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Part 24 - A Thanksgiving To Remember

Sam sent a text to Jordan after he was briefed about the incident and waited until this morning to find out how Daniel was, he didn't want to intrude as it would bring a crowd of paparazzi with him and figured it was the least he could do so Nicky was keeping him updated. Jordan woke up to see Daniel looking at him.

"Morning, did you stay here all night?" Daniel asked.
Jordan stretched "Yes, how are you feeling?".
"Achy but otherwise I guess I feel better than I look" Daniel managed a small grin.
Jordan smiled "Good, but you have to rest for a few days".
"Has Sage been arrested?" Daniel looked at Jordan.
Jordan looked down "He, he passed away last night".
Daniel rested his head back "I don't know weather to feel sorry or not".
Jordan held Daniel's hand "Don't be, he went to some lengths to find me to get at you".

Jordan decided not tell him that he thought Mario had some hand in Sage's death. The doctor walked in to the room and handed Jordan some painkillers and said Daniel was okay, no internal bleeding just some bruising so he can go home. Jordan called Kit who said he would be there in half an hour since the traffic was pretty light. Kit kept apologising and Daniel told him he had nothing to apologise for and that he just wanted to enjoy the day as best  he could. Jordan helped Daniel out of the BMW, the sun was shining brightly and Daniel turned to kiss Jordan.

"Thank you for being with me" he said leaning his body against Jordan.
Jordan walked Daniel up to the house "I couldn't be anywhere else Danny you are my life".

Lucy stood at the door with David and Nicky and Daniel managed to smile as he approached them. Daniel took refuge on a sun lounger being waited on hand and foot by everyone, Lucy and Nicky began preparing thanksgiving dinner. Jordan received a text message from Mario 'Been to ER said D had gone home, can we come and see you?', he wandered in to the kitchen to ask Nicky who said it would be okay but only if David and Kit were present. Jordan completely understood and sent the details to Mario whilst Kit called the gatehouse to let them know. The morning Daniel spent watching Steve and Callum playing in the pool with the children, Jordan walked up and shook the pill bottle at Daniel as it was midday and was due some painkillers. Sam arrived and made a big fuss of Daniel when the children were not asking him to sing one of his hits in the pool. The gatehouse called and Kit called Jordan over just as the car pulled in to the driveway, Mario and Curt got out and looked up at the mansion almost to scared to move until they saw Jordan open the front door.

Curt ran over and hugged Jordan "So good to see you Jordan".
"Curt you don't change" Jordan said smiling.
Curt looked down "A lot has changed Jordan, but out of it Mario and I have started seeing each other".
Jordan smiled "I always wondered if you two would take the plunge, you flirted enough over the years".
"Hi Jordan" Mario said catching up to them.

They walked through to the terrace where Daniel sat with Sam, Curt and Mario did a double take and then again when Nicky appeared. Jordan introduced them to everyone and Daniel, they appeared to hit it off immediately engrossed in Daniel's British accent and wanting to know everything about London and England. Everyone else was busy in the kitchen, Daniel asked Jordan for a cup of tea, he stood up and asked Mario to help him leaving Curt to chat with Daniel. It was during their chat that Curt revealed what Sage had done to him, he slowly recalled how he was picked up in the bar where they drank copious amounts before heading back to Curt's place. The rest was somewhat of a blur, all he could recall was the weight of Sage on him pinning him down on the floor.

Daniel looked at Curt "He was obviously out to destroy everyone that had become to close to Jordan".
Curt wiped a tear from his eye "Did he, I mean, sorry I shouldn't ask".
"Did he fuck me, is that what you want to know?" Daniel lowered his voice as he asked.
Curt looked at him "I don't mean to pry Daniel".
"No, he penetrated me but the police helicopter over head stopped him" Daniel replied.
Curt nodded his head before replying "What he did to Mario and myself brought us together, finally".

In the kitchen sat Lucy, Nicky, Kit, David and Patrick, Kit asked them to sit down for a moment, Mario looking a little uneasy sat down and wringed his hands, he had some idea of what they were going to ask.

Kit spoke first "Mario what is discussed here stays here you understand?".
Mario looked at him and nodded "Yes".
Kit looked at Lucy "Mario what happened with Sage last night?".
Mario shifted on his seat "I can't explain, I just knew what had to be done to stop it".
Lucy looked at him "Did you do it?".
Mario nodded his head "I'm sorry, well no I'm not sorry, Jordan was a friend and Sage would never have stopped".
Jordan grabbed Mario's arm gently "I am still your friend Mario" he said as Mario's tears streaked down his face.
David spoke "I think we understand Mario, it was not the right thing to do, but we all owe you a debt of gratitude".
Kit looked at David then Mario "As I said this goes no further, I heard this morning the LAPD have closed the case".
Mario breathed a sigh of relief "Oh god thank you".
"Now Mario you and Curt are staying for dinner" Nicky said standing up.
Mario looked shocked "Really?" Nicky nodded "thank you".
Patrick spoke for the first time "He touched many lives in a very bad way".
Lucy looked at Patrick "Do we tell Danny?".
"I think we should, but maybe not today though" Jordan said holding the cup of tea for Daniel.
"Jordan is right, let him rest for a couple of days first" Lucy replied.
Mario walked outside with Jordan "I just want to put this behind me and move on" he said looking at Jordan.
Jordan smiled "I think we all do Mario, we can look forward now and not over our shoulders".
Nicky looked at the others "Mario and Curt are both nice guys, what he did to them both was appalling".
Jordan reappeared "Now he wants a biscuit" laughing as he looked at Nicky.
Nicky got up "Hang on we have some somewhere" she said rifling through cupboards.
"What does Mario and Curt do for a job Jordan" Lucy asked him.
"I think Mario has just started waiting tables and Curt works in a bar" Jordan replied.
Lucy mused for a moment "Do you trust them?".
Jordan looked at her beginning to understand her more and how she ticked "They are honest and very humble people".
David looked at Lucy "I think it is the least we can do for them".
"We will speak to them after dinner" Lucy said as Nicky at last found the tin of biscuits.

The love of the people around Daniel greatly helped ease the situation, the talk with Curt had shed much light on Sage, he was definitely a lot happier when Jordan and himself joined the gathering for dinner. Daniel was on a strict no alcohol policy by Jordan and his mother so sat down at the table spending most of dinner talking with Sam. Steve, Callum, Mario and Curt were also at the table Daniel noticed how the four had become inseparable and showed a very genuine friendship towards each other, both couples fascinated by each other and their lives. Jordan watched them from kitchen as they all paid Daniel a lot of attention. He turned to the others asking if they had room for two more in their little group which got a resounding yes from everyone. Daniel ate a small dinner beginning to feel a little tired, Jordan noticed this as he had gone a little quiet as he usually did when tired. He excused them both and took Daniel up to bed.

"He really does look after him Lucy" Nicky said as they disappeared from view.
Lucy nodded "That and good parenting" she held her glass up to Patrick and Lee.
Lucy looked to Mario and Curt "What are you two doing for the next week?".
Curt laughed "Back to work tomorrow afternoon and Mario, well he has to wait to see if they call him in".
"That's no good, do you both have passports?" Lucy asked them.
They nodded and Mario spoke "Only ever used it to go across the border to Mexico".
Lucy laughed "Why don't you both come to Barbados with us for a week?".
Mario shifted uncomfortably in his seat "Thank you but we can't afford it and we have work".
"I want to offer you both permanent jobs in our LA hotel" Lucy told them.
Curt put his glass down "You own a hotel in LA?".
Lucy laughed "Sorry yes and other hotels, we need staff for the new hotel you two would be perfect".
Mario looked a little stunned "I don't know what to say Lucy".
"Just say yes, plus you will need to come to Barbados as our guests to meet Sofie the manager" She replied.
Curt looked at Mario "We have nothing to loose Mario what do you say?".
"Yes" he looked at Lucy "I guess were off to Barbados with you".
Lucy smiled "Excellent, I will get everything arranged and let you know when to meet us at LAX".

Jordan laid in bed with Daniel in his arms who was peacefully sleeping for now, his heart full of desperate love for Daniel, his head felt free of the demons that had haunted him. Knowing he we would never have to worry about Sage, he slowly drifted off to sleep. Downstairs on the pool terrace Kit placed a drinks on the table whilst Steve and Callum were swimming under the stars. The kids were in bed and Sam had left due to his commitments the following day.

Kit sat down at the table "He completely seduced me in to friendship to get close enough to Danny and Jordan".
David looked over at him "Certainly I don't think it was coincidence you two meeting like that".
Mario lowered his head "It wasn't, I think I now know how".
Everyone looked at Mario until Kit spoke "Tell us Mario".

Mario started explaining 'After Jordan left Sage he hunted me down as I was the closest person to him apart from Sage, he made out to be my friend and persuaded me to go back with him as Jordan should be home and I needed to speak to him. Within minutes I was on the bed naked underneath him. I couldn't stop him but part of me wanted to have sex with him, everything spiralled out of my control and he manipulated me and controlled me. Then after I fell ill I was laying in bed and saw a photo in one of the gossip magazines on line that was taken in Barbados from someone on holiday, in the picture was Nicky, Kit and Jordan with his arm around Daniel. He saw the picture and I noticed a week later in the browsing history Sage had done many searches on you Kit. That is how he found what music place you went to every week regular as clockwork. It was during this time I also noticed my facebook was open at the picture of Jordan, Curt and myself. That week he plied Curt with alcohol and well I think you know can guess the rest. All the time he was mentally abusing me until I had no self esteem and relied on him totally, I found solace with Curt who has helped me get back to who I really am, but yesterday seeing everyone and the hurt he caused made the bubble burst, for once I saw things with much clarity and did what I had to do for everyone's sake. His last words to me was that I was a worthless whore who he would break and when I saw the pure evil in his eyes I opened the valve on the drip feed'. Curt placed his arm around Mario's shoulder to comfort him. Nicky had tears running down her face and Lucy was shaking her head in disbelief that one person could cause this much havoc the rest looked on in shock as the story unfolded, this thanksgiving had certainly been the most unusual and upsetting for most.

Patrick spoke first "I guess that is why Jordan refused to speak of him when he came back to Boston".
Lucy struggled to find her voice "You protected us all from his maliciousness Mario, we will never forget that".

Mario and Curt departed from their new circle of friends and headed home. Curt placed his keys on the hook and closed the door behind him and looked over at Mario, their drive back had been mostly silent still both stunned from the last two days.

"What are you thinking Curt?" Mario asked him.
Curt walked over and kissed Mario "Are you sure about this job offer and trip?".
"Nothing has really made any sense Curt, but to be honest I need proper work. What about you?" he looked curiously at Curt.
Curt nodded "I think it will be good for the both of us, we can move on with our lives with more stability".
Mario kissed Curt "Couldn't agree with you more Curt".

Daniel looked the bedside clock, it was only 6am but he had fought sleep for the last four hours, he slipped out of bed and walked over to the windows and juliette balcony looking out over Coldwater Canyon. His body felt cold as he stood watching daylight approaching, he realised tears were rolling down his cheeks and on to the carpet beneath his feet. The memories whirring in his head, his imagination playing tricks as he thought he felt the warmth of Sage's breath on his neck again waiting for the side of his face to be licked. He stood there unable to move for fear, this is crazy he told himself, Sage is dead he can't hurt me. Jordan woke at the sound of a sob and saw Daniel standing at the window looking out, he walked over and encircled him gently in his arms. Daniel tensed feeling the arms surrounding his body, Jordan whispered in to his ear 'Your safe Danny'. He felt no pain from the arms around his body, only a love and tenderness and his body slowly relaxed into Jordan's embrace. Jordan could see Daniel had been crying and figured that the shock of what happened had finally come to realisation.

He kissed Daniel's neck "Do you want to talk?".
Daniel held Jordan's arms "I had the worst nights sleep I kept seeing his face and feeling his breath".
Jordan stroked Daniel's head "You need time to heal Danny".
Daniel turned to face him "No, I need to see his body, I need to see that he is dead".

Jordan didn't argue and helped Daniel get dressed the clock in the hallway struck 8am and as they walked down the stars they could hear voices in the kithen. Kit was up with the children giving them breakfast, he looked up and figured something wasn't right.

"Kit I need to borrow a car" Jordan said to Kit.
Kit looked at Daniel and nodded "Take the BMW and this is Hillson's number if you need to call him".

They stood at the ER reception just as the nurse Milly who looked after Daniel walked by, she looked at him and asked if he was okay. Jordan spoke to her and she nodded telling them to wait here. A few minutes later she returned and escorted them through to the morgue, entering the room sent a shiver down Daniel's spine and cool air hit his skin. The grey walls did nothing to cheer the place up and he could see a body laying on a table covered in a sheet. Daniel shrugged Jordan off and walked over as Milly drew back the sheet to reveal Sage's face still covered in cuts and bruises but his eyes firmly closed and body lifeless. Jordan saw a splat of water hit the floor and realised Daniel was crying again. Milly held Jordan back and said to let him get it out of his system first. For 5 minutes he stood shaking and crying until eventually it started to subside, he wiped his eyes and turned to walk towards Jordan. He thanked the nurse and took Jordan's hand and they walked out of the morgue.

In the car he held Jordan's hand in silence and looked out the window as they drove back, the 4x4 swept in to the driveway and Daniel looked at Jordan who stared ahead with a blank expression on his face. Daniel leaned over and kissed his arm and told him that Sage could no longer get to them. Daniel rested over the next few days and finally on Saturday night he fell asleep in Jordan's arms and had the first full nights sleep. Sunday morning arrived and Jordan woke to find Daniel still sleeping peacefully, he got up and started packing their cases for their trip to Barbados. Jordan was interrupted by a knock at the door, he opened it to find Lucy standing there with coffee for them. Jordan let her in pointing to Daniel fast asleep.

"How is he?" She asked quietly looking at Jordan.
Jordan placed his arm around Lucy "Slept through the night mostly in my arms".
"If you weren't here Jordan I don't know how I would have coped let alone Danny" she said patting his hand.
Jordan looked at Lucy "He is head strong in many areas but there is a loving vulnerability about him".
Lucy chuckled "You better wake him as we leave in an hour".

To say it was chaos at the airport was an understatement, the check-in clerk couldn't deal with so many first class passengers arriving at once and called for back up. It also never helped when you travelled with Nicky as fans and photographers were always on hand to get in the way. Mario and Curt stood to one side laughing at all the commotion having never seen anything like this before. Daniel walked up behind them and told them to get in the queue and stop laughing at everyone, Mario walked over to where Jordan, Steve and Callum stood.

Curt looked at Daniel "Are you okay?".
Daniel smiled "I think so, Friday was when it really hit me, but having Jordy with me is helping".
Curt place his arm around Daniel's neck "He is so sexy I think it is the best therapy anyone could ask for" chuckling as he finished his sentence.

Daniel laughed and put his arm around Curt hugging him and walked with him towards the counter to check-in. The entire group was escorted through to the airport VIP lounge where for the first time Daniel was allowed a glass of champagne as they toasted to their friendship. The airlines representative appeared and escorted them to the plane where they all settled in their seats. The plane sped down the runway and lifted up in to the air, Jordan looked out the window only this time he smiled at seeing LA as the plane banked and set course to the warmth of the Caribbean and Barbados.

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Another incredible chapter! Can’t wait for more! You are one fantastic story teller! 

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Part 25 - A Caribbean Sunset

The fleet of Salinger limos were parked at the familiar curb side position, Lucy apologising that some will have to cramp in as they had hogged all but 2 limos. Mario and Curt still bewildered by everything going on and how they were being treated settled back in the limo with Steve and Callum whilst Jordan and Daniel took the rear facing seats, their limo was first to arrive at the Salinger Barbados Retreat Orchid Wing. Sofie stood at the front steps waiting to greet them, she rushed over and gave Daniel and Jordan a big hug and kiss followed by Steve and Callum. Mario and Curt stepped out and took in their surroundings before being jolted back by Sofie approaching.

"Ahh and you two must be Mario and Curt." She said warmly and hugged them both.
Curt a little surprised nodded "Hi, you must be Sofie?".
Sofie chuckled "Indeed I am, Lucy has told me all about you and how I am to take you both under my wing".
Mario looked shocked "Err everything?" he looked questioningly at her.
Sofie smiled "Everything, but lets not dwell and get you to your suites" as she ushered them out of the heat.

Daniel and Jordan had ordered Steve and Callum to share their suite the Orchid Salinger 2, Mario and Curt occupied Orchid number 4, the rest were scattered around the Orchid wing, at 4pm they all headed to Lucy and David's suite for afternoon tea. Mario and Curt where still amazed by their suite and gushed at everyone who would listen with thanks and appreciation. As everyone finished their tea Sofie appeared from the terrace and Lucy waved her in.

Lucy looked at Mario and Curt "So guys you will head off with Sofie and have a chat".
Curt stood up "I hope she goes easy on us in the interview".
Lucy laughed "It's no interview just a chat to get to know you, but you will be busy over the next few days".
Daniel interrupted "Mother can't they have a least a few days rest?" he looked at her pleading.
"They will have some time after all the paper work is sorted out" Lucy laughed.

Mario stood up and walked with Curt and Sofie back to the main wing of the hotel after saying goodbye to group.

Daniel looked at his mother "What is going on then, you seem to be keeping something from us?".
Lucy smiled "They need to sort out visas first and then Sofie is going to start their training".
Daniel cocked his head to one side "And the rest mother?".
"Okay, they will be spending several weeks here training to head up the bar and restaurant" Lucy explained to them.
Daniel smiled "Good choice, I think they will fit in well".
Lucy nodded "It will be hard full on training here before the LA hotel opens".

The others in the group started to disperse out to the terrace to swim and sit in the sun. Daniel and Jordan had been asked to stay for a few minutes with Lucy and David, she looked a little apprehensive as she waited for everyone else to disperse.

Daniel watched Callum jump in the pool before turning to his mother "Okay spill the beans" he said.
Lucy looked serious "I want to propose an idea to you both" she started.
"Don't look so worried Jordan" David chipped in.
"How would you both feel at running this place for 3 month stretches then 2 off?" Lucy asked looking at them both.
Jordan looked at Daniel who smiled back at him "What's the catch?" Daniel asked.
"Well, the two months your off I want Steve and Callum to take over" She said finally revealing her hand.
Daniel smiled at Lucy "It sounds great, have you asked them yet though?" he asked.
Lucy looked out at the terrace "No, I didn't want to unless you were both on board with the idea".
Jordan looked at Daniel "I am happy to but it is Danny's decision".
Daniel shook his head "No Jordy, would you be happy with this arrangement?".
Jordan looked over at Lucy then back to Daniel "Yes, as long as your here with me".
"Then I guess it is a yes mother" Daniel smiled "You better ask Steve and Callum".
Lucy nodded as relief appeared on her face "Yes, I hope they will accept the offer".
David stood up "I will go and get them".

The all watched as Steve and Callum got out of the pool and put on bathrobes, Steve looking a little bemused followed David and Callum in to the suites lounge. David invited them to sit down next to Daniel and Jordan, Steve looked at Daniel who just smiled at them.

Lucy looked at Steve realising he had a strange look on his face "So we have something to tell you both" she started.
"Did we do something wrong?" Steve said before Lucy could speak.
Lucy chuckled "No, Danny and Jordan have agreed to take over running this hotel and the renovations".
Callum looked at Daniel "Does this mean we won't see you as much if your moving here?" he asked.
"Not at all, we will be doing 3 months here then 2 off" Daniel replied.
"That brings me to my next problem" Lucy spoke again "we need someone to replace them the 2 months there are off" she smiled.
Steve listened intently "Sorry I am still a little confused Lucy?".
"We" she waved her hand around "want to ask if you would both consider it?" she paused.
"You want Callum and I to run the hotel?" Steve asked looking shocked.
Lucy smiled "Yes, we will train you of course plus the department heads are more than capable here".
Callum gasped taken back by the offer "Live here for 2 months and run the place?".
David looked at them both "With the expansion and introduction of the club rooms you two are perfect for it".
Steve shook his head in disbelief "I guess we had resigned ourselves to working at the airline" he said.
"Are you both happy with your jobs?" Lucy asked.
Steve looked at Callum "We love what we do, but in reality no as it means to much time apart".
Lucy nodded understanding them "And of course when you finish your 2 months stretch what you do is your choice".
"How so?" Callum asked.
Lucy smiled "Between your 2 months here you can stay on for a holiday, go back to the UK, whatever you want to do".
"Please say yes" Daniel spoke up first with Jordan nodding.
Steve smiled at Daniel "You have all been amazingly kind to us even though we are not family".
Lucy laughed "Yes but you showed such kindness and friendship to Danny and all of us over the last few months".
"Well I don't look on you as not being part of our family so to speak" David replied smiling at the boys.
Steve looked at Callum's big grin on his face "Okay, yes we will do it".

Lucy sat back in her chair and winked at David as her plan had finally come to fruition, she knew Steve and Callum wouldn't be so easy to talk in to the idea but David and herself were happy the hotel would be managed and loved.

David leaned forward "Oh there is something else we need to tell the four of you".
"What surprises have you now father?" Daniel asked curiously.
David looked at Jordan "We tweaked the plans of the Orchid wing slightly in preparation".
Jordan laughed "Preparation for what?".
David chuckled "We added two slightly larger and more private beach front suites included that are yours".
"Oh wow thank you father" Daniel went over and kissed his father.
"I hope there is a bedroom for us still" Callum said jokingly.
David laughed at Callum "I said two suites, one is for you and Steve and the other for Danny and Jordan".
Steve looked amazed "We get one as well?".
"Yes, they both have two bedrooms and private pool so you can invite family or friends over when you like" David replied.
"But we will have to resign from our current jobs and mine has a 3 month contractual on it" Callum said realising.
Lucy looked at him "Ahh yes, that will be sorted tomorrow morning once I have signed an agreement with your airline".
"What do you mean, what agreement?" Steve asked curiously.
Lucy smiled "I am allowing your airline to sell rooms here, but not the Orchid suites".
Daniel shook his head "You never sell through other parties mother why the change of mind?".
"They have been asking every year, only this year we had a bargaining tool" she nodded in Steve and Curt's direction.
Callum looked at her "I hope you bargained hard?".
Lucy mused for a moment "They are upset you are leaving, plus you are getting a severance payment of £50k each".
"Holy shit" Steve said before clamping a hand on his mouth and apologising.
Lucy chuckled "Well they have exclusivity and we get heavily discounted business class flights with no restrictions".
Steve smiled "Good one".
"Right enough business talk, lets go to the beach bar and celebrate" Lucy said standing up.

Steve and Callum just looked at each other in shock. They walked out to the terrace and gathered the rest of the group from the pool and headed to the beach where Sofie was sat with Mario and Curt enjoying a glass of champagne.

Jordan held Lucy's arm "Just one more thing we need Lucy".
She looked at him "Oh yes, what's that?"
"Can we poach Cael to the Orchid private beach to manage that?"
Lucy glanced at Cael "I was planning on that myself Jordan" she laughed.
"One day I will be a step ahead of you" Jordan and Lucy laughed with each other.
"Thank you Jordan, I mean for everything" she nodded in Daniel's direction.
Jordan looked over "You know he means the world to me Lucy".
"I know, oh and the papers you signed when we first met, I destroyed them today" she smiled at Jordan.
Jordan nodded "I forgot all about them, I never did read it you know".
Lucy looked at him and kissed him on the cheek "I gathered you wouldn't".

Lucy and Jordan sat with the others as Cael brought more glasses and champagne. They sat there talking with Steve and Callum started getting flustered about their current jobs until Lucy told them to relax and sort it out when the return as nothing was going to change now. The sun began setting and the last few guests headed back to the hotel to wash and change for dinner. Daniel and Jordan walked down to the beach and stood at the waters edge, the rest of the group were sat at the beach bar laughing and joking nosily with each other. The now deep orange glow radiated from the setting sun over the Caribbean sea. Daniel paddled in the water holding Jordan's hand.

Jordan looked at Daniel and kissed him on the head "What a strange afternoon".
Daniel hugged Jordan closer "Is it definitely what you want though Jordan?".
"Living here with you? Yes of course I couldn't be more happier" Jordan said nodding his head.
Daniel turned to face Jordan "Not just that but running the hotel as well?".
Jordan laughed "Well it is only for 3 months at a time then 2 months off, hopefully we can go back to England then?".
Daniel smiled "Oh thank you Jordy, I don't know if it is entirely possible to love you any more right now".

Jordan held Daniel close and kissed him as the warm water of the Caribbean sea lapped around their ankles bathed in the perfect orange glow of the setting sun. David was facing the sea watching Daniel and Jordan from the beach bar when he sat upright, he had a feeling something was going to happen. If it was what he was thinking he hoped it would go the way both Lucy and him wanted, he tapped Lucy who turned to look at him, David put a finger to his mouth then pointed to the waters edge where they stood. The calypso music was still playing and wafting down from the pool terrace, but all the group had turned in silence to look at Daniel and Jordan.

Daniel held Jordan's hands looking at him "So this is really happening then".
Jordan smiled "I guess it is Danny, just promise me never to fall out of love with me".
Daniel hugged Jordan "Never Jordy, you have completely turned my world upside down in a wonderful way".
"You know we are standing literally where it all started a few months back Danny" Jordan looked with a smile at Daniel.
Daniel squeezed Jordan's hand "It has been an amazing and crazy ride but you have brought me so much happiness".
"So I guess we start a new chapter in our lives" Jordan looked at Daniel to gauge his reaction.
Daniel smiled "An open book that we can write together".
Jordan rummaged in his shorts pocket and got down on one knee and looked up at Daniel "Danny will you marry me?".
Daniel looked in Jordan's eyes as his own tear fell on to Jordan's face "Yes Jordy of course I will".

Jordan slipped the ring on Daniel's finger, he stood up and kissed Daniel deeply. They were interrupted from the cheering at the beach bar but ignored them and carried on kissing. Lucy welled up and held David's hand who leaned over and kissed his wife, he looked back over at them still kissing he said very simply 'Perfect moment'. Patrick and Lee both had big smiles on their faces, Lee turned to Patrick and said 'I don't think you can top that for a more romantic proposal'. Steve and Callum ran over Daniel and Jordan congratulating them. Lucy stood up and walked over to where Cael stood grinning to get some champagne to celebrate.

"You look just as happy as Danny is Cael" Lucy said as she put her arm around him.
Cael looked at Lucy "I knew it from the first day they met Lucy, the coconut fell and cracked with perfection".
Lucy shook her head laughing "That it did Cael, you have always been a good friend to him over the years".
Cael smiled "Champagne?".
"Absolutely and you are joining us Cael" she said walking off towards to the waters edge.

Daniel and Jordan closed the bedroom door, it was late and Daniel was slightly drunk from the champagne and celebrating they had all be doing. He collapsed on the bed and winced as he caught his left side which was still bruised, Jordan sat down on the bed beside him undressing.

"You can't fool me I know your still in a bit of pain Danny" Jordan said looking at him.
"It's not that bad, I fell back awkwardly. You made my parents very happy Jordy" he replied smiling up at Jordan.
Jordan laid back next to him "I was kind of hoping for a small ceremony, but I don't think that is going happen".
Daniel laughed "You also need to figure in that Nicky and Sam will hopefully be there so it will be public".
Jordan ran his hand along Daniel's chest "I guess we need to set a date as well".
"Christmas" Daniel muttered with his eyes closed.
Jordan tapped Daniel "Come on sleepy head lets get in to bed".

Jordan slipped between Daniel's legs and gently pushed his cock into his now fiancé, Daniel wrapped his arms around Jordan's neck and kissed him as they slowly made love. Jordan rolled on to his back and cuddled Daniel, they both had the biggest smiles of content and happiness as they ventured in to the future together.

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Bravo! This segment was fantastic! Brought a tear to my eyes too! Yes I love a great love story! Your the best at what you do! Writing is obviously your passion and thank you for this! Looking forward to more adventures in this story!

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One of the best stories here. While I do hope there is continuation, it seems the last installment is a perfect ending for the story. 

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