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  1. I will be taking ALL LOADS tonight, getting whored out by a daddy top at La Brea Hollywood Inn 10pm - 2am. Won’t know Room # till after 9pm, msg here or through Twitter for faster response
  2. Same here. Taken thousands by now since being on PreP and still negative.
  3. Love getting whored out. Live in Silverlake but can host or get a motel.
  4. Love getting whored out. Live in Silverlake but can host or get a motel.
  5. I do this too. 😈 or when you suck someone off save their cum. I do that with my Gloryhole.
  6. Yeah I will be editing a full video soon.
  7. Would love to do the same. 😈
  8. Love breeding other sloppy cum dumps too.
  9. Fuck have always fantasized about being dosed and whored out. My record is 33 loads recently in DC. But wanna take more. . Tops hit me up here or through Twitter. Silverlake here
  10. My last load story was a guy I met in Philly this past weekend and he poured 100 of his saved loads in me. 💦🤤
  11. Heading to Slammer Friday night 7.23 with another cum dump buddy of mine, Hollywoodbttm. Come find us and breed us. 💦🐷🐷
  12. I have asked at the LGBT Center here in L.A and almost always the answer is no. Apparently it’s becoming a common question. You would think they might be able to. However I have heard from sex worker friends that you have a better chance saying you’re a sex worker.
  13. Taking loads next Wed 4.21 at Hollywood La Brea Inn. Filming is encouraged but not required. Attempting to break my record of 31 loads. Will be starting at 5pm. You can check out my videos at Twitter.com/labrdedcumdump. You can DM me here or on Twitter. But you can also show up that day to the motel, open up Grindr, or follow the guys going into my room.
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