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Our stop in Tampa was busy for me and work, so i didn't get the chance to check out one of the 2 bathhouses. But having been overworked and only there for a short period of time, on our last night I did run out to a few places for some play.  I ended up at Buddy's Adult Video where there were a few playing amongst the videos. I quickly joined in and swallowed a few cocks and played with myself. After the fuddy duddys jacked off and let me lap up some of the cum they left. And I decided that I might as well too. We were moving to the next destination the next morning,  and even if I wasn't driving this time. I wanted to be alert enough to load the bus with my stuff. I pulled up Uber to order a ride back to the hotel and the wait was 22 minutes and I decided that I would hangout for a while with the amount of time I was going to wait and then try again.


I cancelled the Uber went back in slowly started stroking my own cock and then he walked in. I was unsure if he was here to top or bottom. I watched him walk past the main room to one of the side video screening rooms.  I let sit for about 10 minutes, as it was just the 2 of us at this time so no one else was going to be able to get to him 1st, i just wanted to not seem to eager and too desperate. After a few minutes I checked all the small screening rooms, still empty and found him in the last one. Pants down to the ground on a couch playing with a monster cock.  I walked over got on my knees and asked if I could suck it he said yes. So I did.


After a while he stood up to give him more leverage and me a better chance to swallow it all. And when he did it I asked if he would record me sucking his dick. He agreed and I gave him my phone. Angled it towards my face and went to town.  Folks always get a better blowjob when they film me being a nasty whore pig for cum. It turns me on, and I go further and do more than I normally would. Which in this case made me work to the load to fast and too quickly after the video started he made it about 4 mintues before he came.  He cleaned himself up, I showed my appreciation by jacking off to the video of me getting my life and then I went back to the hotel. 




Screenshot_20200306-131657_Video Player.jpg

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      There will be a bareback sex party in a private residence in Auckland next week
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