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Young, eager, smooth bottom looking for top

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I’m a fit, 24 year old Tranny In Phoenix, looking for a clean top to frequent adult book stores and the bathhouses, poppers are my drive and have always wanted to try pnp if you got any

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    • By cumdumpinmesa87
      Seeking men with hard topping abilities to provide my ass with the deep pounding and breeding that it needs. 
      Please be serious. Condom free philosophy. 
      Looking for NSA, and as anonymous as possible. 
      Hosting today in the Southern and Dobson area, very close to Tempe, but in Mesa. Contact via TEXT ONLY to 3125729236. 
    • By bbffassslut
      The following is generally true to the best I can remember it.
      Winter is coming.  It's November and it's getting cold out.  A friend has invited several of us over for  some pnp and fisting fun.  There are 5 of us in total.  We are all older late 40's to late 60's.  Most are bear type though not all.  We are most definitely pervs who like to have fun.  I knew our host and one other person there.  The others were from different parts of the country.  The room was set up with 2 slings, a fuck bench, a massage table, and a big blow up mattress that was as tall as a normal bed and looked to be queen size.
      We all partied though one of the group has never slammed before and was open to trying for the first time.  Once we all arrived, I made a call via a friend and was able to get some Tina to come play with us.  Once I picked it up I ended up being the one to prepare everything and would be administering to each person. I suspect this was because I may have had more experience and was more cautious and explained everything as we were making preparations. We all sit down and I talk to each person about there experience with Miss T.  Once I am comfortable with each persons level we discuss how much for each person. 
      As a side note I know everyone says to weigh though I am one to normally back fill each point to a specified line.  We stayed with how I normally filled each point but we did some weight measurements as well.  What we found was in general if you back filled to .30 it weighed out to .20.  We tested this out over several different amounts to confirm the general average.
      The guy who had slammed I will call "L".  He was a bit short and skinny.  Very experienced in fisting and play as well as smoking and some booty bumps.  We set his backfilled amount to .15  I would generally suggest .10 for a first time but his over all experience with Tina gave me a comfort level to give him a little more.  The host who I will call "M", oldest man there, loved fisting, had magic hands and just an all around warm personalty.  We set his between .20 and .25.  The other local gentleman was an alpha bear, liked being in control.  We set hit to .20 I think.  The 4th gentleman was very experienced and so his level was set to .30.  I set mine to .30 as well.  As I prepared each point I had the person who it belonged to to assist me and confirm each step.  The confirmed the amount of tina in the point.  They confirmed that it was dissolved in the water completely.  They confirmed the vein to use as well.  I insisted on the involvement because it's a lot of responsibility when you are administering it.  
      We were now cleaned and prepared.  Everyone was naked and we were in a well lite room, not the play room and had a couple of chairs if anyone needed to sit down after the slam.  I gave the guy with the most experience like mine his .30 first.  I got the vein, confirmed the flash and injected it all with no problems.  He puts the wipe over the area, I pull the point out, strap off and he raises his arm.  Then several hard coughs.  He goes whoa.  I have not coughed like that in a long time.  That is good.  I ask again to make sure he is good.  I then do the host, M next.  He does not cough but says it is really good.
      I had did them first to allow L to see several slams before he did his and to confirm he still was up for it otherwise we would make it a booty bump.  He was still good to go.  We found the vein, confirmed the flash and then I started ti inject making sure he was not feeling any pressure or burning etc...  All was well.  When the strap was taken off he coughed probably a good half a dozen or more times.  We took a moment here to make sure he was okay and once the coughing stopped he was.  I then finished the last person and we all went into the play room.  Notice I have not done my slam yet.
      "L" gets into one sling and is asking to get some ass play and a fist him.  The other man who's slam was as big as mine took the other sling.  I sit down at the table where toys are and such.  There is enough light so I can do my slam.  I find my self easy to slam for the most part.  I usally don't even need a tie off.
      I insert my point and find my vein and confirm the flash.  I have .30 of tina and the water has lifted the level to .50.  I take a cleansing breath and let it out.  I then start to inject myself but in the back of my mind I say don't put it all in.  I leave .10-.13 approximately left of the .50.  I become warm all over.  Metallic taste in my throat.  I get very still.  I have a momentary thought if I am going to get sick.  It passes.  I think I start to rock.  I am pretty sure my cock starts to drip like crazy as it shrivels up and I look like I am 12 or something.  My cock is not big to start with.  It's 5-6 inches and on the thin side.  My balls are certainly much more pronounced though.  "M" turns and asks me if I am okay.  I finally say yes or shake my head.  This slam has hit me really hard.  I just want to be a slut and hole used by anyone who wants to use me.  I have had some good slams but this was better then even my first slam.  Those who slam would understand that in some respects we are chasing that first slam with each new slam.  I at this point, no pun intended, was willing to do anything that anyone would suggest to me if it meant I would get fucked and filled with cum and non stop ass play.  That was what I was right then.
      "M" asks me what i want.  I get it out to help me to the fuck bench.  I like the fuck bench more then the sling.  It opens me up and is more comfortable I think.  I become vocal asking to be used and needing fucked etc...  Probability even babbling a little.  This was really strong and I am glad I had the sense not to take it all.  Being last has it's advantages.  You get to see how everyone else reacts.  "M" starts to play with my hole.  I really want him to fuck me but not going to happen right now.  He uses his fingers and then starts using toys.  I ask for larger and or rougher.  At some point I must have said something really pervy which "M" has heard me say but "L" registered it as well.  Somehow it registered that I said something I should not have and was able to not say it again and change directions in my tina addled sex thoughts.
      At this point I have no idea how much time has past.  Not a long time but some.  "M" has 4 fingers and even part of his thumb in me but his hand is huge.  I have been fisting for 10 plus years as a top.  I was taught by some very experienced who showed me the right way and such that on them I could almost get to my armpit and I have small hands and long arms.  On the other hand no matter how much I have tried I had never take a fist.  I have taken some very big cocks and toys including the hand grande shaped butt plug that is 10 inches around I think. Never a fist though.  I knew it was all in my head but still.
      "M" stopped playing and got up from behind me.  "L' tells me he is there now.  "L"s hands are small like mine.
      Next time my fellow slam pervs
    • By ATLSexyGuy
      I had been partying, edging and cruising online for a bit of time when I got hit up by a guy hosting a group!  He said there were a few guys there, but a handful more were on their way.  They wanted guys into group play, gear (leather, jock, spandex, or uniforms), were versatile and uninhibited.  Hell Yeah!  I threw some trackies over my chaps & red mesh N2N jock strap, stuffed a bunch of my gear – jockstraps, bikinis, leather, rubber, gun oil & Elbow grease in a gym bag -- some more favors, a black  tank and my Treasure Island Media ball cap and bolted.
      It was quite a drive to the house in the best part of town.  I showed up to a ranch set back on the lot.  As I pulled my tank on I realized I had been partying and edging online, sweating , and was a bit ripe.  I thought for a second and walked to the door shirtless.  The older man – Charles -- who opened the door stopped me in the foyer and told me to prepare there.  Hmmm. I stripped me down to my chaps, boots, jock and TIM Cap.  He lead me down stairs to a large den that opened up onto a pool and hot tub.  There were 4 guys in the hot tub --  A couple of handsome men around 40 – Mark and Brian, a 30-ish Latino man named Rick, and a 20-ish blond twink named Brandon.
      As I walked onto the pool deck the couple jumped out of the tub.  They had great physiques with broad shoulders, narrow waists and sturdy legs and ass.   Mark was nude, except for a leather cock ring and ball separator, and Brian had on a red speedo solar, with a mound of cock and balls under the fabric.   They welcomed me and made introductions.   Mark confessed that they had already been at it a while, took a break in the tub.  Rick had hopped online and started rounding up some more guys to party and play with.
      Rick got out of the tub and was totally nude…His body was perfect.   His body was deeply tanned, ripped & shredded with a nicely rounded six-pack, shoulders and pecs of granite, and a big uncut cock.  He had a perfect smile of beautiful white teeth.  He asked “what is your screenname, and what site?”  I said I am “ATLSexyguy” from BBRT and Dudesnude, but also on Xhamster, Xtube, and Spandex-Party!  “Great! I am REALLY glad you are here!” he emphasized he leaned in and pulled my head to his and French kissed me deeply causing his cock to grow!  When he let me go he grabbed a gel and leather cock ring from the table and wrapped up his now hard cock. I realized he was completely hairless which made a big cock look even bigger.  It was a solid 8 inches, waving in front of him as he motioned for Brandon.
      Brandon was smaller in stature, but very cute.  He had a very lean body and hid a growing bulge in an Andrew Christian swimsuit!  I leaned in and kissed him on the lips and tweaked his nipples – which seemed totally connected to his cock. 
      Rick led me into the den and showed me where to put my things.  He gave me the party and play rules – clouds, no points, and offered me whatever favors I wanted.  I took half a Viagra, and some T & G.  He told me that he works for Mark & Brian and they own the home.  The older guy is the butler/cook and Rick is their personal assistant.  Brandon is a piece of ass that Mark had picked up at the sex club earlier in the evening and invited him over. 
      All the while Rick was talking he was digging in drawers and bins around the play room.  There was a sling, St. Andrew’s Cross, Cage, Fuck Bench, and all sorts of tails, straps, gags, blindfolds, etc. along the wall!  Finally, he found two chrome armbands for his huge biceps, a chrome, chainmail & leather full ‘H’ harness.  He has it on him in no time and looked so damn HOT.  He pointed to some leather on the table and said “that is for you later!”
      With that he was on me.  He was kissing me, licking my neck, and yanked my arms up to reveal my ripe pits.  Which he loved as he licked and smelled my man scent.  He grabbed some snake bite suction cups and put them on my wide nipples, and reached down into my red mesh jock and wrapped a leather leash around my growing cock.  The Viagra had started to work so I was sporting 7+ and thick and dripping!
      He led me into the main area as the home theatre and computers were turned on.  The big screen had a Jeff Palmer Classic video on ‘Raw Leather Fuckfest’ from SX Video, and the other TVs and laptops had TIM, Bacchus, and A.com, and Brandon was working websites for other players!
      As I walked in Rick whispered “Play starts now!” I went up to Mark and Brian and assumed the submissive stance.  Brian had put on a red and black Neo Harness that disappeared into his red speedo, gauntlets, and an arm band for his right bicep.  The more I looked at him, the hotter he got to me.  He had a beautiful body, muscled six-pack, and his bulge was growing.  He stood over me and asked if I had any dislikes.   “Yes, Sir."  No blood, scat, or permanent scars or marks.”  He then asked if he could remove my cap.  ‘Yes, Sir” which he did and noted to Rick “It’s a Treasure Island Cap.  Good choice” Rick nodded and Brian leaned back and pulled my head to his speedo covered cock.
      I licked and sucked at Brian’s dick through his thin swimsuit, and made the mistake of reaching around to use my hand.  I got a swift slap from Rick and Brian chastised me “now you will be punished!”  Around this time a couple of guys came in escorted by Charles.  They were new additions and Brandon was all about them.  They were 20-ish, looked like skaters, and looked pretty high too.  Brian went to welcome them, and Rick stood me up and took me to center fuck He cuffed my arms together and above my head, and my legs were spread and bolted to a bench.  He then pulled out a ball gag and clamped it in my mouth and around my head.  I was straining in my jock and wanted to pull my cock out, but Mark appeared and took a wide tails off the wall and hit my back.  It startled me at first, but really didn’t hurt. 
      Mark flogged me for 20+ lashes on my shoulders and thighs.  And, when he was done, he and Rick rubbed lotion and oil onto my body.  It felt so cool and refreshing, and they paid particular attention to the cleft between my ass cheeks and to my cock. 
      Brandon brought Justin and Aaron over and they looked much better nude.  They had lean ripped bodies, big cocks, tattoos.  They had lean ripped bodies, big cocks, and had on a Cellblock jock, and the other had a chrome cock ring.  They looked me over, and I nodded subserviently to them, and Aaron started playing with the suction cups on my nipples and I moaned.  He hit them fast like a speed bag, then slow.  He made like he was pulling it off, but pushed them into my pecs, and Brian grabbed my cock and teased it.
      One of them turned on some lights and it occurred to me that there was a camera suspended from the ceiling and we were recording or streaming our play.  Rick went over to the computer and typed a few seconds and the instant messaging blew up.  He said he asked what they should they do with me? He told “HoustonBB” ‘yeah man!  Watch!”  He spread my legs and ass and dove into my ass with his tongue.  He was eating my hole on cam, and didn’t care one bit.  There were hands and mouths all over.  My pits were licked, my abs, my cock in the jockstrap was stroked, and finally my nipples were released and licked by Justin.  I was let down and Rick strapped me facedown onto the fuck bench.  Brian and Rick took turns putting elbow grease in my hole which got me so horned up.  Rick released the ball gag and Mark fed me his dick, and Justin ate Mark’s ass. 
      There were fingers, one, two, three, four, to open me up.  A small butt plug then larger was fucked into my hole, and Brian grabbed Justin, who had a nice hard cock and told him to fuck me.  Justin greased up his rod, aimed and started to make entry.  He was moaning and thrashing “Oh yeah! Fucking tight Hot Hole!” He got balls deep, and started to slowly stroke in and out when Brian pulled him out of me and pushed his hard cock into my ass.  Justin lined up behind Brian and entered him!  Aaron rushed over and fed me his cock, stopping to slap my face with that big cock.  Brandon joined him and they took turns fucking my face with their cocks.
      Brian started to moan and shout… making me think he was going to cum.  Before he did, he pulled out and roughly pulled his cock and balls away from each other to stop. his load.  DAMN!  But, I had no rest as Rick lined up his cock to my ass lips.  I could feel him barely toughing me as he spanked my ass. Hard!  Without mercy!  Then suddenly he shoved all 8 raw inches into me balls deep.
      All I remember from that point on was Rick moaning through clenched teeth, boys fucking my face, and stroking cocks with both hands.  I didn’t know who or what, but I wanted to be bred.  Rick hollered that he was close and everyone got more intent.  Rick pulled me onto him from my shoulders as he drove his big cock into me. And, then I felt him shudder.  He convulsed as he dumped into me.  Justin pushed my head back as his first spurt landed on my chin.  They both pumped their cocks and before Rick was done, he pulled out and let Brian back in.  Rick continued to shoot as Brian jackhammered my hole while Brandon bit his nipples.  The warm flood of Rick’s load in my hole got Brian to shoot quickly, and he bred me too.
      They shot their cum on and in me and I was still working a cock when Brian sunk his face into my ass.  He ate my ass, and those two loads out and then pulled Rick and fed them to him.  Mark came around and licked up the cum that was on my back and face as I stood up!  I grabbed a cold drink, but my untouched cock was pulsing!  I took a few more letters of the alphabet, the other half of the Viagra and leaned against the St. Andrew’s cross and watched a flick for a while featuring geared up muscle hunks and boys.  I looked over at Just and he was watching me.  I grabbed the leather gear that I was to wear later and threw it on the table next to Justin. 
      He looked at me with a puzzled look and I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his open mouth to mine.  I tongue fucked his mouth and had him.  I looked at the gear and it was a chain mail cod piece with cock ring with leather sides that adjusted.  I told him “You’re going to get geared up in leather and act like a good sub boy!” He lustfully looked at me and said “Yes, Sir!”  I put the jock without the cod piece on and pulled his hard cock through the opening.  It stood straight up and was rock hard! I wrapped an adjustable cock ring on him and leaned over and took him in my mouth all the way until his pubes were scratching my nose.
      When I started to put the cod piece on I had to bend his dick down which got him harder and hotter.   It Then I grabbed the half leather harness and snapped it into place.  It was a little big, even at the smallest snaps, but he looked hot.  His 6-pack was heaving in anticipation, as I put arm band on his right arm to show he was a bottom. I looked to be sure the cam was on, and led him to the center of the floor and pushed him to the sub position.  He spoke back to me, and I smacked his pecs as a warning to speak when spoken to.
      I let him stay there as I got lube, checked the cam picture, and, pulled on a full body harness.  I was really geared up as I stood in front of him.  He started to move, but “Ah, ah, ah, when you are invited!” he nodded and waited.  I told him to approach and stand tall. With his arms behind him.  And when he got to me I kissed him.  His friend or boyfriend watched in disbelief.  I bit his nipples, smacked them, licked his neck and abs, and rubbed his leather covered cock against my face.  I pulled his arms over his head and licked and smelled his rank pits, and slowly pulled the codpiece off. His big 9 incher sprung up and as I grabbed it, I asked “What do you want, boy?”  His answer was perfect “whatever Sir wants!”
      I only wanted his ass!  I pushed him backwards onto the fuck bench and picked his legs over my shoulders…  I was lubing his hole and sucking his cock at the same time and he begged “Please, Sir, please take me!”  I bent down and plowed my hard cock into his hole.  He was so loose and lubed I went right in.  I put my arms under his back and picked him up and moved him to the sling while on my cock.  He fit perfectly and started the steady bounce from the sling.  I felt my balls tingle and knew I’d cum soon.  I asked “where do you want my cum?”  “My chest!” he answered.  Fuck that!  I plowed my cock in and started to cum with spurt after spurt into his hole!  I kissed him as I came and said your ass is where my cum fits!”
      I flipped him onto his stomach on the sling and grabbed Aaron’s head and pushed it into his buddy’s hole.  He ate my cum from Justin as Brandon sucked his cock.
      Spent, I flopped onto a deck chair and relaxed.  Mark and Brian thanked me for coming over, and Rick gave me his cell # and all his profiles.  I felt Rick’s cum in my guts and sloshed to my car.
    • By lagnafden
      Hit me up guys!  Let’s slam and get nasty!!!  Whore me out?

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