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  1. losolent

    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Part 18 - Showers And Shopping The last few days had been quite busy and Jake didn't know how he was filling his time. He spent a lot of it in the gym and pool with Marco and Ben, occasionally Andre would join them to work out. Marco and Jake were making love twice a day, they were becoming in separable. Friday morning had come, Jake laid on his back in Marco's arms. He wiped the sweat off Marco's chest. "I am so in love with you Marco." "Do you think being sweet to me will get you out of your training schedule today?" "Busted, thought it was worth a try." "We should shower." Jake got up from the bed and walked through the dressing room to the bathroom, struggling to keep his cheeks clenched as he went. He turned on the water and stood there letting the cool water wash over him. He felt Marco's hands caressing his arse. "I forgot to tell you how much I love you Jake, you mean everything to me." Jake turned his head and kissed Marco as his arms circled around his body, he continued tenderly kissing the back of Jake's neck. Before long his cock was hard and pressing up against Jake. For the first time he knew he was going to get fucked in the shower. He leaned his head back against Marco. He felt the resistance of his arse as Marco began penetrating him. He grabbed Marco's arms pulling them tighter around him, he stood on his toes as he felt the love of Marco pushing deep in to him. He moaned several times, his arse wriggled to take more of his lover. Marco sought his mouth and kissed Jake at the same time his hips began undulating tight against Marco's arse. Jake raised his hand and held Marco's neck as their kissing intensified. Marco grunted loudly in Jake's mouth, his arms tightened around his lover. Jake pushed his hand out against the wall of the shower to stop him from falling forward. Marco took hold of Jake's cock and gently caressed it, he felt his arse expand and as Marco's cock swelled and began releasing pulsing rivers of his love in to Jake. His couldn't contain himself, his legs wobbled as he began shooting his cum in to Marco's hand. He held him tight and kissed him deep as their orgasm slowly ebbed. Jake closed his eyes and let the water run over his body as Marco reached for the shower gel, liberally applying it to his hands he rubbed over every inch of Jake's body and himself. Jake remained close to him, the smell of the ginger and lemon from the shower gel penetrating his senses. He knew this was where he wanted to be and belong. They finished their workout in the gym and spent 45 minutes in the pool. Jake was resting against the side as Marco swam up and kissed him. "Marco, can we go out shopping. I would like to get a new shirt for this evening?" "Yes, you can give your credit card a little exercise, but I need to get your finger print recognition for the gate done as well." "Oh yes, Andre told me how much trouble he had with that one night." "The sensor doesn't like bbq sauce." "I will remember that. Shall we invite Ben as he looked a little lost for something to do this morning?" "I'm sure he would love to come. I will get JP to bring the card round." "No, let's go by bus, have a little adventure." "Come on then, let's go find Ben and get changed." Ben was all hyper and super excited to be asked to out with them. As they headed out they stopped at a small building behind some trees. "What is this place?" "This is where security is." The door opened as they approached, there stood a six foot muscled and tattooed guy in his late 30's. "Hello Marco and this must be Jake." "Hi Darren, yes this is Jake." "Come on young one, lets get you on the system. And no eating bbq sauce." "I promise I won't." "If you do I lock you up in my cage here for the night. Andre does it on regular basis." He winked at laughing at Jake who was unsure if he was joking. He need not worry, there in the corner of the control room was a cage. Everything done, Darren patted Jake and gave him a kiss on his head. They went done and tested it against the pad and sure enough the gate opened. The bus ride was hot and long up to Oxford Street, Jake was last off the bus and he looked up at the imposing building. "Are you sure you want to shop here?" "Marco, my parents would never allow me in this shop. They have the most amazing window displays at Christmas, but yes I do." As they approached the front door the livered door man opened it and politely welcomed them to Selfridges. The three of them were dressed in shorts and t-shirts as Marco put it 'to blend in', this in itself was quite difficult to do with Ben. A fan had recognised him and wanted a selfie, Jake just looked on confused but Ben told him she is a fan and also a gymnast. Ben started picking clothes up and unfolding them and putting them back giggling as he did so, only to watch the assistant follow them folding things back up neatly. Jake decided to have a go, as he put the jumper back on the shelf the floor manager approached them. Ben whispered in Jake's ear to ask for the personal shopper. Marco stood back to watch as he knew this either going to be funny or end in them being banned. "May I help you gentlemen, are you looking for anything in particular?" "Oh err yes, I guess you can help." "Please tell me what you are looking for." "My friend and I need something to wear for dinner tonight. Casual but dam nice." "I see, we have plenty of 'nice' things, however they do come at a price." "Could you hold this me for a moment." He pulled the credit card out of his pocket and handed it to the floor manager. Immediately his hand went in the air and two assistants appeared. "I think you gentlemen would be more comfortable in our VIP lounge." He ushered them to a discreet door off the floor and into a plush lounge, where two stewards offered the three of them champagne. Marco leaned in to Jake and Ben telling them they will get offered lunch in the Palm Court. The floor manager instructed the assistants to find exquisite casual dining clothes. Before they even managed a sip of the champagne the store manager appeared and introduced himself and offered them lunch. They tried on some clothes and decided on 3 pairs of casual designer trousers and loose neck shirts. Marco spoke to the floor manager asking for the items to be delivered to the address by 4pm. The three of them were sat on a prime table as the waiters cleared their plates. "I can't believe what that card can do Marco." "That's nothing Jake." They left the store and headed back to home to get ready for dinner. Jake was a little nervous about Fabian meeting his brother. He had promised to be civil to everyone, Jake knew that he would do his best.
  2. losolent

    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Part 17 - Two Different Families Marco and Jake were fast asleep and still cuddling each other, they had spent several hours making love and were both exhausted. It was 4.30am, the evening sky was fading as dawn was breaking slowly on the horizon. Jake's phone dinged with a message, he stirred but didn't move from Marco's arms. The phone then began to ring, Jake sat bolt upright quickly followed by Marco. He reached over and answered it with his sleepy voice. "Hello." "Jake." "Mum, what is it?" "Granny took a turn for the worse an hour a go, we are just heading to the hospital." "Okay, I am coming." He hung up, Marco could see he was visibly upset and couldn't think straight. "Jake, breathe. What do you need to do?" "I have to get to the St Georges hospital, my grandmother unwell." "Get dressed, I will call JP." "It's to early Marco I will get a taxi." "Just get dressed Jake. Jake jumped in to the shower as Marco picked up the house phone and called to JP, he then called to Fabian to tell him what was going on. When Jake appeared drying himself off Fabian was in the room and Marco was getting dressed. "JP is waiting outside Jake." "Thank you Fabian." "Marco, call if you need anything." Marco gave JP as kiss as he got in to the car, he hugged and kissed Jake and they set off. It was a quick drive being so early in the morning, JP dropped them off at the entrance and told Marco to call him when they are ready to leave. Jake was already at the lift to go to the ward, it suddenly dawned on him, that he was going to have to explain about Marco being there. That was the least of his worries, he didn't much care for their opinion anyway. The lift doors opened and they stepped out to the reception, Jake went up to the desk and was pointed to a relatives waiting room. Marco could see how fraught Jake was becoming, he put his arm around Jake's shoulder. Jake opened the door to see his Mum, Dad and Jacob plus his aunties and uncles along with their children. The whole room looked up, Jake never contemplated that they would all be here and he would be outed to the entire family in one go. Marco dropped his arm from Jake and his Dad came over with a very nasty look on his face. "About time you showed, we kept ringing you at your flat. And why have you brought a stranger here." "Nice to see you to Dad, what do you care, you made your opinion known 2 years ago when I most needed your support." Jake grabbed Marco's hand, his dad stood rooted the spot, anger boiled and raged in his body. Jake had never spoken to him this way before, he was conflicted but in some way respected how his son stood up for himself and had a new confidence about him. He walked out of the room to calm down. Jake kissed his mum and asked how granny was doing. Happy in the knowledge that she had stabilised. He pulled Marco closer and introduced him to his mum. She looked him over quickly recognising he was a bit older than Jake. Marco held out his hand unsure if it was the right thing to do. She looked over at Jake and smiled, and kissed Marco on the cheek. "I can see that your happy Jake. But you know the rest of the family don't know about this." "They do now, but I am not here for them to judge me. They accept it or they don't." Marco's eye was drawn elsewhere as Jake's brother Jacob walked over in his usual cocky arrogant way, he was wearing ripped jeans, a tight t-shirt which showed off his growing muscles and tattoos down both arms. He stood an inch or so taller than his brother. Jake steadied himself for the onslaught of demeaning comments his brother was about to grace the air with, Jacob had not quite seen Marco as he stood behind Jake for most of the time. "Alright Jake, still queer then?" "Coming from someone else I would hit them, but that's quite remarkable that you had the brains to think of that." "Whose the bum chum you brought with you queer boy?" "Marco, unfortunately this piece of stupid thick crap I am ashamed of is my brother Jacob." Marco moved to the side of Jake, Jacob looked, his eyes mesmerized by Marco's arms as he could see his biceps straining against the shirt he wore. Marco was struck how similar the two boys looked, apart from the two years age difference and tattoos, there was very little between them. He held out his hand, Jacob fixated on his biceps ignored the hand being offered. "Yeah whatever." "Unusual ink work Jacob, does it have a significance?" "Err, no just random stuff. So what are you?" "Sorry, what do you mean?" "Are you and queer boy here doing it?" "Doing it? Not quite Jacob. We make love if that's what you want to know." "Your bumming him then." Marco leaned towards Jacob, family or not enough was enough. "You are an offensive person of little significance. Don't ever disrespect Jake or me like that again. Do you understand me?" Jacob took a step back, the words rang home hard and to the point. He knew that was a veiled threat, he looked at Jake and walked off to his cousins. "What did you say to him?" "I told him to show you a little more respect." "That will never happen." "Oh no Jake, he got the message." Jake chuckled, forgetting where he was he gave Marco a kiss, just as he Dad reappeared in the room tutting at what he saw. His mum's brothers and sisters came over to see Jake. Auntie Sue looked at Marco before telling Jake how happy she was that someone was making a real life for themselves, she nodded over to Jacob and her two sons. Marco's eye wandered over to the son on the left. He had a flat mohican style haircut. Jacob reappeared with a new vigour in his stride, Jake's heart sanked to the floor as he thought here we go round 2 of insults. "Want a coffee?" "What, oh err.. Yes please, I will come with you." "No that's okay, go chat with the family. He can help me get the coffees?" Jake felt a little uneasy about this, he knew if Jacob pushed Marco to far there would be consequences. They went out the door and headed down to the reception area to the vending machines. "Your threats don't worry me." "Did I threaten you?" "You tried to, but I got a few guys we could take you down easily enough." "It's a good thing your his brother. I will let your stupid remark go this time." "You don't scare me." "Jacob go back to your insignificant life and leave Jake alone, that would be the smartest thing you could ever do." "Ha, what you got some little secret queer gang." "Jacob your a waste of my time. Just get the coffees and don't ever speak to me or let me see you again." Jacob realised he had pushed boundaries way past the post this time, he looked at Marco who showed no care of concern towards Jacob. He punched the numbers on the vending machine and grabbed a tray to put the hot cups on. Marco didn't even look at him, he was not angry or upset at Jacob, he just saw a pathetic person who used words as a mean to protect himself. Jacob stood and banged his head against the vending machine several times. Marco just continued typing his text to Fabian completely ignoring him. Jacob wiped his eye, his head still resting against the vending machine, his guard had dropped. "Why does my brother hate me?" Marco stopped typing and stared at his phone, of all the questions he never expected that one. "What makes you think that?" "He doesn't talk to me much, never wants to hang out." "Take a look at yourself, you need to look inward and when you have figured that out you might understand why." "Even you don't like me." "Well is it any wonder, in the first few minutes you alienated yourself, nothing nice comes out of your mouth." "Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude or upset you. I find all this hard with my brother." "You pushed him away and now you don't really know Jake as the person he is now." "He has his own life away from me and the family." "Why do you do it?" "Do what?" "All this front you put on. Your not as hard as you think Jacob, I think you just mix with the wrong people who you want to impress." Marco had hit the nail on the head. Jacob raised his head off the vending machine and turned to Marco. "Yeah your right, I am so screwed up, no prospects and nothing to look forward to." "Why don't you sort your life out, get a job, girlfriend, make a life?" "No one will give me a job, look at me, they all think I am stupid as I fucked around at school to much." "Do you really want to turn your life around?" "When I look at Jake I get so jealous of how independent he is. He has never stood up to my Dad like he did just now." "Jake is becoming his own person. And I love him like crazy." "He is lucky to have that." "Jake has a good circle of friends who will go to extraordinary lengths to protect those they love." "I use to be his defender growing up through school." "He is still your younger brother, fix things before you destroy what love he has for you. Don't be shocked, he loves you very much." "How?" "Get to know Jake. Come to dinner on Friday, some of his work colleagues will be there as well." "Never been invited to dinner before." "You will need to tidy yourself up a little, wear something that is not torn and a shirt. I will get Jake to text you the details." Marco picked up one of the trays as they headed back. Jake was trying to gauge the situation, Jacob wanted to talk more to Marco but the doctor appeared and gave them the news that granny was conscious and sitting up in bed. As they doctor went to leave Marco stopped him. "What is the long term prognosis?" "About 4 or 5 months at best." "Do you know Dr Spencer Hasting?" "I think so, he is part owner of the Fabian & Hasting private hospital in Chelsea if I have the right one." "He is, we may decide to transfer her there if you see no issue with moving her." "No, and I think that would be good for her to have more personal care now." "I will talk to her grandson." Marco walked over to Jake and asked him to get the immediate family together to ask them for permission to do this. His Dad loitered at the back of the group. Marco had already briefed Jake who was more than happy with the suggestion after the shock of realising that Fabian's company owned the private hospital with Spencer. Jake looked at his Mum, Dad, brother, aunties and uncles before telling them the news, but they would all have to agree. His dad as usual was first. "Who is paying for that then, we can't afford it?" "For once dad can you just drop it, I will take care of everything." "And where do you get the money from?" His dad giving him the I know better look. Out of the blue Jacob spoke up. "Dad, be quiet if your not going to be sensible about this. Let Jake finish." "Let me call in a favour, if we agree it would be good for her I will find out more details." The family agreed so Jake called Fabian and spent 10 minutes talking to him. He hung up the phone and told the family that granny will have a private room and two companion nurses to look after her for as long as needed. The family thanked Jake as Marco stood behind so proud of him using his new family. His mother was no fool and new that Marco had something to do with it, she circled around the group towards him. "Thank you Marco." "It is all down to your wonderful son." "If you say so." Jacob went over to Jake who eyed him suspiciously, he stood in front of Jake, raised his arms and hugged his brother. "I miss you Jake." "I want my brother back Jacob. The one who annoyed the hell out me growing up, but protected me no matter what." Jacob released his hold he looked over to Marco who held out his hand, Jacob took it. Jake could have burst with pride at seeing his brother like this, it was like the Jacob the knew and loved was finally surfacing. Jake's dad looked on at the sudden change in Jacob and for the first time that morning he smiled slightly. He still didn't understand Jake sometimes but eventually he went over and shook his hand. Tiny steps Jake thought. To his surprise his dad held out a hand to Marco, he shook it but never uttered a word before he joined his wife. After visiting granny and giving her the news the family began to disperse. Marco called JP who said he will be there in 15 minutes. They sat out the front of the hospital waiting, his mum, dad and brother came out the front doors. Jake was saying goodbye to his parents, but Jacob was more distracted at the sight of the limo pulling up to the front, JP got out and stood by the passenger door waiting. Jake and Marco made their way over to JP who opened the door and they took their seats, Jake looked out through the blackened windows to see Jacob starring with his mouth open. "He might catch flies if he stays like that." "You never said how alike you two are." "Good genes I guess. What happened when you went to get the coffee?" "I just told him to stop alienating people and start being nice, and that you love him." "He did tell me he misses me being around." "Hope you don't mind, but I have invited him for dinner on Friday when Dave and Joe will be coming." "Not sure if that is wise or not. Do you know when he turned 17 I had the biggest crush on my brother." "Doesn't surprise me, he is quite hot, if rough around the edges. But you are hotter." "Stop it. It is sad that he can't find his own direction and settle." "Indeed. I know what I wanted to ask you. Your auntie Sue's son with the flat mohican, is his name Zack?" "Yes." "Hmmm, you know he is gay?" "Nah, how would you know that?" "His eyes followed us everywhere we went." "Maybe we should get him over one day and set Andre on to him." They both laughed and settled back, Marco put his arm around Jake it was the first time he had laughed that morning. "Thank you being here Marco." "I want to come with you later when you see your grandmother." "Of course, I would like that. I love having you by my side." He pulled Jake closer and kissed him lovingly and held on to him until they reached home. They changed and headed to the gym to workout, Marco as usual was pushing Jake harder each day. Jake quit after 45 minutes and was heading to the pool, Marco said he would join him there shortly. Noises were coming from the Orangery as Jake walked up from the basement, he crossed the hall way and in to the Orangery. He saw Fabian at the doors talking loudly to someone down by the pool, he turned and went over to Jake gaving him a kiss and a long hug. "Don't worry Jake, we are here for you." "Thank you Fabian, I appreciate what you have done for granny." "Anything for you. Ben is staying here for a week he is down at the pool with Andre." "I was just heading down there." "Watch out for them they are a pair of naughty kids when together." As he stepped down from the decking on to the path he saw Ben and Andre chasing each other as they quickly disappeared round the house. As he neared the pool terrace, Ben and Andre came running around the corner of the house and stopped. "Oh look what we have here Ben." "Well well if it isn't Jakey boy." "He loves having his nipples tweaked." Jake knew by the smirks on their face he was in trouble, he though about running back to the house. No, he didn't do that anymore so he threw his things on the ground and looked at both of them. "Come on, which one of you is first?" They looked at each other and both ran for him, Jake freaked and tried to side step Ben but his arm caught him square round his waist. He knew that there was no escaping Ben's muscled arms. Andre pushed Jakes hands away and began tweaking his nipples left and right, he couldn't do anything but giggle and scream. Ben spun Jake around to face him and kissed him on the lips before pushing him towards Andre, he wrapped his arms around his waist and started grinding his cock in to Jake's arse. Fabian was laughing from the decking with his arm around Marco before telling them to stop and let him swim. Andre released his hold and dived in to the pool. Ben grabbed Jake and pulled him close giving him a strong hug. "I am so sorry to hear about your granny Jake." Jake broke down, finally unable to hold his emotions in any longer. Marco saw and went to go over to him but Fabian held him back. "Give him a minute Marco, I think he has been trying to hold it together in front of us." "It has been one hell of a morning Fabian. I invited his brother over dinner on Friday, hope you don't mind." "Not at all, look forward to meeting him. "He is rough and quite abusive." "Hmmm, we all like a challenge Marco." They watched as Ben hugged him stroking the back of his head. He lifted Jake's chin up and looked him in the eye, he softly told him that he would be here if he wanted to talk. Jake kissed Ben on the lips and rested his head on his shoulder, Ben kissed the side of his face gently moving further round towards Jake's mouth. Instinct took hold of Jake as he moved his mouth to Ben's, their lips parted and met. Jake pushed his tongue into Ben's mouth as they passionately kissed. Andre leaning on the side of the pool had never seen anything hotter and was getting excited. Marco and Fabian smiled at the scene. "I think Jake is going to fit in well." "He was a little unsure when we spoke about enjoying the family last night." "That's sweet. And you Marco?" "Over the moon Fabian. He is the most amazing guy." "I am so happy for you both. Go rescue your boy before Ben has him naked and fucking him in the garden." The both headed down to the pool, Ben releasing Jake from their kiss as Marco told Ben to leave his boyfriend alone. Ben blushed before announcing how delicious Jake tasted. "You just keep your hands off him Ben, for the time being." "Your such a spoil sport Marco. Oh Jake, just for the record I am so going to nail you in bed!" Jake loved the idea of that telling him he looked forward to seeing if he lives up to his expectations.
  3. losolent

    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Part 16 - The Lovers And Generosity "Happy Jake?" "Incredibly, I still ache a bit. Are we having sex?" "Not tonight Jake, I want you to be completely well. Anyway we won't be having sex." "What do you mean?" "You and I will only make love never just sex." "I never have thought about it like that, or even had the chance. Fabian was the closest thing I ever had to intimacy." "The best thing about our family is you can indulge with whoever you like." "You mean have sex with them?" "Absolutely, Fabian especially. But most importantly you must feel free to enjoy the family, it's what makes us all close." "It may take me some time to get use to this way of thinking." "Of course, I know this is all new but never be afraid to express yourself." Marco reached up to take Jake's shirt off. He stopped him and told him he was only ever allowed to undress him in the course of making love. Marco kissed Jake and began to strip. Jake sat and watched as Marco took off his shirt, he loved looking at the tightness and definition of the muscle in his arms. His beautifully crafted torso gave him an adonis stature. One thing he couldn't fathom was why Marco was so drawn to him when he could have the pick of the crop. Jake stripped then climbed in to bed next to Marco. "Marco, I don't pretend to understand many things. Why you and I are here now is one of them." "People get drawn together in many ways, it is just something that fits in to place and you know it is meant to be." Jake wrapped in Marco's arms gave him a tender kiss as they both laid looking at each other. The fight to stay awake was being lost, Jake's breathing eased in to a steady rhythm as he drifted in to sleep. Marco continued looking at Jake, had he really found someone who could love him unconditionally. He kissed his forehead before his eyes closed. Jake's eyes slowly opened, he was laying on his side with Marco spooning close against him. His body felt normal and his ached had disappeared, this he put down to being in the arms of his new lover. He climbed out of bed and looked at Marco who stirred and rolled over. Walking through to the lounge area to the open balcony doors and stood there, it looked over towards Spencer and JP's house. It was really dawning on him that there must be some serious amounts of money here, a fact he had never really given thought about, except what Fabian said to him, that he would look after him no matter what. Jake was from a home that got by, no extravagance or big holidays, just your average life. At some point he would have to confront his own family, they knew about him being gay but very guarded and disapproving over this matter and didn't talk about it. His only brother, Jacob, was a bit of a rough kid on the block, 2 years older, tattoos and always getting in to fights and no job. He loved his brother, but recently he had began tolerating him for the sake of his family. He only referred to Jake now as 'Queer boy' which he hated. They were all a world away from where he stood right now in the plush surroundings of Wimbledon, beyond the trees in Wandsworth his family would be getting ready for the normal daily routine. Jake stretched raising his arms high, he jumped as two defined arms circled around him from behind. Grabbing them he pulled them tighter around his body as Marco kissed his neck. "Morning handsome, how are you feeling?" "Wonderful now you are here." Before he could say anything more Marco spun him around, gently kissing him, he stroked Jake's face then picked him up. They kissed as he carried him back to the bedroom. Jake's legs were wrapped around Marco, without knowing it he was making little sounds of delight. Still holding him in his arms they reached the bed, Marco climbed up and laid Jake down. The kissing began to take a more sensual and erotic intensity. Jake's hands caressed Marco everywhere they could reach, his cock was wanting to burst showing his love for Marco. He tried to gain some composure but his attempt were futile. Marco's cock leaking precum like a dripping tap. Their eyes both wide open looking at each other as they kissed, yearning and desire was evident in the depth of their gaze. Jake felt the head of Marco's exquisitely crafted eight inch cock applying pressure against his hole, his desire and lust for Marco showed no resistance as finally he felt his lover penetrating his body slowly. Jake kissed him with more passion than ever, as he teased Jake's hole with slow tender thrusts. Marco could not hold back any longer he had to have him, he gyrated his hips several time as inch by inch he slipped deeper and deeper inside Jake. Jake moaned as a complete happiness took over his body with every thrust from Marco's love. He raised his head a few inches above Jake before whispering "My lover", he let out a loud moan, Marco's cock swelled. Jake knew they were about to seal their love for each other. Marco held Jake in his arms, his hips pushed up hard against Jake forcing his cock as deep as he could get hitting Jake's spot. Jake cried out "Marco, I love you.". Marco kissed Jake's neck as his semen pulsated up his shaft and entered in to Jake's body, sowing his seed of love. Jake tightened his legs around Marco as he simultaneously began shooting Fabian's strain of seed between their stomachs. Marco collapsed on top of Jake penetrating as deep as he could, steam after stream of seed being given to Jake. He held Jake tight as they continued to kiss, Marco was not finished with Jake yet. He continued fucking Jake, their mouths still devouring each other. Jake moaned again in pleasure as Marco began to pick up the momentum. Locked in their world, Jake held Marco around his neck, his legs still wrapped around Marco moved caressing his hips. Marco's hips once again pushed up hard against him, he moaned in to Jake's mouth as he shot his second load into Jake and then collapsed on top of him. Marco looked at Jake who just laid there with the biggest grin on his face. A look of pure satisfaction on both their faces was a sight to behold. Marco kissed Jake's nipple and worked down his naval and began lick the now sticky mess off his stomach. Jake stroked Marco's head giggling at the tender tickling the tongue performed on his body. He would have been more than content to just lay here for the rest of his life with Marco by his side. Marco glanced at the clock before springing off the bed dragging Jake to the shower. It was 9am before they made their way downstairs. Marco telling Jake he must ensure breakfast is ready for Fabian. The walked in the dining room to find Andre finishing off the table. "Hi Marco, hi Jake, I think it's all done. You need to show me how to do this properly tomorrow." "Morning Andre, why have you done this?" "Fabian wants me to take on more around the house, didn't he tell you?" "Oh, a lot happened yesterday." "No kidding." Andre looked in Jake's direction. "You look perky this morning, did you make love?" "Andre, behave and show some respect." Fabian had walked in to the room laughing at Andre's up front questioning. He gave Marco and Jake a kiss before looking at them and gesturing in a "Come on do tell" kind of way. Jake just smiled and winked, that was all that was required. "Oh and Marco, I want Andre to take on more butler roles around the house and you to work more with me as a personal assistant." "Of course Fabian." "Hopefully it will allow you two to spend more time together. Did you manage to sort the card out for Jake?" "Sorry Fabian not yet, I will do it after breakfast. What type of card?" "I think a black one, 500 should cover it." Jake just looked on confused and didn't understand all this code going on. He decided to have fun with Andre, he went round the table moving cutlery quicker and quicker, Andre running behind putting it back in it's place until he caught up with Jake. He grabbed his arm and forced him down on the ground, he straddle Jake pinning him on the floor. Andre began to pinch Jake's nipples causing him to cry out in laughter. The other side of the room Fabian and Marco held on to each other laughing their socks off at the antics of the young men. before he turned to Marco. "You need to get him to work out more otherwise Andre will make him his bitch if he can't match him." "Don't you feel a whole new energy in the house since he arrived?" "Totally Marco, shall we go rescue Jake?" Fabian bent down and heaved Andre off with one arm. Marco looking down at Jake who was still laughing holding his nipples to cover them, Marco noticed Jake was obviously a lot better and horny as his shorts gave everything away. Jake laid on the floor until he regained his composure. Andre straightened himself up but was grinning from ear to ear. Fabian was sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee. "Marco, Jake, come sit. Jake this is as much your home now as mine." "I don't know what I have done to deserve your kindness Fabian, but thank you." "You are welcome Jake and enough of this thanking me. This is your home now as well." Andre served up breakfast, then placed a plate of food in an empty seat next to Fabian, gave him a kiss and sat down to eat with them. As soon as breakfast was done Marco sent Jake to get his work out clothes on and meet him in the gym. As he disappeared he went in to the office next to Fabian's and made the call to sort out a card for Jake. They were showering in their room having returned from their workout and swim, Marco said he had some work to do with Fabian, he suggested Jake and Andre go for a walk through the village to his flat and put together what he needs and they will collect it in the evening. Since it was a furnished flat it would only be his clothes and a few pictures. One of which was his grandmother Ellen, he doted on her as she looked after him a lot, growing up his parents were always working. He knew he had to go see her in hospital as it head been nearly a week since his last visit. Andre and Jake had a great time together, being close in age they could almost pass as brothers, except Andre sported a pretty fine physique. Jake just thought he looked plain and told Andre so, but Andre would have none of it, exclaiming that he was very attractive and real London looking. They giggled a lot as they came up to the security gate. Andre tapped his index finger on a pad above the lock and it magically swung open. "That's amazing." "Oh yeah, it is pretty nifty but not when you got sticky fingers, I was stuck outside here once for 15 minutes in the rain." "How did you get in then?" "Pressed the button and security had to open the gate." "What is it with the security?" "Fabian like his privacy. You don't know much about him do you?" "Not really, I love him in a way but not like Marco." "You should ask, he will be honest and tell you most things." "Maybe I will, but really all I need is a roof and food and of course love as it turns out." "To get Fabian's trust and respect as much as you have done is not easy. And you get a card." "What is this card?" "Marco and Ben are the only others who have cards, other family member are wealthy in their own right." "But what is it?" "You will find out soon enough. I don't need one as I only have to ask Fabian if I need anything." They entered the house and saw Marco and Fabian in the Orangery drinking coffee and mindlessly talking to each other. Jake walked in and gave Fabian a kiss then over to Marco and gave him a full on snog. "Everything sorted then Jake?" "Yes Fabian, just 3 bags of clothes to collect later, I brought some pictures with me hope you don't mind." "Of course not. Andre would you like to do lunch, Marco will show you." "Consider it done Fabian, come on Marco." "Jake come sit with me I have something for you." Jake sat next to Fabian and put his hand on his leg. Fabian produced a small envelope and gave it to Jake. "What is it?" "Open it silly and you will find out." Jake opened the envelope and a black card dropped out, he could just just make out the deep grey writing 'American Express'. "It's a credit card." "It is, but not just a credit card." "How so?" "It get's you in to some of the most exclusive places in the world." "But why would I need one?" "I want you to have it, that is your own personal expenses to do with as you wish." "Does it have contactless payment?" Fabian roared with laughter and gave Jake the biggest hug. "No Jake, it can do many things but not that." "So does it have the same limit as my other credit card of £1k?" "Not nearly close, it has £500k allowance per year." "Your kidding me?" "Not at all." "I still don't think I need it, but thank you Fabian." "I think Marco will take you out later in the week to do some shopping. You can see what doors that card will open for you." "Can I buy anything?" "Yes, but be careful and don't get carried away. Who is the picture of Jake?" "My grandmother, she looked after my brother and me a lot whilst my mum was working." "You have her eyes Jake. What's wrong?" "She is not well and in hospital so I do need to see her." "You must do that Jake, as you know family is key. Do you want me to help out in any way?" "Don't suppose you could tame my brother." Fabian mused this weird unsuspecting answer from him.
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    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Part 15 - New Day New Life Jake felt the familiar sensation of the sun light beating down on his head causing him to stir from his sleep. Marco was still holding him but fast asleep he looked a his face and was almost sure he was smiling in his sleep. Jake was feeling a strong content emotion, a feeling of belonging in these arms and with this man laying wrapped close to him. He desperately needed the toilet and began to gently slide out of Marco's arms. Marco still half asleep asked where he was going, he heard the word 'Bathroom' and promptly went back sleep. He felt Fabian laying on his other side as he to the bottom of the bed and stood, he legs gave way and he fell crashing back on to the bed waking the both of them. "Jake, what are you doing?" "Bathroom." "Your probably to weak to stand yet." Fabian came round and hoisted Jake up and carried him off in to the bathroom. As they reappeared Andre was sitting on the bed talking with Marco. Fabian put Jake back on the bed. "Morning Marco, coffee and fruit by the sofas, I brought a protein energy shake up for Jake. Hope that is okay?" "Morning Andre, that's perfect." "How's our patient today?" "A little weak, but back with us." Andre moved up on the bed next to Jake, for the first time he saw Andre wearing only boxer shorts. At 24 his body was taught and firm, with generously proportioned muscles, undoubtedly he was Fabian's blond and blue eyed boy. Jake had never really seen how attractive he was until now, Andre lifted Jake's right leg and began to gently massage, he then switched to the other leg. Jake was trying to drink his shake, which was interrupted by him giggling whilst being massaged at the same time. Andre put his leg down and Jake told him how wonderful that felt, he bent forward and gave Jake a kiss. As Andre got off the bed he told Jake anytime he wants a massage to let him know, he joined Fabian on the sofa and grabbed a coffee as they made small talk. Fabian spoke across to Jake. "Do you remember our discussion from Friday night." "You mean last night on the balcony?" "Jake, it was two nights ago." "Oh, was I that sick?" "Yes, but having Spencer on hand helped get you over the worst of it quickly." "Conversation, oh about me coming to live here?" "Yes that's the one." "Well, if you are sure Fabian, and you think it is the right thing to do." Before Fabian could even get a word out of his mouth Andre piped up. "If you don't say yes now I will tie you to the bed and sexually torture you until you do." They guys were all laughing, Jake lifted his head. "Is that a promise?" "Definitely, I like you being around the house." Marco whispered in Jake's ear to please move in, he looked to Fabian. "When do I move in?" "Well you have been here all week so you sort of already did." "As long as I am not intruding Fabian." "Never Jake. Marco how about you sort the necessities out for Jake, and arrange for a card." "Yes Fabian, I will do it first thing Monday." "What about my things in the flat?" "We can deal with that later Jake, if you need anything in the meantime we can sort that out." In his fuzzy state he was still trying to process everything that had happened over the last week, how life had changed through meeting this extrodinary group of people. He layed back on the bed and smiled, Marco moved up beside him and began to stroke his head. Jake knew he was sporting quite an erection. "Are you feeling okay Jake?" Fabian listened intently, he hoped that finally feelings were about to surface. "Yes Marco, I am happy, happy to be here with Fabian, family and even more with you." "You know.. I mean, I.. sorry Jake." "Marco, tell me what you want to say." "Oh, here goes, I love being around you, love touching you and you make me happy in so many ways." "Blimey, I though it was just me as I tingle with excitement every time you are near me Marco, I hope I can keep making you happy." "Just never get bored of me." "As long as you promise to be by my side and love me." Jake pulled Marco towards him, their lips seeking each other, tender rapid kisses exchanged between them. Their lips met and parted, Marco's tongue dived in and was met by Jake's own. A damp patch grew bigger where Jake had just exploded in his underwear, he had never felt passion that could cause this reaction just from a single kiss. Arms wrapping around each other they kissed for ages, completely lost in their world, forgetting anyone else was in the room. When eventually they surfaced, Marco laid on his back. Standing by the bed was Fabian, Andre, Spencer and JP. Fabian laughed at the shocked look on their faces. "I wondered when you two might join us again." "Sorry Fabian." "Hey don't be sorry, you have made me so happy that you two finally have seen the light." Marco got up and ran to Fabian, they hugged and kissed. Spencer moved in to examine Jake as everyone moved to the sofas. He looked at Jake before smiling and telling him he had no idea how truly happy this has made Marco and Fabian. He smiled at Spencer, tears welling in his eyes, he told him how he had never felt like this before. Spencer wiped the tears from Jake and kissed him then pronounced that Jake was as normal as could be to everyone's laughter. Jake asked Fabian and Marco to help him downstairs as he wanted to sit by the pool in the sunshine. Marco sat with Jake by the pool for several hours. He began to feel strong enough to walk so they wondered up to the deck to join Fabian, Spencer and JP for some lunch. They all enquired how he was feeling, relief on their faces showed as he ate some food and joined in the conversation. "So Jake, any idea which room you would like?" Fabian was looking at Jake, Marco squeezed Jake's hand under the table. He felt he knew what Marco meant and wanted. "Would you be disappointed with any decision I make Fabian?" "No, as long as it is the right one." "What is the right one?" "Search inside Jake." "If Marco is happy to, I want to start sharing our lives together." "Hmmm, I think Marco's smile says it all. And Jake you made the choice I hoped you would make." Fabian was more than happy with their decision. Tonight would be the first night they spent alone, the beginning of a new chapter in their lives as lovers. The rest of day and early evening Jake spent dozing and drinking fluids in the orangery, he still felt a little drained from the past 2 days, but was starting to get his legs back and feeling more like himself. He suddenly remembered hearing Spencer mentioning HIV whilst he was floating in an out of consciousness. He looked around but no one was near, he heard voices on the deck. He stood, steadying himself as he slowly walked outside. Fabian and Marco were sat talking, Marco spotted Jake and quickly got up and helped in to a chair. "Fabian, was my sickness HIV?" "Yes Jake. But you will be fine from now on, it was your body reacting to the virus." "What happens now?" "Spencer will keep an eye on you as he does with us all. You know you have earnt your tattoo now. I presume on the lower back?" "Yes, I want it like Marco's." "I will arrange for Brad to come over and do it for you." "Thank you." Marco and Fabian held on to Jake as they climbed the stairs and headed towards Marco's room. They guided him to the bed, Fabian spoke to Marco telling him to call if he needs anything or if he relapses. He kissed Fabian then Jake goodnight and left them alone.
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    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Part 14 - The Long Night Ahead Fabian panicked a little, he gently picked him up and carried Jake over to the bed and laid him there. He was mumbling and burning up, quickly Fabian picked up the phone and called Marco. "Marco, I need you, I think Jake is converting. Call Spencer and ask him to come over." "Will do and on my way." Spencer came running in to the room followed by JP. Jake was laying on the bed being cradled by Marco and Fabian. Spencer examined Marco before reporting he had a temperature but otherwise okay. He told asked Fabian to get some energy drink to keep him hydrated, he called down to Andre. Spencer pulled a HIV test kit out of his bag and took a small blood sample. Fabian and Marco looked anxiously, Spencer looked at them both. "Guys, we have our official newest family member." Fabian and Marco kissed each other and smiled. Andre appeared wondering what was going on, JP quickly briefed him on the news. Marco made Jake drink half a bottle before letting him lay in his arms as he drifted off. After a while Spencer took his temperature again, it had risen by half a degree. Spencer told Fabian that they will stay here to monitor him, he asked JP to two hydration pouches the IV feed kit and stand, JP nodded headed back to their house. JP returned and Spencer hooked Jake up to the first drip feed hydration pouch. After a couple of hours Spencer took his temperature again, it had gone up by another half a degree. Marco woke Jake and helped him drink the rest of the first bottle and laid him back down close to him. During the night Spencer reported that his temperature had stabilised. At 5.30am he removed the empty hydration pouch. Jake woke to Fabian mopping his forehead as Marco still cradled him, he feebly muttered he needed the toilet. Fabian picked Jake up and took him in to the bathroom and sat him on toilet and propped him up. Jake mumbled he had finished and Fabian picked him up again. By the time he got to the bedroom Jake was out again. Spencer attached the second pouch and watched as the drips slowly began releasing in to Jake. Andre appeared at 7am and brought them some much needed coffee. Spencer examined Jake and was pleased to report his temperature had dropped slightly. Marco cuddled up closer to Jake and drifted off to sleep. Spencer asked JP to fetch two more pouches and he disappeared, he looked down and Jake and Marco. "You know Fabian, this is one hell of a match you did here, do you think it will work?" "They did this themselves. What' annoying is I still don't even think they have told each other how they feel." "Really?" "The first time they met I could see the sparks between them. I think they may be both afraid to take the first step." The day dragged on, Marco woke up at midday and took over so Fabian could sleep. Spencer grabbing naps when he could. Ben turned up at 3pm having heard the news and took Fabian for a swim to relax him. By 7pm Spencer told everyone he temperature was just above normal and the worst seems to be over. Andre brought sandwiches and coffee up, he told Fabian that he will sit with Jake if he wants to sleep. Andre got behind Fabian and began to give him a neck and shoulder massage. Marco gave Andre a kiss and took a sandwich. He climbed in to bed and cradled Jake. Spencer, JP, Ben and Fabian went to sit on the sofas by the balcony chatting. "I don't understand it, I thought he would be back with us by now." "What do you mean Spencer?" "Well his temperature was normal just now when I took it." Jake rolled on his side facing Marco, his face resting on his chest. After an hour they all went over to the bed to see how he is doing. "Any change Marco?" "I am not sure." "Jake, are you awake?" "Yes." They all looked at each other, Spencer quickly cut in. "How long have you been awake?" "About an hour." "What. Why didn't you tell us?" "I didn't want Marco to move." They laughed at this news, Andre appeared bringing more sandwiches and coffee. As he came in he said he brought some soup up in case Jake was feeling hungry. Fabian gave him a kiss and thanked him for being so thoughtful. They all sat on the sofas, Jake nuzzled closer in to Marco. "Thank you Marco, for being here." "I will always be here, that is if you want me to." Jake had fallen asleep again so he wasn't sure if he heard his last remark. Marco stroked Jake's back and closed his eyes as he drifted off. the others left the room leaving Marco and Jake in each others arms sleeping peacefully.
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    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Part 13 - Family and Favours That Friday evening some of the family were coming to dinner. The weather was still nice and warm so it would be a casual outside affair. Paul was first to arrive, Jake hadn't seen him since the job offer and he came over kissed and sat down next to Jake to chat about Tuesday. "Hope your week has got better since Tuesday Jake." "That was funny what happened at work after my outburst." "What happened?" "You know, blue screens." Paul laughed and put his arm around Jake's shoulder. "Yeah well, sounds like your boss needed some work to do. But what happens inside the family stays inside." "Absolutely Paul. I love everyone too much to risk loosing it." "Marco told me two others stood up for you then walked out." "Oh yes, Dave and Joe. I got on well with them even though they are straight." "Your so funny Jake. Anyway straight men are the best challenge in life. So have they got jobs?" "No, actually I was deciding if I should ask you for a favour to see if you had any jobs for them, but I don't want to overstep any boundaries." "They protected you Jake, giving them a job is the least I can do. Give me their details." Jake went back inside and retrieve his phone and gave the numbers to Paul. He made a quick phone call as he walked down to the pool. He was there for a good 20 minutes before he headed back to the decking. Fabian joined Jake and Marco just as Spencer and JP appeared through the gate. Paul returned to the table and gave Spencer and JP as kiss as he took his seat. "Jake, all sorted they start on Monday, same office where you will be working." "Thank you Paul, I appreciate what you have done and I hope they do." "What's going on?" "We just gave the two guys that defended Jake a job with us." "Excellent news. Maybe we should have them over for dinner next week." "Do you think it is wise? I mean they are straight and may not understand." "Understand what?" "Us." "There is nothing really to tell them Jake, family is not their business. Paul can host it as a company welcome and meet the owners." "Okay if you sure." "I am impressed that you asked Paul to help them out. Right Dinner everyone." "Shall I invite them over a week Friday, give them chance to settle in to their jobs first." "Consideration of others, a quality I like in people Jake, you continue to surprise and delight me." "I have to say Fabian, Jake is a beautiful person inside and out." "Thank you JP, I totally agree with you. Paul will you sort out inviting them over?" Paul nodded, Jake sat there embarrassed at the compliments he was getting. He undid his top two shirt buttons as he was feeling hot and a little dizzy. Jake played with his food as he didn't feel like eating much at dinner. Marco was sat opposite Jake his eyes fixated on him, the other men he had seen just never had this effect on him. "Jake, are you not enjoying your food." "I really don't have any appetite to eat Fabian, sorry." "Perfectly alright Jake, is there anything you want?" "No, I am just happy being here." Three times during dinner Paul jabbed Marco in his side, he could clearly see the Jake effect on Marco. Each time Marco would turn to Paul who would shake his head an smirk. As dinner finished Fabian thought this would be the time to talk to Jake and called him over. "Sure your alright." "Yes, just came over a little hot at dinner." "You must tell me if you don't feel right Jake, don't forget we have Spencer here." "I think I am okay, it seems to have passed." "Good, I want to talk about you Jake." "Oh, did I do something wrong, have I upset you?" "Not at all. Jake. You know how much I and the family have come to love you and like you being around here." "I guess so as you keep inviting me back." "We would like you to come and live here with your family, I know Marco would like that as well." "You mean permanently?" "Yes." "Would I not be in the way?" "The house is big enough Jake, you can have your own room and pretty much free run of the house." "Wow. I didn't see that coming Fabian. I think the rent might be a to high for me." Fabian laughed and rubbed Jake's head. "Don't be silly Jake. There is no rent to pay, our family mean everything you are no exception to this." "There is no catch?" "Only one, and I think you know what that may be." "I think I can live with that one catch, if I am thinking right. Will you and I still, you know?" "Yes of course if you wish, that is the best part of our family, you can indulge with who ever you want in the family." "It is a big change, what if it doesn't work out." "You can move out if you don't enjoy being here or things don't work out as I am hoping. I will make sure you are set up if that happens." "I will need to sort out things with my landlord, but yes I would like to Fabian." "Good, give me the details of your landlord, considerate it taken care of." He gave Fabian a kiss and hugged him, thanking him for being so nice. Fabian broke the news to the rest of the family who were present. Marco's face told it all as he picked Jake up and hugged him, telling him how pleased he was and that he had someone to work out with. As the evening drew to a close Jake and Fabian headed up the master suite, he was feeling a little queasy and hot again. Fabian was standing naked looking out of the balcony enjoying the night air. Jake sat on the bed and undressed slowly, he walked over to Fabian rubbing his neck, stopping several times as he felt a little unsteady. He slipped in front of Fabian resting his back against his toned chest. Fabian's arms circled around Jake's body as he kissed his neck. "Your quiet tonight Jake." "I don't feel right Fabian, I am so cold." "Your sweating Jake." "All going fun...." Jake couldn't finish his sentence his head was spinning, Fabian felt Jake's body go limp in his arms.
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    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Part 12 - Trouble At Work Fabian persuaded Jake to stay until the following weekend. He had gone back to work on Tuesday, life just carried on as normal during the day. His boss was giving him a bit of grief as usual, Dave his supervisor and Joe who sat next to him attempted to field him off. Jake already had concluded that his boss figured out he was gay and was very uncomfortable when he was around. At the end of the day, he turned off his PC and headed outside the building. His sight was caught by the striking figure waiting by a car, he turned and saw Jean-Paul or JP as the others called him. He nodded and opened the passenger door, Jake walked over and as he got near he told him that Fabian had sent him to bring him home. Jake smiled and got in, unaware his work colleagues were standing on the pavement watching. That evening they had a cosy dinner just the three of them. Marco went to his rooms and Jake with Fabian, it was not long before they were engaged in yet more steamy passionate sex, leading to Jake taking more of Fabian's seed. In the morning Marco would come and drag Jake out of bed down to the gym and then the pool. JP turned up to take Jake to work, he told Fabian there was no need for JP to take him to work. Fabian would have none of it and told him that it is the least he could do for him. Struggling to keep going at work from all the exercise and sex, his eyes got heavy and he nodded off by 11am. His head hit the computer screen with a crash, Jake woke with a startled look on his face as Dave and Joe sniggered poking him in the sides. The manager came rushing out having been keeping an eye on Jake, he took one look at Jake and asked if he was ill. Jake protested and said he felt fine and just over did it at the gym. He was warned if he did it again he would get fired. His colleagues came to his defence again. For two straight guys they were good friends to have at work. Jake had never been in this situation, and frankly he could do without it. He sent a text to Fabian asking for advice. Fabian responded after 5 minutes "Walk out, JP will pick you up.". His manager noticed that he was now texting and came out of his office again and made a beeline to Jake. He words sharp and to the point reminding him he gets paid to work not send personal texts. Jake stood up from his desk picked his bag up and told his manager to keep his job and money and that he will not take crap from him. Gasps around the office as Jake threw his building pass at his manager and walked towards the elevator. He felt elated that he finally had the confidence to do this. He noticed several of the screens flickering and blue screens started appearing on every terminal. His manager shouted oh my god we have been hacked, suddenly the number of support calls in the queue hit 70 as every department in the building was being hit. His manager ran to over and grabbed Jake as he reached the elevators. "Jake get back to your desk and help your colleagues. Please." "Was that a I am sorry Jake for being so rude and disrespecting you?" "Please Jake." "I didn't hear you apologise." "I am sorry I didn't mean to be disrespect you." "Thank you, it means nothing coming from you though, good bye." He stepped in and pressed the ground floor button and watched his face as the doors closed. JP was waiting outside with Marco, he confidently strode over to the limousine, Dave and Joe came running over towards Jake. Dave spoke quickly to Jake. "You fired us up Jake, we realised we didn't have to take his crap so we walked." "I am sorry guys I didn't mean for this to happen." "Not your fault, it is bedlam in there at the moment. Anyway we have both been looking for other jobs." "What will you do now though?" "Something will come up." "Listen, let me have a word with a friend of mine see if he can do anything for you, but I can't promise anything." "Thanks Jake. Oh and by the way, we have known for some time that your gay, just waiting for you tell us proper like." They both gave Jake their mobile numbers and out of character Dave gave Jake a hug followed by Joe. Marco walked over and Jake turned gaving him a kiss in the middle of the street, said goodbye to his colleagues and got in the limo. "Fabian insists you stay the rest of the week. Was it mayhem up there?" "Why, what are you not telling me?" "Hmmm, well Fabian told Paul about your text so Paul sent your boss a little present to keep him busy." "No way!, I thought I had done something." "No one messes with family Jake, do you need to collect anything from your flat, we can stop on the way?" "Yes please, I just need some clean clothes." The rest of the week followed a very similar pattern of sex and sleeping with Fabian, gym, pool and food. He was loving spending time getting to know Marco, he became to realise that why he was Fabian's butler , he in face only did the nicer things for him. They had plenty of time together working out and swimming when Fabian was taking care of his business interests.
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    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Part 11 - Overslept Fabian shifted in bed as Andre brought coffee and juice in for the three of them. The clanking woke Jake who sat bolt upright. It was 9am, he should be at his desk ready to start work. "Fabian I am late for work." "Never mind Jake." "Never mind, I could loose my job." "Phone in sick, or just don't bother going again. I told you I would look after you." "I have rent and bills to pay Fabian, I don't want to take any money from you." "So phone in sick then, anyway we will be having brunch at 11am." Marco got up and excused himself leaving the two of them alone. Jake was still feeling horny, he leaned over onto Fabian and began kissing him. Fabian's hand stroked his shoulder as he began to push his tongue in to Jake's mouth, slowly his hand worked down his back, Jake arched closer to Fabian. Their mouths locked in a sensual loving kiss, gradually Jake was being pulled underneath him as Fabian kissed his neck. Flat on his stomach with Fabian laying on his back, he could feel the Fabian's excitement growing from his groin as he gently rolled his hips against Jake's arse. Within seconds Fabian had penetrated Jake, he bit the pillow to stifle his cry and clenched hold of Fabian's hands. Their mouths seeking each others in wild passion, Jake pushed his arse up. The throbbing penis sending simultaneous shock waves of pain and pleasure through this body. Fabian thrusted his hips down, his body arched up as if he was trying to push him off. The masculine body now laid completely on top of Jake causing whimpers of delight to escape his mouth. Fabian couldn't hold back any longer, he reared up and pounded in Jake's arse several times before he shouted "Oh Jake.". Fabian's cock now buried up to his balls in his arse as he began to orgasm. Jake clenched his hands tighter crying "Fabian, yes.". His hips jolting down hard with every release of his seed. Jake felt the warm feeling coursing through his insides as he accepted Fabian's gift to be part of the family. They both panted heavily as their bodies began to relax. "Sorry Jake, I didn't want to cum so quickly." Jake rubbed Fabian's hand and kissed it. "Doesn't matter Fabian, I think I made a mess on the bed though." He roared with laughter and extracted his cock flopping on his back, he pulled Jake close to him as their lips met and engaged in another kiss. Jake got up and asked if he could take a shower, Fabian nodded and laid there watching him swagger towards the bathroom. After a few minutes Fabian joined him in the shower. Marco was removing the bed line again as Jake came out through the dressing room, he smiled over to Jake and nodded towards his new work out clothes. Jake completely forgot he was suppose to be working. "Come on sexy, time to hit the gym and pool." "Go easy on me though Marco. Are you coming Fabian?" "I have some business to attend to with Paul, I will see you at brunch." "Okay." Fabian was dressed and standing on the balcony looking out at the boys in the pool as Paul appeared. "Morning Fabian. They would make a lovely couple and seem to have hit if off." "Morning Paul. Yes, I was surprised how drawn to each other they are. I see their eyes light up when they are close." "You wanted to discuss some business?" "Ah yes. What can we do for Jake, you know he works in IT?" "How much work do you want him to do?" "Don't run him to the bones, I need him to be spending as much time as possible with Marco as well." "Wage paying position?" "Probably to start with, I am hoping he will choose to move in here, then he won't need wages." "Well I need a technical consultant reporting to myself, call it 4 days a week?" "Sounds perfect, thank you. Will you tell him?" "Anything for you Fabian, after all you co-own the company and I wouldn't be where I am today with out you." "Right, lets eat Paul, is the rest of the family up?" "Yes, they are in the Orangery." They left Fabian's master suite and headed to join the rest of the family. Marco and Jake joined them on the deck and took their seats for brunch. As they chatted Jake saw a gate in the wall which has escaped him before, he asked Marco what it was for. Marco smiled and told him Spencer and Jean-Paul live in the house next door, and on the other side was Andrew and Brad's house. Jake chuckled to himself at this news, he sat back and enjoyed the company and food. Family started to disperse as soon as brunch was finished, Paul stood up as if to leave from the table. "Jake, come for a walk there is something I would like to discuss with you." He looked over at Fabian who nodded for him to go. They walked through the grounds and Paul brought up the subject of Jake's current job, he told him what sort of work he did on a day to day basis. As they reached the pool Paul sat down on sunbed and patted to the space next to him indicating for Jake to sit. "How would you like work directly for me as a Lead Technical Consultant." "Oh, that is a very kind offer. I don't quite know what to say." "Just say yes." "But, my other job I have to give 2 months notice. Did Fabian ask you to do this for me?" "He asked me to find you a job, and I do need a technical expert to guide me." "Yes Paul, I would love to work for you." "Great, I am so pleased. You will be working 4 days a week, and my offices are only 10 minutes from here on foot." "Okay, When do I start, and err... what sort of pay?" "How about 1 month from today, and how much do you want to be paid?" "Oh err, well I do need to cover my rent and bills, it would be nice to have a bit left over every month to buy some things." "We can discuss wages just before you start there is no rush." "Thank you Paul. I guess being part of the family really does have it's benefits." Paul laughed and kissed Jake. They walked back up to the decking chatting as they re-joined the remaining family. Paul nodded and smiled at Fabian. Spencer and JP appeared through the gate in their swimming trunks, Marco grabbed Jake and they hastily went and got changed. As they got to the pool side Fabian was swimming with Paul and Ben, Spencer and JP were sunning themselves. This was the first time Jake had seen Ben naked and was astounded how much muscle was on his body. Marco quick to notice as Jake's mouth had literally hit the floor looking at Ben, punched him on the arm. "Ouch, what was that for." "No reason, just wanted to make sure you knew I was here and not just Ben." "Don't fret, I know when your around." Jake dived in the pool as Marco stood with a big smile and dreamy look on his face. "See Paul, look at Marco." "Fabian, I have never seen that look in his eyes or expression on his face." Ben and Jake were hitting it off and jokingly he kept turning his back to Marco and looking over his shoulder back at him smiling. They both swam over to Marco and started play fighting as to who would have him. Everyone looked on laughing. Ben so much stronger than Jake got him in to a frontal bearhug. Jake was loving the feel of his muscled arms clenching around his body, it didn't go unnoticed that Ben also had a raging erection which he was grinding in to Jake's arse. It didn't take Jake long for his own cock to spring in to action. Ben shouted across to Marco. "Come on Marco, which one of us do you want?" "Oh, could you have made it any more difficult. There is only one." Marco came up to both the smiling boys, he kissed Ben on cheek then lent in and kissed him deep, his arms wrapped around Marco's neck. Ben released his bearhug hold on Jake smiled at the pair of them then swam over to Fabian. "Something had to be done, they were driving me crazy with the will they won't they." "Nice job Ben, I couldn't have done that better myself." "I'm horny Fabian, Paul." They both new what this meant. The three of them disappeared up to the house whilst Marco and Jake sill held on to each other.
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    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Part 10 - Dinner With The Family Marco opened the doors and held Jake's arm as he led him inside. Thirteen sets of eyes turned and gazed as they crossed in to the room. Spencer and Jean-Paul were the first to clap, the noise increasing as everyone joined in. Jake felt like his head would self combust at how embarrassed he felt. A waiter appeared and presented a cocktail to Jake and Marco. Fabian moved the centre of the room and chimed his glass "My family, I would like to introduce you officially to Jake. He has shown great character and respect in the week I have known him, and I for one am so proud and happy that he is to become part of our family. I hope you will all embrace Jake with the greatest of dignity, respect and love that we have for each other. Jake I hope you will reciprocate and grow to love us all.". Fabian raised his glass "Jake.", everyone raised their glasses and toasted to Jake. He stood with a smile as he surveyed the room, full of attractive and fit people like something from a model shoot. Fabian led Jake towards the group as he told him it was time to do some proper introductions. As each were introduced they kissed Jake and welcomed him warmly to the family. "Spencer the doctor you know and Jean-Paul his partner and chauffeur." "Welcome Jake." "Alfredo who is my personal shopper who makes excellent choices." "Welcome Jake." "Andrew the best person to know he is CEO of an airline, good for upgrades." "Hey cheeky, welcome Jake." "Brad who is from America, a brilliant lawyer and tattoo artist. He is also Andrew's husband." "Welcome Jake, I look forward to giving you your tattoo." "Kanzi who is from Pakistan and his partner Luke, they look after the housekeeping here." "Welcome Jake." "This fine specimen is Ben, proud member of the UK gymnastics team and just turned 25." "Welcome Jake. Sorry I couldn't be here for the pool party." "Giovanni and yes he is Italian and my chef." "Welcome Jake." "Paul who is owner of a large tech and software company here in London." "Welcome Jake". "Grant my groundsman and maintenance, he is also handy in bed." "Fabian!, welcome Jake." "Finally Andre who is Lithuanian, my houseboy and very energetic." "Welcome Jake, if you need anything whilst here you let me know." Jakes head was spinning trying to remember everyone's name before Fabian apologised to Jake and formally introduced him to Marco. They just starred oblivious to everyone else, the whole room watched on as they appeared captivated by each other before being interrupted by Fabian announcing it was time for dinner. Everyone filtered out towards the dining room and Fabian escorted Jake. Inside was a large circular table with 15 seats. Fabian explained the significance of the circular table was to show they were all equal family members. Jake was sat between Marco and Fabian, two waiters appeared and began serving dinner and wine. During the meal everyone wanted to know more about the new addition to the family, he tried to field as many questions as he could. As dinner finished everyone returned to the library where brandy and cigars, for those who wanted it, were being served. Jake declined both, he didn't have an appetite to smoke and thought it would be best if he knocked them on the head. "Jake, are you not having a cigar tonight?" "Sorry Fabian, I don't think so, I enjoy the smell but don't want to get hooked." "You will probably notice that we usually only smoke them after a family dinner, but I respect your choice." "Thank you Fabian, thank you for an amazing weekend but.. I must leave soon." "No Jake, we don't want you to go home, everyone will be sleeping over here tonight, you can leave in the morning for work." "Will I be sleeping with you?" "Yes of course." By 11pm everybody began going to their appointed guest rooms, Fabian called Jake over. "Ready for bed Jake?" "Knackered Fabian." "Come on then, Marco do you want to join us?" "Yes Sir, thank you." "Marco you can drop the formality now Jake is joining us." The three of them naked climbed in to bed with Jake taking up the middle spot. He couldn't quite believe he was in bed next to Marco and was trying to contain his hormones. Fabian spooned up against Jake, Marco laying on his side facing Jake and within minutes they were sound asleep. Jake woke as sunshine came through the balcony doors and smiled as he watched Marco laying peacefully beside him. He quickly glanced at the clock, it was only 6am, he would doze for an hour before getting up. Marco shifted and his arm rested across Jake and Fabian, he felt so happy and fell back asleep.
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    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Part 9 - The Setting Sun Fabian called over to them both. "Dinner is at 7pm, family will arrive shortly before, are you two ready to go in it is now 4pm?" "Sir, Jake's dinner attire is hanging in your dressing room, I will go and see everything is in order before joining you." "Thank you Marco. Jake let's go." Marco disappeared towards the dining room as Fabian and Jake went up to the master suite. Fabian sat on the bed next to where Jake was laying, the sight of Fabian naked mere inches away sent electricity coursing through his body. He sat up and moved behind Fabian wrapping his arms around his neck and moving his face close to Fabian's. He pulled him closer thinking he'd never get close enough. Fabian turned his head and their lips met, the desire grew in hunger as his cock sprang to erection in seconds. Fabians hands were touching and caressing his body and slowly moving towards his lower back. A load moan escaped Jake's mouth as he felt a hand cup his ass cheek that began lightly moving in circling motions. Fabian's body pushed Jake on his back, his tongue devouring Jake's mouth, arms clasped around each other rolling on the bed. First Fabian was on top, then Jake and Fabian again who came resting in between Jake's legs. Their kissing continued and Jake lifted his legs wrapping them around Fabian's waist, doing so he felt movement as Fabian moved his legs up locking Jake's in place around his waist. Fabian kissed Jake's neck as he manoeuvred his left arm around his neck and clasped his shoulder. He stopped and looked him in the eye before closing down on his mouth as they entered in to a lustful kiss. Their lips locked together, Fabian raised his hips until his cock slid down past Jake's ball sack and nestled against his hole. He moved his other arm over the top of his head, Jake's held on to Fabian's shoulders tightly. He let out a loud groan as the head of Fabian's cock aligned itself to his hole and pushed against it, slowly he teased Jake, each time slightly more pressure was being applied. Slowly his arse lips began to part, the head of his cock began entering Jake. Fabian stopped kissing, raised his head and look lovingly in to Jake's eyes. He let out a short whimper of pain as his arse stretched open even further. Never loosing eye contact Jake raised his head to kiss Fabian. Every so often another whimper and moan of pain would illicit from Jake as more of Fabian entered his body. He moaned louder at the burning pain and discomfort, then lost in the moment as Fabian slid the rest of his cock deep in one slow continuous movement. Fabian stopped moving, knowing that if he kept moving, if he gave himself up to the exquisite tightness, the heat, he would explode. Fabian kissed at his neck and face giving time for Jake to adjust to his cock. Fabian whispered in his ear "You are so perfect and adorable Jake.", he lunged forward and kissed him hard, Jake grabbed harder at his shoulders, he wanted him and he wanted him now. Fabian rocked his hips, he gasped in between kissing and tightened his legs around Fabian. The tempo quickened, he was beginning to struggle taking the cock so deep. Suddenly he let out a cry as Fabian hit his prostate. "Oh god Fabian, ahhh yes, please, oh Fabian please.", the pain was replaced by pure ecstasy. Fabian rested his head against his cheek, Jake could hear the erratic breathing as the orgasm began to build between Fabian's legs. He had never felt such intense pleasure running through his whole body as Fabian thrusted deeper and faster. He tried to stifle his moans but the noise was overtaken by Fabian grunting. As if by magnetic force their lips locked together again. The air was filled with the sound of muffled grunting and moaning, a constant low rapid slapping of Fabian's balls hitting against Jake. Fabian raised himself up slightly as his cock hardened even more, his balls contracting upwards in preparation, Jake gasped and moaned he felt like the inside of his arse was being stabbed and trying to kill him. Droplets of sweat landed on Jake's face as Fabian shouted and locked his hips tight against Jake. Jake dug his fingers in to his shoulders as he felt the first huge stream of warmth flooding in to his arse. The sensation caused Jake to start ejaculating causing his legs to stat wriggling around Fabian's body. The second stream erupted with the same force in to his arse. Fabian collapsed on top of Jake where their lips meet in a mad mouth crushing kiss. His hips jolted continuously as he shot several more volleys of toxic laden seed into Jake. Fabian laid on top of Jake kissing for another half an hour, all the time gently rocking his hips, pushing his seed deeper in to Jake. Eventually Fabian rolled on his side with Jake still attached on his cock, his arms pulling Jake closer to him as they both cuddled on the bed dozing and kissing. Fabian slowly pulled his cock out causing Jake some discomfort and pain as he did so. His head was still buzzing, this was the first time anyone had actually made love to him. He was exhausted, after all it had been a very busy day. There was a knock at the door and Marco entered. "Sir, do you wish me to help you and Jake dress?" "Thank you, Marco that would be helpful. Jake we are running a little late, go and jump in the shower." Marco came over and helped Jake off the bed and gave him a kiss and patted his arse as he disappeared to the bathroom. "I will send the housekeeper up to change the bed linen." "Thank you Marco. " "There is a little blood on the sheets sir, let me remove them now." "Marco, looks like he may become a proper family member sooner than anticipated." Fabian headed to the shower as Marco stripped the bed and phoned to the housekeeper. He started dressing Jake who felt a little awkward, but he loved having Marco so close to him. Fabian appeared from the bathroom and looked at Jake and Marco, unquestionably there was a spark igniting. With Jake dressed he moved over to Fabian and tied his bow tie. "Marco, you had better get ready, do you need a hand?" "With my bow tie probably." "Jake go help Marco." They both left and headed to Marco's. Fabian went downstairs to check on the dining room. Everything was perfect he mused as he heard the first of the guests arriving and being directed to the library for cocktails. He turned and went to join them. Within a few minutes the entire family had arrived all 13 of them except for Jake and Marco. Fabian briefed the family members but it was Spencer who spoke up first. "Fabian, you know what we are all waiting to hear." "Okay, yes we did it late this afternoon." "That makes us a lot more at ease knowing he really is committed to being with us." "Even better, I think we may have found someone for Marco." "That is great news Fabian. If we can do anything to push them together we will all be happy to help." "It has only been a week and things have moved very fast, let them have their space to develop." Marco was deliberately delaying Jake as they were to be the last to enter the library. Jake was on his fifth attempt at tying Marco's bow tie and this time he succeeded and got it just right. Marco couldn't stop giggling at his futile attempts, he looked in the mirror nodded, giving Jake a kiss he grabbed his hand. "Right, I think we should head down. The whole family will be here tonight." "I am a little nervous Marco. Plus my arse hurts a little, I don't know if I will be able to sit down properly." "Jake, I am with you there is nothing to be nervous about. I will look after you." They quickly headed down the staircase towards the double doors of the library. "Ready?" "I think so."
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    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Part 8 - All Is Not What It Seems Jake opened the car do and ran down the driveway, the car was gone and the gates clanked shut. He shouted across the driveway as Marco and Jean-Paul rushed out of the car. "Who was that Marco!?" "Jake, what do you mean?" "Was that Billy in that car?" "Billy?" "Why would my friend by driving out of here?" "Jake, calm down let us go see Fabian." Jake's face was flustered and mildly confused but angry as they walked in to the house. Fabian was already in the entrance hall, he didn't like the look on Jake's face as as shouted across at him. "Why was Billy here?" "Billy does some work for me every now and then, but he is not family." "There has been to many coincidences happening recently and do you want to know the funniest of them all?" "Jake they do happen occasionally, but some need a little push in the right direction." "And did you push him to show me your profile whilst he was checking out local screwballs?" Marco tried to put his hand on Jake's arm who shrugged him off just as quick. He was in no place to be comforted. "Marco, Jean-Paul, please leave us, Jake come with me please." He followed Fabian in to his office and closed the door. "I understand you are upset.. let me continue Jake. Billy does some work for me and yes, I sent him to get to know you." "Is this all a joke Fabian?" "Sit down Jake, I will tell you the truth." Jake had a tear streak down his face more through the rage inside him. "I saw you one day in Wimbledon village with Billy. I knew then that I wanted you in my family." "And..." "I got Billy to start dropping very subtle hints and show you my profile by accident." "Billy was one friend who I started to count on and confide in." "Actually Billy told me you were special and one of a kind, he adores you more than you can imagine." "He has a fine way of showing it. Setting me up like this." Jake sat there head in his hands, why was this whole weekend full of ups and downs. Fabian sat down next to him, his arm around Jake's shoulder, there was no shrugging or resistance from Jake. "So it this all a lie, you just want to fuck me and push me out on my way?" "It could have been like that, but it is quite the opposite Jake. I knew as soon as you were at ease with me." "Your fucking with my head." "Jake, I could have fucked you the first night we met and pozzed you there and then, never to see you again." "I feel betrayed, like a puppet being strung along all this time." "As I told you last night you are not a prisoner here, the door is open to leave and will shut behind you." He sensed Jake was calming down, he stood up and lit a cigar and offered it to Jake. The aroma hit his nose and a craving exploded, he sat back in the couch and inhaled the cigar. Fabian gave him a chilled bottle of water from the minibar in his office. He sat down at his desk and looked over at Jake, he knew the intoxification of the cigar would relax Jake and lead him to make the only right decision. He continued to type an email as Jake sat enjoying the cigar. Marco and Jean-Paul were sat in the kitchen having coffee. Marco had a worried look on his face, turning his cup round and round. "Do you think we will loose him?" "Fabian will calm him down Marco. You really like him don't you?" "Yes in a big way." "Does Fabian know?" "He saw it straight away, he thinks Jake feels the same. That is why he is keen on him staying." "Ever the match maker. He is lovely and will be great to have him in the family, do you think he will give up everything?" "Hard to tell at the moment, after this episode he was upset and angry. Who knows what he will do." "Marco, if it is what you want you must fight for it. You know Fabian would support you." Jake was in heaven as he enjoyed the cigar, with everything that went on this morning he hadn't really thought about smoking. He put the cigar down and starred at Fabian. He stood and walked over to the desk, Fabian just looked at Jake with his arms folded leaning back in his office chair. "Why?" "I wanted you for me and the family, and as it turns out for Marco." "Is this what all the generosity is about, winning me over?" "No Jake." "I don't want you to think I can be swayed to stay by money." "If I thought that you would have been out by now. So why do you not leave?" "Truthfully Fabian, I don't want to. I like you and the others." "Others?, you need to refer to them as family if you are staying Jake. What about Marco?" "I like him as well." "Be honest with me Jake, now that we are being honest." "I don't know, I get butterflies when he is near me." "That is good to know. And I can tell you the feeling is very mutual. Marco will tell you this in his own time." "But, what about you and me?" "I will always be here for you. Marco and I share two traits we are both kind and protect those we love." "I will need to leave later, I have work tomorrow." "Ahh yes, the weekend has gone so quickly. But let's pick this conversation up later. Jake smiled for the first time in a while listening to him. Fabian pressed the button on his desk phone and in a few moments Marco appeared. "Marco, lunch on the deck please if you could let chef know. Jake are you staying or leaving?" "Can I stay then please?" "Of course, and I am sorry for not telling you everything and being upfront. Marco please have lunch with us." "I would love to, thank you sir." After lunch the three of them spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and lounging by the pool. Fabian enjoyed seeing Marco and Jake swimming and playing in the pool, he would occasionally join them for a swim to cool down. As he watched from his sunbed , Fabian knew that this was going to be a blossoming romance, he felt great happiness but still a little sorrow for Marco, he could never find someone to love him as Marco, they only ever the trappings surrounding him. Fabian jumped, he didn't realise that Jake had appeared from the pool and kissed him on the head. Marco appeared and kissed Fabian then strolled over to Jake and swept him up off the ground and jumped back in to the pool with him. Fabian laughed at how boyish Marco had become just like when he first took him in.
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    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Part 8 - Sunday Surprises They entered the coolness of the house and voices could be heard coming from the Lounge. Jake looked over at Marco who assured him it would be the housekeeping staff cleaning. Fabian came out of the lounge and walked towards them. "Welcome home, Marco why don't you and Jake go to the pool, I will join you there shortly." "Yes sir." Marco's hand guided the back of Jake to the Orangery where they undressed and headed down to the pool. In no time they were both laughing and splashing around in the cool water as the warm sun beat down on them. Marco glimpsed Fabian holding an ice bucket and 3 glasses, he grabbed Jake and told him it was time to dry off and have a drink. Marco had the biggest smile on his face and his arm was draped around Jake's shoulder, he knew what this meant. "Boys, we have some celebrating to do." Fabian popped the champagne and poured three glasses out and handed one to Jake and Marco. He raised his glass. "Jake, your blood test came back negative, you have passed the final test. You are welcomed into my family!" They clinked their champagne flutes, Fabian kissed Jake and Marco rubbed his head and replaced his arm around his shoulder. Jake wasn't sure what was suppose to happen next, the thought of reality struck home that tomorrow he would have to be back at work and in his usual routine. His train of thought was interrupted by Marco speaking to Fabian. "Sir, Jake has expressed an interest in working out with me." "That is wonderful news, he has the right physique. I trust you will nurture him well." "Yes sir, it would be a pleasure to train with him." "Do you have gym wear Jake?" "Oh, no I don't, should I go an get some?" "Marco, take Jake out shopping and get him whatever he needs." "Yes sir." "Oh, and some evening attire we have a family dinner tonight." Marco nodded and hinted at Jake to come and swim. Fabian finished his champagne and returned to the house as Jake and Marco dived in to the pool and swam lengths for 30 minutes. Jake crawled out the pool exhausted. "Hell, Marco I could hardly keep up." Marco layed on the side breathing heavy next to Jake. "Give it a week and you will be able to do more. Right lets get dressed and go shopping." "I need to go home and get my bank cards Marco." "Jake, it is all taken care of." They walked back to the house and retrieved their clothes then headed up the stairs taking a different turning this time towards another large bedroom. "These are my rooms, I am at the opposite end of the house from the master suite, you can change here." "Thank you Marco." Jake was surprised as Marco's room had a cosy lounge, bedroom and bathroom. Although it was inside another house it was still bigger than his flat. Marco picked up the phone and asked Jean-Paul to be outside in 15 minutes to take them shopping. They changed quickly and stood staring at each other for a moment before Marco smiled and kissed Jake lightly on the mouth quickly, he grabbed his hand and walked back towards the stairs and front door. Jean-Paul was waiting with the car, dressed in shorts and polo shirt this time, he opened the passenger door and closed as they settled in. Jean-Paul got in to the driver seat and looked in the mirror. "Where to Marco?" "Harvey Nichols should have what we need." Jean-Paul nodded and they set off. 30 minutes later the card pulled up to the main entrance of the department store in Knightsbridge. The door man came rushing over to the car and opened the passenger door and held it open as Jake and Marco exited. A few people stopped to see who getting out of the car then hurriedly went on with their business. The door man asked if they required Alfredo, Marco nodded and the door man spoke in to his radio ear piece and ushered them inside the store and to a discreetly hidden lounge area. He told Marco that Alfredo is on his way. Jake was bemused and excited, oh sure he had been in Harvey Nichols before but only browse and never buy anything. A steward came over and offered them champagne which they both took. Marco clinked his glass against Jakes "Family" he said. Alfredo entered followed by two assistants, he was a tall with a very athletic build, in his late 20's but had the most divine chiselled features. "Marco how lovely to see you, and who is this young man?" "Alfredo this Jake, we need work out wear, something sexy I think would be nice." "Perfect, I have a good idea what he needs, anything else." "Dinner tuxedo, standard colours full dress please." "We have some amazing ones just come in this week that would look perfect on him." "Jake, is there anything else you would like?" "Errmm, I don't know what do you think Marco?" "Well let's not rush, I suspect we will do this again shortly." The assistants measured Jake up for sizes and they scurried off after Alfredo gave them instructions. Jake quietly asked Marco if Alfredo was family, Marco nodded. It appeared to Jake that Fabian's family got everywhere. He went on to tell Jake that Alfredo is Fabian's personal shopper, plus all the people that he sends all ask for Alfredo. In fact he get's job offers every week from all over, they know how much business he brings in so it is a win win situation for him. Alfredo returned with his assistants and two racks of clothing. Jake tried on a tuxedo which felt sublime and fitted like a glove, the material was silky and obviously very good quality. He tried to look for price tag but all he saw was the designers label, he new this was not cheap. After several changes of clothes he stood there in a pair of lycra gym shorts sporting a large bulge as the material felt amazing and he was causing him to get an erection. Slightly embarrassed he tried to cover up. Alfredo smiled and told him he would have been disappointed if he didn't have that reaction, acting as if it was perfectly natural. As they finished up Alfredo escorted them out to the waiting car, the assistants putting the bags and suit carrier in to the boot of the car. Alfredo gave Jake a bag with shorts and polo shirts as a little something extra for his first visit and smiled to them as they took their seats. Alfredo poked his head in the car and told them he would see them all this evening for dinner. The doorman approached and closed the passenger door, the car pulled away and headed back to Wimbledon. "Did you enjoy that?" "Unbelievable, I have never gone shopping where I Just sat and drunk champagne before." "It is a nice way to shop, but I do like going normal shopping as well." "Marco, am I going to be in debt to Fabian?" "Not at all, I told you he is a very generous person, but also expects family to dress as required." "Is my life going to change?" "Yes, I have only seen Fabian this excited with one other person. Me." As the car approached the front of the house one was just leaving. Jake tried to see who it was, a single solitary figure in the drivers seat. He did a double take thinking he just saw Billy, he tried to look back but the blacked out window made it impossible to verify what he thought he saw. Both Jean-Paul and Marco realised what had just happened, the chain reaction and fallout this could cause.
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    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Hey, are you keeping us in suspense.... loving the story, so horny.
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    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Part 7 - The Doctor Will See You Now Jake woke as the bright sunshine caressed his face causing a bead of sweat to trickle down his face. He lay eyes wide open recalling the conversation last night for a good fifteen minutes. Fabian was spooning up against him, he became aware that Jake was awake through his stirring. "Morning Jake." "Morning Fabian." Fabian kissed the back of his neck and Jake cuddled up closer to him. A tear ran down Jake's face, he quickly wiped it away but wasn't sure why he was so emotional, his mind finally made up. He turned to face Fabian and kissed him. "You can leave after breakfast if you wish." "Fabian, you ask for a lot but what I get in return and what I loose are indescribable." Marco knocked at the door and entered with a tray of juice, coffee and fresh fruit. He put the tray down on the bed and looked at Jake, seeing a slightly confused person laying there he knew it hadn't gone well. Fabian thanked Marco and shook his head at him quickly. Marco's smile faded he glanced at Jake and left the room, he knew he would need to get Jake's clothes ready for his departure. This didn't go unnoticed by Jake and he felt bad seeing the smile drop from his face. Feeling refreshed Jake hopped out of bed and over to the balcony he could hear splashing in the pool. As he looked out across the garden down to the pool he saw Marco swimming lengths. Fabian came up behind him and put his hand on his shoulder, Jake was watching Marco and contemplated the scene of Marco's body as he got out the pool and dried himself, he had never fancied anyone quite like him, even though there was an 8 year age gap. His conflicted emotions were beginning to fade, he finally turned to Fabian. "Fabian, I want to join your family, but the getting pozzed is worrying me." "Jake, it is not going to happen right now." "But I don't understand I thought that is what you wanted?" "You will join the family but it could take a week or several months." "I errr... can you explain?" "It has to happen naturally through sex between us and no one else." "You remember one of our first conversations where I said I fuck for my pleasure?" "Yes." "Well I do with anonymous fucks, but bringing you in to the family is different, it is more sensual." Jake and Fabian locked lips and kissed for several minutes. Marco knocked and entered carrying Jake's clothes. Fabian told Jake to go shower and he would join him shortly. Jake disappeared and Fabian waited for the sound of water. "Marco, he will be joining us." "Oh, thank god, I will put his clothes in the dressing room." "And Marco, you better pay the Billy his finders fee." "Yes Sir, I will do that now." "Tell him he did a good job, and can you get the car brought round and escort Jake to the doctor for his test." "Of course, will be my pleasure." "Let's hope this final test he passes." Fabian joined Jake in the shower, they helped wash and dry each other and they both got dressed. "Jake, you will be going with Marco to the doctors for a blood test." "Why?" "I need to make sure you are clean, that is the final test you must pass." "Oh okay, will you be here after?" "Of course." Marco entered the room dressed and Fabian ushered them both out. As they exited the front doors of the house a car with a uniformed driver was waiting. Marco went over and kissed the driver before getting in, as Jake approached he saw it was Jean-Paul. He gave Jake a smile and closed the door after him. As the car rolled down the driveway the large high security gates opened. They drove for about 25 minutes and pulled up outside a large private hospital in Chelsea. Marco led Jake to private suite of rooms, a receptionist looked up and told them that the doctor would be with them shortly and to take a seat. After a few minutes the doctor surgery room opened and there stood Spencer. Jakes mouth must have dropped open as Marco jabbed him in the side to knock him back to hear and now. "Jake, Marco, come through please." They entered the surgery and Spencer closed the door behind them, he gave Marco a big kiss before grabbing Jake and planting kiss and a big hug. Jake sat as Spencer took two vials of blood and telling them will have the results in a couple of hours. They all kissed and said goodbye, heading back to the car which was waiting outside. As the car pulled away Jake had some burning questions and decided now was the time to ask them. Before he could open his lips Marco touched Jake's arm. "I hope you will accept anything Fabian offers you in the coming weeks." "In what way Marco?" "He will want to keep you close and earn your tattoo. He will expect you not to have sex with anyone but him." "Do you not find this all strange?" Marco gave Jake's leg a squeeze. "At first it appeared that way, but eventually you appreciate belonging to his family." "But... what about after?" "After?, he may offer you some incredible choices. Fabian looks after the family, always remember that." "So, what about you, why umm.. how long have you been working for Fabian?" "Close on ten years, I was roughly the same age as you when I joined." "But you don't mind working for him?" "Absolutely not, first and foremost I am family and the house is also my home, second I am his butler." "How does that work?" "It just does, but hopefully you will also find how life will become so much fuller." Jake smiled as Marco leaned in and kissed him quickly, he ran his hand along Marco muscled arm. "Stop doing that, your making me horny." "Sorry, I don't know what come over me. But I love the feel of them, do you work out a lot?" "Fabian has a great gym in the basement plus the pool." "Will you help me workout, I would love to get some muscle like yours." "Of course I will, anyway that would make Fabian very happy." "Thank you." "Mind you, I am worried that when you start developing real muscle you would hotter than me!" Marco laughed and cuddled Jake as the car swept through the gates and up to the house. "You call this a house?" "Home." "It's a mansion, I have never seen it from this angle." It truly was an impressive modern house, built to Fabian's own specification's and boasted 9 bedrooms all with bathrooms, and two separate annexes with private accommodations for other staff. Jake had never been so amazed, the seclusion and privacy was remarkable and you would never know from the street what lay beyond. As Jean-Paul opened the door Jake got out and looked more closely, what was evident from the front was the security cameras that covered every angle of the front. Marco took his hand and escorted him through the front door.

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