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    Raw only. Likes: smooth, Asian, perv, d/s, taboo, incest, w/s, zoo pnp, Tina.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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  1. Tuffenuf

    Don’t cum in my ass

    It turns me off to hear that, but it's only happened a couple of times. Both times I've shot my first squirt inside them then pulled out and squirted on them.
  2. Tuffenuf

    Weirdest Fetish

    Carhartt clothing IS hot! 🙂 My "fetish" is full motorcycle racing leathers with nothing on underneath. Will full face helmet on. My other fetishes, though common, jockstraps and Marine fatigues/cammos. Fastest way for a bottom to get me going is to arrive with a white jockstrap on under his 501's.
  3. Tuffenuf

    Perv/taboo chat [but this site has rules]

    Yes, to both questions.
  4. Tuffenuf

    Question for the Tops!

    Oh yeah, and wear a jockstrap.
  5. Tuffenuf

    Question for the Tops!

    Talk nasty to me, not just grunt and moan. From time to time be the aggressive one. Push me backwards onto the bed and climb on my cock and ride it.
  6. Tuffenuf

    Perv/taboo chat [but this site has rules]

    Wickr is Tuffenuf Very few limits
  7. Tuffenuf

    which bkk sauna for raw fun

    are they also "chem friendly"?
  8. pervy cock you have

  9. Damn - that cock of yours is making my mouth water

    1. Tuffenuf


      Glad you like it!  I know it would love being balls deep in your boyhole. :-p

    2. pointedkiwi


      Fuck you and me both Mr. my hole would be clamping on ur leaking  rod massaging non stop

  10. Tuffenuf

    Molested as a kid

    Yep, and no complaints here. :-)
  11. hey added u new wickr footycum

    1. Tuffenuf


      Right on. When I have some free time to perv I'll msg you.

  12. your cock and balls are almost art. Would love to give you a like for your cock in my hole and i will try to keep to cum inside as long as possible to know for sure i have your dna with me. And i would love to lick your ass. 

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