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  1. Part 27 - Poking Charlie After a light dinner Carrington took Charlie to the bathroom stripping him naked then taking his hand walking to the shower. Carrington took the shower head off he looked at Charlie "Bend over" he said grinning. Charlie looked at the shower head "You are not fucking me with that" he replied eyes open wide. Carrington laughed "No, I guess you have never had to clean out before sex". "Clean out?" Charlie asked looking at Carrington then the shower head backing away a little. Laughing screams echoed from the bathroom along with the occasional
  2. Part 26 - Twice the Father The expensive looking black Mercedes 4x4 entered the suburbs on the warm Saturday morning, Rico sat huffing and puffing at Mason, his usual trait when he didn't agree with his husband's decision. He had said his peace before leaving their mansion and as expected Mason just kept glancing and grinning at him, that was his unique trait that easily wound Rico up that lead to one of their fiery exchanges before ripping the clothes of each other and making mad passionate make up sex. Their love for each other was off the scale and the hot blooded Mexican Rico w
  3. Part 25 - Forever Foundations On the outside he hadn't changed at all, only his way of thinking and how he felt inside. He thanked Carrington who placed a plate of food down in front of him. Preparing dinner was their first joint effort being together, Charlie picked out the vegetables in the grocery store ignoring all the fancy ones he knew nothing about instead picking the type you could get back in England. Charlie turned out to be a dab hand in the kitchen surprising Carrington that he knew how to cook and did it really well. Carrington stood watching him unable to stop smiling
  4. Part 24 - Hopes and Fears The gusts of wind pushed the rain horizontally feeling like pin pricks constantly hitting his face, no matter how good his coat was it could not compete with the rain falling so heavily and he could feel patches of his skin getting wet. The lightning and thunder came with more frequency, the thunder loud and rumbling across the dark sky. Charlie checked his watch, it was nearly 8pm or 1am in the UK. Tiredness overtaking him he wondered what the hell he was doing here, why he even had the urge to get on a flight and travel all this way. To do what? he asked
  5. Part 23 - The Hooded Figure Returning home Conrad went straight to his house where his parents, grandparents and Charlie had all arrived. Despite throwing up again when they landed at the manor he shut down the queasiness happy to see his parents and unable to control his tears. What had only been a few months felt like years and once Conrad and his mother had stopped crying he told them that Simon was hosting a dinner for them all at the manor. Harry stood at the bottom of the path nervous as hell and his feet stuck to the pavement unable to carry him forward. He could do with his
  6. Part 22 - Castlehyde Estate A whirlwind of activity took place in the coming weeks, Moham had Harry and Conrad meet with his tailor who made custom wedding suits for them. Conrad met with Harry's family and his brother Alfie agreed to be his best man likewise Charlie was to be Conrad's. The best news Conrad received was his grandparents were also coming over after some persuasion by his mother Jodie, they were not overly happy about Conrad marrying a man but for the sake of their grandson and partly through being instructed by Jodie they would attend. Harry and Conrad walked throug
  7. Part 21 - Journey Into Discovery Over the next couple of months and in to summer the start of summer Carrington came over once a month, ever hopeful that Charlie would be there. In truth he had all but given up since Charlie was away on another tour of duty for 4 months so he hadn't seen him since they first met. Word had got back that his relationship with Serena was over and how he now stuck his head firmly in his naval career looking at the options again of moving to Australia. Instead of dwelling on what might have been Carrington got heavily involved with the move of head offi
  8. Part 20 - The Not So Discreet Rendezvous Carrington stood at the window looking over at number 8, Charlie had been gone a long time and darkness was now closing in. He finished dressing and went down for dinner, the manor seemed almost too quiet for words after the manic Saturday. He checked in with Simon then booked himself on the last flight of the day out of London back to Atlanta on Monday evening. Carrington went up to his room and packed his clothes ready, he hated doing last minute things. The door to his bedroom burst open and Harry stood there in his underwear. "Oi Ya
  9. Part 19 - Chocolate, Milk & Perfect Sundays Tonight Simon was in luck, Dexter was a popper sniffing bottom who got pretty high and lost all morals when it came to sex. Simon licked and rimmed his arse teasing the hell out of him, his deep voiced moans and arse pushing back to get the tongue deeper in his hole turned Simon on even more. No doubt he thought this was going to be probably the easiest and sleaziest hard core fucker he had since Jack. Urging Dexter on to take deep hits of poppers and when maximum effect was taking place Simon slipped his finger in the hole 'Yeah man'
  10. Part 18 - Hidden From View Moham sat in the lounge with the two guys he brought to the party, Dexter who was a 23 year old decent looking chav guy wearing track suit bottoms and a baseball cap. The other wore sunglasses and baseball cap, he had a close cropped light brown beard, muscled and tattooed wearing clothes that showed off his body. Standing just under six foot he packed a decent size package that was evident from the bulge in his shorts. He looked like the type of guy you see in porn movies and yes, Sean was one of the top ranked gay porn stars for a multitude of bareback
  11. Part 17 - Carrington's Smooth Move By late afternoon Simon and Carrington came out of the study and wandered outside towards the pool where the noise was now coming from. Adam was sat on the side watching the other three swimming and fooling around, Harry and Jamal had an instant connection and were spending most of the time tormenting Conrad. Adam turned noticing them walking in to the pool area "Coming in Carrington?" he asked. "Not a chance with those three" Carrington replied. "Anyway I didn't bring any swim wear". Harry stopped seeing Carrington arrive "Here!" he shou
  12. Part 16 - Under The Moonlight Harry turned around facing Conrad, the smile in his eyes clear as the moonlight now adorning the terrace. Conrad slipped his arms around Harry pulling him closer until he could taste his lips and delicately slipping his tongue in to Harry's mouth they kissed. The tiny moans of pleasure coming from Harry as he ground his crotch up against Conrad's. Slowly he moved Harry on to his back and Conrad took a turn grinding in to Harry giggling whilst trying to maintain their kiss, Conrad's hand slowly worked down the soft skin until he felt the fabric of Harry
  13. On IE it is very difficult to do anything, writing is black on grey background so can’t read anything unless I highlight it. Link to my profile doesn’t work. I am using my iPad at the moment so I can send this reply.
  14. Part 15 - Fortune Favours The Bold A week on Jamal sat in the greenhouse alone reading his daily text from Conrad, he was a little concerned when first hearing about Harry turning up and how he and Conrad had finally got it on. His concern was purely around his own need to have Conrad as a friend and a little jealousy ran through him. Today's text seem to make him a little more at ease especially where Conrad explained that Harry jokingly said he wanted to take a ride with Jam and get in a sticky mess with him. He was interrupted mid thought with Felix turning up. "Jam brought
  15. Part 14 - The Budding Flower Blooms The car turned on to Via Della Randa in Arzachena on the outskirts of Porto Cervo in northern Sardinia, passing the gates where Conrad got his first view of Villa Luna. Unlike Hibiscus Manor the villa was rustic on the outside but inside he found it a complete contrast, modern and sleek with exceptionally high end designer furnishings all decorated to complement the surroundings and emerald coast. The whole place was a world away and the Italian housekeeper cook was there to greet them at the door. Conrad put his bag down in his bedroom and walke
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