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1 hour ago, DannyBoyCMH said:

Well, ok then.  That's a little bizarre.  I would want a bigger one anyway. 🙂

Looking at that link, they apparently offer a “Big Brother” model (because of course they do) that’s roughly twice the size. Have you ever noticed how expensive it is to indulge in a fetish? A man can realize the actual sensation of giving birth to a human child through his anus for only $300! Once he gets it up there to begin with, that is. I think it would be more interesting if the object were in some kind of densely compressed form that could be inserted and would expand slowly to its full volume over time once exposed to body temperature - or perhaps to some chemical found in semen(!). Then it could be inserted by a Top, fucked deeply into place, and the expansion triggered by his breeding. Do we have any twisted scientists or kinky chemists on here with fertile imaginations?

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