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  1. losolent

    Bajan Love Affair

    Part 22 - Face to Face With Sage The bright daylight dazzled Daniel in the eyes and his body was dragged out of the trunk, he collapsed in to Sage's arms that secured him around the waist tightly, his body pushed up against the side of the car until he was face to face with Sage. His knuckles bloodied from the constant pounding on the trunk roof and his head hurting from the blow inflicted when he was taken. "Please let me go" he had a frightened look in his face. Sage laughed throwing his head back "You think you can take my boyfriend and not pay the price?". Daniel looked confused "I don't understand what you mean". "Jordan is mine, not yours, and what is his is mine" Sage stroked Daniel's hair. Daniel moved his head away "Let me go" he struggled with Sage's vice like grip holding his body. Sage smirked "I will let you go when I am finished with you Daniel" he licked the side of Daniel's face. Daniel moved his head away "I don't understand what you want from me". Sage looked him in the eye "You took Jordan from me and now I am going to take you.. in many ways". Daniel tried to make sense of what was said to him "I.. I didn't take him from you Sage". "But you did and now I am going to exact my revenge for what you did" he began kissing Daniel's neck. Daniel cried out as Sage bit his neck "Fuck no" he struggled to get free but the arms tightened sharply around his back. "Don't struggle Daniel, be a good bitch and you won't get hurt to much" Sage moved his mouth closer to Daniel's. Daniel's whole body was powerless to resist and he knew he was in a predicament that was not allowing him to fight back or escape, he closed his mouth and lips. He felt the warmth moistness of Sage's tongue tenderly tracing across his lips, each time more saliva was deposited lubing his lips. Daniel fought the instinct to lick his lips which was a natural reaction, almost like eating sugar coated donuts and being challenged not to lick your lips after. He fought his brain that was telling him he had to lick his lips but doing so he knew it would invite Sage to kiss him. He felt a sharp pain in his lower back and Sage gave a tight squeeze that caused Daniel's mouth to open, he felt it immediately, the tongue invaded his mouth and Sage locked his lips against Daniel's. He cried into Sage's mouth in protest but he couldn't move only feel the massive erection Sage had that was now being rubbed against his own hardening cock. Sage released Daniel from the unwanted deep kiss. "Hmmm how lovely you taste, I am really going to enjoy breeding and gifting you with my toxic seed" Sage kissed Daniel's neck. Daniel nearly let slip he was on prep but stopped himself short "Sage please don't do this let's talk". Sage looked at him "We can talk as much as you like once I gift you" he spun Daniel around and bent him over the car. "Please don't do this I won't say anything if you leave now" Daniel pleaded. Sage laughed and kissed his neck "I bet mummy would pay to have you back in one piece Daniel". Daniel shivered at the touch of the lips on his neck "Please Sage no". Sage chuckled "I am going to start prepping your arse, if you try to run I will break your legs". Daniel felt his shorts and underwear being yanked down to his ankles and the warmth of Sage's breath on his arse, his tongue probed Daniel's hole causing him to gasp, the probing last for a couple of minutes before Sage stood up and lifted Daniel's shirt up over his back. He then felt a sharp scratching as Sage ran his finger nail down Daniel's back, he winced with the pain. "Do you know how much damage one sharp finger nail can do to your delicate anal wall Daniel" he asked. A tear rolled down Daniel's face "No please". Sage ran his tongue up Daniel's back "It will cut small openings allowing me to give you a perfect gift". The finger moved down to his hole and Daniel tried to push away but was met with a sharp strike to the face and his head banged against the trunk of the car. Sage placed his hand over Daniel's mouth and held it firmly, his eyes opened wide and screamed in to the Sage's hand as he felt the finger ripping into his arse. There was no hiding what Sage was doing, he furiously twisted and gouged the inside of Daniel's arse, his legs quivering from the pain when it suddenly stopped. An eerie silence followed for a few moments which was interrupted by the sound of a zip being pulled down. Daniel tried to call out and fight to get free but Sage had him pinned up hard against the car, he cried out feeling Sage's cock rubbing up and down his hole teasing him gentle pressure of his cock head pushing harder against Daniel's hole. Time stood still for Daniel, the birds singing in the trees next to the opening where he pinned against the car and in the distance a helicopter was hovering. He braced himself knowing that this was no pleasure outing, just from the pressure of Sage's arms clamped tight around his body he struggled to get deep breaths of air in to his lungs. All the time Sage was licking and kissing Daniel's neck as he continued rubbing his cock against Daniel's hole. The kissing stopped to be replaced by the warmth of Sage's breath on the nape of his neck, Daniel closed his eyes as he know felt the head of Sage's cock position itself ready to rape his arse. Sage pushed in one hard thrust until he was balls deep inside Daniel, the scream echoed around the opening in the woods. Daniel felt his head yanked back as Sage released one of his arms from around his chest he began to kiss Daniel's chin moving to his mouth again before he barked at him 'Kiss me like we are making love Daniel', Daniel closed his mouth tighter and his eyes opened wide as Sage thrust his cock harder in to Daniel and his mouth opened, Sage seized the moment and closed in pushing his tongue in to Daniel's mouth ad locking his lips on to Daniel's mouth. The whirring of the helicopter was loud and Daniel could see it now hovered over them, Sage stopped and quickly pulled his cock out and put it away. He dragged Daniel round to the trunk and struck him again before pushing him back in the trunk and closing the lid, he got back in to the car and drove back under the cover of the trees. It was going to be difficult to hide from the helicopter he thought, so should he do it now and get it over with, he decided not to chance it and continued at break neck speed. Daniel's body bounced up and down hitting the roof and sides as it sped along the dirt track as Sage went under the cover of the wooded area. Before he realised it he was back on the main road, downtown he thought to himself, hopefully the skyscrapers will give me chance of loosing them. He could hear sirens in the distance from behind and jumped numerous red lights and sped up swerving around slow cars causing them to swerve and hit stationary cars at the side of the road. Daniel feeling scared and alone wrapped himself up in to a ball and using his feet to steady his body. Sirens were now coming from all directions as the car approached the main intersection near the bottom of Whilshire Boulevard heading to Santa Monica beach front. He ran across the red light as a SUV crossed from a different direction and slammed in to the side of Sage's car sending it spinning then rolling on to it's roof. Everything went deathly silent. People looked and starred is disbelief what had happened right in front of their eyes, some even looking for a film crew to see if a movie was being made. The first sirens of the approaching police cars grew louder, a couple of onlookers rushed over to the SUV and overturned car to see if they could do anything, others on their phones calling for first responders. The traffic began backing up quickly as the first two police cars arrived on the scene and began cordoning off the area and moving the spectators back. There was no movement from the overturned car as the first cop went over and looked inside. The first responders now on the scene began attending one using a thermal camera to check for hot spots and potential danger called the fire rescue over and pointed to the trunk of the overturned car, suddenly all focus was on this area of the car. It was some 20 minutes before the ferrari and BMW came a halt caught up in the traffic backlog with no way of turning off, the traffic slowly moving on as a cop was diverting traffic off the boulevard. Kit wound down his window asking what was going on, the cop approached and told them there was an accident at the intersection and nothing is getting past at the moment. Jordan began to panic at this news he had a sense of foreboding and knew it must have been Sage's car. Kit held on to Jordan telling him to remain calm, he explained the situation to the cop who nodded and let the two cars through. There were 10 police cars and first responders at the scene. Jordan got out of the Ferrari as David approached grabbing Jordan and holding on to him whilst they looked on in disbelief and shock. The trunk of the car had been completely cut apart and Jordan stood fixated looking at the mangled wreckage of the trunk. A cop watched the group and approached asking if they knew the owner of the car, Jordan nodded in silence. The cop explained that they would need to go to the local ER to meet Sargent Hillson who is co-ordinating, he apologised saying he couldn't shed any more detail. Kit called Nicky to tell them to meet at the Santa Monica Emergency Room, Jordan remained quiet in his stunned state never in a million years did he think that Sage would go to such lengths.
  2. losolent

    Bajan Love Affair

    Part 21 - The Day Before Thanksgiving Boarding the flight to LA the group had six seats together in upper class as Daniel, Jordan, Lucy, David, Steve and Callum took their seats on the flight to LA. Steve noticing one seat near them at the very front was empty couldn't help but glance at the anxiousness of the cabin crew by the door, this usually meant someone very famous travelling. Callum had also noticed the goings on at the door, but he could see passengers still boarding in economy. Daniel looked up at them from his seat "What are you two doing?". Callum looked back at Daniel "Someone famous is travelling today, cabin crew look anxious, it's always a tell tell sign". "Oooh who do you think it is?" Daniel said standing up and Callum shrugged his shoulders. Suddenly the flow of passengers boarding stopped and the curtain was drawn between upper class and the back of the plane. The airline escort appeared at the door and headed towards them followed by Sam. Mumblings became evident as the other passengers gasped at seeing who boarded the plane and their eyes followed him as he walked towards the front of the plane. Sam saw the surprises on their faces and was smiling at them as he approached Callum's seat, the now short hop to his own seat took longer as he had to hug all six of the group. Jordan was first to ask "We didn't know you were going to LA this morning?". "I have a studio session in a couple of days plus I am spending thanksgiving with Nicky and Kit" Sam replied. Jordan laughed "That is where we are all going". Sam smiled "I know, Nicky and Kit invited me over to join you all on Thursday, hope you don't mind me gate crashing". Jordan now back in his seat "Sam of course not, after all we hope you consider us all as friends". For Sam a flight like this would usually involve numerous interruptions by other passengers wanting a selfie or autograph, he was happy to oblige in most cases except when he wanted sleep. Today he would only get interrupted when the group went up to the bar to sit and chat, the rest of the flight his friends made sure no one could intrude. It was only after 7 hours in to the flight that the group finally settled down and caught a few hours nap before lunch was served an hour before their arrival. The aircraft flew to the north of LA and out over the pacific getting lower and lower as it did so, finally it banked to the left and lined up on the glide path for the final approach. Jordan looked out of the window and clearly visible was Huntington Beach and Newport, the last time he saw this view was when he left Sage and LA for good, he had hoped never to see this place again but the memories flooded back. The aircraft came to a stop at the gate and the group were whisked away by a fleet of limo's to the VIP arrival centre to clear immigration and await their baggage. Sam was staying at the Wilshire Beverly Hills and said he would see them all tomorrow as he climbed in to his limo. Within 30 minutes they were leaving LAX and heading up towards Beverly Hills and Coldwater Canyon. Callum had never to been to LA and this was Daniel's third visit so they listened intently as Jordan pointed out some of the buildings and landmarks. They passed Paramount studios and began their drive through Beverly Hills before starting up hill to the exclusive communities of Coldwater Canyon. By the time they arrived Patrick and Lee were already there sitting out by the pool, Steve hardly got through the door before the children came running up and dragged him off to the pool since he had become their pool buddy on his frequent but short trips. Daniel and Jordan settled in and unpacked before joining the now very busy house, full of noise from laughter, talking and splashing in the pool. By 5pm the children were picked up as they had a sleepover at a friends house which left just the adults sitting outside on the terrace, Daniel was busy making up a bowl of salad in the kitchen on the opposite side of the house. Kit was pouring drinks for everyone from the wet bar by the pool before he called over to the group. "I am waiting for a friend who will join us for an hour before we head out if anyone else is interested" he said. Jordan looked over "Where are you off to?". "An open mic bar off Rodeo for new bands, pretty awesome place if you like country rock" he replied placing a drink on the table. "Sounds interesting will see if Danny fancies it unless the jetlag hits in" Jordan laughed. Sage drove up through Coldwater Canyon he had no idea how things would pan out so he would play it by ear, there was no doubt that one person would not be happy to see him. He didn't worry about that as he could put on his best show to win them all over. He pulled up to the gated community, the security guard checked Nicky and Kit's list and opened the gates, Sage drove along the row of hidden mansions until he found the number of the one he was looking for. The gates stood open so he drove in and parked at the front of the imposing building and got out of the car, walking over to the front door he pushed the button. "Figured some of you might be washed out from the time difference" Kit chuckled and heard the door bell. Daniel shouted from the kitchen "Do you want me to get that?". "Yes please" Kit shouted back at Daniel. "So what is this friends name and is he someone else famous?" Callum asked from the pool side. "Oh, reckon you might fancy him he is muscled beyond belief, his name is Sage" Kit replied again. "What?" Jordan sat bolt upright with a horrified look on his face. Daniel opened the door "Hello". Sage looked, smiled and pointed a finger "Oh hang on your err... Daniel isn't it?". Daniel laughed "Yes, but who are you?". Sage laughed "Sorry, I'm Kit's plus one were heading off to band night later" he replied evading giving his name out. "Oh right yes I just heard Kit mumbling something about it but couldn't quite hear everything". Sage smiled "Oh Daniel can I ask you a favour, I got some bottles in the trunk and need a hand if you don't mind". Daniel smiled at his charming manner being completely taken in "Of course". They strode across the driveway towards Sage's car. Jordan jumped out of his chair quickly followed by Patrick and Lee who understood what was going on. Kit stood there holding his drink. David suddenly remembered where he heard the name Sage from and jumped up following Lee. "What is going?" Kit asked loudly. David looked back "Sage is the ex Jordan ran away from". "Oh fuck" Kit dropped his drink and went running. The commotion on the pool terrace was bodies scrambling to their feet and running through the lounge and round the side of the house shouting Daniel's name as they ran. Sage opened the trunk door and Daniel looked on rather discombobulated at the empty trunk, the dull pain and force stunned Daniel before he fell head first in to the trunk, he felt dizzy as his body was being pushed and forced in to the trunk, disorientated and dazed he saw the light disappear and a loud clunk as the trunk door closed. Sage jumped in the driver seat and turned the ignition key as the engine roared in to life. Jordan flew out of the front door as the car tyres screeched spinning madly and Sage drove out of the driveway at top speed. Daniel panicked punching hard at the roof of the trunk continuously. Jordan sunk to his knees his head in his hands screaming 'No, No' as the back of the car sped out of the gates. Nicky had already called the police and was now calling the gated security guard to stop the car, Kit opened up the garage door and got his Ferrari out shouting to Jordan to get in. Nicky ran back in the house and came out throwing a set of keys at Patrick take the BMW and follow them, Lee and David got in and set off in pursuit. Everything happened in minutes and Sage could not believe his luck at getting the biggest prize so easily. Lucy had tears rolling down her face sobbing whilst Nicky comforted her, Callum was crying in the arms of Steve who just looked on unsure what had just happened. Sage sped through the community turning on to the entry road, he saw the gates firmly closed with the guard standing there, he knew he couldn't stop and with that he pressed his foot down harder on the accelerator. The guard went to pull his gun out but was to slow, he jumped out of the way as the car ploughed in to the gates with a tremendous crashing and clanging sound as they fell free of their hinges spinning to the ground behind the car. The guard got to his feet and saw a Ferrari coming down fast, he managed to pull one of the gates out of the road to let the car pass. He ran back to the booth and got the cctv camera picking up the cars arrival to get the registration plate. The BMW 4x4 screeched to a halt at the gate. "Are you okay?" Patrick called out of the window. "Yes I'm fine, I have just given the registration to LAPD they are on it" he called over to Patrick. The BMW pulled away whilst David sent a text to Jordan asking where they got to and followed them as Jordan gave directions. Sage turned off down a dirt track to hide for a while as he suspected they would be following him, with the car shielded from the road he got out and sensing they were alone he went around to the trunk.
  3. losolent

    Bajan Love Affair

    Part 20 - The Singer Jordan was up early doing his rounds before many of the guests surfaced, Daniel had drifted off to sleep by the time Jordan had left. He told Anderson not to disturb him until 9am when he would come back for breakfast. The sun was just beginning to peer over the horizon as Jordan was walking along the pristine beach, he stopped to chat with the deck boys who were responsible for keeping everything just so on the beach and pool terrace. Cael was having an early morning dip before he started work, Jordan waved at him continuing his walk around up to the Orchid Wing pool terrace. His key card opened the gate and he walked through noticing a lone swimmer in the pool, his gaze was averted by the scene and how serene and tranquil this pool area was. Guests were beginning to enjoy coffee on their verandas, many of whom said good morning to Jordan as he wandered across the terrace, the swimmer had stopped and was getting out of the pool. "Morning Jordan" Sam said with a beaming smile and still mesmerised how fit and good looking he was. Jordan smiled and walked over "Good morning Sam, how was your swim?". "Great and this place is amazing, so much more private than the Sandy Lane down the coast" Sam replied drying himself. Jordan chuckled "That is good to hear, did you sleep well?". Sam looked and responded in a rather flirty fashion "Oh yes, very very well". Jordan shook his head smiling he knew Sam was flirting with him "Excellent, and is Morgan looking after you?". "Yes he is. Jordan are you allowed to join me for coffee?" Sam asked trying to hide his shyness. Jordan smiled "Of course I am allowed, but this morning I have breakfast with my partner". Sam shuffled his feet "Ah okay, it's just I'm not use to being so alone like this". Jordan looked at him "What do you mean alone, I thought you would have a whole heap of friends". "No, most of them just see the famous me so it is quite a lonely existence" Sam replied. Just them Jordan's phone beeped he excused himself for one moment explaining it was his hotel phone, he saw it was Daniel 'Where are you, breakfast is ready'. Jordan smiled and typed quickly 'Tell Anderson we have are 3 for breakfast be there in 2 minutes'. Jordan tentatively responded "I guess people see the fame and money aspect and not the person?". Sam finally relaxed his body "Yes you hit the nail on the head. I thought I needed alone time but this is way to alone". "I did read somewhere you had a partner?" Jordan asked him. Sam laughed "Yeah, he tried to screw me over selling pictures all the time, so no partner anymore". "Come on Sam your having coffee and breakfast with us" Jordan said not giving the chance to say no. Sam looked at Jordan "Us?". "Yes, come on" Jordan walked over to the terrace gate and opened it with his key card. Sam giggled "So you are in the suite next to me?" Jordan smiled and nodded opening the gate and calling out "Danny we have a guest for breakfast". Daniel looked up from his book and put it down "Oh excellent". "Sam this is Daniel my partner" Jordan said introducing them. Daniel walked over towards them "Hello Sam, nice to officially meet you". Sam shook his head smiling "Hi Daniel, sorry I didn't realise Jordan had a partner or even gay". "Come sit Sam" Jordan said and then looked at Daniel "I think Sam was feeling a little lonely". Daniel sat down "Well it can get like that hidden away here". "Thank you both, you get use to people forcing themselves on you wanting to be best mates" Sam responded. Daniel and Jordan sat and listened to Sam during breakfast, it appeared to both of them that although he had a possy of people running around him it was a very lonely existence being so famous and single, normality in a true sense was now hard to come by. They were getting on pretty well due to Sam being relaxed around them, Jordan looking at the time realised he would have to get back to work and went over to kiss Daniel. "Back to work Danny boy" he said kissing him on the head. Daniel pinched Jordan's arse "Okay miss you already" he chuckled. Sam stood up "I should go and leave you in peace Daniel". Daniel looked over at Sam "No, sit back down you don't have to go". Jordan leaned in and whispered to Daniel "Invite him for dinner if you like". Daniel nodded and kissed Jordan then looked at Sam "We can spend the day together if you like Sam". "Yes please I would like the company" Sam replied eagerly. Jordan left them to it just as Anderson brought fresh coffee out and poured it for them, they spent an hour mindlessly wittering away to each other. Sam was now on 'Danny' terms instead of the formal Daniel, it was fair to say that Sam was gobsmacked when he found out that Daniel's family owned the Salinger Hotel Group. Daniel found Sam a pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap so that he couldn't be easily recognised, they wandered out of the Orchid Wing and down on to the beach and got Cael to put some sunbeds close to the sea. Daniel and Sam swam and sunbathed whilst Cael looked after them both as well as being look out for any unwanted attention. Sam laid back on his bed a little out of breath at the swim they had just done but happy, it had been ages since he was able to really chill out and no be on his guard all the time. The 5 days seemed to go by quickly and Sam had become good friends with Daniel and Jordan, he had spent most of his time sunbathing and swimming with Daniel and joining them both for dinner in the evenings. They swapped phone numbers promising to meet up when they were back in the UK next week as Sam wanted to take them out for dinner for their kindness. Sam had already sent messages to some of his closest showbiz friends telling them how amazing the hotel was for privacy. Jordan had also by this time been to the British Embassy and received a resident visa which allowed him to work and stay longer in the UK. There last couple of days on the island were bliss, Jordan had a knack at running the hotel, friendly but not stuffy like some of the top hotels on the island. Sofie returned and took back over the running of the hotel leaving Daniel and Jordan one day of alone time before they flew back to the UK. The flight back to the UK was surprisingly good taking in to account that Steve was not attending to them, Callum had put the whole family and Jordan on the airlines VIP list which went to explain why they received private escorts to their seats and the impeccable service on board. They only had a couple of weeks before they were due to fly out to LA for thanksgiving during which time they would have a lot to cram in. It was early evening when Daniel and Jordan were sat on the sofa cuddling up back in England, tired and jetlagged from their flight but fighting to stay awake so their bodies adjusted. The weather had turned much colder as autumn had really set in, they sat chatting about their trip to LA with Jordan expressing his concerns over being back there knowing that Sage would probably be angry, the last thing he wanted to do was put Daniel or anyone at risk knowing what he was capable of. Daniel assured Jordan that they would not stray far from Nicky and Kit's mansion for the 4 days they would be there. Their phone pinged simultaneously, Jordan looked and saw a message from Nicky saying she would be in London day after tomorrow for a publicity event for 2 nights. Jordan asked if they should invite her to stay, Daniel gave a thumbs up to lazy to move any other part of his body that was snuggled up against Jordan. Nicky responded outlining her plans and that she would love to stay, seeing that her second night was free they decided to host dinner. Jordan sent a message out to the Bajan Group 'Dinner at Daniel's on Wednesday evening' the replies came back quickly all yes's except Kit who was staying behind with the children in LA. Jordan then sent a text to Lucy inviting them and then pondered for a moment, he asked Daniel if they should invite Sam as well, again Jordan stuck his thump in the air and murmured yes. By the time they decided to head up to bed everyone had accepted. Daniel and Jordan found themselves travelling to the airport on Tuesday morning to meet Nicky, deciding to use the company limo meant neither would have to drive. Much to their surprise Callum met them at arrivals and had them security cleared to go airside and wait in the clubhouse whilst he went to the plane to collect her. It wasn't long before they both appeared, Nicky wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses looked extremely out of place causing Daniel and Jordan to laugh at her when she sat down. They spent half an hour having a quick catch up and then proceeded through arrivals, the doors from customs swung open as they exited to numerous flashes going off. The papparazzi knew she had boarded a flight in LA so they were stood waiting for several hours to catch the photo of her arrival in to the UK ahead to the chat show she was doing that evening. To Jordan the baseball cap and sunglasses now made sense, they all clambered to get the photo that could be sold to the press for top dollar. Callum, Daniel and Jordan would also find themselves the following day spread across the globe in print. One person in particular who was paying much more interest in her publicity was Sage, for the first time he got a very good look at the now named man 'Daniel Salinger from the Salinger Hotel Group' as accompanying the star. The second photo below showed Nicky and Jordan laughing with each other, Sage sat back laughing he then phoned the newspaper to reveal who one of the 'Unamed male persons' was in the photo. He now had a chance to destroy Jordan publicly and humiliate him all from one phone call. Nicky eventually surfaced from her bedroom at 1pm and joined the boys in the kitchen for some much needed coffee she was on the phone talking with Kit with a serious look on her face, she hung up and looked at them both. "Guys I think you should be prepared for a shit storm about to happen" Nicky spoke with an upset look. Daniel looked to Jordan and then back at Nicky "What is it?". "They have found out Jordan use to do gay porn and the rumours have started" she put her phone down on the kitchen table. Jordan looked a little shock "Well I knew it would catch up one day, but what sort of rumours?". "We are apparently having a torrid love affair in London" she said looking at Jordan. Jordan sat there looking shocked "I am so sorry Nicky" he said. "Don't be silly Jordan I am use to it, but it's you I am more worried about as it is intrusive" she looked at them both. Jordan shook his head "I promise you it won't bother me Nicky". Daniel returned with his tablet and started going through the English press but nothing was there yet but there was one link to a Hollywood publication that he clicked on, the three of them looked waiting for the page to load then sat there in silence reading it. 'Famous Movie Star In Romantic Fling With Gay Porn Star', they looked at each other and continued reading 'Spotted with her new love interest in London?, American gay porn star Jordan with his dashing suave looks and perfectly defined features made several gay porn movies, which at best were only mildly hot but the acting was dire. His looks obviously caught the eye of Nicky whilst hubby is thousands of miles away babysitting.' There were a couple of links to some of his porn movies and the photo of them laughing looking at each other. Nicky looked at Daniel whilst Jordan read over the article again. "Bastards" he shouted "how dare they say my acting was dire" he burst out laughing. Daniel laughed "They don't know you like I do though". Nicky sat down "Welcome to the fame game Jordan". They sat drinking coffee talking and laughing, Jordan had a suspicion that Sage was probably behind this. Daniel was surprised when his mother and father turned up with bags of shopping, she knew Daniel only to well that he would leave it to the last minute to get the food in for dinner. Jordan and Nicky helped Lucy out preparing dinner whilst Daniel and his father set the dining room table, they then went out to get wine. By the time they arrived back everything was prepared only to find Lucy, Jordan and Nicky sat in the lounge having a cheeky drink after all their hard work. Lucy inquired who the eighth person was but Daniel was not giving anything away so Jordan kept tight lipped as well. Lucy and David went to the kitchen to check on dinner whilst the others showered and changed eventually reappearing shortly before 7pm, at the same time Steve and Callum arrived. David played host and poured drinks, Steve was driving but Daniel insisted they stayed over as they had plenty of bedrooms. Just after 7.15pm the front gate buzzer went off and Daniel excused himself, he opened the gates and went to the front door to greet the new guest. Sam got out of the back seat and asked Daniel what time the driver should pick him up. Daniel chuckled before telling Sam he could stay over as the other guests were as well, Sam shrugged his shoulders and told the driver to pick him up at 10am. Sam walked to where Daniel stood "What others?" a look of shyness appeared on his face. "Family and friends" Daniel replied before taking Sam's hand "Come on". They walked in to the kitchen where everyone was chatting "Everyone this is our guest" Daniel called out. Sam smiled when he saw Nicky as they had met a couple of times at award ceremonies, he felt immediately more relaxed. Steve and Callum stopped dead in their tracks mouths open, Daniel laughed at their expressions before introducing them. Callum could only muster three wow's at this point. He introduced Sam to his mother and father where Sam praised them on their amazing hotel in Barbados, Sam gave Jordan and Nicky a hug. It was during dinner that Lucy invited Sam to the opening of the LA hotel in January. Sam was only to happy "Let me know the dates and I will block it out in my diary" he said. "Thank you Sam and I will do" she smiled then turned to Nicky "I was kind of hoping you might open the hotel Nicky?". Nicky smiled "You know I will Lucy". Sam interrupted "Oh hang on, if she's opening it, then I want to sing a couple of numbers" he laughed. Lucy laughed "Okay, actually you have given me another idea but enough hotel talk at dinner". They moved in to the lounge to have coffee, Lucy approached Sam asking if he would endorse the hotels rooftop bar and mind having it named after him. Sam loved the idea at finally getting a bar of his own, well sort of anyway. They all chatted away until the early hours and Lucy had found out everything she wanted to know about Steve and Callum. What had become evident was they both liked their jobs but didn't see themselves at the airline much longer, they both loved Barbados and even more so now they could stay at the Salinger hotel there. By 2am the group dispersed and went to their bedrooms for some much need sleep. Over the next couple of weeks Daniel and Jordan have dined out with Sam only to find themselves plastered over the British press one morning, they had spent a few days with Daniel's sister and husband who both loved Jordan straight away. Steve and Callum would often pop over when neither were working and Daniel's father and Jordan worked out together each morning. It was on one of these mornings Daniel was sat drinking coffee with his mother after finishing their morning swim in their pool. Lucy put her coffee down on the table "So how are things going with Jordan?". "Amazing mother, sometimes I could cry just being around him, I love him so much" his dreamy look said it all. Lucy smiled "I know Danny, you were never this happy with Greg". Daniel mused for a moment "I don't think I ever actually loved him going by how I feel now". Lucy sipped her coffee "That's what I mean. So are you all packed for tomorrow?". "Oh, not yet doing that this afternoon, it is going to be quite a thanksgiving" Daniel said looking at his mother. Jordan and David showered at the gym and then sat in the changing room drying off, most people had already worked out and left for work so it was just the two of them joking and laughing around. David looked at Jordan "Can I ask you something Jordan?". "David, I hope we were past that and could be open with each other" Jordan replied looking at him. "Yes indeed, what do you see happening with Danny and yourself?" David sat down on the bench. Jordan stopped and continued starring in to his locker "What do you mean David?". David pulled his socks on "I mean your future together". Jordan rummage in his bag then turned to David "I just haven't found the courage yet" showing David the ring. A big smile grew across David's face "Don't worry about the courage, you will know when the time is right". Jordan looked at David "Is it to much to quickly?". David shook his head "Just keep the ring on you when you can. And lets keep this between us". Jordan put the ring back "Do you think Lucy would be okay with this?". David laughed "Lucy would be happy if Danny is happy Jordan". They finished changing and headed home to have lunch with Daniel and Lucy. The rest of the day they spent packing suitcases again looking forward to their LA trip.
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    Bajan Love Affair

    Part 19 - The Plan Takes Shape It had been a hard few days sat with the architects and tomorrow they would come up with the new draft plans. Daniel's father David was flying in today for a couple of days to make sure the plans looked sound after all he co-signed the finances and agreed the budgets for renovation and builds. The evening was clear with a bright moon casting it's glow through the palm trees, Daniel and Jordan sat one side of the table whilst Lucy and David the other on the veranda of their suite. David looked between Jordan and Daniel "You two seem to be completely different here, relaxed and happy". Daniel smiled "I think we just both love being in Barbados and together father". David laughed "Like father like son. This is also where I proposed to your mother". Lucy giggled "Well actually it was on the beach but on a night very much like this". It was such a perfect evening, Lucy and David were happy from just the looks on Daniel's face. As the boys left to go back to their suite David turned to Lucy. "Do you have any idea who you will get to run this place?" as he took her hand and sat in the swing seat. Lucy kissed him "Yes and I think you know who I have in mind, but we will wait until after thanksgiving". "Why then?" he asked curiously. "Well we have thanksgiving with Nicky and Kit, then I think we will come here for a week and do it then" she replied. David stood up and looked down at Lucy "Come on wifey I want to take you to bed!". They breakfasted together at Lucy and David's suite as the architects were meeting them here at 10am. Daniel hoping that it would not take all day as we wanted some beach time this afternoon. Lucy told Jordan that next week he had to meet the British Embassy in Bridgetown to get his right to work visa for the UK processed, the downside was they would both have to stay on for another week, Daniel and Jordan pretended to pull upset faces whilst grinning. It wasn't long before the architects arrived and the plans were laid out and they all sat down around the table in the suite lounge area. The current Orchid Wing was first under the spotlight, some of the larger suites would be rebuilt as club rooms and the two Salinger Orchid suites would be made in to 4 rooms with private pool. Lucy took her pen and wrote at the top of the plan 'Club By Salinger', Daniel looked up at his mother and said it was perfect, Lucy smiled and said it was Steve's suggestion. Overall the Club By Salinger wing would have 25 rooms in the redesign. The new Orchid Wing plan looked amazing but there were now 28 suites Jordan noticing this pointed to 3 large 2 bedroom suites with private pools to the far end directly on the beach. Lucy explained they would be the most exclusive suites similar to the Salinger Orchid suite they were in now, he also noticed that the garden suites had gone and were now all pool facing, he took a pencil and suggested they were called Salinger Orchid suites, Orchid Pool suite, Orchid Beach suites and Orchid suite. Lucy and David both nodded and Daniel was happy for once to be taking a back seat. The plan was signed off and finances agreed and work would start rebuilding Saffron Cove in December. Daniel stood and proclaimed that it was beach time, Lucy and David only to happy to put work down for a few hours joined them on the beach. The few days that David and Lucy spent in Barbados with Daniel and Jordan had been the most amazing time. Jordan had come to realise that Daniel loved his parents very much, and it would break Lucy's heart if he stepped back from the business. From that moment he envisioned his life with Daniel and how great it would be if it was here in Barbados, he smiled to himself and went over to say good bye to Lucy and David as they were flying back to the UK. "We will see you at the end of next week, Jordan don't forget the embassy visit" Lucy reminded him. Jordan gave her a kiss and hug "Thank you Lucy". "I will get the flights to LA sorted out and then we can fly down here for a couple of weeks" Lucy said to them all. Daniel kissed his mother "Is Sarah and Darren coming out as well?" he asked about his sister. Lucy laughed "Don't be silly, you know she doesn't like the heat so much and they are going to Darren's parents". Daniel looked disappointed "We must see them when we are back in the UK, Jordan hasn't met them yet". She ruffled his hair "Why don't you see if Steve and Callum can join us". "That would be great, thank you mother" Daniel cheered up. Lucy turned to Jordan "And see if your parents can make it down here as well as our guests". "I am sure they would love to" Jordan replied. "Oh, one other thing Sofie is off to LA tomorrow do you boys mind running the hotel for a week?" Lucy asked them. Jordan replied straight away "Of course I think we can manage a week okay" laughing as he said it. Sofie appeared and said good bye and the three of them watched Lucy and David head off in the limo. Daniel intrigued by the last minute request probed Sofie, all she would say is that Lucy had asked her to manage the refurbishment of the LA hotel. She told Daniel and Jordan that she would pop by the suite in the morning to hand over. Daniel and Jordan returned to the beach to catch the last few rays of the day, they laughed about the enormous task of coordinating all the family and friends to join them. Surprisingly Jordan's parents said yes immediately, Steve and Callum initially said yes but would need to confirm the following day. Finally the sun disappeared beyond the horizon, they laid there at the water's edge relaxing at the tranquillity. The last few guests disappeared back up to the hotel, Cael finished locking the bar area up and waved good bye and disappeared as well. Jordan put his arm around Daniel and kissed him then suggested they have one last swim before dinner. Jordan dived in and Daniel followed, he looked back at the deserted beach, the only sounds was the sea lapping against the shore gently. Daniel floated on his back looking up at the looming night sky as Jordan watched him, slowly he made his way over in between his legs and Daniel let out a giggle at the feeling of Jordan grabbing his legs and pulling him closer until their crotches touched and rubbed against each other. Daniel grabbed Jordan's arms his legs closed around Jordan's waist pulling himself in to an upright position, his arms moved around Jordan's neck, their mouths only inches apart and slightly opening and their lips met and tongues dived for prime position. The lovers kissed against the dusk, two silhouettes embraced with total love for each other, Jordan moved his arm down around Daniel's arse and then freeing his cock and holding it he pulled Daniel's trunks to one side. Daniel opened his eyes wide in surprise as he felt the head of Jordan's cock slipping inside him, Jordan quickly glanced around checking the beach was still deserted. A moan escaped Daniels lips as Jordan penetrated him fully, slowly thrusting up he began to make love to Daniel in the Caribbean Sea. Daniel responded by kissing him urgently but with such tenderness that only intimate lovers could share. Daniel threw his head back and arched his back away from Jordan in the throws of ecstasy, he gasped and cried quietly as his action caused his arse to sink deeper on to Jordan's undulating hips. Jordan looked lovingly in to Daniel's eyes as his cock pulsated erratically as he tried to hold his orgasm back for a while longer, it was futile as he wanted his lover now 'oh baby' he whispered as he shot his seed deep. Daniel panted in tune to the pulsing cock making small moans of pleasure, he levered his arms pulling himself back up to Jordan's face and kissed him deep. Jordan sank to his knees and only their heads were visible above the water kissing each other passionately. Daniel eased himself off Jordan's cock and adjusted his speedos back in place, his hand finding Jordan's cock stowed it gently back in to his speedos. Daniel whispered 'love you so much Jordy' and quickly swam back to shore, Jordan swam around for another 10 minutes. Daniel watching from his sitting position at the waters edge his body still tingled from Jordan's touch, there was no doubt in his head that he had to be with Jordan. A tear trickled down his cheek from the emotions he was feeling, he loved being here and he loved Jordan without any shadow of a doubt. He recalled when Jordan jokingly said to marry him he spoke quietly more to himself but at Jordan who was still swimming 'not then but I would now with all my heart'. Jordan swam to shore looking at Daniel's figure sat alone on the beach, he could just make out the look of a person in love on his face. He sat next to Daniel and in no time their arms wrapped around each other as they kissed and rolled back on to the sand making out for a few minutes. They laid there holding each other tenderly kissing and looking at each other, there was no need for words. They walked back to their suite holding hands and collapsed on the bed naked falling asleep immediately. Sofie appeared at the door of the suite at 10am, Jordan jumped out of the bed after Daniel let him go and threw on a robe. Anderson was laying breakfast outside on the veranda and Sofie stood in the lounge giggling. "Sorry I didn't mean to get you out of bed Jordan" she said trying to put a more business like face on. Jordan looking slightly embarrassed laughed "We were just having a lay in and didn't realise the time". Daniel appeared "Morning Sofie, join us for coffee" rubbing his eyes trying to focus. "Your father said you would probably be up to no good" Sofie giggled again as she walked out on to the veranda. Daniel sat at the table and looked at Sofie "So why are you off to LA?". "Lucy asked if I would oversee the refurbishment of the new hotel" she replied looking at both of them. Daniel leaned forward "Your not fooling me Sofie, spill the beans". "Hmm" Daniel pondered "I expect Adam is happy about that?" he asked. "Well so so, he is annoyed he won't get his long weekends in Barbados..." she stopped mid sentence. Daniel laughed "Your going to run the hotel aren't you?". Sofie held up her hands "Maybe, I am not sure yet though" trying to back track quickly. Daniel shook his head smiling "So what's install for us this week?" changing the subject back to work. Sofie pushed the folder over to Jordan "Pretty busy and Salinger Orchid 2 is occupied tomorrow for 5 days". Daniel looked surprised "Who is staying there?". Jordan opened the folder to the VIP section and looked amazed "No way?". Sofie nodded "Yes, on his own as well, apparently he is a singer". Daniel looked at the name on the list "Samuel Smith as in Sam Smith?". "Yes, he has heard how private the Orchid Wing is which is why he is coming here" Sofie replied. Daniel finished his coffee "I need a shower back in a few minutes". Sofie waited then looked at Jordan "There is something else Jordan but this is between us". Jordan gave Sofie a curious look "Okay". "Lucy wants you to take over most of the management for this week to see how you get on" she confided in him. Jordan nodded "Right, it's a big thing but let's see if I can do it". Sofie smiled "Good, Danny will be getting a text from Lucy later today telling him, he doesn't know yet". "What are you two talking about?" Daniel asked feeling refreshed from his shower. Jordan watched Daniel sit down "Sam Smith, some of his music" he quickly answered. Sofie finished off the hand over telling them she was leaving at midday, Jordan headed off for a shower and to make himself look a little more presentable than the bathrobe he was wearing. When he returned he noticed Daniel smiling whilst looking at his phone, it looked as though the text from Lucy had arrived. They walked through to the main hotel entrance to see Sofie off, the rest of the day went by without any incident with Daniel insisting Jordan took the seat in the GM office. They dined in the main restaurant that evening partly to check on quality, Jordan having learnt from Daniel applied his own unique brand of managing the staff with great success. He was gaining their trust just as they did with Sofie and the family, all of which made his job much easier. The following day Daniel spent most of the day checking the rooms in the main hotel for maintenance and upkeep, Jordan had run the heads of department meeting and was on his way to the Salinger Orchid 2 suite to make sure it was ready for the guest. After all they were paying top dollar to stay in the Orchid Wing. Satisfied everything was perfect he spoke to Morgan the butler that had been assigned to look after Sam during his stay, he asked Morgan to sanity check the bedroom and bathroom one last time to ensure he was satisfied. Jordan checked over the veranda and plumped the cushions again, his work phone beeped and saw their VIP was 10 minutes away. Calling out to Morgan to meet him at the Orchid Wing reception in 5 minutes, he sent a message to Daniel who responded to say he was on his way. "Nervous Jordy?" Daniel asked as they stood waiting in the courtyard out front. Jordan smiled "More so about meeting him than anything else, I just hope everything is perfect". The limo swung in to the courtyard and Morgan opened the door "Welcome to the Salinger Barbados Retreat". Jordan stepped forward as Sam exited the limo "Good Afternoon Mr Smith and welcome I am Jordan the General Manager". Sam smiled noticing how hot looking Jordan was "Thank you, glad to finally be here" and shook Jordan's hand. "Your luggage will be taken to the suite and unpacked for you by Morgan your butler" Jordan informed him. Sam glanced over his shoulder "I was told the suite hotel was private, I hope my privacy is respected." Jordan smiled "Of course Mr Smith, the Orchid Wing is an entirely private hideaway if that's what you seek". Sam smiled "Please call me Sam" they walked up towards the entrance. Jordan looked around but Daniel had slipped out of view "If you will Sam, the concierge will meet us at the suite". They chatted about the hotel and weather as they made their way to Sam's suite, Jordan also told him the beach was also private but open to all guests, if he didn't want anyone to know he was here the Orchid Wing pool terrace and the suites own pool and terrace would be ideal. Jordan left Sam with Morgan and the concierge to check him in. Sam ate dinner in his suite and had an early night. Daniel and Jordan sat quietly cuddled up on the veranda, Daniel had told Jordan he did brilliantly with the VIP. Daniel and Jordan decided to call it a day and went to bed, both exhausted and tired but Jordan still wanted to and did make love to his Daniel.
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    Bajan Love Affair

    Part 18 - Familiar Surroundings Lucy's plans had changed slightly so she was flying out to Barbados on the same day that Daniel and Jordan would fly in from Boston. The architects had flown out 4 days previously under strict guidelines and to have something ready for when they arrived. Lucy picked up her belongings at security and made her way to he clubhouse and catch up on some emails. The receptionist scanned her boarding pass, at the same time Callum was walking past when he heard the receptionist say thank you Mrs Salinger. He stopped dead in tracks and looked over and saw it was indeed Daniel's mother. "Mrs Salinger how lovely to see you again and welcome" he called walking over to her. Lucy turned and looked "Callum isn't it?". "Yes nice of you to remember" he turned to the receptionist "Mrs Salinger is VIP Sarah" she nodded and picked up the phone. "Oh and Callum, please call me Lucy" she said and thanked him. Callum smiled "Lucy, please may I escort you to the VIP lounge, where are you flying to today?" "Barbados back to the hotel" she replied. "Excellent Steve is rostered on the flight so you will be attentively looked after" he said smiling to her. Lucy had on numerous occasions flown with the airline but this was the first time she had really paid attention to the service in the clubhouse, she began noting things down that could be used in the new Salinger Club wing. It struck her that the reason why she paid more attention was more about the engaging personal service from Callum in the VIP section, the other thing was how much more relaxed she was just sitting there in the oversized armchair. All to quickly Callum approached to advise her flight was boarding, he took her hand baggage and escorted her through the airport and directly on to the plane skirting the priority queue. The cabin crew at the door noticed Callum approaching the door and Lucy was addressed and welcomed by name, Steve came forward and escorted her to the assigned seat. "Welcome on board Mrs Salinger, I trust Callum has looked after you so far" Steve asked. Lucy handed over her jacket "Steve please call me Lucy and yes he looked after me very well. How are you?" Steve smiled "I'm great thank you, are you meeting up with Danny and Jordan?". "Yes we are looking over designs for the expansion of the Salinger Barbados Retreat" she replied excitedly. Callum finished stowing the hand luggage "Really we could have stayed there forever, it is so lovely". Callum said his good bye as the tannoy announced boarding complete, Steve brought Lucy over some champagne and got her settled. The flight went by quickly as Lucy was reading over the architects notes they had sent her, she also spent some time sat at the bar area talking to Steve and going over the Club House wing ideas listening to ideas he had that she was jotting down quickly. Steve also said the name didn't sound or sit right and suggested 'Club By Salinger'. Lucy returned to her seat and read through the notes she made with Callum and also Steve's ideas. She tapped her pen several times on the note pad and wrote 'Concept - Club By Salinger', underneath she wrote 'food and beverage service, pool and beach service, lounge service', Lucy had already decided to keep housekeeping under the general hotel service. Next she wrote 'Club Managers', she glanced over at Steve who was engaging with other passengers as he checked they were secured for landing. She looked down again at her note pad and wrote 'Steve and Callum' she closed the note pad and glanced again at Steve, yes she thought to herself brilliant idea. Her eye was caught by the flickers of green coming in through the window as the plane crossed Barbados and banked over Bridgetown heading out to sea before turning on the final approach. Daniel and Jordan stepped in to the waiting limo and drove off towards the hotel, after 10 minutes Jordan tapped Daniel on the leg and pointed to the sky from his side of the limo and they watched Lucy's flight coming in to land. Daniel chuckled and told Jordan they would only get a short time to swim before she showed up. Lucy unbuckled her seat belt and Steve approached with her Jacket "Hope you had a good flight Lucy". "I did Steve, thank you. How long is your layover?" Lucy asked Steve. Steve retrieved her bag from the overhead hat bin "Only two nights Lucy". Lucy looked shocked "That's not long, Danny and Jordan arrived a while ago, come and stay at the Salinger Steve". Steve overwhelmed by her generosity said he would love to, Lucy told him to meet her at the Salinger limo but not to tell Daniel or Jordan he was coming to stay. Steve stood by the Salinger limo waiting for Lucy to appear, the driver ignored Steve as he was use to seeing airline crew standing in the VIP/Crew zone. Lucy appeared from customs and the driver walked over in her direction and took hold of her luggage, she warmly greeted the driver and informed him that Steve will be riding with them to the hotel. All luggage stowed away Lucy and Steve climbed in to the back of the limo for the drive to the hotel. "I hope you don't mind sharing a suite with Danny and Jordan?" she asked looking at Steve. Steve chuckled "Not at all I did last time I stayed with them, the suites are big enough". "You seem to enjoy your work Steve, just like Callum does" Lucy began to make some investigative conversation. Steve looked surprise "Well it's fine and it allows us to come to Barbados which we love". Lucy nodded "You never thought about moving here and settling down?". "Lucy it is so expensive to buy here and it would concern us about getting to the UK to visit family" Steve explained. Lucy nodded again "So if you had the chance to, what would make you say yes to giving everything up for Barbados?". Steve sighed "hmm, a good job to start, time to be together but importantly being able to get home to see family". "Family is the one and most important aspect of life" Lucy said agreeing with Steve. The limo pulled up to the Orchid Wing "I still can't get use to this" Steve said looking out the window. Lucy laughed and stepped out of the limo to be greeted by Daniel and Jordan she looked at them both and told them there was a guest in the limo. Daniel bent over to look in and screamed in surprise as Steve scurried out of the limo and hugged them both. "Hope you don't mind putting me up for two nights" Steve beamed at the both of them. Daniel cocked his head to one side "I guess we can put up with you" and laughed. "Why didn't you tell us you were coming?" Jordan asked. Steve grabbed his flight bag "I didn't know you would be here this week". Lucy went to meet the architects whilst the three boys headed down to the beach for a couple of hours. Cael was overwhelmed to see them plodding along the beach towards the bar, he prepared some fruit crushes and placed them on a table as they approached. Several swims later they all sat in a row looking out to sea. Steve sighed "God how I love it here" and got his phone out called Cael over "Would you mind taking a photo please Cael?". "Of course, say Bajan and smile" he chuckled as he took the photo. Jordan peeked and laughed then settled back in his chair "It certainly is beginning to feel like home here". Daniel looked at him "Happiest place on earth and great memories so far". Jordan looked back at Daniel "You really are happiest here aren't you?". "Yes but only with you" he leant in and gave Jordan a quick kiss. Steve tutted and punched Jordan "Enough you make me sick with all your gooey lovie dovie stuff" and laughed his socks off. "By the way Steve my mother really likes you and Callum" Daniel leaned forward to see Steve. Steve turned his head "Really?". "Yes, she said you treated her like royalty all the way here and Callum escorted her to the plane" Daniel replied. Steve smiled "She was lucky Callum recognised her at the airport". Daniel stood up "Right I guess we should get ready for dinner guys, mother has us in the Windward Palms at 7pm". They all stood and said good by to Cael as they headed back to the suite. Promptly at 7pm everyone arrived including Sofie who was catching up with Lucy, she gave Daniel and Jordan a kiss and told Jordan that she wanted to go through some comment cards with him in the morning so he could see how well the Butler on the Beach concept was going down. Steve seemed to fit in well and even spent most of dinner engaged in conversation with Lucy and Sofie, little did he realise they were assessing his suitability for part of Lucy's grand plan. Lucy and Sofie had already spoken earlier that day and it was agreed that Sofie would move on to take over the GM role at the new LA hotel, it worked in favour for them both as she would be living with her husband who was based in LA. Shortly after dinner Steve posted the photo to the Bajan group on whatsapp so everyone would know what they were missing out on, he put his phone down telling Daniel and Jordan he had sent the photo. Sage had walked in to the music lounge and saw Kit sitting at the usual spot, he casually walked over and said hello to Kit who was already ordering a drink for Sage. The timing could not have been more perfect as they did the small talk greeting chat Kit's phone buzzed and his eyes glanced down to see a message from the 'Bajan Group'. He opened the message with the phone on the bar top and laughed causing Sage to ask what happened. Kit shook his head "Oh some friends have reunited again" and showed Sage the photo. Sage looked carefully "Wow that is one fine beach, where is that?". "Barbados, we were there over a month ago hence the somewhat fading tan" Kit laughed. Sage laughed with him "So who are the three amigos". Kit innocently explained "This one is Danny and this is his now boyfriend Jordan and this one is Steve". "They look like a lot fun to be around" Sage replied with a big smile on his face. Kit chuckled "Oh Danny is the joker we have a long running thing going every time we see each other". "The err Jordan dude has some pretty neat ink work, do they live out there?" Sage asked with feigned interest. Kit put the phone away "No Danny and Steve are from the UK and Jordan well he is American and loved up with Danny". "Nice bunch of friends, never really known anyone from the UK must be cool having British friends" Sage sighed. Kit smiled "Well they are coming over for thanksgiving so maybe we could all meet up one evening". Sage pretended to look shocked "Sure would be nice, but this is only the second time we have met dude". Kit patted him on the shoulder "Got to admit Sage your a pretty decent guy to be around plus you like the music". Sage laughed "Thanks Kit, hope we can become friends if you have the room for another one". They shook hands and did a man hug before returning to their drinks and waiting for the bands to start, Sage could not keep the sinister smile off his face, after all he was so close to achieving his goal.
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    Bajan Love Affair

    Part 17 - A New Path They said their good byes again after a busy and hectic couple of days showing Jordan all the sights in London. Thankfully the sanctuary of the penthouse suite in the hotel allowed them some down time. Steve was flying off to LA in the morning with a 2 day layover, Nicky and Kit had invited Steve over to their mansion on his free day, smitten he kept dropping this in when ever he got the chance to annoy the others. Jordan had now crossed off many of the landmarks he had seen or heard about of London, he sent many pictures of him at various famous parts of the city to his parents. It was mid afternoon on Sunday as they drove back to Daniel's place, finally they were looking forward to some alone time as Monday they would be meeting up with Daniel's parents to talk business. Daniel reminded Jordan that they needed to think of some ideas and suggestions around Saffron Cove. Jordan had popped out for a run and returned 30 minutes later hot and sweaty as he ran up the stairs to shower. Daniel stood at the doorway of the bathroom naked and wolf whistled at Jordan, he turned and smiled running his hand down to his body towards his cock. He started to gently caress his already semi hard cock, Daniel's eyes fixed on Jordan slowly walked towards him. The warm water hit his body as he slid to his knees coming face to face with Jordan's cock, he licked the head gently and Jordan sighed and moaned at the same time. Daniel's lips encircled the head as his tongue swirled around the head slowly he worked his way down. Applying more pressure with his lips he began to suck, Jordan's hands positioned themselves on Daniel's head and guided the pace and depth. Daniel continued working Jordan's cock until he felt the hands holding his head move quicker, Jordan groaned and rolled his head back., quickly Daniel stopped sucking and kissed Jordan's stomach, chest as he stood up. Their mouths met in a torrent of desire before Daniel's body was spun around and Jordan penetrated him in one movement and began releasing his seed in to his lover. Daniel clasped Jordan's hands to hold him tighter as they soared in to their own world of love. Daniel slipped out of the shower and dried off and left Jordan to finish off his shower and get dressed. He walked downstairs to the kitchen where Daniel was making coffee for them, they had both over indulged over the weekend with food and neither of them could face anything else to eat after the hearty English breakfast that morning. Jordan walked up behind Daniel and kissed his neck hugging him, Daniel rested his head against Jordan's shoulder and suggested they go to the lounge and snuggle up on the sofa for a while. Daniel's body still tingled from their sex and when ever Jordan touched or was near him, the past month they had been incredibly close and intimate with each other. Daniel stroked Jordan's arm that was around his waist "I suppose we should come up with something for tomorrow". "I guess, we also need to talk about us" Jordan responded. Daniel stopped stroking "Us, is something wrong?" his heart skipped a beat. Jordan kissed Daniel's neck "No silly, but we need to figure out what we will everything moved so quickly". "Oh of course, been so caught up I forget your life is in the US" Daniel relaxed back against Jordan. Jordan laughed "It has been a whirlwind but we need to put our feet back on the ground and reality". Daniel mused for a moment "Where do you see us going?". "Hmm, together definitely but my visa doesn't allow me in the UK for long" Jordan said. Daniel looked up at Jordan "Tell me Jordy, did my mother ask you sign anything in Barbados?". Jordan hesitated unsure if he should answer "Yes she did, and I signed without reading it". "I thought she would but I didn't want to ask" Daniel looked a little cross. Jordan rubbed his head "It made no difference to me what it contained". Daniel rested his head back against Jordan "I told you I would give this up to be with you and I mean it". "No, I wouldn't want you to, I see how much you like the work and life" Jordan kissed his head. Daniel chuckled "I think you enjoyed running the hotel with me didn't you?". "Once I knew what I was doing yes, must admit it was fascinating and interesting" Jordan smiled by his own admission. The continued chatting for several hours but their thoughts moved to Saffron Cove. When they eventually turned in for the night they made love for a couple of hours until they both fell asleep happy and safe in each others arms. Jordan was chatting to Daniel's father arranging to work out together over the next few days, Daniel waved his arms at the suggestion he joined them, he would stick to his jogging and swimming. They were all sat in the office at Daniel's parents home banding ideas around Saffron Cove, should be an extension to the Salinger Barbados Retreat or run as a new concept hotel. Jordan sat their going through some of the occupancy figures of the Retreat it struck him that the Orchid Wing was always over 96% occupied continually. Lucy was looking at the Saffron Cove's floor plan when she looked up noticing Jordan concentrating, she nodded to Daniel and David to look at him. Jordan oblivious carried on for a few minutes then realised it was quiet and looked up. "Sorry did I miss something?" an apologetic look on Jordan's face. Lucy asked Jordan "What are you thinking Jordan?". "Orchid Wing is always nearly full, is there a market to expand it?" Jordan looked at the 3 of them. He went on to explain his idea of building a brand new Orchid Wing on the Saffron Cove site, retain the privacy and gain a private beach giving it more appeal, that way you could increase the number of suites available to the brand. Jordan carried on, take the old Orchid Wing and re-brand to a new Salinger premium concept sitting below Orchid Wing but above the Salinger Wing. Lucy sat silent for a moment running over Jordan's suggestion. Daniel saw what he was thinking and suggested the new Orchid Wing could have different levels of suite and several more with private pools. Lucy sat there looking at the plans again the looked at David who nodded in agreement with the idea. Finally Lucy expressed that the idea looked good and suggested they have lunch then discuss it in more detail afterwards. David made sandwiches with Daniel's help whilst Jordan and Lucy sat down at the table. "So have you and Daniel made any decision about the future?" Lucy asked Jordan in a quiet tone. Jordan sighed "We spoke a little last night but nothing really decided Lucy, it's quite difficult". "How so?" she gave him a sceptical look "If you are in love with each other nothing else should count". "I have enjoyed being in England, but as you know the visa situation doesn't help matters" Jordan replied. Lucy took his hand "Danny was in a bad place before you came along out of the blue and I had my reservations". "I think we were both in a dark place" Jordan tried to lighten the mood. Lucy smiled "You did really well in Barbados and you have made Danny very happy, I couldn't ask for more Jordan". "Honestly I can't imagine him not being at my side nor do I want to" Jordan had a serious look on his face. She smiled and patted his hand "Remember I asked if you could get use to hotel life?". "Of course I do but would going from hotel to hotel living out of a suitcase be a life?" Jordan answered. Lucy nodded "It's good when your single but for a couple it is a hard way to exist". Jordan looked trying to gauge her mood "Lucy I love your son so much and I want to share our lives". She sensed the turmoil in Jordan "So what is stopping you from committing?". Jordan drew a deep breath "Acceptance by his family" he looked at her. Lucy stared at Jordan "The fact you are sat here is all the acceptance you need from us Jordan". Jordan looked at the smile on her face "When I first spoke to Danny I jokingly asked him to marry me". Lucy laughed "I know, Cael told me and also that Danny never actually said no to your joke". Jordan shook his head "I never realised how really loyal the hotel staff there are to you and your family". "We look after them in many ways Jordan, treat them like family and you get loyalty" she replied. "So what else are you not telling me that you know?" Jordan asked. Lucy chuckled "I only like to keep an eye out for my son Jordan". The sandwiches were placed on the table and Daniel looked at Jordan and his mother quickly, he had seen them deep in conversation and they now sat there with amused looks on their faces. He thought better than to ask and just ate his sandwich talking to his father, it was a quick lunch and they returned to the office and sat at the table this time looking over the plans. It didn't take long to finally decide to go with Jordan's suggestion, Saffron Cove would be rebuilt as the Orchid Wing with 25 suites of which 5 would be larger with a private pool, 5 beachfront, 10 pool side and 5 garden suites to be the best value option but still expensive. The current Orchid Wing would be redesigned after and would then rebrand as a new concept. Lucy was excited and said Old Mack would probably like this, Jordan asked who Old Mack was and once explained he looked at Lucy and suggested the Orchid Wing beach bar be called 'Old Mack's" as a sort of homage to him. Off the top of her head she penned the new concept as Salinger Club. "I love it, the whole idea has come together thank you Danny and Jordan" Lucy was bursting with happiness. Daniel sat back in his chair "I think it will be amazing". "The architects go over in two weeks time, I think you both should be there as well" Lucy looked at Daniel and Jordan. Jordan looked at Daniel "I need to go home to Boston, visa rules and see my parents". "Why don't you both go spend a week there then fly down to Barbados?" Lucy suggested. Lucy had her assistant take care of the flights, Daniel saw the flights were with Steve's airline and dropped him message. It took a couple of days for Jordan to accept that his travel would be paid for by the company since he was still sort of employed. Steve eventually got back to Daniel having returned from his LA trip and telling Daniel how amazing Nicky and Kit were looking after him for a day. He was scheduled to fly to Barbados but managed to switch on to the Boston flight with Daniel and Jordan, all their travel plans were in place and Jordan now had a right to residency visa for Barbados but he still didn't know why Lucy had managed to arrange it so quickly. They spent the last night having dinner with Lucy and David and eventually left at 10pm and headed back to Daniel's house. They received a message from Callum telling them to text him when they were 15 minutes from the airport in the morning. Daniel was sitting on the sorting out the last few items to pack when Jordan kissed him on the head and sat next to him with his passport open. "Why did your mother get me a residency visa for Barbados?" he asked looking at Jordan. Daniel chuckled "She probably has something up her sleeve, but at least we can stay there as long as we like". "Oh right, would you want to stay on the island?" Jordan look up at him. "Yes I think I would do" Daniel closed his flight bag "but only if you wanted to Jordy". Jordan smiled "Of course I would if I had work and you there". Daniel put the flight bag on the floor and started to undress "Let's not tell my mother yet, see what she is planning". Jordan slipped in to bed and Daniel climbed in sliding up next to him, their arms wrapping around each other whilst their mouths met in. Jordan rolled Daniel on to his back and slipped in between his legs, slowly and intimately they made love. Jordan stretched in bed lazing around whilst Daniel showered, eventually he rolled out of bed and sauntered to the shower just as Daniel was finishing. They were both tired from what was suppose to be an early night ended up being an early morning before they got to sleep. It was 8am and the car would be there at in 30 minutes. Imelda the housekeeper had arrived and made a pot of coffee for them before she started her cleaning routine. Jordan finally awake checked he had his passport and wallet continually until the they heard the car pull up. Daniel sent a text to Callum telling him they were nearly there. Callum read the message and walked through the airport to the check-in wing to wait for them, traffic was light for rush hour as the car pulled up to the curb side Callum came outside to greet them. Excited to see them again he chatted away about Steve and his time with Nicky and Kit, albeit with a little envy. He escorted them through check-in and up to the clubhouse where he personally looked after the VIP's. The tannoy chimed softly as the boarding announcement was made, Callum took Daniel's flight bag and escorted them to the aircraft and the front of the queue. Steve was in the upper class cabin settling passengers in when Callum appeared followed by Daniel and Jordan, he stayed until Steve served them orange juice. He was a little upset that they didn't know how long they would be away until Daniel reminded him that they were due to meet in November for thanksgiving at Nicky and Kit's. The final few passengers boarded and Calum left the plane. The 7 hour flight flew past mostly due to them catching up on some sleep they missed from the previous night. Steve was in Boston overnight before his flight back, so they agreed to grab a quick bit to eat that evening. The week had passed quickly and Jordan had taken Daniel around the sights, they spent time with Jordan's mother who loved Daniel from the outset. Patrick and Lee enjoyed having them to stay and Jordan decided not to take a job with his father for the time being, his heart was now firmly in the hotel business. Patrick understood with a little disappointment but happy Jordan was finally getting settled, Lee on the other hand was overjoyed and hoped they would be able to come visit where ever they were living. Daniel was only to aware of the sacrifice Jordan was having to make and could see why he loved Boston so much. Understandably as they stood in the airport saying goodbye emotions were running high. Daniel sent a private message to Nicky asking if Jordan's parents could join them at thanksgiving, Nicky was only to happy for them to come and stay. Daniel hugged Patrick "What are your plans for thanksgiving?" he asked. "Oh, we were going up state for a quiet long weekend I expect" Patrick replied as Lee and Jordan listened in. "If you don't mind why don't you join us in LA for a couple of days with Nicky and Kit?" Daniel suggested. Patrick looked at Lee who was nodding "Okay, as long as we are not intruding". "Good that's settled, I will send you the details just be there on the Wednesday afternoon" Daniel said hugging Lee. They walked through security and Jordan turned to Daniel "Thank you".
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    Bajan Love Affair

    Part 16 - Picking Them Off One By One Flicking through the many posts on facebook he found a picture of three guys, Mario, Jordan and someone called Curt. Diligently Sage had watched Mario unlock his phone many times and knew his pin code, Mario was sound asleep next to him. He saw that Curt had his arm around Jordan and could just make out Jordan's fingers showing he had hold of Curt's arse. It looked like he hung out at the same bar on Friday nights where he had picked Mario up, he locked the phone and replaced it. Mario's body was not coping well with the infection and he told him to go and see the a doctor, that was the extent of care Sage would give him. After all he had done what he intended to with Mario but he was getting nowhere finding Jordan, he thought he would keep Mario around a few more weeks since he still had a use. He had his most revealing clothes on as he walked in to bar, he only hoped that the traffic had not delayed him to much. Sage stood at the bar and ordered a drink, it was as if things could not have gone better, as soon as the bartender put his drink down he looked to the left of Sage to take another order. Sage glanced and there stood Curt their eyes immediately making contact and Curt nodded to Sage. Unlike Mario Curt was nearly his height and had a pretty defined look about his body. Sage nodded and returned his gaze as though he was looking at his drink, his eyes were actually fixed on the mirror behind the bar watching Curt. Unmistakably Curt was eyeing up Sage's arms and the muscle showing through the tight t-shirt. Sage smiled inwardly to himself and knew this was going to be easy, his view blocked by the bartender placing Curt's drink down, Sage turned to look out over the room his back resting against the bar. Curt sipped his drink "Gotta say man that is fantastic muscle definition you got going there". Sage nodded "Thanks" he looked at him and cocked his head to one side "I know you from somewhere". "Usually pop in here every Friday for a drink" Curt said implying this would be why. "No, not from here" he paused "I think it was a photo, some months back" Sage gave the impression racking his brains. Curt looked "hmm, I had a photo with two friends a while back it was on facebook". "Dam that's it, I'm sure you was in a photo with a friend of mine Jordan and his pal, err, Mario" Sage exclaimed. Curt laughed "Yes that was me" he relaxed as they chatted about their friends in common. Curt went as far as saying that he hadn't seem either of them for more than month, Sage said that Jordan had gone back to the east coast from what he could remember and didn't really know Mario that well only to chat to. They took it in turns buying drinks and Curt was getting a little flirty with Sage the more he drunk, Curt ran his hand along Sage's biceps mouthing the words 'holy shit'. Sage being charismatic and open to being flirted with attitude was starting to pay off. "So Sage, I don't normally do this, but do you want to come back to mine" Curt was edging on slurring his words. Sage smiled "You are very sexy Curt, but I don't know if we should" he ordered Curt another drink. Curt looked down "I should have guessed that someone like you would be more in to muscle men". Sage placed his finger under Curt's chin and lifted his head "Why would you think that?". Curt sighed "Don't know it seems to be the usual way". Sage kissed him lightly on the mouth "I am not that shallow, drink up then. I am not promising sex though". Curt gulped down with drink and felt the burn in his throat and coughed "Hell was that a double?". "Certainly didn't order a double" Sage placed his half empty glass down on the bar smirking. He followed Curt's slightly wobbly walking out of the bar, everyone else in the bar paid no attention to the two men leaving. Curt wrestled with his keys and opened the door to his apartment, Sage closed the door behind him and stood in the lounge. Curt walked over to took Sage's shirt off, his hands rubbed up and down the taught biceps, as he moved his hands over the chest and abdomen Sage closed his arms around Curt's body and kissed him deep. He hands moved to Curt's buttocks, squeezing and caressing them and jolting his shorts down in one motion so he stood partially naked until he removed Curt's shirt and he stood bare in front of him. The wispy blond hair and deep blue eyes starring back at Sage was more than he could desire, he slipped his shorts off and grabbed hold of Curt and pulled him in to his arms. His tongue lashed out deep in to Curt's mouth coating the inside with his saliva and rubbing his cock up against his body which was as rigid as steel, he was ready to seal Curt's fate for knowing Jordan. Curt pushing Sage away said he needed to get a condom, Sage picked up his shorts and pulled 3 condoms out showing them to Curt, their bodies collapsing on the carpet in the lounge they kissed liked their mouths were possessed by demons. Sage flipped curt over on to his stomach and slapped each cheek of Curt's arse, he kissed each cheek then spread them apart exposing his beautiful hole. Curt heard him spit and felt the warm saliva running over his hole before Sage dived in with this tongue. Curt cried out in ecstasy his legs pounding up and down against the floor as Sage tongue fucked and bit his hole, the alcohol in Curt's body making him horny he shouted out to Sage 'Oh fuck me Sage, fuck me hard oh Sage please fuck me'. Sage choose the special blue coloured condom that he always carried. He spat on Curt's hole as he tore the packet of the condom open and wrapped it over his shaft, Curt was not out of control that he couldn't check that Sage had put it on. His head arched up as he felt Sage's tongue eating his arse again, as quick as it had started it finished. He felt the muscled body snaking its way up along his body and looming over him. Sage tenderly kissing the shoulders and neck of Curt as he slowly moved up towards the ear, Curt's body arched and ached to be fucked. He turned his head and met Sage's lips as they parted and his mouth filled with Sage's tongue. He kissed him tenderly "Are you sure you want me to fuck you?". "Oh fuck yes and I want to feel your arms holding me tight as you do it" Curt replied in a husky sexual way. Sage kneeled up and pulled a sachet of lube from his shorts and bit the packet open, he put his finger nail between his teeth and bit a small part out leaving a coarse jagged edge on his index finger. Liberally applying the lube over his wrapped cock and Curt's arse he used a different finger to push some lube in and began to tease Curt's hole with the head of his cock. Curt gasped and moaned as the head slipped in, Sage gave a couple of gentle thrusts back and forth before slipping a few more inches inside his arse. Curt moaned and begged Sage to fuck his brains out, Sage lowered his body and slipped his left arm around Curt's chest, he heard curt moan 'Oh fuck yes hold me tight'. Sage lowered his full weight on to Curt's back gently and slipped his right arm around the neck positioning his hand on his left shoulder to shop him moving forward. Gently he eased most of his cock inside Curt and began to gently fuck without penetrating to deeply, his slow methodical movement broken by kissing, his hips moved up and down up then down with force that pushed his cocked deeper inside Curt who let out a loud cry. He had never felt such a hard cock inside him and every time Sage pushed in a different angle he could feel it pushing hard against anal wall. The stokes were gentle but very much deliberate, it was only a matter of minutes before the laxtex of the condom mixed with the oil based lubricant would wear it down and start splitting each time it was rubbed along the anal wall. Curt was moaning with a feeling of pleasure that he had never experienced before, the technique of Sage's fucking was extraordinary. Sage released his hold on Curt and slowly extracted his cock. Sage leaned over and whispered 'Fuck Curt you are so hot, stay there need more lube and to loosen your tight hole up a little', Curt lowered his head and produce an audible sigh of pleasure. Sage noticed a small tear in the condom already, he coated it in more lube and some on Curt's hole, he pushed his middle finger in to Curt's arse and passed him a bottle of poppers. Curt greedily began taking half a dozen long hard sniffs and Sage seized the moment and slipped his index finger in carefully, finger fucking him for a couple of minutes he then twisted his hand quickly ensure the jagged nail caught and ripped his anal wall. Curt's arse bucked but mixture of poppers and alcohol mistook the pain as pleasure and kept pushing his arse back on the fingers. Sage never one to miss an opportunity dug his finger in deeper and twisted them three more time before pulling them out. There was a good coating of blood on his two fingers which he licked tasting the blood of his new victim, he pushed his cock in harder this time as Curt screamed in pain and pleasure. Sage wrapped both his arms around the chest of the Curt and began to fuck him with more intensity, his grip on Curt preventing his body from moving away from his thrusting. Curt grabbed Sage's head pulling him towards his mouth, he was rewarded by the invading tongue of Sage, Curt's other hand was pushing up against the base of the sofa as if it would ease the rocketing thrusts his arse was now enduring. Sage raised his head and smiled at the feeling of the condom finally giving way and releasing his cock along with the stored precum in the tip. Curt laid there in heaven 'Hold me tighter Sage and fuck harder' he begged, Sage was only to happy to oblige. Sage ramped up the speed and intensity and pounded the sheer life out of Curt's body for a good 15 minutes until he felt his balls tightening. Curt began to resist and tried to free himself from Sage's grip but the more tried to ply the arms away the tighter they squeezed and held him, Sage sneered 'You wanted to get fucked now shut up and take it'. At that moment he rammed his hips so hard against Curt's arse that Curt squealed in pleasured pain and his eyes rolled up behind the eye lids, Sage could not see how much Curt was enjoying this since he was fixated on breeding his victim. Curt was rewarded for his good behaviour as his arse was flooded with stream after stream of Sage contagious bodily fluid, he continued pushing his hips hard against Curt's arse grinding as he did so. He had to make sure that his toxic seed coated all of his insides like an abstract piece of art. Curt collapsed forward panting heavily and Sage pulled his cock out and inspected his blood covered cock, all that remained was the plastic ring of the condom and a couple of latex strands, the rest had shredded completely apart during the fucking. Sage slapped Curt's arse and chuckled, not only would be by shitting toxic seed it would have blue latex mixed in. Sage went to the bathroom and cleaned his cock, Curt was sparked out on the floor when he returned. Sage dressed and went towards the door before he turned back to look at Curt who was now lightly snoring, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and snapped a picture of Curt. Smiling to himself and looking at Curt, he was by far the easiest stealth fuck to date, he closed the apartment door behind him as he left. Mario was feeling better and browsing the celeb magazine websites. A picture caught his attention title 'Nicky and husband fun in the sun'. The picture had been retweeted by friends of the person who took it until one eagle eyed gossip columnist came across whilst searching #FamousPeople, from there is circulated and appeared in several publications. Mario did a double take looking closely, it was definitely Jordan with his arm around a younger guy. Why on earth would Jordan be in Barbados with another man and who was it?, curiosity got the better of him and he googled the hell out of the picture trying to find a mention of the other people in the photo but it was coming up blank. He put his tablet down and dozed off. Sage opened the apartment door and walked in to the bedroom waking Mario up. "Glad your back Sage" Mario tentatively spoke "Jordan was in Barbados" he showed Sage the web page. Unmistakably he saw Jordan and the other guy "Who is the guy he is with?. Mario cowered slightly "I don't know". Sage saw Nick and Kit in the picture, he sat down and let Mario drift off to sleep again. He googled Kit and saw social media posts where he always seemed to be in one of the live music bars for an hour on Wednesday evenings. He smiled to himself, time to make a new friend tomorrow night he thought. It may be difficult since Kit was a famous rock musician himself but he would turn on the seduction that Sage did so well. He looked at Mario laying there in bed, pathetic idiot he thought broken so easily but in some way Sage was drawn to Mario. It was still early as Sage headed off to downtown LA and the bar just off Rodeo drive, deliberately taking the bus in he had time to study the photos of Kit in the bar. He nearly always sat in the same place to the left of the bar and the times on the photo postings were nearly always between 7 and 8pm. Sage pushed the door open and walked looking around strange he thought, this doesn't seem to be the place. He wandered over to a completely different looking bar and asked the bartender if this was the live music venue. The bartender laughed and pointed to a door at the back telling Sage the music lounge is out that way and is just getting started. He walked through and smiled, this is it he thought walking over to the left side of the bar he sat down and ordered a coke. The first band was playing a type of country rock playlist, he was totally immersed in the performance and didn't notice Kit coming in or that he was now standing behind him. The band finished and were taking a 15 minute breather, the lounge was only half full and Sage sensed someone behind him and turned on his bar stool to face the bar. "Hell dude, where did you come from" Sage made the pretence to jump in surprise. Kit laughed "Sorry mate didn't mean to make you jump". Sage laughed "I didn't know you where standing behind me". "Great band aren't they?" Kit stated. Sage glanced over at them "Pretty good, but I am just getting in to this style of music and still finding my way". Kit looked and assumed he didn't know who he was "I can help you understand I am in a band like this". "Really? thanks man would appreciate it" Sage held out his hand "I'm Sage". Kit took his hand "Names Keith but everyone knows me as Kit, you here alone?". "Yes, how about you?" Sage returned. Kit laughed "I am, Wednesday is my free pass night. How about a drink and we go sit at a table". "Thank you Kit that would be awesome, nice to have someone to talk to about the music style". Kit stayed in the bar for 2 hours with Sage they chatted on and off between the music until he declared that he would have to head off. Sage walked with Kit to the door and they agreed to meet up here again next week and swapped mobile numbers. Kit arrived home as Nicky was reading a script for a film, he told her about meeting a great guy who he just spent a couple of hours with talking about music. And the best part he doesn't know who I am, gonna meet him at the bar again next week. Nicky leaned over and kissed him and said it would be good for him to have a friend outside the band and the Hollywood set.
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    Bajan Love Affair

    Part 15 - Changing Seasons The all to now familiar impalement ran through his ravaged body that was pinned down to the bed by the muscled body, by now he thought his body would be able to take on the sexual onslaught from him. But each time felt like the first, the continuous deep rough thrusting for twenty or so minutes until the stabbing feeling as the cock stiffened like a metal pole and pulsed more toxic seed in to his body. Sage rolled on to his back and Mario laid on his stomach the pain in his arse subsiding, sex with Sage was still a brutal experience as if he was full of pent up rage. Mario was a shadow of his former self that he was a month ago, he continued to be drawn back to Sage even after he became dangerously ill during the conversion and became a new host of Sage's toxic virus. His body had been ravaged by almost a week of fuck flu with no appetite for food he lost nearly 10lbs in weight and had no energy to fight the virus or Sage. His face showing the shadow of the bruises after he refused to get fucked when sick. He mustered enough strength to roll over and lay close to Sage, he was his world, his own life destroyed and porn career finished abruptly as he became totally reliant on Sage. Through all the phycological abuse Sage had put him through over the past month he had become borderline unstable with low self esteem, he had no idea this had happened or understood how it would grow and show itself in the not to far distant future. The view of the lush green fields below them began to change as the scenery changed in to a more urbanized landscape, the plane banked to the left and Daniel pointed out the Thames estuary to Jordan as it settled on to the flight path along the Thames towards Heathrow. This was Jordan's first visit to the UK and was excited at the prospect, he had no idea how long they would be here or even what they would do next, it was just one big adventure for the time being. Steve completed the landing cabin check deliberately tugging hard on Daniel's seatbelt who responded with a chuckle, a loud ding sounded as the noise of the landing gear being extended began to rumble being released from the housing under their feet. Jordan watched as many famous London landmarks passed beneath the plane, he turned to Daniel to discreetly kiss him and holding his hand as the plane touched down on the runway. Callum was at the aircraft door in his uniform performing escort duty. Jordan and Daniel were behind other upper class passengers, as they neared the door Steve bade them good bye and thank you for flying with them, Callum approached and addressed them by name and escorted them through the airport to their waiting limo. They kissed Callum good bye until the weekend when they planned to meet up, the limo door closed as they drove off towards Surrey and Daniel's home. It had been a mad 4 weeks but both of them were glad when Sofie turned up a day early from her leave, Jordan done a great job with the Butler on the Beach totally impressing Sofie, she fed everything back to Lucy who couldn't make her trip back out. He had learned a lot from Daniel but still struggled with the bed making and cleaning toilets. Both of them relaxed in the back of limo, tanned to perfect bronze, loved up beyond belief but both looking forward to sleeping before dinner that evening with Daniel's parents, it would be the first time meeting Daniel's father. The limo pulled up to the gates of the house which slowly opened allowing the limo pass through and up to the front doors, Jordan looked on gobsmacked. "When you said house I thought 3 or 4 bedrooms at most!" his eyes opened wide. Daniel laughed "It's small in comparison to others on this road, it only has 5 bedrooms". "Phew, that's a relief and I hope there is a gym" jokingly he poked Daniel in the side. Inside Daniel gave Jordan a quick tour around and introduced him to the housekeeper they went upstairs to the master bedroom and collapsed on the bed exhausted, Jordan moved his arms around Daniel and promptly fell asleep fully clothed. Being early October the evenings were closing in fast, he undressed and headed to the ensuite bathroom to shower. Jordan woke up a little disorientated at first before realising where he actually was, he stripped naked and walked in to the bathroom and slipped up behind Daniel. Daniel pushed his body back and turned his head to kiss Jordan whilst he filled his hands with shower gel, he turned to face Jordan and began to soap his body. Caressingly running his hands around and around, along the arms and round the back inching closer until their bodies touched and their mouths met. They rinsed and dried each other, neither of them could get enough of the other, everything they did somehow led to kissing and caressing then ultimately love making. Daniel drove to his parents in the now faded light, Jordan even more impressed by the family home and still tying to process everything. Lucy couldn't make it back out to Barbados so this was the first time she was seeing them for over a month. Jordan stood outside the front door waiting for Daniel to join him, he stepped up and took his hand looking him in the eye 'Ready?', Jordan nodded and Daniel opened the door. Everything Lucy had said at the hotel about previous partners dating for other reasons was all beginning to piece together completely. What surprised Jordan was how normal it was, he was expecting the house to be a flurry of helpers, instead they wandered through to the kitchen diner. It was large with a sleek modern design with high end finishes, Lucy was placing a tray back in one of the two ovens, he spotted Daniel's father easily as he was the spitting image of him. "Hello everyone" Daniel announced their arrival. Lucy turned "Ah David the boys have arrived" she rushed over to kiss Daniel then Jordan. "Lucy great to see you" Jordan had an amused look on his face but said nothing. David came over and kissed his son "And you must be Jordan" he shook Jordan's hand. "I am indeed, good to finally meet you sir" Jordan replied. David took a step back "Sir?" he punched Jordan's shoulder lightly "It's David not sir". "Sorry David" Jordan smiled back at him. "So Lucy tells me you did quite a job with Danny in Barbados" David said. Jordan looked apprehensive "Well to be honest I don't know how I did" assuming he was talking about the managing part. "Well from what I heard on the grapevine you banged my son good and proper" David looked seriously at Jordan. Jordan looked stunned until Lucy intervened "Jordan he is messing with you, enough of that David". David stood laughing for a moment "Lucy you have flour on your nose, what can I get you boys to drink?". Jordan saw a completely different side to Lucy at home, with David at her side he could see why they were successful in their business. Dinner was a real family affair, normal food and very light hearted conversation. What he found strange was no talk about the business during family meals, Jordan had hit it off with David having a few hobbies in common such as the gym, tennis and swimming. Lucy and Daniel cleared the table and went to prepare desert whilst cleaning up leaving David and Jordan sat at the table far enough to be out of earshot. "So Jordan how are you finding my son, he's sexy right?" David asked in a casual way. Jordan tried to asses if he was messing "Totally sexy and totally in love with him". David chuckled "And did you?" winking at Jordan. He shook his head in disbelief smiling "Hmmm no comment". Daniel returned to the table "Father I know what your asking and the answer is yes every day" he picked up a plate and left. David waited a moment "I hope you will make him happy Jordan, he needs someone steady and not after what they can get". "I promised Lucy I would and make the same promise to you" Jordan's expression said it all. David relaxed his body "The fact that Lucy even invited you here says a lot and I trust her judgement implicitly". David went over to the fridge and retrieved a bottle of champagne and 4 glasses before returning to the table just as Lucy and Daniel placed desert down. Jordan looked at it strangely, he had never seen anything like it. Daniel looked at the champagne "I have to drive home father". "Nonsense stay over anyway we need to talk business in the morning to both of you" David popped the cork. Lucy stated to cut the desert "Jordan spotted dick?". "Your kidding?" Jordan replied shocked looking at her. The irony not lost she laughed "No seriously, spotted dick that's what it is called in England, it's Daniel's favourite". "You can't call a desert that surely?" Jordan still looked shocked whilst the others laughed. Daniel cut a bit off and popped it in to Jordan's mouth "Your eating spotted dick Jordy". Once the laughter died down he conceded and had some spotted dick and custard with Bollinger champagne. Jordan cleared his throat and the others turned to looked at him 'A toast to spotted dick' Lucy nearly fell off her chair in laughter before regaining her composure and raised her glass. They spent the rest of the evening sat at the table talking, Jordan was overwhelmed by how down to earth and rounded they were as a family. The following day turned in to a beautiful autumnal day, the boys walked in to the kitchen to find Lucy and David already finishing breakfast. They said their good morning's and Daniel led Jordan over to the kitchen, they both grabbed a bowl of museli and went to join Lucy and David at the table. "What are your plans Jordan whilst here?" David asked. Jordan put his fruit juice down "Definitely want to see some of London's sights and dinner with our friends". Lucy looked up "Is that the airline guys?". Daniel spoke "Yes Steve and Callum, Steve flies and Callum works in the clubhouse". Lucy laughed "What a small world, I think it is Callum who looks after me every time I use the clubhouse". Jordan chuckled "Steve was on our flight back and Callum met us at the gate and escorted us through the airport". "So the four of you are sightseeing this weekend in London then?" David looked at Daniel. Daniel replied "Yes, I was thinking of asking them to come and stay as a base". David looked at his son "Why don't you stay at the Salinger London Daniel?" Daniel contemplated for a moment "It would be two nights father and I know hard it is to get rooms there". David nodded "Let me make a call see what there is". Lucy asked Daniel and Jordan to come to the office with her whilst David put the call in to the hotel. The office contained 3 desks and a large table with building plans strewn all over it. They sat of the sofa and chairs before Lucy told them that Saffron Cove was now officially owned by them, she continue to tell them that Old Mack had put a stop on new bookings a few months back so within 3 months they should be able to start reimaging the hotel. She explained how not knowing where to start to merge it into the Salinger Barbados Retreat or keep it separate. She asked the Daniel and Jordan to have a good think about what they would do and come back on Monday with some thoughts. They both nodded and said they would give it some thought. David joined them in the office and sat down next to Lucy. "The hotel is pretty full but they have one room available this weekend if you don't mind sharing" David looked at them both. Daniel looked at Jordan "Does it have 2 beds?" he asked his father. David smiled "No but it does have two bedrooms, it's the Buckingham Penthouse". Daniel laughed "I am sure we can slum it in there for two nights". "Good then it's all sorted, knock yourselves out and have dinner in the hotel as well" David said gleefully. They left to drive back to Daniel's house telling Jordan it was a big thing being able to stay at the hotel, and if he thought the Orchid Wing was amazing the Salinger London was going to blow his mind.
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    Bajan Love Affair

    Part 14 - The Extended Stay It was obviously a very nervous start to dinner, Patrick and Lee had never in all the years actually had dinner with the hotel owner. It was something that they were both conscious about, was dining with English people different? The culture in terms of knives, forks and etiquette, was it more formal than they were use to? Jordan had told them it was casual dress shorts and shirts, Patrick and Lee were all dithering about what shirt to wear, since they only brought a couple of shirts due to their short visit the choice was really very limited. Daniel and Jordan grateful for Lucy being back meant that Anderson was busy in her suite so they showered together. Daniel thought he was going to have a nice long shower, which he did, although he didn't anticipate it would involve being suspended against the shower wall held aloft by Jordan making love to him. He wasn't complaining though his whole body was alive and tingling, feelings he only had when Jordan was touching or making love to him. Jordan breathed heavy against Daniel's neck from his orgasm, his hands cupped Daniel's buttocks keeping him suspended against the wall with his cock deep inside. Daniel's arms and legs held him tightly and close, Jordan moved his head and looked Daniel in the eye before his mouth closed in on Daniel's and they lingered savouring the moment. Daniel broke off the kiss "We will be late and mother hates that" he giggled. Jordan looked him in the eyes "I suppose, just one thing though." "What's that Jordy?" he eyed him curiously head cocked to one side. Jordan kissed him tenderly on the mouth "I love you Danny". Daniel kissed Jordan "Madly and deeply in love with you Jordy" their lips touching and evolving in to yet another deep loving kiss. Jordan stood on the veranda waiting watching the palm trees that fringed the beach, he heard Daniel approaching and gave him a kiss as they walked around the terrace to the suite next door. Arriving by the skin of their teeth to see Patrick and Lee already there and in deep in conversation with Lucy. They took their seats at the table and listened to Patrick and Lee's conversation, Anderson and a waiter began serving dinner. Throughout it was kept very light hearted, Lucy paid close attention to Daniel and Jordan watching them as they took sneaky glances at each other. There was no doubt in her mind that these two had fallen for each other, without realising she had a smile across her face whilst looking at them. "Mother" Daniel spoke bringing her back to the here and now. She looked a little embarrassed "Sorry Danny, what is it?". "Why the funny look and smile?" Daniel asked catching her out. Lucy looked at Jordan "it's written on your faces" was all she said. Patrick and Lee looked at each other then to Lucy and finally Daniel and Jordan, they had no clue what had just happened. Daniel amused by the strange looks on their faces. "Mother I think you should explain to our guests" Daniel chuckled. Lucy realised she was cornered "I don't think it needs any explanation". Patrick looked at Jordan a small glint of a grin on his face "Jordan?". Jordan put his arm around Daniel "Yes father, very much so". Patrick looked at Lucy "Are they wanting our blessing?" he said trying to hide his laugh behind his wine glass. Lucy did not hesitate "I think they are" she raised her glass to Patrick laughing "they have mine". Patrick raised his glass and looked at Lee who was smiling "They have ours as well". Jordan threw caution to wind and leaned over and kissed Daniel. Dinner could not have gone better and Daniel knew the biggest hurdle of his mother accepting Jordan had been overcome. They would now have a lot to discuss if this was going to work, the main point being the distance between them, Daniel knew he didn't want a long distance relationship. This was all he could think about and during desert he zoned out with a concentrating look on this face, Lucy seeing her son's expression understood the meaning. "Danny you have a look of someone trying to sort the worlds problems out" she said as the others looked over at him. Daniel put his spoon down and sighed "Trying to figure some things out mother". Lucy went into overdrive "So Have you sorted out next week" she then looked at Jordan "When are you due to leave?". Daniel chipped in "Mother calm down a minute and stop rapid firing questions you know how I hate that". "Oh sorry business head on. Jordan when are you leaving and what are your plans?". Jordan stumbled a little "Oh err, I leave in two days and then work for my father I guess". Patrick shook his head "You have always been a person of self means Jordan, make a decision that is right for you". Jordan shrugged his shoulders "I know father but I need the work to get back on my feet". "That's simple" Lucy carried on "Danny is here for a month at least, why don't you stay on?". Jordan wasn't sure what to say "Lucy, I can't afford to stay here for a month, my father paid for my week" he replied. "I don't expect you to pay Jordan I am inviting you to stay here" she was eager for him to agree. Daniel looked at Jordan "Please stay". He looked at Daniel's pleading eyes "Okay, on one condition, you find me some work to do to help pay you back". Lucy chuckled "How about you take on the Butler On The Beach as a project for a start?". Jordan laughed "Next time I will keep my mouth closed. But yes I would love to do that". She smiled as her plan was beginning to form and take shape "Excellent, you will get a salary and stay here with Daniel". Lucy turned to Patrick and Lee "And you both are welcome anytime as well, even if it is a weekend or a week". Lee looked at Lucy "Thank you that is very kind of you" he said. "After all we have sort of known each other for years" laughing at her own words. "Jordan" Patrick now spoke to his son "Give me a list of things you need and we will send them on to you". Jordan nodded "Thank you everyone" he said. "This will be no donkey ride on the beach Jordan" Lucy said "I want you to learn about hotel management as well". Jordan looked surprised "Really?". Lucy smiled "Absolutely, if you are going to be around a while I would expect you to be able to run a hotel". Jordan looked astonished "But I don't know the first thing about running a hotel". Lucy laughed "You will do eventually. Daniel you remember your training?". Daniel smirked "How could I forget" he said replying to his mother. "Good, then take Jordan under your wings, you can both manage the hotel while Sofie is away" she looked at them both. Daniel looked happier than ever "Thank you mother". Lucy asked Anderson to serve coffee "When I come back in a month you can show me the Butler On The Beach Jordan". Daniel and Jordan returned to their suite it was way past 11pm, it had been a very strange fast moving evening for Jordan. In the space of a few hours his whole life had changed in a new direction, he was excited to be staying with Daniel but also a door had opened giving him the chance to forge a new career with his lover by his side. Jordan stood outside on the veranda in the pure still and quietness of the night. Daniel stood a the French windows watching "I expect you have head overload Jordy?". He turned "That's one way of putting it, but it is also exciting and daunting at the same time. I would have been happy with just you". "Well it looks like you do have me, I just hope you don't freak out and run" Daniel said looking worried. Jordan walked towards Daniel "I will only ever run towards you Danny never away". Jordan cupped Daniels face in his hands and kissed him, Daniel threw his arms around Jordan's neck and kissed him back. His body lifted off the ground and Jordan carried him to the bedroom their mouths locked together as his feet landed on the floor, they began to undress each other their lips never straying from each other, the both stood naked in the bedroom kissing for several moments. Jordan gently lifted Daniel up and eased him down on the bed gently so his head was on the pillow, Daniel's legs were wrapped around Jordan's waist as his face loomed ever closer. Jordan whispered 'I love you Danny' before his mouth closed in on Daniel's, his cock was ready to express love and desire it homed in naturally to Daniel's arse and gently slipped in. His back arched at the cock penetrating his hole whilst a gentle moaning escaped from his mouth in to Jordan's, his hands clasped harder around Jordan's neck. The feeling of Jordan holding him sent ripples of tingling up his spine, he felt Jordan's cock slip all the way in and moaned louder, his toes curled in ecstasy. It was a slow sensual act of pure love making both men had the passion and desire, Jordan slowly undulated his hips interspersed with the occasional deep hard thrust. Their kissing broke in short moments as Jordan kissed Daniels neck before seeking his mouth out again until their tongues met in urgent need for each other. The pace of his hips began to quicken he would not be able to hold back much longer, Daniel's toes curled again sensing his lover was close to orgasm. Jordan kissed Daniel deeper as his body tensed and went rigid, his balls tightened and his cock pulsed hard several times in spasm. He began releasing his seed and planting it deep in to his lover, Daniels hands gripped his shoulder in response to the hard thrusts pushing his entire body further up the bed. He moaned loudly in to Jordan's mouth, their tongues continued caressing, Daniel locked his legs around Jordan's waist wriggling in excitement. The pressure of Jordan's muscled stomach rubbing against his cock caused him to cum, his arse muscles clamped around Jordan's cock as he drove it in deeper. Daniel's body shuddered as it began to relax post orgasm, a bead of sweat trickled down the side of his temple and on to the pillow. They were firmly connected together on so many levels, Jordan retracted his tongue out of Daniel's mouth and released the kiss and looked him deeply in the eyes. Daniel stroked the side of Jordan's face whispering 'I love you so much' then raised his head and kissed Jordan rolling on their sides and cuddling they drifted off. They had been asleep for several hours when they were both woken up by their phones sounded a message alert. Daniel leaned over and picked his phone up, it was 5am and saw a message in the Bajan Group on his lock screen showing the first line 'Arrived home, missing you...', he put the phone back down and told Jordan the boys were back home. They kissed and cuddled up closer falling back to sleep. Eventually they both woke up mid morning their mouths literally touching, arms wrapped around each other hot and sweaty. Daniel kissed Jordan and clambered over Jordan and out of the French windows on to the pool terrace where he dived in to cool down. Surfacing he heard a splash behind him and a rush of water as Jordan came up behind him and wrapped his arms around Daniel. "Morning baby" Jordan kissed Daniel's neck. Daniel turned within those firm arms "Morning boyfriend" his tongue pushed into Jordan's mouth as they kissed. "Nicky and Kit's last day today, and effectively ours to" Daniel said with an expression of defeat on his face. Jordan laughed "I look at it more as the beginning for us. We should have dinner with them and the our families". "I love your thinking" Daniel pulled Jordan closer and kissed him again. Anderson appeared on the veranda with coffee placing it on the table a cheeky grin on his face, going unnoticed he went back in the lounge and returned with two bathrobes and placed them by the pools edge. Daniel giggled and Jordan turned his head feeling exposed and embarrassed due to his nakedness and raging erection under the water. "Good morning boys, fruit or something more substantial for breakfast?" Anderson beamed a big Bajan smile at them. Daniel still holding on to Jordan "Morning Anders fruit and yoghurt for me". "Morning the same please" Jordan was trying not to laugh at his predicament. "Oh Anders can you invite mother, Jordan's parents, Nicky and Kit over for dinner at 8pm please?" Daniel let go of Jordan. Anderson nodded "I will send a message to the beach as Nicky and Kit are already there". Daniel figured that they may not get much privacy for their last day before his mother left, Jordan was securing his bathrobe at the pool side when Lucy waltzed in via the terrace gate, exclaiming that she heard they had finally dragged themselves out of bed. She kissed Jordan on the cheek saying good morning and sat down at the table. Daniel walked out of the bedroom in his bathrobe and kissed his mother before sitting down. Jordan slightly confused gathered that he would have to get use to living closely with family members again who just drop in. Anderson reappeared with breakfast and another cup for Lucy. "Jordan I need your passport this morning to get your visa" she said picking her cup of coffee up. Jordan nodded "How long does it take to get one?". "Oh about 3-5 minnutes we just need to get it stamped by the chief immigration officer in Bridgetown" she replied. Jordan looked surprised "That's quick". Lucy laughed "Well he is a personal friend and thankfully the Salinger name here has some influence". It was Jordan's turn to laugh "Thank you Lucy". Lucy finished her coffee and Jordan handed over his passport, as she left she told them to enjoy their last day of freedom and would see them for dinner, chuckling as she left the suite. Jordan picked his phone up as well and started to read the message from the boys 'Arrived home missing you all, had a great time and thank you for being our friends. Callum got a seat in upper class on the way back I think the captain was being nice to us hoping we would get him discount at Salinger hotels (haha) not so fast capitano. Rostered on a flight to Barbados in 4 days with a 2 day layover will message you later. Steve & Callum'. Nicky had already responded with the photo of the group and a short message 'Miss you both as well, let me know if you get an LA flight, oh and keep thanksgiving weekend free everyone'. Jordan finished reading the message looked at Daniel who said tell her we will keep thanksgiving free, he typed a quickie back to 'See you in 4 days Steve, thanksgiving blocked for you' he hit send just as a reply from Steve and Callum came through which he read out to Daniel 'Great picture, will keep it safe, where do we need to go for thanksgiving?'. Nicky's reply came 'LA of course, our place.' Jordan put his phone back in the bedroom and joined Daniel on the veranda as they set off to enjoy their last day of relaxation on the beach, Nicky and Kit with their children were already sitting at the waters edge. Daniel and Jordan joined them after putting their things on the sunbeds that Cael reserved for them in the same spot. Patrick and Lee eventually appeared on the beach just before midday, the spotted Jordan and Daniel at the beach bar, Lee stopped in his tracks having seen who they were sitting with. Jordan waved and got up to walk over to them. "Morning your late up" Jordan said as he approached and hugged his parents. Lee peering over his shoulder "Is that who I think it is your sitting with?". "Yes it is, please do not blab about seeing them here or anything that goes on" Jordan looked serious. They both nodded and followed Jordan over to the table "This is unreal" Lee said to Patrick. "Nicky, Kit this is my father and step-father" Jordan introducing them a they arrived at the table. Daniel got up and hugged Patrick then Lee, Nicky and Kit shook their hands. Nicky had seen it hundreds of times and knew immediately that Lee was obviously a fan or just gobsmacked. The afternoon wore on and Lee was laying in the shallow waters on his stomach, his chin resting in his hands listening as Nicky talked about the sex scenes in Big Little Lies. Apart from that the two of them had a natural connection and were soon at ease and laughing, at times they chatted about life in general and Lee suggested they do a movie night sometime. Nicky laughed and told him she would definitely be up for it and maybe they could watch one of her new movies to be released. Kit wandered over with the children hinting they needed to get them settled before dinner with Daniel and Jordan. Lee stood up and brushed the wet sand off his chest and joined Patrick who was laying on a sunbed catching some rays. Dinner was noisy with everyone talking, eating and drinking, Kit loved these sort of evenings when Nicky could let down her guard just like at home and be just Nicky the wife and mother. Lucy kept a close eye on Jordan and Daniel throughout the evening, one thing she did observe that made her smile was that every few minutes when they were apart they looked at each other and smiled. When they were together they had to touch each other in some way, arm around the shoulder and waist, hand holding and the occasional kiss. Seeing her son finally looking so happy and content was convincing her that Jordan may really be the one. Patrick and Lee were sat in the swinging sofa on the veranda, she could see Patrick had things on his mind, Lucy weaved around the guests towards them carrying a bottle of wine left over from dinner. "Mind if I join you?" she asked topping their glasses up and he own. Lee smiled "Not at all plenty of room". "Such a nice evening" Lucy never really good at small talk when straight in "What's on your mind Patrick?". Patrick looked down "Jordan told me about the paper you got him to sign Lucy, what is it?" "Oh, I'm sorry Patrick but I hope you understand I need to protect my son he can be to spirited sometime" she answered. "What do you mean?" he look at her questioningly. Lucy sighed "He made some bad choices with boyfriends." Patrick chuckled "You should have seen Jordan's last one, nasty piece of work but he couldn't see it". Lucy glanced over "So the document, it is a kind of pre-nup that protects Danny's wealth". "Do you think Jordan is in this for his money?" he looked at Lucy. Lucy patted his knee "No I don't think he is, he never knew who he was until he came to dinner with me". "I have to bail Jordan out quite often, he could have a good position working for me" Patrick sipped his wine. "Danny has never flaunted his wealth, sometimes he forgets and refuses to buy things that look overpriced" Lucy laughed. Patrick laughed "You did a good job raising him Lucy". Lucy smiled "Do you think this is going to work out, I mean Danny and Jordan?". Patrick laughed "Lucy they are completely besotted by each other, I hope it does as Jordan has never looked happier". Lucy nodded in agreement "Same with Danny, but don't worry about Jordan he is going to be okay". Patrick smiled and they clinked their glasses together. They were interrupted by Nicky and Kit coming over to say good night, they had an early flight in the morning to LA.
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    Bajan Love Affair

    Part 13 - Goodbye and Hello Steve arrived to lunch dressed in his uniform, today may have been the last day of their holiday but he had offered to roster himself for the flight back to London. If you got to fly may as well make some money he told them over lunch, they were sat inside in the cool of the air-conditioning so he wouldn't get sweaty in the humid heat. The kids were playing in the pool with Jordan and Kit whilst Daniel, Nicky, Steve and Callum chatted inside whilst the clock quickly ticked away the minutes. Before they knew it Anderson arrived informing them the limo was waiting outside the Orchid Wing entrance. Daniel looked over at Jordan and asked if he minded him going to the airport to see them off, Jordan kissed him on the head replying that it would be a lovely gesture to do that. It was quite a big gathering at the entrance, Nicky and Kit told the boys to keep in touch at least once a week through the messaging group hugging and kissing them good bye, even their children gave them both a hug. Jordan stood by the limo holding hands with Daniel as the driver loaded the cases, Callum came over first and flung his arms around Jordan proclaiming how much he would miss him and Daniel. Steve handed over his flight bag to the driver and walked around to Jordan who gave him a hug and kiss telling him not to be a stranger. Nicky halted proceedings 'wait group photo', the driver obliged and took a picture of the group of eight, Nicky looked at the photo and said she would send them all a copy. Steve climbed in to the limo, Callum got in and took the middle seat, Daniel gave Jordan another kiss and got in besides Callum. It was fair to say that as the limo pulled out it was like a scene from a movie as everyone waved to the limo as it circled the courtyard and down the main driveway. The five of them headed back to the suite, the children grabbed Jordan and Kit by the hand dragging them back to the pool, Nicky telling the children that they could have half an hour then it was down the beach and looked over at Jordan. "Do you mind Jordan?" she asked him. Jordan laughed "Not at all Nicky anyway should help pass the time until my father arrives, he should be here at 4pm". It was a usual busy afternoon at Grantley Adams airport, well busy for Barbados, there were four flights heading back to the UK. Passengers already checking-in for the flights so the curb side was all hustle and bustle. The Salinger limo turned in to the VIP and Crew lane, in front was a group of cabin crew exiting from the Hilton bus all gathering at the curb side in the same coloured uniforms that Steve was wearing. It was 3.30pm the allotted time for the crew to meet before pre-flight briefing. The captain looked at the Salinger limo pulling up and stopping behind the bus, his distraction caused other crew members to look and see who was in the limo. The driver exited and opened the passenger door, Daniel exited followed by Callum two of the crew recognised him and immediately called out his name, he looked over and waved. Steve finally got out and the captain wondered over. "Steve great to see you, I didn't realise senior cabin crew earned that much" pointing to the Salinger logo. Steve hadn't bargained on this happening "Afternoon captain, trust me it doesn't". Daniel moved in "Hello, Steve are you not going to introduce me properly" he winked at Steve. "Oh yes, err captain, umm Mark this is our friend Daniel Salinger of Salinger hotels" he said rather nervously. Mark looked lost for words "Oh right, hello Daniel" shaking his hand. If ever there was a stumping there it was, some of the other crew had come over and were saying hello and Steve and Callum when a familiar voice interrupted them. "Well this is cosy, didn't expect you to be here to greet me" Lucy walked over and kissed her son. Daniel hugged her "Captain or Mark, this is my mother Lucy Salinger, owner of Salinger Hotel Group". Stumping the captain again was beginning to be a new hobby and Daniel could see the sniggering Steve was doing behind them. Some of the crew were heading off to the briefing room which was starting at 4pm, Daniel called Steve and Callum over and out of earshot of everyone else he introduced them to his mother. Lucy took an immediate shine to them both mostly driven through how happy her son was genuinely looking. Daniel gave them both a big hug and a kiss and watched as they went through security. "How are you Danny?" Lucy looked at her son. Daniel smiled "Fantastic mother feel like a new chapter in life, new friends and lover". "Never seen you look so happy Danny" Lucy put her arm around his shoulder "How did you meet these two?". Daniel looked over at security "They both really looked after me when I flew out here". "Good and I hope you looked after them, come one lets go" they turned and looked at the 3 limos. Just then two gentlemen walked towards them with one of the limo driver's, it suddenly dawned on Daniel they must be Jordan's father and partner. Lucy turned and smiled. "Mr Levin, how lovely to see you after all these years" she walked towards the two men. Patrick smiled "Lucy Salinger what a surprise to see you here, please call me Patrick" as they shook hands. "This is my son Daniel" she said introducing him to the gentleman. He shook Daniel's hand "Wow haven't seen you for some 15 years Daniel". Daniel looked at him "I kind of remember you" this was really weird he thought to himself looking at the other man. Patrick laughed "Probably had my wife with me then. This is my husband Lee, Lucy owns the hotel and her son Daniel" They shook hands "So Patrick is this a quick or long visit?" Lucy asked. "Weekend break to see how my son is doing, I sent him here to get over some personal things" he slightly hesitated. Lucy smiled at them both "I hope Salinger has done it's work". Patrick chuckled "The last message I got yesterday seemed to indicate he didn't want to leave". Daniel spoke for the first time "Really?". "Yes, in fact I think you met once you must have been about 6 and he was 10" Patrick gave his bag to the limo driver. Daniel looked a little mortified "I guess he is a little different now then". Patrick and Lee laughed "Oh yes, Jordan is now a strapping 30 year old with tattoos". Lucy looked at Daniel who was already looking at her. They both looked at Patrick whose looked changed to one of seriousness and concern. "What is it?" he asked urgently. Lucy held Daniel's arm "Nothing serious, I think Daniel should tell you". He looked at his mother "Right now?". Patrick glanced in turned at both of them "What is going on, one of you tell us please?". "Lets get to the hotel and meet for drinks in my suite and bring Jordan along" she smiled and shook his hand. Daniel and Lucy got in to their limo. Patrick just looked at Lee with a look of what the hell was that about on his face. Lee saw straight through Daniel right away and realised what was going on but decided not to say anything to Patrick, this would be for Jordan to say. They got in the limo and headed to the hotel, Patrick spent most of the journey slightly on edge as he wasn't one for surprises. Lucy was on the phone to Sofie who had located Patrick Levin's booking and upgraded it to the Orchid Wing, Lucy asked if it was pay on arrival and then told Sofie to comp the booking completely. She patted Daniel's knee. "It's a very strange world Danny" she said looking somewhat amused. Daniel looked at her "Strange is not the word, do you believe in fate mother?". Lucy laughed "Time to come out of the clouds Danny and back to earth" the limo pulled in to the Orchid wing courtyard. Sofie came out to greet them and told Daniel that Jordan was in the suite getting changed, Lucy instructed Daniel to keep him there as she will bring Patrick and Lee and also ask Anderson to set afternoon tea for 5 of them. Daniel headed off to the suite and Lucy explained the strange events at the airport with Patrick and Lee. Sofie stood shaking her head muttering the words unbelievable but so good, she ran through the dinners that Daniel and Jordan had with the Nicky, Kit and the two lads, her summary was to the point 'I think they are perfect for each other' she finished off. Lucy was pretty happy at what she heard, they continued chatting whilst they walked towards Orchid Salinger 2 next door to Daniel and Jordan's suite. The text message arrived moments before it was due to sweep in to the driveway of the hotel, the driver acknowledge it. This was Lee's thirds visit to the retreat and was as excited as Patrick to be back, the limo slowed down as it approached the opening gates. Halfway up the approach the driver veered off to the right, Patrick reminded the driver they were in the Salinger Wing, he looked in the rear view mirror and said he had received a message that the booking was upgraded to the Orchid Wing as the limo came to a stop at the entrance. Normal courtesy prevailed with the bell boys extracting the luggage and the receptionist on the front steps to greet the guests and escort them to the suite. Patrick and Lee had never been this side of the hotel, Lee had a grin on his face looking around the luxury hideaway, through the lounge area they passed and in to the accommodation wing coming to a stop outside Orchid 7. The receptionist opened the suite and the butler came out of the pantry with two glasses of champagne. Patrick looked at the receptionist "Are you sure this is right, we only booked standard room?". She smiled "Yes sir Mr Levin, we have upgraded and your stay here and you bill has already been settled". She handed the key card to Patrick and Lee and wished them a happy stay. The butler instructed the bell boys to unpack the cases before returning to the lounge and informing his guests to join Lucy Salinger for afternoon tea in 10 minutes at Salinger Orchid 1 suite. Anderson was setting up afternoon tea on the veranda, Jordan and Daniel sat on the sofa outside with Daniel filling him in on what happened at the airport. Lucy arrived and joined them outside, without hesitation she gave Jordan a kiss on the cheek just as the doorbell rang, she told Anderson to finish setting tea and she would get the door. "Patrick, Lee welcome do come in" she ushered them in and closed the door. Lee looked around as he entered "Wow, such a lovely suite Lucy, oh and thank". Lucy walked through the lounge "Your welcome. Jordan is out on the veranda". Patrick still wondered what was going on "Yes thank you Lucy but why is Jordan here though?". "Well I think they should tell you" she pointed to Jordan with his arm around Daniel. Patrick looked at Lucy "Do you mean our boys are errm... dating?" he looked a little shocked. Lucy stopped and turned "Strange turn of events Patrick but yes they are". Jordan saw his father and Lee walking out on to the veranda and got up to greet them, Daniel walked up behind Jordan and said hello. Lucy looked on diligently and sensed that Patrick was a little more cautious than Lee, strange she thought, he is reacting exactly how she had done when first confronted by this revelation. She called out for them to sit and join her at the table, the chorus of chairs being moved hit the air as everyone took their seats. There was a good amount of looking going on between all of them, Lucy poured tea for everyone. Patrick saw how much his son had changed in a week, Lee was already engaging Jordan and Daniel in casual conversation as Patrick and Lucy chatted away. Patrick and Lee announced their departure as they wanted to have a swim before the sun set, he also asked Jordan to walk them back to their suite as the three of them left. Jordan seized the moment when the door closed behind them "Is something wrong?". "No, well nothing bad. I just hadn't figured you would jump straight in again" Patrick looked at Jordan. Lee unlocked the suite door "You make a nice couple" glancing back as he went through the door. "Thank you Lee but that is not helping" Patrick walked in to the lounge area. Jordan raised his head "I can't explain how or why it just happened". Lee put his arm around Patrick "Your father is being cautious, I can understand why but you do look happier". "Do I know what I am doing?, hell no. You think you have a type in mind then bam" Jordan sat on the sofa. Patrick laughed "Have to admit Daniel has turned in to something of a stunner". Jordan got up and hugged his father "I know this one feels different". "Okay okay, you have convinced me" Patrick knew his son well enough not to argue the point. Happy with that to be going on with, he explained that Lucy wanted them all to have dinner this evening in her suite. Lee made a joke that they may be able to get discount when they wanted a break in Barbados. Jordan spent an hour catching up and left them at 6pm reminding them dinner was at 7.30pm. Daniel waited for Jordan's return in anticipation, he had to know what Patrick had to say about them. Jordan kissed him as he returned telling him his father was pretty laid back about it. Daniel sat on the edge of the pool dangling his feet in lost in his own thoughts, Jordan sat down next to him and put his arm around Daniel. The touch still sent a wild loving feeling through his body, in face every time Jordan was near him he felt comfort and love. "You look worlds away Danny" he said kissing his neck. Daniel pushed up closer "I miss Steve and Callum strangely, sort of got use to them being around". Jordan chuckled "Yeah I know how you feel, it is definitely quieter". Daniel gave Jordan a loving kiss "Come on sexy we better get ready for dinner".
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    Bajan Love Affair

    Part 12 - Dreamy Days of Love Daniel and Jordan had settled on a quiet night alone but had agreed to dine with the group the following evening, this would be Steve and Callum's last night and Lucy along with Jordan's father and partner would arrive the day after. On their way back to the suite Daniel professed to Jordan that he needed a quiet night and was exhausted from all the swimming they had done. They walked holding hands Jordan looking at Daniel's content smile on his face fleetingly captures by the rays of the setting sun, he loved everything about him. What struck him most was how he was not hung up about the wealth of his family or became like some people who thought they were a cut above everyone else, he kissed him on the head. He was simply Daniel a person that turned his life upside and down in a wonderfully bizarre way. "What was that for?" Daniel asked with his dreamy smile. Jordan held his hand tighter "You should know by now". Daniel moved closer and sighed resting his head against Jordan's shoulder "I think I do". They arrived at the entrance to the terrace of their suite and rounded the pool on to the veranda Jordan spun Daniel around and kissed him deeply, Daniel in a trance wrapped his arms around Jordan's neck, totally in love they maintained their kiss until Anderson appeared in the lounge as if by magic. Daniel sat on the sofa and laid his head back watching Jordan ask Anderson to set dinner for the two of them on the veranda, Anderson nodded and went about his work. Dinner was just as they wanted it to be, quiet, understated yet still very romantic. The laid on the veranda sofa together kissing and enjoying each others company, a very private moment between the two of them. They walked back in to the suite and bedroom where Anderson had already turned down both sides of the bed, Daniel commented that there is no hiding anything from Anderson, pointing to both sides of the turned down bed. Jordan began to kiss Daniel on his neck as he unbuttoned the shirt Daniel was wearing and gently pushed it off his shoulders letting it fall to the floor. His kissing moved down to his chest and nipples as he tugged lightly on each one with his mouth, Daniel's head fell back and he moaned in pleasure feeling his shorts and underwear dropping around his ankles. He kicked them off and kissed Jordan on the mouth and began taking his shirt off, Daniel's mouth wandered down to Jordan's chest as he licked and kissed over the tattoos and gently took the left nipple in his mouth lightly sucking. Jordan's hand positioned around the back of Daniel's head holding him in place until he moved to the right nipple, Daniel's hands roamed over the muscled arms of Jordan then around his torso, as he sank lower on to his knees his hands unbuttoned Jordan's shorts exposing his underwear and the raging erection contained within. His fingers slipped inside the elastic banding of Jordan's underwear slowly pushing them down freeing the cock from it's confinement. Daniel's tongue circled around the head of Jordan's cock, his lips slipping over the exposed head until it disappeared into his mouth, gently he sucked and licked. Jordan had both hands behind Daniel's head as he looked up to the ceiling with a feeling desire, he felt the air around the head of his cock and Daniel's tongue worked down the shaft to his balls, licking and sucking on them as Jordan moaned and gasped in delight. Daniel began to work his way slowly back up the towards Jordan's neck using kisses and light bites, as hear neared the neck he tingled all over as Jordan's muscled arms wrapped around his body lifting him off the ground. Jordan kissed Daniel as he lifted and carried Daniel on to the bed, without releasing his hold he lowered Daniel gently down on to his back and his head sank in the pillows from Jordan's continued kissing. Daniel arched his back moaning in to Jordan's mouth as his cock was already pushing to be inside him. He let out another moan and grabbed around Jordan's neck harder thinking it would help ease the pain caused by the remnant of the early morning love making. The kissing was acting like a drug causing his hole to relax and gladly accept Jordan's cock as it slipped all the way in. The motion of Jordan's undulating hips connecting their bodies looked like perfectly crafted machinery, tuned to the right speed and intensity Jordan held Daniel and Daniel held Jordan. Connected via their mouths, cock and arse there was no prising the lovers apart, Daniel so lost in Jordan shut everything out around him. Daniel felt a biological urge for Jordan in his current romantic trance, Jordan continued the steady hypnotic rhythm in his hips. Jordan's body tensed and his hips slammed in hard up against Daniel who moaned in a height of sensuality, he felt Jordan penetrate him hard and deep as the cock pulsed inside his body, the flood of warmth spreading inside his arse and his lover planted his seed. The ceiling fan silently went about it's job blowing a refreshing breeze on to their naked bodies, still very much holding each other they rolled on their sides. Jordan's cock was still buried deep in Daniel, their kissing resumed and caressing each other all over their bodies they bonded falling deeper in love. Jordan still aroused flipped Daniel on his back as the finely tuned machine got to work again continuing their love making, a scene repeated over and over until 4am. Both exhausted wrapped in each others arms they kissed until sleep could no longer be held at bay. They were woken by the sounds of Anderson preparing breakfast on the veranda, Daniel looked at the bedside clock it was already 10am, his arse felt sore and he lost count of how many times they had made love. He looked at Jordan who was still sleepy then kissed him on the lips as he tried to extract himself the tangled arms but Jordan held firm and gave Daniel a deep kiss before releasing him. Daniel hopped off the bed and headed for a shower, Jordan was right behind him and turned the water temperature to cold to wake him up and give Daniel a startle which sure enough woke him up. No sooner were they out of the bedroom and on the veranda the room attendant popped in a changed the bed linen and tidied up. It was past 11am before they wandered down to the beach and found Nicky, Kit, Steve and Callum sitting at the waters edge chatting. Nicky looked up "We were wondering when you two might make an appearance". Callum never one for mixing words chipped in "I thought you were having a quiet night in?" everyone one chuckled. "Very funny, are we the brunt end of the jokes today?" Daniel didn't wait and dived in followed by Jordan. Nicky watched them before turning to the group "I think someone got worn out last night" they all laughed. "They certainly look knackered" Steve responded. Cael arrived with 6 fruit crushes just as Jordan and Daniel finished their swim, catching Jordan's eye he gave him a wink and big smile before disappearing back to the beach bar. "Does everyone know?" Jordan looked at them all. "Know what?" they all chimed in unison then laughed. Daniel threw his hands up laughing "Okay, so what we made love until we fell asleep". "Told you he was walking funny" Nicky said to the others "Good job Jordan" saluting him as everyone burst out laughing. Daniel felling totally embarrassed but at the same time wanting to shout his love for Jordan so everyone knew. The day seemed to float by, Daniel and Jordan fell asleep on their sunbeds and woke up when they were called by Kit at 5pm to join them for a drink. They hadn't decided on what to do for dinner so Daniel suggested Bajan at the Windward Palms, he noticed Steve and Callum look at each other realising they were probably alarmed as it wasn't cheap. He stood up telling them that this would be Salinger's treat as he walked over to the bar and spoke to Cael for 10 minutes, Daniel returned and Cael headed off towards the Windward Palms. It was a good 20 minutes before Cael returned and gave the thumbs up to Daniel, who in turn relayed for everyone to meet at 7.30 at the restaurant bar. As it was already just gone 6pm the group dispersed and headed off to their room and suites to get ready for dinner. Callum sat on the end of bed waiting for Steve to finish getting ready, his biggest decision was what shirt he should wear. Steve looked over at Callum "What's the matter Cal?" asking as his buttoned his shirt. Callum looked up "Sad we have to leave tomorrow, this has been the most amazing holiday". "It has been fabulous and so strange in some ways, but this place is way out of our budget" he rubbed Cal's head. Callum kissed his hand "We would have to save up for a few years I guess if we wanted to". "Danny has been so generous and I hope that he will keep in touch" Steve was standing at the door waiting. Callum stood to join him "I still can't believe we have dinner again with Nicky". Steve laughed "I am going to watch all her films when we get back". They left the room shortly before 7.30pm and walked across the pool terrace bumping into Nicky and Kit, walking together towards the Windward Palms they found a seat in the bar area and ordered a drink whilst waiting for Daniel and Jordan to arrive. They sat there chatting about many things but Steve wanted to ask her a burning question. "Nicky which one of the films did you really love doing?" Steve asked. She looked at him "hmmm, wasn't a film but I got really engrossed in Big Little Lies". Callum interrupted "Loved it and you had some pretty hot steamy bits in that" he giggled. Kit laughed "So you have seen her naked then" they all laughed trying to keep it quiet. Nicky looked at both of them "So boys, I know you don't owe us anything but can we assume discretion?". Kit spoke up "What ever goes on between us stays only within our group?". Steve and Callum looked at each other "Goes without saying Nicky, Kit. We have enjoyed your company" Steve replied. "Well I hope you will continue to enjoy so and become friends" Nicky smiled at them both. "Serious?" Callum sat up in his chair. "Absolutely, the fact that you kept Danny's identity from Jordan showed you are discreet" Nicky sipped her drink. Jordan and Daniel arrived shortly after 7.40pm apologising for the delay to which Nicky asked if they had been at it again, Daniel shook his head in disbelief before proclaiming he was no nymphomaniac laughing with the others. The Maître D came over and asked if they were ready and escorted the group out on to the terrace and down the steps on to the beach. There surrounded by flaming lanterns was a table for six set up with two waiters. Daniel smiled "I thought we would dine on the beach in private" as the others cooed. "Perfectly amazing" Jordan said and kissed Daniel. Dinner with the Bajan group as they now called themselves, was simply exquisite. The food was delicious, the wine well winey and the company exemplary. They sat listening to the surf gently lapping on shore, Steve and Callum both very emotional that this was their last night, Steve stood up and pinged his glass for silence. "Several toasts I think, firstly to friendship, trust and discretion the Bajan group". He continued "Secondly to Jordan and Danny on their new life" another sip "Third to Nicky and Kit for just being nice". He topped up all the glasses "Last to Danny his kindness allowed us to experience this" he waved his arm at the hotel. They created themselves a WhatsApp group so they could all keep in touch, as much as everyone enjoyed the evening it was tinged with the sadness that two of them would be leaving so quickly. Walking back to the hotel Callum told Jordan that their limo would leave at 3pm Jordan asked Daniel if they could do lunch, just the six of them at their suite before the boys left. He thought it would a great idea, Nicky and Kit said they would love to come but had to bring the kids but they would be fine in the pool. Daniel and Jordan arrived back in their suite, kissing as they undressed until both naked. Jordan lifted Daniel up and carried him to bed where they laid in each others arms until they both fell asleep.
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    Bajan Love Affair

    Part 11 - The Spectrum Of Sex Mario left the hotel room having showered and finishing the last scene for the porn movie, he hadn't taken to kindly to his actor partner and was glad that he didn't want him to stay for post filming sex as was the norm in this industry. Instead he slipped out the hotel door just as his phone pinged. He looked at the message it was from Sage so he opened it 'Fuck now' it read, as much as he didn't want to do this he wanted, no needed sex as filming always made him overly horny. His fingers with a mind of their own typed the reply 'On my way'. He knew what his body was about to go through again, yet being roughly used and just the thought of Sage's body pinning him down on the bed was enough to convince him to go. He knocked on the door quietly as it was just after midnight, the door opened and like a bolt of lightning Sage grabbed Mario's arm and yanked him inside hard almost ripping it out of its socket he could tell Sage was either drunk or high. He heard the door close trying to compose himself but the muscled arms already were securing him around the waist lifting him effortlessly in the air, he was carried in to the bedroom like a rag doll. He landed on the bed face down, immediately his shorts were tugged down his legs to his ankles, Sage wasted no time in allowing him undress completely, his legs were pulled back to the edge of the bed exposing his naked butt. He heard a zipper being undone, why had he done this to himself he thought laying on the bed in anticipation of what was about to happen. He felt Sage's body bearing down on him as the pain surged up in his arse spreading through his whole body, he had penetrated Mario balls deep whilst his hand held the back of Mario's head to stop him moving. Mario cried in pain as Sage began relentlessly tearing up his arse with big pronounced thrusts, harder and harder he pummelled in to Mario's body. He heard Sage telling him repeatedly he was a worthless whore who now belonged to him, a whore who needed to show respect and be grateful that he was taking time out of his day to fuck him. A whore who came back for more because he knew his place, a whore who needed him to show how it was to have a real man breeding him. And so the verbal and mental abuse continued for what seemed hours. Tears pouring out of his eyes from the pain and agony, Sage's hand held him firmly against the bed. The fucking went on and on with no sign of him easing up, he was controlling and owning Mario, physiologically breaking him down constantly telling him he was worthless and should be thanking him for making him see his true worth. Sage full of drink and cocaine began to pump faster into his bitch, his balls tightened sharply as he drove his cock in deep and held it there as his orgasm reached its height releasing his toxic seed and flooding the ass of his bitch. He felt Mario tense and wriggle but he pushed his hand harder against Mario's head keeping him in position until the last drop of venom was milked from his cock. He collapsed on top on him, Mario grunted and moaned as his body was crushed under the muscled torso. Sage stayed in position for nearly an hour, every so often he would buck his hips forcing his semi hard cock deep in Mario. Eventually Sage rolled on to his back and fell asleep, the sheet beneath Mario's head was damp from the tears he had cried during his ordeal. The sweet mild mannered Mario was slowly but ever so surely being broken in many ways, he had the opportunity to get up and leave but his body was hurting and he was exhausted. Naked laying on the bed he fell soundly asleep, during the night he mumbled as it felt like his body was gently pulled up the bed and a sheet placed over him, feeling a sudden comfort washing over him he drifted back in to his deep sleep. Daylight appeared through the window he slowly began to wake up, startled for a moment at the unfamiliar surroundings that came in to focus as his eyes opened. He had a weird feeling of being trapped and as he tried to move he felt the arms around his body that were holding him close against a warm body. He glanced at the muscular arms around his small body, remembering he came over to Sage's place last night after he called him. He knew they had sex, well Sage had sex he just laid there held down taking the aggressive fucking. All he remembered after that was laying at the bottom of the bed falling asleep, here he was now in bed laying close to Sage as if they were lovers. He could feel the tenderness in his arse and decided not to try and move and wake him as he couldn't go through another fucking like that this morning. His head was confused with conflicting emotions, yes he thought Sage was sexy, but no he didn't find him attractive in a material boyfriend way. Was it the danger and adventure that had lured him back last night. Sage began to stir and felt Mario's body held firmly in his arms, how easily they fall he thought to himself. Still Mario wasn't a bad catch to pass the time of day until he got Jordan back, after all he never really said they were breaking up. In his eyes Jordan still belonged to him, he was patient and would eventually get him to crawl back. Kissing Mario tenderly on the back of his neck, he slowly turned Mario's body around to face him and began to kiss him deeply. He stopped after several minutes and asked Mario if he had found out anything about Jordan, Mario shook his head as Sage expressed he was worried in case something had happened to him. Mario completely brought the story and picked up his phone and typed a posting on facebook asking if anyone had heard from Jordan and to let him know, he also posted on his timeline asking him to let him know. 4,000 miles away Daniel stirred he could feel Jordan's breath caressing the back of his neck, they laid in the same position all night Daniel's body instantly pushed back to be closer and he felt Jordan's arms pulling him in. There was no mistaking that whilst Jordan' was still sleepy his cock was not, it was parked between his arse cheeks. Slowly Daniel gently wriggled his arse back and forth feeling it growing in intensity. Jordan woke up smiling and kissed Daniel on the neck and mumbled the words 'Morning my lover', Daniel twisted his body around to face him and they tenderly kissed each other for several minutes. Their kissing morphed in to passion, Jordan's hand roamed down to Daniel's arse which he began caressing slowly, Daniel softly moaned in pleasure as his leg lifted over Jordan's and gently rolled him on his back and Daniel came to rest on top of Jordan. They kissed harder with more vigour as desire to make love took hold of them both, Daniel raised both his legs up until his arse rested on top of Jordan's shaft and began moving up and down. Jordan was now moaning sweetly with pleasure his whole body was ready to take his lover for the first time. Daniel's arse movements became concentrated at the head of Jordan's cock slowly forcing it up between his arse cheeks. Jordan's arms wrapped around Daniel again as the head of his cock hit Daniel's hole, Daniel emitted a louder moan as his hole stretched open wanting and willing to take the cock inside him. The head of Jordan's cock pushed against the unlubed resistance repeatedly until it became slick with precum, Daniel gasped in to Jordan's mouth as the head finally penetrated, the sensation tingled up his spine mixed with a tinge of pain quickly dulled by his desire. Daniel moaned softly lifting his head and looking Jordan in the eye, slowly he edged his arse back feeling more of his cock slipping inside him, he let out another quiet gasp still looking lovingly in to Jordan's eyes. He felt Jordan pulling his legs up pushing the rest of his cock inside Daniel, he moaned louder and fell forward on to Jordan's chest as their mouths sought each other locking together. Jordan wrapped his arms around Daniel and began pushing his hips up in gentle undulating movements, Daniel moaning with each upward motion began responding pushing his arse down and wrapping his arms around Jordan's neck and shoulders. The flow of air from the ceiling fan causing the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end bringing a different sensation to their love making, their bodies melting into one as the primal instinct to mate enveloped them. The passion between them boiled to the surface as Jordan felt his balls tingling, he knew he had to pull out before his orgasm took over and not ejaculate inside. Daniel sensed that Jordan was close as his arms released their hold on his back and moved towards his arse, he raised his body slightly kissing Jordan's neck. Quickly Jordan's hand moved towards his cock his moaning was interspaced by grunts. Daniel felt the cock inside his body swell and twitch causing him to cry out in his own excitement and orgasm as his cock exploded all over Jordan's chest. Caught in the heat of the moment Jordan pushed up, 'No' he muttered as his hand lifted Daniel's arse whilst the other pulled his cock out followed by a stream of cum that had already been released in to Daniel, several spurts followed coating Daniel's hole and arse. Daniel collapsed on top of Jordan and kissed him deep, Jordan laid stroking Daniel's back. "Danny I didn't mean to I couldn't pull out in time" Jordan said apologising. Daniel was not moving "It's okay Jordy, I have been on prep for a couple of years". Jordan kissed his head "It's no guarantee Danny". Daniel looked at him smiling "I know the risks Jordy, I'm surprised I never caught it from Greg". "Is he positive then?" Jordan inquired calmly as he recouped from his orgasm. Daniel got up off the bed "Yes but never told me until he got ill and started taking medication". Daniel walked in to the bathroom and turned on the shower and stepped in, Jordan stood at the doorway watching as Daniel stood under the rainfall shower, the water deluging over his head. He squeezed the shower gel and began washing himself, he turned around seeing Jordan and the sexy smile on his face, Daniel laughed and beckoned him over to join him. Jordan dried himself off as Daniel went out to get coffee, he sat on the bed to check emails when he saw the notification appear on his phone's screen. He had been silent on all social media since leaving LA so it was only a matter of time before people started asking questions. He unlocked and opened facebook and saw Mario's posting to him, as tempting as it was to answer he saw the location of where the posting originated from. He wasn't that stupid to realise that Mario was not in his usual location for that time of morning, instead he was at the same place where his posts use to show. Somehow Sage had got hold of Mario that was the only reason he could think of. He sat contemplating for a moment before he went to the settings and hit the delete account button and put the phone down. Mario was refreshing facebook when his post disappeared and Jordan was no longer showing, he quickly searched through but all the posts had gone. He tried to search by name but only random Jordan's showed up, he turned to Sage and told him that Jordan has deleted his account. Sage fumed as he knew Jordan would have seen the post but without him posting anything he would have no idea where he had gone. Daniel was enjoying coffee on the veranda as Jordan walked out through the lounge on to the veranda to join him. They kissed as Anderson came over with a coffee cup for Jordan, he told Daniel about the posting and how he knew Mario was doing Sage's work at tracking him down. They had a good laugh about it over breakfast but Jordan was still worried and even more so about Mario's welfare. He was a nice guy and had enjoyed their sex together but if Sage really had got hold of him he would soon spiral out of control under his influence and control. The sun was shining brightly and a light breeze wafted through the palm trees on the beach, Daniel and Jordan were sat at the beach bar with Nicky, Kit, Steve and Callum. Nicky keeping an eye on their children playing at the waters edge with some other children. The beach was fairly busy as the hotel was running at full occupancy. Their talk was mostly around the previous evening causing laughter as they forged closer friendships in their group. Steve and Callum were still a little in awe at becoming friends with Nicky and Kit, several times they had to kick themselves to believe this was really happening. Not only having the holiday of a lifetime but making some nice friends on the way. The bursts of laugher causing other guests to look over with a little tinge of envy wishing they could be in the group with the movie star. One guest was standing several meters away and taking photos of the beach setting and posting it on their twitter feed, the scene was of the palm trees, blue sea and white sand looking towards the beach bar. It captured the moment in full brilliance including the group of six laughing at the beach bar. Nicky clearly visible along with Jordan and his arm around Daniel, the photo was captioned 'Who said Barbados had nothing to offer #Barbados #Paradise #FamousPeople'. An innocent memory captured in a fleeting moment that would go on to have devastating consequences on the road ahead.
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    Bajan Love Affair

    Part 10 - The 4th Dinner Instead of going to the main hotel Daniel showed Jordan the beach entrance to the Orchid wing. As they strode through the door it was the first time Jordan had really seen the Orchid wing pool with guests, it was an oasis in heaven with white linen curtains surrounding the cabanas mingled in amongst the tropical foliage. Daniel was distracted by the actress waving and calling them over to their cabana, her husband looked up from his sunbed and waved as well. Nicky and Kit being an A list celebrity couple came here for the peace and solitude seeking family time several times a year, it was during these visits that Daniel and his parents had become good friends with them. "What are you boys up to?" she asked as they got closer. Daniel kissed her on the cheek "Nothing just heading back so see mother off". "We had a quick lunch with Lucy to catch up, she was telling us about the LA hotel" Nicky sounded excited. Daniel chuckled "It won't be quite like this place Nicky". "Nothing can match here Danny. So how about dinner tonight, we got a free pass again?" she said laughing. Daniel replied "Oh Nicky we have plans already but it would be great if you joined the four of us". She looked at Daniel "Are you sure that we would be welcome by your other guests?". Jordan laughed "I think they would be over the moon if you turned up, so would I". Nicky looked at her husband who gave the thumbs up "Okay yes, we would love to join you." Daniel hugged Nicky "Brill, we are dining in our suite at 7.45pm drinks at 7.30, will see you then". Nicky looked at Daniel "Our suite?" pointing to him and Jordan. "Long story Nicky but yes" Daniel smiled holding Jordan's hand. Kit looked up from his sunbed "What happened to loose eye?". Nicky slapped Kit's legs "He means Greg." Daniel laughed "Loose eye wandered a little to much it's very much over, see you later". Nicky turned her back and Daniel gave Jordan a wink and mouthed get ready to run, he grabbed a couple of ice cubes from the bucket pretending he was hot. Nicky saw him and moved out of the way she knew what was coming next, Daniel crept over to where her husband was laying his eyes closed, he quickly lifted his shorts and threw the ice cubes in them and ran leaving Jordan standing there. Kit flew off his sunbed but Daniel was to far ahead. He shook his shorts and ice cubes dropped to the floor "Danny this is war you better watch your back". Daniel laughed "Payback from last year, I never did get you back!" He laughed returning to his sunbed repeating his warning to Daniel. Jordan caught up Daniel still chuckling at seeing a funny side to Daniel that he hadn't expected. They walked up to the private owner suites terraces where Jordan used his key card to get access, they walked around the private pool on to the veranda as Anderson came out to greet them. Daniel told him they would be six for dinner and drinks at 7.30 and they would eat on the veranda, Anderson said he would arrange for a couple of waiters to be present before heading off. Anderson smiled to himself, it was good to have the Daniel he knew and loved back. Daniel showed Jordan around the suite and his bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Daniel walked over to Jordan and kissed him on the mouth, he moaned as he felt Jordan's arms encircling his body. He rested his head in to Jordan's shoulder as they cuddled in the middle of the bedroom, his only thought was how right this felt. They quickly changed and wandered out to the Orchid Wing entrance where Lucy and Sofie were chatting but quickly stopped at the sight of them approaching. Daniel said good bye and see you in a couple of days as they kissed and hugged, she looked over to Jordan. "Jordan walk me to the car please" she asked with a friendlier tone in her voice. He quickly glanced at Daniel and walked over to her "Will I see you in a couple of days?". She waited until they were outside "I have not seen Danny this happy for years and yes I think we will see a lot of each other". Jordan opened the door to the car "Thank you Lucy and have a good trip". She looked at him and saw nothing but sincerity in his face "No, thank you Jordan". Daniel and Sofie watched both itching to know what they were talking about, they both looked on astonished at what happened next, Lucy kissed Jordan on the cheek then got in to the car. Jordan returned inside as the car pulled away and saw the beaming faces of them standing there, Jordan looked at them both. Daniel said that kiss on the cheek was a massive step forward, a sign that she was starting to accept him. They headed back to the suite and spent the afternoon on their private terrace and veranda talking and swimming. The day wore on and they went to shower and change for dinner, the waiters had appeared and were setting the table and Anderson placed the menus on the table. Jordan found all his clothes pressed and hanging up in the walk-in wardrobe, he finished drying himself off and pulled on some shorts and a shirt then joined Daniel on the veranda swinging seat. He looked up and said it was 7pm, Jordan said he would go and collect the boys from reception as he needed to try his key out, Daniel laughed and planted a kiss before telling him not to be to long. Jordan went out the front door and along the hallway into the Orchid lounge the concierge opened the door for him, he found himself back in the familiar main reception of the hotel and spotted Steve and Callum. "Hey guys, ready?" smiling as he walked over. Callum still wobbly at the sight of Jordan every time he saw him "Where's Daniel?" he asked. "Waiting for us, come on" he guided them over to the Orchid wing doors. Steve and Callum followed as the concierge nodded to Jordan and opened the door for them, Steve breathed the word wow as they passed around the screen depicting the Salinger logo entwinned with an orchid and entered a different world of luxury. Callum was speechless as they walked across the lounge towards the hallway leading to the suites. Daniel was talking to Anderson as the three of them arrived and made their way to sit on the veranda. The waiters brought them each a glass of champagne. "Wow this is so much nicer than what we serve in the clubhouse" licking his lips to the laughter of the others. Steve was looking at the table settings "Danny are we six for dinner?" as he picked up the menu. "Oh yes, sorry we have two more guests joining us shortly so hope you don't mind" walking over to where Steve stood. "Do we know them?" asked Callum. Daniel laughed "Well kind of, you probably seen her in movies but you will get to know them this evening". Anderson walked out to the veranda followed by Nicky and Kit "Daniel your guests have arrived". Steve and Callum couldn't believe their eyes, they were about to have an evening with a movie star. Happiness and laughter followed in during the evening, everyone joyfully listened to Nicky's stories about film making. Daniel and Kit talked a lot together, Steve and Callum delighted everyone about some of the antics that the passengers get up to try and get in the clubhouse and the stories used to get upgraded on flights. In all it was a perfect dinner as Anderson and the waiters served coffee, Daniel thanked Anderson and told him to stop hanging around and go home as the waiters could finish up. Jordan watched as he disappeared and looked at Daniel. "Interesting why did you do that?" he asked Daniel pulled Jordan closer "He is in my mother's pocket Jordy and will tell her everything just like Sofie does". Jordan chuckled "You mean she spies on you?". "Not normally but I am sure they will watch extra closely for the next couple of days,". Jordan laughed as a lot of things were becoming clearer and thankful that he hadn't put a foot out of line since he met Daniel. Nicky and Kit stood up from the table having finished their coffee excusing themselves as they had to let the sitter finish. Hugs and kisses were going around a plenty, Nicky exclaimed that she has had one of the best social evenings in years. Kit was saying goodbye to Jordan then went over to Daniel, they had a big hug, Daniel realising that Kit was not letting go knew something was about to happen, his body lifted off the ground he cried out for Jordan who stood and laughed at him. Pay back was the last word he heard from Kit as his body hit the water, the five of them stood laughing whilst Daniel stood in the middle of the pool up to his chest soaked and fully clothed he shouted at Kit 'this isn't over Kit now you better watch your back'. Daniel laughed as he took his shirt and shorts off and put them on the side of the pool, Jordan took the hint and took his shorts and shirt off and jumped in quickly followed by Steve, Callum and Kit. Nicky poured another coffee and sat on the side watching the 5 guys playing in the pool, it was very rare that they got to spend time this way, no hang ups worry about paparazzi. Daniel got out of the pool. "Your not coming in Nicky?" he asked. She touched her hair "Not a chance took ages doing my hair. Come here Danny" she patted the seat next to her. He sat down "I know that look Nicky, are you spying on me for mother as well?". Nicky laughed "Maybe, maybe not." she nodded to Jordan "Vast improvement on the your last one, he looks like a keeper". Daniel looked at her "I hope so Nicky. Never felt this way before at being around someone". "When we saw you the other night it was obvious Jordan was captivated by you" she patted his hand. He sighed "You know he had a worse time than me with his ex, quite brutal with him". She finished her coffee "Make sure to tell him how you feel and keep the relationship real Danny". Kit climbed out of the pool and dried himself off and they left to head back to their suite as she turned to her husband and told him they should invite them all over to their place in BellAir for a few nights maybe thanksgiving, he nodded telling her it was a great idea. The three of them sat on the pool edge as Daniel returned with a bottle of champagne and 4 glasses, the waiters finished off and left the suite. Daniel poured a glass for each of them and held his glass up 'New friends and finding love', they all clinked their glasses and took a drink of champagne. Jordan slipped back in to the pool he watched Callum put his drink down then dragged him in the pool much to his surprise, Steve and Daniel both jumped in as the four of them played around swigging champagne. It was just coming up to 11pm in the evening when Steve sadly said it was time for them to head off, Callum took the hint as Daniel dissapeared and hurried back with two bathrobes for them to wear back to their room. Steve gave Daniel a hug and a kiss on the cheek thanking him for what has been one of the best evenings ever. Jordan grabbed hold of Callum and lifted him over his shoulders and put him down next to Steve, Jordan hugged and kissed Callum then Steve. Jordan said he would walk the boys back to the hotel and the three of them left. Daniel went back out to the veranda and stripped naked before diving in to the pool, the champagne was only half drunk so he poured another a glass for him and Jordan. He saw Jordan appear in the lounge, Daniel picked up the two glasses and stood in the middle of the pool. Jordan looked at him and noticed he was completely naked, he smiled at Daniel shaking his head then stripped off and swam up to him taking his glass of champagne. He looked at Daniel 'To us' they clinked glasses but instead of drinking Jordan held Daniel with his free arm and kissed him sensually on the lips, slowly their lips parted and he felt Jordan's tongue press against his own as they, without realising Daniel came up against the edge of pool as Jordan put his and Daniel's glasses down his other arm wrapped around Daniel. Daniel kissed Jordan back his arms now around Jordan's neck. Everything around them blurred out of focus as they only had eyes for each other. Daniel lead Jordan to his bedroom they both collapsed on the bed still holding and kissing each other. There was no sign of mad passionate sex about to take place, instead they laid in each others arms. Daniel's whole body felt it was going to combust being held so closely to Jordan and he was loving every moment of it. A deepen and shared connection on bonding between them was slowly taking shape, Daniel couldn't fight his tiredness anymore, he kissed Jordan and turn on his other side. Jordan placed his arms back around Daniel as they spooned together, Daniel kissed Jordan's hand and laid there wrapped in the arms of the man he never thought would be laying next to him in bed. Jordan continued kissing the back the his neck until they both were seduced by sleep.
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    Bajan Love Affair

    Part 9 - Old Rivals Daniel had slept until 8am before he started to wake up and stretching his body in bed, laid there for a moment looking up at the ceiling fan silently spinning away without a care in the world, for the first time in ages he felt the same way. He walked in to the bathroom over to the cabinet above the sink, opening it he took out and opened the small white plastic pill container. Tipping out one pill he popped it into his mouth and filled a glass with water before gulping the pill easily down, replacing the cap he put the container back in the cabinet. Ever since he found out that Greg played the field he decided to start taking prep behind his back, he wasn't overly concerned about hiv but he was not going to risk it with the amount of one nighters Greg was having, especially if one of them had an untreatable strain. He jumped in to the shower to freshen up. Dressed he strode in to the lounge to find his mother on the veranda taking coffee. He walked out to join her asking what she was working on as papers lie strewn across the table. She sat back showing Daniel the plans for the LA hotel, his mother worked with the designers on the concepts for all the hotels décor and ambience. She told Daniel of her trip back to LA later today to meet with the designers tomorrow morning as they were flying in. They were deep in discussion when Sofie appeared looking rather anxious. Lucy looked up "What is it Sofie?" she put her pen down on the table. "Old Mack knows your here and wants to see you" she said "I told him I would let him know if you are free". Daniel laughed "What did you do this time to upset him mother?". "Nothing, we haven't spoken since last year" as she held up her hands "Tell him to come over and I will see him". Sofie disappeared to let old Mack know he could come and see her. Old Mack ran the 60 bedroom Saffron Cove hotel next door, like the Salinger Resort it had it's own private stretch of beach and many hotel and investment companies had been trying to prise the land off old Mack for years. The offers kept pushing the price of the land up but he was not selling for any amount of money. He was a local Bajan called Dermot Mack, known throughout as Old Mack since he had been running the hotel for 40 years and was now heading in to his early sixties. There had been years of rivalry between Mack and the Salinger's, mostly through how the Salinger had gone completely high end whilst the Saffron Cove kept itself stable as a 3 star hotel with little investment. The Salinger's had never entered in to discussion to buy the hotel, but Lucy knew how much the land and private beach setting is worth being next door to the Salinger Resort. Half an hour later old Mack appeared with Sofie and joined Lucy and Daniel on the veranda before Sofie left them to it. "Lucy, Daniel" Mack addressed them. Lucy smiled "Mack, please join us for coffee". "Thank you Lucy" he said as Anderson appeared and poured him a cup of coffee. She waited until he was settled "So Mack, have we done something to upset you?". He twiddled his thumbs "No this is a business visit, I came to tell you that I am retiring and moving to Florida". Lucy looked surprised "Really, oh!, well I will miss you but I am happy for you. Is your son taking over the hotel?". "Well no, he is not interested and wants to come with us" a smile appeared on his face feeling a little more at ease. "So who did you sell up to in the end?" she asked. Mack looked at Lucy "No one, that is what I want to see you about. We had our differences but you have always been here when I needed you". Lucy Laughed "It was no easy ride Mack, but I do have to say how much I have admired you over the years". "You know the last offer I had was $60 million for the land and beach front" he looked at Lucy and Daniel. She smiled "Yes I know, I have been kept informed by the town council, so are you taking it?". "Oh no, they will put up some horrible hotel and ruin this spot forever" he remarked. Lucy looked on "So what will you do run it from Florida or bring in a manager?". "No nothing like that" he pulled a hefty set of documents out from his bag "I filed these papers and got approval yesterday from council". "For what?" she looked on a little worried. Glancing at Daniel and Lucy "Buy me out at $10 million, I know you will do right by the land and hotel" he said. Daniel knew to keep his mouth closed and looked over at his mother who pulled the documents towards her and read the contract, Mack sat nervously waiting for her response. After 10 minutes she looked up at Mack. "Mack are you sure this is what you want to do?" she asked. He smiled "I've always known that if I sell it would be to you. It has already been approved with no conditions". Daniel looked at his mother "Mack wants to sell to only you mother, I think you should" he said. She picked up the pen and signed the contract of sale and land deeds "Mack I don't know what else to say" she stood up and held her hand out. Mack stood up and shook her hand "Thank you Lucy, my attorney will be in touch" he said good bye and left. Daniel and his mother just looked at each other in astonishment, Daniel spoke first asking what they should do with Saffron Cove. Sofie appeared and called out to them both that she had found a lost puppy wandering around the pool terrace as Jordan followed in behind her. Daniel strode over to Jordan and kissed him, he was a little unsure weather it would have been appropriate to kiss Daniel in front of his mother, well Daniel had answered that quick enough. Lucy watched on then invited Jordan to join them, thinking back on their conversation last night a plan was forming in her head. "Jordan are you staying in the main hotel?" she asked him as he sat down. "Yes in 121 overlooking the beach" he replied. Lucy shook her head "Nonsense, Sofie see to it that Jordan moves in to the suite this afternoon". Sofie nodded but Jordan intervened "Please that is not necessary." he implied. "Don't be silly Jordan, there are two bedrooms here and it will allow you two some time together" she replied. "Thank you Lucy that is very kind of you" he replied looking at Daniel's big grin. "Oh and Sofie I will be back to two days time overnight again" she said pouring a coffee for Jordan. Sofie looked in her notepad "The couple in the other owners suite leave in the morning so that works perfectly". Lucy smiled "That's sorted then, Jordan you just need to empty your personal things the rest will be moved for you". Jordan thanked her as Daniel and he left Sofie and Lucy whilst Anderson instructed the suite attendant to clean bedroom 2. They walked up to Jordan's room and he emptied the safe and left the contents in the office behind reception as they headed down to the beach. Jordan's head was in a turmoil trying to keep up with what had gone on. Still he had Daniel with him and could sit on the beach to relax and talk about last night. Lucy called Anderson over to join her and Sofie "You both know what to do, I will be back in two days". They both nodded to Lucy understanding exactly what she meant before they both left to get on with their jobs. The first hour Daniel and Jordan spent laying and looking at each other as they grabbed some sun, Cael approached with some chilled fruit slices and placed them on the table next to them before whispering 'fruit for the love birds' giggling he went on to deliver fruit to the other guests. The frozen grapes were by far the best and most unusual way of serving them, Jordan got up and asked Daniel to walk with him, Daniel stood up and waited for Jordan then they walked down to the shore line. Jordan took Daniel's hand "Now what about you and all this hotel business?" he asked. "I work for my parents in their hotel chain simple as that" he tried to be as convincing as possible. Jordan was not buying it "Somehow I don't think it is as simple as that Danny". "Are you regretting anything, you know last night, my mother?" Daniel asked inquisitively "If you are tell me now". Jordan put his arm around his shoulder "No regrets Danny, it's just something she said to me last night". Daniel stopped walking "What did she say Jordy?". He hesitated "She said most of your partners knew who you was and were in it for other reasons". Daniel laughed "That's true, but you didn't know me unless you are a really good actor". "Not that a good an actor I'm afraid, so what are the other reasons?" Jordan held Daniel's hand. "Well having all this at their disposal I guess" Daniel paused "and I suppose the lifestyle afforded me". Jordan chuckled "Lifestyle?" he smiled at Daniel "You are on the outside very normal Danny no pretence or show". He looked at Jordan "You think I am normal?" he giggled "still it doesn't remove the wealthy aspect of attraction". "I see, I'm not attracted to your money Danny" was all that Jordan could say. Daniel had a serious look on his face "Doesn't change me as a the person". "I never said it did. But would you give all this up to be with me Danny" Jordan looked in his eyes. "If it was the only way I could be with you then yes I would" Daniel did not hesitate with his reply. "That is all I wanted to hear Danny" he stroked the side of Daniel's face "Your endearing and kind and that's what has made me fall in love with you". A tear rolled down the side of Daniels face "No one has ever caught my breath like you do or really said that to me". He didn't care that they were standing on the beach as he reached around Jordan's neck, their lips met in a light kiss several times as each one lingered longer. Jordan wiped the tear streak from Daniel's face, his mouth sought Daniel's as their lips parted and kissed deeply standing in the sunshine with the sea lapping around their ankles. Daniel looked at Jordan "You have stolen my heart Jordy". Jordan smiled and hugged Daniel "I just hope your mother will accept me, she did some serious business on me last night". Daniel laughed "That's nothing she was on form this form this morning and brought the Saffron Cove before you arrived". Jordan's feet splashed in the lapping water "Isn't that next door to here?". "It is, and will probably need remodelling, don't know if she plans on merging the two hotels" he said shrugging his shoulders. They walked up to the beach bar where Cael had already prepared them two fruit crushes, they sat at the bar captivatingly looking each other in the eyes smiling. Cael looked at the both of them he saw the sparkle in their eyes of two people in love. Steve and Callum swam to shore and wandered up to the beach bar, Callum nudged Steve nodding in the direction of Daniel and Jordan commenting that they appear to be lost in each other. As they walked past Steve said good morning to them both. Daniel turned "Oh Steve hey, hi Callum where you guys off to?". "Just to get a drink then back to the beds" Callum replied as he went all gushy with Jordan looking at him. Jordan chuckled at Callum "Come over and join us, come on Callum" Jordan patted the seat next to his. Steve thanked them and looked at Daniel "So, err, what's the story?" he said quietly nodding in Jordan's direction. Daniel watched Jordan chatting to Callum "Do you mean are we dating?" Daniel sipped his drink "Well I suppose we are". "Brilliant he is such a catch, you can probably tell that by how Callum gets all shy around him" nodding in Callum's direction. "Whose a catch?" Jordan asked as he overheard part of their conversation. Daniel looked up to the sky with a seriously mocking looking on his face "Apparently you are Jordy". "As if you didn't know that!" Steve added "So when are we having that dinner you promised Daniel?". He quickly looked at Jordan "How about tonight if you two are free, the 4 of us?". Callum all excited nearly jumped up and down on his chair "Oh yes that would be great". "Be in reception at 7pm and wear casual, shorts and shirt" Daniel told them "Oh and call me Danny". The four of them sat enjoying their fruit crushes and Callum became more at ease being around Jordan. They spent nearly 2 hours chatting as slowly and surely they were becoming good friends with plenty of similarities to Daniel working in hospitality. The more Jordan sat and listened the more he was feeling how very uncomplicated his life would be. Most of the people he knew through Sage were malicious and quite unpleasant in many ways, but that now seemed a lifetime away. Here he sat with a new man and two guys who didn't bitch or degrade people. Cael refreshed their drinks with the biggest smile he could stretch across his face, Steve and Callum watched in shock as he rubbed Daniel's head telling them to let him know if they needed anything else as he walked away. Daniel laughed at their shocked faces before he told them that he had literally grown up with Cael. Jordan spotted Sofie crossing the beach shoes in her hand and stopping to chat quickly to guests as she made her way over towards them. As she got to the table she told Daniel that his mother was leaving at 2pm then gave Jordan a new key card, she explained all his things had been moved and the keycard will get him all the access to the wing. She reminded Daniel 2pm as she turned and left them. Daniel stood "I'm sorry guys Jordy and I have to go, see you at 7pm in reception". Steve and Callum stood "Come on Callum swim time, will see you at 7pm" they both ran down to sea. Jordan laughed "They are a nice couple and Callum is so funny" he said turning to Daniel. Daniel chuckled "I think Callum is finally getting use to being around you" as they walked back up to the hotel. "Would be nice to have them as friends, they are so pleasant to be around" he waited for Daniel to put his reefs on. Daniel shook his head "Jordy you amaze and surprise me every day, I couldn't agree with you more about them".

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