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    Bottoming and flipfucking for men, Topping women, flip fucking with female peggers. group sex and gang bangs, stealthing and insemination play. Petplay (like catgirls) Snowboarding, Mountain biking, music festivals and raves, motorcycling, travel.
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    previously married to a woman, divorced now. In committed open relationship with a woman, play with men and women but mostly with girlfriend present.
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    Lots of amateur stuff, all on various computers and phones...
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    Party bi tops who know how to slam a bottom and use him and enjoy playing with girls as well. Being tag teamed by my girlfriend and a bi top. Submissive girls into partying and being dominated, and group fun. Versatile girls who like pegging. I am a strictly once a month hardcore partier. Never more. No addictions, NOT A CHASER... If that's your thing great, but my girlfriend is already poz and I don't want to be.

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  1. not in 15 years, and seldom before then. i'd rather just not bother to fuck, than use one.
  2. aside from changing a few details to hide identities, all the fiction i have written here, in the bi-forums, has been true. i have been slowly working on a fictional piece as an exercise to see if i can write something from imagination. to do so, i picked a kink i do not enjoy or understand (underage female relative, maipulative chemsex, and grooming) i have found it hard going.
  3. pretty sure we know each other... pm me? if i am right, alex has unfinished business with your ass...
  4. As Dr Scorpio said, this could easily be an STI. Rashes and Hives are common symptoms of a lot of different infections. Best to go get tested. Rashes can be a symptom of HIV, Herpes, Syphilis, Hepatitis.... The list goes on and on. It can also be a reaction to stress, to environmental changes like amount of sun exposure, humidity, or temperature, or an allergic reaction to a soap or a perfume or something you ate.
  5. Sorry for the delay, but we've been really busy dealing with our real lives, and also having some fun and games that might make it into more stories some day. We skipped our way to the stage, and found a couple of hundred people swaying and writhing to some really cool slow trip hop. A vocalist was chanting in a language I didn't understand (it turned out to be one of the local native languages, and the DJ and Vocalist were a local pair of producers). The music was well suited to slow dancing, so the three of us started getting into a groove. Sure enough, boys started approaching, assuming one of my two pretties must be single. It was hilarious watching Alex handle them. She gave them what amounted to an interview without them ever catching on. Pretty soon we had a small crew of five guys and two girls in our circle, all dancing together and swapping stories and passing around a bottle of tasty spiced rum that was spiked with shrooms, courtesy of a tall and very good looking native guy. He was *extremely* interested in Tish, and she was certainly enjoying the attention. The Trip Hop act finished up, and left the stage as a house DJ from down south started setting up. We headed back away from the stage to a fire pit, and most of our new friends followed us. Tish found a spot in the lap of the tall indian fellow, and started whispering in his ear. He quickly looked over at Alex and I, and studied us intently. I realized Tish had almost certainly shared her hopes for the evening with him. His hand was holding the nape of her neck quite firmly, and he seemed to be considering the idea. In the meantime, Alex had struck up a conversation with a tall blond hippy girl and her companion, a short but muscular latino looking guy. They were eyeing me and Tish in turn, and it looked like the girls were well into the recruitment process. The blond hippy girl was someone I had actually fucked before, a couple of years before, and I certainly didn't mind the idea of distracting her from her companion for a few hours. She was tall, curvaceous, and loved to ride bareback. Pretty much everything I like in a slut. The last time I saw her, I left her dripping from both holes. I myself started chatting with another guy, black, and leaving no doubt of his endowment in the skin tight boxer briefs that formed the entirety of his clothing. I commented that Tish was my fuckbuddy, and looking for a little multi guy action, if that sort of thing interested him. He was over there chatting her up before I finished the sentence Alex spoke up over the conversations and asked who was interested in heading back to our camp for a bowl of shisha. You could almost hear the quote marks around 'bowl of shisha' and everyone was looking at everyone else and smirking. In the end, all five guys and both girls joined us in the trek back. We all filed into the RV and everyone dropped into the couches and chairs in the living room, or curled up at the feet of them. I ended up with Tish in my lap, the black guy on one side of us, and the tall native on the other. Alex found herself sandwiched between the tall blonde and her latino boyfriend, and the remaining girl, a pretty little asian with intricate wings tattooed on her shoulders was giggling between two more guys. The asian girl reached into her booty shorts and pulled out a baggy full of what looked like brown sugar but was actually MDMA. She began to cheerfully cut a dozen or so lines onto the coffee table. Finishing, she announced open season. We all whooped as each of us in turn railed a line, and things got a little more sexual as we returned to our little subgroups. Tish started kissing the tall native guy, while wriggling her gorgeous round ass against my cock. her hands were meanwhile wandering behind her and groping the black guy, who quickly dropped to his knees at our feet and began kissing his way up Tish's legs, and carefully undoing her sexy little booty shorts at the same time. Her hands dropped down into the native guy's lap, and slipped inside his pants. Her hand began to pump in there, obviously stroking his cock. Her shorts slipped away, and I undid my own pants. Squealing, Tish wriggled until my cock popped inside her wet little box, then squealed again as the black guy's tongue found the intersection of my cock and her grinding cunt. He began to divide his time between my balls and her clit, and the native guy stood up and grabbed her head and pushed it down onto his cock. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the asian girl watching us intently, each hand stroking the cocks of the two boys beside her. Alex was kissing the tall blonde, and I could hear her saying the most filthy things to her as well. The Latino guy had his hands up Alex's skirt, and she was rolling her hips in time to his rough finger thrusting. As orgies go, this one was getting underway in one hell of a hurry!
  6. Through the trees, we can hear the speakers, a slow bass beat indicates some sort of trip-hop or dub. The water is heated, we strip down and enjoy bathing each other. Tish is a chubby little thing, just under 5 feet tall, with golden skin and a smooth layer of delicious padding all over her. She has a big round ass, a narrow little waist, big firm tits, and she's basically the embodiment of 'thick'. Strong, too, the little slut spends a lot of time doing yoga and also works a physical job as an electrician back home in the city. She's blonde, and wears her hair in a short dyke mohawk, with the sides shaved into swirling celtic patterns. The rest of her is shaved smooth as an egg and she has the prettiest little pink pussy you ever saw. Tiny, and always wet, it's nothing but a little crease until you open it to find tasty lips and a little gold clit ring. It's a nice cunt too, gets sloppy-wet real quick, tastes sweet and musky, and she's nice and deep. I always like it when I don't have to worry about hitting bottom. She's a sarcastic but basically happy girl, never seen her anything but cheerful and slutty. Mostly lesbian, she's been rolling around with Alex and I for a while, she certainly likes my cock well enough, but her focus is on women. She's very much into role play, dominance and submission, fisting, strap-ons, biting, and spankings. She's around 25 years old at the time of this story. Alex is, in many ways, her physical opposite. About 5'9", and around 105lbs, Alex is incredibly lean. She has long slender arms and legs, multicoloured dreadlocks that hang well past her nipples, an almost completely flat chest and the roundest little ass you ever smacked. She's lean without being scrawny, one of those girls with a natural six pack and those jutting hipbones like a runway model. She would be androgynous, if she didn't radiate femininity like a neon glow. She's covered in piercings, gauges in her ears, a ring in her septum, two tongue studs, snakebites through her lower lip, both nipples, her clit hood, and a pair of surface piercings in the back of her neck. Alex has big tasty nipples that respond dramatically to both temperature and manipulation. Her cunt features nice meaty lips and a big clit that is hyper sensitive. She's the tightest thing I have ever fucked (still is to this day), but she can stretch to accommodate Tish's fist as well. It takes forever to gape her. She's hyperactive, extremely sensual, and one of those people who moves effortlessly through any social situation. At the time of this story, Alex was just about to turn 20. As for me, I'm 36 yrs old, but look much younger. I'm 6'5", weigh around 245 or so, and I'm pretty fit between working construction and likewise hitting the yoga mat and the weights pretty regularly. My hair would be black, if I didn't shave it, my cock is quite large at 7.5" long, and unusually thick, especially at the tip. No real taper at all. I have big heavy balls as well, that normally get emptied at least twice a day. Tish once told me I look like 'a murderer, but a sexy brooding one with a complex past and a heart of gold from a movie'. I just brooded at her a bit, and then gave her a mouthfucking to shut her up. All three of us love to dance, love to party, and love to fuck. All three of us are bi, though Tish and I are each more into women than men. In our little threesome, Alex tends to be the one in the lead most of the time and she gets the three of us into the most delicious situations. Alex has an absolutely filthy imagination, and absolutely no fear at all. At the time of this story, Alex had been my side piece for almost a year (I was married back then, but we had an open relationship). As you have read in the other stories, a lot has changed since then. Now I'm 46, divorced, Alex is 30 and widowed. Her shithead husband contracted HIV as an opiate addict and infected her, then began abusing her before she left him, and he thankfully died of an overdose in some East Vancouver drug squat. At least in his case, the fentanyl OD epidemic did some good. Especially since if the drugs hadn't killed him, I probably would have. Alex and I reconnected just a few months ago, and have become inseparable, which has to count as one of the best things to ever happen to me. As with all of my stories that involve Alex, this one is all true. A few details have been carefully changed to keep people from figuring out who we really are, but the rest is all the gospel truth. Alex and I get our heads together to hash out exactly what happened, and she has a lot of fun reading these stories and seeing it all unfold from my point of view. I'm trying to get her to write one up from her perspective, but so far no success. So there we were, three horny ravers, naked, scrubbing each other with hot water and towels, and then drying off, and discussing plans for the night. Tish has already set a goal of finding a couple of extra boys to play with, and Alex has a few ideas about how to set about finding them. It being Alex, her plan is basically to find some pretty boys, grind on them to determine their 'physical attributes' are sufficient (both girls like them big) and then bluntly invite them to an orgy. It being Alex, the plan is simple and likely to work well, so Tish and I accede to her wishes. Time to dress for the evening. We may be in the Canadian north, but it's the day before the summer solstice. It's midnight and the sun is still up, and it won't get dark until 3am or so, and then only for a few hours. It's also warm, and the girls select outfits suitable to the conditions. Tish is decked out in Fishnet stockings, gartered to black leather booty shorts, and a matching black leather corset. The vest closes, front and back, with lacing that leaves a six inch gap, showing her gorgeous little belly, cleavage, and delicious back and shoulders. She adds a black leather pillbox cap and veil straight out of 1905, and soft leather boots. She looks like exactly what she is: A hot little leather dyke, but tonight some boys are going to find out appearances can be deceiving. I idly wonder if Tish will be up to some DP tonight... She took her first anal (real) cock from me, not so very long ago and took it well... Alex ogled Tish, and kissed her soundly, and twirled to show us her long flowing gown made of sky blue netting. It's completely transparent, and underneath, you can see skintight black booty shorts, electrical tape nipple pasties, and thigh high black and white striped stockings. On her head she also wears a veil, but it's blue net like the gown, and is held on with a metal tiara. The net result is a sort of gothic wedding dress/whore, and it's reinforced when I look closer and notice the booty shorts are crotchless. Nice. The ladies debate how to dress me, and settle on putting me into some electric blue Thai silk fishermans pants and lace up knee high moccasins, and some hippie beaded necklaces, but otherwise topless. Alex comments that she feels like seeing my muscles out on the dance floor tonight and I blush. I'm still not really used to (actually not even today, eight years later) the idea that she considers me handsome. I grew up very much an ugly duckling, and it's hard to shake that off. It always makes me feel warm and fuzzy, though, because it's so obviously sincere. Even my wife never looked at me the way Alex does. She looks at me like a wolf looking at a nice juicy bunny rabbit. I haul out a baggy of MDMA, and cut everyone a nice big line. Normally we would booty bump, but we're already running later than we want to. I have some booty bumps prepared for later, stashed in the bedroom, along with some GHB. Optimistically, I've prepared enough for 5 or 6 people... The three of us lace our arms together, and has become tradition, we sing 'We're off to see the wizard!' and skip off towards the distant dance floor, whooping and laughing excitedly.
  7. Those of you who have read my other stories have already met my girlfriend Alex, and our friend Tish, in the long series of stories where 'shenanigans ensue'. You already know that Alex is as delightful a little slut as ever walked the green hills of British Columbia, and you know Tish is a sexy little lesbian butterball with a penchant for strap-ons and fisting, and a brand new sideline in playing with penises. The story of how Alex and I hooked up with Tish in the first place, at a music festival, is not done yet. I will be returning to it eventually to finish up the weekend, but things didn't end there. The three of us continued to meet up at festivals for several years, when Alex met a guy and stopped having extracurricular sex, Tish kind of drifted away because cock by itself isn't really her Forte. Unfortunate. Tish moved into the interior of BC a few years back, but I still run into her at festivals often, and we frequently hang out (in a platonic way) when we do meet. I can't wait to see her face when I see her next with Alex back on my arm... Like most of us, she didn't think much of the guy she married (neither does Alex, now that she realizes what a shithead he was), so I expect she will be thrilled. Anyway, this story happened about 8 years ago in June, at a small music festival way up in Northern Alberta. It was a very underground event, advertised by word of mouth, Jeff Daniels (not his real name) was going to go up and play a set there. Jeff is the same guy that played the amazing pirate set the first day Alex and I met, and so when we heard he was going to do another experimental set we decided to make the trek all the way to Slave Lake Ab with him. We invited Tish, as well, and she not only bought in to the idea, she arranged to borrow the Batcave RV from some friends as well. So there we were, rolling on a 12 hour road trip into the Northern Alberta Bush. The destination was a homestead farm run by some hippies, to party on the longest day of the year. We had a huge luxury RV, a world class music producer and his girlfriend , 2 gorgeous and slutty women, and your humble narrator. Jeff commented later that it was like being a deer in the headlights most of the way up. Not because they were constantly raping them (he's attached, and they are both very respectful, if slutty, girls), but rather because the two of them are just so intensely sensual all the time. This road trip happened right at the peak of the relationship between Tish, Alex and I, during that time where you simply cannot keep your hands (and cock, and cunt, and mouth, and fingers....) off of the other(s). He commented later that the entire trip consisted of he and his girlfriend getting more and more turned on by the three of us, ducking away to fuck like bunnies, and starting the cycle over. To this day, when they want to talk dirty, they talk about that trip. That's the kind of thing that gives a guy like me a warm feeling of accomplishment, I have to tell you. Tish and I were the only ones with any experience driving such a large vehicle, so we took turns driving, and made the trip in a single 12 hour push. We left at 5am thursday morning, and rolled in to the town of Slave Lake early thursday evening. I found a spot to park beside the supermarket and headed into the back for a nap. I dropped down beside the tangled naked pile of limbs and hair which were Tish and Alex, (both snoring like freight trains). I downed a big glass of GHB and cranberry juice and was fast asleep within 15 minutes. When I woke up, around four hours later, I was alone in the bedroom, and we were rolling. Alex poked her head in the door, saw me awake, and jumped me. We rolled onto the site while Alex fucked the shit out of me in the back of the RV... I could get used to this kind of road trip. By 10pm we were parked on the site and ready to rock. We set up the awning, arranged the chairs, got the hookah out and sat around and chatted. Both girls were, I could tell, waiting for a chance to talk to me privately. And sure enough, when Jeff and Sandy went off to check out the stage and the sound systems, they both cuddled up with their best 'good little girl' expressions on their faces and announced they had a special request. Alex gripped Tish a little roughly by the hair, and shook her and said 'Daddy, this little slut here is too chicken to say anything to you herself, so I am going to do it for her', She pauses, and twists Tish's short hair painfully, 'She wants to see of we can find two more boys for her this weekend. Because apparently the dirty little whore isn't getting enough cock yet!' Tish is blushing furiously, but her nipples are also rock hard through the soft jersey of her sundress, and her eyes are bright with lust. I grin at her. 'You might be the least gay lesbian I have ever met, Letitia! But since you've mostly been a good girl, I think we can probably find you some more toys to play with.' I pause, 'But only on one condition!' Tish looks up at me, 'What condition?' 'When we fill up all three of your dirty holes with big hard cocks, I get that pretty pussy. I want to watch your face when you get filled up for the first time.' I didn't think she could blush harder, but the red floods all the way down her chest and she mumbles 'I was going to ask for the same thing... I want to look into your eyes when I do it!' All three of us giggle, Tish gets a very hard spank on the ass, I start water boiling for a quick sponge bath for all of us, and we begin to get ready for the evening. I wonder idly what the night will bring, since it's rarely dull around Alex.
  8. I'm afraid the only story we could tell about infection would be extremely depressing and unpleasant, and in no way sexy or erotic. Alex was infected by her ex husband, whom she eventually left because of physical and mental abuse, and who recently died of a fentanyl overdose in an East Vancouver drug squat. And frankly, good riddance.
  9. I am a very fortunate man, the more so because fate has given me a second chance to be in love, despite so thoroughly screwing up the first one. After my wife divorced me, and everything just plain disintegrated for me, I came very close to committing suicide. There was, it seemed, no possible hope that the rest of my life would be anything but loneliness. Then she just reappeared, out of the blue. You can believe that I am making very certain not to repeat the same mistakes! So, naturally we've gone for testing after such a weekend, and I am happy (though many on this board will be disappointed) to report that despite all that filthy unprotected sex, Alex, Silver, Black, and I didn't catch a thing. I did come down with a nasty cold about 3 days afterwards, but it was just a cold. Mr Black kept track during the evening, and I took 12 men, Alex took 14, and not a single one of the condoms we brought was used at any time. The next morning, over breakfast, Alex confessed to Black and Silver that she is actually already HIV positive. They were relieved, and Black commented that he had his suspicions. The men they arranged were all undetectable (including the one that Alex claimed was highly infectious in the middle of things), but of course the randoms later on could easily have had high viral loads. Perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of the evening was a message to the craigslist ad I posted from the baths. We received an email from a trans-man, an extremely fit and manly gentleman who still has a fully functional pussy. He was unable to meet that night, but Alex has been corresponding with him. She confessed to being an actual woman, 'in disguise', and it turns out that this Trans-man did a very similar thing a few years ago himself. Alex is going to arrange a meeting for us, though not necessarily a play date. He sounds like a pretty interesting guy, though. Alex also got the contact info from the black muscle-boy, who turns out to be an engineer, and the furry little cub who started the night. The plan is to have a hotel party some time, possibly repeat the sensory deprivation scene my wife enjoyed so much, for Alex. One last detail. Alex is not on the pill, but the night of the event was very nearly the least fertile point of her cycle. While I have had a vasectomy, we have discussed the issue and decided to get her on to birth control as soon as possible. The way things are going, it seems like a good idea. In the meantime, there has been some very sexy talk about which of those 14 men might have knocked her up. Turns out both of us find forced impregnation extremely sexy, and so we're planning to do a scene of that some day. I hope everyone enjoyed this story, as with the others, it's all pretty much factually accurate. I've messed around with names, dates, and places in order to ensure that nobody can figure out who we really are. By the way, if any of you readers were there that night, I would love to hear from you, and I hope you don't mind Alex's little deception. Not sure what I will write about next. Alex wants me to write some more about my experiences from my marriage, so I may do that. Or perhaps someone here wants to ask about something?
  10. Alex turns her head to the side, and the first guy jabs at her face with a somewhat small but extremely hard cock. She opens her mouth, allowing him to thrust into her. His hand drops down and clenches in her hair as he thrusts. As I watch, I continue to grind my cock into her asshole as Mr Silver skillfully toys with her clit. It doesn't take this first guy long to spray into her face, nor does it take long for Silver to coax the first of many orgasms from her either. I look up, and find myself looking at the tall black muscle boy, the first man we talked to in the beginning of the evening. He grins at me, 'Well well well! I don't think I've ever seen a Trans boy here before!' He drops his towel, and slaps his long soft cock across Alex's face. The MDMA laced sperm we filled her with is starting to work, and she's having a hard time focussing, but she squints and when she recognizes him a broad grin splits her face. 'Daddy, it's the nice man from the gym earlier!' She twists her neck to lick at his cock where he's gently smacking her with it. She gets her mouth around it, and begins to bob her head on him. He grunts with pleasure and thrusts to meet her, and she gags a little, and I feel it as her ass clamps shut on my cock. There are more men waiting, so I pull out and allow them in. The older leather daddy is first in line, and he slips into her pussy. Commenting that he hasn't fucked one in more than a decade. I lean back against the wall, and stroke my cock and watch as the men pile into her. Three of them are in a regular rotation taking turns at mouth and cunt and ass. Her MDMA rush is in full swing, and I know how she feels right now: As though she can never possibly take enough cock, and as though every orgasm is just an appetizer for the next one, and they just keep getting bigger. The boys confer, then ask if they can move her to the bed. They figure it's time for some DP, and Alex certainly agrees. I help her out of the sling, and take her into my arms and kiss her hard. I toss her onto the bed, lie back, and pull her on top of me. She straddles me, and sinks her cunt down onto my cock. The muscle boy kneels behind her and I feel the inimitable sensation of a cock sliding alongside mine. Both of us are in her cunt, and she stares wide-eyed at me. I grind up, he grinds down, and she moans in mingled pain and pleasure. As we grow accustomed to each other's rhythms, we begin to long stroke her. She whimpers, clamps down, and squirts me clean out of her cunt. Muscle boy laughs, fits me back into her, and switches to her asshole. I stay buried deep while he begins to pound her brutally hard. She falls down onto my chest and begins chanting filth into my ear. Over and over she tells me she's my whore, my slut, my fuck-meat, that she has never felt so owned, nor so sexy, she begs me to use her harder, tells me she will do anything. Suddenly she stops in mid sentence, and cums so hard she sounds like a barking dog. Muscle boy groans and I can actually feel the cum coursing up his cock, where it rests against mine separated only by the thin vaginal wall. He pulls out, and the next man drops into place. He lasts just a few strokes, and also cums. Another man pounds for a while, before filling her. Mr Black grabs Alex by the hair, and pulls her off me. He lays her on her back, spreads her legs roughly, and enters her cunt with his club of a cock. Her legs fly into the air, then wrap tightly around his back. Her hands drop down and grab his ass cheeks and pull him in deeper. His teeth are at her throat, nipping and biting as he pounds into her. A few minutes later, he crams another load into her, and rolls off. She jumps on his cock, licking and sucking it clean, with sperm dribbling out of her like a waterfall. Silver shuts the door, and all of us join Alex on the bed. She cuddles into the middle of us. Kissing and stroking us all moving from one to the next. Soon enough, she is riding Silver, Black is buried in her ass, and I stand by her face and begin a slow throat fucking. She shudders in orgasm, once, twice, and then Black grunts and fills her ass. Silver is not far behind, but both men remain inside her as I build up, and then cum down her throat. We all collapse back to the bed again. After a few minutes, when movement becomes an option, we gather up our towels, and Alex leads us to the showers and the hot tub upstairs. It's four AM, we pass knots of men fucking and sucking. Some pause to look at the tall androgynous beauty, plastered in cum, cum visibly dripping down her thighs, a glorious and bedraggled mess. She walks proudly, aware of her beauty. Like an avatar of filthy lustful sex. I take her into the shower, I soap her, I rinse her, I comb her hair. I lead her to the tub where we cuddle in the hot swirling water. The four of us exchange glances, and then, suddenly we are all laughing uncontrollably and High-fiving. What a great night.
  11. As you will learn, she was well used that night, and since that night both Mr Black and Mr Silver have joined us for threesomes. I expect we will likely take her to the Baths again at some point. Alex was infected by her ex husband, who was most likely himself infected by sharing needles. He was a secret opiate user. While Alex very occasionally injects drugs she has always been *extremely* careful to take no risks. It's a shame her ex ruined that. She's an extremely slutty girl. She's never refused anything I've suggested, and shocked me more than once. She certainly has lines she won't cross though. She would never rape someone, or take advantage of someone while they were vulnerable.
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