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18 hours ago, hungryfaggotcunt said:

where would we see this ? ur being extremely vauge about his cumdump.. also why no response to my offer? 

It was advertised and he was streamed live for a while

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On 7/2/2021 at 4:51 AM, hungryfaggotcunt said:

I would love to volunteer to be a cumdump for a group you or anyone wants to have as well.


Where can tops reach you?

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On 7/3/2021 at 12:46 AM, BB10 said:

Did anyone else see the WeHo Cumdump get gangbanged during Pride?  He was strapped to a fuck bench while the entire room filmed and abused his cunt. The host was keeping him dosed up on G and poppers, had him moaning like the whore he’s meant to be

Hell yea. I bred his pussy too.

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8 hours ago, Ripemuscleboy said:

Hell yea. I bred his pussy too.

Fuck yeah! Did you dose him up while you were there?

Do you still use him? 

Edited by BB10
Added another question
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