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  1. Moderator's Note: "Race Play" is a thing. It's fine as a fantasy in fictional stories. It's NOT OK in real life unless both people are into it. FIRST TIME STORY. Its fiction so be kind in your critique. The nigger texted my dad. Jack make yourself free and give me a call. Jack excused himself, said he needed to run an errand and left his wife at the dinner table. A groveling masculine voice answered. The nigger told my dad, I know you can tell by voice I’m not some sissy white man, but a big dick nigger. I’m sending you a pic to your phone. Look at it. Any guesses what that is, yeah it’s my big dick breaching the hole of a hairy white man’s ass. Try and keep your dick in your pants, that poor white hole is your son’s. Yeah, I’ve been tracking him for a while. Knew he was the son of yours, knew you hated us niggers, thought nothing funnier that ruining his hole with nigger dick and knocking him up with so much nigger seed you’ll be having black grand babies for years. You should have told him that wearing tight wranglers only makes that fat ass he inherited from you even more tempting. Wasn’t’ hard to get a bunch of my buddies to want to fuck him after I showed them pics. Even more wanted to join after I told him his daddy was a nigger hating cop. Was easy to get him back to my basement. Dumb kid thinks with his dick, goes to the bookstore to get his dick sucked through the gloryholes once a week. He really should have made sure the door was locked. Was easy for Vince to get into the booth. Kids pants were already down to his boots, and ass exposed. Vince says he was shocked when he saw this rough faced black beast come into his booth. And even more shocked when he felt Vince lean into his back and force Josh’s cock deeper into the mouth on the other side of the gloryhole. Kid was distracted by the deep throating long enough to not notice Vince grabbing a shard form his pocket and see him spit on his finger. but he certainly didn’t miss that shard being shove roughly up his hole. Apparently dumb bitch tried to buck Vince away at that point. Once that shit was absorbed it was easy to manipulate him. Pulled his jeans back up and drove him in his pretty new truck back to my place. Whore was glassy eyed by the time we got him inside. Feeling so euphoric he didn’t question anything just followed 5 dark brothers into my dingy basement. He sat like a little obedient bitch on that ratty couch between two buddies. They just got smirks on their faces and ripped his shirt off, pulled his boots off, yanked his jeans off too. Kid must have a jock fetish cause he was wearing a grey jock. We did care about his dick so we left that on. I told my boys to put his cowboy boots back on him. I wanted to rest them on my shoulder next to my face. I wanted him to think of me every time he wore his boots, Think of the bull nigger that tore up his hole, raped him raw, breed him deep and knocked up him. You should have seen that pretty light hole swallow my cock. Ill give it to him he grunted and took the pain like a man. Once I had opened up him a little bit I grabbed my tina laced lube and coated my cock and plunged back into that bitch. I wanted him so high that he would associate new levels of pleasure with being filled by black cock. He took to his like fish to water the tina had him moaning in no time. Funny thing is your bitch son might be gay but he certainly doesn’t get fucked a lot, when I blew my charged up load into that hole and pulled out it was pink with blood. I literally tore him up. We all got a good laugh at that. My boys know I don’t shoot blanks, my loads been strong as shit ever since the meds got too expensive. After I dropped my nut it was a free for all. Nobody wasted their time with his mouth. All of us can get BJ anytime, we wanted some redneck ass. By the way, a good nigger always nuts in a hole, we spread our seed. Your boy took 12 loads last night. Now look closer at the pic. Notice how red and puffy that hole is, that’s what a bunch of big dicks will do over a few hours to a hole. We cunted your boy. Boy must be sore, and you must be eager to get us to stop using your son. Here is the deal. We know how much you hate niggers let alone fags, so you need to meet us at the preserve in 15 minutes. That is if you don’t want your cop buddies and fire department friends to see this shit. Don’t worry we won’t touch you, we just want to see your face as we defile your kid one last time.

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