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Spun, used and piss filled

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Bailed out of work a few hours early yesterday and found myself at the trailer of a guy off NKP. He had fucked and bred me several months ago and I remembered he had stuck a torch in my hand and a loaded bowl in my mouth and told me “you can stop smoking when I stop fucking.”  Of course I left that day fucked up beyond any experience with a four day load coating every inch of my hole. 

Yesterday I arrived with my Nasty Pigs jock, my own smoke and bottle of G infused Gatorade. I had drank half already as well as a bottle of water  and needed to piss. I pullout my enema bottle and told him I wanted to fill my hole with chem piss. He had a nasty smile and handed me a cup saying, ”put that away and fill this cup.”  

When I overflowed the cup, he told me to help him set up his sling so he could use my “piggy fuck hole.”  It’s quite a mind fuck  to be spun, lightly G’d up and assembling another man’s sling for the purpose of your own anal desecration. He started putting on leathers and told me to finish my Gatorade and get my ass in the sling. 

I chugged the last bit and laid back. He strapped my feet in the stirrups and tied my arms to the chain over my head after blindfolding me. As he stuck the pipe in my mouth and force fed me hit upon hit of T, I felt my body start to float. Breathing deeply I would take in the second hand smoke from the clouds hanging over me. He asked if I was his piggy boy.... yes I moaned. He asked if I was a cumdump... yes I moaned again.  He asked if he should fill my ass with my own chempiss and let it soak in. Fuck yes, please! I shouted. As he said “good boy”, I felt something cold and metal lightly touch my hungry fuck hole.


Well, I better get back to work so I can get caught up from yesterday. I could continue later? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔

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He worked in the metal feeling object pretty smoothly and quickly.  I really didn’t know it until it was an after thought. I suddenly felt my body temp drop. My ass was cold. He laughed at what must’ve been a strained look on my face. “That’s your chem piss faggot.” It had been about 45 minutes since I filled his cup and it wasn’t body temp anymore. He told me to clamp shut as he pulled his device out. Within a couple minutes my body temp was rising. My hole felt hot and I started grinding in the sling begging for him to rape the piss out of me.

He responded by telling me to relax and then buried his face in my hole. He had put the piss deep and would tell me to tighten my ass and work my muscles like I was milking a cock. I could feel the piss, moving, soaking in more and more.

Suddenly without warning, a

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Hit up this guy again this past Thursday. I knew he wanted to use me again and share me. Last go around (which I see now the ending isn’t showing I’ll fix later) focused mainly on getting me flying on chem piss. He was to T’d up to fuck me.  This time though was way different.
I wasn’t even halfway through the dented creaky screen door when I heard, “strip and get in the sling faggot” I’m not sure what it is, maybe recognition of true calling, but being called a faggot excited and energizes me. I did as I was told and after several minutes of taking repeated deep hits and holding before clouding, he blindfolded me and tied my arms to the chains. 
He ate my hole and while catching his breath repeatedly asked me if I was his cumdump. Was I his fuck toy? Was I his piss whore? Etc. He shoved a bottle of poppers under my nose and told me to inhale. After 20 seconds of filling any lung space not already taken by Tina, he pulled back. As soon as I exhaled, he hit the other nostril and had me inhale for almost 30 seconds. Before pulling away he told me to “hold that in till I tell you faggot.” Just as I felt that about-to-pass-out feeling he told me to release and I did, extreme waves of sluttiness and relaxation flooding my body. Tina, poppers and the G I had right before getting there put me in a perfect state of cumslut. 
He laughed and said something like  “today I make you mine” then shoved in he fucked me for about five minutes before burying deep and unloading. He backed out slightly then slowly pushed in. I heard him say “Now boy..” and felt his cock start to throb slightly. “..take my chem piss faggot.” he finished his sentence. As put his face in my ass I could feel some of the piss leak out. Hello tightened my ass, keeping his cum and piss into soak into me and send me spinning even higher.

In no time his Cock was back at my hole. “Let me in boy. You’re getting used today.” I relaxed and felt my hole swallow his fat cock. He pounded away and soon with a loud grunt he again buried his dick deep and unloaded another load in my sloppy ass. As he pulled I tightened my hole again, it throbbing and wanting more. “You just have a hungry hole huh faggot?”  

Yes Sir!

“Good, that should be my buddy pulling in now. I’m going to just wipe outside your hole so he doesn’t know you’ve been fucked. I’ll tell him that deep cum he feels, and he’ll be deep, is just lube. You just shut the fuck up and be a hole to use.. like you are.” He hit me again with poppers. My head was spinning further now thanks to the chempiss and poppers.

Minutes later I heard another voice in the room. “I’ve had a shitty day.. I think I’ll enjoy taking it out on that guy.”  My dom daddy must’ve been sucking his cock given the slurping sounds. They stopped and I heard “Go ahead, that’s why I bought you the Uber to get over here.” I briefly felt a pressure on my hole and just was about to relax, it pulled away. Suddenly he shoved his Cock brutally up my ass ripping through the outer ring. He cackled. “You lubed the inside but not the entrance! Bet he wishes you had!” I didn’t give a fuck. I was trying to pull him deeper, while clamping down on that beast. He groaned approvingly and kept pace for around 15 minutes before saying

“you want me to breed your hole?!” 

yes! Fuck yes!

“Beg  me for it.“

Please breed my hole. Give me every drop!

As soon as I did, he obliged and dropped his load in. I love feeling that. That throbbing, pumping feeling a cock makes when it unloads a few days worth of cum, frustration and anger deep in your ass.

He popped out of my ass and I tightened again. His departing Uber arrived and Sir took me out of the sling. “Lay on the bed, face down. Now you’ve got me worked up.” He came around in front, stuck a pipe in my mouth and said smoke till I say stop.  As I did he recounted my activities... tied up cumdump getting pissed in, spun, used, three soon to be four loads in, etc. I could feel myself starting to spin, sweat dripping down my face. He replace the pipe with the poppers and when satisfied, got on top and worked his way into my ass. “Found your butt plug cock ring thing. I’m using it. Never have used one.” He said. I was too fucked up to warn him it would be a massive feeling when he shot. 
He slid in and slowly worked my ass. I could feel every inch of my hole coated in 3 loads of cum and remaining piss my ass had pushed out from deep. He picked up pace and violently screamed as he dropped his third, my fourth, load in my ass. He popped out of my hole and started talking about how he hadn’t anticipated my toy working like that. I just lay there in piggy heaven. He left yhe room and came back. Ok I’m done, get your stuff. 
Just like that he kicked me out so he could clean up. Used, filled, a cumdump faggot who served his purpose. On the way home I drove up the Blue Ridge Parkway. A car pulled behind me when I parked and flashed its lights. It was pouring rain but I tapped my brake lights, we both got out. “Nice afternoon” he awkwardly said. I dropped my shorts and bent over the hood of my car.

“You clean?” he asked. Yep, just some lube from earlier a guy played with my ass.  “oh you’re a naughty boy” As I relaxed my hole and sucked in his Cock I thought Naughty might be an understatement. He was a quick cum and I got back into the car soaked and filled with five loads. That night I finger fucked myself before going to bed and pushed out a nice mixture of cum. The wife was snoring ever so slightly so I stuck the finger in her mouth and watched her swallow the five load piss tinged mixture.  I rubbed my Tina dick with some more for a few minutes and fell asleep. A good warmup for a return to Atlanta.


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On 11/2/2019 at 12:52 AM, Oak828 said:

He worked in the metal feeling object pretty smoothly and quickly.  I really didn’t know it until it was an after thought. I suddenly felt my body temp drop. My ass was cold. He laughed at what must’ve been a strained look on my face. “That’s your chem piss faggot.” It had been about 45 minutes since I filled his cup and it wasn’t body temp anymore. He told me to clamp shut as he pulled his device out. Within a couple minutes my body temp was rising. My hole felt hot and I started grinding in the sling begging for him to rape the piss out of me.

He responded by telling me to relax and then buried his face in my hole. He had put the piss deep and would tell me to tighten my ass and work my muscles like I was milking a cock. I could feel the piss, moving, soaking in more and more.

Suddenly without warning, a

Please finish!!

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      He had me wear a jockstrap, and some short shorts, sitting in the backseat fucking my hole with a dildo while we drove around. We went to the neighborhood, and spoke to some of his the homeless people he’s friendly with to see if they wanted to fuck me.
      Tommy, this 20 something straight guy decided he’d let me suck his dick, and if it felt good he’d fuck me. He’s got a semi hairy chest, and a big full bush, which absolutely turns me on. He’s about 5’7”, and 150 lbs, which is a frame that is a lot smaller than mine. (I’m 5’10, and 196). He’s cute, but this is not my type, but I’m a slut, and here we are. 
      So I get on my knees in the dark alley behind this dilapidated bank, where they’ve been sleeping, and start sucking his dick. I thought it would smell and taste horrible, but it was surprisingly sweet tasting. His cut dick got hard almost instantly, and was at least 8” long, and about 5” around, he kept whispering “fuck”, and “holy shit. You really know how to suck a dick”. After a few minutes he said “alright, let me see that pussy.” 

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      He plays with my hole with the tip, and asked if I was ready, which I responded “always”. He slowly inches it in, and fucks a little deeper with every stroke, until finally he gets it all the way in. He stops. His breathing is strained, and he just keeps muttering “fuck, fuck, fuck. This feels so good”. His strokes are uneven, and awkward, and you clearly tell he’s very awkward. 
      He finally gets his bearings, and gets his stroke to a very steady rhythm. He mutters “ I’m gonna make you my bitch. You’re gonna let me nut in you, aren’t you slut”, with me moaning “yes, baby, yes. Give me all that cum”. I’m leaking precum so bad at this point. He keeps pumping my hole harder and faster, making me moan so loudly, and I knew it was almost time. He grunts this primal, throaty noise, and pulls my ass so he’s balls deep in me. He starts to cum, and just keeps saying over and over again “oh fuck, oh fuck, ohhhhh fuuuuuck”, and I can feel him throbbing inside of me. I reach between my legs and cup his hairy balls, feeling them pulse with every contraction. He pulls out, and I turn around to suck his dick clean. Which isn’t something straight people do lol. 
      Anyway, this was my first experience with a homeless man, but not my last. 
      to be continued...

    • By BritishCumdump
      I know there's probably been a thousand threads of this nature already but is anyone else struggling with not being able to meet under UK lockdown? I know lots of people are still meeting and that's their prerogative, but for me I went from having the most cumdump heaven year in 2019 to having like one load since last February. I find myself going onto Fabguys and Scruff and Recon, chatting to hot tops wanting to fuck me but it eventually peters out when I and/or them decide to stay responsible. We make half-hearted arrangements to keep each other in mind when fucking can be a thing again but I feel like such a stick in the mud. It's annoying because I've shaken off meeting for so long but, because of things outside my control, it doesn't look like this pandemic and lockdown is going to end anytime soon. 
      Then again, if it does, I've got a fucking colossal list of guys that want to unload in me so that keeps me going. Luckily the last time I had sex was amazing and the memory of it keeps me going that I can have a night like that again. A regular of mine with a 9.5 incher came round and fucked me anon, then got on the apps and invited other guys to come round and fuck me, with him keeping my hole busy between each of them. I didn't see any of them and he didn't show me their profiles afterward. We only got like 6 guys round in total but it was kinda amazing, getting pimped out by someone I trusted and taking a nice few loads. Hopefully we can do the same thing again soon. 
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