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    love men who love to lick it then stick it
    love being fucked hard and rough
    love some bdsm kink- bondage, cbt, leather, etc
    i go back and forth about chasing- i convince myself it's stupid and wrong, but then i realize i get so damn hard and horny thinking about taking poz loads- what is a guy to do?

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  1. Finally got my first load of 2019 in my ass at the bookstore Saturday afternoon. He was a hot little guy who was really turned on that I let him fuck me bare.

    1. Hunter22


      Mazal Tov lol 

  2. ronetbus

    Tumblr Videos

    It looks like tumblr porn will soon be a thing of the past. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/dec/03/tumblr-to-ban-all-adult-content?ncid=newsltushpmgnews__TheMorningEmail__120418
  3. tumblr_phjzpcwiE01v7qir9_500.jpg

    1. pozskincumpig


      What a great nice big cock is that wanna feel it deep in my POZHOLE and get his LOADS??

  4. ronetbus

    Tumblr Videos

    Thanks for the reminder.
  5. ronetbus

    Tumblr Videos

  6. ronetbus

    what happened to Chat?

    I miss chatting with my pervy buddies 😞
  7. ronetbus

    Give your input on the new chat

    It's happening again- I miss chatting with the nasty pervs on this site
  8. ronetbus

    Portland ME

    hey buddy- how did I miss your reply? we should talk
  9. ronetbus

    Weekend at camp

    Guys, I apologize for leaving this story unfinished. Life has interrupted me a bit. I had more of it written in my head already, but am still unsure of the end.
  10. ronetbus

    Portland ME

    Monthly cock and cum hunt in Portland Maine this weekend. Hit me up.
  11. ronetbus


    You've just started it. I have had a few experiences with bdsm and loved it. They have not been raw sex experiences however. I wish they had been.
    1. Fistulike666


      Thats a great post. Now try this one .....    https://www.tumblr.com/blog/fistulike666-blog

    2. ronetbus


      That link brings up your whole tumblr page for me, not a single post. But your tumblr is HOT!

  12. ronetbus

    Portland ME

    I'll be in Portland this Friday and Saturday looking for loads. I need my ass filled with cum.

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