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    Relationships, fwb, getting recharged...
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    Tested poz in April. I took meds until i reached undetectable and now i have been off my meds for several weeks

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  1. Pozdfwverschubpig

    The Gifted Virgin

    I cant wait for the next chapter!
  2. Pozdfwverschubpig

    The Gifted Virgin

    I cant wait for the next chapter!
  3. Pozdfwverschubpig

    No 18

    Hot story
  4. Thanks for the follow sexy!

    1. BreedingCameraman


      No problem! Thanks for the return follow, sTud! I’d love to get together with you sometime and see how many times we can breed each other in one day.

    2. Pozdfwverschubpig
    3. BreedingCameraman


      Indeed! I can adminisTer poinTs for oThers if you Think you’d be up for ThaT~ 😈

  5. Pozdfwverschubpig

    The Gifted Virgin

    Can't wait for the next installment
  6. thanks for the follow stud

  7. Hi! Happy Holidays AND thanks for the follow!!! :) 

    1. Pozdfwverschubpig


      My pleasure and the same to you.

    2. Saturn1


      Awww, thank you!!! 🎁

  8. Pozdfwverschubpig

    Off to College

    More please!!!!! ☣️🐷
  9. Pozdfwverschubpig


    So hot! I wish I could have been in his place.
  10. Pozdfwverschubpig

    Off to College

    More please!😍
  11. CONGRATULATIONS northtxchub: just so very excited to hear your recent news- YOU ARE POZ NOW::



  12. Thx so much for getting it.  We need to see an explosive growth in new cases

  13. Pozdfwverschubpig

    North Dallas PIg Play 1/12/17

    Very fucking hot
  14. Ill be hosting from 11am to 5pm in Carrollton near 121 and 35. No loads refused. Message me for details
  15. outstanding bugchasing chem slut??????➕➕➕?☣️ 

    poz his ass➕?use that hole

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