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Taking cum-deposits in Brighton.

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    • By Scandianviantwink
      all of the stories here are about great sex, well, I have had some disappointments. men who really want to fuck me, who can't get it hard, too stones, or who cum all over me before I feel their cock inside me. I know I am really tight (verdammt eng as a German businessman said), and I have often been so in need of cum that I have cried on my way back home after these misses.
      Yesterday was different, I had hooked up with a man through a fried of mine, he had warned me and said he was brutal, didn't use any other lube than spit and precum, and he liked to use a dildo after fucking. He was not very tall, but fit. I met him in his office late, when I rang the bell I was so excited, wearing just my bike shorts and a tight tshirt showing my nipples. I had lubed my hole - big mistake
      he looked quite good, beard and gray hair. he was sitting in his chair, I had to turn around, take off my trousers and bend, when I saw the lube traces he got angry and slapped me in my face, He demanded that I licked his cock - big head, thick, nbot circumcised, he was wearing a cock ring and his balls were impressive. he closed my nostrils and held my head in a grip until I almost fainted. and his cock went deep into my throat.
      then he made me lean over his desk, and said that since I was a fuckings sissy who had luber, he didn't want to open me with his tongue or hand, and tyhen he just forced my legs apart and his cock deep inside me, sooooo PAINFUL, but he really took his time, after a while he sat on his chair and made me sit on his cock facing him, all the time he said that I was so good I deserved something more, he opened a drawer and pulled out a dildo, pushed me off him and on the desk with my legs apart. he managed to get the head of the dildo inside , but i begged him to put some lube on, he did and then he started fucking me with it. he could see it turned me on  to be abused like that and told me to cum, I DID.  after that he masturbated in my face,
      told me tolick him clean, asked if I had been fucked much (yes) by more than one (yes), and said he wanted to call a friend next time, and then we could go to his house and he could piss in my hole after fucking.
      I almost came again.
    • By Loadmybbttm
      Looking to have a birthday gangbang breeding Nov 9 at my hotel in Oakland park off i95. Starting at noon time till next day. Door will be unlockd il be in my jock and hood. Looking to take as much coxk and cum i can get. No pulling out fill me up. Kik loadmybbtm
      Bbrt loadmybttm

    • By Cockdumb&Cute
      Looking to be bred ALOT!!!!! Like as MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!! Party friendly and just wanna be bred so much!!!
      Cum pick me up and take me home to breed my hole and throat as much as u like! And you are more than encouraged to share my slutty fuckholes with as many others as u like/are able to.
      if u are in sw Ontario Canada than HMU to plan for it and then cum pick up this breeding slut and pass me around!😘🍑💦
    • By nastystephen
      cumpig in north phx looking for cum host or travel, all loads accepted, just ask me ill say yes, avg looking 50yo  needing bred tonight 6ohtwo4three5three two fiive8 text only please i do not answer unknown callers i do how ever take there loads.... open to filming, gangbangs, dp, rape, and piss in ass

      Pig bottom whoring my ass out at the Bay Bridge Inn this today (10/16) through Sunday (10/18).
      Mild to very wild, this hole likes to be used hard, and it can handle long, aggressive fucks. Tho I’m just as happy with a quick pump as dump as long as your load goes in my hole.
      Older, trade, white trash, truckers, bikers, gingers, and uncut are big ++’s

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