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all of the stories here are about great sex, well, I have had some disappointments. men who really want to fuck me, who can't get it hard, too stones, or who cum all over me before I feel their cock inside me. I know I am really tight (verdammt eng as a German businessman said), and I have often been so in need of cum that I have cried on my way back home after these misses.

Yesterday was different, I had hooked up with a man through a fried of mine, he had warned me and said he was brutal, didn't use any other lube than spit and precum, and he liked to use a dildo after fucking. He was not very tall, but fit. I met him in his office late, when I rang the bell I was so excited, wearing just my bike shorts and a tight tshirt showing my nipples. I had lubed my hole - big mistake

he looked quite good, beard and gray hair. he was sitting in his chair, I had to turn around, take off my trousers and bend, when I saw the lube traces he got angry and slapped me in my face, He demanded that I licked his cock - big head, thick, nbot circumcised, he was wearing a cock ring and his balls were impressive. he closed my nostrils and held my head in a grip until I almost fainted. and his cock went deep into my throat.

then he made me lean over his desk, and said that since I was a fuckings sissy who had luber, he didn't want to open me with his tongue or hand, and tyhen he just forced my legs apart and his cock deep inside me, sooooo PAINFUL, but he really took his time, after a while he sat on his chair and made me sit on his cock facing him, all the time he said that I was so good I deserved something more, he opened a drawer and pulled out a dildo, pushed me off him and on the desk with my legs apart. he managed to get the head of the dildo inside , but i begged him to put some lube on, he did and then he started fucking me with it. he could see it turned me on  to be abused like that and told me to cum, I DID.  after that he masturbated in my face,

told me tolick him clean, asked if I had been fucked much (yes) by more than one (yes), and said he wanted to call a friend next time, and then we could go to his house and he could piss in my hole after fucking.

I almost came again.

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    • By PG1961Canada
      A long term FWB of mine had injured himself.  He was stuck at home for about 3 weeks and was losing his mind.  He knows I live alone and have been laying pretty low, so he called out of the blue and said "Let's fuck... I'm horny as fuck".
      He usually likes a good aggressive rutting of my hole and dumping a porn star load. 
      I got there and we got naked quick in his living room.    After we 69'd for a while, he rolled onto his back and asked if I would ride him.... due to this injury...... He said he hadn't cum in a week because of this injury and had a big load to donate.
      So I lubed him up with spit and throat juices and sat on his cockhead, grasped his hairy thighs and impaled myself slowly onto his hard dick.  He actually moaned when I bottomed out.
      Then we passed some poppers back and forth and he told me this was a first for him.... he just wanted me to really grind down slow or ride his cock hard for MY pleasure and see what HE got to feel anything interesting. 
      I found it kinda hot because he said it was a first for him with him not in control of the fuck.  
      I gave him the total treatment that he always told me he loved... gripping and releasing his uncut dick with my ass muscles, taking the head to the edge and squeezing him and of course on every downward slide I would open up a little wider and he would get a little deeper.  I could tell he was very turned on by his cock being rock fucking hard.  I could slide it against my prostate as I rode.  It sent electricity through my hole and up to my brain.  I could hear him moaning in the background as we kept taking some slow hits on the poppers and picking up some speed.   We both love to talk dirty.  He is 20 years younger than me, so I typically lead him on by asking if he is enjoying the juicy Daddy hole? can he feel me milking his cock? does he know I plan to milk his cum from his cock while his head is up inside my second hole so it is nice and deep?   He loves the older man, executive Daddy type.  He has told me a number of times over the years while we fuck.  Bedroom, pool table, swimming pool patio chairs, piano, outdoor bar, sling, garden shed.... oh yea... he likes older Daddy's and 90% of the time he wants to seed my hole.  Every now and then, he just rolls onto his knees and presents his very hairy hole to me and tells me to load him up.
      Today, I had a really nice thing happening with this 8" dick hitting my prostate and I just forgot he was there and rode him like a beast.  I wanted that cock to bring me off, and by gawd, I could feel the cum starting to churn in my balls as they slapped around his balls.  We fucked and sweated (thanks to his fireplace being on) and egged one another on to cum and shoot loads.  And I had him deep inside my second hole and was taking a huff and grinding down harder and harder and deeper..... then he started to make this unique moan he always makes just before he starts to cum and I caught the sound of it as I started to blow cum all over his thighs and knees and my fingers.  He pulled me down on his cock as I continued to pump, and he was pounding up into my hole as hard as I was ramming my hole down onto his meat.
      He grabbed both my hips and let out a yell that surprised me and he did about 8-10 good hard thrusts up inside of me.  I could feel the warmth spread all around the top of my hole and could feel it oozing around his cock as it seeped from his slower withdrawals and pushes.
      "Holy fuck" he said. " I have NEVER cum from a guy riding my dick. Ever.  That was fucking crazy just watching you ride my cock and watch your shoulders and back and ass muscles while you used my warm cock as a big dildo.   And dude, I could feel you just milking and squeezing my cock as you sat down  .... opening your hole to a gape to drive my cock deeper.  Then I could feel you squeezing and tightening right up as you rose up and pulled the head of my cock right to the edge of your asslips until they stretched.  The view of your ass lips dripping my precum and stretched around my cock put me over the edge."
      I smiled at him and crawled off his dick, swung around and licked from the bottom of his balls all the way to the uncut dripping head.  When I was done, his cock was spotless.
      When I rolled off of him, he slipped a couple of fingers in my very wet and stretched hole and waited for me to push some cum onto the ends.  He felt me squeeze some cum down inside my hole towards my opening and he scooped it out, twisting it around gently so he didn't lose any.
      He looked right at me as he licked the backside of his fingers from tip to knuckle, then he offered the inside of his fingers and all that juicy cum.  So I leaned forward and licked from the bottom to the tips as well.  He went back to the hole 3 or 4 times and we shared his 'few days' of cum.
      Nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
    • By BBareguy84
      Which top is looking for a complete cumdump. Got a slim good build, in my 30s.
      So every week there's quite a bit of guys that breed me. But I would take it much futher with one top host that can fuck me whenever he likes and then has basically anyone over to breed me. No load refused. Want to my ass flooding.
      The most I have ever gotten was while ago a CumUnion in London, but since they finished I rarely have taken more then 20 loads. And I want to break my record of 45 and maybe take 60 loads (add some frozen ones :-P) 🌊
      New here, but I'm also on other media like BBRT (bbareguy84) and twitter (bbareguy) since earlier this year. 
      So who wants host a no questions asked cumdump session 
    • By FuckhardSF
      2 fun, pervy, sleazy pigs (1 bottom & 1 vers) looking for top fuckers to cum seed the bottom's hole this Sunday evening 11/29 at the Bay Bridge Inn. All breeders are welcome. Anon is great. The bottom can be blindfolded and ass up ready for you to use his hole. Sleazy, piggy, pervy a + but will take your load regardless of your scene. Message for room info.

    • By pervedone
      I'm thinking about investing in some toys so tell me what are the best toys you reccomend? No limits , no judgements, comment or pm. ++++ for links or pics. My favorite so far are an ejaculating dildo, a few flashlights and a plug set I lost in my last move. 

    • By Jacobbb
      34 y/o thick fuzzy bottom in Kzoo.  Got my ass up looking for loads.  Grindr, BBRT and A4A ain't cuttin' it.
      Lookin to get some dick behind my boyfriends back.
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