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Oxfordshire anon hotel

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I'm looking to host a night in Oxfordshire at a hotel. Only issue is I don't know of any hotels that either have a from the path straight to room entrance (like an American motel), or don't require key card access to get in the lift or past the reception etc. If anyone knows of any in Oxfordshire please shout!

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      All is this is turning me crazy: WTF is wrong me with? Why am I doing this. I decide until the tests come through I won't do anything...
      Couple of weeks later the tests come in it's a Friday, all negative, pfff. What are relief, but how further. 
      That same day, I'm off to Cologne. Met his through Romeo: what was his name again, something like PozTopXXL Profile status "needs discussion" I had to take his load. 
      He hadn't even shared a facepic and I already said yes. 
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      "How long have you been positive already" 
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      He looked at me and his eyes opened up. "even better" 
      "Are you taking medication?" I asked, a bit nervous. 
      He laughed a bit mean. but he didn't reply. Instead he said: "Take your clothes off" 
      somehow I didn't feel as horny anymore, but I complied. He took his top off and kept his green track pants on. I think it was Nike, but it could have been something else. He cock was huge, I started suck it. I could definitely enjoy myself with that for awhile. 
      Too bad through, 2min max, was enough for him. He wanted to get inside: aggressively his put his wet from precum and saliva fingers in my ass. And then he stick his dick inside.
      That really hurted. I asked him to stop." I might bleed" he stops takes out his dick a bit and put some poppers under my nose. "shhhh" he starts to kiss my neck and tells me to relax. The poppers help: I feel more relaxed.  We kiss and I actually start to relax fully. 
      He fucks me until he cuma. When he takes out his dick I feel how open my ass is. His cum is dripping outside of me. 
      I start to stand up, and bring my hand to my ass. Catching some cum. Damn, it tastes so good. 
      He laughs and says: "ur a real piggy"
      On which take my fingers out of my mouth. I laugh a bit awkwardly and start picking up my clothes.
      "What are you doing?" 
      "I'm picking up my clothes, to get ready"
      "Oh no... I am not done with you yet" "Or, do you want to leave"
      "ehh no" 
      "good... so stay" ....  "I got some friends who will be very interested in a guy like you." 
      "you mean other tops to fuck me" 
      "yes other tops shooting their viral loads inside you" "that's what you like right" 
      My dick is giving the answer, I can't remember it ever being so hard.
      There's more to the story, but I can say the evening was rough in the best way possible. Three daddy tops fucking me, chatting with me and shooting their toxic loads inside me at the end. 
      Who pozzed me I dunno, but that night was fucking awesome. 
      Thanks Enrique, for waking the true cum whore inside me that I was destined to be 😛  
      Pics: me in 2004 vs me now 

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