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  1. Part 27 - The Journal The sunlight poured through the window causing Mark to stir from his sleep, he smiled with his eyes closed his hands feeling Ben who was still sound asleep cuddled up in his arms. He had come to love waking up in the morning with Ben so close to him, he felt Ben's hand moving over and caressing his thigh and ass, one thing Mark couldn't help was the morning wood when his cock was parked in between Ben's ass cheeks. 'Someone's excited' Ben mumbled pushing his body up closer to Mark's. He pushed his hips back and forth several times so Ben could feel how hard he was and delighted in hearing him moaning sleepily, slowly Mark pulled back and angled his cock pushing forward again feeling Ben's hole. Ben wriggled his ass several times as Mark pushed forward again, he gasped and grabbed Mark's ass as through the pain he felt as Mark's cock head penetrated 'Still hurts a little' he quietly said wriggling his ass a little more and pushing back to take more of it inside. Ben moaned and mumbled at the dryness of the cock gripping hard against his anal lining as Mark lightly poked away, Ben's hands caressed Mark's ass and thigh, it didn't take long for Ben to sense a slickness feeling as Mark's cock began oozing precum he felt the cock pushing away and slipping deeper in to him. Several times he moaned and groaned but it was no where near as painful as before so his ass continued wriggling at the feeling, Mark moaned as the final inch slipped inside as he kissed Ben's neck and slowly pushed forcing him to roll over to his stomach, Mark came to rest on top of Ben who raised his head and turned to kiss his lover. Hi hips slowly and gently caressing his cock inside performing a mating ritual, his arm going around Ben's neck to help hold his head up as their tongues entwined passionately. Every so often Ben would moan in delight as Mark gave a more pronounced thrust of his hips in a show of loving dominance over him. Their love making was silent as their mouths were locked together, Ben's hands gripped at the pillows as he felt the speed of Mark's affection increasing, his hips never lifted off Ben's ass as the undulating rhythm continued his deep penetration to the core of Ben's body. Ben's cock was hurting caught up in a fold in the sheet underneath him trying to break free but his mind was elsewhere concentrating on Mark and trying to be a natural lover for him. He felt Mark's arm tighten its hold on his neck holding him in position, he moaned in to Mark's mouth as he felt the speed increase again and the body laying on top of him tensed up as Mark's ass clenched downwards pushing in to the hilt. Ben almost squealed in pure ecstasy as he felt the raging pulsations in Mark's cock, the sensation of warmth filling him as he could feel his lovers seed flowing in to his body. Mark released the kiss and collapsed heavily on top of Ben as he continued clenching his ass pushing his cock deep in to Ben and moaning through post orgasm and his cock showing no sign of softening. Ben's body tingled he knew he was about to cum himself he pushed his arse down as his cock pulsed and began erupting into the sheet gasping and crushing the pillows he had hold of, he couldn't stop himself he trembled from the orgasm and his ass clenched tight around Mark's cock. The result brought Mark over the edge never having experienced this action before drove down and dug deeper in several rapid thrusts he moaned pushing his cock as deep as he could go, his orgasm more powerful that before flooding his lover with more seed. Mark was gasping almost to the point of crying in sexual happiness Ben laid underneath panting heavily, their hands sought each others and held on for dear life in post orgasm come down. A smile adorned Ben's face never had he expected sex to be such an amazing experience, Mark's kissed him and smiled 'That was awesome' he said gripping Ben's hands harder, Ben kissed him 'I don't know what happened but I loved it' he giggled. They were brought back to reality as Ben's mobile started ringing. Mark leaned over to the bedside table still deep inside Ben "Your mother" he said. Ben raised his head "Leave it" his heart dropped like lead balloon he knew she had found his journal and read it. Mark put the phone on the bed as the call ended "You should speak to her" he said beginning to lift off Ben. Ben pulled him back down feeling the cock he winced a little "Stay here, Josh isn't up yet". Mark kissed him and rested back on top of him "More than happy to". Ben smiled "I made a bit of a mess in the sheet" he said looking at Mark. Mark laughed feeling under the sheet "That's nothing compared to how much I just gave you". Margarite sat on the bed reading through the last few weeks of the journal again, somehow she had knew but it was still a bit of a shock but the fact she was more tortured by the words he wrote about having to tell his family were more a wake up call than she wanted. She had shown the journal to Steven her husband who simply tutted and walked out, Steven was the step father to Ben and as much as they shared the same house their relationship was at best neutral. His real son Alex who he had fathered with Margarite 10 years ago was the apple of his eye. Margarite knew this of course and over the years as Ben grew older he also began to resent his step father a little, after all he wooed Margarite away from his real father Rob who had now moved to California and remarried with his own young family. Ben would still get birthday and Christmas cards but hardly ever spoke which played heavily on Ben as he loved him so much. The last time they had spoken was almost a year ago just after Christmas, with promises they would see each other but Steven had always had some other plan to keep them apart. Rob married Heike a German born American and had two children, Rob had his own company now and was doing very nicely. He had often offered to pay for Ben to fly to the west coast but there was always Steven in the way. Ben had already decided when he started working one of the first things he would do is see his father. The facetime rang and it was Ethan Ben answered it "Morning Ethan". Ethan looked closely at the screen "Err your not doing it are you?" he laughed. Mark turned the phone to his face "Morning Ethan, no we are done for the moment". Ethan turned obviously speaking to Angelo "They are at it, and he is still on top of him". Angelo's face appeared "Oi mi madre, have you no dignity Mark?" he laughed. Mark smiled "Not at the moment" moving the phone away so they could see clearly he was on top of Ben. Ben laughed so much he hiccupped "You know I can't move even if I wanted to". Ethan screwed up his face "To much information Ben, anyway your mother called she needs to speak to you". Ben nodded "Oh yeah, I think the cats out of the bag." he said with a serious look on his face. "Call her get it over with Ben, will see you at midday for lunch and talk then" Ethan said waving at them. Ben hung up the phone "Kiss me baby" he said turning to Mark. "Always" Mark responded slipping his tongue in to Ben's mouth as the phone rang again. Ben saw his mother calling again, he held on to Mark and hit the answer button "Hi". "Where are you?" Margarite asked "Your not with Ethan are you?". Ben decided there and then not to play games "No, I am in Larchmont though". "Oh, are you at a girls place then?" Margarite sat with the journal in her hand in Ben's room with the door closed. Ben sighed and breathed in "No". "So where are you then, do you need to tell me something?" Margarite waited turning the journal in her hand. Ben looked at Mark "I am at my boyfriends" he held his breath waiting. Margarite steadied herself but inwardly she was okay with it "Is it the guy you wrote in the journal about?". "Yes, I didn't want you to find out this way. How much did you read?" Ben asked looking seriously at Mark. "All of the last few weeks, is he really as nice as you write?" Margarite was not prepared for doing this over the phone. Ben was silent for a moment "Yes, but I didn't want you to find out this way mother". "Ben, it's okay you know I just wished you had talked to me about it" Margarite said. Ben wiped his eyes "I wanted to desperately, but not whilst he was around". Margarite rolled her eyes "He is still your step father Ben, I know things have been difficult between you". Ben held on to Mark's hand "He never really wanted me around so don't pretend". "Have you told your father yet?" Margarite wondered if he had been speaking to Rob. "No not yet, are you sure you are okay with this, and what about Steven?" Ben asked shifting on the bed. "He didn't say much, can I come over and drive you back this afternoon?" Margarite knew this was a long shot. Ben paused for a moment "Okay, I will text you the address say 5pm I want you to come here to talk". "Thank you Ben" Margarite hung up and put the journal in the draw and heaved a huge sigh of relief. Ben was silent for a moment then looked at Mark "Well that was weird, hope you don't mind me inviting her over?". Mark kissed him "Not at all, I am very proud of you Ben you didn't loose it". Ben smiled "I would ask you to make love to me again but my ass aches and Josh is up". Mark stroked Ben's face "Love you" he kissed him and slowly withdraw his cock. Ben jumped in the shower whilst Mark sorted the bed out, he sat for a moment listening to Ben showering. He smiled to himself never expecting to find someone so adorable in nature and sexy to boot, nodding at the realisation that Ben could only be the person he could happily settle with. But then there was the other side of Mark which he kept hidden and only Angelo and Franco knew about. He stood up and went downstairs to make coffee as Josh wandered in to the kitchen fully dressed. "Morning Josh want coffee" Mark asked grabbing cups. Josh sat down at the table "Morning, just a small one I have to get to work at the store for 11" he replied. "Oh okay I forgot you worked on Sundays, you okay, you know last night?" Mark enquired. Josh smiled "Yes, I was a little drunk thanks to Franco but no harm done". Josh quickly finished his coffee and ran upstairs to say goodbye to Ben then left for work. Mark brought Ben coffee up to the bedroom as he was still drying himself off from his shower. "How's your ass?" Mark laughed and kissed him. Ben's hands roamed over Marks body "It will survive, shame Josh can't join us for lunch". Mark stripped off his clothes and went in to the shower "Yeah I like him, we need to find him a man". Ben called out from bedroom "Definitely". "Hopefully Franco has will join us for lunch before he goes home" Mark said as he put his head under the shower nozzle. As he showered it also brought home to him that Ben would be heading off later, he hated thinking about it and he wanted him now on many levels. Ben listened as Mark finished showering whilst he sat on the bed, his thoughts primarily on how things would be at home but more so how much he would miss Mark until next weekend. Mark stood at the ensuite bathroom door looking at Ben starring out of the window. "Dam even with clothes on you look sexy" Mark said interrupting Ben's thoughts. Ben turned "Sorry what did you say, I was miles away?" he put his cup down on the bedside table. "I don't mean to pry Ben but what is going on with your father?" Mark asked standing at the window. Ben shrugged his shoulders "My father lives in LA, my step father was who I was referring to". Mark nodded "Right, is he not very, I mean are things okay with him?". Ben looked at him "Tolerable, he dotes more on his own son and cares less about me". "It's not easy I guess" Mark offered in a sincere gesture. Ben shook his head "I want out and applying for jobs so I can finish college quicker". "Finish your education first Ben" Mark said sternly. Ben laid back on the bed "I only have one more exam to sit in a couple of weeks". Mark nodded and sat next to him "You know it hurts when I have to let you go". "Your not making any sense to me Mark" Ben said looking concerned. Mark laid down next to him "I love going to sleep and waking up next to you". Ben smiled "Yeah it is strange when I wake up at home and your not there to cuddle up to". Mark leaned over and kissed him "Move in with me Ben, come and live here with me". Ben Smiled "If I could I would, but I have no means to support myself yet". Mark nodded and smiled "I understand that Ben but I need and want you with me". "I to need that Mark, but.." Ben started saying but Mark put his finger to Ben's lips. "Ben forget about money, we can work things out" Mark said kissing Ben. Ben looked at Mark's serious face and stoked his face "Okay". Mark kissed him "Seriously you will?". Ben smiled and nodded "How about the week after next I will be on break from college after Thanksgiving" he said. Mark hugged Ben "I'm so happy Ben. Come on lets go to lunch". Ben nodded again "Yes" he replied and kissed Mark back laughing "I have no idea what my mother will say about this". Lunch at Angelo's was a small affair in comparison to previous weeks as Adam and Tony had a family lunch to attend but Franco stayed for lunch and looking worse for ware, Angelo had barred him drinking, he was sulking and wallowing in self pity for hi behaviour. Ethan was overjoyed when he heard Ben was going to move in with Mark over the Thanksgiving holiday, Mark told Angelo the news whilst they were in the kitchen preparing lunch. "I'm really pleased to hear this Mark, Ben is such a nice sexy guy" Angelo said cutting vegetables. Mark put his knife down "He is worried about the money aspect though". Angelo laughed then looked at him "You haven't told him have you?". Mark shook his head "I'm surprised my parents didn't say anything but he will find out when we go for dinner with them". "Mark you should at least tell him before you take him to your parents" Angelo said with a knowing glance. Mark stood silent for a moment "Maybe, but I want to be totally sure he loves me Angelo". "You are the most logical, sensible and good judge of character I know Mark" Angelo said. Mark laughed "I suppose you are right" he replied. Angelo shook his head "Mark it's pretty obvious he loves you and is completely crazy about you even Ethan said so". "I just hope he won't flip out when he finds out" Mark said seeing the funny side and laughing. Angelo smiled "Does he even know dinner means flying to LA?". "No, oh god I just realised he said his father lived out in LA" Mark stopped dead in his tracks. Angelo looked at him "Maybe go see his father then as well". "Yes, but we haven't discussed it and it is the weekend after Thanksgiving" Mark said smiling. "Come clean Mark... Oh by the way we have had 5 applicants for the job" Angelo said changing the subject. Mark smiled "Great are we interviewing next week?" he asked. "Yes, thought Thursday would be a good day, I had Patrick send the invites yesterday" Angelo replied. Mark and Ben walked around Larchmont before heading home it was 4 in the afternoon and the sun was sinking lower in the sky as they turned the street corner heading up to Mark's house. "Are you worried Ben?" Mark asked glancing at him. Ben shook his head "No, I feel quite calm about it actually". "Good, so your father in LA do you speak or see him?" Mark inquired wondering if Ben would be open about it. Ben stopped "Yes, well that is speak to, something always crops up when he invites me over." Mark looked at him "Oh, does he come up with excuses?". "No no no, my step father always seems to have something going on he always puts the stopper on it" Ben replied. Mark pondered on this bit of news as they walked in to the house and knew it was an opportunity for Ben to see his father. Outside they saw Margarite's car pulling up outside, Mark told him to be calm and sincere and he would be upstairs if he needed him. Ben looked at Mark hoping he would stay but he told him he has to face this in private with his mother, with that he went to leave the lounge and turned towards Ben at the door 'I love you, always know that Ben' he said before walking up the stairs. He felt a little anxious waiting for his mother to knock the door, it still made him jump when she did and he steadied himself as he opened the door. Margarite stood in the porch and looked at Ben "Hello Ben" she said glancing over his shoulder. "Hi mum, come on in" he said opening the door fully "Do you want a coffee or tea?" he asked. Margarite followed him towards the kitchen "Tea would be nice, I don't want this to be awkward Ben". Ben put the kettle on to boil and stared at it for a moment "It wasn't suppose to be this way". Margarite sat down "I guessed you hadn't left that notebook out on purpose". "No, it was stupid of me as I rushed to be with..." he trailed off "I'm sorry" he said looking at her. Margarite studied him for a moment "Sorry about what Ben, because of who you are?". Ben shook his head "No, I mean you finding out like that, I wanted to tell you properly". "I can't understand how or why you reacted to badly about Ethan?" She said watching him making the tea. Ben put the kettle down "I've had a long time crush on Ethan, finding out he had a boyfriend hit me hard". "I see" Margarite didn't know what to say about this revelation "So whose house is this?". Ben put the tea in front of her "It belongs to my boyfriend Mark" he replied watching her closely. "And where is he?" She asked "Is he hiding scared of meeting me?" she went on. Ben smiled "No, he is keeping out of the way for the moment". Margarite nodded "You know it's okay Ben, I spoke to Ethan's mother this afternoon". "Oh" Ben looked shocked "Are things all right between you now?" he asked. "Yes, we had a much longer chat today, she didn't seem surprised about you being gay" Margarite said. Ben chuckled "Sophie had me pinned a few years ago, she saw how I would look at Ethan". Margarite laughed which eased the tension in the air "Smart girl Sophie. I saw a change in you over the last few weeks". Ben sat down next his mother "Was it that obvious?". "No" she laughed "you looked a whole lot happier Ben. Was that Mark's doing?" she asked. Ben looked at her and nodded "Yes, I think I fell in love with him the first night we met but didn't know it then". Margarite leaned over and kissed him "Do I get to meet him then?". Ben smiled "You may as well I met his parents last night" he walked over to the door "Mark, come down". "And his parents are fine with this?" she asked him turning in her seat. Ben nodded "Do you mean did they approve of me., they invited me for dinner" he saw Mark standing there "Mark come meet my mother". Mark was ushered in to the kitchen "Hi" he said looking nervous but managed a smile. Margarite stood up "Hello" she looked and instantly liked him "Nice to meet you Mark". "You to" Mark walked over to shake her hand but she brushed it away gave him a quick hug. Margarite was smiling and shook her head looking at Ben "I can see what you mean Ben". They spent a couple of hours drinking tea and chatting with Mark revealing what everyone who didn't know him that well got to know, when the time is right he would tell Ben everything and he knew it would have to be before Thanksgiving. The conversation flowed and gradually began to wear down and Mark gave Ben a discreet look nodding to his mother, Ben understood the significance of the look. "So mum there is one other thing I need to tell you but please don't get angry about it" Ben started. Margarite looked at Mark then Ben "You are moving in?" she offered as she saw how comfortable Ben was. Ben looked at her and nodded "In a couple of weeks time after Thanksgiving". Margarite stared at Ben "I'm not angry, upset yes, but you are old enough to make decisions Ben". Ben smiled "It doesn't mean anything will change between us" he said trying to reassure her. "Absolutely, you will always be welcome here" Mark said seeing the look on her face. Margarite smiled "Thank you Mark" she said sincerely seeing how genuine Mark looked at her. "We could all have dinner Wednesday if you like?" Ben said holding Mark's hand. "So your coming home?" Margarite asked seeing Mark's expression change to a tinge of sadness. Ben nodded "Well yes I have college tomorrow" he said as a matter of fact. Margarite shook her head "You decide Ben, you look happy here I can't take that away from you". "What about curfew?" Ben said knowing that was the one thing he stuck to. Margarite laughed "No more curfew you can come home or stay here I really don't mind, you deserve the freedom". Ben felt Mark squeeze his hand and looked at him "Well?". Mark smiled "You know that is what I would like, I can take you to college in the morning". "Good that's settled then. Just promise me to ask if you need anything Ben" she said standing up. "I will" Ben said he hugged his mother and kissed her "thank you mother". It was hard to say goodbye but after everything Ben had gone through with the divorce and loosing his father she understood that it was time he was allowed to move on in life. As she drove back to Harrison she could see Mark in her mind and how Ben was clearly besotted and happy with him. Ben had called Ethan and told him how things had gone and that his mother on the surface seemed to accept it with unsurprising grace. Ethan went through his own conversation with his mother Ellie and how she guided Margarite on not to over react but look at it from her sons own view. Mark drove Ben to Harrison in the morning smiling all the way at his new routine of dropping Ben off at college, it seemed weird having such a partner who was still in education albeit for only a few more months. Ben showed Mark where his family home was and he turned in to the drive up to the door. Ben got out to get his things for college saying hello to his mother as he ran upstairs grabbed his bag and came down. He walked in to the kitchen where the rest of the family were sat having breakfast, his step father Steven was talking to his brother and stopped when Ben walked in, he looked at him with a dead pan face and went back to talking to Alex. Ben gave his mother a kiss and walked with him to the door. "Don't worry about your step father he will come round sound enough" She said with her arm on his shoulder. Ben opened the door "I'm not worried mother, I can't see anything changing can you?". Margarite shook her head and looked at the car "Morning Mark" she called. Mark leaned out "Morning errmmm..." he didn't quite know how to address her. "Margarite for the moment" she said sensing his quandary. At college Ben opened his laptop up to see an email from the company he had applied to and they invited him for an interview at 4pm on Thursday, it would mean ditching a bit of college but he spoke to his lecturer who agreed he should have the time and attend. He confirmed his attendance and arranged to borrow his mothers car so he was all set, not bad for a Monday morning he said to himself as he settled in for lecture. Thankfully the morning went quickly and Ben made his way to the cafeteria to meet up with the rest of the gang, walking in he noticed Adam, Ethan and Franco sat talking and realised Josh had come in behind him. "Hi Josh busy day yesterday?" Ben asked stopping to talk. Josh nodded "Yes it was manic for a Sunday" he replied glancing over at the table. Ben noticed his look "Come on Josh, I think Franco has something to say to you" he said as Josh followed him. Franco stood up as Josh approached the table "Josh, I am really sorry about what I did to you". Josh looked at the sincere look on his face "It's okay Franco, you caught me by surprise that's all". Franco smiled "For what it's worth you are an amazing kisser". Josh laughed and sat down "Better than girls?" he said jokingly. Franco winked at him "So much better". Things went back to normal and no tension existed between Franco and Josh, Ethan couldn't work it out as Franco acted so casually about it and seemed to talk a lot more to Josh than usual. Maybe there was a slight change about Franco kissing another guy, after all he was very clear about his like of girls. Ben's week dragged on, as much as he wanted to tell Ethan about his job interview he decided not say anything in case it didn't work out. Ben just bided his time for Thursday and of course Friday when he would go and stay with Mark again. Ben packed up his things after the mid afternoon bell at 2.30pm and drove out towards Westchester finding the office pretty easy he parked up. He still had half an hour to spare so went to the coffee shop to get prepared properly, at 3.45pm he made his way over to the office and was greeted by Patrick and showed him to a seat in the reception area where he waited. Angelo looked at Mark "Anymore questions from you Mark?" he asked. Mark shook his head "No, I think we have covered everything we need to know" he replied. Angelo smiled at John "Well thank you very much John, we will be in touch when we have made a decision". Mark stood up and escorted John to the meeting room door where Patrick came over and escorted John out to the reception. He walked back in and told them that the 4pm candidate was in reception waiting. Mark pulled the CV towards him and began to read through so they had an idea of who was coming up next. Angelo called to Patrick to bring the next candidate in. Mark laughed "You seen his name, it's short for BMW". Angelo looked down at the paper and chuckled "So it does, and he is pretty young only 19." "You don't think... no can't be" Mark said studying that Benjamin lived in Harrison. They both had their heads down going through the technical aspect of the CV noting he had no work experience but seemed to doing really well at college and already partly graduated. Patrick knocked and entered and introduced Benjamin to them. Angelo looked up first and stopped dead in his tracks his mouth open. Mark looked up and laughed, Ben stood there blushing through embarrassment whilst Patrick just looked at all three of them and left the room chuckling as he realised they already knew each other. "Well Benjamin Midler-Warren or is it BMW for short?" Mark asked walking towards him. Ben just had a dazed look on his face feeling Marks lips and tongue on his own "Is this a joke?" he said. Angelo laughed "No joke Ben, this is my company" he said pointing to the chair "Take a seat please Benjamin". Mark escorted him over to the chair and he sat down "I didn't know you owned a business" Ben said still in shock. Mark sat down opposite him "Is it Benjamin or Ben you prefer?" he asked in a professional manner. Ben giggled "Oh your being serious, Ben if you wish" he said fumbling with his papers. Angelo smiled "It is serious Ben, you are being interviewed for a job" he said unable to control himself from smiling. Ben threw caution to the wind "Thank you, as long as I am not expected to perform sexual favours" trying to keep it civil. Mark looked at him and sat back in his chair "Maybe but not right now" he replied winking at Ben. They began the interview in a more serious manner although Mark was undressing him and performing lewd sexual acts on Ben with his eyes and mind, several times Angelo had to prod Mark to bring him back to reality. After an hour Angelo gave up and threw his pen in the air in a sign of defeat. "Well since Mark isn't really here, do you have any questions for us?" Angelo asked Ben whilst he punched Mark's arm. Ben nodded "Is there a company policy about dating other employees?" he asked giving his most dazzling smile. Angelo laughed shaking his head "No as long as you keep it in your pocket in the office". Mark nodded "Absolutely although you may have to have sex with me on the desk every now and then" he laughed. Angelo stood up "I give in this is hopeless" he came round the table and hugged Ben "You got the job Ben". Ben kissed Angelo "Really I do?". "Yes, but you got it because of your qualifications. Are you going to finish the final exam?" Angelo asked. Ben nodded "Yes I still want to get fully qualified". "Good, we can come to an arrangement with the college so you can work and study" Angelo told him. Angelo left Ben and Mark alone for a few minutes to get whatever out of their system, he laughed walking back to his desk spotting Ethan coming in the building. Angelo filled Ethan in on Ben in the meeting room with Mark probably making out and that he was to join the company. Ethan gave Ben a hug when Mark and he eventually came out of the meeting room looking a little dishevelled, Ben drove back to Harrison and gave his mother the news in a quick 5 minutes as Mark pulled up to take him out to dinner with Angelo and Ethan. Ben felt on top of the world as he typed a message to his father, most importantly he said he would have the means to visit him in LA in a few months time and nothing would stop him.
  2. If you liked this read The Gifted Virgin as there paths will cross....
  3. Part 26 - The Chase Mark had moved to Larchmont a few blocks away from Angelo and Ethan and this weekend would be the first time Ben would get to see Mark in his new home, Ben also promised to help him get things straight in preparation for his house warming party on Saturday night. They both kept their business private not telling anyone they were officially dating as a couple just yet but for Mark the change in him was pretty evident as Angelo watched him closely that week and asking Ethan to probe Ben for more information. Angelo stopped typing and looked at Mark "So are you going to spill the beans?". "About what" Mark replied looking up and over at him. Angelo smiled and shook his head "Ben". Mark shrugged his shoulders "Have you finished the two job adverts yet?". "Avoiding the subject now are we, yes I have you can post them on line now. Well?" Angelo was not giving up. Mark smiled "I like him a lot, I thought that was evident" he replied. "Does he feel the same?" Angelo said but he knew the answer to that one already. Mark clicked on his mouse "Jobs are up on line. Yeah he seems to". Angelo looked at his phone "Come on it's 5pm lets call it a day". "Thank god it's Friday tomorrow finally get the house straight" Mark said collecting his things. Ben was coming up to his qualifications and cramming in extra study work at college, the week just seemed to be plodding alone with no purpose and all he could think about was Friday and seeing Mark again. He had got part of his qualification down as a software designer and was preparing for his exam next week in software development, he kept a close eye on the job market on line but most of them seemed to be quite far away or right in the city. He knew that his classmates were also now actively looking for jobs as he had received a couple of thank you but no responses, closing his laptop he packed it away and headed home. Friday afternoon Ben arrived home early and went up to his room to finish an assignment before he was due to meet Mark. He didn't want to bore Mark about geek talk and have to do college work in front of him as he might get bored very easily and didn't want to get labelled as a nerd. Quickly he finished off the assignment and had a look round for jobs, there was one that caught his interest and it was based on the outskirts of Larchmont towards Westchester with a company he had not heard of before but it did appear to have some big companies in it's client base. They salary was pretty good and the job seemed to fit what he was looking for he did however notice that the job opening was only a week, it would be a long shot as they were asking for experience but then they all did, quickly he uploaded his c.v. and a short cover note to the website and signing off his note as 'Benjamin Midler-Warren'. One thing he hated about his name was that all through school he was nicknamed 'BMW', he laughed a little wondering if the people at the company would see it as well. Hs he was meeting Mark in an hour so stripped and showered then put on Mark's briefs and retrieved his journal from the wardrobe wearing "So Friday turned out just like any other day with college but have applied for a job close to Westchester, fingers crossed on this one as it is close to where I want to be. Josh is funny and has a great friendly attitude and is definitely coming out of his shell a lot more with us. He will be coming to the party on Saturday evening along with the rest of the gang, not sure who else will be there but Franco said he will come. To be honest he still scares me a little but I know he is okay, it is just so strange having him as a friend as he is quite a brute on the outside and not someone you want to mess with but he is a real softy underneath when you get to know him. Hopefully it is going to be a great weekend spending it with my boyfriend, it is strange writing that word down but I get a fuzzy nice feeling when I do. I never thought I would be seeing myself in this situation, my biggest concern is how I will tell my family and I need to do it sooner rather than later. I can only hope they will see past any prejudice they may have, but right now it weighs heavily on me and I need to rid myself of this one burden but figuring out how to tell them is a whole other thing. It is the one thing that really is holding me back from freedom, I love my mother so much and I don't want to break her heart but I hope she understands and accepts me as who I really am and not the pretend me that has been hidden for the last few years. I am sure she will like my boyfriend, he has the kindest soul and completely engaging. But I drone on to much about him but I have to express it somehow.". Ben suddenly looked and realised he only had 10 minutes to meet Mark, quickly he changed and grabbed his toothbrush and ran out of his bedroom and said goodbye to the family as he headed out almost running up the road, as he turned the corner he saw Mark's car pulling up. He jumped in the passenger seat almost out of breath. "You okay Ben?" Mark said as Ben sat down. Ben leaned over and kissed him "Yes, nearly late I lost track of time". Mark laughed "What was you up then to be nearly late?" his hand slipped down to Ben's crotch. Ben laughed "Not that if that is what you are thinking". Mark turned the car around and drove off "I'm so looking forward to spending the weekend with you". Ben smiled "Me to, I miss being with you". It was pitch black by the time they arrived in Larchmont having quickly caught up with their respective weeks. Ben loved the house from the outside and even more so inside as it was spacious and very modern. Most of the heavy removals was done and just boxes to unpack for the kitchen remained strewn across the lounge. Ben followed Mark in to the kitchen "I read the book you brought me, twice actually as I loved it" he said. "Good I am glad you enjoyed it, you should have brought it with you to read to me" Mark suggested. Ben smiled "I would have if I had known but it's by my bed" his voice trailed off as he suddenly froze. In his rush to leave he had placed his journal on top of the book by his bed, he felt sick as the fear coursed through his body. If his mother went in to his bedroom no doubt she would see it and wonder what it was, her uncanny inquisitive nature would propel her to open it and have a look. "Ben, Ben, what is the matter?" Mark asked putting his arm on his shoulder. Ben looked at Mark with utter fear on his face "I've been so stupid Mark". "What Ben, tell me?" Mark put his arms around him "Is it me?". Ben shook his head "I have a journal and I left it by my bed in my rush to meet you". Mark had a gut feeling what was inside "Did you write things in there about us?" he asked. Ben nodded "Quite a bit and... and a fair bit of detail. I know my mother will read it if she sees it". Mark hugged him tighter "Ben don't worry or beat yourself up about it. I'm flattered you wrote about me". Ben looked up at him "I have no idea what is going to happen if she does find it". "We will deal with it together, you and I Ben" Mark said comforting him "One thing I know is I don't want to loose you". Ben smiled "That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me" he looked Mark in the eye. Mark kissed him on the mouth "You and me Ben that's all that matters". They got busy with Mark trying to take Ben's mind off things as he helped unpack the last few boxes and decided with Mark where best to store things. With the final box unpacked and sorted it started to resemble a home that was lived in, Ben sat down on the sofa his mind wandering off thinking of the journal on his bedside table. Mark was finishing off and came wandering in to the lounge with a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. "Like a glass wine now we have finished?" he asked Ben so glanced up as he walked in. "Sorry?" Ben looked confused "Oh, yes sure, why not after all we are celebrating you moving in". Mark sat down next to him and poured him half a glass "Don't want you drunk and disorderly" he laughed. Ben smiled "I am not a virgin at drinking wine". Mark laughed and topped his glass up "Okay you can have a glass, you still a virgin at other things?". Ben sat down on the sofa and just looked at Mark "Is it obvious?" he laughed. Mark sat down next to him "Not obvious and you certainly didn't need much teaching last weekend on how to top". Ben laughed again and raised his glass to Mark, the thought of food completely forgotten about as they sat talking drinking until just after 10pm. Mark stretched and slumped back into the sofa, wine on an empty stomach had got him pretty merry and Ben faired no better in the same state, Mark stood and stumbled a little laughing as he held out his hand for Ben telling him they should get some sleep. As Ben stood he fell back down not realising how tipsy he was, Mark hauled him off the sofa and dragged him up the stairs whilst he was still giggling and protesting that he wanted more wine. Ben collapsed on the bed "I do you know, I love you, I do love you" all the time smiling trying to undress. Mark helped him get undress then collapsed besides him "Me to, love me that is" he laughed "and you". Ben threw his arms around Mark and kissed him "Make love to me and show me you do". "You want me to take you baby" Mark replied as he finished taking his clothes off. "Yes Mark" Ben replied looking seriously at him. Mark leaned over Ben and kissed him urgently holding Ben's flaying arms down above his head as he kissed him harder and erratically 'Do you want me Ben, all of me?' he asked in between kisses, Ben moaned in to Mark's mouth his legs clasped around Mark's hips wriggling his ass in heightened anticipation. Mark pushed Ben's legs over his head and dived down to his ass causing Ben to wriggle on the bed 'oh fuck, oh yes, oh, oh Mark' he didn't know what to make of the sensation as Mark ate and lubed his hole with spit, the little cries of joy and moaning echoing through the house. The noises eventually replaced by small sounds of pleasure escaping Ben's mouth. he felt Mark's tongue sucking at his balls moving slowly upwards over his cock and along his body until they came mouth to mouth again. Ben subdued by his drunken haze relished in their passionate kiss he could feel the cock rubbing against his wet hole teasing until he gasped and released a sharp agonising cry. Mark stabbed his cock in to Ben's hole in a quick jab, his body caught off guard and his instinct told him to fight against the invasion, the tears running from the corner of his eyes as he looked up at Mark but he was smiling as the pain subsided into a burning dull ache 'You sure you want me to be a part of you forever?' he said looking at Ben who nodded 'God yes' he replied followed by more sharp pain as Mark pushed his cock deeper in to Ben all the time his eyes looking deep in to Ben's. Ben thrashed his head side to side and from no where he began begging Mark to fuck him until his mouth was covered by Mark's as he kissed him with intense passion stifling his words, he only managed the occasional moan in to Mark's mouth as he felt the cock delving deeper in to his body until he held all of it in his ass. The drink masking the real pain he was feeling and unable to make sense if it was pain or just pleasure he knew and understood from them this was real sexual enjoyment, Mark raised his head and looked at Ben who smiled lovingly back at him. Mark kissed him on the neck whispering 'payback from Saturday' he chuckled just as Ben grabbed Mark around the neck and shoulders holding him as close as he physically could 'I want you Mark' he told him. Mark saw love and desire in the eyes below him through his own mildly blurred drunken view. His back arched as Mark began grinding his hips in to Ben and performing slow deep strokes accentuating each one in a show of love for him. His cries were a cross of eternal agonising pleasure the warmth in his body providing a cuddling sensation as it flowed through his veins taking the final steps with Mark. It was a surreal out of body experience probably caused much in turn by the wine and his personal desire, the kisses, the hands touching him and the feeling of the Mark's cock inside seem to be a chorus of divine angels singing harmoniously. Ben cried and moaned louder as Mark began to fuck faster he stared again deep in to Ben's eyes before he lurched forward to snog him again. He felt a weird sensation as if the cock inside him had changed, it was now harder and pulsing as Mark pushed his hips up close whilst his hands grabbed Ben's shoulders to stop him moving away. He cried out 'Oh Ben' diving his head back to kiss Ben as he began to ejaculate, he could feel the toxic seed flowing rapidly up through his cock as it began to pulse and pump the payload in to Ben's virgin body. Ben's arms gripped hard around Mark's shoulder his back arched higher feeling Mark's hips slamming up hard against his ass, the cock pulsing against his anal wall as he felt the spasms and contractions as Mark jettisoned his poisoned load deep in to Ben's virgin ass. Ben moaned and wriggled underneath Mark as his cock began coating his stomach with his own seed. Ben closed his eyes and held on to Mark as the orgasm seemed to go on with no sign of abating, in reality neither of them wanted it to end until Mark collapsed on top of Ben kissing him spent and exhausted. They did not speak as they laid in each others arms, hot and sweaty covered in Ben's cum but happy to be with each other. The room had finally stopped spinning and Ben could feel Mark's hot breath against his neck, the hypnotic feeling of warm air flowing around his neck soon had Ben's eyes closing as he fell asleep, Mark slowly extracted his cock and fell asleep partly laying on top of Ben. Ben shifted in bed and woke from the pain in his head, quickly he sat up and rushed to the bathroom making it in time to stick his head over the toilet vomiting bile, doing so his ass muscle spasmed forcing a painful cry as he felt a burning pain. Mark turned over in bed wondering what the sound was a realised Ben was in the bathroom, he rushed out of bed rubbing his head from the wine hangover entering the bathroom. Ben eventually stopped retching and sat down on the floor leaning his head again the coolness of the tiles on the wall for comfort, his eyes caught the pale cream drops on the floor. "You okay Ben?" he asked sitting down besides him. "I think so, I feel bad" Ben nestled his head against Mark's chest. Mark stroked his head "To much wine last night and no food" and got some tissue to clean the mess on the floor. Ben watched "What is it?". "We need to get you to the clinic get some prep before it's to late" he said heading out to get his phone. Ben looked at him as he came back in the bathroom "I begged you to fuck me didn't I?". Mark nodded "I'm sorry it was careless of me to do that but I was so desperate to finally have you". "Does the pain stop?" Ben asked him as Mark was seeking the clinic's number. "What?" Mark looked up "Oh, yes it will go, so it really was the first time you ever got fucked then?". Ben nodded "Yeah, and I am happy it was with you, sit down by me" he said tapping the floor. Mark sat and put his arm around him "I'm so so sorry Ben, I can't think straight to find the number". Ben ran his hand down Mark's chest "Why are you sorry?". "I fucked you without a condom" Mark said finding the number. Ben grabbed the phone "Oh" he said and smiled up at Mark "is that why you are so worried?". Mark looked at him "Ben you must realise what this means" he looked anxious again. "You have to marry me now?" Ben chuckled. Mark lifted Ben's chin "Slow down cowboy and yes that hopefully is on the cards. But I put you at risk". Ben looked in to Mark's eyes "So it wasn't how I thought it would happen, but I don't regret it". Mark put his phone down "Are you sure Ben, after all it may well lead to a life of taking treatment?". "Yes" Ben said stroking Mark's chest. Mark smiled "I thought it would be a few months before you asked me again to gift you". Ben sat up "Just do it carefully next time until I am use to it". Mark laughed and Ben kissed but Mark pushed him away "Yuck sick taste, go wash your mouth out". "Sorry" he said standing up "Can we go back to bed" he asked cleaning his teeth. Mark leaned his head back "Of course, it's what I like most being in bed with you". Ben smiled at Mark with toothpaste dribbling down his chin, Mark laughed and stood up slapping him on ass waiting for him to finish before going back to bed and sleeping for a couple of more hours. He definitely felt a lot better waking up just after 9am with the now familiar feeling of Mark's cock resting against his hole and his arms wrapped around his body spooning together. There was no doubt at all in Ben's mind that he had fallen for Mark and craved for the time when they were in bed together, their bodies just seemed matched to perfection as they laid there and indeed he could lay there all day. He felt Mark kissing his neck his hand went to Mark's squeezing it hard. "Morning again". Ben said pushing his ass back feeling the morning wood nearly prising his hole open. Mark murmured "Morning sexy, feeling better?". "Yes, ouch, still hurts down there" Ben whispered kissing Mark's hand. Mark giggled "I loved fucking you last night you were so full of yourself until I got you good". Ben turned over to face him "I remember you holding my arms down and looking at me" he replied smiling. Mark cuddled Ben closer "Yeah your mine" he said kissing him. Ben laughed "Happy to be yours" he replied with his arms caressing Mark's body. They laid there for a few more minutes as Mark gently stroked Ben's back, there was nothing he didn't like about Ben and already he felt so close and secure with him. They spent the rest of the day getting ready for the house warming party and were all set with just an hour to spare. Mark went up stairs to shower, Ben wandered up and heard the water running, he stripped off and walked up behind Mark in the shower, he jumped and turned around 'This is a nice surprise' Mark said leaning forward to kiss Ben who was running his hands down Marks body, slowly his kisses moved to the neck and chest going lower and lower. Mark put his hand against the wall of the shower as he felt the warmth of Ben's tongue caressing his cock as it grew in anticipation. The lips running across his cock head sent tingles up his spine, his hand as if by auto pilot grabbed hold of Ben's head and pushed him further on his cock. Ben began making stifled moans with a mouth full of cock began sucking and teasing Mark's now fully erect cock. His own desire for Ben pent up through the day released quickly, moaning he grabbed Ben's head with both hands holding him steady and deep on his cock. Ben continued to suck and swallow and could have stayed there pleasuring his lover for ages. Mark leaned back against the wall letting the water flow over his head and cascading down his body over Ben, his eyes closed a big smile on his face whilst Ben continued sucking on his erection. Suddenly aware of time getting away he pulled Ben up to his feet and kissed him deeply 'Naughty boy, get showered'. Ben smiled and soaped his and Mark's bodies as he continued kissing him. Mark was still getting dressed when they hear Angelo calling from downstairs, Ben who was dressed and ready went downstairs and found Angelo, Ethan and Franco coming through the back door, Angelo smiled and gave Ben a big hug. "Where is he?" Angelo said letting Ben go. "Still drying off we lost track of time" Ben replied without thinking about what he said. Ethan slapped Ben's ass "You dirty little fuckers, what were you up to?" he smiled at Ben. Ben blushed "Oh, fuck it, we took a shower together and I pleasured him". Ethan was taken back "Blimey Ben, did you swallow?". "Ethan" Angelo called him out "Don't be so nosey" he said. "Well?" Franco interjected "did you or not?". Ben moved close to Franco being brave "Wanna taste and see for yourself?" he moved in as if he was going to kiss him. Franco grabbed hold of Ben and spun him around and held him tightly "You wish Benny boy" he laughed. Mark came down stairs hair still wet "Mark help me" Ben cried out holding his arms up to Mark. "Silly boy, never mess with the Camacho family" Mark said sauntering off to the kitchen. Franco finally let go of Ben and the guys got ready for the party. Not long after 4pm Josh, Adam and Tony arrived along with some of Mark's family including his mother and father. Introductions were done all around with Ben introduced as a friend who went to college with Ethan, Adam, Franco and Josh. Mark and Ben went through to the kitchen to pour some wine for the guests. "Your ma and pa seem really nice, do they know about this side of you?" Ben stood next to Mark. Mark smiled glancing at him "Yes I don't keep anything from them, my father is European and very open minded". Ben turned and leaned back against the counter "That must be nice to have". Mark kissed Ben "Glasses bitch now" he said then kissed him again "Please". "I don't think I will be having any tonight" Ben said putting the glasses down next to Mark. Mark laughed "Yes best not to I don't want to end up with a drunk boyfriend on my hands". "HaHa" Ben said sarcastically "So do they know about us?". Mark shook his head "No, but I will give them half an hour or less to work it out". "What do you mean?" Ben's replied as his curiosity piqued. Mark laughed "My parents can read me like a book Ben" they stood in silence as Mark poured the wine. "Are you doing all white or red as well?" Ben asked picking up the red wine. "Red for me Ben please" Ben turned to see Mark's mother walking in to the kitchen. "Mother only drinks red Ben" Mark said giving his mother a kiss on the cheek "Happy you both made it". "Well it was touch and go but our travel plans changed last minute" Maddy said taking the glass from Ben. "Are you heading off somewhere nice?" Ben asked out of interest. Maddy sized him up a second "Yes, we go Spain every year, Mark's father has family there". "Really, wow that sounds great, I would love to see Europe and heard so much about Spain and England" Ben sighed. Mark smiled "Yeah nice trip to Spain and England" he stopped mid sentence and looked up and Ben. "So darling no train wrecks this evening?" Maddy said quickly glancing at Ben then back to Mark. Mark looked at Ben's weird face he was pulling "No mother but I've actually met someone". Maddy noticed the glance at Ben he did before answering "I thought as much you are quite different this evening". Mark looked at his mother "Love at first sight" he said watching his mother nodding and seeing a smile on Ben's face. "About time" she said then looking at Ben "You must both come to dinner and you can tell us about it" and walked out. Mark looked at Ben's expression of being gobsmacked "So that was 10 minutes" he said laughing. Ben look at him "Is she okay about it?" he asked. Mark laughed "Yes, she always said I would be better off with a man and she has invited you to dinner". "And did you mean what you said to her?" Ben asked walking over to Mark. Mark just looked him in the eye nodding, Ben threw his arms around him and kissed him so passionately they lost their balance and fell to the floor unable to let go of each other. Something just clicked with Ben and Mark and instantly they both knew their love for each other was far beyond words. It took for Angelo and Mark's father David to come in to the kitchen to find out where the drinks had got to before they stopped kissing. "Mark you was not brought up like that" David said laughing with Angelo. Mark stood up and left Ben on the floor "Sorry dad, he just does that to me" he held out his hand to Ben helping him up. "Looks very serious whatever you two have going on" David stood smiling his arm around Angelo's shoulder. Ben stood up looking at Angelo's smirk "So what is the story here then?" Angelo said looking at both of them. Mark put his arm around Ben "Okay might as well make it official, we are seeing each other". David nodded and looked at Ben's embarrassed face "Good finally someone made sense of you". Angelo gave Ben a hug "Thank you, you have no idea what this means" he whispered to him. Ben also got a hug from Mark's father something he hadn't ever expected to have been so warmly received by Mark's parents. David and Angelo picked up several glass and walked back in to the lounge. Ben was still a bit dazed but something was bothering him that he had to know "How close is you family to Angelo?". Mark stopped pouring wine "Hmm, so tell me why you are asking that?" he replied. "Don't know something about the way your father had his arm around Angelo" Ben said then he looked at him. Mark shook his head smiling "You will need to keep up when I tell you this as it sort of gets complicated". Ben had a worried looked on his face "Oh I see". Mark smiled "My uncles wife's sister is married to Angelo's uncle, Franco's father". Ben stood confused but it was gradually sinking in "So is that how you are so close with Angelo?". "No, I knew Angelo well before we found that out" Mark said handing glasses of wine to Ben. They returned to the lounge joining the rest of the party where Ben was immediately swept away by Ethan to join the college group. Franco was talking with Adam and Josh all of whom had wine, Ben and Ethan were the only ones not drinking out of their own choice. Ben kept glancing over his shoulder to look at Mark. "You have got it badly haven't you?" Ethan said nudging Ben. "Got what?" Ben said not listening to Ethan until he nodded towards Mark "Oh, yeah, very badly" he voice trailing off. Ethan looked at him "And?" he asked as the others sat and waited. Ben looked at all their face looking at him "Yeah we are dating officially, well he did take my virginity last night". Ethan smiled "Hurts doesn't it the first time" he remembered fondly. Ben nodded "Yeah, we did it bareback as well" he told him in a quiet voice not to be overheard. Ethan looked him in the eye "You got gifted last night?". "Yeah, well sort of, we were both a little drunk. But I am okay with it" Ben said before Ethan could open his mouth. Ethan gave him a hug and they both circulated around the party, as the evening wore on people were heading off until only the Larchmont residents remained. Josh was slightly drunk as Franco had been plying him with wine and they were slumped on the sofa laughing together. Angelo came over and shook his head telling Franco he would have to stay at his otherwise his mother would kill him for letting him drink. Franco waved his cousin off laughing and Josh telling him he had to get moving but on the other hand he was having so much fun with Franco. Josh stood up 'Come on you Angelo is waiting' he held his hand out to help Franco up. It happened very quickly that only Mark saw what happened as he watched Josh struggling to pull Franco up to his feet, Franco grabbed Josh by his other hand and pulled him back down where he fell on top of Franco. Josh panicked slightly but Franco grabbed Josh around the neck with his arm pulling Josh's head forward, he had no time to react as he felt Franco's tongue pushing in to his mouth kissing him. There was no doubt that Franco was strong and he kept hold of Josh giving him a deep kiss, Josh managed to pull free of him climbing to his feet he ran out of the house quick as a flash and sat on the front doorstep tears rolling down his face. Mark put his hand up to the others to stay put whilst he went outside and sat next to Josh. "Josh what happened?" Mark said putting his arm around him. Josh sniffed "Sorry I am being dramatic and he is drunk". Mark nodded "I shouldn't worry about it Josh, sometimes people do crazy things when they drink". Josh put his head down "Yeah but they fuck with your head when they do". "Josh don't waste your time thinking about something that won't happen" Mark said. Josh nodded "We were having such a great night as friends then he did that to me". They could hear raised voices coming from the house and Mark detected Angelo tearing at his cousin in a big way. Franco came storming out of the house stumbling as he did so followed by Angelo who apologised to Mark and Josh and carried on after Franco. Ethan came out shortly after carrying Angelo's coat. "Sorry Josh, Angelo is mad as hell with Franco and taking him home" he said looking at Mark and Josh. Josh looked up "It's okay Ethan, really it is". "Well see you tomorrow for lunch" Ethan said as he rushed down the driveway to catch them up. Mark patted Josh on the shoulder "Want to go inside, stay here tonight Josh". Josh hugged Mark "Thank you". Adam and Tony left leaving just the three of them in the house as they cleaned up. Ben chatted away to Josh as they put the glasses away, he still didn't fully know what had happened and sensed that Josh wasn't up to talking about it. Mark came back in to the kitchen and called time on the clean up operation and showed Josh up to the bedroom. Ben showered and came out seeing Mark sitting on the bed obviously thinking about something. "Josh on your mind?" Ben said drying himself off. Mark nodded "Franco forced himself on Josh, I know he was drunk but still family don't act like that". "Crap yeah, I keep forgetting that your all related" Ben looked mildly amused. Mark looked at him "You think it's funny do you?" reaching out and pulling Ben on the bed laughing. Ben looked in to Mark's eyes "Fuck I love you so much". Mark pinned Ben on the bed and licked Ben's lips 'Show me how much' he whispered as they kissed slowly, Ben pushed Mark on to his back and began kissing down along his body, his tongue licked along the shaft of Mark's cock up to the tip and letting his lips take over surrounding it from all sides slowly and seductively working their magic.
  4. Part 25 - Ben's Week Monday morning came around like any other Monday, Adam picked Ethan up and they headed off to college. Angelo went off to his office to conclude some important meetings which could potentially lead to a massive upscale the software usage by 2 companies that Raffa had put in a good word and got them in touch with Angelo. On top of that Ethan's parents were coming to dinner on Wednesday as Angelo wanted to use his father to finalise the contract negotiations. Ethan and Adam sat in the cafeteria having coffee when they saw Ben walk in, Ethan watched as he seemed pretty much like the Ben he knew for years heading in his direction. He joined them at the table just as Franco walked in and wandered over. "Franco how are you, you were pretty drunk on Saturday?" Adam asked as Franco sat down. Franco shook his head "Bad day yesterday but okay today" he turned to Ben "What happened with you and Mark?" Ben grinned back Franco "Nothing really, we have agreed to go on a date" he replied and Franco smiled. "Actually they slept together Saturday night" Ethan offered knowing that was what Franco was aiming for. Franco laughed "Good job Ben" he said holding his fist for out for a fist bump from Ben who obliged. "We didn't get up to anything though" Ben said sitting back in his chai as they others began chuckling. The bell sounded signalling the start of lessons in 5 minutes, they all clambered out and headed off in their respective directions. Monday lunchtime saw Franco and Ben meeting in the grounds as they both came from the same lecture building, Franco had to run to catch Ben up as they walked together towards the cafeteria. They were halfway across from the building when Ben swore he heard his name being shouted so he looked around but couldn't see anyone familiar who would be calling him. Franco looked at him "I heard it as well, but maybe it was another Ben". "Probably" Ben replied as they carried on, then unmistakably he heard his name called again. Franco looked to the right "Ben someone is waving coming towards you" he nodded. Ben turned and saw his face "Oh fuck I don't believe it". Franco snickered "What?". "He was working in the store yesterday, when Ethan and I went to get Milk" Ben said looking worried. Franco patted his shoulder "Don't worry I will look after you" he said nodding. "I thought you were ignoring me Ben" Joshua said catching up. Ben grimaced "Sorry Joshua I didn't know you were at this college". Joshua laughed "Yeah but I knew you came here, seen you around. I had no idea you were gay". "Oh" Ben looked flustered. "So I kind of was wondering if you wanted to go out with me?" Joshua asked looking at Ben. Ben look at him cautiously "As in friends?". Joshua smiled "Yes if you like, to start with". Ben shook his head "Sorry, but I am errm kind of seeing someone" feeling strange as he said the words. It was evident Joshua was not happy "Oh, well think before you flirt with someone in the future". Joshua turned and walked off muttering under breath and Ben caught the words 'fucking wind up', he knew Joshua was not impressed but he also feared that he may talk about it and word would spread and get back to his family. They finally got to the cafeteria and met up with Ethan and Adam, he told Ethan about Joshua who was somewhat surprised to the point of being gobsmacked. Ethan could sense Ben's worry and tried reassure him. Franco left for another lecture whilst the boys remained since they had a free period before they resumed, it was during the extended break that Ethan spotted Joshua coming in and sitting down on his own head firmly in his phone. Ethan watched him for a good few minutes and he seemed to be quite alone sat there in his own world. Ethan told Ben and Adam to wait there as he was going to see if Joshua would join them, he stood up and walked to the other side of the cafeteria where Joshua sat, he looked up seeing Ethan standing there. "Come to gloat and wind me up even more?" Joshua said then returned to his phone. Ethan sat down "Joshua sorry about yesterday it wasn't meant to lead you on". Joshua looked at Ethan "Okay" he returned to his phone. "We didn't even know that you were. Joshua do you want to come and sit with us?" Ethan said in a genuine manner. "Josh" Joshua replied "my name is Josh" he looked up at Ethan. Ethan smiled "Well Josh, why don't you come and sit with us" Ethan pointed over to where Ben was sat. Joshua looked "You know Adam" nodding over to where he sat. "Do you know him Josh?" Ethan asked nodding his head. Joshua shook his head "No, know of him but never had the nerve to speak to him or anyone else here". Ethan stood up "Come on Josh us boys need to stick together". Josh smiled and thanked Ethan and joined them at the table. The four of them spent the period talking and getting to know Josh and he them, as they parted Adam told him that they always meet here in the morning and at lunchtimes and he is always welcome as a friend if he wanted to sit with them. He thanked them for being friendly and disappeared off to his lecture. Ben looked at Ethan and Adam "You think he is lonely, maybe a bit scared like I was?". "Definitely" Adam replied "hopefully he won't say anything about yesterday" feeling a stirring in his briefs thinking about Josh. Wednesday came around pretty quick for Ben and he spent most the day as a nervous wreck thinking that Mark may not turn up, has he had second thoughts, did he like him... anything and everything was flashing in his head as he finally got changed to meet him. He left his house at a quarter to six so he could walk casually and slowly to steady his own nerves. He turned the corner on to the main street and his eyes instantly drawn to the parked car, leaning against the car head buried in his phone was Mark. Ben felt a sense of elation seeing him there early waiting his steps never faltering as he got closer. It was the short walk when Ben realised how much he was looking forward to seeing Mark, the memory of them laying in bed together naked, the closeness of their bodies. A warmth unlike which he had never felt before spread through his body, the short sleeved shirt Mark wore accentuated the muscle in his arms, when Mark turned to look down the street Ben was completely captivated by his handsomeness. Seeing Ben he put the phone in his pocket and smiled still casually leaning back against the car watching him draw closer, the innocence on his face and cuteness was overwhelming for Mark. Never did he think he would find the right type of guy and one that was clearly so in to him as well, such was his excitement for Ben he had to stop himself from rushing down to kiss him. "Hello Ben" Mark smiled at Ben as he came to a stop. Ben smiled leaning against the car next to Mark "Hello Mark, you haven't lost interest then". Mark slid his hand into Ben's "No, I know what I want, any regrets from the weekend then?". Ben squeezed Mark's hand "Absolutely not" he replied starring down at the road. Mark glanced sideways at Ben "God I want to kiss you badly". Ben chuckled and looked at him "Yeah me to, I do have a confession though I am wearing your underwear". Mark laughed and lifted the band of his underwear up "And I am wearing yours". Ben chuckled again "I hope you washed them" he said looking at Mark who just winked. Mark nodded for Ben to get in to the car "Where would you like to go?". Ben sat in the passenger seat waiting for Mark to settle "Don't know where would you suggest? "Are you hungry?" Mark asked starting the car. Ben nodded "Yes, been saving myself" he said without realising the connotation. Mark laughed "I bet you have". Ben smiled leaning his head back "I guess we could go to Mel's Diner in town". Mark nodded and asked Ben to guide him where it was. They walked in to the diner side by side but not holding hands as they didn't want to attract any attention, after all they were two guys out for dinner. For a Wednesday evening the diner was pretty quiet, taking a seat in a private booth sitting opposite to each other Ben looked at Mark as he settled in. He was nervous but at the same time excited being with Mark, unlike Angelo who struck a very different chord Mark was more just an ordinary guy who could fit in anywhere but he happened to be very good looking, he exuded calmness and likeability by the dozen and a few heads turned to look at him as they made their way to the booth. "What's good here Ben" Mark asked browsing through the menu. Ben didn't even think before he spoke "You" then went bright red thinking how much of a slut he must sound. Mark chuckled "Careful I am hungry" he replied without looking at Ben. Ben smiled "How hungry are you Mark?" he said feeling somewhat braver. Mark looked up "Silly question Ben, I thought my hunger for you transparent" winking as he said so. Ben looked down at his menu smiling "Good" he replied "Burgers are very good here". "Burger it is then" Mark closed his menu to focus on Ben. There they sat enjoying each other's company, dining and laughing for several hours until Ben broke the evening up as he had to go home before curfew on a college night. Mark resided himself to this although it did feel strange dating someone who was still in college and on the other hand he also knew that obeying parents was part of the package with Ben. Those few hours of privacy brought many things out that they both had in common which made the conversation flow seamlessly and bringing them closer together. "Thank you for dinner I really enjoyed myself" he said standing up. "Me to Ben" Mark stood and walked out with Ben to the car. Ben looked at Mark as they pulled away from the diner "So are we going on a date Saturday?" he asked. Mark glanced at Ben "Yes of course we are, why?" he replied with a concerned look on his face. "No reason, what are we going... I mean what sort of date?" Ben asked a little tongue tied. Mark smiled and patted his leg "Though we would go in to the city if that's okay with you?". Ben nodded "Yeah, I would like that, don't get to go in to NY very much". "Great, we will go around lunchtime and spend the day there and catch a movie" he said seeing a happy looking Ben. Ben looked down the dark street "Well I ought to get going" he turned and kissed Mark on the lips. "Enough of that, or you will end up being late in" Mark said stroking the side of Ben's face. Ban walked down the round watching the headlights of Mark's car as it turned in the road then plundering him in to the darkness as Mark went in the opposite direction. He made it through the door just in time for curfew and headed upstairs to his room. Margarite watched as Ben skipped up the stairs humming to himself, curiosity was getting the better of her as she had to know why her son was so happy the last few days. She contemplated and wondered if Ethan's influence on him was part to blame, shaking her head as she knew Ethan well enough and had never suspected a thing about him in the first place and plus she heard he only had eyes for this Angelo man. Ban came out of the shower and dried himself off, he got the Mark's briefs and slipped them on. He pulled his journal out of the closet and laid on his stomach on the bed turning to a the next blank page. He wrote Wednesday 31st October and underlined it "Well journal my quiet but listening friend I had a Wednesday unlike any other, mostly as the day dragged on and on listening to the lecturers droning on about computer sciences. Oh I hate Wednesday at college but then I'm not as smart enough as Ethan to go down the legal route but sharp enough to indulge in to technology and software. But that was the worst part over with, I jiggled and fiddled from late afternoon until 6pm trying to keep my mind busy and focused on other things. You would be right in assuming what I wrote in you about Sunday, I am going out to dinner with him and before you get cocky it is no date, just dinner. I felt somewhat turned on when I put his briefs on earlier and yes I am still wearing them, it is as if I am as close to him as if we were in bed. He told me he had mine on and I am almost certain he hadn't washed them from when I unintentionally shot cum in them, is he a dirty gay bloke or just like me? I often question that when he stole them from me. Anyway dinner was great we chatted for well over 2 hours and more and more I got to know and like him. Ethan told me I will know in my heart if I love him and that I would see it in his eyes, I can't explain my feelings or emotions about him but I feel like electricity runs through my body when he is near. Maybe that is what loving someone does to my body, loving someone, I can't believe I just wrote it or even if I meant it but I am no longer ashamed to admit it anymore. Anyway it is bed time and college tomorrow." he closed the journal and rolled on to his back hugging the pillow. Ben woke up and realised he had dozed off laying on the bed, it was 2am, he put the journal back in the closet and went back to bed. His thoughts on one thing only a feeling of emptiness in his bed. Earlier that evening Ethan's family had joined them for dinner it was in face a very ordinary family dinner, Jack had fell in love with Angelo in his own way, Ellie and Sophie just adored him. Angelo and Jack had been discussing some work for the past half an hour in the dining room and Ellie was serving coffee with Ethan's help who was keen to show he was becoming helpful around the house. Ellie sat down next to Ethan "Is Angelo teaching you to be more self reliant?". Ethan nodded "Yeah, he is teaching me how to cook and eat healthily". "You know Margarite and I are speaking again, think she is jealous about Sandra and me" Ellie said chuckling. "Well she didn't do herself any favours I still don't like her" Sophie interjected in to the conversation. Ethan put his around his sister "I know but don't hold it against her Soph" he said to her. "Ben and you are getting along again? Ellie asked Ethan. He nodded "Yes better than ever, a lot of things have become clearer" choosing his words carefully. "He is gay you know" Sophie said playing with her phone and looking up. Ellie looked at Ethan then Sophie "What on earth makes you think that?". Sophie looked up "He has never had a girlfriend and... well have you never seen the way he looks at Ethan?". "Hell Sophie is there anything you don't know?" Ethan asked her laughing. Ellie looked at Ethan "Well?" she asked and Ethan gently nodded his head. "Please do not say anything, let Ben do this in his time" Ethan appealed to his mother and sister. "Only because you asked Ethan" Ellie said nodding her head "I won't say anything and nor will Sophie". Sophie raised her head from her phone "So you two never did anything then?". "Sophie" Ellie exclaimed sounding cross. Ethan laughed and shook his "No Sophie, but I did kiss him Sunday morning". Ethan watched as for once his mother actually laughed and joined in the conversation, obviously having Adam's mother Sandra as a friend was rewarding as she was showing much more compassion and openness now. Angelo and Jack came back in to the room both very happy and telling them the news that Jack was going to help Angelo as Legal counsel for the next few contract negotiations. Angelo sat down next to Ethan who cuddled up next to him in front of his parents who didn't even flinch and carried on in conversation. The last few days of the week went by quickly and Josh was fast becoming part of their group, Adam had already told Tony about him describing him as your standard college football jock with mousy blonde hair solidly built and the current college wrestling team champion that he had held for 2 years now. The one thing Adam liked was how he was always attracting the girls and seeing their disappointed faces but it didn't stop them trying it with him. Josh on the other hand fancied Ben, he also had a thing for Ethan and he knew about Adam's notorious sexual antics from campus gossip and dreaming of sexing him in a very big way. Franco on the other hand was well out bounds he didn't quite know where he stood with him sometimes but he had to admit his biggest crush was now Franco, he was just happy though being included in the group. Ben slipped on Mark's briefs again and stood in front of his mirror, well Ben he thought to himself, I guess this is it and no going back now, you are gay so deal with it. Turning in the mirror looking at his reflection before continuing to dress for his day out with Mark on their first official date. He walked outside to the sunny but chilly day, rumours were abound about a snow storm but it's exact trajectory was still unknown but they had put a warning out of heavy snow fall if it hit. He was dressed warmly enough walking up the road just before 11am, turning the corner he saw the car and Mark leaning against it watching him as he appeared. There no mistake about the smile that appeared on Mark's face seeing him approaching. The car was parked at the station as they took the train into the city. Up the Empire State building round to Rockefeller plaza and finally Greenwich Village by 4pm where they grabbed a bit to eat. Ben was in awe at the whole gayness of the area it was as if he had walked in to a perfect utopia, his eyes working like radars picking everything up from his surroundings. Leaving the bistro Mark took hold of Ben's hand as they walked around the village. "Where to now?" Ben asked squeezing Mark's hand. Mark nodded "Here I want to see this film how about it?" he asked. "Sure, is it on Netflix?" Ben asked. Mark looked at him "No here in the cinema". Ben looked slightly confused "Oh you have to watch it with other people?". Mark laughed "Yes, have you never been to the cinema before?". Ben laughed "No" he read the poster for the film currently showing Call Me By Your Name "Strange title". Mark smiled as he escorted Ben in side, they sat in the middle row still holding hands throughout the film. Both quiet and watching the film unfolding, Ben wiped a tear from his eye at the closing credits and the lights came on. "What did you think?" Mark asked leaning over to kiss Ben and cuddle him. Ben cleared his throat "Beautiful film but sad at the end". Mark smiled "Wasn't it!, I will buy you the book to read it goes on much further than the film". "Really, thanks I would love to read the full story" Ben sounded excited. Mark looked at his phone "Nearly 7pm what time do you have to be home?" Ben looked at him "No curfew tonight" Ben shivered as a cool draught rushed in from where people where now leaving, many hurrying. They walked out to the foyer which was still crowded trying to make their way to the exit. Mark spoke to one person asking what was going on and found out that the snow storm had hit full on from NY along to Boston. They finally exited to the cold wind howling and the snow falling heavily, some 6 inches had already fallen. "Now what?" Ben asked as they made their way to midtown. Mark looking at his phone said to Ben "Trains cancelled no way of getting home tonight". "I better call my mother to let her know" Ben said and they stopped in a office front recess for shelter. Mark called in a favour from a friend who worked as duty manager for a hotel in Times Square "Come on he have a room". Ben put his phone away "Roads are all blocked in Harrison". They walked the 15 minutes through the blizzard condition cold and wet until they reached The Chatwal hotel, Mark's friend was in the foyer with the key to the room, they had a quick conversation then he escorted up to the room apologising that he had to give them a suite. Mark shook hands with his friend who looked at Ben who was clearly feeling the cold and said he would send some hot chocolate up and then left them alone. Ben sat there stunned how amazing the room was, he had never been in a 5 star hotel or in the top suites he was inspecting everything as Mark sat on the bed laughing at his detective work. "Come on Ben you need to get out of those clothes, there are robes in the bathroom" Mark said taking his coat off. Ben came back from the bathroom wearing the robe giggling "Feels amazing" causing Mark to smile. "Won't be a minute" Mark said disappearing in to the bathroom. There was a knock at the door and a muffled voice "Room Service" Mark called Ben to get the door. Ben opened the door and let the guy in who was carrying a tray as he passed by Ben he took a glance and went over to the table in the suite to set up the drinks. Ben watched the room service steward whom he guessed must be around 25, packing a tight body within his shirt and his ass just looked amazing in his work trousers. Ben wandered over and sat on the sofa looking at his name badge which read Darius, he suddenly remembered the Joshua incident so decided to keep his mouth shut. "Your hot chocolate and cookies sir, definitely needed on a night like this" Darius said warmly. Ben almost giggled but kept his composure "Thank you, and yes didn't see this coming". Darius continued in his professional way "We never see snow like this where I am from, but it should pass in a few hours". Ben just couldn't help himself "Where are you from?" he asked. Darius smiled "Venezuela, to hot for snow" his eyes flitting between Ben and the tray. "Is that the hot chocolate?" Mark asked coming out of the bathroom drying his hair wrapped in his own robe. Darius turned to see Mark "Yes sir all ready for you" he turned back to Ben smiling and winked. "Great I need this to get the cold out of my bones" Mark replied sitting next to Ben on the sofa. Darius smiled again at Ben "If you need anything else please call, have a great evening gentlemen". Mark watched Darius leave turning and nodding as he did so with a smile "So obvious" Mark said. Ben laughed and sat back "You think he is?". Mark put his arm around Ben "Clearly, he was looking at you with some perverse thought of getting you in to bed". Ben laughed and play wrestled with Mark until he got him on his back and savagely kissed him hard on the mouth. Ben laid there giggling as horny as hell and just loving being with him. Mark put the TV on and the cuddled up to Ben on the sofa with the hot chocolate and curtains open watching between the TV weather report and the snowfall. Ben sipped his hot chocolate with one eye on Mark "This is bliss" he said. "What is?" Mark asked. Ben smiled "You, me, hot chocolate and no one else". Mark nodded "I like having you to myself". Ben stroked Mark's chest "So I get to sleep with you again" he said kissing Mark's neck. Mark smiled and glanced at him "I think some force is pushing us together this time". Ben looked at him "Is it what you want?". Mark kissed his head "Yes it is". "I know it is what I want Mark" Ben said resting his head against Mark's chest. Mark stroked Ben's head "I knew it when I first clapped eyes on you Ben". "Good, I am happy being with you" Ben voice slightly muffled by Mark's robe but he knew what he said. "You can see me a lot more when I move to Larchmont next week" Mark looked at Ben. Ben smiled "You are?" he tightened his arms around Mark and buried his head deeper against him. They finished the hot chocolate and used the complimentary toothbrushes cleaning their teeth together, walking back in to the bedroom they slipped into bed turning the lights out with just the glow from the street lighting and snowfall coming through the window. Ben turned and kissed Mark on the chest crossing over to his nipple which he tenderly licked and sucked ever so sweetly, Mark's hands roamed across Ben's head and he arched his neck back and moaned softly at Ben's gentle movements. There was no doubt that Ben was turning him on he could sense the anticipation in the air and knew that tonight would see them venturing alone together. Mark felt the hardness in Ben's cock rubbing against his leg as he moved higher towards Mark's neck and mouth where finally their lips came together and their tongues met, sensually caressing their saliva melding. Ben manoeuvred his body on top of Mark whilst his legs slipped between Mark's, a look of genuine surprise flashed across Mark's face as his legs caressed around Ben's legs gradually working their up until they settled around his hips. Ben kissed Mark's lips and looked at him 'Can I?' he said crooning his words tenderly from his lips. Mark stared back at Ben and nodded what mattered was that they were going to have sex and he wanted to on so many levels. Mark felt Ben's cock pressing at his hole gradually feeling his legs being pushed higher, Ben kissed and licked at Mark's calves and thighs then in between his legs until his tongue finally met with Mark's ass. He gasped and pushed back against the headboard feeling Ben's tongue swirling around his hole and then diving in prising his hole open. Ben was completely lost having no idea where this was all coming from, yes he had seen on line videos of gay sex, but there was more it was an instinct telling him what and how to do it. He spat at Mark's hole and worked his saliva in and around it moistening it and all the time flickering in an and out of his Mark's hole who was moaning and gasping at this young guy so tenderly seducing him, and to what end he had no idea instead he levelled in his head and just floated away in his own excitement of being with Ben. His legs came to rest around Ben's hips as his mouth touched his and they began to devour each other in a heated passionate kiss both of them moaning and grabbing at each other not wanting to let go, a need burning to touch each other as they kissed. Ben looked down at Mark and positioned his cock pressing gently as Mark grabbed Ben's shoulder and moaned and winced as he felt the head of the cock pushing inside him slowly but purposefully, his legs shaking slightly 'fuck, slowly Ben' he said as he felt more and more of Ben's cock penetrating him. He felt pain, no wait was it ecstasy, he cried a little and gasped, no it was pain, oh god he cried out pulling Ben forward forcing the full length of the cock to penetrate him deeply. Ben groaned and moaned feeling a little discomfort but realised he was fully inside Mark who was panting quick breaths trying to adjust in between agonising spasms in his ass at what he had forced on himself by accidentally grabbing Ben. He stayed still looking in to Mark's eyes unsure for a moment if he had gone to fast but he saw a happiness staring back at him 'Do you want me to stop' Mark heard Ben asking. Mark just stared in to Ben's eyes for a moment 'No' he whispered back as he hands moved to Ben's hips assisting and guiding Ben for a few minutes until he found the rhythm. Ben's senses were overloaded, his cock was hard and at best was just over eight inches with the right girth to provide an immersive experience, it felt so good being inside Mark who was moaning and calling his name as Ben began to speed up, his balls hitting against Mark's ass caused him to shudder several times thinking he was going to orgasm, so many feelings and sensations ran through his body, all the time he watched Mark's face and stared in to his eyes. Ben felt his balls aching and but it felt to good he didn't want to pull his cock out. Mark reached up and kissed Ben harder causing him to slam his hips deeper in to Mark's ass as he began to orgasm and shoot his seed inside Mark's ass, Mark's arms wrapped around Ben's neck and shoulder firmly as his back arched and he groaned and cried in pleasure and pain that morphed in to a multitude of sensations. Ben collapsed on top of Mark panting and moaning under his breath as his balls settled back down from their own excitement. His arms went around Mark as they cuddled whilst Ben calmed down and his breathing settled returned to a normal state. "You okay?" Mark asked stroking his back. Ben laughed "God yeah, that was the first time I have even done that" he nuzzled in to Mark's neck. Mark kissed his head "Pretty darn good for a virgin then". Ben slowly pulled his still rock hard cock out of Mark and rolled on to his back "Thank you" he laughed. Mark kneeled up and kissed Ben's chest "My ever so sexy Ben". Ben ran his hand through Mark's hair "Can you umm... fuck me?". Mark looked at him "I can and want to but I don't have any condoms with me". Ben sat up "I don't care Mark, I love you to much to worry about that". Mark shook his head "Do you realise what you just said?" he stroked Ben's chest. Ben nodded "I am not worried about you being poz" he said. Mark smiled "Not that, you said you love me." he looked Ben in the eye "Did you mean it?". Ben looked back at Mark a little shocked "I think so, it's crazy in my head still". "But you did Ben" Mark's smile disappeared "I think you know how I feel about you". Ben reached over to touch Mark's face "Are you the one for me?". Mark kissed Ben's hand "You tell me Ben". Ben laid back down on the bed "Yes" he replied in manner of fact way. Mark was in no doubt about Ben's feelings towards him as he kissed his body "Are you absolutely sure Ben?". "Yes" Somehow Ben knew what Mark was talking about. Mark kissed him on the mouth "You won't regret or hate me if I gift you?". Ben looked at him "Gift me?" he asked in question. Mark nodded "If I fuck you without a condom you may end up poz, it is called gifting when you do it knowingly". Ben realised this was not a game and very real "Do you mind if we wait?" he sounded nervous and unsure. Mark laid down on top of Ben and kissed him gently "No, you need to be very clear about that decision". Ben stroked Mark's back "I.. you won't love me any less if it never happens?". Mark smiled and looked at him "No, I will love you in just the same way Ben". Mark sat up and kneeled at the side of ben and nodded to his cock "Blow me". Ben saw it was not a question but a command smiling up at Mark, he moved his head closer and his tongue ran over the head of Mark's cock who took a sharp intake of breath and shuddered in delight, his hand pulled Ben's head forward and his mouth went around and down on his cock. Mark made quiet moaning sounds as Ben learnt the art of sucking cock with Mark's guidance. He was enjoying the feeling of Mark's cock in his mouth sometimes going to deep and gagging slightly, he tasted a slightly salty slime in his mouth and Mark's toxic precum leaked and Ben used his tongue and mouth to coat the shaft of Mark's beautiful cock which stood proud and thick just under eight inches in length. He was engrossed in his work when he felt Mark's cock jump and sharply withdraw from his mouth as he began shooting his load over Ben's chest, Ben was rubbing his own cock and began shooting his second load of the evening over his stomach, watching Mark orgasm had caused Ben to do the same. Ben's chest was coated in huge wads of Mark's cum and he looked somewhat surprised whilst Mark chuckled and told him 'That's a normal size load'. Ben breathed heavily laying back on the bed his finger rubbed over the cum surrounding his left nipple that Mark had coated him with, he coated his finger and moved it slowly to his mouth and sucked tasting Mark's cum. Mark smiled and leaned down licking the cum then moved his head to Ben's waiting mouth where he kissed him with more roughness than usual, Ben's cock still raging hard began bouncing in the air as he got more and more turned on by Mark's more dominant and aggressive manner, by the fourth kiss Ben wriggled and arched his back as he shot his third load. The scene continued for several more hours until Mark collapsed on top of Ben and kissed him lovingly and smiled, Ben was laughing 'oh my god' he commented feeling as though he didn't have a care in the world. Tired from so much making out Mark let him roll on to his side and Mark took up position but instead of his cock parked between Ben's ass cheeks it was nestled up against his hole. Ben pulled the sheet over them and felt Mark's arms working their way around his body, within minutes they were both asleep. Ben woke startled at the knock on the door hearing the word 'Room Service' coming from the other side of the door, Mark pulled Ben back down in to his arms as Darius came in with a tray of coffee and pastries. "Good Morning sirs, I will set this up on the table" he said walking across the suite giving Ben a smile. Ben replied "Morning" and pulled the sheet up to try and cover his face. "Thank you" replied Mark as he rubbed his hand across Ben's chest and kissed his neck. "Storm hasn't quite cleared but trains will start running in about 3 hours" Darius said as he looked out the window. Mark leaned up "Still snowing lightly" his hand moving round to Ben's ass. "Luka has extended check out time until 3pm if you need it, do you need your clothes drying?" Darius asked Mark stopped fondling Ben "Oh yes that would be great just in case they are damp still". Darius put the clothes in a laundry bag "I will leave you breakfast menus if you want to order something hot". "Thank you Darius, and thank Luka for me" Mark replied. "Good day sirs" Darius said and Ben glanced out from under the sheet to see Darius wink at him again as he closed the door. Mark cuddle up to Ben "Me thinks Darius got a thing for my baby". Ben chuckled and rubbed his ass against Mark's cock "Me thinks me got a thing for you" he said trying to mimic Mark. Ben was rewarded with a slap on the ass for his cheek as Mark jumped out of bed naked to pour coffee, Ben sat up in bed watching him and smiling the only thought running through his head was how much he was falling in love with him. Mark handed him coffee and sat on the bed besides him. "What?" Mark asked looking bemused. Ben smiled "Can't believe I did you last night". Mark laughed "Don't worry I am going to get you back" he replied sipping his coffee. "I look forward to it, well I think so." Ben replied smiling. Mark patted his leg "Are you that much in love with me?" he said thinking it might just be a throw away comment. Ben nodded "I am" he turned and kissed Mark. "So you want to do this then, be my boyfriend?" Mark asked putting his cup down. "Yeah, I would love that" Ben grinned looking at Mark "Kiss me". Mark smiled shaking his head "You horny bitch!" he said pushing Ben on the bed and attacking him lovingly. Finally they arrived back at Harrison station at 4pm, the snow was still thick but the roads were clear now and traffic was moving as they got in the car to drop Ben off. They arranged to have dinner on Wednesday again and Mark would see him Saturday in Larchmont as he was moving in to his new house on Thursday. Ben walked through the snow carrying his bag of hotel toiletries as a souvenir he knew the rest of the family were out visiting relations on the other side of town. He went up to his room and pulled his journal out and picked up the pen and sat down at his desk putting pen to paper. He wrote the date and underlined it then began "Incredible weekend so many things to say and thoughts running around in my head, but most importantly I have a boyfriend, yes closeted computer nerd me went a bagged myself a seriously sexy boyfriend. Let me tell you though if the force of nature had not blown the storm in it would have been very different words I am now putting down. Firstly we went around the gay part of NY and then watched a movie, the first time I ever went in to a cinema and enjoyed it. The film I figured was about a coming of age and unspoken love, in so many ways just like mine has turned out to be. I cried a little at the end as it was quite sad but it had a truthful meaning and allowed the young guy to be himself, does it sound familiar?. The snow storm had blown in and we found ourselves trapped in the city but fortunately through one of his contacts we got a superb room in a 5 star hotel and that was where the magic happened and realised am I truly in love with him?, it's not something I can explain or understand. Some of the things I did I cannot write down, but you know I am no longer a virgin in one particular area so much so that I did it twice, he turns me on no end with just him touching me and kissing me. Seeing him naked walking across the room was just filled me with delight, he says he feels the same way about me and I hope this will be longer than just a horny person at a spring break rampage. There is one decision that has played on my mind since last night for a while but I know now and need it to be closer. I am happy, in fact I have never been happier." He put the pen down and looked out at the snowy scene sighing as he thoughts went to Mark, he closed the journal and went downstairs just as his family arrived home. Margarite could sense something changing about her son but couldn't put her finger on it, she was probing with questions but the answers Ben gave didn't give much away or shed any light. It had not passed her by about the lack of girls in Ben's conversations, he seemed only ever to talk about Ethan, she mused this over tidying the kitchen and wondered if Ben was hiding a bigger secret.
  5. Part 24 - Daybreak He felt the unmistakable hardness of the cock rubbing between his ass cheeks as he began to wake up, the arms wrapped around his body tightened signalling he was also awake. It was 8.30am and Ethan turned his head to kiss Angelo as he started to roll on his stomach with Angelo following his action until his was poised on top of him. He knew only to well that when Angelo was horny in the morning it was going to be a big bang to start to the day. He felt the rush of air around his ass as Angelo lifted his hips up slightly, Ethan moaned and gripped the pillows as the head of Angelo's cock homed in like a heat seeking missile. He moaned louder raising his head 'Oh my lover' Ethan whispered as the head of the cock prised his hole open gaining entry, Angelo leaned forward and kissed Ethan's neck 'Morning, I love you and your mine' he whispered biting and sucking gently at Ethan's neck, underneath him he could feel the warmth of Ethan's ass and his feet were doing a strange dance of their own which Angelo knew by now that was Ethan's excitement escaping. Ethan pushed his head up as Angelo bit, kissed and sucked harder at his neck as more of his cock began working it's way deeper in to him. He felt the slightly painful and very intoxicating feeling of the friction, he let out one last long moan as Angelo came to rest balls deep inside Ethan, Angelo's mouth sought his own as they kissed deeply spearing each other with their tongues trying to get the upper hand. Angelo began rocking his hips up and down in deep powerful penetrating thrusts, Ethan buried his head in the pillow trying to stifle his cries of ecstasy his hands gripped hard around Angelo's biceps tightening up with every downward stroke of Angelo's cock. He continued to kiss the back of Ethan's neck as he began to ramp up the speed, he knew he would not last out as he was feeling overly horned up this morning. Ethan moaned and his head rose off the pillow as he felt the intensity of their love making move up, his ass now pushing up to meet Angelo's thrusting, suddenly he felt like the hardness increasing and the thrusting became more erratic and powerful. Angelo felt his balls tapping at Ethan's ass telling them to wake up and do their business, one thing for sure he was not trying to hold on this morning. He grunted loudly, Ethan moaned and cried 'Oh Angelo, fuck yes, oh god yes', he felt the rush of seed firing into his body as Angelo continued thrusting deep in to Ethan, Ethan arched his back and raised his head, Angelo caught the side of his neck and his lips suctioned around the tender youthfulness of the skin. With every jolt of his orgasm he sucked harder, Angelo could feel the lower legs on Ethan rapidly bouncing up and down in another tell tell sign that Ethan gave off when he was orgasming. Angelo collapsed on top of Ethan breathing heavily as he his body started resetting itself and draining the testosterone, Ethan was panting and stroking Angelo's arms in the after glow of their sex. Angelo leaned around and kissed Ethan deeply on the mouth "I don't think we woke anyone" he laughed. "Fuck that was awesome, love you so much" Ethan replied with a look of pure delight on his face. "Sorry, I have left a mark on your neck" Angelo told him as he kissed around the love bite. Ethan giggled "You marking your territory now as well?". Angelo laughed "I don't need to you already belong to me" he replied slipping out of Ethan's ass. Ethan got up and headed to the shower whilst Angelo changed the bed sheets cleaning up mostly Ethan's mess. He then joined Ethan in the shower for a while kissing before Ethan got out to let Angelo shower properly. "I'llput some coffee on" Ethan said placing the towel on the rack. Angelo smiled and nodded "Check if Mark is up as he likes strong coffee". "Will do" Ethan made his way down the hall towards Mark's room and he tapped on the door. He waited for a moment then tapped again but there was no response, carefully he opened the door and popped his head through but there was only an empty bed and no sign of Mark. Ethan checked down stairs but it was quiet, he put the coffee on and headed back up to the master suite, Angelo was drying himself off in the bathroom when Ethan walked in. "Mark is not in his room or downstairs" Ethan said with a grin on his face. Angelo looked at him "Do you think, no surely not" Angelo grabbed a t-shirt and pair of shorts. They walked hand in hand towards Ben's room, Angelo slowly turning the knob and opening the door slightly, he poked his head in to the room and saw Mark and Ben fast asleep cuddled up, he also noticed at the foot of the bed a pair of underwear on the floor. Smiling he turned and nodded to Ethan who pushed his way in and peeked around the door. Angelo closed the door and they walked down stairs with Ethan trying to stifle his giggling. "Wow I never expected that to happen last night" Ethan said grabbing two coffee cups. Angelo sat down "I have to admit I am surprised Mark managed to pull that off". Ethan poured the coffee "Do you think they did it, I mean I know Mark is poz but I am worried about Ben". Angelo smiled "Mark would not deliberately put him at risk". Ethan handed Angelo his coffee "Well I guess it's for them to decide what they do". Angelo nodded "Should we take them up a coffee?". Ethan looked at him "Hmm.. probably best not to, Ben might get embarrassed about the whole thing". "Good call" Angelo responded as Adam came in to the kitchen. Adam looked at both of them "Morning, what are you conniving?" he sat down next to Angelo. Ethan held a cup up and Adam nodded "Just discussing what we found this morning". Adam looked at Angelo "Come on tell me... oh... did Ben and Mark sleep together?" he sat up straight waiting to hear. Angelo laughed "They did but what went on I am afraid we do not know, but they are in bed together as we speak asleep though". "Good for Ben, I was worried he might end up a closeted gay all his life" Adam took the cup from Ethan. Ethan sat down "Where's Tony?" he asked Adam. "Sleeping still, he was a bit tipsy last night then hammered my ass when we got to bed" Adam replied smiling. Angelo slapped him on the arm "I hope you didn't make a mess" he commented causing Ethan to laugh. "Relax Angelo it was a deep breeding so no mess" Adam responded trying to get Angelo in a head lock. With ease Angelo lifted Adam off the ground in bear hug "Ethan help" Adam pleaded. "No your mess you deal with it" Ethan sat sipping his coffee chuckling at them both. Adam relented and clung hard on to Angelo his head turned to Ethan "What the fuck is that on your neck?". Ethan rubbed his neck and laughed "Angelo got hungry during sex" he replied and Adam made a face at him. Angelo squeezed Adam harder and could feel the erection hard up against his waist "Dirty horny fucker". Adam pushed back to look Angelo in the eye "You know it babe, keep doing that and I will shoot". Angelo released Adam heaving in laughter letting him slip to the floor "Pull yourself together Adam". Eventually they both sat down drinking coffee. Ben was beginning to wake up feeling hot before he realised arms were holding his body, slightly shocked and bewildered he didn't panic remembering Mark had got in to bed with him last night. Ben instantly knew his small movement in bed was causing Mark to stir in more than one place, he could feel the cock nestled between his now sweaty ass cheeks swelling and beginning to stiffen. He laid there quietly enjoying the wonder and feeling of the cock growing increasingly harder, he became aware that Mark's hand was caressing his chest gently. "Morning sexy" Mark kissed the back of Ben's neck. Ben giggled and ran his hand along Mark's thigh "Morning, your still here then". "Of course" he replied releasing his hold on Ben and rolling on to his back. Ben turned on to his back next to Mark his neck coming to rest in Mark's arm "Thank you for staying". Mark turned his head and kissed Ben's cheek "I felt good sleeping with you Ben". Tony came out of the shower and was drying himself walking back to the bedroom when he heard the quiet voices coming from Ben's room, he shook his head and smiled. He grabbed his boxers and went downstairs still drying himself and walked in to the kitchen. "Morning all, you do know Mark is in bed with Ben" He said cheerfully as Ethan offered him a coffee. Angelo had Adam in a headlock as Tony came in "Yes we know and your bitch is misbehaving". Ethan handed Tony his coffee "Are they awake then?" he asked. Tony nodded "Yes I could hear them talking quietly". Ethan grabbed two cups and filled them coffee and headed upstairs leaving Tony talking to Angelo whilst Adam was still secured by Angelo's muscled arms. "I've experienced so much over the last 12 hours Mark" Ben said cuddling closer to Mark. Mark kissed Ben on the mouth "I'm glad I could be part of that". Ethan knocked on the door and Ben froze knowing they were busted "Hope your both decent" he said. Mark patted Ben "Don't worry I think we are already busted" he said to Ben "yes we are Ethan". Ethan walked in to the room "Coffee" he closed the door and walked over "You okay Ben?". Ben nodded with a tinge of embarrassment "Yes" he meekly responded. Ethan smiled "Good, we are all downstairs so come down when your ready". "Thanks Ethan" Mark held on to Ethan's hand. Ethan looked strangely at him "What for?" he asked and Mark nodded towards Ben "Oh right" he waved his hand and left. Ben showered and came back in to the bedroom "I still don't have any underwear to put on". "I have some clothes that I keep here I am sure mine will fit" Mark hopped off the bed naked and disappeared. He returned still naked holding a pair of briefs that Ben tried on and surprisingly they fitted perfectly, Ben looked at his perfect body and ample sized cock, he was for the most part smooth chested and flat stomached. There was no six pack about his body it was muscular and just perfectly fit and looked so beautiful. Mark watched Ben looking at his body "Do you approve?" he asked. Ben looked up sharply "Sorry it just looks so good" he replied sheepishly. Mark smiled and moved towards Ben and ran his hand down Ben's chest and arms "Do you work out?". Ben shook his head "Not really, it is from sports at college" he said with self doubt. "I like it just the way it is Ben, you are perfect" Mark leaned down and kissed him. They both dressed and went down towards the kitchen, Ben was as prepared as he could be thinking they would be mocked when they entered. But in some way he felt comfortable being with Mark and knew it would not be malicious just banter between friends. Mark took Ben's hand and they looked at each other "Brace yourself" he said to Ben. Ben leaned in and kissed Mark holding his hand tighter "I'm not worried". Angelo looked up as they walked in "Morning, Ben you found your underwear?". Ben didn't expect that comment and gave Angelo a ha ha look "Morning to you". Ethan laughed "Morning" whilst Adam and Tony sat and just grinned at them both. "We are thinking of going out for lunch, Ben can you stay around and come to lunch with us?" Angelo asked. Ben nodded "If your sure I would love to thank you". Tony stopped grinning and looked at Ben "And is this a thing now?" nodding to them both as everyone stopped and waited. Ben innocently shrugged his shoulders and looked at Mark who squeezed his hand "I don't know". Mark looked seriously at Ben "I would love to date you". Ben smiled "Yeah, me to, I mean you, date you, you know". Mark nodded and smiled "Excellent" he leaned in and kissed Ben. Angelo was over the moon that finally Mark had found someone he liked enough to warrant dating them. The six of them sat around drinking coffee and talking, Mark had to be near Ben all the time as he had hopelessly fallen in love with him last night in bed, but he was holding his cards close to his chest for now in case things didn't work out. Angelo had not seen this before in Mark and it was evident to all of them except Ben that Mark was becoming increasingly besotted by him. Ethan saw the empty milk carton on the kitchen counter and persuaded Mark to let go of Ben long enough so they could nip to the store. As they left the house and turned down the street Dr Chalmers was pulling in to his drive and asked Ethan if the wound had healed up, Ethan responded saying it was all good and no mark was visible now and thanked him. "What was that all about?" Ben asked Ethan. Ethan glanced at him "Oh, something I will tell you later, but I do need to talk to you about Mark". Ben stopped walking "Did we do something wrong?" he asked urgently. "No, I mean did you and talk last night, like did he tell you something about him?" Ethan carefully said. Ben smiled "Well yes, he told me he has hiv. I get the impression he is not the only one" he said fishing around. Ethan looked at Ben "You may as well know, I do and so does Angelo" he waited for a response. "Did you fuck without condoms?" Ben asked in a casual manner. Ethan nodded "It wasn't on purpose though, I was swept up in my first experience and well that was that". Ben looked at him "Oh Ethan, I'm sorry. Do you know who it was?" he asked him. Again Ethan nodded "It was Angelo, he has been the only person I have had sex with period". "Wow I never knew that. But what happened after?" Ben was intrigued as Ethan was opening up for the first time. Ethan smiled "When I fell ill from contracting hiv he looked after me and the rest is history". Ben put his arm around Ethan "He is hunky I can see why you fell for him". Ethan stopped "Don't make the same mistake I did, play safe". "Yes, but I read how freeing it can be not having to worry about catching it" Ben replied looking at Ethan. Ethan continued walking "Would I change anything now if I could, do you know I wouldn't". "It's not like I want it, but I want to be able to enjoy being with Mark" Ben said catching up with him. Ethan looked at him seriously "I can't dictate what you do Ben but understand you have it for life". Ben nodded "Ethan promise me you won't say anything to Mark about this". Ethan smiled "You are still my oldest and closest friend Ben, you can always confide in me". "There is one other thing I want to tell you" Ben went quiet for a moment "I like Mark a hell of a lot". Ethan smiled "To be honest what is there not to like about him and he will be good for you Ben". "Yeah. If it did work between us how will I know?" Ben asked as they reached the store. Ethan looked at him "Your heart will tell you Ben and you will see it in his eyes". "Right I sort of understand" Ben replied scratching his head. Ethan opened the store door "But I think that boat has already sailed". Ben grabbed the carton of milk "What did you mean?" handing the carton to Ethan. "We saw it in Mark's eyes last night and more so this morning" Ethan replied heading to the cashier. The cashier smiled and greeted them and Ethan noticed his glances to Ben which to anyone else would have meant nothing, Ethan read his name tag pinned to his shirt 'Joshua' as he walked up to the counter. "Quiet morning Joshua" Ethan asked. Joshua smiled and looked again at Ben "Very quiet this morning, but then it is a beautiful morning". Ben was astounded how brazen he was being but he smiled and made eye contact "You must be bored being quiet?". Joshua completely blanked Ethan "Can be but it does have very good moments" he replied and winked at Ben. Ethan put the money on the counter "Do we need anything else Ben?" he said seeing Ben smiling at Joshua. Ben replied in somewhat of a dreamy state "What... err no I don't think we do, do we need anything Joshua?" Joshua smiled and shook his head "Just your change, for now anyway". Ethan took the change from Joshua "Come on Ben we need to get the milk home". Ben took one more glance at Joshua "Have a nice day Joshua". Joshua laughed as they opened the door to exit "Bye Ben" he said shaking his head. Ethan bumped deliberately in to Ben "Joshua has the hots for you". Ben laughed "I guess that is what flirting is all about" he said bumping Ethan back. Ethan put his arm around Ben's shoulder "I missed you Ben, never do that again". "I promise Ethan, just so dam annoyed at myself" Ben sounded annoyed as he said it. Ethan looked at him "Why?" he questioned him. Ben shrugged his shoulders "All these years being together as friends and we kept those secrets". Ethan found it a little awkward and underneath he knew what Ben was really referring to. They returned from the store and walked back in to the kitchen as Mark was brewing more coffee and the guys were finishing cleaning up the remnants of the party. Mark saw his reflection in the window and was heading towards him with the milk, he wondered if Ben had been talking and thinking whilst he was away with Ethan. Had he come to some crazy conclusion that last night was a mistake, his worries were unfounded as Ben put the milk down next to Mark and kissed him on the cheek. "Nice walk to the store?" Mark asked opening the milk. Ben turned and leaned back against the counter "Yes, needed some fresh air, shouldn't have drunk last night". Mark nodded "Oh, did you talk with Ethan?" he stopped to look at Ben. Ben laughed "Yeah, non stop" he fell quiet for a moment "There is one thing...". Mark stopped him "Are you regretting last night?" he asked holding the milk carton. Ben smiled "Oh god no I loved... I mean enjoyed you being in bed with me" he went all flustered. Mark put the milk carton down "So what is on your mind?" he asked with relief. "How to tell my parents, I don't want to end up hiding behind the truth" he replied looking down. Mark nodded "It is your right to tell them, don't delay in case someone does it for you" he turned to face Ben. Ben cocked his head to one side "Yeah I know, it sort of happened with Ethan, my mother told his mother". Mark put his arm around Ben "I sort of heard bits of it and the falling out with Ethan". Ben turned to face Mark with a sorry expression on his face hanging over from the whole Ethan debacle. Mark's instinct told him it was what he was thinking so he kissed him on the lips and just stared in to his eyes, it was as if his eyes spoke to him with meaning. Mark slowly touched Ben's lips with his own, they parted with tender kissing. They had no idea how long they had been kissing but it was Adam who interrupted them. "One thing you had to do Mark and you couldn't even manage that" Adam laughed loudly seeing them kissing. Ben smiled and blushed "Sorry my fault. I will help him" he said beginning to rinse the cups. Ben stood grinning as he helped Mark in the kitchen, eventually they headed out for lunch in Larchmont where Ben had the best fun ever with his new found friends. A friendship that was more akin to a second family where he was not judged. As they parted ways Mark drove Ben back to Harrison and dropped him off down the street from his family home. "So when can we go on a date?" Mark asked as Ben unbuckled his seat belt. Ben looked ahead at the road "I don't know, is next weekend to long to wait?" he asked. Mark shrugged his shoulders "Yes, but I suppose I will have to wait". Ben looked at him "You really do like me?". "To be honest I am quite scared about how much I do" Mark confessed to him. Ben smiled "Meet me Wednesday at 6pm here, we can go for bit to eat, not a date though". Mark smiled "I like that idea, Wednesday it is". Ben quickly kissed Mark and slipped out of the car and began to walk down the street, he turned and looked smiling at Mark before he carried on walking. Mark sat watching him until he disappeared from sight. Ben stopped by the kitchen where Margarite his mother was with and quite surprisingly Ellie, it would appear they were on talking terms again. His mother asked if he had a good time and Ben was being careful about what to say said how much he had enjoyed his weekend spending it with Ethan after so long. He made his excuses and went to his bedroom closing the door firmly and getting undressed. Opening the closet door he reached in to the back behind his sneakers and pulled out his journal. Ben was quite an avid reader and writer and liked to keep a journal about his daily life, he grabbed a pen from the desk and jumped on to his bed turning the journal to the next blank page he simply wrote the weekend and Saturdays date and underlined it. Turning on to his stomach he began to write... "Life can throw many challenges and obstacles at you in the space of a few hours and Saturday was no exception by any standard, writing something like this is a first for me and maybe I cannot express or explain it properly at least I thought I might have been older and wiser before penning this to you my journal. Ethan and I seem to have brought our friendship back on track, the last few months were heart breaking as when you have been in love with someone for so long but never act on it you end up broken, it is all part of me experience and growing up. I met his boyfriend, well fiancé as it now transpires who is one of the most sexiest men straight from a model shoot looking person, he has a confidence about him that is not arrogant just very sure of himself and his tattoos and muscles are simply worth being near him. The hardest part of the weekend was Ethan kissing me but not as a normal friend would kiss, I had his tongue in my mouth and he tasted as I always imagined Ethan was taste, that is to say perfect. It brought back to many uncomfortable truths and had I known then what I know now we may even have been together in college as a couple, if only the brave part of me would have surfaced how things could be different. But I respect him enough and I got my kiss from him but undeniably he really does only have eyes for one person that much I could see and feel in the room whenever they were close. But I digress in my own fantasy of Ethan which has now been over shadowed by someone else. I was surprised if not shocked to see Franco at the party but as it turns out he is Ethan's fiancé's cousin a person who in himself is totally rough around the edges but an amazingly kind person, he swooped me off the doorstep and began introducing me to the various guests. If anyone believed in fate they might laugh or applaud but within minutes I met the man of my dreams, apart from Ethan that is, he was introduced to me but disappointingly told he was straight. I still get embarrassed when people are introduced as gay or straight as if it was something you had to know and I still find it hard coming to terms with being labelled as gay in a group of people. What struck me was how very grounded he is, his short dark hair accentuating his really boyish looks he is no muscled bound ripped god of a man but he is beautifully crafted and smooth to touch. Oh yes I got to touch him and loved it. My shyness put a barrier up immediately and my mouth would not work as I struggled to vocalise and phrase my words. I saw during the evening how he would look over at me, how do I know that?, well I was looking at him a lot as well and don't think I have blushed so much in such a a short space of time. How can a person be so intimate just by looking at me?. The party was good, well I think so having never been to a party like this and everyone had their little groups so I just assumed this was the norm at these types of parties. The evening took a completely unexpected twist when I found myself in the kitchen getting some water, I thought Ethan had come in but when I turned he was standing there close to my personal space. Well journal you know about how I hate my personal space being invaded, something was different about him and the way he stood there eyes boring in to me, I didn't mind him being close to me at all I can tell you that. My essence craved him but what do you do just go down and blow them?. Not me I was rooted to the spot just looking at his face and eyes, oh yes those eyes are a deep pool of emotional bewilderment but you find yourself unable to stop staring at them. Did he kiss me you ask journal, of course he did, I didn't expect it and tried to push him away but he was back for seconds and this time it was meaningful and deep and there was no resistance on my behalf this time. I couldn't contain my arousal and erupted in my underwear (which reminds me he has still got them, but then I have a pair of his that I am still wearing.). It all got very awkward for me that is and I ran off leaving him there, I almost cried in the washroom for being so stupid and frightened am I really that afraid of being me. I want to be gay but I am finding it hard to cross that final hill mostly from fear of the unknown. He came to washroom and we spoke whilst I embarrassingly tried to clean myself up, I don't know but I think he loved the innocence of me even more seeing me so vulnerable, I would like to think that anyway. One thing I never saw coming as I laid in a strange bed that night was him appearing in my room and sliding in to bed next to me. I was elated inside from the warmth of his body just touching mine but I froze staring at the ceiling, what is a boy suppose to do in this situation intimacy is strange to me and maybe this is what the barrier is. Well nothing as it happened, we kissed and touched each others bodies not really venturing down below but then am I ready for that?. I woke up in the morning feeling his cock parked between my ass cheeks, a little shocked at first and somehow so right. Needless to say everyone knew by the time we came down for coffee and they were all very chilled about it. But what is more exciting was finding out he was I guess straight on Saturday but full on gay by Sunday so go figure that one, Ethan did tell me something but that is not for you. I'm knackered and need to sleep and think about him, we are having dinner on Wednesday and he has asked me out on a proper date this Saturday. Excited beyond the planets and stars as I write my thoughts down in you journal, cannot fathom out what has happened to me this weekend but I liked it and it felt like a very happy place to be. Pen down and time to get some well needed sleep, good night." He closed the journal and put is in his draw by his bed for now, thinking he would move it in the morning to it's hiding place.
  6. Part 23 - Falling Head First Ben ran in to the washroom just off the hallway and locked the door pulling his pants down abruptly and in doing so it moved the tightness of his underwear allowing a trickle of his cum to slide down his leg. Quickly he grabbed some tissue and began to clean up the huge mess that laid in his underwear, he was flustered and still coming down from his orgasm breathing hard and making more of a mess as he tried to clean it up. Mark knocked on the door "Ben are you okay?". Ben leant back against the wall "I'm sorry please leave me alone" he stumbled trying to find the words. "Ben come on open the door please, I know what happened don't be embarrassed" Mark rested his head against the door. Ben wiped his forehead with his arm as he reached towards the lock "Okay". Mark slipped inside "It is nothing to be ashamed about Ben" he said locking the door. Ben turned to face away "We shouldn't have kissed" he said grabbing more tissue. Mark chuckled "No your wrong Ben, maybe this was meant to be and fate has brought us together". Ben stopped what he was doing and looked curiously at him "You really think that?". "Hell knows Ben, I just took one look at you and knew" Mark watched Ben intently. Ben disposed of the soiled tissue and reached for more "Sorry I don't know what came over me". Mark stroked Ben's head and hair "I think you liked it or me, maybe even both". Ben looked down wiping his leg "What did you do to me?" he asked looking up at Mark with a fleeting smile. Mark leant down and kissed his forehead "You made a hell of a mess" he said laughing. Ben stood up red faced and washed his hands "I can't put these back on they are wet" he held his underwear up. "So, go commando" Mark offered in suggestion. Ben put the underwear on the sink and did his trousers up "Feels weird, what are you doing?". Mark put Ben's underwear in his pocket "A reminder of this evening, if you want them back you will have to see me again". "What do you mean by that?" Ben asked looking slightly shocked. "Are you that naïve Ben that you can't see what is going on here?" Mark asked seeking if he felt the same. Ben stopped what he was doing and looked at him "What do you want from me?". Mark smiled "I want to take you out on a date" he said holding Ben's hand. Ben looked at his hand in Mark's "A date, you mean you like me?" he blushed. Mark leaned in and kissed Ben on the mouth "Ben can you not tell that I do?". Ban just stared at him "This is all happening very quick" he shook his head unable to make any sense of it. Ethan excused himself and headed towards the kitchen to find Adam and Tony talking with Angelo's sister Maria. He asked if they had seen Ben but they all shook their head saying no. Ethan walked across to the hallway and stood there, he picked up some muffled voices coming from the washroom and listened carefully at the door. He smiled recognising Mark and Ben talking and from the sound of it more than just a normal conversation, quickly he went back to the lounge and grabbed Angelo to tell him what he thought he was hearing. Angelo laughed and put his arm around Ethan telling him to leave them alone for the moment. Ben unlocked the bathroom door and looked at Mark "I just need time to figure this all out". Mark nodded "I meant what I said" he gave him a quick kiss as they left. Angelo spotted Mark and Ben coming back in to the lounge and shook his head, he could clearly see Ben was no longer wearing any underwear and he looked a little flushed. He noticed how Ben and Mark stood close to each other whilst chatting but it was unmistakable the glances Mark was giving Ben. He turned back to a couple of his friends inwardly he was smiling hoping that Mark had found a guy he really did like instead of the disastrous trail of girls he had dated. Mark put his arm on Ben's shoulder "You know I've never been intimate with another man" he said. "How come?" Ben replied and looked at him unperturbed by the hand on his shoulder. "No one has ever turned my head like you have" Mark moved his arm so it was now around him. Ben smiled and leaned his head against Mark's neck "Maybe we could meet up but I am not promising anything". Mark kissed his head and smiled "Just let yourself get to know me". Ben excused himself spotting Ethan and walked over to him "I should call my mother get her to pick me up" he said. "Why?" Ethan responded "You can stay here if you want there are spare bedrooms" he said as Angelo joined him. Angelo nodded "Ben please you are welcome to stay over and it is Sunday tomorrow so no college". Ben shook his head slightly "I don't know" he said looking uncomfortable. "Your staying Ben and that's final" Ethan said with an authoritive voice and took Ben off to the kitchen for food. Mark walked up to Angelo "What's the matter with Ethan's friend?" he asked trying to pretend nothing happened. Angelo laughed "Cut the pretence out Mark, do you like him?". "Yes but he is very weary of me. Actually I like him a lot" Mark said looking towards the kitchen. Angelo put his arm around Mark "He has just come out so tread carefully. So is this you officially going gay now?". Mark laughed "I think we both knew it was just a matter of time, place and the right person". "You know Ben is not wearing any underwear now it was quite obvious" Angelo gave Mark a you know what I mean look. Mark chuckled and patted his pocket "I have it, told him he would have to see me if he wants it back". Angelo laughed shaking his head "Stay over tonight, Ben, Adam and Tony are staying". "Thanks Elo, I will do" Mark replied hugging him. Angelo kissed him on the cheek "Stop calling me Elo in public!" he patted Mark's ass. Mark slipped away from Angelo then turned and mouthed 'Elo' causing Angelo to smile shaking his head. Through all the years he had known Mark there was only one time he confessed to actually liking men. Angelo had often spoke to Mark about it but he was adamant if he felt the right thing with a man he would happily date one, but they were either to butch, to camp or not pretty enough. Mark was very much more akin to a neutral balance in a guy, one that would have you question them but never really know. But one thing happened for sure this evening that the right balance had appeared on a plate in the form of Ben. Ben hung up his phone and told Ethan he mother was happy about him staying over, Ethan and Ben grabbed a plate and filled it with nibbles. Ben sat down at the counter with Ethan "I guess you know what happened earlier?" he said looking towards Ethan. Ethan stopped and looked up "I heard you both in the washroom but other than that nothing". "He, well he kissed me" Ben said looking down at his plate. Ethan pushed Ben's glass of wine towards him "Was that all that happened?". Ben blushed still embarrassed about his situation "He kissed me again and you know I... ejaculated" he said quietly. "Oh right, I did the first few times with Angelo, still do actually" Ethan said staring in the distance mulling it over. "Without you touching yourself?" Ben asked in an interested manner. Ethan smiled "Yes plus he is amazing in bed. You know I have never masturbated but cum every time we have sex". Ben looked down at his plate "I don't know if I can do this Ethan it still scares me". Ethan looked at Ben "I guess we are not talking about ejaculating, Ben let yourself go if you like him". "Easy for you to say with Angelo by your side I guess" Ben said wringing his hands under the counter. Ethan smiled at Ben "Take things slowly with Mark there is no rush, get to know him after all he is dam hot". Ben looked at him and smiled for the first time "He is pretty sexy". Ethan nodded "I know and he is a great guy". "Who is a great guy?" Adam asked as he sauntered in to the kitchen for food. Adam was sensing something going on as he kissed Ethan on the mouth, Ben looked on shocked and Adam laughed and walked round to where Ben sat asking if he felt left out but didn't wait for Ben to answer before he smacked Ben with a kiss. For the second time that night Ben found himself in the clutches of another man kissing him, Adam kissed him several more times before letting Ben go, he grabbed some food and sat down next to Ethan as if nothing had happened. Tony, Angelo and Mark were sat on the sofa in the lounge chatting alone since the other guests had now departed. They left Ethan, Ben and Adam to eat as none of them had eaten during the party and were hungry. "Do you always do that?" Ben asked still looking a little shocked and flustered. Adam looked at Ben and Ethan and laughed "What kiss?, yes". Ben looked on confused and Ethan explained "We kiss but no sex, it is how our friendship as a group evolved". "What about your boyfriends?" Ben asked wanting to hear more. Adam laughed "We are very comfortable and close in our friendship, kissing Angelo is divine though". Ben's eyes were open wide "I think I would combust if he kissed me. Must be nice having that sort of bond". Ethan smiled "You and I have that deep down Ben, I am sure we will kiss at some point" he winked at Ben. Ben looked at him with greedy eyes "Now?". Ethan smiled and stood up and went around to Ben "Are you sure?" he asked. Angelo walked in and sat next to Adam "Awe how sweet" he said as Ben's face went red again. Ethan leaned in and touched his lips to Ben's and kissed him softly at first, gradually he increased the pressure until Ben's mouth parted and Ethan slipped his tongue in and kissed Ben full on. Angelo put his arm around Adam smiling and saying how hot the two of them look. Ethan finished his kiss and looked at Ben who still had his eyes closed and mouth open. Ben had never realised how turned on and hot it would be kissing Ethan, it was as though all his childhood dreams just came true in one fleeting moment. Adam smiled "I think you should kiss him as well Angelo" nodding in Ben's direction. Angelo looked at Ben and stood to walk round to where he sat "Just tell me if you feel uncomfortable. But Ben just watched the tall muscular figure of Angelo looming towards him, his heart skipped feeling the strong hands holding his face as Angelo tenderly kissed Ben lightly then, he felt the tongue flickering in and out of his mouth until his tongue touched Angelo's and they kissed deeply. When he finished he sat down beside Ben who now had a big smile on his face. Ethan laughed watching Ben "Do you feel better now Ben?" Ben nodded "Wow, you were all good but not as good as my first kiss". "Well that's good to know" Mark said as he and Tony stood at the door to the kitchen laughing. Tony sat down next to Ethan and Mark wondered over to Ben's other side taking the seat talking to the others across the table. Ben's arms tingled as he felt Mark's hand moving towards his own where he held it firmly. Ben turned and looked at Mark who continued chatting to Ethan across the counter and just holding his hand in a casual but meaningful manner. The more Ben looked at him the more he was growing to like Mark and enjoyed his touch and being next to him. He gently squeezed Mark's hand in an attempt to show he was okay with him holding his hand, Mark glanced smiling at him and moved in to give Ben a quick kiss and rubbed their foreheads together briefly before Mark carried on his conversation with Ethan. It was gone 11pm when they finally decided to hit the sack, each went their separate ways to their bedrooms and Mark stopped and looked across towards Ben who was disappearing inside and closing the door firmly behind him. He heaved a sigh of relief not expecting Mark to be staying over and avoiding an embarrassing situation. He undressed and took a shower, drying himself off he realised he had no underwear to put on, that settles it looks like sleeping naked he thought to himself. Climbing into bed he pulled the duvet up and rested his head on the pillow turning off the bedside light. Outside the moon was shining brightly providing a night light in the strange bedroom as he tried to fall asleep, Ben's mind was racing going over everything that had happened earlier. He laid with a smile on his face thinking of Mark and realising that he really did fancy him. Secretly he hoped that Mark would come to his room but he was not expecting that to happen. Mark sat on the bed in his underwear looking at his phone and the sneaky picture he took of Ben when he wasn't watching, in his other hand was Ben's underwear. Happy that at least the age gap was minor but more importantly he felt that Ben liked him as well but was holding back. He laid back and listened intently at the quietness prevailing throughout the house as he closed his eyes, sleep would not come and he leaned over to look at his phone seeing it was nearly midnight. Mark got out of bed standing there for a moment looking at the door, quietly he opened it and proceeded down the hallway to the Ben's door. Should he knock he wondered, no, doing that might wake everyone else up, gently he turned the knob and pushed the door which silently opened. He nearly burst out laughing remembering how Angelo would go around in the office oiling the doors as he hated them squeaking. Just as quietly he closed the door turning the knob so it wouldn't bang against the lock until the door was recessed back in it's frame. "I wondered if you would come" Ben was starring at Mark framed by the silvery glow from the moon. Mark walked across the room "Really, are you happy that I did?" he stopped at the foot of the bed. "Yes" Ben replied sitting up. Mark climbed on to the bed and sat beside him "I can't sleep, your in my head". Ben turned to look at Mark "Same here, but please don't take this the wrong way" he said. "What do you mean?" Mark asked laying back. Ben laid back next to him "Like it's not me saying sex, I'm just glad you came". Mark turned to face Ben as his hand stroked around Ben's neck and chest "Can we sleep together tonight?". Ben smiled and stoked Mark's chest "I would like that, you can kiss me as well if you want". Mark giggled "Of course I am going to kiss you. I bet you have nothing on underneath here" he lifted the duvet. Ben clamped his arms down across the duvet laughing quietly "Yes I'm naked". Mark smiled and began taking his underwear off in front of Ben, he felt slightly awkward and clasped his hands behind his head laying back and staring up at the ceiling. He felt the duvet move and the immediate warmth of Mark's body as he slipped in beside him, Mark glanced and copied Ben by placing his hands behind his head. "What are you thinking?" Mark asked Ben fixing his gaze on the ceiling. Ben looked over at him "How strange this is being in bed with you" he said coyly. "You can touch me if you like" Mark said looking over at him. Ben smiled "No your alright". Mark tapped his elbow against Ben's "Was that you brushing me off?". Ben tapped Mark's elbow back "No" he replied turning his head to face Mark who was looking at him. "Good" Mark smiled and turned his head back to stare at the ceiling "How old are you Ben?". Ben smiled "Just turned 19, what about you?". "Me, I'm 22 nearly 23, couple of years younger than Angelo and couple more older than you" Mark replied. Ben unclasped his hand and ran it across Mark's chest "What else should I know about you?" Mark glanced at Ben with a serious look on his face "I must be honest with you, I am hiv positive". "Oh" Ben startled by this revelation stared up at the ceiling remaining quiet. Ben waited a moment "Never a good sign, you hate me know don't you?" he sat up in bed and looked at Ben. "I know a bit about it, but no, I don't hate you" Ben stroked Mark's back "Are you being treated?". Mark shook his head "Not yet. And before you ask I got it during a threesome with a man and woman who were poz". "I'm sorry Mark" Ben spoke with a tinge of sadness in his voice. Mark sighed "I never knew or suspected they were poz, it was stupid drunken behaviour". Ben strangely did not feel any different towards Mark and had read about people living with hiv and how for many of them it freed them up to enjoy more sensual and intimate sex with other men. He also knew about bug chasing which he personally thought was a stupid crude thing for people to do, but he also read about how much more apart of someone you become. He didn't feel scared or concerned, if anything he kind of made him like him more for being so honest, he watched as Mark laid back down. "Do you want me to leave, I will understand you know?" Mark spoke softly. Ben turned to lay on his stomach looking at Mark "I want to kiss you?". "Why?" Mark replied with an even bigger smile on his face. Ben leaned closed to within inches of Mark's face "Because I want to". He felt Mark's arm caress his own arm before slipping round to his back where Mark began stroking it in slow purposeful strokes, Ben made a very erotic sound from the stroking like he was orgasming and causing his body to move closer to Mark's. Ben took the lead for the first time in his life and touched his lips to Mark, they parted seamlessly as if willing him on. His tongue slipped in to Mark's mouth and instantly Ben's cock sprouted up from a semi dormant state to full erection. They kissed and danced with their tongues for several minutes until Mark pulled Ben forward until he was virtually laying on top and Mark rolled on to his side facing him. Their arms around each others bodies caressing and feeling as they slowly explored each other. Ben broke the kiss "Wow" was all he said as he cuddled up to Mark. "Indeed" Mark whispered "I am pretty tired, mind if we sleep?". Ben shook his head "Not at all, I've had enough excitement today" rolling on to his back in reply. "Turn on your other side so I can cuddle up to you" Ben whispered again kissing Ben's chest and nipple. Ben turned and felt Mark cuddling up behind him, his left arm slipping under him and his right arm holding him from the other side. He also felt Mark's cock resting in between his ass cheeks, Ben moved his hand to hold onto Mark's arm, Mark could sense the slight trembling of nerves in Ben's arm. "Don't be no nervous Ben, we are just sleeping together in the same bed" he whispered gently in Ben's ear. Ben felt Mark's breath on his neck as the arms hugged around his body tightly, at last Ben was beginning to feel at ease and smiled to himself. They were both awake for a good half an hour in silence before in almost unison they succumbed to their tiredness and slept holding each other.
  7. Part 22 - Turning The Corner Dinner with the Camacho family was as expected very noisy with animated loud talking and an abundance of food. Ethan walked in behind Angelo and in front of Mark not quite knowing what sort of reaction he would get but as Maria came out of the kitchen she kissed Angelo then Ethan and hugged him saying how pleased she was to see him again and how the family were looking forward to seeing him at last. Mark had already wandered off after saying hello to Maria as if he was one of the clan. Maria grabbed Ethan by the arm and escorted him in to the kitchen where he was promptly introduced to Angelo's mother Esme. "Ethan, so you are the one who has tamed my son at long last" she said beaming and came forward to kiss him. Ethan smiled "It is such a pleasure to meet you Senora Camacho" he said relying on his proper upbringing. Esme looked at him "You are family Ethan, you must act like family now and call me Mama" she smiled. "Thank you for welcoming me to your family" Ethan responded. "I hoe you are looking after him Elo" Esme said kissing Angelo on the cheek. Angelo laughed "No te preocupes mama" Angelo slipped in to his mother tongue answering her. Esme smiled "Puedo ver que realmente te ama Angelo". Angelo nodded "We both do mama" he said putting his arm around Ethan. Ethan smiled understanding a little of the conversation after all he was adept at languages and use to try his Spanish around Javier when ever he could, something he had never revealed to Angelo since they never conversed in Spanish. Angelo turned as his father entered the room strikingly similar to Angelo "Papi this is Ethan". Julio walked over to Ethan smiling "How nice to finally meet you Ethan. Usted es Bienvenido en nuestra casa". Ethan smiled and hugged Julio "Gracias por ser tan amable y agradable conocerte a todos" he said in his best accent. Esme came over and cupped his face "escuchar habla español también". Angelo punched Ethan lightly on the arm "You never told me you spoke Spanish". Ethan blushed "Oh it's not very good but I try, hopefully your family will help me speak better". The whole evening could not have gone better and Angelo's parents had fallen in love with Ethan both as a person and that he has a grasp of their language. Ethan had hit it off with Maria's children who were constantly dragging Ethan away to play until Angelo signalled it was time for them all to leave. Mark surprisingly spoke Spanish pretty fluently and was obviously loved by the family as well who had all gathered outside in the front garden to say goodbye as they set off back to Larchmont with Mark since he was staying over for the night. Angelo was beaming as they pulled away "You do realise you are now part of the this family Ethan" he glanced at him. "Yes and your parents are lovely and good hearted people" Ethan replied looking at Angelo. Mark laughed from the back seat "It is hard to get away from them Ethan once they are in your life". Ethan nodded "Can I ask if they know about the you know?" he looked at Angelo. Angelo nodded "Of course they know" he smiled and patted Ethan's leg. "And me" Mark said confirming but unsure if Ethan knew about his status. The evening Mark and Ethan sat on the sofa almost naked and talking whilst Angelo finished up some work. He kept glancing up and Mark and Ethan watching them chilled out and just mindlessly talking, he did have great affection for Mark and it was a blessing to see that he got on so well with Ethan. It wasn't long before Mark put his arm around Ethan who cuddled up whilst they continued their mindless babbling. The week sped by as Saturday late afternoon arrived and guests started arriving for the small party they were holding to celebrate their engagement. Margarite stopped the car outside of the address in Larchmont "Here we are, if you drink don't overdo it". Ben knew that was a warning to behave himself "I won't mother, thank you". "Well go on then, call me half an hour before you want picking up" she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. Ben got out of the car and waved as his mother pulled away and he walked up the pathway leading to the front door. Truly he thought it would have been a small house in a grubby suburb but to he astonishment it was quite the opposite. He braced himself unsure what to expect as he knocked on the door, there was no load music emenating from the house so he wondered if it was the right place. Franco heard the knock at the door and went to greet the guest, Ben watched as the door opened and released his breath when he saw Franco appearing from behind it. "Hello Ben, glad you could make it come in" Franco said with a beaming smile. Ben was taken off guard seeing how different Franco looked and acted "Thanks Franco" he stepped inside. Franco closed the door and put his arm around Ben "Come on let me introduce you to everyone" guiding Ben to the lounge. Ethan and Adam come over seeing Ben with Franco "Ben" Ethan gave him a hug "Thank you for coming". Franco guided Ben around "This is Angelo, Ethan's husband to be". Ben was stunned by his looks and obvious muscle build "Oh, hi" he held his hand out. Angelo smiled and hugged him "So you are Ben, so pleased to meet you". Franco moved him along "This is straight Mark or so we think, Angelo's closest friend and assistant at work". Mark turned "Enough of that.. hello and who are you?" he looked Ben directly in the eye. "This is Ben, Ethan's friend from college" Franco said laughing as he caught the glint in Mark's eye. Ben's eyes looked directly into Mark's catching his breath, he couldn't distance himself from the piercing eyes and he didn't understand what caused him to react in such a way, Mark obviously worked out and he carried it off beautifully along with his looks, Ben's eyes looked down trying to avoid looking at him without it appearing rude. Mark was however instantly attracted both by his shyness and looks muttering under his breath the word perfect. "How nice to meet you Ben" Mark spoke holding his hand out. Ben's face was flushed "And you" he stumbled over his words and shook hands with Mark. In Ben's mind time just seemed to stop and go in slow motion as he saw Mark putting his arms around him for a hug, Ben felt alive and didn't want him to let go, it was the first time another man had hugged him so strongly, he could feel the muscles in Mark's arms as they circled his body. Quickly Ben came back to his senses and pulled away as he fleetingly caught a whiff of freshly laundered clothes and the lightly scented cologne he was wearing, my god he smells divine he thought to himself. Franco grabbed Ben's arms whisking him away to meet the others before he had time to process everything. Angelo watched smiling to himself, he saw a spark ignite in Mark that he had only seen when Ethan was introduced to him. Judging by Ben's body language he was also taken by him if not for his shyness, he saw some of the same qualities in Ben that so reminded him of Ethan. Ben spent a good part of the party mingling but his thoughts were elsewhere seeking to sneak a look at Mark whenever the opportunity presented itself, it meant he had to work harder trying to engage in conversation. As the evening wore on Ben found himself standing alone in the lounge looking around at everyone else who was in deep conversation within little groups, he did feel a little like the odd one out as he only really knew Ethan, Franco and Adam to talk to. His mind instantly putting him down for being gay, but it was a rash thought, he wasn't the only gay person in the room. He stood nursing his soda trying to be quiet and keeping a low profile but his eye kept wandering over to Mark who was chatting away with Ethan. Several times Ben had to avert his eyes as he thought that Mark was looking directly at him over Ethan's shoulder, but surely he must be mistaken as Mark was introduced as Angelo's straight assistant. And then there was Angelo who Ben found hard not to look and stare at, how lucky Ethan was he thought to himself watching this tall drop dead gorgeous Latino guy. His attention was interrupted when Tony tapped him on the shoulder. "You look a little lost Ben" Tony spoke handing him a small glass of wine. Ben looked at the glass "Oh, I don't know if I should" he said. Tony laughed "It's just a small one and you need it to loosen up and stop being scared". Ben hesitantly took it "So you and Adam are together?" Ben asked. "Yes for several years now" Tony replied smiling looking over at Adam. Ben looked in the same direction "I had heard that you two were gay but didn't know that". "What about you?" Tony returned his gaze to Ben "I hear you are gay as well". Ben nodded looking towards Ethan "Yes". Tony knew where he was looking "Ethan is a great catch and Angelo got very lucky, so are you Ben". Ben blushed and didn't know where to look. Ethan laughed which caught Ben's attention and saw him patting Mark on the shoulder. Adam came over and apologised and dragged Tony off leaving Ben holding his glass of wine alone. Mark was enjoying his catch up with Ethan and they had agreed to see each other when they can to hang out, but his attention was drawn across the room to the lonely figure that all he knew was his name was Ben and he was Ethan's friend. Something changed in Mark as he watched Ben and he was almost certain that he caught him looking over several times, weather at him or Ethan he was yet unsure. Mark on the outside was straight but he was also in touch with his other side where he found other guys interesting and sexy but never really crossed over and only kissed other men on occasion, but watching Ben he was mesmerised by him. Could it be he thought to himself before returning his conversation to Ethan. "Has the wound healed up now?" Mark asked Ethan leaning in closer to avoid being overheard. Ethan nodded "Yes and fortunately no scar". Mark smiled "So tell me about your friend, Ben is it?" he asked trying to be nonchalant. Ethan looked him in the eye "We grew up together, fell out when I came out, friends again and he came out". Mark glanced in Ben's direction "Is that it, so has he got a boyfriend or partner?". Ethan shook his head "I don't think he has even been with a guy, well he use to sleep with me". Mark pulled away and looked at Ethan "You dirty little slut" laughing as he spoke. Ethan laughed loudly and patted his shoulder "Nothing like that and get your head out of the gutter". Mark looked at Ethan and shook his head "I would have if I was in your shoes". Ethan smiled "So why aren't you gay?". Mark looked seriously at Ethan "Apart from you, I haven't found anyone until today.." he trailed off. Ethan looked him in the eye "So who have you found today" he asked and saw Mark's eye wandering over his shoulder. Mark looked back at Ethan "Doesn't matter" he said shrugging his shoulders. Ethan kissed Mark on the cheek "Just don't push to quickly" he said wandering off knowing who he had an eye for. Mark watched Ben disappear in to the kitchen unnoticed by everyone else, carefully he walked around the lounge without purpose making a line for the kitchen. Ben put his glass down and walked over to the refrigerator to get a bottle of water, the wine was okay but he was happy with just a soda or water. Ethan noticed Ben was missing and out of the corner of his eye he saw Mark going through to the kitchen and smiled to himself. Mark silently walked over to the refrigerator seeing Ben opening the door and reaching in for water. "Grab me one as well please" Mark said startling Ben. Ben nearly dropped the bottle of water "Oh shit, don't creep up on people like that" he turned thinking it was Ethan. Mark smiled "Sorry, can I get one as well please". Ben felt like he was burning up embarrassed that Mark stood before him "Sure, here" handing him the bottle. Mark reached out to take the bottle and caressed Ben's hand "Thanks Ben". Ben turned and retrieved another bottle "You remembered my name" he suddenly blurted out. "Of course, are you enjoying the party?" Mark asked. Ben closed the refrigerator door "Well yes, it's the first sort of adult party I have been to". Mark smiled "Can be a bit daunting if you don't know that many people". Ben found himself staring at Mark uncontrollably "Do you?" he mumbled. Mark looked curiously at him "Do I what?" he replied. Ben just couldn't take his eyes off him "Know many people here" he struggled to get the words out of his mouth. Mark "A few of them and there is one I want to get to know" he was now staring back intently in to Ben's eyes. Ben dismissed what Mark said "Oh I see" he said still tongue tied. "Do you?" Mark replied smiling at him. Ben shifted on the spot and shook his head "Well not really". Mark laughed "Why are you so nervous Ben?". "I don't know, maybe you being so close to me" Ben replied looking down at the floor. Mark placed his hand on Ben's shoulder "Does it bother you, that I am so close?". Ben strangely felt calmer at his touch but was rooted to the spot, he didn't like awkward situations and to him this was fast becoming one of them, strangely though he did not want to move and felt compelled to stay. He saw Mark's hand take his bottle of water and put it down on the counter with his, his eyes followed Mark's hands as he completed the task, by the time he looked up Mark had moved closer to him. Ben's senses awakened feeling the back of Mark's hand stroking the side of his face 'Are you feeling it to?' he spoke quietly. Ben's gaze was transfixed on Mark as he gulped with no time to think or react, the heat building inside him as he felt the breath of Mark tingling over his lips before they touched his own. Without processing or thinking Ben's mouth parted in a natural reaction and he felt the warm moist tongue of Mark caressing the inside of his lips before it pushed in to his mouth. Ben pushed Mark's shoulders "Sorry no" he struggled to free his mouth. Mark looked at him "What's the matter?" he said with his hand holding the back of Ben's neck gently. "I.. not sure, I thought you were straight?" Ben replied trying to avoid his gaze. Mark caressed his neck "I was undecided until this evening". Ben looked at the muscled arm straddling across his shoulder his mouth dry "Why this evening?" he asked. "Because of you Ben" Mark spoke softly as he looked in to his eyes. Ben shook his head "I feel so stupid I didn't mean to lead you on or anything" he said quietly. "You didn't lead me on Ben, tell me if you want me to go?" Mark asked with his face moving closer to Ben's. Ben did not hesitate and shook his head, he closed his eyes feeling Mark's tender lips rubbing against his own until his mouth parted and they locked together gently kissing each other. Ben's arms moved and held on to Mark's hips as he was being kissed, gradually his mind stopped ticking over and let himself go of any resistance he had left in him. He wanted Mark and had secretly known it since they first shook hands, he opened his eyes slightly half expecting to freak out at another mans face being so close, his own tongue dancing around Mark's like an Argentinian tango. He felt a twinge of pain from his cock struggling to break free of it confines in his underwear, his senses overloaded were combusting and he couldn't work out if it was the kiss, Marks roaming hands over his body or his cock that was controlling his thoughts. Mark increased the intensity of his kissing as he went deeper forcing Ben's mouth open wider as he held him still in the deepest kiss. Ben's nerve endings were firing on all cylinders and sensed everything, his body shook slightly and he moaned in to Mark's mouth as he felt his cock erupting in his underwear. The sensation was overwhelming and threw Ben off completely, he struggled to free himself from Mark then ran out of the kitchen.
  8. Part 21 - Simplcity Of Life Adam said goodbye to Ethan and Angelo at the college car park curious as to why they would be going shopping now instead of at the weekend, but his mind was also elsewhere as Tony and he would be having dinner with their parents to tell them the news. Adam had made it clear to Ethan that he was not to tell anyone until he got a text from him once their parents knew. Angelo and Ethan made quick work of getting their rings since both of them just liked plain bands, so within an hour of arriving they were driving back to Larchmont. Ethan was somewhat desperate to get the ring on his finger but Angelo held back and told him he wanted to do it officially at the Hampton's that weekend, Ethan was mildly curious at this suggestion but decided not to push and ask. It didn't feel strange to Ethan as he remembered those dreams he had walking along the beach with Angelo and in some way he knew that was when he knew he loved him. Ethan sent a text to his mother asking to use the house at the weekend and if they would drive down Saturday to join them, he wasn't really sure if they would agree but was surprised when she replied with yes and they would arrive Saturday afternoon. It would be a big gamble since the relationship with his father was on the mend but he didn't want them to find out any other way. Both Angelo and Ethan got simultaneous texts from Adam and Tony announcing they were to be married. Angelo shook his head laughing as Ethan revealed that Tony had proposed the same night Angelo did, the boys said they would pop around after dinner had finished. Angelo looked at Ethan and asked if they should also tell them their news to which Ethan agreed but not to take the spotlight away from them. Adam and Tony arrived around 8pm with Angelo and Ethan congratulating them both. Adam had a feeling underneath that they were not the only ones getting married. Adam walked in to the kitchen with Angelo "Well did you do the right thing?" he asked. Angelo turned and chuckled "Did you know Tony was going to ask you?" he threw back to Adam. "No, it came out of the blue. Stop changing the subject Angelo" Adam wagged his finger at him. Angelo winked and turned to get the drinks "What did you mean the right thing?" he replied. Adam walked over to him "You did didn't you?" he poked Angelo in the side. Angelo nodded over to the counter with the two ring boxes "Yes". "Tony" Adam shouted and waited for him and Ethan to arrive. "What's the matter?" Tony asked immediately spotting the ring boxes "Oh you two as well?" he exclaimed excitedly. Ethan walked over to Angelo and held his hand "Yes, he asked me last night but it's not official until the weekend". Tony looked confused "What is so special about the weekend?". "We are going to the Hamptons for the weekend, I want to propose properly on the beach" Angelo replied. Tony nodded "Oh" he replied then it clicked "Ah yes of course that makes sense it is where the magic happened". Ethan smiled since he never really knew that was when Angelo had really and totally fallen in love with him. Thankfully tomorrow was Friday and half day for lectures but Angelo had to work until 5pm so they would drive down once he arrived back home. Adam and Tony left after a couple of hours and Ethan sat on the bed watching Angelo as he changed the dressing on his wound. "It looks almost healed over" Angelo said as he finished taping the covering down. Ethan smiled "Do you think I will have a scar?". Angelo looked him in the eye "Not sure, it may leave a mark or it may not" he looked down at the floor. Ethan could see he was a little upset over it still "Don't beat yourself up over this Angelo". Ethan slipped on to the floor kneeling in front of Angelo, he ran his hands along those beautifully tattooed arms and around his biceps. Angelo raised his head and looked as Ethan's hands ran across his shoulders and neck, Ethan cupped Angelo face and kissed him lightly on the lips 'Make love to me Angelo' he whispered. Angelo's mouth closed in on Ethan's and he felt the strong arms of Angelo wrap around his body and lift him effortlessly in to the air and slowly lowered on to the bed still firmly held by Angelo. Friday was just another morning of lectures and assignments, Adam and Ethan left the class and walked over towards the parking lot when Ben called out to Ethan. Adam turned to see Ben had stopped walking and loitered to see if Ethan would come over, he never expected Adam to walk over as well and contemplated weather to turn and go in the opposite direction. The smile on Adam's face told him to wait and see what happened. "How are you Ben?" Adam asked as he got closer. Ben looked at him trying to gauge if Ethan said anything "I'm okay" he replied nervously. "You ran off yesterday before we had chance to talk properly" Ethan said standing beside Adam. Ben looked down "Yeah sorry about that" he looked up at both of them. "Do you want to go somewhere quiet and talk?" Adam asked him. "Let's go and find a quiet table in the cafeteria" Ethan suggested and Ben nodded. The cafeteria was pretty deserted and they took a table in the far corner away from anyone else, Ben still looked nervous as they approached the table so Adam put his arm on his shoulder and spoke quietly to him 'No one will judge you Ben whatever you have to say'. Ben gave a nervous smile as he looked at Adam and sat down. At 19 Ben was slightly taller than Ethan with mousy brown hair and a slim trimmed body, no where near as muscular as Ethan since Ben didn't work out like he did. But Ben did have a very attractive face and the on the whole was actually a very decent kind person. Ben watched Ethan sit down "You are working out Ethan?" motioning to his now defined biceps. "Yes with Adam and Angelo" Ethan replied. Ben looked quiestioningly at Ethan "Angelo?" he asked. Ethan smiled "Yes my partner". Ben nodded "Explains why you are so happy I guess" he said looking down. Ethan looked at Adam "It was pure luck we met, he is a bit older than me but we love each other". "Oh I see" Ben continued looking down. Ethan could see Ben was nervous "Ben is there something on your mind?" Ben quickly looked up at them both "I..." he broke down and began to cry in front of them. Adam quickly went round and put his arm around him "It's okay Ben, you can tell us". Ethan had to know "Ben" he spoke quietly "Are you gay?" he asked him outright. Ben nodded "It has" he stopped and cleared his throat "been so hard watching you Ethan". Ethan glanced at Adam "Is that why you reacted like you did?" he asked. Ben nodded again "Can you forgive me?" he looked up at Ethan with his tear streaked face. "Not in this state Ben, don't be afraid of you, Adam and I will be here to help" he said looking to Adam. Adam hugged Ben tighter "We will help all we can Ben". It took a few minutes for Ben to calm down and be able to hold a proper conversation with Ethan and Adam, it was almost as if they continued where they finished all those months back before any bad words were spoken. But now Ben had crossed that threshold and he showed relief across his face and opened up more about how he only really knew after Ethan came out. Adam had to nudge Ethan at 3pm to remind him where he had to be, they said their goodbyes to Ben and headed off to Larchmont. Their conversation completely taken up about Ben which continued as they sat in the kitchen waiting for Angelo to come home. Adam kissed them both goodbye as he set out for home whilst Ethan and Angelo set off for the Hamptons, it was a long tedious drive but they eventually arrived by 8pm. Ethan told Angelo about his conversation with Ben during the drive, Angelo listened intently questioning if he felt he could forgive him for how he behaved. Angelo also made the suggestion that they have a small celebration party the following weekend with a few friends and to invite Ben over as a peace offering. Ethan smiled and said it would be a nice gesture, he gaze turned to the house as the car pulled up in to the driveway. He helped Angelo in the kitchen as they whipped up a supper, for this late September evening it was warm enough to eat outside on the veranda. After they cleaned up they left the house and climbed down the steps on to the beach and walked hand in hand for several minutes, finally Angelo stopped and turned Ethan to face him, he slipped on to one knee and looked up at Ethan. "Ethan, this is where I knew I had fallen completely in love with you, will you marry me?" Ethan nodded "Yes" he replied as Angelo slipped the ring on his finger and stood up to kiss him. Ethan then went on one knee "Angelo I love you and want to spend my life with you, will you marry me?". Angelo looked up at Ethan "Yes" and so Ethan slipped the ring on his finger and knelt down to kiss Angelo. Ethan suddenly laughed "This is weird, is it really happening?" he looked to Angelo. Angelo put his arm around Ethan's shoulder "Strange isn't it, but yes it is, are you worried?". Ethan shook his head "No, but then I never thought I would fall so crazily in love with someone". "You do realise your going to have to meet my whole family now?" Angelo chuckled. Ethan looked up at him "Oh of course, I forgot all about our families. Will they like me?". Angelo smiled "My sister does and that is a good indication. It's your parents and mostly Jack I am worried about". "Yes, they won't be happy about it that is for sure" Ethan replied kicking sand with his feet. Angelo stared out to sea "We will find out soon enough. What if they don't approve?". Ethan stopped walking "They will have to Angelo, I won't change my mind about you no matter what". Angelo looked at Ethan "I really want and need you by my side, but I thought I had ruined everything between us". Ethan patted Angelo's ass "No, if anything it made me realise how much loosing you would hurt me inside". They stood up and walked slowly along the beach back to the house and had an early night. The day light streamed in through the bedroom window as Ethan stirred in Angelo's arms, he let out a loving sigh and snuggled up closer smiling, this was his favourite place to be. He couldn't explain or understand why he loved being with Angelo it was as though his whole life was meant to be here with him. Angelo caressed Ethan's back and kissed him lightly 'We should get up' he whispered. Ethan pulled Angelo on top of him and kissed him with such energetic passion it caught Angelo off guard but he loved it. Angelo pulled away and licked the tip of Ethan's nose "What was that for?". "To show how much I love and want you" Ethan replied escaping from underneath him. Angelo sprung out of bed and looked out across the beach "We might be in for a nice day". "We can do lunch outside then. Speaking of which my parents will be here in a couple of hours" Ethan exclaimed. Angelo came out of the shower and looked at Ethan sitting on the bed in contemplation, he knew there was certain concern about his parents reaction, he stood up smiled and finished drying himself off. Angelo walked over towards him and ran his hands up and down Ethan's arms kissing his neck as he did so. "You get sexier every time I look at you" Angelo whispered in his ear. Ethan pushed back and rubbed his ass against Angelo's cock "Whatever happens today, I choose you". Angelo turned Ethan and kissed him and cupped his face "Ready?" he asked looking him in the eye. Ethan nodded and kissed Angelo back "Here goes everything". The sun was still shining with very little wind making the day just comfortable to sit outside, Ethan sat looking out at the beach drinking a soda when he heard his parents car pull up. As he stood he heard the unmistakable voice of his sister accompanying them. Ethan went to the front of the house and ran up to hug his sister who was just as excited to see him, he kissed his mother and father. "You didn't tell me you were bringing Sofie" he said putting his arm around his sister. Ellie Walked up the steps to the house "Well she knows enough and she wanted to come". Jack pulled their bags out of the car "How are you Ethan?" he asked. "Good, college is going well" Ethan replied hoping this is what his father meant. Jack walked toward the stairs "No, how are you really?". Ethan watched Sofie get her bag from the car "Very happy if that is what you mean" he replied. "Don't mind him Ethan, he is coming around to it, he talks a lot more about you and Angelo" Sofie responded. Ethan hugged Sofie again "I hear you are quite popular at school nowadays" he said as they turned to go up the steps. "Yeah, well having a gay brother helps and mother being at the top of the social standing" Sofie laughed. Ellie walked in to the kitchen "Hello Angelo nice to see you" she walked over and kissed him on the cheek. Jack followed her in "Angelo, good to see you" holding out his hand. Angelo shook it "Jack how are you keeping?" he asked watching Jack carefully and keeping his ring out of view. "Oh you know, busy. But I hear you are getting new companies signing up?" Jack said knowingly. Angelo laughed "Nothing gets by you Jack, yes Raffa showed a few people the software they had implemented". Jack smiled "Good for you Angelo, if you need any legal help.. well you know". "Thanks Jack I may take you up on that as I have 3 companies wanting the software and I need help" Angelo replied. Ethan walked in with Sofie "Angelo this is my sister Sofie" he said. Sofie looked at Angelo "Wow, eh, hello" she became all flustered seeing him in the flesh for the first time. "Hello Sofie, can I get you all a drink?" Angelo asked. Sofie pulled Ethan in the lounge "Hell Ethan I heard he was sexy but my god, the girls are going to be jealous". Ethan laughed "I suppose you are going to want a picture of him as proof" he said patting her head. Sofie smiled "You and him together, you are changing and getting fit as well, gay life suits you". Ethan laughed so hard he had to bend over, he loved having his sister around him and she was growing up to be quite a forthright person who spoke her mind, in some ways he often thought she was more worldly than all of them. They all sat there on the veranda dinking coffee and red wine as the sun moved through the sky, Ethan and Sofie were allowed a small glass of wine with dinner as well, talk was light hearted and switched to all types of subjects. Angelo couldn't help but notice how much at ease Jack had become and how very relaxed he was about Angelo and Ethan being together, it was only after Sofie went inside to watch her favourite tv soap programme that Ethan decided now was the time, he looked at Angelo as if he was giving him an invisible signal. "So there is a reason why we both wanted you to come down here with us" Ethan said during a pause in the conversation. Ellie looked at Ethan and Angelo "I hope your not going to drop a bombshell" she said leaning forward in her chair. Ethan looked at Angelo "Well it depends... Angelo has asked me to marry him and I have said yes" quietness prevailed. Jack sat stunned for a moment "Hold on Ethan your only 18, have your whole life ahead of you and it is rather quick". "I know father and my life will go on but with Angelo by my side" Ethan said remaining calm. Ellie smiled "Well I think it is great news, I can see how much love you have for each other" she said. Jack shook his head "I'm sorry, I have seen how much Angelo loves you, I shouldn't be surprised by this". Angelo considered Jack for a moment "It is a bit strange, but we do want your blessing". Jack looked at Ellie who was smiling then at Angelo "You do realise she is now making plans" pointing to Ellie. Ethan laughed "Of course mother is, but there is Angelo's family as well to consider" he waved to his mother. Ellie chuckled "Gay wedding I may need Sandra's help on this, oh society party of the year, nailed it". Although Ellie rambled on about how lovely and gay the wedding could be, she was throwing suggestion after suggestion at Ethan and Angelo. Ethan just sat there nodding and smiling then shaking his head saying no to everything she was dreaming of. Angelo amused but also shocked that this was going to end up as New York State's wedding of the year. Jack sat in silence for a few minutes turning over in his head the news Ethan had just sprung on them, he knew deep down that all the will the fight this would not go well. On the flip side he had been having a much better relationship with Ethan and he did love Angelo in his own little way. "This is all very well Ellie, Ellie enough talk about planning this for now" Jack stopped her ramblings. Ellie turned to Jack "What oh, yes" she stopped thinking and came back to the table. Jack looked at Angelo "When are you looking to do this?" he asked. Angelo smiled at Jack "I don't know Jack, probably summer next year or Christmas next year, we are in no rush". Jack nodded and looked at Ethan and Angelo "You have our blessing and support". Ethan sat stunned at his fathers acceptance "Thank you father, it means a lot". Jack looked at Ethan "I just want you to be happy with your choices Ethan". Jack and Angelo hugged and spoke for some time outside whilst Ellie and Ethan broke the news to Sofie, she sat there and laughed replying I knew all along and saw you both wearing rings when we arrived. The rest of the day went by in a pretty normal way from Ethan's point of view and as the family unit was back to normal but with two differences, Angelo being the first and Jack actually being more open and affectionate with Ethan. By Sunday afternoon they left the Hamptons and headed back home as Monday would be a normal work and college day. Somewhat nervously Ethan was dreading Wednesday evening as he would be having dinner with Angelo's family. Ethan collapsed on the sofa when they finally got home, grateful it was just the two of them. Angelo joined him and they cuddled up to each other mindlessly chatting and going over the weekend events. Ethan's phone sounded a text message and he shuffled around to look and smiled. "What is it?" Angelo asked stroking Ethan's back. "Ben, has confirmed he will come to the party on Saturday" Ethan responded putting his phone down. Angelo looked at him "I'm glad you patched things up with him, strange the way things work out". "Yes, just have to get through Wednesday evening" Ethan rolled on to his back. Angelo laughed "Are you worried?". "No, probably more nervous then anything" Ethan replied looking up at the ceiling. Angelo stroked his head "Don't be. Mark will pick you up and bring you to the office". Ethan propped his head up "Really, it will be good to see him again". Angelo laughed and rubbed his head "You know if you weren't with me he would be dating you by now". "I thought he was sort of straight". Ethan chuckled. "The right guy or girl has never come along for him so he keeps his options open" Angelo replied. Ethan sat up "Can I ask, did you and he ever you know?". Angelo looked at him "No, we have kissed but it's similar to your friendship with Adam". "Did it never happen owing to you being poz?" Ethan asked unsure why he even asked "Sorry forget that". Angelo smiled "No that was not it, anyway Mark is poz, that is how we first met". Ethan shuffled around to face Angelo "Now I am confused". "Mark was at the clinic having a breakdown when he found out, I just happened to be the shoulder" Angelo explained. Ethan nodded "Oh right". Angelo continued "He fooled around in a threesome with his ex girlfriend, the other guy was poz, well you can guess the rest". "How awful for him" Ethan had a sad look on his face "And that is how you became so close and help each other?". Angelo nodded "Yes, circumstances how we met and a strange affection for each other". Ethan and Adam arrive at college on Monday morning and Adam got out of the car and looked at Ethan asking if he was keeping the ring on, Ethan smiled and nodded. He was facing a new life and didn't want to start it out by hiding any more. Franco came over as soon as he spotted them in the cafeteria and gave Ethan a hug and telling him not to worry about the family dinner, he did warn him there would be a lot of people and it would be noisy but to just be the person Angelo fell in love with and the family will love him. Ben appeared and casually walked over to where Ethan was sitting but still very cautious about Franco sitting there. "Ben" Adam called out beckoning him over. "Hi" Ben said as he took a seat next to Franco. Ethan smiled at Ben "Morning, great that you can come on Saturday" he enthused. "Oh yes, my mother will drop me off and pick me up" Ben replied a little hesitantly. Ethan knew something was amiss "Ben, have you told your mother yet?". Ben shook his head "Please don't say anything, I know you don't owe me that but I haven't figured things out yet". Adam tutted "Do we need to find you someone Ben?" "What er no" Ben had a horrified look on his face. Franco laughed "Shame my cousin is getting married otherwise he would have broken you in" he nodded in Ethan's direction. Ben nearly choked on his coffee "Is that what he did to you" looking at Ethan with his eyes open wide. Ethan chuckled "Yes, I went to the bathhouse on my 18th to experiment and fell in to Angelo's arms". Ben blushed a little "Wow, I don't think I am kind of ready for any of that to happen". Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday just went by like a dream with several students picking up on Ethan wearing an engagement band on his finger and asking questions. He heaved a huge sigh of relief that Wednesday afternoon as Adam was driving them both home, he would have to be quick and change as Mark would be picking him up at 5pm.
  9. Part 20 - The Lovers Angelo leaned back against the front door his eyes closed as a heaved a heavy breath reliving the events, his thoughts flashing back to Matt wielding the knife towards Ethan. He squeezed his eyes closed tighter trying to banish the thoughts but no matter how hard all he could see was Ethan. The sadness etched across his face at the thought of Ethan walking out of the house and life forever, there was no taking back what happened. Angelo opened his eyes and headed to the kitchen to get some water, the house was deathly silent in an unusual way, opening the refrigerator he grabbed two bottles thinking that the one he would give to Ethan would be peace offering and make everything all right again. Stupid he told himself as he banged his head lightly on the refrigerator door as if to knock some sense in to himself. Angelo walked towards the lounge and stood at the door, Ethan laid on the sofa hugging a cushion his face turned towards the back of the sofa staring blankly at nothing. The sight of Ethan and the thought of loosing him bore down heavily on his shoulders, he was anxious that Ethan may struggle to process everything that had gone on. Adam's words as he departed kept ringing in his head, there was no doubt as Angelo stood watching him that he was so deeply in love with Ethan, letting him go was not an option he wanted to entertain. Underneath he knew that the next few minutes were going to be make or break for them. Angelo's arms fell down by his side holding the water bottles "I'm so sorry" he said. "About what?" Ethan responded without looking at him. Angelo could see a tear trickling down Ethan's face "I put you in danger this evening". Ethan didn't move his head and continued staring at the back of the sofa "You couldn't have known what he would do". "He attacked you Ethan" unusually Angelo was now feeling frightened. Ethan wiped his face "He must still be in love with you to go to such lengths". Angelo nodded as he thought back to things Matt said during the evening and seeing it all combine to make logical sense. He now understood the whole charade had been planned by Matt to get him back and win him over by his kindness and support. "I was a fool to let him get to me like this, I have no excuse" Angelo turned to leave. Ethan looked over "Is that for me?". Angelo turned and looked down at the bottle in his hand "Oh yes, thought you might need a drink". "I do, thank you" Ethan responded and held out his hand. Angelo walked over to him and handed the bottle "I have wrecked everything tonight" he turned to go back to the kitchen. Ethan looked at him "Where are you going?" he asked worried by how Angelo was acting. Angelo stopped "To leave you in peace" he continued walking towards the kitchen. "Stop Angelo can we talk, I mean seriously talk?" Ethan called to him. Angelo turned and walked across to Ethan "If your sure you are up to it". Ethan watched him sit on the sofa next to him "I need to know why you doubted me?". Angelo lowered his head "I don't know, probably the anger and upset at the time, I didn't think straight". "Did you really think that was the reason for me being with you?" Ethan looked Angelo in the eye. Angelo looked at Ethan "I should never have questioned it, you have true to me since we met". Ethan wiped his face as another tear trickled down his face "I fell in love with you Angelo". "Do you really still feel that way after tonight?" Angelo asked looking at his bottle of water. Ethan shut his eyes for a moment "Is it because of my age, you think I won't stick around?" Angelo looked up caught by his comment "It has crossed my mind, I held back as long as I could before opening up to you". Ethan studied him "You were a fascination at first, one I couldn't stop going back to, I mean look at you". Angelo looked questioningly at him "What do you mean?". "You have the body the looks and devilish eyes, but I also fell for the Angelo in here" he tapped Angelo's heart. "So you where serious about what you said earlier?" Angelo asked holding Ethan's hand. Ethan nodded "Angelo you are my life and part of me that I never want to let go of". Angelo looked at him "I love that I am with you and you are in my life, never forget that Ethan". Ethan snuggled up and Angelo put his arm around him "You still want me then Angelo?". Angelo kissed his forehead "More than ever Ethan, do you still want me?". Ethan nodded as his head moved towards Angelo's, foreheads touching momentarily before their lips sought each other, lips touching lips kissing tenderly with love and kindness. Angelo's heart and body relaxed in relief in his head his mind was already made up what to do, he stopped realising Ethan was looking at him smiling. "You look lost in you thoughts Angelo, can we go to bed now?" Ethan said running his hand along Angelo's face. Angelo nodded and looked at the wound covering "Does it hurt?". Ethan glanced at it "A little sore but not painful". Angelo reached around Ethan and picked him up and carried him upstairs, Ethan kissed his neck and whispered to him 'Been ages since you carried me upstairs' and then chuckled to himself. Angelo put him on the bed and went downstairs to lock up and turn off the lights, as he came back in to the bedroom Ethan was undressed and laying in bed sending a text. "Who are you texting at this time?" Angelo asked stripping his clothes off. Ethan looked up "Adam, just telling him everything is fine" he put his phone on the bed side table. Angelo slipped in to bed and Ethan snuggled up in his arms "My Angelo" he muttered kissing his neck. Angelo kissed his forehead "Always?" he whispered. Ethan nodded "Yes" he replied caressing Angelo's chest "Everything I want is here beside me". Angelo turned on his side to face Ethan "Do you understand how incredibly in love with you I am?". Ethan winced a little as he turned on his side to face Angelo "Yes" Angelo felt he was ready to burst from happiness as he thought he would never get to this point in his life after the disastrous relationship with Matt. Looking in Ethan's eyes he saw only happiness and love, he knew from that moment which direction his destiny was taking him but it was still a big gamble with Ethan being so young. Angelo kissed Ethan for several minutes before he pulled his head back and saw that wonderful smile emanating from Ethan's face that he so loved about him. Ethan whispered 'Don't stop' as he moved head back towards Angelo and they kissed tongues wrestling each other for supremacy, Ethan reached round pulling Angelo on top of him as he felt his legs pushed apart by Angelo's. Angelo was careful to avoid the wound as he slipped in between Ethan's legs resting on his forearms overlooking Ethan underneath him. He leant forward and began kissing him again, his thighs and ass being caressed by Ethan's legs. Angelo was in no state to delay making love to Ethan, quickly he had his cock positioned and pushing in to Ethan. Ethan gasped and wriggled to adjust as he felt his ass being prised open by Angelo's penetration, deeper and deeper it went forcing it's way inside. Ethan moaned and cried 'Oh god Angelo I love you', his words muffled by Angelo's tongue filling his mouth as he settled in to a steady driving rhythm of love making, his balls tapping rapidly at Ethan's ass. Ethan's back arching in desire for Angelo to make love to him. Slowly he ground his hips in to Ethan's ass who moaned in delight as they kissed, suddenly Angelo slowed to an almost stand still as he looked down at Ethan, unsure why he was stopping Ethan looked worryingly up at him, but Angelo just smiled and kissed him. "Ethan marry me?" Angelo looked deeper in to Ethan's eyes. Ethan grabbed Angelo's head "Oh my god.. yes, yes of course". Angelo smiled and kissed him then raised his head "Get ready I am going to fuck you in to the mattress". Ethan grabbed Angelo's shoulders just in time as he began to fuck Ethan hard and relentless, Ethan cried and screamed his name as he tripped out of the world and floated feeling the pure intensity of Angelo taking his lover, him. Angelo groaned and grunted signalling his climax was imminent, Ethan looked him in the eyes then kissed him hard as the fucking reached deeper in to his body 'Own me Angelo, show me you own me' he cried to Angelo. There was no aggressiveness in his love making it was a show of love and wanting for Ethan, he balls tightened quicker than they had ever done 'Oh god Ethan I love you' he called out as his body shuddered and his balls released their seed flowing rapidly up along the tubes until they met the pulsing shaft of the cock only to be fired out and released in to Ethan's body. Their mouths met in frantic kissing as Angelo's seed continued to be planted deep in to Ethan. After some time had passed Angelo pulled out and collapsed on to the bed panting heavily, Ethan laid beside him his hand across Angelo's chest was also panting trying to catch his breath. "Holy cow Angelo" Ethan panted with a grin on his face. Angelo turned to look at him "Sorry was it to much?". Ethan laughed "Fuck no, that was amazing" he breathed "I never knew it could be that exhilarating". Angelo patted Ethan's leg "I can't help it, I just love owning you and making love to you". Ethan turned to look at him "Did you mean what you said as you made love to me?". Angelo kissed him "Yes, you definitely want to marry me?". Ethan laughed "After that I would marry you every day, but yes I meant my answer". Ethan laid in the arms of Angelo side by side talking as Ethan drifted off to sleep. Some hours had passed and Ethan shuffled and woke himself up from a deep sleep, he laid there watching Angelo sleeping for a few minutes, he was happy and excited that the man laying next to him wanted to marry him. At best he thought he would be in his 30's before he found the right person to settle with or even not at all, but this man had completely won him over both from the physical sight and what was inside. His happiness bursting at the seems seemed to glow from his body as Angelo stirred and opened his eyes to find himself starring directly in to Ethan's eyes. "Are you aright, do you need anything?" Angelo asked sleepily. Ethan kissed him "No, I have everything I want right next to me". Angelo smiled "Go back to sleep then" he replied stroking Ethan's back. Within minutes they were both fast asleep again and Ethan for the first time in ages dreamt about Angelo and him walking along the beach hand in hand listening and watching the surf, in his dream they just walked mile upon mile along an expansive deserted beach. Ethan shuffled as he became aware the alarm clock was going off signalling it was 6am. He called out to 'Alexa stop' as Angelo began shifting in bed waking up. Ethan sat upright wondering if he had dreamt the whole thing, his hand wondered over to his shoulder where he felt the dressing. So it was all true he thought turning to look at Angelo who was starring up at him. "have you just realised what happened when we went to bed?" Angelo asked seeing a cogs in Ethan's mind working. Ethan nodded and smiled "Is it real, did you actually ask me to marry you?". "Yes" Angelo nodded "Are you having second thoughts?". Ethan shook his head "No, I just wanted to make sure it really did happen". Angelo smiled and stroked Ethan's back "I will pick you up after college". Ethan laid back down next to Angelo and kissed him "Why?" he asked curiously. "I need to get a ring on your finger, then you do become mine". Ethan kissed him on the mouth tenderly "Final step to really owning me, I want to buy you one as well". Angelo smiled "Is that so". "Oh yes" Ethan nodded "You may own me, but I own you", Angelo slipped his tongue in to Ethan's mouth and kissed him lovingly "Come on, we better get up". Ethan sat on the edge of the bed "Angelo do we tell anyone or wait a few days?". Angelo smiled at Ethan "Let's wait a couple of days, at least until I get a ring on your finger". Ethan nodded and got up to join Angelo in the shower "Promise you will never doubt me again". Angelo's hands were washing Ethan's back "I promise, I should never have in the first place" he replied. Ethan turned his head and leant back "It tore me apart thinking I was going to loose you". "It did?, that's good Ethan, it shows how much you love me. Never again my baby" Angelo kissed his neck. Adam poked his head in to the kitchen dead on 7am as usual to find Ethan ready to go to school with a big smile on his face, he couldn't help but notice something very different about Angelo, it was like his whole body was exuding happiness and figured it was down to them patching things up, or did he indeed do the right thing by Ethan. "You two look very happy this morning after last nights debacle" Adam said grabbing the coffee Angelo handed him. Ethan chuckled "We patched things up and made them better and I got the most amazing f..." Adam stopped him "Errr enough" he laughed "I don't need the graphic description I know you both well enough". Ethan slapped Adam on the ass "It was good though". Adam nodded and shook his head at the same time "How is the wound this morning?". "Sore but healing. I kind of feel sorry for Matt though" Ethan said looking at the place where it happened. Adam put his arm around Ethan "I wouldn't Ethan, somehow I don't think he feels sorry". Ethan turned to look at him "I guess not, thank you for being here for me last night". Angelo kissed Ethan's head "Stop being sentimental and get your bag or both of you we will be late". Ethan got in the passenger seat of the car and they pulled out the drive, they saw Matt's car being towed away by the police as they drove down the street towards Harrison. Adam glanced at Ethan "Are you sure your okay?". Ethan smiled "Yes, Angelo and I had a good talk last night and you could say we are closer than ever now". "Now?" Adam glanced and smiled seeing a glint in Ethan's eye, he wondered if Angelo did the right thing last night. Ethan sighed and sat back in his seat "How was Tony last night when you got back?". "Oh well he was somewhat shocked at what happened and he sort of asked for us to be exclusive now". Ethan turned to look at him "Exclusive, what does that mean?". Adam laughed "Like Angelo and you, sex with only your partner no one else". "Ah, is that something you want?" Ethan replied wondering if Adam could be serious enough. Adam nodded "Yes, I have loved Tony for years Ethan, long before we were of legal age". Ethan's mouth gapped open "wow, I never knew that". "We only came out as a serious couple after we both turned 18" Adam replied as he sniffed trying to hide his emotion. Ethan touched Adam's arm "It's lovely what you two have and lucky you found someone to love". Adam parked he car and looked at Ethan "He asked me to marry him last night". Ethan opened his eyes wide "What, seriously, and?". "I said yes, I love him to pieces but there comes a time when you need to be grown up about things" Adam replied. Ethan wanted to tell him but he held back "I am so happy for you both" he leaned in and kissed Adam. Adam shook his head laughing "What was that for?". "I still love you in our own way, does it mean we won't be able to kiss anymore?" Ethan asked with a sad expression. Adam opened the car door and looked at him "We can still kiss" he winked as he got out. Ethan got out of the car "Just another day" he said as they started walking to the cafeteria. Adam saw Ben sitting on his own "Ethan why don't you try and talk to Ben, he looks so unhappy". Adam grabbed two coffees and handed one to Ethan and nodded in Ben's direction, Ethan stood and thought so maybe this is not going to be just another day. For all the things Ben had done Ethan didn't feel any hatred for him, after all they had grown up together and were very close as friends. As Ethan watched him it struck him how sexy Ben actually was, he had never looked or thought of him in this way before. Ethan started to walk towards him, he never saw the cafeteria door open and Franco walk in, Adam quickly got his attention and called him over telling him to let them try and sort things out, Franco watched for a moment and nodded as they sat down and chatted about the previous evening. Ethan stood in front of Ben who looked up at him he wore neither happiness or anger but just looked Ethan in the eye. "Mind if I sit Ben" Ethan asked looking at him for some response. Ben nodded and looked at his coffee as Ethan sat down "I have been trying to speak to you for weeks". "Why didn't you?" Ethan replied. Ben nodded in the direction of Adam and Franco "They are always with you, what is the deal with Franco?". Ethan chuckled "Franco is the cousin of my boyfriend". "I see, he seems to always get in the way" Ben responded looking at Ethan. Ethan looked back at Ben "Yes he does, to him I am family and they look out for each other". "Is it really serious you and the Latino?" Ben said with little confidence. Ethan didn't know what to make of Ben "Yes. Can we talk about us?". Ben looked up at him "I'm sorry..." stopping mid sentence as he looked across to the doors. Ethan turned to see Javier walking in and looking over at them "Oh sorry about that it wasn't my doing". Ben returned his focus to Ethan "I know his brother really hauled him over the coals about his behaviour". "And what about you, you weren't exactly friendly towards me either?" Ethan leaned forward and sipped his coffee. Ben sat back and stared at Ethan "It was, I mean is complicated and I don't know if I am ready". Ethan frowned "Your not making any sense Ben, you are my oldest friend. Out of anyone I would hope you would understand". Ben looked down "I do and that is what makes it complicated. If I say anything you will probably tell people". "Ben your not making much sense" Ethan was getting frustrated at the cryptic words. Ben sighed "You could never tell how I felt about you, why we spent so much time together growing up". Ethan began to see the light "Oh Ben" his mind started whirring around "Are you saying what I think your saying". Ben freaked out "I'm sorry I have to go" he stood up and rushed out of the cafeteria as Ethan called after him. Ethan sat there looking blankly at the wall in front of him he could hear people walking around and chairs scuffing on the floor and Adam appeared in front of him. "That didn't look like it went well" Adam said looking at Ethan's frozen expression. Ethan snapped back "Oh er, Adam must promise not to say anything to anyone, despite what happened in the past". Adam looked curiously "Of course". Ethan still looked dazed "I think Ben might have been trying to tell me he is gay, that is why he closed me out". Adam looked at Ethan "Wow, Ben gay, now that is a revelation". "How could I not have seen it, all those years of sleepovers and play fighting we did" Ethan shook his head. Adam clicked his fingers at Ethan "Snap out of it, we have lectures. Maybe we need to get Ben alone and talk to him". Ethan nodded as they stood up and headed to class.
  10. Part 19 - Confrontation Angelo pulled in to the driveway and sat in the car for several minutes unsure what he was going to say, in his heart he hoped this was not true but he couldn't ignore how he was feeling. He stepped out of the car and walked in to the house, Ethan called out as Angelo put his bag down and headed to the dining room where Ethan sat doing his assignment. It still took Angelo's breath away seeing Ethan head down in his books, he loved him beyond words but also had he been blinded not to see what was going on. Angelo sat down at the table opposite Ethan and looked at him, Ethan looked up and smiled which quickly turned in to a look of concern. "What's the matter Angelo?" Ethan asked closing his books. Angelo stared as Ethan shifted in his seat uncomfortably "Are you playing me Ethan?". Ethan looked confusingly at him "Playing you, what do you mean?". "Are you using me until your ready to move on" Angelo replied seriously. Ethan began to feel sick "Why would think such a thing?". "If you are you your doing a very good job" Angelo's gazed was fixed on Ethan. Ethan looked seeing a very different Angelo "I don't understand where this has suddenly come from". "People talk and it was disturbing what I found out today" Angelo continued studying Ethan. A tear trickled down Ethan's face "Are you saying you don't love me anymore?". Angelo shook his head "Am I just a plaything, a meal ticket for you?". Ethan wiped his face and looked at him "Is that what you really think this is all about? "I don't know Ethan you tell me" Angelo was breaking inside watching him but he had to know. Ethan stood up "Did I hate you for pozzing me, did I hate you when you literally raped me?". Angelo shook his head and quietly responded "No" and looked down. Ethan continued "I can't believe you would think this is how I would treat you". "I don't want to believe any of it but I can't ignore what I heard" Angelo replied. Ethan shook his head "I am only here because of one thing, if you can't see that then I should leave". Angelo looked at Ethan who was leaving the dining room "Ethan wait". "No Angelo, you have made it clear you don't trust me and can't see what is really in front of you" Ethan ran out. He climbed the stairs to the bedroom and sat on the bed, Angelo put his head in his hands regretting what had just taken place, he saw no malice and deceit in Ethan's eyes and knew he had probably just wrecked any chance with him. Ethan picked his phone up and called Adam his eyes streaming with sadness at Angelo, he cried down the phone as he told Adam that it looked like Angelo and he were finished, Adam sat in silence shocked by what Ethan was telling him. Angelo went to get a glass of water and sat at the counter he didn't know what to do. Matt watched Angelo carefully with a gratifying grin on his face and decided to leave it 5 or 10 more minutes before he would knock at the door. Angelo sat there for a few minutes, he believed Ethan and the last thing he wanted was for him to leave, he needed to speak to Franco and reaching in to his pocket he pulled his phone out and turned it on. Adam spoke urgently to Ethan "Don't leave Ethan, it sounds like someone is playing with you both". "He was angry and upset, he doesn't trust me Adam" Ethan croaked down the phone. Adam grabbed his car keys "Ethan please just sit there I am coming over, don't leave until we speak to him". Matt stood at the front door, he couldn't hear anything so he knocked quietly but loud enough to be heard, he could hear the shuffling and foot steps approaching, the door opened and Angelo stood there. Angelo looked at him "Matt what do you want?". "Angelo I just wanted to pop by and apologise for... are you alright?" Matt spoke with his calming voice. "Not now Matt" Angelo said and was about to close the door. "Angelo, you look like you need someone to talk to" Matt said sounding concerned. Angelo opened the door against hi better judgment "Come in". Matt walked through and closed the door and followed him to the kitchen "Thank you Angelo". Angelo began to pour his heart out to Matt, he didn't know why but he felt comfortable doing it as Matt sat and listened intently. "Oh Angelo, I know we ended badly but I would never do that to you" Matt walked over and put his hand on his shoulder. Angelo looked up seeing sincerity in his eyes "I don't know what to do Matt". Matt rubbed his shoulder "I think it best to end it Angelo, I will always be here for you remember that". Angelo's attention was drawn to his phone over the other side of the kitchen as it kept flashing up with voicemails, he was about to retrieve it when there was a knock at the door and he hear Ethan coming down the stairs. Matt tried to stop Angelo in a fruitless attempt by drawing his attention but Angelo heard Adam calling Ethan's name and asking if he had touched him. Angelo turned to Matt and said it would be better if he left, Matt protested telling him he would need a shoulder to cry on and he wanted to be here for him after all he understood Angelo better than anyone. Adam came in to the kitchen and looked at Angelo then at Matt and shook his head "Why Angelo?". Matt interrupted "I don't think it is any of your business, you and Ethan should leave". "Stop it Matt" Angelo told him "I have to speak to Ethan first". Matt glanced at Adam "Ethan doesn't love you Angelo, don't put yourself through this". Adam turned and moved towards Matt "And how would you know, you don't know what they have". Matt stared him down "Are you part of it as well?". "Don't be so ridiculous" Adam retorted clenching his fist. "Enough the both of you" Angelo stood their holding his phone his gazed fixed on Matt. The front door was being pounded as Mark and Franco arrived at the same time and stood their shouting for Angelo to open the door. Angelo stepped around them both and went to the front door, he stopped and looked at the stairs seeing Ethan sat at the top who looked vulnerable and scared. It dawned on him that anyone who looked the way he did could not be lying, he called up to Ethan and told him to stay there as he wanted to talk. Inside Angelo was hurting and just as upset as he turned his focus to the front door and opened it. "It's all lies" Franco shouted as he came in behind Mark pushing him through the door. Mark saw Ethan on the stairs "It's your ex Angelo he is trying to break you both up". Angelo looked at them both "Is that why you have both come here?". "Yes Angelo, we don't want you to make a mistake you will regret" Mark said and Franco nodded in agreement. Angelo turned and strode purposefully back to the kitchen where Matt and Adam were still engrossed in their argument and didn't notice Mark and Franco coming in to the room behind Angelo. "That's him" Franco said pointing to Matt "He is the one who said those things about Ethan". Angelo looked at Matt who stopped to look at Angelo "You just can't let it go can you?". Mark went to other side of where Adam stood and looked at Angelo "Dillon told me he has been stalking you for months". Matt looked at Mark then Angelo "I told you he doesn't love you Angelo, only I know how to love you". "I told you 5 years ago I never wanted to see you and now I know why" Angelo looked angrily at Matt. Matt tried to step towards Angelo but was stopped by Mark "You need me Angelo just face it". "You think to much of yourself Matt" Angelo started moving towards Matt his fists clenched. Adam quickly went round to Angelo and held his arm "Leave him to us, go and put things right with Ethan". Ethan walked in to the kitchen hearing the commotion "Why is he here?" he said looking at Matt. Matt slipped past Mark and ran towards Ethan yelling for him to leave and let him be with Angelo. It all happened so quickly but like slow motions as Adam, Angelo and Mark stood frozen to the spot in that instance. Matt came within feet of Ethan grabbing a kitchen knife like lightning whilst Ethan was in shock and couldn't respond he stood seeing the glint of the stainless steel being thrusted towards him. Ethan felt the sharp scratching across his left shoulder hearing the clanging sound as the knife dropped to the floor followed by Matt's body, his hand went to the spot of the pain, it felt wet and looked down at his fingers that were now stained with his own blood. Franco had seen Matt pick up the knife and reacted quickly punching Matt in the head hard just as the blade of the knife touched Ethan's skin and left a slit across his shoulder cutting through his t-shirt and young skin with silky ease. Matt collapsed on the floor dropping the knife in the process as everything blacked out, Franco kicked him to make sure he was out and lifted Ethan's t-shirt up to see how bad it was. Adam screamed and ran across the kitchen as Franco landed his punch the sound of the knife hitting the floor echoed around Adam's ears, he quickly put his arm around Ethan as Franco lifted his t-shirt up. Adam breathed a sigh of relief seeing that the wound looked worse that it was, it didn't go in deep, he grabbed some kitchen roll behind Ethan and held it over the cut whilst Ethan stood there looking at the blood on his fingers. Angelo gasped but his confused state of mind caused him to freeze on the spot taking in the scene, at the point where Matt grabbed the knife he shouted for Matt to stop, his body telling him to move so he ran towards Ethan to protect him but he was to late as he saw the knife swishing through the air across Ethan. Everything happened to quickly for Angelo to process as bodies flew around the kitchen towards Ethan. Adam looked at Angelo's tear streaked face and told him to look after his lover. Mark ran behind Matt but he was to far away to prevent Matt picking up the knife, he shouted for Ethan to move but he seemed transfixed on the shiny object heading swiftly towards his body. Matt managed to grab hold of Matt's shirt preventing him from getting any closer to Ethan, Matt swished the knife around in the air trying to get at Ethan, he lunged forward with all his strength as the knife ripped through Ethan's t-shirt. He never saw the fist of Franco appear but he heard the crack and thud as Matt fell to the floor with the knife. He looked up and saw blood slowly seeping through the t-shirt. The neighbours had seen all the frantic people arriving and then the arguments and screaming coming from the house, they were concerned and called the police out. Marion and John Chalmers stood outside the front of their house next door to Angelo's as the police arrived, one of the officers recognised John as Dr Chalmers and they ran through everything that had seen and heard. The two cops knocked on the front door and shouted 'Police open up'. Ethan suddenly came back to his senses as Angelo put his arm around him. "I am so sorry Ethan I should never have doubted you" Angelo spoke softly. Ethan looked at the Matt who was coming around "You did though and that hurts". Angelo picked up Ethan and carried him in to the lounge and laid him on the sofa. Ethan looked Angelo in the eyes "I love you Angelo more than you believe in me". Angelo smiled stroking his head "I know and I think you under estimate how I feel about you". Adam opened the door and let the police in, seeing the scene Officer Delgado went outside and asked the doctor if he would attend to the young guy. Whilst Ethan was being attended to the others ran through the series of events that lead up to the evening, Mario and John were both interviewed and confirmed that they had seen the man quite often sitting in his car across the street. With the evidence stacking against him Matt was placed under arrest and charged with stalking and attempted manslaughter. The police finally left escorting Matt to be detained for evaluation, Angelo watched as John finished putting some covering over Ethan's cut. Marion walked in to the lounge "Do you want me to make some coffee?" she asked. Angelo nodded "I will come and help" and they walked in to the kitchen. "We didn't mean to be nosey but it there was quite a commotion going on" Marion began to explain. Angelo smiled "No thank you for looking out for us, I do appreciate you calling the police". "It was just when he arrived but stood and waited watching until he knocked your door" Marion shook her head. Angelo looked at Marion "I'm sorry I have never really made the effort to get to know you both" he said. Marion smiled "We just thought you wanted your privacy". Adam was the last to leave and Ethan was sitting with his feet up on the sofa enjoying the attention he was getting from Adam and Mark whilst Franco and Angelo chatted in the kitchen, when Adam was set to leave Angelo walked with him to the front door. "Have I messed it up with him?" Angelo asked holding the door open. Adam turned to face Angelo "Trust me the love he has for you won't be broken so easily". Angelo smiled "I hope so, I need to repair what happened tonight". Adam kissed Angelo "Just make him happy so him how much you love him, do the right thing". Angelo nodded "Good night Adam and thank you". Adam turned to Angelo as he walked down the path and smiled "Do the right thing". Angelo stood for a moment watching Adam with a sense of curiousness about he had said to him. It was true that he felt so much love being around Ethan and there should never had been any doubt, and did Adam mean what he thought he meant. Angelo closed the door.
  11. Part 18 - Family Ties There was a slight tension in the air barely noticeable by anyone sitting around but Angelo could sense it, he thought it would be better to leave them to talk this out. "You look well Ethan" Jack said moving the chair to sit on. Angelo stood as Jack sat down "I will leave you to catch up". "No Angelo, I want you to stay there is nothing to hide" Ethan said looking at him. Jack waited for Angelo to sit down then turned to Ethan "I don't really know what to say Ethan, in my head I had it all planned." Ethan fondled the glass in front of him "You are not often lost for words" he responded. "I'm sorry for what happened between us" Jack spoke tentatively. Ethan waited for a moment "Sorry about what, turning your back on me so quickly?" he asked calmly. "The whole thing caught me by surprise Ethan, how was I suppose to react" Jack replied apologetically. Jack continued "I won't to put this behind us and you to come back home". Ethan looked at Angelo then his father "Everything changed father when you hit me". Jack looked at Ethan "You gave back just as good". "I wasn't about to let it happen again, and you made your point very clear" Ethan looked down at the glass. Jack sat quietly for a moment then continued "I know but I never expected you would actually leave". Ethan looked at his father and Angelo "I'm sorry but I won't come back home to live". Jack glanced at Angelo "Is this your doing?" he spoke with an agitated voice. Ethan lowered his voice in annoyance "I made my own choice to move in with Angelo before our argument". He continued "What happened that evening just made it sooner than we both expected and don't speak to him like that". Jack was stunned by his response "Did you ever intend on telling us?". Ethan nodded "Yes, but I think you would have reacted the same no matter when I told you". Jack knew it would be no use arguing with him "I can't pretend to like this Ethan". "I wouldn't expect you to, but you will have to come to accept it if you wan me in your life" Ethan replied. Jack nodded "It will take time" he said glancing at Angelo "Can we at least re-build our relationship?". Ethan looked at his father and nodded slowly "Two conditions though". "Negotiating already?" Jack smiled at Ethan. Ethan looked seriously at him "Stop controlling my life and let me live it as I want, and accept Angelo". Jack studied Ethan for a moment "Only if you promise to finish college". Ethan glanced at Angelo "Deal" he said smiling at his father who leaned in and hugged his son. Jack turned to Angelo "I owe you an apology as well Angelo". Angelo shook his head "No Jack, I should apologise as I deceived you after realising who Ethan was". "I don't pretend to understand what is going on, that's is what is hard for me" Jack said looking at Ethan. Ethan smiled "I only want you to accept me and us, I don't want to shut you out of my life". Jack smiled and hugged his son again this time it lasted longer and unexpectedly Jack turned to Angelo and hugged him. Ellie watched from her table at the progress when she saw Angelo stand up and walk towards her. "Hi, I'm Angelo you must be Ethan's mother" Angelo held out his hand. Ellis stood up and hugged Angelo "Thank you for looking after my boy". Angelo smiled "I'm sorry for all the trouble it has caused, but he means the world to me. Come over and have a drink with us". As Ellie approached the table Ethan stood up and gave his mother a kiss and a hug, they spent the rest of the evening talking and slowly beginning to understand and accept how things would be from now on. As time healed the rift between father and son and they slowly re-built their family, Ethan was careful never to push or show affection towards Angelo around his parents at this early stage. Matt had kept a low profile but was still watching them both carefully, he knew of Mark and Franco and slowly his plan began to form to get Angelo back, he would wait with open arms when the time was right. It was a cold September morning as Matt ordered a coffee standing in the line behind Mark waiting for his order, he accidentally bumped in to Mark. "Sorry I didn't mean to bump in to you" Mark turned and nodded "Oh aren't you Mark?" he asked. Mark turned to face him "Yes" he looked quizzically at him. Matt smiled "How is Ethan, I know him through his friend?". "Oh, err.. he is okay, why do you ask?" Mark was curious now. Matt picked up his coffee "I know he is dating some guy for a meal ticket, you know just biding his time". Mark watched him put a lid on his coffee "I don't know what you mean" he replied shaking his head. Matt turned to make his exit "Oh you know, he doesn't love him or anything, just using him for now. Must dash bye". He swiftly exited the coffee shop and could see Mark's reflection in the window looking shocked and confused, he walked round the side of the coffee shop and got in his car and disappeared. Mark was jolted back when the barista called his order out, confused and quite upset at what he just heard he glanced over the office debating if he should say anything to Angelo. Mark walked back over with the coffees in hand and entered the office, he watched Angelo for a moment as he walked towards his desk and put the coffee down. "You look like you have seen a ghost" Angelo looked at him smiling. Mark looked over at him "Oh just something on my mind" he didn't have the heart to say anything and would wait. Mark tried to put it out of his mind for the moment and buried his head in work. Matt arrived in White Plains and knew from his diligent stalking where Franco would be at this time in the afternoon after college. He used the same tactic and rushed out as he didn't like the look on Franco's face, but he knew the damage was done and now it was a waiting game. Franco sat down and began typing a text to Angelo 'Is it true that Ethan is using you?" he looked and didn't know what else to say so he hit the send button. He never would have thought Ethan was like that but then unless you know someone you just couldn't tell, Franco pondered weather Adam was in on this as well. He decided to wait and see what Angelo would have to say before confronting Ethan. Mark looked up at Angelo who dropped his phone on his desk "What's the matter?" he asked. Angelo stared at his phone then looked up at Mark "Nothing, just something I have to deal with". "Is it Ethan?" Mark hazarding a guess. Angelo nodded "Yes" and a look of disappointment drew across his face. "Come on lets go outside and talk" Mark stood dreading this moment. Angelo stood up and grabbed his phone as they walked outside in to the chilly wind and sat down the bench outside the coffee shop, Mark went in and fetched two coffees and returned to sit by Angelo. "Has someone texted you about him and what he is up to?" Mark asked handing the coffee to Angelo. Angelo nodded "It appears he is not all it seems Mark". Mark touched Angelo's leg "Someone told me this morning he was after a meal ticket". Angelo looked at him "Then it is true, why didn't you tell me this morning?". "I didn't know what to make of it, it is strange someone just talks to you and says this" Mark responded. Angelo looked out across the parking lot "I can't believe he took me in like this". Mark shook his head "I don't believe any of it Angelo, don't make any rash decision". "What would you expect me to do?" Angelo asked sipping his coffee. "I don't know, who was the text you got from?" Mark asked. Angelo showed Mark the message "From my cousin, he is at the same college as Ethan". Mark sat there in disbelief "I can't understand it, sure it is not true". Angelo sat back and sighed "I put my heart on a string to be cut open again". "No Angelo, I don't believe Ethan is like that, to hear this twice in one day isn't right" Mark protested to Angelo. Angelo looked at him "Or it is". Mark stopped short of getting annoyed with him "Just talk to him Angelo". "I need to head home and sort it out tonight, I won't live with a lie" Angelo stood up and walked back to the office. Matt sat in his car smiling and turned the engine over as he needed to get over to Larchmont, he knew by the look on Angelo's face that word had got back to him. He wanted to be there ready with open arms for Angelo playing the supportive ex boyfriend. Angelo packed his things up and turned his phone off as he got in the car, he needed to think on the drive over. Mark sat at his desk with his head in his hands until Dillon made a noise taking his coat of the closet, Dillon had been with Angelo since the start of the business and had met Matt a couple of times in the coffee shop years ago and was surprised to see him there this morning whilst Mark was in there. "Hey Mark, don't look so down dude" Dillon walked up towards Mark's desk. Mark looked up "Hey Dillon, sorry a few things on my mind that are worrying me". Dillon smiled "Strange day, and never expected to see the ex back around here after their break up". Mark computed it slowly "Ex, what ex?". "Matt was over in the coffee shop this morning I saw him go in after you" Dillon said waving his hand about. Mark stood up "Matt, Angelo's ex?". Dillon nodded "Yeah he is a complete fruitcake, a couple of us think he hasn't let go of Angelo yet". "What do you mean?" Mark scratched his head. Dillon laughed "He sits in his car way over in the parking lot at least once a week, but this week 3 times from what I saw". Mark described him to Dillon who nodded "I never knew that was his ex" he replied suddenly looking horrified. Dillon shrugged his shoulders "Yeah, any how see you tomorrow". Mark was dialling Angelo's mobile "Yes sure Dillon and thanks". The phone went straight to voicemail so Mark tried the number again and did so a dozen times. He was now frantic and decided he would have to drive over to Angelo's place in Larchmont hopefully before Angelo did anything he might later regret. He stopped for a moment and searched the files for Franco's number remembering that it must be on file for when he works during the holidays. He dialled the number and waited for Franco to answer his phone, after the pleasantries were out of the way Mark asked him how he had heard of this rumour about Ethan. Franco explained and the described Matt but strangely he did not know his name. To Mark it quickly became obvious that this was no accident they both got the same message from the same guy, he explained to Franco telling him that he fears what Angelo may do before he knows the full facts. Franco swore in Spanish down the phone more so at how gullible he was being taken in, he thought at the time this could not be true and now it was confirmed, after he calmed down he told Mark he was also going to drive over to Angelo's. Mark ran out of the office and jumped in his car still trying to call Angelo. In White Plains Franco borrowed his mothers car and headed off to Larchmont.
  12. Part 17 - Back To College Angelo was feeling quite sad that Ethan was going back off to college, he had got use to him being around and love chatting to him during the day from the office. But today Ethan was going back to a somewhat normal existence and studying 5 days a week, he came down the stairs after breakfast fully dressed with his books ready to go. Adam arrived on cue at 7.30am, Angelo kissed and hugged Ethan not wanting to let him go but finally he released him and Ethan opened the car door before looking back at Angelo 'Love you' he called as he got in the passenger seat. They hardly seemed to be on the road very long as Adam parked the car and they walked over to the common room and cafeteria as they had some time to spare before lessons started. Adam pointed to a large table telling Ethan to sit down whilst he grabbed coffees. Javier came in and stopped seeing Ethan sat there at the table, he also noticed Adam at the counter. Ethan glanced up trying to hide that he was looking at Javier who was acting as though he wanted to come over and say something but instead he turned and took a seat at the opposite end of the cafeteria. Javier's brother walked in and watched him sitting at a small table in the corner, he shook his head and seeing Adam he went over to join him at the counter. They chatted and wandered back over to where Ethan sat, Adam introduced Juan as they sat down, initially Ethan felt a little out of place with Adam and Juan as they quickly caught up about the last few weeks. Juan then started questioning Ethan and including him in the conversation, Ethan couldn't help but seeing Javier in him until his gaze averted across to the entrance as Ben walked in behind a small group of students. Instead of going towards Javier he went in the opposite direction and sat down with some girls from their class. "Don't worry about him" Javier noticing Ethan's eyes wondering to Ben. Ethan looked at Juan "What do you mean?" he said quietly. "Javier has been told not to socialise with Ben" Juan responded. Ethan sipped his coffee "Why is that?" he asked Juan. "He is a bad influence on my brother and also what happened in the Diner" Juan looked at Ethan nodding. Ethan had a surprised look on his face "Never thought that everyone would know". Juan laughed "It has been the topic of conversation the last few weeks". Ethan looked down embarrassed "So everyone knows I am gay then?". Juan put his hand under Ethan's chin holding it up "Yes, but no one is judging you". Ethan smiled "You are quite the charmer Juan". Juan smiled "Don't get any ideas, strictly girls only here" he laughed. Adam re-joined the conversation "My mother put word out about the lunch episode, but everyone knew anyway it got round very quickly". Juan nodded "And I.. lets say just had a little word with my brother about his attitude". Ethan looked back at Juan "You mean towards me?". Juan nodded again "I made it clear that loosing friends like you is not the best way forward". Adam and Ethan were in the same lecture for the morning and headed out of the cafeteria towards the classroom. The walk was unusual for Ethan as many students now said hello to him, whenever Adam spoke to anyone they looked at Ethan and greeted him by name as well. Adam would quickly summarise gay or straight with a little background, the short walk to lectures had revealed 3 more gay students in that space of time. They took their seats together in the classroom then Ethan spotted Franco coming in and sitting at the back with his group of friends, Franco was the same age as Adam but he was built like the proverbial brick house and sported some tattoos on his neck and hands which most of the teachers deplored and made him sit at the back. Surprisingly though he was very well educated and smart but played it down a little. People mostly clung to him as they didn't want to be on his bad side, his reputation as a bit of bruiser if anyone annoyed him made them all worship the ground he walked on. He was from White Plains the next town over but his parents sent him to Harrison to be educated due to the college's reputation of turning out scholars. Adam turned to Ethan and quietly spoke "Makes me orgasm every time he walks in the room". Ethan burst out laughing and Adam play punched him on the arm "You are such a slut Adam". Adam leaned over "Tell me you wouldn't if you had the chance". Ethan smiled and nodded "But I have my Latino god. Do you know Franco?". Adam shook his head "I think he would probably punch my lights out if I spoke to him". Ethan laughed and nodded in agreement "Yeah your probably right". They struggled to keep their focus through the first lecture as it droned on and on, but they both diligently took notes and breathed a sigh of relief as the bell rang at midday. Adam and Ethan sat outside for a while until a rain cloud threatened to expose itself so they headed towards the cafeteria to grab a coffee. Ethan paid the cashier as they hunted for a quiet table to sit and chat, being lunchtime it was pretty full but they spied a couple of seats at one of the larger canteen style tables. They chatted away about the morning lecture oblivious to everyone else but it was Ethan who spotted Franco sitting opposite them on the next table. Ethan never meant to but he looked and made eye contact with Franco, he quickly averted his gaze hoping he didn't get noticed and focused on Adam, his eyes kept darting behind Adam and every time he found Franco starring at him. Ethan leaned over to Adam "I think we better go". Adam looked questioningly at him "What is wrong Eth?" he replied using his new nickname for Ethan. "I accidentally made eye contact with him and now he is starring at us" Ethan responded. They both stood trying to be as casual as possible chatting and not making eye contact with anyone. Their exit from the cafeteria complete Adam laughed whilst Ethan's heart was pounding in his chest, he leaned back against the wall and laughed. "I don't want to get on the his bad side on day one" Ethan said not realising that Franco had followed them. "Whose bad side" Franco remarked. Ethan turned "Oh fuck" he spurted out and clamped his hand over his mouth quickly to silence himself. Franco looked at Adam "Disappear" he said to Adam. Adam shook his head and stood his ground "No, I have promised to look after him". Franco laughed "You his bodyguard then?" mocking Adam as he said it. Ethan put his arm in front of Adam "Listen don't want any trouble with you, sorry I looked at you in there". Franco looked Ethan up and down "Why did you look at me, do you like a bit of Latino?". Ethan shook his head "Sorry I didn't mean to you were just in my line of sight". Franco laughed and told his group of friends to disappear "Come with me" he said to Ethan and Adam. They pushed the doors open to the cafeteria and walked over to a table where Franco told them to sit. Like two obedient puppies they sat down on the opposite side of the table. A few of the students watched eagerly wondering what was about to take place. Ethan wanted this over done with "Can we just get this over with whatever is it you want". Franco looked at Ethan "Got somewhere you need to be then?". "Yes I do" Ethan said in a determined manner. Franco was definitely amused by Ethan's change "And what is so important that you rush for... your lover?". Ethan stared at Franco "My life is my business, what do you want?" he spoke having had enough of Franco's game. "You don't look scared of me Ethan" Franco remarked as he leaned on the table. Ethan shrugged his shoulders "Should I be?". Franco smiled "No you don't need to be, neither of you need to be" he said nodding at Adam. Ethan kept up his brave appearance "Did you think I was eyeing you up" he said brazenly. Franco laughed "You have a thing for Latino's or did you just fall for one?" he said loving his little game. "How do you know so much about me?" Ethan asked his voice slightly shaking now. "Pretty young boy aren't you, Angelo never imagined he would land someone like you" Franco replied grinning. Ethan looked at Adam and back to Franco stunned "You know Angelo?". Franco nodded "He is my cousin, I work with Angelo during the holidays at his company" Franco replied.". Ethan shook his head in a confused state "I don't remember seeing you there". "No I came in and out quickly as I was on a job, but I recognised you straight away" Franco grinned at him. He continued "When Angelo realised I was at the same college he asked me to discreetly look out for you both". Ethan still sat shaking his head "Why didn't he tell me?". "He didn't want you think he was spying on you or anything" Franco replied to Ethan. Ethan and Adam both relaxed and stayed chatting to Franco for sometime before Adam realised the time. As they walked to the car Ethan turned to Adam and said that he could now see the resemblance between Angelo and Franco. They drove out of college and parked up at Mel's Diner to grab coffee with their mothers before they headed back to Larchmont. Life at college took on a whole new perspective and the weeks just floated by as they settled in to their routines, these now included meeting their mothers a couple of times a week and also lunching with Franco several times a week. Javier stayed well clear of Ben and neither of them was talking to Ethan, a couple of times Javier had almost tried to talk to Ethan but he soon realised that he was never alone long enough since his circle of new friends had grown. The long summer days were changing in to cooler autumnal weather and Ethan was again having problems getting in to his clothes, for a young 18 year old his body had changed through all his working out with Angelo and Adam. He stood looking in the mirror amazed at how his biceps had grown, Angelo walked out of the bathroom in to the bedroom and stood smiling at him. "Do we need to shopping?" Angelo said standing behind Ethan. Ethan looked at Angelo in the mirror "I guess so" he turned and kissed Angelo "Off to the mall then?". Angelo patted his ass "Absolutely, how about dinner at the Marina tonight?". "Just the two of us, Saturday date night?" Ethan fell back on the bed looking at Angelo holding his arms up. Angelo laughed "Yes just us" he pulled Ethan off the bed "Later, get dressed". Angelo knew what Ethan wanted to do instead of shopping and laughed when Angelo hauled him off the bed, he kissed him and found the tightest t-shirt he could find whilst Angelo booked a table for 8pm. Ethan sent his weekly text to Sofie and finished up by saying they were dining at the Marina and he would see her on Monday. Sofie walked around Harrison with her mother reading Ethan's text and debating weather now was a good time to try and get things patched up in the family, she persuaded her mother to stop at Mel's Diner for a drink. Sofie took a slurp on her milkshake and looked at her mother "Had a text from Ethan this morning". Ellie put her coffee down "What is he up to this weekend?". "Out shopping for clothes and then he is out for dinner with his boyfriend at the Marina tonight" said wistfully. Ellie looked up "Marina hmm, your father knows his boyfriend you know". "So I heard, you haven't met him yet have you?" Sofie said putting down her milkshake. Ellie smiled she knew what her daughter was up to "Are you saying that your father and I should dine there?". Sofie nodded "Maybe it would be a good idea". Ellie picked up her phone and booked a table at the restaurant "Maybe it is the only way". "I promise I won't tell Ethan and you must not tell him I told you" Sofie said looking at her mother. Ellie sent a message to Jack 'Dinner at the Marina tonight just the two of us', Jack stood on the tennis court and smiled reading the message and sent a reply 'Great idea'. Sofie's job was done she knew her father had calmed down a lot and was hiding worried thoughts about Ethan as he would not speak to him still, she had overheard many of the conversations her parents had behind closed doors. Sofie waved them off as the taxi arrived to take them to Larchmont for dinner. Ethan and Angelo were sat in a quiet part of the restaurant ordering their dinner. Ellie nervously stood outside the restaurant waiting for Jack to pay the taxi, they both wanted to have a drink and Jack was looking forward to a relaxing dinner out with his wife. Jack not one to pay attention to other people never saw Ethan as they passed by some 5 meters away, Ellie glanced in their direction following Jack and the waiter to their own table, she saw that Ethan was deep in conversation with Angelo and never looked in their direction. She ensured Jack was positioned facing away from Ethan, Ellie on the other hand sat down and was facing them some 6 tables away. She would bide her time and allow Jack to get relaxed, on the other hand she couldn't help but get distracted by Ethan's boyfriend and glanced whenever she could thinking how attractive Angelo was, Latin, tall and very well built with dashing looks, well Margarite had been right about something at least she chuckled to herself. Angelo and Ethan closed their menus and handed them back to the waiter ordering desert, Ethan caught Angelo looking away again for about the hundredth time that evening. "What is it, you look distracted?" Ethan asked placing his glass of water down. Angelo returned his gaze "Promise me you won't turn round if I tell you?". Ethan laughed but then went serious "Maybe but it depends". "There is a table over the other side, the woman keeps looking at us, and the man..." Angelo glanced at the table. Ethan kept his gaze fixed on Angelo "The man what?". Angelo shook his head "I can't quite see him but I am sure I know him, she's ordering have a look". Ethan turned his head and studied the restaurant "Oh no". "What?" Angelo asked looking at Ethan. Ethan's head went down "My parents are over there". Angelo laughed then smiled "Oh so I do know the man then". "Do you think they have seen me?" Ethan said looking worried but mildly amused. Angelo smirked "I think your mother knows, but you have to face this Ethan". Ellie turned to her husband "Have you spoken with Ethan yet?". Jack handed the menu to the waiter "No he won't return my calls or texts". "Are you worried about him?" Ellie held her husbands hand. Jack looked out across the marina "Yes but no, I know he is in safe hands". "Will you make an attempt with him and his boyfriend if you had the chance?" She asked looking at him. Jack turned to look at her "If he will speak to me". "I know it is nothing we have done Jack, it is who he has become now" Ellie quickly glanced at Ethan. Jack sighed "I suppose I could speak to Angelo but we left things a little awkward between us". "What is his boyfriend like Jack?" Ellie asked him. Jack resumed his gave over the marina "Certainly not your stereotypical gay guy, I got taken in by him". Ellie laughed "He must be good person if he got through you". Jack smiled "Yes, I suppose he is a nice person". "You won't strike out again at him?" Ellie asked. Jack's smile disappeared "I think Angelo will hit me if I do. When he is ready we can talk". Ellie smiled "Be the father you should be Jack, go and at least say hello to him" she nodded over Jack's shoulder. Jack turned his head and saw Angelo sat with Ethan in conversation "Do they know we are here?". Ellie nodded "They have just realised we are sat here". Jack sat motionless after turning back to face Ellie, he was conflicted about what to do after all the last time he saw Ethan he had hit him and thrown him out. One thing he didn't expect to see this evening was Ethan with Angelo, it was hitting home hard. Everything Ellie had told him about Ethan doing okay in the big world with the man he loved came flooding back. Underneath he knew that whatever may be, he couldn't just ignore him and had to at least make some effort to start communicating with Ethan properly. He looked at Ellie who sat there watching him and poured him another glass of wine "Think about what you want to say, don't just go over without a plan" Ellie said putting the bottle down. Jack bided his time and allowed Ethan and Angelo to finish their dinner first. He placed his napkin on the table and stood up seeing Ellie smile he turned and walked over towards the table as Angelo caught his eye. Unmistakably he saw Angelo give a little nod as he got closer. "Angelo nice to see you, Ethan how are you?" Jack nervously spoke standing in front of them. Angelo stood up and held out his hand "Jack great to see you". Jack shook his hand without hesitation and looked at Ethan who stared ahead "Ethan can we talk?". Ethan looked up worryingly "I guess so, pull up a chair". Ethan did not feel afraid of his father but he knew that he was cornered into talking to him, and he also knew that Angelo wouldn't let him get off so lightly now his father was in front of him.
  13. Part 16 - The Stalker Angelo went down stairs to make coffee so Ethan showered quickly and pulled a t-shirt out of the draw, he slipped it over his head struggling to fit it over his body with one arm in he stopped trying to work out if he was putting it on correctly. Angelo walked in to the bedroom with coffee and laughed at the sight. "Ethan you can't get in to that t-shirt" Angelo stood shaking his head smiling. Ethan turned to look at him "Am I putting on weight as this fitted a few weeks ago". Angelo put the coffee down and walked up to him "No" he said taking the t-shirt off him. Ethan giggled "Your not just saying that to have your way with me?". Angelo turned him around to face the mirror "Look". Ethan looked at himself in the mirror "Look at what?". Angelo ran his hand up Ethan's biceps and chest "Your muscles are growing Ethan". Ethan looked, working out and knowing his body he never really saw the definition growing "Oh yes" he replied stunned. Angelo laughed "I'm gonna have to work out harder otherwise you will be getting the upper hand with me". Ethan kissed Angelo's hand "Your perfect as you are". Angelo kissed him on the neck "So it looks like we need to buy you some clothes" he smiled. Ethan nodded "That's today sorted out then, I will need to get some money out of the account". "No need, anyway I own you or have you forgotten that" Angelo smiled at Ethan's reflection in the mirror. Ethan turned to him "I can't let..." Angelo stopped him. "Ethan you are my partner so no more discussion about money" Angelo kissed him on the lips. Ethan knew this was a lost battle "Okay you win this time" and kissed Angelo back. Ethan stood by the front door waiting for Angelo as Adam walked up along the street wearing just his shorts, he watched Adam noticing how the rigours of working out daily were also paying off on Adam's body as his muscles had definitely grown even bigger. "Hey Ethan" Adam sprung up along the path and gave Ethan a kiss. Ethan still loved that he was allowed to kiss Adam "Sorry I can't work out with you this morning". Adam saw Angelo heading to the door "Morning sexy". Angelo smiled and kissed Adam "Morning, I have to take him shopping" he said squeezing Ethan's biceps. "Wow Ethan they are growing I never noticed before" Adam replied smiling at Angelo. Angelo laughed "Knock yourself out, if you leave before we are back lock up". "Will do and thanks Angelo" Adam replied as he watched them drive off. Adam closed the door and latched it since he would be in the workout room at the back of the house, Adam go to work with the weights and spent a good hour slowly working out. One the street the silver car returned and parked in the same spot, Matt noticed that the car was gone and the house looked quiet. He got out and walked over up along the path to the side of the house and discreetly peered in the kitchen window, nothing, everything looked empty clean and neat. Adam was sat on the floor drinking water and about to head off when he heard a sound coming from the kitchen. He stood up and walked silently to the door leading out towards the kitchen to investigate the sound, he wasn't sure but it sounded like the back door but he sure that was locked. Adam only caught a glance of the person moving in the back yard, a glance that told him the guy was a few years older and figured he must be a burglar casing the house to find an opening somewhere. Matt crept round in to the back yard towards the French windows when he stopped himself unsure why he was trying to get in the house but he kept trying anyhow. Adam quietly unlocked the kitchen door and slipped out, fortunately there was enough foliage to hide himself as he spied on the guy, watching his every move he saw him try the French windows. He suddenly thought that this must be why Ethan had that feeling of being watched. "It's locked you know" Adam said standing the back yard looking at Matt. Matt turned quickly on the spot "Who the fuck are you?". "Actually that is my question to you, and what are you doing here?" Adam replied stepping towards him. Matt looked at Adam's glistening body almost licking his lips "I was, I was looking for Angelo". "Really, or are you stalking them?" Adam asked. Matt averted his gaze as he had been uncovered "He isn't here so I will come back later". "Is that your silver car?" Adam stepped closer again to within a few feet of Matt. Matt looked at him assessing that he would have no trouble taking him down and he had to get away but the his only escape path was behind the guy in front of him. Matt was wearing gym shorts Adam noticed and obviously going commando underneath. Matt seized the moment and grabbed hold of Adam and put him in a reverse bearhug to prevent him from hitting out, Adam gasped as the arms clasped with extreme tightness around his chest pinning his own arms to his side, he panicked for a moment wriggling his body until he felt his feet leaving the ground and Matt held him aloft painfully jolting his arms and digging them deeper in to Adam's chest. As his feet touched the ground Adam got his footing and with a flash twisted his body sharply bending over causing Matt to let go flying on to his back on the grass. Adam grabbed his arms and pinned them down but failed to noticed Matt's legs either side of his body as he loomed over him 'Who the fuck are you' he repeated to Matt who continued to struggle and free his arms from Adams grip. Matt grew red in the face 'fuck you' he shouted back at Adam, as he raised his legs and clamped them around Adam's waist, Adam let out an agonising groan in pain as the legs constricted hard around him like metal bars. Matt wrenched his legs tautening the muscles harder as they dug in and constricted Adam, his head fell forward as he gasped at the sheer power of Matt's legs. Adam gripped harder on Matt's arms as he now began trying to free them, suddenly his body tossed left then right and left again as Matt moved his legs from side to side rapidly putting more pressure around Adam's waist, the agony but electrifying feeling running through Adam's body gave him such pleasure amongst the pain, his cock hardening as they struggled against each other. Adam collapsed forward releasing Matt's arms, his stomach hitting something hard realising Matt was also aroused, no sooner had he collapsed forward Matt clamped his arms around Adam's neck holding his face tight against his chest, his legs continued to squeeze Adam hard around the waist. Suddenly Adam became aware he was trapped, he moved his arm and went for the only course of action that would get a result, his hand slipped through Matt's shorts as he sought his ass. Matt tried to go into overdrive and crush Adam with his legs in a fruitless attempt as he felt Adam push two fingers straight in to his hole 'fuck' he shouted as his legs loosened their grip at the ensuing anal assault he was enduring, Matt moaned and yelped with the finger fucking he was getting but did not release his hold on Adam. Adam shifted his body at the first sign Matt's legs relaxed the tension around him, quickly withdrawing his fingers he released his cock from his own shorts and began sliding it through the leg of Matt's shorts until he found the target, abruptly he pushed it in dry. Matt arched his back and his legs released their hold on Adam, he cried at the penetration feeling the spasms rocketing through his body as Adam started fucking him. Matt's arms repositioned themselves to push Adam's shoulders. Adam raised his head looking Matt in the eye who was moaning partly in pain but with a tinge of delight, he moved forward towards Matt's mouth and kissed the eagerly waiting Matt deeply. Matt tried to push Adam off until he grabbed hold of Matt's arms and pinned them down over his head and ramped up the speed of his fucking. Matt whimpered 'oh fuck' he moaned 'oh god' again he moaned but Adam had the upper hand and continued fucking him until he began to feel his balls tightening all the time he looked Matt in the eye as he struggled underneath him. Adam raised his body and slammed in to Matt's ass several times before his hips crashed up hard against Matt's ass and his cock began spouting several large volleys of his toxic seed deep in to Matt's ass. As soon as the last few drops left his cock he pulled it out quickly and left Matt laying there panting heavily. Adam saw his cock was streaked in blood and cum mixed together, he rolled on to his back gathering himself. Like a flash Matt was on top of Adam prising his legs open, Adam panicked as Matt laughed at him 'You gonna take what you gave bitch'. Adam let out a long moan as Matt's eight inch cock powered in to his hole without stopping, it was Adam's turn to arch his back and as he cried from the fullness of Matt's cock. Matt was not only bigger that Adam but he had the power of jack hammer in his thighs and hips which he put to work straight way, Adam moaned and gasped trying to get his breath in between the rapid succession of the powerful thrusts, his arms were now pinned down as Matt now assumed the position of looming over him with a look of intent and purpose. He was powerless to stop Matt who showed no sign of easing up, his body was moving inch by inch across the grass with the coarseness scratching at his back adding to the euphoria he felt. Matt pushed in hard and began grunting and groaning muttering 'bitch take it' in between his grunts as he delivered his seed in to Adam who cried 'oh fuck yes'. Matt yanked his cock out of Adam's ass who let out a wail in pain. Matt stood up putting his cock back in his shorts "That will teach you" he laughed. Adam smiled gasping for breath "I hope your poz" he said. Matt stooped over Adam laying on the grass and slapped him hard across the face "Bitch" he called. Matt picked up his phone off the grass bending over to do so, Adam laughed again seeing a pink damp patch appear on his shorts. Matt turned to look at Adam and without a word he walked back round the house towards his car. Adam couldn't help but continue laughing as he saw a streak of pink fluid running down Matt's leg, what a fucking hot fuck that was he thought to himself before snapping back to reality, he also recognised they had in theory raped each other. He stood up and walked around the side of the house to see Matt getting in to the silver car, quickly he got a snap of Matt as he drove past in which you could clearly see him behind the wheel. Adam sent a text to Tony telling him of what just happened, Tony was annoyed and angry more so at the danger he just put himself in with the stranger. Adam cleaned up as best he could and made a coffee waiting for Angelo and Ethan to return, his mind wondered to the incredibly strong legs that almost knocked him out as they tried to squeeze the life out of him, he stroked his cock which was hard at the thought of him. He went back to the work out room to collect his bottle of water, glancing in the mirror he saw red marks had been left around the sides of his waist, underneath he knew that if he hadn't of fucked the guy he could have easily crushed him to death, but more importantly he had seen the stalker and knew Ethan was right. Half an hour had passed and he heard Angelo's car pulling up the drive, he sauntered over to the front door as Angelo approached immediately noticing the red marks around his waist. Ethan carrying bags from the trunk looked on in bewilderment. "What the hell happened to you?" Angelo asked and he took Adam in the kitchen to have a proper look. Adam put his finger to his lips "Not know". Angelo nodded "Why don't you go up and put your clothes away and sort out the ones that don't fit" he said to Ethan. Ethan nodded "Okay, then we can take them down to a charity shop". "Good idea Ethan" Angelo said "I will make sandwiches". Ethan didn't notice the marks on Adam and kissed him "See you in a mo" he said leaving the kitchen. "Out with it, what happened?" Angelo closed the kitchen door. Adam looked at him "Ethan was right, someone has been watching, well I suppose stalking you both". "Seriously?" Angelo remarked looking shocked "Can you describe him?". Adam nodded "I can do better than that" he showed Angelo the photo on his phone. Angelo shook his head "That is Matt my ex" he looked at Adam "So that explains the red marks". Adam looked confused "What do you mean?". "He got his legs wrapped around you didn't he?" Angelo raised a little smile. Adam laughed "Yes and fuck can he squeeze hard I though I was going to shit from the pressure". Adam continued "I got him wandering around trying to get in then we had a bit of a fight before the legs got me". "Did he hit you apart from that?" Angelo asked looking serious. Adam looked at Angelo "He slapped me hard after he finished fucking me, well more like raping me". Angelo clenched his fist "Going to have to teach him a another lesson". Adam grabbed Angelo's arm "No wait, I sort of raped him first to get him off me plus I wanted to do it". Angelo smiled "Adam seriously, you got to control your urges, still I need to speak to him about the stalking". Adam shook his head "Leave it for now, that silver car we see is his, we will know if he is still doing it". Angelo nodded "I ought to trust Ethan's instinct more. "What instinct" Ethan appeared hearing the last few words. Angelo looked over at Ethan "You were right about someone watching us". "I knew I wasn't being silly, how did you find out?" Ethan asked sitting at kitchen counter. "I caught him round the back of the house" Adam chipped in. Angelo laughed "They fucked each other as well, turns out it is Matt". "Matt... your ex?" Ethan said astounded looking at Angelo. Angelo nodded "Yes". Adam told Ethan about Matt stalking them and going through the events of the morning, Ethan waved his finger at Adam telling him he knew someone was watching them. Knowing it was Matt didn't seem to bother Ethan that much, but he was laughing his head off when Adam went into detail about how they ended up fucking. Tony arrived to pick Adam up and as he left he turned to Ethan and said he would pick him up at 7.30am on Monday for college. Ethan's heart sank as he would have to go back to educational life until the next break. Angelo and Ethan went out for a run later that afternoon around Harrison, as they entered the house Ethan went up to shower and Angelo saw he had a text message from his sister, she was in the area and would pop round before heading back to the Bronx, the text was nearly an hour old and he was about to text her back when there was a knock at the door. Maria stood on the doorstep and started giving him hell as he hadn't responded to her text, Angelo just laughed and said he was out running and was about to reply. Ethan dried himself off and pulled on some clothes, he was distracted by voices coming from the kitchen. Curious he made his way downstairs. Maria was sat at the counter drinking her coffee, Angelo could see her eyes darting around the kitchen. "How are things going with the company?" She asked Angelo. "Going really well" Angelo saw her eyes move carefully around the kitchen "What are you looking for?". Maria looked at him "Things are out of place Angelo what are you not telling me?" Angelo shook his head and spotted Ethan at the door "Maria this is Ethan, Ethan my sister Maria". Maria turned and looked him up and down and smiled "Hi Ethan". Ethan blushed "Hi, sorry I didn't know you had your sister here". Maria walked over to Ethan and hugged him "So your the one that's stolen my brothers heart". Ethan laughed "Well I think he stole mine first". The three of them went outside and sat by the pool chatting, Ethan and Maria got on and she knew that her brothers recent change was clearly down to Ethan's effect on him. As Maria got ready to leave she turned to Angelo telling him that the rest of the family will want to meet him so you better prepare Ethan for that, Angelo laughed and simply replied one day but not just yet. Angelo walked Maria to her car as he was about to leave. "He is very nice Angelo, but very young" She said looking at him "Are you sure about him?". Angelo nodded "Yes very sure, he looks at me like no one has ever done". Maria kissed him on the cheek "If you love him just promise to be you, be Angelo with him". "Si me hermana" Angelo smiled and kissed her on the cheek and watched her leave.

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