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Hi all, 

Looking to be used as a cumdump. I want guys to gangbang me and share me with their friends. No loads refused, I’ll take every drop of cum regardless of status. Looking for interested guys in Wellington who can host. 

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    • By ATLFreak1
      Hey, masculine attractive in shape 49 yr old looking to bottom for masculine black tops that like to make a guy service them and use my throat and booty for your pleasure. Would like to find a few guys to use & breed me giving me your toxic loads. 

    • By Hungnreadytofuck
      Marie was forced to take on a traveling assignment for work, she was not the type to travel or leave her hubby that she loved very much.  She and David had been married for two years and he was the only guy she ever had sex with.  David was in great shape, dark hair and a nice 6' dick.  Sex was not something they did often only three times a week and she rarely had an orgasm unless David ate her out.  So she came once a week.  David was disappointed that she would be traveling but she had to stay working or keeping the house would be an issue. 
      Marie's first assignment out of town had her staying for a week, she would fly in Sunday and leave Friday evening.  David and Marie had more than a few arguments that weekend but by the time David drove her to airport on Sunday afternoon they had made up and had sex and David got her off so they were in a good place.  They kissed and Marie cried a little as she left to get on the plane and head off to San Diego for her training week for her new position where she would have to be in San Diego every other week for three to four days.  
      Hours later Marie checked into her hotel after picking up her rental car.  She had sat beside a young guy who flirted with her the entire way and she had to admit he made her wet and horny.  She unpacked and got out her vibrator and thought about him.  She kept trying to keep her mind on David but Ryan kept creeping back into her head.  Ryan was tall 6'3 muscled blonde with deep blue eyes and really big hands he kept putting them on the arm rest.  She was just about ready to cum when her phone went off and she did not recognize the number, she answered and it was Ryan.  He said Marie, glad I caught you while I was still around town.  I have your credit card and thought you might need it. 
      Marie was flush and she quickly thanked him and tried to gain her composure.  Give me your hotel address and room number and I will drop it off.  Without thinking Marie gave him her room number and address and hotel name and he said yea, I know that hotel I am 10 minutes away.  See you soon!  Marie stood there wet and horny and put her vibrator away and got dressed.  She put on her panties, yoga pants and a top and before long she heard a knock at the door.  Ryan stood there in a tight shirt and shorts and she could help but glance down and she could see the outline of his dick though the tight shorts and he smiled and said aren't you going to invite me in as he started to move closer and Marie moved out of the way and felt very uncomfortable but she also was horny as fuck.
      Ryan walked over to the window and looked out at her view and said, wow I have never seen this view while I stayed at this hotel.  My last room was much larger but had a crappy view, you know you can see the ocean and my condo from here, come over and I will show you.  Marie walked over and stood beside Ryan and he slide behind her and then pointed over her shoulder toward the water and asked her if she could see it?  She nodded and he slide his other hand on her hip, it sure is beautiful isn't it.  She agreed and knew she should pull away but stayed right here, Ryan rubbed her leg and then with the other hand he lifted her shirt and pulled it over her head and rubbed a hand out her flat stomach and then fondled her breast with his big hands. 
      Marie knew she should tell him to stop, cry out she was married and could not but he felt so amazing and she could feel his dick growing against her back and she could not believe this was happening to her.  Ryan leaned down and kissed her neck and his hands slide down to her yoga pants and panties and slipped them off quickly and then slide his hand on her hip and then over to her clit and rubbed her pussy and soon he was inside her with his long digit and she was shaking.
      Ryan picked her up and carried her to the bed and she started to say stop but Ryan kissed her before she could get it out.  She kissed him back while he slide down his shorts and let his 9" dick slip onto her stomach and then he pulled off and pulled his shirt off and went back to kissing her and they made out for five minutes till he pulled up and kissed her neck, and worked his way down to her breast and then stomach and finally her pussy and he began to eat her out and  within three minutes she was so hot she came for the first time and Ryan kept eating her cunt and the pulled off and kissed his was back up as his dick rested against her pussy and he began to slide it back and fourth and Marie spread her legs more and more and soon he was pressing his thick dick inside her and she whispered you are too big, stop but Ryan slowly pulled back and forth until he was going deeper and deeper inside her and she came on his big dick when it was only half way inside her.
      Ryan spent the next two hours making her cum and giving Marie two of his loads deep inside her.  When he was finished he pulled out and said he needed a shower  and soon Marie heard the water running. She could see her husband had called and left her a voice mail and a few text and she was sad.  She had never done anything like this before and when Ryan came out naked he thanked her and he could she she was upset and as he got dressed he said babe, this is just sex.  I know you have a husband but this was nothing more then you using a huge dildo or vibrator to get off.  I will be back tonight at 10 PM for round two and he leaned down and kissed her and made out with her again. I have a girlfriend too and we are going to be married in a year so this is just what we both needed nothing more.
      Marie knew she needed to reach out to her husband and picked up the phone and called, she felt so guilty but she put on a brave face and talked to him about the flight and this night old man who sat next to her telling her about his life and grown children.  She basically lied her ass off about Ryan so her husband would have no clue that she had cum in her pussy from a young stud who had just left.
    • By Oak828
      I’ll try to maintain this thread as a log of load taking.
      Yesterday, I slipped into a new jock, and let the grindr world know my hole was available. Lots of flakes, etc as normal. I mean if your profile name is”I host now” and you tell me you’re into raw fucking and don’t pull out... then live up to it. The day was pretty much like that. Then, a breakthrough. My classic response to a “what’s up” message is “Looking for cocks to breed my hole.”  followed by the pic in my BZ profile.
      I received a customary cock pic of a fat bbc with a message that said, “Come get it, bring your poppers.” When I got to his house, he messaged me to strip to my jock while I waited on the porch. I know people saw me. Inside he grabbed me by the back of the neck and directed me to the bedroom.
      Forcing me to my knees, he told me to hit my poppers till he said stop. After about 20 seconds, he said stop then shoved his cock down my throat. He hammered away a bit then yanked me up and told me to lay flat on his mattress. I felt his head brush my hole and he said, “I only use your spit on my cock for lube bitch” Then he plunged in with incredible force. My spit had lubed my outer ring, but as he raw fucked my ass deeper, his precum started coating my walls. After about ten minutes and a couple more popper hits. He  buried every inch in as far as he could and I felt about 9 pulses from his cock as he unloaded in me. He pulled back and continued to fuck until he slipped out. I got off the mattress, back on my knees and cleaned that stick off. I started to get dressed but he told me “pussysluts get dressed outside.” And guided me out just as he guided me in. 
      I messaged him a note of thanks and he said to Favorite him, he’d use me again.
    • By Daddydass
      Hi ! I'm an old daddybear near Lyon.  I accept all loads. No selection. Bottom+++/top. BB only. Please breed my ass !! Sms0638938830 poz seed very welcome.

    • By wetboy27
      Open hole policy.  Hosting face down ass up for anonymous loads.  Fuck your seed into my hole and go.
      Text me: 250-869-2999

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