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    Bottoming and flipfucking for men, Topping women, flip fucking with female peggers. group sex and gang bangs, stealthing and insemination play. Petplay (like catgirls) Snowboarding, Mountain biking, music festivals and raves, motorcycling, travel.
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    previously married to a woman, divorced now. In committed open relationship with a woman, play with men and women but mostly with girlfriend present.
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    Lots of amateur stuff, all on various computers and phones...
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    Party bi tops who know how to slam a bottom and use him and enjoy playing with girls as well. Being tag teamed by my girlfriend and a bi top. Submissive girls into partying and being dominated, and group fun. Versatile girls who like pegging. I am a strictly once a month hardcore partier. Never more. No addictions, NOT A CHASER... If that's your thing great, but my girlfriend is already poz and I don't want to be.

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  1. not in 15 years, and seldom before then. i'd rather just not bother to fuck, than use one.
  2. aside from changing a few details to hide identities, all the fiction i have written here, in the bi-forums, has been true. i have been slowly working on a fictional piece as an exercise to see if i can write something from imagination. to do so, i picked a kink i do not enjoy or understand (underage female relative, maipulative chemsex, and grooming) i have found it hard going.
  3. pretty sure we know each other... pm me? if i am right, alex has unfinished business with your ass...
  4. As Dr Scorpio said, this could easily be an STI. Rashes and Hives are common symptoms of a lot of different infections. Best to go get tested. Rashes can be a symptom of HIV, Herpes, Syphilis, Hepatitis.... The list goes on and on. It can also be a reaction to stress, to environmental changes like amount of sun exposure, humidity, or temperature, or an allergic reaction to a soap or a perfume or something you ate.
  5. Sorry for the delay, but we've been really busy dealing with our real lives, and also having some fun and games that might make it into more stories some day. We skipped our way to the stage, and found a couple of hundred people swaying and writhing to some really cool slow trip hop. A vocalist was chanting in a language I didn't understand (it turned out to be one of the local native languages, and the DJ and Vocalist were a local pair of producers). The music was well suited to slow dancing, so the three of us started getting into a groove. Sure enough, boys started approaching,
  6. Through the trees, we can hear the speakers, a slow bass beat indicates some sort of trip-hop or dub. The water is heated, we strip down and enjoy bathing each other. Tish is a chubby little thing, just under 5 feet tall, with golden skin and a smooth layer of delicious padding all over her. She has a big round ass, a narrow little waist, big firm tits, and she's basically the embodiment of 'thick'. Strong, too, the little slut spends a lot of time doing yoga and also works a physical job as an electrician back home in the city. She's blonde, and wears her hair in a short dyke mohawk, with the
  7. Those of you who have read my other stories have already met my girlfriend Alex, and our friend Tish, in the long series of stories where 'shenanigans ensue'. You already know that Alex is as delightful a little slut as ever walked the green hills of British Columbia, and you know Tish is a sexy little lesbian butterball with a penchant for strap-ons and fisting, and a brand new sideline in playing with penises. The story of how Alex and I hooked up with Tish in the first place, at a music festival, is not done yet. I will be returning to it eventually to finish up the weekend, but things
  8. I'm afraid the only story we could tell about infection would be extremely depressing and unpleasant, and in no way sexy or erotic. Alex was infected by her ex husband, whom she eventually left because of physical and mental abuse, and who recently died of a fentanyl overdose in an East Vancouver drug squat. And frankly, good riddance.
  9. I am a very fortunate man, the more so because fate has given me a second chance to be in love, despite so thoroughly screwing up the first one. After my wife divorced me, and everything just plain disintegrated for me, I came very close to committing suicide. There was, it seemed, no possible hope that the rest of my life would be anything but loneliness. Then she just reappeared, out of the blue. You can believe that I am making very certain not to repeat the same mistakes! So, naturally we've gone for testing after such a weekend, and I am happy (though many on this board wil
  10. Alex turns her head to the side, and the first guy jabs at her face with a somewhat small but extremely hard cock. She opens her mouth, allowing him to thrust into her. His hand drops down and clenches in her hair as he thrusts. As I watch, I continue to grind my cock into her asshole as Mr Silver skillfully toys with her clit. It doesn't take this first guy long to spray into her face, nor does it take long for Silver to coax the first of many orgasms from her either. I look up, and find myself looking at the tall black muscle boy, the first man we talked to in the beginning of the eveni
  11. As you will learn, she was well used that night, and since that night both Mr Black and Mr Silver have joined us for threesomes. I expect we will likely take her to the Baths again at some point. Alex was infected by her ex husband, who was most likely himself infected by sharing needles. He was a secret opiate user. While Alex very occasionally injects drugs she has always been *extremely* careful to take no risks. It's a shame her ex ruined that. She's an extremely slutty girl. She's never refused anything I've suggested, and shocked me more than once. She certainly has lines she w
  12. Alex pushes me to the bed, and I take the place of the little twink. I am immediately filled with cock at both ends, and poppers are held at my face. I am used roughly, the men are indifferent to my gag reflex, and indeed are indifferent when I retch and attempt to vomit. Fortunately, my belly is empty, so they simply continue to use my holes. My throat is in agony, as the men hold my jaws open and savagely use me. The tina from the chempiss I took has my head spinning, as the night becomes a blur of cocks. Several spend in my mouth, and suddenly I am allowed to slump down to the bed. Bl
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