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    Complete sub slut into getting fucked and taking loads. Ask me more, I'll tell you
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  1. Anybody got a fuck machine they’d be open to using on a bottom? I’ve always wanted to try one. or, do you have one and maybe want to sell it?
  2. This story is eh!!! Eh, FUCKING GREAT. Please please please keep going.
  3. I’ll be visiting the city in August for 10 days. Will be at an apartment, where I can leave door open for anonymous breeders to walk in, fuck me and breed me. fantasy would be to have a guy (preferably a Dom, Master type guy) Whore me out. not only would I be blindfolded and not see the guys as they breed me, i wouldn’t be able to be selective in my ads. Dom/Master would post ads or this whore, address and all, and send guys my way. Open to pics/videos, load counts on my back, etc. if you’d be into this, hit me up. There are other things I’d do, be open to, etc. few limits and NO loads refused for this neg, not on Prep, cum dump.
  4. Would love to come to the rest stop for a night and meet you in your truck. You fuck and load me, then maybe Whore me out in your truck or send me to your fellow truckers. no loads refused and few limits.
  5. This has been a LONG TIME fantasy. Would love to be allowed
  6. I’m close to alameda in Contra Costa. Or could come to you blindfold in hand
  7. Love it. My fantasy is very similar
  8. Any chance you’d share with another bottom? I’ve alas wanted to try a fuck machine
  9. In town 9-27 to 10-1 for work. Staying in Capitol Heights. Looking to get loaded or more. Can host at my hotel
  10. Need advice: 1. Best sex club for raw cumdump like me 2. Is Hampstead Heath active when it’s cold?

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