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    Really fucking turned on by conscious, focused, purposeful HIV infection/ bug chasing/ conversion, and I want to film real conversion scenes as a memento for the chaser and gifter. If you're a chaser and want your infection captured on video, get in touch. Or if you're a Poz gifter who wants to be filmed while giving the ultimate gift, get in touch.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Very fetish-friendly pervert here who recently turned on to the world of chasing/ gifting.
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    [think before following links] https://lessthanaman.bdsmlr.com/

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  1. When I'm sucking a man's penis, I get a sense of his approaching orgasm when I can feel his erection stiffen even more. His cock gets more rigid right before he shoots, and sometimes it gets a bit bigger/ thicker as well. (This is aside from any of the other cues that have been mentioned such as the pace of his breathing, moans/ grunts etc.) It's harder to feel this when getting fucked, but on a couple of occasions, I have felt the man's penis harden up just before he ejaculates. It's a major turnon when I can feel it.
  2. HOT. And well said. I agree completely. Impregnation talk while I'm getting bred is a major turnon.
  3. Steve Tuck is fantastically sexy. I love the few clips of him I can find.
  4. Agreed. The Joe Gage movies are the gold standard of 70s porn. I love the trilogy, but my favorite is "Heatstroke".
  5. I have a really small cock. Not diagnostically a micropenis, but I'm on the very low end of the cock size chart. If I'm being honest, I can make a direct connection between my endowment and my status as a total bottom. I'm also turned on by SPH (small penis humiliation) and other forms of humiliation as well. So the thought of a bottom demanding I wear some kind of fake, penis size enhancement apparatus before he demands I fuck him is incredibly exciting to me. Especially in the presence of top men with average to large penises who were watching. "A fake cock for a fake man". Yeah, I'd be lying if I said I don't find that scenario exquisitely exciting.
  6. Fall somewhere between #2 and #3. Very small. It's why I'm a bottom 100%.
  7. On my belly, with my legs open. Love feeling the top's weight on my back as he mounts me.
  8. Oh FUCK yes. Nothing turns me on like seeing a man orgasm inside his partner.
  9. Thanks a lot for the compliment! I wish I could say I have a lot more to show, but I have a pretty small collection to date. But here's some more for you to enjoy.

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