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    How the Hell Did That Happen?

    Or lack of real sexual understanding lol.
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    The Gifted Virgin

    Part 15 - No Escape After spending several hours on the tiled floor in the kitchen Ethan stood up to set the table for dinner. Angelo just continued to lay on the floor watching him with Ethan stepping over him. Eventually Angelo stood up and went to shower before dinner. The following morning Ethan dressed quite smartly walked to the car with Angelo, he had some course work to do and would find a quiet spot in the office to study whilst Angelo worked. It was a very orderly office around 10 people working away who all looked up and greeted Angelo as he walked through. Ethan somewhat surprised to see that Angelo didn't have a separate office, instead he had a desk in the corner. Ethan looked at the sprightly black haired lad who sat at one of the desks opposite, guessing he was probably a couple of years younger than Angelo and sported a polo shirt which accentuated his chest and arms, they were not nearly as muscular as Angelo's but he was pretty nicely built Ethan thought. Mark turned to looked at them Ethan was stunned by his looks that could knock a person flat from nearly a mile away, his piercing green eyes that seemed to bore right through Ethan as he caught his gaze. "Morning boss" Mark stood up smiling "Oh and you have to be Ethan" Mark held out his hand. Angelo put his bag down "Ethan this is Mark my assistant". Mark scoffed "He treats me like a slave and taunts me all day". Ethan shook his hand "Hello Mark nice to meet you" he said trying to deduce if he was gay. Mark smiled "So you are the one responsible for his mushy state" he laughed nodding to Angelo. "Thank you Mark that's enough" Angelo looked at Ethan "Mark is a wannabe gay" he said laughing. Mark tutted "Ignore him Ethan, come one lets get the boss his coffee before he goes mad" he said dragging Ethan. Ethan didn't have time to think or speak as Mark dragged him out of the office laughing, he did indeed like Mark a lot in just those few minutes it appeared they both shared very similar traits and qualities. When Mark eventually stopped dragging Ethan across from the office the entered the coffee shop. Ethan trying to stop laughing composed himself "What is a mushy state?" he asked. Mark ordered 3 coffees the turned to Ethan "He has been like this for several weeks and finally let slip". Ethan looked confused "Let slip?". "Yes about you, the last few days he has been very relaxed and happy" Mark said paying the counter clerk. Ethan laughed "Is he not normally that way then?" he asked. Mark turned to Ethan "The one thing I can tell you is Angelo is a very complex person". "How do you mean complex?" Ethan asked. Mark smiled "He needs loving, but he has a.. I suppose you call it a disregard for sex". Ethan looked slightly shocked "You seem to know him quite well". Mark looked at Ethan "He confides a lot in me so I know everything, well almost everything". Ethan picked up one of the coffees "What do you mean you know everything?". Mark motioned to the table "Sit down lets get the awkwardness over with" Mark grabbed the other coffees. Ethan sat down unsure what was about to happen "Is it awkward?". "Well let's just say after his ex Angelo went in to a dark place, he hated everyone and trusted no one" Mark hesitated. Ethan leaned forward "Mark, I want to understand Angelo please tell me". Mark nodded "Well it all started when Matt his ex was found with his underwear round his ankles, you have to understand that Matt was his first boyfriend who professed how much in love he was but his eyes didn't say it. Angelo was about to give everything up for him but that day threw him off completely, he sort of got revenge on him and literally dragged him out of the flat and left him there. Matt of course just went to one of his casual fuck buddies for a few days thinking it would all blow over but Angelo moved out and never saw him again. That was when he sought solace in the bathhouse, you know to get a quick fuck and release. He would just fuck the nearest hot looking guy and dispose of them once he finished, he never talked or acknowledged them after. Many nights I stayed with Angelo, purely from a friendship basis you understand. On the surface Angelo seemed pretty normal and got on building his company as a way to take his mind off personal things. Over the last few years he had put Matt out of his head and got back to a normal kind of life, he still went to the bathhouse a couple of times a week and by then had quite a reputation for I think you call it a dump and go. But he would never let anyone get close enough to him for fear of being hurt and pushed away again. Then you came along and what you have done in the last few weeks and how you've done it I do not know. But know one thing Angelo trusts me, apart from being his assistant we have a very close and personal friendship and I would go to any length to protect him". Ethan looked a little embarrassed "I see" he also knew that there was a warning in his last few words. Mark smiled at him "I like you, your sexy and your smile could kill anyone". "Are you gay?" Ethan blushed not really knowing why he blurted that out. Mark smiled "I don't know Ethan, why don't you tell me?". Ethan chuckled "Sorry I should keep my mouth shut. But honestly with your looks you could bag a hundred men". Mark laughed loudly "Fuck I knew I would like you, but I am straight, well I think so" he winked at Ethan. Ethan blushed and realised no man had ever really made him blush like this "And what if I kissed you?". Mark looked at him "Oh I would totally kiss you back but Angelo wouldn't be happy" nodding over to the office. Ethan looked down at his coffee "Tell me Mark what has he told you about me?". Mark smiled "Mostly everything I also know you moved in after a challenging time with your family". Ethan looked down "Oh right, do you mean from when we first met?". "Yes, but avoid embarrassing you I will sum it up in three words, virgin, hiv, love" Mark starred at Ethan. Ethan nodded "So you know everything". Mark held Ethan's hand "Do you hate him for what he did?". Ethan wiped the tear from his eye "Part of me did when he cared for me after the virus took hold." Mark nodded "What about now?" he asked inquisitively. Ethan looked up and smiled "I feel he will be the only man I will ever fall in love with or want". Mark smiled "The day you met he talked very openly about how attracted to you he was after the first kiss". Mark continued "I know we have only just met Ethan but you are very special to Angelo" Mark told him. Ethan smiled at Mark "He is to me as well". Mark stood "Come on, he gets cranky if he doesn't get coffee. Fuck you are hot Ethan" he laughed shaking his head. Angelo returned to his desk looking at Mark "Your sacked as your late with my coffee again". Mark put the coffee on Angelo's desk "Sit down and drink your coffee before I slap you". Ethan looked on astonished "Did I miss something?". Mark laughed and took Ethan's arm "He sacks me 5 times a day, 6 if I am lucky, come on". Mark gave Ethan a little tour of the office introducing him to the 10 people who were sat at their desks working, Mark also explained that 3 people were in the city at their newest clients company overseeing the set up. Ethan didn't get much studying done as he was so interested in learning about Angelo and his company, a few of the staff were gay and from all types of background and ages. Ethan sat in the car at the end of the day and two things for sure had happened, he knew a lot more about Angelo and what made him tick, he also had a new friend with Mark. Ethan got up to quite a bit of mischief with Mark in the office and Angelo was having trouble keeping them both in check whilst doing his own work. But seeing Ethan happy and getting on so well with Mark was all he could have hoped for, they both left the office and headed over to the car. Angelo got in the car and kissed Ethan "Did you have fun today?". Ethan laughed "Yes, I loved being with you and I really like Mark". Angelo smiled "I had better watch him in case he tries to steal you and turn gay". Ethan laughed "He said he would let me kiss him". Angelo mocked him before replying "Well you will have to let me know how that goes". Ethan looked at Angelo "Seriously?, hmmm, maybe one day I will" he laughed. "Yeah I would love to see you kiss Mark that would be hot to see" Angelo chuckled. Ethan laughed and went a little more serious "We talked a bit about you, hope you don't mind" Angelo looked at Ethan "Not I don't, he is a good friend and confident". Ethan nodded "Did you.. you know with him?". Angelo laughed "No, I helped him out of a bad patch with a girl, but that was years ago". Angelo continued "We are very good friends, he was there for me so I gave him a job to help him out". Ethan looked over at Angelo "You really are an amazing person underneath Angelo". Angelo smiled "You amaze me every day Ethan and it makes me love you more and more". They drove with the windows down enjoying the humid air that had descended that day, it was turning out to be one the warmest days so far. Ethan was glad when they got home and he just stripped and jumped in the pool to cool down, Angelo walked outside naked towards the pool, he looked at Ethan who wiped the water from eyes and drew a big smile seeing his fine sexy Latino about to join him. Angelo just loved seeing how Ethan's face lit up, he dived in the pool and surfaced right in front of Ethan who just fell in to his arms. Their lips tenderly kissing until Ethan close his lips over Angelo's and their mouths opened, Ethan moaned as he felt Angelo's tongue slipping in to his mouth eagerly seeking his own. Slowly Angelo walked over to the side of the shallow and hoisted Ethan on to the side of the pool, Ethan's legs were wrapped around Angelo's thighs, their kissing began to take on a more urgent desire as Angelo felt Ethan's legs caressing his thighs. Angelo forced a break from the kiss and whispered 'Oh fuck Ethan I need you', his mouth closed in and Ethan gripped tight around Angelo's neck as he felt his cock pushing his ass open with only one thing in mind. Ethan whimpered as he felt he fullness of Angelo entering his being. The two of them lost in their own world and Ethan threw his head back as Angelo kissed and bit at his neck, his hips providing a steady but forceful movement driving his cock deep into Ethan who moaned and closed his eyes. Ethan felt his body falling back with Angelo's support until he laid on the pool deck with his legs wrapped around Angelo who continued his steady fucking. Ethan raised his head and his hands grabbed hold of Angelo's arms, he ran his hands up along and over Angelo's biceps then along his chest. It turned in to one of those moments where Ethan was trying to control his orgasm but every time his hands ran over the biceps he lusted after nothing but his lover. Angelo leaned forward and kissed Ethan's chest and neck, his forehead came to rest on Ethan's sternum, his body tensed with a feeling of electricity as he cried out Ethan's name. Ethan could see nothing but felt everything the jolting of his hips and then engorging of the cock in his ass and pulsing that rippled from the very end of Angelo's cock in to his body as he shot volley after volley of his seed. Ethan had already orgasmed as they both lay there panting and gasping from the adrenaline running riot in their bodies. The sweat dripping off Angelo from the humid evening air landed on Ethan's chest and trickled on to the pool deck. Angelo giggled and looked up at Ethan who laid there in a dreamy state until he realised Angelo was smiling looking down at him, Ethan began to laugh at how crazy and erratic their love making was getting. Dispensing with all formalities and manners they just went for it every time they were alone. Angelo climbed out of the pool after releasing Ethan from his cock and laid down besides him, they looked up at the stars appearing in the night sky for some time until Angelo pulled Ethan up and they walked back to the house to grab something to eat. He knew they had just had sex by the smiling happy faces he could see through the kitchen window, Matt ducked quickly as Ethan came up close to the window above the sink looking out. When he was sure it was safe he retreated back down behind the cars and across the street then drove off. Ethan went back to the window, he didn't know why but he couldn't get it out of his head that they were not alone and this wasn't the first time he felt that way. Angelo laughed it off telling him to come to bed. As regular as clock work Adam came round at 8am as he was starting to work out with Ethan and Angelo in the mornings. The boys were still in the gym when Angelo appeared dressed for work. Ethan looked up and stopped lifting weights and sat up. "Are you off now?" Ethan asked. Angelo nodded "I should be home around 7pm". Ethan walked over and held his hand "Please don't do anything silly Angelo, promise me?". Angelo leant forward and kissed him "I promise Ethan, I am still angry with him for hitting you". "Drop it, it's over with, if he wants to make amends he can make the first move" Ethan looked Angelo in the eye. Angelo nodded "See you later" he called over to Adam "Later Adam". Adam stopped "Okay, Oh Tony wants to know if you want to dine out later with us?". "Won't be home until 7pm but yes would love to" Angelo replied as Ethan kissed him again. Ethan walked out to see Angelo off and Adam went to grab some water and joined him at the door, there it was again that nagging feeling as he waved at Angelo pulling out the drive. Ethan stopped and turned his focus on the silver car down the street. "What's wrong with you today you look jittery?" Adam asked slapping Ethan's ass. Ethan turned his head "I don't know I get this feeling we are being watched every now and then". Adam knew enough about Ethan to trust his instinct "Really, and you have it now?". "Yes" Ethan nodded. Angelo knew all the residents cars down his small street and the silver one looked curiously out of place, as he approached and drove slowly past it he was sure that the person in the driver seat had ducked down. He shook his head thinking he was seeing things, he turned the corner and headed to the city. Ethan and Adam walked back in the house and Adam could clearly see Ethan was not focused so they quit doing the weights and instead they went for a long walk around the marina. Angelo was somewhat dreading the day as he knew that Jack would be around at some point. Angelo made himself busy between his employees who were training the staff of Raffa's company. Raffa was delighted and his staff had nothing but positive things to say about the new system, Raffa had already seen an upturn in work load coming through. During the review meeting Raffa was only to happy to inform Angelo on how well it was going and so much so that he had put the word out amongst associate companies across the states he worked with. Raffa told Angelo that the companies were all community focused and diverse in culture just like Raffa's company as he knew Angelo would not do business with anyone unless they demonstrated the same principals. Jack was finalising some other legal work for Raffa when he walked in to the meeting room. He walked over greeting Angelo like an old friend holding his hand out, Angelo found it hard to resist raising his fist to punch Jack, instead he covertly tried to avoid eye contact and briefly shook his hand before Jack took his seat at the table. Raffa continued with the review and Angelo pulled all his focus to Raffa ignoring Jack until the meeting wrapped up with Raffa inviting them all to lunch in half an hour. As much as Angelo wanted to go to town on Jack he noticed that the Jack he had come to know was somewhat missing. As Raffa left Angelo flipped open his laptop to keep his mind busy, he noticed that Jack seemed to be holding back allowing other people to exit the room. "Angelo do you mind if we have a chat?" Jack asked closing the door. Angelo breathed and looked up at him "A quick chat yes as I have some work to finish". Jack sat down opposite him "It is a little personal but I hope you don't mind me asking". "Is something wrong Jack?" Angelo eyed him cautiously. Jack spoke quietly "How did your father react when you told him you were gay?". Angelo closed his laptop "That's a very personal and strange thing to ask, why are you asking?". "I have just found out my son is gay and didn't react to kindly to it" Jack was twiddling his fingers. Angelo looked at him "It doesn't change who is inside though, he is your son Jack". "I don't have anything against it but I never raised him to be gay or think that way" Jack responded. Angelo watched carefully "You don't just become gay, it is in you and part of you from birth". Jack looked at Angelo "I never really thought of it that way". "How did you know that you was straight and liked women?" Angelo sat back in his chair. Jack looked surprised "It was just a normal maturing process and felt right". "Do you not think that is how your son felt, did you stop to consider that?" Angelo asked. Jack didn't know what to say "You only hear the word gay". "So how did you react when you found out?" Angelo wanted him to tell him what he had done. Jack looked down "Badly, I struck him, shouted at him and told him to leave". "And was it that easy to disregard him like that?" Angelo was burning up inside. Jack shook his head "He hit me back and stood up for himself, I never got to say anything else, I was angry". Angelo shifted in his chair "Angry at who, you for not understanding or him for being himself?". Jack raised a smile "This is like a therapy session. I don't know, maybe both". "So why did you hit him and not talk to him properly like an adult?" Angelo asked. Jack looked at Angelo "I was brought up to understand that man should not lay with man". "The world has changed Jack, and if you don't change you become a relic of a bygone age" Angelo responded. Jack nodded "The damage is done, he won't speak to me now and I can't get through to him". Angelo saw a sadness in his eyes "Maybe you just have to give Ethan some space and let him figure it out". Jack looked up "I hope I can repair.." Jack stopped "how did you know his name is Ethan?". Angelo gulped realising his blunder and quickly thought "You must have mentioned his name before". Jack slowly nodded "Really!, hmm". Angelo picked his things up "Sorry Jack I have to check on my guys". Angelo hastily left the meeting room leaving Jack sat there, he rushed in to the restroom and splashed cold water on his then leaned back against the wall, fuck he said to himself over and over he knew that his blunder of dropping Ethan's name would not be forgotten by Jack so quickly. Jack stood up and closed the door and picked up his phone to call Ellie, he knew he had never mentioned Ethan's name as he would never reveal this knowingly to business associates. Jack put his phone down on the desk shaking his head, he had a good idea that Angelo knew Ethan more than he was letting on he felt some rage towards Angelo wondering if he had corrupted his son. Jack joined the rest of the team for lunch but Angelo was making himself busy with other people and it was pretty evident that he was trying to avoid Jack at all cost. At one point Jack laughed to himself at their cat and mouse game going on and decided to bide his time. Angelo sneaked out of the restaurant and made a quick call to Ethan. "Hello lover" Ethan's voice came through the phone. Angelo smiled to himself "Are you as sexy as ever?". "Always, what's up?" Ethan could hear a little tentativeness in Angelo. "I had a chat with your father, quite a long one actually" Angelo began. Ethan sighed "Has he calmed down?". "He seems to be, but I made a blunder and dropped your name". Ethan was quiet for a moment "Did he pick up on it?". "I think he did, I am trying to avoid him at the moment" Angelo nervously laughed. Ethan giggled "He can be like a dog with a bone. Don't worry Angelo whatever happens he has to deal with it". "Thank you, love you" Angelo hung up the phone and re-joined the group. The day was beginning to have lots and ups and down Angelo thought to himself as Raffa came over to chat. Jack had gone back to the office so he felt a little more at ease as Raffa went through some plans with Angelo for expanding the software usage, at one point Raffa even made an offer to buy the company outright but Angelo politely turned him down telling him no for now but never to rule it out. Angelo returned to the meeting room later in the afternoon to send some emails, fortunately Jack was no where to be seen. He finished the last email and stood up and closed his laptop, his back was to the door and in the windows reflection he saw Jack standing at the door watching him carefully. Angelo didn't turn around instead he looked at Jack through the reflection "When did you know?". Jack moved in and closed the door "You have just confirmed what I was suspecting". Angelo packed his laptop in to the bag "Oh". "Oh, is that all you have to say" Jack leaned back against the door. Angelo stood his ground "I am not going to do this with you now Jack, I am still angry with you". Jack scoffed "Angry with me?" Angelo turned to face him "The way you treated Ethan". "And you think it right to fuck around with my son, he is only just 18" Jack responded angrily. Angelo picked up his bag and phone and moved towards the door "Jack please move". "No, did you do it to him turn him gay after you met me?" Jack asked looking in to Angelo's eyes. "You want to talk about how really gay your son is Jack, you want all the details?" Angelo responded. Jack moved out of the way "Go on walk out and away from facing me". Angelo opened then closed the door "I'm not afraid to face you Jack, sit down" Angelo pulled a chair and sat down. Jack sat opposite him unsure if he was angry or confused "Thank you". "Ethan was so upset the night you threw him out" Angelo told him. He continued "It took several nights before he stopped reliving what went on and why you reacted the way you did". Jack stared at Angelo intently "Is he living with you?". Angelo nodded "Yes he is, as my partner Jack". Jack looked surprised "Your partner, how long have you been with him?". "We met on his 18th birthday but it was a couple of weeks after when it started to be serious" Angelo replied. Jack shuffled on his chair "So you didn't know he was my son?". He continued "It was only after seeing you that I realised he was your son, I gave him the option to end it then". Jack looked at Angelo "And he didn't?". Angelo shook his head "We had become to emotionally involved and we both love each other". Jack eyed his cautiously "Love?" Angelo hesitate a moment "You have an amazing very kind and loving son Jack, if only you could see that in him". "You think I don't my own son?" Jack appeared annoyed by Angelo's comment. Angelo nodded "I'm sorry but it looks that way, he loves you so much and you are still his father". "He has a strange way of showing it" Jack replied shifting again in his seat. Angelo look at him "I can't force you to accept it Jack, that is something you have to overcome". Jack stood up "I got to like you Angelo but never thought you were having sex with my son behind my back". "Trust me Jack, he never wanted to intentionally hide this" Angelo stood up. Jack stood up "If..., I can't believe I am having this conversation with you". Jack turned and left the meeting room and Angelo sat there for a few minutes looking out the window. His train of thought was interrupted by Raffa entering the room and closing the door. "Oh boy Angelo, what's going on between you two" Raffa sat down next to Angelo. Angelo glanced at Raffa "I don't think I should come on site any more Raffa". "You two not getting along, I know Jack is a tough screwball at times but he is a good lawyer" Raffa laughed. Angelo shook his head "It's way more complicated than that". Raffa patted Angelo's knee "You know Jack's son looks like him, but then I don't need to tell you that". Angelo looked at him "What?" Raffa laughed "You walked past my wife and I on the beach in the Hamptons a few weeks back". Angelo smiled "Really?". "You were so oblivious to everything else but him Angelo, I know love when I see it" Raffa smiled. Angelo stood up "So you know that Jack has figured it out as well". Raffa stood "That is Jack's problem to deal with Angelo". "Doesn't help though having to deal with me here now knowing what he does" Angelo replied. Raffa smiled "No but I pay him to deal with you, anyway you can't stop coming here on site". "Why not?" Angelo looked confused. Raffa laughed "Come on Angelo you know how much my staff love seeing you here, it makes their day". Angelo laughed embarrassingly "Maybe I should wear tight t-shirts then". Raffa laughed shaking his head "Err No, then I won't get any work out of them". Angelo was in a good place as he drove back to Larchmont, he knew that keeping in with Raffa would help drive his own business forward and of course he had Ethan waiting at home for him. Angelo only just got through the door when Ethan pounced on him asking what happened during the day. Angelo recalled the days events and how it was left with Jack walking out the room, Angelo could see the disappointment in Ethan's face as they changed into some casual clothes to join Adam and Tony for dinner. Adam listened intently during dinner to Angelo going through the day again, he needed to know what happened so that he could give his mother an update as she would be lunching with Ellie again this Friday. By the time they finished dinner Ethan's spirits had lifted, he thought it would be a miracle if his father came round so quickly and learning about Angelo today meant it would probably set things back. But he had Angelo and that is what counted. As the weeks sped by Ethan and Adam would work out religiously and also took to jogging around Larchmont, their friendship was closer than ever. At weekends the four of them would usually go to the beach or just chill out around the pool and BBQ, when Angelo and Ethan weren't around Adam would pop by and use the workout room first thing in the morning. Once a week they would drive up to Harrison and have lunch with their mothers, Sandra had taken Ellie under her wings and she was now very popular amongst the social set largely due to her becoming Sandra's best friend. Ethan would occasionally still get the jittery feeling of being watched but this mostly happened during the week and he put it down to Angelo going to work that left an empty hole for a few hours in his life whenever he walked out the door. It was the last weekend before college would resume and Ethan woke up on the Saturday morning still cuddled up to Angelo, he was not looking forward to going back to college and facing up to a lot of the students and of course Ben and Javier.
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    A Gift from Dad

    I can only imagine what a night with you would entail.
  4. losolent

    The Gifted Virgin

    Part 14 - Harrison's Housewives Ethan put the thoughts of his father out of his head as best he could, having Adam round for company helped cheer him up and keep him sane, they would spend their days in the work out room, swimming and walking around Larchmont getting to know the place better. Ethan was laying in Angelo's arms in bed on Sunday evening after making love for the third time that day, his ass was getting better at handling Angelo and no longer ached or was sore after one of their sex marathons. Angelo watched Ethan tracing finger circles on his chest "You okay about tomorrow?" he asked. "As long as my father isn't there I think I can cope" Ethan replied continuing his circles. "I can be there if you want me to Ethan" Angelo stroked his shoulder. Ethan stopped and looked "You have your business to run, Adam will be with me". Angelo kissed his head "Come to work with me on Tuesday?". Ethan giggled "And do what?" he looked at him with a curious eye. Angelo laughed "Not that, you can do college work or help my assistant, I think you will like him". Ethan pinched Angelo's nipple "I would like that, see you at work that is". Angelo pulled Ethan on top of him "Did I tell you today how much I love you?". Ethan kissed him "Told and showed me several times" he giggled snuggling against Angelo. Angelo rolled Ethan on to his side "Sleep time". Ethan kissed Angelo lovingly they cuddled up in each others arms and quickly they both fell asleep. Ethan was preparing breakfast when Angelo walked in suited up for work, seeing him brought reality back home with a thud. "What's the matter, you look a bit troublesome this morning" Angelo asked noticing his expression. Ethan stopped what he was doing "I have to get a job Angelo, I have to start paying my way". Angelo smiled "I could pimp you out, you would easily fetch top dollar for your ass". Ethan laughed "Not funny or helpful". Angelo walked over to him "I will help with your college fees". Ethan shook his head "No I owe you to much already for letting me stay here with you". "You are living here because we are together" Angelo looked at him. Ethan nodded his head "But still all I have to pay my way somehow". "Ethan you are my partner, we can figure something out, let's talk about it tonight" Angelo kissed him on the head. Ethan smiled as Angelo used the word partner for the first time "Eat your breakfast". Angelo laughed and poured a coffee then sat down to eat breakfast with Ethan they chatted until Adam knocked at the door. Adam came in and Angelo went off to work, Ethan seeing how funny this looked stood on the door step calling out to Angelo 'Have a lovely day at work honey', Adam bent over in laughter and Ethan saw Angelo's shaking his head in the car with a big smile on his face. Angelo was happy to see the Ethan he loved coming back but he knew there was potentially a lot of troublesome times ahead he would have to wade through. He had discreetly asked Adam to text him an let him know how it goes. On the flip side Angelo had another busy week between his offices and in the city and knew that at some point this week he would be face to face with Jack. His view slightly obscured but he could definitely make out Angelo getting in to his car, he had an broad smile on his face which only accentuated his sexual appeal. His eyes drawn to the front door where he could clearly see Ethan laughing and waving, the person stood next to him was doubled over with laughter, when he stood upright he saw the guy clearly who looked a little older than Ethan but still had a boyish sexiness to him. His anger boiling thinking that this should be his life and not Ethan's, Matt turned the car engine over and slowly drove past the house. He looked at the front door knowing he had to get Ethan out of the way by stirring up trouble, he knew the best way how to get at Angelo having gone through it previously. Matt had never really let go of Angelo despite being thrown out for cheating on him, their meeting in the Hampton's by accident only showed Matt that he wanted Angelo back and my god he was going to get him no matter what. It was just before lunch and Adam closed the car door and looked over at Ethan who was starring at Mel's Diner, he told Ethan he would sit at the counter and wait for his own mother to arrive and was to let him know if he needed help. Ethan turned to look at Adam and nodded, there was no point going in separately since his mother already knew Adam. Ellie looked up from her table and saw Ethan walking in followed by Adam, she waved her hand and watched Adam pat Ethan's arm as he took a seat at the counter. Ellie stood up as he approached "Ethan" she leant over and kissed him. "Mother" Ethan sat down opposite her "How are you?". Ellie looked at him "Adjusting, how are you, where are living, are you living with him?" nodding towards Adam. "I am not living with Adam, please show respect to my friend" Ethan replied. Ellie glanced at Adam "Has he been by your side since you left?". "He is being a good friend unlike Ben and Javier" Ethan ordered fizzy water with a dash of lime. Ellie ordered a coffee "Are you not drinking coke any more, is this another gay thing with you?". Ethan laughed "Really mother not everything has to be gay related". "I'm sorry Ethan, I don't know what to make of it all, it is new territory for us" Ellie looked at her son. "How is father?" Ethan asked. Ellie looked down "Nursing a bruised face you gave him quite a punch". "I didn't mean to but he was going to hit me again, it's not right what he did" Ethan toyed with the napkin holder. "You need to apologise to him and come home, you can't stand on your feet alone" Ellie now looked at Ethan in the eye. "He crossed the line mother and no I will not apologise or come home" Ethan said in an adamant tone. Ellie watched him for a moment "You are changing Ethan I feel like I don't know you anymore". Ethan took a breath "I am still Ethan mother, your son and I love you. But you both seem to don't really know me". "What is that suppose to mean?" Ellie looked shocked. Ethan held her hand "You have Sofie, father adores her and so do you, but you never really showed me that". Ethan continued "I know you love me but I was just taken from here to there and told to act properly and follow a line". "It was for your benefit we were making sure you would succeed in life" Ellie retorted. Ethan shook his head "I know mother, but do you know how it feels being ruled over like that?". "Is that what this is all about?" Ellie remarked. Ethan looked at her "No, sorry I just have to get things off my chest before I wreck my life". Ellie pleaded with him "Come home please we can work it out, your father will take time but please come home". Ethan paused as the waiter put their drinks down "No he made it clear he didn't want me in the house". "What will you do for money Ethan?" Ellie looked at him. Ethan shrugged his shoulders "I will work something out, even if I have to give up college for now". Ellie shook her head "No, your to clever to give up now Ethan, at least finish and get your education". Ellie reached down in her bag and pushed an envelope towards him "This is for you". "What is it?" He looked at the envelope and began opening it. Ellie touched his hand "A bank account in your name, I have put some money in there". "Why?" Ethan looked at her astounded. "In case you refused to come home, I also paid your college fees until your finals" Ellie replied. Ethan looked at the envelope "Thank you mother I didn't really expect any of this. You don't hate me then?". "No, I don't know what I felt but when I saw how Sofie was so casual. I am disappointed in someway though" she replied. Ethan took a sip of his drink "Disappointed how?" he was curious to understand. Ellie sighed "I had hope you would marry, have children and a good career". "I can still do all of that but just not with a girl" Ethan tried to make light of it. "Just promise me we can see each other" Ellie reached over and squeezed his hand. Ethan leaned over and kissed her "Of course, maybe we can do lunch once a week if you like". Ellie raise a smile "I would love that. So you are not living with Adam then, so where are you living?" Ethan pondered "Not far away, I am living with my boyfriend in his house". Ellie raised an eyebrow "How old is he and who is he?". Ethan took a gulp of his drink "25 and his name is Angelo and he is amazing". Ethan's phone pinged as he saw a message from Adam, quickly he opened it and looked at his mother showing her the message, Ellie shook her head the message simply read "Ben and his mother coming this way". "Is that Adam looking out for you Ethan?" She said smiling as Ethan nodded, she watched Margarite and Ben enter the diner. "Ellie, Ethan how lovely to see you both" Margarite called out making a bee line towards them. Ethan looked at his mother "Seriously". Ellie giggled and waved at Margarite before looking at Ethan "Be nice to her.. well sort of" she said. Ethan quietly laughed "I will behave, I know how much your standing in the community means" he winked at her. "Margarite what a surprise to see you here" Ellie put on her friendliest voice. Margarite stood by the table "Oh Ben do look it's Ethan say hello to Ethan Ben" she said sarcastically. Ethan noticed the tone in her voice "Ben, I would say it is nice to see you but the reality is the opposite". Ben looked confusingly at Ethan stumped "Yeah likewise" was all he could say. Ethan turned to his mother completely ignoring them "Did you want to eat Mother?". "Ethan don't be rude say hello to Mrs Allen" Ellie told her son trying to look stern. Ethan looked at Margarite "Hello Mrs Allen what are you going to tell my mother today?" Margarite looked at Ethan with daggers "Aren't you the one full of surprises Ethan?". Ethan laughed "True friends would think and understand consequences before gossiping" he looked at Margarite and Ben. Ellie stifled a laugh "Thank god we brought you up to be honest Ethan". Margarite was taken back "I do hope you will all be at our 4th of July party" she said smiling. Ethan smiled at her "Oh, can I bring my boyfriend, it will give you something to talk about for months". "Boyfriend?, as I understand it you are a gooseberry to that Adam" Margarite nodded to Adam at the counter. Ben waded in "Leave it mother your are embarrassing us" he noticed that several tables had stopped and watched. Ethan had had quite enough "Does anything nice ever come out of your mouth?". "Ethan" Ellie remarked looking at her son with a glint of mischief in her eyes. "Is that it, your going to let your son speak to me like that?" Margarite said looking cross. Ellie nodded her head "Ethan is quite within his rights to speak his mind Margarite". "Mrs Allen my mother may like you I do not and that goes for you as well" Ethan said looking at Ben. They were so engrossed in their conversation that none of them except Ben noticed the tables around them had gone quiet listening to the conversation heating up at the table. Mel's Diner was a popular place for lunch and being so busy it was hard for people not to hear what was going on. Adam smiled when his mother walked in just as things got juicy and he was quickly getting her up to speed, Sandra had no liking of Margarite as she knew her kind but for her husbands sake she tolerated her. Sandra was well known and respected around Harrison, she was number 1 in the social standing around town and Margarite was a small fish in comparison, invites to Sandra's social gatherings were sought after by many women and families, but the creme de la creme was personal lunch invitations with her. She knew Ellie to nod to and say hello but never really knew her that well until Adam got friendly with Ethan, Sandra stood and looked on with Adam, she knew all about the trouble Ethan had at home with them accepting him and she would do her best to bring Ellie around and then work on his father. Sandra was rightly proud to have a gay son and even Adam's father would show him off when he could, so the one thing Sandra really didn't like was people being disrespectful to her son or any gay man. "So Margarite is trying to alienate another family?" She asked Adam. Adam nodded "I am just waiting to see if Ben tries anything". "Don't get involved, I like Ethan and I think it's time I got to know his mother better" She looked at Adam. Adam smiled and gave his mother a kiss on the cheek, he knew underneath his mother was about to bring Ellie to the forefront of Harrison society completely over stepping Margarite on the way, but also the good she could do about Ethan being gay with his family. Margarite stood her ground "Is this the nasty gay side of you?" she said loudly now aware people were listening. Ethan looked at her "No but all I see is a malicious gossiping person in front of me who is trying to ruin peoples lives". "Don't speak to my mother like that" Ben moved forward towards Ethan and Adam shifted in his seat. Sandra saw the tension rising and wandered over to the table "Ethan, how lovely to see you". Ethan stood as Sandra leant in and kissed his cheek "Hello Sandra" Ethan hugged her back. "Ellie good to see you" she looked at Ellie and smiled. Ellie was a bit overcome "Sandra how are you?". "Excellent thank you, are you lunching do you mind if Adam and I join you?" Sandra asked ignoring Margarite. Ethan pulled a chair out for Sandra "Of course you can join us" he turned and nodded for Adam to come over. Margarite pushed in "Sandra darling you look marvellous how are you?". Sandra put her bag down and looked at Margarite "Hello Margarite are you out for lunch?". Margarite nodded waiting for an invite "Yes Ben and I were chatting to Ellie and Ethan" she smiled. Margarite continued "I had no idea you new Ellie and Ethan" she said to Sandra being as polite as possible. Sandra sat down "Why should you know?" she turned to look at Margarite. Ethan still standing watched Adam deliberately push past Ben "Adam hungry?" Adam walked up to Ethan and kissed him on the cheek "Like a horse" he replied. Ellie felt a little uncomfortable seeing the kiss between her son and Adam, it was one thing knowing in the family but seeing Sandra completely at ease she relaxed realising it wasn't such a big deal in most peoples eyes. Adam sat next to Ellie saying hello and kissed her on the cheek as well. Sandra smiled at Ellie then turned to Margarite "Please don't let us keep you from your lunch". "Oh yes" Margarite laughed "Sandra you must come to dinner this Friday evening". Sandra looked at Ellie then turned back to Margarite "Kind of you but alas no thank you" she replied bluntly. Margarite turned red faced and walked out of the diner with Ben in tow, the four of them watched as they exited from the diner. Several people still continued to look but most had returned to their own business. It was past 4pm when the four of them walked out the diner having spent the afternoon talking, Sandra invited Ellie for lunch the following day mostly out of pure genuine like for her and knew they would become great friends. Adam and Ethan said their goodbyes and set off for the drive back to Larchmont. Adam checked the road and pulled out of the parking lot "You okay?" he asked Ethan. "I think so at least my mother is coming round slowly, Ben is a worry though" Ethan replied people watching. Adam chuckled "Don't worry about Ben, I think our mothers got on really well". Ethan looked at him "You know my mother is a social climber or sorts". Adam laughed "Yes and so is mine, they will get on and purposely annoy Ben's mother, that is going to be her new hobby this month". Ethan returned his gaze the road ahead "Thank you for being there, it means a lot having you as a friend". Adam glanced at Ethan "And for me, college is going to be fun when we go back you will see". Ethan sighed "Yes another hard year looming up, it will be harder without Ben and Javier". Adam laughed again "You won't need them, you will have a better spectrum of friends". "I hardly know that many people unlike you" Ethan play punched Adam on the arm. Adam smiled "There is quite a large gay community at college Ethan, and with Tony finished I will need you and Dirk's friendship". "Oh yes I keep forgetting Tony finished college, but who is Dirk?" Ethan asked curiously. "Dirk, you have seen him hanging out with Tony and me" Adam replied turning into Larchmont. Ethan laughed "Oh yes I remember him, the Dutch guy". Adam laughed "Just don't be shy if guys touch or kiss you in the gym changing rooms". Ethan laughed and liked the idea of having new gay friends at college, Adam swung the car in to the driveway of Angelo's house. Ellie got home with Sofie after picking her up from dance classes, she was in a very good mood as she went up to change. Whilst in the bedroom she suddenly stopped and thought that she didn't even ask Ethan about his boyfriend and if it was a serious relationship, she came to the conclusion that they must be pretty serious if he moved in with him. Her phone pinged and she saw a message from Ethan 'Lunch on Friday?', she smiled and replied 'Absolutely midday at Mel's'. Ethan put his phone down by the lounger, he was sat out by the pool on his own and amazingly he managed to prepare a salad without shredding everything. It was still warm at 6pm when Angelo arrived home, he spotted Ethan laying by the pool and poured two glasses of wine thinking he might need a glass after today, Ethan heard Angelo in the kitchen and smiled to himself standing up and walking over just as Angelo was coming out with a glass of wine. Angelo gave Ethan a long slow kiss "Thought you might need this, how did it go?" he asked. "Actually it was alright, I think we bonded more than ever" Ethan replied walking hand in hand back inside. Angelo smiled at him "Good, I hoped it would go well, family are everything Ethan". Ethan picked up the envelope his mother gave him "Oh I forgot this". "What is it?" Angelo asked sitting down at the kitchen counter. Ethan smiled "A bank account my mother opened for me" he opened it and looked at Angelo with his mouth open. Angelo laughed at his look "Mothers eh". Ethan looked again "She has put $10k dollars in it". "Will that cover your tuition fees?" Angelo asked looking at him. Ethan shook his head "No she has already paid those up until I sit my exams". Angelo moved to Ethan's side and put his arm around him "I told you family are everything". Ethan smiled running his hand up inside Angelo's shirt "I'm very hungry, but not for food just yet". Angelo laughed and pulled Ethan on to the kitchen floor stripping his clothes off, Angelo only had one thing on his mind and Ethan had the same thing on his.
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    The Rapist Next Door

    Still love this story
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    The Graduation Gift

    A daddy like that would have been amazing
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    A Halloween Tale

    Such an erotic story
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    The Gifted Virgin

    Part 13 - Ladies That Lunch Ellie arrived at the restaurant and found Margarite sat at a quiet table in the corner. Margarite stood and gave Ellie a kiss on the cheek and they both sat down as the waiter brought the menus over, they chatted about the Hamptons and what was going on in Harrison over the last few weeks. Ellie talked about Sofie and her dance classes hoping that she would take up ballet. Margarite place her desert order and closed her menu. "Oh I spoke to the Guttenburgs last week" Margarite piped up. Ellie ordered her desert "They only stayed a couple of weeks in the Hamptons this year". "Yes, said they had a lovely beach BBQ at yours" Margarite laughed. Ellie laughed with her "Well he nearly lost his eyebrows at one point, you should come next year". "Husband likes to jet off for holidays, I do try to persuade him" Margarite said looking disappointed. Ellie smiled "Mine wants to go to the Caribbean again in November". "Will all of you go?" Margarite asked. "Ethan probably not, he has his studies and is doing really well" Ellie remarked with pride. Margarite smiled "Ethan looked so happy when I saw him in Larchmont a few weeks back at the Marina restaurant". "Oh, he never told me he went there for dinner" Ellie looked surprised. Margarite leaned forward "He certainly looked all loved up with his date". Ellie grimaced "Well as long as he is happy but doesn't get to serious at the moment". "Of course Ben told me had some suspicions that there was something going on" Margarite casually said. Ellie smiled "Well they are young". Margarite leaned in again "But a Latino, I would never have saw that coming" she looked at Ellie. "Latino?" Ellie remarked "Do you mean Latina?". Margarite shook her head "No Latino, rather sexy as well and very fit, a little older than Ethan I would say". The colour drained from Ellie's face "You must be mistaken". Margarite sat back "Ellie didn't you know?" she feigned a look of shock. Ellie tried to compose herself "Probably a friend from college". "Ben confirmed to me he was the other day" Margarite was enjoying her time immensely. Ellie saw the look of satisfaction on Margarite's face "Gay son, well at least that puts me above the rest". "You don't mind Ellie?" Margarite looked at her. Ellie smiled "At least we have a diverse family unlike the bog standard ones in Harrison". "You know there are other's around here in fact Ethan hangs out with one of them" Margarite played on it. Ellie suddenly guessed "Oh you mean Adam, such a lovely mannered boy we loving having him round". Margarite knew it was backfiring "You do know that Ben and Ethan had a falling out?". "Oh dear is your son not so accepting and open?" Ellie had Margarite on the run and loved it. Lunch over Ellie sat in the car fuming and sent a text message to Ethan 'Where are you?', annoyed at all the networking she had done to pair him off with some of the most respectable girls in Harrison. More than that she was angry that Margarite had to tell her, on the drive home she couldn't work out weather she was really upset, angry or just against it. Ethan's response text came as she pulled up the garage 'Back at 7pm'. She suddenly stopped and realised that Adam was in the Hamptons with Ethan, but no he wasn't a Latino so it couldn't be him. Head full of emotions she decided to sleep on it before confronting him and telling Jack, she knew she would have to before Jack found out from someone else in Harrison. Ethan put his phone down and settled back down in Angelo's arms as they watched the storm raging on, he thought it strange his mother would send a text asking where he was and began to feel a little on edge. An hour had passed and Ethan was packing his bag when his phone pinged again, he saw a new message but this time from Ben, he opened it and read it then dropped his phone. Angelo looked over at his worried face. "What is it Ethan?" Angelo walked over. Ethan sat down "My mother knows, Ben's mother had lunch and told her about us". Angelo sat down besides him "You are going to have to face up to this Ethan". Ethan nodded and looked outside "I think the storm is about to get bad". Angelo put his arm around him "We will deal with what ever happens Ethan". "Really?" Ethan looked at Angelo who nodded. It took nearly 5 hours to drive back as the Hamptons roads were flooded and traffic was slow. Ethan finally walked in to the house at just after 9pm, he could hear his father in the study working and his mother came out from the lounge and looked at him. "You look tired Ethan, long drive back with the weather?" Ellie asked. Ethan looked curiously at her "Yes, really bad storm there". "Come on I will make you a hot drink" Ellie turned and walked in to the kitchen. Ethan sat down "Thank you" he said. "So how was your weekend, you don't seem very happy" Ellie was watching the coffee machine. Ethan looked at her "It was good swam a lot and relaxed". Ellie put the coffee down in front of Ethan "I had an interesting lunch today with Margarite". Ethan looked at his cup "I know". Ellie had a surprised look on her face "How do you know?". "Ben sent me a text gloating, you know we fell out" Ethan wiped his eye. Ellie nodded "I know and I know why" as much as she wanted to be angry with him she couldn't do it. "Oh" Ethan sat starring at the cup "does father know?". "Not yet, I wanted to speak to you first" Ellie closed the kitchen door "Really Ethan?". Ethan looked up at her "Yes, I tried to play along with your matchmaking but it isn't me". "Your only just 18 Ethan we will find you a nice girl to settle down with" Ellie was testing him. Ethan shook his head "It would be living a lie mother, I am just not attracted to girls". "Is it Adam your attracted to?" She asked. Ethan shook his head again "No, he has been very supportive and more loyal as a friend". "I can't say I am happy about this Ethan, it is not who you were raised to be" Ellie looked on disappointed. Ethan stood up "It has nothing to do with being raised it is just who I am inside". Ellie shook her head "Go to bed Ethan". It was tense and Ethan walked in to his bedroom feeling sick, he sat in the bathroom on the floor and cried. Over the following days he kept out of everyone's way at home when he could and had several conversations with Angelo and Adam who had wanted to come over and see him, he had put Adam off for now as he didn't want to antagonise the situation. The first Saturday approached and Ethan quietly slipped out in the afternoon and spent the day with Angelo, it was breaking Angelo's heart to see Ethan so quiet and distracted. By 7pm Ethan asked Angelo to take him home as he shouldn't spend the night out of the house at the moment. Angelo watched Ethan get out of the car "Ethan if things get bad call me, I am here for you". Ethan nodded and kissed Angelo "I promise, I just need this to be out of the way now, I know it's coming". Angelo called out to him "5 to go" he watched Ethan smile and nod. By the time Angelo got back home at 8pm Adam was sat on his porch step wanting to find out how Ethan was holding up. Since he now lived in Larchmont with Tony it was a blessing to see Adam there as Angelo found he needed the company to help take his mind off things. The weekend out of the way Ethan got a call from Adam telling him he would be in Harrison on Tuesday morning and would like to meet up, Ethan agreed and said he would be there by 11am. He was still keeping a low profile around his mother and concentrating on his studies to make sure he was well versed for the year ahead at college. Tuesday came and Ethan quietly came down the stairs and opened the front door. "Where are you going Ethan?" Ellie stood at the kitchen door looking at him. Ethan turned in surprise "Harrison, I am meeting Adam to catch up". "Just don't get spotted doing anything else" Ellie turned and closed the kitchen door. Sofie looked up "What's the matter mother?". "Nothing, how is your rehearsal going?" Ellie changed the subject. Sofie looked over at her "It's Ethan isn't it?". Ellie turned to face her "What do you mean?". Sofie rolled her eyes upwards "You know full well what I mean". Ellie looked shocked "You know?". "Of course, it is obvious if you only stopped and paid real attention for once" Sofie retorted. At sixteen Sofie was not above speaking her mind in front of her mother. She kept her ear to the ground and knew what was going with Ethan through her own circle of friends. "What do you mean by that young lady?" Ellie lost her patience with Sofie. Sofie shook her head "Really mother, you and father don't know Ethan at all, he is just a puppet to you". Ellie sat down "Is that what you think?". "Ethan's life has been mapped out by you both, somewhere along the way you lost sight of him" Sofie replied. Ellie knew she had hit the nail on the head "Is that why he rebelled like this?". "He hasn't rebelled he just likes boys, why don't you find him one instead of a girl" Sofie chuckled. Ellie looked at her "It doesn't bother you?". Sofie laughed "Of course it does, I have to worry about competing against him for boys now". Ellie laughed for the first time in many days, chatting to Sofie had shone a whole new light on things seeing her daughter quite open and happy about a gay brother. Ethan shook his head in disbelief and walked up the drive and along the lane towards Harrison, his head conflicted not really knowing where his mother stood, he was happy to finally see Adam and be able to talk to him. Although brief Ethan felt a lot better and walked back towards home. He said hello to his mother and went up to his room. Jack had finished early and headed home pulling up the driveway just after 2pm. Ellie made him a sandwich and took it to the study where Jack was catching up on some emails. She waited until he had finished and wondered in. "Jack we need to talk about Ethan" she closed the door and walked over towards him. Jack looked up "Has he got in to trouble?". Ellie nervously laughed "No, well not quite but you should know he is not interested in girls". "Not interested in girls, you mean he doesn't want to marry?" Jack looked confused. Ellie shook her head "Not quite, he is.. well gay". Jack looked at her "What!, when, are you sure?". Ellie nodded "Yes he is Jack". "Not in my house he doesn't I won't have it" Jack stormed to the door and shouted "Ethan get down here now". Ethan shook as somehow he knew his mother had just told his father and could tell by the way he was summoned that he was angry, he slowly made his way downstairs he walked in to the study where Jack gabbed his arm and spun him around. "Well is it true, you fuck around with men?" Jack shouted in his face. Ethan stepped back looking afraid and nodded "Yes". Quick as a flash Ethan felt the stinging pain across his face as his father struck him with hefty force, his eyes filled with tears at the pain and he wiped under his nose to see blood. Ethan had fallen to the floor and stood back up. "No son of mine is gonna be gay" Jack screamed at Ethan. Ellie was horrified and upset "Jack please calm down". Jack continued his shouting "Get out of my house, pack your things and fuck off out of my house". Ethan looked "Father please". Jack repeated louder stressing his anger for Ethan to get out of his house and raised his hand again. Ethan reacted quickly in self protection and punched his father in the face with all his might sending him toppling over the sofa. Realising what he had done he ran out of the study and up to his room and locked the door. He sobbed for nearly an hour in the corner of his room, his face still sore. Eventually he stood up and went in to the bathroom and looked in to the mirror, he had blood stains running down over his lips and chin and several splatters on his t-shirt. He wiped his eyes and went back to the bedroom to get his phone and rang Angelo, the phone rang and rang, he called the number again but it went to voicemail he left a message 'Angelo, please I need you' he put his phone on the bed and sat waiting. Ethan could still hear his father ranting downstairs, Ethan had never hit anyone and to do it to your father was something he couldn't fathom out where it had come from. An hour had passed and he heard nothing from Angelo, he was now beginning to fear the worse that Angelo was not turning out to be the real deal and had lead him up the garden path, had he played him for a fool and left him to deal with his own consequences. Ethan cried again and began packing some of his clothes and college work in to a couple of large bags he had for weekends away. He picked up his phone again and tried Angelo's number but it rang and eventually went to voicemail again. He sat on the bed all cried out, he had nowhere to go and no idea what he was going to do, he sat for a what seemed like hours. He packed a few more things and thought to call Adam and Tony and was reaching over for his phone. Angelo was finishing his meeting and returning to his office when Mark, his assistant, told him his personal phone had been going off like crazy. Angelo saw the missed calls from Ethan and listened to the voicemail. He ran out of the office and called to his assistant that he would be back in the morning. Angelo jumped in to his car and put his phone on Bluetooth, he sped away towards Harrison and called Ethan's mobile. The phone rang and Ethan saw that Angelo was calling him "Angelo". "Ethan what's wrong" Angelo asked urgently. Ethan sniffed "Please come and take me away..." Angelo stopped him "I am already on my way, you are coming home with me where you belong". "Thank you Angelo" Ethan hung up and wiped his eyes. He felt an immense sense of relief that he had somewhere to go, but more so it would be with Angelo. He picked up his two bags and quietly walked down the stairs the study door was closed and he could hear his father had calmed down and was talking with his mother. Unmistakably he heard his name mentioned several times and a banging sound from his father hitting the desk with his fist. Sofie appeared over the stairs "Go Ethan I love you, will text you later" she said quietly. Ethan smiled but with sadness in his eyes and opened the front door then quietly slipped out, he went round the side of the house to avoid being seen walking up the drive. He threw his bags over the wall and climbed over then sat on the grass, he had been there only seconds when he saw Angelo's car approaching. Angelo jumped out of the car and saw the blooded t-shirt and redness around his nose and chin. He shook his head and hugged Ethan. "Did your father do this" Angelo said. Ethan nodded "Yes, but he was angry". Angelo looked angry "Fuck Ethan that is no excuse, if he wasn't your father I would beat him to pulp". "It will just make things worse. I thought you had changed your mind when I couldn't get hold of you" Ethan said. Angelo kissed his head "Never Ethan, you belong with me". Angelo put Ethan and his belongings in the car and drove off towards Larchmont, Ethan looked back tears running down his face. Sofie went in to the kitchen to fetch a drink and as she closed the refrigerator door she heard the door to the study open and Jack walked in. "Oh, thought you was Ethan" Jack looked at her then shouted up to Ethan "Ethan come down". Sofie passed by and climbed the stairs "He won't answer you father" she looked at him. "Can you talk to him Sofie?" Jack asked Sofie shook her head "He left about 15 minutes ago". "Left, what do you mean left?" Jack replied looking more annoyed. Sofie continued up the stairs "You told him to leave, so he has". Ellie burst in to tears "See what you have done" she ran up the stairs towards Ethan's room. Ethan was asleep when Angelo arrived home, he got out of the car and put Ethan's belongings in the hallway before going back to the car to wake Ethan up. Angelo helped him out of the car and picked him up carrying him inside. "Do you want to have a bath?" Angelo asked putting Ethan on the sofa. Ethan nodded "Please". Angelo ran a bath and Ethan walked in to the bathroom naked "Take your time, I will make you something to eat". Ethan looked at Angelo "Thank you Angelo, for being here" he smiled and kissed him. Angelo smiled "Ethan you don't need to thank me". Ethan climbed in to the bath "You still love me then?" he looked at Angelo. "Very much so Ethan" Angelo stroked Ethan's head "I will get you a set of keys tomorrow". Ethan hadn't computed things properly for a while and looked confused "Keys?" Angelo smiled "Yes, that is if you still want to live with me?". Ethan smiled at Angelo "Yes but I don't want you to think it is because of today". "It is earlier than anticipated but it doesn't change anything" Angelo kissed him on the head. A heavy downpour of rain had suddenly appeared and Angelo picked up the blood stained t-shirt looking at it, he felt angry at Jack for hitting Ethan, he took it to the laundry room then brought Ethan's bags upstairs to the master bedroom. Angelo's anger dissipated and was replaced by real happiness that Ethan would now be living with him, he knew there was a lot of recovering ahead for Ethan but at least he could be by his side. Angelo stood in the kitchen making a sandwich when there was a knock at the door, he wasn't expecting anyone he looked at the door cam and saw Adam standing there looking anxious, Angelo opened the front door and saw a drenched Adam standing there. "Angelo is he here?" Adam asked looking worried. Angelo nodded and pulled Adam inside "I picked him up about an hour ago". "Thank god, his sister sent a message to my sister, blah blah you know what girls are like" Adam spoke fast. Angelo shook Adam gently "Hey calm down Adam, Ethan is okay, a little upset and soaking in the bathtub". Adam breathed and hugged Angelo "Did he leave home?". Angelo nodded "Yes, but you need to get out of those wet clothes Adam". Adam undressed "His sister said there had been a big fight" he said standing holding his clothes. Angelo brought Adam a dressing gown down and put his wet clothes in the dryer "Yes" Angelo held his breath. "Angelo, please don't do anything crazy" Adam held Angelo's arm. Angelo looked at Adam "He hit his own son and my boyfriend, god it makes me angry thinking about it". Adam hugged Angelo "You must let it go Angelo let it sort it self out". Ethan walked in to the kitchen he had heard the last part of the conversation, the sight of Adam hugging Angelo in comfort was a big step with Angelo showing his emotions. Angelo wiped his eyes and told Ethan to eat his sandwich, Adam came over and gave Ethan a hug and sat down next to him. "Are you working tomorrow Angelo?" Adam asked. Angelo nodded "Yes I have a busy couple of weeks in the city". "Do you want me to come over in the morning and be with Ethan" Adam suggested. Angelo looked at Ethan "Thank you that is if Ethan wants the company". Ethan nodded "Yes, I don't want to be alone and dwell on today, I want to move forward" Ethan had put his phone on silence and refused to answer calls and messages from his mother and father. He sent one message to his sister telling her he was fine. Ethan climbed in to bed next Angelo his face was still sore and a small bruise was appearing under his left eye, Angelo put his arm around Ethan and allowed him to cuddle up. Ethan had no idea how long he had been asleep but his dreams replayed the fight with his father and he felt he was struggling to be free and sat bolt upright gasping. Angelo sat up and put his arm around Ethan who flinched at the touch thinking he was still dreaming. Angelo knew this time he was not flinching at his touch 'Ethan it's alright you are safe' he whispered, Ethan turned and kissed Angelo and settled back down in his arms. Angelo stroked his head 'Never forget you are loved and wanted' he whispered cuddling him. Finally Ethan settled back down but was wide awake, he slipped his hand down Angelo's body and was rewarded feeling Angelo's aroused state, Ethan kissed him lovingly and rolled on to his stomach. Angelo didn't need any prompting as he guided his body over Ethan's and rested on his back slowly kissing and biting his neck working his way towards Ethan's mouth, Ethan responded with small moans of pleasure and pushing his ass up grinding it against Angelo's cock. The magic between them showing it's hand as Angelo slipped his arm around Ethan's neck firmly holding his shoulder, Angelo raised his hips and let his cock slide between Ethan's ass cheeks. Angelo moaned in excitement feeling his cock slipping inside, Ethan raised his head turning to kiss Angelo, he moaned and whimpered between kisses as Angelo pushed his cock in deeper until his hips rested on top of Ethan's ass. Ethan pushed his ass up and Angelo forced it back down with his hips causing Ethan to cry out in pleasure, Angelo held Ethan closer to him and began moving his hips up and down in a tender loving motion. They continued for nearly half an hour with Ethan feeling more than ever this was what he needed and wanted. For the first time Ethan moaned louder and begged Angelo to fuck him harder, no sooner had he said that he felt the pressure increasing from Angelo as he pushed past any resistance from Ethan's ass. His hips slapping down harder withdrawing more of his cock each time and ramming it back in, Ethan's legs shook through the excitement and his toes tried curling in on themselves as every fibre of his body cried out for Angelo's sex. Angelo kissed Ethan's neck and continuously telling him how much he loved getting fucked by him. Ethan had never endured such powerful emotions his head buried in the pillow he cried out 'fuck me Angelo, show me you own me' he pleaded. Angelo gave Ethan one last kiss and raised his body up and began relentlessly hammering his cock in to Ethan, precum leaking from his cock coated the inside of Ethan's ass, his cock sweeping in and out with ease. His balls suddenly tightened without warning his hips pushed down hard as Ethan gasped and moaned, Angelo's hips kept pushing hard up against Ethan's ass as the seed from his cock erupted in to Ethan's body, he grunted loudly and cried 'You belong to me Ethan, I own you forever' Ethan's eyes were watering from the hardest sex he had willingly endured, his head jolted up with every clenching movement of Angelo's ass checks that forced the cock deeper inside his ass. Ethan collapsed on the bed his ass wriggling in happiness as he tried to catch his breath. Angelo collapsed on top of Ethan his hips grinding hard against Ethan's ass showed no sign of stopping imminently. Ethan moaned and turned his head to look at Angelo "I love you and belong to you". Angelo slipped his tongue into Ethan's mouth kissing him "That's everything I wanted from you". Angelo pulled Ethan on to his side still holding on to him as they both fell asleep and slept through the rest of the night. The alarm woke Ethan abruptly and he sat upright still slightly confused until he felt Angelo's arm pulling him back down to lay by his side. "I guess I have to get use to this" Ethan said cuddling next to Angelo. Angelo stroked his shoulder "How are you feeling?". Ethan rolled on to his back "I don't know, upset, angry you name it and I am probably feeling it". Angelo got out of bed and looked at him "Loved?". Ethan smiled "Very much so". Ethan settled in and with Adam as company he was putting he worse behind him, after 3 days Ethan eventually relented from the continuous text messages from his mother and told her he was doing well and would return to college in two weeks. He was being evasive and wouldn't let on where he was living or with who, but his mother bombarding him said she wanted to meet to talk. Cutting all his family out was the last thing he wanted to do and after much deliberation and coercion from Angelo he agreed to meet her on Monday in Harrison at Mel's Diner for a coffee. Adam who was now sporting a car of his own said he would drive Ethan and look after him to make sure nothing happened. Ethan was learning how to cook with Angelo and he was making himself useful tidying and cleaning around the already spotless house thanks to the cleaner.
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    Scorpion Bikers

    What a read
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    The Gifted Virgin

    Part 12 - Weekend Retreat Ethan was back home and he had invited Adam over for a swim that afternoon, Adam knew Ethan's family were back so it would be a pretty normal afternoon. They swam and played around in the pool until Ethan rested against the side of the pool his head resting on his folded arms on the edge, Adam couldn't put his finger on what was different with Ethan today. "What is with you today?" Adam asked coming to a rest next to Ethan. Ethan sighed "I miss him". Adam looked at him "So your serious about him then?". Ethan nodded "Yes, last night we sort of became boyfriends". Adam chuckled "Good for you Ethan. But you do know Angelo is not just wanting a boyfriend". Ethan turned his head to face Adam "I think so, he wants commitment". Adam whispered "Do you though?". Ethan let go of the side and swam back a little "I would with him". Adam looked back and smiled "You two make a nice couple and even Tony thinks you belong together". Ethan swam back towards Adam "How would you and Tony like to come to the Hamptons next weekend?". Adam smiled "Now that would be good". "I need to ask my mother and father first and then can you text Angelo to ask him?" Ethan sat on the side of the pool. Adam joined him "Of course". A few hours later Ethan's mother and father sat on the veranda enjoying a glass of wine in the evening sun. Ethan climbed out of the pool and asked if he could go to the beach house for a long weekend with his friends, his father nodded and mother said as long as they clean the place up after then yes they can use the house. Ethan was a little surprised how easy it was but then they had come to like Adam a lot, that and he came from a respectable family in Harrison. As the evening wore on Adam said that Tony would finish work Friday afternoon so they would drive down in the evening and come back early Monday. Ethan got Adam to text Angelo which went back and forth for a few minutes before Adam said that Angelo wants to go down on Thursday evening, he can work remotely on Friday. Ethan checked with his mother and confirmed everything back to Adam who in turn sent it on to Angelo who replied he would pick Ethan up at 5pm from Harrison station on Thursday. Adam's mother arrived at 9pm to pick him up she was also intrigued to meet Ethan who Adam had talked about a lot from classes to them becoming friends. She knew Ellie to chat to but had never met Ethan before, Ellie came out and had a quick chat with Sandra before Adam and Ethan came out of the house. As they pulled away Adam's mother turned to him and asked outright if Ethan was gay, Adam replied confirming what she thought was true but he also asked her not to say anything as he wasn't out to his family. Ellie picked up her phone whilst she waited for Sofie to finish her dance class, she was pleased to see a message from Margarite who wanted a catch up on Monday over lunch. She sent her reply confirming that she would see her at 1pm then waved as Sofie appeared from the changing rooms. On the other side of town Ethan was nervous about seeing Angelo as he sat waiting outside the station, was it all just a memory or was it real. Angelo pulled up a few minutes ahead of time and Ethan climbed in to the passenger seat, Angelo leaned over and kissed him. "Hello lover" Angelo smiled looking in to Ethan's eyes. Ethan pulled Angelo in and kissed him back "Hello boyfriend" and giggled. Angelo shook his head laughing and they set off for the Hamptons looking forward to the weekend away, they chatted the whole 3 hour drive where Angelo spoke candidly about himself and opened up completely to Ethan. As they pulled up to the beach house Ethan felt he knew and really began to understand much more about Angelo and his large family. Angelo got out of the car "Wow Ethan this place is lovely" he stood staring up at the house. Ethan took Angelo's hand "Just you and me for 1 night Angelo" he said looking at Angelo. Angelo kissed him "Perfect". They had a quick dinner and sat outside overlooking on the deck overlooking the beach lit by the moonlight, in the distance lightning could be seen from the summer storm somewhere along the coast. Ethan dressed in only his underwear walked over and stood by the railings watching the storm, he felt Angelo's arms slipping around his waist. Ethan sighed and leaned back in to Angelo "Disney is not the happiest place on earth, this is". "Anywhere with you would be the happiest place to be" Angelo leaned round and kissed Ethan. Ethan could feel Angelo's hard cock pushing up against his ass in its constrained state by his own underwear, Ethan release a happy moan as his hands slipped round behind him and gently pulled Angelo's underwear down to release his cock. Angelo moved one arm and his hand rubbed Ethan's ass several times before he slowly pushed the underwear down to Ethan's ankles, leaning forward he met Ethan's waiting mouth and kissed him . Angelo's cock was rubbing and tapping at the door until his precum began making it slick, Angelo kissed around Ethan's neck and ear whispering 'I love you Ethan', Ethan gripped Angelo's arms feeling his cock slipping inside. Ethan gasped and gripped tighter as more and more of Angelo's cock entered his body, it was still painful at first for Ethan but he had learned to love the pain as he knew the love of sex would follow. Ethan relaxed his body with Angelo's cock buried deep inside his ass, with slow meaningful strokes Angelo began to make love his cock providing deep penetrative thrusts, Ethan moaned overlooking the ocean. Angelo was in no rush and alternated his hip movement from gyrating to thrusting, Ethan rolled his head back against Angelo's chest proclaiming his love to Angelo for the world to hear. They continued for what seemed like hours for Ethan but Angelo just couldn't and didn't want to hold back any longer, his arms tightened around Ethan's waist and his hips began to ramp up the pace, Ethan moaned and turned his neck to kiss Angelo 'oh god yes' he pleaded looking Angelo in the eyes, he saw a true desire in Ethan's eyes and Angelo groaned and hit home flooding Ethan with his love. Angelo held Ethan tighter against his body as his orgasm subsided, kissing Ethan repeatedly he was more sure than ever he wanted him completely. He rested his chest on Ethan's back for a moment to regain his composure, his cock remaining hard as he pushed gently against Ethan's ass. His arms still clasped around Ethan as he began to pull him back towards the day bed until he laid down with Ethan on top of him. Angelo could not find the words to express his love for Ethan, instead he just held him tightly on his cock listening to the ocean waves and Ethan's murmuring of delight. He looked up at the stars appearing in the night sky breathing rapidly as his body was held tight by Angelo, he felt an enormous rush of belonging coursing through his body. The following day Ethan swam a lot and would join Angelo on the deck who was busy working away until he closed his laptop late afternoon and walked down to the sea to join Ethan for a swim. "Are you done?" Ethan said throwing himself at Angelo. Angelo laughed and swept him up in his arms "Yes, now I am all yours". Their mouths met and Ethan sighed lovingly as Angelo's tongue slipped in to his mouth. He never got bored of kissing Angelo no matter how many times they kissed during the day. He loved how Angelo would just sweep him up off his feet and hold him close against his body, Ethan just couldn't get enough of Angelo. He knew he was young and a pretty good catch himself, but he had bagged an incredibly sexy Latin guy who just happened to be amazing in bed as well and for the most part seemed to be besotted with him. Angelo and Ethan showered and dressed then headed in to the village to get some supplies for when Adam and Tony arrived later that evening. It was one of the busiest weekends in the Hamptons and it seemed that most of New York's gay scene had descended. Ethan was looking in the window of a shop whilst Angelo was buying some food in the shop next door. "Hey" a man in his late twenties with a cocky arrogant look stood eyeing him up. Ethan glanced at him "Hello" and continued browsing the shop window. "Your incredibly sexy, want to come to a party tonight?" he asked Ethan. Ethan chuckled "No, and sorry I don't know you". "Matt, now you know my name how about it sexy what's your name?" Matt moved closer. Ethan stepped back and turned to look at him "My boyfriend will be back in a minute so you better go". Matt laughed "Heard that before, I bet your a horny fucker in bed" stepping closer to Ethan. "No really, my boyfriend is in the grocery store" Ethan turned to walk away. Matt swooped round the front of Ethan "Come on you would go down a treat with my friends". "I said no" Ethan said stepping back again. Matt raised his hand to touch Ethan's face he was not about to allow him to go "Just you and me then". Angelo came out of the shop "Get your hands off my boyfriend". Matt stopped and turned "Oh fuck" he recognised Angelo. "Matt" Angelo stopped dead in his tracks. Matt looked him in the face "Angelo, I err, hell this is awkward". "Ethan this is the my ex Matt" Angelo obviously never expected to be running in to him. Matt's attitude towards Ethan went cold "You must be fucked up to date him?". Angelo didn't react well to the way he spoke about Ethan "What did you say?". Ethan held Angelo back "Leave it Angelo, I can see why you threw him out" Ethan hadn't warmed to Matt at all. Matt stood with his mouth open and looked at Angelo "You told him?". Angelo nodded "We have no secrets, good bye Matt". Ethan and Angelo turned and walked off leaving Matt standing there in the street, Ethan spotted a coffee shop and guided Angelo inside and ordered a couple of coffees. He looked over at Angelo who stared out the window, Ethan placed the coffee in front of Angelo who looked and smiled at him. "Thank god I don't have an ex to worry about" Ethan smiled touching Angelo's hand. Angelo was loosing some of his tension from the encounter "I'm sorry about that". "Why, because he never realised what he had?" Ethan laughed. Angelo looked at Ethan "I am worried every time I turn my back someone will try it on with you". "Do you not think I have the same concern?" Ethan said looking at him. Angelo smiled "As long as I have you..." Ethan cut him off. "You do and your all I want" Ethan smiled then leaned over and kissed him. Shopping finished they went back to the house and were both exhausted and just laid in each others arms kissing , Ethan snuggled up in to Angelo's arms listening to the surf through the open windows. Ethan's phone started ringing and Angelo reached over and passed it to Ethan he looked and saw it was Adam calling, he had a quick conversation before telling Angelo they would be here in thirty minutes. Ethan climbed over Angelo to put his phone back but found Angelo's arms slipping around him and preventing him from moving off, Ethan smiled and leant forward kissing Angelo and feeling his amorous state against his ass. Ethan wriggled his ass until he felt Angelo's cock pressing at his ass, Ethan leaned back and moaned grabbing Angelo's arms as sat deep on his lovers cock. For the first time Ethan controlled the sex between them as he moved his ass back and forth on Angelo's cock, he looked down at the smile on Angelo's face it was enough to say it all. Ethan closed his eyes and his head dropped back he couldn't stop himself and began to orgasm without touching his cock, he could feel his cock stretching and bouncing as he began to shoot his cum over Angelo's chest, at the same time he felt Angelo jolt his hips up hard, the sight of seeing his lover in ecstasy brought Angelo over the top he moaned and thrusted up several times as his seed flowed in to Ethan at the same time. Ethan collapsed forward straight onto Angelo's mouth kissing him all the while as Angelo's hips kept pushing hard up against Ethan's ass. Ethan wrapped his arms around Angelo's neck. "Oh fuck Angelo look what have you reduced me to" he smiled looking Angelo in the eye. Angelo smiled "Yes but look what you do to me". Ethan kissed him and gently rose off Angelo's cock and stepped off the sofa holding his hand out, he took Angelo to the bedroom and wet room where the both quickly showered. Ethan finished drying off and walked back in to the bedroom watching Angelo get dressed. Angelo turned to see him standing there naked watching "Stop watching and get dressed". Ethan picked up his shorts and walked over to Angelo "I love you and love watching you". Angelo couldn't stop smiling as they went downstairs just in time as Adam and Tony pulled up in their car. The rest of that Friday evening was spent having dinner and talking on the deck until the early hours of the morning. Saturday afternoon they sunbathed on the deck and it wasn't hard to fathom out as Tony looked between Ethan and Angelo and their body language he saw how much in love they had grown in a couple of weeks. Ethan and Adam ventured off for a walk along the beach leaving Tony and Angelo on the deck, Tony stood and walked to the edge of deck watching Ethan talking animatedly with his arms. Tony leaned on the railings "You are in love with him aren't you?". Angelo walked over where Tony stood "Incredibly". Tony put his hand on Angelo's shoulder "I am really happy for you Angelo and you are a different person". Angelo looked at Tony "I closed all my feelings away, didn't want to love anyone again. How wrong I was". Tony put his arm around Angelo and hugged him "It only takes that special someone". Angelo kissed him on cheek "Your to sentimental and soft" he said laughing. Tony watched Ethan "Adam and I are very lucky having both of you as friends". Sunday late afternoon they had dinner out and returned later that evening, Adam and Tony went to bed as they had to leave early in the morning. Ethan sat on the balcony of the bedroom and Angelo stood at the doorway, he had decided what he wanted from Ethan and knew he needed to do it tonight. He stood watching Ethan for a moment "Are you happy Ethan?". Ethan leaned back and smiled "Very". Angelo sat down opposite him "I need to talk to you seriously". Ethan sat up looking concerned "Am I going to like this?". Angelo smiled "I don't know, it all depends if you are in a place to want what I offer". Ethan laughed "And what do you want to offer?". Angelo held Ethan's hand "I want you to share your life with me". "Right now?" Ethan looked at Angelo. Angelo smiled "I think a couple of months so in 8 weeks time". "Oh, that is quite exact" Ethan was a bit stumped and nervously laughed. Angelo continued "But you need to tell your parents about you and me". Ethan shook his head "No Angelo". Angelo nodded "I...." Ethan stopped him. "6 Saturday's from now and you have a deal, I know what I want Angelo". Angelo laughed "Are you absolutely sure?" Ethan leaned over and kissed him "I don't want anyone else, you are who I want to be with". "Are you sure I am not moving to fast for you?" Angelo sat back in the chair. Ethan walked in the bedroom and laid on the bed "Your not moving fast enough Angelo". Angelo turned and saw him laying naked on the bed and laughed, before he could even get off the lounger chair Ethan had jumped on to Angelo and started kissing him madly. Angelo could sense how horned up Ethan was and wasted no time making love to him, the moans escaping Ethan mixed like a symphony with the sound of the surf. Adam and Tony had left early that morning, Ethan and Angelo walked along the beach holding hands. There was a chill in the air as the dark clouds began rolling in off the Atlantic, Angelo commented how dark the clouds looked so they turned and walked back towards the beach house running up the steps just as the wind picked up and rain began to fall heavily. The thunder and lightning raged and Ethan felt a chill run up his spine as he watched, Angelo appeared with lunch and set it down on the table. "It feels strange" Ethan mumbled as Angelo cuddled up behind him. Angelo rested his chin on Ethan's shoulder "What does?". "The storm it's like a raging animal on the warpath" Ethan said looking out to the deserted beach. Angelo kissed his neck "It will blow away and calm down, come and eat". Ethan turned and hugged Angelo.
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    Hey, in NYC in April, looking for top notch bloke to breed me. also any suggestions on hotels in Manhattan that are good for receiving visitors.
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    The Gifted Virgin

    Part 11 - Life Unfolding They arrived just after 6pm with the sun still blazing away in the sky they decided to eat outside by the pool, Adam asked if they could swim and Angelo laughed exclaiming that was what the pool was for. Ethan said he would help Angelo and join them shortly, he followed the guys out to the pool deck and watched them for several minutes until Angelo called him. "Here you do the tomatoes" Angelo handed the knife to Ethan. Ethan took the knife "Okay" Slowly he chopped away in his own world. Angelo watched him for a moment "Okay, out with it what is on your mind Ethan?" "Nothing" Ethan replied stopping "well, did it bother you about Tony kissing me today?". Angelo laughed "Not at all, I did kiss him in retaliation". Ethan smiled "Yeah, it did turn me on watching you but also jealous". Angelo put his knife down "Do you need to get it out your system?". Ethan looked "What do you mean?". "Do you want to have sex with them?" Angelo replied eating a slice of cucumber. Ethan looked on stunned "If you asked me that several weeks ago I would have said maybe". Angelo smiled at him "So what has changed?". Ethan looked on down at the tomatoes "I thought you wanted to own me?". Angelo turned to look at him "Owning you may not be enough". Ethan came round the kitchen island and kissed Angelo passionately, Angelo slapped him on the ass, finish your work he said laughing and grabbing four plates and taking them outside. Ethan stood and watched him contemplating Angelo's words until he returned. "Are you still slicing tomatoes" Angelo laughed looking at him. Ethan nodded and looked up "What did you mean before?". "Exactly what I said" Angelo said picking up cutlery. Ethan smiled "Finished, well it is a bit of a mess, I've not done this before". Angelo smiled at him "Virgin with tomatoes as well" he shooed Ethan outside. Tony was drying himself off "Wondered where you had got to Ethan". "Sorry, not very quick in the kitchen" Ethan laughed sitting down. Angelo placed a bottle of wine on the table "Adam come on time to eat". Ethan looked at the bottle "Do I get to have a glass?" as he went to pick the bottle up to look at it. Angelo slapped his hand "No, your to young" laughing at Ethan's sad look "Just a small one". "Do you have a soft drink Angelo, I am driving?" Tony asked as Angelo poured a glass for Adam. "Why don't you stay over, there is plenty of bedrooms and you can head off first thing" Angelo replied. Tony smiled and looked at Adam "Okay great, hit me up". They spent the a few hours relaxing on the deck after dinner, Ethan was only allowed half a glass of wine and was trying to wangle some more but Angelo would not relent. Ethan protested and said he would strip naked if he didn't get some more, Angelo sat back in his chair warning him not to do it but Ethan took his shorts off and Angelo shook his head. Next his t-shirt and socks but Angelo still sat their shaking his head, Tony and Adam were besides themselves with laughter at how naughty Ethan was becoming around them all. Ethan whipped off his underwear causing Adam and Tony to wolf whistle at him, Angelo stood up and walked towards Ethan with a grin on his face. He stroked Ethan's face then picked him up and threw him in the pool. Ethan surfaced laughing and by the time he looked back at Angelo he was holding his glass saluting Ethan. Adam stripped off and jumped in to the pool and began swimming around taunting Ethan and calling him an old drunk until Ethan finally caught up with Adam and pinned him against the side of the pool. Angelo sat on the edge of the pool with Tony watching Adam and Ethan until way after the sun had set and a chill wafted through the night air. Over the next few weeks Friday evening was date night for Angelo and Ethan, whilst during the week Adam would pop over and they would sunbathe and walk in to Harrison. Ethan had been neglecting his own friends and made arrangements to meet up with them in Harrison for a burger and catch up, he met up with Javier and Ben at Mel's Diner. Ben waved as Ethan entered the diner and sat down opposite them, it had been several weeks since college finished, Ben and Javier had both been away on holiday with their families. Ben ordered a smoothie and looked at Adam "So you didn't go the Hamptons with your family?" "No, I decided to stay home and get my course work finished and out of the way" Ethan replied. "How is Adam" Javier asked and looked directly at Ethan. Ethan stuttered "How do you mean?". Javier's gaze was fixed on Ethan "You know, you see a lot of him from what I have heard". "Oh... and exactly what have you heard?" Ethan's patience was being tested. Ben looked at Ethan and Javier "You know Javier's brother is friends with him". Ethan just wanted the ground to swallow him up "So, I get on with him really well". Javier scoffed "You were seen kissing him on the grass outside college Ethan". Ethan pushed the salt pot on the table "Is that it, is that all you got to say". "Ethan just tell us" Ben leaned in. Ethan noticed Javier's uncomfortable shifting in his seat "I am if that's what you want to know". Javier stood up "Fucking queer" and stormed out of the diner. Ben looked at Ethan's shocked face "Why didn't you just tell us?". Ethan returned his gaze to Ben "That's why, I knew Javier would respond that way". "I would be more worried about your parents reaction Ethan" Ben said lowering his voice. Ethan looked concerned "What do you mean Ben, your not going to tell them are you?". Ben shook his head "No but my mother will, she saw you in Larchmont kissing some Latin guy". "Oh fuck" Ethan put his head in his hands he knew this was just the tip of what was to come. Ben stood up "I thought you should know, see you around" he turned and walked out. Ethan felt his gut wrenching and turning over, everything was crashing down around him as his two best friends had just walked out on him. The waiter placed the smoothie on the table having seen the commotion going on 'You still got to pay' he said putting the check on the table. Ethan put a $5 bill on the table, he had no idea what to do and was completely lost and close to breaking down. A few tables away one of Adam's college friends watched everything unfolding and kind of guessed what was going on. He knew Adam and Ethan had become very good friends and sent a text to Adam who was a few blocks away. Adam saw the text and sent one to Angelo 'I think Ethan might need you' and told him where Ethan was. Adam casually walked in to the diner and sat down opposite Ethan. "What's happened Ethan?" Adam asked reaching out to Ethan's hand. Ethan's red eyes looked at Adam "Everything is falling apart, my friends have deserted me" sniffing as he spoke. "You have better friends than them Ethan" Adam said reassuringly. Ethan looked down "My mother will find out next week, Angelo and I were spotted on our date". Adam shook his head "Oh I see, wait you had a date?". Ethan nodded "Yeah, I thought it would be safe in Larchmont but it wasn't far enough away from here". "You had a date, a real date with Angelo?" Adam still pressed the point. Ethan looked up "Oh fuck" he laughed "I shouldn't have told you". "Nice going Ethan, but seriously try not to worry you can deal with this" Adam spotted Angelo's car arriving. Ethan wiped his eyes "I will have to face up to it sometime, never thought it would be this quick". Adam stood up "Come on let's get out of here" he nodded over to his friend. Ethan opened the door and saw Angelo standing there "Angelo" his heart lifted. "Need a shoulder" Angelo said looking at him. Ethan nodded and sobbed on the street falling in to Angelo's arms. Across the street Ben was calming Javier down and watched the scene unfolding in front of them, Ben's initial reaction was to go over and confront Ethan again but he immediately knew that the Latin guy standing there must be the one who his mother saw at the restaurant, she did say he was quite a stunning young man but even Ben was struck by his looks and body under his t-shirt. Adam and Ethan got in the car and Angelo drove off them off back to his place, fortunately he had been working from home. Ethan regained some of his composure by the time they pulled up to Angelo's house, Adam sent a message to Tony explaining what was going on and that he was with Ethan at Angelo's. Ethan sat in the lounge and Adam went to fetch him a drink. Angelo walked in behind Adam "Thank you for being there for him". Adam smiled "It was pure luck I was near and one of my friends saw what was going on". Angelo handed Adam a bottle of water "Still thank you for having his back". "You turning up proved everything you know" Adam took the bottle of water. Angelo shook his head "No idea what you mean". "Yes you do Angelo" Adam turned and went back to Ethan. Angelo stood in the kitchen smiling to himself for a moment and walked back to the lounge, he told Adam to look after him as he had work to do. Adam spent the rest of the afternoon talking and swimming with Ethan until 6pm when Tony arrived to collect Adam, Ethan was in a much better place and realised he had a true friend in Adam who had shown his colours and stood by him. Angelo and Ethan were due to have another date that evening as it was Friday and his parents would be returning from the Hamptons on Saturday. Angelo closed the door as Adam and Tony left and he walked outside to where Ethan sat in the garden. "Do you want to go out this evening?" Angelo asked sitting next to Ethan. Ethan held Angelo's hand "No I don't think going out would help at the moment". Angelo stroked Ethan's head "I understand, do you want to eat?". Ethan looked at Angelo hand holding his "Not yet, but there is one thing you could do". Angelo nodded "Anything for you Ethan." "Take me upstairs and make love to me" Ethan looked Angelo in the eye. Angelo smiled "Now that I can and want to do" he stood and picked Ethan up carrying him upstairs. That Saturday morning brought dark clouds and wind as they stood outside Ethan's family home, he was feeling a little down as he knew his freedom with Angelo was about to be restricted by the family returning. Angelo told Ethan to call him if needed anything then leaned in and kissed him on the lips. "What now Angelo?" Ethan asked looking at him still waiting for Angelo to show how he really felt. Angelo thought for a moment "We are still going to date on Friday evenings Ethan". Ethan tried to smile "I guess I will have to get use to this now". Ethan watched Angelo drive off and then turned to the house a strange feeling of emptiness grew in him. He knew that having Adam back at the house may also be a risk but at least he could meet up with him in Harrison. Well until Wednesday as that is when Adam and Tony would finally be moving to Larchmont so public transport would be needed, he wondered if he could press his father to buy him a car after all he was qualified to drive but suspected he was not allowed a car until he had finished all his education. For the most part the families return was pretty uneventful and life carried on where it had ended a few weeks back. Sunday they sat to have a family dinner and Ethan casually asked to hear all about their time in the Hamptons, his mother remarked that Ethan's tan was better than what they got at the beach for a month. Jack spoke about how nice it was once he had the piece of business out of the way. So what business did you have to do then?" Ethan ventured to ask. Jack casually replied "Oh one of my clients signed a new software company". Ethan nodded "Did you have to go in and complete all the legal bits and pieces?". "Yes, but it was weird to start as the software company owner was quite open and spoke his mind" Jack replied. Ethan looked at him "Weird in what way?" he tried to sound interested. "I thought he was going to pull the deal when he met me as I didn't know he was gay" Jack mused his words. Ellie laughed "You know your father Ethan, he can't deal with all of this gay thing". Ethan put his fork down "But I don't understand why that should make any difference in business." Jack looked at him "Very true Ethan, the owner of the company has very open ethics". "Then surely you need to adapt to continue in business" Ethan sounded like a true professional. Jack laughed "I am impressed Ethan, you will do well in business law". Ellie chipped in "Oh yes you will do well in many aspects of your life". "In fact I did adapt Ethan, I invited him out for a drink as a way of apologising" Jack told Ethan. Ethan smiled "Good for you father, it may even open up new opportunities going forward". As Ethan laid there in bed alone, he realised how twisted and out of control his life was going to be when the cat does finally slip out of the bag. Ethan had introduced Adam to the family explaining they were in the same law classes at college much to Jack's delight, he was proud that his son was making friends with students studying law which he knew would help create a new network of contacts. It had been a silent week on the Angelo front until Friday morning when Ethan got the text '7pm in Harrison by the station' he laughed thinking how Angelo knew not to pick him up at the house, he typed a reply 'Can't wait to see you'. Ellie had been busy all week and had not met up Ben's mother Margarite so peace reigned through the house for the moment. His father had come home late on Wednesday, in fact Ethan had already gone to bed so didn't know what time he did eventually come home from his working dinner. Little did he know that his father had spent the evening socialising with Angelo to the extent where Jack had put aside Angelo's private life and agreed to meet up again for lunch on Friday when Angelo would be in the city overseeing the installation of the software at the company. Ethan left the house at 5pm Friday with the explanation he was having a sleepover and left it at that so not to completely lie to his mother. Angelo picked him up on the dot and drove back to Larchmont, no sooner than they entered the house they were all over each other, within minutes Ethan was laying naked on the sofa making love with Angelo. Angelo rolled on to his back laughing "So much for the date". Ethan kissed Angelo's chest "I missed you so much". "Are you hungry?" Angelo asked stroking Ethan's head. Ethan propped his head up "For you or food?". Angelo laughed and pulled Ethan in for a kiss then looked at him "Food". They sat in the kitchen naked eating sandwiches that Angelo made, Ethan spent most of the time just watching Angelo and how much he had come to love him. He stopped himself, love him, is that why I missed him so much he thought. He had no doubt in his mind that he had really fallen for Angelo and them being apart this week really proved it to him, Ethan just smiled at this revelation in his own head. "I would really love to be in that smart head of yours" Angelo had stopped cleaning to look at Ethan. Ethan snapped back "What, sorry miles away?". "There is that smile again you know how weak that makes me" Angelo moved round and kissed Ethan. Ethan held on to Angelo "Some things just become clearer when you think logically and put them in order". "Whoa there, don't go all brainy on me" Angelo laughed. "What is that suppose to mean, anyway your just as smart" Ethan laughed looking at Angelo. Angelo passed Ethan a bottle of water "Ethan, I had dinner with your father on Wednesday". Ethan looked on stunned "Why?". "Business dinner, actually we got on really well and met for lunch today as well" Angelo replied. Ethan swigged his water "Did he actually like you or was he touting for business". "Both I think, he did speak about his son who was following in his footsteps" Angelo put his bottle down. Ethan chuckled "You know this will come crashing down eventually". "We will deal with that when it happens" Angelo replied looking at him. Ethan looked seriously at Angelo "We?". Angelo moved to his side "I finally admitted to myself this week how much I have come to love you". Ethan smiled "Does that make you my boyfriend then?". Angelo was gauging his reaction "Do you want me to be?". Ethan smiled "If you will let me. I miss you so much when we are not together". "You do?" Angelo looked somewhat surprised. Ethan kissed him "Completely Angelo, my body tingles when you touch and make love to me". "It has been a long time since someone made me this happy" Angelo picked Ethan up. Ethan moved his head back to look at Angelo "You belong to me now Angelo, no one else but me". Angelo smiled and kissed Ethan lovingly then took him upstairs.
  13. losolent

    The Gifted Virgin

    Part 10 - The Date Angelo pulled up to his house just before his sister Maria and brother-in-law Hunter arrived, they were popping in on their way up to Boston for a long weekend. It was only a quick visit for a coffee and chat but whenever they could they would meet up at least once a week. Being a couple of years older than Angelo she had a close bond with him where they always shared everything and had no secrets. As they stood at the front door Hunter was checking the car over before they set off. Maria grabbed Angelo's arm and looked at him. "You have found someone haven't you?" She said starring in to his eyes. Angelo smiled shaking his head "How do you do that?". "I know you way to well, your eyes give everything away Angelo" Maria responded. Angelo nodded "I think so, but it is early we have our first real date tonight". "Take down your barriers Angelo, let him see the real you if you want it to work" She patted his hand. "Always wise with your words Maria" he replied kissing her on the cheek. Maria held him "He must be quite special if he has got that close to you". She turned and joined her husband in the car, they waved as they pulled out the driveway, Angelo stood watching as the car disappeared, he knew his sister was right about everything. The one thing he didn't really know for sure was how Ethan really felt, being so young and new to gay life weather he would even be in the mindset to have a boyfriend. Angelo went back in to the house he had some work to catch up on and had a busy week coming up as his team would be implementing the software at the company in the city and it had to go well. But first he booked a table at one of the nicer restaurants in Larchmont on the waterfront for 8pm. He sent a text to Ethan telling him trousers and shirt for their date. Ethan stopped doing his coursework and picked up his phone and smiled at the text he received from Angelo and sent a smiley face back to him. He gazed out of his bedroom window musing how different his life was becoming but then thought about his parents and knew that would be a challenge. Looking at his phone it was already 6pm, putting his work away he undressed and went to get ready. He packed his beach gear, shorts, t-shirt and a toothbrush and headed downstairs to wait for Angelo. As usual on the dot Angelo turned up and smiled his heart skipped a beat seeing Ethan dressed smartly, he got out of the car and walked over towards him. "Wow, you look amazing Ethan" Angelo kissed him on the lips. Ethan blushed a little "Thanks and you look as hot as ever and so different Angelo, not to overdressed am I?". Angelo smiled "No, just perfect. Come on". They chatted about tomorrow and spending the day on the beach as they drove back to Larchmont, Ethan suddenly remembered his dreams of Angelo and him on a beach walking in the surf. Angelo glanced at Ethan noticing he had gone quiet for a moment he smiled to himself seeing that Ethan was miles away but with a smile on his face. They pulled up to Angelo's house and deposited his belongings inside. Angelo waited for Ethan to come downstairs "It is a short walk to the restaurant, ready to go?". "Oh are we going out for dinner?" Ethan asked looking surprised. Angelo nodded "Yes, I am taking you out for dinner". They walked the 15 minutes down the lane and around the marina to the restaurant, the waiter showed them to a table on the outside veranda overlooking the marina. They both ordered steak and out of respect Angelo ordered a soft drink for himself as well. Although not a big drinker he did enjoy wine when chilling out or eating, throughout the meal Ethan smiled and just loved the way Angelo's body looked through his white shirt, the muscle definition in his arms accentuated by his choice of shirt. "What's so funny that your smiling about?" Angelo put his fork down as he finished. Ethan put his lemonade down "I love watching you". Angelo laughed "You are a naughty boy Ethan, and in a place like this". "God I want to kiss you Angelo" Ethan rested his head in his hands on the table looking at him. Angelo eyed him carefully "So do it". "Eh, what now, with all these people around?" Ethan looked surprised but amused. Angelo knew this would test if Ethan did have feelings for him "What are you afraid of?". "Not this" Ethan replied and leant over and kissed Angelo for several seconds. Margarite sat with her husband inside the restaurant she had noticed Ethan arriving with the tall hunky Latin man. She was very friendly with Ethan's mother Ellie and lunched with her at least once a week, she was also Ben's mother one of Ethan's best friends. She kept glancing to where they sat outside at one of the best tables. She dropped her fork on the floor seeing Ethan lean over and kiss the man, not just any kiss but a lovers kiss that lingered. Her husband enquired why she was so distracted during dinner, she brushed it off and laughed making the excuse that she kept thinking about the 4th July party she was organising. Angelo smiled at Ethan "Are you not afraid of anything then?". "You, I mean a little, I still tread carefully around you" Ethan sat back down looking at him. Angelo's smile faded "Why Ethan?". "Well it has been a bit rocky and I don't really know how I stand with you sometimes" Ethan looked at his plate. Angelo held Ethan's hand "Nothing can change what happened Ethan, but I don't want you feeling like that". Ethan looked up at Angelo "I am not scared of you just cautious but that is fading the more I know you". Angelo rubbed Ethan's hand "Do you want to get to know me better?". "Yes, I like being with you" Ethan blushed but chose his words carefully. Angelo looked at Ethan smiling at him "You have one of the most disarming smiles Ethan" Ethan giggled "Is that good?". "Melts my heart every time" Angelo leaned over and kissed Ethan. They ordered coffee and Margarite watched as she put her jacket on to leave the restaurant, how strange she thought that Ethan was dining so far out of Harrison, the other side wondered if Ellie even know her son was gay, she couldn't wait for her to return from the Hamptons and have lunch with her. The waiter finished serving coffee to Angelo and Ethan and walked away. "So what business are you in if you know my father" Ethan asked. Angelo smiled and began to unravel "Software, I run my own software company". "Must be nice running your own business" Ethan enthused. Angelo giggled "I like running it and it has proved to be a wise choice for me". "My father has set out my education to take law, but I don't want to do it" Ethan sounded a little down. Angelo looked at him "But it get's you a good education, what about your mother?". Ethan laughed "She keeps setting me up with daughters of some the richer people in Harrison". Angelo laughed "Why is that I wonder?". "Social climbing, that's all she is after" Ethan looked up "she will have a surprise though". They both laughed and continued talking until they got back to Angelo's house, it was already gone 11pm when they finally arrived and clambered up the stairs into the bedroom. Angelo stood in front of Ethan and kissed him gently and began to undress Ethan folding his clothes up as he took them off. Ethan reached up and starred Angelo in the eyes as he unbuttoned the shirt then the trousers and underwear. They stood looking at each other for a moment with no words Angelo picked Ethan up and carried him to the bed, Angelo knew that Ethan was tired he turned the light off and cuddled up to Ethan, both of them were sleeping within minutes. Ethan woke first and carefully slipped out of bed and went downstairs to make coffee, on his return he put the cups down and slipped back in to bed thinking he done it without waking Angelo. He felt Angelo's arm pulling him so he turned over to see Angelo awake, happily he fell into his arms and kissed Angelo deep and lovingly just how he had been discreetly taught. "Thank you for a lovely night Angelo" Ethan smiled stroking Angelo's face. Angelo sniffed "You made coffee?". "Tried to" Ethan giggled a bit before Angelo locked his lips on Ethan's mouth. Angelo rolled on top and looked at Ethan "We should get up". Ethan draw a sad face "Really?". Angelo laughed "I know what you want but you will have to wait for the second date". "You want to take me on a second date then?" Ethan asked smiling. Angelo kissed him "Yes and a third and so on". Ethan pushed Angelo off on his back and climbed on top kissing him with even more passion, Angelo wrapped his arms around Ethan and rolled him back continuing their kiss until Ethan rolled Angelo back over. Eventually stopping as they were kissing and laughing in each others mouth, Angelo flipped Ethan on his stomach and slapped his ass telling him to get in the shower. Angelo followed Ethan in and they washed each other as they kissed, Angelo turned the water off and began to towel Ethan dry. "Angelo I love seeing you like this" Ethan pushed back closer to Angelo. Angelo continued drying Ethan "Like what?". "You know, the fun side of you, but I also kind of like the edgy rough side as well" Ethan replied. Angelo slapped Ethan's ass handing him the towel "Always handy to know". They sat eating a light breakfast and Angelo was cleaning up when they heard the boys car pulling up the drive. Angelo and Ethan sat in the back and after 30 minutes Ethan fell asleep in Angelo's arms. Adam looked back and smiled. They stopped at the first beach at the start of the Hamptons and found a nice spot that was still pretty quiet. Angelo carried the picnic hamper down and set it on the blanket, the four of them stripped to their swim wear and went running down to the sea. Adam decided to taunt Angelo and tried running off as Angelo stormed through the water catching him around his waist and hoisted him in the air before dropping him in the sea. Tony and Ethan laughed as they swam watching how brave Adam was trying to be. Adam laughing wiped the salty water from his face as Angelo picked him up again so he was to face with Angelo, Adam protested saying enough and that he would stop taunting him. Angelo released him to his feet and leant forward and kissed him full on. "Ooops" Tony remarked looking at them. Ethan smiled "Now that's hot". Tony sort of smiled "You don't mind?". Ethan put his arm around Tony and kissed his head "No, after all Adam kisses me and you don't mind". Tony looked at Ethan "No, just very jealous though". Ethan laughed "Why didn't you say so" he moved in front of Tony and kissed him as only Ethan knew. Tony shook his head "Holy fuck Ethan you kiss amazingly, now I know what Adam means". Ethan laughed as he head Adam and Angelo approach "You have Angelo to thank for that". Angelo picked Ethan up and looked at Tony "You kissed my boy Tony". Tony looked unsure if Angelo was joking "Sorry didn't mean to Angelo but you kissed mine". Angelo put Ethan down and moved towards Tony "I guess I have to kiss you as well then". Tony laughed and opened his arms "Bring it on" so Angelo did. The four of them waded to shore as they noticed the beach was getting a little busier. Angelo grabbed Ethan's hand and asked if he wanted to walk along the beach. Adam and Tony went back to their spot to sunbathe. Ethan felt strange but very real walking along a public beach holding hands with another guy, he was loving the gentle surf lapping at his ankles. All of a sudden he had a feeling of deja vous and his dreams came back to him in a flash, he chuckled wondering if he had predicted the future as the similarities were uncanny. Angelo looked at him "What are you giggling about?". "Nothing really, just how much of a good time I am having with you and the others" he replied. Angelo smiled "Ready to walk back?". "I think so, getting hungry" Ethan said as he turned on the spot. Angelo pulled Ethan towards him and looked him in the eye, he leaned forward and kissed him. Ethan placed his hands around Angelo's waist and happily kissed him back for several moments, the final piece of the dream had shown its hand. A young couple coming out of the sea walked within a few meters of where they stood, she turned and called them a beautiful couple before turning to her husband and kissing him. Angelo was oblivious to them but Ethan looked over and smiled at them before they continued their walk back down the beach to join Adam and Tony who were preparing the food Angelo brought. Ethan laid back in the lap of Angelo thinking the day could not be any more perfect, Adam ever the restless one held his hand out to Ethan to come for a swim leaving Angelo and Tony sunning themselves. Tony sat up and looked at Angelo "You really like him don't you?". Angelo looked surprised by his comment "Why would you think that?". "The way you look at him" Tony responded thinking he should have kept quiet. Angelo looked at Ethan in the sea with Adam "More than I wanted to". "Does he know?" Tony asked pouring Angelo a lemonade. Angelo took the cup of lemonade "I don't know, sometimes the way he looks at me I think he does". "You know he talks about you all the time now" Tony laid back down. Angelo looked at Tony "I don't think he understands how much I love him". Tony sat bolt upright "Did you mean that?". "Mean what?" Angelo looked confused. "You just said how much you love him" Tony replied looking at him. Angelo turned to look at Ethan "I trust you won't say anything Tony?". "No I will keep it between us, but... oh, nothing" Tony watched Ethan. Angelo looked at Tony "Come on you can be open with me Tony". "You probably don't need advice from me" Tony ran his hands through the sand. Angelo laughed "Give me your advice and let me see". "Don't let it eat you up or regret not saying anything to Ethan how you feel" Tony told him. Angelo sighed "I don't think he is at a relationship stage in his life". Tony stood up and held his hand out to Angelo "Come on lets swim". Angelo stood "Okay". "Angelo you might be surprised, Ethan is no wild child and he is loves being with you" Tony looked him in the eye. Angelo put his arm around Tony "I don't want to rush him, he has to be certain it is what he wants". Tony stopped "Ethan told Adam about a dream he has nearly every night involving you". "Seriously?" Angelo looked a little taken back. Tony laughed "Yes, funny enough it involved you and him on a beach and a kiss". Angelo smiled and walked down to the sea with Tony, Adam and Ethan were fooling around splashing as they say the other two approaching and decided to turn and splash them. Ethan putting a brave face on started stepping back as Angelo lunged forward and grabbed him lifting him up and kissing him. "Not so brave now are you" Angelo laughed as Ethan still tried to splash him. Ethan struggling called to Adam "I need reinforcement Adam". Adam waded over "Not a chance Ethan" laughing as he moved away with Tony. Angelo held Ethan up in a bearhug refusing to let him go until he finally gave up and kissed him. Angelo still held Ethan and started walking back to shore, Ethan rested his head against Angelo's shoulder and neck, his arms holding firmly around Angelo's neck. "I've had one of the best days ever" Ethan muttered as they reached the shore. Angelo put Ethan down "You brought so much happiness back in to my life Ethan". Ethan grabbed Angelo's hand as they walked to join Tony and Adam who were starting to pack away. Angelo invited Adam and Tony for dinner as they piled in to the car for the trip back to Larchmont.
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    Resolution Realizes Results

    Now that’s my idea of a sauna.
  15. losolent

    The Gifted Virgin

    Part 9 - Connecting The Dots Ethan saw a message from Adam 'Tony gone to work, what are you up to?', he messaged back 'Come over we can sit by the pool', an hour later Adam knocked on the door. "So what did you to get up last night after we left" Adam said resting on the side of the pool. Ethan swam up beside him "Did my first blow job" he smiled. Adam laughed "And how was it?". "Interesting, I swallowed some of his cum by mistake and nearly threw up" Ethan said laughing. Adam punched him lightly "You will get use to it, is that all that happened?". Ethan looked "Well he fucked me this morning, very differently from other times". "In what way" Adam asked as he swam about it. Ethan thought for a moment "He was more intimate and gentle with me". "Ooooh was he making love to you Ethan?" he smiled at Ethan. "Hmm, don't know, he repeated that he owned me whilst he fucked me" Ethan said with a sadness. Adam swam up to his side "Ethan you have got it badly haven't you?". "Got what?" he said with a quizzed look on his face. "Love Ethan, you have fallen for him hard" Adam got out of the pool. Ethan let Adam pull him out of the pool "Do you think it is a mistake?". Adam put his arm around Ethan "He is hard to read sometimes, but don't get upset if nothing happens". Friday came and Adam spent the day with Ethan again, they swam then walked to Harrison for lunch. As they sat outside watching people going around their routines Ethan's phone pinged, retrieving it from his pocket he saw a message from Angelo, Adam looked over and told him to read it. He clicked on the message and read aloud to Adam 'Pick you up at 7pm'. Adam shook his head and smiled "Are you sure Ethan?". Ethan shrugged his shoulders "You know I am going to go, plus I don't want to upset him". Adam sat back "I don't think anyone could stop you Ethan". Dead on 7pm Angelo pulled up to collect Ethan, Angelo looked at Ethan and had that nagging thought about Ethan's looks. Ethan jumped in the car and saw the perplexed look on his face. "What is it?" Ethan asked. Angelo turned to look ahead "Nothing, I just feel I know someone who looks similar to you but can't place it". Ethan chuckled "Sure you haven't fucked my father". Angelo stopped the car suddenly "What?". Ethan looked worryingly at him fearing Angelo "Sorry it was a joke". "Stop being scared of me Ethan." Angelo saw the look on his face "Does he look like you?" he asked. "My father?, he is very similar to me but has dark hair and older" Ethan felt uneasy. Angelo looked at him "What work is he in?". "Legal, mostly business law" Ethan replied "a lot of his work is in the city". Angelo knew why he looked familiar "Is your father's name Jack?". Ethan looked surprised "Yes, oh please don't tell me you know him?" Angelo nodded "He represents a company I am doing business with, that is where I was on Wednesday". Ethan looked down "Oh fuck, do you want me to get out?" he asked. Angelo shook his head "No, but I will give you the chance now if you want to quit". Ethan touched Angelo's arm "I think I am already in way to deep to quit Angelo". Angelo knew this would come back one day "I think we both are". Ethan followed Angelo in to his house and stood watching as Angelo closed the front door, he turned and walked towards Ethan and picked him up and flung him over his shoulder, Ethan giggled as Angelo climbed the stairs and in to the bedroom where he laid Ethan on the bed. Ethan didn't waste any time and began stripping his clothes watching Angelo undress in to a full naked state. Ethan threw his clothes on to the floor and laid back on the bed, Angelo smiled looking down at Ethan and climbed up on to the bed. "You ready for me Ethan?" Angelo asked running his hand up Ethan's leg. Ethan's body tingled and he nodded "I want you Angelo". "Tell me what you want Ethan" Angelo moved closer. Ethan looked in to his eyes "Make love to me" he had no comprehension of the words escaping his lips. Angelo smiled "Is that what you really want from me?". Ethan starred back at Angelo "You confuse me so much Angelo I don't really know what I want". Angelo kissed Ethan "Tell me what you want Ethan". Ethan moaned at his kissing and finally he repeated the words "Make love to me Angelo". Ethan found his body wrapped around Angelo's in no time at all with Angelo kissing him deeper on the mouth than he had ever done before. Ethan held on to Angelo afraid to let him go, he found his legs pinned up against Angelo's thighs, Ethan's hands roamed over Angelo's back caressing and stroking him as they continued kissing deeply. Ethan's whole body was alive with desire and want for love with the kissing that didn't show any sign of relenting as they explored each others mouth's exchanging saliva. He never felt the pain as Angelo manoeuvred his cock in to position and slowly prised Ethan's hole open allowing the head to glide inside, Ethan tightened his hold around Angelo's back his head cradled in Angelo's arms and his stroked Ethan's forehead and face. Ethan moaned and arched his back slightly as he now felt Angelo penetrating him in a slow continuous movement, he kissed Angelo back harder moaning in to his mouth as he took the last inch of Angelo's cock in to his body. Angelo's hips moved in a wave motion that caused his cock to gently caress the inside of Ethan's ass, the sensation Ethan felt was overwhelming his body, his toes curling and stretching as he was made love to for the very first time. Their bodies remained locked together for nearly an hour as they continued making love, Angelo deliberately keeping his movements slow to prevent him climaxing to quickly was closing everything out around him as he finally got lost in the moment and allowed himself the feeling of love to coarse through his body. Angelo couldn't hold his desire, he raised his head slightly breaking their kiss and looked Ethan in the eye, their mouths still so close to each others continued kissing lightly on the lips. Angelo's hips pushed down hard in to Ethan who moaned and kissed him quickly, Angelo's head moved forward until his forehead rested on Ethan's as he now let out a long moan feeling his balls tighten and his cock expand, he reached his climax shooting seed deep in to Ethan his body continually pushing up trying to get deeper inside Ethan, his orgasm enhanced by Ethan's legs clamping around his thighs with the feet pulling his ass closer against Ethan. Angelo panted heavily as a drop of sweat fell on to Ethan's face, his hips grinding away at Ethan's ass when finally Ethan pulled Angelo's head closer to kiss him. Angelo rolled on to his side with Ethan still attached after delivering his third load during their love making. Ethan's ass ached as this was the longest time Angelo had spent inside him, Angelo wiped the sweat away from Ethan's eyes and both of them to exhausted to speak cuddled up caressing each other. Angelo saw the time "Wow Ethan it is midnight already". "How long did you make love to me then?" Ethan couldn't be bothered to do the maths. Angelo laughed "Nearly 4 hours". Ethan raised his head and looked at Angelo "My bum aches" laughing he cuddled back up to Angelo. "That was quite extraordinary" Angelo replied stroking Ethan's head. Angelo withdrew his cock and cuddled up to Ethan as they fell asleep in each other arms. Ethan woke and looked at the clock, it was a little after 9am he still felt a little tired. Ethan twisted his body round to face Angelo who murmured in his sleep and held Ethan closer, a sleeping smile on his face as Ethan laid there watching him for several minutes. "What are you looking at?" Angelo muttered in a sleepy state. Ethan kissed him "You". "Do it quieter then" Angelo replied with a bigger smile on his face. Ethan drifted off to sleep again and woke to find Angelo coming in the room with coffee, it was gone 10am and Ethan sat up in bed watching Angelo as he sat on the edge of the bed, it was obvious he had something on his mind but Ethan didn't want to probe, he just wanted to enjoy his time with him. Angelo sipped his coffee "I will drop you off when your showered" he said. Ethan put his cup down "I guess that's me dismissed for the day". Angelo looked at him and stroked the side of his face "Sort of for now". "I understand" Ethan replied nodding. Angelo leaned in kissed Ethan "There is something I need to, no, want to ask you though." Ethan wondered if this was about his father "Okay". Angelo turned to face him "Tonight, if your not doing anything can I take you out on a date?" Ethan smiled "You want me to go on a date with you, like real, a proper date?". Angelo nodded "Yes". Ethan kissed Angelo "Yes of course I will". Angelo smiled "Please don't tell anyone not even Adam and Tony, not until we know how things go". Ethan nodded "Angelo why do you want to go on a date?" he asked unsure what his response would be. "Last night you confirmed what I hoped for" Angelo looked at him. "Ethan smiled "Oh right, you mean when I asked you to make love to me?". Angelo nodded "You are the first person ever to ask me to do that". "I hope that means that you like me then." Ethan moved and sat on Angelo's lap. Angelo kissed him "Way more than like Ethan". Ethan cuddled up to Angelo "Good" he said as Angelo stroked his back. Angelo picked Ethan up and kissed him before letting him go "Coming to work out?". Ethan jumped up "I could do with a run". They walked in to the small but adequate work out room behind the office, it had floor to ceiling windows overlooking the backyard and swimming pool. Angelo worked on the weights whilst Ethan jogged on the treadmill stopping only when he hit the 5km's mark. The rest of the time he spent watching Angelo at the weights then on the treadmill. Ethan grabbed a couple of dumbbells whilst Angelo ran, every so often Angelo would look and smile at Ethan. They showered together and dried each other off, Ethan couldn't help notice that Angelo seemed to have a sparkle in his eye this morning and to Ethan it made him appear sexier than ever. "Angelo, are you sure your okay about going to the beach on Sunday?" Ethan asked dressing. Angelo stopped for a moment "Yes, only because you will be there". "What about Adam and Tony?" Ethan pulled his socks on and looked at Angelo. Angelo smiled "I like them and they are very kind to you". Ethan giggled "I fancied Adam ever since I started college you know" he said looking up at Angelo. Angelo laughed "I did wonder about you two and if anything was going to happen". Ethan laughed "No, he has been such a support to me that we have grown close as friends". Angelo rubbed Ethan's head "Ready to go?". Ethan's smile faded "I guess so, just wish I didn't have to keep leaving". Angelo laughed "If things work out you won't need to". It was a quick drive back to Harrison considering it was nearly midday by the time they arrived at Ethan's family home, he leaned across and kissed Angelo. Angelo smiled "Pick you up at 7pm for our first date". Ethan kissed him again "7pm it is". "Bring your beach things as you won't be coming back here tonight" Angelo told him. Ethan smiled "I will let the guys know to pick us up in the morning from yours then". Ethan go out of the car and walked round to the front door, Angelo turned his head to look at Ethan and smiled before driving off.

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