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  8. At 25 years old I was what people termed a "Pretty Boy", very good looks, clean shaven, short dark hair and a trim body. On the outside I was a gentle, placid and kind person. On the inside I had a devious nasty streak which came out when my 7 inch thick pierced poz cock honed in on it's target. Getting a guy to bottom for me took no effort at all. Over the last few years I had been given some good tips on how to make the condom rip allowing me to stealth with greater effect. I was standing outside one of hippest gay nightclubs which attracted the young preppy set. I paid the entrance fee and went inside. The lights flashed and glistened over the bodies of the young twinks as they flayed themselves around on the dance floor. The heavy beat of the continuous music, the occasional whiff of poppers emanating through the air as I made my way around the dance floor. With so many choices it was difficult to isolate any one in particular so I just wandered straight through the middle of the floor. I couldn't have gone more than 5 meters as one young stunner grabbed me to dance with him, he couldn't have been more than 20 years old but was obviously a little drunk. Dark mohican style hair adorned his youthful body standing several inches shorter than me, he oozed a certain naivety. Totally in the music he had turned away from his group of friends to dance with me. As we did so, I gradually kept moving back away from him and like a good puppy he kept up following my movement. Slowly but surely we found ourselves on the other side of the dance floor, isolated from his group of friends. His hands grabbed my hips as we continued dancing, I moved in closer as he looked up at me. He kissed my neck and looked up again where I returned a smile and kissed him on the cheek. "Your so sexy, I would totally have sex with you if your interested" he shouted in my ear. I played the shy look of surprise expression and slapped him gently on the ass lingering and caressing it as I did so. He grabbed my hand and we moved off the dance floor and headed down the corridor to the restroom. As we entered he picked up a condom and lube packet from the basket on the sink counter. I silently laughed to myself thinking this was such a classy place. He looked at me, holding the condom up "Well, interested?" he asked, I simply nodded as he guided me in to a stall and locked the door behind us. "I don't have long, I have to get back to friends." he urgently said. Without a sound he dropped his shorts and underwear handing me the condom and lube. I turned him around and pushed him up against the wall. I dropped my shorts ripped open the condom packet and pushed him up against the wall. I got the tip of the condom and bit the very tip off in a quick movement and slipped it over my raging erection. He took a look at the meat "oh fuck yeah!" he moaned as he pushed his arse out. I lubed my wrapped cock and guided it towards his hole. He tensed as the head pushed through his hole "Oh man, fuck me!" he cried to me. I positioned my hips and rammed my entire shaft deep in to his body a he moaned in pleasure. Pinning him flat up against the wall I kicked his legs apart to provide better access and held his arms tightly above his head. He emitted small erotic cries pleading me to fuck him. I rippled my hips pushing deep in to his hot ass. Pulled halfway out and thrusted back in hard causing his head to fall back against my neck, I continued doing this this until I felt the condom give. As I began to pump his ass with shallow hard thrusts he told me it was hurting. I comforted him whispering to him that it was just the size of my dick, I kissed him long and hard on the mouth as I continued fucking his ass, I withdrew my shaft leaving the head inside of him as I angled my cock to the left and rammed it home. He yelped and struggled to free his arms, I gripped tighter and pushed them up higher above his head. His complaining gradually eased as his moans of desire took over. I continued for several more minutes forcing my cock to push up hard against the walls of his anal lining. I could feel a tingling deep in my balls as they started to build up to the finale. My cock started swelling and twitching uncontrollably. His ass was pushing back to take more of my cock and his hips began pounding against him. I grunted loud, he cried "fuck me, fuck me hard.". I complied by giving him some of my best ass pounding making him whimper in ecstasy. My body pushed him harder up against the wall as I tensed and felt the breeding contractions rocketing up my shaft emitting wave after wave of my toxic seed in his delicate body. I held him still against the wall waiting for the squeezing every last drop in him, gradually I began slow undulating hip movements. I wanted to make sure this boy was bred good. I slowly withdrew my cock from his ass, the condom now only wrapped around half of my shaft I pulled it off and flushed it down the toilet. Still pinning him to the wall with my chest I pulled some tissue from the roll and wiped my cock, I glanced down and saw streaks of blood, I threw it in the toilet and flushed it as well. Pulling my shorts up I kissed him "Great fuck baby, one I hope you enjoyed and will remember." I left the stall and the club.

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