to do". Angelo kept quiet as David, Bobby and he had already thought of using Ethan to work with both of their companies with Jack's help. They were only going to be in Larchmont for several days more before heading back to LA as the deal with the company was all done, in a short space of time Tony had been recruited by Angelo and Raffa to manage the business as he was already working as a duty manager of a warehouse sales company and the fact Angelo trusted him was good enough for Raffa. The $1 million dollars was paid in to both of their families banks, Angelo knew that this the evening would be full of protesting about of the money as they were dining with both sets of parents. The evening didn't turn out to be so bad except they couldn't stop their parents for making plans to see them off at the airport. Ellie was not as upset as Ethan and Jack had expected or prepared for, she was more excited about visiting them in LA than they were about moving there. Adam and Tony were in the process of moving in to the house they now owned thanks to Mark when they received the news by text from Ethan about Matt. Adam sat there shocked as he remembered catching the stalker and having the most intense sex with the stranger at the time. Tony's phone pinged and he saw a message from Mark with their flight details as they were required to be in LA at the end of the month at the request of Daniel Salinger. Adam laid back on the sofa mildly amused "I think our lives will involve going back and forth to LA quite a bit". Tony plopped down next to him "No regrets about not moving out there?". Adam shook his head "No I am to east coast and like it here" he replied and kissing Tony "And you?" he asked looking at him. Tony paused for a moment before replying "Kind of but like you I am an NY through and through". Adam laughed "I still can't believe Ben came out and married Mark like that". "Why not?" Tony asked amused by his comment. Adam looked at him "We never got to have sex with him, or Ethan come to that". Tony pushed Adam "You trollop, but a lovely one at that who I am so in love with". Ethan hugged Ellie and his sister one more time as the stood by security at the airport, Jack and Angelo were talking then hugged each other hard. The previous evening they had discussed with them about the wedding that was still to take place in the Hamptons at the beach house. Angelo being very specific about where on the beach it would happen explaining it was where they realised their future, Ellie was pleased to take on organising it with the help of Margarite and Sandra. Ethan fired a warning shot to his mother about it being simple but romantic and not over the top. They waved one final time as they cleared security and into departures, they were being met by Mark and Ben where they were to stay at Liongate for as long as they wanted. Mark and Ben had already visited Ben's father since no one was home at Liongate due to the Milan trip, they were both excited to see Heike's plans for 321 St Pierre which struck a modern yet elegant balance but not flashy by any means, the work was to take 3 months to complete. Ben and Angelo had gone out together seeking offices close to Palisades whilst Mark took Ethan out looking at look at real estate, Ethan having never done this before was kind of lost as they sat in the office of the real estate agent Dimitri whom they chose more for his looks than reputation but it was a solid company around the area. Mark kept making glances at Ethan who was trying not to laugh as they made out the defined arms of the 24 year old Ukrainian, his blond hair and deep blue eyes were so mesmerising that they found themselves constantly asking him to repeat questions as they paid no attention. Dimitri was wondering if they were two guys bored and just out for some fun, he had no idea Mark Davenport sat in front of him just two very interesting and pretty hot guys. Dimitri cleared his throat "I asked what sort of budget do you have in mind?" he asked clearly focusing on Ethan. "Oh well what can I get for $5 million" Ethan said scratching his head as he spoke the word million. Dimitri looked at him cautiously "What area are you thinking of?" he replied. Ethan looked at Mark who answered "Near St Pierre". Dimitri tapped away on his computer wondering how old Ethan was "We have a property on St Cloud". Mark looked surprised "St Cloud?". "Yes" Dimitri answered "It is a discreet sale at $4.9 million" he looked at Mark and Ethan. "What is the address of the property?" Mark asked. Dimitri smiled "I am sorry sir I cannot divulge that information just yet". It was a kind of cat and mouse game as Dimitri was trying to suss them out as real buyers, Mark could clearly see that Dimitri was quite focused on Ethan when the conversation stalled. Ethan well he was quite charmed by him and his slight Russian accent punctuating between words, he was far off in a dreamy state before coming back to earth. "So how far is the property from 321 St Pierre and Liongate" Ethan asked seeing a surprised look appear on Dimitri's face. "Oh, do you know the owners of those properties?" Dimitri asked sounding interested. "Yes" Ethan replied "My friend here and his husband just brought 321 St Pierre" he now watched Dimitri. Mark nodded "And my family home is Liongate" he said trying not to play the revelation down. "I am terribly sorry" Dimitri apologised "It is 400 St Cloud walking distance to both". Ethan looked at Mark "Ideal if you don't mind us being so close" he said. Mark smiled "Perfect" he turned to Dimitri "We would like to view it now please". Within minutes they were driving up to 400 St Cloud and Ethan fell in love with it immediately, it was private, spacious with 7 bedrooms with a private apartment annexe and ideal. Mark phone Angelo and told them to come over and have a look, in the meantime Dimitri sat down in the dining room with Ethan. "I am sorry, I thought you were browsing for fun we get a lot of that" he explained to Ethan. Ethan smiled "That's okay, if it was anyone else we would have walked" he replied. Dimitri smiled "If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?". Ethan laughed loudly "19 and my partner is 26" he said after calming down. Dimitri just stared at him "Is a shame you have a partner" he winked just as Mark came back in. "Angelo and Ben are 15 minutes away" he stopped looking at them both "what is going on here?" Mark asked smiling. Ethan sat back in the chair "Getting to know Dimitri" he chuckled. Mark shook his head and kissed Ethan on the head "Angelo will be extremely jealous you know". Ethan looked up "I know" he looked at Dimitri "If you get us a good deal you can come to dinner". Dimitri looked at Mark who laughed "At Liongate" Dimitri asked looking stunned. Mark nodded "Yes but only if you get them a good deal $4 million on the nose". Dimitri nodded as Mark sat down and they chatted away waiting for Angelo and Ben, when they arrived Ben took a good long look at Dimitri as he showed Angelo and Ethan around again for the third time. Angelo kept a tight hold on Ethan who was outrageously flirting with Dimitri at every opportunity. They stood in the garden after inspecting the pool and grounds, the garden was pretty big for a the price tag. Dimitri was quite taken back by Angelo and kept imaging himself underneath that muscular body pleading for mercy as he fucked him relentlessly using him a toy for his own pleasure, but he also stopped reciprocating the flirting with Ethan when he clamped eyes on Angelo not wanting to get on the bad side of him. Angelo had his head to one side "I want a bigger pool" he said musing it over but being serious. "If you want to remodel we have a contractor and I can get you a good price" Dimitri said offering a suggestion. "It's lovely great for parties" Ben said catching up with them and lightly play punching Ethan who retaliated. Angelo knew from Ethan's eyes he loved the place "Well?" he said "put Ben down for a few minutes" he laughed. Ethan released Ben from the bearhug who was squirming and laughing "Do you like it?" he asked Angelo. Angelo nodded "It's fine, I like the location and the house but it is your decision Ethy". "Okay Dmitri, do some bargaining and remember what's at stake here" Ethan said then burst out laughing. Angelo picked Ethan up and flung him over his shoulder smacking his ass "What is at stake" he laughed. "Dinner at Liongate" Mark said chuckling. Dimitri was amused by how playful the four of them were as he walked away to make the phone call, Ethan watched him and he seemed to be talking for quite a long time on the phone and nodding as if the person the other end could see him. Eventually he hung up and walked back to the group. "They tabled $4.5 standard purchase agreement or $4 at 50% down payment" Dimitri said looking at Ethan and Angelo thinking it would be a deal breaker. Angelo held out his hand "$4 at 50% now" he shook hands with Dimitri lingering longer than usual. Ethan gave Dimitri and hug "Oh okay" Dimitri said smiling not sure if he should hug him back. They walked out of the house "7pm at Liongate Dimitri" Mark said shaking hands with him as they parted. Angelo and Ben set off again whilst Ethan and Mark drove back to Liongate laughing and discussing Dimitri wondering how big his tool is and weather he was hair or smooth. They got out of the car and headed inside, Ethan went up to change and go for a swim and Mark went to talk to the butler to advise they would be 5 for dinner that evening. Ethan was coming down the stairs when he bumped in to Pedro, he had never really given him much thought even though Ben would often rage how funny he was and very respectful to the family he was and in return they treated him with kindness and allowed him to have the freedom of Liongate. He still remained very discreet around Ethan despite being there for the few days over Christmas for the wedding. "Are you off out Pedro?" He asked noticing that he was wearing shorts and t-shirt. Pedro smiled "No sir I am just returning to my quarters" he replied courteously. Ethan continued down the stairs and turned "Why don't you come for a swim?" he called out to Pedro. Pedro stopped and turned to look at him "Maybe I will join you" he said "excuse me sir" and continued on his way. Ethan saw Mark in the sun lounge "Does Pedro like me?" he asked. "What, oh, yes he does but he is a little intimidated by you" Mark replied looking up from his phone "Why?". Ethan walked up to him "Never mind why, what do you mean intimidated?" he asked. Mark snickered "That your Angelo's boyfriend and he took a fancy to you judging by the way he watches you". "Oh right, you coming for a swim?" Ethan asked turning and walking off. Mark nodded telling Ethan he would be down in five to join him, Ethan dived in and began swimming then hearing a splash in the water he swam in a circle to see Pedro there and swam over towards him, as he got closer he put his arms around him and kissed him gently. Ethan looked at Pedro before saying to him that they needed to talk to clear the air between them. By the time Mark arrived Pedro and Ethan were talking and laughing as they swam around the pool. Angelo and Ben finally returned home at 4pm and Ben seeing everyone in the pool stripped off naked and jumped in. "How did it go?" Mark asked from the pool side. Angelo walked over "Yes all sorted we have some offices and signed the lease". Ben swam up behind Mark and climbed on his back "Tell him the other news as well". Mark kissed Ben "What other news Angelo?" he asked as his curiosity piqued. "Franco wants to move out here and work for me, plus he misses us all" Angelo replied waving Ethan to come over. Mark smiled "The ever not so gay now Franco wants to come out, but what about Josh?". Angelo nodded "That was my worry, he is just getting things together with Bobby". "Josh will be alright he has put the demon to bed" Ben said licking the back of Mark's neck. Ethan having heard most of the conversation joined in "What about Joaquim?". Angelo took his trainers off and dangled his feet in the pool "Turns out he has men in several cities". "Dirty little fucker" Ben said snickering "But I do feel for him". "His parents will only let him move here if he is working with me" Angelo said reaching down caressing Ethan's head. Ethan kissed his hand "So what's he problem?" he said looking between Angelo and Mark. "Somewhere to live is the problem" Angelo pulled Ethan out of the water to sit besides him. Ethan raised an eyebrow "So, we have brought a big house with a separate annexe, he can live there". Angelo looked at him "Are you sure?". Ethan leaned in a kissed Angelo "Definitely after all he is family and he was a good friend to us in college". Ben laughed "Yeah and he is a younger version of Angelo so it is kind of trading up" he continued snickering. Angelo pulled off his top before standing up "You better swim Ben". Ben laughed knowing Angelo was serious as he frantically swam away in panicked laughter unable to get very far as Angelo caught his legs and dragged him back clasping his arms around Ben's body and holding him half out of the water giggling and thrashing about. Ethan slipped back in to the pool "Aren't you going to rescue him some husband you turned out to be". Mark turned on Ethan "You both know the rules" he said as Ethan started backing away giggling. "I can take you anytime Mark" Ethan said as Mark continued moving forwards speeding up. Ethan felt arms grabbing him and holding him in place "Oh come on that's not fair" he heard Pedro laughing. Mark closed in on Ethan "Pedro is loyal to me Ethan he said bending forward. Ethan was ready to kiss with Mark but his face continued downwards and clamped on to his left nipple, Ethan began giggling and wriggling trying to free himself but Mark continued and held Ethan's legs to stop him escaping from them both. Ethan was aroused and gasping for air as he struggled to breath through his laughing and Pedro's tight hold on him he began pleading and apologising. Finally Mark let go and gave Ethan an evil grin before kissing him. Ethan still in Pedro's arms looked at Angelo "How did he know?" he asked amusingly. Angelo smiled "I have no idea" he replied chuckling. Mark kissed him again "I know your weak spot Ethy" he whispered and Ethan knew that Angelo must have let slip. Pedro released his hold and Ethan turned to him "And as for you..." he began moving towards him. Mark now grabbed Ethan from behind and Pedro moved forward taking hold of Ethan's legs who was now panicking again as he knew what was coming as he saw Pedro's head swiftly move down to his right nipple beginning a second round of pleasurable torture. Where Mark had nibbled and flickered his tongue, Pedro sucked and swirled his tongue nearly bringing Ethan to orgasm immediately. Stop stop stop he pleaded I am going to cum he cried out, Pedro stopped and tongued Ethan deeply as Angelo walked over with Ben still giggling trapped in those magnificent muscled arms. Pedro had momentarily forgotten about Angelo and slightly backed off, Angelo released one arm from Ben and put it around Pedro's shoulder pulling him close their mouths locked and kissed for a moment. Ethan climbed out of the pool his cock still rock hard under his trunks he called out 'Angelo I need you' he said rubbing his cock. Angelo released Ben and shot out of the pool but he couldn't wait until they dried off and got to their room. He clamped his arm around Ethan's waist from behind and slipped his trunks down freeing Ethan's cock and exposing his ass. Angelo had his underwear on which slipped down easily, he grabbed hold of his cock and lined it up to Ethan's ass who looked horrified as he was about to get a pounding judging by how horny Angelo looked and in front of everyone. But he had no time to react as he felt his ass prising open accepting his lovers sex. He moaned and gasped several times as he felt Angelo impaling him deeper on his cock. Ethan tried to look away as he knew the others were watching from the pool and didn't want to look embarrassed. His back arched as Angelo wasted no time and went in to hard deep and fast thrusting, Ethan turned his neck and immediately his mouth filled with Angelo kissing him passionately, Ethan's arm grabbed around Angelo's head holding him on to his mouth, his other hand stroking his leaking cock as he shot his load straight away. His ass muscles clenching through the orgasm brought Angelo over the edge, he moaned in to Angelo's mouth feeling those familiar hips pushing and connecting to his body, it felt as though each pulse in Angelo's cock reverberated through his entire body. He felt like he was floating but in reality Angelo was holding him so tight and deep on his cock his feet had actually left the ground they stood on. Ethan pulled Angelo's head closer to kiss him deeper, they both became aware of the round of applause from the swimming pool. Angelo saw the funny side and pretended to bow, slipping his cock out he pulled Ethan's trunks back up packing his cock away neatly then pulling his underwear up they both looked at each other and laughed before kissing and Ethan whispering to him that he was still horny and needed his man in bed. Angelo smiled and took his hand as they walked back to the house. "Well that's a first" Mark said feeling very aroused at their private porn show. Ben looked at him his own cock digging in to the back of Mark "What seeing them having sex?". Mark nodded "That and it being done by the pool, but my god Ethan can take a pounding". "He is so sexy watching him getting fucked" Pedro said as he leaned on the side of the pool. Ben looked at Pedro "We need to find you a boyfriend Pedro". Pedro smiled "No, I like my sex free and easy for now" he said getting out of the pool. "Well husband" Ben nuzzled up to Mark "Fancy putting your jock strap on I need it bad". Mark laughed and kissed him "Thought you would never ask". Ethan laid underneath Angelo with his cock still firmly embedded after making love for the fourth time, their intimacy and closeness was undeniable as was their love for each other. Ethan looked at the clock then squeezed his arms around Angelo kissing him again trying to roll Angelo over who laughed at his feeble attempts 'Have I worn you out?' he chuckled extracting his cock, Ethan wriggled on the bed 'No I will want you again later' feeling freedom return he gave a long content sigh as he watched Angelo get up off the bed. Angelo held his hand out and pulled Ethan up to get him moving but Ethan wrapped his arms around Angelo and kissed him 'Love you so much Angelo' he said cuddling up to him 'I know you do you just showed me' he patted Ethan's ass and lifted him up carrying him to the wet room where they showered together. Mark laid on Ben's back with him pinned face down on the bed tenderly kissing his neck, his ass gently clenched pushing his cock deep in to Ben after his last orgasm. Ben made quiet happy moans as Mark bit his neck gently pulling his cock out and climbing off the bed taking the jock strap off 'Leave that by the bed' Ben said to him before Mark could put it away in a draw, he turned and grinned 'My dirty little rich bitch' he growled and Ben laughed shaking his own cock 'Hey not so much of the little' they burst out laughing and Mark jumped back on the bed and kissed him lovingly. As Mark got off the bed again Ben laid there still unable to come to terms whenever Mark used the word rich. Mark still showed no signs of his wealth when they went out on their own, he was just Mark to him a person whom he loved and he was still Ben who would work for a living whenever Angelo got the business set up. He was happy and he loved his new life, yes the trappings were amazing but importantly he had Ethan and Josh out here and he would also be working with Josh, he smiled to himself as he thought of his new friends the movie star and of course the guys from Barbados. His thoughts interrupted when Mark threw a towel at him telling him to get showered and changed for dinner. Dimitri arrived and stepped out of his car looking up at Liongate in amazement, apart from the on line satellite images of the area it was indeed much more impressive in real life behind the tall gates. Mark opened the ornate oversized front doors and walked out to greet him. "Hi, seriously I'm sorry for this morning and thank you for inviting me for dinner" Dimitri was in awe. Mark smiled "Shows you are a discreet and very good agent, now the pool at the house and this is between us" he looked at Dimitri. He nodded "Yes of course" Dimitri said in assuring client confidentiality mode. "I will cover the cost for it, it's my present to Angelo and Ethan" Mark said "but they don't know this". Dimitri nodded "Of course Mr Davenport, what budget do you have?". Mark looked sternly at him "Dimitri it is Mark please and call it $300k max". Dimitri looked shocked "Wow that's a big budget for a pool" he replied. Mark laughed and signalled for Dimitri to come in "Angelo wants a big pool so give him one". All though dinner Dimitri tried to play it cool but he was loving the company and dining in such magnificence, it was the first time he had been in one of these mansions without having to sell it so he was completely at ease. As for the company he just loved watching Ethan move, he had a perfect ass and wonderful muscle sculpting which he guessed must be from working out with his boyfriend Angelo who himself was a walking sex machine. Then there was Ben, one could say he was very ordinary by Ethan's standard but he had a touch of naivety about him, a face of a model that was crafted exquisitely but it was evident he was in love with Mark completely. Mark who he found to be most interesting was simply your average jock, he was powerful but not as big as Angelo, his dark hair and faint Mediterranean looks complimented his confidence. But it was Pedro who really turned Dimitri's head, a lost soul in some respects but incredibly attractive carrying off his Latino looks with spectacular effect that kept drawing Dimitri's attention. His admiration of Pedro didn't go unnoticed by Mark and Ben but they kept dinner dignified until they all walked in to the lounge for coffee. Dimitri with his real estate head on couldn't help but wandering around looking over every inch in the lounge whilst Mark chatted to him explaining things. They came across a bank of photographs that Maddy had Bobby do after they returned from Barbados. Dimitri smiled and looked at Mark "Your wedding?" Mark smiled "Yes and this one is our honeymoon and this..." Dimitri stopped him. "Is that... oh my god it is Nicky and Kit" Dimitri shook his head in amazement "unreal Mark". Mark put his arm around Dimitri's shoulder "And this is our little family" he said pointing to one of the photos. Dimitri looked "Little family?" he looked up at Mark slightly turned on "So you four but who are the rest". Mark looked "That is Josh, Franco, Bobby, Adam and Tony, couple, couple, single" he explained. Dimitri nodded paying closer attention to Franco in the picture "Franco has similar looks to Angelo". Mark laughed "Angelo and Franco are cousins, but don't be fooled Franco is very loyal and protective". Dimitri ran his finger over Franco "Protective of who?" he asked. Ben walked up "Me, Ethan and Josh, we all went to the same college along with these two who are in NY". Ben and Mark looked at each other and laughed dragging Dimitri away from the photos as Pedro walked in to serve coffee. Conversation swayed about many different things but mostly about Dimitri discovering that his family moved here 9 years ago and how he was very much an outcast through school and college because of his Russian accent and how very few real friends he had as his parents kept tight control over his activities. More importantly it was a happy life and he loved living in America rather than oppressive post Russian Ukraine. Ethan felt many similarities from his controlling father during his childhood through to this college education. "I understand Dimitri my father is controlling, well sort of still pulling the strings" Ethan looked at Angelo. Angelo shrugged his shoulders and smiled "I don't know what your talking about Ethy". Ethan nodded "I knew it, he is getting you to do his dirty work now" he laughed. "He tried but I made it clear it is your decision what you do" Angelo said truthfully to Ethan. Ethan and Ben found Dimitri to be very fascinating and seemed to be kind of struggling to get out of his closet and to close the door behind him. Dimitri stood and made his exit as he had work in the morning and they all walked him out to the front of Liongate. Once again he thanked them for dinner and most of all for brightening up his day as he held out a hand to Mark who looked at it, but he stepped forward opening his arms to embrace him. Dimitri shifted on the spot and quickly looked around to make sure no one could see them, he finally relented and hugged Mark who kissed him on the cheek and whispered softly 'the two young ones won't settle for a kiss on the cheek' and letting go he patted Dimitri's ass noticing a very Russian grin on his face. Angelo gave him a hug which was a little overwhelming and an instant turn on. Ben caught the whiff of Dimitri's cologne as they hugged and then kissed him on the mouth, Ethan followed suit and Dimitri quickly jumped in to his car said goodbye and drove off. Ben looked at Ethan then turned to Mark and Angelo "He has a big cock it was rock hard" Ethan said with Ben nodding. They burst out laughing and went back inside Liongate arms around each other "Very sexy" Ben said. Ben, Ethan and Josh stepped out of the limousine with Nicky who dismissed her driver for the day, they had spent the day on set as Nicky's guests and were meeting up with the rest of the guys at her house in Stone Canyon for dinner. They were already making plans to have a dinner party at St Cloud and St Pierre as well as Liongate in the months ahead. Kit and Angelo were making dinner, Mark was banished from the kitchen as they didn't want his pasta dish so he sat outside with Bobby cuddled up chatting. Josh and Bobby had returned from Milan and had been busy meeting new clients as their list of celebrities was growing by the day since Nicky and Kit had put word out, Josh was busy building the website and was ever more closer to Bobby since their trip to Milan, today though he was feeling tired and hot. Angelo had opened the west coast branch and Ben was sort of working when Mark would let him leave Liongate and the marital bed, Ethan well he just plodded around Liongate and would often join Maddy for lunch or be with Mark when Ben went in to work. Nicky and Kit's phones simultaneously pinged during dinner, she reached over and had a quick look. "Oh it's from Jordan and Daniel" she opened the message "Arriving tomorrow, need somewhere to stay" she laughed. "Easy" Mark said "Tell them they are staying at Liongate with us". "What about Callum and Steve?" Nicky asked looking at Mark. Mark chuckled "Them as well, we have plenty of bedrooms" he said. Mark quickly checked with his parents who had flown off to Colorado and would be back the next day, everything was sorted and Bobby decided to grab a few photos of the casual dinner party in Stone Canyon which he knew would get snapped up by the glossy magazines. The evening just seemed to fly past as they were having so much fun, Josh on the other hand had fallen asleep outside on the terrace feeling hot and nauseous but he didn't want to bother anyone's evening, in his head he had a feeling he knew what his sickness meant. Bobby came outside and sat with him concerned by how quickly he was getting worse. =============== P.S. I am away for a couple of weeks in Canada and Alaska guys so please be patient
  2. Part 35 - A New Year Daniel looked over the reservations and juggled the maintenance schedule for two suites in order to cater for the last minute booking that was to be kept quiet as it was a surprise for Mark and Ben, Steve was taking care of the arrangements for the private new years eve party that was to be held in Mark and Ben's suite as it was large enough to hold the number of guests. Jordan was with Mark and Ben as Bobby was doing some photos of them in Salinger Barbados Retreat, a coup for Bobby was that Nicky and Kit had also agreed to be in a couple of the pictures which he knew would definitely hike the selling price for the article. Nicky was so impressed with the photos that she and Kit signed up to be the first big name celebrities with the company, Bobby was so excited that he tried calling David several times but his phone was switched off. Mark and Ben finished at lunchtime then spent the afternoon by themselves relaxing and being with each other, they had a quiet early dinner as Daniel said he wanted to pop by later around 9pm. The first of the limos arrived at 8.00pm with David and Maddy Davenport and Daniel had dressed appropriately for the VIP arrival and escorted them to their suite and informing them that everything was arranged for 9pm. Jordan greeted the second the limo with the 4 boys in, he was suitably impressed by Angelo but bowled over when he saw Ethan exit the limo. As young as he looked his body was superbly defined a result from his workouts every morning with Adam and Angelo. Straight away Adam's gaydar went up and sussed Jordan out, as they walked through the elaborately decorated reception and in to the lounge where they came across Daniel returning from settling in Mark's parents. Adam shook hands with Daniel and looked at Jordan and back at him as Daniel smiled and chuckled knowing that Adam had already uncovered them as a couple. Jordan and Daniel left them to freshen up "I like them" Adam said collapsing on the sofa. Tony shook his head "My Adam so predictable" he laughed as Ethan sat next to Adam. "Got to admit Daniel is pretty hot and Jordan wow" Ethan said in dreamy state. Angelo clipped both of them around the head gently "Get your heads out of the gutter and freshen up" he laughed. Maddy and David were brought to the boys suite by Daniel before they proceeded outside across the Orchid wing pool terrace and the gate leading to Ben and Mark's suite. Daniel opened the gate slightly having heard that the others were outside on the terrace. "Hello hope you are all decent" Daniel called out. Ben walked towards him "Wondered if you were going to turn up!" he said as Daniel opened the gate fully. "What?" Ben stood there taking in the scene then screamed and ran forwards to Ethan. The others looked over to see Angelo, Ethan, Tony, Adam, David and Maddy piling on to the terrace. Cries of joy erupted loudly, Mark ran over to his parents kissing and hugging them before he worked around everyone else. "So this is why I couldn't get hold of you today" Bobby said to David. David was laughing "Sorry it was all last minute, what was so urgent?". "We got an A list movie star signed up, Nicky and her husband Kit" Bobby said boiling over with excitement. David gave Bobby a hug "Well done that is brilliant news". Mark held his mother "What is all this about?" he wiped a tear from his eye overcome with emotion. Maddy laughed "Thought we would celebrate new year with you for a couple of days" she hugged him again. Ethan was busy looking around the suite "Wow this is amazing it's such a lovely hotel" he said to Daniel. Daniel handed Ethan a glass of champagne "Thank you, it's all my mothers work". David grabbed Angelo "How did the meeting go Angelo?" he asked taking a glass of champagne. "Really well" Angelo replied as Ethan came over and held his hand "We are moving to LA" he said. Maddy spotted David's smile as he hugged Angelo and Ethan "What is going on?" she asked. "Angelo and Ethan are moving to LA" David said still beaming. Maddy looked at Angelo "You sold the company?". "No only 50% we are setting up an office in LA to expand" Angelo was about to continue but Maddy stopped him. "You will stay at Liongate until you get properly settled" she said looking at them both. "Absolutely" Ethan said before looking at Angelo "Tell them the rest" he told Angelo. Angelo laughed shaking his head "We got $40 million for half of the company" he told Maddy and David. Ben over heard them "Are you really coming to LA?" he said excitedly. Ethan nodded "Yes" and Ben flung his arms around Ethan almost crying from joy. David put his arm around Angelo "If you need help managing the money you only have to ask". Angelo chuckled "Going to need a lot of help David, it was one hell of a surprise". Jordan, Daniel, Steve and Callum were persuaded to stay on a little longer, Jordan and Steve kept wandering off as they were still on duty and Steve was being trained up to the reigns on in a weeks time, tomorrow would be the turn of Daniel and Callum. During their few weeks back in the UK Lucy had them working at the Salinger London shadowing the duty managers learning the role, to her surprise they took to it with ease and as it turned out were great at managing the staff in the hotel which was one of their trickier hotels to manage. She would be flying out to LA in a few days to oversee the renovations of the new Salinger Los Angeles, Callum and Steve were now also relief managers for the London hotel as they did such a good job there. As usual the hotel was running like clockwork so Jordan and Steve made their way back to the suite carrying coffee in case anyone needed it. Maddy and David said good bye to everyone despite the protests from everyone, but they knew their job was done for the day bringing the lads together. Jordan walked with them escorting them back to their suite. "I guess Daniel and yourself are together?" Maddy asked as they walked through the lounge to the door. Jordan smiled "Yes he wants a Christmas wedding but I just want to marry him whenever". "I see, is there much of a cultural difference you know with Daniel being British" Maddy enquired. Jordan chuckled "Not really, but I have spent a lot of time with Daniel and his family in England". "Ah yes, you must let us to meet his parents at sometime" Maddy said and David agreed. Jordan looked at them "Well they are opening a hotel in at the end of January" he started saying. "That's right I heard about it at the golf club" David said. "I know his mother would jump at the chance of you attending the opening party" Jordan laughed. Maddy laughed "Well then, make it happen Jordan" she said stopping at the door to their suite. Jordan looked seriously at her "You mean you would attend?" he asked unlocking the door. David chuckled "She said she would, but you will have to invite all the guys". Jordan laughed "No problem there, I will speak to Lucy in the morning and sort it out". It wasn't long before Ben had Daniel mostly naked and dragged him off to the bedroom before returning in to the lounge with Daniel wearing Ben's jock strap. Daniel was laughing as Jordan walked in and looked at him smiling and turning to Ben asking how the hell he got Daniel to wear a jock strap, he swooped over and kissed Daniel rubbing his exposed ass cheeks. Daniel had never felt so sexy as he stood there in the arms of Jordan even forgetting that Ben was standing there, but the ever so discreet Ben slipped out as Jordan watched him. "I think Ben was a little upset" Jordan said quietly to Daniel "He has taken a real shine to you". Daniel smiled "They are a great group of guys and Steve and Callum get on well with them". "If you want to let yourself be free around them I really don't mind" Jordan stroked his face. "Oh, I don't know it's a bit full on with them" Daniel sounded unsure. Jordan looked at him "I promised you I would never cheat on you and I stick by that". Daniel kissed him "I know, suppose we will have to use to this if they are going to be friends". Jordan laughed "I never thought about it like that, but your my man never forget that Danny". Daniel and Jordan returned to the terrace where they saw Ethan grab hold of Ben pushing him up against the edge of the pool, Ben was laughing on the surface but incredibly turned on, it was still a strange feeling to him being able to kiss Ethan so freely. Their lips met and in an instance they locked together in a deep kiss, Daniel watched on still trying to fathom the group out. He felt the ping on his ass as Josh pulled the jock strap letting it fling back laughing. Josh put his arm around Daniel's shoulder "Childhood friends these two" he said. "Bizarre" Daniel said and looked at Josh "I mean the way you kiss like this" he turned back to watch them. Josh laughed "It takes time to understand everyone but it's what makes our friendship close". Daniel kissed josh on the cheek "I need a soft drink" he said "and I feel strange wearing this". "Does make you look so sexy" Josh said pinching Daniel's ass "Not bad for a Brit". They grabbed some fruit punches and sat on the sofa with Angelo and Ben climbed out of the pool drying himself off he squeezed on the end of the sofa sitting next to Daniel who put his arm around Ben. He looked at Daniel and smiled but couldn't help thinking of what he must have gone through over the last few weeks. Everyone settled down sitting and chatting away Josh decided to sit on the edge of the pool dangling his feet in and laying back, Mark and Angelo sat cuddled up together talking about LA. Callum was sat in Adam's arms and his legs across Tony's lap when Jordan and Steve reappeared finishing for the night. Steve looked at Jordan "Is this the way American way of friendship?" he asked. Jordan smiled "No, but it's a nice friendship to be able to be so close to each other". Steve nodded "Danny seems to finally be letting himself go again". Jordan put his arm around Steve and kissed him "Oh, what was that for?" Steve asked sounding taken back. "I think our friendship is close enough" Jordan replied, Steve but his arm around Jordan's waist. Bobby who had been laying on one of the sofas sat up making room for them. Steve sat down and ran his hand through Bobby's trimmed beard then then Jordan's 'mmm not sure which one is better' he chuckled then squealed as both of them rubbed each side of Steve's face with their beards unable to escape as their hands held him down on the sofa. Bobby then kissed Steve who laid back and smiled giggling like a girl Callum watched and chuckled in his calm state as Adam continued stroking his chest whilst Tony was giving him a foot massage. Jordan stood up stripped off diving in to the pool to cool down, the rush of water fell on Josh as Jordan climbed out of the pool and sat besides him causing Josh to giggle, he didn't move but watched Jordan laying down mimicking Josh. He looked over and nudged up closer to Jordan until he felt Jordan's arm pushing his head up and cradle it as Josh moved in closer so his head was almost resting against Jordan's chest, he was pretty beat from all the hype of the day and evening as he watched the stars in the sky above them peacefully he dozed off. He was woken by Jordan picking him up and carrying him inside with Bobby walking by his side, Jordan placed him on the bed and gave him a kiss good night. Daniel walked in after having changed out of the jock strap and gave Bobby a kiss good night, Jordan turned to kiss Bobby before leaving them. Ethan woke suddenly hearing the clinking of china, he put on the robe by his bedside and walked in to the lounge to find the butler laying out coffee for the 4 of them, he chuckled to himself as the butler left thinking this was just like being at Liongate. He wandered over to the French doors looking out over the Orchid wing pool area noticing that it was quiet apart from a family of four crossing to pool terrace towards the beach. The family looked up and waved to someone he couldn't see, he looked carefully thinking he recognised the woman before nearly jumping out of his skin and Ben stood at the doors pulling a face. Ethan took a moment before opening the doors "Hell Ben you scared the shit out of me doing that". Ben was laughing "Wakey wakey Ethy" he said kissing him "Come on lets go to the beach for a swim". "Eh? Oh yeah sure, sorry had to much champagne last night, need to change" Ethan replied. Ben followed him in to the bedroom where Angelo laid sprawled out fast asleep, Ben put his finger to his mouth and crept over to the bed sliding under the sheet and proceeded to nuzzle up to Angelo. He murmured in his sleep pulling Ben in to his arms who was finding it hard not to laugh, Ethan picked up his phone and began filming. Ben was now trapped in Angelo's arms as he hugged him, his eyes still closed he kissed Ben on the mouth, he felt Angelo's hand wandering down to his ass giving it a squeeze and rub. His eyes still closed but he smiled 'Your a married man you naughty boy' Angelo said. Ben tweaked Angelo's nipple laughing "How did you know it was me?". Angelo opened one eye "You got a flabby ass" he said laughing and tightening his hold on Ben "you need to work out". Ben rolled on top of Angelo "So happy you are coming to LA" he cuddled up enjoying being in Angelo's arms. Angelo stuck his fingers up at Ethan "Stop filming you dirty whore" he smiled and rolled Ben over. Mark wandered through looking for Ben "Hey that's my husband" he laughed grabbing Ethan's phone. He turned the phone to himself and Ethan and kissed him filming them "Right you swimming?". Ethan nodded "Kiss me again" he said holding Mark who laughed and obliged. Ben called out "Someone help me" he was stuck under Angelo he was showing no sign of letting him go. Mark walked over and looked at him "How many times do you have to be told to be careful". Angelo turned to Mark "Morning Mark" he said leaning over to kiss him. Mark patted Angelo's ass "Don't crush him" he kissed Ben and Angelo rolled over releasing his grip. Ethan brought Angelo a coffee over "You coming to swim?" he asked looking at Angelo with his disarming smile. Angelo sipped his coffee "Stop smiling at me like that you know what it does" he nodded "Yes, are Adam and Tony up yet?". "Not yet" Ethan said grabbing Angelo's swim trunks. Mark sat on the bed "There is one thing, a movie star is on the beach, just be cool she is nice". "I thought I recognised her crossing the pool area" Ethan said excited. Ben grabbed his phone "Leave this here Ethy" he said laughing and watching the video of Angelo and him. Ethan and Ben set off arms around each others shoulders, just like they use to do in school, walking towards the beach whilst Mark waited for Angelo to finish his coffee and get changed, the two boys had only just got to the shore line when Nicky called out to Ben, Ethan stood there giggling repeating her name unable to comprehend her presence and that she knew Ben's name. Ben explained that it was only through Daniel and Jordan that Mark and he met her and reminded Ethan keep mum about anything that goes on as privacy was what she guarded most. By the time Mark and Angelo appeared Ethan was sat in the water with Nicky chatting like old friends, Ben was with Kit playing with the children and even Angelo had to double take, he was introduced as Jordan joined them on the beach for his morning swim. By 8am the beach was pretty packed with the group as Adam, Tony, Bobby and Josh had arrived, Nicky was finding it hard to keep up with everyone but her and Kit were getting to know the names and put them to faces much to everyone's amusement. "What are you doing tonight Nicky?" Mark asked her sitting down. Nicky looked up "Oh dinner then drink in the lounge to celebrate". Mark shook his head "No not good enough, come and have dinner and drinks at ours you know almost everyone". Nicky looked hesitant "What do you mean almost everyone?" she replied. "Oh, my mother and father are here, they will be coming tonight" Mark said nodding as Kit sat down. "Yes we will come" Kit said "Sometimes Nicky just needs to let her hair down". Mark nodded "It is a private party Nicky and please bring the kids as well". "Okay yes, but I do want to meet your mother" Nicky said sounding more excited. Mark laughed "I think she wants to meet you!". "I wondered if this is where you would all be" David said crossing the beach unfazed by Nicky's presence. Kit and David revelled in their new friendship as they paddled around in the water chatting about property in Bel Air and who was on the move until Maddy approached them, Mark swam ashore and exited the water to say hello and introduced her to Nicky and Kit, Steve and Jordan also made an appearance for their morning swim. Steve thankful that Ben, Josh and Ethan were entertaining the children managed to swim a fair bit before returning to shore but not before Josh tried to tease and give chase to him. Jordan sat on the beach next to Maddy and telling her that the invite was all set for the Salinger LA opening party on 31st January and how thrilled Lucy Salinger was that she would be attending. New Years eve was a tropical pool party in the privacy of suite with bountiful food and beverages of all kinds. Bobby took the opportunity to take some photos of Maddy and Nicky as well as some private ones just for the group of friends. It was a long evening and finally all the revellers departed and Mark collapsed on the sofa at 1.30am, Bobby and Josh decided on a late night swim in the pool, Ben fell next to Mark on the sofa and kissed him lovingly, Mark put his arm around Ben and held him close as they watched the guys in the pool trying to ascertain how things between them were progressing. Mark kissed Ben on his head 'Have I told you how much I love you?' he quietly asked kissing him again, Ben snuggled up closer and smiled 'Yes but it never gets boring' he replied stroking Mark's smooth chest. Bobby leaned up against the edge of the pool grinning as he watched Josh swimming towards him, coming to a stop he kissed Bobby's torso as he stood up, reaching Bobby's face they looked at each other intently and as if it was meant to be, their mouths tenderly touched slowly kissing, each one lasting longer and longer until they finally became fully embraced and closed out of the world around them. Mark squeezed Ben as they clearly saw a different side to Josh coming to the surface, they stood and said good night to Bobby and Josh and headed to their bedroom. Bobby jumped out of the pool and held his hands out for Josh who reached up and was pulled cleanly out and on to the terrace coming face to face with him again. "I wish you would come and live with me Josh" Bobby said emotionally stroking his Josh's face. Josh smiled "Why is that?" he asked looking him in the eye. "I think you know how I feel about you Josh, ever since that day in Larchmont" Bobby kissed him waiting. "New year, new friends, new life" Josh ran his hands down Bobby's back "it is a lot to take in". Bobby put his arm around Josh "A new life together?" he asked wondering if he was pushing him to quickly. Josh rested his head against Bobby's shoulder "Don't make me regret it" he replied. Bobby turned Josh and held him in his arms "Never Josh, and I know Maddy will be happy". Josh laughed "Only because I am growing to love you more each day Bobby" he said kissing him. Bobby swept him off his feet and carried him in to the bedroom before placing him down next to the bed, Josh slipped in to the bathroom to shower and wash the pool water off. He let the warm water cascade over his head standing there facing the wall, he smiled feeling Bobby's hand slip around his waist and the unmistakable hardness of his cock pushing in between his ass cheeks. Josh pushed back against Bobby and moaned feeling the friction of his cock pushing open his ass, he gasped and grabbed hold of Bobby's arms as felt more of the cock working it's way deeper inside him, he was so turned on by the way his lover was showing his dominance over him and he could do nothing but melt in the arms securely wrapped around his torso. The water falling over his chest and bounding off his own erect cock as Bobby kissed his neck lightly a first but fast turning in to a harder kissing and biting. Josh gasped an moaned as Bobby's hips began moving in perfect undulating movements allowing Josh to feel that his cock was deep inside, his ass burned from the dry entry but the pleasure he felt was immense and his body relaxed accepting his lover. Josh turned his head seeking Bobby's mouth as their lips closed in on each other tongues dancing back and forth in to their mouths as the speed and intensity of the fucking increased, each deep penetrative strokes rubbing against his anal wall opening tiny fissures in the lining. Josh moaned louder and cried begging Bobby to fuck him, the bathroom door was closed and the running water dissipated the noises from them. Bobby gripped Josh harder and resumed kissing and biting his neck as he began to feel the tingling in his balls 'oh fuck Josh' he moaned in between his panting feeling his cock stiffen and begin to swell ready to breed his lover, Josh moved his hands and gripped hold of Bobby's ass cheeks holding them as close to his ass as possible. His euphoria making him want to climb the wall but the arms held in firmly in place as he felt the pulsing in his ass, Bobby cried in ecstasy and bit down harder on Josh's neck 'yes' Josh cried out 'yes Bobby' he moaned as he grabbed his cock and rubbing it a couple of time before splattering the tiled wall with his cum. Each breeding contraction reverberating through Bobby's body and his mouth sucked at the spot of Josh's neck held in his mouth, his body shuddering and overcome from the intense sex his cock pushing still deeper in to Josh. Bobby relaxed and his mouth let go of Josh's neck leaving a noticeable love bite in it's wake, his cock pushing still deeper in to Josh rubbing his toxic seed against the tiny tears that had opened up in the anal lining trapping it and providing the virus ample opportunity to begin it's infiltration of Josh's body. Slowly Bobby pulled his cock out kissing Josh as he did so, they spent several minutes showering and drying each other and somehow Josh felt more attached to Bobby than he had ever done in these past few intimate moments. Josh put his towel on the hook and turned looking in the mirror before chuckling at the mark Bobby had left on his neck. He turned to Bobby and took his hand as they walked through to the bedroom climbing in to bed and settling in each others arms at the beginning of a new year.
  3. Part 34 - Tropical Heat Josh hugged and kissed Maddy and David as Bobby and he were about to leave for Barbados, Bobby was a real hit with the Davenport's so much so that he was treated as one of the family. Maddy had grown incredibly fond of Josh over the last few days and loved talking and shopping with him whilst Bobby and David would drum up business for their new company which was a real departure from the businesses David already had. On their last shopping trip the previous day it turned out to be unusual as Maddy was buying clothes for Josh rather than just window shopping, drinking coffee or having lunch. Josh protested but Maddy would have none of it explaining he needed some clothes for his trip as it would be hot. Josh gave up protesting and went with the flow, but much like Ben he couldn't see the point of buying expensive clothes and suggested they went to Target. Maddy had agreed and the limo looked out of place in the parking lot, they spent most of the half an hour in there laughing as Josh kept holding up dresses for Maddy to try on at one point Josh fell on the floor in hysterics after she told him the dress would make her look like a cheap prostitute. It caused a couple of the security guards to approach them in the aisle bringing Josh back to his senses and apologising for making so much noise. They both laughed their way out of the store in to the limo where she told the driver to take them to Rodeo. "Have a good trip guys and if you need anything you only have to call" David said as Bobby got in the limo. Maddy hugged Josh one last time "Going to take you proper shopping when you get back". Josh laughed "Oooh Walmart" he joked getting in to the limo. Maddy went to close the door "Over my dead body Josh". David and Maddy waved them off as the limo pulled away and down the drive "Take him shopping?" David asked her. Maddy laughed "Yes, I like Josh a lot and he is better to go out with than the housewives of Beverly Hills". David shook his head "I know what a shopping trip means, maybe Bobby and I will come with you" he said kissing her. "Sounds like a good idea" Maddy replied pinching his ass. The engines throttled in to reverse thrust slowing the aircraft down on the runway at Barbados airport finally turning off and heading along the taxi way to the terminal building. Josh was excited but could only see the lights marking the route, the blast of the warm tropical air filled the cabin as the doors opened. Once through the building they were met by the Salinger limo driver and were on their way Josh turned his phone on and saw a text come through from Mark opening it he read it aloud to Bobby 'You are staying with us as we have a 2 bed suite, have arranged it with the hotel managers, can't wait to see you both'. Bobby smiled watching Josh and leaned back in the seat taking Josh's hand in his, all the excitement and travelling had done Josh in and he quickly dozed off resting his head against Bobby's shoulder. The limo pulled up to the Orchid Wind entrance where Mark and Ben stood with Daniel waiting for their arrival. Bobby ran over to say hello to Mark and Ben hugging and kissing before going to back to get Josh out of the limo. "He fell asleep to much excitement and I think your mother wore him out" Bobby looked back laughing. Mark looked at Ben "My mother?" Mark asked looking surprised. Bobby pulled Josh out "Yeah she's been taking him shopping and lunching every day since you left". Mark chuckled "She has found a new friend then". Josh sleepily walked over "Hi" he said hugging and kissing them both. Ben was giggling "Wake up Josh, this is Daniel..." he started saying. Josh hugged and kissed Daniel before realising "Oh sorry I didn't mean... wow your sexy!" he blurted out "Josh how inappropriate" Ben said chastising him whilst Bobby and Mark laughed behind them. Daniel smiled "How cute you are Josh" he said winking at him. Daniel looked at Bobby "And Bobby nice to meet you" he said with a disarming smile. Daniel was quite taken back by Bobby and his dazzling looks, he contained himself enough to escort them through to the suite and handing them their keys. Josh was dozing on the terrace sofa whilst Mark, Ben and Bobby sat chatting, finally rested enough Josh was feeling hot in the warm air and stripped off then jumped in to the pool to cool down. Ben stripped off the clothes he had on which wasn't much and jumped in after Josh. "Feeling better now?" he said wading towards him. Josh nodded "The journey was tiring and I think all the shopping I did with Maddy knackered me out" he said smiling. Ben put his arms around Josh and kissed him "How are things, you know?" he asked quietly. Josh held on to Ben "Really good, I mean what is there not to like he is sex on legs" he giggled. Mark stood up and went inside and returned with Daniel who had knocked on the door "Not intruding am I?" he asked. "Not at all" Mark replied laughing seeing the look on Daniel's face at Ben and Josh in the pool kissing. Daniel looked at Mark "Is this normal?" he asked sounding alarmed. Bobby laughed putting his arm around Mark "Shocked me at first but it is just how they are". "But kissing like that, don't you get worried?" Daniel asked looking at them both. Mark shook his head "No, we are all very close and secure with each other" he said. Daniel looked back at the pool "So... I mean do you all have sex?" he asked looking a little embarrassed. "No, oral sex is okay but intimate sex only with your partner" Mark said patting Daniel's shoulder. "Oh right, I have just never seen anything like this, apart from an orgy" Daniel laughed nervously. Mark smiled "Danny you need to make sure you draw a line with them so they know not to cross it" he said making sure Daniel understood. Daniel nodded "I see" he replied looking at his phone which pinged signifying a message. "Sorry I need to leave as Steve and Callum have arrived" Daniel said excusing himself but turning back to take one last look at Josh and Ben. "Where are you going Danny?" Ben called from the pool still wrapped around Josh. Daniel turned "Our friends have arrived" he replied. "You coming back?" Ben asked letting go of Josh and wandering over to the side of the pool. Daniel smiled "I will see" he turned to Bobby and Mark "I will send you some coffee and sandwiches". "Thanks Daniel" Bobby said walking over to the pool. Mark walked Daniel to the door "So I guess your friends are not like this?". Daniel shook his head "No, there was a lot of flirting when I first met them" he replied. Mark smiled "Just like Ben and you when you first met" he suggested chuckling. Daniel threw his head back laughing hard "Was it that obvious, I just don't know what came over me". Steve and Callum were tired as there flight had been delayed by 4 hours due to snowfall at the airport they had a quick catch up before retiring to bed in the second bedroom of Daniel and Jordan's suite. Jordan went off to get the sandwiches whilst Daniel went back to next door. Ethan laid in Angelo's arms on the sofa cuddling up and laughing at Angelo's conversation with Tony on the phone, all he could get from it was if Tony could get the 4 days off work over new year and Angelo telling Tony that it was settled and not to argue any more. Angelo made a call to Maddy and was excited to tell her that it was all sorted their end but he had to have the meeting with Raffa in the morning before they could leave. Ethan stroked the supple muscles in Angelo's arm whilst his hand caressed Ethan's chest as he ended the phone call, Ethan looked up at him who smiled and kissed him. "You need to pack we are going away for 3 days tomorrow for new year" He said pushing Ethan forward. Ethan stood up "Where are we going?" he asked as Angelo stood and picked him up hugging him. "To see Mark and Ben but it is a surprise, Adam and Tony are coming as well as Mark's parents" He said. Ethan kissed Angelo several times "Barbados eh". Ethan turned and sat on his lap facing him as his hands traced up and down Angelo's arms, slipping up the t-shirt and feeling those firm pecs and also a definite firming under his ass. Angelo rested his head back smiling as Ethan leaned forward tenderly he kissed Angelo's neck and worked his way around and under his chin nibbling as he moved up until his mouth was greeted by Angelo's. Ethan was partly reminded that this was reminiscent to how they started where Angelo was in charge and lead him to his first gay experience. But this time Ethan was determined to take control and set the pace but he couldn't resist and his ass was already grinding down hard on Angelo's now rock hard cock, he felt those muscled arms circling around his torso as they hands made their into his underwear and cupped hit ass cheeks, using the movement in his wrists to force Ethan's underwear further down exposing his ass. Ethan sank his tongue into Angelo's mouth his hands resting on top of Angelo's head as he kissed him continuously, the hands cupping his ass began to pull his cheeks apart. Ethan kissed him harder then lifted his head up as he wanted to control their love making but he was loosing self control and just wanted to feel the full force of Angelo, it had been a while since they had hard dominate sex when Angelo liked to show Ethan his place as he was owned and belonged to him. Angelo pushed Ethan off his lap as he stood up and turned Ethan over so he was kneeling on the edge with his head over the back of the sofa. Ethan had no time to react as he felt the pain as Angelo bit his ass playfully sliding his underwear down so his ass was now exposed as the hands wondered around his cheeks. Angelo bent over and nipped the other cheek as Ethan moaned and laughed, suddenly he let out a loud gasp and cry of delight as Angelo's tongue trailed up across his hole followed, again he felt the warmth from Angelo's tongue lick deeper across his hole. Ethan began begging for Angelo to own him 'God Angelo take me I need you to take me' he rasped in a deep erotic voice as Angelo dived in deeper with his tongue sending quivers down Ethan's legs. Ethan felt another deep forceful lick up across his hole which continued along his lower back moving up towards his shoulders. Ethan threw his head forward and moaned loudly his ass parted seamlessly as Angelo's cock opened him up and he slipped a couple of inches in before he stood up right grabbing Ethan's hips tight he made small thrusting gestures 'fuck me Angelo please' Ethan cried from behind the sofa, it was all Angelo wanted to hear as he gripped hold harder on to Ethan and plunged the rest of his shaft hard and deep in to his property. Natural instinct took over as Ethan tried to pull away and arch his back but the hands held on tight keeping him in place as Angelo began to fuck harder and harder. Angelo knew Ethan's limits and held back from releasing the true brutality that he could, instead he kept his cock deep inside but at the same time he jack hammered Ethan hard. Ethan powerless to escape was pounding his hands on the back of the sofa and whipping his head from side to side 'who owns you' Angelo called then slapping Ethan's ass as he continued fucking him 'You do, aahhh, Angelo owns me I belong to you' Ethan turned his head to look at Angelo smiling at him but concentrating on the job in hand 'dam right I own you'. His ass was beginning to feel sore this was not far off the abuse he got the night he pushed Angelo away, but he loved Angelo and loved the feeling of being his. Angelo gave a pre orgasm moan from deep in his chest indicating that his seed was on the move, Ethan was pushing his ass back wanting more of Angelo 'yeah what does my boy want' Angelo asked slapping Ethan's ass slightly harder this time, 'breeding, I need your seed, show me you own me' he managed to get the words out as Angelo's thrusting had sped up and was now rapidly fucking Ethan and his cock was swelling getting ready to fire. Angelo collapsed forward on to Ethan his arms wrapping around Ethan holding him purposefully deep on to his cock as his hip jabbed forward hard locking his cock deep inside Ethan 'fuck yeah baby' he kissed Ethan's neck through his own body shuddering as began releasing his seed in to his lover. Ethan moaned and yelped several times feeling the cock pushing it's way deeper inside his body. Angelo panted heavily and his hips continued thrusting up and grinding against Ethan's ass, his arms still locked tightly around Ethan holding him close 'dirty slut' Angelo said as felt the splatting of Ethan's orgasm coating his arms. His orgasm was so strong his ass kept backing up on to Angelo's cock 'oh my god ahhh, ahhh' he moaned continuously as if he was never going to come down from sexual pleasure. Angelo held on to him until he felt Ethan's body relaxing 'wow Ethan that was awesome' Angelo said kissing his neck, Ethan turned his head and kissed Angelo 'you don't need to tell me' he laughed. Angelo pulled Ethan on top of him as ha laid on the sofa with Ethan still firmly in his arms and on his cock. "Eldred will be here shortly" Daniel said sitting down with Mark and Bobby. "Oh my god I don't believe it" Bobby said turning his head seeing Jordan behind Eldred carrying sandwiches. Daniel turned and smiled "That is my partner Jordan". "Holy crap Daniel" Bobby said looking at him "That is Jordan Levine". Daniel nodded "Ah you know him from his acting days?" he asked. Bobby nodded "Well I interviewed him over a year ago and err...". Jordan placed the sandwiches down "Here you go... Oh, you look familiar" he said looking at Bobby. "Yes I interviewed you for Out magazine about 18 months ago" Bobby said jogging Jordan's memory. Jordan sat down "Oh yes, it was more than interviewed" he said smiling "I nearly left my boyfriend afterwards". Bobby looked a little embarrassed "I guess your not with him anymore?" he asked. Jordan nodded "He died at Thanksgiving" he was looking at Bobby intently "Bel Air Hilton" he said. Bobby nodded "Yes, but I am sorry I didn't know he had passed away" Bobby replied looking shocked. "It was a car accident" Daniel said holding Jordan's hand. Bobby was quick enough to put the pieces together and looked at Daniel "Oh Santa Monica?" Jordan nodded "Yes that one" he said confirming Bobby's suspicion. "You did say off the record that he was slightly unhinged and dangerous" Bobby said looking at Jordan. Daniel shook his head "Unhinged is not a word I would have associated him with" he replied. Daniel and Mark were looking at them both "So what went on here?" Daniel asked. Jordan looked at Daniel "We ended up in bed together but it was long before we met" he said hoping Daniel would not take it the wrong way. Daniel laughed "Good isn't he" he said looking at Bobby. Unsure what to say he nodded "Oh yes, but I don't think we even made it to the bed" Bobby replied. Jordan laughed "Well I had to make sure I got a good write up". "And did you?" Mark asked chuckling "I mean get a good write up as well as good sex?". "He got a glowing write up" Bobby said remembering fondly the sex they had. Daniel giggled "So are you dating Josh?" he looked towards the pool and Josh. Bobby smiled "Getting there, I like him so much but he is a bit cautious and a loose cannon sometimes". Mark laughed "Josh is definitely a wild child" he said watching as the boys got out of the pool. Josh leaned over Bobby and kissed him deeply "I'm hungry" he said. Ben grabbed Daniels arms pulling him out of his chair "Come on pretty boy lets get you all nice and wet". Daniel was laughing but soon stopped as Ben pulled down Daniel's shorts "What are you doing that is so undignified?". "Stop being a wuss" Ben said getting Daniel naked he looked down and nodded "British wrapped sausage" he laughed. Daniel pushed Ben into the pool "Don't call me British sausage or pretty boy" he called before jumping in the pool giving chase to Ben. Jordan watched laughing "God he is so British" he said as Josh ran past and jumped in the pool as well. "We did warn Danny to draw a line with them otherwise they will end up kissing him" Mark said looking cautiously at Jordan. Jordan laughed "As long as I know about it it's not a problem, but Danny may not take to kindly to it". Bobby chuckled "Well Josh has already kissed him by accident as he was a bit sleepy when he arrived. "Hmm I know, Danny told me he was a bit of hussy kissing him. But I think he quite likes Josh and Ben" he said nodding in their direction. Mark stood and stripped off "Be honest and tell us if things get a little weird Jordan, coming in". Bobby stripped and jumped in the pool behind Mark whilst Jordan called Eldred and asked him to bring some champagne and six glasses, he then stripped and jumped in the pool. Ben clambered over to Jordan pushing himself up against his muscled body and going all giddy 'Just as good as Angelo' he announced swimming away leaving Jordan looking perplexed at his comment. Josh came over and inspected Jordan as well laughing and splashing him as Jordan gave chase but Josh hid behind Bobby for protection but Jordan's eye was caught by Bobby's tattoo. "I don't remember you having a tattoo there" Jordan looked down at the scorpion. Bobby winked "A little gift from our night" he said making a grab for Josh behind him. "Was it me?" Jordan remembered that they had indeed had bareback sex about five times that night. Bobby faced him "Can't say definitely but think so" he said smiling at him. Jordan's expression changed "Your not mad at me then?". Bobby laughed "Not at all Jordan, thanks to you I have the best sex ever now". Daniel came over "Why you looking so serious Jordy?" he asked. "He just found out he may have been the one who converted me" Bobby said looking at Daniel. Daniel smiled "Must have been good sex then" running his hand down Bobby's chest "Beautiful" he said. "Danny!" Jordan said shaking his head "now who is the hussy?" he said as Daniel kissed him. Jordan got hold of Josh and pulled him around in front of him holding him tight in his arms "This one is so cute" he laughed. Jordan was enjoying seeing Daniel relax and be a little more free within himself, no doubt it was the effect of this group of extraordinary group of guys who were lovers and friends. The way Daniel was interacting with them reminded him of Steve and Callum when he first met Daniel properly, he was in no doubt this was going to end up as a group of long term friends. Bobby came over to Jordan who put his arm around Bobby's shoulder. "So are you and Josh having bareback sex" Jordan asked him quietly. Bobby nodded "Yes he is aware of my status but he insisted on bareback sex and well I couldn't resist". Mark swam over "You look like your having a serious conversation" he joked. Mark nodded listening to them "Awkward" he laughed "I am as well" he said to Jordan. "And Ben?" Jordan asked looking over at him. Mark glanced at him "No, he seems to be dodging the bullet despite how much sex we have, and no, he won't go on PREP". Jordan smiled "Danny is neg and he takes PREP". If anything it made Jordan feel a little more at ease with Mark and Bobby now they all knew about each other and strangely brought them closer together. It wasn't long before they were all drinking champagne and chilling out like a family on holiday, Josh and Ben had taken a big shine to Jordan whilst Daniel sat between Mark and Bobby quite happy in himself that in private he could be the real Daniel he wanted to be. Jordan was laughing hard as Ben kept spilling champagne down Jordan's chest and licking it off as Daniel was taking pictures and videos of their antics. The evening sped by and it wasn't long before Daniel and Jordan excused themselves as they had work in the morning. Ben informed Josh he would be getting him up early to swim in the sea. The morning was breaking and the last of the stars were fading in the clear sky, Steve stood on the terrace partly naked as Callum came out to join him and handed him his swimming trunks and beach towel 'Come on I can't wait to get on the beach' he said to Steve caressing his ass. They both walked down to the deserted beach dropped their towels waded in to the water and began gently swimming around occasionally stopping to have a kiss before continuing. Ben shook Josh awake who was feeling tired and didn't want to get up but Ben was showing no sign of letting up, he clambered out of the bed and rummaged through his suitcase to find the trunks Maddy had brought him. Bobby turned over and mumbled he would come down in an hour and join them before falling back to sleep. They headed out and Josh remarked on how weird it was with no one else around as they crossed the pool terrace and down on to the beach. Josh stood there taking in how serene it looked with just the gentle washing sound of the small waves brushing the shoreline, he put his arm around Ben commenting on how perfect everything seemed and it was such a far cry from the beaches they were use to seeing up state. Ben could make out the two figures swimming side by side and occasionally stopping to chat and wade around, he didn't recognise either of them but he could tell they were quite young. Josh stood in the water sounding like he was going to orgasm feeling the warm Caribbean sea lapping at his legs, Ben splashed his way in throwing water over Josh who laughed loudly and began splashing Ben back. They were so preoccupied in fun with each other they didn't notice Callum and Steve swimming towards them. Steve called out to them 'Are you going to stand there all day or come in, the water is lovely'. Ben and Josh were quietly stunned by how good looking they both were together "In our own time" Josh said giggling. Ben looked at Josh "I wonder if they are the friends of Danny?" he said splashing water back at Josh. "I think they could be they are British and definitely a couple" Josh replied watching them swimming "the younger one is worth doing". Ben waded in further "Josh you have a man, come on" he said to Josh who followed him. It didn't take long for Callum to pick on Josh as they played around in the water splashing and swimming mocking each others accents and laughing. Ben on the other hand was gently swimming around talking with Steve and finding out that they were the relief managers of the hotel for Daniel and Jordan as well as being close friends with them. Callum spotted two young men on the beach "Hello, is this place full of gay men?". Josh turned to look and laughed "The one of the left is Ben's husband Mark". "And the one on the right?" Callum asked swimming closer to Josh. Josh smiled and winked at Josh "That is Bobby and he is mine". It was the first time Josh had actually referred to Bobby as being his and it sent a fuzzy feeling through his body, he had to stop himself and wondered if he actually was falling in love with him but. His through abruptly interrupted by Callum splashing him again then swimming off laughing so Josh gave chase. Mark and Bobby swam out and met Steve and Callum chatting for a few moments before Josh pulled Bobby away, his legs wrapped around Bobby's body and arms around his neck. He felt Bobby's erection in his swimming trunks and smiled before kissing him 'I am falling for you Bobby' he said quietly to him, Bobby looked him in the eye and smiled and kissed him back. Daniel crossed the beach with Cael carrying some sun beds and spotting the six of them in the sea he shouted out 'I see you have all met' he laughed and carried on as Nicky and the kids appeared and spotted Callum and Steve, they ran in to the water screaming with happiness at seeing them there. Josh and Ben were coerced in to joining in whilst Mark and Bobby swam around chatting with Nicky in the shallow waters as Daniel brought juices down for everyone. Jack knocked on the door and opened it calling out to Angelo and Ethan who called out that they were in the kitchen. Angelo and Jack had a long discussion over options for the company if he decided to sell all or part of it, Ethan didn't sound to happy as he knew how much it meant to Angelo, but on the other hand it could open up new opportunities. By 9am they set off to Westchester where they were to meet Raffa and his legal team. Jack put his hand on Angelo's shoulder and told him that if he wanted to back away he only had to say, Angelo maintained that in any event the only thing that mattered was the safeguarding of his employees. The one thing Jack couldn't comprehend was that Angelo didn't really give much thought or grasp at the value of his company, all that mattered was that it turned a tidy profit. Jack had gone through the books and valued the company, he also had an initial conversation with Raffa's legal team who verified the state of the business and valuation. They parked up and grabbed a coffee before heading in to the office and the meeting room. Jack looked at Angelo "Do you know how much your company is valued at Angelo?" he asked shuffling papers. Angelo sat down next to Ethan "No, it makes money so I have never really looked in to it" he replied. Jack shook his head smiling "If you sell what do you plan to do?". Angelo shrugged his shoulders "Spend some time in LA, I know Ethan misses Ben already". Jack sat down and looked at them both "Ellie thinks you will move to LA" he said looking for a response. "I loved it out there dad I can't deny it, but moving there... I don't know" Ethan said looking at Angelo. "Hey, if the opportunity is there and it is what you both want take it" Jack said sincerely as his phone rang. Jack stood up and went to get Raffa and his team, Jordan anticipated that things would go back to their very first meeting and all official like but Raffa came in and gave Jordan a hand shake and hug as he always did now when meeting him. They got down to business right away and Raffa began spelling out what his vision was before laying his cards on the table, the one thing Angelo knew from the off was that he didn't see his future without the company he built, he also didn't want to be in a position where he had nothing to do after all it that is what was driving him apart from Ethan. Angelo sat there looking at the three offers with Ethan as Jack chatted with Raffa, he was a little shocked and still found it hard to comprehend some of the figures being bantered about. Ethan could understand enough to see that Raffa wanted Angelo to stay on no matter which offer was taken, he looked at Angelo and suggested they take a little walk and discuss things. Raffa sat anxiously sipping his coffee and watching Angelo and Ethan outside sitting on the bench talking, Jack came over and asked Raffa which was his preferred offer. Raffa didn't hesitate and said he wanted the partnership deal more than anything, Jack smiled telling him that offer 3 made sense and came at just the right time but ultimately it would be down to family ties to the area. Jack and Raffa had deliberately kept the numbers out of the documents for now until Angelo had made a decision. Angelo sat back on the bench "I know which offer I like but what one do you think?" he asked Ethan. "It's not my company Angelo" he said looking at him "It has to be a decision that is right for you". Angelo shook his head "No Ethan, you are my life and you have as much say in this" he reiterated several times to Ethan. Ethan looked around feeling the biting wind "That one" he pointed to the option. Angelo smiled "That was a definite decision" he said looking again at the paragraph "That's the one I chose". Ethan gulped "It's a big decision Angelo, there will be some unhappy people" he said shivering as another gust of wind went through him. Angelo looked at him "That's it I see how much you hate the cold" he laughed standing up. Ethan stood up "Okay let's see what the offer is in real terms". They walked back in to the meeting room "I think were ready to talk figures" Angelo said sitting down. "Come on Angelo tell me which one you prefer" Raffa said leaning forward over the table. Angelo pointed "Offer 3, partnership" he looked up at Raffa who was beaming. "Are you sure about that?" Raffa asked waiting for confirmation. "Yes" Angelo nodded "Once we see the figures for a 50/50 ownership" he said relaying what Ethan had said earlier. Raffa held out his hand as his legal assistant who handed him the full offer and Raffa began going through the current business state and confirming the open book valuation at $70 million with employee salary and position protection. Angelo sat there stunned looking at Raffa. "Did I hear you correctly?" Angelo finally asked unsure if he heard right. Raffa sat back in his chair "Yes, 50/50 partnership so $35 million to buy half of the company". Ethan sat with his mouth open " Ethan back in the room" Jack said snapping his fingers and laughing "Sorry about my son". "Oh sorry, $35 million..." Ethan trailed off and looked at Angelo, Raffa panicked thinking that maybe it was undervalued. "Let's say $40 million the additional is to help you relocate and set up home" Raffa offered hoping it was enough. Angelo sat there watching as Raffa changed the copy to read $40 million, he looked at Jack who nodded but he was still bewildered and looked at Ethan who was smiling. "Well?" he asked Ethan looking for confirmation "What do you think?". Ethan took his hand "It makes no difference to me Angelo, if it feels right then you should but only if it is what you want". "What about moving to LA?" Angelo asked "I will only do it if you agree to the move" he looked between Jack and Ethan. Ethan looked at his father who smiled and nodded "I will always be with you Angelo". "I understand it is a big thing asking you to move to the west coast to set up the company there as well" Raffa said "What can I do to make it happen?". "Up it by $2 million, half to my family and half to Ethan's family" Angelo said and stopped Jack from protesting. Raffa changed it to $42 million "Angelo anything for you, you must understand how much I admire you setting up this business". Angelo stood and held out his hand to Raffa "Ethan is happy so am I, we have a deal Raffa". Ethan had to drag Angelo out as Jack was taking them to the airport where they would meet up with Tony and Adam, paranoid Ethan kept checking to make sure they had all their documents, he was excited and doubly so now whilst Angelo was still in a little shock as he left the building realising they had become millionaires. Angelo suddenly stopped "Oh but what about Adam and Tony, we can't just leave them" he had a concerned look. "You have a new office to set up so surely you can find them a job" Jack suggested stopping the car. Ethan got out "Well we have a few hours on the flight to persuade them" reaching in to grab his bag. Angelo opened the trunk to get their cases out "Yes but not pressure on them they have to decide". Jack came over to the curb side "Remember you have seven days if you change your mind". Angelo stood there looking at Jack "What do you really think Jack?" he asked him. "It's a very good deal Angelo and has made you very wealthy but you didn't need to do what did for us" he said putting his hand on his shoulder. Angelo smiled "It has made Ethan and I wealthy" he corrected him "but it also means moving to LA and I want to be sure you can visit". Jack put his arm around Ethan "We will miss you but you have your own futures to write". Angelo and Ethan said good bye to Jack and headed in to the terminal building and met up with Adam and Tony heading to the lounge. They broke the news to them straight away and Angelo offered them both jobs in LA which fell on an awkward silence, Adam knew Tony was very much in love with Larchmont and the lives they were building, Adam was also happy and didn't think that LA would be the right move just yet. Tony turned to Adam and seeing the look on his face he already knew what Adam was thinking. "It is a great offer Angelo but I am not sure we want to move" Tony responded first "Adam?". Adam shook his head "I like NY to much, please don't be offended or upset" he said seeing Ethan looking sad. "We understand guys and we just didn't want to leave you out" Angelo said leaning forward. Ethan nodded "You both done so much for me, it will be sad not having you around but I respect your decision". "We will see a lot of each other try and keep us away" Tony said holding Ethan's hand. The airline agent informed the guys their flight was boarding and they headed down to the gate.
  4. Part 33 - The Honeymoon Daniel was sitting with the reservations manager Ella as they looked over the list of arrivals for the day, he glanced at the Royal Orchid arrivals instantly picking up on the name Mark Davenport and Ben Midler-Warren staying two weeks and smiling as he knew it could only be a gay couple, Jordan walked in and gave Daniel a kiss before sitting down as Ella was googling Mark Davenport, she looked up and said good morning to Jordan before telling them that Mark Davenport was the son of Madeline and David Davenport, Daniel didn't reallt recognise the name. "You say Mark Davenport is their son?" Daniel asked Ella. She nodded "Yes, apparently he married a Ben Midler-Warren yesterday according to Hello" she turned the laptop round. "Oh yes they live in LA" Jordan said "and they own the Liongate mansion" he continued. Daniel looked on perplexed "You have lost me what does that mean?" he asked. "One of the most expensive properties in Bel Air" he said looking at the laptop "cute couple as well". Daniel stood and leaned over his shoulder "Oh yeah, can we give them the Orchid Salinger 2?" he asked Ella. She checked through the occupancy list "Yes we can upgrade them it's free for the next two weeks". Daniel looked over the booking figures going forward "Were running 98% capacity for the next 4 months". Ella scanned her sheets "Yes, we should stop sell until May otherwise we can't get rooms maintained properly". "Good idea can you do that this morning Ella?" Daniel asked and she nodded "Good that's it for today". Ella stood up "I will let you know when the Salinger 2 guests land at the airport". "Thank you Ella. Jordy fancy a swim before breakfast?" Daniel asked standing up. Jordan smiled "Good idea, I think Nicky, Kit and the kids are down at the beach as well". Nicky sat at the waters edge as Daniel and Jordan came down to swim she was busy reading the news on her phone enjoying some down time from her filming schedule whilst Kit was swimming with the children. "Morning boys" She looked up as Daniel sat next to her. Jordan waded in the water "Anything interesting in the news?" he asked her. "Not really just some gossip about a guy whose mother I sort of know of, he got married yesterday" Nick replied. "Who don't you know Nicky" Jordan laughed "Who is it anyone famous?". "Just the Bel Air Davenport family, their son apparently married his boyfriend" she said showing Jordan the picture. Daniel looked at her "Mark Davenport?" he asked. "Yes, do you know him?" Nicky asked scrolling through the article. Daniel shook his head "No but we will, they arrive here today". "Thats a coup" Nicky said "having a Davenport stay here is big news". "How so?" Daniel asked looking at her. Nicky laughed "When you have their sort of money you don't stay in hotels". Daniel stood up "Quite excited to meet them, coming for a swim Nicky?". "Yes" she stood and Cael walked over to her to take her phone. Ben was slightly worried as he felt he didn't have enough clothes to wear for the holiday but David said he would get Canali to send some shirts and trousers out to the hotel in a couple of days. Their flight would take them via Miami and as luck would have it Franco and his family were booked on the same Miami flight and Joaquim was rostered on it as well. Everyone was up to see Mark and Ben off which turned out to be a very emotional send off, they knew that they would probably return to Larchmont to pack their things before finally moving to LA and Ethan felt it more than anyone. Ethan held on to Mark "It's going to be strange not having you both around" he said hugging him tighter. "I promise we will visit often Ethan and you have to come out here as well" Mark said kissing his head. "Filthy robbing bastard" Tony said from the back of the group looking at his phone. Angelo went over "What's happened Tony?" he asked as Adam came over to see as well. Tony shook his head "Our landlord just put up our rent by $100 from next week". Adam looked at him "Oh come on he can't just do that surely" he said looking worried. Mark hearing the conversation smiled and went to his flight bag "Here" he said to Tony handing him some keys. Tony looked confusingly at him "What are these for?" he said. "Our house in Larchmont, we don't need a house there just somewhere to stay" Mark told him. Tony shook his head "No Mark that's no necessary we will find somewhere else" and Adam nodded in agreement. "Consider it our wedding gift to you both, we help each other always remember that" Mark replied. Tony didn't know what to say "Are you sure Mark?" he asked. Mark kissed him "Absolutely we will sort everything out when we get back". Adam came over and kissed him "Thank you Mark I don't know how we can ever repay you". Margarite came over and kissed Ben "I am going to miss you both and our lunches" she said tearing up. "Don't worry, we will see each other" Ben reassured his mother. She looked at Mark "Look after him" Margarite kissed Mark and Steven said goodbye to them both with sincerity. Adam knew by the look Mark gave him that he expected nothing in return at being given the house in Larchmont. Ben, Mark and Franco finally got in to the limo and pulled away from Liongate, Maddy walked up to Angelo and Ethan telling them that she would make sure they visited often. Franco got upgraded to first class again and sat opposite Mark and Ben, Joaquim was over excited as he had never had Concierge Club members on his flight since members of this club were few and far between and it usually meant exceptional scrutiny was paid over the flight operation and service. As usual the captain came out of the flight deck mid flight to introduce himself to Mark and Ben who in turn praised the cabin service manager Joaquim for the exceptional service they were receiving, the captain promised to file this praise in his flight report. Angelo went off to find David and eventually found him in the gym towelling down from his workout in between their guests leaving. Angelo reminded him that he wanted to speak to him about the offer to buy the company. David put the towel around his neck and suggested they go sit on the terrace to have their chat. David sat down opposite Angelo "So tell me what is going on with this guy?". "Well he wants in on my company but I don't know, I mean I want to grow it" Angelo said looking pensively. "I see" David said "Well you have several options open to you, sell, don't sell or invest" he replied. Angelo looked up "Invest?" he asked. David nodded "Sell him half the company and you retain half that way you can be involved". "Right, so you think I should go down the investment route?" Angelo asked looking for advice. David smiled "Well at least look at it and see what offer he tables before making a decision". "I think I will" Angelo said looking as if a burden had been lifted. "Get a good lawyer, if he keeps offering to buy in he must be keen at any price" David informed Angelo. Angelo could see how it made sense and thought about getting Ethan's father to help him out. He called Raffa and said he was ready to talk about investment opportunity but not a total buy out, as he hung up from the call he told David that they had a meeting set up next week to begin negotiations and that Raffa wanted to expand the company but keep it separate as he saw massive potential on both the east and west coast. David stood up and walked Angelo back to the house telling him that a west coast opportunity may be a good thing, Angelo smiled knowing what David was hinting at. After landing they quickly said good bye to Franco as the Concierge Club car was waiting to take them to the connecting flight, by now Ben was looking forward to arriving for the first time in Barbados. The flight banked left on it's approach and Ben saw the lights of Bridgetown clearly and the white sands of the numerous beach as they tracked along the south west coast before banking left again for the final approach and landing. The heat filled the cabin as the door was opened to the evening tropical air and Ben felt like he had arrived in heaven as his body was bathed in the humidity. The airline representative escorted them through immigration and baggage claim where they found a Salinger uniformed driver waiting in the arrivals hall for them. The cool air conditioned limousine was a welcome break from the heat as they settled down. Ben smiled at the numerous palm trees wafting in the darkness as they set off hearing the driver calling ahead to the hotel of their impending arrival. It was already 8pm and both were feeling the effects of travelling all day but the excitement was keeping Ben awake as the limo turned off the main road approaching the security gate and the illuminated driveway leading up to the sweeping hotel entrance and fountain. The limo turned off and went through to a private courtyard where it came to a stop. "Here they come" Jordan called out to Daniel who was talking with his mother on the phone. Daniel rushed over "Final permits are signed we start full construction on the new Orchid wing next week". "Great we do need more rooms at this rate" Jordan said as stepped down towards the limo. "Good Evening Mr Davenport, Mr Midler-Warren welcome to the Salinger Barbados Retreat" Jordan said holding out his hand. Mark took one look and almost wanted to kiss him "Good evening thank you" he shook his hand. "I'm Jordan and this is Daniel your hotel managers, we trust you had a good journey" he asked. Ben shook hands with Jordan noticing the tattoos under the shirt along with the defined muscle "Hi great place". Daniel laughed "Hello Mr Midler-Warren and thank you, I hope you will like your suite, please follow us". Ben looked at Mark who was already looking at him grinning and Ben mouthed the word 'What the fuck' causing Mark to burst out laughing as they followed Jordan and Daniel inside and through the exquisitely designed reception area where the butler took their hand luggage and walked behind them through the lounge. They could hear some gasps and whispers 'That's Mark and Ben Davenport' as they passed through the private entrance to the Orchid Salinger 1 and 2 suites. "I hope you don't mind but we upgraded you to the owner suite Orchid Salinger 2" Daniel said holding the door open. Ben looked at Daniel and smiled "Is it different then?". Daniel chuckled and already decided he liked Ben "It's private and bigger with it's own pool and private Butler". "Just the one butler?" Ben said passing by Daniel giggling. Jordan opened the suite door "Please come through" he looked at Daniel "Stop flirting" he said smiling. Daniel allowed the butler through "Could he be any cuter" he said quietly as Jordan shook his head stifling a laugh. They got a quick tour of the lounge, bedrooms, bathrooms and pool terrace and an explanation how the key works on the terrace gate before a demonstration showing that it lead on to the Orchid wing pool terrace and where the beach was. The two bel boys were unpacking their luggage as they returned in to the suite. "You can dine in the suite or your pool terrace anytime you want, Eldred will be looking after you" Jordan explained. "Can I get some food I'm quite hungry?" Ben asked not realising he was also looking at Jordan's body. Daniel was nearly in hysterics "The restaurant is open until 10 unless you prefer to dine privately here" he said. Mark looked at Ben "I think in here tonight it has been a long day" he said. Daniel nodded "Eldred will bring you the menus and some champagne to get you settled in". "He is not 21 yet so not old enough to drink" Mark said gleefully. Daniel chuckled "Drinking age is 18 in Barbados, can he handle it?" he jokingly asked. Ben was on it quickly "Oh I can handle it question is can you?" he retorted. "Ben" Mark said sternly "I do apologise" he was fighting back from laughing. Daniel walked past Ben "You bet I can" he said. "Danny you can stop it as well" Jordan told him off "They are guests in your hotel". Eldred returned with a bottle of champagne and poured two glasses "Thank you" Mark said. Ben took his glass "Thank you Eldred" he walked over to Daniel "Cheers". Daniel laughed "Eldred your gonna have your work cut out with this one" he said. "Come on Danny lets leave them to get settled in" Jordan said almost dragging Daniel out of the room. Mark fell on the sofa laughing his head off "That was serious sexual flirting there". "Sorry I don't know what happened, I just really liked him he is funny" Ben said collapsing next to Mark kissing him. "Don't be sorry, that's what makes you so adorable, come on lets order" Mark said handing him a menu. Ben looked at Mark "You think they are a couple?" he asked. Mark nodded putting his arm around Ben "Jordan is pretty dam hot but not a patch on you" he said kissing Ben. Ben looked around "This place is so god dam awesome can't wait to go to the beach". They ordered dinner and decided to sit outside on the terrace, they both stripped naked and jumped in to their private pool and swam around thinking thy would have plenty of time before the food arrived. Embarrassingly they were caught out as Eldred arrived with a waiter who simply nodded and laid up the table and brought their salads out, Eldred placed two bathrobes at the side of the pool before enquiring what they would like to drink with dinner. They both ordered soft drinks and giggled as Eldred left the suite. "They didn't even bat an eyelid at us in the pool naked" Ben said sounding surprised. Mark laughed "They probably see it quite often judging by the robes laid out" he said putting his arms around Ben. They sat outside after finishing dinner chatting for a while after the table was cleared and Eldred disappeared for the night. Mark got up and said he would be right back and slipped in to the bedroom for a minutes. He walked back out on to the terrace wearing nothing but his jock strap and Ben watched him smiling. "Come on husband I'm going to exert my rights on you tonight" Mark said pulling Ben up out of his chair. Mark kissed him long and deeply reaching around and picking Ben up he carried him to the bedroom where Mark threw him on the bed immediately jumping on top, Ben wriggled and laughed on the bed. His arms pinned above his head and Mark began tenderly kissing Ben's neck working his way higher until their mouths met and parted welcoming each other with love. Ben's legs worked their way up around Mark's yearning for him, Mark wasted no time and freed his raging hard on, Ben knew he was in for a rough ride sensing how horny Mark was feeling. He let out a loud gasp and moan feeling Mark's cock pushing in to his hole steadily in one fluid motion until he felt Mark's balls pressing up against his ass. His back arching and body wriggling in suspense and moaning wildly from the slight pain of the forced entry, he felt Mark's cock withdraw and push back in harder causing him to elicit a cry of delight. He was powerless with his arms pinned above his head with Mark looking deep in to his eyes but he was turned on beyond words and clamped his legs tight around Mark never wanting to let him go. Several more hard thrusts followed making his eyes water at the corners, he felt no pain just love looking back up at Mark, the sound of Mark's balls slapping against his own ass increased in speed and volume. Ben raised his head and clamped his mouth over Mark's who fell forward speeding up his thrusting as his body tensed, he couldn't help himself even if he wanted to as his testosterone flooded his body driving him wild with sexual prowess. Their mouths locked together kissing his hips pushed up harder against Ben as he began to orgasm moaning in to Ben's mouth as his seed fired from his cock deep into his husbands body. Mouths still locked kissing Mark could feel the slimy mess under his stomach knowing that Ben had also ejaculated, he collapsed on top of Ben still holding his arms firmly in place and laying his head against Ben's 'My Ben my sexy Ben' he whispered. Ben kissed his neck moaning as he felt Mark's hips still grinding away at him and his cock showing no signs of softening, Mark raised his head and looked at him 'I'm not finished with you yet' he said kissing him passionately again. Ben was first to wake in the morning and picked up Mark's jock strap which laid strewn on the floor, he was still sound asleep and Ben put on his robe and walked through to the lounge it was still early and only 7am but he felt refreshed and incredibly happy but my god his ass was sore, they finally fell asleep after Mark made love to him for the fifth time. Walking out on the terrace he let his robe slip to the floor and dived in to the pool and swam around hoping the cool pool water would ease the soreness. He was so busy swimming he didn't notice the butler come out on to the terrace until he saw his robe being folded up and placed neatly at the edge of the pool. "Good morning Sir, apologies I heard you were up and brought you coffee" Eldred said apologetically. Ben smiled up "Morning Eldred and thank you, Mark is still sleeping". "Please let me know when you are ready for breakfast" Eldred said smiling and nodding at him. "Oh actually we were going to swim in the sea before if that is okay" Ben said to him. Eldred nodded and returned a few minutes later with two beach towels and placed them on the sofa "Your beach towels". He turned and left the suite as quickly as he entered, Ben giggled to himself as he splashed around in the pool for a few minutes more then climbed out to pour a cup of coffee for himself, sitting there sipping his coffee and reflecting on how much he and his life was changing, one thing he did know was that he was already missing Liongate and Mark's parents. He still found it bizarre that at 19 and fresh out of college he was married to a stunning guy who was incredibly in love with him. "Penny for them" Mark said startling Ben. Ben sat up "Morning husband, penny for what?" he said. "Your thoughts" he said taking the cup of coffee Ben poured him "Thank you husband" he said laughing. Ben smiled "How lucky I am to have met you Mark" he chuckled. Mark smiled at Ben "Doesn't bother you the wealth part" he asked looking seriously at him. "I told you before I don't need it as long as I have you" Ben replied putting his cup down. Mark leaned forward and held Ben's hand "If it ever gets to much we can move back to NY Ben". Ben laughed "Don't worry I will tell you if it does" he replied looking in to Mark's eyes. "Good, I just want us to be happy" Mark said and Ben stood up and went inside. Ben grabbed their swim shorts "Come on I want to swim in the sea, before anyone else is up". Mark stood up and kissed Ben and they used their card to open the gate on to the Orchid wing pool terrace heading in the direction they were shown the previous night, Ben had a proper look at the pool area and said to Mark than even this looks luxurious. They reached the gate and opened it, Ben gasped as the brilliant white sand and crystal azure waters flooded in eyesight, they stepped on to the private beach area marked Orchid Wing guests only. Despite the early time there was already a family in the water and two other figures swimming, they choose a spot a few meters away and placed their towels on the sand and ran in to the sea together swimming energetically in the warm Caribbean sea. After 10 minutes Ben stopped to catch his breath whilst Mark carried on swimming parallel to the shore line. Ben distinctly heard the sounds of splashing getting louder. "Morning" Daniel called out swimming closer to Ben. Ben turned noticing who was heading his way "Morning" he called back. Daniel came within a few meters "Did you handle it or wimp out last night?" he asked giggling. Ben chuckled "Oh I handled it and got it good". Daniel splashed Ben "You dirty little whore" he said laughing. "I bet you get it good as well" Ben replied splashing Daniel. Daniel threw his head back laughing loudly "You know it babe" and continued splashing Ben. Ben laughed between splashes "Is that all you got" splashing Daniel back. Mark swam up to the boys and splashed both of them "What are you two doing now" he sniggered. Ben looked at Daniel and nodded both of them turning on to Mark and splashing him rapidly as he fought back, Jordan swam towards them laughing announcing that two on one wasn't fair and began splashing them from the other side. Ben and Daniel didn't know which one to splash at the onslaught as they were both in stitches laughing hard trying to splash Jordan and Mark back unsuccessfully. They stopped hearing a woman calling from the beach 'Daniel do I need to call your mother!', Ben did a double take. "Wait is that... no surely.... oh my god it is" Ben was pointing in her direction gobsmacked. Daniel grabbed his finger "Have you no manners it is rude to point" he laughed gripping on hard to Ben's finger. Ben tried to free his finger "Help he is assaulting me" he cried out laughing. Arms flayed as Ben and Daniel engaged in a play fight in the sea trying to get their arms around each other wrestling each one to their knees. Jordan stood there shaking his head as Mark came round to his side. "Do we stop it?" Mark looked at Jordan almost drooling. Jordan looked at him "Nah, let them get on with it. Join me for a juice?" he asked Mark. "Sure why not" he replied as Jordan put his arm around Mark's shoulder as they walked towards the shore. Jordan looked back "Come on you two" he called out to Daniel and Ben who stopped. Ben looked a little embarrassed "I need a minute" he replied trying to swim away. Mark looked at Jordan laughing "Think he might have an erection". Jordan laughed "Probably it does the same to me when I use to play fight". Daniel grabbed Ben's legs "You got a bulge in your shorts pretty boy" he laughed dragging Ben backwards. Ben giggling all the while "Stop it I can't get out yet" he pleaded. Daniel was dragging Ben closer to shore "Don't be shy I'm hard as a rock". Ben burst out laughing finally feeling his legs being let free "I will sit here for a moment" he said sitting down. Daniel plonked himself down next to him "God I haven't laughed like this for ages" he said. Ben looked at him "Really?" he asked. Daniel nodded "Long story but I won't bore you with it now". Ben knew to take a hint "So you know Nicky the actress, I mean that is her right?". Daniel nodded "Yes it is, my family have known her for several years, they come here often". "Wow I mean I was in Bel Air and never saw one famous person" Ben replied watching her. Daniel stood up still semi hard holding out his hand "Come and meet her" he said pulling Ben up. "Mark Davenport I could recognise you anywhere" Nicky said smiling. Mark shook her hand "And I you" he laughed. "And this must be your husband, my god he looks young" She said laughing and winking at Mark. Jordan watched Ben and Daniel wading through the water "These two have the same mischievous manners" he said smiling. Nicky put her arm around Jordan "Been a long time since I saw him have this much fun" she said quietly. Jordan nodded "Good to see him having fun" he replied and noticed Mark's strange look "Tell you about it later". Nicky threw a towel at Daniel "Cover yourself up Danny" she said looking down at him as he approached Daniel laughed "Nicky this is my new bestie Ben" he said introducing him to her. "Nice to meet you Ben and cover yourself up as well" Nicky shook his hand. Ben stood there rooted to the spot embarrassed "Hi" he managed to squeak out. Daniel put his arm around Ben "Star struck Nicky" he laughed. Nicky waved her hand "Come and join us for a drink guys". Nicky sat so she could keep one eye on the kids just as Kit walked on to the beach and was introduced to Mark and Ben, Cael brought over some juices from the bar performing his perfect Bajan smile for Ben and Mark. Nicky knew who Mark was but never met any of the family, after all his family lived a few streets from her and Kit and she had always wanted to see Liongate properly as you couldn't really see if from the street. They chatted for ages, Daniel watched admiring how at ease Mark and Ben were talking away after Ben's initial shock of seeing Nicky. "So Mark, tell me what is Liongate like?" Kit asked sipping his juice. Mark smiled "Big, way to big but it has always been my home and great for hide and seek" he replied. Kit laughed "Nicky has always wanted to see it and even I am a little curious" he said. "Strange as it is just a home to me, but your in Coldwater Canyon right?" Mark asked looking at them both. Nicky nodded "Yes the quiet part at the top". "Well you must come over for dinner then we can show you around" Mark suggested. Daniel huffed "What about us don't we get an invite" he laughed. Mark furrowed his eyebrows "I don't think I can trust you and Ben together" then laughed "but of course you are". "It's like school children behaving badly" Jordan said chuckling. "As long as it's not as crazy as Bel Air has been" Daniel said shaking his head with a grin. Mark sat forward "My parents told me that the gates at East Gate were rammed through at Thanksgiving". A weird silence fell for a moment "Oh you know about the incident?" Daniel asked. Ben nodded "I read about it in the paper at JFK" Ben said "sounded horrific". Nicky and Kit looked to Daniel "We will tell you about it, maybe over dinner one night?" Daniel said sombrely. Mark and Ben looked at each other "Oh sorry, I mean oh god English guy son of hotel owners" Mark put it together. Daniel nodded and Jordan held his hand "Yes, it's okay though. Will you have dinner with us one night?" Daniel repeated. "Yes of course we would love to" Mark said looking a little upset. Daniel smiled "Great, we are in the suite next door to you so we can dine in ours with Nicky and Kit". Mark laughed "I hope we didn't make to much noise last night" he said as Ben blushed looking down. Daniel stood up "I thought a banshee was on the loose" he said smirking at Ben. Ben took the bait and chased Daniel down the beach to the water "Fight like a man Brit boy" he called after him. Daniel turned and scoffed at Ben laughing "Catch me first pretty boy" stumbling at the waters edge falling face first. Ben was quickly on him light a bolt of lightning "Can't run now can ya" Daniel laid there laughing until Ben rolled off. They laid on their backs half in the water as Mark and Jordan walked past them to go swimming. Ben couldn't help but watching his fine physique "He is sexy". Daniel laughed "Isn't he, completely stole my heart when he stayed here as a guest". "No way, you did good to have landed him" Ben said giggling "I wouldn't know how to handle him". Daniel chuckled "You did pretty well as well" he said nodding towards Mark who was swimming. Ben turned to look at Mark and smiled "Swept me off my feet and he is my first you know". "Wow to find love with the first guy is rare, you are 19 right?" Daniel asked. Ben laughed "Yeah nearly 20 though and you I guess 24?". "I will take that" Daniel laughed "26 actually and Jordy is 30" Daniel replied. Ben looked at Mark "My man is 22" he said watching Mark swim. "Oh I wish I was that young again" Daniel said laying on his back again. Ben laughed "Sometime I wish I was older. So are you called Danny or Daniel?" he asked Daniel looked up at him "Danny to my friends and family" he said "I think we will be friends so Danny to you and Mark". Ben laid back next to him "Thank you Danny". Daniel smiled and looked at Ben "No I need to thank you Ben, believe me". They spent the next half an hour swimming and sitting at the shore line watching as the sun rose higher in the sky before going back to their suite to have breakfast, they spent a great deal of their time over the next couple of days in the privacy of their private pool terrace and Joining Daniel and Jordan in the morning for a swim. As promised Ben received a package from Canali full of new clothes which seem to be the type Ben would choose when out shopping with his mother. Mark tanned very quickly due to his Spanish roots whilst Ben kept the sun cream slapped on and was gradually getting a tan. They walked up from the beach that morning and saw Jordan wandering around the Orchid wing pool. "Hey, missed you for the swim this morning" Mark called out to him Jordan waved and came across "Sorry, Daniel was still in bed as we had an early arrival for the Orchid wing". Mark nodded "I forget you have to run the hotel". Jordan looked at his phone "Daniel is up finally... Do you want to join us for breakfast?" he asked them both. Ban looked at Mark "Can we?" he said with pleading eyes. Mark laughed "Anything for you Ben you know that" he leaned over and kissed him. Jordan opened the gate to their suite "Danny" he called "we have breakfast guests". Daniel was sat drinking coffee in his robe "Oh fantastic, morning guys". Breakfast was relaxed and fun until Jordan went back to work, Ben and Mark hanged out with Daniel for several hours during which time they got to know each other properly and Daniel opened up about the series of events over Thanksgiving and finally the death of Sage. Ben sat there mostly gobsmacked listening to the story unfold, Mark shook his head in disbelief saying he kind of understood and related the story to his friend's ex attempting to stab his new boyfriend. Ben looked at Mark "Are you talking about this Matt guy?" he asked. Mark realised that Ben must not have known all the details "Yes" he replied. "Oh god, Ethan told me something had happened but never that he actually harmed him" Ben looked mortified. Daniel watched Ben "Is he your friend Ben?" he asked him. Ben nodded "We grew up together but fell out when he started seeing Angelo. I kind of had a thing for Ben". Mark put his arm around Ben "He still does" he said half joking. Ban laughed "If I had known then what I know now who knows what would have happened" he said looking amused. Daniel smiled "And ruin a life long friendship Ben, trust me it would have made things difficult". "Fortunately this one was at the party and chased me around the house all night" Ben cuddled up to Mark. Daniel laughed "Oh the thrill of the chase Mark". Mark nodded and laughed "Paid off though, I knew when I first saw Ben I was in love with him". Jordan reappeared "Callum and Steve are flying out tomorrow" he told Daniel grabbing a coffee. "Great, you must let Nicky and Kit and know. You will have to meet them as well" Daniel said. "This could be a handful" Jordan said looking at Mark "Callum is just as mischievous" shaking his head. Daniel jumped in the pool "They run the hotel when we have a break" he explained beckoning Ben in to the pool. Ben and Mark returned from the beach after their late afternoon swim and sunbathe both collapsing on the bed in their suite cuddling, tonight they would have a romantic dinner just the two of them and then make love, no jock strap as Mark was insistent that tonight would be just about them. Ben's phone pinged and he saw a message from Josh, he opened it up 'Hi lovers, arriving tomorrow for 3 days, Bobby and I can't wait to see you both'. Ben put the phone down and fell back on the bed. "More photos I guess" he said running his hand along Mark's abdomen. Mark laid there smiling "Better Bobby than other photographers invading our privacy". Ben raised his head "Is it always going to be like this?" he asked. Mark smiled "What like you and me sexing our way around the world" he laughed. Ben lightly bit his nipple "Well that but having photos taken" he asked seriously. Mark put his arm around Ben and kissed him "I hope not but in Bel Air we will have more privacy". Ben laid on top of Mark "And the other thing" he kissed him "sex around the world". Mark smiled kissing Ben back "Definitely". Ben slipped his hand inside Mark's swimming trunks feeling the semi hardness laying underneath the fabric, he was horny and needed Mark.
  5. Part 32 - Californian Christmas David looked at Bobby and hinted for him to go after him. Angelo restrained Franco holding his arm 'Let them sort it out Franco' he told him sternly, Franco resisted but saw the looks on Ethan and Ben's faces pleading for him not to go. Bobby found Josh sat outside on the terrace his head in his hands not quite crying but clearly in a distressed state of mind. "Josh" Bobby said walking towards him. "Go away please Bobby" Josh said keeping his head in his hands. Bobby stood there "What gives Josh?" he asked. "You, you felt so cold towards me, like you didn't want to acknowledge me" Josh said wiping his eyes. Bobby sat down next to him "What is it with Franco?" he replied. Josh looked at him "He is a friend" he said trying to justify his behaviour. "Josh don't play me like a fool, if it was just sex between us just say so" Bobby said standing up. Josh snapped like a twig hearing these words "Is that what you think" he stood up and pushed Bobby. Bobby stepped back "Yeah, just call me when you need fucking bitch" his reply coming strong from his emotions. Josh pushed him again crying "I will call a real man when I want fucking" he said louder this time. Bobby grabbed his hands to stop him pushing him again "Ask Franco then" he replied stopping the pushing. "Why do you suddenly hate me so much?" Josh replied pushing his arms against Bobby restraining. Josh fell against Bobby and wrapped his arms around him crying, Bobby put his arms around Josh and hugged him 'Don't you realise how much I like you Josh' he said immediately feeling Josh hugging him tighter. They stood there in each others arms whilst Josh cried the last of his emotions of Franco out from his body, someone wanted him and as unconventional as this was there was no fear for the unknown it was perhaps something he needed to hear. Josh calmed down enough to speak "You do?". Bobby kissed his head "I have never felt so excited as I did when we had sex and slept together". Josh let go of Bobby "I'm sorry I never realised you felt that way". Bobby looked Josh in the eye "You know how I feel the rest is up to you" he said with sincerity. "I just don't know, I can't promise you anything. Can I just get to know you?" Josh asked and Bobby nodded. Josh melted in Bobby arms feeling the security and longing he never knew he had wanted until now, Bobby wiped Josh's tear streaked face as their faces moved closer to each others and their lips met as if kissing for the first time with tender loving feeling. Mark watched from the open French windows of the lounge and smiled returning to the dining room as everyone looked up at him 'Josh is okay, I think they just needed some breathing space to talk'. Bobby and Josh returned to the dining just as they were all piling out and heading in to the family lounge with the Christmas tree and the now piles of presents sitting underneath it. Maddy looked over the moon "Wow it has been some years since we had this many presents under the tree" she remarked. "It's been the best present having the house full again" David said kissing his wife. Angelo's phone began ringing again "I am sorry let me take this outside" he said. Mark looked at Ethan "Who is ringing him?" he asked. "Raffa that CEO or something from the company in NY" Ethan casually replied "Probably with another buy out offer". "Seriously is he desperate to buy the company or what?" Mark replied. Angelo returned "Sorry about that, David do you think after the wedding you can help me?" he asked. David nodded "Of course Angelo nothing bad I hope?" he asked. "No, this company wants to buy me out but I am not sure if I am ready for that" Angelo responded looking at Ethan. David patted his shoulder "Anything to help you Angelo you know that" he replied. Maddy had a pile of presents set aside, one for everyone that they could open tonight as the tradition in the family, it didn't take long before laughter filled the room as each one opened it and found a designer polo shirt and jock strap. She laughed hard at seeing every ones eyes when they realised and explained it was Mark's idea about the jock strap, even David unwrapped one and collapsed with laughter as they boys taunted him to put it on. Mark handed his mother her present and quickly said it was Ben's idea before she could open it. Her eyes widened in surprise as she held up a bottle of Chanel perfume and quickly overcome with emotion and thanked him as it was exactly the perfume she liked. It was getting late and the night's frivolities finished and everyone started to slip off and head to bed. Bobby sat next to Josh with his jock strap over his head much to Josh's delight, he found Bobby funny but also seeing him a different light as a very attractive and sexual man. He mused things over for a minute and looked at Franco where he saw a friend but nothing more, he pulled the strap over Bobby's ear giggling and let it spring back against his head. Bobby turned and looked at Josh "Are you taunting me" he mocked smiling at him. "Maybe, maybe not" Josh replied looking Bobby in the eye "Sleep with me tonight' he said and Bobby nodded. Mark and Angelo looked at each other and smiled noticing the change in Josh's body language and general happiness at being next to Bobby and focusing his attention in his direction rather than at Franco. Mark and Ben were last to leave the lounge and headed up to their room. Ben collapsed on the bed "Amazing, what a great evening" he said patting the empty space next to him. Mark laid back next to him "That was a great idea for my mother don't know how we can better that" he said. Ben looked at him "I still haven't got you anything" he said rolling on top of Mark kissing him. Mark laughed "You have given me everything I want Ben". "Are you sure?" Ben said running his hand down Mark's thigh. Mark kissed Ben tenderly on the mouth "Absolutely". The butler brought coffee in as usual at 8am and Maddy sat up in bed full of beans whilst David suffering a little from too much champagne the night before was still getting himself together. Maddy heard the laughter coming from outside and asked the butler what was going on he smiled and replied that the lads where swimming but in very unconventional attire. Maddy laughed suspecting they were swimming in their Christmas presents, she put on her robe and went over to the window and walked out on to the balcony overlooking the pool and burst into laugher seeing Ben sat on the side in his bright red jock strap. She called back in to the bedroom "David you have to see this". David grabbed his robe and joined her "Are they wearing what I think they are?" "They are indeed" she replied as David went to get his phone. "One for the family album" he said taking a picture. The butler appeared handing Maddy her coffee "Thank you George, can you take coffee and towels out to them as well". "Of course" George replied and stepped out. Mark noticed his parents and waved "Happy Christmas" he shouted. "It certainly is" Maddy replied laughing as everyone in the pool stopped and shouted up at them. David looked at his wife "Might as well join them". "Ahead of you" Maddy said darting back in the bedroom and finding her costume and David put on the jock strap. Maddy looked at him "Maybe I get you to wear that tonight" she said slipping her robe on. Christmas morning had never been like this at Liongate as a pool party erupted, George the butler brought champagne and pastries out and set them on the table. Pedro was pulled in the pool by Mark and Ben and even Maria was persuaded to join in, George however paddled a little in between jobs and enjoying a glass of champagne. It was coming up to 10am before they all climbed out of the pool and enjoyed coffee on the terrace. George appeared fully dressed and announced that the Duke and Duchess of Murcia would be here at 2pm for lunch. "Duke and Duchess?" Ethan asked looking at Mark and David. Mark laughed "Yes my grand parents" he said. David reminded the group "Please remember dignity and respect over lunch guys, really important" he said. Ethan turned to Angelo "So are you Spanish descent, I thought it was Puerto Rico?". Angelo and Franco laughed "We are Spanish but true descent but distant family to Mark" Angelo explained. "Still family though" David said getting up to join Maddy to get ready. Bobby excused himself "Sorry I have to get dressed you know Duke and Duchess big news" he kissed Josh and left. Mark saw Franco's look on his face "So are you and Bobby going to see each other?" Mark asked. Josh looked at Franco who nodded and smiled "I think we will see how things go, I mean he is in LA". "Do you like him Josh?" Franco asked to every ones surprise. Josh looked unsure what he was thinking "Yes I like him a lot" he said apprehensively. Franco smiled "Then make it work Josh, he is a very nice guy". David reappeared "Guys put some clothes on, poor Pedro can't concentrate, Mark, Ben" he hinted to them to follow. Ben found himself going in to Maddy and David's private lounge off their bedroom, a few small gift wrapped boxes laid on the table, Mark went off to get their present for David and Maddy and returned as Maddy returned from dressing. David handed Ben a box "This is from Maddy and I, something for you to use when you visit". Ben opened the box and found a set of car keys "What" he looked at them "seriously over the top". Maddy laughed "Look what type of car it is" she kept on giggling. Ben turned the key chain over "BMW" he read "Oh very funny" he laughed and kissed Maddy and David. "I hope you like it Ben but we can change the colour if you don't" David said. Ben politely accepted "No I am sure it will be spot on" he said looking at the keys. Mark put his arm around him "He thinks it is to much I told you so" he said kissing him on the head. "You can have a look at it later as it is in the garage" David said smiling. They all swapped gifts and Ben watched at a scene he had seen many times with his own family back in Harrison, but this was just so different and actually he felt completely part of a family instead of half in with his step father, he watched Mark who was clearly happy and that made Ben happy, it was whilst he watched and laughed joining in his mind was finally made up. It would be a big change but he had never felt sure enough as he did right now, a very life changing decision had been made. Maddy poured coffee for them all "Everything all right Ben?" she asked looking over at him. Ben nodded "It is, well almost as I just have one more thing I need to say" he replied. Mark looked at Ben "This sounds ominous" he nervously laughed. Ben took a breath "I know Mark misses it here and the love you have showed me has been so amazing and generous". Maddy waved her hand "Don't be silly Ben you are family". Ben nodded "If Mark agrees I would like us to set up home here at 321". Mark threw his arms around Ben "Of course it is, this is the best present you could have given". Maddy stood up "And us, that is wonderful news Ben" she came over and kissed him. "And you will stay here until 321 is ready or longer hopefully" David said hugging him. "Thank you father" Ben said giggling Maddy looked at them both "What's going on here... father and you haven't called me mother yet?". Ben blushed "Sorry, but can I?" he asked as Mark laughed. Maddy shook her head smiling "You are marrying my son Ben so I expect you to". Whilst Maddy and David got everything ready for lunch and the arrival of their guests Mark and Ben took the guys for a walk down to 321 St Pierre Rd. Proudly they introduced the house as their new home to much astonishment, Ethan hugged Ben telling him how much he was going to miss him. Mark held Ben's hand knowing this was a big decision "Are you absolutely sure this is what you want Ben?". Ben nodded "Yes, very sure Mark". By the time they got back to Liongate Mark's sister and husband with children had arrived, Bobby was in the reception room photographing The Duke and Duchess of Murcia with their daughter and son in law, Mark and Selina then joined the photograph and finally Ben and John joined to complete the family photos. Maddy made a phone call to the society magazine and sold it instantly making Bobby his first commission. The Duchess who held the inherited title met Ben in private with Mark and the Duke, then introduced to the rest of the group, Selina, John, Angelo and Franco didn't need introducing but were the only ones who she kissed rather than shook hands. Christmas lunch was a light meal with very Spanish influence and over with pretty quickly, Maddy already explained they would have a full Christmas dinner in the evening after opening the last presents. After the Duke and Duchess left at 3.30pm Maddy seemed to relax a lot after saying good bye and to see them at 4pm the following day for the wedding, she sat next to Josh handing him a glass of wine. "Join me in a drink Josh I need it" she said heaving a sigh of relief. David walked in and saw the scene laughing "Every year the same, be careful Josh you might end up her drinking partner". "Don't listen to him, I always need one to calm me down when they leave" Maddy said smiling at him. Josh laughed clinking glasses with her and sipping his wine "Is it that bad?" he asked. Maddy laughed "No, I love my parents but sometimes the formality gets to much" she replied. "At least you have order with them, mine are just busy and hardly around" Josh said relaxing on the sofa. Maddy looked at him "So how come you don't have a boyfriend?" she asked knowing full well what she was doing. Josh sipped his wine "I have never really wanted one" he replied looking at Maddy. Maddy nodded "You don't feel out of it being the only single one?" she asked judging his reaction carefully. Josh looked at several members of the gang "Sometimes I wish I had someone to share things with". Maddy patted his leg "What about you and Bobby?" she asked catching Josh off guard. "Oh Bobby, yeah it felt nice being with him again" Josh replied a little hesitantly. Maddy chuckled "Nice, a strange word to use. Do you love him?". Josh looked at her unsure what to say of how he did feel "I don't know". "Why don't you hang around for a couple of days or longer if you want" Maddy asked him quietly. Josh smiled and leaned back in the sofa "I would love to but I have to get back home and find work". Maddy looked at him "What sort of work?" she asked. "Studied web design so something in that field" Josh said looking at Bobby talking to Mark and David. Angelo sat down on the other side of Josh "You can build a website for Bobby and David's new PR company". Josh laughed "Have you been listening and am I being press ganged here" he said lightly punching Angelo on the leg. "Told you he was smart Maddy" Angelo said rubbing Josh's head "Think about the job offer Josh". "I can't just leave my family" Josh said with horrified look on his face. Angelo smiled "You can have a desk at my offices if you want and work from there and fly out here when you need to". "Or want to" Maddy chipped in "but don't feel as though you are being pressured Josh it is your decision". Josh shook his head smiling "I don't know, let me speak to my parents first" he said thanking Maddy and Angelo. Maddy stood up "Stay here at Liongate for the week with Bobby, after all he talks about you all the time". "He does?" Josh replied sounding surprised as Maddy nodded and walked off. Josh sat there nursing his glass of wine thinking over what had just happened and had he really been offered a job, something that would give him the opportunity to be in LA with Ben and Mark as well as Bobby. How did he really feel about Bobby was another mystery which he needed to solve, his thoughts spinning around in his head so much so that he didn't Ethan and Ben walk past and head outside until they walked through the doors. Josh stood up and wandered outside wanting to speak to them, he saw them sit down by the pool and headed over. Ben sat back in his chair "What do you make of Franco, do you think he has changed?" he asked Ethan. "Certainly seems a little cautious, do you think he knows we know?" Ethan replied. Ben shrugged his shoulders "Hard to say, but Maddy even told me he had dabbled". Ethan nodded "Seems he prefers Latino men and women according to his mother" he informed Ben. "Josh needs to be told otherwise it could complicate things going forward" Ethan said to him. Josh stood behind them listening and spoke up "Tell me what?" he asked making Ethan and Ben jump. "Josh, how long have you been there?" Ben asked turning to see him. Josh came round and sat down "Long enough to hear you both talk about Franco". Ethan looked down embarrassingly "Sorry Josh, we wanted to say something but was told not to until...". "It's okay" Josh cut him off "I would have been upset if you told me this a week ago" he said. Ethan looked at Ben "And now?" Ben asked. Josh smiled and kissed Ben "I found out that Bobby seems keen on me". Ethan laughed "You have only just realised that?" he asked. Josh nodded "Yeah, a few things made sense last night and today and I realised I was more excited to see him". "So what are you going to do then?" Ben asked putting his arm around Josh's shoulder. "He should make a go of it" Ethan offered up closing his eyes and taking the sun on his face. Josh looked over at them both "I still love Franco but as a friend and Bobby is sex on legs" he laughed. Ben looked at Josh "I would definitely do him if I didn't have Mark" he chuckled hugging Josh. "I am going to take Maddy's offer up of staying here for a week and see how things go" Josh said gazing out over the pool. Ethan nodded his eyes still closed "Good decision Josh, what about the job offer?". "How do you know about that?" Josh asked turning to look at Ethan's smile on his face. Ethan's smile grew bigger "I heard Maddy and Angelo talking to you about it" he replied. Ben laughed "Well I haven't told Angelo that I am leaving yet so there is my job there". "He knew it the first time you came back from Liongate that you wouldn't be around" Ethan said patting Ben's knee. Ben laughed shaking his head "I just have to break the news to my mother and father". Josh stood up "Right I need to go find Bobby". Ethan looked at his watch "I need to hit the gym for half an hour, promised Adam and Angelo we would work out". "Your turning in to a right muscle mary Ethan" Ben said jokingly standing up whilst Josh laughed in the background. "Take you both down any day" Ethan replied waving his hand nonchalantly. Ben and Josh looked at each other and quickly grabbed hold of Ethan lifting him off the floor and throwing him in to the pool with a big splash. Ethan stood there up to his chest in the water splashing the two of them and cursing at them. David walked out to see what the commotion was, he laughed at the sight and called Ben as Mark was waiting for him to go to the airport to pick his mother and step father up. The road were fairly quiet as the limo made good time and parked up in the VIP area, Mark and Ben went in to the arrivals concourse to see the flight had landed and they stood waiting at the exit. Margarite and Steven appeared 15 minutes later. Ben gave his mother a hug and kiss "Thank you for coming" he said realising how much he missed her. Margarite gave Mark a hug and kiss "Are you sure were not imposing on staying with you?" she asked. Mark shook his head "No there is plenty of rooms and my parents insisted you stay". Steven gave Ben a hug "Your looking well" he said "California obviously agrees with you". Mark put his hand on Ben's shoulder "Welcome Mr Midler" he said "Our car is outside". The journey back to Liongate was just as a quick and Margarite was keen to find out what they had been up to since flying out to LA, Mark engaged in conversation with Steven since he knew how distant Ben and his relationship had grown over the last few years. Steven looked up at Liongate as the limo pulled up to the front of the mansion. "Is this where you live?" Steven asked looking at Mark. Mark nodded "Yes this is our family home". Steven got out of the limo looking at the imposing building "It is magnificent". "Ben this place looks amazing" Margarite said stepping out of the limo. Ben joined his mother "Took my breath away first time I saw it" he said. Margarite spotted the black BMW parked in the courtyard "Is that, no can't be". Ben followed his mother's gaze and laughed "Yes it is mine, Christmas present from Mark's parents". Margarite shook her head "I hope your not becoming spoilt beyond your means" she said looking at him. "Sorry, my parents fault they like Ben an awful lot" Mark stepped in and took Margarites arm. Ben looked at his step father "Shall we" he said walking slightly ahead of Steven. Steven stopped for a moment "I'm sorry about how I treated you Ben" he said. Ben turned "You made life difficult for my family, just don't disrespect me or my father whilst you are here". It was a stark warning and seem to come from a more confident Ben than he had known, Steven guessed that Rob had probably told him everything explaining why he was ever so more distant towards him. Steven and Margarite were introduced to Mark's parents and chatted for a few minutes before George the butler showed them up to their room so they could freshen up and change for dinner. The caterers arrived at the house since it was tradition that all the household staff dined with the family on Christmas night plus it was going to be a dinner for Mark and Ben with most of the close family in attendance. By six o'clock Angelo and Franco's parents had arrived and spent a good twenty minutes talking with Maddy and David catching up. Rob and Heike with their two children arrived at the front of the house. Heike shook her head in amazement at the size of the mansion as Rob came round to her side 'My god this place is huge' Rob said taking her hand and calling the children over. Mark came out of the front door and walked down to meet them. Heike went over and kissed him on the cheek and Rob gave him a hug. Mark and Ben had been a big hit with their children as well and were excited to see Mark again. "Ben is excited to see you again, come on in" Mark said taking the kids hands and leading them in. Rob was looking at the BMW and the number plate that read BMW 321 "Who's that flashy BMW belong to?" Mark turned back and smiled "That belongs to Ben" he replied. They walked through and met Maddy and David "Welcome, I guess we will be family from tomorrow" Maddy said laughing. David gave Heike a kiss on the cheek "So pleased to meet you both, come through everyone is on the terrace". Rob spotted him, slightly older and not so skinny now "Ethan" he called out. Ethan turned and smiled recognising him immediately and they hugged "So good to see you again" he said. "Wow you have grown up since I last saw you" Rob said stating the obvious. "Angelo, this is Ben's father and this is Angelo my partner" Ethan said introducing them. Rob looked slightly stunned "Oh, sorry I didn't know you were gay as well" he replied looking at Ethan. Ethan laughed "Yeah, very long long story" he said. "I can't imagine your father took it too well or even let you drift off like that" Rob said with curiosity. Ethan nodded "It was not easy but Angelo won them over" he replied. Heike listened "I think he could win anyone over" she said nodding approvingly. "Quite stunning isn't he Heike" Ethan laughed and Heike continued nodding. "Errm I can hear you both" Angelo said chuckling and putting his arm around Ethan. Margarite and Steven walked out on to the terrace and introductions were made, Rob said hello to Margarite and nodded at Steven before continuing his conversation with Mark ignoring them since he didn't want to engage with them any further. After all Steven was the cause of their long time friendship breaking down, he had always been jealous of Rob at school getting all the hot girls and landing Margarite. But he somehow wormed his way in to bed with Margarite causing the marriage to breakdown and then to top it all he tried to make it out to be Rob's fault. Margarite was please to see Ethan, she also knew Adam, Tony and Angelo from sight. Heike noticed the tall bearded young man appearing on the terrace "And who is that?" she said to Ethan. Ethan turned and smiled "That is Bobby he works for the Davenports but is also a friend". Rob laughed "Heike behave" he said. "It's okay he is gay" Ethan replied laughing and noticing several others turn to see him. Josh was walking by Bobby's side hand in hand as they came in to full view. Maddy smiled and Angelo winked at her seeing that maybe their little nudging on Josh was beginning to pay off. Franco looked at Josh and smiled nodding as if he was giving a seal of approval to his friend, he walked over to Mark and asked if he could bring a plus one to the wedding. Mark looked at him for a moment before asking if it was a guy, Franco nodded somewhat embarrassed but Mark told him that if Josh was okay with it then he could invite him. Franco looked at his phone and saw the message from Joaquim that simply said 'Joaquim AA flight', he typed a reply 'I need to ask first but if you are free tomorrow want to come to a wedding as my plus one?' he pressed the send button not really sure if Joaquim would respond. The whole evening turned out to be full of fun and laughter and as the dinner party split in to the lounge and terrace Franco felt his pocked vibrate, he pulled the phone out and saw a reply from Joaquim 'Your a fast mover, and yes to both if okay'. Franco felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see Bobby standing behind him. "Sorry am I interrupting you?" Bobby asked seeing Franco's shocked look. Franco shook his head "No, you just took me by surprise. How's Josh?" he asked. "He is okay, well I think so I am just not sure what is going on with him" Bobby replied looking towards Josh. Franco looked at Bobby "I think he likes you more than he is admitting" he told him. Bobby nodded "Is it going to cause tension between us if it becomes serious?" he asked. Franco smiled "No, I love him as a friend, but being Latino I kind of prefer Latinos myself". Josh watched them chatting and walked over "What are you two conspiring?" he asked giggling. Bobby put his arm around Josh "Who should have you" he said laughing. Josh laughed "Don't I get a say in this?". Franco looked at Josh seriously "So who do you want Josh?". Josh looked at Franco and smiled "I know what you have been up to in Miami". "Ah, let me explain.." Franco started saying looking slightly shocked. Josh stopped him "Franco stop I love you as a friend, but this one is who I am more interested in" he said. Bobby looked at Josh "Finally he sees it" Bobby said hugging him tighter. Franco smiled "Good choice Josh. Just one other thing can I bring someone tomorrow?" he asked. Josh looked at him "It's not my wedding Franco". "Mark told me I need to ask you" Franco replied. Josh smiled at him "Of course you can, is it a guy?". Franco nodded "Yes, a flight attendant who upgraded me yesterday on the flight over". Josh laughed "Well I hope he is hot and you don't mess him around". Franco laughed and walked off "So your interested then" Bobby asked Josh. "Yes, I can stay on after the wedding if you would like me to" Josh replied. Bobby kissed his head "I would love that, how long will you stay?". Josh looked at him "Until you get bored of me" he laughed. Bobby turned to face Josh and took him in his arms kissing him deeply to several wolf whistles from Ethan and Ben who stood laughing watching them. Guests were departing until only the people staying at Liongate remained and they sat chatting well in to the evening before retiring to get some sleep before the big day. The day was beautiful, warm and sunny as the wedding planners arrived and set everything up with efficiency and speed in the Marquee that was set up over the tennis court, the final preparations for the ceremony location were made and everything was ready as guest arrived and began mingling and taking their seats on the lawn facing the magnificent Liongate as the backdrop. Franco picked up Joaquim at midday and after a slightly nervous start by Joaquim being in the presence of so many well known people and Franco's family he soon settled in with the group, as usual Adam had taken an instant fancy to him and flirted non stop whilst Tony and Franco looked on laughing at him. Mark and Ben stood inside the lounge overlooking the ceremony venue with Rob and David who insisted on walking their sons down the aisle and at precisely 2pm they walked out together whilst the photographer from Hello magazine began taking photos. The simple but perfect ceremony took 30 minutes, Margarite cried almost all the way through more so out of seeing how happy Ben and Mark looked. Maddy had pulled everything together seamlessly and the guests were now enjoying some partying after the wedding breakfast had finished. Ben got both sets of his parents together at the pool terrace so he could break the news about him moving to LA, but Mark stopped him and suggested they walk down to 321. Mark unlocked the front gate to reveal the 321 mansion albeit much smaller than Liongate it was still impressive. Ben stood in the courtyard out front "Mum, Dad, this is where Mark and I are going to live" he said. "Your moving to LA?" Margarite said sounding surprised. Rob and Heike were over the moon "That is great news" Rob said. Margarite looked at Rob and smiled knowing it would be no use arguing "It's a lovely house, bit big for you". Ben held his mothers hand "It has to be for when you both come to stay". Steven acknowledged it as a step forward in their relationship "Thank you Ben and Mark". Mark looked at Heike "So it does need redoing inside Heike". "Oh, you want me to do the interior?" Heike asked sounding excited. "Absolutely, you can draw up some plans over the next two weeks if you have time" Ben said laughing at her excitement. Heike nodded "Yes, I will take this one on personally" she agreed. Rob looked at Mark "Thank you" he said. They had a quick look around "Modern but not flashy, Ben likes simple things" Mark told Heike. Heike nodded "It is a lot of house how long do I have?" she asked looking at Ben and Mark. "As long as you need" Ben replied "we can stay at Liongate until finished". Heike pulled Mark to one side "What sort of budget?" she asked. Mark shrugged his shoulders "I don't know how is 2 million to start with?" he suggested. Heike gasped "I could rebuild it for that" she laughed "I will come in under". Mark smiled "Needs to be a home like yours in Laguna, Ben loved your place". Heike nodded understanding exactly what to do, they returned to Liongate and Mark handed Heike the keys and telling her that the security gate will know who you are. The party was still in full swing inside and outside of the Marquee, what surprised them when they returned was Angelo, Franco and Bobby laying on the lawn chatting whilst Josh and Joaquim paddled in the pool with Ethan, Tony and Adam along with Rob and Heike's kids. Mark swung Ben around and kissed him "Love you so much Ben". Ben smiled "I love you more" he replied and kissed him back. Maddy walked over with an envelope and handed it to Ben "Your honeymoon details". Ben opened it up "Barbados yes" he said excitedly giving Maddy a kiss. Mark took the envelope "Salinger Barbados Royal Orchid suite, wow thank you both" he said as David joined them. David smiled "Your on the 10.30 flight in the morning". "Hope you don't mind but Bobby will come out next week for a couple of days to get some photos" Maddy said. Ben nodded "And will Josh be joining him?" he asked. Maddy nodded "Hopefully, he has agreed to stay here a while longer. His parents are sending his passport over". Ben crashed out on the sofa by the pool knackered from the day as evening wore on and guests had departed, Mark cam over and held out his hand 'Come on husband, lets go to bed I'm exhausted' he said pulling Ben up off the sofa 'Me to' Ben replied as they walked hand in hand inside and up the stairs for some peace and quiet finally.
  6. Part 31- Deck The Halls Josh sat on the bed looking at Bobby as he turned around and faced him, waiting expectantly to have sex with Bobby since he first saw him. His arms wrapped around Josh's body as they kissed like two deprived men of sex managing to grab a few minutes together. The jock strap and briefs were strewn across the bedroom floor as they laid naked on the bed caressing their bodies. Josh would giggle as the beard tickled his face but also turning him on even more, Josh's hand roamed lower down the body until he felt the hardness of Bobby's large eight inch thick cock. "Do you have condoms" Bobby asked looking Josh in the eye. Josh shook his head "No, I don't even think there are any in the house" he replied. Bobby kissed him "I'm poz but undetectable" he said carefully looking to gauge Josh's reaction. "I gathered that from the scorpion" Josh replied smiling and rolling on to his back looking down. Bobby didn't need to ask anything else as Josh's look told him what he needed to know, he climbed in between Josh's legs and began kissing his body gently pushing his legs up and moving his kisses along Josh's calves sinking lower and lower. Suddenly Josh wriggled and giggled feeling the beard rubbing against his ass and hole morphing in to long moan feeling the warmth moistness of the Bobby's tongue sliding up in to his hole. His anticipation was at boiling point a feeling he had never gotten before in foreplay, he felt his legs resting on Bobby's shoulders being pushed further up over him as Bobby moved forward positioning his cock. Josh didn't have time to think before he felt the immersive sensation of Bobby beginning to penetrate him, his ass seemed to slip around the cock in an almost welcoming manner, Josh arched his back and moaned as he ass adjusted to taking Bobby inside him. Even for him this was by far the biggest cock he had taken but Bobby seemed to instantly respond to Josh's body knowing to ease in gently and tantalisingly slowly to allow him to enjoy the sensation as a considerate lover would do. In and out, deeper and deeper with each movement until he was fully inside Josh and they locked eyes staring deep in to each other. Josh gripped Bobby's arms as he leaned forward to kiss him, Josh emitted a slight cry feeling Bobby's hips moving in slow circles interspersed with gently forward thrusts causing Josh to grip harder at his arms. The strange amber glow from the snow falling outside filled the semi darkened room and Bobby was completely mesmerised by Josh, he had never been one to be attracted to another guy so easily and was until today career focused but now he was focused on one person. Josh moaned loudly in pleasure as Bobby thrusted in harder his hands tightening their grip on Bobby's arms holding the biceps that displayed so enticingly from his finely tuned body, his eyes darting across the hairy chest and up to the perfectly manicured beard as he smiled making eye contact. The scent of sex filled the air and droplets of sweat fell on to Josh's body as Bobby fucked Josh harder and faster then slowing down to a slow motion rhythm to stop his orgasm from happening to quickly. He leaned forward and his lips met with the softness and sensuality of Josh's that parted allowing him to slip his tongue and kiss him passionately. They continued for what seemed like hours sweating through their heated passion. Bobby leaned further forward and began to produce deep rapid thrusts as he let out a guttural moan 'Oh Josh' he cried thrusting his hips up hard against Josh's ass who let out a lounder moan and plead 'breed me Bobby' he called out looking him in the eyes. Bobby's body went rigid feeling the flurry of activity running up through his shaft and releasing rapid bursts of his seed in to Josh's body. Josh felt his body floating never had he felt a guy shooting their load inside as he did right now, his hands gripped Bobby harder and triggered his own orgasm as they simultaneously moaned and panted through their excitement and the deep rough thrusting Josh's body was now taking. Spent and hot Bobby collapsed on top on Josh who wrapped his arms around him and kissed his neck. Josh got the fuck he wanted a smile on his for a moment then the realisation that he would have to spend the night with him, something that was very new to him since he only ever had fuck and go meets. He was unsure what was suppose happen and waited to follow Bobby's lead, he felt the arm of Bobby going around his neck pulling him closer as he rolled on to his back holding Josh close in his arm, he laid there stroking Bobby's beard and chest for a few minutes as his body relaxed. Josh felt alive, his body felt so high as though it would never come down from its current state. Gradually the amber glow from the snow mixing with the street lighting outside faded with his eyelids drooping over his eyes and drifting off. He had no thought of Franco during his sleep and the warmth of Bobby's body next to his soothed the night away giving him a tranquil sleep. The brilliance whiteness of the snow filled the bedroom as daylight broke, Angelo stirred and slipped out of bed to shower and no matter how deep the snow was he still had a company to run although he could pretty well guess that Mark wouldn't show up for work but was surprised to see Mark creep in to the bedroom with two mugs of coffee. Ethan mumbled at the clanking sound of the mugs and turned over falling back to sleep, Mark walked in to the bathroom and sat on the toilet watching Angelo showering with a smile on his face. Angelo shook his head "You look happy this morning" he said commenting on Mark's grin. "Life is almost perfect Angelo" he said rearranging the toilet paper. Angelo looked over to him "Why almost perfect and not perfect?" he asked. "I just got a feeling on the flight back from LA that Ben would like to move there" Mark replied. "What is stopping you both?" Angelo asked rinsing his body of suds. Mark sighed "I am not sure if Ben could live like my parents want us to". Angelo laughed "It's a big change for him having the trappings of luxury, he may feel different after the wedding". Mark smiled "You may be right, what about you and Ethan?" he asked Angelo. Angelo turned off the water "Perfect, although I know he is worried Ben will go to LA". "Really, why is that?" Mark asked sounding surprised. "There is love between them as friends that goes back years, Ben fancied Ethan for a long time" Angelo replied. Mark stood up and handed Angelo a towel "I never knew their feelings ran so deep like that". Angelo kissed Mark "This has been the craziest year and I am so happy you have found love at last". Mark took the towel and dried Angelo's back "Thankfully you dropped your guard and found Ethan". "Sometimes I think he was handed to me on a plate" Angelo said smiling. Mark handed Angelo the towel "I have to speak to Bobby, he has a flight booked to LA tomorrow morning". Angelo nodded and Mark left the bathroom passing a still fast asleep Ethan and he headed downstairs to get two more mugs of coffee. Josh stirred in bed and the back of his hand rubbed against Bobby's beard slightly startling him he opened his eyes to see Bobby looking at him. Bobby smiled "Morning sleepy head" he said. Josh rubbed his eyes "Morning, how long have you been awake?" he asked. "Long enough to watch you sleeping, I heard Mark moving around" Bobby replied running his hand along Josh's body. Josh cuddled up closer "I never got to fuck you last night". Bobby laughed "Next time you can, but I have to get back to my apartment" he said looking over at the window. Josh rolled on to his back "Is there going to be a next time then?" he asked. Bobby leaned over and kissed him tenderly "Definitely". Josh snuggled up to Bobby "Good" he said just as there was a knock on the door "Come in" he called. Mark entered the room "Brought you coffee" he said with a big grin on his face. "Thanks Mark" Bobby said "Has it stopped snowing yet?" he asked as Mark put the mugs down. Mark looked out the window "Yes, oh and your flight to LA is tomorrow morning I have all the details". Josh looked at Bobby "You going to LA?" he asked as the smile faded on his face. Bobby nodded "Yes just for the day to meet Mark's parents" he replied and kissed Josh. By the time everyone left Mark had decided not to go in to work so he could finish sorting out everyone's arrangements to get to LA for the wedding, Mark being Mark took his time and one day rolled in to two then three. Mark and Ben decided that their little group would all stay at Liongate, Adam and Tony took some persuading stating they would stay in a hotel but Mark stepped in telling them he had booked their flights and they will stay at the house. Josh would also be coming but Franco remained distant saying he could not confirm until nearer the time. Ben's mother and step father accepted and booked their flights for the 25th and looked forward to staying Liongate. In all the last count of the guest list was near 60 which shocked Ben and Mark laughed saying his mother wasn't done yet. Maddy had been busy and sent Mark a text giving him instruction that they were flying out on the 28th for 2 weeks for their honeymoon but that was all she would say. Josh had seen Bobby again for random sex but was back at desperation point after finding out that he was moving to LA in a few days so Ben tried to cheer him up by asking for his help to decorate the Christmas tree. "I don't really know why you are doing this" Josh said unpacking the lights from the box. Ben sat on the floor opposite Josh "I like Christmas, I know we won't be here but it is still Christmas". "So you still don't know where your going after the wedding?" Josh asked handing the lights to Ben. Ben shook his head "Maddy won't tell us, we just have to bring passports and beach wear". Josh smiled "Iit will probably be somewhere exotic and hot" he said. Ben nodded "Have you spoken to Bobby since he left?" he asked looking over at Josh. "No, anyway it was just sex, bloody good sex mind you" Josh replied. Ben looked up at him "Just sex?" he said "are you sure as I think Bobby looked as though it would be more". Josh chuckled "After Franco I am staying well clear of falling for anyone, I can do without that again". Ben finished stringing the lights on the tree "Do you like him?". Josh went silent for a moment "Dunno, sort of, I mean he is sexy and seems to be a really nice sorted person". Ben smiled at him through the tree "Well that's a start" seeing Josh smile through the branches. Bobby returned from LA and as promised Josh and he spent a night together where Josh got to play top before being flung on to his back submitting to Bobby's cock again. The rest of the evening didn't go quite to plan since Bobby informed Josh he was moving to LA in 3 days to take up his new job with the Davenports, he noticed that Josh that gone cold and distant in his way of sulking from yet another upset. When Josh got back to his parents house and up to his room he undressed and climbed in to bed. He head no idea why but tears rolled down his face before he went to sleep. Mark and Ben had finished packing and put their cases down by the front door ready for the 5am pick up, Ben was carrying his flight bag down the stair and placing it with the other luggage. Mark called from the lounge "Ben come here a moment I have something for you". Ben pricked his ears up thinking it may be baseball cap time hurried in "What is it?" he asked excitedly. Mark walked up and kissed him "It is something that is ours" he said handing over an envelope. Ben opened and took out a nifty looking credit card "What is this for?" he asked. "It's your credit card" Mark said looking at Ben and hoping he wouldn't reject it. Ben looked up "I will get one when I can afford one, I hope you understand" he said. Mark took his hand "My father has provided it Ben, he has never done that for anyone before". Ben nodded with understanding and put the card in his pocket "I will take it" he said giving Mark a kiss. Mark smiled "Thank you, and you better use it or he will be on the case" he said wagging a finger at him. Ben laughed "I will use it in Walmart". "Yeah I think that would upset my father even more" Mark said laughing at him "let's go to bed". Ben smiled "Hmm, is the baseball cap coming out tonight?". Mark grabbed Ben and kissed him "You bet it is" he said as they ran up the stairs like kids. Adam and Tony were frantically packing 15 minutes before the car was due to pick them up, they had no flight details just told to bring a picture ID and be ready at 5am for the airline car. They finished packing by laying their wedding outfits on the top and closing the cases just in time. They arrived at the airlines first class check-in doors where they met Josh, Ethan and Angelo and proceeded inside, the couldn't believe they wouldn't be flying coach and Adam was excited beyond words as was Ethan. Mark and Ben approached with the airlines Concierge Club escort who happily took them all through to the lounge. In Miami Franco boarding his flight alone was nervous as it would be the first time he would see Josh, he had changed a lot in the several weeks he had been there in the Latin community. He had found quite a fair amount of gay and bisexual guys in the neighbourhood that was quite open and seemed to be everywhere. He thought of Josh more and more and was nearly tempted to dabble in sex with another guy several times at a party he was kissing with. He did it more out of a sense to try and see what it was all about and found that he got incredibly turned on. He was beginning to find the whole bisexual thing more intriguing as the weeks went past. His parents would fly out on the 25th and be staying at a hotel near Bel Air with Angelo's family, he had been invited to Liongate and was excited as he knew about it but never seen it, plus Josh would be there as well. The planes door closed and a fairly obvious gay cabin crew member called Joaquim was completing the pre departure checks of the passengers and making the announcement as the cabin service director. Being the early flight the plane was busy but not full and he sat in row 10 just behind the first class cabin in the aisle seat. Several times he noticed Joaquim made eye contact with him as he ran through the safety announcement. Franco was amused as he had found out that gay guys just seemed to flock to him since he moved down here, so he returned a mischievous grin back at Joaquim putting him off several times during the announcement, he couldn't believe how easy it was picking guys up no matter where you were. The plane started it's push back from the terminal as Joaquim began checking the first few rows to make sure everyone was buckled up ready, as he moved to the next row he would glance up at Franco sitting in coach. Franco fastened his seat belt and settled in and noticed Joaquim walk back to the galley and gave one final glance before he walked back with the passenger list. Joaquim approached and looked at the seat number overhead then leant down "Mr Ramirez?" he asked. Franco nodded slightly worried "Yes" he replied. "Sir would you like to follow me please I have a seat up here for you" Joaquim said smiling at him. Franco unbuckled his seat belt as Joaquim collected his flight bag and embarrassingly followed him to the front row in first class. Franco sat down and was given a glass of champagne as he secured his seat belt and sat back in the a seat that was way more comfortable than his one in coach. Joaquim made eye contact smiled and leaned over to tug his seat belt 'nice and secure' he commented glancing at him, Franco just smiled and winked an act that paid off since he got the best service on the flight. There was no doubting with Franco that he just found Latinos much more interesting sexually wise and he had an very instant attraction to Joaquim who by no means was camp but very sure of himself and confident. Franco then did something very out of character during the flight, he wandered in to the galley on the pretence of using the lavatory and Joaquim glanced at him as he prepared one of the meals. "Anything I can get Sir?" he said smiling broadly. Franco quickly glanced back at the cabin to see everyone minding their own business "What's on offer?". Joaquim looked at Franco "What takes your fancy sir?". Franco held out his hand handing a scrap of paper to him "There is only thing I want" he said embarrassingly. Joaquim took the scrap of paper and read it "That can be arranged" he said and carried on. Franco closed the lavatory door and latched it locked 'fuck' he said to himself 'when did I get so corny with one liners' shaking his head looking in the mirror at his reflection and what he had now become. As much as he loved Josh he knew he would never be physically attracted to him, but Joaquim was just a different level and how would he explain this to Josh let alone Angelo. The sun was shining brightly as they exited the airport terminal and climbed in to the limousines for the ride up to Liongate. Mark checked that a car was arranged from Franco's arrival with the Concierge Club escort who nodded and held the door open for Mark and Ben to climb in to their own limo. Adam and Tony sat with Josh chatting away about how awesome the flight was and how this was the only way to travel laughing as they did so. "So Josh we finally get to meet Bobby then?" Adam asked sitting back in the seat. Josh nodded "I guess so as I think he is living at the house in his own apartment" he replied in a matter of fact way. "You don't seem all that excited about seeing him Josh?" Tony remarked. Josh looked out of the window "Why should I it was just a fuck". Adam put his hand on Josh's knee "This wall you have put up doesn't fool me Josh". He turned to look at Adam "I don't know what you mean" Josh said. "You afraid of allowing him in after Franco?" Adam asked looking at him sympathetically. Josh nodded "He moved out here without any question so I think he only saw me as a piece of meat". Tony laughed then went serious "Who would you choose if you had the choice?" he asked him. Josh pondered a moment "I still feel for Franco stupidly enough but I don't know really I don't". "Well it's going to be an interesting Christmas" Adam said patting Josh's leg "We are all here if you need us". Josh smiled "I have decided to quit college and get a job that much I know" he said surprising Adam and Tony. "Wow, have you told your parents?" Tony asked. Josh nodded "Yes, they are okay with it since I got my qualification, I don't need to do anymore studying". Tony chuckled "My parents freaked a little and then even more when I told them I was moving in with Adam". "Well they weren't happy about me coming out here until they knew it was the Davenports" Josh said laughing. The three of them looked out of the windows as they began passing the swanky homes of Palisades passing through up to Bel Air. In the limo in front Ethan was mesmerised by the homes and how they got bigger and bigger until they came to a stop at the East Gate Compound entrance before continuing through the leafy roads coming to a stop in front of the two stone lions guarding the entrance to Liongate. David and Maddy recognised everyone getting out of the limos from the party in Larchmont so immediately everyone was quite at ease, David took on tour guide and took everyone around the grounds except Angelo, Mark and Ben who went inside with Maddy. "The family grapevine tells me you are getting married next year Angelo" Maddy said as they walked on to the terrace. Angelo laughed "Yes in the summer at the Hamptons, I hope you will both come" he said replying to her. Maddy nodded "Absolutely we will plus I love the Hamptons and may stay a few days". "How is it going with Bobby?" Mark asked looking around to see if he was there. Maddy smiled "Really well, we knew when we met him we liked him he is in town finalising some paperwork". Mark looked at his mother "What do you mean?". "Well when word got out a few other families expressed an interest is using him" Maddy replied. Mark nodded "So what paperwork is he finalising?" Moddy looked up "Oh yes, your father and Bobby are setting up a joint PR company 50/50" she said. Mark laughed "Okay, we know with your names behind it it's going to be a success". Maddy sat down on the terrace "He is looking forward to seeing Josh, he talks a lot about him". "How much?" Ben asked out of the blue. "Quite a bit I think he was hoping for something more with him" Maddy replied looking at Ben. Ben leaned forward "They need a little coercing more from Josh's side but then there is the Franco element". Maddy sat up "Ah yes Franco, now there is a story of what's been going on in Miami". "Is it true then?" Angelo asked, he had heard a rumour but kept it to himself. "Well it's just his mother's observation that he was hanging around more with gay community" Maddy replied. Ben sat there opened mouthed "Heck that's not good" he sat shaking his head. Maddy agreed "It may get very interesting" she said nodding down the garden. They looked and heard loud noise of excitement as the rest of the group arrived back from their tour with David, all of them overwhelmed and excited, Josh was the only one holding back a little as he kept looking around as if searching for something he had lost. Pedro and Maria arrived and began setting the table for lunch, he gave Ben and Mark a nod in recognition. Ben walked over and gave Pedro a hug pleased to see him again. Mark turned to his mother "Oops" he said looking worried. Maddy looked at him "It's okay Mark he has been humming all morning knowing you two were coming home". "Really?" Mark looked astonished "Is he?" he asked expressing the question with his head. Maddy smiled "Oh god yes, he only recently told us". "Guys come over and meet Pedro" Ben called to the group. Mark did wonder if it was the Ben effect on his parents who were showing a little more openness about Pedro mingling after all he was employed by the family, but then his parents would often be more relaxed about the staff than his grand parents who were very old school in that fashion. Lunch was very enjoyable as both of Mark's parents warmed to everyone, Mark could tell they liked them all, especially Ethan who was very similar to Ben in many ways. Maddy and Josh seemed to hit it off big time sitting their laughing together whilst Adam and Tony talked to David about Liongate and the Davenports family history which they found interesting. After lunch David said he would take the boys down to Santa Monica pier and the beach and out of no where David called Pedro and asked if he wanted to join them. He was reluctant but Ben stepped in and pleaded with him to join them. At the house Maddy, Angelo and Mark sat discussing family things and how manage Ben's two sets of parents at the wedding. The butler walked out on to the terrace with Franco in tow who ran across to Maddy and gave her a big hug and also to Mark and Angelo his closest relative. Maddy asked for tea and although Franco didn't care to much for tea as a drink he always knew from growing up to mind his P's and Q's when with the Davenport side of the family. "How is the sunshine state?" Angelo asked him as he sat down. "It's okay, miss being up north with you all but I do like the tropical climate down there" Franco replied. Franco looked around "Where is everyone else?" he asked. "David has taken them all out to Santa Monica for the afternoon" Maddy replied. "Oh" was all that Franco could manage to say. Mark looked at him "Josh is with them as well". Franco turned quickly "He came, I mean neat glad he decided to come here". They decided not to broach the subject about his apparent antics in Miami, instead Angelo fired a warning shot across the table about Josh and how sensitive he still is about him. Franco nodded as he didn't want to upset Angelo but he so wanted to see Josh again, after all they had become very close as friends and they would exchange messages a couple of times a week. All the time Franco had been itching to get to his phone as he had received a message from Joaquim, when he opened it he found that Joaquim was in town for several days before his flight back to Miami and he was staying in Palisades with friends. He took the bold step of asking if Joaquim could meet him on Christmas day for a couple of hours and whilst Joaquim said yes he made it very clear it was not on the pretence of having sex. "Bobby" Mark called out seeing him walking out of the lounge towards them, he stood and went to meet him. Bobby smiled "Mark, so good to see you" he said hugging him "Angelo, Ben" he smiled hugging them both. "Come Bobby, this is Franco, Angelo's cousin from Miami" Mark introduced him to Franco. Bobby nodded and held out his hand "Franco nice to meet you" he said in a warm by guarded manner. "Yeah you to" Franco replied shaking his hand and staring him in the eye. Angelo immediately knew that Franco must have known about Bobby and Josh "Come sit down with us Bobby" he said. Bobby sat down and spoke to Maddy "It's all done plus I had another two enquiries this morning". Maddy smiled "I'm worried this is going to be bigger than we anticipated" she said. "Looks like quite a few people like the idea of having an inside Bel Air PR person" Bobby said sitting down. Maddy nodded "We may have to look at a website to handle queries and offers" she suggested. Angelo looked at Mark who smiled and knew what he was thinking "You should ask Josh" Angelo said in response. "Josh, oh yes he is studying web design" Bobby said remembering this from a conversation. "He could do it from Angelo's offices" Mark suggested looking at Angelo who nodded. Maddy agreed "Sounds like a good idea. How is your business going Angelo?" she asked. Angelo laughed "Too well, it's getting hard to manage on my own now since Mark never turns up". "Hey that's not fair.. well okay your right, but you don't pay me wages anyway!" Mark retorted laughing. "Plus Ben is suppose to start working for me but that is looking unlikely now" Angelo said looking at Mark. Bobby sat there laughing at the two of them going at each other "Is this always like this?" he asked looking at Maddy. She nodded "Every time but so much love between them" Maddy replied. It was getting late in to the afternoon and they had been on the terrace chatting for several hours before Bobby excused himself to get some work done, Maddy stopped him and said that for the next few days he was to dine with the family and friends and tonight being Christmas eve it was a casual holiday dinner, Bobby thanked her and leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Bobby would normally wander to the kitchen and dine with Pedro and chef even though he had the apartment in the staff wing that was still bigger than his pad in NY he enjoyed the company and down time. Sometimes it felt strange working for a family but he was treated like a relative but would only dine with Maddy and David when he was invited to. Mark took Franco inside and showed him up to his room where he could grab a couple of hours sleep before dinner. David returned just after 5pm with everyone else and they joined Maddy, Angelo and Mark in the lounge whilst Pedro went off to get changed for work. Adam and Tony looking a little red from the sunshine were having an absolute ball and especially as David and Ben were spotted by photographers and decided to pose for a snap if they promised to leave them alone afterwards. David sat on the sofa next to Maddy "My god they are energetic" he said laughing. Maddy kissed him "Did you have fun?" she asked looking at them all. They all said in unison "Yes". "Maddy shall we go see 321" David said to Maddy quietly with a knowing look. Maddy smiled and nodded "I will get Ben and Mark". "I hope they will approve" David said picking his phone up and walking outside. Maddy stood up "Right everyone George our butler will show you to your rooms, Mark we need you and Ben". David returned "Ready?" he asked. Mark looked curious "Where are we going?" he asked. Maddy smiled and grabbed Ben taking him towards to the front and the waiting limo "Just go with it". They drove the few minutes on to St Pierre Road then turned through the wrought iron gates of 321 St Pierre Road and parked outside the modern yet old world type building with its vast array of windows set in the mansion looking building. They all got out of the car and met with the Joyce the realtor. Mark knew not to question his mother and just went with the tour of the house, which just appeared to be a guided tour rather than an open house sale. Ben had already clicked that they were showing them this house for a reason. Maddy looked at Ben "What do you think of this place?" she asked. Ben smiled "It's a lovely place and so homely, I mean Liongate is but this...." he didn't finish his sentence. "I know what you mean, it has a more warm homely feel" Maddy said in agreement. Ben nodded "It is lovely are you buying it?" he asked to which Maddy laughed. Mark and David joined them "What are you laughing about?" David asked. "Ben asked if we were buying it" she replied. David looked at Mark then at Ben "Do you both like it?". Ben was about to object and looked at Mark "I didn't know" Mark said. David put his arm around Ben "Okay be honest Ben we won't get upset". "It is a nice place, not quite Liongate but it is amazing inside" Ben replied. Maddy walked over "It's our gift to you both" Ben looked over at Maddy and David "I know by now not to argue" he said with a smile on his face. Mark kissed Ben then looked at his mother and father "It is to much but thank you". Ben did feel a little pressure to move here "I.. are you expecting us to move here?" he asked nervously. David shook his head "No you can use it to live in, holiday in, let friends stay here. It belongs to you both". Ben nodded "Okay". Maddy looked at him "The house is yours and if you do decide to spend more time here you have your own place". Ben looked around "We can still stay with you at Liongate right?". David and Maddy laughed "Absolutely we love having you there" Maddy replied. Mark put his arm around Ben and kissed him "We will need to decorate" he said bumping his hip against Ben. "Oh yes, Heike can do it" Ben suggested but Mark was already nodding and smiling "You better tell her". As the limo pulled away the realtor was already posting the sold sign on the placard out front. This was the first time Ben really felt that his life was changing, his head was still yearning for a simple life with his lover but he couldn't help himself as he to was feeling so happy being back in California and he knew in his heart they would be spending more time here than in Larchmont. It helped understanding that he also now had the means to travel back and forwards to the east coast to see his family and the gang whenever he wanted to. The more he thought about it the more he was picturing his life with Mark and planning on how 321 would be. They reached Liongate and David took Ben for a walk in the garden to have a talk. "Lets have an honest talk Ben I want to know what your really feeling." David started off saying. Ben sat on the wall by the tennis court "It is all still a bit much to take in". David nodded "I understand that but we don't want you to feel awkward in anyway" he said. Ben looked at him "I love it here David, Liongate, you and Maddy and my father is here". "But" David suggested putting his arm around him. Ben looked at the house "You promise this is between us?" he looked at David. David nodded "Between Maddy you and I, Maddy and I have no secrets" he replied. Ben smiled "I know Mark is happiest here, you know I will do anything to make him happy". "Does that mean what I think it means?" David asked him. Ben nodded "I can't help but see our lives here, but when I just don't know that yet". "Don't be fooled Ben you know Mark would be happy anywhere with you" David said assuring him. "Yeah I know he would" Ben said then continued "It's the friends and family on the east coast". David smiled "Understandable. Remember though Ben if you want anything you only have to ask". "Thank you David or can I call you father?" Ben laughed and wondered if he cad gone to fast. "Father would be just fine Ben, come on lets get ready for dinner and use that credit card" David stood up laughing. Josh was showered and changed ready for dinner then popped next door to see if Adam and Tony had finished getting changed, the three of them headed down the stairs and out on to the terrace where they sat down chatting whilst waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive. Spending Christmas in LA was turning out to be stranger than they anticipated with the warm weather as they were use to biting cold winds and snow, they certainly never expected to be sitting outside on Christmas Eve. Ethan and Angelo arrived and sat down to join them. "How are you doing Josh?" Angelo asked sitting down next to him. Josh looked at him "Oh okay" he replied, Angelo raised his eyebrows and Josh knew "I haven't seem them yet". Angelo nodded "If you want me to keep Franco out of your way just let me know". "Nah that's okay, I have to have closure on that" Josh replied as Pedro walked across the terrace. "Mr & Mrs Davenport are having drinks in the reception lounge" Pedro said gesturing for them to follow. The five of them followed Pedro to the reception lounge all of them checking out Pedro's ass as he walked in front. They entered the room to find Maddy, David and Bobby standing there talking and laughing. Josh's heart seemed to beat faster seeing Bobby in the room, he didn't know it but the others saw the smile as big as his face and his eyes on Bobby. Mark, Ben and Franco entered the room behind the others, Franco stopped for a moment watching and seeing Josh and Bobby looking at each other, not how he hoped seeing Josh would turn out so he called his name out. Josh stopped and turned around and looked 'Franco' he said running towards him, they embraced and hugged Josh nearly crying at seeing him again in the flesh. Bobby watched on with a sad smile on his face at the scene playing out in front of him, after all he had hoped the few days Josh would be around he could get closer to him but it looked like the lights were fading fast. "When did you get here?" Josh asked him as the other moved away leaving them alone. "This afternoon whilst you were all down at the beach" Franco replied. Josh looked Franco in the eye "I'm so happy to see you Franco, god I miss my Latino friend". "I hear you were pretty upset about me leaving?" Franco hugged Josh again. Josh nodded "Yes, but I think finally I am now over it and the crush I had on you". "Good, I hope we can move on as friends Josh, very close friends" Franco said hugging him harder. Josh looked Franco in the eye "You have changed Franco, and I love you so much as a friend". Franco hugged him again "We need to talk later" he said watching Bobby across the room. Franco and Josh walk towards the rest of the guests arms around each others shoulders picking up as if it were only yesterday he left for Miami. Josh released his arm from around Franco's shoulder and walked up to Bobby who was trying to keep engaged in conversation with David, several pairs of eyes suddenly went on Josh and Bobby as he stopped talking and said hello to Josh and kissed him on the cheek. Angelo and Mark shook their heads with tiny movements as they had seen this reaction before as a very subtle brush off. Bobby hurt inside but he wanted to keep some distance between them seeing that Josh was completely occupied by Franco. Josh on the other hand didn't understand what he done and why Bobby just greeted him like a familiar acquaintance and not someone you had been intimately close with. He just couldn't fathom out why it upset him and caused turmoil in his own thoughts. Josh went back to Franco, Ethan and Ben and joined his college buddies whilst Mark moved around the group and got Bobby's arm guiding him just out of earshot of the others. "What's going on with you?" Mark asked him quietly. Bobby glanced towards Franco "Sorry Mark, it is seeing Josh with Franco, it was almost like I was invisible". Mark held his arm "Don't judge the situation to quickly Bobby, they are still close as friends". Bobby looked at Mark "Is it just friends?" he asked. Mark nodded "Yes and we clearly saw Josh was quite put out when you played it low key just now". "It's just I see Franco looking at me with daggers in his eyes" Bobby remarked looking down. Mark chuckled "Oh that is Franco to a tee, but don't be fooled, he will protect Josh big time". Bobby nodded "You all seem to protect each other". Angelo walked over "Come on Bobby don't be an outcast" he said taking Bobby away. Josh appeared very demur and watch Bobby, he figured it must be the distance and that he had a whole new world over here compared to back east. It was Maddy who watched Josh then Bobby and she knew something was not sitting quite right and put two and two together to get Franco, she whispered in David's ear and nodded towards where Mark stood. David walked over to Mark "What is going on son?" he asked Mark smiled "Trying to get Bobby and Josh together, but it is a bit awkward with Franco being here". David laughed "Has Franco said anything about his swing in to bisexuality?". Mark shook his head hushing his father "No, but maybe there is something you can do" he said looking at him. David nodded "You want me to invite Josh to stay a bit longer?" he prompted. "Well yes sort of, do you think it's wrong of us to intervene?" Mark asked wondering if it was a good idea. David paused for a moment "You mother asked me to find out. Would it work though?" he asked looking at Mark. "Don't know but maybe it would be the only way to find out, after all they did have chemistry" Mark replied. "You lot do seem a have a very unorthodox group here" David said laughing "Like your own family". Mark nodded "Oh mother told me you set up a company for Bobby" he said changing the subject. "Oh yes, everyone around here seems to want in and they like the idea" David said smiling. "Wow that is good news and I knew Bobby would be ideal and fit in" Mark said hugging his father. David laughed "Yeah we just need to get a web design company to build a site for members". Mark looked at him "Josh, I mean he has just finished studying web design and quit college". "Really, now that has made things interesting and gives us a reason to bring him here" David replied. Mark looked over at Josh "Lets see how things work out in the next couple of days first" and David agreed. Maddy deliberately put Josh and Bobby together at the last minute as she checked the table before dinner, both Maddy and David were in high spirits having the four young guys in the house brought things alive and gave Liongate much needed life and fun for Christmas. Josh sat down next to Bobby still talking and laughing with Ethan and Ben, he settled in his seat and made small talk with Bobby trying to find out if he had met someone already here in LA and hence the cold shoulder. Josh put it out of his mind and enjoyed dinner talking quite a lot with David and without realising he was revealing a lot of information about his family life and education. Coffee was being served and he once again glanced at Bobby, he moved his hand over to Bobby's that was resting on his lap and held it. Bobby turned to look at Josh "I miss you Josh" he said quietly. Josh looked down at his hand "Why the strange welcome?" he asked. Bobby glanced in Franco's direction "You seem more interested in Franco, isn't that who you want?". Josh's stomach sank and he felt sick at the strange reaction he was having and his eyes began welling, standing up he excused himself and rushed out of the dining room.
  7. Part 30 - Race To Christmas The limousine pulled up to the clifftop house just outside Laguna Beach, it's position offering sweeping views across the small community of Laguna and the soft sands and surf of the beach front. Ben stood there and looked across the dreamy views and thinking how wonderful it must be waking up to this view every morning. Mark came round the limousine and put his arm around Ben, he could sense some trepidation in his manner. Mark looked Ben in the eye who just nodded to signify he was ready, Ben never imagined seeing his father like this was going to be so strange. Heike walked out on to the terrace to where Rob was sat waiting, he had been anxious for several days after all talking with someone on the phone then seeing them in the flesh for what must seem like an age was playing heavily on him. Would Ben still like him and did he even really know his son any more? Six years had been long and painful but it was the only way he could split from Margarite without being taken to the cleaners by her and demanding the 50 50 split. But on the flip side if he hadn't agreed he would never have moved to LA and met Heike or started his own business with her support, the fruits of which allowed them to live a really comfortable life. After all Margarite fell pregnant with Steven's child whilst he was still married but their love had dwindled for each other, Heike put her hand on Rob's shoulder. "I'm sure everything will be alright, what is playing on your mind Rob?" She asked rubbing his shoulder. Rob stared out to sea "I never thought he would turn out to be gay Heike" he replied. She stopped rubbing his shoulder "That's not what is bothering you" she said. "It's just he is 19 and now getting married to a guy it is so unexpected" Rob replied turning his head towards her. Heike picked up the magazine off the table and handed it to Rob "That is him". Rob looked at the picture of Mark Davenport with his family "Wait he is marrying a Davenport?". "Yes, there are pictures on line of Ban and Mark from last night" Heike said fetching her laptop. Rob took the laptop and looked running his finger over Ben's picture "He does look somewhat scared". Heike laughed "Apparently Mark keeps a very low profile out east". Rob looked at her inquisitively "So you mean Ben probably didn't know who he was?". "That's my guess. But you can see the love in the picture Rob, just keep an open mind" she said kissing him. Rob heard a car pulling up to the front of the house and nervously looked at Heike as they both stood up and wandered through the house. The soft chimes rang out as Ben pressed the button, he ad a sense of role reversal from some six years ago as he watched his father on the door step walk away, he couldn't tell if he was now feeling some resentment towards him or just nerves. The door opened and Ben watched as the face of his father and Heike appeared as the door opening grew wider, 'Ben' Rob said looking at young man now standing in front of him. Ben looked back at his father 'Dad' he said quietly as the first tear drop escaped from his eyes, his legs carried him forward into the arms of his father breaking down and sobbing as six years of lost love surfaced and released themselves from his body. Rob hugged Ben tightly with tears running down his face, he couldn't believe how much Ben could have grown and changed. Heike patted Rob on the shoulder and walked past them towards Mark. "Hello Mark, I'm Heike" she said giving him a hug. "Heike, so good to meet you" he replied "Shall we go for a walk and leave them for a moment" he suggested. Heike nodded "Yes, Rob has been on edge for several days now". Ben's emotions flowed over and over and he couldn't stop welling up and crying sitting with his father talking whilst Mark and Heike strolled along the beach leaving them to catch up. Rob spent a good deal of time going through in more detail about the divorce so how Steven would often put the block on him visiting sin he had to relinquish custody, a burden he had to shoulder in order to get the divorce over with quickly. Ben listened and told him he did not hold a grudge and that he was happy to be back in his father's life. When Heike and Mark returned Ben offered to help Heike prepare dinner so that Rob and Mark could get to know each other. As they sat on the terrace overlooking Laguna and eating dinner they talked about how Mark and Ben had met and discussed the upcoming wedding, Ben knew that if his mother came to the wedding it would be the first time his parents would be together but he needed to have his mother and father at the wedding. Ben listened to how his father had built up his successful retail business and that Heike was an interior designer much in demand around Orange County. Mark admired the modern and stylish interior of their home where everything seemed to fit to perfection, he joked that if they ever moved to the west coast she would be the person to style their home. Ben laughed but also a strange deja-vous feeling came across him that the joke would not end up being a joke, inside he actually quite liked the idea of living in California. To quickly the evening was over and they stood outside the front of the house saying their goodbyes as Ben and Mark climbed in to the limo and Jackson drove them back to Liongate. Mark turned to Ben "I like your father and step mom, Heike is quite a lady when we were out walking". Ben nodded "Did she say anything about my mother and step dad?" he asked. Mark held his hand "Not a lot, just mostly how it tore your father apart when he couldn't see you". Ben rested his head back in the seat "I never really understood how emotionally attached I am to my father". "It shows great strength of bond ship, that's what makes you so perfect in my eyes" Mark said squeezing his hand. Ben looked at him "So happy though, and he is happy for us and he likes you" he said smiling. Mark leaned over and kissed Ben "Heike is nice, maybe we will get her over to Larchmont to do our house". Ben smiled "As long as my father comes as well". Their few days remaining in LA seemed to go by in a flash, the days they spent sunbathing and going to the beach. It was becoming a fairly common practice to be recognised around Bel Air as anyone who is anyone kept up to date with the gossip, even when Ben was coming out of the sea alone a stranger walking past recognised him and congratulated him on his engagement. He still found it strange a little but was slowly getting use to it and often people would want to stop and casually talk as if they were life long friends, something that rarely happened out east since everyone was in a hurry. Their last evening they sat in the lounge with David whilst Maddy was checking emails before coming back to join them. "David we really need to get this assistant and PR sorted out we have over 50 emails" Maddy said joining them in the lounge. David nodded "We will" he replied noticing Ben looking strangely "Our last one left for a film star". "It's what they do here sniff around for the next good job, mind you she was useless" Maddy informed Ben. David nodded "A few of us in the East Gate compound have talked about forming a company to do our PR things but nothing has happened yet". Mark stood up "Well we have an early flight in the morning guys, come on Ben". Mark and Ben left for bed and some baseball cap time, Ben's head was still buzzing with everything going on as Maddy and David spent much of the time with Ben and Mark as they wanted Ben to fit in like family and not be afraid of the trappings life would now afford him. As they left for the airport in the airlines limousine nearly all the planning was complete partly due to Mark and Ben just agreeing and loving what the planners suggested, but they trusted Maddy to make the right choices as well whilst they went back home. Mark sat looking at Ben on the flight who seemed a little down "Are you going to tell me what's wrong?". Ben looked at Mark "Nothing wrong, it just feels sad to leave I had such a great time" he replied. "We can come here as much as you want Ben" Mark said looking at him. Ben tried to assess what Mark was thinking "You want to move back LA?" he asked. Mark took his hand "I miss the climate but I would only move here if I knew you really wanted to". Ben smiled "I don't know Mark, I want to enjoy life with you and our friends". Mark kissed him on the head "Ben if you ever want to move to LA you only have to ask" he said. The rest of the flight they both slept and behind his appearance Mark was the happiest he had ever been, knowing that his parents completely loved Ben was the biggest present he ever could have wanted. It took a while but Ben did seem to adjust and be comfortable at Liongate, after his initial shyness around the servants he soon joked and laughed with them and Pedro just loved having them both in the house bringing back that naughty element that Mark and Pedro use to get up years ago. Tired and exhausted from their trip they finally walked in to their home just as it was getting dark. A cold wind was blowing and the threat of a snow storm was looming, whenever a snow storm was mentioned they would both look at each other and laugh fondly remembering the night in the Chatwell Hotel. Ben still had a few days off before he was going to start work with Angelo and Mark whilst continuing with his education. The following morning Mark was showered and ready for work walking back in to the bedroom he looked at Ben who was dozing on and off. "What are you doing today?" He asked Ben. Ben turned over on to his back "Meeting Ethan he wants to hear about LA". Mark leaned over and kissed him "Don't forget we have dinner at theirs tonight". Ben smiled and looked at him "Why do you work, you know having what you have?". Mark stroked the side of Ben's face "Keeps me occupied and I can keep an eye on Angelo". Ben laughed "Will you keep me occupied as well when I start?". Mark moved Ben's hand away from his groin "Stop it otherwise I will be late". Ben leaned up and kissed him "I'm horny". Mark laughed "I will but the baseball cap on tonight after dinner" he said winking at Ben. Ben giggled he really did love Mark's jock look and he knew that meant he would get a good pasting in bed tonight for several hours. They kissed several more times before Mark left for work and Ben slept for another few hours before eventually getting up, he showered and wondered over to meet Ethan. They cobbled a breakfast together and sat chatting for several hours mostly about LA. Ethan was excited listening to Ben "So tell me about this house what was it Liongate?" he asked. Ben nodded "It's massive Ethan, I've never seen anything like it, so big, so many rooms". Ethan smiled "You seem to be quite taken by it from what you have said". he replied. "It was nice and relaxing and his parents were so kind to me" Ben said eating toast. Ethan looked at him "Are you going to move there?" he asked. Ben shrugged his shoulders "I don't know Ethan, Mark seemed so happy to be there plus it is close to my father". "You miss him?" Ethan asked. Ben nodded "I never thought about it that much but seeing him made me realise how much I still love him". Ethan sat pensive for a moment "You have to do what is right Ben, LA would mean an amazing life". "I know but it's not about what we can have, it's what I want and that's Mark wherever it will be" Ben said. Ethan came around and kissed Ben on the mouth several times "I would miss you if you did, I feel like we have a much closer friendship now". "I've always loved you Elfy and you still hold a special place in my heart" Ben replied looking in to Ethan's eyes. Ethan started clearing things away "I think our lives would have been very different Ben, anyway it's only a plane hop away". Ben laughed "Six hours away is a long way, anyway I don't know what I would do out there". Ethan chuckled "Just be loved and spoilt rotten that's what I would do". "Sounds awful when you put it like that. What if I get bored?" Ben said amusingly. "You bored!" Ethan laughed "Just travel that will keep you busy" he continued laughing. Ben laughed with him "Nah, I don't want to live like that, I told Mark he has to the house here". Ethan looked seriously at him "You have?". "Yes, I like Larchmont, it has you all here and it is how I want to live, simple but loving" Ben said reflectively. Ethan shook his head "You are so messed up Ben" he responded laughing. Ben stood up "Come on let's go for a stroll in to town and get a coffee". They grabbed their coats and walked out on the street as a few snowflakes gently fell around them, turning the street they walked through the public gardens leading up to town and spotting a lone figure sat on a bench hunched over as if trying to keep warm. As they got closer the person looked up and they were both surprised to see it was Josh. "Josh" Ben called "what are you doing sat here in the cold?" he asked. Josh nodded "Hi" he responded in a sombre voice. Ben sat down next to him "Still hurting?" he asked. Ethan sat down the other side of Josh as he nodded "Josh you really have to forget about him". Josh looked at Ethan "I know, but it goes way deeper than I thought, I know I can't have him" he responded. Ben patted his knee "Come and have a coffee with us and get out of the cold for a while". They stood up and walked in to town and the Grounded Bean coffee shop which was their favourite little coffee shop run by a gay couple Eric and Morley, as they stepped inside they saw it was busier than usual probably down to the cold blast battering the east coast. Morley was running around serving and Eric was playing barista, they all knew each other by name but that was pretty much it, he waved to signify he had seen them coming in but strangely he stood and smiled for a moment then carried on serving. Morley went behind the counter and spoke to Eric who looked over and the 3 lads briefly and nodded before turning his back but obviously talking to Morley. Josh plonked himself down on a seat and took his coat off followed by Ethan and Ben. "Thanks guys" Josh said with a feeble attempt at a smile. Ethan leaned on the table "You are our friend Josh, we look out for each other" he said. Ben nodded "Absolutely and we are hear to listen if you want to talk". Ethan saw Josh smile "I wonder what those two were gossiping about" Ethan said nodding in Eric's direction. "Probably got the hots for us" Josh remarked causing them all to laugh. Morley came up to the table "Hello boys, What will it be?" he asked focusing his attention on Ben. "Three lattes please Morley" Ethan responded noticing the look he was giving Ben. "Oh, right sorry three lattes" Morley repeated "And how are things Ben?" he asked. Ben didn't know what to make of the question "Err okay" he replied furrowing his eyebrows. Morley nodded "Your boyfriend not with you today?" he asked. Ben shook his head "No he is at work" he said. Morley smiled "He works?" he asked looking shocked "I wouldn't have thought he needed to". "Oh" Ben said suddenly understanding that they must know about Mark "Keeps him busy" he said. "Hmmm" Morley replied "There was two people here looking for you about an hour ago". Ben looked at Morley "For me, who where they?" he asked. "Reporter and photographer, they were asking all sorts of questions about if we knew you" Morley said. Ben looked at Ethan and Josh "Mark said this might happen" he said to them as Morley went to get the coffees. Morley put the drinks down "Don't worry we told them we didn't know or saw you around here". Ben breathed a sigh of relief "Thanks Morley". "It will only buy you a little time, they will be back I expect" Morley said and left them to serve other customers. Josh scratched his head "Did I miss something?" he asked looking at them both. Ben went and got the pile of magazines on the table by the door and found the article and photos and showed Josh, this cheered him up immensely making fun of Ben in his dinner suit. Coffees finished they put their coats on and headed outside in to the cold air, the clouds where looming darker and snow was falling steadily. They decided to go back to Ben's for the afternoon and that way he would be off the streets and hopefully not recognised. He found it all a bit weird but funny at the same time, Josh swapped hats with Ben which covered most of his face making him more discreet. Thankfully the snow was coming down heavier and most cars and people had cleared the streets by the time they reached Ben's place. Josh took his coat off and joined Ben and Ethan in the kitchen making hot chocolate. "So have you moved in now?" Josh asked Ben as he sat down. Ben nodded "Pretty much so I have a few things still to collect from home". "Your both so lucky" Josh said "and tell me what was his house like in LA?" he asked. Ben laughed "Well this place has 4 bedrooms in LA they had 11 guest bedrooms". "Get out" Josh laughed "that many, it must be a palace" he remarked. "Almost, anyway you will be staying there, that is if you come to our wedding" Ben said looking at him. Josh looked down "I doubt I can afford it unless my parents cough up, wages at the shop don't pay well". Ben looked at Ethan than back at Josh "Nonsense your coming and you will spend Christmas with us there". Josh looked embarrassed "I can't let you do that, I will find a way". Ben stood his ground "No let me sort it out for you, write your full name down" he pushed a piece of paper in front of Josh. Josh wrote his name down then looked up "Will Franco be coming?" he asked looking sheepish. "I don't know, he said he would try but can't confirm yet" Ben replied. Ethan sat next to Josh "Anyway you have to come" he said then looking to Ben "make sure he is on our flight". Ben had a quick conversation with Mark whilst they sat in the kitchen where he told Ben the dinner plans have changed to be at theirs to avoid him going out and getting spotted. Ten minutes later Mark called back and told them Josh was booked on the same flight as Ethan and Angelo and the car will pick him up 5am on the 24th December before picking the other two up. Josh was more like his old self at hearing the news since he had never been to LA or California. Mark also booked the flights for Ben's mother and step father as Ben had to relent over inviting his step father at Mark's persistence. Ethan refilled the cups with more hot chocolate "I guess we have to buy presents". "Why is that?" Josh asked looking at Ethan. "We are spending Christmas all together" Ethan said "Nothing serious just fun presents". Ben chuckled "Yeah we should, all of us as a group have our own little Christmas". Josh smiled "Sounds great, hope I can find me some muscled beach bum to shag whilst there". Ben and Ethan cracked up laughing "You might like Pedro" Ben said without thinking if he was gay. "Pedro?" Josh asked sitting up in his chair just as the door bell rang. Ben looked at them both "Who is out in this weather" he stopped "Ethan will you answer it" he asked. Ethan nodded "Yes of course, stay in the kitchen" he said as he walked through to the entrance hall. Josh called out "If they are sexy bring them in I need to sex them" he laughed. Ethan opened the door on the security chain "Hello" he said staring at the attractive guy covered in snow. "Hi, sorry to bother you but is Benjamin Midler-Warren at home?" Bobby asked. Ethan somewhat mesmerized by him paused for a moment "Sorry Benjamin who?". "Midler-Warren" Bobby repeated. "I'm sorry I think you have the wrong house this is my families home" Ethan replied. Bobby looked at Ethan "Are you his brother?" he asked. Ethan couldn't stop looking at his eyes "No, my half brother is here but not called Ben". "Are you sure, you just called him Ben not Benjamin?" Bobby asked trying to look around Ethan inside. Ethan could have kicked the door at his slip up "If you don't leave I will call the police" he said. "Sorry I am just trying to do a piece on him, I knew this was a stupid story to take on" Bobby said. Ethan was beginning to loose patience "Anyway who the hell are you dude?". Bobby shuffled in his pocket and handed Ethan a card "I'm Bobby from Out magazine". Ethan tried not to sound as if he heard about it "What is that?". Bobby smiled "A magazine and you know what type it is" he winked at Ethan. Josh came in to entrance hall "Close the door Elf it's getting cold in the house". Ethan nearly burst out laughing "That is my half brother Harry" it was the first name he could think of. "Whose at the door anyway" Josh called out and making himself visible to Bobby. Ethan shrugged his shoulders "Dunno some guy whose looking for a Midler-Warren dude". "Tell them to go away and close the door Elf" Josh said as he caught a glimpse of Bobby. It was only a glimpse but it was long enough for Bobby to smile at him, Ethan watched Bobby who just stood there and looked past him to Josh. Ethan had already guessed that Bobby was probably gay but the look between them confirmed what he thought. Bobby returned his gaze to Ethan "Well if you do happen to see Harry, sorry Benjamin give him my card". Ethan watched as Bobby walked down the path "He has gone" he called out closing the door. Josh stood there "Did you see him, oh such a dream boat" he said drifting away with the fairies. Ben stood there "Your like a sex maniac Josh". Ethan handed Josh the card "I think he wants you to call him Josh". "This is so awkward" Ben said giggling. Ben looked at the card "Out magazine, blimey that's the gay magazine and they found where I live". Josh handed Ben the card "Either luck or he knew what he is doing". Ethan was looking out the window "I don't think he does he is looking at the other houses". Ben sent a text to Mark telling him about the guy and he got a response back saying hold fire before he got a second text a few minutes later telling him that Maddy had only agreed a wedding exclusive with the magazine. Ben called Mark to ask if he should speak to this guy and get him to arrange a proper paid interview, Mark laughed down the phone at the suggestion and telling Ben he was a chip off his mothers block but said yes they could do one but he must promise never to talk about Liongate as it was a private home, before he hung up he said they were leaving early due to the snow fall and would be home in half an hour. Ben looked them both "Do I call him?". Josh looked at Ben "What did Mark say?". "He said I could invite him over as they are on their way home" Ben said looking between them. Ethan turned facing away from the window "It's trusting him though, he is a journalist". Ben handed the card to Josh "You call him I will in to the office off the kitchen when he arrives". Josh took the card "Are you absolutely sure Ben?". Ben nodded "Yes" he replied as Ethan turned watching Bobby across the street and reaching in to his pocket. "Hi Bobby it is Jo.. Harry here" Josh said stamping his feet at the mistake. Bobby laughed down the phone "Hello Harry or whoever you are" he said, Ethan watched Bobby looking at the house. "Why you still on the street?" Josh asked. Bobby paused for a moment "You tell me Harry, why do you think I am here?" he asked. Josh walked around the lounge "Are you gay as you work for that magazine?". Ben sat on the stairs laughing "Josh you are so discreet". Bobby laughed "Why do you want to know Harry?" he asked as silence fell "Do you want to fuck?". Josh chuckled "Erm no I don't think so, well not just yet anyway" he replied trying to play it cool. "Sorry had to get it out there" Bobby said light-heartedly. Josh sat on the sofa "Do you want to come up to the house and dry off?". Bobby sighed "Looks like a bad lead anyway on this guy so yes if you don't mind". Ethan smiled at Josh "He is quite stunning Josh from what I saw of his face". Ben hid in the office off the kitchen, Josh waited until he closed the office door and opened the front door and invited Bobby in. He stood just under six feet tall his face adorned by a closely cropped beard giving him an otter like appearance, Josh took his coat and hung it up in the closet and waited as he took his hat off. His black hair was ruffled but fairly short and Josh could now see he was definitely around Mark's age, but it was his blue eyes that really sparkled and contrasted against his black hair and beard. Josh invited him through to the kitchen watching what looked like a lean torso with unmistakable muscle definition under his jumper. Bobby looked Josh and gave him a very bewitching smile that almost made Josh fall over from sheer lust. Bobby followed Josh "So is it really Harry or something else". he asked as Josh pointed to a seat. Josh was captivated by him "Yeah my name is Joshua but most people call me Josh" he said. "I like that better than Harry, what about Elf here" he nodded to Ethan. Ethan laughed "People call me Elfy or Ethy" he said watching him closely. "Would you like a hot chocolate Bobby?" Josh asked grabbing a mug. Bobby looked at Josh "Yes thank you it is very kind of you to invite me in" he said watching Josh go red. "So Bobby what is it you are doing, I mean looking for this guy?" Ethan asking to get back on track. Bobby turned to him "Oh so my boss gave me the job to find him get some pictures and write an article". Ethan nodded "So who is he, someone famous?" he asked. "Well sort of, he is going to marry Mark Davenport, quite a well known socialite family from LA" Bobby replied. "So why are you looking around here?" Josh asked pouring hot water in to the mug. Bobby sighed quietly watching Josh "Well someone in town said he had just moved on to this street". "People on this street are quite private" Ethan said in response "So are you going from house to house?". Bobby nodded "I tried a couple and one said there was some young gay guys moved in here". "Here you go" Josh put the hot chocolate on the table making eye contact with each other. Bobby smiled "Thanks Josh" he said "But I can see it is you two that moved in here". "Sorry were not the one your looking for" Josh said sitting down fixated on Bobby. "That's okay, my boss says I have no umph or push for this journalist job" Bobby said disheartened. He continued "I always wanted to write for Out magazine and was freelance before but it didn't pay, then I landed this job and got a couple of good articles early on this year but nothing of interest since. I know the editor doesn't like me so he sent me on this job as a final chance knowing full well it will be my downfall". Ethan looked at Josh "That's not a very nice thing to do" he said. Bobby smiled "Unfortunately that is journalism, well my short foray in to it by the looks of it". Ben was texting to Mark telling him everything that was going on and how sexy looking this guy was and that Josh seemed quite interested in him. Mark suddenly remembered that his parents had lost their PA who did all their press bits and pieces and diaries. He sent a suggestion back to Ben to pass on to Ethan. Annoyingly Ethan's phone kept pinging and he apologised and read through the text messages and what he was being asked to do was very clear. Ben listened again through the door but what he couldn't see was through the silent gaps in the conversation Bobby was clearly eyeing Josh up. "Are you seeing anyone Josh?" Bobby suddenly asked out of the blue. Josh looked at him intently "No I am not in that space". "Oh right" Bobby replied looking intently at him. "He got his heart torn out by a straight Latino" Ethan said joining in the conversation. "Ah, I am sorry to hear that, did he lead you on?" Bobby asked purely out of interest. Josh shook his head "No stupidly I fell for him, we are friends but he has gone to Florida with his family". Ethan spoke up "Anyway finding Josh someone sensible is the current mission". Bobby smiled at Josh "I would probably be to sensible to the point of boring". Josh looked back at Bobby "Somehow I doubt that" he chuckled. Ethan rolled his eyes in grand gesture "So what are you going to do about the job, get fired?". Bobby shook his head "No, I already decided when wandering around that I would quit". Ethan nodded "You should do it, there are plenty of opportunities out there". "Sod it, today can't get any worse" Bobby nervously laughed. He picked his phone and dialled the magazine on speaker and got through to the editor's PA, he asked to speak to editor in chief and after giving his name he came on the phone. The conversation was brief as Bobby told him he quit and the editor who was noticeably annoyed from his voice replied thank god I don't have to fire you and he hung up. Bobby turned the phone in his hand. "Well that was too easy, he really did want me out of the magazine" Bobby said looking down at his phone. "Never mind I have a job interview lined up for you if your interested" Ethan said cryptically. Josh looked at Ethan "What is going on?" he asked. Bobby nodded to Ethan "Whatever it is I will take it" he laughed. Josh sat there "Well?" he asked to Ethan. "Bobby there is just one other thing that we need to come clean about and clear up" Ethan said looking at Bobby. Bobby looked curiously at Ethan "Please don't tell me you two are a couple?". Ethan chuckled "No but there is someone you have been looking for and wanting to meet" the door opened "this is Benjamin Midler-Warren". Bobby looked at Ben then Ethan "What is going on, I just quit my job" he stood up looking around the room annoyed. Ben came round to Bobby "Wait, I have an offer for you please sit down and I will explain". Bobby sat back down looking shocked "I've never been played like this before". Ben sat next to him "You can interview us and sell the story, even to Out magazine if you want". Bobby contemplated for a moment "Interview us you said?" he asked looking more confused. The front door opened as Angelo and Mark arrived and walked in hearing the slight commotion of raised voices coming from the kitchen. Mark smiled at Angelo telling him the boys obviously were having a difficult time with the journalist, so they walked in to the kitchen. Ben nodded "Bobby this is my fiancé Mark Davenport" he said nodding behind Bobby who turned his head. Bobby stumbled to his feet "No way" he said recognising him straight away "wow this is a pleasure, you are indeed him". Mark kept a straight face and held out his hand "Pleased to meet you Bobby and this is Angelo". Angelo shook hands with him eyeing him cautiously "Hello". Ben went to Mark's side "Angelo is Ethan's or Elfy's fiancé". Bobby scratched his head dumbfounded "So who lives here?". Mark laughed "Ben and I live here" he replied putting his arm around Ben's shoulder. "The boys and I will get dinner ready" Angelo said "You staying for dinner?" he asked Bobby. Josh looked at Bobby "That is Angelo's way of inviting you to stay" he said grappling with Angelo. "Bobby and I have to talk in the office" Mark said inviting Bobby to follow him "and you are staying". Mark closed the office door "We need to have a very frank and honest talk Bobby". Bobby nodded "Sorry Mark, I am not quite on your page about what?" he asked a little confused. "A job, quite a high profile one which I will tell you about later but I need you to be honest" Mark replied. Bobby nodded "Okay I have nothing to hide so fire away". Mark smiled "Tell me about any skeletons in your closet?". "One ex boyfriend who is now married and living in Australia, a few one night stands" Bobby said looking at Mark. Mark nodded "Drug use, partying, sorry I need to know everything" he expressed. Bobby nodded "Nothing, I go to some bars in the Village with friends but otherwise clean". Mark nodded "Anything tying you down preventing you from relocating?" he asked. Bobby shook his head "No my family are in Portland Oregon". Mark and Bobby continued their conversation inside the office and Josh was laying the table after Angelo and he finally stopped wrestling around, his eyes every so often would go to the office door wondering what they were talking about for so long as it was nearly an hour since they went inside and was now dark outside. Angelo placed a salad bowl on the table and saw Josh looking at the office door. "Okay Josh?" Angelo asked. Josh continued putting cutlery on the table "Yes I think so, what's going on?". Angelo smiled "I expect Mark is warning him about you". Josh stopped and looked at Angelo "I'm not that bad" he retorted chuckling. Angelo laughed "No about how we would protect you". Josh hugged Angelo "Thanks for making me welcome and looking out for me". Angelo kissed his head "Family Josh. Ethan stood there tapping his foot "When you have finished with by man" he laughed. Josh swaggered over to Ethan "Want to fight for him bitch". Ethan put the glasses on the table and smiled at Josh "Bring it on" he said lunging forward to Josh. Angelo stepped over the two of them rolling around on the floor play fighting making loud noises which caused Mark and Bobby to open the office door and look at them. Bobby smiled laughing "Now that is hot seeing these two fight". Mark put his hand on Bobby's shoulder "Wait till they get to the hicky biting attempts" Bobby watched Josh overpower Ethan with ease "It's quite arousing". Mark laughed "Surprised Ben hasn't jumped in, he is worse than Ethan". Josh had Ethan pinned to the floor "Come on Barbie doll fight back, oh wait you can't" he said laughing. Mark and Bobby went back in to the office and closed the door as he pointed to the two seats at the computer desk. Bobby was nervous as hell as he was about to speak to David and Madeline Davenport, he was still a little in the dark about what he was being interviewed for so he just went with the flow. Josh got Ethan in a bearhug on the floor and was about to attempt the hicky bite, he felt the powerful arms of Angelo lifting him off Ethan 'No you don't' he said laughing and putting Josh on his feet. But Ethan swooped at his chance and began to give Josh a hicky on his calf, Josh struggled but couldn't get his leg free from Ethan's grip and began complaining to Angelo who just stood and laughed until Ethan let go and left Josh with a red mark on his leg. Angelo picked Ethan up and smacked him lightly on the ass telling them both to get on helping. All the dinner preparation was done so they now sat in the kitchen waiting for Mark and Bobby for a further 15 minutes until they finally appeared. Ben sat next to Josh "I forgot to ask how is your college course going did you pass the exam?" he asked Josh nodded "Yes, I'm thinking about maybe getting a job like you have done". Angelo sat down "What computer science did you do Josh?". Josh sipped his coke "Web design and management, I actually found it really easy got 97% on my exam". "Well done there is always lots of jobs for web designers" Angelo replied "I will see if anyone I know needs one". Josh smiled "Really, oh fab thanks Angelo" he said as the office door opened. Mark looked at them both "What's going on?" he asked. "Josh has just passed his college degree in web design" Angelo answered. "Well done Josh" Mark said and came round to give him a kiss "Web design eh". Angelo saw Mark was mulling on something "I know that look" he said. Bobby went round and patted Josh on the shoulder "Well done". Josh tingled at his touch and smiled before saying thank you to him, they all wandered through to the dining room and sat down for dinner which started off as a very noisy affair until everyone started eating, each of the boys talking with animation to Bobby whilst Mark and Angelo watched and chatted amongst themselves. Mark gave Angelo a knowing nod towards Bobby indicating that his idea had gone well with his parents, but more so they were carefully gauging how Josh was interacting with Bobby. To their happiness they could see that Josh had completely changed in a matter of hours as he was more engaged and looked to be finally putting Franco out of his head. When they finally finished eating Angelo and Mark allowed the boys to have a glass of wine. There was something that Josh found intriguing about Bobby as he could hardly take his eyes off him and as it turned out it there was only a 4 year difference between them. Mark tapped his fork on the table "Guys" they all stopped talking and looked at Mark. Ben and Ethan did the same "Guys" they sat giggling to each other. "Very funny" Mark said "Ben I have two words for you... Baseball Cap". Ethan looked at Mark then Ben "What does that mean?" Ben laughed "Means he is going to wear a baseball cap and jock strap tonight". "Get a picture I want to see it" Josh said "I bet he is as hot as fuck dressed like that". "Josh!" Mark said looking shocked but chuckling "Well Ben likes it and what it means" Bobby sat laughing then Josh looked at him "No way" Bobby said. Ethan sat with his arms folded looking sternly at Angelo "What's that look for?" Angelo said. Ethan "You got one as well?" he said trying to stifle his laugh. Angelo tutted and shook his head "Mi madre" he said "Yes I do" he laughed. Ethan laughed "Looks like we are all getting baseball capped tonight". "I'm not" Josh said with a funny sad look on his face. Bobby looked at him "Is that an invitation then?" he asked feeling comfortable enough to join in. Mark chuckled "I got a spare one upstairs but only if I get to see you wear it" he said to Bobby. "Oi" Ben stood up "We all get to see him wear it" followed with laughter from everyone. Bobby smiled shaking his head "Where is it then?" he suddenly blurted out. Mark shouted "Come on this is getting out of hand, it's like having kids" he said looking at Bobby and Angelo. "Spoil sport" Ben remarked winking at Mark who smiled back. "Anyway, Bobby has accepted a job with my parents in LA" Mark announced to the group. Josh nodded but the smile had left his face "Oh that's what all the talking was about". Mark stood "Just one thing left" he looked at Bobby "Lets get you in a jock strap for the boys". Bobby shrugged his shoulders "Come on then". The boys sat excitedly on the bed waiting for Angelo and Mark and Bobby who went in to the bathroom to change, Mark gave Bobby and Angelo each a jock strap and baseball cap. Outside the boys undressed down to their underwear so not to make the others feel uncomfortable. Ben kissed Josh then Ethan and Ethan kissed Josh and they laid down on the bed waiting for the show to begin. Angelo held it up "Hell Mark, only for you would I do this" he said. Mark chuckled "I think it's more for Ethan. We don't normally do this sort of thing Bobby". Bobby laughed then had a serious look on his face "Tell me about Josh and Franco, is it serious?" he asked. Angelo looked at him "Franco is straight so probably will never happen, why do you ask?" Bobby took his pants off "I quite like him" he replied. Mark chuckled "I think you more than like him" he said looking at Bobby. "Well we have only just met, but yes I guess it is more than just quite like him" he replied Angelo looked at Bobby smiling "I'm getting to like you Bobby". Mark laughed "That's the best compliment you will get from him" he said slipping on his baseball cap. Bobby looked "Fuck you do look mighty fine Mark" he said and Angelo looked and nodded. "Yeah Ben loves it as he knows he will get a good fucking when I dress like a jock" Mark replied laughing. Angelo chuckled "So when did all this start?" he asked. "In LA he strangely got turned on whilst shopping as I had a worn a baseball cap then" Mark replied smiling. Bobby laughed "And that was it?" he asked. Mark laughed "Well when he saw me in the jock strap as well he just went berserk sexually that is". Angelo looked out the window "Don't think we are going very far tonight". Bobby looked out "Hell that's deep now I will never get back to NY". Mark was looking at his ass in the mirror "You can stay the night" he said casually. "No it's fine I will get a room at the B&B in town" Bobby replied. "Nonsense you are staying here with us" Angelo replied bringing the conversation to a close. Bobby saw Angelo's back "Sorry dude the tattoo on your back I mean is..." "Yes it does mean what your thinking" Angelo replied before he could finish his sentence. Bobby ran his hand along it "Amazing" he said quietly. Mark watched "Doesn't shock you?" he asked. Bobby looked at him and winked "Not at all" he pulled his briefs down revealing a small scorpion over his groin. Angelo smiled and hugged Bobby "I knew I liked you" quick as a flash they kissed until Bobby pushed him off. "Sorry that was a bit weird" Bobby looked embarrassed. Mark laughed "One thing Bobby we have a very affectionate bond in our little family group". Bobby looked confused "Family group?". Angelo nodded "Yup we are very open and close in our own little family". "Oh right well I don't think I am quite in this family" Bobby said looking at Angelo. Angelo laughed "Let's just say the three in the bedroom like you, that's good enough for us". "Right, this is quite a lot to take in" Bobby replied. Mark ran his hand down Bobby's hairy chest following the treasure trail "Just never hurt anyone". Bobby smiled at the touch of Mark's hand "You mean Josh?". Angelo put his arm around Bobby's shoulder laughing "Yes, he may not be open to relationship now but take it slowly". Bobby couldn't resist touching Angelo "Oh god your body is to die for" Angelo smiled and kissed him gently. Angelo looked at Bobby "We kind of hope you and Josh will hit it off he needs some happiness". Bobby hugged Angelo "No promises, I like what I see so far I just need to get to know him". "But" Mark hinted as Bobby's sentence trailed off. Bobby looked out of the window "Well If I move to LA it will but a dampener on things". Mark smiled "Distance shouldn't be an obstacle if it is right" he replied. Mark opened the door and they walked out of the bathroom to wolf whistles and nods of approval, all eyes immediately went to Bobby and Ethan winked at Josh and mouthed 'Fuck yes", just like Mark had said in the bathroom Ben just turned in to a crazy sex monster flinging himself around Mark and totally ignoring the others he began kissing Mark and making squealing noises of delight as his hormones sped around his body, Mark collapsed on to top of Ben grinding his hips up to Ben's ass. "Oh god I think they are going to do it in front of us" Ethan remarked "I've never seen Ben like that". "Fuck that is one sex possessed lad" Angelo remarked. Ethan turned to look at Angelo "Nice but I prefer you naked" Angelo took he baseball cap off "Naked I said". Angelo laughed and kissed Ethan "Really" he felt Ethan's hand slip around the jock strap but he stopped him. Ethan smiled "Later, make love to me" he whispered. Angelo nodded "You know I will always do that". Josh sat opened mouth looking at Bobby "Oh wow" he said admiring his body. Bobby looked at Josh smiling "Oh yes you sexy little fucker" he said walking towards Josh. Josh was kneeling on the bed and Bobby pushed him flat on his back and leaned over "Now kiss me" Josh grabbed Bobby pulling him down on top of him as they looked each other in the eye with burning desire. Josh's body quivered as he looked deep into Bobby's eyes, the sensations he was feeling were unlike anything he had experienced before with a man. He couldn't put his finger on it but the eyes of Bobby just seemed to be drawing him in as if they were saying to him that this is me and I am the one you have wanted and needed your entire life. His hands caressed Bobby's arms and body it was as if he had to touch him to feel it was real. Bobby was very aware of how Josh was staring at him as he laid underneath, his body not quite touching Josh's but the electricity he was feeling from Josh's touch began to weaken his restraint. Far from the typical man he would pick up the charm and charisma that Josh exuded made him even more attractive than just his youthful boyish looks that lead to a mischievous minx underneath. He leaned forward and gently kissed Josh on the lips who released a soft moan, gradually he increased the pressure and length of each kiss. Slowly Josh's lips parted with each ensuing kiss from Bobby, each kiss was tender but firm in a deliberate act of enticement until Josh slightly arched his back and gave a partial sigh and moan as he felt Bobby's tongue passing over his lips and teeth seeking his own tongue, Bobby grabbed Josh's arms and pinned them above his head. Lost in their own world Bobby heard in the distance a voice 'That's so sweet', he suddenly remembered they were not alone and released Josh from their kiss. He looked around to see the other 4 watching them with smiles on their faces. "Come on let me show you to your room" Mark said standing up with his erect cock poking out of his jockstrap. Angelo stood up and pulled Ethan up "Time for some Angelo love baby" he said carrying Ethan out of the room. "Hurry back Mark" Ben said seductively wriggling his body on the bed. Bobby took Josh's hand and followed Mark "Thank you for letting me stay" he said to Mark. Mark smiled and closed the door behind him leaving Bobby and Josh alone for the first time.
  8. Part 29 - A World Apart Mark dragged Ben out of bed and pushed him in to the bathroom to shower, Ben complained it was way to early to be up but the airline car would be picking them up in an hour at 6am. Under the hot water Ben started to wake up properly feeling the soap suds and Mark's hands caressing his body. Ben giggled as he relaxed back against Mark's chest feeling the arousal and cock poking at his ass, Ben gyrated his ass against Mark's cock forcing it to slip deeper between his ass cheeks until he felt the head meeting his hole. Mark kissed his neck and told him off since they didn't have time and would have to wait until later. Ben turned and kissed him fully on the mouth, his hands fumbling to find the shower gel and he began to soap Mark's body with tender erotic movements as they kissed continually, eventually Mark slapped Ben's ass telling him off again and to get a move on. Ben finished dressing thinking about the trip ahead which caused the nerves to kick in since he was really unsure what to expect, meeting Mark's parents again was a little daunting now he knew more about them. The car arrived spot on and they were whisked off to the airport, this would be Ben's second flight in his life and much longer than previous one with his family when they flew down to Atlanta for a weekend. To his surprise the car drove in to a private zoned off area where the airline escort met them and escorted them through check-in and up to the airlines private lounge where they sat down and were made comfortable by the attendant. Ben looked around at the surroundings and then at Mark "What do we do now?" he asked looking lost. Mark laughed "Watch the planes, or here read a newspaper" he said handing him a copy. Ben looked at it "Oh, I have never really read one" he replied looking a little shocked. Mark smiled "It just passes the time until I can touch you again". Ben chuckled and began reading the paper "Wow" he said "There is a news report of a crash in LA". Mark looked up from his phone "Some mad person driving stupidly I expect, what does it say". Ben read aloud to Mark "Car overturned at the intersection at the bottom of Rodeo drive, driver died in hospital". Mark tutted "I know the place but surprised anyone could get up speed down there". Ben looked up listen to this "The driver kidnapped the 26 year old son of British hotel owners after he became involved with the drivers ex lover, the victim was found in the trunk of the car unharmed and suffering minor cuts and bruises. Since the driver of the car passed away no further charges are being made and LA Police have closed the case". Mark shook his head "My god that must have been horrifying for him" he said. Ben looked up "I don't have to worry about any loose cannons in your past do I?". Mark laughed "No certainly not, strange they kept the names out of the press". "Mr Davenport, Mr Midler-Warren if you are ready the flight is now boarding" the airline escort stood in front of them. "Ready Ben?" Mark said standing up. Ben nodded and put the paper down open at the shocking story he just read and walked besides Mark towards the gate, they were escorted through and into first class. Ben sat down like an excited child in his surroundings and was amazed at the service and attention Mark and he were getting from the cabin crew. The flight departed and Ben was reclined in his seat next to Mark with their fingers entwinned chatting away. The captain came out of the cockpit and stopped by them addressing Mark by name and then looking to Ben. "Mr Midler-Warren I'm captain John Silitoe, may I personally welcome you on board". Ben blushed a little "Thank you" he replied as the captain handed him a black airline concierge club card. "This is your personal card inviting you to the Concierge Key club" the captain said standing and smiling. "Oh right" Ben said looking at the card confused. Mark chuckled and looked at the captain "It's all very new to him, thank you captain". Ben watched as he walked around saying good morning to other first class passengers "What is it?" he looked at Mark. Mark smiled and explained about the club to Ben who listened intently saying wow every now and then. Slowly Ben was beginning to understand how much his life would in no doubt change and he made Mark promise that they would try to keep their home life simple and not change to drastically. It was this quality that Mark found so endearing about Ben and knew he had made the right decision, he promised to try and keep things as near normal but he had to expect somethings would be different except one thing his love for him. Mark watched Ben who was sound asleep for the last few hours of the flight still clutching his black Concierge Key card, after all it was the closest thing he had to a credit card and was quite smitten with it. As the plane doors were opened they were met and escorted through to the airlines waiting limousine and chauffeur who was standing with the door open. The chauffeur tipped his cap "Good morning Mr Davenport, Liongate 616 Nimes Road Bel Air, east gate compound?". "Good morning, it is indeed" Mark said as he stepped inside the limousine after Ben. Ben lightly punched Mark on the arm "Your parents live Bel Air, can we go on the homes of the stars tour?". Mark laughed "Of course, anyway you will probably see a few whilst here" he said giving Ben a quick kiss. The limousine pulled away as Ben shifted in his seat looking at LA through the eyes of a first time visitor, the limousine headed up towards Pacific Palisades via Santa Monica where Mark pointed out where the accident must have happened. The chauffer hearing them began telling them all about it and how it was a bad crash, about 20 cop cars on site that had tailed the overturned car down from Beverley Hills and there was a rumour that some movie star was somehow involved but it was pretty hushed up by the LAPD. Ben found himself engrossed in the conversation with the chauffeur after all it felt weird reading about something and then seeing where it actually happened. Mark had sent a text to his mother telling her they were on their way from the airport and half paying attention. Suddenly Ben became aware they were now driving through Bel Air passing immaculately kept road side verges and palm trees as they continued until the limousine turned on to Bel Air Rd and slowed at the gate house before continuing and turning right on to St. Pierre up to Nimes Road. Ben turned to Mark "Are all the houses hidden up here?" he asked. "Most of them, it's a privacy thing, here we are". Ben looked out of the window "I can't see a house". The limousine stopped in front of some impressive gates framed by lions either side, Mark tapped a code in to an App on his phone and the gates began to slide open revealing a driveway that the limo passed along eventually opening in to a large courtyard area fronting the imposing mansion. Ben looked in awe 'Oh my god' he quietly said as the limo stopped and he saw Mark's mother and father coming out of the front doors. Ben exited the limo in to the warm Californian sunshine, a gentleman appeared and took the cases inside through an alternative entrance. His eyes could not take in the size of the mansion as he kept looking from left to right taking it all in, David watched Ben with some amusement but also aware of how out of his comfort zone he must be feeling right now. "Mark, Ben how lovely to see you" Madeline said walking over and kissing Mark and Ben. David kissed Mark then Ben and looked at him "Welcome to Liongate Ben, Mark will give you a tour later". Ben kept looking at the building "Wow it's big". David laughed "I'm sure you will enjoy it here Ben, it is after all a family home just a bit bigger than most". Ben smiled at David "That's an under statement" he said as his eyes wandered to the left annexe jutting out. David followed his look "Oh that bit you don't go into it's where the staff live". "That's almost as big as our house in Harrison" Ben joked. David looked at Mark and Madeline "You two go ahead I will take Ben around the grounds and meet you for lunch". Ben walked with David around the staff wing "How big is this place?" he asked as they walked into a smaller courtyard. "11 bedrooms in the main house and 5 in the staff wing but we only have 3 who live in" David replied. Ben scratched his head "It is amazing but daunting" as they entered on to the pool terrace. David looked at Ben "It is partly your home now as well Ben. That is we hope Mark and you will come here often". Ben looked across the pool and lawn and up to the back of the house which was even more impressive "Thank you" he said. David put his arm around Ben's shoulder "You are family Ben and Maddy and I will help you adjust". Ben looked at him "Adjust?" he asked. David nodded "Yes, not to be so intimidated by this and think of it as home when you are here". Ben smiled feeling quite relaxed with David "Just don't be angry if I get something wrong" he joked laughing. David laughed "Well at least the food here is better than Mark's pasta dish" he shuddered laughing. "Oh you have tried it as well" Ben said laughing with David "it wasn't that bad". David nodded "Come on lets grab some lunch they are waiting for us". David really warmed to Ben and knew Mark had made a good choice and that he would keep his son grounded. Ben had lost all his nerves and anxiousness as they lunched together on the pool terrace enjoying the warmth and being away from the cold of north east coast. Pedro one of the live in staff caught Ben's eye as he served lunch, he was around Mark's age and carried beautiful Hispanic looks. What was evident was that Mark's parents treated him almost like a family member when speaking to him which helped ease Ben's weird feeling of being served lunch by what was in reality a servant to the family. When he was out of earshot David explained that Pedro was orphaned at 16 and had applied for jobs all over Bel Air and Palisades looking for live in positions and it was Mark who convinced them to hire him so there would be someone his age in the house. As lunch finished Maddy stood up "Dinner at 7.30 boys, you will meet the rest of the family Ben" she said. Mark nodded "Selina is my sister, she lives down the street. Did you get the packet I sent?" he asked his mother. Maddy turned "Oh yes, it's in your room, great choice by the way". Mark noticed Ben's curious look "I did something naughty, that flashy dinner suit you liked is upstairs". Ben furrowed his eyebrows at Mark "I told you it was to expensive". David laughed "Ooh domestic we don't get those very often round here". Mark smiled at Ben "I brought it for you, I liked how you looked in it". David stood up "Give in Ben, one thing you will learn Mark is stubborn, get's it from his mother and grand mother". Ben threw his hands up "Okay you win this time" he said smiling at Mark. David walked off laughing "Won't be just this time Ben". Mark laid back in his chair "Want to lay in the sun?". Ben looked at Mark who was evidently more comfortable than he had sever seen him "Later and maybe a swim as well". Mark laughed "Come on then I will show you to our room". Ben smiled and stood up "Our room, you mean we will sleep together?" he said somewhat surprised. "Of course" Mark replied taking Ben through to the house and showing him around. They wandered through the spacious lounges and dining room and out in to the entrance hall with the sweeping staircase leading up to the upper level, Mark pointing things out as they transcended the staircase. At the top the landing stretched away around corners with a multitude of doors leading off in to bedrooms, he point to the right side explaining his parents suite of rooms was down there whilst they went left and walked a few meters until Mark stopped and opened the double doors announcing that this was their room. Ben walked in to the lounge area which lead off to the bedroom and bathroom, he walked over to the balcony and peered out of the window that overlooked the pool and out to Stone Canyon, Mark closed the entrance doors and lead Ben in to the bedroom. "Dressing room here leading to the bathroom, your clothes are all here unpacked" Mark said holding Ben's hand. Ben looked around "Why would you leave all of this it's amazing" he said looking at Mark. "It is still home to me, I live out east to be with Angelo as he is my closest friend" Mark said walking in to bathroom. Ben followed him "You must have friends here surely?" he asked. Mark nodded "A few but not really close friends, they are Bel Air kids so mostly socialites and pretentious brats" he replied quietly. Ben could sense it was not a subject he liked to dwell on "We will make our own friends if you like". Mark smiled and stood in front of Ben "There is just one thing left to do" he said. Before Ben could ask what that was Mark kissed Ben and picked him up taking him to the bedroom, Ben didn't need to second guess after all he was horny as hell and began undressing Mark quickly as they kissed and touched each other. Mark finally got Ben naked apart from his socks and pushed him back, Ben squealed as he fell backwards on to the bed laughing his legs flying up in the air and from no where he commanded Mark to bang him good. Mark smirked and grabbed Ben's legs pushing them over his own shoulders leaning forward he gripped hold of Ben's arms and kissed him. Ben wriggled but found he was firmly balled up by Mark and he could feel that Mark was already aroused and leaking precum. Mark kissed Ben locking their mouths together as he wriggled his hips to position his cock, no sooner had he found his prize he pushed causing Ben to snap his eyes open in surprise and moan at the unexpected painful intrusion. To his own amazement Ben just wriggled his ass around Mark's cock that was already half inside him, he was breathing rapidly through his nose, his mouth clamped open and full of Mark's tongue and saliva. His excitement and desire clear to see in his eyes and Mark pushed the rest of his cock deep inside Ben, his back arched and he moaned in pleasure in to Mark's mouth, he had no time to adjust as Mark's own lust for Ben was being pounded in to his body in deep firm rapid thrusts. The pain he felt quickly evaporating as he wanted this and needed it, almost giggling at the thought of being pinned down and fucked as a play thing. Mark stopped kissing and began grunting sounds as he breathed out rapidly, Ben could feel his body tensing and hot breath of Mark flowing over his face looking each other in the eye. Ben cried out as he felt Mark lock his cock deep and feeling the pulsating contractions followed by the warming sensation of Mark's seed flowing in to his ass. They laid in silence with just the heavy breathing filling the room with ambient sound, Mark released Ben's arms and legs pushing him up further on to the bed until Mark laid on top of him kissing him tenderly for several moments until he pulled his legs up under Ben's thighs. It took a moment before Ben realised he was going to get it again, he pulled Marks face towards him and kissed him madly and deeply feeling Mark gyrating his still hard cock. The gyrating moved in to a rhythmical gentle thrusting, Ben's was more heightened than ever still recovering from the first fucking he just got, his own cock bouncing up and down leaking like a faucet and he knew he was about to orgasm. Mark looked down at Ben and smiled his hips using a more gyrating thrust action which caused Ben to grab his arms tightly and arching his back 'oh fuck' he said his eyes rolling up in ecstasy feeling the pulsing of his own cock as he shot a big ribbon of seed up along his chest and splashing against his neck. His ass muscles contracted around Mark's cock 'oh wow' Mark cried ramming his cock in several times harder then ever against the tight muscles contracting around his cock, quickly he was brought over the edge rearing up and pushing harder erupting and sending more seed in to Ben. Mark collapsed exhausted on top of Ben hearing the squelching as their bodies met sliding against Ben's cum covered chest. Ben still feeling the pulsing of Mark's cock stroked his back and kissed his neck 'Mark I love you so much' Ben's whispered in to his ear. Mark mumbled a barely audible 'Your all mine Ben and I love you', locked together in sexual embrace they laid looking at each other smiling, giggling and kissing. Ben came out of the bathroom and put on a pair of Mark's speedos and made their way down to the pool terrace, they spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and sunbathing. Maddy was sat in a lounger chair reading a book whilst David was walking around the gardens with the gardener talking plants to replace the bare patch at one end of the grounds. Ben dozed off a couple of times as the 3 hour time difference was subtly playing with his body clock, either that or it was the hammering he took upstairs. Maddy put her book down as the butler brought them refreshments out and placed them on the table, after he left she stood up and picked up two of the glasses and wandered over to where Mark and Ben where laying. "Someone looks tired" she said to Ben as he opened his eyes. Ben sat up "All this excitement is getting to me" he said thanking her as she handed him the glass. Mark came over and sat on Ben's bed "Thanks mum" she smiled and sat down on the bed beside them. "Are you settled in Ben?" Maddy asked him. Ben nodded "Sort of, it is strange getting use to such a big place like this". Maddy smiled at him "It will grow on you Ben, Liongate has a way of pulling people in". "I can sort of see why, it's so tranquil as well" Ben said putting his glass down. "Tell me boys have you decided on a date and place?" she asked looking at Ben and Mark. Mark put his glass down "To be honest we haven't had time to think about that yet" he said looking at Ben. Maddy looked pensive for a moment "Well I hope you will consider here" she offered. Ben looked at Mark then to Maddy "You mean marry here?" he said. Maddy nodded "Yes, it would be great if you would consider it at as an option and there is plenty of room". "Mother" Mark said looking at her "out with it, what have you done?" Maddy laughed "Okay, I did a deal with one of the magazines" she finally told them looking down. Mark looked at Ben "How much?" he asked glancing at his mother. Maddy looked up at Mark "Pittance really just $500k but it doesn't stop you marrying wherever you want". Ben laughed "Why would they want to pay that to see us marry?". Maddy smiled looking at Ben "Circulation numbers, plus we get professional photos for free". "Oh right" Ben laughed. Maddy smiled "Anyway the money will go in your joint bank account". Mark picked up his drink "We don't have one Mother". "Ah" Maddy had a small grin on her face "Your father has set one up for you both". Mark shook his head looking at Ben "Parents" he said and laughed. Ben's mind was racing with so many things going on in his head he was struggling to keep up or make any sense of it all, they spent the rest of the afternoon dozing and relaxing which helped Ben get over the jetlag in time for dinner. Ben ran his head down the suit jacket feeling the expensive material and looking at himself in the mirror, he had to double take just to ensure he was not imagining how good he really did look in the dinner suit. Mark finished dressing and came back in to the bedroom and smiled seeing Ben looking dashing. "I told you that dinner suit looked good on you" Mark walked over and kissed and Ben. Ben smiled "Yeah you were right, it does feel good" he said as Mark took his hands. "I'm hungry are you ready?" he asked looking at Ben who nodded and they walked out along the hallway. Ben looked over down the staircase and paused "I thought this was a family dinner?" he looked nervous. Mark held Ben's hand tighter "It is and few friends of the family, don't worry I am here with you". Ben nodded and the stepped on to the staircase that swept downwards to the entrance hall where cocktails were being served. He had never felt so nervous, in fact coming out to his family proved to be much easier than what he was about to face. A mix of 20 people stood mingling and talking, only a couple looked up nodded and smiled. He spotted Mark's sister due to the resemblance to Maddy immediately. Mark had told Ben a little bit about his sister and husband John who was from Texas and his family owned a cattle ranch, but what intrigued him more was Mark saying how John was stead fast in his ways which made for a good relationship with Mark's father but never quite close as family. As they neared the bottom step David came forward beaming with a brilliant smile, for a man in his mid 40's he cut a pretty fine figure and easily stood out from the rest. Ben could clearly see that Mark got his looks from his father. "Ben wow you look incredible" he leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek and then did the same with Mark. Ben blushed a little "Thank you, and your dinner suite looks really nice" he said. David chuckled "You charmer Ben" he said and put his arm around Ben introducing him around. Mark slid off to grab a cocktail and speak to his mother "I thought this was a family dinner". Maddy patted his arm "It is almost. Your father absolutely loves Ben" she said watching them. Mark nodded "Strange, he has never taken to John like that". "I think Ben just has that quality about him that John doesn't and he clearly sees how in love you are" Maddy said looking over where John stood. Mark took his mother's arm and walked towards Ben "I hope this doesn't freak Ben out" he said. Maddy looked at Mark "Your father seems to have taken him under his wing, he will be alright Mark". "I hope so mother, I really hope so" Mark stood with his head to one side looking at Ben. Maddy kissed his head "It so nice to see you happy like this Mark, did he really have no idea about you?". Mark smiled "Yes, he thought I just worked for Angelo. He has no grip on money, doesn't want it and just wants us to live like we are now". Maddy nodded "Explains why your father likes him, John just came in expecting everything". Mark looked at her with surprise "I didn't know that" he said as they wondered over to Ben and David. "Your father knows that type of person that is why he is amiable if a little distant with him" Maddy told Mark. As they moved through the guests stopping to quickly chat they got to where Ban and David stood chatting to Mark's sister Selina and her husband John. Maddy saw the unmistakable glances John would make in Ben's direction, clearly he was put out at how Ben walked in a few hours ago and stole the show with David. Selina on the other hand just saw how happy Mark was and by respect for that she actually liked Ben. Selina was a year younger than Mark and she was as attractive as her mother, just as polished thanks to her private boarding school she attended in the UK during her teens. Her husband John was a year older than Mark, blond hair and blue eyes with a ranch persons solid muscular build. "What are your plans whilst you are here Mark?" Selina asked her brother. "Well we are going to see Ben's father for Sunday afternoon and Rodeo Drive in the morning" he replied. Selina looked at Ben "Where does your father live Ben?" she asked. "Somewhere down the coast a place called Laguna Beach" he said feeling Mark holding his hand. Selina nodded "Laguna is beautiful, I expect he is looking forward to seeing you". Ben looked down "I hope so, I mean I haven't seen him for about 6 years my parents are divorced". "Oh, I'm sorry" Selina replied looking a little upset having put her foot in it. Ben smiled at her "Yeah unfortunately I have a wicked step father back east, it's all very complicated". Selina smiled and nodded "Well John is off to Texas Monday morning so I hope we can have lunch or something". Ben looked at Mark who smiled and nodded his head "Yes we would love to". Maddy came over with an ordinary looking man carrying a professional camera and Ben almost freaked out and became nervous. She put her arm around him and said it was just a few minutes for pictures of you both. Ben and Mark went off to one of the lounges for 15 minutes having photos taken and then a group one when they re-joined the party and the photographer left. Ben looked at Mark "Well wasn't so bad I guess just nerve racking" he said as Mark laughed and kissed him. Maddy approached them "Well done Ben you just earned $100k". Ben stood opened mouth for a moment "Just for doing that?". Maddy smiled "Yes and the pictures looked great, they will send them to us tomorrow". David pushed in and grabbed Ben again "Ben let me take you into the dining room before dinner". Selina chuckled as David and Ben disappeared and walked over to Mark "Father really likes Ben". Mark was acute enough to know when to play things down "He wants to make sure he doesn't faux pas at dinner". Selina laughed "Not use to this then?" she asked Mark took his sisters arm as they walked towards the dining room "He is just Ben and that is what I love about him". "You don't think this will change him?" Selina asked stopping. Mark looked at her "Maybe a bit, I mean I hope he will get use to coming here". Selina looked at him "You are not moving back to Liongate then?". Mark shook his head "No, well I don't think so, anyway it would have to be mutual decision if we ever talk about it". "I am surprised and a little upset, I thought you might have been coming home at last" Selina said as they walked. Mark laughed "Who knows sis". "How is Angelo, we haven't seen him for over a year?" She asked changing the subject. Mark grabbed a glass of champagne "He is well, getting married as well and the business doing really well". "I heard on the family grapevine he found someone" she said grabbing a glass for herself. Mark smiled "Yes his name is Ethan and is Ben's best friend". "No way, how bizzare" she replied looking shocked. Mark chuckled "That's how I met Ben at a party at Angelo's". Selina clinked her champagne glass with Mark's "How funny the way things happen, when did you know?". Mark sipped his champagne "Right there when I first saw him, everything just fell in to place". Dinner was called just as David finished explaining to Ben about the cutlery on the table who found it quite amusing trying to remember to work from the outside in. But Ben still didn't know who half the guests where at dinner, he found his name above on the place setting and saw to his relief that on his right would be Maddy. Mark would be across the table with David and Selina. Guests mingled around the table and Maddy saw Ben looking a little lost and immediately went over to him, he felt like a nobody amongst all the guests there who were all wealthy and notable in their areas of business or life. "You okay Ben" Maddy asked putting her around him. Ben nodded "Yes, I just feel a little odd around all these people, I mean they are all something". Maddy looked him in the eye "Ben never feel like that, being part of this family means you are someone". He looked slightly confused "Maddy I can't pretend to understand any of this" he said nervously. Maddy hugged him "You are just as if not more important than the people in this room Ben". Ben nodded still not really grasping it "It's a lot to take in". She took him over to his seat at the table opposite Mark "Always remember David and I are here for you". Being opposite Mark calmed him down and he began to relax more and more over dinner, thankfully David sat opposite next to Mark and would hint which cutlery to use as they dined. Mark would swap the cutlery around when Ben wasn't looking and it took him a moment to realise what was going on since Selina gave it away but her constant giggling. Ben was relieved when dinner was over and they went and sat outside on the terrace in the cool air. Mark kissed Ben discreetly as they sat down "You survived" he said holding his hand. Ben smiled "It was okay, next time you mess around with my cutlery I will stab your hand with a fork". Mark laughed so hard "God you make me so happy Ben". Ben leaned in next to Mark surveying the grounds and mansion "Let's do it here, get married". Mark kissed his head "Thank you, I know my parents will be over the moon". "I just feel it is right and as a thank you to your parents for welcoming me" Ben said with much feeling. Mark looked at Ben "Kiss me" he said as Selina came out looking for them. "5 minutes then you must come in, father wants to make a speech" she said tutting at them kissing. Mark looked up "Okay" then he looked at Ben "Marry me soon I can't wait Ben". Ben stood up "Day after Christmas" he said holding his hand out to Mark. Mark stood up smiling "I can wait 3 weeks" he said laughing and kissing Ben. "What do we have to do to get this done?" Ben suddenly asked not really thinking through the idea. Mark looked at Ben "My mother will take care of it, I think that is why she wanted us to marry here" he replied as they walked across the terrace. Ben smiled "Yeah I sort of got the exactment from her when we talked about it". They walked back in to the dining room holding hands just as David was getting ready to Make his speech clearing his throat as if he needed to "Family and friends, thank you so much for coming this evening for dinner. Maddy and I never really expected to be hosting a dinner for our son and his husband to be Ben. When I first met Ben he was rolling on the floor with Mark at his house warming, apologies if I am embarrassing you both, but when you see such love between two people you forgive them for behaving like animals. But I have to say he is a most charming and polite person when Mark leaves him alone. In case your are wondering I am not going to drone on but just wanted to say that we couldn't be happier to have Ben as part of our family. Ben and Mark" he raised his glass followed by everyone else in the room who cheered. Ben was becoming a fast emotional wreck at being shown so much love from Mark's parents and was doing his best to control himself, having Mark by his side was all he needed. His whole life in a matter of weeks had changed as plain and ordinary Ben from Harrison was now loved by the most incredible person he had ever met, broken free from his repressing step father he now saw a life he could now enjoy. Guests numbers were dwindling as they began to leave, Mark sat down next to Ben and reached up to undo Ben's tie whilst their eyes fixated on each other. It was these small tiny noticeable things that Maddy and David had picked up and she squeezed David's arm as they walked in the lounge after the last guests had left and nodded towards them. David smiled and patted her hand seeing such devotion to each other. Maddy had arranged coffee for the four of them and they took the sofa opposite Ben and Mark. "You want to tell them Ben?" Mark said sitting back holding Ben's hand. Maddy looked at Ben and Mark "Tell us what?" she asked inquisitively. Ben looked at Mark "We want to marry the day after Christmas here at Liongate". Maddy looked at them "Oh thank you Ben, this means so much. Oh my so much to do now". David smiled and looked at Ben "Excellent, doesn't give much time to get things sorted" he suddenly realised. Mark spoke up "But, it is to be a small celebration" he said smiling at his mother. Maddy composed herself having found pen and paper to start making a list "If that is what you want". David put his hand on Maddy's to stop her writing then looked at Ben "There is a lot to get done". Ben watched David making an unmistakable hint to Maddy before he asked "Maddy would you like to organise it?". Maddy looked up at Ben "Of course, it's what I do best, that is if you don't mind Ben?". Ben shook his head "Maddy I wouldn't know where to start". "Thank you Ben, you and Mark will need to make some decisions about colours and food" Maddy said writing on her pad. Ben laughed and started speaking "As long as there is no pasta..." Mark punched him on the arm. "Don't you dare make fun of my pasta" he said as the four of them sat laughing. "I need names of who you want to invite and we will see what the numbers come out like" Maddy said. When they retired for the evening Ben suddenly thought about friends and family as it was Christmas and if they would be able to fly out. Mark settled in to bed next to Ben and told him that the ones he loved most can stay at Liongate. It was coming up to midnight and Ben was exhausted plus the time difference was beginning to take it's toll. Ben rolled on to his side and cuddled up to Mark dozing off just as his phone pinged. Mark reached over and saw a message from Angelo 'Franco leaving 2nite, move brought forward at airport now, Josh is in pieces with Adam and Tony, Franco knows how Josh feels, hope your both well. A xx'. Ben was asleep so Mark put his phone down and closed his eyes thinking about Josh, annoyed more than anything after all the warnings he had been given about Franco being straight, but at the same time he felt much sorrow for him. At Newark airport Josh had wandered over to security with Adam and Tony, his eyes red from crying but now with a more steely determination that he had to forget about him, although they had bonded in friendship it was a crush he had to overcome. Angelo was hugging Franco, his parents had just gone through and were waiting for him at the gate. Franco saw Josh approach and looked up at Angelo "Sorry I have to say good bye to Josh". "Bet you never thought you would break a boys heart Franco" Angelo said patting him on the shoulder. Franco walked over to him "Joshy, you mean so much to me and thank you for your friendship". Josh looked at Franco and smiled feebly "Gonna miss you Franco, more that you can imagine" he said wiping his eyes. "Trust me I know Joshy, do me a favour and find yourself a real nice guy" Franco said hugging Josh. Josh pulled away "Easier said than done". Franco said one last good bye and went through security, as he turned he saw Josh being comforted by Adam and Ethan. He fully understood now what Angelo meant about Josh's feelings running way to deep for him. He shook his head in sadness thinking about the night when he kissed Josh in a drunken frenzy, strangely he felt a stirring in his groin as he thought about the kiss. Franco watched Manhattan disappearing from the aircraft window as the flight ascended heading south, his thought purely on Josh and how much he was going to miss him. He felt his mothers hand on his arm in a comforting way as she knew that the move whilst good for Franco's father still meant leaving their life behind. Ben and Mark were strolling along Rodeo drive taking in some of the sights before they needed to be at the Four Seasons to meet Maddy and David for lunch. Mark wore a baseball cap which Ben thought looked kind of ridiculous since he had never seen him wear one before but also added a new sexy look about him. Ben in to the Canali store where they browsed around looking at the casual wear. Every now and then Ben would tutt and shake his head seeing the price of the casual polos and shirts but he did like the designs of a couple of the shirts. "Try them on if you like them Ben" Mark suggested standing behind him. Ben showed the price tag to Mark "Not at these prices" he said quietly "Can't we go to Walmart?". "Certainly not and don't ever swear like that again" Mark retorted giggling. Ben turned to him "Only if you promise to make love only wearing the baseball cap tonight". Mark pinched Ben's ass "Deal" he said "But seriously if you like it try it on". The shop assistant Serge approached "Can I help your gentlemen please?". Mark didn't turn around but leaned over Ben's shoulder "He wants to try these shirts on please". Serge coughed "I'm sorry but you have to request appointments to try garments on". Ben giggled "Never mind we will shop elsewhere" he said turning to look at Mark and Serge. Serge stopped in his tracks "Oh, I do apologise I didn't recognise you, of course you may try the shirts on". Ben looked at Serge "You recognised me?" he said confused. Serge smiled and called to Hameed "Fitting room and assistance for Mr Midler-Warren please Hameed". Ben was whisked off to a fitting room with an attendant as he tried on the first shirt and came out to show Mark who nodded and said he should wear it to his fathers this afternoon. Ben nearly said something about the price but remember David's words yesterday about how stubborn Mark can be on somethings. "Do you think I can afford it Mark?" Ben asked and heard Hameed sucking air through his teeth. Mark laughed "Money is a dirty word in these boutiques Ben. Hameed charge it to the Davenport account" he said. Hameed stood behind Ben "Would you like anything else sir?". Ben shook his head but Mark stood up and walked over to Hameed "Whatever he wants or you think he needs". An hour later they came out of the boutique clutching bags and Mark smiling telling Ben that they could have delivered the bags home. But Ben was keeping hold of them quietly ashamed at how much everything had cost, they walked along Wilshire Boulevard and came to the imposing and impressive entrance to the hotel. Walking through the reception Ben couldn't help but notice several people nodded in their direction causing Ben to wonder if something was wrong, after all he wasn't exactly dressed for such an auspicious hotel, they stepped out on to the terrace to join Maddy and David at their table and noticing two other people who he didn't recognise were sat with them. "I see you have been to Canali" David said looking at the 7 bags. Mark chuckled sitting down "I couldn't stop him once he started" he said patting the seat next to him for Ben. "I'm sorry I didn't realise how much this would all cost" Ben replied looking slightly ashamed. David laughed and waved his hand in the air "Enjoy yourself Ben". Maddy laughed as Ben sat down and introduced the two gentlemen as Edward and Philip who were wedding planners and taking on the arrangements. After the introductions were done they gave some thoughts to a simple yet stylish celebration and then left leaving the four of them to enjoy lunch and talk more. The drive back to Liongate was sluggish with the traffic but they still had a few hours to spare before they would be heading to Laguna Beach to meet Ben's father. "Have you thought about where you will go for your honeymoon?" Maddy asked Mark. He shook his head "No not really, a beach would be nice, what do you think Ben?" he asked. Ben knew by now to go with the flow "Beach sounds good, always wanted to go to the Caribbean". Maddy smiled "Good, that will be my gift to you both" she already knew the perfect place. Ben smiled "Thank you Maddy" he said as the car pulled up to Liongate. Ben and Mark had changed and headed down to the courtyard to get in the limousine and headed off to Laguna Beach.
  9. Part 28 - The Real Mark Mark got out of the car and opened the front door, it had been a lovely dinner just the 4 of them and to boot Ben was staying over with him. They settled down cosily on the sofa watching a some TV relaxing in each others company like a dependable drug they had to be close and touch or be held in the arms of each other, Ben's phone started ringing. Ben reached over and looked at Mark "It's my father, do you mind?". Mark kissed him on the head "No of course I don't mind" he said. Ben answered the phone "Hey dad". "Ben, how are you?" Rob asked sitting on the terrace overlooking the ocean. "Yeah I'm really good, a lot of things have happened since we last spoke" Ben said resting back against Mark. Rob paused for a moment "I spoke to your mother yesterday, been wanting to call you" he said as Heike patted his shoulder. "Oh right, I guess she has told you, so why haven't you?" Ben asked raising the pitch of his voice slightly. "You know, this is quite big and a major turning point for you" Rob looked over at Heike who was nodding approvingly. "Does it change things between us?" Ben asked as he looked at Mark mouthing the words he knows. Rob sat forward in his chair "No it doesn't Ben, you are my son and god I miss you". Ben began crying down the phone "I will come and see you in a few months when I get paid" he sobbed. "Stop that Ben or you will start me off" Rob stammered wiping his eyes. Ben pulled himself together "I am moving in with my boyfriend next weekend dad" he sniffed breaking the news. "That soon Ben, is it Steven?" Rob asked him. Ben paused for a moment "He has never really liked me dad, but I want to do this for me not for him". "Good, I didn't want to say anything but he was part of the reason why you never came here" Rob waited for a reaction. Ben sniffed "Yes I know, something always came up and he was very controlling over me". "You know Heike and me are here and we both want you come out to see us" Rob said watching Heike smiling. The phone call was difficult in many ways, the part about him being gay was the easiest and Rob had promised to tell Ben everything when he would eventually get to LA. Rob had told Ben enough around how he was forced to give up custody for a clean break from Margarite and it was this that killed him inside every time he tried to Ben over to LA as he had no overriding rights until now. "You love him a lot don't you?" Mark asked as Ben cuddled up next to him on the sofa. Ben nodded "It still only seems like yesterday he walked out, but I understand a lot better now why he did it". "Well you know how Angelo and I feel about family Ben, you will get to LA soon" Mark said stroking his head. Friday had come and Ben was in the bedroom with Mark unpacking half of his clothing that he had brought with him. Mark sat on the bed smiling like a Cheshire cat still trying to believe this was really happening and he was starting to move in, his love for Ben was clear and he desperately wanted to spend the rest of his life with him. When he put the last shirt in the closet Mark walked over and kissed him telling him it was time to eat so they headed down to the kitchen. Ben nearly wooed every time he walked in to the modern stylish kitchen with it's island and counter. Ben sat down whilst Mark prepared dinner "You will need to teach me how to do these sort of things". Mark looked up and smiled "Nah, we will get a housekeeper to do this" he said then quickly went back to work. "Housekeeper, what are you made of money?" he laughed at the laudable suggestion. Mark tried to keep the conversation on a different course and put the pasta in front of Ben "Pasta alla Mark". "Thank you" Ben said smiling and waiting for Mark to join him. "So there are some things we need to discuss Ben" Mark said light-heartedly. Ben "And what is that?" he asked as Marked laughed and wiped the sauce from Ben's chin. "Do you a dinner suit?" Mark asked Ben shook his head "I don't think so, oh wait no that's a birthday suit being naked, so what is it?". "Tomorrow we will go out and get you one, next weekend we are having dinner with my parents" Mark explained. Ben looked at him curiously and put his fork down "Mark what is going on?" he asked. "Next weekend we go to my parents for a few days" Mark said trying to look casual about it. "A few days?" Ben looked shock "I thought you said dinner". "Well 4 if you want and I think you will want to" Mark was bracing himself to tell Ben with excitement. Ben cocked his head to one side "Your bursting to say something I can tell". Mark looked at Ben "My parents live outside LA so I thought you might like to see your father as well". Ben jumped out of his seat kissing and hugging Mark "Oh god yes I would love that Mark". "Great we will get the tickets tomorrow and get the morning flight out to LA" he said to an excited Ben. "Oh I.." Ben stopped his excitement dampening down "I will have to tell my dad, I am sure he will pay for my ticket". Mark shook his head "No I will sort it out Ben, plus there is something else I need to tell you". Ben sat back down "What is it?". Mark held Ben's hand "My parents are quite wealthy" he said looking at him. Ben nodded "Oh okay is that why I need the dinner suit?". Mark continued "I don't want any of what I tell you now to change us as we are". Ben looked confused "Why would anything change Mark?" he asked squeezing his hand. "You need to know that I am in my own right as well" Mark said thinking that Ben would understand. Ben looked even more confused "As well what?". "I have money from a trust fund" Mark replied trying to asses Ben's reaction. Ben chuckled "What you mean like you have a million dollars?" he asked laughing. Mark laughed and shook his head then looked seriously at him "No, several million dollars". Ben sat with his mouth open in silence and eventually spoke "I only wanted to move in to be with you". Mark smiled "Your not going to go all crazy on me?" he asked. Ben cuddled Mark "No, I am here because I love you. Why are you telling me this now?". Mark looked at Ben "I wanted to make certain it was me you liked, I don't want to hide behind a veil of deceit". "I would still be here even if you told me it was a joke" Ben kissed him "Eat your dinner it's getting cold". Mark looked at his plate of pasta "By the way I can only cook pasta and oven ready meals". Ben nearly choked laughing and looked at him "So we will both learn to cook together". Mark nodded "Yeah that would be fun, and I am incredibly in love with you". Ben put his fork down and looked at Mark "You are? So..." he hinted towards the stairs. Mark knew instantly "Get up stairs you randy little fucker" standing up Mark chased Ben up the stairs. Ben had very little awareness around money and material things, he knew that money was required to function in the world and if you didn't have the money you made do with what you could. It was this that never really dawned on him around the true extent of Mark was telling him. When they headed in to the city Ben stood in Macy's trying on different dinner suits whilst Mark was sat outside waiting for him to parade each one as he tried them on. Mark was on the phone finishing off booking the flights with his personal travel manager at the airlines Concierge Key club, Ben walked out and stood in front of Mark who was talking on the phone and twizzled his finger to get Ben to turnaround. Mark took the phone away from his ear "Looks really good on you Ben, do you like it?". Sheepishly Ben nodded feeling a little uncomfortable "Yes but it's so expensive" he replied. Mark ignored him "Do you want to try on another one?" he asked him. Ben nodded "Yes something not so flashy and under $200" as he turned to look admiring the dinner suit in the mirror. Mark nodded to the dresser indicating this suit "Okay well try on something you like" he suggested. Mark finished on the phone and hung up watching one of the attendants exit with the flashy dinner suit as Ben called it. Mark gave the address of his parents house and asked them to send it on immediately. Ben came out feeling a lit more comfortable in a much more plain and reasonable dinner suit at $120. Mark chuckled and nodded at Ben then as he went back to change he called his mother and had a very brief concise conversation with her that was over with in five minutes. Leaving the department store they strolled through Manhattan and rounded the block, Mark loved the way Ben walked so closely against him. Ben stopped "Oh the hotel we stayed in" he laughed. Mark smiled "Yes, where it really all started" he said looking at Ben. Ben looked at Mark "It is where I found my true self and what I wanted in my life". "Soppy, come on were meeting Angelo and the others for lunch" Mark said taking Ben's hand who was now excited. The six of them were a little noisy but controlled as they had a lunch courtesy of Mark and Angelo, Adam and Tony announced they had set a date to tie the knot in April and it would take place at Adam's family home in Harrison. All eyes then turned to Ethan including Angelo, he put his hands up and suggested June or July in the Hamptons and looked at Angelo who smiled and told him it was a fitting place to marry since that is where he first knew and proposed. Coffee was being served in the lounge and Mark went to speak to his friend Luka the duty manager of the hotel, Angelo circled around and collared Ben before he could leave to join the others. "I've been wanting to catch up with you Ben" Angelo said inviting Ben to sit down next to him. Ben sat and smiled "About the job?" he asked. Angelo shook his head "No, has Mark spoken to you about his family and circumstance?". Ben laughed and went in to hushed mode "You mean about the wealth of the family?" he asked looking at Angelo. "Yes, I'm pleased he has, he doesn't like talking about it and tries to live like a normal person" Angelo said chuckling. Ben rested his head in his hands leaning on the table "Well it doesn't change anything I like how we are now". Angelo smiled "Did he go in to much detail?" he asked with a little relief. "Not really he just said he had several million in a trust or something" Ben recalled. Angelo laughed "Several! that is an understatement. He also has a few million in personal savings". Ben looking up "How the hell do you save a million dollars?" he said looking amused. "Mostly his allowance from his father, he never spends it so it just keeps racking up" Angelo said watching Ben. Ben sighed "We don't need it to be happy, although he did talk about a housekeeper". Angelo laughed "Oh god, you have been prone to the pasta dish, that's all he can cook". Ben was laughing so hard and when he calmed down he looked at Angelo "I really don't know what he has done to me". Angelo looked at him curiously "What do you mean?" Ben sighed "I don't know Angelo, it just feels so right. Sort of like he needed me". Angelo smiled at Ben "He has been lost for a few years, I just think you brought clarity and love to his life". Ben blushed "Do you think things will change, you know the money thing?". "Some things may change Ben, but his love for you won't that much I can tell you" Angelo said patting Ben's hand. Ben sat back in his chair "He is taking me to LA next week". "Oh your going to Liongate the Davenport family home, it is lovely and I am sure you will enjoy yourself there" Angelo said. Ben stood up "Come on lets join the others". Sunday and Mark sat chilled out on the sofa with Ben who was on the phone to his father, he was amazed how Ben never brought up the subject since their discussion about his wealth, he sometimes wondered if he did indeed have a grasp at what he was told. What he found funny was how he chose the cheap dinner suit despite that he had told Ben to pick what one felt the best on him. He also knew that Angelo had told Ben his surname and if Ben had done a search on the internet he may not be so calm about it. There was nothing untoward in his family apart from his mother who being a descendent of European nobility attracted quite a lot of media attention when they appeared in social events and fund raisers, both parents wealthy in their own rights and his father was a successful businessman from Europe had married Madeline whom by birth was American. The flip side meant that both Mark and his sister were also media fodder and it was this that caused him the most concern about Ben stepping in to his world, other than this family was family and very private. Ben hung up the phone and looked at Mark telling him his father was excited and wanted to meet him as well. When Ben went home for his final few days in his family home he had decided to spend Thanksgiving with them and Mark would pick him up on the Friday for the very last time. Mark would be spending it with his distant relations at Angelo's family, Angelo and Ethan were going to Angelo's for the day then to Ethan's parents for dinner. Adam and Tony would also he in Harrison at their families doing a similar approach to Angelo and Ethan's way. Thanksgiving turned out to a dull and windy day as Ben watched from his bedroom window, he had just finished packing his last few bits that he wanted to take with him. Steven his step father had not spoken a word to him partly due to Ben avoiding him at all costs. His grandparents and Steven's parents and sister's were coming to dinner as well and Margarite had warned Ben to keep things private for the moment. He showered and changed before heading downstairs to receive the luke warm reception he always got from Steven's family side, Ben's step aunties in particular often tried to wind him up to the point where he would just stand with dignity and walk out of the room. Ben got to the bottom stair 'God I hope his is over and done with quickly' he thought to himself as he joined the family in the kitchen. The saving grace were his real grandparents who loved him unconditionally as he was their first grandchild. It was the mocking around the dinner table, Margarite tried to keep the peace but Steven's younger sisters Lucy and Beth were winding Ben up as usual. They did it more out of intrigue this time noticing that Ben had changed and was completely different from when they last saw him. Thankfully his grand father put his foot down abruptly as he was trying to have a conversation with Ben, the tension around the table with palpable since Lucy and Beth had never been spoken to in that way, it didn't take long for things to ease down. "So Ben what are your plans when you graduate? his grand father asked and a few people stopped to listen. Ben looked up "Oh I start work at a tech company in 2 weeks time, great salary and they will help me finish college". "Well done and good for you Ben" he replied raising his glass. Lucy bored with the conversation turned to her mother "Oh I see that Madeline Davenport was in town last week". Her mother looked off dreamy "I bet she looked stunning, was it another charity event?". "No, it didn't say why she was in NY, but there are pictures of her leaving NY on Sunday" Lucy said holding her phone up. Beth took delight in updating the rest of the table "European descendent probably not that nice but wealthy". Ben was sat between Lucy and Beth completely failed to register the name "Why is she of interest to you?" he said. Lucy looked at him "She is fascinating and always impeccably dressed, look how she departed La Guardia". Ben and looked at the phone being shoved under his nose "Oh yes" he stopped and looked at Lucy "What is her name?". Beth laughed at the look on his face "Stupid boy get with the times that is Madeline Davenport". Lucy waved the phone in front of him "The Madeline Davenport, but then your a boy what would you know". "Davenport" Ben said and looked at his mother "Can't be can it" he said to her recognising Maddy in the picture. Margarite just looked on as if not understanding anything "What are you on about Ben?". Ben pulled his phone out and dialled Mark "Hey I have a question I need to ask you". "Babe is everything alright?" Mark asked. Ben realised he was talking to his boyfriend at the dinner table in front of everyone "Yes, fine". "So what do you want to ask?" Mark said quietly and seductively down the phone. Ben chuckled hearing his sex voice "Stop it, is Maddy your mother also Madeline Davenport?". Mark was silent for a moment "Yes Ben she is, is there something wrong?". "No, my step fathers sisters are showing pictures of her just wanted to make sure" Ben said reassuringly. Mark laughed "Tell them to look at Davenports in Spain it includes a picture of me last year". Ben laughed down the phone "And you, is it known publicly?" he asked trying to be discreet. Mark laughed again "Yes it is public, I got caught kissing a guy which made the gossip magazines". Ben could feel the eyes on him listening to him so he did the bravest thing "Thanks, love you". Lucy mocked him "Love you" as she turned to Beth and they laughed. Margarite stood up "Stop it enough of this, if you can't be civilised to my son don't speak to him". "Mum it's okay, they don't bother me" Ben said as tension grew around the table. Beth turned to Ben "So who were you talking to, can't be the daughter she is married". Lucy looked at Beth then Ben "This is their son" she said showing Ben the picture. Ben took the phone and passed it to his mother "Oops" he said. Margarite looked at Ben and laughed "Didn't you know?" she asked. Ben shook his head "No". Lucy grabbed her phone "Do you know Mark Davenport?" she asked in a shrilly voice. Ben smiled "Yeah that's my boyfriend" he said, Lucy and Beth sat their opened mouth looking at Ben as he opened up about his sexuality. Mark excused himself from dinner worried and concerned about the conversation he set off to Harrison to see Ben. Without really knowing what he was going to do he had to speak to Ben before everything unfolded, he checked his pocket and breathed a huge sigh of relief that he had the ring with him. It was going to be a massive gamble but he wanted Ben so much he had to do it. There was a shattering silence around the table as everyone looked at Ben who just seemed to be in his own world at that moment. "Boyfriend" Lucy said "Your gay?". Ben snapped out of it and looked at his mother "Yes, and Mark Davenport is my boyfriend". Steven shifted uncomfortably in his seat "Well now Alex is doing very well at school" he tried to change the subject. Ben's grand father seeing how the others reacted spoke "Ben this is a surprise, I'm very happy for you and hope he makes you happy". "Thank you pops" his grand mother came round and gave him a hug as well. There was uncertainty amongst the others around the table and mostly Lucy and Beth didn't believe Mark was indeed his boyfriend, they searched on their phones and found several articles where Mark was seen kissing with a guy on a beach in southern Spain last year and the speculation around this. Since the family had not given any comment the story flatlined within a few weeks. Beth looked up "Wow" she said "He has an estimated fortune of some $30 million dollars" she showed Lucy and her mother. Ben smiled at his mother who now looked amazed "Blimey" he said not realising how rich Mark was. Margarite stood up "Well shall we have coffee in the family room" she announced "Ben stay and help me". Ben nodded "Yes of course" he started clearing plates as everyone else stood up to go. Steven's mother was heard by Ben as she spoke to her daughters "He is probably lying about this" pointing to the phone. Margarite hugged Ben "Don't listen to them". "Sorry I shouldn't have said anything but they were annoying me so much" Ben said. "No more secrets in this family Ben" Margarite asked preparing the coffee tray. Ben shook his head "No, it was a surprise to me when he told me he had a bit of money". Margarite handed Ben the tray "It's not a bit it's a lot, here take that through". Ben placed the tray down and walked back to the kitchen as the doorbell rang "I'll go" Ben said. Ben was beginning to feel a little down trodden by Steven's family which was nothing unusual and tonight it was more intense this evening. He opened the front door to see Mark standing there with a worried look on his face. Ben didn't say a word he looked at him and lunged forward kissing him madly until Mark pushed him off. "Hey hey, what's the matter?" Mark asked quietly. Ben sighed and hugged him "God I am happy to see you, I have had a hell of a night". Mark hugged Ben hard "Was it to do with the phone call?". Ben nodded "It's my step family winding me up and then I just announced at the table about you being my boyfriend and came out". Mark laughed "I have a lot of explaining to do Ben and I should have trusted you more about my family and me". Ben looked at him "Doesn't matter who you are Mark, I just want you the Mark I know". Mark kissed him "No question Ben, and my feelings for you have and will never change". "Mark" Margarite stood holding the coffee pot at the kitchen door "Please come in". "I'm sorry I didn't mean to intrude" Mark said apologetically. "Ben get Mark a cup and then both of you join us for coffee in the family room" she gave Mark a kiss and walked off. Ben smiled "Come on, I think she is glad you turned up to shut the rest of them up". "What do you mean?" Mark asked following Ben to the kitchen. "Step mother thinks I am lying and my step sisters don't believe that you are my man" Ben said holding his hands. Mark chuckled "So you want me to by your man?" he asked. Ben pushed Mark up against the refrigerator and kissed him "Definitely, take me home and make love to me". Mark smiled "What about the family?". "Fuck them I need to be with you" Ben replied looking in to his eyes. Mark pushed Ben off "Coffee to shut the family up then I take you home". Ben smiled and grabbed another cup and took Mark's hand walking with him towards the family room, they stood outside for a moment and could clearly hear Lucy, Beth and their mother dissing him about Mark and then Margarite saying they should show a little more respect and regard for her son. Mark looked at Ben "Let's get this over with" he said. Ben laughed "Shame we haven't got some dramatic music to play as we walk in". Mark bent over laughing quietly but was nervous as hell "That would be funny" he kissed Ben then nodded to him. Ben opened the door and grabbed Mark's hand and walked in "Mother enough coffee for one more?". Margarite stood as if it was a well choreographed routine she kissed Mark "Of course how nice to see you Mark". Ben took a moment to look at his step family as he stood in a defiant stance and watched the looks on their faces as they saw Mark standing there in the flesh. "Everyone I would like you to meet Mark who is my boyfriend" Ben proudly announced at the stunned faces. Mark leaned in and whispered to Ben "How about husband?". Ben turned slowly to look at him slightly stunned his heart beating faster a smile on his face "Did I hear you..." Mark got down on one knee to the gasps in the room and produced the ring "Ben I love you so much, marry me?". Ben shut everyone else out as he looked down seeing his Mark, a person who loved him dearly and wanted to be with him "Yes" he said without hesitation. Mark slipped the ring on his finger and stood up to kiss him. Margarite was crying and Ben's grandparents came over to congratulate him and wanting to meet the person that had changed Ben's life. Lucy was about to start filming on her phone but Margarite swooped on her and knocked it out of her hand looking sternly at her 'Don't you dare' she snarled at her making sure she understood, Beth quickly slipped her phone back in her bag to avoid a confrontation. The step family not realising it immediately had been side lined by Ben in an obvious statement to them at how Steven had treated him over the years. Steven's father looked at his son and the look said it all, he had warned him to treat Ben any differently but he had ignored his fathers advice. Mark sent a text to his mother with two words 'job done', it was a code word they used in the family. Maddy looked at it and turned to David and told him that Ben had said yes, he smiled and kissed his wife saying thank god he finally found some one. Mark said he had to speak to Ben and Margarite alone for a moment and they rushed in to the kitchen. "I'm sorry I didn't forewarn you Margarite" Mark said apologising to her. Margarite patted his arm "It's fine, I loved the look on their faces it was priceless". "There is just one thing I have to do but it means word will get out immediately" Mark began explaining. Ban looked at his mother "What do you mean?". "My parents are public figures of sorts so it means Ben and I will be public knowledge" Mark was looking at Ben. "I see" Margarite replied "Does that mean it will be in the spotlight?" she asked. Mark nodded "It does. It will probably be for a week or so but you can never tell". Ben nodded "Do it before those two post anything" he said referring to his step aunties. "Are you both sure?" Margarite asked looking at Ben and Mark who both nodded "Okay do whatever it is you have to do". Mark typed the word 'Go' to his mother who replied within seconds 'Released' he smiled "It's done". Ben got his phone out "I will call dad and tell him now". Mark nodded "I guess we should let Angelo and Ethan know". They worked quickly letting their friends know but Ben said he would like to tell his father in person when they got to LA. Ben stood there for a moment taking in the scene, his mothers excitement and grandparents had wandered in to the kitchen leaving Steven and his family in the family room were also excited. Ben never thought his grandparents would get it but was surprised on how up with the times they actually were. It was just 15 minutes when the door bell rang and Margarite went to answer it. She returned with Angelo, Ethan, Tony and Adam who had all come to offer their congratulations. Ellie and Jack turned up with Sophie a few minutes later and Margarite was quite relieved to see Ellie and explained how everything just seemed to happen and she was happy for Ben. Finally things quietened down and Ben turned to Mark and asked to take him home away from all the chaos. Both of them exhausted they laid facing each other in bed laughing for no particular reason just happiness. Eventually Ben surfaced from bed at 9am whilst Mark was already up drinking coffee and sitting in the study on the computer. Ben plodded down to the kitchen and grabbed a coffee, his looked at his finger at the ring that he now wore as a symbol of Mark's love. He picked up the cup and wandered through to the study and sat down in the sofa. "Morning, what time did you get up?" Ben asked snuggling up on the sofa. Mark watched him "About an hour a go, my phone kept going off" he laughed. "Yeah" Ben said looking at his "mine hasn't gone massively crazy but a few messages, oh one from my step father". Mark looked up at him "And, what does it say?" he asked. Ben read aloud "Ben I know we never really connected, have wired money to your account use it to buy Mark a ring". Mark smiled and looked back the computer screen "Well at least he seems to be coming around". Ben shrugged his shoulders "What are you doing?". "Ah mother told me to check the Hello website" he said typing on the keyboard. Ben jumped up "Am I famous now" he laughed coming to terms with the conversation last night. Mark sat back and read the article aloud to Ben "The race is over girls Mark Davenport is off the market. David and Madeline Davenport made a surprise announcement last evening that their son Mark has got engaged to a Benjamin Midler-Warren from the east coast. We are yet to see who the beau is that stole Mark's heart and no one saw this one coming shutting the door firmly on months of speculation about his sexual orientation". Ben came round to his side "Oh shit" he stood scratching his head giggling "This really does happen". Mark laughed "I expect mother is negotiating the wedding rights as well". Ben looked down at him "It won't be big will it?" he began to feel a little jittery and slightly daunted. "No we can keep it to family and close friends if you prefer" he assured Ben rubbing his ass. Ben dragged Mark to the shops and being Black Friday it was busy as people clambered around trying to grab the best bargains, fortunately the shop they were heading for was busy but not overly manic, Ben used the money from his step father to get Mark a ring. Glad to be done they headed back home to spend the rest of the day packing before heading to Angelo's for dinner with the gang. Franco arrived at Angelo's early as he was visiting other family in Brooklyn and so decided to head straight over, as he parked the car on the street he spotted Josh walking in his direction so he stayed there waiting leaning against his car. As straight as Franco was there was just something about the way Josh would smile at him like he was doing now which got him all fuzzy and warm inside. As the evening wore on it was plain to see they way Franco interacted with Josh was very different, it was almost like it was on another level. From the stolen glances each would make when the other was not looking to the lengthy conversations they would have between themselves about absolute nonsense. Angelo watched them both carefully when not engaged in conversation himself but could not figure them out. Josh's dazzling blue eyes seem to sparkle in contradiction to Franco's Latin sultry looks he wore that evening and it had not gone unnoticed especially by Josh. It was towards the end of the meal when Franco announced that his parents and he were moving to Puerto Rico in 2 weeks time. Angelo quickly looked at Josh and saw the sparkle extinguish from his eyes at the news, he put on a brave face hiding his emotions. Franco and Josh had strangely developed an incredible bond of friendship over the few weeks they knew each other, Josh had secretly held a crush on Franco despite being told to forget about him. Josh was first to leave using the excuse he had to work in the morning, walking down the street towards his family home he had got no more than 50 meters before he burst into tears. Inwardly he was broken beyond words as Franco was the only guy who he had really taken more than just a fancy to. He slipped in to the small public garden and sat down on a bench and cried his anguish out. Mark waited until Franco left and walked in to the kitchen find Angelo and Ethan cleaning up whilst Ben chatted putting glasses away, he went over and gave Ben a kiss before going over to where Angelo stood. "Did you know about Franco moving?" Mark asked leaning against the counter. Angelo looked at him "There had been mutterings in the family but nothing concrete until now" he replied. Mark nodded "You know Josh is distraught about it". Angelo stopped what he was doing "Really?" he said looking surprised. "Have you not noticed how close they had become has friends since the kiss" Mark said. Angelo smiled "Yes but he knows Franco is straight". "He has a massive crush on Franco" Ethan chipped in hearing them. Angelo looked over at Ethan "Fuck did I really miss that, I'm usually dam good at spotting these things". Mark shook his head "I think we may have to look after Josh a bit, I saw his face when Franco announced he was going". Despite Mark and Angelo's warning to Josh not to get hung up on Franco he hadn't listened, he now sat in the park feeling like his gut had been ripped out of him. Stupid he told himself over and over, he unlocked his phone and looked at the selfie of Franco and him taken a few days prior.
  10. Part 27 - The Journal The sunlight poured through the window causing Mark to stir from his sleep, he smiled with his eyes closed his hands feeling Ben who was still sound asleep cuddled up in his arms. He had come to love waking up in the morning with Ben so close to him, he felt Ben's hand moving over and caressing his thigh and ass, one thing Mark couldn't help was the morning wood when his cock was parked in between Ben's ass cheeks. 'Someone's excited' Ben mumbled pushing his body up closer to Mark's. He pushed his hips back and forth several times so Ben could feel how hard he was and delighted in hearing him moaning sleepily, slowly Mark pulled back and angled his cock pushing forward again feeling Ben's hole. Ben wriggled his ass several times as Mark pushed forward again, he gasped and grabbed Mark's ass as through the pain he felt as Mark's cock head penetrated 'Still hurts a little' he quietly said wriggling his ass a little more and pushing back to take more of it inside. Ben moaned and mumbled at the dryness of the cock gripping hard against his anal lining as Mark lightly poked away, Ben's hands caressed Mark's ass and thigh, it didn't take long for Ben to sense a slickness feeling as Mark's cock began oozing precum he felt the cock pushing away and slipping deeper in to him. Several times he moaned and groaned but it was no where near as painful as before so his ass continued wriggling at the feeling, Mark moaned as the final inch slipped inside as he kissed Ben's neck and slowly pushed forcing him to roll over to his stomach, Mark came to rest on top of Ben who raised his head and turned to kiss his lover. Hi hips slowly and gently caressing his cock inside performing a mating ritual, his arm going around Ben's neck to help hold his head up as their tongues entwined passionately. Every so often Ben would moan in delight as Mark gave a more pronounced thrust of his hips in a show of loving dominance over him. Their love making was silent as their mouths were locked together, Ben's hands gripped at the pillows as he felt the speed of Mark's affection increasing, his hips never lifted off Ben's ass as the undulating rhythm continued his deep penetration to the core of Ben's body. Ben's cock was hurting caught up in a fold in the sheet underneath him trying to break free but his mind was elsewhere concentrating on Mark and trying to be a natural lover for him. He felt Mark's arm tighten its hold on his neck holding him in position, he moaned in to Mark's mouth as he felt the speed increase again and the body laying on top of him tensed up as Mark's ass clenched downwards pushing in to the hilt. Ben almost squealed in pure ecstasy as he felt the raging pulsations in Mark's cock, the sensation of warmth filling him as he could feel his lovers seed flowing in to his body. Mark released the kiss and collapsed heavily on top of Ben as he continued clenching his ass pushing his cock deep in to Ben and moaning through post orgasm and his cock showing no sign of softening. Ben's body tingled he knew he was about to cum himself he pushed his arse down as his cock pulsed and began erupting into the sheet gasping and crushing the pillows he had hold of, he couldn't stop himself he trembled from the orgasm and his ass clenched tight around Mark's cock. The result brought Mark over the edge never having experienced this action before drove down and dug deeper in several rapid thrusts he moaned pushing his cock as deep as he could go, his orgasm more powerful that before flooding his lover with more seed. Mark was gasping almost to the point of crying in sexual happiness Ben laid underneath panting heavily, their hands sought each others and held on for dear life in post orgasm come down. A smile adorned Ben's face never had he expected sex to be such an amazing experience, Mark's kissed him and smiled 'That was awesome' he said gripping Ben's hands harder, Ben kissed him 'I don't know what happened but I loved it' he giggled. They were brought back to reality as Ben's mobile started ringing. Mark leaned over to the bedside table still deep inside Ben "Your mother" he said. Ben raised his head "Leave it" his heart dropped like lead balloon he knew she had found his journal and read it. Mark put the phone on the bed as the call ended "You should speak to her" he said beginning to lift off Ben. Ben pulled him back down feeling the cock he winced a little "Stay here, Josh isn't up yet". Mark kissed him and rested back on top of him "More than happy to". Ben smiled "I made a bit of a mess in the sheet" he said looking at Mark. Mark laughed feeling under the sheet "That's nothing compared to how much I just gave you". Margarite sat on the bed reading through the last few weeks of the journal again, somehow she had knew but it was still a bit of a shock but the fact she was more tortured by the words he wrote about having to tell his family were more a wake up call than she wanted. She had shown the journal to Steven her husband who simply tutted and walked out, Steven was the step father to Ben and as much as they shared the same house their relationship was at best neutral. His real son Alex who he had fathered with Margarite 10 years ago was the apple of his eye. Margarite knew this of course and over the years as Ben grew older he also began to resent his step father a little, after all he wooed Margarite away from his real father Rob who had now moved to California and remarried with his own young family. Ben would still get birthday and Christmas cards but hardly ever spoke which played heavily on Ben as he loved him so much. The last time they had spoken was almost a year ago just after Christmas, with promises they would see each other but Steven had always had some other plan to keep them apart. Rob married Heike a German born American and had two children, Rob had his own company now and was doing very nicely. He had often offered to pay for Ben to fly to the west coast but there was always Steven in the way. Ben had already decided when he started working one of the first things he would do is see his father. The facetime rang and it was Ethan Ben answered it "Morning Ethan". Ethan looked closely at the screen "Err your not doing it are you?" he laughed. Mark turned the phone to his face "Morning Ethan, no we are done for the moment". Ethan turned obviously speaking to Angelo "They are at it, and he is still on top of him". Angelo's face appeared "Oi mi madre, have you no dignity Mark?" he laughed. Mark smiled "Not at the moment" moving the phone away so they could see clearly he was on top of Ben. Ben laughed so much he hiccupped "You know I can't move even if I wanted to". Ethan screwed up his face "To much information Ben, anyway your mother called she needs to speak to you". Ben nodded "Oh yeah, I think the cats out of the bag." he said with a serious look on his face. "Call her get it over with Ben, will see you at midday for lunch and talk then" Ethan said waving at them. Ben hung up the phone "Kiss me baby" he said turning to Mark. "Always" Mark responded slipping his tongue in to Ben's mouth as the phone rang again. Ben saw his mother calling again, he held on to Mark and hit the answer button "Hi". "Where are you?" Margarite asked "Your not with Ethan are you?". Ben decided there and then not to play games "No, I am in Larchmont though". "Oh, are you at a girls place then?" Margarite sat with the journal in her hand in Ben's room with the door closed. Ben sighed and breathed in "No". "So where are you then, do you need to tell me something?" Margarite waited turning the journal in her hand. Ben looked at Mark "I am at my boyfriends" he held his breath waiting. Margarite steadied herself but inwardly she was okay with it "Is it the guy you wrote in the journal about?". "Yes, I didn't want you to find out this way. How much did you read?" Ben asked looking seriously at Mark. "All of the last few weeks, is he really as nice as you write?" Margarite was not prepared for doing this over the phone. Ben was silent for a moment "Yes, but I didn't want you to find out this way mother". "Ben, it's okay you know I just wished you had talked to me about it" Margarite said. Ben wiped his eyes "I wanted to desperately, but not whilst he was around". Margarite rolled her eyes "He is still your step father Ben, I know things have been difficult between you". Ben held on to Mark's hand "He never really wanted me around so don't pretend". "Have you told your father yet?" Margarite wondered if he had been speaking to Rob. "No not yet, are you sure you are okay with this, and what about Steven?" Ben asked shifting on the bed. "He didn't say much, can I come over and drive you back this afternoon?" Margarite knew this was a long shot. Ben paused for a moment "Okay, I will text you the address say 5pm I want you to come here to talk". "Thank you Ben" Margarite hung up and put the journal in the draw and heaved a huge sigh of relief. Ben was silent for a moment then looked at Mark "Well that was weird, hope you don't mind me inviting her over?". Mark kissed him "Not at all, I am very proud of you Ben you didn't loose it". Ben smiled "I would ask you to make love to me again but my ass aches and Josh is up". Mark stroked Ben's face "Love you" he kissed him and slowly withdraw his cock. Ben jumped in the shower whilst Mark sorted the bed out, he sat for a moment listening to Ben showering. He smiled to himself never expecting to find someone so adorable in nature and sexy to boot, nodding at the realisation that Ben could only be the person he could happily settle with. But then there was the other side of Mark which he kept hidden and only Angelo and Franco knew about. He stood up and went downstairs to make coffee as Josh wandered in to the kitchen fully dressed. "Morning Josh want coffee" Mark asked grabbing cups. Josh sat down at the table "Morning, just a small one I have to get to work at the store for 11" he replied. "Oh okay I forgot you worked on Sundays, you okay, you know last night?" Mark enquired. Josh smiled "Yes, I was a little drunk thanks to Franco but no harm done". Josh quickly finished his coffee and ran upstairs to say goodbye to Ben then left for work. Mark brought Ben coffee up to the bedroom as he was still drying himself off from his shower. "How's your ass?" Mark laughed and kissed him. Ben's hands roamed over Marks body "It will survive, shame Josh can't join us for lunch". Mark stripped off his clothes and went in to the shower "Yeah I like him, we need to find him a man". Ben called out from bedroom "Definitely". "Hopefully Franco has will join us for lunch before he goes home" Mark said as he put his head under the shower nozzle. As he showered it also brought home to him that Ben would be heading off later, he hated thinking about it and he wanted him now on many levels. Ben listened as Mark finished showering whilst he sat on the bed, his thoughts primarily on how things would be at home but more so how much he would miss Mark until next weekend. Mark stood at the ensuite bathroom door looking at Ben starring out of the window. "Dam even with clothes on you look sexy" Mark said interrupting Ben's thoughts. Ben turned "Sorry what did you say, I was miles away?" he put his cup down on the bedside table. "I don't mean to pry Ben but what is going on with your father?" Mark asked standing at the window. Ben shrugged his shoulders "My father lives in LA, my step father was who I was referring to". Mark nodded "Right, is he not very, I mean are things okay with him?". Ben looked at him "Tolerable, he dotes more on his own son and cares less about me". "It's not easy I guess" Mark offered in a sincere gesture. Ben shook his head "I want out and applying for jobs so I can finish college quicker". "Finish your education first Ben" Mark said sternly. Ben laid back on the bed "I only have one more exam to sit in a couple of weeks". Mark nodded and sat next to him "You know it hurts when I have to let you go". "Your not making any sense to me Mark" Ben said looking concerned. Mark laid down next to him "I love going to sleep and waking up next to you". Ben smiled "Yeah it is strange when I wake up at home and your not there to cuddle up to". Mark leaned over and kissed him "Move in with me Ben, come and live here with me". Ben Smiled "If I could I would, but I have no means to support myself yet". Mark nodded and smiled "I understand that Ben but I need and want you with me". "I to need that Mark, but.." Ben started saying but Mark put his finger to Ben's lips. "Ben forget about money, we can work things out" Mark said kissing Ben. Ben looked at Mark's serious face and stoked his face "Okay". Mark kissed him "Seriously you will?". Ben smiled and nodded "How about the week after next I will be on break from college after Thanksgiving" he said. Mark hugged Ben "I'm so happy Ben. Come on lets go to lunch". Ben nodded again "Yes" he replied and kissed Mark back laughing "I have no idea what my mother will say about this". Lunch at Angelo's was a small affair in comparison to previous weeks as Adam and Tony had a family lunch to attend but Franco stayed for lunch and looking worse for ware, Angelo had barred him drinking, he was sulking and wallowing in self pity for hi behaviour. Ethan was overjoyed when he heard Ben was going to move in with Mark over the Thanksgiving holiday, Mark told Angelo the news whilst they were in the kitchen preparing lunch. "I'm really pleased to hear this Mark, Ben is such a nice sexy guy" Angelo said cutting vegetables. Mark put his knife down "He is worried about the money aspect though". Angelo laughed then looked at him "You haven't told him have you?". Mark shook his head "I'm surprised my parents didn't say anything but he will find out when we go for dinner with them". "Mark you should at least tell him before you take him to your parents" Angelo said with a knowing glance. Mark stood silent for a moment "Maybe, but I want to be totally sure he loves me Angelo". "You are the most logical, sensible and good judge of character I know Mark" Angelo said. Mark laughed "I suppose you are right" he replied. Angelo shook his head "Mark it's pretty obvious he loves you and is completely crazy about you even Ethan said so". "I just hope he won't flip out when he finds out" Mark said seeing the funny side and laughing. Angelo smiled "Does he even know dinner means flying to LA?". "No, oh god I just realised he said his father lived out in LA" Mark stopped dead in his tracks. Angelo looked at him "Maybe go see his father then as well". "Yes, but we haven't discussed it and it is the weekend after Thanksgiving" Mark said smiling. "Come clean Mark... Oh by the way we have had 5 applicants for the job" Angelo said changing the subject. Mark smiled "Great are we interviewing next week?" he asked. "Yes, thought Thursday would be a good day, I had Patrick send the invites yesterday" Angelo replied. Mark and Ben walked around Larchmont before heading home it was 4 in the afternoon and the sun was sinking lower in the sky as they turned the street corner heading up to Mark's house. "Are you worried Ben?" Mark asked glancing at him. Ben shook his head "No, I feel quite calm about it actually". "Good, so your father in LA do you speak or see him?" Mark inquired wondering if Ben would be open about it. Ben stopped "Yes, well that is speak to, something always crops up when he invites me over." Mark looked at him "Oh, does he come up with excuses?". "No no no, my step father always seems to have something going on he always puts the stopper on it" Ben replied. Mark pondered on this bit of news as they walked in to the house and knew it was an opportunity for Ben to see his father. Outside they saw Margarite's car pulling up outside, Mark told him to be calm and sincere and he would be upstairs if he needed him. Ben looked at Mark hoping he would stay but he told him he has to face this in private with his mother, with that he went to leave the lounge and turned towards Ben at the door 'I love you, always know that Ben' he said before walking up the stairs. He felt a little anxious waiting for his mother to knock the door, it still made him jump when she did and he steadied himself as he opened the door. Margarite stood in the porch and looked at Ben "Hello Ben" she said glancing over his shoulder. "Hi mum, come on in" he said opening the door fully "Do you want a coffee or tea?" he asked. Margarite followed him towards the kitchen "Tea would be nice, I don't want this to be awkward Ben". Ben put the kettle on to boil and stared at it for a moment "It wasn't suppose to be this way". Margarite sat down "I guessed you hadn't left that notebook out on purpose". "No, it was stupid of me as I rushed to be with..." he trailed off "I'm sorry" he said looking at her. Margarite studied him for a moment "Sorry about what Ben, because of who you are?". Ben shook his head "No, I mean you finding out like that, I wanted to tell you properly". "I can't understand how or why you reacted to badly about Ethan?" She said watching him making the tea. Ben put the kettle down "I've had a long time crush on Ethan, finding out he had a boyfriend hit me hard". "I see" Margarite didn't know what to say about this revelation "So whose house is this?". Ben put the tea in front of her "It belongs to my boyfriend Mark" he replied watching her closely. "And where is he?" She asked "Is he hiding scared of meeting me?" she went on. Ben smiled "No, he is keeping out of the way for the moment". Margarite nodded "You know it's okay Ben, I spoke to Ethan's mother this afternoon". "Oh" Ben looked shocked "Are things all right between you now?" he asked. "Yes, we had a much longer chat today, she didn't seem surprised about you being gay" Margarite said. Ben chuckled "Sophie had me pinned a few years ago, she saw how I would look at Ethan". Margarite laughed which eased the tension in the air "Smart girl Sophie. I saw a change in you over the last few weeks". Ben sat down next his mother "Was it that obvious?". "No" she laughed "you looked a whole lot happier Ben. Was that Mark's doing?" she asked. Ben looked at her and nodded "Yes, I think I fell in love with him the first night we met but didn't know it then". Margarite leaned over and kissed him "Do I get to meet him then?". Ben smiled "You may as well I met his parents last night" he walked over to the door "Mark, come down". "And his parents are fine with this?" she asked him turning in her seat. Ben nodded "Do you mean did they approve of me., they invited me for dinner" he saw Mark standing there "Mark come meet my mother". Mark was ushered in to the kitchen "Hi" he said looking nervous but managed a smile. Margarite stood up "Hello" she looked and instantly liked him "Nice to meet you Mark". "You to" Mark walked over to shake her hand but she brushed it away gave him a quick hug. Margarite was smiling and shook her head looking at Ben "I can see what you mean Ben". They spent a couple of hours drinking tea and chatting with Mark revealing what everyone who didn't know him that well got to know, when the time is right he would tell Ben everything and he knew it would have to be before Thanksgiving. The conversation flowed and gradually began to wear down and Mark gave Ben a discreet look nodding to his mother, Ben understood the significance of the look. "So mum there is one other thing I need to tell you but please don't get angry about it" Ben started. Margarite looked at Mark then Ben "You are moving in?" she offered as she saw how comfortable Ben was. Ben looked at her and nodded "In a couple of weeks time after Thanksgiving". Margarite stared at Ben "I'm not angry, upset yes, but you are old enough to make decisions Ben". Ben smiled "It doesn't mean anything will change between us" he said trying to reassure her. "Absolutely, you will always be welcome here" Mark said seeing the look on her face. Margarite smiled "Thank you Mark" she said sincerely seeing how genuine Mark looked at her. "We could all have dinner Wednesday if you like?" Ben said holding Mark's hand. "So your coming home?" Margarite asked seeing Mark's expression change to a tinge of sadness. Ben nodded "Well yes I have college tomorrow" he said as a matter of fact. Margarite shook her head "You decide Ben, you look happy here I can't take that away from you". "What about curfew?" Ben said knowing that was the one thing he stuck to. Margarite laughed "No more curfew you can come home or stay here I really don't mind, you deserve the freedom". Ben felt Mark squeeze his hand and looked at him "Well?". Mark smiled "You know that is what I would like, I can take you to college in the morning". "Good that's settled then. Just promise me to ask if you need anything Ben" she said standing up. "I will" Ben said he hugged his mother and kissed her "thank you mother". It was hard to say goodbye but after everything Ben had gone through with the divorce and loosing his father she understood that it was time he was allowed to move on in life. As she drove back to Harrison she could see Mark in her mind and how Ben was clearly besotted and happy with him. Ben had called Ethan and told him how things had gone and that his mother on the surface seemed to accept it with unsurprising grace. Ethan went through his own conversation with his mother Ellie and how she guided Margarite on not to over react but look at it from her sons own view. Mark drove Ben to Harrison in the morning smiling all the way at his new routine of dropping Ben off at college, it seemed weird having such a partner who was still in education albeit for only a few more months. Ben showed Mark where his family home was and he turned in to the drive up to the door. Ben got out to get his things for college saying hello to his mother as he ran upstairs grabbed his bag and came down. He walked in to the kitchen where the rest of the family were sat having breakfast, his step father Steven was talking to his brother and stopped when Ben walked in, he looked at him with a dead pan face and went back to talking to Alex. Ben gave his mother a kiss and walked with him to the door. "Don't worry about your step father he will come round sound enough" She said with her arm on his shoulder. Ben opened the door "I'm not worried mother, I can't see anything changing can you?". Margarite shook her head and looked at the car "Morning Mark" she called. Mark leaned out "Morning errmmm..." he didn't quite know how to address her. "Margarite for the moment" she said sensing his quandary. At college Ben opened his laptop up to see an email from the company he had applied to and they invited him for an interview at 4pm on Thursday, it would mean ditching a bit of college but he spoke to his lecturer who agreed he should have the time and attend. He confirmed his attendance and arranged to borrow his mothers car so he was all set, not bad for a Monday morning he said to himself as he settled in for lecture. Thankfully the morning went quickly and Ben made his way to the cafeteria to meet up with the rest of the gang, walking in he noticed Adam, Ethan and Franco sat talking and realised Josh had come in behind him. "Hi Josh busy day yesterday?" Ben asked stopping to talk. Josh nodded "Yes it was manic for a Sunday" he replied glancing over at the table. Ben noticed his look "Come on Josh, I think Franco has something to say to you" he said as Josh followed him. Franco stood up as Josh approached the table "Josh, I am really sorry about what I did to you". Josh looked at the sincere look on his face "It's okay Franco, you caught me by surprise that's all". Franco smiled "For what it's worth you are an amazing kisser". Josh laughed and sat down "Better than girls?" he said jokingly. Franco winked at him "So much better". Things went back to normal and no tension existed between Franco and Josh, Ethan couldn't work it out as Franco acted so casually about it and seemed to talk a lot more to Josh than usual. Maybe there was a slight change about Franco kissing another guy, after all he was very clear about his like of girls. Ben's week dragged on, as much as he wanted to tell Ethan about his job interview he decided not say anything in case it didn't work out. Ben just bided his time for Thursday and of course Friday when he would go and stay with Mark again. Ben packed up his things after the mid afternoon bell at 2.30pm and drove out towards Westchester finding the office pretty easy he parked up. He still had half an hour to spare so went to the coffee shop to get prepared properly, at 3.45pm he made his way over to the office and was greeted by Patrick and showed him to a seat in the reception area where he waited. Angelo looked at Mark "Anymore questions from you Mark?" he asked. Mark shook his head "No, I think we have covered everything we need to know" he replied. Angelo smiled at John "Well thank you very much John, we will be in touch when we have made a decision". Mark stood up and escorted John to the meeting room door where Patrick came over and escorted John out to the reception. He walked back in and told them that the 4pm candidate was in reception waiting. Mark pulled the CV towards him and began to read through so they had an idea of who was coming up next. Angelo called to Patrick to bring the next candidate in. Mark laughed "You seen his name, it's short for BMW". Angelo looked down at the paper and chuckled "So it does, and he is pretty young only 19." "You don't think... no can't be" Mark said studying that Benjamin lived in Harrison. They both had their heads down going through the technical aspect of the CV noting he had no work experience but seemed to doing really well at college and already partly graduated. Patrick knocked and entered and introduced Benjamin to them. Angelo looked up first and stopped dead in his tracks his mouth open. Mark looked up and laughed, Ben stood there blushing through embarrassment whilst Patrick just looked at all three of them and left the room chuckling as he realised they already knew each other. "Well Benjamin Midler-Warren or is it BMW for short?" Mark asked walking towards him. Ben just had a dazed look on his face feeling Marks lips and tongue on his own "Is this a joke?" he said. Angelo laughed "No joke Ben, this is my company" he said pointing to the chair "Take a seat please Benjamin". Mark escorted him over to the chair and he sat down "I didn't know you owned a business" Ben said still in shock. Mark sat down opposite him "Is it Benjamin or Ben you prefer?" he asked in a professional manner. Ben giggled "Oh your being serious, Ben if you wish" he said fumbling with his papers. Angelo smiled "It is serious Ben, you are being interviewed for a job" he said unable to control himself from smiling. Ben threw caution to the wind "Thank you, as long as I am not expected to perform sexual favours" trying to keep it civil. Mark looked at him and sat back in his chair "Maybe but not right now" he replied winking at Ben. They began the interview in a more serious manner although Mark was undressing him and performing lewd sexual acts on Ben with his eyes and mind, several times Angelo had to prod Mark to bring him back to reality. After an hour Angelo gave up and threw his pen in the air in a sign of defeat. "Well since Mark isn't really here, do you have any questions for us?" Angelo asked Ben whilst he punched Mark's arm. Ben nodded "Is there a company policy about dating other employees?" he asked giving his most dazzling smile. Angelo laughed shaking his head "No as long as you keep it in your pocket in the office". Mark nodded "Absolutely although you may have to have sex with me on the desk every now and then" he laughed. Angelo stood up "I give in this is hopeless" he came round the table and hugged Ben "You got the job Ben". Ben kissed Angelo "Really I do?". "Yes, but you got it because of your qualifications. Are you going to finish the final exam?" Angelo asked. Ben nodded "Yes I still want to get fully qualified". "Good, we can come to an arrangement with the college so you can work and study" Angelo told him. Angelo left Ben and Mark alone for a few minutes to get whatever out of their system, he laughed walking back to his desk spotting Ethan coming in the building. Angelo filled Ethan in on Ben in the meeting room with Mark probably making out and that he was to join the company. Ethan gave Ben a hug when Mark and he eventually came out of the meeting room looking a little dishevelled, Ben drove back to Harrison and gave his mother the news in a quick 5 minutes as Mark pulled up to take him out to dinner with Angelo and Ethan. Ben felt on top of the world as he typed a message to his father, most importantly he said he would have the means to visit him in LA in a few months time and nothing would stop him.
  11. If you liked this read The Gifted Virgin as there paths will cross....
  12. Part 26 - The Chase Mark had moved to Larchmont a few blocks away from Angelo and Ethan and this weekend would be the first time Ben would get to see Mark in his new home, Ben also promised to help him get things straight in preparation for his house warming party on Saturday night. They both kept their business private not telling anyone they were officially dating as a couple just yet but for Mark the change in him was pretty evident as Angelo watched him closely that week and asking Ethan to probe Ben for more information. Angelo stopped typing and looked at Mark "So are you going to spill the beans?". "About what" Mark replied looking up and over at him. Angelo smiled and shook his head "Ben". Mark shrugged his shoulders "Have you finished the two job adverts yet?". "Avoiding the subject now are we, yes I have you can post them on line now. Well?" Angelo was not giving up. Mark smiled "I like him a lot, I thought that was evident" he replied. "Does he feel the same?" Angelo said but he knew the answer to that one already. Mark clicked on his mouse "Jobs are up on line. Yeah he seems to". Angelo looked at his phone "Come on it's 5pm lets call it a day". "Thank god it's Friday tomorrow finally get the house straight" Mark said collecting his things. Ben was coming up to his qualifications and cramming in extra study work at college, the week just seemed to be plodding alone with no purpose and all he could think about was Friday and seeing Mark again. He had got part of his qualification down as a software designer and was preparing for his exam next week in software development, he kept a close eye on the job market on line but most of them seemed to be quite far away or right in the city. He knew that his classmates were also now actively looking for jobs as he had received a couple of thank you but no responses, closing his laptop he packed it away and headed home. Friday afternoon Ben arrived home early and went up to his room to finish an assignment before he was due to meet Mark. He didn't want to bore Mark about geek talk and have to do college work in front of him as he might get bored very easily and didn't want to get labelled as a nerd. Quickly he finished off the assignment and had a look round for jobs, there was one that caught his interest and it was based on the outskirts of Larchmont towards Westchester with a company he had not heard of before but it did appear to have some big companies in it's client base. They salary was pretty good and the job seemed to fit what he was looking for he did however notice that the job opening was only a week, it would be a long shot as they were asking for experience but then they all did, quickly he uploaded his c.v. and a short cover note to the website and signing off his note as 'Benjamin Midler-Warren'. One thing he hated about his name was that all through school he was nicknamed 'BMW', he laughed a little wondering if the people at the company would see it as well. Hs he was meeting Mark in an hour so stripped and showered then put on Mark's briefs and retrieved his journal from the wardrobe wearing "So Friday turned out just like any other day with college but have applied for a job close to Westchester, fingers crossed on this one as it is close to where I want to be. Josh is funny and has a great friendly attitude and is definitely coming out of his shell a lot more with us. He will be coming to the party on Saturday evening along with the rest of the gang, not sure who else will be there but Franco said he will come. To be honest he still scares me a little but I know he is okay, it is just so strange having him as a friend as he is quite a brute on the outside and not someone you want to mess with but he is a real softy underneath when you get to know him. Hopefully it is going to be a great weekend spending it with my boyfriend, it is strange writing that word down but I get a fuzzy nice feeling when I do. I never thought I would be seeing myself in this situation, my biggest concern is how I will tell my family and I need to do it sooner rather than later. I can only hope they will see past any prejudice they may have, but right now it weighs heavily on me and I need to rid myself of this one burden but figuring out how to tell them is a whole other thing. It is the one thing that really is holding me back from freedom, I love my mother so much and I don't want to break her heart but I hope she understands and accepts me as who I really am and not the pretend me that has been hidden for the last few years. I am sure she will like my boyfriend, he has the kindest soul and completely engaging. But I drone on to much about him but I have to express it somehow.". Ben suddenly looked and realised he only had 10 minutes to meet Mark, quickly he changed and grabbed his toothbrush and ran out of his bedroom and said goodbye to the family as he headed out almost running up the road, as he turned the corner he saw Mark's car pulling up. He jumped in the passenger seat almost out of breath. "You okay Ben?" Mark said as Ben sat down. Ben leaned over and kissed him "Yes, nearly late I lost track of time". Mark laughed "What was you up then to be nearly late?" his hand slipped down to Ben's crotch. Ben laughed "Not that if that is what you are thinking". Mark turned the car around and drove off "I'm so looking forward to spending the weekend with you". Ben smiled "Me to, I miss being with you". It was pitch black by the time they arrived in Larchmont having quickly caught up with their respective weeks. Ben loved the house from the outside and even more so inside as it was spacious and very modern. Most of the heavy removals was done and just boxes to unpack for the kitchen remained strewn across the lounge. Ben followed Mark in to the kitchen "I read the book you brought me, twice actually as I loved it" he said. "Good I am glad you enjoyed it, you should have brought it with you to read to me" Mark suggested. Ben smiled "I would have if I had known but it's by my bed" his voice trailed off as he suddenly froze. In his rush to leave he had placed his journal on top of the book by his bed, he felt sick as the fear coursed through his body. If his mother went in to his bedroom no doubt she would see it and wonder what it was, her uncanny inquisitive nature would propel her to open it and have a look. "Ben, Ben, what is the matter?" Mark asked putting his arm on his shoulder. Ben looked at Mark with utter fear on his face "I've been so stupid Mark". "What Ben, tell me?" Mark put his arms around him "Is it me?". Ben shook his head "I have a journal and I left it by my bed in my rush to meet you". Mark had a gut feeling what was inside "Did you write things in there about us?" he asked. Ben nodded "Quite a bit and... and a fair bit of detail. I know my mother will read it if she sees it". Mark hugged him tighter "Ben don't worry or beat yourself up about it. I'm flattered you wrote about me". Ben looked up at him "I have no idea what is going to happen if she does find it". "We will deal with it together, you and I Ben" Mark said comforting him "One thing I know is I don't want to loose you". Ben smiled "That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me" he looked Mark in the eye. Mark kissed him on the mouth "You and me Ben that's all that matters". They got busy with Mark trying to take Ben's mind off things as he helped unpack the last few boxes and decided with Mark where best to store things. With the final box unpacked and sorted it started to resemble a home that was lived in, Ben sat down on the sofa his mind wandering off thinking of the journal on his bedside table. Mark was finishing off and came wandering in to the lounge with a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. "Like a glass wine now we have finished?" he asked Ben so glanced up as he walked in. "Sorry?" Ben looked confused "Oh, yes sure, why not after all we are celebrating you moving in". Mark sat down next to him and poured him half a glass "Don't want you drunk and disorderly" he laughed. Ben smiled "I am not a virgin at drinking wine". Mark laughed and topped his glass up "Okay you can have a glass, you still a virgin at other things?". Ben sat down on the sofa and just looked at Mark "Is it obvious?" he laughed. Mark sat down next to him "Not obvious and you certainly didn't need much teaching last weekend on how to top". Ben laughed again and raised his glass to Mark, the thought of food completely forgotten about as they sat talking drinking until just after 10pm. Mark stretched and slumped back into the sofa, wine on an empty stomach had got him pretty merry and Ben faired no better in the same state, Mark stood and stumbled a little laughing as he held out his hand for Ben telling him they should get some sleep. As Ben stood he fell back down not realising how tipsy he was, Mark hauled him off the sofa and dragged him up the stairs whilst he was still giggling and protesting that he wanted more wine. Ben collapsed on the bed "I do you know, I love you, I do love you" all the time smiling trying to undress. Mark helped him get undress then collapsed besides him "Me to, love me that is" he laughed "and you". Ben threw his arms around Mark and kissed him "Make love to me and show me you do". "You want me to take you baby" Mark replied as he finished taking his clothes off. "Yes Mark" Ben replied looking seriously at him. Mark leaned over Ben and kissed him urgently holding Ben's flaying arms down above his head as he kissed him harder and erratically 'Do you want me Ben, all of me?' he asked in between kisses, Ben moaned in to Mark's mouth his legs clasped around Mark's hips wriggling his ass in heightened anticipation. Mark pushed Ben's legs over his head and dived down to his ass causing Ben to wriggle on the bed 'oh fuck, oh yes, oh, oh Mark' he didn't know what to make of the sensation as Mark ate and lubed his hole with spit, the little cries of joy and moaning echoing through the house. The noises eventually replaced by small sounds of pleasure escaping Ben's mouth. he felt Mark's tongue sucking at his balls moving slowly upwards over his cock and along his body until they came mouth to mouth again. Ben subdued by his drunken haze relished in their passionate kiss he could feel the cock rubbing against his wet hole teasing until he gasped and released a sharp agonising cry. Mark stabbed his cock in to Ben's hole in a quick jab, his body caught off guard and his instinct told him to fight against the invasion, the tears running from the corner of his eyes as he looked up at Mark but he was smiling as the pain subsided into a burning dull ache 'You sure you want me to be a part of you forever?' he said looking at Ben who nodded 'God yes' he replied followed by more sharp pain as Mark pushed his cock deeper in to Ben all the time his eyes looking deep in to Ben's. Ben thrashed his head side to side and from no where he began begging Mark to fuck him until his mouth was covered by Mark's as he kissed him with intense passion stifling his words, he only managed the occasional moan in to Mark's mouth as he felt the cock delving deeper in to his body until he held all of it in his ass. The drink masking the real pain he was feeling and unable to make sense if it was pain or just pleasure he knew and understood from them this was real sexual enjoyment, Mark raised his head and looked at Ben who smiled lovingly back at him. Mark kissed him on the neck whispering 'payback from Saturday' he chuckled just as Ben grabbed Mark around the neck and shoulders holding him as close as he physically could 'I want you Mark' he told him. Mark saw love and desire in the eyes below him through his own mildly blurred drunken view. His back arched as Mark began grinding his hips in to Ben and performing slow deep strokes accentuating each one in a show of love for him. His cries were a cross of eternal agonising pleasure the warmth in his body providing a cuddling sensation as it flowed through his veins taking the final steps with Mark. It was a surreal out of body experience probably caused much in turn by the wine and his personal desire, the kisses, the hands touching him and the feeling of the Mark's cock inside seem to be a chorus of divine angels singing harmoniously. Ben cried and moaned louder as Mark began to fuck faster he stared again deep in to Ben's eyes before he lurched forward to snog him again. He felt a weird sensation as if the cock inside him had changed, it was now harder and pulsing as Mark pushed his hips up close whilst his hands grabbed Ben's shoulders to stop him moving away. He cried out 'Oh Ben' diving his head back to kiss Ben as he began to ejaculate, he could feel the toxic seed flowing rapidly up through his cock as it began to pulse and pump the payload in to Ben's virgin body. Ben's arms gripped hard around Mark's shoulder his back arched higher feeling Mark's hips slamming up hard against his ass, the cock pulsing against his anal wall as he felt the spasms and contractions as Mark jettisoned his poisoned load deep in to Ben's virgin ass. Ben moaned and wriggled underneath Mark as his cock began coating his stomach with his own seed. Ben closed his eyes and held on to Mark as the orgasm seemed to go on with no sign of abating, in reality neither of them wanted it to end until Mark collapsed on top of Ben kissing him spent and exhausted. They did not speak as they laid in each others arms, hot and sweaty covered in Ben's cum but happy to be with each other. The room had finally stopped spinning and Ben could feel Mark's hot breath against his neck, the hypnotic feeling of warm air flowing around his neck soon had Ben's eyes closing as he fell asleep, Mark slowly extracted his cock and fell asleep partly laying on top of Ben. Ben shifted in bed and woke from the pain in his head, quickly he sat up and rushed to the bathroom making it in time to stick his head over the toilet vomiting bile, doing so his ass muscle spasmed forcing a painful cry as he felt a burning pain. Mark turned over in bed wondering what the sound was a realised Ben was in the bathroom, he rushed out of bed rubbing his head from the wine hangover entering the bathroom. Ben eventually stopped retching and sat down on the floor leaning his head again the coolness of the tiles on the wall for comfort, his eyes caught the pale cream drops on the floor. "You okay Ben?" he asked sitting down besides him. "I think so, I feel bad" Ben nestled his head against Mark's chest. Mark stroked his head "To much wine last night and no food" and got some tissue to clean the mess on the floor. Ben watched "What is it?". "We need to get you to the clinic get some prep before it's to late" he said heading out to get his phone. Ben looked at him as he came back in the bathroom "I begged you to fuck me didn't I?". Mark nodded "I'm sorry it was careless of me to do that but I was so desperate to finally have you". "Does the pain stop?" Ben asked him as Mark was seeking the clinic's number. "What?" Mark looked up "Oh, yes it will go, so it really was the first time you ever got fucked then?". Ben nodded "Yeah, and I am happy it was with you, sit down by me" he said tapping the floor. Mark sat and put his arm around him "I'm so so sorry Ben, I can't think straight to find the number". Ben ran his hand down Mark's chest "Why are you sorry?". "I fucked you without a condom" Mark said finding the number. Ben grabbed the phone "Oh" he said and smiled up at Mark "is that why you are so worried?". Mark looked at him "Ben you must realise what this means" he looked anxious again. "You have to marry me now?" Ben chuckled. Mark lifted Ben's chin "Slow down cowboy and yes that hopefully is on the cards. But I put you at risk". Ben looked in to Mark's eyes "So it wasn't how I thought it would happen, but I don't regret it". Mark put his phone down "Are you sure Ben, after all it may well lead to a life of taking treatment?". "Yes" Ben said stroking Mark's chest. Mark smiled "I thought it would be a few months before you asked me again to gift you". Ben sat up "Just do it carefully next time until I am use to it". Mark laughed and Ben kissed but Mark pushed him away "Yuck sick taste, go wash your mouth out". "Sorry" he said standing up "Can we go back to bed" he asked cleaning his teeth. Mark leaned his head back "Of course, it's what I like most being in bed with you". Ben smiled at Mark with toothpaste dribbling down his chin, Mark laughed and stood up slapping him on ass waiting for him to finish before going back to bed and sleeping for a couple of more hours. He definitely felt a lot better waking up just after 9am with the now familiar feeling of Mark's cock resting against his hole and his arms wrapped around his body spooning together. There was no doubt at all in Ben's mind that he had fallen for Mark and craved for the time when they were in bed together, their bodies just seemed matched to perfection as they laid there and indeed he could lay there all day. He felt Mark kissing his neck his hand went to Mark's squeezing it hard. "Morning again". Ben said pushing his ass back feeling the morning wood nearly prising his hole open. Mark murmured "Morning sexy, feeling better?". "Yes, ouch, still hurts down there" Ben whispered kissing Mark's hand. Mark giggled "I loved fucking you last night you were so full of yourself until I got you good". Ben turned over to face him "I remember you holding my arms down and looking at me" he replied smiling. Mark cuddled Ben closer "Yeah your mine" he said kissing him. Ben laughed "Happy to be yours" he replied with his arms caressing Mark's body. They laid there for a few more minutes as Mark gently stroked Ben's back, there was nothing he didn't like about Ben and already he felt so close and secure with him. They spent the rest of the day getting ready for the house warming party and were all set with just an hour to spare. Mark went up stairs to shower, Ben wandered up and heard the water running, he stripped off and walked up behind Mark in the shower, he jumped and turned around 'This is a nice surprise' Mark said leaning forward to kiss Ben who was running his hands down Marks body, slowly his kisses moved to the neck and chest going lower and lower. Mark put his hand against the wall of the shower as he felt the warmth of Ben's tongue caressing his cock as it grew in anticipation. The lips running across his cock head sent tingles up his spine, his hand as if by auto pilot grabbed hold of Ben's head and pushed him further on his cock. Ben began making stifled moans with a mouth full of cock began sucking and teasing Mark's now fully erect cock. His own desire for Ben pent up through the day released quickly, moaning he grabbed Ben's head with both hands holding him steady and deep on his cock. Ben continued to suck and swallow and could have stayed there pleasuring his lover for ages. Mark leaned back against the wall letting the water flow over his head and cascading down his body over Ben, his eyes closed a big smile on his face whilst Ben continued sucking on his erection. Suddenly aware of time getting away he pulled Ben up to his feet and kissed him deeply 'Naughty boy, get showered'. Ben smiled and soaped his and Mark's bodies as he continued kissing him. Mark was still getting dressed when they hear Angelo calling from downstairs, Ben who was dressed and ready went downstairs and found Angelo, Ethan and Franco coming through the back door, Angelo smiled and gave Ben a big hug. "Where is he?" Angelo said letting Ben go. "Still drying off we lost track of time" Ben replied without thinking about what he said. Ethan slapped Ben's ass "You dirty little fuckers, what were you up to?" he smiled at Ben. Ben blushed "Oh, fuck it, we took a shower together and I pleasured him". Ethan was taken back "Blimey Ben, did you swallow?". "Ethan" Angelo called him out "Don't be so nosey" he said. "Well?" Franco interjected "did you or not?". Ben moved close to Franco being brave "Wanna taste and see for yourself?" he moved in as if he was going to kiss him. Franco grabbed hold of Ben and spun him around and held him tightly "You wish Benny boy" he laughed. Mark came down stairs hair still wet "Mark help me" Ben cried out holding his arms up to Mark. "Silly boy, never mess with the Camacho family" Mark said sauntering off to the kitchen. Franco finally let go of Ben and the guys got ready for the party. Not long after 4pm Josh, Adam and Tony arrived along with some of Mark's family including his mother and father. Introductions were done all around with Ben introduced as a friend who went to college with Ethan, Adam, Franco and Josh. Mark and Ben went through to the kitchen to pour some wine for the guests. "Your ma and pa seem really nice, do they know about this side of you?" Ben stood next to Mark. Mark smiled glancing at him "Yes I don't keep anything from them, my father is European and very open minded". Ben turned and leaned back against the counter "That must be nice to have". Mark kissed Ben "Glasses bitch now" he said then kissed him again "Please". "I don't think I will be having any tonight" Ben said putting the glasses down next to Mark. Mark laughed "Yes best not to I don't want to end up with a drunk boyfriend on my hands". "HaHa" Ben said sarcastically "So do they know about us?". Mark shook his head "No, but I will give them half an hour or less to work it out". "What do you mean?" Ben's replied as his curiosity piqued. Mark laughed "My parents can read me like a book Ben" they stood in silence as Mark poured the wine. "Are you doing all white or red as well?" Ben asked picking up the red wine. "Red for me Ben please" Ben turned to see Mark's mother walking in to the kitchen. "Mother only drinks red Ben" Mark said giving his mother a kiss on the cheek "Happy you both made it". "Well it was touch and go but our travel plans changed last minute" Maddy said taking the glass from Ben. "Are you heading off somewhere nice?" Ben asked out of interest. Maddy sized him up a second "Yes, we go Spain every year, Mark's father has family there". "Really, wow that sounds great, I would love to see Europe and heard so much about Spain and England" Ben sighed. Mark smiled "Yeah nice trip to Spain and England" he stopped mid sentence and looked up and Ben. "So darling no train wrecks this evening?" Maddy said quickly glancing at Ben then back to Mark. Mark looked at Ben's weird face he was pulling "No mother but I've actually met someone". Maddy noticed the glance at Ben he did before answering "I thought as much you are quite different this evening". Mark looked at his mother "Love at first sight" he said watching his mother nodding and seeing a smile on Ben's face. "About time" she said then looking at Ben "You must both come to dinner and you can tell us about it" and walked out. Mark looked at Ben's expression of being gobsmacked "So that was 10 minutes" he said laughing. Ben look at him "Is she okay about it?" he asked. Mark laughed "Yes, she always said I would be better off with a man and she has invited you to dinner". "And did you mean what you said to her?" Ben asked walking over to Mark. Mark just looked him in the eye nodding, Ben threw his arms around him and kissed him so passionately they lost their balance and fell to the floor unable to let go of each other. Something just clicked with Ben and Mark and instantly they both knew their love for each other was far beyond words. It took for Angelo and Mark's father David to come in to the kitchen to find out where the drinks had got to before they stopped kissing. "Mark you was not brought up like that" David said laughing with Angelo. Mark stood up and left Ben on the floor "Sorry dad, he just does that to me" he held out his hand to Ben helping him up. "Looks very serious whatever you two have going on" David stood smiling his arm around Angelo's shoulder. Ben stood up looking at Angelo's smirk "So what is the story here then?" Angelo said looking at both of them. Mark put his arm around Ben "Okay might as well make it official, we are seeing each other". David nodded and looked at Ben's embarrassed face "Good finally someone made sense of you". Angelo gave Ben a hug "Thank you, you have no idea what this means" he whispered to him. Ben also got a hug from Mark's father something he hadn't ever expected to have been so warmly received by Mark's parents. David and Angelo picked up several glass and walked back in to the lounge. Ben was still a bit dazed but something was bothering him that he had to know "How close is you family to Angelo?". Mark stopped pouring wine "Hmm, so tell me why you are asking that?" he replied. "Don't know something about the way your father had his arm around Angelo" Ben said then he looked at him. Mark shook his head smiling "You will need to keep up when I tell you this as it sort of gets complicated". Ben had a worried looked on his face "Oh I see". Mark smiled "My uncles wife's sister is married to Angelo's uncle, Franco's father". Ben stood confused but it was gradually sinking in "So is that how you are so close with Angelo?". "No, I knew Angelo well before we found that out" Mark said handing glasses of wine to Ben. They returned to the lounge joining the rest of the party where Ben was immediately swept away by Ethan to join the college group. Franco was talking with Adam and Josh all of whom had wine, Ben and Ethan were the only ones not drinking out of their own choice. Ben kept glancing over his shoulder to look at Mark. "You have got it badly haven't you?" Ethan said nudging Ben. "Got what?" Ben said not listening to Ethan until he nodded towards Mark "Oh, yeah, very badly" he voice trailing off. Ethan looked at him "And?" he asked as the others sat and waited. Ben looked at all their face looking at him "Yeah we are dating officially, well he did take my virginity last night". Ethan smiled "Hurts doesn't it the first time" he remembered fondly. Ben nodded "Yeah, we did it bareback as well" he told him in a quiet voice not to be overheard. Ethan looked him in the eye "You got gifted last night?". "Yeah, well sort of, we were both a little drunk. But I am okay with it" Ben said before Ethan could open his mouth. Ethan gave him a hug and they both circulated around the party, as the evening wore on people were heading off until only the Larchmont residents remained. Josh was slightly drunk as Franco had been plying him with wine and they were slumped on the sofa laughing together. Angelo came over and shook his head telling Franco he would have to stay at his otherwise his mother would kill him for letting him drink. Franco waved his cousin off laughing and Josh telling him he had to get moving but on the other hand he was having so much fun with Franco. Josh stood up 'Come on you Angelo is waiting' he held his hand out to help Franco up. It happened very quickly that only Mark saw what happened as he watched Josh struggling to pull Franco up to his feet, Franco grabbed Josh by his other hand and pulled him back down where he fell on top of Franco. Josh panicked slightly but Franco grabbed Josh around the neck with his arm pulling Josh's head forward, he had no time to react as he felt Franco's tongue pushing in to his mouth kissing him. There was no doubt that Franco was strong and he kept hold of Josh giving him a deep kiss, Josh managed to pull free of him climbing to his feet he ran out of the house quick as a flash and sat on the front doorstep tears rolling down his face. Mark put his hand up to the others to stay put whilst he went outside and sat next to Josh. "Josh what happened?" Mark said putting his arm around him. Josh sniffed "Sorry I am being dramatic and he is drunk". Mark nodded "I shouldn't worry about it Josh, sometimes people do crazy things when they drink". Josh put his head down "Yeah but they fuck with your head when they do". "Josh don't waste your time thinking about something that won't happen" Mark said. Josh nodded "We were having such a great night as friends then he did that to me". They could hear raised voices coming from the house and Mark detected Angelo tearing at his cousin in a big way. Franco came storming out of the house stumbling as he did so followed by Angelo who apologised to Mark and Josh and carried on after Franco. Ethan came out shortly after carrying Angelo's coat. "Sorry Josh, Angelo is mad as hell with Franco and taking him home" he said looking at Mark and Josh. Josh looked up "It's okay Ethan, really it is". "Well see you tomorrow for lunch" Ethan said as he rushed down the driveway to catch them up. Mark patted Josh on the shoulder "Want to go inside, stay here tonight Josh". Josh hugged Mark "Thank you". Adam and Tony left leaving just the three of them in the house as they cleaned up. Ben chatted away to Josh as they put the glasses away, he still didn't fully know what had happened and sensed that Josh wasn't up to talking about it. Mark came back in to the kitchen and called time on the clean up operation and showed Josh up to the bedroom. Ben showered and came out seeing Mark sitting on the bed obviously thinking about something. "Josh on your mind?" Ben said drying himself off. Mark nodded "Franco forced himself on Josh, I know he was drunk but still family don't act like that". "Crap yeah, I keep forgetting that your all related" Ben looked mildly amused. Mark looked at him "You think it's funny do you?" reaching out and pulling Ben on the bed laughing. Ben looked in to Mark's eyes "Fuck I love you so much". Mark pinned Ben on the bed and licked Ben's lips 'Show me how much' he whispered as they kissed slowly, Ben pushed Mark on to his back and began kissing down along his body, his tongue licked along the shaft of Mark's cock up to the tip and letting his lips take over surrounding it from all sides slowly and seductively working their magic.

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