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His Girlfriend Sold College Dude's Hole to Me for $20... And was there to watch

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Moderator's Note: Fiction about sex workers is allowed. Stories about prostitution in real life is a problem. There is a whole thread in Tips & Tricks that explains what is and what is not allowable regarding sex work. I will post a link below. 

So, there I was, sitting in the coffee shop, writing porn on my laptop, when this twenty-something couple came in. A skinhead dude and a little hipster girl.


Ok, he wasn’t really a skinhead. He had a close-shaved head and ice blue eyes behind aluminum wire-frame glasses, and that slightly mean, Germanic look that a lot of the local skinheads do indeed have.


He had tats on his arms, but they were the New Zealand aboriginal patterns that the kids call “tribal”—no swastikas or “SS” symbols or anything like that. That was fine by me; I don’t like bigots or racists, and truthfully I wouldn’t have anything to do with one in any capacity.


Despite the autumn chill, all he wore was a short-sleeved brown Abercrombie logo T-shirt and a pair of orange basketball shorts with blue stripes down the sides.


Skinny, young, fit, taller than most in the category but still … a real twink, you bet. Athlete? Runner, swimmer, maybe? Not a lot of obvious muscle on him, but his whole body looked, lean, taut.


Girlfriend was cute too. (Yeah, I like girls too, and fuck them on occasion. Usually in the ass. I LOVE fucking ass.)


She was a petite little blonde with a ponytail, black pleated skirt with ripped white stockings underneath, pink “Hello Kitty” T-shirt under her black sweater-jacket, crystal unicorn earrings, and chunky hipster glasses—like she was trying WAY too hard to be ironic, I thought.


I assumed she was a nerdy little wallflower, smart but submissive, and “skinhead” boyfriend probably took control in the relationship.


My assumption was, of course, hilariously wrong.


So there I was, bald, bearded, tattooed, late-forties bisexual top guy, sitting in the local mom & pop coffee shop with my crappy old HP laptop, sipping overly-sugared vanilla coffee and writing internet porn stories about fucking and breeding the asses of submissive twinks.


How ironic, I thought, that this “skinhead” should come in and give me inspiration.


Indeed, he was bending over a table laden with newspapers, his shorts--though loose in general—pulling  tight on his ass.  It didn’t see any lines through the thin material. He could have been wearing a jock, or a thong, but my guess was he was going “commando” under there.


His ass, from what I could see, looked delicious. A tiny, tight little ass, small enough that I might almost fit each cheek in one hand. Almost a girly ass. A “bubble butt” it was not.


But that was OK with me.


I LOVED tiny & tight. On his long, tall, lean body, it looked perfect.


It had been too damn long since I’d had some ass. Over two long weeks, since, while on the road for work, I’d met up with a graduate student at an elite Ohio college through Craigslist. 


That one had been another little hipster with American Apparel clothes and a carefully tended goatee … Who’d yelped like a little girl and called me “daddy” as my stabbing cock fed two loads of hot fertile man cum into his incredibly tight pussy-ass.


It had been a great time, but over two weeks was TOO long. I needed to breed some more ass NOW.


I was probably getting too damn discrete and polite in my middle-age, especially since there were thousands of college kids out there with kinky cravings for older cock, I knew. Male or female, I ought to have been spearing somebody’s young sphincter right now, I thought … not just sitting there writing about past conquests.


“Skinhead” went up to the counter with his little blonde girlfriend and they ordered some hot beverages from the barista.


Meanwhile, I was plonking away on my laptop keyboard, writing as fictionalized version of a gangbang of a nineteen-year-old Latino dude that I’d been privileged to take part in in Iowa that past winter. I could still visualize and even smell the endless torrents of cum running from his well-used ass after thirty or so of us older tops had bred him well in my friend’s basement …


I guess was so hung up on getting some detail or other of that fondly-remembered breeding right, staring at the screen of my laptop, that I failed to notice my “skinhead” twink peeking over my shoulder.


What word on my screen had attracted his attention?  Gangbang? Breed? Fuckload, maybe? Doesn’t really matter … he HAD noticed.


“Shit,” I heard him say, kinda startling me. His voice was more husky than I would have expected for a skinny twenty-something kid.


I looked over my shoulder and saw him staring open-mouthed at my laptop screen. He had full lips, despite the angularity of his noise and cheekbones; kissable lips, some might say, though I usually wasn’t a very romantic guy.


“Oh Christ,” he whispered, “are you ‘Big Daddy Dawg’?”


Now, I felt something sink a little deep inside me. I should have lied, but noooo …


I wasn’t the infamous “BigDaddyDawg.” BigDaddyDawg was a prolific and very popular author of internet gay porn, a middle-aged bear who wrote tons of stories about his conquests of college-age twink asses.


He and I certainly shared similar interests, but his stories were much more popular than mine. Also, he was “pure” gay, fucking only males, while I enjoyed violating the occasional tight female ass as well when it came my way.


So why was this cute, shaven-headed hipster dude asking if I was a high-profile male-male online smut creator?


I mean, I’d seen him arm-in-arm with the little blonde …


But then, it wouldn’t be the first time. I knew that sexuality was a spectrum, much as the more “puritan” straight and gay authorities would hate to admit it.


He could be a fellow bi guy, I thought. Or maybe the kid was just in the closet, but anyway …


“Nah,” I said, wanting to kick myself for my honesty. “I’m not ‘BigDaddyDawg.’”


“Oh,” he said. He cleared his throat and continued, “But your story looks hot, man.”


“Thanks,” I said.


Now, like I said, I must have been getting slow in my old age. I should have sensed a needy ass-pussy greedy for cock right away. I should have said something clever to let him know I wanted that tight little twink butt.


I guess it was the girlfriend that confused me …


Even as he stood there, she came over, holding their coffees, whispered something to him. He left and went to small table in the corner with her, where they sipped their drinks.


I kept writing, occasionally looking up. The young couple was talking quietly, I saw them holding hands across the table while they drank their coffees …


But I could swear “skinhead” boy kept looking my way, then turning back to his girlfriend, embarrassed.


After a few minutes, blonde girlfriend got up and threw away her disposable coffee cup. She blew a little kiss to skinhead boy, then headed out the door.


She left with a jingle of the little bell on the coffee shop door. I watched her make her way jauntily across the street towards the “Happy Druid,” the Wiccan/New Age shop on the other side.


“Skinhead” was now sitting, alone, at the table he had formerly shared with girlfriend, nursing the dregs of his java.


And stealing little glances at me like a shy little schoolgirl.


Hmmmm. I wasn’t that old and rusty that I wasn’t picking up some signals there …


Well … girlfriend was gone shopping, my own apartment was just down the block …


The time had come for bold and decisive action.


I closed my laptop, got up and walked over to “skinhead.”

He looked up at me with a nervous smile. How cute.


“You want to go somewhere and fuck?” I asked him.


“Umm … I … umm … wha .. what did you …” he stammered.


“I want to fuck your ass,” I said softly.


He smiled again. “Ok, well … Ummm … You have cash?”


Now it was my turn to get a little nervous. “Excuse me?” I asked.


“Cash,” he said again. “Umm … for gas money. It’ll be a deal, umm, right? Cheap.”


Was this kid some kind of hustler? He didn’t look or act the part. And he’d been out selling his ass with his girlfriend hanging around? It didn’t make sense.




Despite my tats and bald, sometimes frightening appearance, I’m a pretty straight-laced guy with a respectable corporate job.  Aside from the occasional speeding ticket, I’ve never broken the law.


And I NEVER pay for sex. I sure wanted this kid’s little pussy-ass, but “cheap” or not, I don’t participate in prostitution activities, and I prefer to have my young sluts begging for my dick … Not begging me for pay.


“No deal,” I said. “I’ll pay you in cum. That’s it.”


He bit his lip, thinking. “Ohhh … Okay. Well, I … we can try that. I just need to talk to Bethany, okay? She’s my girlfriend.” He pointed out the window towards the shop across the street.


Something was still up here, I sensed it … But I also sensed that he really did want to get fucked.


So, after leaving a small tip on my table, I tucked my laptop under my arm and followed his pert little ass across the street to the “Happy Druid.” 


“Umm … wait here a sec,” he told me, entering the shop.




So, I was standing outside the shop, pretending to look at statues of satyrs and faeries and pentagram-shaped incense burners ,  while “skinhead” went inside to have a word with his little blonde girlfriend.


She was browsing near the back of the store. I saw him approach her, talk to her, she nodded back and I imagined the conversation was going something like:


“Oh, hey, Bethany, I wanted to check out that record store down the block, pick me up some new vinyl. You can stay here. I’ll be back in fifteen, cool?”


Certainly he was NOT going to tell her: “Hey, babe, I’m going off with this dude and going to get me a nice big daddy-cock shoved up my guts until I scream. ‘Kay?”


But then, I was actually pretty stunned to see him nod towards me—then actually POINT to where I was standing.


Girlfriend Bethany turned towards me too, taking a good long look.


Now I was getting curious. Did she want to get in on the scene, too? I imagined two tight little young asses lined up side by side on my bed, and the idea was very appealing …


But there was something odd in her eyes behind those chunky glasses. Kind of mischievous, and kind of arrogant …


Suddenly, she grabbed “skinhead’s” neck and kissed him full on the lips. They were going at it for a few seconds, and I figured from their mouth movements that they must be doing some serious tongue fucking. I could see the old hippy woman who ran the shop giving them a curious smile from behind the counter.


Then, suddenly,  blondie broke off the kiss, grabbed boyfriend’s hand, and lead him out towards the door.


When they got outside, he just stood there looking slightly lost. She took off her glasses and quickly swapped them out for a pair of dark sunglasses from inside her jacket. Then, she stared at me, tilting her head this way and that, as if sizing me up. 


Now, I wasn’t sure what their game was.


 I might want to play, I thought, but I’m not going to stand around forever …


“So what’s the plan, here?” I asked the couple.


Bethany smiled wide, laughing a bit to herself as if she was about to deliver the punchline to the funniest joke ever.  Meanwhile, skinhead boyfriend  shuffled his feet again, nervous and excited.


“Twenty dollars,” she said.


“Excuse me?” I asked.


“Twenty dollars,” she repeated. She was trying really hard to act the part of some kind of cold-ass bitch--and almost pulling it off, too.


Bending forward, I whispered:  “What for?”


She nodded towards “skinhead.” “For his PUSSY, of course,” she says bluntly. “You want it, don’t you, stud?”


Now, as I said, I’ve never paid for sex. I wasn’t really up to date on the current market values, but I didn’t think that a prime, tight, early-twenties twink ass would go that cheap. Just like I didn’t really think little “Bethany” was a hardened pimp-ette, though she was obviously enjoying playing the role.


This was obviously a fantasy scene that they wanted to play out “for reals.” Probably a fantasy they both shared to some extent, given her investment in playing the bitch pimp part, and his own nervous horniness.


A young couple sharing their wildest dreams together … It was almost touching.


I felt a tingle and a jerk in my dick as it started crawling to life and I knew I had to take advantage of this. OK. For once, I’d agree to “pay” for sex, knowing this was the scene they wanted.


“All right,” I told her.  “Twenty in cash, and not a fucking penny more.  Your whore’s pussy better be worth it.”


“Gawd,” I heard “skinhead” boy moan. Something I’d said had really excited him and primed his little ass-pussy for me, I was sure. Was it that I was buying it, or just that he now knew for sure that I was going to fuck it?  


I pulled out my wallet removed a crisp twenty dollar bill, fresh from the ATM only an hour before, and carefully handed it to girlfriend.


She took it, rolled it up, and placed it carefully inside her jacket.


“You have a place?” girlfriend asked.


I nodded. “C’mon.”


My apartment was on the fourth floor of a 1910’s brownstone just down the street. I led the way and my kinky, quirky couple followed closely behind me.


We reached the lobby and headed up the steps. My  skinhead was jogging ahead, took a few of the steps two at a time, he was that excited.


Meanwhile, girlfriend—“Bethany”—followed with even steps a few feet behind me. I glanced back and she still had her sunglasses on, her mouth set in a slight smile. She DID look like a little saleswoman—about to visit a client to pitch Avon, timeshares, Lord knows what … Maybe not a pimp, but she had that business look.


My apartment is nothing to write about, a clean, functional bachelor pad, mostly. I didn’t give them time to look around, just stopped for a moment to place my laptop on my desk—and then led them directly to my bedroom.


My bedroom was simply, sparsely furnished--you might even say spartan. The nightstand, dresser and wardrobe were all of black-painted wood, and I had a single leather-upholstered chair in the corner. My bed, with black cotton sheets, sat in the middle of the polished hardwood floor.


I jokingly called it my “ghetto bed.” The mattress was actually of good quality, nice and firm, but under the box springs, all I had was a simple, steel bedframe. No headboard, no decoration. It was low to the floor, which I preferred-- 


For whatever reason, I liked sleeping low to the ground. But, even better, the bed was just the perfect height for bending a tight-assed little slut over with his feet on the floor, so that I could fuck his tight little hole while standing up myself—my favorite position.


I waved them into the bedroom and then closed the door behind us.


I was eager, sure … But girlfriend wasn’t wasting ANY time …


“Take off your clothes, you fucking CUNT!” she ordered skinhead boy. “Show him the pussy he paid for!”


“Cold-ass bitch” was right … It was amusing to heat the cutting meanness in her very feminine voice.


He stripped quickly. His T-shirt, shorts and socks, shoes were soon in a little pile on the floor. No underwear—I’d been right about the commando thing.  I got a chance to study his nude body.


He was lean, pale, and pretty for a man. Almost hairless, save for some brown hairs on his lower legs, and a sparse brown bush from amidst which his six inch cock stood erect, dripping a glob of precum. His smooth, hairless chest was highlighted by nipples which, while small and manly in shape, were pale pink, like a girl’s.


Overall, a pretty, porcelain-skinned pussyboy. Only the dark tribal tattoos on his arms, and the little spiral one around his navel, contrasted with the rest … And the contrast was pretty damn hot.


“Where do you want him?” asked girlfriend. “You want him to suck you first?”


Now, I enjoy a good blowjob as much as the next guy. Hell, I enjoy a good facefuck even more …  And I was willing to bet he’d be up for that.


But it had been too damn long. I didn’t want to fool around with appetizers;  I wanted my main course. I wanted to see his little ass, and then I wanted to fuck it.


“No,” I told her. “I want to fuck now. I need him to stand here and bend over the bed. You can sit there.”


I waved her towards the leather chair in the corner, on the other side of the bed. She nodded, and took a seat there.


Skinhead boy eagerly assumed the position, ass raised high and head down. I grabbed one of the pillows from the bed and tossed it to him. “You may need to bite on this,” I said.


He took the pillow and placed it under his head, turning his head sideways so that he could rest it there.


Then, I examined the ass which was presented for my inspection.


The shape of it was the same as I’d glimpsed through his shorts, tight, compact, girlish … He even had little white hairs on it like a girl has on her ass.


I slowly spread the cheeks and the pussy-hole that greeted me looked tender and delightful. The pucker was pink, not brown, tiny, inviting. I don’t rim, but even to meet, it looked good enough to eat.


But I wasn’t going to eat it—I was going to fuck it.


I quickly shed my own clothes.


Opening my nightstand, I pulled out a tube of Astroglide, squeezed some along the length of my achingly erect eight inch cock, and then rubbed it around the shaft and to lube it. I used an extra dollop on the fat head of my tool.


“You going to use a condom?” girlfriend asked.


“No,” I told her bluntly.


For a second, I was worried that this might be a problem—


But she just nodded, as if she completely understood.


“You gonna pull out, then?” she asked. “I mean, before you shoot your cum?”


“No, “ I said again.


“Oh my …  god,” I heard skinhead boy gasp, his voice slightly muffled by his position and the pillow.


And girlfriend just smiled at both me and her boyfriend, giving us this kind of sinister grin.


Only then did I realize I had given them the absolute RIGHT answer as far as they were concerned.


This little male slut definitely wanted to be BRED bareback, and his little lady supported the decision!


Well, how could I disappoint them, then?


I squeezed some Astroglide onto my index finger, and slowly rubbed it around his pink hole. He started rotating his hips and thrusting back at me, obviously delighted at my touch. I out another glob of the lube on my finger, and slowly inserted it into him.


God, he was tight. My finger glided into the warm passage easily enough, but it was snug. Still, slut assholes can expand easily …


I little more lube, and I was ready.  I was more than ready, my big cock was dripping pre-cum and hard as an iron pipe—I was feeling the need to breed.


Slowly, I held one of pert little ass-cheeks in one hand, while with the other I guided my throbbing dick to his puckered pink hole. I leaned forward with a soft grunt, applied steady pressure, and that young ass flowered open for me …


Immediately, I could feel the ring of his asshole spasming around my thick intruder, nibbling almost like a toothless mouth at the mushroom head of my dick. Skinhead boy shook and whimpered, burying his face in the pillow.


He was obviously having a bit of pain.


Now, I like to take control and ride and possess young asses, but I’m not into causing pain. I was actually a little surprised—I hadn’t expected him to be THIS tight, so … inexperienced?


“Has he been fucked before?” I asked the girlfriend.


She had been leaning forward in the chair, as if to better observe of the process of my violating her boyfriend’s ass. “Yeah,” she said. “Well,” she clarified, “with toys. I have an eight-inch vibrator.”


Toys? Jesus.


Fucking girly sex toys. That’s it?


So he was, basically, a virgin at being a pussy for real man-cock?


“Vibrator ain’t as thick as me,” I said.


“Oh,” she said, as if not knowing what to say.


“He’s gonna hurt for a little,” I told her. “But he’ll get used to it. It’s his first time with a real cock, so I’ll be gentle … for now.”


My cock isn’t the longest I’ve ever seen. Though eight inches is quite nice … But it’s thick. And thickest at the head--the red, throbbing, angry bulb that was now trying to gain entry to his very tight pleasure-hole.


I held my cock there for a minute, applying even pressure before I started to push in … very slowly.


Blonde girlfriend leaned forward during the process and, surprising me, showed a little tenderness towards her slut boyfriend. She stroked his shaved head and “shushed” him like a little kid.


“It’s all right,” she purred. “Be a good little bitch and relax for the nice man so that he can fuck your cunt.”


He grimaced a little after my mushroom head finally popped through his tight ass-pussy ring. His sphincter was still spasming, but the contractions were slowing and less intense as his body relaxed to accept the entry of my manhood.


But the feeling for me was still incredible.


How could I describe it? A fist of silk? Very slowly squeezing my cockhead … Pulsing …


I never quite remembered just HOW good a tight young ass could feel until I got my cock into one after going without for a while. Damn, was he soft and tight and HOT.


When he got used to it, I slowly proceeded in my journey up his tight little chute until I was buried, balls deep. 


My heavy scrotum hung in the crack of that tight little butt, and I was in heaven. My big daddy cock was sheathed in one of the tightest holes I’d had the pleasure of experiencing in a long damn time.


Hell, it felt TOO good. I had to pause there so I wouldn't cum yet.  I could feel his heartbeat pulsing on my dick, and I knew I would not last long if I started pumping his hole right away.


It had indeed been too damn long and I had a huge load built up. I could already feel the heaviness in my balls and the liquid pressure of the boiling cum in them looking to escape.


But I wanted time to enjoy this before I seeded this boy-pussy with my gushing sperm.


I used an old trick I had learned many years ago. I squeezed the muscles that controlled the valves in my cock … Like I was trying to stop a piss mid-stream—using the same muscles as that, anyway. I did this several times, until the feeling of urgency faded and my splooge wasn’t threatening to overflow.


Of course, clenching those muscles ALSO had the effect of making my cock twitch and jerk in the tight sheathe of skinhead’s ass. He moaned, and I thought I felt his passage clench down on me in response.


Hot damn.


I grabbed his nearly-hairless asscheeks, then slapped the right one hard, leaving a mark. He jumped and slid off my cock an inch or two … I grabbed his hips and fed it back in.


And I started to fuck him. 


A shallow fuck at first … I was grinding my cock deep. Just grinding my hips up and down, making him feel ever single inch of my big daddy cock and letting him know that he truly was my bitch.


He started moaning:  “Umm … umm …ummm.”


Now, I realized I hadn’t heard anything from the girlfriend, Bethany, for a minute or two.


At the same time, I smelled kind of a musky, sweet tang in the room that seemed familiar. It had been a month or two since my last female ass-taking, but she’d juiced like hell from her pussy during the whole fuck … The smell was almost the same …


I looked up and saw that blonde girlfriend, Bethany, had her precious little pleated skirt pulled up, her pink thong pulled aside, and was frantically fingering her cunt.


Her pussy was glistening with creamy juice, and her big pink clit was sticking out from between her chubby cunt lips, almost like a tiny little dick. A few drops of her natural lube were glistening in the curls of her neatly-trimmed blonde pubes.  


It was pretty damn hot. Oh, I wasn’t about to give up skinhead’s tight clenching virgin ass for that wet female cunt just now … But it was a stimulating sight.


Maybe she DID want some of what boyfriend was getting? There was room on my bed to bend over another young whore, tight asses side by side, I’d done it before …

I leered at her and nodded, offering my stud services.


Looking up from her pussy-play, she just chuckled and gave me a smirk that said, “Silly man, that’s not how this works.” Then, her eyes went back to boyfriend’s ass where my cock was pounding it.


Ah well, I’d thought I’d make the offer, anyway …


But wait … An idea occurred to me, an obvious suggestion, but hot … my little skinhead was biting a pillow as I fucked him. If girlfriend wanted to play co-dom along with me, shouldn’t he be doing something MORE for her? Putting his mouth to BETTER use?


“Why don’t you scoot that chair up to the edge of the bed,” I told her. “Put your ass on the bed and his face in your lap. I can’t use both ends of him at once, so you might as well, right?”


Her face lit up like a kid on Christmas at the suggestion. In seconds, she yanked off her shoes, skirt and thong, dragged the chair closer to the bed with a screech across my poor hardwood floor, and had his face in her womanhood.


“Eat my pussy, bitch!” she demanded, grabbing his shaved head with both hands and thrusting her hips up onto his mouth, bucking rough against him. I had to admire her style.


“Mmmph,” came from skinhead boy’s mouth, followed by very loud, wet, and somewhat desperate slurping noises.


Poor kid, she was fucking overflowing with girl sauce, I only hoped he could breathe OK …  


Once girlfriend was in position to use his mouth, I decided to start my own fucking in earnest. No more Mr. Nice top.


I slid almost all the way out of that tender pink hole of his—and then slammed it into him as hard as I could.


He jerked forward into girlfriend’s pussy with a startled “Mmmmphhh!”


Over and over I slammed into him, each time I moved faster and harder. He kept grunting with each thrust into his virgin ass—but I thought he was enjoying it.


It may have been because he started bucking his hips back to meet my thrusts, as if his hole was hungry for more …


 I kept pounding away, harder and faster.


He was taking it all now, his silken sheath swallowing my sword at every plunge. I felt my big balls bounce in the crack of his ass as I bottomed out on every stroke, my ball-sack actually brushing against his.


Then, on the outstroke, his pink ring was pulled out a bit along with my cock … Before I thrust forward and pushed it all in again.

Tight, soft, hot, intense … I had the reached the nirvana of ass-fuck heaven, pleasure radiating from my cock-shaft to every nerve in my body.


I knew it wouldn’t last forever. There was an urgency in my loins, and I expected we would all need to cum soon.


We were all panting and breathing harder now. I was starting to sweat a little despite myself.


No one was talking; there were moans and gasps, but the only other sounds in the room were the slosh-slurp-slurp of skinhead orally servicing Bethany’s overflowing girl-pussy, and the fwap-fwap-fwap of my thighs on his tight little ass as I fucked his male cunt.


Blondie Bethany, the “cold-ass bitch” wanna-be pimpette, lost it first.


“Fuhhhh …” I heard her squeal. “Fuh … fuh ..FUUUUCK!”


I looked up and saw her cute little face scrunched up behind her sunglasses, her glossy lips curling back over her white little teeth.


She grabbed skinhead’s shaved head with both hands and dug her nails into his scalp-flesh, pulling his face tightly to her cunt. Then, she started to spasm and shake, arched her back … And her stockinged thighs clamped around his head as she came.


“Mother … ummm … EAT ME … ooohhh! … MOTHER … FUCKER … SISSY … CUNT …” she chanted as she rode out her climax.


I was too close, and I couldn’t resist in joining the chain reaction girlfriend had started.


I leaned forward, dripping sweat onto my bitch-boy’s back.  The head of my cock was burning for release, and I could feel my balls now, painfully tight and throbbing with pressure, my own asshole twitching as the sap started to rise deep inside me--my body readying itself for the most primal male act of SEEDING a cunt.


Thrust …


I felt the urgent tingling in my cock, the seed rising …




The valves inside my body were opening, prostate gland ready to deliver fluid to flush my fertile sperm deep into his ass.




I felt the flow of cum rising, the pressure boiling over—


The point of no return had been crossed--


I made sure that my cock was buried as deep in his ass as I could possibly get it, and I held his hips in a vise-grip: prime breeding position.


With a grunt, I held on tight … as my body began seeding his.


I started pumping a heavy load deep inside--holding completely still--so nothing was moving except the sperm pumping out of my dick.


Every straining bolt of seed that that left my body and shot into his made me shudder with pleasure.


Spurt after powerful spurt of my hot daddy semen coated the walls of his insides, filling him with my lust and injecting my DNA deep inside his male slut pussy. 


“FUCK!” I bellowed, my self-control lost as the spasms of my orgasm took control of body, every muscle and nerve primed only to pump fertile seed into the young male pussy I was breeding.




My prick swelled and I held it inside deep, as waves of cum pulsed up my shaft.


I growled.


Pulling his head up from girlfriend’s lap, he yelled out now: “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”


As if this was the fulfillment of his life’s dream …


Hot semen gushed into his hole, up deep inside him, practically up into his belly.  I started moving again, trying to fuck out the rest of the load and prolong my pleasure.


My cock receded and then pushed back in deep, disgorging more molten spunk into his pussy-ass. My hips pistoned and his ass came back to meet me, desperate to get every drop of manseed up his boy-cunt.


My orgasm seemed to last for an eternity—but all good things must end.


As I came down from my climax, panting, I rested with my weight on top of him, still impaling him, my cock slowly oozing dribs and drabs of heavy semen into his guts.


A minute later, I pushed myself up and slowly eased out, my fat cockhead popping out of his sphincter with an audible PLOP.


With my cum dripping in a long streamer from his pink—and now presumably very tender—asshole, he got up on his knees, then grabbed his own little cock with his right hand and jerked it frantically.


In only a few seconds, he was moaning “FUCK …”


He started shaking, tensed up, and his cock shot a spurt of very thick, almost pudding-like cum onto the sheets. Several more heavy globs followed, his skinny form shaking as involuntary muscles pumped out the sperm from deep inside him. Thick and gluey, it made a little pool on the sheet.


Hell, I couldn’t get pissed at him for that. The wash and fold service I used had to be well accustomed to seeing cum stains on my linens by now, I knew.


Man, his load was THICK, though. That was true bottom cum, the result of a vigorous internal prostrate massage by my big tool.


Momentarily exhausted, he slumped forward onto the bed, lying on his side. He was panting and red-faced--but grinning like a maniac. His face was covered with a thick and wet glaze of his girlfriend’s fluids, his chin practically dripping with her cunt juice.


Girlfriend herself reclining back in the chair, already pulling her thong back on.


“Was that cunt worth twenty bucks?” she asked me.


I nodded and smiled broadly. “Best pussy for the money.”




I won’t bore you with the rest of the incidental details. Suffice it to say, once the little fuck-scene was finished, both of them—girlfriend included—seemed a little shy and wanted to get going.


I gave them my business card, and told them I might be interested in buying some cheap ass-pussy again. Girlfriend took the card, but she explained that they lived on the other side of the state, and were just passing through and had been trying to sell his pussy for “gas money.”


In other words, they hadn’t wanted to try acting out this scene in their hometown, where people might recognize them.


Once they left, I felt a familiar twinge in my cock, and realized I could easily go again. With the first, desperate load now purged, I could now give some hot young ass-pussy a nice LONG and brutal fuck.


I decided to get my car and head towards a nearby college town.


Skinhead’s girlfriend had inspired me--maybe I’d seek out a female coed ass this time. Or an MF couple …


But that’s a whole ‘nother story, as they say.





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On 6/21/2020 at 9:55 AM, bimancumengine said:


If I was in attendance, Bethany would get to feel what her bf felt. Girls who look like her need to be put in their place ...

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  • Similar Content

    • By daddybear
      Moderator's Note: We are going to treat the stories in this thread as fictionalized accounts based on real-life occurrences.  
      Creaming boy bums. Pt1
      These will be a series of shortish stories about boy bottoms who are all of legal age in the country they reside in, and my times in them
      The older / younger thing was never a big thing for me until the first time a boy called me Daddy as I filled his hot little arse with my spunk, after that I dedicated myself to the pursuit of cute little twinks and showing them the excitement of getting used by older men.
      A week after that encounter it was late on a Friday night or early on a Saturday morning as I was cruising myself round the areas of a well known sauna in New Cross of London, the Sauna is still there but its had a bit of a makeover, back in the day it was a sleazy little pit that just attracted dirty old geezers like myself.
      I rounded the corner near the steam room and saw a daddy bear just like myself feeding a cute little blond athletic twink from a hip flask as he groped the naked kid, the guy winked at me as I looked at the boy seeing his pupils were dilated as fuck.
      The bear kissed and bit the lads neck leaving a big love bite, grinning at me he nodded towards the ‘private’ shag sheds “wanna share it?”, my own fat cock was tenting my towel as I smirked “fuck yeah”.
      Once in the room we had the boy on his knees sucking and licking our fat pieces as we pushed his head from side to side onto our dicks, I grunted as I forced my dick into the kids throat “names Alan pal”, the other guy moved the boys face onto my cock, “Joe here, so you a chicken hawk too?”.  I have to admit I’d heard the phrase before but had little knowledge of what it was, I raised my eyebrows making Joe laugh “an older top into getting twink boi pussy?”.  It was my turn to laugh “Jesus fuck yeah”.
      “wot did ya give him?, Joe giggled as his fat piece moved in and out of the lads cute little arse “just a little bit of booze and some ‘happy chems’ to make it horny”, I watched as Joes dick fucked the boys arse, you could see how the boys pussy was tight as with every pull out Joe’s dick dragged the twinks arse lips with it.
      The lads body bent over a bench was drenched in sweat as Joe rode the butt to new heights before slamming in “that’s it you little slut take daddy’s spooge”, Joe pulled out leaving the kids hole red and gaping, a little bit of his spunk dribbled out “wanna go on the slut?”, I really didn’t need to answer as my fat eight inch log was hard as a rock.
      I pushed it up the twink making him groan a bit before Joe held poppers to the kids nose while covering the lads mouth with his hand,
      “give it to him hard, rip him apart”, like I needed any encouragement as the boys twat was sweet and still fairly tight, I smiled as I held onto the twinks hips and ploughed his bum like there was no tomorrow, the kid moaned and groaned now and again as I assaulted his ring piece with my cock, but joe just poppered the lad up.
      When I came up the boy, shooting nice and deep I gripped the kids bubble cheeks hard enough to leave bruises, well I am sure it did, not that I saw.
      Joe and I left the ‘shag shed’ leaving the boy bent over the fuck bench, needless to say as we left a troop of dirty old geezers matched into the shed and I remember hearing the guttural sounds as a throat and bum of a boy were taken yet again.
      Joe grinned at me “ we work well together eh?”, I smiled back at him “sure do I like a partner on the hunt”, and at that point a cute little skinhead shyly walked by us.
    • By putitinmecoach
      This is the time I hooked up with 3 bears in one night.

      I was cruising Scruff for older men looking for a younger twink like myself. You know the types, pale, lean, smooth with very little hair, tight round asses. I found one older guy, Mike, who was looking to fuck someone like me. He was white, fifty-four with a beefy rugby-style kind of build and a self-described "dominant verbal daddy" type. He was perfect for me. We started chatting about all the ways he would "fuck my tight twink ass" and how I would "deepthroat his thick daddy dick" when he messaged me to come over Friday night. So I accept and jack off thinking about what fun I've gotten myself into.

      A few hours before I went over to his place, he tells me that there's been a change in plans. He told a couple of his friends about me and he thought it would be interesting if he shared me. They were both beefy tops, one white, Tom, and the other Latino, Carlos. I immediately responded that I was definitely up to the challenge of handling three top daddies at once. Soon I arrived at Mike's and he tells me to strip as soon as the door is closed. I obey.

      Mike starts by kissing me and feeling my body all over, his tongue overpowering mine and his beard rubbing against my shaved face. Tom and Carlos undress while Mike continues making out with me, running his hands over my ass. Tom and Carlos approach me naked where I kiss Tom while Carlos feels my body from behind, his fingers rubbing and prodding my hole. I switch to kiss Carlos while Tom feels me up.
      Mike comes back over and orders me to my knees.

      "Suck my cock," he demanded

      I suck his cock like he commanded. It was a very thick, beer-can thick, nine-inch cock. It was so large I had trouble sucking on it. Mike pushed my head all the way to the base. I gagged as his cock filled my mouth and throat. Tom and Carlos jack off close to my face while I sucked Mike, occasionally rubbing their cocks on my face, their warm pre-cum leaking on to me.
      I switch to Carlos' cock. It's just as thick as Mike's but a little shorter. It doesn't take long before he pushes on the back of my head to fuck my throat.

      "I am so incredibly turned on right now", I think to myself.

      After a few minutes, I switch to Tom's cock. His is skinnier than the other two, but just as large as Mike's but with an oddly big cockhead. Tom leaks a lot of pre-cum and likes pulling out of my mouth to rub it on my face as if to claim that he will be fucking me. After a while of switching between the three, sucking them in the ways they like, Mike goes and grabs an exercise bench and places it in the middle of the room.

      "Lie on your back," Mike ordered me.

      I do as I'm told and Mike comes over and stands right above my face, his hairy balls and ass inches from my nose. He orders me to suck his balls. I do as I'm told. His musk smells so manly and intoxicating to me that I almost cum right then and there. I suck his balls for a few minutes before he moves a few inches forward as his balls rest on my chin now, his asshole right above my mouth. I had never rimmed an ass before, so I'm hesitant for a moment.

      "Lick daddy's ass, boy. Be a good boy for daddy," he tells me.

      My dick is diamonds right now. I do as I'm told and I start licking and tonguing his ass. Mike start moaning, clearly pleased with his boy's work. Suddenly, Tom starts rimming my ass too, occasionally slapping it as well. I'm moaning and leaking a lot of pre-cum right now. Tom gets my ass nice and wet before he lubes up and places the tip of his cock at my hole. Mike backs up and positions me so that my head is hanging off the bench. He places his cock on my lips and commands me to lick his cockhead all over. I obey. Carlos is jacking off and watching the scene unfold before him as he waits his turn. Mike begins to gradually move his cock in and out my mouth, thrusting deeper and deeper down my throat. As Mike fucks my throat, Tom enters my ass. I squirm not used the sensation of a large cock fucking me.

      "Good boy," Mike says. Mike gets into a rhythm, slowing moving his cock in and out while Tom gets into his own rhythm. They spit roast me at a faster rhythm. I'm feeling incredible now.

      At some point, Mike stops and switches places with Carlos. Carlos immediately starts to fuck my throat aggressively, fucking me all the way down his shaft. I'm enjoying every minute of it and I moan like hell at every thrust. Tom starts fucking my ass faster and faster and more aggressively than when he first started. Tom moans and I feel his hot load spurt inside me. After a minute, he steps out and Mike steps up.
      Mike slaps his cock on my hole a few times, making me moan, my hole tender from Tom. Carlos stops for a second and Tom places his cock at my mouth.

      "Open up, boy," Tom commands. I refuse.

      "I don't really like ass-to-mouth," I say.

      "You want daddy's cock, boy?" Mike suddenly says as he slowly rubs his cock back and forth on my hole, still leaking cum from Tom.

      "Yes, daddy," I reply.

      "Then you better clean that cock, boy" Mike demands. Tom grins as I open up and he places his cock in my mouth.

      "Place your lips tighter around it, boy," Tom tells me. I obey and I clean his cock.

      Mike slaps my ass. "Good boy," he tells me, as he continues to tease my hole.

      Carlos reenters my mouth and I focus on becoming the best fuckhole I can be. Mike slowly enters me and I squirm and whimper. His cock definitely feels bigger than Tom's. Mike shushes me and rubs my thighs and presses on, pushing deep into my ass. Carlos keeps fucking my throat, his musky balls slapping against my face with each thrust. Mike waits until I've stopped whimpering and slowly starts fucking me. For a minute, I'm still in pain from the size of his fat cock, but then I become more accustomed to it, and as it starts feeling better, I find myself in an incredible state of arousal I've never experienced before. Mike starts fucking me faster and more aggressively, dirty talking like a pro as he fucks me. I feel so dominated by these men and it feels so good.

      They both spit-roast me hard for about 20 or so minutes and then they both start getting close.

      "You want daddy and his friend to cum in both your holes?" Mike asks. Carlos pulls out for a split second so I can answer.

      "Yes daddy, please cum in me," I tell them, meekly. Carlos goes back to fucking my cocksucker's throat.

      "Good boy," Mike says.
      Mike and Carlos fuck me even faster and more aggressively than I've seen yet. Tom is hard again and is jacking off over my lean chest. They all get closer and closer until Mike finally lets out a loud moan. He cums deep into my ass and I feel his cock gushing load after a load of cum inside of me. Carlos cums right after Mike and I swallow his load to the last drop, like the good slut that I am. As I swallow all of Carlos' cum, I cum all over my chest, a white-hot explosion erupted from my cock. Tom cums all over my chest shortly after.

      We all sit in the afterglow for a minute or so. Mike chuckles to break the silence.

      "That was fun," Tom says.
      Everybody agrees. I ask to use Mike's shower to get cleaned up.
      As I bathe in the hot shower, I hear a knock at the door. It's Carlos. He opens the door to the bathroom and enters the shower.
      "You know, with all the excitement, I didn't get my turn with that sweet ass," he tells me coolly.

      He's ready for round two. He starts grinding on my ass, rubbing his cock up and down my crack. He kisses me hard and deep, his tongue swirling around mine in my mouth. I kneel down and lick his cock. Up and down, moving my tongue and stopping at the head to swirl it around. I move to get ready to suck it and I slowly go to the base. He's gentler this time and doesn't force my head down. He lets me work. His moans muffled by the sound of the shower.

      "That's a good boy. Right there," he moans.

      I deep throat his cock and hold it there for a few seconds. I gag and come up for air and he kisses me again.

      "Now bend over and let me eat that ass," he tells me.

      I do as I'm told and bend over. His tongue swirls around my hole, probing it deep. I moan and grab his head and force it deeper into my ass. His tongue goes deeper and I moan louder.

      "Shhhh, not so loud," Carlos tells me.

      I place my hand over my mouth as Carlos starts to poke my tender and wet hole with his cock. He pushes his head in and lets it sit there.

      "Do you want the whole thing?" He asks me.

      I nod my head. He slams his cock into me and I'm taken aback. I let out an audible gasp as Carlos is balls deep inside me. He slowly starts working his rhythm, getting faster and harder with each thrust, grunting as he fucks me. He keeps at it when he grips my shoulders hard and cums deep in my ass. Meanwhile, I cum, too, on to the shower floor. He pulls out and orders me to clean his cock again. I do so.

      "Don't swallow boy, let me have a taste too," Carlos tells me.

      I stand up and kiss him. Swirling the cum around our mouths before his tongue pushes the cum to me. I swallow. He pulls away and says, "Damn, your ass and my cum taste good together. We have to do this again sometime."

      Carlos exits the shower and lets me clean up. My knees still shaking from being fucked thrice in one day.
      I kiss them all goodbye and tell them we have to do this again.
    • By RawFucker38
      Any tops / vers top for some BB action in Edinburgh or near ?
    • By bihairy
      Hey guys:
      Has anyone else encountered this issue?
      I am a barebacker. I say I fuck bb on my profiles for bbrts, squirt, grdr, and other sites.  If you want to hook up with me I want you to know I intend to breed and seed your hole. Otherwise, don't bother me.  Other than BBRTS (of course) I sometimes get nasty messages from guys that are angry at me because I want bb.  Today I got a response from something I had put online that I was an "idiot" "moron" etc. Why do these assholes find it necessary to make nasty comments regarding my preference for bare sex?  I wanted to tell this asshole to fuck off, but the message was sent anonymously.  To afraid to send it with his email.
      I happen to be on PrEP and old enough to know what I want.  I wish I could block these idiots to be honest.  BH

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