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My man told me about this dream he had.  He woke up dreaming he was fucking me.

In two+ years, he’s had his dick in me once. It was in a four way  . . .  everyone was swapping.  Other than that I fuck HIM. . . as often as I can. Usually that is every other day, by my own choice. I’m big. He’s 63. I can fuck hard and rough and often long and/or repeatedly.  I worry every other day is too often.

When we first met, erections were hard to come by for him. Although he was usually a blowjob top, he was open to other ways to play. He’s poz. I am not.  Prep is what allowed me to bare fuck and breed him on our first ‘date’.  He is six years older than me, and damn! is he sexy!   Crix belly. His ass looks the same as it did when he was a 25 yo Russian River bartending hottie, I believe.  He has 30+ tattoos.

Anyway, what we do together we do together well. We also share our deep, spiritual  belief that GAY SEX IS DIVINE. I mean really a higher plane, not in a Bette Midler sort-of-way. We are sluts.  We go to orgy parties. We go to gay campgrounds.   Did. I mean we did.   Until covid.

Thank dog we have each other.   Every other day.  Still - we both have been going squirrelly from the lack of other men.  I’ve asked myself why I am taking the prep every day?  Me top. Him undetectable. And I have gotten very careless about taking it. Maybe I skip a few days.  A “few”.   Oops.

Because he told told me about his dream.   HOT idea, him fucking and breeding ME.  I tell him YES anytime  . . . let me know so I can clean.  Haha yeah, sure.

And  days past and it’s forgotten.


Except then like a week later.  It’s still lockdown around here. We are still distancing.  And I overindulge quarantine style . . . a little too much alcohol . . .a  little too much cannabis tincture . . .and I am passed out in bed. 

I wake up groggy as fuck. I wake up in a face down dream. It’s wonderful. Breath on my neck.  Weight holding me down. And I am getting fucked.  I have not fantasized getting fucked in SO long!   And I am dreaming of the feelings . . . the fullness of a dick inside me . . .the nastiness of lube and precum squishing. Me pushing my ass back towards it. Me squirming around because it feels good in every direction and at every angle. FUCK nice. 

Something about the effort to push back on his dick makes me realize I am actually doing this.   I AM flexing my ass. Wait? What? Am I dreaming? I realize I am not but it is such a wonderful dream I am tempted to drift back off without thinking too hard. My head is in this sleepy miasma of fantasy . . .am I at a bathhouse? . . . a Craigslist style anonymous stranger? . . .getting a hot load . . . DAMN this is fun I think to myself . . .but his FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK starting to speed up makes me aware a little so I push back giving him whatever access he wants and before I know it theres that PULSE PULSE PULSE  shooting his cum in my ass.  

I love cum in the ass so much, usually from the other side- -giving my loads.  AMAZING My man came in me, and it wasn’t even really even “on the menu”. That dick of his used to have problems getting hard when we first met  . . .and he just came ROCKETS in my ass!    I have never taken POZ cum.   FUCK yes!

Then I realized. I am not telling him. I haven’t had prep in over a week.  Ten days maybe.  He just shot a poz load deep in my almost-virgin-again ass. Sure he is UD, but what if not? What if that load has stored up all his potency, and all of that went deep inside me?   It’s burning in me. In a good way.


If I get sick in ten days, I will have to tell him the truth so he doesn’t think it is the COVID.    



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    • Guest hornedblondjock
      By Guest hornedblondjock
      In 2006 I was 20 and in my junior year of college in NYC.  Outwardly, I was the picture of wholesome perfection.  I had a 4.0 GPA, an easy, friendly smile...great teeth, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a hot twinky/jock body.  Standing at 5'11 and weighing in at a lean, toned 165lbs I looked like the hot athlete next door in a typical white New England town.  I was also a total sex pig.
      I got a rather early start at slutty bareback sex at the age of 14.  By the time I turned 18, I was a full fledged slut; giving and taking cum loads as often as possible.  Since I was sex-crazed anyway, I started escorting to pay my way through college and to fuel a jet-setting lifestyle that I had become accustomed to.
      Getting paid for sex turned me on immensely.  I was into lots of types, which helped.  But I especially liked playing the nice wholesome good "son" to the rich daddies that hired me.  Most wanted me to be submissive and get fucked, but plenty wanted to ride my 8inch dick as well.
      Around that time, my routine HIV test came back positive.  The only thing that surprised me was it took that long.  I was getting fucked 99% bareback and I never asked guys to pull out.  My diagnosis did nothing to dampen my professional sexploits; rather it invigorated me to share my seed.
      One night, I was over at a sexy muscle Latin fuckbuddy's apartment.  We were hanging out and smoking pot and I ended up riding his 9inch dick.  We had a nice chill "buddy" fuck and he shot his poz load in my ass while I jerked off and nutted all over his chest.
      At the same moment, my phone buzzed on the table.  I leaned over with my friend's softening dick still in me.  It read:  "Hey there Bryce [my escort name], my name is Buddy Miller.  Are you available to come by my apartment at the Waldorf Towers this evening?  Let me know.  Thanks."
      FUCK.  Buddy Miller???  The billionaire media CEO???  As a business student in college I had studied his groundbreaking career.  Sure, he was married to a famous female furniture designer, but it was an open secret that he liked boys.
      FUCK.  FUCK.
      "Carlos...Buddy MILLER wants me to come over.  Do you know who he is?"
      "Que?  Uhhhh relax Papi...Body who??"
      I sighed and smiled condescendingly at Carlos.
      "He's a very important VERY rich guy...and I could use the dinero...."
      I hadn't cleaned up and my cummy dick was softening.
      "Do you have a viagra?  I need to get hard and make this memorable for Mr. Big."   
      "Sure Pa" he said as he went into his medicine cabinet.  Carlos took a 100MG Blue pill, bit it in half and handed it to me.  I kissed him seductively and said "Gracias" as I took the pill and washed it down with the rest of my Vodka soda.
      I went to the bathroom & threw some water on my dick and toweled my ass....not bothering to soap my ass...still full of Carlos' poz load and his Latin man scent still all over me.
      Buzzed and feeling the speedy aura of the Viagra, I took a cab from Hells Kitchen to the Waldorf Astoria.  I had been to the "Towers" before - a luxurious hotel within the larger hotel - it contained the Waldorf's most exclusive rooms in addition to a few apartments where diplomats & celebrities resided.  It had its own tight security, which I was familiar with navigating.
      Normally, I'd dress the part for high class hotels, but since I hadn't prepared, I was freeballing in my mesh gym shorts and had a skimpy tank top on.  With as much dignity as I had, I discreetly went to the lobby security.  "Hello, I'm here to see Buddy Miller in room 2162"
      The obviously gay attendant smirked and gave a lewd side glance to the other employee at the front desk.
      "Not a problem, Sir [more smirking and side glances].  Take the Elevator to your right.  It will drop you off at the 21st Floor.  Have a...delightful evening"
      I thanked the attendant and tried not to laugh and headed to the Elevator.
      I knocked on the door, and a smiling, VERY buzzed, Buddy answered the door.  "Hello there, son!  I'm Buddy"
      "I'm Bryce, Sir.  Nice to meet you"
      "Sir?  hehe...just call me Buddy"
      As I walked in, he seemed shorter than on TV and in pictures.  He was wearing old-school cotton gym/sweat shorts and a plain white t-shirt.  He had a surprisingly firm, muscular build and a round bubble butt.  He was in his early 60's but looked amazing for his age.  Definitely a woofy daddy type.
      "Can I get you a drink, boy?"
      "Sure Sir...I mean Buddy.  Vodka - soda?"
      "Of course!" Buddy said as he fixed us both strong drinks.
      We sat on the couch and the Viagra was clearing doing its job...and then some.
      After trying for some polite conversation, the now-drunk Buddy was fixated on my engorged 8inch cock.  He rubbed it while looking at my wholesome boy-next door face....mesmerized by the slutty/angelic juxtaposition.
      I leaned in and aggressively jammed my tongue down his throat.  He was turned on by my dominance, and pulled me in closer.  
      We moved to the bedroom and got naked.  Buddy got right down on my dick and sloppily sucked it like a cheap whore, unknowingly slurping up my leaking poz precum.  We 69'd with him on top, and after sucking his dick a bit, I pushed him down so his muscle ass was in my face, and went to town on his hole.  He moaned as I licked his ass and jammed my tongue inside.  I pulled his ass cheeks apart and roughly fingered him before going back to rimming his tight manhole.  Buddy was now jerking my dick wet with spit and precum and had moved his mouth down to my own ass which he hungrily ate; too drunk to notice the lingering man smell and the poz cum leaking from my pretty pink sphincter.
      I pushed Buddy off of me and moved him on his back.  Once on top of him I massaged his chiseled pecs and sucked on his nipples while rubbing my leaking cock against his wet and loosened up hole.  I moved to passionately kiss him and pushed my viagra hardon into his raw ass.  Seemingly sobered up, he intervened, "WHOAAAAA there son!  I don't usually do this...you're clean, right?"
      I looked at him with my sweet face and innocent blue eyes and said, "Of course!  You don't have anything to worry about!  Your ass feels so good!"  I kept gently thrusting my dick in which was about halfway in his ass by now.
      "Well, just a little bit then UUUUUH  Uhhhhhh, Oh I love your college boy cock in my manhole!!!!! OOOH" Buddy said as he opened his ass more for my dick.
      Knowing he wasn't going to let me go too far, I quickened my thrusts and kissed him. I was getting close to cumming, but didn't let on that I was going to bust my dirty cum load inside him.  Little did he know that his clenching ass was making me hotter and getting me closer to shooting.  After a few seconds, I couldn't hold it anymore.  I was careful to not change my breathing or let out my usual loud sex moans as my pulsating cock spewed poz cum deep into his neg butt.  I kept thrusting my still-hard dick in his used hole until he pushed me off and said "alright boy, it's YOUR turn!  Daddy's gonna pound YOUR ass and teach you a lesson!!"  I gave him an evil smile and said, "Yes Sir! Please fuck my ass Daddy...I want you inside me!"
      I got on my back, shoved a pillow under my butt and held my legs in the air for him.  He put some lube on his nice, thick 7inch tool and slammed into my college boy cunt.  I was a little surprised by his roughness, but turned on, I went with it.  His dick pounded me easily with the Latin poz jizz already inside me lubing me up.  I squeezed my butt every time he thrusted which was driving him wild.  "OOOOH YEAH boy!!!! You're gonna make me CUM!!!!  Take it boy....I'm gonna shoot right in you!!!"
      "Nooooo, please don't breed me Daddy!!!" I fake-pleaded as I squeezed my ass harder against his cock.  The horny billionaire was obviously excited at the prospect of breeding a hot college boy against his will.  He thrust in me harder and deeper and let out a enormous howl and pile drove into me as he shot his last neg cum load deep into my ass; mixing his load with the aids cum already in me.  That was enough to push me over the edge and I shot my 3rd cum load of the day all over my smooth boy chest.
      Buddy rolled off of me and nearly passed out, drunk from booze and filthy bareback sex.  After a couple minutes of laying there, he got up, put his shorts on and I went to the bathroom.  I pissed and splashed some water on my dick.  I checked my ass, but it was all clean except for the two cum loads in there, which I wasn't about to expel.
      I got dressed and made my way to the front hallway where Buddy was.  He handed me 5 hundred dollar bills (double my fee) and said, "That was fun, son!  Let's do this again soon!"
      "Thanks, Buddy!  I had fun too!  Hit me up sometime!"  I took the bills, kissed him on the cheek and left.  
      It took me a while to wipe the smile off of my face.  I had $500 in my pocket and had just pozzed a billionaire.  This had been quite a wild night!
    • By tj87
      I just got a text message from a clinic in central London reminding me to restart PreP and warning that they were diagnosing more people with HIV because they'd stopped using the medication over lockdown.
    • By Passaround
      Hey guys, I am finally getting ready to be a sloppy fuckslut and one of my long time dreams is to get anonymously fucked and bred by an all-night line of guys in a sleazy motel. I live in SF, so there are a few to choose from, but where would you guys suggest? Maybe somewhere in San Jose even? Love big burly white guys and cum

    • By TinyClit
      Thanks for giving me the time of day years ago RawTop, I was very unsure of where I fit in and I found this site and saw your blog and videos and emailed you. You were very kind and I knew then there was a place here among this group even as fem as I was, I knew it was ok for me to be a man, and yes, I like wearing panties and thigh highs, a little makeup, but it doesn’t mean I’m trying to be a woman or pass as a woman. I’m a sissy, I’m a very weak and submissive male, I have a small tiny cock, but I’m male.
      Another person who gave me the time of day who gave me a boost was Drew Sebastian. He almost fucked me and my wife But I was too fucked updated on adderall to answer back. 
      Knowing I didn’t have to compete with CDs and TVs etc. and just could be me I found the best method of meeting men. Now I’m taking prep and I’m super excited. I will ask for a condom, but before prep that wasn’t enough to overcome my fear. I now suck without a condom and yes I will swallow loads as often as I can. I have this desire to suck homeless guys lol. I can also feel free to be pissed on and in my mouth which I’ve wanted, of course I make out often, lick my top’s butthole and be fisted without a glove. so thanks RawTop without this site I wouldn’t have known there are real men who drop loads for real. If ever I have a chance I would love to give you my ass. Love always Sissy Chrissy

    • By Akoor
      This is part 1 of a new series. The first part contains no sex and is a setup for more to come. I promise that the lack of sex in this part will be heavily compensated for in parts to come. For now, enjoy reading 🙂
      Part 1
      Growing up, it was just my dad (Baxter Sloan), me (Joseph Sloan) and my older brother (Samuel Sloan). Mom left soon after I was born to marry some rich guy who loved her but didn't want the add-on baggage of 2 kids. So, the responsibility to raise me and my brother fell on my dad, who did the best he could to provide for us. My dad was only 21 when Sam was born and being a young single dad, he was a very involved parent.
      From a young age, I was an exemplary student. By the time I was 12, I was already in high school and graduated at 15 as a valedictorian. I started college soon after and graduated at 19 with a degree in software engineering with minors in business and statistics. While in my senior year, I started working on a project which became a business when I graduated. After expanding my business over the next few years, I finally sold it when I was 25 for a 9 figure number. Needless to say, I was set for life at this point.
      But after selling my company, I started experiencing a slump. Success, while wonderful, can also lead you to wonder if there's more than just money and power. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have both but having tasted both, I needed more. In some ways, I was experiencing a pre-midlife crisis at 25 which led me to make the decision that would change everything.
      I decided to head home to see my family whom I hadn't seen in over 5 years.
      When I left for college, I'd make it a point to come home twice a year to visit dad and Sam. In my senior year, the workload from school and my project prevented me from traveling home and after graduation, the singular focus to make my business work made me ignore my family. We'd still talk but I was distant and more engrossed with my work than listening to dad talk about small town life and his business. I figured as long as I sent nice gifts on Christmas, things would be all right.
      Before you judge me, you should know that I had a reason to be distant with my family. When I was 15 I came out to my dad who didn't take it very well. He didn't say anything much and kept his distance. I did it a few days before I left for junior year to avoid any awkwardness but his response to it really drove a wedge between us. My brother was cool with it, which was my only respite.
      Over the last 2 years I had spoken to dad twice and Sam a couple of times, so things weren't exactly very familial between us. Going home after all this time was going to be awkward but I needed to do this. I had nothing going on for me and I figured being home for sometime would give me perspective on my next steps and it'd be nice to go back to my hometown after over a decade away.
      When my flight landed at the airport, I wasn't expecting Sam to be there waiting for me.
      A little background on Sam- I had last seen him 5 years ago. At the time he was a lean toned guy, working in my dad's plumbing business and looking like every small-town dude who enjoyed the relaxed life and to whom the world at large started and ended within the confines of the town. He was smart too but he didn't put in the effort at school and was happy to start working for dad when he graduated. Not that dad was complaining. I think dad was happy to have one kid at home, even if he would never admit it. They were extremely similar too, which was why dad and Sam had a stronger bond than me and dad.
      The Sam standing in front of me outside the airport looked nothing like the Sam I remembered.
      This Sam was a beast.
      At 6'0, he was approximately 220 pounds of muscle. Wide chest, thick arms and legs, a thick neck and a buzzcut, gave him the appearance of someone you didn't want to fuck with. In just a t-shirt and shorts, both a size too tight for his frame, he was a walking wet dream.
      The second he saw me, he rushed over and gave me a giant bear hug. Almost lifting me off my feet, he pulled me in for a long hug while rubbing my back. When he finally let me go, his hand slipped down a little and grazed against my butt.
      "Holy fuck Sam, you look so different man," I exclaimed, finding it harder to not stare and drool at him.
      "Hahaha, yeah been a while you've seen me little bro. Looks good doesn't it," saying this, he flexed his left arm at me. I'm not sure how his sleeves didn't just rip off but they looked awfully close to, judging by the bulk of his bicep and tricep.
      Not wanting to stare and freak him out, I nudged him playfully and asked him where he was parked. In 10 minutes, we were on our way to the farm.
      The drive to our farm would take a little over 2 hours. Once we hit the road, we started catching up with each other. Sam asked me a lot of questions about my work and my life, revealing very little of his own. While we were chatting, I finally took a good look at my brother and started to observe some interesting things.
      At first glance, it wasn't obvious but through the confines of his shirt, I could make out his large nipples. I wasn't sure but they looked pierced, based on the tiny lumps on either side of each nipple. Tattoos filled every part of the exposed skin on his arms, leading up to his neck and sliding inwards towards his chest. A padlock chain on his collar with an actual lock, hung from his neck. Without being obvious, I took a sneak peek at his crotch and holy fuck, was that thing massively bulging. Whether this was natural or a sock stuffed in, it was hard to say but it sure was impressive.
      It was so weird how turned on I was by my big brother. I needed to keep it in check but his very presence was making it very difficult.
      "So how's dad? Has been a while since I last saw him?" I asked, changing the subject. I needed a distraction and this was the best and only way to do so.
      "Dad's great. He's so psyched to see you. Keeps telling everyone about you coming home."
      That made me feel guilty. All this time, I thought he wasn't particularly happy about me so to find out how happy he was to see me again did made me feel bad about ignoring him.
      "Hey, you okay dude?" my brother asked, observing the guilt on my face.
      "Yeah its fine. Just...never mind."
      An awkward silence followed us for the next hour of driving until we finally pulled up to our house.
      The house that I remembered from last time was not the house I came back to. For one thing, there was now an actual 7 feet wall surrounding the place with an electronic gate. The rusty beaten down path leading from the road to the house had been replaced with an actual functional driveway. The house itself had been freshly painted and possibly renovated, making it look actually nice and kinda classy (given the surroundings).
      "Whoa, what happened to the Sloan pad?" I asked in disbelief to a visibly grinning Sam.
      "A lot has changed Joe, you'll see for yourself," he remarked.
      While we were pulling out my stuff from the car, the front door opened and out walked my dad.
      If the changed Sam had been a surprise, my dad was a shock.
      5 years ago, my dad was a lean 6'4 guy with a clean shaved face and a cap on his head at all times. The man in front of me looked nothing like the man I remembered.
      He had ballooned up to become a muscle daddy. His body was absolutely massive with everything as wide as it could be. He had a bit of a muscle gut but it suited him. What was more shocking was the way he was dressed up.
      Gone were the flannel shirts and denims. In front of me was a man wearing tight shorts and a sleeveless vest, with the front completely open. On his chest were 2 very visibly protruding nipple piercings that had caused them to puff out obscenely. My dad was an extremely hirsute guy (always has been) but I could make out some tattoos on his skin as well.
      "There's my boy," dad rumbled and practically jumped over to where I was standing. He grabbed me in a hug and lifted me off the ground, smashing our chests together. His grip was tight enough to cause my lean muscular body to be absorbed into his bulk, smushing every part of us together. I was impressed, given that I take after my dad and stand at 6'2, which he easily lifted like I was paper. While we were hugging, I could smell the strong smell of sweat, beer and smoke on him, making me a little horny. I had to fight every instinct to not get aroused in front of dad, but it wasn't easy.
      "Hey dad, long time no see," I said as he let me go and dropped me to the ground. Without responding, dad hugged me again, only this time he sniffled and shook a little. Watching my formerly emotionally steady father cry out of happiness was not what I was expecting. We stood there for half a minute until he composed himself and detached.
      "A'ight, lets get you in boy" dad said, grabbing one of my things and started to walk towards the house. Sam and I followed him inside, which had changed significantly since I had last seen it. Before, it looked like a bachelor pad with things lying around, packets of easy-made food on the kitchen counter and empty bottles in the corner. Now, it was completely clean with a leather couch in the center, nicely done wallpapers and actual furniture.
      "What happened here? You guys won a lottery or something?" I was in shock, how did dad and Sam manage all this with their small town plumbing business.
      My dad let out a big laugh and slapped my back. "All in good time son, for now wash up and come downstairs. We have things to discuss."
      His tone meant business and even though I was an almost 26 year old successful former business owner, I felt like a ten year old boy that had to do what dad said. Sam helped me carry my stuff upstairs to my old room and left me in there.
      Normally, I'd take my time to wash up. But dad had meant business when he told me to come downstairs and I had questions of my own. How was their life so different and how were they so different all of a sudden? It made no sense and I needed answers.
      An hour later, the 3 of us were downstairs in the living area drinking beer. Dad and Sam were on either side of the couch while I was sitting opposite them. Dad was worried I was in trouble which is why I had reached out to them. When I told him that wasn't the case and I was just here to figure out my next steps, he looked relieved. He asked me point blank how long was I intending to stay. Unsure of what he wanted to hear, I told them I'd be here for no more than 10 days.
      "Hell no boy. You come back after 5 years and all you give me is 10 lousy days. You ain't leaving before the months up," my dad laid down the law. By the serious expression on his face, I knew better than to counter. Truthfully, I was relieved. Part of me needed time to figure things out and having a month's time to do so would be perfect.
      The conversation moved on to other things before I ended up asking about the house and the renovations. On doing so, my dad and my brother shared a look before my dad said anything.
      "Son, there are things you need to know about us." I kept quiet, letting him continue whatever he needed to tell me.
      "But first, I wanted to say how sorry I am for how I was when ya told me you were gay." That was a big surprise, considering I never imagined him feeling any remorse. He continued, "you should know, it wasn't because you were gay. Couldn't care less about that. I was just surprised you know, by how brave you were. Braver than your old man could ever be."
      For the second time that day, I saw my dad cry. Before I could do anything, Sam slid next to him and pulled dad in for a hug. Dad grabbed Sam in his arms and broke down, while Sam gently held him and let him vent it out. If it wasn't my dad and my brother, I'd think they were lovers.
      It took my dad a few minutes to compose himself, before he sat back up, took a deep breath and stared right into my eyes.
      "Son, I'm gay too. And so is your brother."
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