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  1. On IE it is very difficult to do anything, writing is black on grey background so can’t read anything unless I highlight it. Link to my profile doesn’t work. I am using my iPad at the moment so I can send this reply.
  2. Part 15 - Fortune Favours The Bold A week on Jamal sat in the greenhouse alone reading his daily text from Conrad, he was a little concerned when first hearing about Harry turning up and how he and Conrad had finally got it on. His concern was purely around his own need to have Conrad as a friend and a little jealousy ran through him. Today's text seem to make him a little more at ease especially where Conrad explained that Harry jokingly said he wanted to take a ride with Jam and get in a sticky mess with him. He was interrupted mid thought with Felix turning up. "Jam brought
  3. Part 14 - The Budding Flower Blooms The car turned on to Via Della Randa in Arzachena on the outskirts of Porto Cervo in northern Sardinia, passing the gates where Conrad got his first view of Villa Luna. Unlike Hibiscus Manor the villa was rustic on the outside but inside he found it a complete contrast, modern and sleek with exceptionally high end designer furnishings all decorated to complement the surroundings and emerald coast. The whole place was a world away and the Italian housekeeper cook was there to greet them at the door. Conrad put his bag down in his bedroom and walke
  4. Part 13 - The Demon Within Jamal began to stir and wake from a sleep where his body felt warm and cosy. Slowly opening his eyes the sight of directly in his line of vision who was sleeping peacefully. Everything flooding back to what happened last night, he smiled and laid there watching him remembering the incredible sex and love making they had shared together. Strange how he had an overwhelming feeling of love for Conrad flowing through his body but it was not the love of two people in love, it was one of protection, comfort and friendship. He felt so lucky that Conrad had come
  5. Part 12 - The Jamal Effect Jamal turned out to be a tower of strength for Conrad over the days that followed. For March the weather was unusually warm and almost skipping spring and straight in to summer, spending the days out in the gardens working and hiding from Simon when he came out to check on them. Neither of them spoke about that Friday night afraid of what the other would think, or just pure embarrassment and a subject best left along. Jamal now thinking he was totally gay after giving up his arse, he had only done it the once in school just before leaving after attending
  6. Part 11 - Trapped With Nowhere To Hide By morning he felt worse for wear, confused and not sure where he was. He noticed the reminder on his phone about taking his medication, the tablets though still in his bedroom at home. He crept out of bed and dressed leaving quietly and not disturbing Simon from his sleep. Slipping out of the front doors and opening the gates he walked towards home, eyes darting in every direction expecting Joshua to jump out at the mere rustling of the trees or bushes. He opened the front door and listened for a while, he could clearly hear Charlie getting h
  7. Part 10 - Ruthless Appropriation The temptation was there, so close that is was hard to resist, the flashbacks to Jack bending him over the workbench played in his head. Conrad panicked and pushed back quickly slipping out of the way "No, what do you think you are doing?. Jamal sniggered doing his jeans up "Wanted to see how far you go, guess your not in to getting cock up you". "You were going to do that? Conrad asked looking at him quietly amused Jamal's arrogant and seductive look. "No don't be daft" Jamal said sitting down and picking another cutting "or maybe I was"
  8. Part 9 - Secrets and Revelations Conrad sat in the greenhouse on the phone with Joshua he loved hearing his voice, the soft velvet tone that shrouded and cuddled his soul, making him feel special and wanted he was desperate to see him. Picturing Joshua staring in to his eyes constantly telling him how special and lucky he should feel being with him, his funny joke of owning him and how no other man could ever come close to what they shared. He was not wrong and Conrad's placid and very impressionable nature readily accepting every word that came out of Joshua's mouth. A bewitching
  9. Not sure if this is the one you are referring to that I wrote:
  10. Part 8 - February Frozen In Time Conrad put on his coat and grabbed a coffee then went to sit outside in the cold January morning, having at last spent a day without masturbating allowing his sore cock some respite. He wondered if he was turning in to a degraded pervert constantly needing to blow his load every time he thought of Jack. What was even more weird was how he found it exhilarating sitting in the cold air looking at his aunties flower bed reminding him of when Jack had assaulted him outside cutting his cheek. He chuckled to himself totally chilled out and enjoying the pe
  11. Part 7 - The Winters Frost Conrad crept out of the house for the fifth morning running the cold dampness of the air assaulting him and not helping his mood. His parents were still coming to terms with the news he broke to them the weekend previously, Eddie his father was unable to speak to him explaining he needed time to think and understand the enormity of this. It didn't help matters that both Charlie and Joshua were going away for a few months returning in early March on their first tour of duty. Broken and missing Joshua badly they had become close both as friends and fuck bud
  12. Part 6 - The Autumn Leaves The autumnal nights were creeping in fast and Conrad had said good bye to his parents a few days earlier who had flown to Australia to visit his grandparents and auntie's family. He sat waiting at the station in the car for Charlie who was coming home for the weekend having decided to use the train instead of his car. Conrad was also looking forward to meeting this Joshua guy that Charlie had invited to spend the weekend who was his dorm buddy at naval training. Joshua lived in Newcastle which made it difficult to get home for weekends, Charlie explained
  13. Part 5 - Overlooking Hyde Park Conrad returned to the greenhouse and found Jack sat attending some new Hibiscus seedlings, he walked still in shock of what he had seen but went around things as normal calling it a day by 4pm. He couldn't shake how unnerved he was and the last thing he needed tonight was going out, promising Charlie they would have dinner out by way of an apology for the fight. Jack watched him leave and seeing the change in him that afternoon he was concerned that something happened, he headed up to the manor to ask if Simon saw anything that would explain the stra
  14. Part 4 - Beyond The Gates Friday morning Conrad walked up to the manor reading the text from Max that that included Harry's mobile number, he was embarrassed finding out that Max knew as well but it came as no surprise. Conrad kept going over the message and how it looked like he had broken Harry's heart, pathetic he thought affording himself a little smile the guy doesn't even know me. His mind elsewhere excited as Saturday Charlie was coming home for a couple of days, he was still racked by guilt over the way he tried to beat Conrad up and wanted to take him out for dinner. By th
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