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Is Slammers in FTL worth the time

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Yeah, Slammer (locally aka 321, the street address) is well worth it - I live a few minuted drive from there, and it's my favorite fuckjoint.  While there are a number of different areas (the above mentioned gh setup - the spermeaters on the actual floor, the Cocks needing to breed throat on an elevated gh platform on 3 sides of the room), an orgy room, cubicles (some of which have gh's), open cubicles  -  a couple with slings, so a line to breed the Hole - some larger breeding areas near the fireplace, and my favorite:  the dark room.  That room is fairly narrow, with those "walk-through" dividers over the doors, which are at each end of the room.  There's a bench running the length of the room on the N side, where the Holes line up, ass up, taking loads.  The rest of the room is pitch black, and you can only tell if there are guys breeding in that area if you bump into them.  

My personal favorite is to go in one door and rut in Holes to the other end.  That way I get my Cock into more wet Holes, and I know which ones I liked best.  Usually, when I'm rutting in a Hole, some guy(s) appear behind me, and whisper "breed talk" into my ear - which is fun.  Sometimes one or two will rut in my Hole while I'm fucking something. I happen to like taking an unseen Cock while I breed - doesn't matter what the rest of the guy looks like - it's all about Cock/Hole/Sperm.

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