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Do you like man smell?

Do you like man smell  

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  1. 1. Do you like man smell

    • I love ripe sweaty smelling men
    • I prefer it to clean guys, musk is fine
    • It's fine, but not too stinky, clean is good too
    • I like clean clean, or with cologne only.

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LOVE all the smells and taste a man's body produces. The riper, stinkier, raunchier the better. Such a pleasure, peeling down an man's pants finding him in a ripe sweaty pissy cum stained jock or briefs with skids. Want to lick every inch of him getting his stench all over my face and up in my goatee, followed by a hot make out session. PIG Brother and I do that all the time.  Have a few regulars that know how I like them to smell, they never disappoint. HATE licking some ones pits getting the taste of deodorant all over my tongue or burying my face in man's ass, smelling and tasting soap. 

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I like normal body scent. Enough to smell natural and not caked up with cologne but not enough to be smelly and disgusting. Just normal. Maybe a little bit of pit smell is fine because I like the fact that it shows a man is hard working.

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I like it to a point i guess.. as long as clean but just don't put much, if any, deodorant on.     When I was in collage in one of my classes sat behind this guy that had the greatest man scent.. I'd sit there and lean forward and take big wiffs of it.   wish I know where he was now days. 

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