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Oxfordshire anon hotel

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I'm looking to host a night in Oxfordshire at a hotel. Only issue is I don't know of any hotels that either have a from the path straight to room entrance (like an American motel), or don't require key card access to get in the lift or past the reception etc. If anyone knows of any in Oxfordshire please shout!

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    • By LICumDumpNY
      Queens county inn and suites hotel on Crescent St. blindfolded ass up door open. Easy access just walk to elevator like you’re a guest. (516) 266-7413 For room number. All loads accepted
    • By TwinkSlut24
      Started having gay sex about 2 months ago and it was bareback. Ever since then, all I can think about is taking loads. I’m talking all the time. After having sex with 2 guys on GRINDR I had my first gangbang with about 8 guys - all bareback. I had another gangbang last weekend and have been hooking up with about 5 guys every week through GRINDR or BBRT. It’s almost like the more loads I take, the more I want, and it keeps escalating. 
      I’m worried about what will happen when COVID ends, because I keep on researching Cumunion, MAL, and the US horse festival (want to be the one in the red hood), and I don’t think I can control it. I’m on PREP and have my vaccinations, and I love the feeling of being a submissive slut and having my holes filled and pumped with cum. But, this seems out of control. 
      Has this happened to anyone else? Thoughts?
    • By Mikehunter311
      I travel for work and use that time to play with men. I am married to a woman but enjoy fucking with a man when I get the chance. 
      This happened this morning when I was on an app and started talking with a guy who happened to be in my same hotel. He sent me a pic of his dick, nice six inches to swallow. The game plan was for some mutual oral, fucking wasn’t even mentioned. 
      He came to the room and I closed the shades to have a semi anon scene, something I love. We started with some hot kissing before the clothes came off. I dropped to my knees and started sucking his cock, it was a good size where I could deep throat it. We moved to the bed and I started stroking his hole, that made him moan and I knew then that I was going to fuck him. I spread his legs and started rimming his ass. He was moaning a lot and I got up and had him start sucking me as a good bottom boy should. I got up, grabbed some lotion and told him to get ready to take my cock. He said yes daddy and got on all fours. It took a minute to slide in but I went all the way in his hot ass. I pinned him down on his stomach and began fucking deep. Told him I was going to load him and he said yes. Ended up breeding him and then having him suck another load out of me. 
      got to love anon scenes in hotels. 
    • By PozAnonCumslut
      Hosting for no loads refused breeding session this week. Stop by, fuck me, cum inside (no pullouts) and go (or stay for another go) I wanna be a cummy loose mess when you are all done! Poz a HUGE plus. Unmedicated even better! Other diseases are great as well! Pnp is cool. Wanna give me a booty bump? Go right ahead! Keep an eye out tomorrow for location.

    • By PopperMeUp79
      The COVID restrictions and disruptions inspired me to setup my own gloryhole.  It started as a bit of a joke with a couple buddies, but as we talked more, I started to see the real possibilities. I was able to put together a simple GH setup with a black curtain easily accessed from the side of my house, so guys could just walk in and unzip.  I didn’t expect much from it — damn!  Was I surprised!!!!  My hole is still dripping.
      I created a GH profile on Grindr and Scruff, then the messages started rolling in. Lots of curious messages, and some that were clearly trying to goad me into sexting — not what I was looking for from this.  But a few real contenders started to emerge. I was surprised how easy it was to set up.  Sent them my address, parking instructions, and how to access the side door. Most of them were anon profiles, but I figured I’d take a shot at it.  
      The first guy arrived about 20 minutes after we chatted. I stripped to a jock strap, got behind the curtain that I’d cut a decent sized hole in, and waited on my knees.  He messaged saying he was there, and I said to come in.  A minute later the door opened quietly, and I could see him enter wearing jeans and shoes. There were no words exchanged before he unzipped, kicked off his shoes, and took off his pants. I took a small hit of poppers. He stepped up to the hole with a semi-hardon and slipped it in.  I quickly took it in my hand — OMG this is really happening!!  I went right down on him.  He let out a warm groan. After a moment, he slowly started thrusting. His cock was growing in my mouth, and was a lot larger than I expected it to be.  I was suddenly working a long 7 inches with a fat head and slight curve to it.  I hit the poppers again and rode the wave to really enjoy working on his thick meat.
      ”Turn around and show me your ass,” he growled.  I didn’t even hesitate. We had never discussed fucking, and I was kind of surprised by his command, but I did it.   Standing in the alcove I hung the curtain in, I turned around and backed up to the hole in the curtain. I immediately felt the warmth of his cock gliding up and down  between my ass cheeks, my hole exposed for him.  He started pushing in — I was dry and didn’t have lube with me.  I heard him spit and push again, more determined this time.  I took a long draw off my poppers, letting the rush settle over me.  I backed up more, trying to relax my hole for his cock.  He spit again and pressed in. With a sharp pop, I suddenly felt the warmth of his cock sliding inside, radiating heat from his bare skin. I started grunting and moaning — the fuck was still too dry and rough — but he wasn’t stopping. His long strokes tugged at my hole, and I grunted more than I moaned. But I was totally caught up in the moment of this totally anon guy pumping my hole sight unseen. It didn’t take him long to unleash his load — no warning, no question about where to dump it — he saw my ass as his cumdump.  He didn’t linger in my hole long, but stepped back, pulled on his pants and shoes, and opened the door. “Thanks” was the only word I ever heard from him.
      I settled back, satisfied with the first time using the gloryhole. I texted one of my buds about it. But after about 15 minutes, I started craving more cock. My hole felt tender from the dry fucking, but it was even more hungry now. I opened my apps and found nearly 20 messages — holy shit!  Sorted through them and started focusing on two guys who seemed serious. One was an older daddy bear with a full profile who wanted to fuck anon.  The other was a 24 year old with no pics, but who messaged me one. 
      The younger guy made it to the house first. He was quick to unzip and slide his cock through the GH.  I was working his cock for a couple minutes when he quietly said, “You wanna fuck?” 
      “Sure.”  I got up, turned around again, and settled into a bent-over position.  This time I had planned better and I added some silicon lube to the first guy’s load. The young guy slid right in and started fucking.  He pulled out and I heard the curtain rustling. Then he slipped back in.  He pounded my hole with steady strokes, no talk at that point, just the sound of his pelvis and balls slapping against my tight ass. I was letting out small grunts as he banged into me with a steady beat. “Where you want it?” He said quietly.  
      “Right where you are, bud!” 
      Almost immediately he grunted, and thrust deep, holding his cock buried inside me for a few seconds before repeating the lingering thrust. I could feel him shaking a bit as he unloaded into my raw hole. After he pulled out, I stood up and turned around — he had pulled the curtain aside and we were standing face to face. He had a fresh face, a little bit elvish, and fairly conversation clothing — he had just opened his pants and pushed them down far enough to fuck. He seemed a bit embarrassed.  I noted he had a wedding ring on. He zipped up and scuttled out quickly without a word.  
      Meanwhile the silver daddy bear had messaged he was on his way. I didn’t see a car out front yet, but he arrived just a  moment after the younger guy drove off. He walked into the mud room, and I could feel the masculine energy radiating off of him.  “Hello, boy,” he said in a husky voice. “I hope you’re ready.” 
      “I am.”
      He took a minute to undress, shucking most of his clothes except socks. I marveled watching him undress through the circle cut in the curtain. He was beefy and sexy, with hair across his pecs and stomach.  He walked up to the hole confidently, “Get to work, boy.” I did.  “Get that cock nice and hard for me,” he said. His dick was growing think and heavy.  I’d guess around 7 inches and girthy, a little wider at the base.  This was a cock that had breached many hot holes. I peppered up again, kneeling in front of that power tool, and got into my best work of the day. He didn’t even need to thrust — I was greedily attending to every inch.  “Mmmmmm hmmmm. That’s it boy.  You won’t be long on your knees.  You have my cock ready for more.”  I moaned as I deepthroated him, the vibration tingling his cock in a way that must’ve made him VERY happy given the sound he suddenly made.  “Fuck!  Fuck, boy.  Let’s see your hole now.”
      I obliged, adding some fresh lube to his cock before turning around in the shadowy space behind the curtain.  “Fuck, boy.  That’s a nice little ass.  And it’s bare, too.  How many loads are in it?”
      ”Two,” I answered as I took two long draws off my poppers.  The head rush had me swimming as I settled into position again, offering my hole to him. He rubbed that power tool against my hole, teasing it a moment. I felt the heat coming off the head, and the slick lube allowing him to grind me. He slapped my ass and I yelped. “Good boy,” he breathed.  He pushed against my hole, and didn’t relent until the shaft pried my ass open further and I groaned. 
      “That’s right, boy. Let me hear those moans. Let me know how much you want this cock.”
      ”Ohhhhhh,” I breathed as he forced it out with a deep thrust, his hands locking onto my hips. “Fuck me, Sir. Fuck..... me ...... fuuuck.....”
      He worked my hole at different angles, stretching the sphincter wider. He bent his knees and thrust upward, and my head snapped back at the intense pleasure/pain that filled me. I was thrusting back now, leveraging myself against the shoe rack and a cabinet to claim every inch of cock in my hole. He was obviously pleased because he started pounding me. “Oh! Fuck! Oh! Fuck! Fuck! Me!” His power tool was laying claim to my hole — probably one of thousands he’s had. I couldn’t get enough!
      ”What does my boy really want?”
      ”Breed me!” I didn’t even have to think about it. “Breed! My hole! Sir!”
      ”Oh fuck, boy. You’re getting it!” He grabbed my shoulders and power fucked my ass, slamming it hard, my head just lolling back and forth as he used me. He was grunting hard, and I could feel the energy of his pulsating cock as he breed me. He thrust deep over and over and over again. “Ah!  Ah!  Ah!”  I could only take it. I couldn’t speak at this point. Just some odd, deep toned noises as he finished off inside me. He held there, small convulsions making his cock twitch inside me. I could feel tiny dribbles starting down the back of my legs.  How much did he shoot inside me?
      ”Stay there, boy. Stay right like that.”  I obeyed, breathing heavy, my ass on display as he stepped backward.  He sounded a bit off balance, but managed to dress without a problem. “Fuck, boy. That’s what I needed today.” He was breathing hard still. “Fuck.  You offer that to me again another day.”  With that he opened the door and left.
      As I’m writing this those loads are still fresh inside me.  My head is still buzzing.  Did that really just happen?!?!?!  Why didn’t I do this years ago?!?!  I have a new home hobby, and can’t wait until the next day I’m working from home. 
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