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Life on Tour Part 3

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Our stop in Tampa was busy for me and work, so i didn't get the chance to check out one of the 2 bathhouses. But having been overworked and only there for a short period of time, on our last night I did run out to a few places for some play.  I ended up at Buddy's Adult Video where there were a few playing amongst the videos. I quickly joined in and swallowed a few cocks and played with myself. After the fuddy duddys jacked off and let me lap up some of the cum they left. And I decided that I might as well too. We were moving to the next destination the next morning,  and even if I wasn't driving this time. I wanted to be alert enough to load the bus with my stuff. I pulled up Uber to order a ride back to the hotel and the wait was 22 minutes and I decided that I would hangout for a while with the amount of time I was going to wait and then try again.


I cancelled the Uber went back in slowly started stroking my own cock and then he walked in. I was unsure if he was here to top or bottom. I watched him walk past the main room to one of the side video screening rooms.  I let sit for about 10 minutes, as it was just the 2 of us at this time so no one else was going to be able to get to him 1st, i just wanted to not seem to eager and too desperate. After a few minutes I checked all the small screening rooms, still empty and found him in the last one. Pants down to the ground on a couch playing with a monster cock.  I walked over got on my knees and asked if I could suck it he said yes. So I did.


After a while he stood up to give him more leverage and me a better chance to swallow it all. And when he did it I asked if he would record me sucking his dick. He agreed and I gave him my phone. Angled it towards my face and went to town.  Folks always get a better blowjob when they film me being a nasty whore pig for cum. It turns me on, and I go further and do more than I normally would. Which in this case made me work to the load to fast and too quickly after the video started he made it about 4 mintues before he came.  He cleaned himself up, I showed my appreciation by jacking off to the video of me getting my life and then I went back to the hotel. 




Screenshot_20200306-131657_Video Player.jpg

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    • By Robw73
      I get that we all like sucking cock - and im craving having my mouth filled atm. But im finding that im expressing a preference for girth over length  - I much prefer having a thick, fat cock being rammed down my throat than one that is simply long. I guess it's that feeling of being stuffed and stretched at the same time.
      cut and plenty of pubic hair - with lots og girth is my idea of cock heaven.
      What does everyone else prefer? Just curious.
    • By ffoz
      Active - Versatile / bottom
      Remodel my / your Hole - (_o_) (_O_) (_(@)_)
      Body: Average, Fair Complexion (clippered chest hair)
      Piercing's: P.A. (removed 3)
      Tattoo's: Four
      Lives: Sutherland Shire. (it's in Sydney).
      Fitness: Beach. Bushwalking, Camping & Gym.
      Sex: Bareback - ffist / fuck.
      Favorite Lube/s: Crisco, J-Lube, Coconut Oil & Vet. Lube.
      Mobile: 0418 970 563 (also whatsapp)
      kik is: ffozstyle
      Interests: FFsiTing, PPiss, Huge Toys, Rimming, Tattoos, Bareback, Piercings, Armpits&Sweat. Very Open to ANYTHING!!

    • By ff-whole
      I have tried my own cum many times before and I have never really liked it... the taste was off and besides as soon as I had my orgasm I would turn off sexually most of the time - so cumming in my hand and then lick it up is kind of déjà vu...
      I have had somebody else cum in my mouth only three times and every time I was surprised it tasted kind of okay to really good. Of course while I was taking their cum, I wouldn't have my own orgasm.
      Today I was so fucking horny that I decided to try to cum directly into my own mouth. So I propped up my ass against the wall while having my shoulders and head on my bed... and I had a great amount of really hot pictures of beautiful cocks squirting beautiful white goo.
      So I started jerking my self and edging towards cumming, and as soon I felt the cum rising up through my dick, I would stop. The slow squirt of cum coming out and let gravity dripping it straight into my mouth onto my tongue.
      Boy was I surprised it tasted completely different from the times I lapped it up from my hand... maybe it has something to do that my hand was maybe sweaty... I don't know.
      Of course I didn't have a full blast orgasm so I didn't become "off" and started jerking again until I felt a second load coming which I too collected in my mouth and onto my tongue and swallowed it... again - good taste.
      While I write this up, I am still a bit horny so I'll try a little later and maybe even try to film it or try to shoot some photos while I cum.
      As soon as this lockdown is over I will pursue some more great cock sucking and cum swallowing times... This will be a whole new phase for me.
    • By DutchBBfucker
      Everything was set up for my monthly parTy, a few friends were helping me setting everything up. After setting the sling my friend Thomas walk towards me and said: “i have a feeling that it’s going to be a very hot party”. I only replied with an evil grin. Everybody took off the little clothes they were still wearing. I watched Thomas undress, a saw his hot tanned athletic body and when he stretched out you could see his defined abs; a rock hard eight-pack. He was only 21 but an expert at nearly everything that has to do with sexual pleasure. His fat cock was dangling between his legs; a d donkey dick. My other two friends already started and lay down on the mattresses, both were 29 and very cute. The bell rang and i opened the door 3 friends entered. As soon as the door closed they stripped and joined the rest. After a few hours i needed something to drink so i went to the kitchen when the bell rang, so i thought ‘maybe it’s that hot guy from Grindr, he had to work late so he didn’t know if he could make it.’. I saw that Thomas was standing closer by so i asked him: “Could you open the door… it’s a surprise!”. And a suprise it was, because when i came out of the kitchen i saw my 19 year old nephew standing in the living room. “Brian, what are you doing here?” i asked him. He started telling us that he and his girlfriend had a fight and that she dumped me in the club and left with the car. Then he asked if he could crash here tonight and i said “sure you can sleep upstairs… and as long as you don’t complain about our party!”. “I won’t!” he said smiling. “Why she dumped you bro?!” Thomas asked out of the blue. I told Brian he did have to tell us, but he started to tell Thomas that he started doubting if he was really straight. “When i was at the gym i started to notice that i was also looking at other guys and that always gave me a hard on.” he told us. “So in the club there was a very hot bartender and i couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. After a while i saw him coming towards me and without saying anything he grabbed my head and kissed me deep and intensive… i was shocked for a second but then the feeling took over. I kissed him back and it felt so damn good. My girlfriend saw the whole thing and he started yelling that i was a sick freak and left” he continued. The hot guy asked him if i wanted to go back to his place, but that was too fast for Brian so he left. “Everything’s going to be alright” said Thomas and i asked “If he wanted to go upstairs and if i should go with him”. “Can i also stay down here? i will sit on the couch and won’t get in the way!” he said. “That’s okay, but you have to take off your clothes, but you can leave your boxers on. Otherwise it’s awkward for the rest.” i told Brian. He look a bit surprised but nodded and said “Okay!”. Because i saw photo’s from his last holiday i know that my nephew has a very hot body; an athletic Twink. Thomas and me joint the rest and after half an hours an other friend nudged me, so i looked over towards Brian and saw that he took of his boxer and was stroking his hard cock; i guessed it was around about 8 inches. I went over to Brian and said “Guys turn you on, you can’t hide the facts… sooner or later you must act upon it… this is your chance… they can learn you a lot about sex with a man... i saw you checking out Thomas earlier, i’m sure he can teach you a lot”. “i know but my mind is conflicted… i want to but something is holding me back!” he replied. I tell him that i know something that can help him with that “…but i need you to trust me… no questions! Okay?”. I see the conflict in his eyes but he starts to smile and says “if it helps i’ll try anything!”. I leave the room and come back with a syringe and a strap. I tell him “Lay back and relax, close your eyes and don’t move”. He stutters “but… what…”. “You trusted me so no questions” i said. He lays back and tries to relax. I tie off his upper arm and tell him “If you don’t want this tell me now… You can still go to bed upstairs instead of having a life changing night with us”. He shakes his head. I then stick the needle slowly in his vein and starts injecting him with a substance that will take over his mind and turn him into the slut he really wants to be. After pulling out i say “No way back now! Enjoy!” while removing the strap. Brian sits upright and begins to cough, and i raise his arm above his head. After a 20 seconds the Tina starts to take control and he falls back in the couch. His cock is hard as a rock and standing straight up and is oozing pre-cum. Thomas see this and move towards Brian and begins to suck his hard cock whilst slowly massaging his asshole. Brian starts moaning when Thomas takes the whole length of the oozing dick in his throat. In the meantime he also begins to work a finger up the unexperienced Twink. Brians moaning becomes louder and louder. When a second finger is worked deep inside the virgin hole Thomas other hand moves up and starts slowly pinching Brians nipple. The boys slutty instincts take over as he begins twisting and turning his ass around the two fingers. Thomas feels the ass opening up so he pulls back before ramming in three fingers. This is too much for the boy and his body begins to shake. Thomas feels the dick growing in his throat and shoves it in balls deep and squeezes and twist Brians nipple. The former straight boy explodes and thick streams of cum begin to fill Thomas throat. Thomas tries to swallow everything but when de cum starts pouring out his nose he pull back. He also pulls back the fingers out of the boys ass. Brian begins moaning and pleading to put them back. I tell my slutty nephew that we have to clean out his ass first before we can fill it again. Thomas helps the poor boy on his feet and leads him to the bathroom. After 20 minutes they return. Thomas tells me that he tried to fuck Brians ass in the shower but that it’s too tight. Fortunately we have something that helps us with the stretching. So we lead Brian to a bench and tie him down. Thomas then takes out my fuck machine while i load up my nephews ass with lube mixed with a high dose Tina. After a few minutes Brian begins to moan that his ass is burning. We ignore him and see that several minutes later his ass begins to open up while the tina is taking over again. We love sloppy holes so we mounted a big dildo onto the machine and position right against his asshole. Thomas takes the controls and slowly begins to force the dildo forward. The asshole tries to resist the pressure of the dildo. Brian asks us to please stop. But slowly and surely the dildo advances further until the ass opens up. Brian cries out while the dildo goes deeper and deeper before slowly begin extracted. Our new slut gives a sigh of relieve, but that was short lived because the dildo begins to advance back in. With every stroke the machine picks up the speed a bit. After a few minutes the boys ass gives up and is standing wide open. In order to dampen the moans we take turns fucking his mouth with our dicks. When the machine reaches his top speed we shut it off and after shoving a few shards up the open ass we fuck it in turns and shooting load after load deep inside. Nothing beats fucking a cumfilled sloppy ass. After this weekend Thomas and i asked my nephew to moved in. And together with our friends we still like to parTy!!!
    • By bihairy
      We've been chatting on one of the apps for a few weeks.  We talked online and promised we would connect. I wasn't sure if he was serious but when he sent me his pics my dick stiffened.  I sent him my pics.  I'm a dad guy. Bit older 6c hairy etc.  I'm always horned up and love breeding and seeding. I especially love son type guys from college age on up.  He said he was 40 but had a huge dad fetish and wanted to role play. 
      I agreed.  The set up was: he was dating my daughter and I was in the area and wanted to finally meet him.  He asked me to call him and role play from the start. 
      I arrived at his door and he answered.  HOT. My cock was already getting hard.  He said he was happy to meet "my girlfriends dad."  I asked how long they had been dating. He said 2 years but hadn't made a move on her yet. I explained that she really liked him but was concerned about the lack of intimacy.  He said "sir I'm a Virgin and not sure what to do."
      We continued the role play.  "well a dad's job is to teach his son all about sex" I said.  "let me show you how to kiss"   He acted hesitant and I encouraged him.  "its ok, this is why I am here. I just want to help you."  we moved in together and softly kissed.  I parted his lips with my tongue and he opened his mouth for more. Our lips and tongues were pressed together and we started kissing deeper and more forceful. We both were getting into the role play and getting more and more turned on.  My cock was hard as hell and I wanted him.
      I rubbed his cock through is pants. He was hard too.  Our kiss broke and he suggested we go to the bedroom for "more instruction."
      We moved to his room and on the bed.  We continued to kiss and started hugging.  Both of us moaning with the pleasure of the kissing and hugging.  I rubbed his back and he put his arms around me. We were side by side and our cocks were rock hard.  I suggested we "get naked so we can feel our bodies together."  "just for teaching purposes." 
      We both got naked and continued to kiss and now our bodies pressed together.  Both of us moaning and feeling each other's rock hard dicks and bodies pressed together.  We were really getting heated up.  His tongue darting around mine.  "Why don't you lean down and lick my cock, Son?"  He responded with a groan.  He moved over my cock and put it in his mouth.  "deeper boy"  "I'm showing you how to pleasure another."   He went balls deep on me.  I was in heaven.  Both of us responding to the role play and getting very turned on.  I put my hand on his head and pushed him down a bit.  "suck it son"  I said.  I was stroking his back and neck. I was so turned on. So was he!
      I gently moved him off my cock and suggested something else.  "there are other pleasure areas I can teach you about."  I said.  "Where?" he asked quietly?  I stroked his chest and reached to his ass and his hole.   "I've never done that before Sir." he said.  "it would mean you would know what it feels like when you fuck my daughter."  "Oh, that makes sense" he nodded in agreement. 
      I had him lay on his stomach and I started to rim his hole.  He bucked back and moaned loudly.  "Sir that feels so good!"  "I know, I'm teaching you all these new things."  I spit on his hole and got my cock wet too.  I played with his hole and rubbed my cock between his cheeks.  The role play forgotten for a moment, I slid my cock inside his well used hole.  It was wet and warm and felt so amazing.  I can not get enough of it. 
      I started sliding inside and out. Pushing my cock deeper and deeper.  It was such an amazing hole. I loved it.  He was gripping the bed, moaning and squirming with pleasure.  I kept fucking and fucking him.  Harder pounding.  "Fuck me Sir please deeper" he moaned.  Yes son, I'm gonna give you my cum.  I'm gonna breed you so you feel what it is like.  Do you want my cum inside you?
      "FUCK YES SIR"  "Please load my hole. Fuck into me. Breed me.  I need it, want it and love it!"  I fucked my cock deep inside that amazing hole and unleashed my load.  It felt like gallons as we both moaned and groaned in pleasure.  I slowed my fucking down and my orgasm passed. My cock was still hard and neither one of use moved.  I started to slide in and out again. Picking up my pace and fucking him again.  I didn't want to stop and didn't want to pull out.  He pushed back on my cock and we started fucking again.  After a few minutes of fucking I shot another load deep inside his hole.  We were sweaty and he was dripping.  We moved apart and kissed deeply.
      "Thank you for my first lesson Dad." he said.  "My pleasure Son."
      We began to dress and continued the role play.  "I hope you ask my daughter to marry you.  I'm willing to teach you all the fun things I know about sex."  "I might even take my Son-in-Law camping so we can continue the lessons.
      "Yes Sir!  I would like that Dad. Is it ok to call you Dad now?"  " Of course, Son.  Its our secret and I'm happy to teach you as much and as often as you want."
      We kissed again as I left.  I sent him a text to thank him for a great lesson and compliment him on being a quick learner!  He sent a text back that he can't wait for the next lesson. He loved the 2 loads I left in him and that it was the best role play sex he has had to date.  We agreed we would try and meet for lesson #2 next week!!
      I hope so as this guy is Hot!  BH

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