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Fantasy Fuck Converts Me

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This is fiction!

I have been on PreP now for the past 3 years and decided it was time to give my body a break. I am your average 45 y/o guy on all accounts and had no luck in the love department. So I decided to embrace my piggy side a year ago and got a tattoo of a pig on one arse cheek and the word pig with the tail of the "g" turning in to an arrow pointing to my arse hole. Since love is not in the cards, why not just be the pig bottom I am right?

I have a thing for Mediterranean (ME) guys and was shocked when a 40 y/o ME  guy on BBRTS oinked me. I checked out his profile and he had the perfect hairy check, chiseled jaw with trimmed beard and a toned body to boot. He was sporting a 7 inch cock with a nice bulbous head. He was a smoker which I love. I love kissing smokers and the taste of them and the smell of cigarette smoke on a man when making out. It is so manly! And his status said "ask me". I was intrigued, but blown away by his looks and quickly forgot about the status.

We chatted for a while and I was blown away when he asked if I wanted to exchange phone numbers. We did and actually chatted for some time. He was so hot to talk too. Deep confident voice yet somewhat kind all at the same time. He shocked me and asked if I'd be interested in a dinner "date". I had only recently moved to  the city and had a one bedroom apartment on the 5th floor of a complex with a balcony. So I suggested he come over to my place for dinner on a Friday night. The date was set.

Come Friday night I was all excited and ready. I cleaned out and wore my jocks and tight jeans and t-shirt. He turned up and I buzzed him up to my floor. A knock at the door and I was so nervous. I opened the door and my heart skipped a beat too many. There he stood. Slightly taller than me. Toned and wearing tight jeans and a white t-short and to my surprise and delight, a backpack. He seemed prepared. I smiled and said hi and he smiled and walked straight in. As I closed the door behind him I heard him drop his backpack and felt him grab me from behind and turn me around and kiss me like he meant it. Immediately I could taste the cigarette smoke (he obviously had just had one) and I could smell it on his body. He pushed me to the wall just inside the door and grinded his crotch against mine as he kissed me like no one had ever kissed me before. He stopped for a break and looked me in the eyes and smiled and simply said "yeah". After a minute or two kissing without moving an inch further into the apartment he breaks the kiss and motions down to a bulge in his crotch that looks like it is about to rip the zipper apart from the pressure along.  At the tip of the bulge there was a wet spot. Fuck he precums a lot.

I drop down and start licking the bulge and wet part and get a slight taste of salty precum through the jeans. I undo his jeans and zip and he is commando and his cock bounces out. It is rock hard and dripping precum. I suck him and taste his precum seed and it tastes amazing! Before too long he grabs me by the shoulders and lifts me up and looks me in the eyes and says "you want this don't you?". He stays full clothed with only his cock pulled out of the front of his jeans. I am melting at the look in his beautiful eyes and he kisses me again. The smell and taste of cigarette smoke is intoxicating. He turns me around and kisses the back of my neck and starts to undo my jeans from behind. He then bites my neck and I know I will have hickies to hide next week. he pulls the back of my jeans down just below my arse, but otherwise leaves them on. He steps back slightly to look at my arse and can see the tattoos. "Don't you think it is time to feed the pigs?" 

Before I can answer, He shoves his cock in me raw with one push and holds it there to give my arse time to stretch and accept him. Before long he is pounding me against the wall. He gets verbal and tells me it's time the pigs got a good meal and that I should get used to this and that this is just the start. He starts saying he has a 7 day load he has been saving for me "just for me to be sure" and the words wash over me. We are still just inside the front door. He picks up the pace and starts saying "this is it" and "it's time". All of a sudden he shoves in deep and says "you want this right?" and without a chance to even respond I can feel him flooding my insides with the biggest load I have ever taken. He really had been saving it. As he is pumping the last drops in me I am in a haze and saying "yes I want it, I want it, I want it". Still rock hard and plugging my hole he begins kissing my neck and leans in and whispers in my ear, "I probably should have said earlier, but I am poz. As in high VL poz and not on meds".

I instantly have a moment of panic, before a feeling of resolve sets it. I think to myself "If I am going to convert would it be so bad if this hot guy is the father?" Standing there, his cock slowly going soft but still inside me I reach back and grab the back of his head as he is kissing my neck again. "Do you want to get me pregnant? Is that what you want". He replies, "Yeah, I was gunna tell you first, but I got carried away and couldn't help myself". I ask him "so what are your plans for the weekend?" and he responds "not much". His cock slips out and we both pull our jeans back up. I turn around and he kisses me much more passionately now. "I need a smoke after that". So we walk out to the balcony and he lights up a smoke. Between puffs we kiss and I give in to this middle eastern god. "Stay the weekend and spend it getting me pregnant". He kisses me hard and grabs my arse which is a little wet due to some cum dripping out. "Done deal". 

To be continued.

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Part 2:

We stand on the balcony and Scott (his name) lights up a smoke and I grab a couple of beers. We chat about life in general for a bit. I lean against the balcony and Scott comes up behind me. Beer in one hand and he nudges his crotch against the back of my jeans beer in his left hand and starts to explore my chest and crotch with his right hand. I feel his crotch beginning to swell again. It's been about an hour since he first seeded me in the front door. As his right hand begins to explore my crotch he kisses and bites my neck between chugs on his beer. It feels so good and he is so passionate. Again I can feel he is rock hard in his jeans and as he throws back the last drop of his beer he puts the bottle aside and now i have one of his hands roaming my body and the other is down the front of my jeans. "Round two then" he says and without moving he undoes my jeans with one hand and his own jeans with the other in one smooth synchronized motion. I hear him spit on his hand and seconds later I feel his cock slide back in. I hear him groan and grunt and say "it's like it belongs in there. Your arse feels like it is sucking my cock in and my seed out of me".

I am leaning over the railing of the balcony watching people walk past below me as Scott is balls deep inside my already cum filled hole. This time is different to the first time. It is slower, more sensual. He keeps kissing my neck and I can feel the stubble of his beard as he rubs his mouth against my neck between kisses. I can still smell the cigarette smoke on his breath and his body when he is in close and it is driving me mad. In my haze of glory out of nowhere I shoot the biggest load I have ever shot before in my jeans hands free and seconds later I hear Scott groan and speed up and again he leans in close and his body is hard against mine. If you were walking below and looked up you would see both our heads. "Fuck, here it comes...more of my see......d" He doesn't even finish the word seed and I can feel it again as he pumps rope after rope of seed in me.

Check out Watersports for extension of this part.....

He stays that way for a few minutes. Apart from all obvious hot points for this man, he stays hard after cumming. He stands there balls deep inside me, plugging my hole with his rock hard cock, as my arse absorbs his DNA. He puts his hand down the front of my pants and finds the surprise from earlier. "Fuck man -you came in your pants hands free". "yeah, that's what you do to me. I have never done that before." I say.

He slowly pulls out of my and takes his hand out of my crotch with a big glob of cum in his hand. He turns me around and lifts his cum filled hand to his face and beard and smears it over his beard.  "How much you want me?" he says. I lean in and lick every last drop of my cum off his beard and kiss him with it. I do this until his beard and face is clean and there is no cum left to share..

Scott does his jeans up and sits down and motions me to do the same and site on his lap. I do my jeans up and he lights another cigarette. I straddle him and we kiss between drags on his cigarette. "I'm pretty toxic you know. It's a good chance the deed is already done". My heart drops. It has been such a good night and good fuck. Is he just going to leave now. I think Scott senses this by the look on my face. "Oh, I am just saying the deed is probably already done. That doesn't mean I am finished by a long shot.  I am enjoying this so much, and I believe a man should always see a job through to completion, so if it is ok with you I'd like to spend the night and really make sure." I big smile crosses my face as does Scotts. "I'd love that". Scott kisses me and says "unless you have something else planned, I'd like it if I could stay the entire weekend". And he does.

Scott spends the weekend fucking me everywhere. In the shower, in the kitchen, on the kitchen table - you name it. We go out for drinks on Saturday night and he fucks me in the toilet at the pub and then on the walk home he fucks me behind a garbage bin. Sunday night comes and Scott is laying next to me in bed. "I have a favor to ask" "sure, I say". "I have to go to work in the morning and it is a busy week. But I don't want anyone else fucking you for the moment. I want to know that when you convert that it is mine. I want to know I sired you". "I promise" I say.

We go to work on Monday and I get a few texts from Scott and after two days of texting, he says he can't wait any longer. He comes over Wednesday night and it is all on again. It turns out I didn't have to wait long and worry about other guys fucking me. After Scott comes over Wednesday night, he never leaves. He spends almost every night at my place and inside my hole. One month later I get a bad flu and he tells me he thinks it's time. I get tested, Scott by my side, holding my hand. It's positive. He kisses me and tells me "now I know you really are mine and that's my DNA in you now". He does this in front of the doctor. He doesn't care, he is a proud father in love 🙂

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Check out WS extension:

...He doesn't even finish the word seed and I can feel it again as he pumps rope after rope of seed in me. While kissing my neck as he did before he stays rock hard inside me as he gets his breath back. He leans back and says he needs to go piss. I grab his arse pulling him tight into me and say "then piss man - no need to go anywhere". I swear I feel his cock twitch. He says "you sure?" with a hint of excitement in his voice. "Let it go man, just let it go. It may dilute the seed a bit, but hey, you can make up for that the rest of the weekend right?" Without another word I feel it. My bowels are filling with his warm piss. I guess he really needed to go.

After he has finished and my insides are swimming with his seed and piss, he slowly pulls out and only a drop of piss escapes. "fuck that felt good" he says as he does his jeans up again. I pull my jeans up as well. "I wanna hold it as long as I can". Scott sits on the outdoor chair and lights up another cigarette clearly pleased with himself.  He motions for me to come site on his lap, and I do and straddle him facing him and we kiss for a bit. It doesn't take long and I am feeling the pressure. "Mate, I gotta go let it out". As I start to stand up Scott grabs my arse and pulls me back down on to him and kisses me again and says "then let it go". I simply can't hold it anymore and stream after stream of his piss and cum and flowing out of my arse into my jeans and then down onto his jeans.

"Fuck that feels nice and warm" he says and mine and his jeans are soaked with his piss and cum. "Guess I will have to stay the weekend now to pump some fresh seed into you while my clothes are being cleaned". And he does 🙂

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