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    wanting to expand my limits and be turned into a real slut
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    I am a Swedish exchange student, have some experience from home, but looking to be be used by a mature Master. I have a tight hole, can only take 6 inch dildos. want to try out new things. . on PrEP. I am here for a year. have many perverted dreams - being fucked by more than one, being forced to take a large dildo, being blindfolded, I scream when you penetrate me, but I love the pain. I have been trained to milk your cock empty for cum, and I can swallow your cock without gagging (almost). I have been fucked by a black Master, more please.I act straight - but alphas make me into a slut!
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    mature men who take a looong time before they cum

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  1. I was refused entry, looked to young and had no ID with me.....managed to get into Bull and was fucked in a corner of the darkroom by a leather daddy
  2. Thanks, I need to use a dildo first next time
  3. have any of you ever refused a cock because it was too big? I did it once, I still regret it - but he was Lito Cruz-size,
  4. yes, phoned a Daddy while I was being fucked, he wanted me afterwards full of cum
  5. Last summer I was fucked twice by an incredibly horny man, late fifties, grey hair, muscles. We had met when I was at home staying with my Parents. Stockholm is nice in summer, but boring. I met him onlione, we met at his office and he really gave me so much cock. Bing home now again due to Corona in the States, I was thrilled when he left a ? on my phone. This time, he wanted to fuck me at his place. I came, dressed in tight running gear, had shaved my cock and balls. He waited wearing a dressing gown and smoking a cigar (big turn on for me), he just wanted me to shower and get into his bed, face down. I did, if not he likes to slap me hard. as soon as I was face down, he started eating my ass, fingering me, and when my mopaning got too much, he told me to shut up. when he started to push a dildo into me and I said no, he really got mad and slapped me and then just pushed the dildo in. no lube apart from his spit, it hurt like hell. he turned me around and told me to fuck myself with it ans tell him how much he liked it. I did this, and then after a few minutes, he pulled it out, put my legs over his shoulders and started to fuck me with the cock I remembered, thich, large head, and he really knows how to make me feel gutted. after a while, he pulled out, got on his back, reachged udner the bed and pulled out a pair of tit clamps he put on me, fuuuuuuuck that hurt. they where connectyed with a chain, and he would pull it if I screamed. he then made me sit down on his cock and ride him. If he didn't like my rythm he used the chain. finally, he gave me the permission to cum, and just then he filled me with cum. I cleaned his cock, he took off my chain, and told me to get out. I had problems walking, and one of my nipples was bleeding. I hope he wants to fuck me more
  6. great to know, never been fisted - one daddy at a sauna gave up and fucked me instead
  7. Thank you, you are just the rough daddy I need to train me to take more cock

  8. my last load in my asscunt 2 hours ago from a businessman who invited me to his hotel, he wanted me to come in stay-up stockings, g-string and bra. He was in bed with a fat hardon, I sucked on it but he wanted my ass and I wanted his cum. Painful, he was really big, He loved watching me fight the pain, then rolled me over, put mye legs arounf his legs and really pounded me. He bred me, told me to get dressed and get out. I hadn't cum once. he wants me back tomorrow1
  9. the next I got fucked by an Arab bus driver, he was really tuned on when he made me bleed a bit - I was so fucking sore and so horny for cock
  10. 3 up my boicunt, two orally, and afterwards at least one pissed in my gaping hole
  11. Was almost raped at the Bull in Berlin, loved darkroms ever since
  12. the first who showed me what I was mean to be, was a colleague of my father who had discovered I was gay - he saw me in a public toilet masturbating. He waited for me an said that he would tell my dad but if I did what he said he would not snitch. two days later when my father was in Hamburg, he came to our apartment fucked me really hard, he had a large thick cock, when I cried he just slapped me and made me beg for more cock. when he was finished he dragged me into the bathroom and asked me to spread my legs so he could see my hole, then he pissed on me and to my surprise I came handsfree
  13. all of the stories here are about great sex, well, I have had some disappointments. men who really want to fuck me, who can't get it hard, too stones, or who cum all over me before I feel their cock inside me. I know I am really tight (verdammt eng as a German businessman said), and I have often been so in need of cum that I have cried on my way back home after these misses. Yesterday was different, I had hooked up with a man through a fried of mine, he had warned me and said he was brutal, didn't use any other lube than spit and precum, and he liked to use a dildo after fucking. He was not very tall, but fit. I met him in his office late, when I rang the bell I was so excited, wearing just my bike shorts and a tight tshirt showing my nipples. I had lubed my hole - big mistake he looked quite good, beard and gray hair. he was sitting in his chair, I had to turn around, take off my trousers and bend, when I saw the lube traces he got angry and slapped me in my face, He demanded that I licked his cock - big head, thick, nbot circumcised, he was wearing a cock ring and his balls were impressive. he closed my nostrils and held my head in a grip until I almost fainted. and his cock went deep into my throat. then he made me lean over his desk, and said that since I was a fuckings sissy who had luber, he didn't want to open me with his tongue or hand, and tyhen he just forced my legs apart and his cock deep inside me, sooooo PAINFUL, but he really took his time, after a while he sat on his chair and made me sit on his cock facing him, all the time he said that I was so good I deserved something more, he opened a drawer and pulled out a dildo, pushed me off him and on the desk with my legs apart. he managed to get the head of the dildo inside , but i begged him to put some lube on, he did and then he started fucking me with it. he could see it turned me on to be abused like that and told me to cum, I DID. after that he masturbated in my face, told me tolick him clean, asked if I had been fucked much (yes) by more than one (yes), and said he wanted to call a friend next time, and then we could go to his house and he could piss in my hole after fucking. I almost came again.
  14. I have a slightly different story. I was at a gay sauna in Copenhagen, two men tried to fist me but I was too tight and it hurt like hell. one of them gagged me with his cock, after a while they got aggressive and dragged me by my collar into the shower, the older one, hairy man with a fat cock just pushed it inside me to teach me how to open up for Daddy. I was confused and a bit scared, they were both quite big. when he had cum inside me, he pulled out, the other one got behind and I thogh he would fuck me, he told me to pull my ass out and use my hand so he could se my tight asscunt, he then pissed inside, It turned me on so much I came immediately. they slapped me for that, made me suck up the sum and som of the piss on the floor and left
  15. Thanks Sir

    1. hornynhung


      Amazing arse love to fuck you

    2. Scandianviantwink


      this was just after a big German Master had dildofucked me and then given me his big cock, seconds after he made me push out the cum into his hand and drink it

    3. DutchBBfucker
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