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They say this summer has been hotter than most, and I’ll agree with that.  In more ways than just the temperature.  My name is Ryan and I need to tell you about this new guy I met.  A bit about myself first, though.  I’m in my late twenties, 27 to be exact.  I’m gay and out and have been since high school.  I’m not really a relationship guy, I like the freedom to fuck who and when I want.  I’m a couple inches under six foot and about a hundred seventy pounds.  I hit the gym occasionally, but my body stays toned from working construction for my uncle.  I’ve had a beard since I turned 18 and keep it on the bushy side and the fur goes all the way down my body.  A few guys I’ve been with told me I should trim it and thats the last they see of me.  I like guys to have some fur.  I’m not into shaved or naturally smooth guys.  They just don’t turn me on.   I have several piercings in each ear, a septum piercing in my nose, both nipples are pierced and a PA.  Oh, and I have a bunch of ink. Both arms, a couple on my chest, my upper left leg, my right calf… you get the idea.

Things had been going slow, sexually, but I knew someone would come along.   In the mean time some porn and my right hand would have to do.  A few weeks ago I stopped into the tattoo shop to talk to the guy thats done all of my ink about the back tattoo that we have been designing.  I rode over on my bike (a cafe racer I built last year out of an old Honda CX650) and went into the shop in my leather jacket, wife beater, jeans and my well worn 10 eye Doc Martens.  The artist, Sky, was working on a guy, putting down the first  part of a piece that looked like it was going to go from his elbow up to his shoulder.   I said “Hi” as I looked over the guy in the chair.  He seemed to be a bit younger than me and really nervous.  He was sitting there in some baggy shorts with his shirt off so that Sky could do his work.  I couldn’t see any other ink on the guy which seemed strange.  It looked funny since Sky had shaved part of the guy’s left pec, leaving the rest of his chest and abs covered in a thick dark fur.  He was about my height, but skinnier.  There was a little muscle but I could tell he probably had some kind of office job.  He had a trimmed beard, a 4ga horseshoe earring in his left ear, and hair that seemed to be trying to be a tame mohawk.

My cock started to stir and I was gazing, probably a bit too long, and Sky was introducing me to the guy.  “Hey Ryan.  Louis is finally getting inked.  He’s been comin’ in here for over a year and finally pulled the trigger” Sky said.

“Cool.  Looks like he’s serious.  No little shit tattoo that he hides so no one can see it.  Oh, I’m Ryan.  Good to meet you Louis” I replied.

Louis winced as the needle jabbed into his tender chest skin while Sky made the outline.  “Hi Ryan…  Uh are you a regular customer?”  Louis asked.

Before I could answer Sky said “Yeah, he’s a walking billboard for my work” and then chuckled.  I sat down at one of the stools in front of the counter and then took my jacket off, laying it on the other stool.  I could see Louis looking over my arms and the bits on my chest that weren’t covered by my shirt. He seemed to nod and finally said “Looks really cool.  I hope mine turns out as good.”

“Don’t worry, you got the best guy doing it.  It’ll look fuckin’ awesome” I said.  I was undressing Louis in my mind, thinking of all the devious things I could do with his body before I fucked his brains out.  I suddenly realized that I had no idea if the guy was gay or even bi, but my dick sure wanted to find out.  To take my mind away from Louis, I pulled an envelope out of my jacket and said “I made a few changes to the drawings, Sky.  Let me know what you think.  I also put the rest of the money in the envelope.  We still on for starting next Monday?”   

Sky stopped working on Louis and looked over at the calendar on the wall and said “Yup,  your usual 6pm time.  Don’t forget to bring the pizza this time” before returning to Louis’s upper arm.

I chuckled and replied “Yeah, it’s a little hard to bring on the bike.  We’ll see.”  I kept staring at Louis’s body.  I could see a bit of shine reflecting off his chest from him sweating.  I wanted to go over and lick it off and then kiss Louis like he’d never been kissed before.  I then tried to turn the conversation to see how he would react.  “Hey Sky, when we finish my back are you going to finally let me tap that tight ass of yours?”  I got a response, but it wasn’t the one I was looking for.  Louis’s eyes opened wide and his mouth quickly followed.

Sky quickly replied “I keep tellin’ you, you can have it as soon as I get to tap your girlfriend.”  This was an inside joke between Sky and I, ever since the first time I hit on him.  He knew I never would have a girlfriend - I was firmly on the gay side of the sexuality scale and not even a little bit bi.  It seemed to calm Louis down a bit, which was good.  I didn’t want to scare him off and kill any chance of getting into his pants or shorts.  We bullshitted for a while and before I knew it, Sky was finishing up the first pass of Louis’s ink.  Sky bandaged it up and told Louis how to care for it while Louis gingerly put his t-shirt back on.  Sky came over to the counter and took the envelope and put it in the cash register under the tray.   “I’ll see you next Monday” Sky said pointing to me “and I’ll see you next Tuesday” pointing to Louis.

I grabbed my jacket and put it back on and started to leave.  Louis was right behind me as I walked out and to my bike.   “Nice bike but I don’t know how you ride that thing with the bars so low” Louis said while I slipped my helmet on.   

“It’s easy once you get used to it.  Sucks in traffic though.  You ride?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I do.  My bike’s running shitty though right now.  Gotta take it in and get raped by the dealer” Louis said with a sound of disgust in his voice.

I held back my initial thought of telling him “bring it over to my garage and I’ll rape you” and instead said “You could bring it over to my place and I can take a look and let you know what it might need.”  I surprised myself at how civil and polite it came out.

“Really?  That would be so cool.  I don’t know how to fix em and I think the dealer screws me over doing stuff that it doesn’t need or charging me for stuff they don't do”  Louis said energetically.

The smile that came over my face was partially hidden by my beard and that was probably good.  Maybe I did have a chance with him.  “How about Saturday afternoon.  I work until 3, so maybe 4?” I said.

“I can do that.  Give me your number and we can text later to set it up” Louis replied eagerly.  We shared cell numbers and I hopped on my bike, started it up and took off, leaving him standing in the parking spot.   I didn’t want to be too pushy or appear too obvious that I wanted to turn him into my next play toy.  Over the next two days we texted back and forth, him asking if I was serious or just being polite and I reassured him I wanted him to come over to my garage and we could look at his bike.  The little devil on my shoulder said “and look at way more.”

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Saturday afternoon rolled around and I finished up all the stuff we needed to get done on the job site to be ready for the truckload of windows that was arriving.  I looked at my phone and it said 2:15PM.  I went home and showered and even cleaned my ass out.  I wanted to be prepared for anything that might happen.  I liked the sweaty stink from working all morning, but wasn’t sure Louis would be into it.  It hit me again as I was getting dressed that I was getting way ahead of myself.  Nothing was probably going to happen.    Having not fucked in almost a month was letting my little head do most of the thinking.

I rode over to the garage where I store and work on my bikes.  It belongs to a friend from high school who got rid of his car and lets me use it for bike storage.  He also stores some stuff in there, but I pretty much took over most of it.  I opened the door and wheeled the Honda in and parked it behind one of the two other bikes I own - a 1975 BMW that my grandfather bought new.  I restored it back to perfect condition the year after he died.  It always draws looks and surprises the BMW faithful every time they see a guy like me riding it around.  My other bike was completely different.  It was a Yamaha R1 that I bought off a friend before he killed himself on it.  He had dropped it several times and it was in pretty rough shape.  I fixed most of the plastic and painted it so it looked decent but everyone knew it wasn’t stock, and it wasn’t.

I moved some stuff around and made a spot for Louis’s bike.  I had picked up a few maintenance things for his bike (a Harley Sportster 1200) so I was ready to do more than just stare at Louis’s sexy body.  The garage had one big problem with it - there were no windows to let in air to cool it down.  There was just one opening and that was the big door.  Someone had even blocked up the back door with concrete block like the rest of the walls.  The more I cleaned the more I sweated.  I pulled my shirt off and hung it to dry and swapped my jeans for some baggy shorts.  Almost exactly at four PM, I heard the familiar rumble of the v-twin come down the alley.  I saw Louis pull up to the open door and look in. I waved, motioning him to pull into the empty spot.

He turned the bike off and I was happy to hear silence.  The open pipes I found annoying but even worse was how the bike sounded.  I’m sure it ran like crap and even the old BMW could probably outrun it.   Louis got off the bike, wearing typical Harley gear - sunglasses, a HD dealer t-shirt, jeans (with wallet and chain) and some logo Harley boots that looked like they were fresh out of the box.  “Hey, welcome to my man cave” I said.

“Thanks.  I hope we can get it running better.  It died four times on my way over” Louis said as he looked around and added “Are these yours?”

“Yeah, its one of my vices” I replied with a sly grin.  “Uh, grab something to drink out of the fridge and have a seat, we gotta let it cool down before we work on it.  I’m not into branding from hot engine parts” I told him pointing at the bar stool in front of the workbench.   Louis grabbed a bottle of water and sat down and we chatted for a while.  I found out he was a computer geek for some small company, he had an apartment further north almost out of the city, and he was two years younger than me.  We shared a joint which I hoped would loosen him up.  Just as I was about to suggest working on the bike he started asking about my tattoos.  I told him when I got each and why I got them.  When there was lull, I then asked him about his.

“Well, I have wanted one for a while but my last girlfriend was against it.  She kept complaining about my beard and how she hated it when we kissed or I…”  Louis said before looking down at his feet and then finishing with “went down on her” looking completely embarrassed.

“I’ve ended relationships because of it.  If you want me, you get the beard, the hair, the attitude, everything”  I said.

Louis nodded.  “Yeah, she even trimmed my chest hair and pubes.  When we had a big fight over the tattoo I realized she didn’t want me, she wanted to turn me into some other guy.  So a few months ago I dumped her” he told me.

“Good, I never understood people doing shit like that”  I replied.

“So what about you?  Are you seeing anyone?”  Louis asked innocently.

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“Nah, I’m not right now.  Just playing the field”  I said, leaving it ambiguous.  Changing the subject, I said “Let’s take a look and see if we can do something about this beast.”  He was my go-fer, finding tools and helping out.  We changed oil and oil filter, cleaned the air filter that looked like it had been soaked in oil and kicked around a dirt field all day, and replaced the plugs.  I could tell that the carb was going to need some TLC when we took the air filter off, but crossed my fingers and started it up.  It was definitely better than when he brought it in, but still not like it should be.  A little probing more and I found some other issues that were gonna require more parts to get it running right.   I looked over a few other things and found some stuff that worried me.

“Louis, does this thing handle like a pig?” I asked.

“I don’t know, why?” he asked concerned.

“The wheel bearings are shot, look at how the front wheel wobbles.  And this belt is all cracked. You shouldn’t be riding this thing until we get those fixed.  It’s gonna kill you like this.   Let’s make a list of parts we need and then I’ll pick them up”  I told him seriously.

“Fuck.  I guess I’m taking the bus back home.   It’s after nine on a Saturday night, that should be interesting” he said.

“I can give you a ride home, don’t worry.” I replied.

“Really?  You did a lot for me already.  Dinner is on me then” Louis said back in a happy and eager tone.

I laughed.  “I can’t go anywhere like this.  They’d even throw me out of Mickey D’s” I said.

“No problem, I’ll make burgers or something at my place.  You can even shower there” he replied.

“How can I refuse?” I said back with a grin.   My cock was grinning too and starting to strain my jockstrap under my shorts.  “Can you close the door?  I need to change clothes and don’t want to give the neighborhood a show” I asked.   Louis closed the door and as it hit the ground I unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall.  I stepped out of them and then folded and laid them on the bench.  I was standing there in nothing but my bulging jockstrap and leather boots and I could sense Louis looking at me.  I had never been shy being naked around other guys.  While I might not be a model, I thought I looked pretty good.

“Damn” I heard him say as I bent over and untied the boots before taking them off and then sliding my jeans back on, stuffing my plump cock inside.  “What?” I asked.

“Uh… more ink” he said, stumbling for words.   I knew what might have thrown him but decided to be coy.

“You like the serpent wrapped around my leg?” I asked.

“Uh, yeah.  But the other one…” his voice trailed off.  He had obviously seen the tattoo of interlocked male symbols on my ass.

“Oh yeah.  My first tattoo.  When I just turned 18 and was out and proud” I replied.

“You’re gay?  You don’t seem like a guy that would be uh…” he said, shocked.

“Queer?  Not every gay guy matches the stereotype.  I could take you places and show you the real breadth of gay guys in the city and you’d be surprised.   I hope it doesn’t change how you think of me” I said.

“Oh no, I didn’t mean it that way.  I was just really surprised” he said apologetically.

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Last of the story setup


“You still want a ride home from a fag?” I asked sarcastically.

“Oh yeah, please.  And the offer of dinner and shower are still there if you want” Louis said.  I wasn’t sure if he was really being honest with me or just being nice until his bike was fixed.   I took him up on it and we wheeled the Yamaha out of the garage and I handed him a helmet.   “Gotta play safe, too many bad drivers out there” I told him.  It was ironic since with almost every other activity I rarely played safe.  I locked the door and asked him “You ever ride bitch?” and he shook his head “no.”  I explained how to get on after I did and told him “You can either hold on to the grab handles or me.  I’ll go easy.”

As we rolled away, I was surprised to feel his hands around my waist and it felt kind of good.  At every stop his chest was against my back.  We got to his place and he told me to park in his parking space in front of his car.  We went up to his apartment which was a really nice two bedroom with a balcony overlooking the parking lot.   He dug out a towel and said “Let me find something to eat while you shower.  Burgers ok?”

“Yeah, sure” I replied.  I had kind of hoped he would shower with me, but that was asking way too much.   I left the door open and stripped before I put the towel next to the shower and hopped in.   I took my time, cleaning off the grease and dirt and enjoying the hot water on my body.  When I finished, I stepped out and grabbed the towel and Louis was standing at the bathroom door in only a pair of basketball shorts looking at me.

“Fuck.  You just have more surprises, don’t you?” Louis asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused at what he meant.

“Well, you left the door open so I assume you like people watching and that big fuckin’ ring on your cock” he said.

“More like a habit.  I never close the door at home since no one else is usually there, but yeah I don’t mind guys watching me naked.  As far as the piercing, it’s one of many.  I got it when I turned 21 and finally got it to 0 gauge last year.  You like it?” I replied feeling him getting more comfortable.

“Shit, that had to hurt.  You take it out to fuck?” Louis asked.

Laughing, I said “It really didn’t.  It was one of the easiest piercings I’ve done.  I take it out if someone asks, but usually just leave it in.  It feels amazing for both bottom and top.”   I had finished off drying and I was just standing there naked.  I didn’t make any move to get my clothes.  “You seem to be pretty interested in my body.  Is there anything you want to see closer or touch?” I said with a smile.   Louis turned bright red and fumbled for words.  “I really don’t mind” I said as I walked closer to him.

“Its just that some of the mods you have done I have thought about.  We’re both hairy guys so now I can kind of see what it might look like on me” Louis explained as his fingers reached towards my pierced nipples.  The moment he touched one, my cock immediately started to stiffen.

“Careful there, you’ve awakened the monster” I said with a chuckle.

“What?” he asked.

“Your nipples aren’t wired to your cock?  Mine are and it doesn’t take much” I said as I reached over and rubbed my thumb over his left nip.

“Oh fuck!” he yelled out and I watched his shorts bulge out.

“No one has ever played with your nips during sex or foreplay?” I asked incredulous.

“Uh, no.  Most women I’ve been with haven’t liked me playing with their tits either” Louis said.

“Damn.  You’re missing out.  Its an amazing erogenous zone.  Have you ever just explored another person’s body?  Just let your fingers, lips or tongue touch and taste someone?” I asked.  I could see he was getting shy about talking like this.

“Uh.. not really. Uh… I….  Uh… I need to take a shower and wash the sweat and dirt off too” he said.

“OK, I’ll take a look at dinner” I replied.

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Louis pushed his shorts and underwear off and hopped into the shower in a flash.  I picked up his shorts and underwear and sniffed them, enjoying his masculine scent.   I dropped the underwear on the floor and put his shorts on.  I went to the kitchen and saw two burger patties sitting there on a plate and a bag of frozen veggies.  I went out on the balcony and found the grill already warmed up and went back in to get the burgers.  I cooked the burgers, nuked the veggies in the microwave and set the table.   With the grill off and the burgers plated, I closed the drapes in the living room and took his shorts off, tossing them back in the bathroom.

I was standing there at the bathroom door when he got out of the shower and I watched him dry off, like he had done to me.  He went to reach for his shorts and I said “Nope, if I’m naked you’re naked.”  Louis dropped them and before he could say anything more I told him “Dinner is ready” and walked back to the table.  Louis joined me and we ate dinner quietly chatting about nothing.  Near the end of the dinner he said “You’d make a great wife with meals like this.”

I chuckled and said “It’s husband and I’m glad you like it.  I just spiced it up with what I could find.”

“Yeah, I’m not much of a cook.  You kind of have it all.  You can build shit, you can fix motorcycles, you can cook and you’re…” he stopped before he could finish and I could tell he was embarrassed.

“I’m what?  An asshole?” I asked, wondering what he was going to say.

“Sexy” he mumbled.

“Thanks.  You know, it doesn’t make you gay to say that another guy looks good” I replied as he got up and started cleaning the dishes.

After a minute he said “I know, but I mean it in the gay sense.  I don’t know why, but I’m attracted to you.”  I could hear his voice crack and even though I was standing behind him, I could see the tear rolling down his cheek.

“Hey, don’t ever let anyone tell you your feelings are wrong” I told him as I turned him around.  I looked into his eyes and wiped the tear away.  We stood there a few moments and then he moved his head towards mine and we kissed for a few minutes.  I hugged Lous and then said “I’m gonna head home.  Thanks for dinner and the shower.  Do you want to meet next Saturday and finish up your bike?   I have… uh… things to do tomorrow, but I might be able to do some work on it this week.  Monday is out for me and Tuesday is out for you since we both have dates with Sky. It’s gonna take a few days to get the parts anyway.”  I grabbed my clothes out of the bathroom and put them on.

He looked back at me a little sad.  “Uh, yeah.  Saturday is good.  Same time?” He asked.

“Yeah.  You have my number if things change.  Or if you just want to talk” I said.  I think he wanted me to stay the night, but I wasn’t sure where I wanted this to go now.   Initially, I wanted to get into his pants, fuck and move on.  Now, it was getting more complicated.  Sunday I headed up early to my cousin’s farm for a day of dirt biking.  I was exhausted when I got home and went to bed right away.  Monday, I was at work early and then went home to shower and then get over to Sky’s place where I spent a few hours face down as he inked up the first part of my back tat.  I was relaxing Tuesday night when I got a text from Sky - “WTF?”

“Huh?” I replied.

“U gonna fk Louis?” Sky answered.

I didn’t know myself.  After a few minutes I replied “if he wants.”

“He’s a mess from his breakup.  Give him time. Don’t take advantage of him.  He’s a nice guy” was the response.  Sky knew that I rarely was in a relationship and much preferred to pick em up, fuck em and then go on to the next guy.

I replied “I know he is. I’ll be good.”  I then sent off a message to Louis.  “u ok?”  I didn’t hear anything back before I went to sleep.  There was nothing the next day either.  Thursday I got home from work and there were a few packages in front of the door.  I opened each one and it was all of the parts for Louis’ bike.  I sent off a text  “Hi.  got all the parts.  want to work on it tomorrow?”  I waited a few minutes and then packed everything up into one box and grabbed a few bungee straps.  I tied the box on the back of the Yamaha and then headed over to the garage.

I was just about to finish putting the new bearings in the front wheel of Louis’ bike and heard my phone on the workbench chirp.  I got the wheel back on the bike and went over and tapped the phone with my only greaseless knuckle.  Louis had replied but with my hands full of grease I couldn’t open the phone up to find out what he said. I realized I was almost as nervous as when I was in high school and had my first boyfriend.  I wiped my hands clean and read the message.  He said “can’t make it til 7. too late?” and I replied “no.”  I finished up the frontend of the bike, put on the new drive belt and pulled the carb off.   I disassembled it and left most of the parts sitting in cleaning fluid before I cleaned my hands up and closed up shop for the night.

Friday I was distracted most of the day and got several comments that I was working at half speed or too ready for the weekend.  As I was packing up to leave Carlos walked up, slapped my ass and asked “Hot date tonight?”  I grinned back at him and replied “Nah, workin on a guy’s bike.”  Carlos laughed and said “Make sure to ride it hard ” and winked at me.

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I stopped at a friend’s house and got a fresh bag of weed and then stopped and picked up a pizza on my way to the garage.  I opened the door and then closed it putting the pizza on the bench and then changing into my dirty work shorts.  The evening was warm so I opened the garage door and left my shirt off, partially to let the skin on my back get some air and healing time and partially to let Louis look.   I ripped open the parts bag and began re-assembling the carb.  Just as I was putting the last screws in I heard a car pull up in the alley behind me.  Louis hopped out of his Uber and walked in with a growler of beer, a couple plastic cups and a gym bag over his shoulder.   

“Hey, you’re early” I said smiling back at him.

“Yeah, I left the Friday party at work early to pick up something to drink besides water… and I think I smell something that might go well with it” Louis said.

“Me?” I replied, laughing.   I cleaned my hands off and emptied a spot on the workbench.   We scarfed down the pizza and drank a few cups of beer.  I caught him staring at me a few times, but it wasn’t a creepy stare.  I realized after a few times he didn’t mind that I knew he was looking at me.   

“So, is the bike done?” Louis asked.  I knew he was kidding since the carb was sitting next to the pizza box and there were parts of his bike all over the garage.

“Nope and you get to put it back together” I replied with a devilish grin.  The shocked look on his face was priceless.  I then added “I hope you brought some grubby clothes or your nice khakis and shirt are going to look pretty bad when you go to work Monday.”  He was staring at me again and then calmly said “Yeah, I do. Besides, I have a stack of these shirts from work.”  Louis got up and closed the garage door and walked back to where he had dropped his gym bag.  He pulled out some cargo shorts and a tee and set them on the stool.  Slowly he took his clothes off.  I watched closely and was sure he was doing a slow strip tease in front of me.

After he pulled his long sleeve polo shirt off, he stood there looking back at me and asked “So, how do you like it?”  I was confused.  Like what?  His near naked body?  The tight trunks that had a nice bulge? His smile?  The slightly shaggier beard?  “The tattoo, stupid” Louis said, shaking his head knowing that I was checking him out from head to toe.   “Oh…  that’s looking good” I said as I focused in on it closer and noticed that there were some outlines on his lower arm.

He smiled and said “Yeah, I liked the full sleeve you have so I got Sky to continue it down to just above my wrist.  Originally, I was going to wait to do the whole arm, but I decided to do it all now.”   He looked back at me again and said “So, how is your back doing?”  I smiled and turned around, showing him what three hours of Sky’s time had accomplished.  “Fuck, that’s hot.  It’s going from your neck down to your ass.  How many more sessions?” Louis asked.

“Probably three.  I just wish I could see it easier.  That’s why I left my back for last - that ink is more for others to see than me” I replied as I turned back facing him.

“It makes you look even sexier” Louis said without any inhibition.  He pulled me closer and we began to kiss, him in just his underwear and me in my work shorts and boots.  His tongue pushed into my mouth and danced against mine while my hands rubbed down his back until I grabbed his ass and pulled his hips against mine.  Our bulges were growing and pressing together as his arms wrapped around my back.

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Usually by this time with a guy we had already decided who was going to top but the kiss had been so sudden I had no idea if this was just going to be a kiss and grope or we were going all the way.  I heard him moan into the kiss and realized from his actions he didn’t either.   Our hands explored over each other’s bodies and we kept kissing.  Most straight or curious guys I had been with didn’t like to kiss but Louis wasn’t one of them.  He seemed to love to kiss and was really good at it.  But I needed more.  While I usually topped, I figured that he would feel more comfortable fucking.  I broke the kiss and rubbed our beards together as I moved back to his ear.  I sucked on the earlobe a moment and then kissed down his neck.

My hand rustled through the chest hair on his right side and down to his stomach.  My head was following behind and my teeth latched on to his nip, biting it gently while I sucked on it.  Louis’s hands were on the back of my head making sure my mouth didn’t stray too far from his body.  I hooked my fingers around the waistband of his trunks and pulled them down, feeling his hard cock spring free and rub over my chest, drooling precum into my fur.  I let go of his nipple and traced my tongue down his treasure trail, feeling the shaft brush through my beard to my lips.

I licked the head of his cock and then wrapped my lips around it, slowly descending until my nose was buried in his trimmed pubes.  I squeezed my throat around the tip of his cock and felt him shudder and moan.  Slowly I pulled back until the flare of his cock head was on the inside of my lips and then I went back down.   I began to bob on Louis’ cock using every trick I knew to drive his lust into overdrive.  My tongue, lips and throat worked his cock like I’m sure no woman had ever done to him.  I could feel he was getting close and I decided that I wasn’t going to swallow this load.   I pulled off and sucked on his balls, one at a time, looking up and seeing his eyes closed and his mouth agape.  I wondered what he was envisioning - me sucking him or some hot supermodel.

I pushed off my shorts and walked the few steps over to his bike and bent over, the straps from my jock framing my furry ass.  One hand was on the tank and the other on the back of the seat, I was braced for the fuck I hoped was going to happen.  Louis looked at me and I looked back at him.  He looked confused, like he had never fucked anyone before.  Finally he said “You got any rubbers?”

“Nope.  No lube either, spit is gonna have to do.  You ever fuck an ass?” I asked.

“Nnnnno” was all he replied, obviously nervous.

“Same as pussy, just better” I said before I spit on my hand and rubbed my hole with it.  I knew it wasn’t enough for him to just slide in, but I like rough fucks.  Louis moved closer, holding his cock in his shaking right hand. I pulled my butt apart and wiggled it suggestively.  He spit on the end of his cock and rubbed it over my winking hole.  I would have been in heaven if he had spent a long time rimming my ass, but I’d have to wait for that another time.  Hopefully there would be another time, I thought.  I relaxed and pushed back about the time he pushed forward.  It took a moment of pressure, but then he popped inside.

“Oh fuck… Oh my god…  Aaahhhhh…  aaaahhh… ahhhh” was all he said as his cock drove slowly into my hole.  He got half way in and then pulled back a bit.  He rocked his hips, getting deeper each time until I finally felt his hips hit my ass. The lack of lube had definitely given me the burn inside, but knowing he was fucking me raw made up for it.  I felt his hands grasp my hips and he started to plow in and out of my hungry hole.  His moans and grunts filled the garage and my hole started to get slicker as his precum coated the walls of my rectum.  He pounded harder and I felt the sweat drip off his body on to my back.

Louis slowed down after a while and I wasn’t sure if he was getting cold feet and was about to pull out or whether he was mixing it up so he could fuck longer.  He kept fucking though and I enjoyed every thrust.  When his hands moved to my shoulders and he started to hammer my hole I knew the answer.  Several minutes later the grunts got louder and I could tell his breathing was erratic.  A few well timed squeezes of my sphincter and he buried his cock all the way in.   I could feel the throbbing from his cock and knew he was filling me with his pent up load.  My own cock started to pulse, shooting cum all over the floor and milking all of the seed from his balls.  Sadly, this wasn’t the first time I had wasted a load on the garage floor.

I stood up, reaching back to make sure he stayed inside me and felt his sweaty chest against my back.  It felt odd with one side furry and the other side shaved, but there was no way I was going to complain.   I felt Louis’s arms wrap around me and his heavy breaths on my neck as the rush slowly dissipated.  “Oh my god, that was amazing” Louis said breathlessly.  He couldn’t see my grin but it was almost from ear to ear.

After a few minutes, I moved forward and felt his softening cock fall out of my ass.   I felt the familiar drip of cum run down my leg and I turned around to see if he was ok or if I had gone too fast once again and fucked it up.   He leaned in and kissed me again.  It only lasted a few moments before he backed away a half step.  “So that’s what gay sex is like?” Louis asked.

I chuckled and said “That’s just the tip of the iceberg, Louis.”

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This is quite the amazing story. It’s so well written, I can’t bear to be away from these characters for long. Here’s hoping you’ll continue. Thanks very much for the pleasure you’ve given already.

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I grabbed my shorts and walked over to a shelf and pulled two towels down, tossing one to Louis.  “Sorry, no shower here” I said.   I wiped my crotch and ass off and put my shorts back on.   He wiped off, but still seemed to be in a daze.   I looked at the clock and it was almost ten PM.  “I guess we’re not going to get much done tonight.   My place is closer if you want to just head over there.   We can drink a few beers and you can crash there.  We’ll finish the bike up in the morning” I told Louis.

“OK, I don’t really feel like working on the bike right now either.  You sure its ok to stay at your place?  I can grab a Uber or bus back to my place” Louis said.

“Yeah, of course.  You want to go now or do a bit of work?” I asked, hoping he was on the same wavelength as me.

“I don’t think I would be of much use right now.  I’d just be staring at you the whole time” Louis replied with a grin.

I dropped my shorts back to the floor and walked past him to pick up my jeans.  As I walked by I felt his hand touch my ass.  The garage was like a sauna with the door closed and our sweating bodies hadn’t helped it cool down.  We both put our clothes on, me in jeans and a tee and Louis in his khakis and shirt.  Once my boots were laced I opened the door and wheeled the Yamaha out again.  All suited up I closed the door and hopped on the bike with Louis taking the bitch spot again.   I left my jacket open and took the long way home, enjoying the summer air as it cooled me off.  I noticed that Louis’ grip on my waist was tighter than it had been the week before and he would occasionally reach down and grab my junk.

I pulled off the alley and parked under the back stairs like I always did and locked the bike to the post.  “Welcome” I said as we walked in the door.  I gave Louis the grand tour by standing in the center of the living room and pointing at the other rooms.  “Kitchen… office…  bathroom…  bedroom” I said.  “I need the bathroom first, Ryan” Louis said and almost sprinted over to it.  He closed the door which made me laugh to myself, but I went into the bedroom and pulled my boots, socks, jeans and shirt off.  I walked out of the bedroom about the time Louis came out of the bathroom.

“Whoa” he said, obviously surprised at me being almost naked.

“Sorry, this is how I usually dress when I’m at home.  I can put my jeans back on if you want…” I replied.

“No, no, I just wasn’t expecting it.  It’s your place, your rules” Louis said, smiling.

We sat on the couch and I flicked the TV on before I reached over and grabbed the pipe and loaded it with the weed I got earlier.   We passed it back and forth taking hits until it was spent.  Louis looked over at me and seemed to want to say something and then just pulled his shirt off.  “Fuckin’ warm in here” he said and I wasn’t sure if he was complaining or explaining.  He stood up and kicked off his sneakers and then his jeans and sat back down on the couch in just his CK trunks close to me.  Sky’s comments kept haunting me in my mind and while I desperately wanted to jump his bones, I didn’t make any moves.

Well, for a few minutes anyway.  Louis nuzzled in next to me and I wrapped my arm around him.  We finished the show on TV and he turned his head and smiled at me.  We locked eyes and his nose was right next to my sweaty pit.  I saw him sniff quietly a few times and then I had to know.  “You like that smell?” I asked.  Louis turned bright red, realizing he was busted.  “Nothing wrong with it, Louis.  Just about every animal uses smell to find mates, humans are no different.  Go ahead, sniff all you want” I said calmly.

Louis turned and then pushed my arm up.  What he did next, surprised me.  He attacked my pit with his nose and tongue.  He was breathing deep and coating his beard and face with my sweat before he lapped at my whole armpit with his tongue.  I heard him moaning quietly and a smile grew across my face as I realized he was enjoying it as much as I was.  He spent almost ten minutes like this until his tongue had washed most of my scent off.  My rock hard cock was sticking up past the top band on my jockstrap, leaking precum down through the hair and into the cloth.

I reached over and grabbed his arm and was about to shove my face in his armpit when he stopped me.  “No!  I put antiperspirant on this morning” he yelled out.  I appreciated the warning - I’ve gotten my tongue coated in that damn stuff too many times to count and it sucks every time.  I knew of a few other spots I could savor his scent, but I didn’t want to move too fast.   “You do like the smell of a sweaty pit then” I said.

“Yeah, if I’m going to be alone for a day I don’t shower or use pit stick so I can smell my ripe pits, but I didn’t know anyone else did shit like that.  Sorry, I've always wanted to try that with my own pit and you  didn't seem to mind” Louis said.

“That was hot.  I love a man’s natural scent and when it gets really ripe it’s even better.  I never use deodorant - the most I’ll do is grab a shower if I have to be scent free.   If no one is going to be around, I’ll just let it build for days” I replied.

“Mmmm, I want to smell that” Louis said while looking back at me with a smile.


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      This is a serial story I've been working on; it's finished through a good stopping point - but if there's enough interest, I can continue it further. There's also a side story already in the works. So - at least as far as THIS story goes, it will not be abandoned before a resolution.
      "I detest that little shit!"
      I looked at Rick, puzzled. "Who? Why?"
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      "Why - were you planning to go after that guy yourself?"
      "Not my point. Do you remember an obnoxious condom nazi who got himself banned from the bathhouses and the sex clubs who insisted everyone call him Theo?"
      "Oh, right... wait... that's him?! I remember him being a twink that turned up his nose at anyone who wasn't shaved from nose to toes."
      "He was... then I guess he realized he was aging out of the Twink zone, dropped out of sight for a few months and reappeared with a surprisingly heavy pelt grown back, a neat little beard and telling everyone to call him "Teddy" now - and instead of other hairless "little boy" types, now he chases muscle bears - emphasis on the muscle. If you recall, my big problem with him was that he had a vicious little habit of focusing his condom-nazi bullshit on guys HE didn't think were attractive - most often chunky bears and older men - and try and get them thrown out, like he was trying to turn a bathhouse into a hall of his own personal fantasy men. Well, he's still as big a body fascist as ever - to guys like the one he's talking to he's sweet as pie; if one's a little too old, a little too pudgy or whatever ... he's one of the nastiest little queens around ... unless he's trying to impress a potential trick, of course. On top of that, he went from condom nazi to Truvada campaigner - telling everyone it was a great *backup* in case a condom broke - to quietly dropping that and turning into a major PrEP Pig. I can only guess that at some point, one of those musclebears - on being told Ted was on PrEP - just held him down, raw-fucked him cross-eyed and he realized what he'd been missing all these years."
      "Aaaah, right, all the gossip is coming back to me now... I never ran into the little fuck, he never seemed to infest the sex clubs I like."
      "That's because all the sex club owners pre-emptively banned him when the first bathhouse banned him for his condom nazi tricks. Apparently he thought those places were beneath him until he got himself banned from all the bathhouses - and by then he was unwelcome at the sex clubs too. I know the owner of the Pig Trough and apparently Ted threw quite a fit when they wouldn't let him in, and would only tell him that it was because he'd been banned from the bathhouses. It's a little strange if you're expecting them to be competitive - but the owners of all the tubs and sex pits know each other and they share info about troublemakers. Usually it's druggies, dealers or guys who don't have even a rough idea of what 'consent' is - but Ted there got under their skin. I mean, sure they want to know about some kinds of misbehavior - especially if it's someone making a mess, literal or figurative they'll have to clean up - but a tattle-tale about guys he didn't find attractive who were fucking raw wasn't anything they wanted to deal with."
      "You said he's on PrEP?" I asked, and Rick nodded back. I started to chuckle.
      "What's so funny, Max?"
      "My buddy Logan is going to be visiting in about two weeks; he recently found out his strain of the bug is extremely resistant to Truvada; since he knows I'm as big a gift-giving perv as he is, he asked if I wanted to be exposed and of course I said yes. Now, I'm not Ted's type - maybe 'muscle bear' enough, but too old for his tastes. But from what you've said and going by that dude he's been chatting up, I bet he'd be all over Logan trying to get into his pants. He's about 6'4, built, covered in silky black fur and has a shaved head and a thick black beard. Oh, and a nice thick 8" to plow his dirty seed into any hole he can."
      "And you're thinking of siccing him on Teddy to see if that nasty strain can punch through the PrEP and knock Teddy up? I love it!"
      "Yeah - Logan used to brag about 'one fuck and knocked up' because his strain was so infectious; I don't know if it still is after whatever brought in the PrEP resistance, but it's sure worth a try if we can make it happen. He hasn't got any poz ink to give it away - while he gets off on any kind of breeding, he LOVES to stealth."
      "Damn... I'm getting a chub just thinking about it. I know a few guys in Teddy's orbit who'll know about what apps he's on and stuff."
      I looked at Rick. "This sounds like it's personal for you."
      "It's not about me, if that's what you mean. I don't want to talk about it right now, though."
      I dropped the point and we went on to chat about other things, and Rick later dropped me an email with a list of Teddy's hookup app and website accounts. I read them over and then contacted Logan - who, as I predicted, LOVED the idea; not just the stealthing part, but as someone who'd fuck anyone with facial hair and could be friendly with anyone else he loved the idea of sticking it to a former condom nazi who'd targeted "unattractive" men, and who was rude to anyone he didn't want to fuck. We talked about making some judicious edits to his own profiles to optimize his appeal to Teddy - who, for example, said he wasn't into "mansmells". (I'd just have to thoroughly tongue-bathe Logan before he showered to go after the little shit.) So - a photo of his arm in a bicep pose with his hairy armpit dripping sweat got recaptioned from "Wallow in my musk" to "I work out hard!" and other similar tweaks. He set up his travel dates to show a later arrival than he really had, so he and I would have time for our fun and getting set up for his pursuit of Teddy.

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