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Chris is an 18 year old senior in high school. Straight, dark brown hair, Brown eyes, swimmers build, captain of the track team. His beautiful girlfriend, Ann. Who, he fucked every chance he got. Chris knew he had a hot body, and that certainly didn’t go unnoticed by Jack, his 56 year old next neighbor, who secretly lusted and had discreetly watched Chris from his bedroom window, Jack who was 5,6 slim with sliver gray hair, had fantasized on fucking the clueless young man. Jack’s best friend, Oliver, who was a year older, then Jack over weight and was 5’8. Both talked about what they would do with Chris, if they could get their hands on the 6’ foot stud.

and as fate would have it, an opportunity would happen for Oliver and Jack. 
Chris was getting ready for work at the comic book store he worked at. He was by himself after 4 when his boss left. It was a mom and pop place, so no security cameras, he was alone. He would see customers and by closing it was dead slow.

Jack and Oliver knew the shop closed at 8

and with that, they went to see Chris, to ask him about comic books. At least that was their story.

Around 745PM, Oliver and Jack showed up, Chris was surprised. “Hi Chris,” Jack said with a very cheerful voice. “Hello Chris,” came from Oliver. “Hello Mr. Morgan.” Hello, Mr. Reeves.”  “What brings you here?” “First of all, it’s not Mr. Morgan, it’s Jack.” “And I’m Oliver.”  “We’re looking for the Amazing Spider-Man 700.” Oliver said. “He’s looking to get it for his nephew, he can’t find it anywhere.” Jack finishing up Oliver’s sentence. “Let me check the back issues.”   Chris goes to the back, Jack puts a roofie into Chris’s soda. “I got it” as Chris comes from the back. “Thank you, Chris!” Oliver says, paying for the book. “Thank you for looking” Jack says with a grin.  The men quickly leave, Chris fishes cashing out for the night. Takes a sip of his Soda, slowly feels dizzy, trying to keep his balance, but passes out. At that moment both men come back in, Oliver locked the door, while Jack goes to check on Chris, who is out cold. Quickly, putting their plan into action, Oliver gets Chris’s keys and goes to hide his car, so everyone thinks he has left. Jack, using Chris’s finger print to unlock his phone, setting up a fake profile on various gay websites that caters to older men. Oliver returns, having parked Chris’s car three blocks away from the store. Oliver and Jack manage to get Chris into the back and unto the couch. Both men slowly undress the young man, Oliver is impressed by what he sees.  Chris’s smooth chest, the pubic hairs above his soft dick, but once it got hard and thick it would be great to play with.  Chris let’s out a moan, slowly waking up, finding himself staring at Oliver and Jack naked standing over him.  “What’s going on here?” As Chris slurred his words, and barely able to move. “It’s ok Chris, just enjoy it and relax.” Jack said in a soothing voice, easing the young man’s mind.”
Oliver, went to go get Chris’s soda, giving him a pill viagra to get him hard and with the roofie still in the soda, Chris passes out again, Jack puts lube on his dick, which is now hard, and puts some lube on Chris’s hole, slowly sliding his 7 inch cock into the young man. Oliver, watches Jack fuck Chris, who’s own cock is now hard thanks to the viagra. Oliver set up a camera to record all the action, and to use it, against Chris, if he should try and say anything to anybody about this. Jack felt himself starting to cum inside Chris, who was now half awake unable to speak and seeing Jack between his legs and his cock in his ass. “Here, it comes Chris!” Jack let’s out a loud yelp. Shooting his load into him. “My turn.” Oliver says, as he positions himself between the young man, not using lube due to the cum leaking out of Chris’s ass.

”I’ve waited a long time for this.” Oliver said. Chris couldn’t do much, the roofie took much of his energy, and was surprised to see he was hard. All Chris could do was take it. 
while Oliver was finishing up, there was a knock at the door. Jack went to answer it, and to his surprise, there were eight men ranging in age from 53 to 77. “Hi, I believe this is the place where we get to bareback a hot jock.” said the man with the eye glasses, who was 5’2 and stocky. “Why yes it is” Jack said with a grin. Pointing to the back, Jack locks the door,  and follows the men to the back. “My he is beautiful.” One guy said. Oliver shoots his second load into Chris. “Times up, Ollie, we have to give these fine gentlemen a turn with our boy.” 
each of the men took turns fucking Chris. Who couldn’t do much but take it, Oliver started jerking Chris’s cock, while deciding to fuck him again. “Chris, this is a night you’re never going to forget.” While shooting another load into the young man’s ass. And at the same time, Chris shot his load all over, in which Oliver, fed Chris his own load, who licked it off his 

the next morning , Chris woke up in his bed, thinking he had dream the whole thing,  until he got a text from Jack, with a link to the video saying “Don’t day anything to anyone, or we will release it all over the internet.” 

Chris now was their personal cum and he knew he couldn’t tell anyone either


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But he doesn't really care now, because deep down he knows he is addicted to it :).


Great !

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    • By pxxxdxxx1234
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    • By DutchBBfucker
      (This story is pure fictional)
      Part I : Who’s next?!
      Joey is only 21 and made a fortune with posting videos YouTube. For more than 4 years, mostly teenage girls have watched him doing stupid stunts and pranks without his shirt on. His followers fantasize about him, his muscled bronzed torso, his long blond hair and piercing blue eyes. What they don’t know is that Joey also has a depraved dark side. In the last 2 years he created a gang of 9 fit, hung boys between 18 and 21, and together they prey on mostly hot, straight boys to convert them and add to his gang. 2 boys started gay and 7 boys are straight/bi guys that got converted into predators with a high vl. All boys share the same pozz dna that they got from Joey. (How Joey got pozzed and depraved, I will explain in a later story.j
      Joey and his gang are chilling at the skate park, when a voice asked, “Are you that Joey guy from the videos”. Joey turns around and looks in to the eyes one of the most gorgeous guys he seen. “Yes i am!” Joey replies. “My ex-girlfriend, the whore, is a big fan. So if i can make a photo together then the bitch will be fucking jealous!” the boy says. “Sure,” Joey replies and takes his pose. “Thanks! Have a great day” says the boy. “Wait! … You look like a cool dude, soon do you want to join us?” Joey answers. The boy says “Sure! I’m Omar”. “Omar, you’re not really dressed for hanging out?!” Joey tells him. Omar answers him and says “I know I just got off from work!”. “Get the backpack” Joey orders the boys. One of the boys hands him the bag and Joey takes out a short and a shirt, hands them to Omar and says “Keep it!”. Omar stutters and says “Thanks! But these are very expensive”. “Not for me!” He smiles and then orders Omar to put them on. This will give Joey a chance to admire the Moroccan boy. Omar removes his shirt and trousers without showing any shame. The boys see his light-colored hairless athletic body and a huge limp cock between his legs. Joey says “why would your girlfriend leave that donkey dick?!”. “I kicked her out because she didn’t want to try anal!” Omar replies laughing. All the boys start laughing. “A fan offered to be my and my boys personal slut this evening. She is hot and a total whore. Definitely in to anal and dp. Do you want to join us in my penthouse in fucking her all night!” Joey asks him out of the blue. “Hell! Yeah!” Omar replies, not knowing that there is no fan and that he’s going to be the bitch that get fucked all night. Omar’s life will change forever.
      Part II : Getting him high
      The boys arrive at Joey penthouse and start taking of their shirts. “Get comfortable! Want a drink?” Joey asks. “Yes please!” Omar says while taking of his shirt and takes place on the big leather sofa. Joey hands Omar his drink and takes a big gulp of his own. The boys all take a seat in the big living room and start drinking. Omar takes his first gulp of the very sweet beverage not knowing that the taste is to mask the G that is added. All boys drink the same G-laced concoction. One of the boys starts handing out pills. “Viagra! So you can keep a hard-on all night!” Joey explains. The boy hands Omar his pill - a fake one that does nothing. The rest of the boys swallow their real pills while Omar swallows his fake one. They going to reprogram him by making him into a willing bottom for all their pozz loads. His big dick will come in handy the next time they convert a boy.
      Joey puts his drink down and says “Let’s get in the mood… she will be here in approx 45 minutes… Let’s welcome her with a parade of big hard dicks.”. A huge screen slowly drops down from the ceiling and the lights get dimmed. Trance music begins to play and on the big screen straight porn starts to play. Within a few minutes all boys are rubbing their hardening dicks. Joey gets out a pipe with Tina and starts heating it and takes some hits. Omar’s head begins to feel light and starts staring at Joey smoking his pipe. “Wanna try? It get you so damn horny. We all love this shit!” Joey asks. Omar nodds and Joey starts heating the pipe, put it between Omar lips and orders him to take a deep hit. “Keep it in for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… and exhale!” Joey tells Omar. A big cloud of smoke leaves Omar’s mouth while the T starts to cloud Omar’s mind. “Take another bigger one” Joey orders Omar. The whole procedure repeats itself several time. Joey knows now that he can start the conversion. The porn switches to young raunchy guys fucking and seeding a small boy. Omar is looking at it  and starts to get horny. The T has a firm grip on him. Joey begins to kiss Omar’s neck and begins working up. Their eyes meet, their lips touch and they begin to kiss. Four other boys get closer. They remove Omar’s shorts and a half stiff dick begins is in reach. One boys swallows the big dick whole, Omar starts to moan while locked in a deep kiss. Omar’s big dick starts to harden and filling the boy his throat. Two other boys lift up Omar’s legs and with the other hand they start pinching his nipples softly. Omar moans louder as the boy that’s sucking the cock lubes up finger and begins working it up Omar’s ass. Omar starts moaning deeper and his ass starts relaxing. Then the boy takes out his finger and takes a big shard of tina and begins working it deep in Omar’s ass. A burning sensation fills Omar’s ass, slowly it turns in to a warm feeling that covers his body. When the T reaches his brain he surrenders to this new horny state of mind. Joey stops kissing him. “You are so hot! I want you to join me. Quit that stupid job. Like these boys, I can give you everything you desire.” Joey whispers in his ear. Omar nods. Joey continues and says “In exchange I only ask one thing and that is that you do what I ask you… I don’t want to hear NO! Deal?”. Omar nodds again. “Okay! Just sit back and enjoy the ride!” Joey grins. Omar doesn’t understand. Joey drops his short and a dick bigger than Omar pops out. “Grab his arms” he orders 2 other boys, while kneeling in front of Omar’s spread ass. He starts lubing up his dick and placing the tip at Omar’s ass-lips. Omar realises what is about to happen and opens his mouth “N…”. ‘Smack’. Joey hit Omar hard across his face. “I told you… don’t say NO!” Joey says with a loud firm voice. Before Omar can say something else Joey begins to push his huge cock in that virgin ass. Omar starts screaming while the cock splits him in half. “Yeah! I like destroying tight straight asses” Joey grunts. After a few minutes Joey is ball deep inside Omar. The screams fade. Omar’s ass starts to accept the big dick filling him. “Strap!” Joey orders. Two boys stretch Omar’s arm while a third ties it of. Omar feels a fast stab in his arm. “Ready for you new life?!” Joey asks while the strap gets released. A warm feeling takes over Omar’s body, he starts to cough, and his brain gets overloaded by new hot feelings. The ass starts to relax and this is Joey’s signal to start pulling back. When the big cock is nearly out he plunges it back in. Omar gasps for air. Joey starts pumping the ass that get’s looser with every stroke. Joey starts asking questions like “YOU LOVE IT?”, “YOU WANT IT HARD?”, “ARE YOU MY SLUT?”. All get answered with a load moan. “BEG FOR IT!” Joey orders. “Please, give it to me hard. I’m your slut. I love it so much!” Omar moans. “I want to cum deep in you… Breed you… make you one of us!” says Joey. Omar replies with “YESSSSS! I WANT IT SO BAD!”. “Are you filming this? i want to see the look in his eyes when it hits home!” Joey ask the boys. Omar looks confused. “Yeah! We document all conversions… We all have a video with us accepting our new life!” Joey says before he lets out a big grunt. His cock begins to pump an enormous flow of cum inside Omar. “Feel the cum filling you up. Not long now before my dna is entering your bloodstream. Poisoning your blood with the gift i once got!”. Omar eyes are wide open. He begins to struggle. ‘Smack’. Again Joey slaps his face saying “to late now”. He begins to pump his big cock inside the ass again. Harder and harder. Omar moans loud while the cum drips out his ass with each stroke. Again a load grunt and Joey starts to fill the ass with a second big load. Then he pulls out his cum dripping. “He’s ready for your filthy pozz seed” Joey says laughing. The boys give Omar a second slam before fucking him one by one. After the last  boy a huge puddle of cum is laying on the floor under Omar’s ass. The ass is wide open and dripping cum.
      Part III : CUMMING SOON!!!
    • By Oracle1100
      Steve and Pete, two good looking guys, had met in college, fell in love instantly.  Steve and Pete, graduated and got jobs. Finding a place in a neighborhood, that was for older people, but was affordable and were welcomed by landlord who rented the downstairs apartment to them. Ralph, who owned the house, wanted Pete, who with dark hair, hazel eyes, slender build.  Not that Steve was a slouch, brown  hair and brown eyes.  Ralph himself, was balding 58 years old overweight. Ralph had peek holes in the floors in the apartment. He would watch Pete, shower, get dressed and watch Pete fuck Steve.  Ralph had fantasies of fucking Pete.  And an opportunity for Ralph was going to happen.
      ”Pete, I’m planning your birthday party, and do I have a surprise for you.” Steve said to his boyfriend. “I’m going to choose a guy for you to fuck as your birthday present.”  “I can’t wait to find out who it is.”
      Ralph, eavesdropping, would fix it, that Pete wouldn’t get to his own birthday party Ralph, between asking, snooping around the apartment. Finding what he thought were invitations, but were clues to who the guy was and where the party was being held. Ralph replaced, the directions with another place to go. Which was an hour in the opposite direction of where the party was. Ralph got hard, knowing that he was going fuck him.
      The day of the party: Ralph left jockey, with the open back. And a note that said “The surprise guy wants to top you.” Pete was surprised that Steve would want a guy to top him, he figured Steve would want to top him. But it was Steve’s fantasy, so he would go with it.
      Pete arrived at the address: he was surprised to see that it was a bathhouse, but didn’t question it.  Walking in, Pete is greeted by old men in their late 50’s early 60’s. Pete made his way into a room.  Put his stuff away, got naked, putting on the jock. When a stocky old man walked in “You must be Pete, I have a message for you, it is go to room 9. Make a left, It’s by the sauna.” Walking to the room, Pete felt hands grabbing at his ass, wondering why Steve would pick a bathhouse to have a party.   Now in the room,  Pete hears a voice “take off the jocks, read the script, I wrote.” Pete looked around, but didn’t see anyone, took off the jocks, read the paper, which said “You want daddy’s cock.” “I love you daddy.”   Those two lines would be easy to remember. He walked over to where the bed was, and on it was a note that said “on your back, with your legs spread, next to it was a condom. Pete was glad to see that, from what he heard, there’s not much safe sex being practiced in bathhouses, and Steve certainly wanted him to be safe.  Before hopping on the table, he took a sip of water, unaware  that there was a roofie in it. Pete went back to the bed, spread his legs, Ralph, who had been in the next room, watching  him, comes out naked, “hello Pete, I’m your birthday gift replacement, it’s going to be ok.”  With that, Ralph starts, rimming his ass, Pete, not  being able to move could only moan. Ralph moved to Pete and slowly got Pete to suck his cock. “That’s my boy!” Ralph shouted! Pete could taste his precum in his mouth, Ralph then moved back to the end of the bed. Climbed on top of Pete, lifting the barely conscious young man’s legs over his shoulders, teasing Pete’s hole. “No condom?” Pete asked weakly. “Then no condom it is, son.” Ralph answered. With that, Ralph put his hard 6 inch into Pete, who could only moan and force to be kissed by Ralph, while he was thrusting back in fourth onside him. Ralph, let out a moan “Do you want daddy’s load?” Pete, remembering the script. “Yes daddy, and please daddy!”  “Here comes daddy’s load deep inside you!”shooting several loads into Pete’s red now wide open ass, Ralph clasped on top of the boy, kissing him with more passion and Pete didn’t resist this time.
      Pete was also unaware that Ralph had filmed it and streamed it to Steve, who replied. “Thanks for not raising our rent!”


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