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    wanting to expand my limits and be turned into a real slut
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    I am a Swedish exchange student, have some experience from home, but looking to be be used by a mature Master. I have a tight hole, can only take 6 inch dildos. want to try out new things. . on PrEP. I am here for a year. have many perverted dreams - being fucked by more than one, being forced to take a large dildo, being blindfolded, I scream when you penetrate me, but I love the pain. I have been trained to milk your cock empty for cum, and I can swallow your cock without gagging (almost). I have been fucked by a black Master, more please.I act straight - but alphas make me into a slut!
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    mature men who take a looong time before they cum

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  1. the next I got fucked by an Arab bus driver, he was really tuned on when he made me bleed a bit - I was so fucking sore and so horny for cock
  2. 3 up my boicunt, two orally, and afterwards at least one pissed in my gaping hole
  3. Was almost raped at the Bull in Berlin, loved darkroms ever since
  4. the first who showed me what I was mean to be, was a colleague of my father who had discovered I was gay - he saw me in a public toilet masturbating. He waited for me an said that he would tell my dad but if I did what he said he would not snitch. two days later when my father was in Hamburg, he came to our apartment fucked me really hard, he had a large thick cock, when I cried he just slapped me and made me beg for more cock. when he was finished he dragged me into the bathroom and asked me to spread my legs so he could see my hole, then he pissed on me and to my surprise I came handsfree
  5. all of the stories here are about great sex, well, I have had some disappointments. men who really want to fuck me, who can't get it hard, too stones, or who cum all over me before I feel their cock inside me. I know I am really tight (verdammt eng as a German businessman said), and I have often been so in need of cum that I have cried on my way back home after these misses. Yesterday was different, I had hooked up with a man through a fried of mine, he had warned me and said he was brutal, didn't use any other lube than spit and precum, and he liked to use a dildo after fucking. He was n
  6. I have a slightly different story. I was at a gay sauna in Copenhagen, two men tried to fist me but I was too tight and it hurt like hell. one of them gagged me with his cock, after a while they got aggressive and dragged me by my collar into the shower, the older one, hairy man with a fat cock just pushed it inside me to teach me how to open up for Daddy. I was confused and a bit scared, they were both quite big. when he had cum inside me, he pulled out, the other one got behind and I thogh he would fuck me, he told me to pull my ass out and use my hand so he could se my tight asscunt, he the
  7. Thanks Sir

    1. hornynhung


      Amazing arse love to fuck you

    2. Scandianviantwink


      this was just after a big German Master had dildofucked me and then given me his big cock, seconds after he made me push out the cum into his hand and drink it

    3. DutchBBfucker


      looks very hot :P

  8. thanks sir for reacting to my account

  9. came home yesterday after jogging, sweaty and in tight trousers. in the flat next door, a Polish guy was redecorating, in his 40s, hairy, sweaty and obviously horny. he was smiling invitingly at me when I got to my doow. I smiled back and got inside. whe I came out of the shower, he was on my balcony (easy climb over a small partition) with his trousers down stroking a thick cock. I dropped my towel and got on all 4 in my bed. soon after I could feel his fingers on my nipples (a big turn-on) and his cock trying to penetrate me. I reached down and got the lube from under the bed. soon he manag
  10. was fucked yesterday, rough daddy, tried to make me take his cock and a large dildo - I can hardly take the dildo without screaming, he gagged me, gave up, slapped me, bred me and pissed into my hole. one the subway home I coukd feel cum and piss trickle out of my asscunt, and now I want to go back for more!
  11. I let a bus driver fuck me so that I didn't have to pay the fare, he really flodded me with cum and used his belt to tie my hands
  12. 16, buy an older colleague of my dad who discovered I was gay and threatened to tell him unless I blew him and let him fuck me, he really fucked me so I bled and cried, AND LOVED IT
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