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  1. Woof! Next chapter please
  2. Woof this is such a great story
  3. Great start loving the build up. Next chapter please
  4. Shame this one stopped here and not carried on.
  5. Nice start. Looking forward to the next chapter
  6. Woof. I’d love this to actually happen to me. Great
  7. Woof just finished reading this great story. Written in such a way you just have to have the next chapter. Please write it soon.
  8. Woof. Lucky boy. Wish I could meet someone like that that would take me beyond my norm
  9. Bolithouk


    Great story and still reading. Gets me going
  10. Next chapter please
  11. What a good chapter. You must continue this story it has so much potential
  12. As the months past the new hook ups increased then one day this guy came on. They were a couple and didn’t live that far away and their profile said safe only. They looked ok both in mid 40s and heavy set. I hadn’t done a threesome so decided to give them a go. We agreed to meet at their house. I went to the gym first and then showered and made sure all cleaned out. When I got there they were better than the pictures on their profile. The top just had cock size as large. We had a drink and chat first to break the ice and I started feeling a bit light headed and before I knew it we were heading upstairs to the bedroom. I was feeling very lightheaded and I’d only had a glass of white wine! We striped off and holy fuck he wasn’t just large he was XXXL! He was a good 12 inches long and my wrist couldn’t go round it either. I’d dreamt of a big cock but this was BIG. He assured me that with plenty of play first I’d be ok and yes for a good hour the three of us just played. I felt a bit sorry for the bottom as he seemed left out a bit but kept bringing him back into play. I was given some more wine and was soon very relaxed and light headed. He offered me poppers and I happy obliged. They too seemed stronger than I was used to. The dildos were getting bigger and I was just going with the flow. Eventually he said I was ready and let’s fuck. I just went along for the ride so to speak. I was so light headed I didn’t even say no when he proceeded to fuck me raw. Not that I’d have objected anyway. Oh my god it hurt! He wasn’t slow and shoved it in to the hilt in one big push. I tried to move forwards but was holding me still. For the next 40 odd minutes we changed positions and angles and oh god it was heaven. He was actually hitting spots I had never felt before. Eventually he started groaning and his breathing changed and I started to feel him coming in me with his warm cum. That too was something I’d never felt before. Once he pulled out his partner took his place and fucked me too. He didn’t last long and soon added his load in me. When he’d come he said that they hoped I liked their gifts! Gifts! They told me that they’d spiked my drink to relax me and they liked to put a poz load in a new face that they hadn’t seen before. I panicked at that and went to a clinic to get tested. I was negative.

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