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All time favourite scene thread

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This gangbang scene with Dawson and Sean Storm as the bottom cumdumps is fantastically hot. It always gets me off. You can feel the sexual energy in the room rising and rising as the scene goes on. And there are plenty of fully internal cumshots, which is what never fails to make me shoot my load....


[think before following links] https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5b65f986dd3c2

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May favorite scene is the Treasure Island scene between Jesse O'toole (top) and Dawson (muscular bottom).  Although both had been working with TIM they had never had a scene together.  This scene is special because it shows what sex can be like when the participants really connect.  There is a lot of low talking between the guys that adds to the sensuality and Dawson mentions how long he had waited to work with Jesse.  Of course, Jesse's big cock helps.  😉   At any rate I recommend you check it out.

 [think before following links] https://timfuck.treasureislandmedia.com/scenes/jesse-otoole-and-dawson

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Shoot To Thrill ... first and last scene in the movie.  Just pure raw sex, and both filmed in a video cabin so it’s really up close.

There are lots of porn scenes I love, but these 2 are great.  I can’t even estimate how much cum I’ve shot while watching these over the years.

enjoy 💦

[think before following links] http://www.xvideos.com/video28851313/shoot_to_thrill

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Guest DetroitAnon

I turned 18 in the mid 80s and frequented the adult video stores often, watching porn in a booth with glory holes.  Randy Cochran was THE biggest gay black pornstar back then.  He was fully versatile, was in all black as well as interracial “no condom” porn, had a glorious bubble butt, a big dick, cute as anything, Gerry curls, and fucked like he could never get enough.  

I don’t know the name of my favorite video of his, but if you search “oh so Randy gay bareback” you will find a brief video of him in versatile positions.  

He always seemed to be underrated. Never seemingly showing up on all-time best gay porn actor lists.  A gross omission IMO.  


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1 hour ago, frenchyJules said:

I loved both. The second one is really familiar scenario. Top is coming, fucking out of my brain, unloading and leaving. I stay at home without cum and start to watch porn. It just happened yesterday. LoL 

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Definitely Sailor in the Wild (1983).  Especially when smaller, slender,   Brian Thompson is fucking muscle stud, Bill Henson, pulls out, shoots on his ass cheeks, then shoves his cock back in and continues fucking.  A rare occurrence in early eighties porn.  

[think before following links] https://xhamster.com/videos/sailor-ranger-vintage-bb-795903?from=share_mail

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