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  1. Sam needs a gypsy curse put on him! Look forward to the next chapter
  2. Nice start. Looking forward to see how this one develops
  3. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  4. A final chapter. You had me crying smiling and crying again. It’s not often that my emotional side comes out but so well written how could I not. Bravo.
  5. What a story. Others have said it and I’ll say it again. Oh how I wish the I was Rob. Getting seduced with drugs the way he was and then used as a fuck hole. I wish.
  6. Next chapter please. Great story so far. More to cum?
  7. Woof nice story. Keep the chapters cumming
  8. Great chapter. Getting him high and filled. Bring on the next
  9. Ah what a twist to the story and a good one at that. Relationship building blocks in place. Now for Charlie.
  10. Great and looking forward to the next chapter
  11. Great chapter as usual. I’m looking forward to Carrington and Charlie’s relationship developing
  12. Nice. I like the not pushing Charlie too quickly bit too. Nice touch building the scene for the coming chapter. Hope it’s cuming soon
  13. Hit my buttons bringing the toes and feet in too. Great chapter
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