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    • By bbfarm
      My man told me about this dream he had.  He woke up dreaming he was fucking me.
      In two+ years, he’s had his dick in me once. It was in a four way  . . .  everyone was swapping.  Other than that I fuck HIM. . . as often as I can. Usually that is every other day, by my own choice. I’m big. He’s 63. I can fuck hard and rough and often long and/or repeatedly.  I worry every other day is too often.
      When we first met, erections were hard to come by for him. Although he was usually a blowjob top, he was open to other ways to play. He’s poz. I am not.  Prep is what allowed me to bare fuck and breed him on our first ‘date’.  He is six years older than me, and damn! is he sexy!   Crix belly. His ass looks the same as it did when he was a 25 yo Russian River bartending hottie, I believe.  He has 30+ tattoos.
      Anyway, what we do together we do together well. We also share our deep, spiritual  belief that GAY SEX IS DIVINE. I mean really a higher plane, not in a Bette Midler sort-of-way. We are sluts.  We go to orgy parties. We go to gay campgrounds.   Did. I mean we did.   Until covid.
      Thank dog we have each other.   Every other day.  Still - we both have been going squirrelly from the lack of other men.  I’ve asked myself why I am taking the prep every day?  Me top. Him undetectable. And I have gotten very careless about taking it. Maybe I skip a few days.  A “few”.   Oops.
      Because he told told me about his dream.   HOT idea, him fucking and breeding ME.  I tell him YES anytime  . . . let me know so I can clean.  Haha yeah, sure.
      And  days past and it’s forgotten.
      Except then like a week later.  It’s still lockdown around here. We are still distancing.  And I overindulge quarantine style . . . a little too much alcohol . . .a  little too much cannabis tincture . . .and I am passed out in bed. 
      I wake up groggy as fuck. I wake up in a face down dream. It’s wonderful. Breath on my neck.  Weight holding me down. And I am getting fucked.  I have not fantasized getting fucked in SO long!   And I am dreaming of the feelings . . . the fullness of a dick inside me . . .the nastiness of lube and precum squishing. Me pushing my ass back towards it. Me squirming around because it feels good in every direction and at every angle. FUCK nice. 
      Something about the effort to push back on his dick makes me realize I am actually doing this.   I AM flexing my ass. Wait? What? Am I dreaming? I realize I am not but it is such a wonderful dream I am tempted to drift back off without thinking too hard. My head is in this sleepy miasma of fantasy . . .am I at a bathhouse? . . . a Craigslist style anonymous stranger? . . .getting a hot load . . . DAMN this is fun I think to myself . . .but his FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK starting to speed up makes me aware a little so I push back giving him whatever access he wants and before I know it theres that PULSE PULSE PULSE  shooting his cum in my ass.  
      I love cum in the ass so much, usually from the other side- -giving my loads.  AMAZING My man came in me, and it wasn’t even really even “on the menu”. That dick of his used to have problems getting hard when we first met  . . .and he just came ROCKETS in my ass!    I have never taken POZ cum.   FUCK yes!
      Then I realized. I am not telling him. I haven’t had prep in over a week.  Ten days maybe.  He just shot a poz load deep in my almost-virgin-again ass. Sure he is UD, but what if not? What if that load has stored up all his potency, and all of that went deep inside me?   It’s burning in me. In a good way.
      If I get sick in ten days, I will have to tell him the truth so he doesn’t think it is the COVID.    
    • By Ozpig
      Well finally things are starting to look up on the fuck and breed front in Sydney with last weekend being a watershed moment for me after a very bleak and lean period by my normal standards. Pre-COVID the world was great but things ground to a halt very quickly. As restrictions ease, the reticence to fuck again seems to be vanishing. For months I have the normal regular session on Friday with my Indian FB and spasmodic breeding here and there plus a young guy I suck off whenever he comes around while he watches straight porn, but last weekend was like the floodgates opened. I met my Indian FB for a session on Friday evening and after getting bred twice, left there horny as hell as usual. In normal times I would head straight to the backroom for more cock and seed. Sadly they are no more, just vanished one by one during this crisis. I hooked on to the BBRTS app and within 10 minutes was offered some raw cock a 15 minute drive away. I was straight there and this plumpish middle aged guy gave me a good doggy style going over.
      I headed for home and texted a semi regular top who just loves fucking when I am pre lubed with cum, told him I had three loads in me and he said he would be at my apartment in half an hour. I got home just in time to light the candles and get the towels ready and he was there. We never talk much except for his dirty talk calling me a slut and a whore and a cumpig while he hammers away. He bolted in me, I cleaned his cock and balls and he left. A different Friday night for a change.
      Between Friday night and Sunday night I managed to get bred 15 times, which was just heaven. It is the first time in a long time I went to bed with my cunt cock sore and puffy, and it was just a wonderful feeling. I hope we don’t get a second wave as I have a feeling the world here is starting to spin in the right direction again. Even at work on Monday my hole was sore sitting at my desk, just the way I like it. For me a gaping, sore and puffy hole is my reward for a great weekend.
    • By SFCumCatcher
      Any places to cruise in Oakland? Ideally looking for park or alley for pump n dumps for a few hours. Bonus points for mask wearers and uncut guys.
      Prep chubby Asian bottom here.

    • By nastystephen
      cumpig in north phx looking for cum host or travel, all loads accepted, just ask me ill say yes, avg looking 50yo  needing bred tonight 6ohtwo4three5three two fiive8 text only please i do not answer unknown callers i do how ever take there loads.... open to filming, gangbangs, dp, rape, and piss in ass

    • By paintedgrey
      James stood in front of the mirror,  naked. He looked at his slightly saggy body rubbing one hand up and down his cock. Yesterday, at least as far as everyone else was concerned, he was a married 50 year old straight Male, today, he though to himself as he held his cock tight, and stared into his own eyes, it was time to stop lying. 
      Yesterday, his wife had left him. He was saddened by the days events, but he knew he had led a lie for too long. About a month earlier,  he had deliberately left open his laptop open, displaying a previously very well hidden folder of porn for his wife to find. She knew he had saved countless files of what she called "dubious material", which she found irritating but chose to ignore, however she had never known how wrong she was about the content of those files. She chose to say nothing for several weeks until the previous night.  
      James was alone in the apartment.  Most of his wives possessions had gone as she had started removing them weeks ago while James was at work, who knows where they went, last night she announced her decision to leave and packed up 4 cases of clothes and left. It was a relief to finally be honest with himself, but it was a very difficult day. He knew he had to embrace what he had wanted for many years and he had to do it today. 
      His phone buzzed. It wasn't the first time,  in fact it had been buzzing repeatedly for the last half hour.  The profile he had up was simple; Piss and Cum Slut. Use and Leave. "James, James, James", he murmured to himself, "What have you got yourself into."  His other hand was holding a length of tubing with one of those push on connectors to fit the bathroom taps. "Better get ready" he spoke out loud to himself. His heart rate was pounding and his cock swelled in his hand.
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