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Found 37 results

  1. I had always been a nasty fuck and even though I've mostly been bottom, I've always like licking a perfect hole. That perfect whole not bleached, its nice and natural brown, it looks somewhat used, not to stretched or open, its inverts slighly with some skin to make a small wall. Your tongue gently slides in and as your whole gets narrower, you taste that amazing salty, dry sometimes sweet taste. But most of all, the perfect whole usually has just that extra few pieces of skin to make pretty or you feel small pieces just past that sfinkter STDs interested me way before HIV - My perfect hole is what I wanted. ANAL WARTS, a slightly dangerous looking but risk taking hole I knew that I had developed them a while ago, but only today I decided to inspect them properly, as I opened up my ass, these beautiful pieces popped out. It was fucking beautiful. I have not felt such a fantastic feeling going through my cock - I had a mini orgasm without touching myself. I took a quick pic, but I hve invited someone over to take decent pictures to post when I can street my ass properly My Chasing experience has been he most erotic and rewarding experience in my whole life. Give me your thoughts on this beautiful used hole..
  2. What was your first STD ? Just wanted to know to see which ones are more common. You can share how you found out and eventually symptoms. There are multiple choices.
  3. I found out my blood type recently and I was curious to know if certain blood groups or types were more or less likely to become HIV positive or acquire certain STDs through bareback sex. I guess I'm curious if certain blood types (or even two people of different blood types) have any effect on transmission? Does anyone know anything about this? I looked it up on Google and got a million different answers, some of which I am taking sceptically. (Hopefully I'm making sense. Sick with a bug here at the moment.) Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey guys, I'm new and want to get some people's opinions. Is herpes really even all that bad? If you were to happen to pick up herpes from a random hook up would it be that big of a deal? What are your guy's thoughts?
  5. I'm on my second day of mild urethral irritation, dysuria and mild whitish, mucus-like penile discharge. I've had these symptoms a few times in the past (maybe once every couple years) and the same thing happens every time - I go to the clinic, I get tested, get empiric treatment (azithromycin 1gram and ceftriaxone 250mg), then the tests come back negative for gono and chlamydia and the symptoms clear up within a couple days. I already went and got the test/treatment yesterday, but I'm really disinclined to think that I picked this up from sex (I haven't fucked a guy in almost three weeks). Have any of you guys had recurrent urethritis that wasn't gono or chlamydia, and did you ever end up getting a diagnosis?
  6. Joint Pozzing Fun Anyone?

    Happy New Year and lots of toxic fun in 2017 for everyone. Here is a High VL Gift Giver, ☣☣☣ Hetero & Poz & Proud & Bareback Only ☣☣☣, and not on meds. No, I'm not bi-interested either, but I like using girl whore cunts, and if for toxic cum swapping jointly together with other infectious dicks. Also organizing for anonymous pozparties and STD orgies with pozfriendly barebacking girls participating.
  7. I've always wondered if there was any health dangers in repeated STI exposures. I would think not. No matter how often you test positive for an STI, and all other things equal, if the STI is treated and removed, there's no long term health impacts. The invader is gone, if you will. Has anyone ever heard of any? Or had problems?
  8. Went to Cumunion the other night. One of the guys who fucked me had warts on his cock. I knew they were there but I wanted the load so I let him continue fucking me. I got a nice load from him. Did I get warts too? I haven't a clue what the transmission risk is.
  9. Hey Guys, I've been reading the posts here and to my surprise, they are very well moderated and many members here are very matured and professional (and nasty kinky pigs, respectively). Being a newbie, I'd appreciate your insight. I found out that I got HIV in June 2014 (along with diagnosed with secondary Syphilis and treated with a one-time penicillin injection in the ass) and now(Jan 2015) just achieved UD. Still clearing from recent fresh Syphilis, Gono, and Hepes (Feb 2015). My doctor said I should remain abstinence until I'm all cleared (since Syphilis takes 3-4 months, I assume it'd be until my next follow up in next month). I've made up my mind to just settle with Fort Troff toys and some good porns like Viral Load and Breeding Season from now on till I'm cleared (or possible forever ), because Penicillin's a bitch! I wonder if you could share with me your opinion on a few things below: 1. Various researches and articles on super-infection risks, admittedly mention that there are no evidences suggesting that people living with HIV who are on successful HAART treatment, are at risk of super-infection despite having unsafe penetrative sex with those who are on successful HAART treatment and/or HIV infected individuals who are not on HAART treatment. What is your take on this? 2. If it is true, does that explain why bareback sex parties amongst HIV positive men (i.e. POZ parties) are rapidly growing worldwide because, besides contracting other STIs and STDs, there is no worry of super-infection for HIV positive men who are on successful HAART treatment to be participating in such activities? 3. How do you guys manage your STDs being bathhouse whores & cumdumps?(which by the way I am deeply guilty of). It seems so easy to contract these nasty bugs. I am so worried when my health care provider told me (as he injects me with Penicillin), "Bro, you need to use condoms. You are getting another Syphilis within 6 months since you got your injection. If the duration of re-occurrence is so close, the damage in your body continues and eventually you will get NeuroSyphilis." 4. I bumped into an all-loads-are-welcome Cumdump recently and asked him how he deals with STDs. He said, "Vaseline. It coats your ass so no STDs have the chance to go in". And he said he never had STD before (which I doubt). Wonder anyone is doing the same or experienced it first hand that it doesn't work? CumDump Whore, BrokenCondom
  10. Besides HIV, what STDs/ STIs have you had? What was your experience having them? Did they cause other problems? If you try to prevent getting STDs, how do you try to prevent them? If you've had an STD not listed, please mention it below.
  11. Full Blown Aids Fucker?

    Hey, Going to be in bberlin for New Years... And would really like to be the no mercy, no limits - victim for some really toxic guys. There will be no limits, and no rules - any sick fantasy can come true on the last day of the year!
  12. Charles – Horse Dick Leather Lord and Master (I first met Charles in the story, “Dr Mike – biohazard and healer - Part 3 – Does the venom take?” This is the story of the next time I saw him and caution, is NOT vanilla, but is true to who Charles, the Leather Master is.) In the final chapter of “Dr Mike – biohazard and healer” I had just finished receiving my new tattoo. My tatt had healed, and I guess it was less a tattoo than a new ID – a big, black and red, angry biohazard sign on my lower back, that reached down to the crack of my ass, and was almost 9 inches wide and 9 inches high. I had not seen Dr Mike since I got the tattoo, but had seen Hank and his herpes dick, Ben from Ghana, and of course spent time with Carl at the library. No one commented on my new tatt and I was sort of pissed and hurt. I thought this meant something, I thought I was special somehow – at least to Dr Mike. But, even though I had not heard from him I continued to do as he had ordered - to take as much dirty, filthy, toxic AIDs cum and dick as I could. I wanted to make him proud, proud of the man he had turned me into, and proud of my biohazard ass. The last time I had seen Dr Mike he had given me Charles’ phone number and told me, “I expect to hear from him that you have given that ass up to him.” I had seen Charles only briefly after he had brutally fucked me in Dr Mike’s office, but he appeared to be in his late 30s, early 40s, about 6”4, a good 230, he was white with curly brown hair, a big mustache, hairy chest (he had on a leather vest), leather pants with no crotch, and big black boots. His dick was tremendous, long, fat, over 11 inches and Charles was, according to Dr Mike, ‘an AIDs fucker.’ Charles also had gonorrhea, so his dick was a continuous fountain of infected drippings. I had called Charles several times, but he never answered or returned my call and frankly I was relieved as he scared the fuck out of me. The weather in DC had gotten colder and I came home after only an hour at work on a Thursday as it had started to snow lightly, but everyone freaked out and they started to shut the city down. The phone rang, and when I answered the man said, “This is your Leather Master boy, remember me? I raped that little hole of yours for Dr Mike and he has new orders for you. Be outside your building tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m. I don’t care you have to work, it’s a Friday, call off and this fucking city will be shut down anyways. You stand on the sidewalk and wait, do not move you hear me. Between now and then no sex, no getting some pussy cock up there, no jacking off, and do not eat anything.” With that Charles hung up and I was left to wonder what the fuck was going on. When I got up the next morning at 4:00 a.m. he was right. We had about an inch of snow and the city was shut down. Offices were closed, schools were closed, the government was closed, so at least I did not have to miss work. I was standing outside my building at 5:30 a.m. and the street was dead. No one was out, not even the snow plows. I waited, and waited, and by 5:45 was ready to go back in as I was freezing. But then I saw a pickup coming up the street with it’s headlights on and apparently no muffler as it sounded like a Mac truck. The truck was old, beat up, had crap hanging out of the bed and some of those big tires on it like it went off road all the time. It pulled up, the window rolled down and this guy said through the clenched cigarette in his teeth, “Hey – Charles call you? Yeah, cool man, hop in.” I walked around the front of the truck, hopped in the front seat and looked at the driver. This guy was not Charles, not sure who he was, but he was younger than me, had real long hair pulled back in a pony tail, and was wearing a bandana to hold it back. His beard was pretty long, scraggily, and he was not handsome as it looked like his nose had been broken a few times, his teeth were bad, his denim jacket was holy and dirty, as were his jeans. He looked pretty tall, like Charles, about 6”4 but a bit thicker and more muscular, like 250 pounds. He had a beer in a cup holder that he took a swig from, tapped the ashes from his cigarette in the ash tray then looked at me and said, “Let me see it man, I want to see that tatt everyone’s been fucking talking about.” “Um, we’re in the middle of the street, no I don’t think so,” I said. His hand struck out like a viper, closed around my throat, and he said, “Like I said, I want to see it, NOW.” I shook my head, undid my coat, my pants, and slid them down to my ankles and sort of turned on my side in the truck seat so my back was towards him. He let out a slow, long whistle, “Damn! Fucking hot,” as he ran his leather gloved hand over my tatt and my left ass cheek. “You got me nice hard now, turn around here.” He held the cigarette between his teeth as he unzipped his pants and pushed my head towards the dick that popped out. Fuck Christ – he was huge! Just like Charles. The truck was idling in front of my apartment building and the street lights cast enough light so I could see the head of his dick was oozing heavy, thick, goo. This was not cum, looked like gonorrhea, and as I hesitated he pushed me onto his dick, I opened my mouth, and sucked on the head. He was uncut, but it was like they did it only part way, as skin still seemed attached to the front of his dick head. He also had a Prince Albert piercing, a barbell, not a ring like Charles and not as thick. I licked it clean and his dick tasted like sweat, filth, and ass, and dug my tongue into the slit trying to get more of his infected jizz. He started to moan, “Fuck no boy, gotta hold off, Sir will have my ass as it is, FUCK! I cannot wait to climb up on you.” With that he pushed me off, I got dressed as he zipped up, put the truck in drive and headed off. “I’m Roger,” he said as he turned onto the main street and nodded at me. “Sir – I mean Charles – sent me to pick you up. You see I am like his hmmm…… his… apprentice I guess you could say you know what I mean? No? Well Sir is teaching me how to be a good master and he is the best. I have seen him break boys in minutes like he is going to break you and he is teaching me everything he knows. He promised me that if I was good I get to break you too.” Wow, sure did not fucking expect that and was not sure what to say so I Just huddled against the cold as there was no heat in the truck and watched my breath mingle with his smoke as Roger drove through the empty city streets. We pulled onto a small, one-block side street just off 20th and P Street near Dupont Circle. There were several gay bars in the area, but I never realized this little group of row houses was here. I followed Roger up to a house that was sort of in the middle of the block on the left, grayish in color, and one side of it fronted an alley that led back behind a bunch of restaurants that fronted P Street. At the front door Roger took out a key, let us in, and in the entryway told me to get undressed. I looked around sort of confused as we were not really inside yet and even though the front door glass was frosted, I felt exposed, but he just glared at me, so I bent down to take off my boots. As I did he reached his arm around my neck, pulled me back towards him, and started sticking his tongue in my ear and licking my neck and left cheek. At the same his other hand reached down the back of my pants, grabbed my underwear and yanked hard. I cried out, his hand covered my mouth and he kept yanking on my shorts as he tongued me. My shorts ripped as they tore into my ass crack and he continued to grab fistfuls of cloth and tug up and hard, giving me a wedgy from hell as he moved his hand and his tongue found my open mouth. His breath was awful, cigarettes, liquor, and more, but he kissed me hard, shoved my face against the exposed brick in the entryway, and finished tearing my shorts into shreds. He now stepped back, unzipped his pants, and out popped his fully hard dick. I turned to look but he pushed my face back against the brick wall, this time really hard and I felt a small trickle of blood run down my cheek as the brick cut into my face. Roger yanked on my pants, spit on my ass and was working to force his dick into my dry hole when the main door to the house opened as Roger said, “Oh fuck we are going to have some fun!” There was Charles just as I remembered him. All in leather, hairy, and looking pissed. “What the FUCK DO YOU THINK you are doing?” he asked. Roger stumbled back, pulling up his pants, “I ah was just teaching him not to mouth off to me. He ah was talking back, so I ah...” Charles took one step and gave Roger a good right hook and said, “NEVER lie to me you little fuck. You HAVE to learn to fucking CONTROL YOURSELF. Goddamn it Son, what the fuck?” Charles then turned and walked into the house. I was huddled against the wall amazed as Roger had barely flinched with that hit, even though there was a little blood at the corner of his lip. He turned to me and said, “You will pay for that.” How the fuck was that my fault? He then pulled up his pants, told me to strip, grabbed my arm and pulled me into the house after him. We were in a hallway that ran the length of the right side of the house. About halfway down was a door on the right that he opened, pushed me ahead of him, and I went down the dark stairs. At the bottom I looked around. The wall in front of me had mirrors, as did several other walls I could see. The room was painted a dark red, almost black, the ceiling was black. As we walked to the right and the room opened up, I could see chains hanging from the ceiling, a sling, several sets of shelves with various metal and leather things on them, including one that had a bunch of dildoes and such. To the left there was a large platform bed with mirrors behind it, on the ceiling, and on the wall to the left, and the bed was covered with some sort of black sheet. There appeared to be stuff further on, but the light was too dim to clearly see. Charles was standing in the middle of the room, hands balled into fists by his side, his hard dick was ringed in steel with at least one big metal cock ring around his balls, pushing them out and forward. “KNEEL.” Fuck he sounded like Dr Mike when he said that. I kneeled where I was and was surprised when Roger kneeled too, but about a foot in front of me. “The last time I saw you I know Dr Mike told you I took it easy on you and so I did. Not this time. This time I will do whatever the fuck I want to you and you will take it. I will hurt you, and you will heal but you will never be the same. Dr Mike may give you choices, well he says he will, but he never fucking does right? Well, you’ve got no choices here either.” What did he mean by that? Fuck what was he going to do me? I had read shit in the papers before about crazy guys doing crazy shit to someone like cutting off a foot or something. No, that just my fear talking as my heart stared beating like 100 miles and hour and I started to sweat and shake a little. Charles could see the fear on my face and confusion as he laughed and said, “I am your Leather Lord and Master. I will use and abuse you and I have no limits and now neither do you. Once I start I will not stop and now you have no choice in the matter as I am going to rape the fuck out of you. You can cry, scream, and beg and plead, which I hope you do, but it will do you no good. The door is locked, this room is soundproof, and you are now my victim. Well, mine and his if he learns to behave.” I looked at Roger, who turned slightly, looked at me, and licked at the little mark of dried blood on his lip as he smiled. Charles continued, “You will learn to give yourself, all of yourself to me or whoever else asks it when ordered. Pain is necessary as you can only truly learn by scar tissue, being ripped, torn, and used. I can promise you though that I am an expert in inflicting pain and abuse, but I will not permanently damage you. No, never that, and even if you believe what I am doing is beyond what your body can take, you will be wrong, as you WILL TAKE IT! You will learn to fear me, serve me, and fear me even more, but there is hope, for if you serve me well, you will please not only me, but Dr Mike. Do you want to please Dr Mike?” I was a bit stunned and just sat there, but Roger twisted around, slapped my face with his gloved hand and sneered, “Answer HIM!” “Yes, please, I want to please Dr Mike,” I said, my voice wavering. Charles smiled wide, reached to the side table, lit a smoke of some kind, and continued. “I am a Demon in the flesh, here to take your body and soul, all that is evil, I am the Ass Destroyer. Dr Mike wants you pushed beyond all boundaries, and believe me, you have no idea what is in store for you. I am Dr Mike’s Lieutenant and he is the one man, the only man I serve. I want a willing sacrifice and you will be willing – not now – but you will – you will give yourself totally to me. Some tops would give you drugs to make you lose control, I won’t, Jack Daniels/JD or whatever sure, but I want you to fight me, I will break you, just like I broke my Son here, but not the same way of course.” “You see, my Son here is a Master in his own right, so his training is a bit different. His dick is full of death too and until he earns the right to have some ass to call his own, for now he serves as a recruiter I guess. He works for me and when the weather is warm I send him to the back patio of the Eagle to find some unsuspecting ass like yours who is just a dick hungry queer willing to do anything to get a taste of it. He will give them a taste of it for sure, but only to get them back here. Here is where the fun starts, here is where we rape them and turn them into infected AIDs holes to be used and fucked and tossed away. You should hear them cry and scream when we tell them we are infecting them!!! Maybe if you learn well you can serve me at the Eagle too, give that AIDs hole to some unsuspecting negative top at the Eagle – give those fuckers something to take home besides a hangover.” “Here, before we begin, stand up and turn around so I can see,” Charles said. Finally, someone was going to pay attention to my tatt. He said, “You know what that means Son? That means Dr Mike has made him a fucking killer, he has passed the bug and death onto some poor unsuspecting asshole. Pretty fucking amazing! I did not believe when the sick fuck told me, but seeing it is damn hot. This is one sick infected ass and today it is mine and if you are good, yours too Son.” Why did he keep calling him Son? Was Roger his Son? They sort of looked alike, but I just thought he was a friend or something. I was smiling listening to them admire my tatt and when I turned back around and Charles saw my smile he closed the distance between us in an instant and wrapped his big gloved hand around my throat. My eyes bulged in fear and his spit was flying in my face as he said, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SMILING ABOUT? You ain’t got shit to be smiling about yet, you are a worthless piece of ass flesh and I am going to beat that pride right out of you. You may think you are a biohazard piece of ass now, but trust me, there is so much more we will infect you with.” Charles let go, stepped back as I caught my breath and he went on, “Son, you go get dressed properly.” He turned to me and said, “I have made you a special drink. Some JD and good stuff, like I said, I want you to fight me, so nothing too strong.” Roger headed back the way we came, I guess to a room that had been off to the left of the small, mirrored hallway. I accepted the drink from Charles and downed it as he motioned for me to drink up. Having not eaten since the day before and being scared shitless, the stuff went right to my head. Not usually drinking liquor helped too I guess. I finished, handed the glass back to him. Charles stepped towards me, “Kneel. Lick my boots.” I looked up at him questioning, I had never done that before and frankly his boots looked pretty filthy. “Are you questioning me?” Charles said as he took his right foot, planted it firmly in the middle of my chest and kicked me over onto my back. He was standing over me now, his boot planted firmly on my gut, “I will only fucking tell you once, when I do you better not question me.” So I scrambled onto my hands and knees and started licking his boots. As I did Charles started spitting me on me, calling me worthless, telling me my tatt meant nothing, I was not worthy of serving him, and until I showed I was worthy I would never see Dr Mike again. I was crushed, anything but that, I wanted – no needed – to see Dr Mike, so I decided I would do whatever it took to make that happen and began licking his boats like they contained the last drops of water in the biggest desert. Roger came back into the room as I saw his big boots come into view. Charles said, “Get on all fours, but don’t stop cleaning those boots.” I did as ordered and soon felt Roger behind me. His gloved hands were rubbing my back, my ass, he spread my ass open and dug in, driving his tongue into my hole as his beard scraped me. Charles reached down, slapped my face hard and said, “Now the other one,” as Roger kept eating my ass. After a while Charles said, “Kneel.” I then kneeled in front of him, Roger got up and went and stood beside Charles. I looked up that them, two Leather Lords and Masters towering over me, I got scared again, but tried not to show it as I waited for my next orders. I saw that Roger was dressed now like Charles. Leather vest, leather pants with no crotch, he had armbands on each arm and metal cockrings around his balls. He also had more piercings, some small rings piercing his ball sac running from the base of his dick down towards his ass. His balls were a lot bigger than Charles’, which were pretty big, and they looked black and blue. Both of them were pretty well built and I also noticed that both of them had several tatts on their arms, and chest, include a black biohazard tatt peaking out from the left side just above where their hearts were. My dick started to get hard looking at them and I wanted to please them as I looked at their horse cocks again. Both of them were fairly hard and about the same size – holy fuck they were huge and both of them were dripping – gonorrhea drip. “Dr Mike told me you tested positive for gonorrhea, but I know he has not treated you and doubt he will. You see there is nothing better than an ass that smells of infection and death and we are going to make sure you never get clean,” Charles said as he stepped closer and began rubbing his dick head over my face, spreading his gonorrhea drip on my lips, chin, nose, and cheeks. I opened my mouth to lick his dick and was stunned as he slapped me hard. “Did I fucking tell you to lick me? No, now shut that mouth, I ain’t done,” Charles said he as continued smearing my face. Charles stepped back and Roger stepped over to me and repeated the process. He had a lot more drip coming out of his dick and the smell was awful and filled my nostrils as he covered my face too. My eyes were closed when he stopped as some of his drip was now on my eyelids, so I flinched a little when I felt someone grab my face between their gloved hands and then began licking me. It was Roger, could tell from the beard, and I stayed still as Roger licked my face clean of the drip they had just covered me in. He then opened my mouth with gloved fingers and started spitting in my mouth, feeding me all the toxic drip he had just cleaned off. I swallowed hard and gagged a little and they both laughed. Roger let go of my face, stood up, and now shoved his dick into my mouth. I choked as he rammed my throat, Roger slapped my face and I choked even more. I leaned back to pull away a little but he put his hands on the back of my head and started pushing me down on his cock, hard. He was trying to fuck my face as hard as he could but there was no way I could take his dick and he was clearly frustrated. Roger pushed my head back, slapped me hard and said, “God damn little fucker!” and slapped me again. This time when he slapped me he caught more of my nose than my face and I felt some blood begin to trickle out of my nose. “Fuck Son, you are still letting your nuts rule that head of yours. Take your time, he is ours and is not going any where and he will learn – no he will be forced – to take both of us just like we want, now clean him up,” Charles growled. Roger bent down, glared at me, fuck he was pissed, grabbed my head again between his hands and started licking at the blood coming out of my nose as he applied pressure with his right thumb. He finished, stood up, and he and Charles went back by the table, both grabbed something to smoke, which I could tell by the smell was not cigarettes, and looked at me as I stayed kneeling where I was. After a few minutes Roger went and sat on the platform bed, his dick looking huge as it bounced and twitched. Charles came back to me, “Lick my balls.” I flicked my tongue out and began licking his balls. He was very hairy, and tasted of sweat and his smell was so intoxicating. Total man funk, and I loved it. Charles slapped the side of my head as he laughed, “Damn boy, you have got a lot to learn. This is not some little cone of ice cream to be lapping, these are fucking man balls. I want you to put them in your mouth, suck on them, use that tongue, tug on them with your teeth eat those fuckers.” So I did. His balls were big and I could fit one in my mouth at a time, but not two. I licked, sucked, and squeezed each one between my teeth and pulled back when I did, stretching them out and away from Charles’ dick. Charles moaned when I did that and started rubbing my head with his gloved hand. I tugged harder, and bit down more, and Charles moaned even louder, pulling away from me, stretching his balls out even further. I was afraid I was going to hurt him I guess, but the rougher I chewed, sucked, and stretched his balls the more he moaned and the harder his dick got and the more he started dripping precum onto my face. I was whimpering with pleasure and my own dick was so fucking hard I reached down and started to jack it. I got slapped hard and Charles’ ball plopped out of my mouth trailed by a mouthful of spit. “DON’T fucking touch yourself. You WILL NOT cum unless I tell you it is OK,” Charles said as he stepped away. I was wiping the spit off my face as he grabbed his smoke and went and sat down by Roger. Now it was Roger’s turn. He put his smoke down, stepped up, “You better learn to please him – and me – and do it fucking right.” So I repeated what I had done with Charles, tugging on Roger’s balls with my mouth as I slurped and ate them. Roger’s were a lot bigger than Charles’ and it took me a while to figure out how to get it in my mouth, but I did and soon had him moaning. “Pull hard – yeah bite them good, pull them asshole – HARDER!” Roger screamed at me as he got more and more worked up as I bruised his balls with my mouth. “FUCK you’re making me cum – open your mouth take my CUM!!!” he screamed. I opened wide as his hot cum shot into my mouth, and down my throat. His cum was really thick and sour, but tasted so good. I then licked his dick clean as he smiled, stepped back, slapped the side of my head lightly and said, “Whew, damn, that was good. Don’t worry, I can cum again like that in no time and plan to feed you a few loads in your ass too.” Roger grabbed his smoke and sat down on the bed beside Charles who was stroking his dick. Charles got up, made me another big drink, and handed it to me. I was still kneeling and Charles bent down and kissed me hard, tastings his Son’s load in my mouth. He then let me down the drink, took the glass and went back to smoke with Roger. After a few minutes Charles said something and Roger scrambled up, got behind me, pulled my arms behind my back and lifted me up. Charles was now standing directly over me and I trembled as he looked down at me. He did look truly evil in this light and it was hot as shit in that basement, so the sweat made him glisten. Not only that but his cock was hard and was gleaming with the gonorrhea drip and precum. He slapped my face, “What do you want?” I was surprised and just opened my mouth and nothing came out. He slapped me again, a little harder, “What do you want?” This time I said, “Please fuck me.” CHARLES SLAPPED ME HARDER “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” THIS TIME I REPLIED, “PLEASE SIR, RAPE ME WITH YOUR BIG DICK, I WANT YOUR AIDS CUM!” Charles laughed, smiled, and said to Roger, “Get him ready,” to me Charles said, “Dr Mike has taught you well.” Roger pushed me forward to the right towards the large leather swing that was hanging from the ceiling. He pushed my chest forward onto the sling and I had to step up onto the small platform under the swing to stabilize myself. Roger walked in front of me, yanked my arms forward, and put each wrist in a handcuff looped to the chains on each side. My chest and torso were on the sling as my face hung over the far edge. Roger moved the wood platform I had been standing on, so now almost all my weight was on the sling and I was barely able to balance myself on my tiptoes. The sling swayed, the chains clanged as the thick links banged together. The smell of the leather was intoxicating, and the JD made me feel dizzy and fucked up. Roger came back around the front and pulled a leather hood down over my head. I could not see, but there was a hole for my nose and mouth. “Here, sniff these, good Amsterdam shit poppers,” he said, his voice muffled a little through the hood as I felt a cold glass bottle under my nose. I took several big hits, and felt them kick in and mix with the drink. My head was throbbing and chest felt tight, when I felt a pair of gloved hands running over my ass. Charles had huge hands and I remembered from before he liked rubbing my ass. This time the rubbing did not last long as he hauled back and slapped my right ass cheek. I yelped, tried to move, but lost my footing on the wood so just swung a little Charles laughed, hauled off and slapped my left side. He then continued slapping my ass, alternating sides as I tried to shift and move to get away. The next pain was 10 times worse than the slap had been. He was now using something like a stick, which I would learn later was a leather crop. I cried out a little as Charles began striping the flesh on my ass, first one side, then the next, harder and harder. I would feel the sting first, then the pain would shoot into my flesh as the burning of each whipping took hold. I was crying out, begging him to stop, pleading, and trying to move my ass out of the line of fire. But it was futile as any movement just made me swing back and forth a little and I soon realized no matter what I did I was going nowhere. I also realized each time I tried to run Charles whipped me harder. Charles stopped, leathered hands ran over the welts forming on my ass and I felt a hand against the side of my hooded head and hot breath near my mouth as a voice said, “ I am going to rape you now – you hear me – not like before, This time there will be no piss from Dr Mike to prelube you, just what you work out of my dick so you better jiggle that ass for me and make me precum. More importantly, you will bleed because I am going to fuck to hurt and that is the best lube of all.” I started to shake and shiver from fear, the cold, the drink, not sure which, but could not stop and tried to get some leverage with my feet to move with no luck, so I started to beg as loudly as I could, which still sounded a bit far away with the hood on. “Please NO, please DON’T! Please STOP! PLEASE!!!” I did not hear a reply, but felt the poppers under my nose and Roger telling me to hit them. I breathed as deep as I could and they were too quickly taken away. I needed more, but I felt Charles’ gloved hands spread my ass wide and the PA in the head of his horse dick push against my asshole. Even though I had taken a lot of dick the past several months, I had not been fucked in a few days and was naturally tight, so there was no way in hell his dick was going in me. Charles worked a bare finger in past his dick head and started clawing at my guts, then two, round and round inside my ass. I started feeling warm and knew he had made me bleed and soon felt him push his dick head a little in my hole, working it around. He pushed side to side and kept up constant pressure on my hole. I breathed a sigh of relief as this was not as bad as I feared, but when I did my hole must have relaxed a little as Charles was now lodged in my outer ring and my ass was stretched to the limit. I screamed a little from the shock and surprise as he grabbed my hips and pulled me back towards him. Again my feet lost all footing and I was hanging in mid-air as he pulled me onto his dick. The mix of blood, precum, and gonorrhea drip was doing its job and lubing his horse dick up. Charles continued to pull my ass open as he shoved into me, and I continued to yell and scream and buck and try to get away, rattling the chains with every movement to escape. Charles then seemed to push me away and I realized he was using the leverage and motion of the sling to dig deeper. When the sling came back, so did my open hole and his dick tore my ass. He was ripping me raw with his AIDs filled dick and the pain was unbelievable I now felt a hand on my face and the muffled voice of Roger who said, “Fuck boy, he has you all bloody all ready and he ain’t even started yet. Let me hear you scream for him to stop, come on now.” I obliged, or tried to, as when I went to plead again this time Charles’ dick slammed balls deep and I was ripped in half. The scream caught in my throat, the blood running out of my ass, and the heat and pain radiating from my hole was beyond anything I had experienced before. His thrusts were still small, but so painful, and every inch of that horse dick was like being cut with a knife. As happened the first time he rape fucked me, I think I passed out a little off and on from the pain as my mind was overwhelmed and my body was shocked beyond what I could handle. I was totally at his mercy. Charles was balls deep and paused, he then slapped my ass again hard a few times renewing the pain from the whipping, my ass reflexed, clinched, then let go and as it did he started slam fucking me. I was crying, screaming, and begging him to stop now. I could not take it anymore. It hurt so fucking bad! There was no joy in this, fuck Dr Mike! What was he thinking! I tried to struggle against the chains, but Charles just fucked harder as I did and I just felt like a side of beef in the slaughterhouse hanging off the meat hooks. Roger was back at my face, hand on the side of my head as he said, “Fuck yeah! You should see this shit! Of wow – he fucked you up! Damn! He’s gonna fucking cum in you – you are so getting his AIDs from this!” Roger had apparently kneeled down in front of me as he started to kiss me hard, muffling my screams with his mouth as he held my head and tongue fucked me as Charles fucked my ass. Charles was now pulling me with all his might back onto his dick and then pushing me away and pulling me back. His balls were slapping my ass and his dick was shredding my insides with every thrust. I was taking him all – his entire fucking horse dick – over 11 inches of ass destroyer, but at the time I could only see the white hot pain. My dick was not even hard as the pain wiped everything from view. Charles then stopped, the chains shuddered, and so did Charles. I COULD FEEL HIS DICK QUIVER, PULSE, AND UNLOAD IN ME AS HE SWELLED AND SHOT HIS AIDS CUM INTO MY BLOODY ASS. It seemed like a few minutes as Charles’ dick continued to quiver, flex, and fill my guts as he slowly continued working his shaft in my torn ass to ensure his toxic load coated my entire guts. Roger continued kissing me, forcing his spit into my mouth as he did, gnawing at my lips, scraping me with his beard. I could barely breathe, only whimper, and could not grasp what had just happened. Slowly Charles backed out of my ass and when he finally came free I could feel all the fuck juice begin running out of my hole, down my legs, and onto the floor. The pain was even worse in some ways without him in me and my ass felt abandoned. Hard to describe, as much as I wanted him to stop, I now wanted him back inside of me and whimpered even more. Roger stopped kissing me and I was left hanging there, finally able to try to relax. My reprieve was short lived as I soon felt gloved hands on my ass again, slowly running over the now fully-formed welts that covered each cheek. Slowly the hands worked back and forth and then SLAM! They started slapping my ass hard again. I yelled in surprise and pain and heard muffled laughter. SLAM! SLAM!! SLAM!!!! Back and forth, the leather stinging my already tender flesh. The gloved hands then spread my ass and I felt Roger’s bearded face push between my cheeks and nip and tongue at my shredded hole. I begged, “Please, oh fuck please don’t! I can’t really I can’t, please let me just get up a minute.” Roger laughed, I heard him say, “Now you will pay,” as his slammed his horse dick up my already torn ass. Charles had left me gaping and wounded and Roger’s dick went balls deep on the first thrust. I saw white hot pain and think I passed out a little again. I started to scream and beg, but my pleas fell on deaf ears as Roger took his turn raping me with his gonorrhea dick. Once he found his rhythm he started slapping my ass too so a new level of pain was added to the fuck. After a bit of that he leaned forward, grabbing me just above my hips and squeezed hard as he slam fucked my ass. I was crying again and it seemed like he fucked forever and never slowed down as he pummeled me, digging into my sides harder with his fingers as his dick dug as deep as he could into my guts. Finally, blessedly, Roger came and unloaded another load in me, this time in my ass, but no slow pull out for him, he just yanked his dick out, taking half my guts with him when he did. More wetness ran down my legs and I could hear Charles and Roger saying something to each other, but could not make it out. I lay in the sling for a long time, was able to stop crying, and slowly realized I had other sensations besides pain. Stay Tuned for Part 2 – The Leather Lord’s Continue Their Training and the Return of Dr Mike
  13. BB STDs

    For those of us that bareback. Did you every get any sexual transmittable diseases? If so, what you get and fro whom?
  14. Bug Catcher Fag

    Finally found a place in Phoenix. Moving there the beginning of July and really want to be used by every gorgeous, oozing, pussing, STD/AIDS dick available. Really want to be slammed high with Tina and then bred by dicks with bumps, warts, STDs, full blown AIDS. Double slam me then scratch my ass, rub tina up in there, cum up the hole, then place a ginger butt plug in. If you know where I can find used condoms filled with cum, let me know, as I have penis cake pans that are about 6 inches by 2 inches long, would love to freeze as much cum possible, then shove those cum sickles straight up my hole. Especially love to blood slam and use a Man's full-blown AIDS DNA as lube for fisting and drinking straight from the arm.
  15. Need Brainwash Text

    I want to create a slideshow and add a text on it, including bb, std's, fisting, foot fucking, leather, piss, scat, and any other sick fantasy that comes to mind. The text is going to be similar to a perverted master's speech. Can someone write a text for me? This video is going to be the total brainwash.​
  16. Hep C

    Hey guys, So, I was at the clinic the other day for a routine check up and meds re-supply when the doctor revealed that I had Hep C in around Feb-March(I'm guessing March) and it wasn't revealed to me by mistake. This was real news to me and caused concern. What he then told me was that my body had cleared it without treatment, and subsequent tests came back neg for Hep C. Should I be worried? I posted before about abnormalities in my liver results which I initially expected to be linked to my treatment, but it turns out this was not the case. I read that 75%-85% of people with Hep C develop chronic Hep C, it this a possibility for me now that it's cleared? I know these are questions that I should've asked my doc and I will when I speak to him next week(he ordered a thorough virus test) but I was caught off-guard with this as I've been monogamous since late March. These issues make me sad, to think back to a time in the not too distant past where I really didnt think much of myself, and disregarded my own body. Glad I've come through it, but unfortunate to see so many lost souls on here still. I wouldn't want to mess up my neighbours thrill, but if one person could learn from my mistakes without making them themselves, it'd make me very happy.
  17. Shot My First Bareback Load

    I was fucking my regular bottom last night and I got tired of the condom cause the it was too tight so I pulled it off. I was so horny and in my rhythm that I just immediately held him down and shoved my dick in him raw for the first time. The sensation was incredible! I could feel his ass deep, wet, soft and tight at the same time. He said "Don't cum inside me," but I couldn't control myself and shot deep in his ass. It was such a good fuck I'm still thinking about it, and can't get the experience out of my mind. He looked at me and told me in his cute Spanish accent "You're gonna want it like that now." I think he's right. Until yesterday I always practiced safe sex, but yesterday was clearly different. Looking back, I can honestly say I hadn't come so hard in quite a long time. I guess the primal instinct to seed was heavy, at least I felt like an animal. I wanted to fuck him again but he had to go as he only has a couple of hours after work during which we can fuck before he must go home to his wife. The thought of that night still lingers in my mind. I'm at a crossroad here. I found it sooo fucking hot that he drove away with my load planted in his ass. Just typing this story gets me hard, but I'm also worried that I exposed myself to unwanted STD's. That night has changed me. Now sex with a condom just isn't sex. Below was one of the pics I took yesterday of the session when I took the condom off.
  18. Sleazy Cumdump In London Dec 28-31

    in London Dec 28 - Dec 31 taking all loads. Will be at saunas, Vault and wanting to take as many loads from as many cocks as I can. Any cock, any load. Sleazier the better. groups, public, ws, filming, ff, chems. Poz loads are perfect along with any other bugs you have...want to take as many dirty loads as I can to make sure that I'm a completely charged up whore.
  19. Willing to do a day trip (and overnight if required) to be bred by one or more toxic tops. Other gifts more than welcome no matter what you have. Prefer if you host but may arrange a hotel if there are enough breeders willing to play. Other kinks welcome. Tie me up, be rough, rape play, watersports etc.
  20. Hiv From Oral?

    I recently received oral from a poz guy who hasn't started his meds yet. While I know that it's really unlikely that you can get HIV from oral sex there is a complicating factor. I ended up getting gonorrhea from the oral, so I'm a bit nervous. I know that contracting gonorrhea could make transmission more likely. Even though I was the one receiving (we didn't do anal at all or anything else) I'm worried that if he actively had an infection in his throat/mouth that he could have possibly passed on both the gonorrhea and hiv to me. Does anybody know the likelihood of contracting HIV from a situation like this? Any input/advice would be great.
  21. Haitian Pimp

    I did my homework, Haiti had the highest HIV transmission rate in the western hemisphere. The size of the cocks was only matched by the poverty and lack of anti-virals. I would spend a week there milking as much unmedicated poz seed into my cunt possible. I arrived at my hotel and was escorted to my room by a very solicitous bellhop. I figured after the third "anything you need Sir just let me know" that I would let him know that I needed my cunt pimped out to as many huge cocks as possible. We agreed to a per cock procurement rate for him and I was pleased to hear that $40 US bought you an hour of str8 cock tearin up your hole. It appears, I wasn't the only cumdump who came to Haiti for the big black uncut cock and dirty seed. We sealed the deal with a benjamin for him and his seed dripping from my swollen cunt lips. I love any kind of greed, mine for dirty poz loads - his for US $. There seemed to be no shortage of tall very thin tops willing to rape n breed a mericon. My favorite, was a kid no more than 18, 6'4, 145 lbs, badly pockmarked skin with a foreskined monster cock. He could piston fuck for hours and dump multiple loads in my bleeding gaping hole. I left Haiti a week later with dozens of new HIV strains in my DNA and the added bonus of gonorhea and syphillis. I plan on returning annually for a recharge...
  22. German Chubby extrem dirty and perverted looking for slim Boys until 28 only for real meetings, no cam, no skype, no time waster pls, love scat, piss, snot, feet, cum, blood, sweat, fisting, prefer asians, blacks, latinos but any race and nation is welcome, if you from germany or wanna visit germany you are welcome, for travelers bed and breakfest is possible, i can host if the chemistry is right, drop me a line if interested, thx….Foreigners and Beginners also welcome, POZ AIDS KAPOSI SARCOM and ANY other diseases welcome, i will take all, Only with Facepic and only for real meetings, my WECHAT is: piethh, viber and whatsapp: +491724074222 (only textiing, no calls!)
  23. Just as the topic states. I put "don't know" in there, and would suggest that guys who haven't been tested in over a year answer "don't know" even if their last test was neg. You could also answer "don't know" for example if you feel like there is a strong chance you were recently infected, but haven't been tested yet. The other answers are self explanatory, but feel free to elaborate in a post if you want.
  24. I'm posting this one level above the PrEP subforum and the HIV risk reduction subforum, because it also implicates testing and (prompt) treatment, and highlights community-level initiatives. Please move if necessary. From the July 7, 2015 San Francisco Examiner: "New HIV infections and deaths of HIV-infected people in [san Francisco] dropped more than 17 percent from 2013 to 2014, according to the Department of Public Health. There were 302 new HIV diagnoses last year, and 177 deaths of HIV-infected people, according to the department. That's down from 371 and 209, respectively, the year before. "Since the HIV/AIDS epidemic began in the 1980s, those numbers are the lowest ever recorded [...] "The most telling statistic may be this: Since 2012, when the drug Truvada was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as an HIV/AIDS prevention drug, new infections have dropped by 30 percent [...] "In addition to increasing awareness and access to PreP [sic] as a prevention tool, public health officials tout the wide availability of HIV/AIDS testing and rapid access to antiretroviral treatment via UC San Francisco as key to the significant drop in new infections." www.sfexaminer.com/sf-records-all-time-low-in-hiv-infections-deaths Here are some of the unique initiatives and conditions in San Francisco that help make this possible: • Well-funded public health system, including clinics and hospital • Shame-free City Clinic offering STI testing and treatment, rapid initiation of anti-retroviral therapy in newly-diagnosed HIV patients, and counselors to help PrEP patients tap their insurance plans and Gilead's assistance programs • Pooled PCR RNA HIV viral load testing standard in public health facilities. Patients with risky exposures receive a test that tells them several weeks sooner whether they have HIV. Pooling (some blood from every patient is mixed, and only if this pool tests positive are the samples tested individually) reduces cost. • Rapid HIV antibody tests standard in public health facilities, for routine (no recent risky exposure) testing. No risk that patients will fail to return for results. • Immediate microscopy performed on urine and discharge samples, at City Clinic, when symptoms indicate an STI. No risk that patients will fail to return for antibiotics. (HIV transmission is more likely when other STIs are present.) • Provision of antibiotic "partner packs" and instructions, consistent with Centers for Disease Control guidelines, when an STI is diagnosed. Reaches sex partners who might not have access to health care. • Well-organized HIV care module and PrEP program from the largest private medical provider and insurer, Kaiser Permanente Despite all these measures, almost every day someone still gets HIV, and almost every other day, someone still dies of it, in San Francisco. If your local community lacks some of these measures, speak up!
  25. I crave dirty loads. Poz seed, especially high viral loads, make my hole twitch. The Craigslist ad was posted and the wait began. I had been tearing up my hole with a extra wide dildo so the strains would take as I wondered 'Where the fuck were the men?'. My ad was specific: "No poz cock or load refused." I'm in damn good shape for a 42 year old piece of ass. The pic I posted of my inked chest and cum-dripping ass proved as much. I just needed donors. The first responder was a foul mouthed older guy. He had no pic, which wasn't no problem. I didn't give a fuck what the top looks like, or, for that matter, his cock size. All I wanted was his strain. Well, he dumped his toxic load in less than two minutes, start to finish. He began to apologize, but I stopped him, saying "No worries. I got what I wanted." The second donor was a black kid. I wasn't sure he was actually poz. He may simply have wanted a white cunt to use and in which to blow his nut. Which was fine with me. He was hung and rough so at least he scrapped-up my insides. And, if I was lucky, he also gifted me. I drove across town for the third sperm donor, meeting him at xxx arcade in North Beach. He turned-out to be a business guy wearing a suit. He made me beg for his poz load as he fucked me through a glory hole. Donor number four wanted wanted to meet at the rest room in the public library in the Civic Center. It turned-out he was homeless, and he used the library public internet access to connect with guys. He told me he had a very dirty load for me. We used the handicapped stall, his big uncut cock was stuck to his filthy briefs. I couldn't fuckin' believe I was going to take his rank cock into my mouth. I knelt down to clean his piss slit out with my tongue and, goddam. He was dripping greenish puss. Of course I didn't hesitate. Fuckin' cumdump that I am! Then we moved onto the main event. Now, the first rule for any cumdump is simply: Bend over and spread 'em, which I did as soon as I had cleaned-up his cock, thinking to myself 'With his pus and the three earlier loads, I should be able to take his cock quite easily'. The angle, however, was wrong. The only way this would work was if I lay face down on the sticky tile and let the homeless guy climb on my back. Once in position, my face was jammed between the wall and the toilet, so I found myself licking the piss off the floor while he road me. After a few minutes of bucking, grunting, and finally screaming, he dumped his load deep in my cunt. Our fucking had, of course, attracted a crowd, so I underwent the all-too-familiar 'walk of shame'. Back in my car, I scanned my emails. Nothing. I needed more, so I headed over to the arcades in Folsom where I connected with a very clean-cut ,kid with the look of a Mormon. 'Damn' I thought, as he smiled at me. I was determined to reel him in, especially since I had long since discovered some of the nastiest pigs are the innocent looking ones. This kid didn't disappoint: he was a multi-cummer and, in short order, gave me three loads. As he was fixing his belt and zipping-up, I noticed the gold ring on his finger. 'Sweet', I thought. I checked my phone and one of my regulars had responded to my ad. This guy is in his early 20's, he calls me his AIDS Daddy. The more toxic the loads in my hole the more excited he would get. When I tell him I had been knocked-up by a homeless guy with gono, he spewed in his pants. 'Damn it', I thought, 'I should've told him the story while he was using me'. Anyhow, I swung by his place and, the miracle of youth, he was ready again in scarcely 15 minutes. He slow fucked me, and talked about pimping-out my ass out at Steamworks that night. 'Now, how could I refuse that sweet face?' I thought as he groaned, adding his DNA to the mix.

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